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muslim husband

Hi Ali Sina,

I wanted to ask your advice given you have a good amount of experience both personal and researched based. My ex-boyfriend which I separated from a month ago is an Arab Muslim.  He is not an ignorant person, quite the contrary; he is working on his PhD. We’ve been together for one year and we were planning to get married.

I must mention that I’m Christian orthodox of faith and hi, a Sunni Muslim.  I have a great knowledge of the Bible and the early Church Fathers writings which made me even more intrigued to find out and compare notes with Islam.  I had no idea what I was about to find.  It’s almost as all which is pure and sacred in the early Christian faith is cancelled out in Islam and all the sinful and condemned acts are glorified and prescribed in the Koran and the Hadiths. The more I found the more I could not pretend to be ok with it.

I tried on various occasions to ask questions about Islam, but he would totally deny and get frustrated and avoid the topic. In time, I understood that he didn’t know the answers because he did not have an in depth knowledge of Islam as he kept on saying that the scholars know best, not him, and to watch Youtube videos of them debating. Obviously, I could not pull my conclusions from those debates as even after I watched a few on private, I started to see a trend of deception used to justify Islam. I realized that because my boyfriend did not have the knowledge himself to answer me, he would compensate with frustration as a defense so he would not have to speak about it.

I ignored the issue for a while, but those constant uncertainties about how our children will be brought up or how everything will work out in the end seemed to grow more and more.  We would have regular disagreements on minor things but unfortunately based on religion or the way he was conditioned to see life. In time as I learned more about Islam I could see clearly where his behaviour and attitude came from. I have to state also he is not a bad person and treated me with respect.

Now jumping to the end, what was the point that made him walk away from our relationship is his inability to see a future together because he wants his kids to be Muslim etc. During our last fight, out of anger at the fact that he’s blind to the truth, I screamed out that that Koran is a garbage book and Mohamed is pedophile and most likely is in hell and many other things about the hypocrisy of Islam. Needless to say, a few days after, he broke up telling me that he cannot forgive our last fight and cannot be with someone who talks like that today about his beloved Mo.

The problem is he has no idea what Islam really is; he only knows the popular Islam. We separated a month ago and he still calls me once a week to see how I am doing and cares about me. I’m going through denial/anger /depression phases now mostly because I know that if Islam was not in the middle we would not have big things to fight about, I don’t really like to fight but the truth for me is essential. To alleviate my pain and crying, I start reading testimonies of women that had gone through similar scenarios and I found your website. After reading many testimonies of people leaving Islam, your articles, some debates and comments I felt better. However, the more I read the more my hope for my ex-boyfriend “to see the light” grew. I know he never read fully the Koran and the hadiths as he was unable to respond to my comments and would point me to the scholars. I really want to find a way to challenge him to really read and reflect on the Koran without sounding to force him. He’s already convinced that the Koran is from God and he will always be a Muslim just by brainwashing.

I thought of sending him an e-mail asking clarifications on some red flag issues of the Koran and hadiths and asking him to explain to me how he sees those. However, I am afraid my attempt will backfire as he might be in the defensive mode and reject my critiques justifying simply that I don’t know because I’m not a Muslim, ‘out of context ‘ or ‘many interpretations’ excuses etc.  Other time, I think is better that he find out on his own but it kills me inside that I know those things now and we are not together because of Islam and I feel I should do something about it.

Please help me in finding out what is the best way to address this critical issue as I know that if he drops Islam we would be together now building a family. It might take a gradual strategy or a shock one, I don’t know. Please try to visualize this situation and see what approach would be most beneficial from your own experience with working with Muslims. I really appreciate your help.

Thank you!


Dear Salina,

muslim husbandI can see you love this man. I am afraid this love is fruitless. This relationship will bring you nothing but pain and will destroy you and your future children.  You are entitled to your life, but not to that of your children.  Many women marry Muslim men and bring to world children who are tormented physically and psychologically, and are abused and brainwashed. That is forgivable because they did this out of ignorance. That excuse does not exist for you. You know Islam is evil and you know your children will suffer if you marry this man.

