What is Beauty?

Dear Ali Sina it is an honour. Forgive me but that is how I feel receiving a response from you. I just got a hold of your book “Understanding Muhammad.” It is very captivating, your intensive scrutiny is expounded forceful and vividly. I

had an American friend who converted to Islam after feeling disillusioned with her former religion while disconcerted during her spiritual quests.  During my spiritual crisis, not been able to explain my pathetic and meaningless existence in this world, I turned to Islam after a Muslim author cordially presented me his book giving me a precise and embellished introduction to Islam. He directed me to a kind and educated Muslim activist around the area. He had also directed me to another Muslim convert and within time I found myself surrounded by these magnificent Eastern people with sharp features, big eyes and soothing tenuous voices, fervent devotion and admirable display of adoration…I was marvelled yet overwhelmed utterly. I believed that I found the perfect God, not one limited form of God through a human being.

I am a Mexican American, my mother is of strong European descent while my father is fatefully an alcoholic, immature problematic ugly man of strong indigenous lineage. I had always reproached myself for my fathers lineage, I never felt a spiritual nor any sort of connection with my mixed heritage and descent. Their values were different from what I strongly held as valuable. It is wrong and ignorant of me to feel that way, but I feel terribly ugly and deformed because I do not look like my mother after my father fouled the genes. I don’t know where I belong in this world I feel miserable just to see how ugly I am in the mirror. I feel limited because of my fathers DNA. I thought that abandoning myself,  forsaking every earthly matter for a Perfect God should be what I was ultimately destined to do. I did not feel peace believing in reincarnation because I could not handle the concept of living a trial in this life because of my countless sins from my previous life. Mr. Sina you are a wonderful philosophical erudite, I admire you highly along with  your humanistic deeds. I was hoping fervently that you could answer some of my questions perhaps give me some advise so far as to what I have written.
Mr. Sina do you think some people are here existing by accident?  and are some ethnicities inferior and less evolved intellectually, mentally physically or aesthetically?
Thank you

Dear Clara, (name changed)

First of all the very notion that some races are better and some are worse is a blatant lie.  Humanity is one race with thousands of ethnicities.  We have different features but no race is ugly. Beauty is in the harmony of the features.  It does not matter which race you are.

This beautiful face is a composite of a few very avarage looking persons.

Actually, science has finally given away the mystery of beauty. Beau­ty is just the av­er­age. Yes “av­er­age” faces, crea­ted by com­pu­ter as composites of many others, are generally rated as bet­ter-look­ing than ordinary faces. Blend­ing even just a few faces—even un­at­trac­tive ones—tends to pro­duce sur­pris­ing im­prove­ments. (Try it your­self here. It is fun.)

This is the future of mankind. As the world becomes smaller and people of different races intermarry, our genes blend and as the computer generated images show our species will become more beautiful.

Now we have solid empirical evidence that mixing our genes will improve our species. Consider yourself a pioneer of the future human race.

Furthermore, beauty is not in the looks but in the personality.  If you have a magnetic personality you look beautiful. How many times you have seen people who looked beautiful or handsome at first but immediately you lost interest in them when they opened their mouth or acted in some inappropriate way?  Contrary wise, as Alice in the Wonderland says, you may meet people who don’t look attractive at first, but they mesmerize you with their towering personality and you find them very attractive.

This face is a composite of ten very avarage looking faces,

Beauty is in personality and personality is something one can work on.  If you stop worrying about your looks and instead focus your attention on others, they will find you attractive.  When you meet someone, don’t think about how you look. Instead make them know how beautiful and wonderful they look. They immediately reciprocate and will find you beautiful too.

Mexicans have very beautiful features. They don’t look like Europeans. If your standard of beauty is the white race, you’ll have difficulty finding beauty in any other race.  An example can make this clear. If your measure of beauty in flowers is rose, you’ll find no other flower can compare to it. But the comparison is wrong.  Each flower has its own beauty. You should not compare.

Of course the claim that some races are intellectually inferior is a sheer lie.  We all originated from Africa and if you go thirty or forty thousand years back, you’ll find all of us come from the same tribe.  This is a blink of an eye in the evolutionary scale.  Although human race lived apart for thousands of years, this is not enough for any major change in our brain to take place. We are the same people, intellectually and in all other respects.

The fact that some cultures remained backward has nothing to do with genes, but with social conditioning. Now we can see the fallacy of racism.  I live in Canada, a country of immigrants where everyone has more or less the same opportunity.  The index of success among all ethnicities is the same. Canadians come from all over the world, but when given equal opportunity they perform equally.  This debunks racism completely. Rich and poor, smart and dumb are distributed equally among all races, which clearly shows race is not a factor. In fact race does not exist at all. We’re all one race.

Generally Muslims are under achievers. It does not matter what race they are. They are often poorer and often more violent. This has to do with their bad culture and bad religion, and not with their genes. African Americans are more likely to go to jail than the whites by a stagering index of 39 times.  This too has nothing to do with genes. The blacks have lost their way when they started believing in the lies of the liberals and became Democrats. They abandoned family values. The index of teenage pregnancy among the blacks in America is staggeringly high and single motherhood is the norm.  Alcoholism and drug addiction is high. What can you expect from children growing up in such dysfunctional families?  To add insult to injruy a much larger percentage of blacks are racist, compared to whites.  In fact an alarming number of blacks are racist.  Their blind support of Obama is proof of that.  It is these flaws that have kept the blacks in the slums not their genes.

Racism is scientifically wrong. It is also morally wrong and intellectually dishonest.  It is the acme of stupidity.  We passed this stage of ignorance and we must never allow it to come back.  In my experience the least racist people are the whites. All other races are more or less racists.

There is an old Chinese story that is worth mentioning here. A young man who studied hard to be the best kung fu fighter thought to himself if he finds about his opponents’ weaknesses he will have an upper hand over them and can beat them in any competition.  He watched them carefully and studied their shortcomings before competing with them. But each time he was defeated. Depressed and disheartened he went to his master and asked what is wrong with his strategy. “It seems to make perfect sense,” he said, “look for an opening where my opponent comes up short, and then use that to achieve victory. Why did it not work?”

His master drew a line in the sand and said,  “Make this line shorter without touching it or covering it up in any way. If you can figure out how to do that, you will also understand why your strategy did not work.”

The young man considered the line for hours and found it impossible to do what his master asked. He finally gave up. “This is one of those puzzles that has no solution,” he protested.

“Yes it has,” said his master. “Now watch carefully.” He then drew a longer line in the sand next to the first one.  “This is the way to do it” said the master. “Don’t you see the first line is shorter? And I didn’t touch it.”

The moral of this story is, don’t focus on things you can’t change.   Instead work on your strengths.  Soon what you consider a defect in you will become insignificant and invisible to others and even to yourself. Instead of striving to diminish your defects, increase your perfections.

Please watch this video. This is the application of the above principle.


You asked whether our existence is accidental or whether there is a purpose for which we were born.  I believe we are products of accident. There is no purpose to why we were born.  Wind scatters seeds all over. Many of them fall on wrong places and never germinate. Only a few fall on the right soil, with the right moisture and sunlight and grow to become fruitful plants. Their existence is only accidental. If you think of the number of sperms wasted for just one to meet the ovum and become a baby, you’ll see there is not much difference between our existence and the existence of a plant. We are all products of accident.

But a life without a purpose is not worth living. So it is up to us to give a purpose to our existence.

We are made of billions of cells, each created with a specific purpose. The cells that were meant to be bone marrow, can’t decide to become muscle cells or brain cells.  The purpose of their existence is predetermined. Unlike our cells we humans are free to choose what to do with our life and how to fulfill the purpose of our existence. The only limitation is in our imagination and in our determination.

The fact that there is no predetermined purpose to our existence is not a bad thing. It is actually great because we can choose any purpose for our existence that we want and we can change it. I had a different purpose in my life until 14 years ago. Then I changed it and I am happier.  My life has a big purpose now.  It is a purpose that I chose.  The “calling” came from myself.

You have to choose the purpose of your existence. Do something that will help others.  The more you help others the more fulfilled you become. The tragedy is in not having a purpose. Alas most people live this tragedy.

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  1. de_prince says:

    haha, that's great, you know when to be rational and sentimental

  2. eberhard says:

    Mr Ali Sina
    I've a deep respect for you, but reading through your post i disagreed with you on the following two statement.
    As someone who have a B.ed in African history i would say you overstated by saying that blacks are more racist than white. I believe in rationalist philosophy and i try my best to be  open-mined as i can and trying my best to impartial. Though i would agree with you there are some blacks who are racist but you are completely wrong by saying that blacks are more racist than whites? What happen to Mandela in South Africa? What happen to triangular slave route? What about the KKK?, What about the racial colonialism of Africans? Whhat about the Jim Claw law?  The reason why you're saying so is that because you haven't maybe read or studied the history of blacks in particular. 
    the least racist people are the whites

  3. Agracean says:

    Oh, my dear Ms Dr Ali Sina, I'm so glad that you're back. I guess that many readers here must have missed you badly like I do. 🙂

  4. Ali Sina says:

    Actually I wash my mouth many times AFTER talking about Allah and Muhammad. My mother used to make me do that any time I said a dirty word. They habit has stuck.

  5. Sakat says:

    /you have to wash your mouth many times before talking about Allah/.

    There is complication girl( i hope so you are one),in understanding the above meaning ,can you take trouble to explain it for this idiot .

  6. nina says:

    let islam and the prophet away ; you don't know them and you will never. and you have to wash your mouth many times before talking about Allah.

  7. omar97963 says:

    dear ali, y s faithfreedom.org nt working??

  8. omar says:

    dear ali, why is nt faithfreedom.org working

  9. papa romeo says:

    Whether hair or not….the things still hang out and you need to cover them. Animals do not cover them as they do do have conscience. Human being cover them.

  10. yoda1 says:

    I am dark wheetish and look like dark arab but my wife is too much white russian slav. And our marriage was arranged by our parents. She is from very strict Abrahmic Religion (even much strict than muslim religion) and i am from eastern religion my parents are also very very traditional and religions (millions of years my clan parents arrange marriage in their own clan familys just like arab tribes). But both families by accident came in contact and started respecting each other and decided to marry us. No one is forcing their religion and tradition to each other. I and my parents go to their temples in their festivals and they come to our temples and rituals. Some months we live at my wifes parents home and some times we live to my parents home with my wifes parents.
    Ali Sina is very right when he said whites are very less racist. When i live in my wifes country all slaves treat me and my family very lovingly. But we asians even in our neighbours find some alien elements.
    You are wrong Madam Fatima because you couldnt study reasearch by UK social scholars that different race couples live much more years together (mostly life time) and grow their children more responsibly. Please Search Google about the same and you will be enlightened…
    Forgive me if i hurt your emotions…

  11. my y says:

    "A very good intelligent answer to beauty and islam virus

  12. cutbulla says:

    Well true Aryans don't change their beliefs at the drop of a hat.Aryans were fire worshipers.India is the true land of Aryans.Zoroastrians too are Aryans.Sadly Iranians(Aryans) got converted by sword to islam in less than a century without any struggle.
    True Aryans will debate,will fight but rather than submit will die for his cause.If ever he is convinced then only he will change his views.
    But sadly Iranian Aryans meekly submitted to islam;that was the death of Aryanism.

  13. BillOpenthalt says:

    Why would members of your "Class A" be the ones killed off by war? Most of the war casualties are within the rank and file, not the officers. The Soviet Union went to great lengths to protect its scientists and artists, and the vast majority of their war dead were youngsters from the "working class".

    And a breeding programme would only work when those who do not exhibit the desired characteristics are prevented from procreating. There's no evidence to support that governments and religions have conscious policies to achieve this.

  14. Kinderling says:

    "I think the available evidence does not support the idea that religions are breeding sheeple. "

    Ooohkaay, Class A, Class B and Class C are full of children graded to their ability. Class A the finest and best are removed by the second world war, Islamic fundamentalism,and Communism.

    Remaining, are Class B and C.

    Class B are still going to be the media/political/religious class and Class C who do the work for them. They do not reproduce many children who are Class As and so drop the standards for a Nu class A Class B Class C. Do you know where this civilization is going? To beg you for money or steal it by printing it.

    The available evidence supports the idea that religions/politicians are breeding sheeple by not making them use their brains to see when a confidence trick is at play. The dumbest are rewarded for having the biggest litters to create cash cows for those whose vocation is to 'save' them.

  15. BillOpenthalt says:

    I'm quite sure we can breed humans (the Nazis certainly tried), but I am not convinced organised religion is consciously engaged in a breeding programme. They have to attract people through lofty ideas, and the only way this works is when their zealots really believe in these ideas.

    I think religion is more into exploiting traits already present in humans than breeding traits into humans. Secularism is a pretty recent development, and if organised religion would be breeding "mind-limited" humans, secularism would never have arisen.

    As far as the stories about Jesus, the Buddha, Muhammad, John Smith, L Ron Hubbard etc, it's not irrational to believe them if the vast majority of the people around you believe them. I've never personally seen the Earth from space, but it's not irrational to accept the current "canonical" information about the shape of the Earth. Similarly, people rationally accept the current "canonical" information about the key figures of their religion. It only becomes irrational when they refuse to examine evidence to the contrary, or in the absence of evidence, refuse to grant the same status to beliefs of others.

