Why Are You Spreading Hatred?

Dear Ali Sina,

Accidentally I got into your site & I was shocked reading your articles. How much hatred you have got for us. At least, as a fellow human being you should not play with our emotions.


I have no hatred for you. I hate your religion, because it is the quintessence of everything that is evil. In fact my goal is to make you see the truth and set you free. Why? Because as long as you are inspired by an evil doctrine like Islam, you think evil and become evil. Just look at what your religious brethren do around the world. Please don’t say they are misguided. They are not misguided, you are. These evil men do exactly what Muhammad did and said. Of course you deny that, but that is only because you have not read the Sira or the Quran. Muslims are utterly ignorant of their religion. If they learn the truth they will not remain a Muslim a single day.


 You may be an atheist, a Christian, Jew or of any other religion but it is not fair to humiliate the founder of a great religion using such harsh and immoral words.

Said who? It is very fair to humiliate anyone.  No one is above criticism. You are free to humiliate me. If you have a point people will agree with you and if not and all you can do is lie no one will pay attention to what you say.  Anyway, I am not a person of interest.   So talking about me is in no one’s interest, just as talking about you does not interest people. The subject of discussion is Muhammad.

This business of putting someone on a pedestal and protecting him from any criticism is the very source of Muslims’ backwardness. Only truth will set people free and truth will be shown when people can question and criticize anything and anyone.


  We don’t do this to others by insulting the founder of their religions, actually we respect all of them.

Yes you do this to others.  Here is a quote from Sira. Ibn Ishaq says, “When the apostle openly displayed Islam as God ordered him, his people did not withdraw or turn against him, until he spoke disparagingly of their gods. When he did that they took great offence and resolved unanimously to treat him as an enemy.”[Sira, p. 118]

You people burn churches and persecute minorities wherever you are the majority.  This is what I am against and this will not end as long as Muslims like you think that Muhammad was a prophet.

 I accept that we criticise non-muslims on healthy grounds, we don’t insult their beliefs but point out their logical fallacies. But you are attacking Rasoolallah(PBUH) for his private life.

Healthy Grounds? You call mudering the minorities “healthy ground?”  Look what Muslims do in Egipt, in Iraq, in Iran and of course in Saudi Arabia with minorities?  You people live in delusional world of deception.  Are you blind. or just pretend not to see?

Muslims terrorize the minorities wherever they are the majority.


You also insult the founders of all the religions that came after Muhammad, such as Sikhism, Bahai faith and Ahmadi sect. You say but these guys are not prophet. Who the hell are you to say that? They are prophet for their followers just as Muhammad is prophet for Muslims.  But you have no problem in insulting them and expect respect for Muhammad. These prophets don’t deserve to be diserspected because they did not commit any crime. Muhammad was a criminal. He does not deserve any respect.

 You have made his marriage with Aisha(AS) such a big issue. Dear Sina it is a very personal issue, her father Abu bakr(AS) hadn’t any problem. If anybody could have a problem, it should be Aisha(AS) herself. I want to ask you whether she had any complaint? Is there any record in history of her regretting to be his wife from bottom of her heart, rather they had a peaceful married life.


A 50 year old man marrying a six year old child is a big issue. The fact that Abu Bakr was okay with it does not make it right. Abu Bakr was a brain dead cultist. Cultists allow their guru to have sex with their children and their wives.  Read the reports on modern cults. This is a pattern in all cults.  We prosecute the bastards who do such thing and the fact that the parents of the children consent makes no difference to the law in fact we prosecute the parents too.  It is shameful that Muslims defend the criems of Muhammad.  Aisha did not complain publicly. First of all she was a child and did not know better. She never knew the right way of life to realize she had been victimized. But don’t tell me she was not.  Put yourself in the place of Aisha. A man 44 years older than you destroys your childhood and then prohibits you marrying after his death. You become a widow at the age of 18 with no chance of finding a real man who can love you and make love to you.  Doing this by design is evil.

What Muhammad did to Aisha is history. The tragedy is that Muslims follow the evil examples of that pervert and millions of children are victimized to this day. No it is not a personal issue. It is a shame that you see it that way.  It is a shme that you have lost your decensy and see nothing wrong in that. It is a shame that you have abdicated your intelligence and think a pervert crimainal like Muhammad can lead you to God.   No Sir. Muhammad will only lead you to hell.  Muslims live in hell in this world and if there is a next world, they will go to hell in first class.  Paradise has no room for stupid people.

 And can you quote any verse from Qur-an which orders Muslims for child marriage? No you can’t.

Muhammad said that he was the best of the creation, a perfect man and that Muslims should emulate him. That is in the Quran. That is why the incidences of child marriage in Muslim countries are so high, whereas it is punishable in all civilized country.

