Einstein and Islam

Iranian mullah says Einstein converted to Shiite Isalm.


In a debate with a learned mullah from Iran my opponent quoted a passage that he claimed is from  Albert Einstein.

“Quran is not a book of algebra or geometry but is a collection of rules which guides human beings to the right way, the way which the greatest philosophers are unable to decline it.

I made as search and found that this passage is quoted in many Islamic sites.  However, the passage is falsely attributed to Einstein.  Einstein’s views of God and religion were radically opposed to Islam. In the following passage he explains his beliefs.

The insight into the mystery of life, coupled though it be with fear, has also given rise to religion. To know that what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their most primitive form — this knowledge, this feeling, is at the center of true religiousness, and in this sense only, I belong in the ranks of devoutly religious men. I cannot imagine a God who rewards and punishes the objects of his creation, whose purposes are modeled after his own — a God, in short, is but a reflection of human frailty. Neither can I believe that the individual survives the death of his body, although feeble souls harbor such thoughts through fear of ridiculous egotism.”

Clearly, Einstein did not believe in a personal god that rewards and punishes, neither he believed in the afterlife.  These concepts are fundamental to Islam. Without a personal God and without the Day of Judgment, a lustful paradises and a tormenting hell Islam becomes meaningless.

Islam is entirely based on fear. No other words are repeated more frequently in the Quran than “hell” and “Day of Judgment.”  I have debated with thousands of Muslims, some very educated, and some not.  The undertone of all these debates was the punishment of God that awaits me.  It’s this fear that has paralyzed Muslims and has made them helpless.  As long as this fear persists they will not doubt Islam and will not be able to set themselves free.

Einstein believed religion is the product of ignorance and fear. Those comments about Islam are falsely attributed to him. But that does not surprise me. Almost everything Muslims say is a lie. It’s unbelievable that one cannot find a word of truth in this religion.

What surprises me is that this erudit mullah in his previous message to me had posted a long list of all the quotes from several anti-Semites such as Gustav Le Bon and others, to portray that Jews are the most wicked and evil people in the world, utterly dehumanizing them and demonizing them.  Le Bon’s theories about race and crowd control greately influenced Hitler in writing his Mein Kampf and it is said Musolini kept Le Bon’s book by his bedside.

This educated man even believes that Allah transformed the Jews into pigs and monkeys. It’s amazing what Islam does to human brain.  And when I tried to prove him wrong, reminding him of all the great things the Jews have done for mankind, he said, aha! Now we know that you are a Jew.  Yet among all the people, he picked Albert Einstein, a Jew, to falsely attribute those words of praise about Islam to.  If Einstein is racially inferior, as Le Bon says, and as vile as the Quran says, why quote him?  If as a Jew he is not worth anything, why should his opinion about Islam matter? The absurdity of the Muslim mind never ceases to amaze me.

To fully comprehend the delusional mind of Muslims I’d like to inform the reader that the mullahs in Iran claim that Einstein had converted to Shiite Islam.  The government controlled site SobheSadegh.ir says that according to an unnamed cleric delivering a sermon at a mosque in Tehran, “the nuclear physicist Albert Einstein allegedly converted to Shi’a Islam through the efforts of Grand Ayatollah Boroujerdi, who also had urged Einstein to keep his conversion secret in order not to be assassinated.”

However, f ar from converting to Islam or praising it, as a Jew, Einstein had distinct views on Jesus. Below is a clip of an interview from the Saturday Evening Post, October 26, 1929:   

“To what extent are you influenced by Christianity?

As a child I received instruction both in the Bible and in the Talmud. I am a Jew, but I am enthralled by the luminous figure of the Nazarene.

Have you read Emil Ludwig’s book on Jesus?

Emil Ludwig’s Jesus is shallow. Jesus is too colossal for the pen of phrasemongers, however artful. No man can dispose of Christianity with a bon mot [a witty remark].

You accept the historical existence of Jesus?

Unquestionably! No one can read the Gospels without feeling the actual presence of Jesus. His personality pulsates in every word. No myth is filled with such life.”

These Islamic sites post several quotes from famous personalities such as Napoleon Bonaparte, Gandhi, Leon Tolstoy, Bernard Shaw and others that praise Islam.  Quoting the opinions of famous people as the evidence of the truth of a religion is a logical fallacy.  Even famous people can be wrong, but the fact that none of these people were scholars of Islam or had read its holy book or its history makes their opinion about Islam worthless.  Hitler also praised Islam.  Hitler’s opinion is the only one that matters because he understood Islam.  Would others have still praised Islam had they known that Muhammad was a raider, a mass murderer, a slave maker and a rapist?   These facts have come to the public attention only during the last decade or so. When I started writing about them no one believed me. I sounded like a lunatic to them.  It just made no sense that a man literally worshipped by 1.5 billion people could be a despicable criminal. But that is the fact the world must come to terms with and it is coming to term with.

These famous people, who have spoken loftily about Islam, have spoken from the position of ignorance. Praising Islam makes Muslim very happy. Muslims constantly seek approval from people in authority and for the unwary people it seems to be a cheap way to endear themselves with Muslims. Sadly, these approvals compound Muslims’ ignorance and make them more fanatical and as the result more violent.  The essence of the message of Muhammad is jihad.  If you approve Islam, you validate all its evil teachings including jihad and encourage terrorism. Now that the truth is out, no one should ever praise Islam to appease Muslims. Ignorance is no longer an excuse. Praising Islam is treason to humanity.

Another authority quoted by Muslims is the Russian Novelist Leo Tolstoy.  He is claimed to have said, “Quran contains clear realities and tenets and human beings can utilize it generally.”  As usual, no reference is given.   Assuming these are the words of Tolstoy, he  has also thought that Islam has become corrupted beyond redemption. He has also praised Bab and Baha-u-llah, the twin founders of the Baha’i Faith .  These prophets are denounced by Muslims.  A few months before his death Tolstoy wrote:

I have known about the Bábís for a long time, and have always been interested in their teachings. It seems to me that these teachings, as well as all the rationalistic social religious teachings that have arisen lately out of the original teachings of Brahmanism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam distorted by the priests, have a great future for this very reason that these teachings, discarding all these distorting incrustations that cause division, aspire to unite into one common religion of all mankind.

Therefore, the teachings of the Bábís, inasmuch as they have rejected the old Muhammadan superstitions and have not established new superstitions which would divide them from other new superstitions (unfortunately something of the kind is noticed in the exposition of the Teachings of the Báb), and inasmuch as they keep to the principal fundamental ideas of brotherhood, equality and love, have a great future before them.”

Muhammad Ahmad al Mahdi

Tolstoy mentions the Ahmadiyah movement in Lahor and the Mahdi movement in Sudan and says,

Both these religious teachings contain nothing new, neither do they have for their principal object a changing of the outlook of the people and thus do not change the relationship between the people, as is the case with Babiism. I therefore sympathize with Babiism with all my heart inasmuch as it teaches people brotherhood and equality and sacrifice of material life for service to God.

The teachings of the Bábís which come to us out of Islam have through Bahá’u’lláh’s teachings been gradually developed and now present us with the highest and purest form of religious teaching.”

So I’d like to ask the Muslims who quote “authorities” to prove Islam is true, why they ignore the same authorities when they praise other faiths, specially the Babi and Baha’i faiths that Muslims regard heretic? If Tolstoy’s opinion about Muhammad is valid, so must be his opinion about Bab and Baha-u-llah.

Relying on “authorities” as evidence of the truth of any proposition is a logical fallacy. It’s called argumentum ad verecundiam. The truth of a religion can be only determined by analyzing its teachings and the conduct of its author or as Jesus said, by their fruits ye shall recognize them.

When we analyze Islam, we find it to be a religion that promotes hate, spreads through deception, advocates violence, and encourages fighting and bloodshed. When we observe its followers, we see they are backward, violent, ignorant, and uncivilized. These are the bitter fruits of this tree from hell.

Einstein was an atheist Jew and a Zionist. He was everything Muslims hate. Despite that Muslims feel no shame in cashing on his popularity, even through lies.  Einstein did not believe in a personal god. His thoughts were diametrically opposed to Islam. He did not convert to Islam and he did not praise it.  He had a lot of respect for Jesus, but none for Muhammad. Muhammad deserves no respect. By virtue of how he lived and the legacy of destruction that he left behind he deserves our contempt.

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407 Responses

  1. Anno Domini says:

    "We have terms for commenting, please behave like a scholar."

    Were you behaving like a "scholar" when you deleted my respectful and reasoned comment? It's just an example of the wanton ignorance and prejudice that exists in the minds of Islamophobes. And we're supposed to believe that Muslims are ignorant and uncivilized? How much more wilfully ignorant and uncivilized can you get than censorship? I suppose I should feel quite flattered that you found the truth in my words too unbearable.

  2. R.Rathnayake says:

    he wasn't  muslim, because he was smart. 

  3. Badr says:

    Islam doesn't need Albert's opinion my brother…i have only one thing 2 add in our book the holy Quran God is called by so many different names "el rahman" which means the merciful a dozen times and u dont enter heaven until you truly love god and his prophet mohamed peace be upon him see our religion is based on love nothing to do with fear

  4. ThinkBeforeYouSpeak says:

    Most of the comments in the post here, attack Islam, without knowledge or sense. If Islam is such a unworthy religion, why are you spending so much time writing and talking about it and not just ignoring it. Are you feeling unsecure with low self esteem also?

    • knowTheEnemy says:

      Low self-esteem? NO!

      Feeling unsecure? YES! Day in and day out the followers of Islam have been killing, bombing, and otherwise doing evil things to others. We are not so dumb to believe that such horrid things will not happen to us or to our loved ones! That is why we help expose the true face of Muhammad to the world (including to Muslims).