    Thus, having a religion while accepting that other people have different religions and that there's no reason (apart from personal preference and conviction) to adhere to the one or the other is rational. Believing that your religion is the only valid one, and that non-believers are evil or deluded, is irrational, because there is no real evidence for the divine origin of any religion, and plenty of evidence that all of them are purely human creations.

    But notice that people who hold religious beliefs feel, and assert that they are rational — witness the Muslims who argue that the literary "qualities" of the Qur'an prove that it is god's word. The problem is not with the lack of ability of their brains, but with the fact that they have the wrong information. Infiormation which has been poured into them since birth. Perfect reasoning based on wrong premises will lead to wrong conclusions.

    I think the available evidence does not support the idea that religions are breeding sheeple.

    On the contrary, there has never been so much support for secularism as the basis of the social organisation of mankind. This is something we have to foster, and we need to work actively to stop giving preferential treatment to any religion, especially if this comes at the expense of personal freedoms (such as freedom of expression). Ideally, we should stop the indoctrination of children in the religion of their parents (but I know that this is impossible to enforce humanely), or at least provide them with information on other religions to highlight the arbitrary nature of all religious beliefs.

  16. Kinderling says:

    "Dogs did not evolve, but were bred…"

    A society that reproduces from those on welfare or a preferred religious or political affilliation does exactly the same. It is called social engineering. Resulting in a dumbed-down proletariat and laity class self-policed by thought-crimes. The priestcraft know this, but you appear blind to the forces employed in creating a mind-limited person, while admitting dogs can be bred for shape, size, intelligence and temperment.

    The belief that Mohammad travelled to Heaven is irrational, yet a population with each generation physically slaughtered and leaving only those willingly to submit to the sword, retains only a brain most suited to perceive this as true.

    Vikings were known as beserkers. High testosterone is found in hyenas. Visions only come from within.

    Now the argument here is: will a person as a product of breeding ever be able to become a balanced conscience or remain led by the nose of received dreamstates? OK, was Jesus a quirk of nature where his birth-lineage a deciding factor of his abilities as the writers assumed? Of course. Donkeys don't speak.

    To think that everyone can exclaim "eureka" cannot happen. Buddha will remain magical if he had a humanity unknown to the holder. The inner dialogue may not be heard by everyone, precisely because intelligence is a step of evolution.

    The Catholic Church was so successful as wherever it went, the devine Father, Mother and Son could be incorportated into the fears of the prevailing culture. There was no conscience raising.

    Human evolution is visible and self-evident. Trying to not make it so because of pity and shame leads only to anger and frustration.

    As a human whisperer I am a great celebrater of the individual animal, and am amazed at the un-grouped grouped-people and their Community Leaders who speak on behalf of them.

  17. Ali Sina says:

    Yes that is right. Humans intervened in the process and used the same procedure that nature uses. Selective breading is the same as natural selection, except that it is done with a purpose behind it. In nature this happens through major calamities that wipe out most of the population of a species leaving only a few that are fittest to survive.

  18. BillOpenthalt says:

    Of course there is a bell curve for intelligence, like there is one for body size. And it is quite possible that certain groups are more "intelligent" than others, on average, like there are groups that are taller than others. To give an extreme example, Tutsis are taller than Pygmees to the point that it's probably safe to say that no Pygmee is taller than any Tutsi. But this is extreme, and not applicable to brain functions.

    As far as intelligence is concerned, what we can measure is performance on standardised tests. Such performance depends just as much (if not more) on motivation as on inborn ability.

    And even if we do find that, on average, Indians are better at math than Europeans, it doesn't mean that all Indians are mathematical geniuses and all Europeans are mathematical morons. You have to look at the individual in front of you. That individual is good at maths, or not. It doesn't matter one jot whether this person is an Indian, a European, and African, a man, a woman, homosexual, heterosexual, young, old, light brown or dark brown. None of these characteristics matter when you need someone who's good at maths.

    It's all about you and me, individual humans with their strengths and weaknesses, who want to be – and should be – recognised for what they are, and not because they happen to be classifiable in a number of arbitrary categories.

    The stats are real, and interesting (I am a statistician), but they are irrelevant for individuals. It's that simple.

  19. Bill Openthalt says:

    Dogs did not evolve, but were bred, by humans, for size, shape, looks etc. This results in extreme differences between the various breeds of dogs, and unhealthy animals. This would never have happened with evolution.

  20. Kinderling says:

    What fine people the Arabs were before they were conquered by Islam, torn from their nobility and lofty imaginings, and affections turned to the domination of all women.

    Religion is like a brace on the mind: the more faithful, the more ignorant and prideful the person becomes until all new ideas are destroyed, and these Mohammadans demolished the great Library of Alexander 642.

    Does a tuned mind reject fashoods, of course. Do the thugs of the priestcraft kill these fine minds – they surely do. So where once Jews would seek out a Rabbi's daughter for her inherited intelligence, no one sought out an Imam's for their enlightenment.

    That mankind can downbreed or upbreed is patiently obvious.

    You can invite to a country those people whose children slouch on the sofa to eat and watch TV or those who sit at a dining table to discuss and debate. What society end's up becoming is but a mere three generations.

    Communism and Fascism desentise the population thru intimidation, violence and the rapid imprisonment of those who dissent, to offer a replacement animal-emotional life of sexuality, gender and ethnic identity.

    Two world wars deprived Europe of it's best men.

    When an India is turned into a Pakistan, a China into a Soviet bloc, you have less and less human mental material to work with that they have to steal new technology or perish.

  21. Truth Seeker says:

    Cont….. to Kinderling
    In ancient India, chemistry was called Rasayan Shastra, Rasa-Vidya, Rasatantra and Rasakriya all of which roughly mean ‘Science of liquids’. The Iron Pillar at Delhi is verily a rust-less wonder. It has been standing in open for more than a millennium in the heat, dust and rain, but except for the natural erosion it has not caught rust. This kind of a rust-proof iron had not been smelted anywhere else in the world. Another instance of Indian metallurgy is the copper statue of Gautama Buddha found at Sultan Ganj in Bihar. The statue is 2.13 meters high and weighs nearly a ton. Methods for the extraction of metals like gold, silver, tin and copper from their ores and their purification are mentioned in Rasaratnakara of Nagarjuna. In his treatise, he has also listed the apparatus that was used by earlier alchemists. The process of distillation, liquefaction, sublimation and roasting were also mentioned. Nagarjuna also discussed, in detail, the possibility of transmutation of base metals into gold. But although he could not produce gold, these techniques did yield metals with gold like yellowish brilliance. Nagarjuna has also discussed methods for the preparation of mercury like calamine. Later Nagarjuna seems to have turned towards organic chemistry and medicine. He has written a text called Uttaratantra which is supposed to be a supplement to an earlier text the Shusrutasamahita which is said to have been written by Shusruta in the 8th century B.C. Only a few decades after Nagarjuna, India was invaded by the Mohammedans: Mahmud of Ghazni had raided and plundered Nagarjuna’s hometown of Somnath in 1020 A.D. It is possible that Nagarjuna’s texts fell into the hands of the invaders. While the invaders ruthlessly destroyed the architectural achievements of this country and imposed their despotic rule, they also transmitted Indian sciences to the outside world. Alongwith Mahmud of Ghazni came scholars like Al Beruni who studied Indian texts and translated them into Arabic. Many Indian ideas of medicine were incorporated into the Unani system of medicine of the Arabs. Nagarjuna’s works could not have escaped their attention. It is possible that the technique of alchemy was borrowed by the Arabs from India. In the ancient world there is no reference to alchemy. We first hear of it in the medieaval Europe. The homeland of the Arabs is not rich in metals, thus alchemy and the smelting of metals could not have been indigenous to the Arabs. Thus the Arabs seem to have borrowed the technique of transforming base metals info gold-like metals from India. The Arabs called the technique Al Kimia which according to the Oxford Dictionary literally means the ‘transformation of metals’. Al means ‘The’ and Khimia which is derived from the Greek term Khemia means ‘to transmute metals’. But westerners did not appear to have had the knowledge of the technique of alchemy. This is borne out by the fact that the term Alchemy which the westerners use for describing this technique was borrowed from the Arabs. The word A1chemy is obviously a corruption of the term Al Kimia which the Arabs gave to the technique of converting base metals into gold like substances which they culled out from Indian texts on the subject.

    India has been reputed for its iron and steel since Greek and Roman times with the earliest reported finds of high-carbon steels in the world coming from the early Christian era, while Greek accounts report the manufacture of steel in India by the crucible process. Wootz is the anglicized version of ukku in the languages of the states of Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh, a term denoting steel. Literary accounts suggest that steel from the southern part of the Indian subcontinent was exported to Europe, China, the Arab world and the Middle East. In the 12th century the Arab Idrisi says ‘The Hindus excel in the manufacture of iron. It is impossible to find anything to surpass the edge from Indian steel’.

  22. Truth Seeker says:

    The number system was actually first developed in India. Aryabhatta developed the place-value notation in the 5th century and a century later Brahmagupta introduced the symbol for zero. The numeral system and the zero concept, developed by the Hindus in India slowly spread to other surrounding countries due to their commercial and military activities with India. The Arabs adopted it and modified them. Even today, the Arabs called the numerals they use ‘Rakam Al-Hind’ or the Hindu numeral
    system. The Arabs translated Hindu texts on numerology and spread it to the western world due to their trade links with them. The Western world modified them and called them the Arabic numerals, as they learnt from them. Hence the current western numeral system is the modified version of the Hindu numeral system developed in India. It also exhibits a great similarity to the Sanskrit-Devanagari notation, which is still used in India. The earliest inscription of zero was a record on Sankheda copper plate found in Gujarat, India (585 – 586 CE).

    The word geometry seems to have emerged from the Indian word ‘Gyaamiti’ which means measuring the Earth. Although Euclid (a Greek) is credited with its invention in 300 BCE, the concept of geometry developed in India from the practice of making fire altars in square and rectangular shapes. Also, the theorem now attributed to
    Pythagoras (the square of the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle equals the sum of the squares of the other two sides) was elucidated earlier by Baudhayana an recorded in the Treatise, Baudhayana Sulba Sutra (6th century BCE). The word trigonometry is similar to ‘Trikonamiti’ meaning ‘measuring triangular forms.’ The Sanskrit text, Surya Siddhanta (4th century CE) describes details of trigonometry which were introduced to Europe by Briggs in the 16th century. The ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle is known as Pi. The text Baudhyana Shulba Sutra mentions this ratio to be approximately equal to 3. Aryabhatta in 499 CE worked out the value of Pi to the fourth decimal place as 3.1416. In 825 CE the Arab mathematician Mohammed Ibna Musa says that “This value has been given by the Hindu (Indians).” Present day calculations give its value of Pi as 3.1415926535.

    Acharya Charak has been crowned as the father of Medicine. His renowned work, the “Charak Samhita”, is considered as an encyclopedia of Ayurveda, the oldest known medicinal system. His principles, diagnoses, and cures retain their potency and truth even after a couple of millennia. When the science of anatomy was confused with different theories in Europe, Acharya Charak revealed through his innate genius and inquiries the facts on human anatomy, embryology, pharmacology, blood circulation and diseases like diabetes, tuberculosis, heart disease, etc. In the “Charak Samhita” he has described the medicinal qualities and functions of 100,000 herbal plants. He has emphasized the influence of diet and activity on mind and body. Susruta is known as the father of surgery and is the author of the book Susruta Saṃhita, in which he describes over 300 surgical procedures, 120 surgical instruments and classifies human surgery in eight categories. He lived, taught and practiced his art on the banks of the Ganges in the area that corresponds to the present day city of Varanasi in North India. The medical works of both Sushruta and Charaka were translated into Arabic language during the Abbasid Caliphate (750 AD). These Arabic works made their way into Europe via intermediaries.

  23. Kinderling says:

    Then there is no bell curve of intelligences, the Chinese and Indians are not be smarter on average than the Europeans who are not be smarter than the Africans, who in turn in reverse are not, on average be physically stronger than the others.

    The UK are not sending vastly higher numbers of Blacks to their population to the Olympics, and there are not vastly higher numbers of Jews in academia.

    Ethnicity has no bearing on intelligence, subconscience, shape or size of the human animal before us.

    Now,we can turn to beauty, that mixing all the dog's average facial features together to get the sexiest wolf…

  24. Ali Sina says:

    In 1000 years dongs can have nearly 1000 generations, while humans can have 40. A few thousand years for dogs can made a big difference in their evolution. In humans, it make no difference at all.

  25. Bill Openthalt says:

    Race doesn't matter. Gender doesn't matter. It's about an individual human being. Yes, some "races" are statistically "better" at certain things, for reasons biological or cultural. That's interesting and sometimes helpful (mostly in medecine), but totally irrelevant when dealing with individuals. Each of us should be valued for what we are, not for what arbitrary category others have put us in. None of us become more worthy because we put ourselves in an arbitrary category.

    Any doctrine that put people in categories, and then treats them based on that classification and not as individuals is evil and should be abandoned.

  26. Kinderling says:

    "He watched them carefully and studied their shortcomings before competing with them. But each time he was defeated."

    "His master drew a line in the sand and said, “Make this line shorter without touching it or covering it up in any way. If you can figure out how to do that, you will also understand why your strategy did not work.”"

    "The young man considered the line for hours and found it impossible to do what his master asked. He finally gave up. “This is one of those puzzles that has no solution,” he protested."

    "“Yes it has,” said his master. “Now watch carefully.” He then drew a longer line in the sand next to the first one. “This is the way to do it” said the master. “Don’t you see the first line is shorter? And I didn’t touch it.”"