You ask me what you can do to help him. Nothing! Not even Jesus was able to help those who did not want to receive his help. That is not how the law of salvation works. To receive help one has to ask for it. This man is not asking. In fact he rejects it. There is nothing you can do about it. Just leave him and save your soul and your future children.

Yes, I know breakups are painful. Who hasn’t gone through that? But no one has died of it. These feelings pass. You will meet someone else whom you will love and he will love you. There are plenty of fish.

I am not in favor of intercultural marriages to begin with. Interracial marriages are okay, as long as both have the same culture.  But intercultural marriages can be troublesome, even when the man and the woman are of the same nationality if they grew up in different cultures. Life has its challenged; why add one more to it?  We don’t come to this world to suffer. We come here to enjoy life, to love and to be loved, not to fight, especially over religion.  Why you need that extra torment in your life?

When there is compatibility and common purpose, the initial love can grow. Without it love will soon die and you will be condemned to live with a stranger.  When this stranger is a male chauvinist Muslim, your life will be hellish. He wants to control your life. He will kill your soul.  Read the stories of women who married to Muslim men. They all say how at first everything was wonderful and then became a hell.  Why do you think yours will be different?

You say he is not and ignorant person. We humans are not just homo-sapience. We are also homo-divinus. There is no divinity in Muslims. They are filled with the fear of God. Only devil fears God.  God is love.  We love God by loving his creation and our fellow beings. God is in people. Muslims hate people. By hating others they hate God.  Ask this man how he feels about the Jews. You already know the answer. And don’t buy the lies that they only hate the Zionists. The hatred of the Jews is in the Quran and has nothing to do with Zionism.

Your ex is just like every other Muslim. They are all ignorant of Islam and think their scholars know everything. Poor Muslims are cocooned in lies.  But you can’t help them. They must undergo their spiritual metamorphosis on their own and break their cocoon from inside. There is nothing you can do for them.

You say this man is good to you.  It won’t last long. Once you marry him, and especially when you have your children, things will change drastically for the worse.  There are rare exceptions, but this is the norm. Read what other non-Muslim women who married Muslim men say.  Influenced by their religion Muslims grow in a patriarchal society that regards women as chattel. Muslim men can’t help it, but to think of their wife as their property. He will want to control the way you dress, your choices of friends, your movements and even your thoughts.  He is convinced that children belong to him. This is in the back of his mind as a nonnegotiable fact.  This pattern of thought is cultural. It is deeply rooted in the psyche of every Muslim.  He thinks men are the keepers of women and excel them and it is his right to straighten his wife by beating her. (Q.3:34)

This mindset cannot change as long as one believes that Islam is from God. A Muslim may tell you he believes in equality between men and women. But he is lying.  If he were sincere he would not hesitate to say the Quran is wrong on this matter. But they don’t. Instead they try to justify it and rationalize it with historic relativism.  No one can hold two dissonant views at the same time and for a Muslim what his religion says goes. In the back of their mind, whether man or woman, Muslims agree that men are in charge of women, that women are inferior and less intelligent. And women must follow their men in major decisions.

To change this way of thinking, you have to change their belief in Islam. That is not in your hand. It is up to them to do that and Muslims are not willing to remove their blinders.  As far as you are concerned, you should see them as lost souls and should stay away from them.  Just leave this man and move on.

Islamic societies are loveless societies. Muslim men are emotionally needy. They have no understanding of love. They are manipulative and game players. This man has allegedly left you but he keeps calling you. He wants to coerce you to submit to him. He keeps in touch to see when you are going to break down and fall at his feet begging his forgiveness.  He plays this game because he senses you love him and therefore are vulnerable. Once he realizes you are gone he panics. He will come running to you and telling you how much he loves you and how he cannot leave without you. Oh yeah there will be some tears too. I know this even without knowing him. All Muslims, like their prophet, are narcissist and I know narcissism.

My dear, Muslims have no understanding of love.  Love cannot exist without freedom. A man who wants to control you, who tells you what you should believe, how you should dress and with whom you should talk,  does not understand love. He is a needy man.  He wants to possess you, own you and put you in his cage. He will do the same with your children. One who keeps a bird in a cage does not love the bird.  Muslims come from a religion and a culture where love does not exist.