    • Demsci says:

      I think you have to see this what is written here in context. The context is that Islam indeed often IS ignored by most infidels most of the time. Furthermore there are many infidels who even defend and praise Islam, as of course the Muslims do.

      If in this context all infidels would refrain from criticizing, exposing, holding accountable Islam, Muslims would declare that there was only praise of Islam and nothing wrong said or reported about Islam and the detrimental actions of Muslims directly bad influenced by Islam. But there is so much suffering and backwardness because of Islam in 1400 years and ongoing, about which you can read here.

      Now that Muslims no longer can violently suppress exposing Islam and it's bad influence, and now that they cannot stop criticism on Islam to reach the attention of Muslims,

      NOW some of them ask: Why are you spending so much time on Islam?

    • Demsci says:

      And it is not as if Muslims do not attack other religions or darwinists, kafirs of any sort. Bill Warner examined the trilogy; Quran-Hadiths-Sira and found that their contents were for a very large part about infidels and that that part was overwhelmingly negative to them. I believe more than half of the Quran is about the infidels, saying how to view, treat them and how bad their fate in the afterlife will be.

      You should face it; Religions and lifestyles compete. Not just for the current generation, but for all generations still to come. And that's a good thing. Let mankind see both good and bad points of the major religions/ lifestyles and choose wisely.

      And when in future  Islam is largely replaced by some better competitor religion/ lifestyle, who cares if Islam is attacked or not? It will be ignored THEN allright. But right now it is still HUGE and hugely influential and it cannot be wholly ignored by it's competitors.

  5. sura says:

    To who ever wrote this…i do not know u…but i am a mere human and so r u…having said that ..in our nature we seek a haven and a higher truth ..the word religion has corrupted our minds…we pretended we r experts in all there is to heavenly laws and that we've mastered our minds though we t neither    so i ask of u..human to human!..bare no lie..do not search books of men and be done..but the far end of the earth to seek the truth even if u come a bout more lies than one…dont ask a man about his religion read it ur self for he will praise it and tell lies so read the bible..quran..tulmod and let ur mind decide which is more human not which is more rewarding or frightning..by the way..i did so..im a muslim..a human..i tell no lie of my choice

    • knowTheEnemy says:

      ["....so read the bible..quran..tulmod and let ur mind decide which is more human not which is more rewarding or frightning..by the way..i did so..im a muslim....."]

      Did you read the Bible, Talmud, or any other holy book, sura??

    • sura says:

      Yes but not whole…but i fully learned about all three religions…and the parts that i read from all three holy books have  not sufficed as the ones from the quran…its not because im an arab…i let my mind judge which is more true and which is valid for every time and place..and most importantly..which is more scientificly related to life…forget politics..its corruption to the mind…but think about…truly think about it…the cause of ur existance is to think…about all there is to life..we are surrounded by such beauty and mystery and yet we choose to occupy our minds with religions and politics and finance…when we should find our way…which we have lost long ago

    • knowTheEnemy says:

      ["Yes but not whole...but i fully learned about all three religions..."]

      How did you learn about religions besides Islam? Did you simply listen to what the mullahs told you, or did you actually watch how the xians/jews were practicing their faiths? Did you read articles [about other faiths] at Muslim websites, or did you actually read stuff written by clerics of these other faiths? Or did you look up on wikipedia about other faiths?

      ["...but think about...truly think about it...the cause of ur existance is to think...about all there is to life.."]

      I fully agree with you. But the problem with Quran is that it says the opposite of what you say. It does not want followers to think, it just wants them to obey. When we *think*, questions pop up in our minds. Questions like "Why did the prophet marry 11 women when Allah restricted all Muslim men to 4 women? And why did he have intercourse with some of his wives before getting married to them? Wouldn't that be zina on the prophet's part?" ….. and many other questions.

      Sura 5:101-102 however commands followers NOT to ask questions. It says people who ask questions LOSE faith (in the prophethood of Muhammad, and in Islam). Indirectly it is saying that followers should just blindly accept whatever response Islam gives "about all there is to life"!

      ["we are surrounded by such beauty and mystery and yet we choose to occupy our minds with religions and politics and finance...when we should find our way...which we have lost long ago"]

      You have some nice thoughts and I agree with you. But these are your thoughts! These are not backed by Quran or Sunnah. Once you are in Islam, you are NOT free to 'find your way'. Finding your way is accepted only *before* you become Muslim and that too if you choose Islam to be the right way. If a religion other than Islam seems to be the right way to you, then Islam calls you a kafir (someone who is deliberately being infidel to Islam) and requires that you be treated as a dirty inferior creature.

    • sura says:

      Know the enemy…thanks for your remarks…i will watch what u said…and i will get back to in moments..thank u

    • sura says:

      I learned about christianity from a priest ( a neighbour of mine…a good man) and about judasim from the public library..history of jerusalem mostly…from books written by non muslims….i carry out my search for truth with objectivity.

    • knowTheEnemy says:

      ["...i carry out my search for truth with objectivity. "]

      Great….then you have come to just the right website! You have heard all the good things about Islam, which we believe is nothing but politically correct stuff (in other words- sweet LIES). Here on this site you will learn the bitter truth….that is, the ugly side of Islam and Mohammad. I strongly suggest you start from these two articles-
      Holland C Tylor 1

      Holland C Tylor 2

    • Demsci says:

      Great, Sura, that you care to search for (the highest possible) truth and that you read non-Muslim-history-books as well as Islamic books!

      I too read about Jerusalem's history. Did you read about Nebuchadnezzar conquering it in 586BC? And sending many Jews in exile to Babylonia? Norman Cantor estimated there were only # 150.000 Jews left then. But it was in this exile that the Jews wrote their Torah, and that the Monotheism from which Judaism, Christianity and Islam sprang, began.

      Now, in the whole frame of the history of mankind, which may have been in existence for 200.000 years, or even in the frame of civilization (from # 3500 BC until now) that is only a relatively late date for Monotheism to start in the human experience. 

    • Sakat says:

      If you feel bible is liking ,why? you follow Islam ,the crap philosophy.

    • sura says:

      Note;..when i read the bible i fell in love with christianity and i love it still and jesus christ and all the prophets-peace be upon them-are more dear to me than my heart…also with judasim…i can never hate any christian or jew nor my religion orders me to do so…but i hate any human being who runs over human rights and takes the people's home with no right or does anything to harm the safty of others like the bloody terrorist who are not and never will be muslims…the have lost thier humanity and they use the name of islam ti justify the horrid acts…sorry for the long answer…hope u reply

    • cchuckc says:

      //i can never hate any christian or jew nor my religion orders me to do so//
      Fine. What about polytheists, Idol worshippers, Atheist and any other Non-Abrahamic denomination?

    • sura says:

      Ofcourse i do not hate any of them…nor does islam…but it had prayed us to debate with them reasonibly and without insult or hatred about the rationality of their believes not to force thier minds into accepting something they refuse for themselves but to strengthen the human interaction…to sum up…hatred is not tolirated in islam against any human who does no harm to others or different from i's believes…and believe me anything u have ever known apposing that… IM A LIVING PROOF  :)

    • Demsci says:

      //".hatred is not tolirated in islam against any human who does no harm to others or different from i's believes…and believe me anything u have ever known apposing that… IM A LIVING PROOF"//

      In this article David Solway describes the role of "moderate muslims" and he says that they are called by other Muslims: "Munafiq", Hypocrites. And he uses that name for them also, saying the other Muslims are either the Violent Jihadists or the Stealth Jihadists.

      He says that Munafiqs will remain inactive to help any infidels at any time, even when they are arrested or killed by other Muslims, especially when that happens and is reported in Islamic countries, due to a Quranic injunction to never help disbelievers,

      and that many Munafiqs (especially their children, the young ones from age 16 to 24) can easily change into jihadists.

      Munafiqs can have so many opinions contrary to Western Democratic Values and he points these out in the article. For instance, Muslims can be of the opinion that someone is free to choose a religion, as you do here, but still believe that "apostates" from Islam should be killed, punished. As poll after poll among Muslims shows that many do. I challenge you to tell us if you support or oppose (death)penalty for apostates.

      Many Munafiqs also support censorship when it comes to criticizing Islam. Do you?

      If Angola is reported to ban mosques, munafiqs probably will protest, speak evil of it, but why don't they then by the same token complain about Saudi Arabia's ban of churches? Etc.

    • sura says:

      Hi..i loving the bible doesnt require faith because i enjoyed reading it and found somewhat spiritual but the authentisy and the christian history..and the alteration in some verses in the bible and sorry to say but it has so much contradiction to it that felt content in simply loving christianity and respecting it.

    • sura says:

      Hello..to sum up..sir or ma'am..im a monafiq..and with all due respect your understanding of the munafiq is entirly misled..a munafiq is a person ( of any religion) whom his acts are contradictive to his beliefs..as to islamic view..he is someone who shows to other muslims that he is good and one of them..but infact he is not..or does good deeds to get people's admiration rather than god's..im a true muslim..i dont  support the critisize against islam but i fully support the fare debates between people with different beliefs  ..and to note i do not support mr , sina's articles they are offensive but i appresiate his will to debate. and as killing non muslims we do not do that but who ever was a born muslim and willingly converted..according to islamic law he is killed.   true

    • Demsci says:

      Thank you for replying, Sura, I am a man, are you woman or man?

      Many infidels make the distinction between "Moderate" and "Extremist or Radical" Muslims or "Islamists" and say that the Islamists are the real enemy of the free, democratic nations, but that the Moderates are good people and they will help us infidels. Barack Obama and David Cameron, leaders of US and UK, say this and also that Islam is a religion of peace and that the Moderates (the majority) have the right interpretation of Islam and the Islamists (the minority) the wrong, extreme interpretation. Other people, like Daniel Pipes, hope that Islam will eventually be reformed by Moderate Muslims.

