How can Muhammad be a Narcissist When…?

 Dear Mr. Sina, let’s keep this simple because rhetoric often betrays a man’s intentions. Let’s suppose that Muhammad indeed felt it was justified to give the orders to kill people to achieve his objectives and his vision for society. Let’s suppose that Muhammad believed in a huge sacrifice of human life in order to achieve his vision of Islam, then we need to question WHY he did all this. I say this because to say a man has NPD is a huge and multifaceted claim to make. I know this as a man who studied and practiced Psychiatry.

Jesus had a vision for man-kind. That vision was salvation.  He thought that to achieve his vision sacrifice must be made. He offered himself as the sacrificial lamb.  He endured beating, torture and a painful death.

Hitler also had a vision. His vision was to be the founder of the Third Reich that would last for a thousand years where he would be deified. He used racial hatred as a means to rally people around him.  He offered the Jews, other non-Arian races and also Germans as the sacrifice.

This is the difference between a true leader, and a sociopath narcissist. One sacrifices himself for others and the other sacrifices others for himself.

Muhammad did not sacrifice himself. He launched 87 or 88 raids in the last ten years of his life, never taking part in person to person combat. He never fought in any battle personally. He would wear two coats of mail (chain link armor), one on top of the other, protected by his bodyguards while shouting and encouraging his followers to hasten to their deaths for the rewards that awaited them in the other world.

He massacred thousands of innocent people in his life and after him; his successors killed hundreds of thousands. This number eventually reached to hundreds of millions and counting.

Muhammad resembles Hitler, not Jesus. This is a clear clue to know that he was not a true prophet, but an impostor. If I have a vision to become rich and sacrifice others to achieve my goal I can’t be a good person, let alone a holy person.

Now, let us talk about the vision. The vision of Jesus for man-kind was liberation, freedom, salvation.  These are all synonymous words. Freedom from what? Freedom from false beliefs, false religion, rigid rules, arbitrary authority, etc. This is, what is called “liberation discourse.” This freedom is the essence of Jesus’s vision for mankind. You can summarize Christianity in five words: “Truth will set you free.”  Jesus sacrificed himself for this vision so others can be free.

Muhammad also had a vision. His vision was slavery of man. He said this slavery is to God. However, the god he was talking about was his own alter-ego, a tool to make people do what he wanted. The slavery was to him.  Allah was a fictitious being, without whom he could not achieve his vision of domination and mastery over others. Why would anyone want to fight and sacrifice his life for someone else? But if you can convince them that they are not fighting for you, but for God and that they will be rewarded, in this world and the next, they may do anything for you. They may kill for you, plunder for you and allow you to have sex with their underage daughter.

I am not a Christian. I don’t believe in God. In my opinion Jesus is a composite myth. I am mentioning him only for the sake of comparison. My point is that IF God existed and IF He wanted to send someone to guide mankind, he would send a holy soul like Jesus and not a despicable thug like Muhammad.

Millions of Germans committed unthinkable atrocities. These were ordinary people. They fought a bloody war. Many of them sacrificed themselves heroically, not for Hitler, but for the “cause” that he sold them.   The cause was only an excuse. Hitler was not after racial or national superiority, he was after personal superiority. He used these as pretexts.

All cult leaders have a cause. They never promote themselves directly, because it will never be accepted. You will have no one following you if you promote yourself.  But if you promote a cause, and convince others that this cause is important and you are pivotal and indispensable  for its success, you can have many followers.  Hitler chose nationalism and restoring the German pride as his cause. Stalin chose proletariat and  class struggle as his cause. Jim Jones chose social justice as his cause. Charles Manson chose preservation of air, trees, water and animals (ATWA) as his cause. Shoko Asahara chose the end of perpetual suffering through rebirth as his cause, and so on and so forth. Muhammad chose the worship of God and monotheism as his cause.

All these causes sound noble. You have to give people a worthy cause, if you want them to sacrifice themselves for you and commit atrocities at your behest. If your cause is worldly, you can’t expect anyone to sacrifice himself for it. Let us say your cause is to make a lot of money.  If you have a good plan many people will work with you to achieve your vision, as long as they get a piece of the pie at the end. But no one will be willing to sacrifice his life for it. Whereas, people cheerfully lay their lives for a lofty cause, such as God, country, justice, etc.

