Going From Bad to Worse

Dear Ali Sina

I am from the Maldives, a tiny country sitting in the indian ocean. we were Buddhists earlier, but seems and Arab merchant by the name Abul Barakaathul Barbary defeated a sea demon (which came for virgin girls every month) by reciting the whole Quran, and the king was so impressed and the whole country converted to Islam. but we all know the truth and that the Buddhists were butchered by the Islamic sword and the sea demon is just like a story from Quran.

Our country does not allow any religions other than Islam. The constitution says we have to be Sunni Muslims. Recently the first democratically elected president was ousted by a coup. They accused him of being an infidel who is trying to build churches in the Maldives and now we have the militant Islamic movement, which is saying that even moderate Muslims are kafirs.

Recently they tried to murder a fellow apostate for challenging the only Sunni Muslim policy by saying he was a Sufi Muslim. They tried to slash his throat but they did not succeed. It was the 2nd attempt on his life.

This is what we apostates in the Maldives have to live with, in fear and lies, pretending to be Muslims and there is no way out of this place.

Things are going from bad to worse. Now they are trying to implement the death penalty through Sharia, and they are trying so hard to eradicate democracy that give people power.

I wanted to ask you, what is your advice on this situation? I know the moment anyone finds out I am an apostate i will be prosecuted or murdered on the streets before the law can get a hold of me.

You are an inspiration to me. You gave me the knowledge to know what Islam truly is and I have enormous respect for you.


Dear Sophia

On the surface it seems that things are going from bad to worse everywhere.  Quasi secular dictatorships are overthrown in Arab counties only to be replaced by Islamic dictatorships that are thousand times worse.

This is bad in the short run.  But that is what Muslims need to go through to see Islam for what it really is and spit it out for good.

Take the example of Iran.  The Islamic regime in Iran has made most Iranians apostate. If Iranians are given freedom most of them will renounce Islam publicly, even as many of them have done this already privately.

The vast majority of Muslims still have no idea what Islam is. They still have a romantic view of it. Only a true Islamic government can bring them to reality. They must taste the venom of Islam before they spit it out.

The near future is bleak for all Islamic countries. Human rights will be violated and poverty and suffering will increase. Maldives, like Egypt, relies  on tourism for its survival.  This industry in these two countries will suffer badly. People will be impoverished and their Islamic governments will increase pressure to keep them compliant.  Eventually, they will erupt. There will be a lot of killing as Muslim regimes are ruthless. But once freedom is restored Islamic societies will be purged from Islam.

The Islamic regime in Iran is on its last leg. Islamic regimes in other countries will have a shorter life.  I don’t think Islam will survive another twenty years.  Its oppression is becoming unbearable. The Islamic terrorism is on the rise, the Islamic dictatorship is on the rise, the human rights abuses are on the rise, and the non-Muslims are awakening to the threat of Islam.  Something has to give in. Of course many innocent people will be sacrificed before things get better.

What we can do meanwhile is to spread the truth about this evil cult.  We have to do this discretely and anonymously, especially if you live in an Islamic country.  Islam becomes stronger by killing us. Islam is like Dracula, the more blood it drinks the stronger it becomes. You have to first take care of your safety and then use mediums such as the Internet to spread the truth and awaken the  Muslims. If every apostate helps other Muslims to see the light, it won’t take long before we become the majority. There is magic in exponential growth.

Fasten your seat belt as we are about to go through a very turbulent tempest. But be also certain that we will come out of it. We will defeat Islam and behead this monster. Victory will be ours. Stupidity and ignorance cannot stand the truth.

When the UN Human Rights chief called for a public debate in the Maldives on the practice of flogging women accused of extra marital sex, Maldives’ Foreign Minister Ahmed Naseem said, “What’s there to discuss about flogging? There is nothing to debate about in a matter clearly stated in the religion of Islam. No one can argue with God.”  Naseem is right. No one can argue with God. The only thing left for us to do is to challenge the authenticity of this Islamic god. Is Allah God or is he the Devil? Is he real or the figment of the sick mind of a mentally disturbed man? This is the only thing left for us to debate.