      But Ali Sina, Robert Spencer and many other infidels, just like Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey and Anjem Choudary, radical Islam preacher, say that there is only ONE Islam. And that that one true Islam really is the radical, extremist interpretation of Islam.

      And David Solway, writer of the article I linked to, said that the so-called Moderate Muslims are called by many radical, extremist Muslims "MUNAFIQ'. And he says that almost nowhere those "Munafiq" choose to support infidels against radical Muslims when the radical Muslims attack infidels. Then the Munafiq either remain silent or choose the side of the radical Muslims, he says.

    • sura says:

      Hi to all..:)..to who ever reads this there is only one islam and the radical interpretation of it is false..it is a message to humanity..therefore it is humane…a call for peace among man and his brother man..it calls for battle only on the accasion of injustes and tyrents…in the cause of defending of conquering ( without bloodshed) it respects all heavenly and nonheavenly religions..it respects women more than u know ( im a woman)…it has no contradiction to any scientific fact…it call for human productive thought and creativity…there is no old or moderate…its laws come suitable for any time and place ( as i said for humanity) ..there is but one islam…a ONe for mankind where man is man and God is one and only

    • Demsci says:

      And you show us that David Solway, and Ali Sina, is right in some cases at least, by admitting that you too support the Deathpenalty for apostasy, saying both that that is Islamic law and that you are a true Muslim (meaning that of course you support THAT Islamic law).

      But you should know that deathpenalty for apostasy is very contradictory to democratic law and very offensive to democratic people, like Ali Sina and most posters here.

      And so you seem like one of those who speak and behave "Moderate", but for that reason are called "Munafiq" by radical Muslims, who never do anything meaningful to help infidels against radical Muslims.

    • Demsci says:

      //".i dont support the critisize against islam but i fully support the fare debates between people with different beliefs..and to note i do not support mr , sina's articles they are offensive but i appresiate his will to debate. "//

      You do not have to SUPPORT Criticism of Islam or Mr. Sina's articles, you just have to acknowledge that they must be ALLOWED and are fully legal and not against any law.

      You seem to acknowledge that, but don't you think that other Muslims, who firmly believe criticism of Islam and most certainly Mr. Sina's articles ARE against Islamic law, will call you, for acknowledging that they are OK, a "Munafiq"? And will you then, on occasion, defend mr. Sina's RIGHT to write ALL of his articles to the face of radical Muslims?

    • sura says:

      I acknowledge the right of other to debate about religion ofcourse…and im not a munafiq…islam acknowledges it too…as to mr.sina's articals..i dont prefer them to be in this matter…or to set out false thought and horrible insults…but his right in islam is to debate with no insults and without false pretends against the reasonbllity of the human mind.

    • sura says:

      And the constructive critisicm of islam is not against islamic law if it is again without insults…thank u Demsci…i like ur questions..:)

    • Demsci says:

      Well, you are a remarkable girl and I am glad you want to debate with us, and I hope you will continue to do so although you are very busy with exams and thank you for that.

    • sura says:

      Thank you so much…you are too kind…and thank you for debating with me and for presuming for the sake of the argument that i represent islam..:)

    • Demsci says:

      I gather that although you say that there is only ONE Islam, you do realize all too well, that there is gigantic diversity and disagreement about the interpretation of Islam, or Quran-Hadiths-Sira among Muslims. You are sad about the current state of the Ummah, the policies of Saudi Arabia and do not agree in all things with Mullahs. That's good.

      But still you speak with confidence, almost with authority, about "Islam" and what it is and is not, what it ordains and what it forbids. But from our standpoint, with all due respect, this seems only YOUR interpretation of Islam, in which you fervently believe, believing also that deviations from YOUR Islam are wrong. So that you think that Ali Sina and we here are protesting only the wrong interpretation of Islam. But if we are right, then perhaps YOUR interpretation is on some points the wrong "Islam".

    • Demsci says:

      There is so much to sort out between us counterjihadists who aim to defend and promote free, democratic societies and you Muslims. As we think that many of the 1.57 billion Muslims are in opposition to democratic values, principles and laws AND democratic Nations and threathening, speaking against them.

    • sura says:

      Absolutly true…i fully agree

    • Demsci says:

      Thank you  for and agreeing with that and debating with us so enthousiastically, Sura!

    • Demsci says:

      We can assume for the sake of debate, that you, Sura, represent Islam and Muslims. Even though we have to keep in mind, that you may only be an Islam-apologist, not really meaning what you say and omitting a lot of anti-democratic beliefs that you have.

      But I commend your willingness to debate any way.

      In your post you are very civil and respectful and that's nice. But it is important for you to understand that the democratic principle of freedom of speech, for good reason, does allow very harsh criticism and does NOT AIM TO PROTECT THE FEELINGS of people who feel insulted.

      Of course there are rules and boundaries to free speech, like not saying anything to anyone on the streets and public places. But this is internet, and there is TV, newspapers and all media, from which people can retreat, and there even insults are very much allowed.

      You have to understand that this rule is for all sides, persons, groups. And so Muslims should not seek any exemption to the rule, arguing that Islam, or Mohammed, is somehow too sacred to insult.

      And you have to understand that some people can get offended by even the slightest criticism in order to stop it. So it is a bad idea to set out to defend the FEELINGS of people with censorship.

      Because even insults can have very good effects. Whereas only gentle criticism may make people yawn and give excuses for not responding, it is insults that make them respond instantly and think very hard, if only to refute charges.

      All in all, so many Muslims being against some radical implications of freedom of speech, like insulting, and intent on censorship, really presents "infidels" with a big threat and a big blockade to real democracy in Islamic countries.

    • ihateislam says:

      What do you mean by 'insult'? Is it an insult to call someone who has stolen a thief or someone who has killed a murderer?

    • sura says:

      No these are facts..logic…not insults..but when u call a man a thief when had never stolen..thats an insult…there are ruled for debating boundries as Demsci said…if u insult…u dont respect..if u dont respect…u wont be respected…is that really how u want ur human interaction to be?..unhuman??..

    • Mohammed says:

      Many old people from Europe and Australia go to Thailand and other south eastern country's to have sex with children .This is a flourishing trade in those countries .However if they caught they are treated as pedophile and sent behind the gallows .It is the fact that Mohammed had married a 6 year old Ayesha when he was of the age of her grand father ( it was not will full consent on the part of her parents ,but fear of repercussions from Mohammed),and raped her at the age of 9 .It is a fact and somebody say he was PEDOPHILE how it becomes insult ,was it not true.

    • sura says:

      Absolutly not…as i said religiously nor historicly..with all due respect..u should change ur data base…that is entirly untrue…and Sick!!..for us to think in such ways…he did no such thing!!! i dread anyone for even of doing such a thing :(

    • Mohammed says:

      /that is entirely untrue/
      Could you substantiate it with valid note.

    • Mohammed says:

      /Wt do you mean by ,'religiosity and historically /,
      And for authenticity in which verse you depend on.

    • Mohammed says:

      /and Sick!!..for us to think in such ways…he did no such thing!!! i dread anyone for even of doing such a thing/
      Do u think there is no such kind of think exist in Islamic world ,then who was Ayesha and why Muslim world refer her Hajrat, hahaha.

    • sura says:

      With all due respect…u misunderstand alot…and sorry to say…but u seem to hate quite as much…why??

    • Mohammed says:

      How u come to a conclusion that i misunderstood him , if the modern world consider ,that if a man engaged in sex with 9 year old girl, is well punished and called as pedophile .Now you say ,your prophet ( who propagate wisdom all the time (it is your belief) ,why? felt sensual pleasure from a six year old toddler). There are many people who are behind the gallows for having sex with toddler and are called PEDOPHILE ( the term tossed in modern world after analyzing human mind ,and found it is a mental decease ( in other words a psycho-path of a kind).Now tell me how you are going to defend your prophet in context of the preceding sentences.

    • sura says:

      Ofcourse…but please give me time to reply i need to give an exact verse and historical proof…but im more occupied than u know…and i hate to leave any of ur questions unanswered…but as to the prophet's wife hijrat…that is a known incedance in islam..and the prophet called them sinners..the ones who pretended that his wife did bad things with a man who was helping her along the way of travel…its a sad period in islamic history.

    • Demsci says:

      In debating I too prefer a respectful and civil discourse, but if others choose to be rougher and harsher, they are within their rights.

      Although Ali Sina did ban a person named Julia who was particularly rough and harsh (and she was on HIS side), but it is HIS site and he had the right to ban her, although her insulting Muslims was not against any democratic law. he banned her because he felt her insulting of Muslims was counterproductive and discouraging Muslims to debate here, which is what he very much likes them to do, I think.

    • Demsci says:

      That said, there is always the distinction that is described by the principle of "Hate the sin, love the sinner". In the context of this website; "Hate Islam for what it is and does but love or appreciate the Muslims."

      It means that Ali Sina and many posters here (including Julia) only are against Islam's bad teachings and bad influence. But not against the Muslims. Whom they see as complex and most often fine humans, only influenced by bad beliefs.

      So Muslims are only insulted here because of their connection with and support for Islam's dreadful teachings and practices, as the writers and posters here see them.

      I hope you understand this.

    • Demsci says:

      Hello Sura, yes, there are boundaries to freedom of speech. But I argued that in the media, on Internet, insults still are allowed, precisely because people do not have to read the articles, or see the programs, or the video's; they can go away.

      So Ali Sina's articles need not be respectful for Islam and Muslims. And there is good reason for him to provoke Muslims. Who themselves may pay back in kind, so that makes it fair and according to the Golden Rule what Ali Sina does.

    • knowTheEnemy says:

      Demsci said [" I challenge you to tell us if you support or oppose (death)penalty for apostates."]

