Ali Sina Debates a Palestinian over Israel

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I think if you become muslims again you will be out of business – You are benefiting from this situation and making money. You are a punch of hypocrites and parasites. you only could surive on spreading hate.

The Palestinians are getting killed everyday and I want to hear one word of sympathy from you, but unfortunately you have lost it all. InshaAllah someday you will be displaced from where ever you are and your homes will be bulldozed (same like the palestinians homes) and then you would know how it feels.

Now you are protected because you support the enemies of the palestinians, but once you default you will not have the money to buy a lunch.

Hi Raef,

I can see you are really angry with us. I don’t blame you. I too felt the same way some years ago, until I read the Quran and found out the source of all evil in the Muslim world is that book.

I asked everyone I could and I got no answers, except insults and threats for merely asking questions. After two years of reading a lot of hadith it became clear to me that Islam is not a religion of God and it is the major factor in keeping Muslim countries down, in poverty, in dictatorship and in continuous war. So I started writing on the Internet and told others about my findings.

I have helped thousands of people to leave Islam. This is no exaggeration. However, I have left a door open. I am inviting anyone who can show I am mistaken and Islam is a true religion to refute my claims logically. I will publicly announce that Islam is true. My challenge has remained unmet for the last nine years.

Now you can continue insulting me and threaten me with hell fire and punishment in this world and the next, which I receive on daily basis and ignore, or you can start a debate and show my mistakes. I will publish your responses in, so everyone can read.

Now to answer your charges, let me assure you that we are not oblivious of the plight of the Palestinians. However, unlike Muslims we don’t think drowning the Jews in the sea is the solution. Israelis have always been ready to negotiate, but the Palestinians want nothing short of destruction of Israel. This does not seem to be a viable solution.

The reason Israel destroyed the houses of the Palestinian suicide bombers, was for deterrence. In those days Saddam Hussein and many Arabs used to pay a lot of money to the families of the suicide bombers. This made suicide bombing an attractive trade for one who wanted to help his poor family. He would kill the Israelis and go to heaven to bang celestial whores and his family would live a better life. Destroying their houses reduced the number of attacks. However, with the erection of the wall these suicide bombings have also been reduced in number.

I am also puzzled that you don’t see anything wrong in the act suicide bombing and killing Israeli civilians but think the destruction of a house made of brick and mortar is a major tragedy. There seem to be something skewed in your judgement.

What concerns me is why you are so worried about the Palestinians and not about other Muslims that are being butchered by fellow Muslims in Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Sudan, etc?

There will be peace in Palestine the day Palestinians put down their arms and start negotiating on equal terms. This is not happening because Muslims hate the Jews gutturally. So the problem is Islam. The only solution to the problem of Israel-Palestine is that Palestinians leave Islam and accept all humans as equals.

I end my letter. The decision is yours. You can continue insulting and spewing hate, if that makes you feel better, or you can enter into a rational discussion. If you decide to show our error, let me know and I will gladly send you my book.


Ali Sina


Raef’s response requirs detailed explenation. So I respond to it paragraph by paragraph/

You are very conceited person, Islam doesn’t need you to endorse its authenticity. The large number of people who are converting to Islam, after it has been cursed enormously these days, is an evidence of its purity and — you are fabricating facts:

Hi Raef,

Thank you for responding. The question is not whether Islam needs my endorsement or not. The question is that millions of people believe what we say that Islam is not a religion of God, but a dangerous cult. As for those who convert to Islam, according to Radio Islam, four out of five of them leave it in the first four years. Many of them have joined and are actively warning others to stay away from Islam.

We are not deceitful, but very sincere. We believe that Islam is a lie. I am even offering $50,000 reward to anyone who can prove me wrong. I am publishing my debates with Muslims (unless they engage in insults) for the world to see. So there is no question about our sincerity.

You may argue that we are misguided, but you cannot say we are not sincere when we are open for debate.

That is why we invite Muslims to prove us wrong publicly. We have millions of visitors and we are doing a fantastic job in proving to the world that Muhammad was a charlatan and the source of all the evil in the Muslim world.

Don’t snob us and don’t hold your nose up. We are doing a tremendous damage to Islam. Muslims are eager to kill someone who makes a cartoon of Muhammad. Why is it that when we invite them to prove us wrong they shy away? Isn’t the damage that we are causing to Islam far greater? Of course it is, but killing people is easy for you, while responding to the charges logically is not.

1) The Palestinians never say that they want to drive the Israelis into the sea (even though it might be said by some Muslims, that doesn’t reflect what the Palestinians want. Actually the Jews drove the Palestinians into the desert and keep doing it. They are bringing Jews from all over the world claiming (fairy tales) that they have lived there 2000 years ago; I wonder where the Palestine have lived until yesterday.

I am glad that not all Muslims want to drive the Jews into the sea. But Ahmadinejad has wowed to nuke Israel out of the face of the earth. He is also building atomic bomb and his allies, Hamas and Hezbollah, are just around the Israeli borders to whom he supplies missiles. You don’t need to have all Muslims wanting your extinction. Only a few mad ones are enough. Not all the Germans were supporting Hitler, but nonetheless Hitler massacred six million Jews. For Israelis it is a matter of survival. They have nowhere to go. Palestinians have enough land to build their country and live happily. But that is not what they want. They want revenge and are readily to kill themselves for that. Most Palestinians prefer being killed in a nuclear bomb if the Jews are also going to be killed than leave side by side with the Jews and share the land with them.

Palestinians are not homeless. After sixty years they are not refugees. Israelis built their country from scratch during these years, Palestinians could have done the same. But their leaders got the money from USA, filled their bank accounts and financed war with Israel instead.

Now the question is, if not in their ancestral land, where the Israelis should build their country. Where do you think they should go? Would Antarctica satisfy you or rather you’d prefer they are sent to Mars?

The Jews have historic right over Israel. There is a detailed history about them, and not just their own that traces them to that land for almost 3,500 years. Many ancient towns in Israel, like Jerusalem, Bethlehem, etc, still have Hebrew names. In fact the Quranic stories narrated by Muhammad about Moses and the Israelites, confirm that the Jews called that part of land home at least 2000 years before Islam was invented.

The truth is that the Jews never deserted Israel completely. Many of them have been living there forever. But their land was under the domination of other powers, such as the Romans, the Caliphs of Islam and the Ottoman Empire.

