Speed of Light in Quran or Another Hoax?

Muslims are hard at work trying to find miracles in the Qur’an and each day they “find” something new. They gloat about it and pump themselves, spread the glad tiding across the Internet, publish it in their newspapers, and challenge others to disprove that miracle, until someone shows their error and deflates them like a punctured balloon. This does not slow them. Since they are eager to find miracles, and since there is no end to human gullibility, especially when one WANTS to believe, they find a new miracle every day.

The Claim

Today I received a request to clarify the claim that the Qur’an has disclosed the speed of light more than a thousand years before it was calculated by scientists.

In an article published in Islamicity.com Dr. Mansour Hassab-Elnaby claims the verse 32.5 reveals that light in one day travels a distance equal to 12,000 lunar orbits, and upon calculating that distance we find the exact speed of light.

Here is verse 32:5 translated by Shakir: He regulates the affair from the heaven to the earth; then shall it ascend to Him in a day the measure of which is a thousand years of what you count..”

According to Dr. Hassab-Elnaby, “affairs” mentioned in this verse is “light.”  So this verse reveals that light can travel in one day the distance that will take the Moon, 1000 years to span.

It takes a Muslim’s imagination to think this verse has anything to do with the speed of light. There is no mention of moon, light or even distance in this verse. However, let us agree with this assumed interpretation for now and see whether Dr. Hassab-Elnaby has his math right.

[Update Nov. 30 2009: The author of the above claim has now a site where he explains his theory. http://www.speed-light.info/ ]



1- Wrong Calculation

The average center-to-center distance from the Earth to Moon is 384,403 km. The orbit of the Moon is nearly circular. (That is why we see it always with the same size)

This means for the Moon to go a full circle around the Earth it must travel a distance of  2,415,273 km (Circumference of the lunar orbit = 2r π  =   2 x 384,403 x 3.14159)

To orbit the earth 12,000 times the Moon must travel 28,983,278,898 km (2.415,273 x 12,000). This is how much the Moon travels in 1000 lunar years.

Light travels at a constant speed of 299,792.458 km. per second

There are 86,400 seconds in one day (60×60×24)

In 24 hours, light travels a distance of 25,902,068,371 km (299,792.458 x 86,400).

These two numbers are not the same. They are not even close. There is a difference of  3,081,210,527 km (28,983,278,898 – 25,902,068,371)between the distance traveled by the Moon in 1000 lunar years and the distance traveled by light in one day.

This difference is over twenty times the distance between the Earth and the Sun. So clearly Dr. Hassab-Elnaby has got it wrong. The two numbers don’t match.

That is not all. There is a difference between lunar month (phases) and lunar orbit. The Moon makes a complete orbit around the Earth every 27.3 days, (siderial month)while the periodic variations in the geometry of the Earth–Moon–Sun system are responsible for the lunar phases that repeat every 29.5 days (synodic month). There is a difference of 2.2 days between the lunar month and the lunar orbit.  (Wikipedia)

In one lunar year the Moon revolves around the Earth  12.967 times (29.5 x 12 / 27.3) and not 12 times. So the distance that the Moon travels in 1000 lunar years is actually 32, 045,078,461 km (12,967 x 2,4715,273).

The difference between this distance and the distance traveled by light in one day is 6,143,010,090 km (32, 045,078,461 – 25,902,068,371). It would take light, another 5 hours 41 minutes to travel this extra distance.

Alternatively we can say that the Moon revolves around the Earth 10,724 times to cover the distance that the light travels in 24 hours.   (Distance traveled by light in one day 25,902,068,371 km / The orbit of the Moon  2,415,273 km).

It takes only 827 lunar years  for the Moon to go this distance and not 1000 lunar years. (10,724 revolutions of the Moon around the Earth  x 27.3 days that takes for each revolution / 354 days that exist in each lunar year).

No matter how you look at it Dr. Hassab-Elnaby’s calculations are wrong. The distance traveled by the Moon in 1000 years and the distance traveled by light in one day are NOT the same.

We are  not even considering the orbit of the Earth around the Sun, which inevitably the Moon must also thread. Taking that into account Dr. Hassab-Elnabi’s calculations are 36.6 times off.

2 –  Wrong Translation

Which part of this verse talks about light or its speed? Dr. Hassab-Elnany writes: “Thus we conclude that the cosmic affair, mentioned in the previous Quranic verse, is identical to LIGHT and all similar cosmic affairs travelling in vacuum with this maximum speed such as: all types of electro magnetic waves propagating between the heavens and the earth, the expected Gravitational waves spreading all over the universe, and all particles travelling in this cosmic greatest spead such as neutrinos.”

What a load of nonsense! All Muhammad is saying in this verse is that a day of Allah is 1000 years long. This is his way of saying Allah is big, everything about him is big, and even his days are big.  Muhammad repeated the same thing in the verse 22.47 “Verily a day in the sight of thy Lord is like a thousand years of your reckoning.” There is no mention of affairs going up and down, light, magnetic waves, particles and neutrinos in this verse.

The length of the day is determined by how fast a planet revolves around its axis and it has nothing to do with the size of its inhabitants. All we can understand from this verse is that the creator of the world lives in a very slow revolving planet.

Just to show the absurdity and the confusion in the Qur’an let us see the verse 70:4:

The angels and the spirit ascend unto him in a Day the measure whereof is (as) fifty thousand years.”

This verse has a similar content of the verse 32:5,  but here it says that the length of the day of God is 50,000 years. This is a clear contradiction. Is a day of God 1000 years or is it 50,000 years? Does it mean that it takes 50,000 years for angels and spirits to reach God? That is awfully slow. Then how could Angel Gabriel take Muhammad to heaven and back in one night? The Qur’an is replete with contradictions and absurdities. Muhammad had found a gullible audience who gobbled everything he told them uncritically. He never thought one day his words will be scrutinized by people smarter than his benighted followers and his lies will be exposed.

3  –  Wrong Parameters

There is still more problem with this claim. The speed of light is constant while the rotation of the Earth, thanks to losing its kinetic energy, is slowing down. Therefore, the days of the Earth are becoming longer. Also the Moon is getting  away from the Earth and its orbit is widening. To orbit the Earth, the Moon has to travel a little more each time.  This means that the length of the lunar months are increasing. How can one measure something that is constant with things that are variable?

