What if God Exists?

Dear Friend Dr. Ali Sina,

I am a muslim. I am one of your fans. I read regularly your websites.

What if I believe that god does not exist but after death
suddenly I find that there is God. Then I will be a loser. I will
have nothing to rectify my situation then.

So is it better for me to wait until God is proved? I want to be
in the safe side I want to believe in God. Will this be Ok?

Thanks and regards,



Hi Maruf,

The question you are posing is known as Pascal Wager. The seventeenth century mathematician Blaise Pascal formulated his pragmatic argument for belief in God in Pensées. The argument is as follows:

If you erroneously believe in God, you lose nothing (assuming that death is the absolute end), whereas if you correctly believe in God, you gain everything (eternal bliss). But if you correctly disbelieve in God, you gain nothing (death ends all), whereas if you erroneously disbelieve in God, you lose everything (eternal damnation).

According to Pascal, regardless of any evidence for the existence or inexistence of God one would lose nothing in believing in God while one may lose everything if he does not believe in God.

The problem with Pascal’s gambit is that even if we assume that God exists, we can never know which religion is the right religion.  Let us take Pascal’s fate. He was a Christian, but if Muhammad was right then Pascal would be sent to hell despite his belief in God because he did not believe in Allah and his messenger.

Now, let us say Pascal converted to Islam. But what if when he died he found out that Allah is not God and Muhammad was a liar? Then he would be sent to hell.

The problem compunds when you remember that Muhammad said his religion will be divided into 73 sects the followers of 72 of these sects will be sent to hell.  How do you know which sect is the right one?

The same is true about Christianity, Judaism and other faiths. There are thousands of religions and sects. They all believe that they are the only ones who have found the truth and will be saved and all those who don’t believe in what they believe will not be saved.  So what do you do? You can’t believe in any god and be saved. You must believe in the right God. How do you know which god is the real McCoy and which ones are counterfeit?  You have to use your reason. But when you use your reason you can’t believe in any god. The belief in God is based on faith not reason.

Now I have said it time and again that I am not against the belief in God. In fact if I could believe in God I would. Unfortunately I can’t.

If you want to believe in a god ask yourself which qualities are more godly and which ones are not.  Will God be loving or vengeful? Will He be merciful and forgiving or one who orders his prophet to kill people, loot them and rape their wives.  Assuming God exists, it can’t be the Allah of Muhammad. Allah simply does not have the divine qualities expected in God.

Would a wise and loving God send people to hell and burn them for eternity because they did not believe in something that made no sense to them?  On one hand He gives man intelligence and then he sends a prophet that says stupid things that defy that intelligence and then he sends those who question his balderdash to eternal hell.  Let us say such god exists. Is he worthy of worship?  Of course not! This god is a miserable sick being.

Pascal was wrong when he said it is better to wager on the belief in God because in that way we don’t lose anything. Of course we lose. We lose our freedom. Freedom is what makes us humans.  When you believe in God you can be manipulated by any Tom, Dick and Harry who succeeds to make you believe that they have a message for you from God.

You can also be deceived if you don’t believe in God. All these New Age movements are nothing but deception.  Since people have stopped believing in God and churches are becoming empty, charlatans have found other ways to fill their pockets and contol people.

Now, you can believe in God, but know that he is not sending any messages via third persons.  The message of God is in every atom in this universe. It is all around you and the key to understanding His message is through science.

God does not play favoritism and does not speak to any person more than others. His message is universal and for everyone. You can understand the message of God just as fine as anyone else. You don’t have to follow anyone. Observe the universe with inquisitiveness and scientific mind and you will see the message of God all around you. As a Persian poet said, every leaf of every tree is a book of the knowlege of God.

The problem is not the belief in God. The problem starts when some individulas claim to be messengers of God. Then they demand obedience and submission and all they do is mislead people with their lies and cause disunity and hate.  Nothing divides mankind more than religion.

Let reason be your guide.  We all have been endowed with enough reason to find our way.  Assuming God exists, reason says that if you live an ethical life and don’t hurt others He will be pleased with you even if you never believed in Him.  This is my wager. I believe in doing the right thing and living by the Golden Rule.  I don’t do to others what I don’t like myself. And I can bet that even if there is a God he is wise enough and loving enough to not send me to hell for not believing in him, God is not a narcissist as Muhammad depicted him. He does not give a damn whether we worship him or not. His self-esteem does not depend on the belief or disbelief of his creatures. If He exists, he probably cares about whether we have been good to others or not.

I have been telling people about the Golden Rule. I have been saying all along that beliefs don’t matter, what matter are our deeds.  And yet this sick man, Anders Breivik who massacred 77 youths in Norway kept reading my articles and quoting from my book and claimed to be my fan and still did not understand the core of my message.

A few days ago I received an email from someone saying that since we are “sheep” (good people) and our enemy is wolf (bad people) and since only a wolf can kill a wolf, we “the solders of light”  should be prepared to do “dirty work which might seem evil or violent to the ignorant eye.”

I was nauseated after reading his email and gave him a piece of my mind.  I have no patience and no respect for evil people,  and those who advocate violence and hate, even though they calim to be my fans.  How can people misinterpret everything I write and go about doing so much evil and smear my name by claiming to be my supporters?

I have no association with evil people.  I do not promote evil and do not condone it. If God exists, I assume he must be wiser than me. If so, I bet He will give a hoot about our beliefs and whether we praise him or not.  He will judge us by our deeds.  Don’t harm others. If God exists, that is all he cares about. He does not care about our beliefs.

It is okay to believe in God, but believe in a god of love and not in a god of hate. The belief in God can be a great motivator. But let it motivate you to do good and not evil.

The following is written by a reader posted as comment. I copy and paste it here because I believe it should be read.

Dragoste7 wrote that she would correct Pascal Wager and instead would say, “If you Love and live by the Golden Rule, you lose nothing (assuming that death is the absolute end), whereas if you correctly Love and live by the Golden Rule, you gain everything (eternal bliss). But if you don’t Love and live by the Golden Rule, you gain nothing (death ends all), whereas if you don’t Love and live by the Golden Rule, you lose everything (eternal damnation).”

I think that makes a lot more sense than Pascal’s wager.



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  1. Nasr says:

    God  exists. And we know prophets were sent to give prophecy. And from the prophecies, we can filter out what is false and what is of truth.

    Lets look at the warning of God of Israel towards Children of Israel about a new/unheard God in Deuteronomy 13.

    Paul brought a totally new version of Triune-Oneness God that differ to the One God preached by gentile prophet Noah and all Israelite prophets. That is why  true followers of Jesus (Nasoreans/Ebionites) condemed Paul for falsifying the teachings of Jesus about One God. The punishment to those who believe in a such new version of God is death.

    Deut 13
    …If your very own brother, or your son or daughter, or the wife you love, or your closest friend secretly entices you, saying, “Let us go and worship other gods” (gods that neither you nor your ancestors have known, 7) gods of the peoples around you, whether near or far, from one end of the land to the other), 8) do not yield to them or listen to them. Show them no pity. Do not spare them or shield them. 9) You must certainly put them to death. Your hand must be the first in putting them to death, and then the hands of all the people…15 you must certainly put to the sword all who live in that town. You must destroy it completely

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