Love between man and woman is a new phenomenon. It is not even 100 years old.  It was born when women became equal to men.  Prior to that humans felt infatuation and attraction for their mate, not love.  After living together, they felt attachment to each other in the same way that you feel attachment to your pet.  Love cannot exist without equality. It is new in the west, but rare in most of the world and absent in patriarchal Islamic societies.  You can’t expect a Muslim man to know love as you can’t expect a cat to know calculus.  You will have a much better chance of winning the big jackpot than finding love in a Muslim man.

This man can manipulate you and try to coerce you so he can control you psychologically and subdue you emotionally. All these are clear indications that he does not love you.  He cannot love because he has not reached the spiritual and emotional maturity to love.

If he calls you again, ask him to read this article and tell him not to call you because you want to move on and close this chapter of your life.  He will then panic. Then tell him to read my book. He can find the latest edition on Amazon sites. It comes also as ebook. If he reads it he will leave Islam.  Any Muslim who reads my book will leave Islam. He would not even want to know what Muslim scholars say because everything will become clear to him and he will understand Islam better them.  If money is an issue, I can send him the older edition of it in PDF. It is not as complete as the latest edition, but it  makes the point.

If he refuses to read my book, bade him good bye. Go out fishing. There are plenty of good men out there. Next time don’t date Muslims.  Be careful because almost all of them will tell you they are not practicing Muslims. Don’t fall into that trap. Unless they acknowledge that Muhammad was a conman, a devilish monster who committed hideous crimes, don’t believe them. Their pretense that they are not Muslim is a deception. As soon as you fall into their trap they will begin forcing you to submit to them and will try to shove their religion down their throat.

I just saw this documentary about forced marriage. Please watch it as it gives you a glimpse into the mind of the Muslim man.  Educated or not they all share the same mindset.

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  1. mag says:

    Your boyfriend is muslim….is he a bad person….what is your reason for loving him….if you love him for who he is and islam is a part of him then why are you fighting it so much.

  2. Lara says:

    even the way 'he' replies clearly shows that he is not the real Ali Sina 

  3. FarAway says:

    no he is not , Ali Sina does not talk this stupid way 

  4. pristinenature says:

    Dear Ali,    

    I am going through your debate with Edip Yuksel at the moment, with intense interest.

    I have reached a little ahead of 'Part III' of this debate. At every step, you have defeated that Islamic apologist from Turkey. I admire the fact, that you not only are a gifted debater with a superb presence of mind, I am even more appreciative of the fact, that you never lose your cool no matter what your opponent says. This point is singularly significant to the spirit of debating.     

    I have a suggestion, though. I have been reading this debate mostly, on my android phone. Whether on my phone, or on my computer, which I am doing right now, I have difficulty differentiating one paragraph from the other. Most of the times, I don't know where Yuksel has stopped speaking and where you have commenced. It would be nice, if you could ask the managers of your site, to write EY beside the portions where Edip speaks and 'Me' beside the areas where you have responded. Otherwise, the sentences kind of run into each-other, making it difficult for the reader to reckon, as to which portions belong to a single debater.    

    You know my identity. I will be getting back to you soon. I have also written to someone, regarding the financing of your biopic and am waiting for a response from him.     

    Here is some interesting news: Eminent Muslim Indian journalist, Mobashar Jawed Akbar, better known as M J Akbar, a 63 year old Muslim Bengali, has joined the Hindu nationalist party, the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party), last month. He was ordained into the party, as its national spokesperson. M J Akbar is one of India's most well known scribes and his stance had all along been one of pro-Islam and anti-Hinduism. He used to bitterly criticize the BJP. But now,  we see this abrupt detour from him. He doesn't seem to have left Islam, from what he says in the video. The subsequent question that arises then is, for what reason has he suddenly done a volte face and thrown himself into the ranks of a Hindu political outfit? Please watch this video, to witness M J Akbar speak in his own words, about his sudden transformation:     

    Ali, if you want to reply to me regarding this comment of mine, please don't refer to me by my real name. I would love to hear from you! 🙂    

    Yours truly,    
    Pristine Nature. 