Definitely it encourages marriage for a happy and natural life, it gives permission for accepting more than one wife but it is subjective also it generally discourages the custom.

Look how you phrase this evil teaching. “It gives permission for accepting more than one wife.”  Clearly you are embarassed of this teaching. But alas not ashamed enough.   A Muslim can marry four women, or as some interpret it, as many as he can afford and he can divorce them at whim. The Quran allows men to beat their wives. This is hardly the basis of happy marriage.  “Accepting!” huh!

Marriage is concerned with the parents and the couples. You know that for sure as you were a Muslim before. Then why so much lies dear Sina?

Marriage should be only the concerns of two adults and parents have no business in it.  Girls are not commodities to trade for favors and children are not mature enough to consent to marriage when they don’t know the meaning of it at a time that they should only play doll.

Qur-an is the word of God but it is up to the individuals to analyse and find whether it is true or not with his logic.

This is absurd. You seem to be an educated person, and yet when you think like a Muslim you write nonsense.  If the Quran is the word of God then it is not up to individuals to pick and choose or interpret it.  A book of guidance must be unequivocal and clear and should leave no doubt. In fact that is what the Quran claims and you are saying something different from what the Quran says. If the Quran is the word of God how can individuals analyze it?  Can one reject the word of God after analyzing it? And if we have to use our logic to pick and choose doesn`t it mean that our logic is superior to God`s wisdomÉ


It is a religious duty to pass the word of God to fellow men but it is up to them to accept or reject it. There is no compulsion in religion.

This is one of the biggest lies Muslims love to say. If there is no compulsion in religion why Muhammad encouraged Muslims to fight and force their faith on others? What is the meaning of jizyah? What is the meaning of the sura 9, Deliverance?    This sura is Muhammad’s edict of intolerance. The first half of this sura  is about taking the rights of others to free practice of their faith. There are books about Muhammad’s raids, called al Maghazi, and you tell me there is no compulsion in religion?

Yes it is true that some rulers did not follow the Quran and conquered many lands for their personal gains. It doesn’t mean that Islam teaches us to do so.

They did it because they followed the Quran and the examples of Muhammad. You have not read the history of Muhammad. I have. So please before trying to tell me what Islam is and is not read the Sira, the Tabari, the Tabaqat and read the damn Quran.

Sina I live in a secular country- India, we live in harmony with many cultures.

You live in harmony because you are in minority and  Hindus are tolerant people. Show me a Muslim majority country where non-Muslims live in peace and harmony?  In your neighboring Pakistan Christian and Hindu girls are systematically kidnapped, raped and forced to marry their rapist and forced to convert to Islam and when their parents find them the police will defend the rapist and warn the poor parents not to contact their daughters because the girls are now “Muslim” and their kafir  parents have no right over them anymore. This is disgusting and instead of you doing anything about that and denounce it, you write to me saying I promote hate.

Stop this game of playing innocent.   Arab Muslims raided our countries, raped our ancestors and murdered our forefathers and you defend their evil religion. Where is your shame? Where is your honor?  Have you lost everything?

Muslims won through terror and deception. That is going to end. Truth is out and good people are leaving Islam. Make your mind. Are you a good human? Then leave this damn religion of crime and join us. If not you are evil and the world should know it.    Good people leave this faith of hate as soon as they learn the truth.

Already our Hindu brothers are suspicious about us due to several terrorist elements promoted by our traditional rival Pakistan to destroy our peace. These people are mad. What has it to do with religion? Pakistan is not able to control their own people and they are attacking us with terrorism for their politics.

It has everything to do with religion. Read the Sira and you will see that what Pakistanis are doing is because of Islam.   That Zakir Naik is not a Pakistani and he is supporting terrorism and says every Muslim should be a terrorist.  Where do you think he gets that idea? He gets it from Islam!

Ignorant people. Personally I don’t like Arabs & Palestinians, they have no trace of Islam in them nor any human values. It is their problem not Islam.

That is the difference between you and me. I can’t dislike people. I  blame them for what they do but not dislike them.  And yes the Palestinians and Arabs are full of hate because of Islam.  If they leave Islam they are just like anyone else.  You dislike the Arabs when they are humans and defend Islam that is just an ideology.  You have your values upside down.  People have to be respected not ideologies.  You can dislike and even hate any ideology but you must not hate people.  I comare Islam to a sickness. I hate this sickness but not the patient, whereas you hate humans.

So Sina, kindly don’t abuse our feelings with insulting our beloved Prophet which hurts us very much.

