An Olive Branch For Sheila Musaji

Last night, searching the web, I stumbled upon website and read a few articles by Sheila Musaji.  Ms. Musaji has dedicated all her energy to malign the anti-Jihad activists such as Wafa Sultan, Aayan Hirsi Ali, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, myself and others.  It was my bed time, but I could not resist the temptation of sending her an email. I did not expect to hear from her. To my surprise, again going to her website to see who else she has targetted  I found her responce  to me. No, she did not send me an email to let me know.  Don’t ask me why!  Only she can explain the wisdom of her ways.  I found it by sheer accident.

Well, this is a great start.  I think we’re going to have fun. Let us see how it will work out.  The following is what I wrote and what she wrote.   She had even the courtesy to correct my typos by highlighting them. What can one ask more?

I have a feeling this is going to be an interesting debate, unless Ms. Musaji decides to cut it short, in which case  I won’t be surprised, only a bit disapointed.

To read my response to Ms Musaji, please come back tomorrow.


Ali Sina Launches Sharpened Olive Branch of Hate

by Sheila Musaji
Today I received this email from Ali Sina with the heading “Sending you an olive branch”:

Dear Ms. Sheila Musaji

I read a few of your articles and see you have dedicated your efforts to malign the apostates, those who are fed up with Islam and want to protect the non-Muslim world from its onslaught. Of course you don’t see it that way. That’s okay. Maybe one day you will.

I have an offer for you. How about I send you a copy of my book, Understanding Muhammad? You read it. I promise by the time you are done you will no longer want to be a Muslim.

Now you may think this is ridiculous because nothing in the world can change your views about Islam. That is okay. Read it anyway. Read it, not with an open mind but with hatred in your heart against me. Read it with close mind and strive hard to deny all the evidences that I present and try to find errors in it. Resist all my claims. By the time you are done reading the book you’ll lose your faith.

And what if you don’t? I promise you will. I have sent my book to hundreds of Muslims. They all promised to read it and get back to me showing my errors. I told them that I will publish their rebuttal. A percentage of them wrote back to thank me for opening their eyes. They are now fighting alongside me helping other Muslims to leave Islam. Another group wrote to say I have a diabolic ability to induce doubt in Muslims and hence they stopped reading further. But most of them never replied. Not a single person wrote back to do what they promised they’d do, i.e. refute me and show my errors. Not one person! Isn’t that something? Are you willing to take this challenge?

Should you agree to read the book and refute it, I will publish your rebuttal and if you are correct I will withdraw my book from circulation, my membership from SION, and will stop my sites and There is also a financial reward of $50 K that I would give to you so you can donate to the charity of your choice.

If you are sincere you’d admit that by doing that you’d achieve a lot more than writing against me, Wafa Sultan (who is by the way my spiritual daughter) and other people in anti-Islam movement. After all these years I have gained some “notoriety.” If you refute my book I will stop my anti-Islam activity and people will notice. I’ve led thousands of Muslims out of Islam. Maybe many of them will want to take another look at Islam. Don’t say I am insignificant. Maybe in real life I am, but in the anti-Islam movement I have a name and a reputation. You’ll lose two days reading a book that you hate. In exchange you may eliminate a “notorious” enemy of Islam and in fact may even win him to your side. You know the story of Islam. Many of its great supporters were originally its staunch enemies. I could be one of them. Why not?  Don’t you believe in Allah’s power? All you’ve to do is read my book, which I will send to you in hard copy or in PDF, whatever is your choice. You can get help from your Muslim husband or imam or anyone you wish.

I am not going to publish this email, unless you ignore it. If you ignore it, it will be evidence of your lack of sincerity. My offer to you is sincere and generous. I’ve dedicated 14 years of my life fighting Islam. I am ready to stop and even apologize publicly, should you read my book and prove it wrong. Your investment is only two days of your time. You have nothing to lose except your faith in a lie. That is not bad at all.

If you ignore my offer, I will publish this email. Since you’ve dedicated your life to malign SION and its members I want the world to know you are not a sincere person. But if you reply and read my book, we’ve opened the line of dialogue. You’ll either leave Islam as I predict, or you’ll refute it and I will join Islam. I will also publish your rebuttal, which will help others to see the truth.

I am sending you an olive branch. The ball is now in your court.