  5. Mukhtar Alam says:

    Ali Sina, You are wasting divinely decreed breath for you. Read this please

  6. Mukhtar Alam says:

    Islam is eternal code sent through messengers and prophets peace be upon them . Islam is with the Imam of Islam as Light of God, hand of God and men and women pledging allegiance to Imam of Islam are the ones who are entering into Islam perfectly. Light of Allah SwT can not be extinguished by men of imperfect intellect. Sina is a man who is stuck with text. His ideas are personal representation of the texts that he has understood in order to further his Satanic mission. Ask him whether he has heard about the Imam/Leader of Islam in our time. He would give you a blank.

  7. sayITstraight says:

    Dear alice, you sound like the crazy one here, you just said that you spent hours comparing the bible and quaraan t yur boyfriend( lol) idnt think he wanted to date yu to have his theology graded here, it seems you are the one that needs help you bible freak happy clapper you…

    Shame and you call muslims pro converters, by the way wHich version of the bible you using? theRe's been so maNy have lost count, gosh its nt even a bible anymore ,more like a diaRy of al da lil kings and all da lil popes etc. 
    Shame n "the phrase dear sina " makes us think you are carrying a burning torcH for him so, do yOurself a favour lEave all the muslims alone and yu and sins can ride of into the sunset togetheR. you buNch of haters, peace

  8. ms.keys says:

    You sound more like a salesman of mr sina's book and advice,than a proper blogger there mate, anybody analyzing mr sina can tell you the man is headed straight to the looney bin, he has no life, probably no family cause he is too bsy dstroying every1 elses, for all we knOw h could be a secret practising satanist hell bent on destroying any religion on earth

  9. Ali Sina says:

    Anyone who knows Islam cannot remain indifferent towards it. If you remain indifferent and unbiased towards evil you are condoning it. I never claimed to be unbiased towards Islam That would be folly. I am waging a war against this ideology of hate. How can I be unbiased towards it? Being biased is not the same of being prejudiced. Prejudice is judging something before knowing the truth about it and bias is forming and opinion about something after knowing the truth about it. So I am biased but not prejudiced. It means I am open to change my views if proven wrong. Who can prove me wrong. Invite him to do it and I will accept my error and will even pay him $50,000 to thank him.

  10. Demsci says:

    //"so please tHinK wth an opened mind, not  wIth htred and islamophobia Like alli does"//

    And you too think with an opened mind! If you write like this here, you most likely get a response and what will you do with it?

    Questions: Are you convert or born in to Islam? If born into Islam, are you not biased yourself?

    – If you had to choose between the religion that you love, and the love and support of fellow Muslims on the one hand, but on the other hand a clearly more true account of human history of history of the earth, and the true nature of things, when those two sides contradicted each other, what would you choose? We would clearly choose the truest account, best most logical explanation, regardlless of our most cherished beliefs, and regardless of the love and support of our parents and friends.

    But I suspect that you do not even consider such a possibility but when confronted with it, you would choose Islam over the truth. And you should admit it! But many of us would discard our religion, as Ali Sina did, when it was contradicted by truer explanations.

    Next: Were you or were you not promised heaven for being a good Muslim, and were you or were you not threathened with a terrible hell if you were NOT a Muslima? That right there shows Ali Sina's courage and YOUR BIAS.

    And yes, the majority of mankind can very well be wrong, because of ignorance, primitive thinking, love for and blackmail from parents and loved ones, promise of heaven, threat of hell, indoctriation, prejudice against science and logic, plain lack of interest in answering important questions.

    Around 1670 there was one man, Galileo Galilei, who declared that the Earth revolved around the Sun, and  that the Sun did NOT revolve around the Earth. Which is what the church (and I suppose the mosque) taught, and which the majority of mankind believed, wrongly as it turned out.

  11. sophi says:

    Ali sina a biased writer, he writes with h own corrupt thinking a ideas and views, e intent on destroying islam ad  in no way showing the religion any psitive light.
    If theRe almOst two bllion muslims world wide how can all 2 billion people be brainwashed and evil,, iam a muslim and find only those people like you harry tend t aree with sina is because you hld the same hatred in your heaert and the crruption is in own soul. so please tHinK wth an opened mind, not  wIth htred and islamophobia Like alli does

  12. fedupOf nutslikeyou says:

    I tink yure an ass, since yuve neveR been in direct contacy with muslims how h boody hell do you now about terror? yu brainwashed psycho

  13. Nizamuddin Sheikh says:

    Dear Aminthemystic,
    "ALL Such philosophy babble ends up not making much sense and quickly goes into incomprehensibility. 
    God is a simple enough answer and it does neatly solve many puzzles. You get such paradoxes in which of the two you believe. God or not god. . . 
    So pack this up . . . . and try its opposite – you still not get anywhere."