Scientists believe that when the Earth was young, it spun ten times faster around its axes than it is spinning today. Since the speed of light has remained the same, 4.5 billion years ago, in one day, light traveled one tenth of the earthy days that it travels today.

There are nearly 4.5 million thousand years since the Moon is orbiting the Earth. As the Moon distances from the Earth it is slowing down. Since each millennium the orbit of the Moon and the Length of the day change, in which one of these 4.5 million millennia the Moon traveled the same distance that the light travels in one day? The claim is wrong, but even if true, only one time out of 4.5 million times the two numbers could match.  Then again even a broken watch is right twice every day.

The very notion of measuring the speed of light with the orbit of the Moon or the length of the day is a fallacy, that is because the yardstick is constantly changing.  Such an error only reveals the lack of understanding of Dr. Hassab-Elnaby of the basic principles of science.

4 – Wrong Interpretation

The verse talks about the “affairs of God” being sent to Earth and then ascending to Him in one day, the length of which is 1000 years. How on earth this educated slave of Allah has determined that “affairs” means light?  The word used in Arabic is Amr. It means commandment, order, cause, and affair. This is an allusion to God’s religion and not to light.  Amrullah means the Cause of God. A more accurate translation of this verse is, God sends his Cause to Earth, which will return to Him, i.e. it will be revoked in one day, the length of which is equal to 1000 years.

Sheikh Ahmad Ahsai

Sheikh Ahmad Ahsai

This is how Sheikh Ahmad Ahsai (1753 -1826), founder of Shiite Sheikhieh school and his disciple Seyyed Kazim-i-Rashti (1792- 1843) interpreted this verse. They claimed Islam does no longer meet the needs of the time and since it does not allow reform, it must be abrogated.  However, since no one can abrogate the word of God but God himself, this task rests on the shoulders of the awaited Mahdi, the Promised One of the Shiites.  Ahsai and Rashti said the end of Islam and the appearance of Mahdi has already been foretold in the Hadith and the verse 32:5  gives the exact date.

According to these eminent scholars, Amrullah, the cause of God, was completed when the last intermediary between God and Mankind, i.e., Imam Hassan Askari died.  Hassan Askari died in the lunar year 260 Hijra.  Ahsai believed that since, according to the verse 32:5, one thousand years after the communication between God and mankind is interrupted the cause of God (Islam) would be revoked يَعْرُجُ إِلَيْهِ  and Mahdi should manifest himself in the year 1260 Hijra (1844 EC)

House of Bab in Shiraz was destroyed in 1979

Seyyed Kazem Rashti died one year before the expected year. He, was so sure that Mahdi will manifest himself in the coming year that he did not appoint a successor. He dissolved the Sheikhieh school instructing his disciples to scatter around Persia to find him. It was in this heightened atmosphere of expectation that the 26 year old Seyyed Ali Mohammad, native of Shiraz, claimed to be the Bab, the Gate to divine understanding, the Promised One. Thanks to his sincerity and Christ like innocence he attracted most of the students of Seyyed Kazem and in a short time the Babi movement became so popular that it took the country by storm. The amazing success of the Babis in converting the Iranians was seen as a threat by the clergy who instigated the young and inexperienced king, Nasereddin Shah, to execute the Bab.  They started a brutal campaign of persecution of Babis and subsequently Bahais that stemed from Babism, which has lasted till this day.

I don’t believe in Islam and I don’t think the Qur’an contains any prophecy.  Anyone can interpret the Qur’an in anyway he pleases. I don’t believe the Bab was a messenger of God.  According to this author, that young man suffered from temporal lobe epilepsy, the evidence of that is in his prolific, verbose, and incoherent writings.  He certainly believed in his cause and refused to recant in order to save his life. In all fairness, one can see that Ahsai and Rashti  have given a much more logical interpretation to the Quranic verse 32:5 than Dr. Hassab-Elnaby, with his ludicrous claim that the verse reveals the speed of light.

5  –  Stolen Miracle

The funny thing is that the verse 32:5 is plagiarized from the Bible. Here are the original Biblical verses:

For a thousand years in your sight  are like a day that has just gone by, or like a watch in the night. Psalm 90:4

But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.2 Peter 3:8

When the Psalmist says a thousand years for God is like a watch in the night, he means God is timeless. In those days people used sundials to measure the time. It only worked in sunshine. This is a beautiful poetic way to say time does not exist for God. This thousand years should be taken allegorically and not literally.

Peter understood that. He said with Lord not only a thousand years is like one day, also one day is like a thousand years. What that humble fisherman was saying is that Time is irrelevant for God. Compare that with the pathetic attempt of Muslim doctors and scholars who take this allegory literally and try to find scientific equations in it.  Taken poetically, this example is beautiful; taken literally, it is asinine.

Assuming there is a miracle in this allegory, shouldn’t the credit go to  the Bible?  Isn’t it interesting that neither the Jews nor the Christians make the claim that these verses reveal scientific information, but Muslims make that claim even though the verse is stolen from the Bible? What this tells us about the state of the mind of Muslims? Doesn’t this show they are insecure and desperate to validate their illogical faith by clinging to any straw?

6  – Does the Qur’an distinguish synodic and siderial months?

Dr. Mansour Hassab-Elnaby claims, “Quranic verse (10:5) discriminates between the synodic period for knowing the number of years and the real sidereal period for reckoning in scientific calculations.“  Here is the verse in question:

It is He Who made the sun to be a shining glory and the moon to be a light [wrong. Moon is not a source of light], and measured out stages for her; that ye might know the number of years and the count. 10:5

This verse in no way discriminates between synodic and siderial months. Dr. Hassab-Elnaby is engaging in wishful thinking.

