Who Is Responsible for The Norwagian Massacre?


hello there Ali and your companions at faithfreedom.org

I am not going to beg you to take down your website or challenge you to anything. I would like to say that i do think you need a life. You say that your website isn’t about islamic propaganda and that your forums are about building bridges of understanding however, i find it ironic that everything on your site is teaching everyone who visits it to hate islam. Do you have your intentions all muddled up???. Your intentions are to turn everyone against Islam because Islam wasn’t
the right religion for YOU, you and Wafa Sultan were named as Brevik’s heroes…. Your website helped him make the decision to kill innocent human biengs. Now doesn’t that say something to you???

So you used to be a muslim..who cares. many people enter and leave religions everyday .Did anyone put a gun to your head when you decided to leave Islam?  I think somewhere inside you is a really nice guy but it’s too bad that your channeling your energy in the wrong direction, the direction to hate and not to peace. Even though you think you are doing something positive, you don’t see it, but you are actually making people hate islam more and more by your hate filled propaganda. so how is that building bridges of understanding?? look, i say each to their own and no one can force anyone to do something they don’t want to, however, i don’t see what you are going to achieve from your website, what you are setting out to do will only cause more hatred towards others. You need to get out more instead of focusing on hate and bringing down an entire religion. sad very sad indeed.

peace out brother




When I say I want understanding and build bridges I mean just that.  Understanding means learning the truth, not denying it and hiding it.  It means confronting the problem, not ignoring it and hoping that it will go away by its own.  Understanding means to make the non-Muslims realize that Muslims are victims of a lie and not genetically evil.  Muslims become evil to the extent that they believe in Muhammad. Understanding comes with revealing the truth, not with masquerading the truth.

Building bridges means making Muslims realize that they are first and foremost humans and their duty is to humanity and not at a psychopath, mass murderer.   What unites us is our humanity.  Muslims, just like anyone else, must realize that anything that stands between them and the rest of mankind is evil and must be abandoned. Beliefs that divide us are not from God.  Islam is from a sick mind. It divides mankind and promotes hate.

Non-Muslims don’t believe in anything like that. They don’t have a doctrine that tells them that Muslims are the worst creatures in the sight of God and that they should not befriend them, associate with them, but must hate them. Muslims do. The essence of Islam is al wala’  wal bara’ – a truly diabolic doctrine of hate.  These teachings don’t come from misguided mullahs, but from the Quran.  Therefore, as long as Muslims believe in Islam they cannot get away from hatred.

Andres Behring Breivik may have considered Wafa and me as heroes, but he did not follow what we preach.  I have repeatedly said that this war must be won on an ideological ground not with warfare.  Our goal must be to win our enemy as a friend. No bullet has to be fired and no blood has to be shed. We will overcome our enemy when he overcomes his hate.  We’ll be both victorious. The vanquished will be the enmity itself.   This is the victory we seek.

Breivik is a disturbed man. Those who knew him have said he had a gigantic ego. He, like Muhammad, Hitler, Stalin and other insane men of history suffers from narcissism. If he was emotionally sane and had he paid attention to what we say, he would never have committed this dastardly crime.  We need to spread our message more vigorously to stop future Breiviks.

For every action there is a reaction. When you hit someone, again and again, eventually he will hit you back. Muslims have attacked and killed the non-Muslims in many countries and they are increasing their violence. It would be foolhardy to think their continuous assaults will remain uncontested forever. Their victims are reacting and responding to their violence with violence. Remember that the crusades were a reaction to jihad.  When in 2002 Gujarat Hindus rioted, killed the Muslims, and burned their mosques and business, it was because Muslims had burned a train of Hindu pilgrims killing nearly 80 women and children.

Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, has seen tens of thousands die in the violence between Christians and Muslims since it gained independence from Britain in 1960. While members of the two faiths have  perpetrated atrocities against each other, we must not forget the fact that Muslims started this violence and Christians reacted to it.

People in countries under attack by Muslims are becoming radicalized. This radicalization is not because Wafa Sultan and I say Islam is evil.  They are becoming radicalized in response to Islamic violence.

It is in these crucial times that that voices of reason must prevail.  On one hand Muslims are transforming the non-Muslim countries into slums and warzones. They refuse to integrate. They build ghettos and no-go zones for the locals, including the police. They assault non-Muslims, rape their women and try to impose their Islamic way on their hosts.  On the other hand their leftist allies are aiding them. Together they work to destroy the western civilization.  There is a limit to forbearance.  Muslims interpret tolerance as sign of weakness and will escalate their violence.  It is only natural for their victims to react. So far the violence in Europe has been one sided – perpetrated by Muslims. Once it becomes reciprocal blood will run in the streets and Muslims will be the losers.