As a matter of fact Jews had no intention of returning to Israel. After the enlightenment the Christian countries opened up to the Jews and the Jews strove to integrate in the society. Jewish intellectuals in Germany called Germany their new Zion.

However, hatred was brewing in the hearts of many Europeans who backed Hitler to exterminate the Jews.

After the horrors of the holocaust became known it was clear that Jews must have a homeland. Even Einstein, who at first was opposed to the idea, backed the plan. The obvious place was their ancestral land. If you call this a myth, you are calling Muhammad a liar. They were not given Israel because their god had promised them that land, but because historically it was theirs.

Today, more than half of the Jews residing in Israel are refugees from Yemen, Iraq, Iran and other Islamic countries. Muslims treat the Jews as second class citizens, and even today the Jews in Europe fear for their lives. This time their enemy is Muslim immigrants.

I don’t have any ties with Jews, except a few friends with whom I chat on the Internet and exchange emails. I am a descendant of Muhammad from my mother side. There is no Jewish blood in me, as far as I know. Well, this is not entirely true, because many Jewish women were enslaved by Muslim men and their children were called Muslim. Before Muhammad Jews were intermarrying with Arabs for 2000 years and had become completely Arabized. So, really every Arab has Jewish blood in him, which makes their hatred of the Jews even more ironic.

I follow the Golden Rule. This is not something Muslims are familiar with. The principle behind the Golden Rule is, not to treat others the way you don’t want to be treated.

I put myself in the shoes of others and ask what if I was born in their place. How would I want to be treated if I were them? This is why I support the Jews and their rights to a homeland.

Jews can live anywhere and thousands of years living as second class citizens has thought them that life can be harsh. They learned that if they don’t strive hard they starve. People in the past were crueler than they are today. Everyone was like Muslims and we know how minorities fair in Islamic countries. So Jews went after science, knowledge and business and succeeded in life. Despite all the discrimination, thanks to their expertise, they were financially better off than the majority. However, their success also had its downside. The losers often felt envious and made the Jews scapegoats for their own miseries. They spread hate against the Jews, telling stories such as Jews want to take over the world, they invented the fable of the Elders of Zion, and other lies. Considering the lessons of history it is important that these people have a place that they can call home and be safe.

You ask what about the Palestinians. That is a fair question. But who are the Palestinians? Palestinians are partly Egyptians and partly Jordanians. They are not people of the land. Most of them are recent migrants. Palestine is a region. There has never been a country called Palestine for you to say Israelis have stolen our lands. And the Palestinians have enough land to build their country and live happily.

If the Palestinians cannot tolerate Jews, they can go back to where they came from. They actually did that but once in Jordan they plotted to overthrow the government of King Hussein until he butchered them by thousands and kicked them out of his country. You people can’t live in peace with anyone, not even with yourselves. You are a warrior people, or to put it bluntly, savages.

If the Palestinians stop their violence and hatred against Israel, they can live in Israel and have full citizenship. Palestinians in Israel are treated well. If the rest of them abandon violence the problem will be solved. But you don’t want peace.  Anwar Sadat was assassinated for making peace with Israel. Any Palestinian politician who proposes peace with Israel will be killed on the spot.

The war in the Middle East is not over land. It is over religious beliefs. It is rooted in the Quran and Muhammad’s injunction that Muslims should not take the Jews and Christians as friends and as rulers (awlia).

Some years ago, I met an Israeli and a Palestinian who were close friends, in Canada. One day jokingly I said to them, you are an odd couple! Aren’t you two supposed to be enemies to each other? They laughed and said, “We are not religious.” I thought that was the most eloquent response. Yes this hatred and war is about religion. It is about two gods that cannot get along. The Moon god Hubal, the al lah of the Moabites and the Arabs has been always in war with Yahweh the al lah of the Jews.

Now let us say all the Jews in Israel decide to convert to Islam. The problem will be solved overnight. They become Muslim brothers and everyone will live in peace ever after. We know that Muslims live in absolute harmony with each other. Look at them.

Palestinians lynching fewllo Palestinians

Palestinians lynching fewllo Palestinians

Palestinians lynching fewllo Palestinians

Palestinan children getting a lesson to become good Muslims

Okay, maybe not in practice, but at least in theory Muslims are brothers. Even if they kill each other, it is okay. No Muslim ever criticized Saddam Hussein for massacring hundreds of thousands of fellow Muslims or King Hussein of Jordan for massacring tens of thousands of Palestinians. These are family feuds, but woe if a Muslim is killed by a non-Muslim. Then the entire Muslim world is up in arms and wants revenge.

A more effective alternative is that Palestinians leave Islam and the hate that comes with it. This will end the cycle of violence. Then everyone in that land can live in harmony.

But what about the truth? Shouldn’t everyone follow the true path? Here is where we come in. That is why I invite Muslims to engage in debate and not in threats, insults and violence. If the truth is on your side, expound it for the world to see and answer our questions. If the truth is not on your side, what is the point of clinging to a false belief that caused so much hate and violence?

2) Israelis are ready to negotiate, with Whom? Yes indeed they have been negotiating with Abbas since 1990, and what we get? More land stolen and more people got killed and more people jailed.

But you are only seeing the responses of the Israelis to the Palestinians attacks. What about constant shelling of Israeli cities by Hamas and Hezbollah? Why are you so blind to the fact that all wars in the Middle East were started by Arab? Israelis responded to Arab aggression and won.

Muhammad did not respond to any attack but he was the aggressor. However, to justify his actions Muslims claim that all his raids were defensive. Let us assume they are right (which they are not). Why is it permissible for Muslims to fight defensive wars and it is not allowed for others to do the same?

This is what I call the lack of understanding of the Golden Rule. Muslims think it is their god given right to perpetrate all atrocities on others, but if their victims defend themselves they are the aggressors. This is mental illness as I have explained it in my book.

Palestinians kill Israeli civilians, and this is perfectly acceptable for Muslims and their shameless, brainless, leftist allies. But if Israelis kill the Palestinians terrorists or imprison them, they are oppressors.

It is no doubt that Palestinians and Israelis are evaluated by two different yardsticks. This is an insult to Muslims. Sadly they are so dim-witted that they do not understand.

We have a different expectation from humans than we have from animals. We don’t hold animals to the same standards as we hold humans. This alone shows that in the sub-conscious of all the people on Earth Muslims are not regarded as fully evolved humans. Muslims in general act like savages and we don’t expect a lot from them. By not holding Muslims to the same standard that we hold others, the world is tacitly acknowledging that Muslims are inferior people, a bit like animals and it is unfair to expect from them to behave like humans.

