1. Truly this is a miracle of Photoshop and I'm really very impressed to see in such work. If anyone will not see the real picture then he/she never understand that it is a fake picture. 

  2. And michael jackson?
    Even one of the people I admire (Undertaker) was rumored as muslim, and he clearly isn't.

  3. Oh, this picture make me laugh, because since my father works with marble and similar material, we found a stone with the islamic symbol. Altough we all are anti-islam, we kept that stone and we use it for the pans.

  4. The real miracle was how Islam (7th century Photoshop) converted a pagan site (Kaaba and Black rock and Devil stones) to monotheism while keeping all the pagan rituals intact.

    That is no small fleshy feat for Muhammad of Arabia has Yashua (Jew) and Abraham (Jew) retroactively converted to being Muslims and prophets of Arabian Islam!

    Islam is desperate for validation, poor misguided souls!

  5. They never fail to amaze and amuse me with stories like Neil Armstrong was converted to Islam after his trip to the moon and 9/11 was an inside job. Why Neil had no Muslim name ? Why the world super power needed to bomb its own world trade centres to find an excuse to attack the enemies. Just too amazing to be true !
    And they really believe these are true stories because they came from the clerics and imans.

  6. Muslim believe in muhammad like he was a god,then they say there is 1 god,?,so why believe in muhammad so much?,muhammad made so beautiful things,in heaven that any tom,dick,and harry would belive in it?

  7. Photoshop is badly needed nowadays. A lot of people and group need their "face" done, at least in a "photo". You can't advertise without it. 😉

  8. So Muslims added the start to the virginal shape of Allah's land. Hmmm how sweet. Lady Gaga, eat your heart out.

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