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The Deception of Islamic Tolerance

Hi Ali There have been riots between Hindus and Muslims in Kashmir last week. This news item says that a group of Muslims escorted a Hindu marriage procession to protect them from rioting Muslims...

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Are Dreams Messages from God?

Hello Ali, how are you? I am a 16 year old agnostic who is very confused. I see all these “miracles” about Islam such as the number 19, scientific descriptions in the Qur’an, and...

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Beat Low Self-Esteem

  Dear Sir, I am 46 years old. My mail is not about Islam. It is about me. I have been mired in low self-esteem for the last 24 years, and my life is...

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Should We Fear God?

Dear Sir, My wife and I, along with our children, left Islam on 14-07-2013.  We are happy of our decision during the day, but at night we start to think that we have made...

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Ask Not what Others Can Do for You

Everyone knows Pamela Geller. She is that great soul who has helps those youths, who fear their Muslim families may want to harm them. A more known of her works is the case of...,, doxycycline strep throat