Hamas terrorists keep shelling Israeli populated towns and the world accepts this while if a Palestinian civilian is killed collaterally, Israelis are to be blamed, even though these civilians are deliberately places close to the shelling stations for the purpose of making them martyrs.

Muslims have no conscience. They commit any crime just to win. When the winning is the goal every heinous act is justifiable. They think their children will be sent to paradise so it is okay if they are killed. They know they cannot win this war militarily, so they are waging a war of propaganda through victimization game at the cost of sacrificing their own children. How despicable! How low you people have descended.

Under the influence of Islam, Muslims act like sub-humans. They are indoctrinated in such a way that they become brainless killing machines – zombies. But they are more dangerous because they have the intellect of humans and the psychology of a predator beast.

3) The muslims who are getting butchered in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq: when did they start getting butchered, You are the smart one I leave this to you Mr. Ali Sina , I have a 15 year daughter who can answer this question.

Muslims have been killing each other since the time of Muhammad. Muhammad burned a mosque with people inside it because someone told him these Muslims have invented their own version of Islam. Those poor Muslims had invited him to visit their mosque and “bless” it. So possibly they were not fully knowledgeable about Islam. Muhammad did not try to investigate the facts. He sent men to burn the mosque with people locked inside it.

Ali massacred four thousand Khavarej while they came to protest unarmed and Aisha and Ali locked horns in a war the left countless people dead.

Muslims killing each other is not new. Muhammad planned it this way. He told his followers that they will split in 72 sects, all of them, with the exception of one, will go to hell. However, since he never explained his religion logically, hundreds of sects were created each thinking others are heretics and hence deserving of their hate and liable to be killed. What insanity! Was Muhammad Satan’s perfect plan to destroy mankind?

I bet you did not teach these things to your 15 year old daughter, as no one taught you.

4) Israel doesn’t only steal and destroy the houses of suicide bombers. It steals from everywhere it is begger and a thief state that can’t stand on its own feet without being helped by criminals like its own. Who is helping Israel? I will leave this to your intelligence Mr. Ali

Israel is a country of 7.3 million people. Only Tehran has twice as many inhabitants. Despite that Israel has withstood all the attacks from Arabs. Yet it has produced more scientific Nobel prize winner than any country. Despite the fact that they are surrounded by mortal enemies and spent a lot of their income on defense, they are amongst the most prosperous countries of the world. They can survive, feed themselves and defend themselves without any help from anyone. But no country is invincible. Israel can be obliterated in a nuclear attack. That is why they have to do what they have to do. Israelis have nowhere to go. They have to fight to the end.

But why do stupid things? Why instead of this much hate, Muslims don’t realize that Islam is the source of their problems, leave this faith of hate and ask the Israelis to send their experts to make the Arab deserts bloom too?

There is a better solution and it is to leave the hatred aside. This is not possible as long as Muslims cling to a psychopath of the seventh century.

I want to see prosperity in Islamic countries and not so much death and misery. The first step is for Muslims to unclench their fists and accept the fact that we are all humans. Religions are man-made. We are all members of the same family of mankind. The wall that Muslims have erected between themselves and others is in their imagination. Let me echo Regan’s words and say, tear down that wall. The time for the unity of mankind has come.

5) There would be peace in Palestine when the Israelis start to consider themselves as humans and not as superhumans and chosen race. When they start to treat others the way they like to be treated. Why Israel has the right to amass all nuclear weapons and don’t give this privilege to others.

Israelis are living by the Golden Rule. The Palestinians residing in Israel are full citizens with equal rights. Not a single Islamic country has given their minorities equal rights.

The answer to the question, why Israel has the right to amass nuclear bombs and an Islamic country like Iran should not, is obvious. Israelis have never said they want to obliterate any country and will never do such thing. Ahmadinejad has said it many times and he will do it. That lunatic chimp thinks by causing chaos in the world he is precipitating the coming of his hidden imam.

A gun in the hand of a sane person is harmless, but it would be a big mistake to trust a crazy man with the same. Muslims cannot be trusted with nuclear bomb and they should not have it. It is as simple as that. When dealing with Muslims we are not dealing with sane people. We are dealing with brainless ideologues that worship an insane man and a demonic god. Such people are dangerous. Muslims are a threat to themselves and to others. When sane people follow an insane man they do insane things. Islam is mental illness. The only remedy for Muslims is to leave Islam and regain their sanity.

6) The Koran says “The most favored to God is the one who is most devout and does good deeds.” The most favored is not the one that belongs to the a certain ancestry or color or tribe ( Like the old and new testament, that says God give this to this tribe of Israel and gave the land of Palestine to the criminal polish and Russian Jews and of course he deprived the Palestinians as well as anyone who doesn’t believe that the Jewish race is a superior race (Zionism). Do you want me to believe in a nationalist god who treats his subjects unequally. This god is not worthy of worship.

There is a lot of disambiguation in Islam that needs to be clarified in order to understand it.

“Good deeds” in Islam does not mean the same as it does for others. The universal understanding of good deeds is adherence to the Golden Rule. But that is not what Muhammad understood and described. For him good deeds was doing what he had ordered and avoiding what he had prohibited. For example, a person who performs prayers five times a day, observes the fast, wages Jihad or gives money to others to wage jihad, shaves his pubic hair and hates the unbelievers is doing good deeds. If he raids the non-Muslims’ homes in the middle of the night, massacres unarmed men and takes their wives and daughters as slaves and rapes them, he is doing good deeds. One thing that appalled me, when I was reading the biography of Muhammad and his followers was the fact that they used to commit all sorts of heinous crimes, such as murder and rape and stand for prayer right after that. Evil deeds for Muslims is staying in bed in the morning and neglecting their prayer or passing wind during them, touching the Quran with the left hand and other silly thing like these. So watch out when Muslims talk about “good deeds.” Their good deeds can be very evil. Al wala’ wal bara’, which is the embodiment of everything that is evil, in Islam is the essence of faith. It means loving fellow Muslims and hating the non-Muslims.

Your above statement is the perfect example of the evil doctrine of al wala’ wal bara’. This hatred of non-Muslims and particularly the Jews has become so ingrained in your psyche that it has become your second nature.

This is a major hurdle that I face. It is not difficult for me to convince Muslims that Muhammad was a liar, but it is very difficult for me to make them accept others as fellow humans and particularly the Jews whose hatred has been mixed with the milk of their mothers.