Kind regards, Ali Sina



Dear Ali Sina (whoever that might be),

The book that you are offering to send to me has been in print since 2008 (4 years) and is published by your own Faith & Freedom Publishing company.  It is sold at, and it is listed as selling for $157.71.  Another of your books Understanding Islam & Muslims is listed as having only one new copy available for $999.99 although it was published in November of 2011.

If you are such an effective voice speaking against Islam that you can GUARANTEE that any Muslim reading your book will leave Islam, it would seem that you would want your books to be widely disseminated.  At these prices, that isn’t likely.  Perhaps this one on one method of soliciting readership from particular individuals is how the book was meant to be distributed.

I think that this offer is just a ploy.  I would not provide you with my mailing address, any more than you would provide me with yours.  Why would any sane person provide their mailing address to a total stranger who hides behind a pseudonymn?

Ali Sina is a pseudonymn, and not your real name.  I have no idea who you are.  I only know you by your writings, and in your own words I find evidence that you are an individual I would be wise to fear, not because of your ideas, but because of your hatred.  Here are a few of your own statements:

—  “We strive for the unity of Mankind through the elimination of Islam, the most insidious doctrine of hate. Islam can’t be reformed, but it can be eradicated. It can’t be molded, but it can be smashed. It is rigid but brittle. That is why Muslims do not tolerate criticism of it. To eradicate Islam, all we have to do is tell the truth. It’s that simple. The truth about Islam is out. It’s all here in this site. Now it is up to you to spread it. With truth, the decent Muslims will leave Islam and with each Muslim that leaves, we gain a new soldier in our fight against terrorism. We are growing exponentially. The days of Islam are numbered and world peace is around the corner. Many of us will see that day. We might have to go through very tough times meanwhile. The storm is approaching.

— “We do not want to reform Islam. We want to eradicate it. Just as cancer cannot be reformed and the only way to cure the patient is to eradicate it, Islam cant be reformed either and it must be eradicated for the world to be saved.”

— “Islam, like fascism, appeals to people with low self esteem and low intelligence. Both these ideologies are irrational. They disdain reason, and hail devotion and submission to a higher authority. Like fascists, Muslims are triumphalists. They seek power, domination and control. They pride themselves in their strength of number, in their mindless heroism, in their disdain for life and in their willingness to kill and die for their cause. Islam is political and political Islam is fascism.”

— “Tarek Fatah proves my point that there is no such thing as moderate Muslim … Every “moderate” Muslim is a potential terrorist. The belief in Islam is like a tank of gasoline. It looks innocuous, until it meets the fire. For a “moderate” Muslim to become a murderous jihadist, all it takes is a spark of faith.”

— “I promise that if we continue this campaign of discrediting Islam and Muslim scholars, in no more than a quarter of century, Islam will be defeated. Islam will fall, like communism fell. Mark my words today, even if you think I am nuts. If we all work together, especially the ex-Muslims, we can get rid of Islam sooner than anyone can imagine. Iran is already anti Islamic. More than half of Iranians do not call themselves Muslims anymore. We are demolishing Islam from its foundation. The edifice seems to be intact. But don’t let appearances deceive you. This high tower of lies will come down at once.

— “If any city in the West is nuked I am 100% for nuking tens of cities in Islamic countries. I don’t see Muslims as innocent people. They are all guilty as sin. It is not necessary to be part of al Qaida to be guilty. If you are a Muslim you agree with Muhammad and that is enough evidence against you.”

— “We love you Muslims because you are humans like us. We are all related to each other. We are all limbs of the body of mankind. But you are diseased. You are infected by a deadly cult that threatens our lives. Your humanity is destroyed. Like a limb infected by flesh eating disease, now you are a threat to the rest of mankind. We will do everything to save you, to make you see your folly, and to make you understand that you are victims of a gigantic lie, so you leave this lie, stop hating mankind and plotting for its destruction and it domination. But if all efforts fail and if you become a threat to our lives and the lives of our children, we must amputate you. This will happen, not because I say so, but I say so because this is human response. We humans are dictated by our survival instinct. If you threaten me and my survival depends on killing you, I must kill you. Please come to your senses. Muhammad was not a prophet of God. He was an instrument of Satan to divide mankind so we destroy each other. It is a demonic plot to end humanity. Muhammad lied. He brought hate. Wake up please. You are putting the world, including your own lives in danger for a lie. Read my book and learn the truth about Muhammad. … Islam is disease. What does moderate Muslim mean anyway? Does it mean you are moderately diseased? This makes as much sense as saying, I am a moderate Nazi, or I am culturally a fascist. I only participate in their rallies. Let us call you by your name. You are a hypocrite. You are a useful idiot. You are part of the problem. In fact you are THE problem. If it were not for you, we would easily recognize our enemy and eliminating it, would be easy. But you shield the enemy. You muddy the waters. You confuse us to hide the beast among you. You do not fool me, even though you may fool the non-Muslims. I know your hypocrisy. I know how you hide and support the terrorists secretly but publicly you denounce him and portray yourself as our friend.