Europe is reacting and some of that reaction is not pleasant.  CBS News reported,

In Bulgaria support for far-right Atakpa party is increasing. In the spring of 2011 the angry mob hurled stones at Muslims gathered for prayer.

In France, the far-right Front National party is gaining momentum and  its leader, Marine Le Pen is considered a threat in France’s 2012 presidential election.   In December 2010, one thousand people attended a conference held in Paris described as the birth of a pan-European anti-Islam movement.

In fall of 2010, German Chancellor Angela Merkel commented that multiculturalism has “utterly failed.”  Her remarks followed the publication of a book by Thilo Sarrazin that argued that immigration was bringing about Germany’s demise. There is a growing anti-Islam sentiment in Germany.

In Greece racial tension is rising as the country is literally invaded by an unsupportable immigrant population from Muslim countries.  Far-right parties have gained support and Muslim immigrants have been targets of violence.

In Hungary‘s 2010 national elections, nearly a quarter of young voters supported the racist, far-right party Jobbik.

In Netherlands the anti-Islam sentiment is rapidly growing. Fortunately the Dutch can count with a leader like Geert Wilders who understands the nature of the problem and how to deal with it.  Wilders has called Norway’s Breivik a “sick psychopath.”  In 2010’s Dutch national elections, Wilder’s Freedom Party more than doubled its support, becoming the third largest party in government. The current Dutch government counts on the Freedom Party for its majority.

In Russia violent nationalism has been growing since the fall of the Soviet Union. For the most part, it shows itself in the form of attacks on immigrants and people from Russia’s troubled Caucasus region. But nationalists have also taken responsibility for major attacks, including the 2009 bombing of the Nevsky Express train from Moscow to Saint Petersburg, which claimed 27 lives. Each year, the far-right holds a rally in Moscow, which draws thousands of nationalists and skinheads.

In Sweden the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats won 5.7 percent of the vote in 2010 elections and, for the first time, seats in the parliament. Although the party’s success was expected to be short lived, a botched terrorist attack in central Stockholm  gave new impetus to Sweden’s far-right, anti-Islam groups.

In UK, the English Defence League (EDL) is the latest in a line of anti-Islam parties to surface in England.  Unlike the National Front which is overtly anti-Semitic and racist, the EDL claims it is just against Muslim extremism, Sharia law and greater Muslim immigration.

The EDL organized its first demonstration in Luton, in response to a protest against troops returning from Afghanistan by the Muslim extremist group al-Muhajiroun.  EDL has had many confrontations with Muslim jihadist, which is expected to increase and result in more violence.

The tolerant Europe is rapidly becoming restless and intolerant.  If this sentiment is not harnessed and directed as in Netherlands, it will manifest itself as racism and xenophobia, as it in Bulgaria, Hungary and Russia.

It would be a grave mistake to see this anger as anything other than a reaction to Islamic invasion, and it would be foolish to try to suppress it.  This reaction is legitimate and natural.  It won’t go away. Suppressing it will make it explode.  I predicted this ten years ago.  Europeans are sensing the threat of Islam.  Muslims have been very clear in stating their intent, which is to subdue and to dominate their hosts and even to rape their women.


As you can hear in the above video, Muslims are pormissing to rape the women of their host countries after taking over those countries and as the following picture shows, they are giving us a glimps of the things to come.


A Swedish woman gang raped by Muslim immigrants in her own country


So you think none of these make the none-Muslims angry, but they become angry only because I say Muslims do these things because Muhammad told them so?

Instead of blaming the reaction we have to look into its cause.  The cause of this intolerance is Islam and the stubborn denial of the leftist-controlled media and multiculturalist governments. Denial will only aggravate the problem. I am not against multiculturalism, but Islam is not a cultur any more than fascism, communism, and Nazism are.

The problem is Islam.  Islam cannot be reformed, it cannot be moderated and it cannot coexist with any other ideology. The problem is caused by Muslims, and their determination to dominate the world – a message that they are delivering, not so subtly, but loudly and clearly.  (Watch the above video.)