No one believes that Jews are a superior race. In fact since 80% of them supported Obama, it is evident that the majority of them are quite foolish. Obama’s anti Semite sentiment was all documented and I wrote about it in June 2008. But the Jews overwhelmingly supported this buffoon and now they regret it. Jews have committed huge blunders throughout their history with catastrophic consequences. This may be their last. Even today still 20% of Jews would reelect Obama. That much for the myth of the superiority of the Jews! In fact this imbecile is a threat to all mankind. How can people be so stupid to put a buffoon like him in such a high place? We will pay dearly for these idiots’ mistake. Compared to this freak, Carter was a political genius. And we owe the fall of the Shah and the rise of Islamic terrorism to Carter. May God save mankind from this devil.

No my dear Raef, Jews are not superior to anyone and they are not smarter than others. However, thousands of years of living in captivity and as second class citizens has thought them that if they want to survive they have to go after science and excel in everything they do. So we have more Jewish scientists and entrepreneurs per capita than we have among other nations. Muslims can do the same if they leave the belief in the demon Muhammad.

Jews do not consider themselves to be superior. I never heard or read such thing from them. They think they are chosen to be a beacon of light to other nations. And frankly, in most cases such as in science, business and art, they have excelled. They think they are chosen to set an example and I think if Arabs follow their example they too will be able to make their deserts bloom and their countries havens of prosperity, democracy and peace.

Sure, a supremacist god is not worthy of worship. I agree 100%. But what about al lah of Muhammad? Isn’t he a supremacist? Let us see this hadith:

“Ali Ibn Abi Talib, said: Verily the Prophet said: God divided the earth in two halves and placed (me) in the better of the two, then He divided the half in three parts, and I was in the best of them, then He chose the Arabs from among the people, then He chose the Quraysh from among the Arabs, then He chose the children of ‘Abd al-Muttalib from among the Banu Hashim, then he chose me from among the children of ‘Abd al-Muttalib, and from them he chose me. [Ibn Sa'd, Abu Abd Allah Muhammad. Kitab al-Tabaqat, vol i. Translated in English by S. Moinul Haq, Kitab Bhavan, 1784, Kalan Mahal, Daraya Ganj, New Delhi, India, 1972, p1.2].

Muhammad is dead and his fetid corpse is devoured by worms, but thanks to this hadith Arabs think they are chosen and superior. This insanity has infected the countries that were conqured by Arabs and lost their language and identity and now think that they are Arabs too and hence superior.

Talk about pot calling the kettle black.

7) Ali, you are a misguided person and you don’t know the Palestinians we always have considered people are equal and we never treat others differently (it is against Islam to do so, we never claimed that we are chosen, the idea of racism is strange to us it came from the place you consider an oasis of FREEDOM)

I am glad that at least you say this and on a conscious level you believe that equality is better than considering yourself superior.

However, the following verses belie your claim.

O you who believe! Do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people. (Qur’an 5:51)

Ye People of the Book! Why do ye clothe Truth with falsehood and conceal the Truth while ye have knowledge? Surah 3.71

Can ye, o ye men of Faith, entertain the hope that they will believe in you? Seeing that a party of them heard the Word of God and perverted it knowingly after they understood it. Surah 2.75

The Quranic verses present Muslims as the only people chosen to carry the true word of God. According to the Quran, both the New and the Old Testaments are corrupted and thus their believers are following a false path. In the Quran, Mohammed charges the Jews with “falsehood” (Sura 3:71), distortion (4:46), and of being “corrupters of Scripture.”

It is a belief of Islam that the Jews and Christian leaders have altered their sacred books deliberately and hence they are all misguided. This doctrine is called tahrifi-lafzi, “the corruption of the text”.

The sura Fatiha, which Muslims recite every day as prayer is an affirmation of Muslims’ supremacy. In this sura Muslims are regarded as the guided ones, the Christians as gone astray and the Jews as despised by God. It is clear that Islam inculcates the superiority of Muslims.

Muhammad said that the unbelievers are najis (filthy). Muslims wash their cloths if in a rainy day they come in contact with an unbeliever. They do not drink from the same vessel that the filthy kuffar drink. Isn’t this religious apartheid? How can you say the idea of racism is strange to Muslims? Islam is a racist doctrine similar to Nazism. To claim Islam is not racist (on the bases of belief) is self delusion.

I will accept your claim if Muslims agree to give their daughters in marriage to Jews, Christians and other non-believers, without demanding them to convert to Islam. I will accept your claim if I see a non-Muslim is elected to the highest office in an Islamic country. This can’t happen because of the verse 5:51 prohibits Muslims from taking non-Muslims as their awlia (rulers). In fact living under the rule of non-Muslims for Muslims, is seen as “oppression,” which entitles them to wage jihad and end that “oppression.”

8) Do you have the courage to criticize Israel ? The moral state of Israel, you will be accused of being anti-Semite and you may be prosecuted in a court of law or got fired from your job.

Of course I have the courage to criticize Israel. I just said that the majority of the Jews are dumb for supporting Obama. When you don’t rely on others for your sustenance you become very bold. I don’t care who is offended by what I say, I speak the truth the way I see it and invite others to disprove me.

And I can freely criticize the state of Israel anytime I think they deserve it. I am on the record for calling Israel a terrorist state. That was after the Muhammad Al Dura’s incident. However, as it turned out, that was a hoax and a Palestinian propaganda to deceive the public. See this video.

After fabricating the Al Dura lie the Palestinian fill their children with hate and encourage them to become martyrs. See this video.

Like most people I was fooled. But I am glad that I said such thing because it shows that I am not biased towards the state of Israel or dependent on anyone. I support justice and fairness and not any particular group of people.

But when I see evidences like this of Palestinians fabricating news, it becomes clear that they are lying. Watch this one and see how a dead man comes to life. It’s hilarious.

Israelis do not aim to kill children. This is obviously not in their interest. However, such news is in the interest of Palestinians. So their fighters launch their rockets from hospitals and residential areas in the hope that when Israelis take them down, a few civilians and children are also killed, so they can use that as evidence of Israeli brutality.

I am not employed by the Jews for them to fire me. I am an independent thinker and receive no funding from any organization. Sometimes people send a few dollars as donation that goes towards the payment of our dedicated server, but often the rest of the expenses come out of my own pocket. Most of the work is done by volunteers. They don’t get a dime and even support it with their own money.

