Pharaoh in the Quran and other Miracles

Hi Mr Sina,

Few months back in the famous city of Lagos here in Nigeria, a certain mysterious news filled the pages of newspapers. It was said that a baby was born holding the Quran.  People rushed in their numbers to visit the venue where the incidence occurred. A few weeks later, another baby was said to be born in Ogun State (a south western state in Nigeria) holding the Islamic rosary.

Muslims claim both incidences confirm that Islam is the true way to God.   What is your opinion about these claims? Is it possible to implant these objects in the uterus and put them in the hands of babies before their birth or could this be the proof that Islam is true?

Dear Emmanuel,

These stories are not true. No child is born holding a Quran or a rosary in his or her hand. These are lies Muslims concoct to promote their religion. They have been doing this since 1400 years. Islam cannot be proven with logic and facts. It is a very irrational faith and it is very easy to prove that it is false. So Muslims resort to their favorite trick, deception, to advance their faith.  They shamelessly lie. You have to understand this and keep it in your mind any time you listen to a Muslim preaching his faith, because they lie.

A few years ago many Internet blogs and even the media reported a child in an Islamic village in Russia whose skin reproduced the verses of the Quran.  The benighted Muslims had no difficulty gobbling this claim. This was no miracle. The child had a skin disorder known as dermatographic urticarial.

A few days ago I received this video in the mail.

As long as there are fools who believe in any nonsense, there will be people who will come forth with these fake miracles to grab attention.  Isn’t it pathetic that a child can fool a television station and a whole nation? The reason is because Muslims want to be fooled.

There are thousands of such claims that Muslims make daily. They have no shame lying for their faith. In fact they believe lying is a good thing to promote Islam.


A couple of days ago someone asked me about another claimed miracle regarding the Pharaoh being mentioned in the Quran. Muslims claim that when in 1974 the mummified body of Ramses II was brought to Paris, because a fungus was causing its rapid degeneration, the scientists discovered salt in his lungs and someone pointed out the verse of the Quran that says after Pharaoh chased Moses he was drowned in the sea.   However, in the last moment he became a believer and Allah told him because you were a mischief-maker we are not going to save you but we will save your body so you may be a sign to those who come after you. (Quran 10:90-92).

The fact is that the Old Testament does not say the Pharaoh’s body was saved to be a sign for the posterity. Exodus 14:28 says “And the waters returned, and covered the chariots, and the horsemen, and all the host of Pharaoh that came into the sea after them; there remained not so much as one of them. Psalm 136:15 confirms that Pharaoh and his army were perished in the sea. The same confirmation is made in Exodus 15:19.

Muslims claim that Muhammad knew something that the Bible had not mentioned, i.e., the body of Pharaoh was saved, so this proves the Quran is from God and this miracle caused the conversion of one of the scientists examining the mummy.

Just like all other miracles that Muslims claim this one is also a deception. Ramses II lived c. 1303 BC – 1213 BC. As for when Moses lived Jerome’s Chronicon (4th century) gives 1592 for the birth of Moses, the 17th-century Ussher chronology calculates 1619 BC (Annals of the World, 1658). Therefore, Ramses II and Moses were not contemporary.

Furthermore, Ramses II was not drowned in the sea. He lived to be 90 years old and as the autopsy of his mummy revealed he died of arthritis, a typical disease of the old age affecting people who eat too much meat and animal products and not enough fresh veggies. (Go vegan!)  Consequently, the story stated in the Quran that the body of Pharaoh was saved after drowning cannot be true.

But why would Muhammad say such thing?   He must have heard the biblical story of the drowning of the Pharaoh’s men from the Christian preachers and the Jews many times.  The Bible does not say that Pharaoh himself was drowned. In those days people had no other book but the Bible and that is what they talked about all the time. However, Muhammad had also heard about the mummification of pharaohs from storytellers.  He thought pharaoh is the name of one king and so the only way he could reconcile these stories was to assume that Pharaoh’s body must have been saved after being drowned and then mummified. And why would the body be saved?  Well maybe because he finally became a believer. Thus our genius solved the puzzle. The Bible does not say that Pharaoh became a believer. Muhammad made this up.

