Jinns and Shooting Stars

Like his Bedouin contemporaries, Muhammad believed in shadowy beings and ghosts. These mythical creatures were known as Jinn. Muhammad spoke extensively about jinns.  He told his followers that jinns were made of fire. They stand on each other’s shoulders all the way to heaven to eavesdrop to the conversation of the “exalted assembly” (mala-e a’la). Exalted Assembly, or Assembly of high was a term used by Sumerians to refer to the ancient reunion of gods representing the Sumerian pantheons, presided over by An and Enlil. Muhammad believed that meteorites are missiles thrown by angels to deter jinns from eavesdropping.

And (the Jinn who had listened to the Qur’an said): We had sought the heaven but had found it filled with strong warders and meteors. And we used to sit on places (high) therein to listen. But he who listeneth now findeth a flame in wait for him. Q. 72: 8-9

He repeated the same absurd idea again.

”We have indeed decked the lower heaven with beauty (in) the stars, (For beauty) and for guard against all obstinate rebellious evil spirits, (So) they should not strain their ears in the direction of the Exalted Assembly but be cast away from every side, Repulsed, for they are under a perpetual penalty, Except such as snatch away something by stealth, and they are pursued by a flaming fire, of piercing brightness. Q. 37: 6/10


“And we have, (from of old), adorned the lowest heaven with Lamps, and We have made such (Lamps) (as) missiles to drive away the Evil Ones, and have prepared for them the Penalty of the Blazing Fire. Q. 67: 5

The universe envisioned by Muhammad, belongs to the realm of fairytale. The Earth for him was flat were the Sun raised from seas in one end and sets in the muddy waters on the other end. In Arabic, the word “sama” means both heaven and sky. Muhammad, just like his contemporaries, did not make any distinction between the two.  He said heaven (sky) is made of seven layers and placed the stars in the lowest layer, lower than the Moon. Then he envisioned jinns standing on each other’s shoulders all the way to heaven to eavesdrop to the discussion of the “Exalted Assembly”. He thought stars are lamps hanging from the dome of the sky to adorn the lower heaven. When jinns climb on each other to eavesdrop, heaven’s guardian angels grab a star and hurl it at the jinns to scare them. Can any reasonable person today accept this kind of balderdash? What ancient people called shooting starts are meteorites – tiny rocks that glow when they enter the atmosphere of the earth. Stars are suns thousands of light years away from us. Apart from the fact that the idea of jinns is ridiculous, can they really stand on each other to reach the presence of gods?  Which gods? If God is one, what is this “exalted assembly” he was talking about? As absurd as it may be, today’s Muslims still believe in the jinns. If it is written in Quran, then it must be true, as far as they are concerned. Rejecting this foolish idea is tantamount to rejecting the Quran.’

The following hadiths confirm the above story.

Narrated ‘Aisha: I heard Allah’s Apostle saying, “The angels descend, the clouds and mention this or that matter decreed in the Heaven. The devils listen stealthily to such a matter, come down to inspire the soothsayers with it, and the latter would add to it one-hundred lies of their own.”[ Sahih Bukhari Volume 4, Book 54, Number 432]

Narrated ‘Aisha: Some people asked the Prophet regarding the soothsayers. He said, “They are nothing.” They said, “O Allah’s Apostle! Some of their talks come true.” The Prophet said, “That word which happens to be true is what a Jinn snatches away by stealth (from the Heaven) and pours it in the ears of his friend (the foreteller) with a sound like the cackling of a hen. The soothsayers then mix with that word, one hundred lies.”[ Sahih Bukhari Volume 9, Book 93, Number 650]

Muslims are convinced that jinns are real. If it is in the Quran it must be real.  The thought that the Quran can be false does not enter their minds.  The following is an article published in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The article says that after the confirmation by the religions

authorities in the Emirate states, several newspapers have published this picture. An Arab youth, after hearing strange noises coming from a cave in the region of Jaliyah in the Emirates, took his camera and entered the cave.  There he saw a strange creature that looked like a jinn. The photographer died as the result of a heart attack.  When his friends and the police entered the cave, they found his cameral next to his body and found the picture of this jinn inside the camera.  This picture and news has been published in the Emirate newspapers and was broadcast from television. The following picutre reveals the truth.