The cult leader makes himself inseparable from his cause.  The success of the cause depends on him and him alone. Without him there will be no cause and disaster will ensue.  He must be perceived as the only person who can bring mankind to his vision of the promised land.  That is the key.  There are many causes that are important, but they are not cult because their success does not depend on any single person.  Let us take the example of fighting Islam.  In my opinion this is the most important cause today.  The survival of our civilization and millions of lives depend on the success of this cause.  But it does not rely on any single person. Millions of enlightened people are fighting against Islam and thousands more are joining every day.  A cult is a cause that hinges on  one person.  Muhammad made himself inseparable from his cause. You cannot believe in Allah without believing in Muhammad.  He was the linchpin of his message.  Allah and Muhammad are twins,  joined in their hips.  One is hidden, the other is manifest.  They are inseparable partners, promoting each other.  All cults share this characteristic.  Anytime a cause and a human become inseparable you have a cult.

The cause per se is irrelevant. Narcissists  are not committed to any cause.   They pick a cause that they think can attract followers and will abandon it and champion another one if the latter proves to be more effective.  When Muhammad started his prophetic career, he had no cause other than the claim that he was a prophet and that people had to believe in him, love him and follow him. That was his message and his cause. But that was a very shallow cause with little appeal.  He then adopted monotheism as his cause and started insulting the religion of the Quraish. This strategy proved more successful as it generated controversy and raffled some feathers. As advertisers say today there is no such thing as negative advertising. Any advertising attracts interest.  It dose not matter what you preach; there will be always someone who will follow you. But Muhammad wanted more.  When he faced resistance and saw that his religion is not growing, he conceded that Lat, Uzza and Manat, the three daughters of allah Hubaal are also worthy of worship. This made people happy and the animosity ended. But it did not gain him new followers. In fact it made his religion indistinguishable from the paganism of the Quraish.  After a few months he realized his miscalculation and retracted his words saying Gabriel came to him and admonished him for saying something he (Gabriel) had not said.  He said those verses were Satanic verses that the Devil had put them in his tongue without him noticing it.  The narcissist, needs enemies. He needs to stir disunity and discord. It’s by dividing that he can rule. So Muhammad switched back to monotheism and resumed insulting the religion of  the Quriash.  There is more of this kind of flip flopping in the life of Muhammad.  His message kept changing according to the response he was getting.

Narcissist cult leaders want total control over the lives of others.  This can be attained only by selling them a noble cause – a cause so lofty and so inspiring for which they may want to sacrifice themselves. The cause does not have to be true. It just has to be perceived as the ultimate truth. In fact, as Hitler used to say, a bigger lie is more believable than smaller lies.  We should believe him. He was an expert in lies.

 Do you really believe that Muhammad designed Islam as a timeless religion for billions of people just to fulfill narcissistic ambitions in his short 22 year career?

Yes! That is how narcissist cult leaders devise their causes. Their causes are always transcendental, cosmic, encompassing, unrivaled and divine.  The cause is the source of their power. The loftier and the more awe inspiring it is the more powerful they become.   Will you kill your father, your mother or children for money or for any trivial cause?  No sane person will commit such crime for any mundane gain.  However, if I elevate the cause. make it sound more important than your life and the lives of everyone, you will do it. There are many stories like that in early Islam. You can find them in my book and you will see them in my movie.  Even today, Muslims kill their children because they violate some Islamic rule or apostatize. That is because for them Islam is more important that the lives of all mankind. When you become this brainwashed, you become very dangerous.

Does a narcissist obligate people to feed the poor, give charity, look after orphans?

Yes, 0f course! The narcissist will have to first convince you of his legitimacy and for that he will tell you things that you can readily recognize as good. Will anyone follow someone who spews only evil teachings? The narcissist’s only tool is deception. He also uses fear, but that too is administered through deception. He can control you as long as you believe in him. Therefore, he must portray a holy image of himself. It is that image that hooks you.  If the mask is removed he will lose all his credibility and power.  For the narcissist, the image is everything.  Therefore his words are always lofty and deceiving.

So how can you distinguish a true leader from an impostor charlatan?  You can recognize them by their fruits.  Don’t pay attention to what they say. Words are used  to deceive. Pay attention to how they live. Compare their words with their deeds.  They often don’t match. If someone does not walk his own talk it is a clear sign that he is an impostor and not true spiritual leader.  Muslims only quote Muhammad’s words to show that he was a holy man. Words are misleading. Look at his life instead, if you want to learn the truth about him.