    The moral of this story is success does not come by finding faults in others, but working on yourself so you are bigger.

  27. Kinderling says:

    "Although human race lived apart for thousands of years, this is not enough for any major change in our brain to take place"

    A rottweiler and a Labrador have different temperaments and intelligence even though they had only "lived apart for thousands of years".

    Do not young lions challenge and defeat the older lions and their static females become receptive again? Isn't this one circle of life? Another is young wolves in perpetual servitude to their pack leaders, of alphas and betas seeking a pecking-order to live just above the other, while their females are the least of all? Both animalistic-natured and violent groups, drawing the least intelligent into their fold.

    If Jesus out of one book, takes different forms for different ethnic groups, then so must they themselves have a different comprehension and understanding of the world around them.

    The realization of the genetically inherited nature and intelligence of the very animal before you, to see if they have conquered and won themselves, will save your life. Look away, and you're eaten out of house and home.

  28. Ali Sina says:

    I am not denying that people are different. Of course that difference is obvious. The Zulu and the Bolivian indigenous people don’t look alike. And of course the brain is also an organ and like all other organs can be different in different races. However, focusing on these differences, particularly the difference in brain leads only to discrimination and racial superiority. This is an evil we must never tolerate. All people must have equal opportunity. Naturally the best fitted for the job will win. I also don’t believe in affirmative action. This is also discrimination. I am against branding people based on their race. Racism should never be tolerated, not in any shape or form and under any guise. Nothing is more evil than discriminating against someone based on their race. Let them compete without prejudice. If they don’t qualify, they don’t qualify. That is the end of it. There should be no prejudice discriminating against them and no affirmative action giving them extra privileges.

  29. Olive says:

    I believe evolution and environment have not only physically formed the various human phenotypes but also the capacity for intellegence in different human groups. IQ is real; the studies are scientific but of course not politically correct to explore this, like denying the "gay gene." Why do they say Ashkenasi Jews tend to have very high IQs? Perhaps they come from a culture that values education, but then again, environment made this so. I believe evolution, environment and necessity also affects the brain over thousands & thousands of years, which is a physical organ. You made the statement "blacks are better at sports." This is real. Because evolution has developed their physical bodies differently out of necessity. Why couldn't it do that to a brain, which is also physical?

    But IQ is not set in stone; neither are our physical bodies. We evolve. Our biology evolves, and our brains are a biological organ. I don't know if "race realists" are "racist" … maybe some are, but maybe some just are exploring what they see as a truth.

  30. Agracean says:

    My dear Ms Ali Sina is absolutely right to say that. Mr Jonathan Harrel is indeed too young for a serious relationship.

  31. Rationalist says:

    When you will be 80 years old she will be 64 years old. Both will be old to have company go for it.

  32. Ali Sina says:

    Get over it. She is too young for a serious relationship and you are too old to wait. Find someone closer to your age.

  33. sexyboy says:

    i found a love in a girl who is 16 yrs younger to me..i mean i am 30 and she is 14 🙁

  34. Ali Sina says:

    Race realism is racism in disguise. Everyone is different. This is obvious. But these differences do not constitute absolute superiority or inferiority. Even in one family, some individuals are better in certain areas than their siblings. One brother can be more intellectually inclined while the other is more practical and likes hands on activities. If we make these differences reason for discrimination we’d be practicing racism. This is basically what the so called race realists want. They know they will be rejected and derided if they call themselves racists, so they have devised another word for it. But they are the same people with the same evil intentions.

    I don’t believe all people are equal. But all must have equal opportunities to bring forth their potential and not be discriminated against based on their color of skin. Naturally those who are better in certain things will excel in those things. I could never be a good musician, I tried but soon realize I am not cut for it. However, I would have hated to be denied the right to try.

    People must have equal opportunities. Naturally those who are better will excel. There is nothing more evil than discrimination based on skin color. Blacks are generally better in sports. But I hate to be discriminated against because I am not black. Persians are good in maths. How would you like to be discriminated against when competing for a job that requires mathematical expertise with a Persian merely because you are not a Persian?

    Race realism is another name for racism pure and simple and we must reject it and humiliate its proponents and shame them and force them into retreat. Evil must not be given any chance to triumph under any disguise.

  35. Race Realist says:

    Racism, the discriminatory or abusive behaviour towards members of another race is wrong and deplorable. However, Race Realism, the acknowledgement that some races are better at certain things and is certain ways, is a scientific fact.

  36. Mmm says:

    In the Bible, the clothes of Adam & Eve were not regarded as a civilising element, but a sign of their fall and shame 🙂 They hid themselves because they could not accept their own nature. In Paradise, the perfect condition, they were naked like the beautiful apes.

  37. Clara says:

    Yes I am, and your eloquence move me and stirs my confound soul. I wish to speak with you in more depth about many things, I long to know your story and perhaps fathom your thoughts. I hope you can hear mine. I also "look for an answer from the higher place to satisfy my soul" I never met another person who admits to feel this way…

  38. sadlk says:

    What do you want to know about me, Clara? I am just a person and far from good looks, am looking for an answer from the higher places to satisfy my soul but it seems no use since I can't change what I can't change, maybe i am less human, maybe it's not important but just feel hurt everytime people remind me who I am and how limited I am, I can't even enjoy movies. A sincere heart of unity or a total war and perpetual division by superior pride vs. the inferior is what i am yet to see. I see people with pride are the most evil in this world, they include the racists,the muslims, islamists, the selfish. Are you really that Clara with complexes like mine?

  39. Clara says:

    Sadlk, this is Clara, I find it interesting that you can identify with my feelings, you are very eloquent in your writing. I followed you in you profile here. I was hoping you can contact me in my email if that is not a problem.

  40. everin says:

    Yr idioglosia is beyond redemption.

  41. Interesting Ali says:

    In visible illustration as earth is flat so carpet is flat. In geoscientific illustration carpet gets the same shape as of earth if it is spread out. So carpet is spherical. Ostrich Egg shape is spherical.

    You are stupid who wants to keep carpet straight without acknowledging gravity.And you chicken head so you think "dahaha" means Chicken Egg

    Let me throw you in universe so that you won't return. Oh you know when I am throwing means you will go straight in black hole because you know my act of throwing but don't know gravity.

  42. Interesting Ali says:

    Ain't you more interested in neighbor. lol
    You nosing ability will lead you in center of attention one day. Hope the best.

  43. Interesting Ali says:

    Truth and perspective

    I gave you freedom in perspective (anything?!). You are repeating the same.
    Truth is visibility. So these slaves are your masters in the real world huh.

  44. enlightened25 says:

    The will to nothingness. [youtube DtkC42i7q6Q http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtkC42i7q6Q youtube]

  45. enlightened25 says:

    You are talking nonsense again. No one is born in belief, or that is to the true belief, the belief in reason, logic and truth. You have to consciously seek it and find it. And you certainly are not of that belief. Also this word God if it is to mean anything, it must mean what’s ultimate. That must include what’s true. Since you believe in lies and nonsense, you are not submitting to truth, which means your not submitting to God. Also you practice ritual and dogma which has nothing to with truth and is just religious bullshit. As mentioned before you don’t even know what God is, let alone have a relationship with him. “Whoever exists call them slaves or anything.” Slaves are just slaves. And groups, the sheep, the herd, the slave hoards, don’t exist or at least their not conscious.

  46. knowTheEnemy says:

    "Even hindus claim that black stone is something like their lingam which means phallus".

    And you are required to KISS that phallus. Doing so is sunnah. Can you really treat that stone as just a stone and ignore it?? You are not fooling anyone!

  47. everin says:

    Fully agreed with u, The slaves in the "truth of his world" are fighting for democratic freedom in the bloody revolution of the ME countries. Pres, Assad still refuses to stop killing freedom fighters. Interesting ??? Better talk facts in the real world than keep harping on some impratical doctrines from the madrassas.

  48. everin says:

    It is stated therein as ' the earth was spread out like a bed or carpet " . A spread out carpet is not flat then what is flat ??? Or u sleep on a egg-shaped bed. HAAhahaha !

  49. Interesting Ali says:

    You have not even born in belief. So you don't have relationship with God(Allah). You don't exist. Whoever exists call them slaves or anything.

  50. Interesting Ali says:

    Stone is a stone that's all. If anyone kiss it or not. We don't worship stone.

    Your Guru get yourself nothing new as a religion.Sikhism is extracts of some major religions like Islam and Hinduism primarily. Sikhism is not a religion. It was a movement to free hindus fro their ill practices.

    Even hindus claim that black stone is something like their lingam which means phallus. I know your idol worship also include phallus worship. This is all about you is BS for us.

  51. knowTheEnemy says:

    "Do you got problem with that? !"

    No, I don't have any problem if you kiss the black stone. I was simply responding your comment "stone is a stone". The black stone isn't just any other stone. The prophet commanded you to kiss it and respect it and like a good slave you do it. You don't even know why to respect it but you must do it; You were not given options.

    "Your guru openly practiced Islam"

    Apparently you don't know anything about Sikhism either. Think about it! If the Guru practiced Islam, why would his followers be practicing something much different!

    BTW I am not a orthodox Sikh. I was born in a Sikh household but my beliefs are unique. Sikhism, Hinduism, Science, Philosophy, History etc, and my personal views and even Islam, all make a foundation for my beliefs. So if you fit me in a particular category you will only be fooling yourself.

    And I think idol worship is ok. So go ahead and kiss the black stone.

  52. Interesting says:

    Do you got problem with that? !

    Go destroy your gurudwara in pakistan and built in India. you people learned from muslims how to live. Your guru openly practiced Islam. Your fifth guru make you what you look like today.

  53. knowTheEnemy says:

    Go and destroy it! Can you? No you can't. You do not have that option! You are a slave. The only thing you can do to it is what hadith require you to do and that is KISS IT AND RESPECT IT!

  54. Interesting Ali says:

    Stone is a stone.

  55. Interesting Ali says:

    where is flat ?? tell me the verse.

  56. DPhysicist says:

    As John Keats said…"A thing of beauty is a joy forever"

  57. knowTheEnemy says:

    Quran/Hadith are full of quotes that show Earth to be flat and YOU know it. Here is a small sample. Now would that keep you from playing Taqiyya?

  58. knowTheEnemy says:

    I have heard stories of Guru Nanak going to mecca but it doesn't change the fact that the black stone is a meteorite. You can go ahead and destroy that one; I don't mind !

  59. enlightened25 says:

    "But world rejected individualism that's why your defined individualist are no where." Okay we are "nowhere" but we exist. Which is funny since a group does not exist even that said to be "the world" the world wide herd LOL. A group is up made of individuals you cant touch a group only individuals. Also individualists could not give a toss what “the world” says. Members of herds cannot even think let alone say anything. “It's not being slave” Yes it is, you are a proud slave of Allah. To accept the truth you have to be conscious to recognize it. Only through reason is man conscious, with an individuality. You are the biggest fool here. You are a slave and proud. I rest my case. Also Slave, don’t talk about freedom because a slave does not even have a conception of what freedom is.

  60. 72virginshunter says:

    Islam=the most idiotic religion

  61. 72virginshunter says:

    My dear infidels,your blood is halaal to be spilled.

  62. Interesting Ali says:

    And even your guru also did it.

  63. Interesting Ali says:

    That is ok if you are happy in your kitchen. But world rejected individualism that's why your defined individualist are no where.

    It's not being slave but being wise to accept truth and move on instead of searching truth revealed already. Your freedom is nothing but foolishness just you got some diodes and triodes and want to make computer which is already made.

  64. Interesting Ali says:

    You are hopeless tell me the verse

  65. knowTheEnemy says:

    In other words, you have not read the Quran.

  66. knowTheEnemy says:

    Did you know that the black-stone that you are required to kiss at the kaaba is a meteroroid that fell on Earth? Back then people were quite interested in stones that looked different from others and thought they were holy.

  67. enlightened25 says:

    I am not cooking anything. I am just encouraging individualism. You stay with the so called “collective consciousness” if that’s your level. If you want to be some slave and a clone so you don’t have to think and act as an individual that’s your problem.

  68. ☪☈Ali says:

    Aryan = Individualism
    Socialism = Putting collective interest before individual interest
    Iran = Land of Aryans
    Jews= Communist

    I don't know what are you cooking . I have already said world is not your kitchen !

  69. enlightened25 says:

    "This is success." Money is not success, money is worthless. Its the value of something, its spirit, its originality. The energy and spirit that was put into by its producer this is what makes something truly valuable. As it contains something of the persons soul. “You see professional contracts, you see ranks, you see leadership, you see followers.” I see many workers but few individuals. And no it does not mean working against the team, what it means is to respect and recognize everyone as not just some worker who is just one of many clones, but as an individual with their own individuality. This the true essence of Socialism. Socialism must be distinguished clearly from Communism. the latter being based on a community of goods, an absence of individual property, the former meaning, in the first place a co-operation of individual with individual, of worker with worker, and a recognition of human individuality in every one. Socialism is Aryan (Owen, Carlyle, Ruskin, Fichte). Communism is Jewish (Marx).

  70. Interesting says:

    You are still in JUNGLE of thoughts.

    Submission,Belief , trust all part of true relationship.

    Submission to anyone human, living, material, money bring slavery correct yourself. Submission to Almighty who controls rhythm of universe returns blessing, benefit to the person.

    Further I won't share reasons coz there is one way you need to believe to understand this.