These kinds of hoaxes are common among Muslims.  These are the “miracles” that keep Muslims’ faith alive.

The following images are from the book Prophet Muhammad Illustrated

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177 Responses

  1. Indian says:

    Your mad muhammad lured for 6 year old girl Ayesha. 53 year old man(muhammad) kept raping 9 year old Ayesha.That old man lusted for own daughter-in-law and raped her.When he was young of age 20, he lured for 45year old Khadija. He enslaved thousands of woman and had sex with them.
    Is rapist,pedophile,looter,murderer,pimp worthy to be worshiped ?
    Don't you know that your ancestors were frightened,raped, butchered to convert into Islam forcefully by Arabian intruders?

  2. UrBoss says:

    wow look at all idol worshipping HINDUS hating lol first of all y'all have no say in this cause u guys are not people of the book like Muslims Jews Christains Catholics and etc…… u guys sit here behind ur computers and bash our beloved prophets like Moses, Jesus, Muhammad and Mary (not a prophet) ur not only insulting islam but other religions who also believe in them. I'm sorry to burst ur bubble but ur religion is a myth like the greek god even the greeks have moved on from mythology and believe in a higher being (GOD) not gods made of clay like u guys do. grow up and stop praying to action figures. I'm sorry i had to do this way but i read to many insulting comments towards muslims from hindus. i can go on but i will stop it here 

    • denialisnoproof says:

      you black stone kissing idol worshipper . no we have problem with only islam.
      it is a third grade rapist religion. our religion is not actually a religion it is dharma . which you pedo followers won't understand.
      Ps: in every madrassa there is a hatred against hindus. first talk about it.

  3. noaman says:

    read quran and pray namaz than no jinn coming and last respect women andLast suggestion – We must respect the name of Allah is written on newspaper, magazine and if you find it than please preserve to respectable place. 


  4. Jassim bin Muhammed says:

    It is a pure stupidity that ali sina talks about something he is not aware of. Do you think that you can make fool of every muslims with your ridiculous cartoons and self extracted meanings? As far as i'm concerned, it is Islam or nothing.If you could suggest me a religion as perfect as islam, ii swear that i will convert. Until then you remain a stupid in front of me as wells as other muslims. 

  5. narcole1919721 says:

    This jin article is fishy too. ancient hoax. almost a decade. i remember i ever went to a site about 'miracles'. but finally that site closed, cos muslims found out those were hoaxes made by non moslems. Their modus, to spread miracle hoaxes, and made muslims amazed, then they revealed the truth of the hoaxes, and told people that those hoaxes made by lying muslims to fool dumb ones. ancient. not gonna work ;)

    • I-HATE-ISALM says:

      Of course muhammadans are forever dumb. Why would any person believe in the idiocy that Muhammad talked about? Only the dumb do so even after the events at Khayyabar had shown that the man was not a prophet but a mere conman.Muhammadans invent 'miracles' which they credit to Muhammad although the man himself said that he was incapable of performing any miracle. In support of this he falsely claimed that if he had performed a miracle the people would have killed him as was done to those prophets who brought about miracles. He cited non existent and nameless Jewish prophets who he claimed were killed for invoking divine fire to prove their prophethood.

    • narcole1919721 says:

      Nah. :)

  6. Jared says:

    The truth is that there is only 1 god and it will always be 1 God, Jesus was not the son of God he was a prophet just like Muhammed, God had given each religion a prophet eg Jesus and Muhammed, I don't know why Christians still believe that Jesus was the son of God.

    • chuck says:

      //Jesus was not the son of God//
      Neither Muhammad nor you understood the meaning of the Trinity. Jesus as God the Son isn't a biological phenomenon. It takes a little while to grasp the Christian theology of the Trinity.

