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In Defense of Islamic State

In his speech addressed to the UN general assembly, Barak Hussein Obama said, “ISIL is not Islamic. No religion condones killing innocents.” He also stated, “ISIS is hiding behind a false Islam.” We know...

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Apostasy in Islam

Freedom of conscience and of belief, are inalienable rights of every human so much that those born and raised in western democracies take them for granted. For millions of Muslims that is only a...

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Plunder: The Source of Islamic Economy

Dear Mr. Sina, One of my friends whom I know from a Polish discussion board (he’s a Roman Catholic) claims that Islam has absolutely no respect of work and prefers plunder as a source...

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Islam and Sex with Infants

Recently Mr. Richard Dawkins sent a tweet asking whether there is any truth to the story that Khomeini had allowed sex with infants. Someone said that he read this story on and I...,