It’s worth repeating: for the narcissist the image is everything.  He feeds off other people who hurl back at him an image that he projects.  That is the main difference between a narcissist and a sociopath. The sociopath does not care about his image. He wants to control his victims physically through fear. Both sociopath and narcissist use fear as the a tool of domination.  The former uses fear physically, such as threatening his victims with maiming them or killing them. The latter uses it psychologically, such as threatening them with Hellfire.  The narcissist resorts to violence through his followers, when he comes to power.  He doesn’t generally soil his hands with blood.  His minions will do all his dirty work for him. The aura of holiness for a narcissist is a sine qua non. All cult leaders, without exception, are “holy people.” They want to be admired as holy men and they brag about their holiness while feigning modesty.

At-Tirmidhi quotes a hadith that is typical narcissistic talk.  “The Prophet said, I myself am the Beloved of Allâh (habibullah) and I say this without pride, and I carry the flag of glory (liwa ul-hamd) on the Day of Judgment, and am the first intercessor and the first whose intercession is accepted, and the first to stir the circles of Paradise so that Allâh will open it for me and I shall enter it together with the poor among my Community, and I say this without pride. I am the most honored of the First and the Last, and I say this without pride.”

Now compare this pompous bragging with his actions. He lived like a thug. He was the head of a gang of bandits who raided innocent people, ruthlessly massacred unarmed men, took their wives and children as slaves and sold them or raped them. He assassinated his critics, tortured his prisoners to death to make them reveal where they had hidden their money, and had sex with a child. He actually went after two other children but the girls were afraid of him and cried out “I take refuge in Allah from you” and he desisted.  One was Jauniyah from Bani Jaun and the other was Fatima bt. Zahhak from the Hawazin tribe.

If I do any of the things Muhammad did, you would not hesitate to call me a criminal and would rejoice in hearing my execution by lethal injection. I confess that I become very happy when a despicable criminal is removed from the society for good.  Yet you have no problem believing that Muhammad was a holy man, the best specimen that human race can produce and justify all his crimes. Can you explain that?   This is cultic thinking.  The fact that Islam is spread widely and now 1.5 billion benighted souls believe in it, doesn’t make it a true religion. It is still a cult.

Jesus lived a holy life.  He never committed any of the crimes that Muhammad committed, and yet, when someone called him good master he objected and said the only good is my Father who is in Heaven. Do you see the difference?  A man who lived like a monster, claimed to be the most prefect man and the most immaculate man refused to be called good.

Did Muhammad feed the poor and the orphan? No! He raided, looted people and reduced thousands into poverty. He made thousands of children orphan.  There is a famous story of a certain Oqba, a man he captured in the battle of Badr and decided to decapitate him because he had spat at him in Mecca, some years earlier.  Oqba cried, “And who will take care of my children?” Muhammad responded, “Hell.”

Muhammad did not help the poor. He only helped those who had migrated to Medina with the money that he had stolen in his raids, with their help. Any gangster will show generosity to his gang. This is done to buy their loyalty.  Did you see the movie Godfather? Wasn’t Don’t Corleone, the head of the family, generous and helpful to people who came to him for help? They wanted to pay him for his services, but he was offended and refused to get their money.  Why? Because he wanted to gain their loyalty so in future they may return the favor.  Muhammad did not help any orphan. He only gave lip service to it to feign piety. Up to this day you quote his deceptive words, even though you can’t provide any example of his generosity to the poor and the orphan. That is why he said them. Without these words would you or anyone follow him?  You are deceived by these sugary words. To undeceive yourself you have to ignore his words and look at his deeds.  Know them by their fruits.

Does a narcissist say that animals live in communities like us and should be respected?

First of all animals don’t live in communities like us.  Only chimpanzees and other big apes that are very close to us have societies that barely resemble that of primitive human societies. Even then their “society” is more similar to lion prides than to human societies. So this claim is scientifically wrong.

Furthermore, this verse does not imply that animals should be respected. This is your interpretation. Muslims are fond of interpreting the asinine verses of the Quran to find something meaningful or even miraculous in them.  The biggest festivity in Islam is Eid Ul Azha when countless animals are slaughtered. Muslims also sacrifice animals when they go to pilgrimage. Until not long ago the carcasses of these animals were buried.   There is no prohibition of cruelty to animals in Islam.  Other people consume meet but they do their best to reduce the suffering of the animal.  Muslims don’t consume meet unless the animals has been killed cruely. Halal meet means animal torture.  I encourage people to boycott stores that sell halal food.