    But The Quran the word of Allah says Surah 51:56 I have only created Jinns and men, that they may serve Me. and Quran also say Allah has created all we call the universe as a test for us. This is not our final destination. What we might consider to be "bad" or "good" could actually be quite the opposite. Means here he test us but if you are a Muslim you always know or heard about Loh-e-Mahfooz that contain everything (i.e.what will happen, how it will happen and what happened) This means Allah write everyone's deeds before his birth and as per the writing of this a man do his bad or good deeds & now you also agree that nothing will happen/change against the will of Allah. So everything is going on the will of Allah. If I'm writing against Quran, Mu-hum-mad, Islam it means it is his will not mine because all these things are written by Allah in Loh-e-Mahfooz and after that he will punish any mankind it means he is not unjust. He instruct, he made us like that and again he is saying if you will not worship me I'll throw all the non-believers in hell. Now you clear us who is the real culprit? 

  14. Agracean says:

    Dear Ms Dr Ali Sina, common sense is not faith and faith is not common sense. In fact, they are as different as the natural life and the spiritual. You have to trust Jesus Christ where your common sense cannot trust Him.

  15. aminthemystic says:

    The post is long and meandering . . . but I persevered.

    "Let us evaluate this basic construct critically through a series of examples, and decide whether it is logically plausible.1. Many children die in the wombs. Would they go to Heaven or Hell? Many say they go to Heaven because they never did anything wrong in their lives.Now my question is “Did they even have an option to do anything wrong?”Is Allah not being partial by clearing one candidate even without starting his examination, and another one has to keep giving test after test continuously for 100 years!"

    However, this is enough.

    – – –

    ALL Such philosophy babble ends up not making much sense and quickly goes into incomprehensibility.

    God is a simple enough answer and it does neatly solve many puzzles. You get such paradoxes in which of the two you believe. God or not god. . .

    So pack this up . . . . and try its opposite – you still not get anywhere.

  16. Ali Sina says:

    @Maria: "Isn't this call selfishness?"

    No it is not called selfishness. It is called leaving in peace with your conscience.

    " would you become Christian? "
    Of course I would. But I am not planning to. I love Jesus as I find his teaching to be true, even though I don't agree with the myths surrounding his lie story. But Islam is from Satan. How can one know God and still believe in a diabolic faith of hate like Islam. Muslims have no clue about God.

  17. Maria says:

    Ali Sina:

    you said: "The only person I like to please is myself. That is the only person we should please." 

    Re: Isn't this call selfishness?

    Yours: "And yes I am constantly changing, which shows my brain is still alive. I will write an article on this in future, but I need to mature the idea in my head first. BTW I can no longer call myself an atheist."


    Oh Really? would you become Christian? Leave everything aside, accept Islam, you still have time to change. 

  18. Maria says:


     Your words: "Jesus Christ DID die; and he died for you as well as for me.  Don't believe me? 

    I don't believe.
    Do you believe all non-Christians would go hell? 
    You say, Jesus (peace be upon him) has died for us to pay the penalty for ALL the sins of humanity, but  there's the concept of Hell and Heaven in Christianity, why is it so? All the sins of all mankind have already been forgiven so whats the purpose of Hell, and why Christians say all non-Christians would go Hell?   

  19. SFTOBEY says:


    * God is love; and Jesus preached – and lived – God's love.  Jesus did not incite any to war or to hate others. He told His apostles to go and preach the "Good News" of salvation; and if any town did not want to hear the message, to "Shake the dust of that town from thy sandals so that it would be a testament unto them."    Islam – with its concept of "jihad" – incites Muslims to hate the "infidels"; and to "make war against them until all proclaim that there is no god but allah and Mohammed is his messenger".