      In response sura said ["....and as killing non muslims we do not do that but who ever was a born muslim and willingly converted..according to islamic law he is killed. true"]

      I notice you did not say you oppose death penalty for a murtad. It means David Solway is correct about moderate Muslims! They are nothing but stealth jihadis.

    • sura says:

      Im not a munafiq*****….wrongly typed…munafiq…sorry

    • sura says:

      Saudi arabia..has more mistakes than one in presenting islam to the world…its a sin to us to ban anyone from practising thier religious rituals in safety..like building thier churches or temples or any other.

    • cchuckc says:

      //its a sin to us to ban anyone from practising thier religious rituals in safety..like building thier churches or temples or any other. //
      Hmmm…why should there be a question of 'safety' in temples and churches only? In fact tell me how many pagan places of worships have been left standing in Islamic countries? You can start with Saudi Arabia itself, there were many city states with their patron gods, idols and their temples, were they left unscathed from Islamic expansions even when Muhammad was still alive (In fact he presided over there destruction).
      If you are so much in love about humanity don't you think that people be allowed to practice their religion in their own way including public gathering like Christian mass, or Hindu processions or Shia Tajias or even Atheistic public debates/gatherings as long as it is within well defined civic limits (For example not after 10 pm in the night, not obstructing traffic or not causing riots etc )? And if not, don't you think Muslims should also be disallowed from making public religious gatherings?

    • sura says:

      Sir or ma'am…i was simply relating an example..but any other religion which does envolve worship of other than god  are to be left to their matter we have no right to treastpass against them…but paigens at the time of the prophet..did great harm to muslim…thats he did what he did ….but those who ruin any place of worship are not true muslims and do not listen to the laws of islam.

    • cchuckc says:

      //but paigens at the time of the prophet..did great harm to muslim//
      Can you cite some examples? May be 10 extreme cases will convince me that indeed these were so grave that it required their places of worships and idols to be defaced, broken, and burnt?

      You have also tried not to answer my second set of questions.

    • sura says:

      Im not speaking to all of u to relate the mischief of others…and u being convinced ha its importance to u..i will reply shortly…a bit busy…but thanks for ur concern cchuckc.. i hope to give a better image than the one in ur understanding…i hope i wont be long :)

    • cchuckc says:

      // i hope to give a better image than the one in ur understanding…i hope i wont be long//
      In fact you are too short. The 'better image' didn't came out :-)

    • sura says:

      Cchuckc…im sorry for the misunderstanding..but i was saying that i would love to explain it to u thoroughly..but im a bit busy…and needs believe me…a simple replay or" ten things" can change a bit of thought but  not a man's life time conviction..and i have really narrow time at the moment..exams:( but after i hear from u about all u understand and we debate about the Misunderstood matters…then i can but hope the better image will come out. :)..thank u though..:)

    • Demsci says:

      //"we debate about the Misunderstood matters.."//
      Ali Sina and posters here seem to have "misunderstood" Islam, according to many Muslims. Deliberately with bad intentions, they think.

      But much of what counterjihadists write, comes from: The authentic sources of Islam, AND from highly influential Islamic schools of thought (like Shafi-Hanafi-Hanbali, Malike, like Al Azhar-Cairo) AND from TV-interviews and declarations from Muslims themselves, from leaders and followers alike. Counterjihadist (like MEMRI-TV, Jihad Watch)  report very Islamic motivations for terrorist acts and oppressive behavior done by Muslims. OFTEN (every day).

      And has it ever occurred to you and Muslims in general that the fault of misunderstanding really lies with

      "FAULTY INSTRUCTIONS"  from Islam, from Quran-Hadiths-Sira???

      You see, we know that at least the Quran may not be altered ONE IOTA, because it is the perfect word of God. But of course, times change, and the Quran, and also the Hadiths and Sira, cannot possibly cover every circumstance of human behavior and experience and changes in them. it HAS to be incomplete, unclear, ambiguous (hence the many misunderstandings) and obsolete.

      Perhaps, as Hamed Abdel-Samad (German-Arab writer) wrote; Muslims are too RIGID, not FLEXIBLE enough. Because of "faulty instructions" that cannot be updated. And since Muslims no longer seem to be able to conquer the world and stifle all opposition, what are they going to do about it?

    • knowTheEnemy says:

      ["Saudi arabia..has more mistakes than one in presenting islam to the world...its a sin to us to ban anyone from practising thier religious rituals in safety..like building thier churches or temples or any other."]

      So why is it that ummah never protests against Saudi Arabia, as they do against western countries over little things?
      And why is it that ummah does not prohibit the Saudis from calling themselves 'Muslims', as they do with Ahmadiyas?

    • sura says:

      As to the ummah…its a sad matter to my heart…i throw objectitvity from the window when it comes to this…its political..not religious…i've read history…about countless nations…and never found a sadder tale…forget that they are muslims…those are the ones who had lost thier way..gravely..i hope the ummah can remmember the times of cultural glory..and the times where we have come upon a pure understanding with others…sad indeed…how human being change steadfastly…and that only proofs that i care about my nation politicly religously and sadly…about loosing thier humanity slowly..( certain parties ofcourse not all ummah).

    • sura says:

      Im a living proof its not true and millions of others

    • Demsci says:

      //"Im a living proof its not true and millions of others"//

      I hope that you are. Listen, it is known that Japan, although a rich country, which is rapidly aging in terms of the average life of it's people, is not allowing immigrants and especially Islamic immigrants to migrate in.

      In contrast the Western countries did and do allow millions of Muslims to migrate in, many for humanitarian reasons.

      Now the question to Muslims is; Can they prove to Westerners and Japanese which of these 2 strategies is the better one for the freedom, happiness and prosperity of their countries?

      Can Muslims provide the Westerners with arguments pro-Islamic immigrations, short of an Islamic takeover of course?

      Or do they and will they in practice show that the Japanese and now perhaps the Angolese strategy of refusing Muslim immigrants is the more prudent and beneficial one? For democracies and states based on principles of Judeo-Christian and Enlightenment? David Solway says that Islam is dragging the Western countries back to the dark ages.

    • Mohammed says:

      How about Narcole do u know her ?You smells like her .

    • sura says:

      No i dont…who is Narcole???

    • knowTheEnemy says:

      When Demsci challenged you to "tell us if you support or oppose (death)penalty for apostates", your response was ["but who ever was a born muslim and willingly converted..according to islamic law he is killed. true"]

      You are living proof that you are a stealth jihadi!

    • sura says:

      Im Not a stealth jhadist..humans!!..im just  a muslim…im a living a proof and millions of others that islam has no horrible..that side has been presented to u on a plate of silver…and when it comes to the true islamic the ones in the quran and the true sayings of the prophet…i believe them to be true…i dont stand against them because i choose not to….humans!!! my search for truth has not come to an end..i know..but finding islam has been the greatest help along the way for higher truths than the debate over religions.

    • Sakat says:

      @ sura
      World has not forgotten the destruction's of Bamiyan Buddha's.None of the Islamic country considered it as sin.

    • Mohammed says:

      Don't go after the preachings of your idiot prophet,please concentrate on his deeds ,he forcibly married a six year old toddler and raped her at 9 (not to say he was of the age of grand father to that victim). This is uncold on the part of a real prophet. He is indeed a hypocrite and a Charlton,and of course you too,

    • sura says:

      Insulting will not lead anywhere…forget about religions…look at it from a larger frame…the Misunderstanding….it never ended well…its consequences lead to utter caose…yet again i say…i speak to u in this replay a human..like u…im telling u…that our human interaction could have been alot different if i was a nonmuslim i know…but the question remains…when did human beings change…where man no longer took to respect to his brother man just by the accasion of being..the most small and preciouse being..created by the one and only..:)

    • sura says:

      Islamic countries take on politics..not religion these days…how do u know that the people..i among these..do not ache to the sight of these horrible done against human beings like us…in the of islam never the less.

    • ihateislam says:

      According to you, the true islam is to be found in the quran and the sayings of the 'prophet'.
      It is in the quran that you should not make friends with the infidels and even your family who have not embraced muhammadanism. The 'prophet' practiced this by hating one of his uncles, Abu Lahab, very bitterly. Muhahhad said that the uncle and his wife were denizens of hell.
      It is in the quran that infidels should be killed wherever they are found after the 'holy months'. The' prophet' did not even wait for the 'holy months' to expire before attacking the Quraish. He attacked and destroyed or expelled the Jewish communities of Medina. He also destroyed a mosque built in his honor at Dhu Awan and set some of the worshipers on fire.
      Those were some of your 'prophets's' authentic sayings in the quran and as put into practice by him. Should those be followed or discarded when, as a muhammadan, you are not permitted to deviate from what allah and its apostle have decided?

    • sura says:

      With all due respect that shows ur lack of knowledge of quran…it does not order muslims to not take friends of nonmuslims..or to cut relations with family because of the differance in religion…Absolutly Not..it specificly says to do good by ur family and to never cut relations with them for any reason…and as i said in earlier replies..it call for human interaction between people to help reduce the differance…it especially prays for the interaction between us and people with various religions such as making friends.

    • sura says:

      And as to his uncel ( abu lahab) he has done atrociose things to muslims ( i know my religion) he spat on him..called him a liar…he and his wife put fire and forks in the road of muslim whenever they saw them..etc..and he had multible uncles like abu taleb..who never entered islam..but was more dear to the prophet than anyone…when he passed..the year was called by the prophet ( the year of sorrow)..and about setting Fire to some worshipers..believe me..he did no such thing…it is a sin..and against islamic morality…and  expelling the jews!!!! when he arrived at madina he wrote a document which contained rules of comunity..and he ordered that the jews of madina are a nation with muslims with the same political rights and duties and that they have freedom of worship and non of muslims can fight with nor can the jews…but the jews broke the rules and the prophet went to thier places to converse about why they did..and they tried to kill him…so he ordered them out of the city…ur not reading everything whole nor right…thank u for ur intrest.