If these words were not enough for me to form a judgement about whether or not I would want to interact with you, your email is filled with statements that make my decision very clear.

You open with a false accusation that I “malign apostates”.  I don’t malign people that you call apostates and that I call people who have chosen another faith than that they were born into. Actually, I strongly uphold freedom of faith, and am a signatory to a statement initiated by Muslims declaring our commitment to that freedom.

I have no problem with anyone, including yourself, choosing whatever religious path (or no path) for themselves that they find meaningful.  I am puzzled by the fact that some converts from one belief system to another find it necessary to disparage the faith that they have left.  Forty years ago, I chose Islam.  That was a very personal and private decision, and I feel no need to defend that choice by in any way disparaging my former faith.  In fact, to behave in such a manner would cheapen my choice.  There are different paths that are suitable for different people.  God will judge, not any human being.

I do respond, and respond strongly to those individuals who malign the faith of others whether through anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, anti-Mormonism, anti-Hinduism, or any other form of religious bigotry.  I respond particularly to Islamophobes because I believe that the poison that they spread directly endangers the safety and security of American Muslims including my own children.

You make an offer that you call “sending an olive branch” that includes a veiled threat “If you ignore my offer, I will publish this email … I want the world to know you are not a sincere person”.

Your patronizing statement You can get help from your Muslim husband or imam or anyone you wish shows your contempt for women and their ability to make their own choices and decisions.  I don’t need someone else to help me make my choices.

Your assumption that I might be motivated either by some need to gain notoriety by engaging in a polemical debate with a person who has attained “some notoriety” or by greed in considering the possibility of financial gain as an incentive is offensive.

I decline your offer. I have no time or interest in writing a rebuttal of your book. I am not interested in convincing people to leave whatever faith they have. I don’t need your help to distribute my writings on any topic that I choose to write about.  I don’t care what faith you hold.  I don’t care if your site is online or not, in fact it is good it is there so that people can judge for themselves what sort of poison you are spreading.

I don’t believe that declining your “challenge” proves my insincerity, but the challenge itself provides even more evidence of your own insecurity.  There is something wrong with a worldview that promotes the idea that demonizing others somehow increases your own stature.

I am ignoring your and publishing your email myself.  Others can judge for themselves the meaning of your offer and of my rejection of that offer.
“If it had been the will of your Lord that all the people of the world should be believers, all the people of the earth would have believed! Would you then compel mankind against their will to believe?”  [Qur’an 10:99]

“There shall be no compulsion in religion: the right way is now distinct from the wrong way. Anyone who denounces the devil and believes in GOD has grasped the strongest bond; one that never breaks. GOD is Hearer, Omniscient.”  [Qur’an 2:256]

”(O Prophet Muhammad) proclaim: ‘This is the Truth from your Lord. Now let him who will, believe in it, and him who will, deny it.’”  [Qur’an 18:29]

“Say, O Muhammad.  I worship not that which you worship, nor will you worship that which I worship.  And I shall not worship that which you are worshipping, nor will you worship that which I worship.  To you be your religion, and to me my religion.”  [Qur’an 109:1-6]

A Who’s Who of the Anti-Muslim/Anti-Arab/Islamophobia Industry

Islamophobia:  Real or Imagined

Ali Sina and Faith Freedom International, Sheila Musaji

SION:  Hate Groups Unite to Form an International Hate Coalition, Sheila Musaji


Please click here to read my response to Ms. Musaji

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No Responses

  1. Infidel says:

    No. Allah hates your ass. INFIDEL. ;P

  2. Infidel says:

    You know, I was actually thinking that the other day. Why would any self-respecting woman convert to Islam?