      //God had given each religion a prophet eg Jesus and Muhammed//
      It is far more appealing and logical to assume that an omnipotent, ever benevolent God with intent of doing good and with knowledge of human fallibility wouldn't employ human agency of prophethood. An all powerful entity can do this deliverance by itself by means that it deems fit.

      //prophet just like Muhammed//
      Can you prove that Muhammad was a prophet? 7th century Arabia was infested with self-asserted prophets. One of them managed to outshine and outdo all others, his name was Muhammad.

    • narcole1919721 says:

      Jesus is only a human, and a prophet. The end.

    • I-HATE-ISALM says:

      That is certainly not the end for your quran calls JESUS "THE WORD AND SPIRIT OF GOD". You believe that man has spirit. Is the spirit of man separate from man? No.Both body and spirit are integral parts of the same being called 'man'.The Word of GOD lasts forever and it is immutable just as GOD cannot change. If JESUS was a mere mortal,why does the quran not call Muhammad the "WORD AND SPIRIT OF GOD"? Apart from JESUS who else does the quran so describe?

    • narcole1919721 says:

      *rolls eyes* how many ancient people before jesus who said the same for other sons? jesus is human. creature. god is the creator. And the creation of jesus just like the creation of adam. subhanallah.

    • chuck says:

      Don't make foolish conclusions. I am neither claiming divinity for Jesus nor asserting he wasn't a divine being. I am simply clarifying the meaning of God the Son asserting that one who is aware of the Christian Theology of Trinity doesn't make such foolish conclusions as @Jared made above.
      In other words I am clarifying the concept not its correctness. Its correctness is beyond the scope of this discussion and I am not qualified to comment on that.

    • narcole1919721 says:

      Lol why explaining something your not even sure about

    • chuck says:

      Do you even understand what is a 'scope' of discussion? Here I am only explaining how the Christian belief quashes @Jared's assertion. This has nothing to do with whether such a belief in Trinity is correct or not. IT IS BEYOND THE SCOPE. It doesn't mean that I don't understand the concept

    • chuck says:

      //jesus is human. creature. god is the creator. And the creation of jesus just like the creation of adam.//
      Its very easy to point out the contradiction. Read you very next post
      // Jesus never died. ….. god raised jesus to heaven to save him. //
      A creature WOULD HAVE died whether or not on the cross!! Muhammad died, for example, and nobody came to take him to heaven.

    • narcole1919721 says:

      Omg did u even read my post in samaratian that jesus will descend and kill dajjal and marry and then die as human? iqra2 dear!

    • chuck says:


      //Omg did u even read my post in samaratian that jesus will descend and kill dajjal and marry and then die as human?//
      No I haven't. But I now that theory. It doesn't prove anything. Actually it proves the opposite. Lets assume it happens. We know Jesus was around 2000 years ago. Human don't live that long. It makes no logical sense to assume that such a 'person' as Jesus would be striving for a marriage after God knows how many years and then die.
      Can you say in how many years dajjal will be killed? 100? 1000? Or infinite time later? I asked your venerable scholar @Shabeer the same question zillions of time, he never dared to reply.

    • narcole1919721 says:

      Now please answer about ashabul kahfi who slept 309 years which all abrahamic religions admitted them? and also uzair, jewish prophet? also can u explain phenomenon an old main with wheelchair lost for a year and came out from ka2bahs door alive without food, and he said it felt only few hour not a year? and  a man trapped with woods around his body cos of disaster years ago but still alive without food? one day in heaven is 1000 years in this world. you still dont understand einstein theory, it seems. dajjal is a human who has knowledge from angel. malaikat saved him and taught him lots of things more than ordinary  humans know, but hes not grateful, even thinks high of himself, and wanna be a god. hes an extraordinary man, and only extra ordinary man like jesus who can defeat him. hes here to test us with his fitnah.