    * God said to mankind: "Two ways are set before you, O man. The way of life and the way of death. Therefore choose life".   (One that I would recommend the pro-abortionists take heed.)    Mohammed tells us that "there is no greater glory than to slay and to be slain for allah".

    * God's view of heaven is one where we enjoy eternity with our Creator.  This is purely spiritual.  Allah's view of eternity is one that  appeals only to the carnal lusts of man.  Does that sound like what the True God would promise to those who love and serve Him?   Nope.  Sounds like another con from the greatest con-artist ever known: Satan.   Sorry guys. There will not be 72 virgins awaiting your beck and call; and no eternal erections either.  I mean really, how gullible does one need to be to believe that crap?

    Are you getting the idea?   If you still don't believe me, read the Quran and haddiths.  Then start reading the Bible.  Above all, ask God, with a sincere and humble heart, to show you the truth.  Jesus said that: "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me."   I'll leave you with that thought.

  20. SFTOBEY says:


    Here are some ways you can tell that the one who Mohammed supposedly was quoting was NOT God, but Satan:

    *  Almighty God is the author and architect of LIFE, not death.  Pain, death and suffering only came to be because our first parents (Adam and Eve) were seduced by Satan to disobey God.  It was Satan who was – and still is – a liar and "a murderer from the beginning"

    * Almighty God is NOT proud.  He humbled Himself to become one of us in every way but sin; and died a horrible and shameful (in the eyes of man) death on a cross.   Satan IS proud.  He wanted to BE God; but as we all know, that was impossible. Satan was merely a creature of God, as we all are.  So Satan, and approximately one third of the angels that God created rebelled; and were cast out of heaven.   Satan has used his main vice – PRIDE – against humanity from the very beginning.   Listen to what "allah" supposedly tells Mohammed:  that Muslims (males) are the very BEST of creatures.  What does that do?  It engenders in Muslims (males particularly) a false sense of pride, which pushes them AWAY from the true God.

    When Jesus heard a few of His disciples arguing about who was the greatest among them, Jesus said: "Whoever among you wishes to be the greatest among you must be the servant of you all." His message?  Jesus (God) came to this Earth to SERVE, not to be served. Any of us who wish to be pleasing to God must imitate Christ's life on Earth, plain and simple; and that doesn't mean having a puffed-up ego thinking that "we are the best of creatures".   That means acknowledging who and what we are, sinners – ALL of us, whose only possible salvation was made possible by the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

    * God does NOT deceive, nor can He be deceived.  In Islam, one of the names for "allah" is "the great deceiver".

  21. SFTOBEY says:


    Jesus Christ IS God.  God came to us as a human so that His birth, His works, what He said, His death and His resurrection could be recorded in history.  He paid the penalty for ALL the sins of humanity, since we would be unable to do so without suffering eternal death.  God is love, but He is also just; and penalty for sin MUST be paid.  God loved us so much that He took that penalty upon Himself so that we could once more be united with Him.  Instead of arguing about whether or not Jesus Christ was crucified, we should be down on our knees with tears of humility and gratitude, thanking Him for His love and His sacrifice.

    I know that it does not look like strength for God to "die" in such a horrible and ignominious manner, but He did.  Jesus said that "No one takes my life. I have been given authority to lay down my life, and to take it up again.  Therein is Christ's victory over Satan, over sin and over death; and believe me, it pissed Satan off no end.   Satan hates God; but his arms are too short to box with God, so his plan was to get back at God by attacking God's children.  That's us.  The Almighty and ever-loving God does not want any of us lost to Him; but He gave us (as He gave the angels) free will – to love and serve Him, or to reject Him.  Satan wants us – every one of us – to suffer as he does; and to lose the joy of life everlasting with a loving God.

  22. SFTOBEY says:

    Islam is NOT the truth!  It's the best and longest-running con that Satan ever pulled.  Unfortunately, its primary victims are Muslims themselves who will never know the love of a loving God.  Jesus Christ DID die; and he died for you as well as for me.  Don't believe me?  Ask, with a sincere heart, for God to show you the truth. He will.  