  3. vijay says:

    Your reply proves

  4. abe says:

    Sebetulnya mudah sekali mengalhakan israel dan amerika serikat kalau kta bisa menguasai bhs ingggris. Tapi hati-hati kursus bhs inggris. Bisa bisa kita tertipu kalo gak hatE-htai. berikut Ini tipsnya memilih kursus bahasa inggris:
    1- JANGAN pernah mau membayar KONTAN dimuka untuk biaya kursusnya, Karena itu BUKAN JAMINAN suatu kursus kwalitasnya tidak ABAL-ABAL. 2- Bila ternyata kursus tsb terbukti ABAL-ABAL, atau Anda tidak bisa datang kursus karena berbagai sebab, Anda tidak akan pernah bisa MENARIK uang Anda kembali dengan ALASAN APAPUN!
    3- Kalau diminta membayar DP atau Tanda Jadi dengan alasan peserta kursus untuk bulan ini dibatasi atau bulan depan harga kursus naik, JANGAN MAU! Selama dua tahun lebih saya mengamati Lembaga kursus semacam ini, ternyata tidak pernah membatasi jumlah siswanya! Biaya kursuspun dari dulu sampai sekarang tetap sama mahalnya, naik turun selisih seupil saja! Apa sih namanya lembaga kursus bahasa Inggris tsb? Cari saja iklannya di koran-koran! Tiap hari terbit kok.
    Ingat! English is easy to speak and cheap! Bhs Inggris itu mudah dan murah…. murah!
    Cerita lengkapnya ada di ATAU

  5. abe says:

    This one should be gramatically correct.

    Christian is based on "holywood" movie. All religious activity in christian is not based on
    Jesus. How did Jesus pray? How did he pray to God if he is God? Did jesus pray like you do
    today? Please repent before the judgment day comes. Christian is a cult and is not religion as it doesn't have any strong base to do the religious practice.

    Jesus is powerful, clever, inspiring, merciful, etc… etc… and I agree with that, but he is not God or son of God. He is only a prophet like the messengers before him. He was not crucified because he has power and skill to escape. He heal the sick, raised the dead and made see blind people. He must be able to turn someone into himself before they can catch him. Especially that day the criminals who would be crossed along with Jesus had long dense beard and mustaches combined with long messy hair cut.

    That condition made the Jews and Roman soldiers disoriented to determine the real Jesus. Why there was no eye witness who could be accountable enough to see Jesus escaped? Of course there was no witness. If there were witness, the Jews will never quit chasing him till today. If you read history you will know the persistant and stubborn habit of Jews.

    And if there were eye witness, there will be more sons of God. Not only one, but may be ten, twenty or one hundred sons of God. Thing and thing again and again, O, Christian, use your mind and brain. Why would someone like Jesus agreed to be crossed only to forgive everybody who believes in crucifiction?

    Would be there salvation if he was not nailed on the cross? If he put "Term and Condition Applied" to forgive you, than he was not sincere-holy man. Do you dare to proclaim that Jesus is neither sincere nor holy? O, Christian, enough is enough, stop bulliying with your cult. Jesus is forgiveness, full of love. He loves you full of energy, even if you believe that he was not crucified you will still be forgiven, by the real God, of course. And if you still believe in Jesus crucifiction, God is patient expecting you to wake up.

    Well… now let see the conclusion. If you realize enough that Jesus was not on the cross, who than the person which was tortured and killed brutallity on the cross? If you got little light of Jesus, no need to go to Harvard University and spend 4 years to observe it. The person which become icon of Christian and symbol of churches on earth is a criminal (might be a rapist, murderer, serial killer or a gay) who was like or dislike replaced Jesus to be executed.

  6. abe says:

    Mr. Aali Zina (not 'Ali Sina) who baek, do not be afraid of your campaign did not sell. Do not

    ranted worry you wind greeted empty. You should be pretty happy as the people

    Islamic teachings there is not running 100 percent. The majority of Muslims do not follow

    Prophetic teaching them thoroughly, komprhensif, integral, consistent alias kaaffffah

    (He started the letter L doble-doble, but not until reading spit). They prefer to live

    in pools of ignorance because the average lazy learning. The rich do not want to preach because

    lulled the world luxuries like in the Arab countries. The poor are more likely to seek the

    shortcut by way of corruption in Indonesia. Prostitution and adultery wrapped

    under the guise of religious and political organizations.

    Mr. Aali Zina (not 'Ali Sina) who baek, relaxed aja run your mission, yet demon-

    demons do not ever break your help. If too gembar – yells like a worm

    on fire (weve no beard worms?)'ll actually thought people were crazy again

    shouting in the market, because his wife left, then accuse God who fled the


    Speaking about the wife, the majority of Muslims do not want to marry their children, really. Apalgi

    that still smells kencur. Most women love the same mating adults who are plump and sexy.