    • chuck says:

      @narcole1919721 ,
      Cut your crap. Stay on the subject or get lost. You couldn't even answer in how many years dajjal will be killed? Whether in finite or in infinite number of years.
      //ashabul kahfi who slept 309 years which all abrahamic religions admitted them//
      This is only a legend and not mentioned in any scripture other than Kuran (Q 18: 7- 26). You are referring to the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus and Quran couldn't even give their exact count!!

    • narcole1919721 says:

      *rubs eyes* nyam…mm? watcha talkin bout. i didnt nap for tarawih cos of u. u distract my ibadah with ur silly questions..when will dajjal be killed? why dont u ask when will you die and how many years in grave….*yawns* zzz…chucky doll..*nightmare*

    • narcole1919721 says:


    • chuck says:

      //you still dont understand einstein theory// if you are talking about General Theory of Relativity then I understand it far better than you would ever.

    • narcole1919721 says:

      Anyway, jesus appearance is different than the statues. any beardy man could resemble that statue. Just admit that you people failed to describe his appearance. theres even no light of prophet from it. 

    • narcole1919721 says:

      Jesus never died. its his apprentice who betrayed him who got killed cos god changed his appearance like jesus for punishment. god raised jesus to heaven to save him. and will return him before doomsday to unite us all into one religion. he and imam mahdi will fight dajjal.

    • Guest says:

      @chuck: " 7th century Arabia was infested with self-asserted prophets." Never heard this before. Who were they?

    • narcole1919721 says:

      What are you doing here grrrr

    • I-HATE-ISALM says:

      You never heard that even during Muhammad's time there were some who also claimed to be prophets?

    • narcole1919721 says:

      Who? which miracles? :(

    • chuck says:

      @ I-HATE-ISALM,
      May be he hasn't. Musaylimah or al-Aswad for example.

    • narcole1919721 says:

      Musaylamah came after prophet died. *rolls eyes*

    • chuck says:

      //Musaylamah came after prophet died.// First, you are wrong. Don't talk about a subject you know little about. in fact he even wrote to Muhammad in around 10 Hijri ascribing the title "Messenger of God" for both himself and Muhammad.

      Second. I was talking about the period of 7th century Arabia it is inclusive of Muhammad's time but not exclusively only during the time he was alive.

    • narcole1919721 says:

      Musailamah got killed by order of caliph abu bakar cos he tortured n killed some sahabat until syahid. so whats ur point by talking about musailamah. ur not here for musailamah followers. ur here for muslims. not for other religion. islam is important to u. u cant deny. ur confused why many people still embrace islam while fasiqin and munafiqin keep creating chaos around the world. you cant differ muslimin, mukminin, fasiqin, munafiqin, mushrikin and kafirin, even protected innocent kafirin and zhalim kafirin whose actions hurt others. you just generalize all into muhammadans and non muhammadans.

    • Guest says:

      That  adds up to only three … if you use the word "infested" I would expect a large number. 

    • chuck says:


      //That adds up to only three … if you use the word "infested" I would expect a large number.//
      Sorry to tell you but you seem to be more interested in semantics than what has been said. Just to satiate you let me add two more Sajjah bint Harith and Tulayhah al azdi.

    • I-HATE-ISALM says:


  7. vlad tepish says:

    Dear rahul,regarding verse 9:14,please read verse 9:13 first which goes like "wont you fight people who violated their oath,plotted to kill the messenger and attacked you first? do you fear them? its only god u should fear…
    Then comes verse 9:14 which calls for the fight against  the group mentioned above.
    Its very easy to substitute the characters in these verses with all non muslims or people from other faiths.in real world we all fight against those who attacks us first

    • I-HATE-ISALM says:

      According to Ibn Isahq, it was Muhammad and his gang who started the problem in Mecca. It got to a point that the Quraish went and reported him to his powerful uncle but it was to no avail. If any group fought in self defense, it was the people Muhammad attacked. He was always the aggressor. The same is being repeated today.