  71. sadlk says:

    "You definately look just fine" it is something I can not change BUT when a trigger pulled and it gets on my nerves (for example: like the Clara's letter, like Muhammad's words, like the racists and disrespect people in real world behave) it is my reaction. I can't change anything and in most situation I let myself be humbled and intimidated but I also am not a log of wood that has no feeling inside. Please don't tell me I must kill myself or kill somebody before myself.

  72. Interesting says:

    Have you ever run a corporate or being part of it?! This is success . You see professional contracts, you see ranks, you see leadership, you see followers. One who work against team is expelled. Oh Individualism?! Are you going to SINK the world? How fascinating or artistic your thoughts may be barely impractical.

    Yep sometimes I have to generate business for those who are associate and depend on me and most of the time I get benefits as they are doing for me. Where is individualism? Stop reading fictional characters which meant to gratify your self soothing desires. My desire is to work socially. Call it herd or anything.

  73. Spinoza says:

    Personally, I am more attracted to the beauty of the soul (and I mean it)
    I know a black lady, she is so very adorable and beautiful, always smiling
    and her words are always sweet. Also, remember that there are many
    black people who are very attractive and beautiful physically as well.
    But if you think that the cocasian race is superior, you are wrong, because
    there are many white/cocasian who are extremely ugly, nothing but
    lumps of fat with their bellies dangling in front of them.
    What I want to say is that there is beauty and ugliness in all races.

  74. Ali Sina says:

    Yes I think that is a good idea to go to your counseller. You definately look just fine. What you need to change is the distorted image you have about yourself in your mind.

  75. enlightened25 says:

    "but at least your initial individualism ideal thing can give hope to a limited person like me.." I did not stop talking about my individualism ideal. I say every man should gain an identity through himself, not through a group and stand on his own merit. Not leech of what their ancestors or members of their nation or religion may have done. Those people are filthy parasites living of someone else`s flesh thinking they are entitled to respect or deserve to be given an award for what someone else has done or did.

  76. enlightened25 says:

    “You really can't see other loathsome original from people or philosophy other than the Jews'? oh, that tiny people of ancient Hebrews” I use the example of the Hebrews or the “real Jews” because they more than any other people have these qualities and also they have been the biggest promoters of it. For example Islam and communism are offshoots of Judaism. (The latter was invented directly by an actual Jew – Marx.) And a great deal of Jews are leftists and virtual all left wing ideas were invented by Jews or at least Jews helped to shape those ideas. Today gladly some Jews at least are starting to recover from the disease of Judaism and can even rightly be called Aryans. This it must be admitted is one of the good things that has come out of Zionism, as Weininger noted has helped bring out some of the best qualities of the Jews. But though it may have helped it will not solve the “Jewish question” that must be done, not through any group or messianic nationalist movement but on an individual level.

  77. enlightened25 says:

    Judaism as I understand it is a "spiritual condition" (to borrow a phrase from that video). It is the wish of the ego to annihilate itself, to be unconscious, to be enslaved. “Judaism” is simple the will to nothingness. “Islam, racism, communism, or other ideals” All of these ideas spring from the will nothingness.

  78. enlightened25 says:

    You did not dispute anything I said. You know full well what Islam offers, it offers slavery. Submission thats what the word means doesn’t it? There is nothing even unique about this offer, virtual all religions offer the person the “bliss” of unconsciousness. “but I accept Muhammad(PBUH) even Jesus(PBUH) even Moses(PBUH)” You have not even explained what you are accepting.

  79. sadlk says:

    From what you describe it seems to me that being jewish or having Judaism both conscious or unconsciously are much more dangerous than Islam, racism, communism, or other ideals altogether that harm humanity and mankind. You really can't see other loathsome original from people or philosophy other than the Jews'? oh, that tiny people of ancient hebrews

    Is it time for Ali Sina to stop attacking Islam and instead focus on destroying Judaism? ..but at least your initial individualism ideal thing can give hope to a limited person like me..

  80. Interesting says:

    Its all your headache how you understand Islam. You arguments are biased and lame dealing Islam.

    Well you reject but I accept Muhammad(PBUH) even Jesus(PBUH) even Moses(PBUH)

  81. enlightened25 says:

    Also do not say the Jews don’t believe in it, because they do. They still slash the throats of animal and mutilate their 8 day old sons genitals. The commands of which are in the same holy book. Also here is a list of the 613 commandments. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/613_commandments

  82. enlightened25 says:

    "Surely the vilest of animals in Allah's sight are those who disbelieve" No that verse is what I call a very jewish verse. As it just puts disbelievers in a group and brands them as animals. Like this bible verses that tell you to put your family members to death if they worship other Gods. 7 If thy brother, the son of thy mother, or thy son, or thy daughter, or the wife of thy bosom, or thy friend, that is as thine own soul, entice thee secretly, saying: 'Let us go and serve other gods,' which thou hast not known, thou, nor thy fathers;. 8 of the gods of the peoples that are round about you, nigh unto thee, or far off from thee, from the one end of the earth even unto the other end of the earth; . 9 thou shalt not consent unto him, nor hearken unto him; neither shall thine eye pity him, neither shalt thou spare, neither shalt thou conceal him. 10 but thou shalt surely kill him; thy hand shall be first upon him to put him to death, and afterwards the hand of all the people. Also notice all of the "thou shalt" or the slave commands given.

  83. enlightened25 says:

    I also believe that this is not something that is confided to the “actual Jews” but something all peoples have a share in this idea of Judaism, for example the Muslims are very Jewish. Also every individual has some Jewishness in them which they should strive to conquer. Note I am not meaning to advocate any hatred or encourage violence against individuals, I am merely discussing the idea of Judaism or that is say group thinking or herd mentality. I judge everybody on a individual basis and by their own character, I see people as individuals and not just a member of some group or other.

  84. enlightened25 says:

    While at least 99% of what is said about the Jews are hatemongering lies, the general anti-Semitic charge of the Jewish superiority is actually true. The Jews consider themselves bearers of “universal morality” or that is to say their slave commandments for everyone else. They do not integrate nor do they marry non-Jews. I heard one rabbi say if you do that you help to kill your people. And of course all the ideas such as communism the social democracy all of them were invented by Jews. All of this is the result of the madness of this idea of Judaism that is so prevalent among them. Like Otto Weininger says Zionism will not be the solution to the “Jewish question” before that is possible the Jew must first conquer Judaism.

  85. enlightened25 says:

    Sorry you are simple wrong. Its not a choice between being a racist or a Muslim this is simple nonsense. Nor does it mean you have to have “race pride” or any such nonsense, which is very Jewish – that charge I will answer in a moment and I will explain what I mean by that. It doesn’t mean hating individuals, I do not wish to do that or to encourage it. But simple being against this Idea and that’s it. Now then what do I mean when I talk of Jews and this idea of Judaism? I do not mean by that a race or a religion, but this idea that all humanity has a share in, which is essentially the idea which do not have individuality but are simple individuals under some banner or other. Of course these qualities are most present among the actual Jews more than any other people.

  86. sadlk says:

    "This is psychological problem and not a real problem" but of course this is psychological problem (sigh) it makes me feel sick looking at myself in the mirror.
    not a real problem? I'm going to my counsellor.

  87. sadlk says:

    "This is a fallacy called false dilemma." but, sir, in today's world all the anti-Islam physical representatives are lumped together as Racists, to add salt to the wound there have already been people like Anders Behring, BNP, neo-nazis, christian-identity, KKK, Skinheads, and all the right-wing people fascists and racists are also anti-Islam using pride hate/racial purification apporach. Can people like Ali Sina who is not racist and us appear in public to win the hearts of muslims and make them leave their Islam? I doubt it.

    and according to your logic:
    Islam's followers = jews
    racists = jews
    slave mentality = jews
    inferiority complex = jews
    and what about the jews themselves?
    O boy, poor jews (any jews here on board?), they remind of Qur'an Surah 8:55 let me tune it a little
    "Surely the vilest of animals in Allah's sight are those who disbelieve"
    if "Allah's" changed to "Aryan's" and the "disbelieve" changed to "are jews" it would really fit in the picture.

  88. Ali Sina says:

    This is psychological problem and not a real problem. I can see beautiful people among all races. Of course there are also unatractive people among all races. But physical unatractiveness immediately fades when I see the goodness in the least atractive persons and likewise, I detest looking at the faces of those who are evil. I can’t look at Hitler, Ahmadinejad, Khamanei and even Obama without feeling aversion.

  89. enlightened25 says:

    “Relationship with god , nature you can't get close to know if you don't believe.” I have a “relationship” with nature because I actually know what it is. Nature is the all, its not a thing or a being as you wishfully imagine. As that is what your relationship with God consists of – a relationship with your own imagination

    “So its spreading otherwise nature would have rejected.” Logical fallacy even if an idea is rapidly spreading or most believe in it does not mean its true. Just as in the same case if Islam vanished from human consciousness tomorrow it would not necessarily mean it is false.

  90. enlightened25 says:

    “World is not your kitchen where you toast your bread and that's it.

    Aryan is socially underprivileged person.” This is meaningless mumbo jumbo.

    “Mostly you try to impose a perspective as truth that's common thing I found here.” Absolutely I am “imposing” not a “perspective” but I am “imposing” absolute truth. A=A or the law of identity is the basis of all logic. This is where truth not of some “perspective” but actual absolute truth comes from.

  91. enlightened25 says:

    "But we know the better." You blindly follow anything Muhammad said or did.

    "Muhammad(PBUH) taught how to lead religious and real life altogether." Muhammad is dead. And even you say you know better. You make your own decisions and value judgements. Not a dead man. Unless you want to be a mindless slave. "What is in Islam, Muhammad(PBUH) taught how to lead religious and real life altogether.And this is complete." First of all Islam’s purpose is to make man a slave, a slave has no purpose so that’s a contradiction in terms. Purpose comes from consciousness and to be conscious you need to be free. Putting that aside why is Mohamed’s purpose better than mine? Give your reasons and also if I consider it to be Irrational and evil in anyway, I will be fully justified in rejecting Muhammad’s purpose.

  92. Interesting says:

    We muslim you might know don't hate and can't hate prophets. But we know the better.

    What is in Islam , Muhammad(PBUH) taught how to lead religious and real life altogether. And this is complete.

  93. Interesting says:

    World is not your kitchen where you toast your bread and that's it.

    Aryan is socially underprivileged person.

    Mostly you try to impose a perspective as truth that's common thing I found here.

    Relationship with god , nature you can't get close to know if you don't believe.

    Islam is final revelation so its seal of Abrahamic and all beliefs. Islam offers benefits to mankind. So its spreading otherwise nature would have rejected.

  94. enlightened25 says:

    The most Manly of men are the men of enlightenment, men like the Buddha and Christ who have highest level of courage in them. Truly original men who will walk alone without any herd and speak the truth even if it kills them. They are men of tremendous strength and character not like your warlord Muhammad. Without Geniuses like the Buddha, Christ, Nietzsche and Otto Weininger humanity would never have got to this point. Empires, armies, mob leaders, nations and so-called power will rise and fall and die. But the Genius will live forever.

  95. enlightened25 says:

    What do you mean he has no cause or goals? The "Aryan" unlike slaves like you gets his goals not from his guru, not his prophet, not a leader but from himself. These "leaders" you talk about are just mobsters they don’t have any power. If they had real power they would not be among the crowd. Indeed they are just as much slaves as the sheep they lead, they depend on them for their “power”. They are also liars and demagogues telling lies to whip up the herd. Instead of being productive they are destructive they destroy everything they touch. They are little boys who think because they have a big gun in their hand they are men. They are not men they are little children.

  96. Interesting says:

    Run queries which include statics, you will retrieve visible data.

  97. Interesting says:

    Where does these Aryans exist?! In Nut Shell ?! haven't seen any though. Own man in Him?! Well must be hopeless man sitting in the corner waiting for nothing doing nothing. No cause No goal No leader No army No power No likes No dislikes Oh well Noble like Helium.

    World don't care if these stupids who have nothing to do but noble exist or don't .

    Yes there is hopeless empty space in ideology there fore there is hope Islam is spreading.

  98. enlightened25 says:

    "Well agree or disagree , love or hate , Islam will continue to prosper." No it won’t. You cannot crush mans spirit.

  99. enlightened25 says:

    “Aryan are slaves of all time where much socially bound Abrahamics are controlling corporate and power in the world.” Ha ha, you silly fool, you born slave, you Jew, LOL you do not even deny it. No the “Aryan” is not a slave he is not a follower or so called leader of any herd, he is his own man in him he represents everything mankind is, or could be. Through his own inner strength he will drag the rest of mankind up whether they like it or they don’t. “What you call herd is corporate, military, power engaged in development of world through system meant for social causes not for personal thoughts.” Power you call this power? No you are not powerful, you are NOTHING. You don’t have the will to power, you have the will to nothing. What amuses me most is that you Muslims are the biggest promotes of these “new world order” conspiracy theories, when you yourselves are nothing but slaves who want to establish a “international Islamic state”. Like I said before you are the biggest anti-Semites but you are the most like the Jews, copying them like circus monkeys.

  100. Interesting says:

    Only individualism you are prescribing you can see as weak slaves in history. Aryan are slaves of all time where much socially bound Abrahamics are controlling corporate and power in the world.

    What you call herd is corporate, military, power engaged in development of world through system meant for social causes not for personal thoughts.