Of course they are the PROFFESIONAL BABY KILLERS ( Iam sure you agree with this ya Ali Sina – the scenes of Palestinian babies killed were all over the world unless you were not in this world last year )

Indeed these babies were suicide bombers and deserve to be burnt like the (people) who were burnt alive at the hands of Nazis??? !!!

9) The Israelis think that they are above the LAW they could do anything they want to and don’t want others to retaliate;

This is called projecting. It is Muslims who are baby killers. Even Muhammad justified killing children.

It is reported on the authority of Sa’b b. Jaththama that the Prophet of Allah (may peace be upon him), when asked about the women and children of the polytheists being killed during the night raid, said: “They are from them.” (Sahih Muslim 4322, see also Bukhari 52:256)

Yes I saw the pictures that circulate as chain mail among Muslims. I could also detect many of the dead children were victims of Saddam in Iraq falsely attributed to Israelis. How low you people can descend?

The solution is to stop fighting, accept the Jews as humans with the right to live in their ancestral homeland and you’ll find that Israelis are ready to accommodate you. But how can Israelis negotiate with you people when you elect Hamas as your leaders and Hamas’s goal is the destruction of Israel?

As a Muslim you are incapable of putting yourself in other person’s shoes. It is Muslims that think they have the divine right to do all sorts of crimes against non-Muslims, but no one should retaliate and if they defend themselves you call them oppressors. This is all in accordance with examples set by the narcissist Muhammad.

You fabricate lies about others to portray yourselves as victims and then you justify every heinous crime against them.

Show me one Islamic country that allows building churches, and conversion of Muslims to other faiths? Not one! And yet Muslims demand that non-Muslim countries bend backwards to accommodate their primitive religion. They want schools and airplanes to serve halal meat. They want cities and institutions to install Islamic toilets and give them a room to perform their prayers while at the same time they imprison the members of other faiths and execute them in Islamic countries.

10) Don’t their bible say an eye for an eye, and what they are doing is 1000 eyes for an eye by destroying and stealing the Palestinians.

Israelis are not stealing from Palestinians. These are lies. But to incite hate you need to fabricate lies, demonize and dehumanize your victim. This is what Hitler did. This is what Stalin did and this is what Muhammad did and what Muslims do. Jews are in fact paying the Palestinians subsidies to build their country. Palestinians could have done the same that Israelis did and make their lands a paradise. But instead they prefer to wage perpetual war.

Israelis are not killing Palestinian children. Their hospitals are open to anyone including Palestinians and in Israeli hospitals, whether you are a Jew or a Palestinian you get the same treatment. Millions of Arabs live in Israel and don’t feel any discrimination. What will happen to an Israeli if by mistake he ends up in Gaza? He will be cut into pieces in no time.

Palestinians ripped two israelies who made a wrong trun and ended up in Ramala.

Palestinians ripping two Israelies who made a wrong turn and ended up in Ramala.


Paqlestinians feeling orgasmic after taking out the entrails of two Israelis who by mistake ended up in Ramala

Palestinans rejoyce after killing Israelis

Two Israelies caught in Gaza.

These pictures speak volumes. Do Israelis treat Arabs in Israel in this way? You people have a long way to go to become fully humans my friend. I cannot even call you animals because I am an animal lover and know of no animal that would do such thing to his own kind. You are monsters. You are the children of Satan and the embodiment of everything that is demonic. All that can change if you leave the demon that you worship.

How can there ever be peace in the Middle East if there is so much hate in you people? You fabricate lies and demonize the Israelis so you can justify all the crimes against them. This is what Muslims do all over the world. This was the modus operandi of Muhammad. It was that psychopath narcissist that set the standard for all his benighted followers.

There can be no peace with Muslims. Anyone who thinks one can have peace with Muslims, anywhere in the world, is deluding himself and will pay the consequences of his foolishness sooner or later.

The only road to peace is to wean Muslims from the web of lies of Islam. The disease is Islam. It is Islam that creates a barrier between Muslims and non-Muslims, inculcates in them the concept of us versus them and promotes religious apartheid. Once Islam is eliminated the world will be in peace.

Look at the brave Mosab Yusef, A.K.A Son of Hamas and listen to his wise words. This courageous man gets it. He left Islam and as the result has left the hatred of the Jews and non-believers behind. This is the example that you and all Muslims must follow. We will have peace in the world when Muslims start leaving Islam en-mass.


11) The Israelis are paranoid people, they need to go through psychiatric help they think everyone wants to hit them (because they know they have done something wrong) so they are neurotic and start retaliating against others

It is amazing that you see all the evil in Muslims projected in others. No my friend. Israelis are not paranoid. Six millions of them were gassed to death because of people like you who hated their guts. Today the president of Iran who denies the holocaust is promising to deliver one fetal one to the Jews. This is not paranoia. This is fact.

On the other hand you perfectly depict the state of the mind of Muslims. In my book, I have described the psychological makeup of Muhammad and through a vast body of evidence have shown that that man suffered from a series of mental illnesses, among them narcissistic, schizotypal and paranoid personality disorders. His insanity is inherited by his followers who also believe everyone is their enemy and hence they must take their revenge from their enemies. You should read my book. It will save you from Islam and only when you are free from the claws of this insane faith your people will have peace and prosperity. For 1400 years we lived in lies, in hate and in war. Isn’t it time to wake up?

12) Their claimed superiority complex is just a cover up for their inferiority complex that was indoctrinated in them in Christian Europe.

Yes dear Raef. You are right on the money. Superiority complex is a mask to hide one’s inferiority complex. This explains the arrogance of Muslims who despite their wretchedness dream of ruling the world. How pathetic.

Islamic invention

Why Jews should have inferiority complex when they have been the major contributors to the advancement of human civilization? In every imaginable field of science they have been the forerunners. What Muslims have achieved? Nothing! They look at their societies and see they are impoverished, backward, barbarians and they are filled with shame. Everything they consume (except the pitcher that they use to wash their derrieres) is an invention of kafris. Then instead of coming to their senses and realizing that Islam is the reason for their miseries, they blame others and cling to this filth faster and try to compensate their inferiority complex by making ridiculous claims that their religion is miraculous and that they will dominate the world. What a shame! They are one hundred times more numerous than the Jews and collectively have achieved less than one thousandth time what the Jews have achieved. “The rulers of the world!” Hah! How sad!

