Who Appointed Ali Sina?

Who Appointed Ali Sina?

Ali Sina of FFI is either a born non-Muslim or from Shia/Ahmedi background who has probably converted to pro-Zionist Christianity. He is a liar and a self-deceiver. He is being tormented inside because of the envious success of the final prophet of Islam. He has been appointed to eradicate Islam and Muslims from the face of the earth within the next 25 years started from 9/11. Since then the fool has been trying his level best! Let’s see what he can do.

I was born to Muslim parents, Shiite Twelvers.  You say the Shiites are not real Muslims. The Shiites say Sunnis are not real Muslims. This is the nature of Islam. Muhammad said his followers will split in 73 sects. All but one will go to hell. But he did not make it clear what is the characteristic of the right sect. As the result Muslims have been divided in hundreds of sects and each, in accordance to what their prophet said, thinks others are heretics and will go to hell. It is as if he sowed the seed of discord among his followers by design.  So, after Muslims butcher and subdue the non-Muslims, they will fall on each other and will tear one another apart like mad dogs, as they do in Iraq and Pakistan today.  What a religion!

I am a Zionist and very proud of it. Zionist means one who thinks Jews have the right to have their own homeland. I agree with that. This makes me a Zionist. Any decent person must be a Zionist. Only hate mongers and criminals like Ahmadinejad, Hitler, the neo Nazis and Muslims are against Zionism. I certainly don’t want to belong to that class.

Am I a liar and a deceiver? Well here is your chance to show that to the world. Read my book and write a rebuttal to it.

A Muslim woman burned from archives

I have not been appointed by anyone. I am not that important for anyone to appoint me to anything.  I have decided to eradicate Islam on my own initiative. I read the Quran and realized Islam is a lie in 1994. It took me a couple of years to admit it to myself. Had I had Understanding Muhammad to read, it would have taken me much less time. But I read The 23 Years Prophetic Career by Ali Dashti and it helped me a lot.

However, it was a Pakistani girl who appointed me to eradicate Islam. I met her after she had died. Her story was broadcast in a television documentary. She was 16 and was burned alive by her 35 years old husband. The reason he burned her was because this girl’s cousin and childhood playmate had come to see her. They had grown up with each other. When her husband learned about it, his ghira was injured and he thought the best way to save his “honor” was to burn her.

I saw her lying in the hospital bed. Her entire body was burned. She could not talk. She moaned like an injured animal. She looked at the camera and raised her hand and moaned. At that moment, I was absolutely sure that she was calling me. She was begging me to do something. She told me don’t let this happen to others. She died a few days after that. I gave her my word. I promised her to vindicate her death and not let her precious life go to waste. She was not the victim of an abusing husband. She was a victim of Islam. Her abusive husband was also a victim of Islam. The entire Pakistan and the whole Muslim world is victim of Islam. Now you know who actually appointed me. If there is an afterlife, I fancy meeting this girl in the other world, hug her, press her to my chest and tell her, my little girl, I heard you calling me. I hearkened. I did what I could. Are you happy now?

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