    Well, as an American, too, hooked a ripe-ripe, Gil.

    Mr. Aali Zina (not 'Ali Sina) is good, try refreshing your Minda, visit

    psychiatrist or neurologist. Do not let your past trauma and torture you

    blame all certain to create a website, blog, seminar, seminur, discussion,

    debates etc.. All of that will only add to the trauma you deeper and more painful.

    Remember your mother breastfeeding a baby, taking care of you in times of pain, your menceboki

    kala ee, put your pants when you do not want to wear pants rebel, etc … and so on …

    Because even if you run out of ink and pen area lauatan tons, the more hostile you

    added a lot of followers. Growing and growing. Whether it's because of heredity

    or because of self-awareness. Try to find keword digoogle: The fastest

    growing religion.

    I myself wonder, why could seceapt, when I as a fan of heavy Prophet Muhammad,

    not been doing anything, just sitting, sleeping, playing games, eating, bathing, prayer, marriage,, krja,

    etc.. Ane religious thoughts do not ever want to spread ato nope, I do not care. But kejadianya

    really like Google, yes. Maybe because it was already kehendah the Almighty. Let

    like any effort devoted to extinguish the light of God, uh, still appears

    and emerging new followers … and those who try to extinguish religious development

    God, even keblesek and incoming water buffalo wallow keblesek sand exploiters, the

    he struggled, the more quickly swallowed sand.
    So just relax gan. (confused?)

  7. abe says:

    In Indonesia there are more than 200 million muslims. Do you think all of stupid? In china there are 140 million muslims. Are they like wise?

  8. Julia says:


  9. Julia says:

    Youmean ISA. Jesus is not mentioned in the Quran. ISA is a figment of MOHAMMED !!!

  10. Julia says:

    I agree with you 100%.
    Great reaction !!!
    This Sheila Musajis is clearly a half-brain (as mohammed pointed it out) and a traitor to the USA.

  11. wara says:

    Dear Ali, Is it possible to get a copy of free edition of Understanding muhammed.

  12. Boiragi says:

    wow…I have seen you in Kashif Khan's blog and now you are here. Great if you and Ali Sina can join then it will be even a bigger force.

    I am so happy now.

  13. ONO says:

    All I can say is that God loves you very much my dear and pray He opens your heart and mind to the true reality of His person. Islam is about outward show, conquest and boasting in numbers and buildings yet defunct of any speck of spirituality, love and knowledge. Thank God, he is opening a lot of hearts in captivity to this religion and shining the true light into them.

  14. car313 says:

    After going through the exchange (if you can call it that) one cannot but help feeling that Mohammad got it right about the average women when he said they are deficient in intellect and weak in faith – Sheila Musaji, Karen Armstrong, Tony Blair's sister in law, Imran Khan's jewish mistress and that another journalist bimbo immediately come to mind.(The one who after a relentless mass rape by about 30 Momeens under the blue Egyptian sky on the hot asphalt of Tahrir square, commented that nothing else can be expected in patriarchal male dominated societies while completely leaving out the "momeen-kuffar", or the "uncovered meat-flies" world view of her rapists).

    Being the victim of a cougar we can understand Mohammad's need to get even with women. If a resource less young hyper-sexed man is patronized by an elder woman in need of support and companionship, it can be quite traumatic for both depending upon the concurrent social ethos. The humiliation of being "married" to an "old" woman would have resulted in some ridicule, a few snide remarks and many insinuating comments. The jeopardy is multiplied if the elder woman is a person of means and the young man is – shall we say somewhat inconsequential. (To this toxic mix we have to add his childhood deprivation and metarnal rejection, which he compensated for by peevishly prohibiting adoption and finalised by marrying his foster daughter in law in open defiance of prevailing tribal custom.) Having no means to either internalize or accept it, he simply went on to compose one of the most misogynistic texts ever written. But remorse and guilt drove him to project his hatred and he concocted the story of being taught by Gabriel. This partially doused his guilt, but has lead to 17 centuries of misery. His intercourse with the Kinana's widow is the virtuoso culmination of his psycho-pathic need to utterly humiliate, subjugate and demean women before he could guiltlessly rape them. This psychology is also revealed when we read that even while Aisha was a baby crawling on fours he is recorded as having said that he would marry her if he was still alive when she was eligible. Ayatollah Khomeini legitimizes this for the present epoch by recommending that an infant can be sexually "enjoyed" by inter-crural penetration.