    • chuck says:

      @vlad tepish,
      Again Tafsir Ibn Kathir comes to the rescue. Discussing 9:12-13-14
      Kathir explains "attacks you first" as :  "
      (while they did attack you first), refers to the battle of Badr when the idolators marched to protect their caravan. When they knew that their caravan escaped safely, they still went ahead with their intent to fight Muslims out of arrogance, as we mentioned before. "
      So it is the Muslims who attacked their caravan and they marched to protect it and after securing its safety they pursued the Muslims. Even before the battle in Jan 624 AD Muhammad attacked the Meccan's caravan near Nakhla, and this was a truce month (Rajab) when fighting is prohibited!!

      In the preceding verse we have "and attack your religion." a key phrase in your argument. Ibn Kathir explains it thus: " (and attack your religion…) with disapproval and criticism, it is because of this that one who curses the Messenger, peace be upon him, or attacks the religion of Islam by way of criticism and disapproval, they are to be fought. This is why Allah said afterwards, (then fight (you) against the leaders of disbelief — for surely, their oaths are nothing to them — so that they may stop.) so that they may refrain from the disbelief, rebellion and the transgression they indulge in. "
      It is clear what is meant here is not a direct attack on the Muslims but mere criticism and disapproval of Islam. Ibn Kathis establishes the general nature of these verses thus; "However, this Ayah is general, even though the specific reason behind revealing it was the idolators of Quraysh. So this Ayah generally applies to them and others as well, Allah knows best. "

    • I-HATE-ISALM says:

      Well done. These goons think that everybody is an ignoramus who can be deceived at will.

  8. vlad tepish says:

    Dear rahul.it was good to see u quoting quranic verses.i feel u havent read it in its entirety.an example is verse 9:5 regarding the slaying the pagans.first of all it is about the war that was waged between quraish pagans and the believers.the pagans were entering into treaties and consistently not fulfilling and back stabbing.so god advices to dissolve all treaties and give them a taste of their own medicine.but immediately after this verse (9:5) the next advise is "if the pagans repent,establish regular prayers and pay charity then open a way for them for god is most merciful".so its clear that the bad guys here are not the hindus or christians  or any other faith but those arab pagans who were selfish low  lifes .

  9. vlad tepish says:

    The job of accumulating hate towards islam is easy since nobody reads holy quran and are happy with the heresay called hadith and the prophets practices which has no validations.the verses quoted on top is not any fancy story concoted by Muhammed.the 72nd chapter called The jinn is a warning to those people who tried to collabrate with evil spirits to shelter themselves from the actualities of life (72:6).
    Regarding the funny shooting star verse, the verses 72:8 and 72:9 simply says the jinns who after listening to the holy book learned that among them were those  who resorted to stealth and prying but their dark plots were defeated the guardians of the right whose repulse of the attack of evil is symbolised by the shafts of meteoric lights of heaven.here heaven simply stands for goodness.if u want to spread hatred concot stories if not please understand that god has repeatedly said that all revelations the torah,the bible the quran are one and same

    • I-HATE-ISALM says:

      Many people read the quran and it does not make sense for somebody like me to commit the entire book to memory since I do not have the remotest intention to become a 'hafiz' or an expert quran reciter Allah has enjoined in the quran that the sunna of Muhammad must be followed by every muhammadan. But nothing is said in the quran about how Muhammad lived his life which is the compulsory example. Depending on the quran alone leaves a yawning gap. How is it to be filled? The answer is in the hadiths and the sira. It seems you are one of the "quran only" followers who believe that the hadiths have no historical value. No. It has and you are wrong.
      The truth about the quran is that most of the stories are concoctions and those which are not have been plagiarized from other works and twisted to suit the narrators whims and caprices. I will not give a second thought to the story on which your post is based.

    • chuck says:

      @vlad tepish
      First there are no jinns. Second pick up tafsir Ibn Kathis and read what he opines about these verses. I quote: " So the devils before the time of Muhammad had taken sitting stations for themselves in the heaven of this world and they would listen to the matters that occurred in the heaven. But when Allah sent Muhammad as a Prophet and Messenger, they were suddenly pelted one night (with the flaming, shooting stars). So the people of Ta'if were frightened because of this and they began to say, `The dwellers of the sky have been destroyed.' This was because they saw the severe fires in the sky and the shooting flames. They began freeing their servants and abandoning their luxuries."