Does a narcissist say that you should never go to sleep full when your neighbour is hungry?

Yes!  The narcissist is full of lofty teachings for others.  His entire plot is to deceive others that he is a holy person.  But in practice, he gives a damn about the poor and the hungry.   Read the story of Banu Qainuqa and Banu Nadir. Muhammad invented false excuses to expel them from their ancestral homes and took everything they owned. Many of them died with hunger in the desert, something Muslim historians gloated about.  The charges against them were all fabricated, but assuming they were true, were all of them guilty, including the children?

Does a narcissist love his wife as much as Muhammad loved and cried over Khadijah?

You need to read my book. I have explained the symbiotic relationship between the narcissist Muhammad and the co-dependent Khadijah. Both these individuals were sick. They needed each other.  He was a child to her to take care of and she was a mother to him, to exploit.  They both enjoyed this sadomasochist relationship. As a psychiatrist you know the symbiotic relationship between a narcissist and a co-dependent. It works, but it is not love. Please read my book.

Does a narcissist teach that no race has superiority over the other?

Did Muhammad teach that?  Muhammad believed that Arabs are superiors to all other races, the Quraish are superior to other Arabs, the Bani Hashims are superior to other clans and that he is superior to all mankind.  There are several hadiths that prove that. You can find them in my book.

Muslims so disdain the black race that Ahmad ibn Abi Sulayman, the companion of Sahnun said, “Anyone who says that the Prophet was black should be killed. [Ibn Musa al-Yahsubi, Qadi ‘Iyad. Ash-Shifa. Tr. Aisha Abdarrahman Bewley. Medina Press, fifth print 2004, p.375]

Please see this short video if you still are under the delusion that Islam is for equality of races.

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633 Responses

  1. Abdul Majid says:

    @Slave of Prophet
    Let me correct/edit first para of my above post here

    /You are a non-believer in prophet. Do not make fool of Muslims/.
    Exactly i am more believer in robber and pedophile
    The editing is ,"Exactly i am "not any"…believer in robber and pedophile.

    You have not answered the following crucial para's from my above post.
    1./Prophet said it is haram in the eyes of Allah if moustache go in mouth. So, it is better for believers to get shave their moustache completely./
    Who created human being ? if Allah than why he allowed mustache to grow .If not than there is another power above Allah you accept this.

    2./Woman also likes shaved moustache person./
    See how low level Mohammed was and you call him divine personalities. His all preaching was wobble around penny and pussy.He is only a low level "penny pussy" prophet,you accept this.

    dear answer these too para's,and than further debate.

  2. Abdul Majid says:

    All here pay their attention Now i am going to reveal an hidden authentic Hadith supposed to be compiled during the life time of Mohammed (predates Quran). Because it revealed to Mohammed while taking bath in zem zem water it is known as "zem zem Hadith".There is one sura called "fhatey safed bal", in it , Allah insist Mohammed not to dye his hair with black colour.Mohammed asked Allah ,"oh Allah i am bald now ,how can I colour my hair,Allah laughed and said stupid this is for the follower of faith". Actually Mohammed was bald and deprived of mustache too ,this is a sign of impotency .Abu Bakr, Utman ,Omar ,Ali were dyeing their hair while visiting Mohammed ,they look young and all women in the harem were looking at these gentlemen with lust full eye's.Mohammed knew the reason of repeated visit of all these people to his house and the attitude of all these women in harem towards these gentlemen. With an intention of striping these people from hair dyeing so that the woman should not get attracted and to make these people too impotent like him he sought the help of Allah, lo!! Allah came and revealed the above sura .The sura continue further,every men should grow beard but not mustache,every one should wear skull cap(obviously to hide Mohammed's bald head). This above Hadith was recently excavated in Mecca from the rubble of an old mud house.

    • I-HATE-ISLAM says:

      Thanks for the authentic revelation. That explains why Muhammad dyed his hair and even eye lashes. Not satisfied with those effeminate things, he went further to wear the clothes of his wives to 'get inspiration'. And the knuckle heads are stupid enough to regard him as anything other than a fraudster.

    • Abdul Majid says:

      oh!! this is sensational ,this site is providing awe some information about this Mohammed and his cult ,thanks for this inputs.