    Well agree or disagree , love or hate , Islam will continue to prosper.

  101. Interesting says:

    Ok Playa

    I gathered you are much explaining your twisted side as an experiment. You are a puppet who can't understand real life and its deal.

    I saw hypocrites like you so many times so what I have to understand your type . Nothing is bad when is the deal

    Truth is happening.

  102. enlightened25 says:

    should you let racism rise up in order to crush Islam? or Islam be embraced to defeat racism? This is a fallacy called false dilemma. My philosophy of individualism defeats both. I am not just against Islam I am against all of this herd following mentally. Racists are just as much part of a herd as are the Muslims. The racists try to lump all people of the same race together.

  103. sadlk says:

    of course "By fighting Islam does not mean fighting racism". But the values and effects Islam brings to mankind are comparable to what racism's bring to this world: Catastrophe and reduction of humanity.

    only the routes that are hijacked and employed by the two may differ (intertwining of spiritual and physical routes). Islam=spiritual aspects first then physical efforts/hate, while Racism=race/physical aspects first.

    should you let racism rise up in order to crush Islam? or Islam be embraced to defeat racism? both are oxymoronic.

  104. sadlk says:

    His description of Turks was DEGRADING and AGGRESSIVE and reflected Muhammad’s point of view of other nations. The only nation Muhammad had respect for was his own. He saw the men of other nations as enemies, or commodities to be enslaved.

    Sahih Al Bukhari , jihad and biography saying number 2928 and 2927.

  105. sadlk says:

    Ooh, here we go again with those who has lost conscience and difficult to see right and wrong. Are you black? you feel Ok if I called you by name "nigger" (nigger = negro = black) ? And a kafir is haram to use "assalamualaikum" to muslim, it is not similar to snob/racism? When I say YOU bully, I mean YOU people of Islam are bullyish, wild and dominating by characters, and yes, I have been hurt, not by personal you but by people who have mentality like you!!

    One case of your Insan al-Kamil's "noble" character:
    Muhammad despised and hated Persia, the closest empire to Bedouins. Moreover, Muhammad described Turks (then Asians) by saying to his Bedouins followers” Before the end of the world, you shall fight Turks, whose eyes are small and noses flattened and who have ugly reddish faces, like hammered shields”

  106. Interesting says:

    Admist of discussion loosing focus. I am thinking of Hydrogen, Yep simplest element, yep part of water essential for life, yep part of bomb exploding in sun essential for life. What if one of water or sun won't work? What if dual nature of hydrogen is no more? What is so beautiful knowing truth about nature?

    Oh its Justified !

  107. enlightened25 says:

    You can charge me with the crime of looking at Muslims as non-individuals and lumping them all together. This is not the case I am describing this herd mentality , this platonic idea of Judaism. Which is that humans are not individuals just a group of very similar (if not virtually clones). And we gain identity our identity through giving up our identity to this idea of Judaism. Or that is to say we only gain identity when we are of part of some herd or other (whether that be the herd of religion, race or nationalism or any other kind of herd). But in doing so the person ceases to be an individual and becomes just a clone, just a slave.

  108. enlightened25 says:

    "Come on… fighting Islam without fighting racism and vice versa is impossible as both are actually one in spirit." By fighting Islam does not mean fighting racism. It means fighting herd thinking (or that’s what I see it as). The Muslims despite the fact they are the biggest anti-Semites are the most Jewish people among the non-Jews. They blindly follow rules and commandments. They live of the achievements of other Muslims ("Muhammad most influential man in history", "Golden age of Islam", "Islamic scientists" blah blah blah.)They follow their prophet in every aspect of their lives, from how they prey, to what food they eat, to how they wash and use the toilet, what clothes they wear, how to trim the moustache. When one Muslim is charged with a crime or attacked they will all rush to defend them incase the image of Islam and Muslims may be damaged. Every movement of their lives they are enslaved “the slaves of Allah”. They are the perfect Jews.

  109. enlightened25 says:

    "Have we been formatted to think and to perceive this way by this world?" Absolutely not, and if you think like that then break those chains you yourself have helped to put round your own neck.

  110. enlightened25 says:

    "well as you can't avoid using your superior Aryan ideal" You are thinking in group terms again. The origin of the word "Aryan" means noble. "Aryans" then are not a group or a race but independent individuals. Such people (if any exist anymore) are truly Exceptional. Yes the Aryan ideal that is to be a free thinking, independent being who is a individual not a "Jewish" slave of Jehovah, who is nought but a clone and a clone with no character, a slave of rules and commandments, a follower of the herd. Yes the “Aryan ideal” is far superior to that.

  111. Interesting says:

    (Hadith, Sahih Bukhari, Vol. 7, Ch. 3)

    “ All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over a black nor a black has any superiority over a white except by piety and good action."

    Is it racial to call Black people Black? White people White? No my friend its hypocrisy.
    Synonyms. Roman= red lizards , Black = raisin

    It is said listen and obey your ruler even if he is black that's equality

    Why can't be any Black people be good or bad?! Yes all human including black can be good or bad. There are examples of good Black in Islam

    Again in style of communication WHITE is considered as PURITY by all human including black people.

    It has been clearly stated in above hadith.
    Believe or not to believe is everyone personal choice. If you have problems in believing and can't get zero on your decision or just don't want to believe its all your logical headache.

    I am totally against pampering blacks and kicking whites just to show I am no racist because its hypocrisy, its not equality.

  112. Interesting says:

    Stop luring emotionally. You are more psychotic no one had hurt you.

    I am not going to KICK WHITE and PAMPER BLACK.

    I said EQUALITY.

    Source of information is determinant for deformation of Truth. I will read.

  113. sadlk says:

    Read this, muslim http://wikiislam.net/wiki/Qur%27an,_Hadith_and_Sc

    unauthenticated and wrongly interpreted, you argue conveniently.

  114. sadlk says:

    Typical muslims and racists,
    It is MY headache, MY problem.
    if I feel BAD because YOU BULLY ME.
    Should I punch you in your face and say it is your problem if you feel pain?

  115. Interesting says:

    Ok dwell in your schizo little world !

  116. Interesting says:

    @sadlk :(Duh) unauthenticated and wrongly interpreted…

    Well its you headache what to believe and what not !

    We muslims pray shoulder 2 shoulder, rich beside the poor, white beside the black.

    Sheik Adil Kalbani is Imam of Masjid al-haram . Well in religious country no doubt Imam is a celebrity.

  117. everin says:

    Our mentor was talking all the facts which u cannot refute with yr lunatic art form n yr psuedo essence of life. HAAhahaha !

  118. sadlk says:

    @interesting: (yawn) unacceptable and deceitful.. we all know well the verses of mecca vs surahs of medina, An-Nasikh Wal-Mansukh or the islamic principle of abrogation, when Muhammad had the upper hand all his verses turn cruel, dominating, and racist. Islam is full of racism in spirit. and I experience it first hand in real world with muslims's attitudes and their disrespect eyes and racial jeers. It is the culture and their islamic upbringing making them so.

    "Gabriel came to Muhammad and said, 'If a black man comes to you his heart is more gross than a donkey's.'"

    Hadith Ibn-Ishaq:243
    the Apostle say: 'Whoever wants to see Satan should look at Nabtal!' He was a black man with long flowing hair, inflamed eyes, and dark ruddy cheeks

  119. Interesting says:

    Quran 2:213.

    Mankind were one community and God sent Prophets with glad tidings and warnings, and with them He sent the Scripture in truth to judge between people in matters wherein they differed. And only those to whom (the Scripture) was given differed concerning it after clear proofs had come unto them through hatred, one to another. Then God by His Leave guided those who believed to the truth of that wherein they differed. And God guides whom He wills to a Straight Path.

    Quran 2:62.

    Verily! Those who believe and those who are Jews and Christians, and Sabians, whoever believes in God and the Last Day and do righteous good deeds shall have their reward with their Lord, on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve .

  120. sadlk says:

    Whatever achievements this group can achieve this group is just considered lacking and undesireable in the terms of beauty (sorry "enlightened25" i can feel your intention and advice is good, i agree I like your individualism ideal, but I can't escape from using a group thinking as well as you can't avoid using your superior Aryan ideal vs inferior and bad Jew's as analogy). Have we been formatted to think and to perceive this way by this world?

    Come on… fighting Islam without fighting racism and vice versa is impossible as both are actually one in spirit.

  121. enlightened25 says:

    Nothing happens by accident. Everything is fully determined by nature (that is to say the infinite web of causes.)

  122. Spinoza says:

    Your parents met accidently, and you came to this world accidenlty, because accidently
    they had sex (not love), and you were the result of this horrible accident.
    Sina is right: Wind scatters seeds all over.

  123. muslimnice says:

    Inspiring this!


  124. sadlk says:

    ooh come on again laugh at us lollz lollol, of course nobody likes china japan or korea those hyper homogeneous bandwagons used as an excuse by racists all over the world to divide mankind "properly".. Who likes sickening pan broad yellow face, bad angled, protruding mouth and flattened nose? Even Muhammad described it with disgust. It must be something very wrong going on here in this world to insult the average other normal people.

    Call me self-loather but i just state the fact with these features I am so limited in what I can wish in regards of beauty. Only one in one thousandth of us is regarded as presentable enough, the average rest are just laughing stock and avoided by the rest of the world. Should we be exterminated from the face of this planet? or export us to another planet cos we are not compatible? or is it the world that should be taught to be kinder and sincere? should I turn to Islam to add more insult to myself? Oh sorry i just can't.

  125. Interesting says:

    I don't think you and your hopeless mentor ever be agree with anyone.

  126. everin says:

    U have begun to talk rubbish, typical of yr kind.

  127. lolllz says:

    are u from china japan or korea. i have a thing for those girls

  128. Interesting says:

    OK Do one thing if you don't like any art or essence of life.

    Sit on the hot plate and scream it's HOT HOT HOT. Everyone will believe you are telling truth.

  129. everin says:

    Stupid ! we dont use idiotic metaphor here. No one here can understand yr lunatic art form here. U are creating a web of taqiyya for yrself.

  130. enlightened25 says:

    First of all you shouldn’t value yourself on what other think. Why do you care what these idiots think? What have they done to prove themselves superior? These parasites live of the achievements of their ancestors, as if they personally had done their achievements. Just like the Jews and Muslims do. “It seems like everybody wants to emulate and become like whites but never the otherwise.” First of all you should get out this group thinking, you are not a group but an individual. The whites or the “Aryans” not any more but in the past were the most superior race because they did not think like this. The Aryan is an independent thinker, a free spirit and if he looks to his ancestors he looks to their greatness and achievements and wants to emulate them. He does not leech of their achievements nor does he get his identity from nationality or race. Basically he is a independent individual not some clone who depends on a nationality or religion to give him an identity.

  131. enlightened25 says:

    This is very Jewish thinking and the person who sees others not as an individual but just a member of a group is not a Aryan but a pure Jew. Note when I speak of “Jewish” I am not talking about a nationality or a race but the platonic idea of Judaism among all mankind. The idea essentially we are not separate individuals with an identity but just a cell with no real identity who is just part of a whole. There are some Aryans who are more Jewish than real Jews and some real Jews more Aryan than real Aryans.

  132. sadlk says:

    discussion about Islam vs racism is highly foul and reeking but also serves as feeder to ego, especially to people like me or clara, who are sensitive with our "inferiority complexes" (yes, i bet many people will categorize her as having one, too), the least wanted on this earth.

  133. sadlk says:

    In one part you say we humans are of one race which sounds so good to me as it gives me a kinda hope, but in other part you say there are races each with its own qualities and not to be compared as they are like different flowers. It is like either toward total unity or toward total divisions splitting the planet literally as we can't meet in the middle, Ali, be careful, this could be your stumbling block in fighting Islam. I can't word it out exactly now but I just can sense that you may have opened another front that may undermine your good basic purpose. Jihadists and infiltrants may use this as opportunity to blur your initial goal.

  134. sadlk says:

    I let everyone criticize me as sick with inferiority complex and they hate me for that. I share part of Clara's feelings that's why i wanted to live amongst whites even though i am oftened looked down to with disdain as though I was a species who lives outside its habitat as they always say "Africa for africans, Asia for blah blah blah" and i am a threat to their superior genes. Am I less a human by liking something out of my "box"? It seems like everybody wants to emulate and become like whites but never the otherwise. Really, i like what i like so please don't tell me to go somewhere i dont like if i don't like being treated unkindly by those white "species" in their "habitat". I know I shouldn't worry of what I can't change but it's just I feel so limited with what I have, just like in Clara's case. Is it me who is wrong and should not have existed, or is it the society and the culture which is cruel to some degrees? I know Islam, too, is very assertive and shameless and proud, the very characters of survivors but i just can't and don't like both, Islam and racism.

  135. sadlk says:

    Ooh,ali sina, come to stormfront. org and feel yourself the taste of racism and race-based pride to nurture the despicable racially-charged sentiments as divisions of mankind is their goal (like Islam). I am non-white, have what Mohammad described of the Turks in Sahih Al Bukhari , jihad and biography saying number 2928 and 2927 "Before the end of the world, you shall fight Turks, whose eyes are small and noses flattened and who have ugly reddish faces, like hammered shields” but strangely I always look up to whites (including the Middle-easterners) as beauty ideal and dislike my own features as less aesthetical. Honestly I can't find mine pleasing to the eyes but also very annoying and simply unjustly sickening and this is the biggest hindrance for me to believe in something but bitterness.