  10. Khattab Al Mohammad says:

    I am a Muslim… And proud of that. There is nothing good in spreading bad things about Islam. I agree in all religion and group you all find some people who are blind and trying to justify there believe anyhow. But it is toally prohebitted in Islam. Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) said "For one person it is enough to be a lair that he hear something and spread it without investigating". Any one want to talk about Islam and The beliefs of Islam. You are most welcome. Just mail me and start conversation: khattab.bhai@gmail.com

  11. I-HATE-ISLAM says:

    fuad, apart from your incoherence which is very apparent, what scientific proof and discoveries can be found in the quran and where exactly are they to be found? The quran is as confusing as your post.

  12. fuad says:

    I do not want to prove to you that the Koran is false or true by this evidence does not Tguetnon by "Ghost and what you hear in the sky and its relationship with Astral" I want to read the Koran and see what discovered your scientists and match with the Quran, which was revealed to the Muslims 1400 years ago mean discoveries material "nature that ye sanctify "such as Koranic verses which caused several wife after divorce The what yoto discuss himself and does not depend on others and rumors Thanksur scientists found in this issue, "no limit" on those who want to know the truth

  13. I-HATE-ISLAM says:

    M R Raja, just as Muhammad did. His own lived with him till death but was of no use except to lead him down the path of evil. The jinn could not even protect him at Uhud where a rock hit him in the face and knocked out some of his teeth. The jinn could not prevent his being poisoned at Khayyabar. I hope during the time your jinn was with you it did not lead you to tread the path paved by Muhammad.

  14. M R Raja says:

    I Have experiences of jinn
    more then 1 month… :)

    • The right view says:

      There is no such beings as jinns. But they are spirits hanging around esp. in haunted houses. These spirits are of human or animal origins which had met their death in violent ways. They could not go to the spiritual world, because they bear grudges, or attachment to this world. They are stuck in and around the places where they had met their death. Get more info from the paranormal investigators, and do not got stuck in obsolete ideology.
      So you had met a ghost !

  15. Peaceful_Islam says:

    Ali sina said:
    These Jinns were made of fire and would stand on top of each other’s shoulders all the way to heaven to eavesdrop to what was being discussed.
    Ali Sina can you provide the reference either from authentic Hadith or from the glorious Quran about Jin standing on each other’s shoulders?

  16. Truth says:

    Omg.. America is dying so badly.. The people are so retarded nowadays.. They get mad at Muslims yet they no nothing about them at all, they blame them for 9/11 for hitting the twin towers and I bet ya that most Americans have no idea what t hose twin towers were. Yet they try to make fun of Muslims (which is a religion) for really no reason.

    And another thing, Muhammad was not born in the modern world or America so there's nothing wrong with him at all.

    It's funny how most americans just jump right in when they see one word, its like they cant read at all, just get so butthurt.

    The Americans are the evil ones. When those people first came to the Americas, they did nothing but evil, they raped the Natives and turned them into their slaves and killed out so many and did so much sick and nasty things to the poor natives, this was their land. The Freemasons took over, a full load of racist sick bastards who want to make a one world government and all that crap. They think they own this world.. Foolish brainwashed prid within the hearts of the Americans of today… Shame on you all

  17. []_[] says:

    Aren't we all ignorant ?

  18. raheel says:

    Bunch of like minded sick people getting togather on this site and complimenting each other and feeling happy.Islam is the truth and truth is hard to swallow for bunch of arrogant sick minded people .:D

    • Ali Sina says:

      This is all this brilliant Muslim could say in refuting the above article.

    • aminriadh says:

      Apt, especially given . . . how inappropriate comments sections are for any lengthy discussion. What is there to refute. . .?