7  –  The Islamic Divine Comedy

In their quest to find miracles in  the Qur’an, Muslims unwittingly make, not only Islam, but the entire Divine system look like a joke. Our good doctor says, “The verse begins with a reference to a certain “cosmic affair” which GOD creates and commands. This affair travels, permanently through the whole universe between the heavens and the Earth, so speedily that it crosses in ONE DAY a maximum distance in space equivalent to that which the moon passes during ONE THOUSAND LUNAR YEAR (i.e. during 12000 Sidereal months).”

This erudite Muslim is wrong again. Arabs count the synodic months that are 29.5 days and not the siderial months that are 27.3 days. The Qur’an is clear that these thousand years are “of what you count.” Only synodic months can be observed and counted. Siderial months are not observable and as the doctor himself rightly points out they are “for reckoning in scientific calculations.“  As I showed in section 1, in 1000 lunar years the Moon orbits the Earth 12,967 times and not 12,000 times. Dr. Hassab-Elnaby makes many deliberate errors to doctor his miracle.

Affairs traveling permanently through the whole universe at speed of light?“  What is he talking about?  Affair is things to be done – actions, light is made of particles of mater. One is an objective, the other is an object. How can an educated person not know the difference?  Now, when it comes to the Universe, the speed of light is not really that fast. It is a very slow way for God to run his affairs. These “cosmic affairs” traveling at the speed of light take one full day to reach the Earth.  If you are in peril, forget about asking Allah for help. By the time he sends you his succor, a day is passed and that is often too late.

Consider yourself lucky because Allah is only one light day away from the Earth (I thought Muhammad said he is closer to us than our jugular vein). He lives just around the corner of our solar system. Think of other poor creatures that live hundreds, thousands or millions of light years away, or those who live in galaxies that are billions of light years away from God.  How can God run his affairs in those galaxies when the communication is so slow?  For all intent and purposes, as far as those far away galaxies are concerned God does not exist.   Just as their light hardly reach us, and when it does it is after billions of years, the “affairs of Allah,” whose thron is close to the solar system, can hardly reach them. In his zeal to ascribe miracles to the prosaic book of Muhammad, Dr. Hassab-Elnaby throws out of the window the concept of omnipresence of God altogether. The maker of the Universe, according to this Muhammadan, depends on the speed of light to manage his affairs. Our powerful telescopes have measured the span of the observable universe to be 92 billion years.  How can God manages this vast universe with such a slow means of communication?

It is pathetic that in this day of science and enlightenment, over a billion otherwise normal people, many of whom doctors and educated, should still follow an ignoramus of the seventh century and waste their  time trying to find meaning and even miracles in his asinine book of balderdash. This should tell you everything you need to know about Muslim intelligentsia. The fact that Islamicity.com, arguably the most prestigious Islamic site has published this gobbledygook proves the intellectual bankruptcy of the ummah.

Islam is a joke. It is an irony that so many smart people have reduced themselves into jokers and laughing stocks for mankind. The more Muslims try to make Islam look logical and scientific the more ridiculous they look.

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No Responses

  1. cchuckc says:

    //there are many subjects which refer today and which is absolutely normal in the present day but not in those days//
    Like? Cite 5 examples. Just 5 examples of subjects/events mentioned in Quran which didn't made sense in the 7th century or was unknown and is in perfect harmony with what we know today.

    //i study (master) mathematics at the university and i will recalculate these statement's which you try to disprove//
    That will be interesting. Do post back and let us know your 'mathematical findings'. (By the way, normal calculations have nothing to with having a master in mathematics).

    By the way the author here isn't finding fault with Quran but rather those genius people like Hasnaby who claim to discover scientific facts in Quran. Claims which on closer scrutiny reveal the hoax being perpetuated.

  2. Demsci says:

    //"but i do disrespect people who write such an article disrespecting a religion and trying to find errors in it which are not true"//

    He is only one of many, discovering only one of many mistakes in the manmade quran. Please check. http://1000mistakes.com/

    //" i'm proud to call my self a Muslim"// You seem young and still able to investigate and learn much and find so much more that is spiritual and interesting in religion and philosophy. But when you call yourself Muslim, you get stuck in Islam. Apostasy from Islam is punishable by death in Islam. And Islam wants you to focus on it alone and this will prevent you doing much possible intellectual and spiritual research which you might do if you just didn't commit yourself to Islam at a young age.

    And you weren't around in the time of Mohammed, you don't know what knowledge there was around back then. And the language in the Quran is very vaque. Everybody can read all sorts of things in it that really are not meant as they are understood.

    There are 6236 verses in it. 83 of them can be considered positive, but 534 of them downright negative, disrespectful for 'Kuffars", infidels.  How is that for respect and disrespect from the author of the Quran?

    And it is n't respectable either if you only study one side of an argument instead of studying both sides.

  3. Mike says:


    Very well said, everyone has there opinion and there believes 3 years ago, i was an atheist without believe because my parents never bothered with religion as-well, the last few years i was curious about faith and read all 3 books,  and i have understand as many as i could and something i just didn't but the idea of a man capable of writing such a book 1400 years ago isn't logical, there are many subjects which refer today and which is absolutely normal in the present day but not in those days and it opened my eyes, i'm proud to call my self a Muslim and i neither respect or disrespect the people who don't believe in faith, but i do disrespect people who write such an article disrespecting a religion and trying to find errors in it which are not true, i study (master) mathematics at the university and i will recalculate these statement's which you try to disprove, of course with truth not towards faith or any other then the truth.

  4. Demsci says:

    //"but please write like a professional"//

    I perceive that in a way this means that you say to the world; Please only write under this condition. And of course it is you Muslims who can judge this professionality and who can dismiss criticism on Islam on the basis of that condition, for which Muslims can lay very high standards. While they have no such standards for accepting Islam, because they insist that Islam comes from God.

    The implied message of asking for Islam-critics to try to be professional or else shut up is perhaps also meant by Muslims who ask this for doubting Muslims, visiting here,

    In order that they focus on the messenger (who is accused of being unprofessional) and not on the message. But readers should remember, that even a message by a non-professional can have big pearls of wisdom. Therefore please focus on the message, not on the messenger, and allow criticism without setting conditions on it.

  5. Demsci says:

    //"but please write like a professional without disrespecting a religion because you intend not to believe in it"//

    Please put in context what you perceive as disrespecting a religion. Yes, Ali Sina disrespects it. But many Muslims of course and also countless infidels DO respect it, praise it. Many other humans are neutral, uninterested.