This made sense to him, except for the fact that pharaoh is not a proper name. It is a title, like king and president. An estimated 332 pharaohs ruled Egypt belonging to 30 dynasties.  Assuming the Biblical narrative of the Red Sea opening and closing to drown the Pharaoh and his army is true, Ramses II could not have been that drowned Pharaoh.

If the story in the Bible is a myth, then the claims made in the Quran rehashing this myth are nonsense. If the story is true, the Quran is wrong because it contradicts the Bible and makes an unsubstantiated and false claim that the body of Pharaoh was saved.

All these errors in the Quran prove one thing and that is Muhammad was indeed an illiterate man. Although he could read and write a little, it is clear that he had not read a single book in his life and most certainly he was very ignorant about the content of the Bible.

One thing is a fact that from among thousands of miracles that Muslims claim to evidence the truth of their faith none is true.  They are all deceptions and lies.

There is no miracle in the Quran. There is only confusion that point to the fact that the author of this book was an ignoramus.

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663 Responses

  1. joompeke says:

    God has said in (Quran2v23-25). And if u are in doubt about what We have revealed (the Quran) to Our Worshiper (Muhammad SAW), then produce a chapter like it, and call ur witnesses (supporters and helpers) besides God if you are truthfuf. And if u do not do it, and u can NEVER do it, then fear the Fire (HELL) whose fuel is Men and Stones. It has been prepared for disbelievers. And give good news (O Muhammad) to those who believe and do good deeds, that for them are gardens (Paradise) in which rivers flow…. Qur 2v23-25)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Please first of all go get a life and stop making fun of other people's  religions  and you have no right to call Allah a liar or his prophet Muhammed (SAW) mine your own business if all these miracles and Quran is crap then stop worrying if it is fake or real and if people believe our crap there will come a day when you will see that Allah is REAL and Muhammed is NOT in Hell he is in Heaven with the rest of the prophets and that's all I wanted you to know and to everyone who makes fun of Islam 

  3. world4kings says:

    dont forget life is short, everybody will die , ali sina will die , anti islam will vanish , ex muslim will realised for stupid leave islam

    • Ali Sina says:

      Yes we all die and Muslims will be sent to hell where Muhammad is burning as you read this.

  4. world4kings says:

    islam is real, allah is real, islam have real miracle, example did you know that earth has two sea is fresh & salt? quran say earh has two sea is fresh & salt, 

    did you seen five finger? you see muslim pray five time a day ? 

  5. Guest says:

    Well, I wouldn't say it's fair to consider a religion to be "false" due to some irrational behaviour done by people alone and not what the religion itself says. Let's not forget that there are different SECTS of Islam (same as Catholic and evangelism of Christianity) telling something different each about the religion Islam which again means you can't judge the whole religion Islam and what the Quran says just by taking stuff which ONE sect of Islam does. Yes , I am a muslim and I am disgusted about the lies some people try to spread but luckily I'm in such a sect of Islam (ahmadiyya) where this is not done and people like us realize how utterly false these messages are. I got interested about the pharaoh article and I believe (I could be mistaken) you are talking about this prophecy. This is explained here… .
    And to clear off one thing, I believe in the Quran and ahmadiyya because it's more logical to me and NOT because I try to spread lies, if you believe otherwise and think it's not logical and far from being right then I don't mind reading those views and seeing if I agree with it or not. However, perhaps we should take a step back from being prejudice about Islam.

    • cchuckc says:

      Mainstream Islam considers Ahamadiya to be a lie. So much so that your sect is banned in its own homeland.

  6. Baber Ahmad Khushal says:

    Well I have read all your comments and come to the conclusion that everyone present here wants to dominate another by their convincing speech…
    Sometimes it's not the words that we speak but the idea that matters..
    Truly there is hell alot of difference in ratio of Muslims and Non-Muslims on this site And No-body know much about relegion…so the best way is to go on youtube and write "Dr.Zakir Naik challenge to Christen scholars"
    My friends your likes or dislikes never matters for me,All I want you to know is that , what you think is not what it really is… 
    Get some info and Get well soon :) 

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