  136. enlightened25 says:

    "what is ur concept of spirituality." As far as I am concerned the only real spirituality is reason. The only time Yoga, meditation etc seems to be of any use is when a person gains some philosophical knowledge from those experiences. “Do you think it is important?” Yes living a life of reason is the most important thing you can do. All of the madness in the western culture, the culture of sex worship, materialism and bullshit can be traced to the rise of irrationality. Basically most people are unconscious and just give in to their basic unconscious animal instincts and the motto is “if it feels good do it”. When a society believes absolute truth is impossible only madness and insanity will be the result. Its reason that makes us conscious and only man is aware of his animal nature and is conscious of it and can in turn live a spiritual life by overcoming it. So as I see it reason is spiritual, and to live a life of spirituality is to life a life of truth.

  137. Concerned says:

    Dear Enlightened Just trying to understand further, what is ur concept of spirituality. How do you gain spiritual upliftment eg pray, yoga, meditation. Please explain. Do you think it is important?

  138. everin says:

    Ther are 6 progressive stages for him to come to terms with his death on his sick bed. There are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance n great fear. He is fearful that his soul will lost in the evil wilderness.

  139. enlightened25 says:

    Its simple a flat out impossibility. Having said that I will just add, What on earth makes you think you have to be dead to be threatened by a delusional being that thinks its God?

  140. Concerned says:

    Tell me what would be your reaction be after you die and find out that their is a God and that God wanted us to test our faith via Blind Faith and also face the consequences of not having.Don't you think that it would be safe to rather believe, what can you really lose?

  141. Interesting says:

    meteoroids is metaphor

    Step 1 : get educated in understanding

  142. everin says:

    Where ? Give us the relevant verses.

  143. everin says:

    Only a fool wants to read this book so that the rock falls on his head n kills all his family members ??? This is yr Philosophy ???

  144. enlightened25 says:

    “Whay kind of fcuking ecthics is that ?” You have not even read this book so don’t comment on it. Philosophy is not your strong point.

  145. enlightened25 says:

    I will condemn any bullshit belief I want. I won’t be told by a clown like you not to tell the truth and tolerate lies. You have 0 evidence at all for any of your beliefs they are based on blind faith not reason, logic or evidence.

  146. everin says:

    Illogical nonsense. What stupid " objective purpose" ? Let the rock falls on yr head n we finish of this debate !
    BTW, don't ever condemn the religious beliefs of billions of people. U are being very rude. We have all the evidence n u have none, other than yr BS copy n paste ecthics..

  147. everin says:

    "Rock falling on someone's head killing them". Whay kind of fcuking ecthics is that ?

  148. enlightened25 says:

    By the way I only brought up the example of the rock failing on someone’s head because I liked it. My example of asking why your brand new computed broke down just as well expresses the point as if there is some “objective purpose” to it . Which is completely absurd.

  149. enlightened25 says:

    “U have no brain to think yrself, mei ?” All knowledge is from someone or somewhere else. No one invents a rational argument or a logical proof. Give me one argument you can make about any subject that was not said by someone else? You won’t be able to do it. And even in the extraordinary rare case you actually was the first person to say an argument its logically impossible to prove it. Furthermore no one has copyright on a reasoned argument or a logical proof. You are truly a stupid fuc*ing idiot. By the way all the things you believe in is a load of bullshit.

  150. everin says:

    Why must u quote other person's outdated ethics, stupid.
    U have no brain to think yrself, mei ?
    What I believed in have all backing of researchers, religions n the written experiences of the people concerned. What u sh**t out u have nothing to back u up other than yr big, big mouth with yr twisted logic. That is why I said u are a defective product.

  151. Interesting says:

    Read carefully cyclop ! This blah blah is from this article lol

  152. enlightened25 says:

    I will share this quote from Nietzsche’s Human, All Too Human. As I think it expresses this point about beauty(or lack of it)well.

    “Wherever progress is to ensue, deviating natures are of greatest importance. Every progress of the whole must be preceded by a partial weakening. The strongest natures retain the type, the weaker ones help to advance it. Something similar also happens in the individual. There is rarely a degeneration, a truncation, or even a vice or any physical or moral loss without an advantage somewhere else. In a warlike and restless clan, for example, the sicklier man may have occasion to be alone, and may therefore become quieter and wiser; the one-eyed man will have one eye the stronger; the blind man will see deeper inwardly, and certainly hear better. To this extent, the famous theory of the survival of the fittest does not seem to me to be the only viewpoint from which to explain the progress of strengthening of a man or of a race.”

  153. enlightened25 says:

    “What controls the balance in nature.” Cause and effect. “Not everyone can become doctors if they wanted to.” This is quite false, there is no God given determinism that says a man brought up in “lowly conditions” will not achieve success. Only a born slave would believe in such rubbish. We are causal agents that have effects on the world. If you have a strong will you can improve yourself and in turn the world. “If everyone were to be academics then their would not be any dustmen, labourers, cleaners etc.” That is not certainly not the case, example in the future we may use machines to fulfil those jobs. But yes to be successful as I said before you have to have a strong will and strength of character and not everyone has got it.

  154. 72virginshunter says:

    ahh fellow "shocked" muslim..we can recognize them from their bla..bla..bla…

  155. Concerned says:

    Would like to know your views.What controls the balance in nature.Thedifferent gift people have. Not everyone can become doctors if they wanted to. If everyone were to be academics then their would not be any dustmen,labourers, cleaners etc.Their must definately be some form of intelligence?

  156. Interesting says:

    No we have to destroy meteoroids to save earth. This is what GOD said.

  157. enlightened25 says:

    “Did I got a statement from a mental patient.” No I was quoting from Spinoza’s ethics you stupid idiot. “Yes, nature has no mind to produce a defective product like u.” I think you should apply that to yourself a defect that believes in ghosts and reincarnation ad souls and spirits and all that crap. What was nature thinking?

  158. everin says:

    No, God forbids, becoz when human behaved badly

    Oh ! No. Oh ! No. God forbids. When human had behaved too badly, God will said, : " I slam the earth with the meteoroids to kill the evil doers " Good people will be saved to form the next paradise on earth. Are u qualified to be the seed people ?

  159. Interesting says:

    All those who are products of accident are resultant of nocturnal emission. This can be proved scientifically.

    All those who don't have purpose born with seeds fertilized in air. There were no nurturing fields, there were no effort made to plow seed.

  160. 72virginshunter says:

    Thank you Dr. Sina, you are so inspiring as always.
    ☪ ♐ – – – ✈♫☮☯✞✡

  161. Interesting says:

    Yes meteoroids should be destroyed to save planets.

  162. everin says:

    " Rock falling on someone's head killing them " Did I got a statement from a mental patient. "Someone can become them"
    What twisted logic is that. Yes, nature has no mind to produce a defective product like u.

  163. everin says:

    U n yr hopeless but beautiful dreams………….of destroying God's meteoroids !

  164. Interesting says:

    Truth is happening.

    Being result oriented guy less I care about engaging in dialogues that yield no results. So I am one in process as usual.

    Quran mentioned such incidents and show the right way in conflictions.

    So since when these refuting game is ON. How much Islam grew? USE search engines.

  165. Interesting says:

    Hopeless like you still don't know what I said.

  166. Interesting says:

    Not a single verse of the Quran says that the earth is flat.

  167. enlightened25 says:

    It does not matter whether I said Trees or tree, or apple or apples. This reminds of Spinoza in his ethics with his example of a rock rolling down the cliff and falling on someone’s head killing them. And the religious asking all the absurd “why” questions, why was the man walking that way? why did the rock fall at that moment? They have never ending “why” questions they never stop. Questions of this kind are only asked by ignoramuses. Purpose we see in nature comes from our mind. Nature itself has no purpose, because nature has no mind. Its not hard to understand.

  168. everin says:

    U are "digging out bones from an egg yolk" with yr twisted logic ! When I said one apple n one tree n u twisted n said many apples n many trees, as if the ghosts are throwing the apples at u. What kind of crooked argument is that ? Making mountains out of a small hill is yr stupid ability.

  169. enlightened25 says:

    Newton asked why the apple fell in the sense of what is the cause. Not "why" as if apples failing from tress had some “objective purpose.” To ask why in that sense is ridiculous and only asked by someone who doesn’t have a clue where purpose comes from – your mind.

  170. everin says:

    To live a long or short life is fated by God. Yr body may die but yr spirit will live on n normally will go to the spirit world for training. After that u will be reincarnated. Click "reincarnation" in WWW n u will find a lot of verified stories therein.

  171. everin says:

    These meteoroids should be destroyed by what ? By your water pistol ? Haahahaha !

  172. everin says:

    Who is that someone ? I would like to know.

  173. Dwito says:

    Here is a story. Once in an evening George Bernard Shaw had gossiping with friends in his living room. By then an actress came in and propose him to marry. Upon curious question from him, she explained – see, if we get married, we may have the best children. They will be intelligent in merit by virtue of their father, and will be beautiful in look by virtue of their mother.
    Shaw co-opined instantly and asked, however, what will be if they look like me and characterized like you?

  174. everin says:

    U are talking rots without any subtances as usual. U are as deficient in intelligence as yr mullah of deception without the knowlede of science. As the Grand Mufti of Saudi had said the earth is flat, If any muslim disagree, he is considered as "murtad " And the sun rises in the East n sets in the muddy waters of the West. U believe in these craps, do u ? Or u are a "murtad".

  175. Interesting says:

    lol Now I have estimated your intelligence. You are beyond metaphor. How can you be able to understand scripture when don't understand art form by a simple man?

  176. Ali Sina says:

    No just refute the ones I have already said and you will win the money. You know you can’t and that is why you are not trying.

  177. everin says:

    Newton asked why the apple fell on his head n he went on to dicover gravity n became famous. What twisted logic u have ?

  178. everin says:

    Meteorites, icy comets n other rocky debris from the exploding stars were the useful gifts of God to start n sustain life on the lifeless earth about 4 billions years ago. Want to know why. Go n study the science of the universe. God, thogh, may use the meteorites to destroy us after we misbehaved badly just as He had destroyed the dinosaurs. He will not destroy the earth completely but left some seed people to form the paradise on earth. This time we will not be as helpless as our ancestors who survived the onslaught of the dinosaurs because we have scientific knowledge. Therefore, scientific knowledge is vital to human survival than religious studies.

  179. AbuFaswa says:

    Even if someone succeed in refuting all his allegations,
    he will come up with extra lies to avoid paying the $50.000

  180. everin says:

    What truth is happening ? The truth that there are more chaos, bloodshed n mayhems are happening in the Islamic nations ? Yes, they are going thru a period of purification by blood. Look like God is doing some country-cleansing off sins n impurities. I can't agreed with u less !

  181. enlightened25 says:

    You are right I have no heart. Reason is a poison for the heart. “Cats exist to scratch people like you.” Yes and if any cats (such as you) tries to scratch me I will get a gun shoot it. “People have achieved success in life by just asking the question 'why'“ Name me one? “'why' to the most ridiculous thing and things they thought is unattainable.” Yes because asking “why” is the sense you mean is ridiculous. You may as well ask *why* did my computer stop working or *why* did my car break down. These questions are ridiculous.

  182. Concerned says:

    Your answer is a sign that you are deluded. You have no heart, only if you have lost loved ones maybe. I don't think that you ever loved neither were loved. The picture suits well. Cats exist to scratch people like you.Earthquake happens to burn people like you. People have achieved success in life by just asking the question 'why' to the most ridiculous thing and things they thought is unattainable.

  183. enlightened25 says:

    “Why?” They died from whatever caused them to die its as simple as that. Asking why is actually not a meaningful question. You may as well ask why was you born? why do cats exist? What’s the purpose of an earthquake? These are just ridiculous non-questions asked by ignorants. Purpose and purposes come from your mind their is no such thing as “objective purpose”. Things happen and humans ascribe purpose to them. Only a fool who is ignorant of that would ask such a silly question as “*why* do good people die young”? “Could this maybe a sign of after life.” Absolutely not, this is a sign you are deluded.

  184. Concerned says:

    I'm sure you've heard the saying " The good die young". Why? Does it not make one feel that there is something better out there after they have died. In my life time I've seen very good human beings leaving this world. Could this maybe a sign of after life.Please explain.

  185. Interesting says:

    Meteoroids don't follow orbits , they don't follow system. They intersect planets which are in orbits and in system, resulting in damage to planet,orbit and system. These meteoroids should be destroyed.

  186. enlightened25 says:

    “If we do not overcome the conditioning that we are accustomed to
    during countless lives, we will be born in similar circumstances.” Fairy tale gobbledegook nonsense.

  187. enlightened25 says:

    “There is ample proof to our belief system.” There is no proof for the ridiculous belief of reincarnation. It is just as much a fantasy as the belief in the resurrection of the dead. All of the senses come through the body and consciousness is produced by the body and is dependent on it. Actually the body outlives the mind. All of that can be proven by reason. “Our belief system gives us hope without at the same time oppressing anyone.” No it provides you a fantasy dream, it is interesting to note the belief in reincarnation is most popular in places where poverty is dominate. No doubt it provides “comfort” for these people. Yes you might suffer now but thanks to your “goodness” and “meekness” in your next life you may be a king. All fantasy wish thinking.

  188. Interesting says:

    Why I am here is not because of him (ali sina) but reason is Islam.

    If its worth I will consider to explore more( not in game of refuting/accepting)

    I already said I am professional . I am not a gamer (no winning money required ) . I don't live on donations and gifts like him.