    And here you are; disliking and trying to discourage one end of the spectrum; the disrespect. But the other end of the spectrum, respect, that you want to be high. Will you be satisfied only when Islam is only respected, praised or left alone? This seems not balanced. A balanced, varied view on Islam seems better to me.

    And remember the concept; To hate the sin, but love the sinner! Meaning here: Hate Islam, love the Muslim. After all, what is Islam without believers? It would be a "dead story". It is or should be permissible, perfectly legal to HATE, DESPISE Islam. But hating, despising people of flesh and blood themselves is much worse than that.

    But we can love, respect Muslim humans, only deploring that they CHOOSE to cling to that untrue and often detrimental and blockading religion, Islam. And moreover that they CHOOSE to feel disrespected themselves, wholly, when we only disrespect their untrue, detrimental, blockading beliefs, which are only a part of them.

  6. Demsci says:

    //"and can't make links to the Quran because you read it with hate and disbelieve"//

    When Muslims read Ali Sina's articles they of course read THAT with hate and disbelieve!

    When Muslims read the Quran themselves they read it with the precondition that no matter what it must be true. Because for other emotional reasons they have committed themselves to it.

    This in itself means that Muslims use appalling double standards about what they choose to believe and what they choose not to believe.

    Once upon a time Ali Sina was Muslim himself. So he also started with belief. Yet he wanted to find the truth, not just confirm his already existing belief.

    Even if Ali Sina is contra and other Muslims are pro then this still does not mean his reasoning and conclusions are false. As a Muslim you again are focusing on the messenger, not on the message.

  7. Demsci says:

    //"and can't make links to the Quran because you read it with hate and disbelieve"//

    What do you mean? God is supposed to have given us good brains, we live in 21st century, we have so much information. Now then, for what reasons do People choose a religion or stay in the one they are born in? I like to point out the one real good reason: For believing it tells the truth.

    Which would mean that as soon as a person hears/ realises that something that is true is contradicted by his/her religion that the person should EXCHANGE the religion for a belief more true.

    What other reasons can there be for staying in a religion if it is not true?

    That the religion is beneficial for mankind? But if it is not true, the same or more beneficial effect surely can be found outside it.

    That a person loves, respects and is loyal to his parents and people? And therefore hates, opposes who they oppose? If a religion is not true, then that love, respect and loyalty can still be given. And demand of parents and people of love, respect and loyalty on condition of staying in an untrue religion is very unreasonable.

    That a person believes he get's rewarded for belief in a religion because it will get him into heaven, and will let him stay out of hell? With all the knowledge of today believing this is like the playing in the lottery.

    Believing that God somehow wants him to believe in Islam and live accordingly? By now rendered unproven, very unlikely and probably untrue.

    That a person just loves the religious stories he grew up with? And for that he believes they are true???

    If only Muslims were honest enough to themselves and the world about the reasons why they are and stay in Islam and admitted that when the truth & reason contradicted their beloved religion, which links them so much to their loved ones, they would choose against truth & reason and for that religion.

  8. cchuckc says:

    How about I challenge you that I will prove each of your translation wrong by quoting from various translators, and tafsirs. Will you then agree that Quran is bogus. This is an open challenge, if you are sure about your translations you should take this up.

  9. cchuckc says:

    So you know about Universe and Multiverses? Go ahead illuminate us with your knowledge.

  10. Roan says:

    The people who just laugh about the Quran because what this man says about it and claims to know science is just laughable Ali sina i respect your opinion to not believe in the Quran but do not write an article and act smart while you have zero knowledge about the universe (multiverse) and can't make links to the Quran because you read it with hate and disbelieve. surely you must have your reasons to it but if you rather believe that when you die you are just whipped out from this i universe and there is no light when you die because '' there is no god'' that's your choice at the end we do not know for 100% if god exists or not because no one has came back from death and told uss about it but there are many links that provide us that god exists and if you choose not to see them or believe in them then it is your choice but please write like a professional without disrespecting a religion because you intend not to believe in it.

  11. Roan says:

    Astronomers just confirmed the existence of "Dark Energy", a mysterious repulsive force that acts in opposite to gravity. As the distance increases, the attractive gravitational force decreases but this mysterious repulsive force increases. This repulsive force is pushing galaxies apart; the greater the distance the greater the repulsion. Scientists today do not know what this "Dark Energy" is, but they know that it is causing the entire universe to expand at an increasing rate.

    [Quran 51.47] And the heaven, We built it with craftsmanship and We are still expanding.
    The Quran told us about this expansion 1400 years before it was discovered.

     Do you remember how a rose opens up? That is, the outer petals move outwards more than the inner petals? Imagine that those petals have galaxies on them and that we are at the center of the rose. Now imagine this rose opening up; the farther out the petals are the faster their recession away from the center (where we are). Well this is exactly how the universe expands around us; the farther out galaxies are from us the faster their recession away from us.


    [Quran 55.37] If the heaven ripped and it were a rose like paint…
    Here God assures skeptics about Paradise: if the heaven ripped open like a rose then Paradise will as surely contain so and so… Today we know for sure that the universe is expanding around us like a rose. 