    Of course, all religions (ALL) spring partly from the male obsession with sex, female need for security and their common terror of certain death. They then proceed to exchange their insecurity. While the woman is more or less satisfied, man still feels a little hollow. So he invents religion. Meanwhile smart people become prophets and then generally start having a ruthlessly nice time. There are risks but they are all well worth taking. Muhammad had women falling all over him and men cringing. He was getting booty, the war slaves and widows, land and the most valuable – recognition, fear, respect and the capacity to spare or take life. While fornicating all they can, prophets generally go ahead and propose impossible conditions for female chastity while totally exonerating predatory male lust for which these megalomaniacs are well known.

    So there it stands – honorable men are despised as effeminate by women who would rather favour death row inmates or violent subjugators and ruthless sexual predators. One Musaji replaces another Armstrong while decent men simply stand and suck their thumb.

    The beauty of the issue is that this whole revenge against women is clothed in a childishly clever ambiguity that reassures the Karen Armstrongs and Sheila Musajis and other incomplete women who feel the need to be constantly reassured and patronized by domineering males and approved by sexual predators. This defines their femininity for them and these semi-women are more than happy. They have the money to show for it.

  15. Concerned says:

    Please explain where you disagree with Alisina.? Please be more specific

  16. Ayesha says:

    I think that for someone who left Islam in horror as you state you clearly spend a lot of time thinking about it and a lot of energy on it to publish such hate filled views. I converted to Islam earlier this year and I am happy. I read your book not long after this, and I'm sorry to disappoint you but it did not make me want to leave Islam so your statement that all muslims who read your book will leave their faith is untrue.

    Please also understand that the same freedoms which allows us to practice Islam also allow you to keep your website open and publish your books.

  17. Moor says:

    ''If you resort to lies and unsubstantiated defamation to make you point, why should we listen to you''

    Many have proven that what Ali Sina (his/her/there ) and followers said about Islam and Judaism are not based on facts and are lies and unsubstaniated defamation.

    So why should anyone listen to someone that is nothing more then a lier and profiting off slandering and the justification of abuse and violence of Muslims and religious Jews (Blindly justifying what Zionist do to Muslims and none Zionist Jews)

    If you were a Muslim you would have more knowledge then what you are showing in your ''truthful facts about Islam''

    Evidence shows that you do not have this knowledge and have to resort to half quotes out of context, lies manipulation of history and facts

    Stating such things that Islam comes from the devil lie that other religious zealots
    (that have a blind hatred towards Islam) say about Islam

    This shows you were never a Muslim but just another Muslim Hater

    You use these same tactics also on those that are not Zionist Jews and others that do not agree with what you are saying

    I end with this quote from Sheila Musaji:

    ''I don’t care if your site is online or not, in fact it is good it is there so that people can judge for themselves what sort of poison you are spreading''


  18. Jesus is the most quoted prophet in the Qur'an not Muhammad.

  19. RonaldB says:


    " She is not even a Dr. as she claims"

    Even the hit pieces on loonwatch didn't claim she was not a doctor. They had no evidence of that. You have no evidence of that. But, you pull it up in your blind rage to defame someone who successfully reveals Islam to the world. If you resort to lies and unsubstantiated defamation to make you point, why should we listen to you?

  20. markandey says:

    "Second, you….yourself admitted that Islam and Judaism are very close
    to each other, so I cannot see why you hate one of them, and shut your
    eyes on the other."
    well, hatred of idolatry, exclusive claim to truth, intolerance of other faiths are common between Judaism & Islam. But judaism lacks the concept of jihad. Fourteen centuries of consistent bloodshed, cruelty and promise of eternal violence mark Islam out from Judaism. Today the world is in real danger from Islam and not judaism.

  21. STastroid says:

    First, Wafa Sultan is nothing but a parasite, who wants to make a living
    by cursing this religion. Perhaps you don't know, but others know her
    history and the poverty she was living in. She is not even a Dr. as she
    claims, anybody hears her when speaking in English cannot control his
    laughter. Also, she was an illegal immigrant who procured her residency
    by deception. All her alleged sufferings were proven to be bunch of lies.

    Second, you….yourself admitted that Islam and Judaism are very close
    to each other, so I cannot see why you hate one of them, and shut your
    eyes on the other. You know and I know and most people know that the
    goal of the Jews is the same goal of the Muslims, and that is to control
    the world.