    • sura says:

      And about destroying the mousqe!! please!!! ..judge ur mind and thought..that is unreasonable.

    • ihateislam says:

      Chuck has taken the pains to address your misgivings in detail. It could not have been done better than that.
      Now about destroying the mosque at Dhu Awan, I agree that it was not just an unreasonable thing to do but inhuman as well. The story has it that when Muhammad heard the rumor that the Romans had amassed an immense force against him, he went out in strength only discover that it was all a hoax. Dhu Awan lies some distance outside Medina and the people there had built a mosque. They invited Muhammad to come and pray there. Instead of doing that, he accused the people of being unjust by wanting to kill him. There was no evidence. He sent an armed team to go and burn down the mosque. The team met the congregation at prayer and set about the arson. Those who could not flee were incinerated. A sura was then 'revealed' to justify the act.
      On killing non-muhammadans, read sura 5:55, 9:5 and 29 for a start.

    • sura says:

      Please believe me…that is not historicly nor religously…in what other words must i speak for u to simply acknowledge the fact that i am atrue muslim…objective in what i say…hearing all the parts of the story..then presenting what i have found out to be true…not what was told to me…and then i leave u to reason with urself…and a to mr.chuck's reply..i never objected to his presentation…on the contrary i appresiated his concern in the matter..but to reply to his questions would take time…i hope i can answer them all..thank u :)

    • cchuckc says:

      //And as to his uncel ( abu lahab) he has done atrociose things to muslims ( i know my religion) he spat on him..called him a liar..//
      I don't know if Abu Lahab spat on Muhammad you can furnish some reference. According to Ibn Sa'd's KITAB AL-TABAQAT AL-KABIR Volume 1, Parts 1.19.6 he was a gentle, charming and generous man. Calling a man liar isn't a crime especially when he is intent upon rubbishing your religious beliefs.

      //he and his wife put fire and forks in the road of muslim whenever they saw them..etc//
      As if they had no other work. It is said that Umm Jamil used to throw stones and garbage in Muhammad's path, and I agree that it was a non-civil transgression on their part. But then Muhammad went about trashing their beliefs openly. Any person would have been offended as indeed many among the Quraish did.

      //he had multible uncles like abu taleb..who never entered islam..but was more dear to the prophet than anyone//
      In fact the other way around. Abu Talib loved Muhammad. He was the reason why Muhammad wasn't skinned and flogged by the Meccan in the first place. The very fact that despite so much love for Muhammad the old man never become a Muslim tells you that he definitely saw the ruse.

      //and expelling the jews!!!! when he arrived at madina he wrote a document which contained rules of comunity..and he ordered that the jews of madina are a nation with muslims with the same political rights and duties and that they have freedom of worship and non of muslims can fight with nor can the jews.//
      Muhammad was in exile in Madina. Who was he to even frame rules upon natives of the city which had given him refuge? He was called in as an arbitrator by one particular delegation from Medina and he ended up drafting an unilateral proclamation. Although nominally given equal rights Muhammad drafted the following clause: Non-Muslims will take up arms against the enemy of the Ummah and share the cost of war. There is to be no treachery between the two.
      It is this particular clause which makes the enemy of Ummah the enemy of the Jews and other Pagans too (the opposite clause doesn't exist). Something which was overlooked first and caused tension later. You fight my war and you pay for it too!!! And why the war indeed? Because Muhammad and his brigand started attacking Meccan and other trading caravans. Thats the background against which Battle of Badr was fought. Off course the Jews never wanted to be party to wars of this kind and the ones fought later. So Muhammad grew an animosity which was further given air by the Jews wanting to upheld their personal Mosaic Law (which they had every right to since that is a religious law). This fateful sequence of events culminated in expelling the Jews from their own home. Battered and butchers. Often all adult males were killed, women and children were sold in slavery.

      // the prophet went to thier places to converse about why they did..and they tried to kill him…//
      Authentic primary reference please. A shahi hadeeth wil do.

    • knowTheEnemy says:

      ["...i can never hate any christian or jew nor my religion orders me to do so..."] Sura, please listen to this four minute speech by Egyptian cleric Muhammad Hussein Yaqoub, and please tell us that you are right and he is wrong about what Islam orders Muslims to do. Before you respond however, remember that he is a Islamic cleric and is educated enough [in Islam] that Al-Rehma TV considered him eligible to give a speech on Islamic matters. And that his claims have not been challenged by any other cleric or Islamic authority yet. ["...but i hate any human being who runs over human rights and takes the people's home with no right or does anything to harm the safty of others like the bloody terrorist who are not and never will be muslims..."] If you are honest about what you say then it means 2 things- 1) You are a very good person and the world will be a better place if you stick to the above mentioned belief of yours! 2) You have not read the sahih hadiths (eg Bukhari) because if you had, you would have known that it was Muhammad (the prophet of Islam) who did all those evil things and lots more. You would also have known that all the horrid things that Muslims have done since Islam's inception, they did them (and continue to do them) precisely because of their belief in Quran and sunnah. Please read the sahih hadiths! And then read Ali Sina's articles here on this site (start from the very first of his articles). And then tell us what it is that he is missing about Muhammad and about Islam.

    • sura says:

      Know the enemy i just watched the video…a looot of intesity obviously…i never liked loud clerics..anyway…what he said about the jews being our enemies…that is not true…bad people weather they we jews or muslims or any other are our enemies…ISREAL is the right world in using…and they are our enemy and the enemy of many other…they took the peoples home with no right…the slaughter by the thousends…they have lost thier humanity..we will fight them…i hope…in defence…of the rights taken…of all the people murdered…of all the lands burnt…of all the holy place discrased..in defence of jerusalem which has never known piece..of the burnt mousqe..of the ruined churches..etc…and the jews and christians..the quran never called them infidels..it called them ( ahl al-ketab) which means the people of the book…but who ever of them does harm by islam are infidels…and the hadiths talking about the rocks and trees is known..to be untrue and falsly related…and about the fight in the of time it is in the quran..about how thier will be a fight among different religions but it never states of an anihilation!!!!!…islamic law states about the relationship with jews and christians to be one of peace (we have our religion and they have thiers) and if amuslim is to debate religiously with the people of the book it must be with no insult nor hatred..with respect and without forcing…and everything said must be judge by reasonable thought..etc…there are cults in islam ones diverted from the true one…this cleric can be one of them…i dont like listening to most clerics in general..i just stick to my beliefs of humanity by simply turning to the quran and True sayings of the prophet if i wish to know my religion better…i love all there is to life even though my country is occupied by isreal and my people are under injustes while i watch…feeling helpless and powerless…i dont  hate the jews…and i hate generalisation..and i simply political leaders…politics is corruption…and i with any loving muslim are to do anything…anything we can to ultar the horrible image of our religion in the understanding of others.:)..i will try to read mr.sina's articals and i hope…i truly hope i can show u what he has misunderstood about islam and its prophet -peace be upon him and upon all the prophets-…but until then..my haven..my higher truth..is a message of peace..for mankind…just to simply and purely understand…his exictance as a whole..his heart…his mind..opening doirs to things he never knew exsisted…and to believe that this world will never be again..that there is so much.. so much !!!! we are missing. Believe in ur importance and ur helpnessness and the mighty power of ur mind.

    • sura says:

      Know the enemy…is there away to contact u directly?? ..hope u replay

    • Demsci says:

      Perhaps then you are a girl from the West Bank. You live in such a different world from us. Our articles and comments may shock you, but also start you thinking. But you may well live in a society in which independent thinking and having unpopular opinions is frowned upon, especially if done by a girl.

      Whereas where I come from (Holland) people contradict each other all the time, in politics and religion, men and women alike, and nobody is scared of anybody, although of course fights are disliked.

      Another characteristic of my Western Democratic Society is that, if anything, our citizens criticize and deeply insult their OWN culture, leaders, compatriots, even more than those of others.

      And this so often results among my compatriots in actually DEFENDING Islam and Muslims against counterjihadists like us here (and like Geert Wilders, who get's a huge opposition, from INFIDELS, when he opposes Islam).

      Defending Islam and Muslims here happens everywhere and all the time, on TV, in newspapers, in conversations, by political parties and leaders. And remember how Barack Obama and David Cameron always excuse Islam and Muslims.

      So it behooves Muslims to: A. On occasion, Criticize and blame other Muslims also, not just the infidels(even the Israeli's) . And B. to support, on occasion, infidels (including infidel nations) AGAINST fellow Muslims. But, according to David Solway's article, this is something Moderate Muslims seldom or never (dare to) do.

    • sura says:

      Im from jerusalem actually..but i live in Jordan.

    • sura says:

      Yes i know about these things in holland..(a beautiful country)..and im glad that people defend each others beliefs…its beautiful.

    • Demsci says:

      //"ISREAL is the right world in using…and they are our enemy and the enemy of many other…they took the peoples home with no right…the slaughter by the thousends…they have lost thier humanity..we will fight them…i hope…in defence…of the rights taken…of all the people murdered…of all the lands burnt…of all the holy place discrased..in defence of jerusalem which has never known piece..of the burnt mousqe..of the ruined churches..etc."//

      There were many debates about ISRAEL and the Palestinians on this site. But I like to point out that human history shows us that ever since civilization began, there were invasions and some people stole other people's lands. And when we start history at 3000 BC and cap history at the year 2000 AD, the Israeli's were only ONE of the many people's who stole the land of other people's (and I only say they stole land for argument's sake).

      In 5000 years there were sooooo many victims and sooooo many perpetrators of land-stealing-with-violence. You have to realize for instance that the whole of Turkey and Constantinople were Greek and Christian before the battle of Manzikert (1071 AD) and that the Islamic Turks stole all of it from the Christian Greeks).