    Do you remember how an ambulance siren sounds like when it approaches you? And how it sounds like when it recedes from you? The sound pitch changes, right? Similarly when a light source approaches you or recedes from you its colors change. If it is approaching you the colors shift towards the blue, and if it is receding from you its colors shift towards the red; the faster it recedes the redder it appears. Today we know that galaxies are rushing away from us from redshifting of their light. The more distant galaxies are the more reddish their colors appear to us. When you apply paint the colors' intensity is not even but rather it changes with distance:


    Similarly the more distant galaxies are the more reddish their colors appear to us, that is, there redness is a function of distance. This is because the farther galaxies are the faster they are receding from us (like a rose). The Quran describes it as: "Rose like paint", that is, it's color varies with distance…Learn More

    (The Christian Bible says that the sky is "hard as a mirror of cast bronze" Job 37:18. So the Bible insists on a static universe. Actually Albert Einstein's famous blunder, the cosmological constant, was to explain the static universe. Although at that time no scientific evidence existed to support that claim, Einstein gave the Bible the benefit of the doubt and went for a static universe, non-expanding non-contracting. Later, when Edwin Hubble discovered the expansion of the universe, Einstein retracted this cosmological constant and called it the biggest blunder of his career. By trusting the Bible Einstein got it wrong by the order of 

  12. Roan says:

    You people have not a single clue how the Quran and his Miracles work, there are many evidences regarding to the cosmos/ multi universes, that the Quran has signs and calculations that match what was written 1400 years ago but with the science today we find out that there is a link. And besides, Gods intention is to see who will fallow towards him and who will not, and the only way to keep people from the 21 century faithful is to show them the miracles that comprehend with the scientific facts of today. [Quran 21.30] Do not those who disbelieve see that the heavens and the Earth were meshed together then We ripped them apart? And then We made of water everything living? Would they still not believe?
    In the Quran the Heavens expanded from a single point.

    Cosmologists just confirmed the existence of "Dark Energy", a mysterious repulsive force that acts in opposite to gravity. As the distance increases, the attractive gravitational force decreases but this mysterious repulsive force increases. This repulsive force is pushing galaxies apart; the greater the distance the greater the repulsion. Scientists today do not know what this "Dark Energy" is, but they know that it is causing the entire universe to expand at an increasing rate.

    [Quran 51.47] And the heaven, We built it with craftsmanship and We are still expanding.
    The Quran told us about this expansion 1400 years before it was discovered.

    There are three possibilities to how the universe could end: Big Crunch (Quran), Big Chill and the Big Rip. NASA recently ruled out the third scenario (No Big Rip; see also: Universe Today). This leaves the universe with only two possible endings: Big Chill or Big Crunch, depending on what this Dark Energy turns out to be. Learn more: Expansion of Universe in Quran. In the Quran God promises to make the Big Crunch:

    [Quran 21.104] On the day when We will fold the heaven, like the folder compacts the books, and as We originated the first creation We shall return it; a promise (binding on Us); surely We will deliver.
    Here God promises to make this Big Crunch however not by gravity but rather by folding the Heavens like a book, that is, by the same mechanism He controls wormholes. This means that this Big Crunch can begin and end in a fraction of a second!

    Also after this Big Crunch is over, God promises to recreate those heavens and Earth once more before Judgment Day:

    [Quran 14.48] On the day when Earth will be swapped by another Earth and so will be the heavens; and all (creatures) will resurrect before the One Dominant God.
    [Quran 36.81] Is He not, who created the heavens and the Earth, capable of creating others like them? Yes, indeed! He is the All-Knowing Creator. His command, if He wanted a thing, is that He only says to it, "BE" and it becomes! So glorified is He in whose hands is the dominion of all things, and to Him you shall be returned.

  13. Abubakarr Sesay says:

    The dinosaurs did exist and today their fossil can only prove. The speed of light at 299792.458 km/sec is today’s standard measurement with today’s frame of reference. This is a great advancement in science from Galileo’s frame of reference. The Quran verse actually stated “……one thousand years of what you count.” What gives you the guarantee that, humans will continue to live on this planet for another one million years, to say the least.
    “The speed at which the Moon is moving away from Earth could affect life on the planet, but this could take billions of years to happen, writes space scientist Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock.”
    The Moon continues to spin away from the Earth, at the rate of 3.78cm (1.48in) per year, at about the same speed at which our fingernails grow. The simulations also imply that at the time of its formation, the Moon sat much closer to the Earth – a mere 22,500km (14,000 miles) away, compared with the quarter of a million miles (402,336 km) between the Earth and the Moon today.
    What gives you the guarantee that ALLAH will allow such “humans” of your kind to continue to multiply and cause corruption on earth for another 4.5 billion years.  Please be educated that, for the past 1,400 years, the moons drifting away effect is still ….what you count.” 

  14. Addeen says:

    Quran Surah Al Mukminun (Qur'an, 23:12). We created man from an extract of clay….. whats made of light are the Angels, the unseen, the ever following servant without fail… we humans are the best of creatures. Hearing, sight, speak and most importantly the powerful mind to make decisions. Thank you God for lending me these tmeporary capabilities. TFrom you we I came from, to you I will return.

  15. Addeen says:

    hmmm… a false religion would have only lasted a year or two. but 1400 years and still picking up…. i'd say there's something goin on.

  16. Ivan C says:

    I haven't calculated whether the claims of Dr. Mansour Hassab-Elnaby but the calculations used by this article to discredit him are not just a "little" wrong but VERY wrong.
    1- using averages over time, the average distance of Earth to Moon cannot calculate accurately
    2- 24 hours = 86400 seconds on the clock but the length of day (rotation on axis) varies
    3 – QUOTE: In one lunar year the Moon revolves around the Earth 12.967 times (29.5 x 12 / 27.3) and not 12 times. So the distance that the Moon travels in 1000 lunar years is actually 32, 045,078,461 km (12,967 x 2,4715,273).
    NOTE; 1 Lunar Year is one orbit around the Earth, 1 Lunar Year = 27.32 days, equal to 1 Lunar Day of 27.32 days, the evidence of this is plainly visible in the Man on the Moon, who always faces the Earth.
    NOTE: there are 13.369* sidereal months per 365.242 days, and there are 12.369* synodic months per 365.242 days

    I can't say the moon is linked to the speed of light but 100% the "calculations" used to discredit him are 100% wrong, some very simple fact checking will show anyone that.

  17. Sajjad says:

    Its a pity that opinion of a person becomes the stepping stone to launch a tirade against a religion. We are all entitled to our opinions. If one does not agree to it is his right. Please respect each others rights and not get engaged in mudslinging. 
    As far as the plagiarism claim is concerned let it be known that in Quaran it is mentioned many a time that this Quraan validates Torah and Bible, hence question of plagiarism is invalid.

  18. reel says:

    quran uses lunar calender hence why the moon relates to equation, so the distance the angels travel is 12000 years/earth time.