Islam is cancer.  It must be stopped. There are two ways to stop a cancer: prevention or surgery.  Wafa and I propose prevention.  If our message is ignored this cancer will grow and there will be more violence.  We cannot suppress the reaction. We can only eliminate its cause.  If time is wasted, surgery may become inevitable, which means bloodshed at a scale never witnessed by our generation.

We still have time to stop this madness. We can ban the Sharia, shut down the mosques, send the radical Muslims back to where they or their parents/grandparents came from, and declare Islam illegal.  We can give Muslims two choices: Integrate or “demigrate.”  Leave alone your dictionary. I made this word up.  By it I mean the reversal of immigration.  Muslims should be sent back to where they came from.  This is prevention. If we do nothing, if we allow them to grow and procreate in non-Muslim countries and infest them with their Islamic barbarity, radicalization of non-Muslims will be inevitable.

This anger is not caused by me. It is caused by Muslims.  All I maybe able to do is try to channel it so it does not become violent.  I can make people realize that Muslims are victims and the enemy is Islam.  I’ts an ideology that we are fighting aginst, not people.  This fight must be fought with pen, not with bullets.  As Zoroaster said, we fight darkness with light.  We don’t raise a sword against it.  We must decisively confront this evil cult and uproot it.  We must help Muslims to see the lies of Muhammad so they can leave his demonic cult. If they refuse, we must kick them out. If you want to worship Satan go back to your hell hole where you came from.  Once the world stands up against Muslims, most of them will leave Islam. Remember how Islam grew in the first place – with violence, through force.  We should shun violence, but we should also avoid appeasement.  Muslims interpret appeasement as weakness.  They understand strength. This is what Geert Wilders stands for and as long as he sticks to this policy he will have my full support.  Breivik did not listen to what we say. He became part of the proplem.  And if you try to silence me there will be more Breiviks. Whereas if you spread this message we will have more  Wilders.  That is why this message is so curcial for the peace in the world.  Without it there will be more violence and eventually a civil war in which Muslims will lose.  This insanity must be prevented and I am the one who is doing something to stop it, while you and your leftist allies are making it happen.

We don’t want Islam.  Go and practice it in your own Islamic countries.   You have already destroyed over fifty countries and reduced them into mad houses where barbarity reigns.  You can’t live in Islamic countries. You escape and come here to the west, but you bring alone your Islamic disease. If you want to come, leave your disease behind.

If you want to be here, become part of our world. Abandon your hate and join us as fellow human.  If you can’t get rid of it, stay away from us.  If your insanity is stronger than your humanity, get out.  Get out of these lands and go back to where you came from.


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296 Responses

  1. Isle says:

    It is really terrifying to see the massacre and the slaying of innocent beings every now and then…and we never stop to wonder when will be the next target. They were so deeply embed into this ideology that they just found themselves lost to that world, in that sense of the word, and by doing so dragging all those helpless innocent beings with them. It is as though they were under a spell or some kind of evil spirit coaxing them and given them power, zeal and courage to do this destruction. I can tell you that these people are under damnation setting themselves on the wrong path to perdition because they've been lied to and was willing co-partner with the evil one.

  2. Nizamuddin Sheikh says:

    So-called Peaceful Religion Islam's followers killed 149 people in Pakistan and Kenya and more than 315 people injured by so much peaceful religion. 
    Note: For them who used to say always "there is no religion of terrorism and terrorist" but read it carefully and you will found what is the religion of Terror and Terrorists is; non-Muslims targeted in terror attack in exclusive shopping Center! Attackers had asked, “Who is Prophet’s mother?” in an attempt to discover non-Muslims. One man escaped by showing the attackers his ID with his name, Hakim, on it. Another reportedly failed to name the Prophet’s mother and was killed.
    And the claim of so-called peaceful religions follower my book say to do not killed child and women but in Nairobi, Kenya, you can see how they killed eight years old boy Parmasu Jain. What was his fault? Did he abuse Muslims? Did he say anything that hurt Islamists? No, He did not do anything that is prohibited in Islam but killed due to other faith. This proved how Islam is tolerance to other religion and how much care humanity that is claimed by Islamist, In short, the ultimate goal of Al-Islam, according to the Quran, is human development, welfare and prosperity in peace and security. But we can understand it the main goal of Islam is to dominate world using “Jihad” against humanity, disagreement, hate, hatred, discord, agitation disharmony, distress, fighting, frustration, upset, worry, war & bloodshed. This is true Islam that kills people whoever not accepting/embracing Islam the religion, Allah the god and Muhammad the prophet. The prophet started killing infidels in the 7th century. His followers have been proudly continuing the killing in the 21st century. They wish to continue till the Day of Judgment.