    • Slave of Prophet says:

      @Kufr Abdul Majid
      You are a non-believer in prophet. Do not make fool of Muslims. You are an apostate in disguise of believers name. Prophet was a scientific personality. He taught believers how to maintain attractive / divine personality. Skull cap is symbol of believers. Prophet said it is haram in the eyes of Allah if moustache go in mouth. So, it is better for believers to get shave their moustache completely. Woman also likes shaved moustache person.

    • Abdul Majid says:

      @Slave of Prophet

      /You are a non-believer in prophet. Do not make fool of Muslims/.
      Exactly i am more believer in robber and pedophile

      /Prophet was a scientific personality/
      In which faculty he was scientific ,washing and cutting banana

      /He taught believers how to maintain attractive / divine personality./
      wearing scull cap and half size pajama growing beard drinking camel urine and taking bath once in a weak does this make attractive huh! .What divinity a thug carries.

      /Prophet said it is haram in the eyes of Allah if moustache go in mouth. So, it is better for believers to get shave their moustache completely./
      Who created human being ? if Allah than why he allowed mustache to grow .If not than there is another power above Allah you accept this.

      /Woman also likes shaved moustache person./
      See how low level Mohammed was and you call him divine personalities. His all preaching was wobble around penny and pussy.He is only a low level "penny pussy" prophet,you accept this.
      I am ashamed to call this Mad man's believer.It don't make any difference to me ,if you call me Kufr.

    • Slave of Prophet says:

      @Abdul Majid
      Washing the private parts is culture of civilized people. Animals do not do this. Prophet was a scientific person. He was aware enough about the shortage of water in desert land. So, at such land like Arabia desert taking bath once in a weak enough and it is a humanistic and scientific approach. Scull cap is symbol of believers. Why do have problem with half Pajama? In western country people especially ladies have outfit like panty/ knickers only. Muslim are much batter than them. How will you feel if a pubic hair found in you meal? All world is mad after pussy. If not what you do with your girl.

    • I-HATE-ISLAM says:

      Slave mentality,
      It was very ' scientific' of your prophet to have washed his private part but went unkempt for ages with the result that his head was infested with lice. Clearly allah did not have problems with such a poor state of personal hygiene. Instead of getting water for daily baths, he was obsessed with perfumes to cover the body stench which oozed from his filthy body. Aisha told how she used to perfume him everyday before he went round all his wives. There is something wrong with allah which abhorred mustache entering one's mouth while condoning body odor and head lice.

  3. redjupiter says:

    I ma extremely bemused by Muslims' comments here. they arguing in circles against all the evidence. For me it is simple, I dont need to read any book whatsoever except the Quran. What di I find there, hatred and f violence against fellow human. That was enough for me to condemn it as a fake and a religion. It laos amuses me, that when muslims (here) ran out of arguments they made him "The most influential man in history". Are they saying because he is influential then he is a holy man? :-) talk about brainwashing.

  4. Cookson says:

    Surely the Fourth Pillar will fare better: "4. To perform Hajj." Nope. That's impossible too.

    The only explanations of the Hajj are in the Sunnah. No aspect of the pilgrimage can be performed without referencing the Hadith. Muslims would be lost without it.
    Do you suppose Allah will redeem himself and explain the final pillar in his "perfect, detailed, and final revelation to mankind?"

    Bukhari:V1B2N7 "5. To observe fast during the month of Ramadan." Guess what? Allah forgot to explain the nature of the fast. Without the Hadith, Muslims would be expected to forgo eating during the entire month of Ramadhan. But that's not the way they observe the fast, for it's not the way it's explained in the Sunnah. As a matter of fact, without the Hadith, Muslims wouldn't know why Ramadhan was special.

    The only account of the initial revelation is in their Traditions – initially chronicled by Ishaq and then copied by Bukhari, Muslim, and Tabari.

    Without Ibn Ishaq and those who copied and edited his arrangement of Hadith concerning Muhammad’s words and deeds, there would be no Islam. The Qur'an is senseless and the Five Pillars are meaningless. Faith is folly. And that's especially true since the lone individual responsible for Islam, Allah, and the Qur'an, preached: Bukhari:V9B88N174 "Allah’s Apostle said, 'Far removed from mercy are those who change the religion of Islam after me! Islam cannot change!'"

    The penalty for escaping Muhammad’s clutches has always been high. Bukhari:V4B52N260 "The Prophet said, 'If a Muslim discards his religion, kill him.'" This was no ordinary prophet or religion. No, Muhammad was special. He was a terrorist and a pirate, and you don't find too many of those in religious circles. Bukhari:V4B52N220 "Allah’s Apostle said, 'I have been made victorious with terror. The treasures of the world were brought to me and put in my hand.'"