  19. I-HATE-ISLAM says:

    Nibble Mohammed
    The hidden scientific facts and wisdom in the quran have made muhammadan countries some of the most backward in the world where poverty, disease and wars are the orders of the day. Such garbage as has been spewed by you make sensible people sick to the marrow.

  20. Sakat says:

    Quran contained garbage of psycho Mohammed nothing else.If i believe an elephant to a tiger my belief becomes true for me ,because ultimately i depend on belief not on facts.But reality is that ,the tiger can't be elephant.For me rope become snake,provided i believe it so.Grow up man life is very short ,try to be practical.Your cult and that leader has done you insane.

  21. nabil mohammed says:

    Quran contains all the wisdom and scientific facts you can ever imagin hidden inside its crystal-like structure and only believers can see that big truth from the right angle but blinded ones can never because they are looking the wrong angle

  22. Saber says:

    True the earth's distance fromt he moon is 384,400. however that is not the proper calculation, and no, the moon's orbit is not pretty much a circle. Take note that the centre of orbit for the moon isn't the earth, but slightly close to it.

  23. Guest says:

    Yes they have the same mistakes for the same reason i.e. God created the universe in 7 days and each day is equal to 1000 years.

  24. Raj says:

    It reminds me of the story of having got a ready made golden shirt – the mullah is now trying to adjust his body to fit into that shirt. He has to cut his own hand by two inches, increase his shoulders by two cms. and expand his chest by five cms, to exactly fit this golden shirt.

    Having got e=mc2 ready, they are now busy trying to fit in this formula to whatever verse they can get hold of in the Quran.

    Best of luck to the Muslims. Hope they find the correct verse and if not possible, then I am sure they will bring out the exact and true formula, having found out now that e=mc2 is the devil's misleading formula.

  25. DontBeAFool says:

    And yet in his name his followers have carried out countless atrocities.

  26. Gale Hellweg says:

    I keep listening to the reports speak about getting free online grant applications so I have been looking around for the most excellent site to get one. Could you advise me please, where could i find some?

  27. JSOP says:

    ''Good analogy. Since Muslims believe they are superior''

    ''U mean just like a virus that keep on mutating to avoid the attacks of the antibiotics''

    You say others and yourself are only attacking Islam but these comments and others are attacking Muslims and you and others have said you were smarter then Muslims and putting them down,threaten and insult them that is not just attacking Islam but also attacking Muslims

    You say Muslims claim to be superior yet doing the same thing you are accusing all Muslims in the world of doing

    Also you cannot assume that all Muslims think they are superior as you do not know all Muslims to know this

    You all say one thing yet do another (double standards)

    The problem is extremist of all walks of life that includes countries using flaky excuses to invade others (Provoking attacks on Iran, China, Pakistan and Russia )

    If one country does a crime it does not matter what they claim to be it is wrong

    As if Iran does something wrong it is the same if Israel or the US do something wrong or any country

    We don't need wars bring back the days of Bill Clinton

    ''Al-Jazeera = jihad propaganda TV ''

    Accusing a TV of being Jihadist with out any facts.

    Not remembering: When you hear something malicious about someone, keep a favorable view about him/her until you attain full knowledge about the matter. Consider others innocent until they are proven guilty with solid and truthful evidence [24/12-13]

    Yes Muslims can do bad things but every walk of life has bad people it is wrong to tar any innocent with a crime they did not commit (not very American)

    I have already touched on the debating as I have raised who judges the debate and how an independent persons (a panel or court ) should be involved as it would not be a fair debate if the person you are debating with is the judge

    Also he claims to respect Muslims and Humans but says others to treat them badly,insults them himself, justify's insults and other behaviour on them is that not a double standard?

    Does that so called law link include the right to try and take away Muslims rights, threaten violence on them and saying it is justified to do because only a few of them do it.

    True colours are showing with the comments


  28. John K says:

    Al Jazeera's spiritual mentor is Yusuf al-Qaradawi. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yusuf_al-Qaradawi

    See additional material here:

    Al-Jazeera is the Muslim Brotherhood Channel:"Terror Television"
    Breeds Terror Regimes

    Al-Jazeera’s Qatar-based “Muslim Scholar” Yusuf al-Qaradawi Attacks America and Israel

    Al-Jazeera, Global Jihad, and the Suicide of the West, April 1, 2011 – National Press Club – Washington, D.C.

    I suppose that when slingshots are all you have for national defense, a few rubber bands coming your way look like all out war. It looks like Iranian rebels are already on the job, so a strike may not be necessary anyway.

    The Real War in Iran

  29. everin says:

    I found AJ's reporting rather factual n unbiased. It sounds like an American TV Channel.
    To u it is a surgical strikes but to Iran it will be an all-out war.

  30. John K says:

    Al-Jazeera = jihad propaganda TV

    Any strike at Iran would be surgical strikes, not a barrage.

    The latest news indicates that the last two explosions in Iran were conducted by the Green movement, which has apparently morphed from a protest movement to a rebel movement:

    The Real War in Iran http://www.carolineglick.com/e/2011/12/the-real-w

  31. John K says:

    Good analogy. Since Muslims believe they are superior, the possibility that they might be wrong and actually need to learn something from a kafir is beyond their thinking.

  32. everin says:

    I saw an Aljazeera TV program which discussed about the possibility of an attack on Iran by US n Isreal. It has a diagram showing countless missile (arrows) raining onto Iran from US submarines n Israel. Only a few missile fly to Israel n US bases in Iraq from Iran. Check with " Aljazeera.com : (Empire : attack Iran) Could this verse predicted the night " when the sky is torn apart (by exploding missiles which will display fireworks ) like red-rose like ointment. Then which of the favors of your lord (peace or war} will you deny."

  33. Rembrandt says:

    What about this verse Anayatu Bari: "Quran 4:63 – Therefore turn away from them and warn them, speaking words that will pierce their souls"

    Now it means you are explicitly asked to talk ill off or talk ill to the people who don't believe mohammad as a prophet. Isn't that right ? If you are not doing it, you are just practising deception.