      But just because the Israeli's did their land-grabbing in 1948 and the Turks in 1071-1453 that makes the Israeli's more accountable? And that makes the Palestinians more suffering victims than the Greeks??????? Remember, almost all the Israeli's who did the landgrabbing are as DEAD as the Turks who grabbed so much more land. And almost all the Palestinian victims of the landgrabbing in Palestine are just as dead as the Greek victims of the Turkish land-grabs.

      You cannot blame (Israeli or Turkish) children of what their forefathers did. And at some point you have to forgive and let go and settle.

      And don't say Muslims desire and defend Jerusalem, it is THE Jewish holy place, and Muslims already have Mecca.

    • sura says:

      OFCOURSE!!!  i like history…i read it all the time and i know about the taken  lands and the people mistreated horribly in years passed…and they dont deserve less respect or sorrow…but like u said.."u cannot blame the children for what thier fathers did " i fully agree..the turks have occupied lands in the past for along…and now the relationship with them is peacful…thats the right way…but when it comes to isreal and palestine…they re doing it to us still…we forget every land taken by them or any other in the years passed…but they are taking it now..as we speak..every day…and Jerusalem..when it comes to the holy places no one has claim of it…its beauty is its curse..it gathers three nations of religion on a landscape would be thought impossible to bare them..but that beauty has made her a centre of conflict troughout history..as i said..she has never known peace…at the end i can but hope she will and everyone without peace will…and only then that everyone can find thier sanctuary..Thank u so much Demsci.:)

    • Demsci says:

      I am so glad you like history so much also, sura. I always like to look at present situations in historical context. From your posts and your examining and appreciating the bible and other faiths I also concluded that you are a very serious, curious, spiritual, thinking young person.

      Well, professor Stephen Pinker in his book "The better angels of our nature" argues, with good proof and logic, that, per capita, murder and war are declining. And other writers I read showed that, although with fits and starts, mankinds average lifetime and circumstances are steadily improving, all throughout recorded history and especially the last 200 years, since the industrial revolution. That gives me much optimism and hope for the future.

      And you live in Jordan, the Middle East, well, that's a place with such an ancient and rich history! For instance, it has Petra of the Nabataeans.

      And Jordan has a nice King and Queen; Abdullah and Rana, IMO. Just like Holland has King Willem and Queen Maxima, whom I like very much.

    • sura says:

      :)…im optimistic too…hope brings me just happyness…and yes! Jordan is soo rich in history…i love that about it…and i love your country sooo much…i got mad of my parents cause they went there without me  :p

    • Demsci says:

      Thanks for responding en praising my country, sura. I am very proud of it. It indeed has high rankings in international positive statistics. For instance; it is measured that the Dutch children on average are the happiest children in the world!

      Look, you as Muslima came here into sort of "lions den", very brave of you. And it may well seem negative to you and intent on taking something very valuable, Islam, away from you. And it may well seem that writers and posters here are literally A-THEists, UN-believers, without God, without religion, or moral compass. And such people do exist in abundance too. But the writers and posters here, as I experienced it, are very varied, in religion, lifestyle, nationality.

      I call myself a-theist and ex-Christian, but I hate both descriptions, because in my mind I did not LOSE faith, but I gained a set of beautiful and ever improving beliefs. For instance, I believe in the CAMBRIAN EXPLOSION, an "explosion" of new multiple-celled life-forms coming into existence after # 540 million years ago. Maybe God did create the Cambrian Explosion. And I say that many Muslims are UNBELIEVERS IN THAT.

      And as my intention is to search for the highest truth, I hope I get ever more accurate beliefs. I am a Darwinist, but if Darwinist was vanquished and replaced by better theories about life and history, I would discard it. You cannot insult ME by insulting my "prophets" who are Darwin, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, as they are not sacred to me. If the next generation abandoned Darwinism for something better, no problem for me.

      But it hurts me if on this website it looks like people who believe in NOTHING try to TAKE AWAY something beautiful from Muslims without offering anything in return. But IMO there are divers really very beautiful and meaningful and also moral alternatives to Islam available in the world if Muslims just search for them.

    • Sakat says:

      /But it hurts me if on this website it looks like people who believe in NOTHING try to TAKE AWAY something beautiful from Muslims without offering anything in return. But IMO there are divers really very beautiful and meaningful and also moral alternatives to Islam available in the world if Muslims just search for them./
      Well Said,in fact the thoughts/compassion's emanated in your post reminds me of Buddha's teachings to his disciples, thank you very much.

    • Demsci says:

      Thank YOU, Sakat, that means a lot to me. And yes, indirectly I have been informed, influenced and enchanted by Buddhism a lot, so I echo that.

    • Phoenix says:

      And it may well seem that writers and posters here are literally A-THEists, UN-believers, without God, without religion, or moral compass. And such people do exist in abundance too."

      Many muslims misunderstand (either deliberately or not) that atheists are NOT without morals but atheism is.In other words,atheists co-opt theistic morality and ethics.Albeit,atheism has no benchmark for morality but atheists still behave the way theists would expect and do not subscribe to "survival of the fittest".

      Muslims on the other hand DO have a moral code but it's perverse,violates our golden rule and suppresses our intuition and common sense.

    • sura says:

      Thats not true…Im a muslim…have u seen anything throughout my posts that is against any human morality ??

    • Phoenix says:


      My beef is not aimed at any muslim individual but morality as codified per Islamic texts,which fails miserably under universal standards and instead advocates segregation,hatred for non-muslims,slavery,stoning of adulterers,etc.
      Even the so-called 'good verses" in the Quran and Hadith was contravened by Muhammad.

    • Sakat says:

      If this is true ,then don't claim you are Muslim,YOUR BELIEFS ARE(at present) quiet opposite to the term 'Muslim" in antique analogy ,go through your sacred text and find ,what they say about the term ,'MUSLIM' IN THEIR TEXTS.

    • cchuckc says:

      //have u seen anything throughout my posts that is against any human morality//
      Yes, I have and I have pointed that out. You said that it is OK for pagans to pray within the safety of their temples and I had asked you why should there be a question of 'safety' in temples and churches only? You also failed to answer why pagan temples were destroyed under the command of Muhammad other than mumbling a few allegation against Abu Lahab which I had responded to.

    • Demsci says:

      Hello Phoenix, I second your post. Although my beef is also not with many individual Muslims.

      But some of them do express the opinion that "UN-believers MISS something Muslims do possess", without considering the reverse; that the other humans possess some good beliefs Muslims of necessity do not possess, because Islam in their life contradicts other good beliefs or crowd's them out or even forbids them in their community and mind.

      Phoenix, I read the books of Jerry and Esther Hicks, the ones you once recommended here, and my biggest take-away from them was how important it is that we humans focus on and think about what we DO want, and not on what we DO NOT want.

    • Phoenix says:

      Hi Demsci

      Yes,Jerry and Esther Hicks ,translators for Abraham (not the biblical one) are IMO currently the best spiritual teachers on the planet preaching the Law of Attraction.I can't get enough of their seminars,it's so simple yet profound.I even downloaded their youtube clips in mp3 format and listen to it daily wherever I go.I'm happy to know you there's a part of their teachings you could embrace.


    • sura says:

      THANK you Demsci…:)

    • Demsci says:

      Thank you for responding, sura. Perhaps we democratic people and you Muslims have some important values and principles in common too. Perhaps someday there can be many real genuine DEMOCRATIC MUSLIMS. We do have some Turks and Moroccans who are saying that they are that.

      What I wanted to ask you was what did YOU, and Jordanians around you, think of the ouster of president Morsi of Egypt?

      It was pretty confusing because Morsi had been democratically elected, and ousted by general Al-Sissi. And PM Erdogan and also many of the Dutch Muslims protested against the "hypocrisy of Western nations and people", because they supported this ouster of a democratically elected president.

      But Al-Sissi had very many allies in Egyptian society, around 20 million demonstrators against Morsi's government. And we heard here that Morsi's government really was preparing for a Brotherhood-take-over and a permanent dictatorship, almost like in Iran. And also like HAMAS, also Muslim Brotherhood, which won the elections once, in 2007, but since never allowed new elections in Gaza.

      What was bewildering to many of us was that many Egyptians were angry at president Obama! For supporting the Muslim Brotherhood too much! (Although he merely emphasized that Morsi was rightful president under Democratic law). Also amazing to many of us; Saudi Arabia is also an enemy of the Muslim Brotherhood!

      And in the broader Middle East, with Syria in the middle, there is a big fight going on between Shia's and Sunni's.

      Can you give your opinion on all this and indicate on which side you are, if you are on a particular side?

    • sura says:

      Eqypt had more political conflicts than one during the last century…as to Mursi…from my point of you and the one of many other jordanians he wasnt given enough time for other parties to reject his rule…and the eqyptions have so much conflict between them which leads to horrible incidents and political differances…as to Saudi 's stand point at the brotherhood, its like i said islamic countries take on politics sadly not religion..but after all thier leaders are good at neither.!.and as to Syria..(God be with its people at this time of conflict)…its affecting us all truly..in the Arab world…and with the refugies crossing Jordan's boarder each day by the hundreds..some were poor and now are poorer..some were wounded and they never healed…and some lay beneath the stones…dead..waiting for a savior with the ones undead….finally..i prefer not to take sides…many speak in the name of islam but are not but terrible human with hearts of stone.

    • sura says:

      Demsci I'ld like relate a story if i may…there are two syrian girls in my class..the other day i sang a song i wrote about home..a sad one..after i finished i found the girls crying..it was only then that i truly comprehended what was happening…i never believed the news…until then i was simply trying to understand with everything going on around me..putting  the pieces together when everyone was in action to change whats happening….sadness never leaves my heart over all that is humanity…but Hope lives within me of a better future…because no matter how hard our lives on earth it is surely than our lives beneath it..:)

    • sura says:

      *no matter how hard our lives on earth it is surely better than our lives beneath it

    • sura says:

      But i know nothing of the take over or the preparation for a dictatorship…i really dont know my stand point when it comes to the brotherhood…i believe in good men not political parties..