Why should I give a damn about your feelings? I am not here to protect your feelings any more that you should care about protecting mine?  This is argumentum ad misericordiam. We must state the truth and if truth is hurtful let is hurt.   Truth can hurt feelings but lies kill people. The backwardness, the mayhem, the savagery, the turmoil and the terrorism of Muslims is because of Islam.  What is better? If I tell the truth your feelings will be hurt, but you’ll get over it and become free and live happy and in harmony with others. Eventually you’ll even thank me, as many have.  Alternatively, you will continue living in a lie and continue doing evil while believing you are doing God’s work.  Which is better?


You have the rights to promote your ideas against islam with your logic, but it should be on moral & healthy grounds. You may not have any problem but don’t poison every body’s heart with hatred towards us. We are already living in a sensitive world and you are pouring oil on the fire. Please don’t do this.

There is nothing immoral or unethical about telling the truth.  People don’t hate Muslims for what I write. They hate them because so many Muslims are terrorists or terrorist supporters.  I am helping the world to see that these Muslims are only victims of a lie and once weaned from this lie they can be as good as anyone else.


You know definitely that muslims are of strong belief, many are offended by your approach while some are depressed and those who dare to doubt the islamic scholars, are in threats of radicals.

Strength of faith is not a virtue but a vice. As Bertrand Russell wrote, ““The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.”

I can’t change the fools, but there are many wise people who think Islam is a good religion. I aim to awaken them.

Does the fact that Muslims persecute and kill the apostate a good reason to say nothing bad about Islam? This is absurd.  I advise the apostates to be cautious and make sure they are not discovered and their lives are not put in peril. However, the fact that Muslims kill the apostate is no good reason to stop criticism their evil cult. In fact we msut criticize it because of it.


The non-muslim friends will look at us with suspicion, So you are not supporting the society but increasing the tension.

Why shouldn’t they look at you with suspicion?  If you follow Muhammad, chances are that you are a terrorist. Why should anyone trust you?  Here is a solution:  Stop being a Muslim.  You want to worship a terrorist and at the same time expect being respected.  That is not rational.

This is like saying I am a peaceful member of the Mafia and a harmless fellow of the drug cartel and by speaking against my gangster organizations you make people suspicious of me.  Hell I want people to be suspicious of you. You are suspicious.  If you believe in what Muhammad said, why should anyone trust you? And if you don’t, why you call yourself a Muslim?   You can’t be a member of the caravan and the partner of the thieves.  In fact Islam and Thuggee faith are very similar.


You may tell that you are trying to enlighten Muslims & to end Islam, that Allah only knows better, but the consequence is the opposite, we all are witnessed as terrorist at least in the “hearts” of non muslims.


Good. That is exactly what I want. The more you feel the pressure there is more chance that you come out of your shell.  I don’t want you to be too comfortable as Muslims.  I want you to feel the heat adn do something about it.


One thing I liked is your view on Zakhir Naik. I too have an opinion as your’s. He is not a scholar & he should stop his gimmicks while preaching or debating islam. He uses parables for question ‘X’ while answering questioning ‘Y’.

He is actually a typical Muslim scholar.  I have not met any Muslim scholar who does not use the same tactics in one form or another.


Anyway Sina please consider it as a request,, look to the problem seriously, you may not know the aftereffects as you live in the west. But, there are many sensitive regions in many aspects. I don’t ask you to shut down your site.

I looked at the problem seriously and the only viable and realistic solution I found is to tell people the truth.  There are many people who try to sugarcoat the problem. They blame “radical” Muslims. But that is a lie. Muslims are just like anyone else.  We are all the same people. The only thing that sets us apart is our beliefs.  Islam is radical. It cannot be reformed and there is no hope or future for a peaceful Islam.  Islam must be exposed and Muslims must be weaned from it. When truth is said, most Muslims will leave Islam and the problem is solved. I am not saying we should force Muslims out of Islam.  If this were a viable solution I would have agreed with it even if it goes against my principles. But it is not viable. It was tried in Iran 70 years ago and see what happened.  We must wean Muslims by telling them the truth not by force. I also think shaming them is a good strategy.  It forces them to defend Islam and that is when they will see it is all a lie.

I have never raised hatred of Muslims. On the country, those who read my articles knows Muslims are victims and don’t blame them.

 I don’t ask you to not question islamic philosophy. I am just asking you to stop using that harsh and immoral words. you can quote from quran, sira and hadiths about our beloved Prophet and leave it for the judgement of your viewers, let them decide whether he was a prophet or not. You please don’t decide and give all those unhealthy titles and name to him. I had been very frank with you in my views. If you have time reply. I expect a favourable action from you.



And that is what I am doing. But I am sorry if my response is not favorable to you. It is however the right thing to say.


Ali Sina

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