    • Julia says:

      You are NOT wanted here…so you don't have to refute anything . :-)
      We know your silly and quasi-intellectual "answers and comments".Nobody is interested. They mean NOTHING !!
      The best YOU can do is to blow yourself up amongst some "innocent" muslim brothers and sisters , like a good "peaceful" muslim should !
      Then everybody will be happy: You with your 72 whores, Allah=Mohammed=Satan and WE , the non-muslims ! Bye.

  19. David says:

    This author is clearly unaware of the Qur'an teachings and is being ignorantly blasphemous. just because you collected some fake pranks by some weak Muslim with low faith, you can't quickly judge the entire holy book. You need to get your facts right and your level of logic is inherently childish. Do more transparent research about the unseen truth or just be ignorant like how you have been if you will. When the time comes, oh yeah it will, we'll all know who is the the deceiver and who is deceived. And I dare you to debate Dr. Zakir Naik in regards to your finds on Islam and the Prophet. If you can't then please stop all these lameness at once ad save your self-respect.

    • aminriadh says:

      Zakir Naik is a show man . . . he is actually a medical man – hence the Dr.

      He does not have the qualifications necessary to be considered an "Islamic" Scholar.

      – – –

      However – this doesn't mean whether he is a skilled debater or not. There is little more to the Art – then simply possessing comprehensive knowledge of a subject.

      But his talents lie in TV debates . . . He wont come down from that perch.

      – – –

      Sina has made his excuses – that he will not debate face-2-face.

  20. xpd says:

    jinns are not demon like creatures with wings and tails, and who all happen to be evil hate humans, hate God…etc.. jinns are more like humans but highly more advanced than us in both tehnology and inteligence, and they too have good jins bad jinns, they maybe too have presidents, corrupted goverments, cars, mcdonalds :D. If we cant see them, it doesnt mean they are not there, if you are at least using 1% of ur brain to think about this theory, use the most powerful tool ever released to research various stuff (google). You will see that its possible. so jinns exist, demons exists, God exists, humans pretty much still exists, or not. its is up to YOU and only YOU to choose wether to believe in this stuff, to be religious, and in which religion YOU should commit yourselves. am only commenting here cause this article is misleading, and comments are confusing..

  21. Sue says:

    How dare you people criticize a regligion of God and his prophet. You may need to get some education and learn about religion befor you right. A jew trying to put Islam down, why dont you worry about your own people before wasting time on others idiot.

  22. Stephen Guth says:

    This was a very well-written and thought-provoking article. Sometimes a provocative contrarian view only serves to bolster the subject matter that is being questioned–as is the case here. Just as with the Holy Bible, the Noble Qur'an wasn't entirely written in a literal context. Instead, it teaches through analogies and the like. Just because something is described through creative analogy does not make it false. With all of that said, the Jinn do exist. While the Jinn prefer to remain hidden, the modern world is uncovering them. There are movies coming out about them (Jinn the Movie, Djinn) and a book (The Jinn, see http://www.TheJinn.com) has recently been written about three American Peace Corps volunteers who travel to Morocco and meet their fates after encountering the horrors of the Jinn. That book describes the meteor showers mentioned in this article as well as the Second Heaven. The Western World will soon come to know the Jinn and their evil manifestations.

  23. SHAIK QUASIM says:

    “And We also "SENT DOWN" iron in which there lies great force and which has many uses for mankind…” (Quran 57:25).
    All mankind jst read the above verse of QURAN and read the history of IRON. then u will understand the truthness of QURAN. PLZZZ

  24. shaik quasim says:

    your deen with you and my deen with me.

  25. truth says:

    I am totally disagree that Muhammad was a mentally sick man. He was a very clever guy and business mined he saw a big business opportunity in making a religion which came with mix of existing religion. By this he got money power woman. A mental sick man can never make a great plan. But the Muslim (God give brain upon them) are mostly with out brain they can not realized that there forth fathers where torchered and forcefully converted to Islam. but they believe in Mohammad business which he gave name Islam

  1. 12 July, 2011

    [...] Ali Sina Jinns and Shooting Stars [...]

  2. 18 December, 2011

    [...] To read the original article, click here or here [...]

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