  34. Rembrandt says:

    "When the sky is torn apart, so it was (like) a red rose like ointment. Then which of the favors of your lord will you deny?"—Al-Rahman 37-38

    What do you see in this verse Anayatul Bari ? If you can tell us then may be will be interested in checking out your way of interpreting the Quran…

    I assume the word like was imagined between the words 'was' and 'a red rose'. It was not in the original text and was filled in by reading the tafseer. In that sense, a 'not' can also be imagined between 'was' and 'a red rose', is that right ?

    If we can imagine as per our moods and thoughts, how could this be a clear and concise guide book ?

  35. John K says:

    "And we affirm that in accordance with Section 11 of the RRTA which permits conduct engaged in reasonably and in good faith in the course of any statement, publication, discussion or debate made or held, or any other conduct engaged in, for any purpose that is in the public interest or in making or publishing a fair and accurate report of any event or matter of public interest…that Q Society does act reasonably and in good faith, and there is little need to discuss whether the topic of Islam is in the public interest.

    We do not encourage or incite others to feel hatred, revulsion, contempt or ridicule of Muslims in breach of the RRTA. However, we will discuss Islam, including its legal code sharia law, and the Islamic political, cultural, economic, social or religious practices that we genuinely believe seek to undermine personal freedom and Australian values.

    Nor do we seek to generalize about Muslims and so will not generalize that, just because some Muslims are successful and integrated, that there is nothing to worry about at all. If there are problems in certain sections of the Muslim community, we will discuss these as we would discuss problems in any other group.

    If anyone in the audience feels emotions of anger, or of being incited or provoked into negative feelings against Muslims because our speakers tonight refer to passages of Islamic scripture, history, or the conduct of certain Muslim persons in a critical manner, then we would ask that you please leave this venue and stop reading our material. You are welcome of course to speak to a member of Q Society afterwards who can assist in explaining the context in which we discuss Islam.

    Finally, if anyone in the audience has come for the purpose of deliberately claiming offence, as part of a premeditated legal action against Q Society or without genuine, good faith intentions, then please also leave now; you have been put on notice that your presence is simply a provocation and incitement to us. Thank you for your attention."

  36. John K says:

    This statement is needlessly divisive. Christianity is here to add to the good that people have in their religions. If they want to come, invite them. Christ came to save the world, not to condemn the world.

  37. JSOP says:

    Always speak the truth. Shun words that are deceitful and ostentatious [22/30]

    Do not confound truth with falsehood [2/42]

    Avoid suspicion and guesswork. Suspicion and guesswork might deplete your communal energy [49/12]

    When you hear something malicious about someone, keep a favorable view about him/her until you attain full knowledge about the matter. Consider others innocent until they are proven guilty with solid and truthful evidence [24/12-13]


  38. gloafer says:

    Do all roads lead to rome? Are ther multiple truths? It is true one God and one way…not multiple ways.

  39. John K says:

    Thanks for the insights.

  40. John K says:

    Iran is working on a major thermonuclear candle to light up the Middle East, or at least Israel.

  41. John K says:

    The truth of Islam is amply evident from the Quran and Sunna. What any one Muslim says about it is irrelevant. But at least you are doing your job:

    Quran 4:63 – Therefore turn away from them and warn them, speaking words that will pierce their souls.

  42. everin says:

    In the next 25 years, what kind of light of Islam takes over a major part of this planet ? Explain. I can only see some Muslim ME countries burning in the flames of civil wars n some are in a big mess with the daily demonstrations now. Refer to "Aljazeera.com."

  43. John K says:

    How can this Talib say something like this? How can you say his comments are satanic when he is publishing words from the Quran, Ahadith, and Sira? Surely you are not saying that these books are satanic, are you?

  44. Talib says:

    Mr/Ms/Mrs – Ali Sina – I am sure you have a PhD in Arabic Literature owing to the fact that your understanding of Quran is quite significant and alarming . Let us remember we are responsible for all that we say and do and as a result of our action , our lives get affected evn after we leave this world. In short , your comments are aggressive, satanic, and have no relevance to facts in the quranic verses .

  45. ilsontfouscesroamins says:

    the battle is "won" not one..

  46. ilsontfouscesromains says:

    the comments that follow this article is somehow a repetitive of any other article that speaks about Islam..
    as an ex-muslim, I know exactly how the endoctrination alchemy takes in ones mind! Angel is a sad, but so common example of this very endoctrination! The muslim is so sure and so stubborn about any single issue, that he is unable to state understandable argumentation, or just don't think it is worth arguing, since he is certainly right!
    some claims are stuck in muslim's brains by daily repetition that it becomes so natural it would be almost impossible to take it off..
    A muslim does not prove himself wrong by debate! if he loses the debate he thinks that there is a loophole somewhere but never questions his beleifs..
    the only way for a muslim to get out from his religion, is to have an honest personal work on himself, sites like this one will be of a great help! it's on the "article" section that the battle is one, never in the "comments" part

  47. Anayatul Bari says:

    It's really sad to see another human being just keep on hating the Religion of Islam. I'm a Muslim and being a Muslim (believer) I'm not allowed to hate or say something stupid like that to any other Religion in the planet. Islam is a warning for Muslims like us about afterlife & build a human being from scratch inside out… Lots of folks are going into the wrong way of translating the Religion just like the this guy here and that's why we are in a global mess…. it will be interesting to see in next 25 years when the light of Islam takes over the majority of this planet…. Anyway for just a reference to the creator of this article read this in Quran:

    "When the sky is torn apart, so it was (like) a red rose like ointment. Then which of the favors of your lord will you deny?"—Al-Rahman 37-38

    and follow this link for the real proof:

    Write another article about this and I'll be waiting to read it for all good…. LOL


  48. Ali Sina says:

    Everything is made from vibration. The universe is a melody

  49. greenhand says:

    Angel, Everything is made of light. Light is Photons, which is a wave particle with 0 mass. Electrons are slightly different. they are like photons but they have a negative charge. This causes things to collect together into clumps of mass. Unfortunately in this state things can't actually travel at the speed of light without releasing the negative charge and converting back into light. When things get converted back into light they do not reassemble.

