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Crucifixion in the Quran

All four Gospels say that Jesus was crucified. The story of his crucifixion is given in detail in Mark 15. 21-41; Matt. 27.32-44; Luke 23. 26-43 and John 19. 17-27, Despite this the Quran...

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Islamic Cosmos

The Quran and the Hadith contain references to creation of the world and physical realities that are nothing short of scientific heresies. Despite the efforts of many Muslim apologists who have tried to reinterpret...

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Who Taught Allah Math?

Throughout my writings I have demonstrated that Muhammad was a liar. In this article I will show that at least in one case he was told the truth. Tthat is when he claimed to...

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Seven Layers of Heaven

Harun Yahya, had published the following article on his site.  After I clarified his error, he removed it.  However, there are still other Islamic sites that show this article. The Layers of the Atmosphere...

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Jinns and Shooting Stars

Like his Bedouin contemporaries, Muhammad believed in shadowy beings and ghosts. These mythical creatures were known as Jinn. Muhammad spoke extensively about jinns.  He told his followers that jinns were made of fire. They..., generic cialis usa, brand levitra cheap, priligy 90mg,