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Fallen Angel

Dear Ali, I didn’t have any courage to write publicly and I hope you will respond to my e-mail. I didn’t want to jeopardize the privacy of my man. My name is Mira, 30...


Beat Your Muslim Wife

Hello Mr. Ali Sina, Please Save my Family. Thank-you very much for fighting to restore humanity on the earth. I am an indian and married an indonesian muslim girl 10 years before. We are...


Love Is Not Enough

I am not a Muslim, but an Agnostic. I believe in love. In my opinion fighting fire with fire, results in… more fire.  However, your web page is very enlightening. I have a personal request...


The In-laws

Hi, I am in love with a Muslim guy, i met him in office about a year ago, where i used to work, firstly i was not known about all the feelings he has for me,...


What to Do with My Muslim Boyfriend?

Muslims are humans with feelings too. The problem is that their cult takes precedence over everything else including their humanity. Do you think that the parents who honor-kill their daughters don’t love them? Of course any living being loves its off spring. Muslims love their children and yet they kill them if they talk to a boy or sent them to blow themselves up. Islam has possessed them to an extent that it overshadows their humanity. They are reduced into unthinking zombies. You will never be happy with a cultist. Muslims are not religious. They are cultists.


Married to a Muslim

Dear Ali Sina, I am young woman married to a muslim man. I am Christian and believe in God. I read number of books about Islam and have a good knowledge about his religion....