Muslims think with Islam they will get to rule the world.

It amazes me that you perfectly described what is wrong with Islam, but instead of finding a remedy for it, you project the illness of Islam on others. How can one go so astray?

Why the Jews should feel inferior when they have surpassed every other nation in every field of human endeavor?

I am baffled by this kind of thinking. What you said applies to the miserable Muslims and not to the Jews. The origin of this inferiority complex is to be found in the psychology of Muhammad who was mentally insane. Please read my book. I will send it to you for free if you ask for it. It will open your eyes. I am not asking you to read it with an open mind. Read it with close mind and reject everything I say. It still will do its work and by the time you finish it you’ll be a free man.

13) The Christians who, unfairly, killed the Jews and put them in gas chambers want to repent their shameful past (they have a guilt complex) so they support Israel and turning the Jews from oppressed to oppressors.

First of all let us adhere to honestly. It was not the Christians that gassed the Jews. Hitler was no Christian. In fact he was an admirer of Islam and lamented that the Germans were not Muslims because, according to him, Islam as a supremacist religion is more appropriate for the Germanic spirit which he thought is also supremacist.

Hitler got the idea of gassing the Jews from Sheikh Hassan al Banna the Mufti of Jerusalem who suggested the Turks’ final solution for the Armenian problem was to gas 1.5 millions of them. The suggestion was welcomed by Hitler who carried it out.

Muslims strive to finish what Hitler started

Islam and Nazism have a lot in common

Secondly, you are again making a lie to vilify and demonize the Jews and the Christians, accusing them of being the oppressors.

These lies fuel your hatred. As long as you cling to these lies you will be filled with rage and want revenge over something that is not real. There can be no peace with people like you.

I have the remedy. Stop believing in and fomenting lies. Cleanse your heart from hate and you’ll see no one is trying to oppress you or any Muslim. Those Muslims who have left Islam testify to this fact. Muslims don’t have enemies. They are the enemy to others and each other. Ideologies of hate, such as Nazism, communism and Islam need enemies to fire up their followers. Without hate they cannot survive.

But I know Muslims can’t wake up. They are diseased by Islam and can’t think straight. Their hatred will lead to a major disaster that will destroy millions of people and will probably wipe out hundreds of millions of Muslims. This is foolish. Stop believing in lies. Stop worshiping the devil Muhammad. Come back to your humanity. Stop dividing mankind. We are one people.

We are not born Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus or atheists. We are born humans. Muslims have abdicated their humanity and follow an insane criminal of the seventh century – a man who presented no evidence for his outlandish claims except the sword. Until you don’t abandon this insanity and this senseless hate, things are going to go from bad to worse until a major war wipe out a great portion of Mankind. Muslims will not survive this one. Don’t believe in your insane prophet. When the westerners realize that they have to act or more of their cities will be nuked, they will wipe out the Muslim word. Don’t underestimate the instinct of survival. When it comes to survival we are all animals. This insanity must stop. There is no sense to it.

14) (You have your religion and I have mine – it is very bad that someone start to falsify facts just to get few pennies – I am sure you are making a living in the west just because you are cursing Islam and the Palestinians.

I don’t fabricate facts. Catch my lies as I have caught yours and those of Muhammad if you are truthful.

No one pays me. I am doing this for the last 12 years at a great cost to myself. This is not my business. Often the donations are not enough to even pay for the cost of maintaining the site.

I am not doing this for money. This is costing me. This is my mission. Life is meaningless if there is no purpose to it. Destroying Islam and bringing Muslims back to the fold of humanity is the purpose of my life.

Eventually, my message will prevail because it is truth and I will live forever, after my body is reduced into ashes and my name is forgotten, in the lives of those whom I saved.

Whatever we do reverberates throughout the universe. You are free to sow evil, lies and hate, like Muhammad did and make the world a hell or you can sow goodness, truth and love and make the word better. I have chosen the latter path.

15) Do you know Marwa Al sharbini who was killed in Germany just because she wore a hairdress? Why don’t you write an article about her? I am sure you have no courage to do so.

Yes I heard of her. There are crazy people in every society. However, one thing that escapes you is that her assassin was sentenced to life in prison. This is a lot different from what happens in Islamic countries, particularly in your Palestine, where people pour into the streets and celebrate any time one of you kills some innocent persons. Are the murderers of the Copts in Egypt punished? In Iran it is the state itself that murders the Christians and the Baha’is. Why you Muslims think all the crimes that you perpetrate against the minorities among you is okay?

The killer of that Muslim woman had some anger problem and she taunted him. He made a comment about her stupid veil and she took him to the court and charged him with hate crime. She could not just let go. She wanted to destroy the man and take her sweet revenge. She had miscalculated because this guy had anger problem and snapped.

These laws in the west are stupid. They must be changed. Wearing the veil must be banned and not protected by law. Although I regret that man’s action I understand his rage.

The same stupid woman in her Islamic country would abuse the minorities but when in Germany she takes a German man to court and uses the German law to punish him for just making a remark against his veil. These things boil ever decent person’s blood.

Over 15,000 terrorist attacks were perpetrated by your coreligionists since 9/11 and you see nothing wrong in that. In fact you think they were justified. But when one angry person commits an act of insanity, you parade it all over the world. What is wrong with you people? Why you have so much double standards and no conscience? How can we share this planet with you? How can the Jews share that tiny land with people like you? You inhale lies and exhale hate. How can you live like that?

You raise and hide your terrorists, but take to the court someone who insults a woman that deserves nothing but insult, prosecute him and punish him. You have tens of thousands of terrorists and we have a few crazies. You promote hate in your schools, mosques and televisions and we prosecute our own people if they utter a word that may sound racially charged. You kill the minorities and burn their houses of worship in your countries and we allow you to spread your faith of hate freely in our lands and protect you with our laws. Can there be a comparison between you and us?

16) Say the truth even if it is against you and your kin, that is what the Koran has taught us.

No my friend. Please do not delude yourself. You don’t speak the truth and your Quran does not encourage you to do so. You speak lies, but to you they are truth because you have never bothered to probe them and see them from a different angle. The Quran is also sheer lies.

Truth must stand the test of reason. We have proven that the Quran is a lies and have challenged Muslims to disprove us.

Your hatred has blinded you. You can no longer distinguish truth even if it hits you in the head. But if you are sincere, I invite you to continue this debate. We will start with the Quran itself, because in your view that book is the origin of all truths. I will show you that it contains hundreds of fallacies and absurdities and a lot of filth.