    And to those who question how God can be three persons…  Well, in order to be able to fully comprehend this we would need to be God, which we are not.  It is impossible for us, not for God.  It is not within human understanding to be able to explain that completely, that is why Jesus Christ referred to Himself as the Son of the Father.  Jesus, by His divine nature was/IS God; but in His Human nature, was less than God.  However, Jesus, in His humility, did not see equality with God, the Father, as something to be grasped at (unlike Satan).  The closest I've ever heard anyone be able to explain this "Three-in One" phenomenon is a nun on EWTN: Mother Angelica.   The way she explained it was that we – each of us – is one human being; but we each have memory, intellect and will.  Those are three separate and distinct parts of each of us; but they are not separate FROM us.

  23. narcole1919721 says:

    Shukran @}- 🙂

  24. jussay says:

    Nice sir, I really wanted to salute you as you were alone Tiger in this Jungle of Pigs(Ofcourse now me too a tiger hahaha).. This is Brotherly advice you to don't dirty your hands with blood of these piglet… take all precautions

    Allah -ho-Akbar

  25. jussay says:

    Perfect reply Narchole..:) Allah keeps you happy and healthy…

  26. Nizamuddin Sheikh says:

    "Hey Big C… whats your religion ?I am Alhamdulillah a Muslim…"
    what is your Sect?
     "New Ottoman khilfat coming soon Inshallah. You Dajjal's follower will beheaded soon"
    What is Dajjal do you know or only heard about this?

  27. jussay says:

    Hey Big C… whats your religion ?I am Alhamdulillah a Muslim… New Ottoman khilfat coming soon Inshallah. You Dajjal's follower will beheaded soon

  28. Sol Landet says:

    Religious people may be less intelligent (sorry but I do not agree – intelligence is individual), but you're more muslim-like than the majority of people that post here.
    ihateislam doesn't impose Christianity on you, while you're imposing, shoving down his throat your (lack of) beliefs, pretending that everybody will think like you. Just like muslims do.

  29. faisy says:

    You will find the immense relaxation in the way of Islam if your embrace Islam you will let this things very bad insight i hope you will read about Islam thoroughly and embrace Islam very soon.
    Islamic matrimonial

  30. The way this article is written is clearly not by Ali. He's far more empathic, logical and doesn't cite Jesus/Christianity every other paragraph. I fear the worst, is Sina dead? I've been observing this trend of awkward write ups with numerous spell mistakes for several months now. I want to know who is this impersonating and masquerading as Ali Sina!