    Truth is happening.

  189. subrahmanyam says:

    I see that for your psychology – "This belief in a God and an afterlife actually robs
    life of its meaning". But for vast majority of people " Belief in God and afterlife
    infuses joy and new meaning to life".

    Neither you nor I have any first hand knowledge of Afterlife.
    Your problem is that the protagonists of afterlife have inflicted the fear of Sin
    and eternal Hell. But fortunately in India we don't suffer from the limitations of
    Judaic religions. Our hell or heaven are only temporary pass overs, not permanent
    torture chambers. Our belief system gives us hope without at the same time
    oppressing anyone. There is ample proof to our belief system. But if you are
    comfortable with atheism, we have no problems with you as long as you respect
    other people's rights.

  190. subrahmanyam says:

    Eternal life of bliss is only the potential awaiting the souls if they strive
    hard to get over the conditioning of body, senses, mind, intellect.
    It is not an automatic switch over after the death of the body.
    If we do not overcome the conditioning that we are accustomed to
    during countless lives, we will be born in similar circumstances.

  191. everin says:

    Why can't u accept his n my refutations there. Not only this, u have to refute all the " pot holes " in yr belief system highlighted by him in all his websites. If u can beat him with all yr truth, u stand a chance to win USD 50 k from him. U have to give him all yr proofs, though.

  192. Interesting says:

    Lots of conclusions you made about me eh!

    Feel free to prove anything and stop narrating yourself being me.

    Look at your bright lamp lighted Ali sina USE INSPIRATION from Original light.

  193. everin says:

    Unfortunately, u see things with the only candle light from the 7th century desert land. Where else, I see things with many, many lamps from many later centuries of the modern world, Being conditioned to the poor candle light, u are not use the bright lamp lighted Ali sina n feel hurt n confused. Then u blunder n talk rubbish to be defensive. Even yr English education could not help u to see the true bright light. U have my sympathy, brother.

  194. Interesting says:

    lol so your mind work on Low hrtz frequency. You should have said this.

    I don't have problem if psychotics like you find peace by attacking anyone personally.

    But what is your problem? Still want to know !

  195. everin says:

    U are mumbling BS. U are suffering from malnurition of scientific knowledge n clear thinking. Pathetic fellows like u are aplenty.

  196. Interesting says:

    I think you are victim of malnutrition. Tell me what are you denying.

    Your problems? Truth ? Consciousness ? School of thoughts ?

    I am no scholar but everyday professional guy.

  197. everin says:

    No, u are talking nonsense, not even psuedo truth. U are trying to squeeze out of this corner without any supporting facts. Another Zaki Naik ?

  198. Interesting says:

    color or colour whatever is correct. It has same sense.

    But when we talk about color or colour it has to deal dependency with light and color or colour loose importance to light.

  199. knowTheEnemy says:

    Quran 3:007 says that believers are supposed to believe in the ayas exactly as they say. So if Allah uses the word 'we', it is supposed to mean exactly that! But since most of us don't know arabic, you (interesting) may be able to get away with your explaination.

    There are a lot more grammatical errors in the Quran. You will NOT be able to fool people for too long interesting!

  200. Interesting says:

    I am trying to figure it out whether you have problem with truth? Interpretation of truth? astronomical problem? problem with some one personally ? psychological problem?

    Whenever you challenge truth you must develop consciousness regarding truth. Truth is comfortable with different school of thoughts.

  201. everin says:

    The circular UFOs captured on videos are actual Divince Spiritual Beings flying around to observe us. Their speed n fly paths are defying all our physical laws. These big orbs can stay stationary in the sky n remain soundless. They interact with us only to save certain people from grave dangers or certain death.. We can see but not touch them. So only fools will think that we are all alone in this world.

  202. everin says:

    Yes, the verses said they send down water from the sky but no verse to say how the water has risen to the sky, And the joker Dr. Zaki Naik try to fool us by claiming that it is the proof of the water cycle. Mind u, water is not the only thing fallen from the sky. What about the meteorites ? Millions of them had fallen to earth millions or billions of years ago. Why was these important meteorites not mentioned ? They had brought the building blocks, RNA, with them for life to begin on earth.
    Dr. Zaki Naik needs another doctor ( prophet of science) to diagnose his mental illnesses.

  203. Interesting says:

    We is as "Royal We".

    English have only one way calling self as I , with respect and without respect. In some languages plural of I is used as "Royal We". So when it is referred as We its I with respect as a first person.

    No doubt Allah has no partners.

    Besides Insight is more important than sight, Sight is what you sense, Insight is what you realize. Same goes with beauty

  204. Clara says:

    In these verses or ayat Allah uses the personal pronoun in the plural "We" to refer to Himself but "We" meaning the prophet Mohammed and Allah? Allah has no partners if that is correct. Please justify that for me to remove the ambiguity.

  205. Interesting says:

    "It is like the water (rain) which We send down from the sky"

    This is comparative reasoning. Please elaborate if you have anything else in mind.

  206. rembrandt_gg says:

    My dear Indonesians, I join almost everyone else in this board in praying for your safety because of the earthquake on 11 April….

  207. Clara says:

    "We send down from the sky"???

  208. enlightened25 says:

    “come to terms with the reality that you are a spirit.” I am not a “spirit”. We are machines with flesh and blood and that’s it. “since they don't believe in my loving Creator God?” Last time I checked believers die as well. We die because we age or get sick. Just like other machines in nature. “a fool says in his heart that there is no God.” No only idiots like you say theirs a God. I disproved your God.

  209. Agracean says:

    Hi enlightened25, it's not hard to understand the truth about eternity at all and all it takes is for you to be brutally honest with yourself and with the world and come to terms with the reality that you are a spirit. Why don't you gather all your dear atheist friends on this planet earth and discuss with them this very important spiritual matter and also, do have a great discussion with them on why atheists have to die too, since they don't believe in my loving Creator God? I believe that their failure to answer these 2 important questions will be the turning point in your life when you realised the truth that only a fool says in his heart that there is no God. 🙂

  210. enlightened25 says:

    “Atheism doesn’t promise eternal joyful existence.” Atheism doesn’t promise anything, except facts, truth and evidence. We prefer to look at reality as it is, and not engage in wish thinking. This belief in a God and an afterlife actually robs life of its meaning. It lies to people to make them “feel better” instead of making people face up to reality. Like the people that lie to children who have just lost their parents “their up their looking down on you” instead of being honest and saying their dead and buried and their not coming back. “I am sure most will say they want to be born again in better circumstances than their present birth.” Oh really? When I am on my death bed I want to face it with as much courage as possible and not to be a coward and hide behind such fantasies.

  211. enlightened25 says:

    “There is an innate urge within all human beings to exist eternally, that too joyously.” No their isn’t if people seriously believed this baloney that this life is nothing and there is an eternal life of bliss to come they would kill themselves. But strangely I don’t see them doing that.

    “Atheism can not guarantee a cure to Human cruelty.” There is never going to be one either, cruelty is a part of nature, just like birth and death. The whole of life is a struggle for survival.

  212. enlightened25 says:

    The infinite is not any “unseen realm” or any of that crap, its right in front of your eyes. You are a part of it. It is everything. But everything is not itself a particular thing, therefore it can not be said to exist. If you understand what I just said then you will understand why the infinite/everything does not exist. Its not hard to understand.

  213. subrahmanyam says:

    Ali sina – "You asked whether our existence is accidental or whether there is a purpose
    for which we were born. I believe we are products of accident. There is no purpose to
    why we were born."

    There is an innate urge within all human beings to exist eternally, that too joyously.
    But it is our experience that we are all going to die one day. If we are to go by the
    philosophy of Rationalism death is the end of our existence. Death is therefore
    equated with sorrow. Death is equated with the end of all our sweet dreams. Most
    of us are depressed with the thought of death. The Rationalist's belief
    – of birth being accidental & there is no purpose to our birth
    is not going to comfort most of humanity. That is why Human beings started
    believing in a creator, afterlife, heaven, Rebirth, Nirvana, Moksha or final liberation.
    To the Rationalists these are only comforting beliefs. To the believers (of God/ soul/
    eternal existence) there is truth behind these beliefs. While cruelty and other inhuman
    characteristics have been associated with many Religions, Atheism can not guarantee
    a cure to Human cruelty. Only highly evolved Human beings can be atheists & kind
    Human beings at the same time. Atheism without proper samskaras is likely to lead
    to Cruelty & Inhuman behavior. Believers in GOD also indulged in atrocities ostensibly
    at the command of the GOD. Still atheism doesn’t appeal to the mass of Humanity as
    all of us wish for eternal joyful existence. Atheism doesn’t promise eternal joyful
    existence. Atheists claim to be rational & scientific and debunk the claims of all
    Religions. But conduct a survey of all people who are about to die. Ask them what
    their ardent wish is. I am sure most will say they want to be born again in better
    circumstances than their present birth. So while Ali Sina is laudable for his fight
    against Inhuman religions, Atheism is a poor Tool to fight Inhuman Religions.

  214. Agracean says:

    Hi enlightened25, how in the world can this man who produced this video clip has the cheek to say that infinte does not exist, when he himself can't even have the capability to take just one miserable glimpse into the unseen realm? I wonder how did he come to such a stupid conclusion? Was it based on his finite, limited and erroneous understanding of infinity? Kindly please check with this joker if he has a spirit and if say 'yes', then, for goodness sake, please advise him to quickly delete this video clip for good and not to deceive gullible human beings like you on planet earth anymore.

  215. Clara says:

    Thank you for your kind words. The fist girl in the image resembles me.

  216. enlightened25 says:

    No the infinite does not exist. The reason is simple, existence is a finite quality by definition to exist means to present an appearance and to be bounded by that which it is not. The infinite is not bounded by anything and cannot fall into what we term existence. Watch the video.

  217. Grace says:

    Hi enlightened25, what do you mean by infinite don't exist? Dr Albert Einstein and all the physicists in the world have no problem understanding the word infinity except you! Do you mean to say that Dr Albert Einstein was wrong and all these physicists were wrong too?

  218. Grace says:

    Hi all-mino, I think that Dr Ali Sina is so used to being an atheist and he can't believe and accept the fact that Charles Darwin had fail him with his unsubstantiated theory of evolution, so I'm constantly educating and reminding that our first common ancestors were human beings and not to believe in this fairy tale that taught him that our first ancestors were lower mammals ie. apes and that he is not an accident but wonderfully and fearfully made in the image of our loving Creator God.

  219. Grace says:

    Hi Mr Flipper, human beings were ignorant of the consequences of sin and its impact and after effect on human race and the world.

  220. Grace says:

    Dear arheist and kaffir, please note that their genes were purer then.

  221. Grace says:

    Hi Mr Flipper, you said, I laugh out loud when I read your above comment: "The bodies of our ancestors were covered all over with hair, exactly like the apes, therefore, they did not need clothing. Then when they started to develope, the hair started to disappear from their bodies gradually. if you notice, you still have hair in some parts of your body."

    Come on, Mr flip-flop! Are you an alien or what? Don't you know the reason why we all have hairs on our body is because we, human beings are mammals and all mammals have hair? But does this mean that our first ancestors were apes and not dog or cat or other hairy creatures? Kindly please go to the zoo and interview all the apes there and ask them why they did not need clothing to hide their private parts and why they have no shame or whatsoever to copulate in front of you? Or maybe, you'll like to do me the favour by educating all these apes on what shame is all about and teach them to use their paws to cover their hot dog and testis when they see a civilized lady like me visiting them in the zoo?

  222. Flipper says:

    Remember also, that Cain killed Abel.

  223. arheist and kaffir says:

    More civilized than apes? Didn't adam an eve's sons cain and abel had sex with their own sisters just like apes do.

  224. enlightened25 says:

    I already explained to you about existence. This video explains why God (which is defined as infinite) does not exist.
    [youtube MH8lMAhHUhQ&list=UUAkHiwTy6aPMGby98hmuUhg&index=46&feature=plpp_video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MH8lMAhHUhQ&list=UUAkHiwTy6aPMGby98hmuUhg&index=46&feature=plpp_video youtube]

  225. knowTheEnemy says:

    So you didn't read the article before posting comments! Ok, here is what Dr. Sina wrote:

    There is an old Chinese story that is worth mentioning here. A young man who studied hard to be the best kung fu fighter thought to himself if he finds about his opponents’ weaknesses he will have an upper hand over them and can beat them in any competition. He watched them carefully and studied their shortcomings before competing with them. But each time he was defeated. Depressed and disheartened he went to his master and asked what is wrong with his strategy. “It seems to make perfect sense,” he said, “look for an opening where my opponent comes up short, and then use that to achieve victory. Why did it not work?”

    His master drew a line in the sand and said, “Make this line shorter without touching it or covering it up in any way. If you can figure out how to do that, you will also understand why your strategy did not work.”

    The young man considered the line for hours and found it impossible to do what his master asked. He finally gave up. “This is one of those puzzles that has no solution,” he protested.

    Yes it has,” said his master. “Now watch carefully.” He then drew a longer line in the sand next to the first one. “This is the way to do it” said the master. “Don’t you see the first line is shorter? And I didn’t touch it.”

    The moral of this story is, don’t focus on things you can’t change. Instead work on your other strengths. Soon what you consider a defect in you will become insignificant and invisible to others and even to yourself. Instead of striving to diminish your defects, increase your perfections.