    Yes, Islam was always about power, money, sex and Mohammad. It was all about Muhammad, and he knew it. That is why he required his Sunnah, or example to be enacted as law.

    Tabari IX:82 "The Messenger sent [killer] Khalid out to collect taxes with an army of 400 and ordered him to invite people to Islam before he fought them. If they were to respond and submit, he was to teach them the Book of Allah, the Sunnah of His Prophet, and the requirements of Islam. If they should decline, then he was to fight them."

    His Sunnah has become the basis for Islamic law – the most repressive code on earth. And Muslims follow his example, which is why they are the most violent people on earth.

    So it all comes down to this: If the Hadith Collections of Ishaq, Tabari, Bukhari and Muslim are true, Muhammad was the most evil man who ever lived, Allah was the most demented god ever conceived, and Islam was the most vile doctrine ever imposed on humankind. If, however, the Hadith Collections are untrue, then nothing is known of Muhammad, the conception of his god, or his formation of Islam. There is no rational reason to believe it, observe it, suffer under it, or die for it.

  5. Cookson says:

    It all comes down to this: If the Hadith Collections of Ishaq, Tabari, Bukhari and Muslim are true, Muhammad was the most evil man who ever lived, Allah was the most demented god ever conceived, and Islam was the most vile doctrine ever imposed on humankind. If, however, the Hadith Collections are untrue, then nothing is known of Muhammad, the conception of his god, or his formation of Islam. There is no rational reason to believe it, observe it, suffer under it, or die for it.

    • Cookson says:

      Contradictions aside and priorities confused, I promised to resolve Islam’s absolute reliance on the Sunnah by analyzing the "officially recognized" Pillars.

      To begin: Bukhari:V1B2N7 "Allah’s Apostle said: 'Islam is based on (the following) five (principles):

      1. To testify that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and Muhammad is Allah’s Apostle.'" Let's tackle them one at a time.
      In its present order, the Qur'an's initial surah, the 2nd, (the 1st is an invocation, not a revelation as it speaks to god not to man) makes a transition from Ar-Rahman to Allah.
      But as we read on, this changes.
      The Qur'anic God becomes Ar-Rahman again and then a nameless Lord. Without the chronology the Sira's Hadith provide, Muslims don't know who God is or how many of them there are.

      Furthermore, they know nothing about the "Apostle." Without the Sunnah, acknowledging him in the profession of faith is like a recording device asking to be credited for bringing you the songs of your favorite artist.
      But it gets worse.

      The Qur'an orders Muslims to obey the Messenger. If you don't know what he ordered, that's impossible. The Qur'an alleges that it's entirely composed of Allah’s commands, not Muhammad’s, so you'd be out of luck.

      The Qur'an also tells Muslims that they must follow the Messenger's example, yet the only place that example is established is in the Sunnah. Therefore, Islam’s First Pillar is utterly meaningless, and impossible to implement, without Ishaq and Tabari.

      The Second Pillar is: "2. To offer the (compulsory congregational) prayers dutifully and perfectly."

      Once again, that's not feasible. The "compulsory congregational prayer" isn't described in the Qur'an. There aren't even any clues. In fact, the Qur'an says that there should be three prayers, none of which it depicts, and the Hadith demands five. The only explanation of the obligatory prostration is found in the Sunnah – and even then it's never described by the prophet himself. Muslims are performing a ritual without Qur'anic precedence. As such, the Second Pillar is rubble.

      Let's see if the Third Pillar survives without the Sunnah. To find out, we turn to the Hadith: Bukhari:V1B2N7 "3. To pay Zakat." How is that possible when the terms of the Zakat are omitted from the Qur'an? The first to commit them to paper was Ishaq. A century later, Tabari referenced Ishaq's Hadith. The only reason Muslims can pay the Zakat is because Ishaq explained it to them. Islam is bankrupt without the Sira.

  6. Cookson says:

    Islam is a caustic blend of regurgitated paganism and twisted Bible stories. Muhammad, its lone prophet, conceived his religion solely to satiate his lust for power, sex, and money. He was a terrorist., a paedophile, a murderer, a brigand. And if you think these conclusions are shocking, wait until you see the evidence.

    And if you think that this is wrong – read the slam’s scriptures, the Sira, The Hadiths, The Tarikh.

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