Then we will move to Muhammad. I will prove to you that he was a mentally sick man, a criminal and a fiend. If you can prove me wrong, I will publicly acknowledge and announce Islam is true. Even if I don’t do it, people who read our debate will see your truth.

Yes my endorsement matters. Some Muslims have called me the number one enemy of Islam, which to me is a badge of honor. My testimony is worth a lot more than that of a dozen of priests converting to Islam. I have led thousands of people out of Islam.

How about I send you my book and you read it? Once you are done, write to me and tell me why you think I am mistaken. Let me tell you that all those who promised to prove me wrong, left Islam after reading my book or did not respond.

I look forward to hear from you.


Ali Sina


Pat Condell made this video. It is superb and I think everyone must watch it.


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351 Responses

  1. Ade says:

    To me Jihadists(Islamic militants) is their own way to spread their religion by forcing people, but as Christians have their missionaries to spread Christianity, Muslims should also imitate preaching and not killing innocent people as if they're doing competition with other religion. if they so much believe that there is God and there is going to be judgement after death so why cant they wait till then or they're not sure if Allah is God by that they're confused and afraid of being overtaken.

  2. Atheist Killer says:

    Madar Chod Islam Ko kosne se tera aur dunya ka kiya bhala hone wala hai, Gaando Islam aik civilization hai Chutiye

  3. whysomuchhate says:

    Agree with your comment on Obama, pointing out his rather useless stand on the issue. However I feel it wouldnt be right to criticize a single person's view on your site. Wouldnt want people to mistake your intentions of questioning religion as criticizing people.

    Like you said, the site deals with debunking a false belief, not any person.

    I dont disagree with the actual point, but I humbly suggest you to keep such comments under check. Admiring your good work :)

  4. walking says:

    to ali sina: you say that palestinians living in iraq have equal rights yet isnt it true they dont have the right to vote? theres a facebook page set up by israeli activist called "real democracy" and they claim that any palestinian that wants to vote just post your request on the page and one of the israeli citizen actvist will vote on your behalf. they are claiming to be world wide and stating people from all countries will vote on behalf of the palestinians if they so wish. what are your thoughts on this?

    2) you stated in another article that the iraqi civilians have only been victims of terrorist attacks and never INTENTIONALLY from the u.s. army yet there are articles on how private american military contractors used to protect u.s. government officials in iraq opened fire on iraqi civillians for no reason. the most infamous group are of course BLACKWATER. what are your thoughts on this?

  5. DPhysicist says:

    Mr. Sina… may I use your articles and the facts you provide in debates… I mean sometimes I just copy the part your article and paste it. I mean you are OK with that right… I just assumed that… :P

    • Ali Sina says:

      Absolutely. The more you spread them the better. However, when you join a forum you can put as your website. This will increase the rank of the site and its Google Ranking

    • DPhysicist says:

      Thank you Mr. Sina for your reply, I will keep spreading the truth and peace. You have been very motivational for me. Thank you and all your team for your brave and tiring efforts. And I will use as my website in forums.

  6. Moor says:

    Read all of the Jewish text and you will see why there are Jews also who do not agree with Israel

    As Zionism is not Judaism as Zionism is mostly imperialism, nationalism mixed in with a few religious justifications

    Read about the exile of the Jews and what a ''State of Israel'' is. As the Zionist state goes agaist Judaism and butchers the values of Judaism with its justification to steal and kill others and the way it treats those who are religious and those not wanting to serve in the army (jails them)

    The quote you linked was retelling the Torah

    Read the Tanakh (The Torah ("Teaching", also known as the Five Books of Moses), Nevi'im ("Prophets") and Ketuvim ("Writings")—hence TaNaKh. The name "Miqra" (מקרא), meaning "that which is read", is an alternative Hebrew term for the Tanakh. The books of the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) were relayed with an accompanying oral tradition passed on by each generation, called the Oral Tora)

    • everin says:

      Moor, Stick to the Quran, because it superseded all other religious texts in the Muslims' eyes. No wonder, the Muslims cannot take away the blessed land Allah had provided for the Jews who were also given the knowledge of science n weaponry by Allah ( Quran : 10; 93 ) . The Compassionate, Wise n All-knowing God knew the Jews had suffered terribly at the hands of Hitler n his henchmen so He provided a blessed land with the best sustenance for them to settle n gave them the knowledge to defend themselves. All effort to destroy Israel will be futile as Allah had predicted that they will live till the Day of Resurrection.

    • Ali Sina says:

      I don\’t give a hoot about Jewish text or any scripture that claims to be from God. I believe in human life and human rights. I believe Jews have a right to their own country. The world is hostile to Jews. This hostility started with Muhammad and later spread to others like Hitler and other hateful hatemongers like him. If one day all the people rise against Iranians, I have a place to go. I want the same for the Jews and for all the people in the world. Palestinians also have a place to go. They can go to their homeland, i.e Jordan and Egypt. They don\’t want to go because they want to keep fighting against the Jews.

    • enlightened25 says:

      It did not start with Muhammad or anybody else, it started with the Jewish arrogance and supremacy. These slave people think they are the chosen people and bearers of “universal morality” or that is to say their slave commandments. The whole religion is nothing but “thou shalt”. “If one day all the people rise against Iranians, I have a place to go.” So you would run like a coward? What is this? A real man would sooner die than abandon his property and run like a cowardly dog, or more accurately like a cowardly Jew.

  7. Moor says:

    Nur Masalha and other scholars describe several associations of modern Palestinians with Amalekites, including recommendations by rabbi Israel Hess to kill Palestinians, which are based on biblical verses such as 1 Samuel 15. Shulamit Aloni, a member of the Israeli Knesset indicated in 2003 that Jewish children in Israel were being taught in religious schools that Palestinians were Amalek, and that therefore total genocide was a religious obligation

  8. John K says:

    A new brochure has been published. This is a great resource because it has facts that we have heard about, but have not had references for:

    “Israeli-Arab Conflict” brochure

  9. JSOP says:

    Condell also received criticism after links to his monologue, titled The Trouble with Islam, were circulated to commissioners in the California city of Berkeley's Peace and Justice Commission. Condell said in the video that Islam is "a religion of war", that "Muslim women in Britain who cover their faces are mentally ill", though in some parts of the world women have no choice but to cover their face, as they are "governed… by primitive pigs whose only achievement in life is to be born with a penis in one hand and a Qur'an in the other." Commissioner Elliot Cohen described Condell's comments as "insulting, degenerating and racist".