Those who think Islam can become moderate are either fools or deceivers.  Make no mistake they are the enemy.  People like Holland C. Tylor, Zuhdi Yassser, Tarik Fatah, etc., are deceivers.  They are not our allies.   Once we accept Islam as God’s religion we have to accept all its consequences and submit to people like Naseem.  We can no longer argue with his logic. Those who don’t like the Islamic laws are left with no other option than to denounce this faith of hate altogether.


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324 Responses

  1. hindusml says:

    Beware Maldivian – Check this out[youtube oij99bDBoOY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oij99bDBoOY youtube]

  2. I'm no Almighty says:


    It is only for our Mental Peace & Pleasure & Social/Psychological Needs that we believe in some form of God. Worshiping God is Not Mandate of God. Even Human Parents will not hit their Childern to Wall if they disobey them leave alone prasing them, then how come The Most Merciful God turns More Cruel than Saitan just if some one donot worship him. Pl tell your fellow beings not to play at the hands of Saitan in the disguise of serving God !

  3. suresh says:

    very nice article, Mr Ali Sina ! you are a ray of hope for freedom

  4. meet says:

    Mohammad was a fraud , but you can still call out to God, When you are forced to practice rituals , submit them to the real God and pray for guidance.

  5. hoper says:

    dr Ali Sina

    how these dictators in middle east were kicked in 4 months who ruled more than 4 decades , is any outerforce is responsible for this

  6. Ali says:

    Yes you do that Bjorn. Keep living in the shadows like your god Ali Sina.

    Forget your great great grandchildren's lifetimes, you won't see Islam regress until the end of times. Unfortunately, you guys are fighting a losing battle.

    Accept defeat and move on.

    • Julia says:

      @ ALI(EN) "Yes you do that Bjorn. Keep living in the shadows like your god Ali Sina. "
      YES WE DO TAQIYYA TOO !! THAT IS ONE "GOOD" THING ISLAM DID TEACH US : WE SMILE IN YOUR FACE WHIL OUR HEARTS (AND ON INTERNET) CURSE YOU !! (REMEMBER: Al-Bukhari recorded that Abu Ad-Darda' said, "We smile in the face of some people although our hearts curse them. )
      Aren't you happy now,we follow your example !!!

    • Mary Colleen says:

      I think you must be a terribly lonely and sad person, Ali. I will pray for you too. For the truth to touch your heart. Islam is not God's truth. Allah is not God. Allah is the name of the pagan god of the moon. It cannot stand up to the one true God. Allah is a shadow whereas God is Light! May the God of our fathers bless you and bring you to the Truth!

    • Julia says:

      Dear and honest MARY !
      Thank you four your honest reaction !
      It is about time that we WOMEN stand up and fight against this evil and women- oppressing CULT ISLAM.
      Go on fighting by telling to everybody and everywhere the truth about Islam ! JUST THE TRUTH WILL DO THE JOB ! ISLAM MUST BE DESTROYED BECAUSE IT IS AN EVIL CULT OF AN EVIL SELFISH MAN , THE FAKE PROHET MOHAMMED !!!

    • aminriadh says:

      "Allah is the name of the pagan god of the moon."

      How do you know? And why do Christians and Jews – use the word Allah too? For example see the Arabic Bible.

      Allah – simply means – "The God"

      al – is the Arabic definite article

      Illah – means God.

      – – –

      " Allah is a shadow whereas God is Light! "

      How so – when Allah simply means the God.

    • Julia says:

      The god of Jews and Christians is JHWEH .THIS IS HIS NAME IN THE BIBLE. And you know that very well. Illah means god (no CAP as you did ,TAQIYYA MUSLIM)) in general in Arabic. Allah is the name of a god of the pre-islamic pagans.They had 360 gods (illah) one of which was called ALLAH . And your evil fake prophet took this ALLAH as his only god (besides himself of course.

    • I'm no Almighty says:

      Your name is Aminriadh wherever you go, in any language you are spelt. Your clothing/food/ behaviour is same whre ever you go. How come God will be called in different names at different place. Oh! God & His(?) Qualities is also Relativistic in nature ?

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  2. 14 August, 2012

    [...] http://alisina.org/going-from-bad-to-worse/  Rate this:Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInEmailPrintStumbleUponRedditDiggLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. [...]

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