  6. Isle says:

    Thank you Dr Ali for this enlightenment. It's been a great pleasure reading this article. It contains so much truth in it that it amazes us of the vast wisdom you had for this religion. This is the way they have been…lying through deception to promote the cult. Fortunately, people have come to their realization these days made possible through the use of the internet and the social media. Things cannot be hidden anymore. Truth will prevail and must continue to prevail without ceasing. All Muslim countries must equipped themselves with education. No citizens of these countries must be deprived of education. Why do they've to feel threaten if their citizens are provided education. They cannot continue this way. By doing so they're depriving their own lot knowledge and better livelihood which they can advance in society and on par with the rest of the world.

  7. Sarah says:

    Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world.&nbsp ;http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9vl5WRCjEg 
    If this fact is true then indeed there must be something in the religion that speaks to the human soul. I request everyone to not make generalizations about all Muslims. Talking to or observing a Muslim alone is not enough to make generalizations about Islam. There must be many people who call them Christians who have done countless atrocities but for us to assume that this is what their religion is all about would be wrong. The actions of a believer does not necessarily define his or her religion. We need not to understand who Muslims are but rather study the religion itself and get to know what true ISLAM is all about. The website below will introduce you to one of the great personalities of Islam, a true Muslim, and an example for all humanity. http://www.whoishussain.org/ 

    • knowTheEnemy says:

      Hi Sarah, you are clearly new here. If you read more than just a few articles here, you will see that everything that you said in your comment has been responded to in detail. I strongly recommend that you read plenty of articles here. Here are in brief, some responses that you will find in Ali Sina's articles-

      ["Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world."]

      It probably is, but there is more to the story. Muslims keep increasing numerically because they breed like rats. Some convert from other religions to Islam either because they feel pressured to do so (eg non-Muslim women who are kidnappend in countries like Pakistan and Egypt), or because they are lied to about the true nature of this religion (This primarily happens in non-Muslim countries). Lots of western criminals are also converting to Islam because their governments provide better prison facilities to Muslims than they do to non-Muslims.

      ["...indeed there must be something in the religion that speaks to the human soul."]

      Islam doesn't speak anything to the human soul except dark and negative things. Most people who convert give explanations like "I heard the azaan and it was the most beautiful sound I ever heard, so I converted." They are usually too naive to realize that just because the sound of azaan is sweet, it does not automatically mean that Islam's teachings are nice too.
      Islam does however speak to (bullies, to be more accurate) a certain emotion embedded in human psychology- Fear. Muslims hesitate to question or leave Islam because they fear they will be 'disloyal' to Islam, and because the religion threatens them with eternal hell for apostasy. It also requires other Muslims to kill an apostate. Fear is a very powerful emotion (for reasons related to Evolution) and few Muslims are able to free themselves from its strong hold.

      [" I request everyone to not make generalizations about all Muslims."]

      And this site does not! There are lots of Muslims (and non-Muslims) who are unaware of what Islam really teaches and what Muhammad was really up to. This site is directed towards such people so that they can free themselves from Muhammad's web of lies.

      ["Talking to or observing a Muslim alone is not enough to make generalizations about Islam. There must be many people who call them Christians who have done countless atrocities but for us to assume that this is what their religion is all about would be wrong. The actions of a believer does not necessarily define his or her religion. We need not to understand who Muslims are but rather study the religion itself and get to know what true ISLAM is all about."]

      Ali Sina says exactly the same thing in his articles! He too says that if one wants to learn about Christianity, s/he has to study the religion itself, and study its effects on the believer(s) only afterwards. Similarly, if one wants to learn about Islam s/he has to study the religion itself, and study its effects on the believer(s) only afterwards. This site concentrates on "what true ISLAM is all about" and its effects on Muslims.

      ["The website below will introduce you to one of the great personalities of Islam, a true Muslim, and an example for all humanity....."]

      Well, if you want to believe in Hussain, it is your choice. But this site concentrates on Islam, and according to the holy text of Islam- the one supposedly revealed by Allah, it is Muhammad who is "example for all humanity" (Quran 33:21), therefore, it is Muhammad's true face that this site unmasks for all to see.

    • Sarah says:

      I have read many of Mr. Sina's articles and have found them to be complete garbage. If I didn't know better I would say that he is being paid by someone to spread false propaganda about Islam because people feel threatened by this religion as it is, no matter what the causes are, the fastest growing religion in the world. Anti-Islam campaigns have been started solely to stop this growth.

      In fact, propaganda against Islam and the Prophet has been going on even when the Prophet was alive. People used to spit on his face, throw stones on him, and despised him. Christians and Jews of that time would spread false rumors about him, which sadly continues to this day. In fact, many Kings and rulers of that time converted to Islam just to gain popularity among the civilians but they too assisted in tarnishing the image of the Prophet because they envied his popularity and didn't like the fact that he declared alcohol, fornication, and among other things haram. 

      It is very easy to take verses out of context from the Quran instead of reading the entire Surah and derive false meanings from them. To understand the Quran, you have to read the entire text from front to back, just like you would a novel, not just pull out a few verses from here and there. And Quran simply is not enough to understand Islam. There is a very famous hadith that was given by the Prophet during his last few days at a place known as Khumm and it goes as follows,  "O people, I am a human being. I am about to receive a messenger (the angel of death) from my Lord and I, in response to Allah's call, (would bid good-bye to you), but I am leaving among you two weighty things: which if you strictly adhere to, you shall never go astray, Quran and the Ahlul Bayt (People of the House)”. In order for us to understand the Quran, we need to understand the Ahlul Bayt (progeny of the Prophet S.A.W.W). They are Pious Personalities and lived their lives in utter simplicity. Shia Muslims strife to follow on their path.

      The following link will give you a glims of those great personalities.   http://www.ziaraat.org/ahlulbayt.php#

      For all those people who claim that the Prophet was a sex addict and a womanizer, please look at the following link.&nbsp ;http://smma59.wordpress.com/page/2/?s=marriage

    • cchuckc says:

      Instead of making open ended statements, why don't you pick up a topic and refute it? I see that you are wrongly publicizing that Islam is the fastest growing religion as if it is becoming ever more popular!! It is true that the population of Musalmans as a % of world population is increasing but that is more because of uncontrolled population growth in most Islamic countries (and a religious injunction in most of them to avoid family planning, birth control and contraception). Where does this additional population go? Many of them, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis for example, migrate to Western countries, most illegally. Now when exotic religions (Islam less so now than say in mid eighties) enter an open minded society (in the religious sense) it is natural for them to attract the 'floaters'. And then you have the Islamic tenet to not marry a non-muslim. Of course no such prohibition in making a girl/man fall for you in the first place!! My personal experience says in the West most people are either becoming athiest or accepting Buddhism. Buddhism is the fastest growing major religion in the West today. And in the past century Bahai faith grew faster than any other major religion.

    • knowTheEnemy says:

      Dear Sarah,

      I was about to write a detailed response to your comment but then I remembered that according to Muhammad Muslimahs are deficient in intelligence. So please explain why any of us should waste our time even reading your posts! And please tell us What is in it for Muslim women?

      Just in case your mullah didn't tell you about Muhammad declaring Muslimahs to be deficient in intelligence and religion, here is the hadith-

      Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri: “Allah’s Apostle passed by the women and said, “O women! Give alms, as I have seen that the majority of the dwellers of Hell-fire were you (women).” They asked, “Why is it so, O Allah’s Apostle?” He replied, “You curse frequently and are ungrateful to your husbands. I have not seen anyone more deficient in intelligence and religion than you. A cautious sensible man could be led astray by some of you.” The women asked, “O Allah’s Apostle! What is deficient in our intelligence and religion?” He said, “Is not the evidence of two women equal to the witness of one man?” They replied in the affirmative. He said, “This is the deficiency in her intelligence. Isn’t it true that a woman can neither pray nor fast during her menses?” The women replied in the affirmative. He said, “This is the deficiency in her religion.” (Bukhari: 1: 6: 301)

      So please tell us- why should any of us waste our time with you?

      Also, if you believe we took this hadith out of context, please educate us about what the correct context is!

    • Demsci says:

      Hallo Sarah, I wish to respond. Agree, Islam is very successful and powerful. And in a way very appealing somehow. But we do posit that:

      Spiritually speaking and especially politically speaking Islam has competitors that we consider much better for humans. Especially politically; the democratic system beats the totalitarian shariah system.

      And even were Muslims in vast majority to become democratic (as the Turks now largely are) even then mankind can lavish on good spiritual and scientific alternatives for Islam, which Islam now blocks, because it occupies the loyalty and brains of so many Muslims so much.

      Islam is not very useful for mankind in the 21st century, which has better alternatives for person and society

      and anyway it cannot prove it is telling the truth about it's origine comes from God, and Muslims will be rewarded in heaven for being Muslims. Believing that is at best a GAMBLE, and the explanation that Islam is just as manmade as all laws of democratic society and all philosophic writing is much more plausible than Islam being true.

      And anyway, isn't 1400 years of waiting ENOUGH for God to either end this Islam-period with judgement-day or send a new prophet, with new instructions for mankind, after the vast changes mankind experienced in that long period? How much longer will mankind give God to prove Islam is from HIM? After which time will Muslims finally give Islam up?

      In 2 or 3 generations those political, spiritual and scientific alternatives could in theory replace belief in Islam and subsequent generations would not feel any desire to invest lifepurpose and time in Islam. This is our vision. 