  3. DPhysicist says:

    I am so convinced that there is no greater Evil than Islam and Muslims are minions of Devil… Sounds like provocative or hate speech ?? well It is just like several Ayats of Quran… If Muhammad says same its religion… If We the Infidels say the same in our self defense then its Evil and hate. Well I don't see the logic here. Actually God just gave me this message that we must end Islam and its followers and those who are with me are the best of people… :) :P I am serious…

  4. discounts says:

    I do believe all of the ideas you have introduced for your post. They are really convincing and will certainly work. Nonetheless, the posts are very brief for starters. Could you please lengthen them a little from next time? Thank you for the post.

  5. Defend Islam says:

    This happened because of what Ali Sina said and not what Islam says. Ali you caused this, it is your fault.

  6. Hard Water says:

    People who kill and commit other crimes in the name of religion or ideology must be stopped just as anyone else should. Muslims should not be an exception.

    • Ali Sina says:

      I think we all agree with you. The difference is that few other ideologies preach hate and violance as Islam does. Mentally insane people exist everywhere, like this Breiwik fellow, but when a religion advocates killing and turnes sane people into murderers, then that religion should be stopped.

  7. richard says:

    truth will prevail…no matter how we keep it,it will come out,those who has brain let us use our brain to think unless he doesn't has any brain! from bottom of my heart i would give thanx to Ali sina,Wafa Sultan,and many more that i cant mention their names too many of them!for their unending energy to prevail what islam is all about!!!!bravo….

  8. zitouni says:

    You can guys see that this Islam and Arabic ignorant Ali Sina is nothing , but racist and Muslim hater. Some sick white Christian committed a crime Ali Sina blames Muslim for that . Then how can any intelligent man read the writing of this stupid guy . He lies and lies twist the verses in koran I do not know whether he does not understand them because he does not and cannot read Arabic or he wants to deceive us . But people like me who can read Arabic are here to expose his ass .

    • Juste says:

      Your personal interpretation of Ali Sina's mind is irrelevant.

    • Isle says:

      We know who is speaking the truth and who is speaking a lie or so concording a lie. We're the spectators watching as in a circus. We have human brain machines to help us think and to discern. We're not taking sides but stand on the principal of truth. This is what it shall be and is all about. Nothing is much more of value than truth.

  9. Mary says:

    TRUTH!! Straight to the point. I know Islam, I was even about to convert a few years ago. I searched for an anchor in my life and christianity seemed so weak to me. I lived in a muslim country for some time and my husband is a muslim by birth. His father, a christian man was forced to convert to get allowance to marry my husbands mother. They always were and are the victims of their so called faith. God gave me strength not to get insane and finally got back to a sense of reason. I learned a lot about the contradictions of that twisted "faith". IN the end it shocked and frightened me to my bones. I woke up! This evil ideology has to be compared to brutal facsism and must therefor be eliminated from this earth…… but the hour is getting very late

  10. Wijaya says:

    We all living on our brain, our hands that typing now are connected to our brain. So the world didn’t exist….existed because we had been told that the world exist.

    When the tree didn’t grow, it known as dead tree.
    When the Buddha didn’t realize that they didn’t exist, they have died in mind, they become the stone or the dead tree.

    Why such peoples want to follow the path of the dead.

    Thats why Buddha was told by Nirvana Angel to “go and tell dharma to everyone”… until he died, he never realize that what he did only a illusion (not exist)…he died young, he died, he spread the word of death to everyone…

    The good things was because peoples lose the mind of material world, the world become PEACE once again but without certainty of future life.

    And all the peoples become stun, and died in mind. They don’t know for what they live, only to turn the wheel of TAO, only to become God toys.

    But here Jesus, the living Buddha came, he told us that we are not God toys, we are subject to release from material world and will be saved for eternal life in heaven.

    Jesus, the REAL BUDDHA, the real MESSIAH, THE REAL PROPHET, came and created peace into the world once again and he added the npromise of eternal life in peace.

  1. 6 December, 2011

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    Kreuzung aus einer Sativa Mexicana (auch als Eldorado bekannt) und einer Aurora Indica. Während die Sativa Mexicana schon von ihrem Namen her verspricht, eine echte Sativa zu sein, gilt die Aurora Indica……

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