    But, it is true that you have no reason to hate Christianity or Budhism.

  22. Ali Sina says:

    “usually the Islamic apostates do not bear that much of hate toward their previous religion, no matter how much they got hurt or suffered from it.”

    Well that is not true. Have you heard Wafa Sultan when she talks about Islam or did you visit the blog of the new ex-Muslim Shakila

    I personally did not suffer at all from Islam. But any person who has any sense of decency and humanity and reads the history of Islam and learns about Muhammad’s sadism cannot help it but to hate this faith.

    I wrote about this before. A Christian or a Hindu can leave their faiths because they may not find them logical. But they have no reason to hate their previous faiths. A Muslim has plenty of reasons to hate Islam and not only when he or she has been abused. I hate Nazism even though I personally never suffered from it. But when you learn what the Nazis did you can’t help but hate it. The same is true with Islam. I can say most people who read my book start hating Islam. It is the awareness of the truth that make you despise this faith.

    And as for your second question that I never write about other faiths, the answer is that there is really no need for that. But when occasion arises I do and hear is one example.

  23. John K says:

    I guess it just shows people see what they want to see. Actually, people confuse the message with the messenger. Just because Islam cannot be tolerated does not make someone a hater.

  24. John K says:

    If she does, just consider it an honor to be included in such noble company. Actually, in my eyes, you already are.

  25. John K says:

    I found it ironic that the quotes from your writings that she is so certain proves how evil you are actually have nothing offensive in them. We have a saying that one chooses to be offended.

  26. STastroid says:

    @Ali Sina

    I found this debate, between you and Sheila Musaji, exetremely interesting and amusing.
    One cannot resist reading and reading, no matter how tired he/she gets.
    Almost, all your responses make sense and convincing. Yet, I have to agree with her
    in one point, and that is: your identity. Your name does not really matter, but your
    attitude does. The load of hate and grudge you bear toward Islam, makes it very
    dificult to believe that you were an ex-muslim……you could be an ex-any religion,
    but Islam, and that is because usually the Islamic apostates do not bear that much
    of hate toward their previous religion, no matter how much they got hurt or suffered
    from it. They just leave and get busy in establishing a new life.
    Another point: although most of accusations toward Islam are right, yet you are
    not fair, because you focus on it only although Judaism is very close to it. Moses,
    like Mohammad, ordered his people to kill the infidels who do not believe in
    his god Yahweh.

  27. zitouni says:

    why you have escaped from my debate with you like rabits and your clown David wood did the smae LOL . I proved in that debate that you are fck liar when I proved that are ignorant of arabic and not do not read koran in Arabic

  28. Shakila says:

    She is a crazy woman Ali, why do you even waste your time and energy on her. She won't change that is why I do not want to argue with these kind of people.. I am pretty much happy writing my blog by which anyone who seriously doubts Islam would be able to make the choice right away. The same way I did after reading your book.
    I am glad this woman has not done anything so far to malign me.. I guess she might do that once I publish my book and when or if she reads it..
    All the best Ali and keep up the good work

  29. Ali Sina says:

    Of course she has dignity. I was at no time disrespectful to her. But she has dedicated her entire energy to malign the critics of Islam. That is what she eats, drinks and breathes and she must think she is doing a noble job. It was time for someone to point to the fallacy of her stance. What is sad about her is that she knows all the evil things in Islam and even the evil things that Muhammad did, Instead of realizing that man was an impostor and leave him she wass to reform Islam. She has the cheek to say America is Dar al Islam but all Muslim countries are not Islamic countries. How much screwed up a person must be to think such thing? America is democracy. What makes America America is the 1st Amendment. Islam is against freedom of speech. Is she really so dull that she does not know in Islam there is no such thing as freedom of speech? Democracy means people make the law. In Islam the law in handed to people by teh Quran. How can America be Dar al Islam? Either Musaji wants to deceive the world or herslef. But she does not to debate either.

  30. Naruq says:

    I await your reply Ali. But Sheila has some dignity…methinks you came on a bit strong.

  31. worldpeace says:

    Ms Musaji is a coward just like many of them muslims apologists, for not accepting the challenge to read the book, Understanding Muhammad.

  32. worldpeace says:

    Good question!