    You are made of light. I am made of light, and anything solid is made of light, and Angels are solid. But I'm afraid that they have the power to traverse the span of the universe in an instant because of another reason. Space is flexible. 2 points in space can be warped together to form a tunnel. So whatever Affairs God has they can be done in an instant and are not confined to a day. If you want to believe in a God that can not overcome the temporal limits of space and time, then go ahead and worship your spaceman.

  50. greenhand says:

    Everything is made from light.

  51. Angel123 says:

    John K..
    The part that I want you to like is the Truth about Islam..
    Like I said, don't do a research or investigate things from one side only..
    Nowdays, many Islam haters always manipulate the story that they have heard from Islam or from the Al-Quran ..to destroy the Islam's faith..
    But they wrong..as long we as a Muslim keep our faith to Allah S.W.T the Truth will always win..
    So..I dont care you want to listen to me or not cause I already find the truth and my happiness since I was born into these world cause I am a Muslim and my job is to deliver the message 🙂
    Maybe you should be friend with a good Muslim..dont just hear from the web or media..see by yourself..
    You want to find the truth?
    Ask God…..
    Don't be a hater..
    Salam and Goodbye John K..

  52. John K says:

    You confuse rudeness with being told the facts.

    Why does it bother me? No Muslim has ever personally bothered me.

    What part should I like?

    Should I like the part that tells you to kill unbelievers wherever you find them?

    Should I like the part that tells you to beat women and don't let them go out of their homes without their husbands?

    Should I like the part that stones raped women for adultery because 4 men will not say they saw penetration?

    Tell me Angel, what part of Islam should I like? Maybe Muhammad personally participating in the beheading of 800 Jews?

    Or maybe the rape of their widows, even in the presence of the corpses of their husbands?

    What kind of fool are you to believe this is a real religion from a real God?

  53. Angel123 says:

    John K : Look who is rude now? 🙂

    If all the things you said is true..if..so why does it bother you??
    Tell me why do you really hate Islam?Why you don't hate other religion?
    We don't force you to become a Muslim right?
    Tell me with sincerity. Thank you.


  54. John K says:

    The first thing is that you have zero concept about what is or isn't true about your religion.

    If you are Muslim, it means you are ignorant. It means you blindly accept the trash that has been shoved down your throat for your entire life.

    What are you protecting? What are you so proud of? Islam has NOTHING worth your trouble to defend.

    You are defending a false religion established by a mafia con-artist who put fake words into the mouth of a fake god to justify his criminal lifestyle of murder, rape, robbery, slavery and conquest.

    You are stupid to even let your name be trashed by association with the scum that is Islam.

  55. Angel says:

    You still doesnt answer the main point Mr. Ali Sina 🙂

    John K..does it make me a rude person for protecting my own religion? Let me ask you if someone says bad things and not true about your religion or your race will you stand and protect it? or you just cowardly sit in front of your computer and write something that is not right?

    Everin..I am happy right now and only God know how grateful I am and by the way I live the way of Islam and no one shackles me and all the people in my religion 🙂

  56. John K says:

    Angel, you are just another example of what is wrong with Islam and your culture.

    Let me tell you that at 17 years old you know absolutely nothing. You have only started your journey of life.

    It is the height of arrogance and rudeness for you to come here and even think that you know enough to say you know more than men who have deeply studied these issues.

    This is part of the sickness that is Islam.

    I just ran across this quote from General Pershing (in Lacey's biography) from the time he served among the Muslims. I think it fits you pretty well:

    "The Moro is of a peculiar make-up as to character, though the reason is plain when considered, first, that he is a savage; second that he is a Malay; and third, that he is a Mohammedan. The almost infinite combination of superstitions, prejudices and suspicions blended into his character make him a difficult person to handle until finally understood. In order to control him other than by brute force, one must first win his implicit confidence, nor is this as difficult as it would seem; but once accomplished one can accordingly by patient and continuous effort, largely guide and direct his thoughts and actions. He is jealous of his religion, but he knows very little of its teachings. The observance of a few rites and rituals is about all that is required to satisfy him that he is a good Mohammedan."

  57. Ali Sina says:

    Being young does not give you license to be rude. But all Muslims are rude. It is very rare to find one who is not.

    As for thinking better, that is the problem. Those who know less often think they know it all.

  58. Angel says:

    the affair mean the angels that is the servants of Allah SWT..In our religion..angels are made by light..make sense right??if you all people dont know about Islam dont talk anything about our religion please??You show your own stupidity here (sorry if im rude ok)..I am 17 years old but I can think better than you all..Dont investigate things from one side only..

  59. John K says:

    You are missing the entire point that the Quran is not even talking about light.

  60. Hady says:

    It's clear that the author of this article did not read the book of Dr. Mansour Hassab-Elnaby. Mr. Ali Sina did the exact mistakes that Hassab-Elnaby avoided in his accurate calculation. The numbers in this article are approximate numbers and of course the result would not be true. For example , you need to subtract the impact of gravity on speed light..!!
    Second, similarity between the bible and the Quran came from the fact that they came from one sources.

  61. John K says:

    This article is but a line item in the case against Islam.

    I appreciate Dr. Sina's scientific essays on Islam. They may be useful in helping Muslims to accept that Islam is false.

    But if these types of follies were the only shame on Islam, I'd say let them believe.

    Unfortunately Islam's violent aggressive doctrines make it absolutely urgent that any and all instruments that may help Muslims to leave Islam be employed.

    So this article is not just an intellectual exercise, but rather vital therapy to save the lives of Muslims and victims of Muslim violence.

  62. Farhad Joseph says:

    Dear Just because of someone's wrong calculation you cannot throw blame on entire religion whether it is Islam, Christianity, Hindu, Budhist what so ever.
    After all we all are human and creation of God. Each sect is trying to reach God by his own means. Its like reaching the roof by stairs, by elevator(lift), by rope or by pipe. Ultimate end is THE ROOF. So stop blaming each other for each other efforts TO REACH. We have lost the focus on what we are trying to reach, we are blaming each other that 'YOUR WAY IS WRONG MY WAY IS RIGHT'. Stop doing this and remember ONE GOD who created all of us. Remember him in the way your religion taught you.

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