    • Demsci says:

      //"The actions of a believer does not necessarily define his or her religion. We need not to understand who Muslims are but rather study the religion itself and get to know what true ISLAM is all about."//

      This is spoken from the standpoint of Muslims. But there are many humans who consider Islam untrue and not useful for mankind and who can formulate better alternatives for it, like the democratic system, scientific attitude, different moral systems or even alternative religions like Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism. And who want mankind to largely replace Islam with something better in their mind in the 21st century.

      That being said, of course Islam can coexist with it's alternatives if it does not threathen Democracy and in totalitarian Islamic nations the followers of other religions.

      But Robert Spencer of JihadWatch, helped by MEMRI-tv, which monitors TV in Islamic countries, and sermons from perfectly Islamic clerics and leaders and ordinary Muslims, shows almost every day that how Islam-apologists in the West are interpreting Islam (or whitewashing Islam) is so much in contradiction to what seems to be taught in Islamic nations and among Muslims.

      And what Robert  Spencer and Ali Sina and many other counterjihadists really expose is what Muslim clerics, leaders and followers (so also Shafi-Hanafi-Hanbali-Maliki) THEMSELVES ALSO SAY. Bot jihadists and counterjihadists do use the same Quran-Hadiths-Sira AND Tafsirs! And interpret them in the same way, with the only difference that the jihadists are pro and the counterjihadists are contra.

      And THAT is the real problem of Muslims, Sarah, their own disunity and contradictions. But as usual, it is the counterjihadists that Islam-apologists attack, but NOT the jihadists who basically say the same as the counterjihadists.

      So instead of us generalising Muslims, it is perhaps best policy for counterjihadists to let Islam-apologists firmly distance and separate themselves from the more literal, totalitarian and jihadist Muslims, in favor of widespread democracy.

    • Sarah says:

      FYI to all those who replied to my post and are stereotyping me as an ignorant Muslim who just believes in whatever he or she reads or is told, I am a family physician residing in Vancouver. My parents consider themselves Christians but they are not very religious. Hence, my entire life growing up I felt really lost and questioned the purpose of life often. In my spare time, I became interested in studying different religions. This study was self initiated and of course I stumbled at countless pro and anti religious websites. Islam intrigued me the most and made the most sense to me out of all the religions. Unlike Christianity, which has numerous versions of the Bible, Quran has consistently stayed the same for 1400 years. I have found this Holy Book to contain such enlightening information that it certainly seems like the work of a Divine Being. I converted to Islam about 10 years ago and embraced Shiism about 2 years ago and all I will say to you people is that Islam is NOT just the Quran and Prophet Mohammed. In order to truly understand this religion, you have to study the entire history of Islam and fundamentally, if one truly understands its teachings, this religion tells you how to become the best person you possibly can. At least, that is what I have gained from it and I have never been more satisfied with my life and who I am as an individual than I have been since I discovered this religion. I hope all of you here find peace as well in your lives and if ganging up on Islam gives you peace then so be it. Unfortunately, my religion teaches me to respect every person regardless of their race, culture, or religion. 

      In case anyone is interested, here is a link to one of the best translations of the Quran, in my opinion at least. http://www.islamicbulletin.org/free_downloads/qur

      One more final note, I am surprised as to why no one has commented on the link I posted before…&nbsp ;http://smma59.wordpress.com/page/2/?s=marriage

    • Sakat says:

      Sarah rest of the world is at peace ,why? so much violence we see in the Muslim world .Your Qur'an is crap wake up, otherwise one day you will end up in lunatic asylum ha ha ha.

    • Demsci says:

      //" I have found this Holy Book to contain such enlightening information that it certainly seems like the work of a Divine Being."// Well, Islam REALLY coming from God and Muslims telling the truth about that is IMO the SOLE valid reason to adhere to Islam. I mean, the other reasons you gave and those other Muslims give for them adhering to Islam don't mean anything if Islam is just as MANMADE as all sorts of human laws and psychology and SO …. UNTRUE! And so…. falsely promising an afterlife (THAT can't be a motivation if you doubt Islam's divine origine).

      Look, you have freedom of religion. But you have to understand that you judged Ali Sina's articles as GARBAGE, while IDENTICAL and SIMILAR beliefs about Islam are held by MILLIONS of Muslims. Who are hostile to democracy, the West, who treat women worse than men and infidels worse than believers, who suppress in their own territories freedom of religion, freedom of speech. And shiites in Iran do force their dresscodes upon ALL women in Iran. Are you denying that? If not, are you OK with that? If not, that is not garbage, when we write about it, is it? So why don't you ackowledge some faults of other Muslims, Shiites even, too, when you criticize Ali Sina?

      Look, you present to us some kind of interpretation of Islam that is different from Ali Sina's interpretation of Islam. But how do YOU and do WE know which is the right interpretation of Islam; that of Islam-apologists like you or that of both many Islamic clerics AND Islam-critics like Ali Sina? Because Ali Sina mostly only acknowledges what Islamic clerics are saying.

      Do all those MISUNDERSTANDERS of Islam, who do call themselves Muslims not bother you? Perhaps everything happens for a reason and perhaps YOU should look differently either at Islam or at your fellow Muslims around the world. And appreciate OUR concerns about YOUR fellow-Muslims.

      And by the way; It is Islam we oppose, or some of it's many different interpretations, which can be dangerous and detrimental to "infidels" in Islamic countries,

      but we do respect all MUSLIMS, just as you respect every person.

  8. Isle says:

    This claim is baseless. Well, I am not surprised because it is in their nature to make claims anytime they want without facts. Where is the shame?

  9. riaz says:

    Before leveling charges against a person like Muhammed pbuh….you all must know that the worst enemies of the prophet of his own times could not charge him in anyway….they opposed him bitterly but but they admit him most honest ' most truthful and  a man of highest moral character and integrity……ask this thing from prof.William Montgomery watt ' and karen Armstrong……they will tell you….the truth if you don't believe Muslims or study history urself deeply n honestly

  10. Sakat says:

    This is their fate ,they can't understand simple terms either.

  11. narcole1919721 says:

    Cos khadijah died early. Khadijah was older than prophet. But she didnt die old. Aisha was the daughter of abu bakar. His best friend. They wanted to become family. Was that wrong? And aisha loved him. When aisha was little she ever got mad but then prophet brought her to someplace for entertainment. He let her play doll. He only took aisha early. He didnt fuck her early. He wanted to educate aisha since little so that she grew up as amazing woman with knowledge directly fron the prophet. She was a smart woman with strong memory. After prophet died, many people came to her to solve questions they didnt know about cos they werent with prophet as often as aisha. And once again, why keep critisizing him marrying a young girl? Told you its normal in ancient time.

  12. narcole1919721 says:

    Im feeling sorry about somethings. I keep receiving replies, as if non stop replies. Which the more i answer, the more questions will come. Im feeling sorry cos unable to reply for little time i have. Im feeling sorry cos not many moslems are answering and its as if its all my duty to answer. And im feeling sorry cos its as if even if they want to answer, they dont have the same knowledge i have. I have a life too to live. And im starting new life, in new place and with new persons. And i should be offline often to respect them, and do more in real life with them. Advantages i see by living with them is cos i see that they are good moslems, they apply islam well, and they seek 3lmu regularly in majlis ta3lim too. And i like the idea, seeking more 3lm with them. And living better life with them. Im still thirsty of knowledge and better life and better. And im trying to find it. This is my effort. I might be offline for a week or a month. And if i steal time to reply questions, it will be only for few and short ones. When i really have free time, insha Allah ill reply the questions, the confusion in your mind about 'islam' and 'moslems'. But please do positive thinking about someone else. Have you ever thought bad about something and once you found the truth you felt bad about it and regret? Dont experience that. Anyway, the only knowledge and answers you could find isnt only here. And becareful with fitnah in any media. Fitnah has spread so wide and fast. And its sign qiyamat is getting closer. Meet real sheikhs in real life, yes, 'real sheikhs' not someones who call themselves as sheikhs, but someones who deserve to be called as real sheikhs. Allahs earth is wide, his knowledge is more than ink as much as sea. Humans knowledge is just as much as a bird drinking water from the sea. Prophet messaged us to seek knowledge from baby till grave, seek knowledge even if you have to go to china. Peace.

  13. I-HATE-ISLAM says:

    Knowthetruth reminded you that the muhammadans blame 9/11 on the Jews. They are denying the Boston marathon bombing saying that the terrorists have been framed. Similarly, they denied the London and Madrid bombings.

    • sura says:

      Hi…to be fare i only read the name u have put and that let out quite enough..u hate!! islam..though it doesnt hate u…and has never done man injustes and who ever did does not belong to islam..and wht ever u hear apposing that is a lie a human emmotional and false interpretation of facts

    • ihateislam says:

      That is the falsehood of the decade. My country men and women are being mowed down in dozens daily and destruction on an unprecedented scale is hauled on the country by muhammadans. Still you claim it does not hate me and never 'done any injustes'. Muhammad declared war on humanity and divided the world into the house of war and the house of islam. His followers have taken after him to unleash endless war on the world. That to you is muhammadan justice. Unfortunately for you the perpetrators of these crimes call themselves "muslims".

  14. chuck says:

    Thanks Sakat. I can only but try.

  15. chuck says:

    //n arabic caligraphy u can make the same. Not just draw thin lines in computer. Can u really read arabic?//
    In all languages in calligraphy you can draw lines long and short thick and narrow. There is nothing specific to Arabic. What we see in these examples isn't calligraphy but calibration!! Calibration of some fictitious lines on the world map. In fact there was absolutely no need to turn the map upside down, they could have just written on a piece of paper. I mean what is the logic of bifurcating Asia mid-way? Are you charting the fault lines? Similarly the guy when finding Muhammad dismissed all of South America, most of Asia and a big chunk of the Baltics!! Thats 90% of Earth not accounted!! The one showing the right hand couldn't help without extending the thumb by 3 times its original size!!

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