  33. dharma marg noble says:

    sheila musaji is an hypocrite – biggest. She cant give one convincing answer, frankly,freely,honestly and with good conscience. She is an escapist , very dishonest, deceptive and without conscience . She writes about ALI SINA but then pretends and claims that she does not know him !!! If she is familiar with and with good conscience , and with honesty ,integrity – she knows fully well that apostacy in ISLAM is death . and if the ISLAMISTS cant reach then they will harass, terrorize and torment and malign apostates . This is exactly what MUSAJI is doing !!!.
    SHEILA musaji cannot even defend anything about what she writes or states. She is a ruthless, cruel deceiver as she really true moslimah

  34. Shrek says:

    You are already booked on the first flight to islamic jahannum (hell).

    First I convert to Islam by just saying the shahadah:
    la ilaha illalaha muhammadur rasulallah.
    (There is no god but allah and muhammad is his prophet).

    Then I apostacize out of it readily:
    Amna shakhar fi muhammad washahahushingsign va allah mislahualhala (from pronunciation in google translator).
    (I piss on muhammad the pedophile and his idol allah.)

    Here I am. In and Out of Islam quickly. You can do too.

  35. CountryFirst says:

    Ms Sheila, i am an idolator..does allah love me?

  36. Shrek says:

    I liked:

    If he comes out in the open ,
    then he needs a bodygurad 24/7 (twenty four seven).

  37. johann says:

    If he comes out in the open , then he needs a bodygurad 24/7. His expenses are going to go up and he has to watch his back at all times . Who wants to live in fear ? I don't care if I don't see him , all I care is what he says.
    It is only an excuse for Mrs. Musaji that brings it up and says he does not know who Ali Sina is .It is ironic that muslims have not seen Mohammad and all they know is combination of a book and some hadith . They are perfectly fine with that .I don't have to see Mozart to enjoy his music…..
    A muslim's nightmare is debating with an ex-muslim , cause they can not make up craps as they do with non muslims.

  38. Shrek says:

    The most depressing thought:

    A woman should not support Islam overtly like Ms. Musaji or even covertly. They don't know what they are bringing down upon themselves. All the males after conversion to Islam would still be males and can satisfy their animalistic instinct more than before.

    In Islam, the biggest loser is a woman on all fronts – this world and the other world.

    Don't do it muslimas !! Don't do it !!

    When you see our, males', animal behavious you will regret it.

  39. Ali Sina says:

    Mr. Musaji has no point. Tonight I will publish my reponse to her and you'll see she is engaing in Islamic deception. Of course she is deceived herself. So she is not lying technically, but everyting she says is a logical fallacy.

  40. Ali Sina says:

    No, to my knowlege Iran is the only country where if people given freedom they will get rid of Islam. All other Islamic counties will vote to become more Islamic. Iran is about three decades ahead of the rest of the countries in the Middle East. This has been the trend for centuries.

  41. Shrek says:

    It is sad that Dr. Ali Sina cannot come out in the open. Seen another way, we would not have known Dr. Ali Sina otherwise.

  42. Lorraine says:

    .continued….For I too find myself strongly disparaging other religions according to the Creator YHWH the Father that they all are idolatry as is prophesied in the scriptures. Whether this is bad or good it seems to have the utmost proof of validation from the passages and scriptures in my point of view. But for others this may not hold as comfortable of the truth for them and what they understand and to believe. Or of how their faith is working for them in their favor is more of a reason that one may definitely decline from another person's beliefs. So it all boils down to what is working good in one's own choices of faith or not. And what one may feel is good for them, maybe bad or unconventional for someone else is what concludes here

  43. Lorraine says:

    Ali Sina, I would say that Ms. Sheila Musaji does have a point, although she admits that she does not attack the apostasy of others leaving their beliefs, and says that she supports all who believes in what ever they choose to follow. I guess for the better word she is 'fair' in others decisions on what they want to involve their faith in and this is fine. But somehow I cannot see why she would say that she doesn't malign the apostates and their choices if this is part of her website's dedication to keep members from leaving Islam convincing them that it has promise to their advantages. Maybe Ms. Musaji is in denial or is one of those dedicated believers of Islam who are blind to the domination and dangers of Islam, and would sacrifice to it whatever the cost. Yet she doesn't seem to have this kind of persona one who follows without their own thought. Then it could be that Islam works for some as many other religions or beliefs do they or Islam may have good attributes for many people in their lives. . .

  44. lala says:

    Dear Ali Sina,
    you said iran is anti islamic. is it possible that saudi arabia is also anti islamic from inside and they may collapse anytime.

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