  226. Clara says:

    Thank You fervently Dr. Sina…

  227. Interesting says:

    You and your life Here or Hereafter or Here and Hereafter

    When you don't exist There is no GOD.(Atheism)

    When you exist there is GOD.(Theism)

    You have relationship with GOD (Religion)

    Infinity is a rational measurement assuming zero exist. How can be there is zero which exist.

    Fact is that only GOD exist.

  228. Interesting says:

    Let me know if you ever been able to know your enemy in your whole life?!

  229. Concerned says:

    I don't know about this chinese story and the long line in the sand.

  230. knowTheEnemy says:

    Dr. Sina's chinese story taught to draw a longer line in the sand, and I see that the person in your family is already on to it. One day his business will be so big he will be hiring people. Hopefully he will be a equal opportunity employer. If thousands of non-white people work towards making their own line longer then there will be thousands of EO employers in your country. In India I have seen lots of lower caste people, who used to be very poor in the past, now are wealthy enough to own cars. They worked hard in whatever they were good at. Dr. Sina's advice is sound. Have faith in it.

  231. Concerned says:

    Dear Alisina
    Those women in the video who have lost their jobs should not have had the job in the first place. Many jobs were created by government or semi government and were given to mainly afrikaans speakin white woman. We have first hand experience dealing with these people and there level of ability makes it surprising that they had a position in the first place. This is putting it very very mildly. When retrenching the most unproductive employees would be the first to go and it comes as no surprise who went first. They do however not disclose the handsome retrenchment payouts considering they only had the position becos of the colour of their skin.I can only speak for SA indians in general. Having grown up being bright enough but not white enough and now not being black enough makes it difficult not to have some sort of negative sentiments. This may be perceived as racism but I would be interested to know how many reports there are of racism on a large scale where the offender was indian.

  232. Concerned says:

    "'The only country that is modern and prosperous in Africa is South Africa and that is thanks to the Whites."
    Remember the non-white labour came at a nominal cost and abuse was common.

  233. Concerned says:

    There were cases where the non white were more qualified and more experience than the white but the position would not go to the non white. It is happening at all the top companies in SA. They don't want non whites to have any influence becos it is a threat to them. This has happened to my family and this person is a genius. Becos of this unfair practice this person has decided to run his own business and is doing very well. It is not the law that discriminates here, it is the people.

  234. Joe says:

    It is a miracle that we exist at all in this infinite universe.. We humans value diamonds as precious because we think they are rare, but humans and the life on this planet are billions of times more rare in this universe from what we can tell.. so how much more precious should we be?

    all humans share the same DNA so there is more that makes us the same than we have superficially judge… What sets us apart is the way we think..

    those of us that dare to let go of the old and embrace the new expanded model of this holographic universe have opened the doors to expanded consciousness.. Those that open up their hearts have opened their door to infinite Love..

  235. Flipper says:

    The bodies of our ancestors were covered all over with hair, exactly like the apes,
    therefore, they did not need clothing. Then when they started to develope,
    the hair started to disappear from their bodies gradually. if you notice, you still
    have hair in some parts of your body.

    Another evidence that humans where species of ape:
    the lowest bone of the spine indicates that humans had tails.

  236. enlightened25 says:

    No God is infinite and the infinite does not exist as such it just is.

  237. Agracean says:

    Dear Dr Ali Sina, it's really amusing to know that you do believe that your ancient ancestors looked like apes which means to say that you look like an ape too because afterall, your first ancestors were apes. Maybe you'll like to learn sign language and communicate with one of the apes out there in the woods and ask them why the evolution cycle suddenly stopped and when will they continue to evolve to be like one of us, so that you may record this whole evolution process and keep it as a proof to show to the world that it's indeed true that we human beings evolved from apes and apes evolved from nothing into something by accident?

  238. Agracean says:

    Oh, my dear Dr Ali Sina, do you think that it's an accident that we share a common love for Mr Alan West here and also, the same idea that that America really needs a good man like him and that he should have run for presidency? Somehow, I think that our minds can communicate because of love. LOL. 🙂

  239. Agracean says:

    Hi enlightened25, after reading your above comment, I'm glad to know that finally you do believe that God exists and that infinite exist too.

  240. Ali Sina says:

    Mixing genes always improves the result. However, nature is not as perfect as computer and errors in copying happen constantly that result in not so perfect children.

    Mix similar genes such in the case of marriage between first cousins and you get really deformed children. Mixing different genes, although may not work as great as the computer generated images it helps a lot.

    Yes we humans have become better looking in the last million years. Our ancient ancestors, most certainly looked a lot more like apes.

  241. darkfire316 says:

    Give it time. He said he wants to learn how to be statesman first before he can run for a position like commander in chief. Eventually, this man is going to be a star in the Republican party, and one day he'll run for president. Not only will he be a much needed voice of reason regarding Islam, but he will be an outspoken voice of dissent within the African American community regarding their cultural failings.

    Don't worry, I predict we will see great things from Mr. West in the years to come.

  242. Ali Sina says:

    You are right. The criticism must come from within. I love Alan West. This man is the quintesence of dignity. He should have run for presidency. Sadly he chose not to. America needs a man like him not a filthy criminal like Obama.

  243. darkfire316 says:

    You have unearthed one of huge social double standards of our time. One can see this clearly in the Treyvon Martin Case where idiots like Al Sharpton and the media gleefully rushed to judgment and race baiting.

    As more black people stand up and expose this hypocrisy more things will start to change. Right now, courageous people like Bill Cosby & Allen West are seen as traitors for speaking up against this double standard, but as more speak up, more will be done and their views will become the mainstream. Like the counterjihad movement, the criticism has to come from within first, before it can become mainstream.

  244. everin says:

    God n man will see the beauty in u if u are kind hearted, be helpful to others, never cheat or tell lies, n willingly feed the stray animals, as beauty is in "the eyes of the beholder". Beauty is nothing but skin-deep for an evil person.

  245. enlightened25 says:

    “When you throw a dice and the result are four, it accidentally happened” No the result was fully determined by nature and chance played no role whatsoever. There are no accidents in nature.

  246. Ali Sina says:

    Does the law in South Africa favor the whites? If the answer is no, then maybe the reason whites get more important jobs is because they are qualified. Instead of trying to bring them down why not strive and improve qualifications of the blacks? Instead of trying to shorten their line why not draw another one of your own and make it longer?

    Look at all the countries run by blacks. None is a paradise. They are all backward, oppressive, dictatorial and poor. The only country that is modern and prosperous in Africa is South Africa and that is thanks to the Whites.

    But now the blacks are in control and what they do first? They discriminate against the whites and this seems to them normal and even legitimate.

    If a few whites occupy higher positions it is because no black can do it. If some black can do the same job the whites will be kicked out.

    No one talks about these sad truths because people are afraid of being called racist. But I don’t give a damn what people say about me. I can see blacks are more racist than white everywhere I look. Indians are more racist than whites. Chinese and Japanese are more racist than whites. Everyone is more racist than whites and yet when racism is mentioned it is only the whites that are blamed.
    [youtube pFj0HdW2iDs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFj0HdW2iDs youtube]

  247. traeh says:

    The beautiful face seems to be an "average" of many faces — but it doesn't necessarily follow that people will get better and better looking with each passing generation simply through the averaging process of people mixing and reproducing. Do humans get uglier, the further back you go in the past? If you look at images from the past, is that borne out? I don't think so.

    Question is, what causes deviation from the "average" face. It has to do partly with environment, culture, personal history, not only genes and how they mix.

    And what is that "average" face? Is it actually some kind of spiritual form? Is the composite face an image of the spiritual form of the face, that which incarnates?

  248. Concerned says:

    In our country apartheid has been enforced by the white race but was abolished in 1994. Because of apartheid the young white generation has benefitted tremendously. There is still racism being pracised where only white people get the top positions. All prime property is owned by white people which they bought to next to nothing in the olden days. Today it is very difficult for non whites to acquire properties in our country as the price of propeties has sky rocketed. Becos of this it has angered the non whites becos they have to start from scratch.

  249. johann says:

    Nothing wrong to tell them what you think and feel !!! Forcing them and disowning them is something different….

  250. Fatima says:

    I agree but their is nothing wrong in advising them. I read a motivational book by Anthony Robins called AWAKEN THE GIANT WITHIN. You can learn thru other peoples experiences. Eg their has been many marriages that never worked becos of cultural differences.

  251. knowTheEnemy says:

    I make perfect sense! You have to stop marrying your cousins to have enough IQ to be able to understand my statements.

  252. Ali Sina says:

    Dear Fatima,
    It is just not up to you to decide whom your children should marry. This is a prerogative you don’t have.

  253. Fatima says:

    "Racism is scientifically wrong. It is also morally wrong and intellectually dishonest" If you choose to marry of your own race or culture becos you know what you getting yourself into and understand your race better than other race, does it mean that you are a racist? 'The fact that some cultures remained backward has nothing to do with genes, but with social conditioning.' It would be difficult for me to marry off my children to another culture that has been social conditioned and backward. Every culture has its pros and cons and I think that it is better and easier to stick to your own. An exception would be someone who is not socially conditioned and backward from another culture. But then how are we ever gonna know?

  254. Interesting says:

    Stupid ! Did you make any sense? logic? Let me know before you know your enemy !

  255. johann says:

    Mr. Sina , thank you for speaking your mind . Statement like white people are the least racist people is not too popular but you are not afraid to say it …..

  256. knowTheEnemy says:

    "There are some blinds , there are some color blinds and there are who can see . There is air which we can't see, there is hypersonic sound we can't hear. Lots of things in universe are beyond human sense."

    Muhammad (that thug who you call 'prophet') took advantage of your low IQ and fooled you but YOU can't see that either. oh well you are muslim. Nothing interesting there!

  257. darkfire316 says:

    Ali Sina thank you so much for being who you are and doing what you do. I owe you so much.

  258. all_mino says:

    When it mean, accidentally, Alisina must mean, without outer will neither Allah will. But it still happened.

    When you throw a dice and the result are four, it accidentally happened

  259. Interesting says:

    There are some blinds , there are some color blinds and there are who can see . There is air which we can't see, there is hypersonic sound we can't hear. Lots of things in universe are beyond human sense.

    I exist on earth. I can feel. Its a beautiful experience for me.(What is beauty ?!)

    Life in Quran

    (Quran 13:26).
    "Allah increases the provision for whom He wills, and straitens (it for whom He wills), and they rejoice in the life of the world, whereas the life of this world as compared with the Hereafter is but a brief passing enjoyment."

    (Quran 29:64.)
    "And this life of the world is only amusement and play! Verily, the home of the Hereafter, that is the life indeed , if they but knew "

    (Quran 18:45)
    " And put forward to them the example of the life of this world, it is like the water (rain) which We send down from the sky, and the vegetation of the earth mingles with it, and becomes fresh and green. But (later) it becomes dry and broken pieces, which the winds scatter. And Allah is Able to do everything."

    (Quran 18:46.)
    "Wealth and children are the adornment of the life of this world. But the good righteous deeds that last, are better with your Lord for rewards and better in respect of hope."

    A person with candle light can't see truth. As much as candle light can reach that person say this is only truth. But there is infinite truth beyond that candle light can't reach .

    NB: Random comment doesn't necessarily require attention.

  260. Agracean says:

    Hi Dr Al Sina, I really can't fanthom how can a smart and intelligent man like you suddenly become so stupi whey you said that "I believe we are products of accident. There is no purpose to why we were born. Wind scatters seeds all over."

    So, this means to say that you do believe that you are an accident and you exist accidentally and that your parents never really made love on that beautiful night and your father never ejaculated and your mother never conceived you in her womb and you are just a product of accident and you accidentally have a willy and became a man and you accidentally became a Muslim and then, you became an ex-Muslim by accident and then, you accidentally create this website and came to know this kind, beautiful and intelligent lady by the name of Grace accidentally, out of nowhere because you are an accident and you live in a world of accidents. Grow up, Dr Ali Sina! Only a person who care and love you this much ie. Grace will knock some good sense into your 'smart' head! 🙂

  261. Agracean says:

    Dear Dr Ali Sina, I'm really amused by a rationalist like you and your this 'rational' statement, "We all originated from Africa and if you go thirty or forty thousand years back, you’ll find all of us come from the same tribe. This is a blink of an eye in the evolutionary scale." I wonder why in the world do you need to wear clothes to hide your nakedness since your first ancestors were apes and they have no shame or whatsoever to walk around naked? As for a rationalist like me, it's a different story because of the fact that I do believe that my first ancestors were human beings(Adam and Eve) and please note that they were more civilized than apes because they wore clothes made of animal skins to hide their nakedness. Don't you think that it's hypocritical of you to deny follow Adam and Eve's practice to wear clothes to cover your private parts and at the same time, denied their existence on earth and declared that your first ancestors were apes?

  262. viiit says:

    Ali Sina,
    Even if it was true that some races were intellectually inferior. Then this, too, would only apply to averages, not to single individuals.
    Secondly intellect is not all, for example an individual may be intellectually inferior, but more healthy, or more beautiful. By cross-breading such individual with someone who is intellectually superior, they may have a child that is both, intellectually superior, strong and healthy. Such child should then have many children.
    So we need all sort of genes to make our humanity better.

  263. AbuDarta says:

    Dear Clara
    Not important you are beutiful. Is important your
    luck beutiful.if a man is mad in love he will see
    that you are queen of beuty.
    He love you even if you are a frog.

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