    This comment speaks for itself just another bigot who claims Islam and the Muslims are violent abuse woman and trying to take over the world.


    • enlightened25 says:

      "This comment speaks for itself just another bigot who claims Islam and the Muslims are violent abuse woman and trying to take over the world." So what, is anyone forced to watched Condell`s videos? You don`t like it don`t watch it. I personally despise (for example) the terrorist apologist, dictator supporting scumbag George Galloway but do you hear anyone going on about him?

  10. JSOP says:

    I see this is very pro Israel what about the torture of under ages and the Palestinian people the Son of Hamas even speaks about how Palestinians were tortured (I Do not agree with what he says about Islam)

    Lets not forget the collar bombs, burning of Mosque, bombing of villages, threats to nuke Palestine, killing of woman and children, Slander of the Palestinian people and killing of civilians on both sides by extremist and many more acts which Israel commits which you conveniently left out to make Palestine look like the aggressor, to vilify Palestine and are not listing the acts that Israel commit

    Report the truth not a one sided propaganda (One sided propaganda can be found in many articles on this site)


    • enlightened25 says:

      "Report the truth not a one sided propaganda (One sided propaganda can be found in many articles on this site)" You can make any comment disagreeing with Sina about anything he says or supports if you are talking sense people will listen to you. I myself have have aruged with him about the Israel/palestine conflict and i have heard from him some israeli propaganda lies. But anyway their are loads of injustices in the world and many states founded on stupid ideas (like Israel for instance) but why the muslims just pick on this one issue? Why they not talk about Darfur, Black September or Saddam`s genocide of the kurds? Where`s the big protests in the west against these regimes and their thugish leaders from the muslims?

  11. John K says:

    Just in time for Christmas, a new carol from Palestinian Authority TV.

    'Boom out loud, oh voice of the machine gun… Oh AK-47, make sounds of joy,'

    [youtube YN1cI13VOHM youtube]

    "Engrave on the rifle butt the symbol of Fatah's Al-Asifa [unit]
    My trigger makes sounds of joy to the Elder (Arafat)
    while the rifle sounds aloud
    Boom out loud, oh voice of the machine gun,
    Yasser [Arafat] lives inside us
    [Despite] the day (of his death) on Nov. 11,
    the [Palestinian] cause has not died
    He is present inside us as an idea and as light,
    a fire burning in [our] chest
    He [Arafat] taught the whole world how to revolt.
    Yasser – symbol of freedom
    Oh Elder, I swear by [your] uniform and your keffiya
    Oh bullets of the defiant, [your] shot fights 100 [men]
    He lived and died in an atmosphere of war,
    he crossed the world from east to west
    Mahmoud Abbas is on the same path
    when it comes to [our] state and identity
    We fired the rifle, we faced the storm
    We responded to the cannon with a pistol
    Using stones, we ignited a revolution and wrote [history], oh Fatah men
    On the rifle butt, we have engraved [Fatah's] symbol
    On the grip, we have engraved "Arafat"
    On the top cover we have inscribed the history of the free
    On the barrel – the name of the homeland
    The flash-suppressor ignited and burst
    Here it is, oh rifle sight
    The state is only a few meters away
    Oh action-spring, receive and shoot [bullets] continuously
    Change the magazine – there are hundreds [of them]
    Load it into the chamber
    Oh AK-47, make sounds of joy and salute the Elder (Arafat)"
    [PA TV (Fatah), Nov. 16, 2011]

  12. Ken says:

    Dear Mr. Ali Asini: Admire both your boldness and the great clarity and understanding that you bring to the table in the exposure of the Islamic way of life and its' roots deep into a satanically inspired religion and culture. Refrain not from what you do so well in liberating the Muslim people from the cult of lies and bondage.
    Read your inserted article from World Net Daily on the other evil one, Obama. The problem for most of us in 2008 was that those of us who had a profound understanding of where this man child, a buffoon, but not without a disastrous agenda and ideology, despite the limited publicly available information, was that our message fell on deaf ears, as many were mesmerized by his so called "brilliant speeches", and the black folk of whom many were ready to stand in line for his freebees, most of which never came. Many of his entourage do not have an excuse this time around. He and his "policies" are nothing short of a complete disaster. Good riddens to bad rubbish.

  13. John K says:

    New data is in this Front Page Magazine article:

    ‘They Stole Our Land’ vs. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem

    The cornerstone argument in the Arab narrative against Israel is that the Zionists in the 19th and early 20th centuries came to the Land of Israel and stole Arab land. This is a very simple assertion, easy to visualize, seemingly logical and amenable to a brief presentation: after all, Zionists did come from Europe to what was then Palestine, and the Arabs were already living there. So obviously when the Jews came they took Arab land.

    Although there exists voluminous evidence to the contrary in Arab and Turkish and British sources indicating the exact opposite, it is difficult to present this contrary evidence and explain its importance in as brief and simple a manner as is done with the Arab assertion. There are too many variables: Arab demographics, Jewish demographics, Zionist agrarian reclamation technology, land purchases, crown land vs. privately owned land, absentee landlords, etc. This imbalance puts the advocate on behalf of Zionism and Israel at a disadvantage, even though the evidence supporting the Israeli narrative and contradicting the Arab narrative is vast and thoroughly vetted. For an excellent compilation and analysis of this evidence, see Kenneth Stein, The Land Question in Palestine, 1917-1939 (University of North Carolina Press, 1984, reviewed here and here).

    However, there is one testimony from an unimpeachable source stating that the Jews stole no land, but rather bought land in vast quantities from willing sellers who were the legal owners of the land that was sold. This unimpeachable source is so unarguably innocent of any pro-Israel or pro-Jewish or pro-Zionist sentiment that there can be no rational question regarding the veracity of his testimony. That source is the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, the Hajj Mohammed Effendi Amin el-Husseini (1895 to 1974).

    Read the rest here:

    • enlightened25 says:

      This is of course codwallop Herzl wrote “We shall try to spirit the penniless population across the border by procuring employment for it in the transit countries whilst denying it any employment in our own country.” Also note this was before palestine was even chosen and argentina was still been considered. If you read Herzl and other early zionist leaders it is clear they wanted their state without any non-jews in it. Because of course the dilemma is. What is the point of having a Jewish state if non-Jews are allowed to live in it with equal rights?

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