  31. Nizamuddin Sheikh says:

    Many people in world believe that:- Allah is just, kind, perfect- This life is our first and last life (Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara)- Allah is testing us here (Allah Imtehan Leta Hai)- Based on the marks we obtain in this test, we will go to either Heaven or Hell. ( Jannat ya Dojakh) One Life which is Test, Allah is best examiner, and Result is Pass (Heaven) or Fail (Hell). Let us evaluate this basic construct critically through a series of examples, and decide whether it is logically plausible.1. Many children die in the wombs. Would they go to Heaven or Hell? Many say they go to Heaven because they never did anything wrong in their lives.Now my question is “Did they even have an option to do anything wrong?”Is Allah not being partial by clearing one candidate even without starting his examination, and another one has to keep giving test after test continuously for 100 years!2.Many children die young before they reach maturity. Even the wrong acts they do are not out of willful desire to do something wrong but out of innocence. Would they reach Heaven or Hell?If they reach Heaven, then why does Allah not kill everyone in their childhood and ensure a seat in Heaven for them? Is Allah not being unjust and imperfect?If they reach Hell, what was their fault?Say twins were born. Both lived same innocent life for first 3 years. Then one died. He will go straight to Heaven. The other remained innocent for next few years, then got into bad company and died at age of 60. Now he would go to Hell simply because Allah decided to test him instead of his Brother/Sister whom Allah killed as a child..Is this not Allah’s crime that he made him live for 60 years and not his brother? Had he killed both at same age of 3 years, both would have gone to Heaven!So if there is one life and permanent Heaven/Hell, it proves Allah is unjust. 3. A person is born insane. His mental faculties have not developed beyond say, age of five. But he lives a long life. Will he go to Hell or Heaven?Again the same questions as above rise. And result in either Allah being unjust or concept of one life as test to enter Heaven/Hell being wrong. 4.Different people are born and nurtured in different religions. But each religion says that only followers of their religion will go to Heaven. Others will go to Hell irrespective of their deeds.So who will go where?What is my fault if I was born and brought up in a different religion? Why has Allah planned my stay in Hell from advance? 5. People say that children are innocent and hence they will go in Heaven, if they die young. Suppose a person takes this view seriously and resolves to gift heaven to all children. As a noble example of self-sacrifice, he starts killing children. His logic is that, even if I have to burn in Hell forever, I should do my best to ensure that these innocent children get reservation for Paradise!Thus he is doing a selfless social service. Will he go to Heaven or Hell?If he goes to Heaven, then Allah is setting a wrong example for people to follow.If he goes to Hell, then selflessness is bad.Further, since no one will actually know who will go where until doomsday comes, it means Allah has already spread enough confusion to motivate many innocent selfless social workers to follow the path of infanticide and killing!6.An unbiased testing environment will demand that- first the topic be taught to everyone with same facilities and attention under same conditions,- then they should be evaluated under same testing environment.Accordingly, Allah should have first imbibed true religion and its scriptures in hearts of all people, then given them birth in same types of family, allowed them to grow up in same place and in same conditions, and only then should have conducted the test.But in this world, we find the testing environment to be as diverse as one can possibly imagine. And yet Allah is claimed to be perfect, just and kind!Most religious scholars answer this paradox by saying that Allah knows how to decide the fate by whatever acts people have done in their respective lives based on whatever environment they had to live in. This seems to be like Allah having something like the Duckworth-Lewis formula which is used to decide winner of an interrupted cricket match.Now this raises few doubts:One,if indeed Allah is perfect and He has such a great scoring formula, why did he create the entire drama and wasted so many years? He should have used the formula in the very beginning and directly sent everyone to either Heaven or Hell!Two,If the formula works on a stillborn child or a fetus, why did he unnecessarily bias against certain folks and had them face troubles of long lives? After all He had created everyone equal to start with!Three,The test seems to have binary results. Either you get Heaven or Hell. There seems to be no concept of variation of results as per deeds. Some books do talk of several varieties of Heaven, but these merely increase a binary solution to a finite number solution (Instead of one Heaven and one Hell, there are now say 10 Heavens and 10 Hells). But still there is no continuous gradation. It is like a continuous function equation is giving a non-zero discrete answer, which is mathematically improbable.

  32. Maria says:


    ''perhaps some atheist care much about the future of mankind and wish the best for it.''


    You may care about the future of mankind and wish best for it. But Alas, you think it can be done by condemnation, castigation and disparaging of Islam?

    "Furthermore; is n't it true and normal that "religions/ lifestyles", like Islam and Atheists compete in all societies for "souls", "followers" among the masses?"


    Yeah there are lots of religious parties want followers; whilst I think Muslim believe when we want to convert someone to Islam it's just because we worry for our fellowmen and want them to accept the truth so that they can find salvation in the world hearafter not just for the greed for followers.

    ''And anti-Islamists say that in Islamic countries Muslims do this very unfairly, with Islam unjustifiably advantaged, with much oppression, censorship''


    No. I never heard of it. This thing belongs to the otherway around. I've heard of a few cases.

    It's a fact the lots of criticism that Islam cops is some kind of prejudice-driven conspiracy to smear an otherwise honourable religion.

  33. catalyst@99 says:

    @ ali sina, please answer my qstn – what is yr opinion about the research by walid shoebat which says that both US and saudis were involved in 9/11? did u read the article?

  34. alice says:

    I have very very similar situation. I have left my muslim boyfriend after years. Finally I found enough courage to leave sick relationship. I experienced all those things which dear Sina wrote in his articles. Story like many… I thought my muslim friend is different, almost like an european, doesn't practice islam…but time showed me different person, absolutely different. I spent hours explaining him Bible and quran, wanted to help my muslim boyfriend to find truth.. but I cant do this-impossible. Instead of being with him and ruining myself, ruining my dreams my gifts from God, my soul, my mind and my body I build myself from beginning with God. I'm feeling much better. I love freedom, I love God, and I love myself! I know what you feel, but trust me time will heal it. Don't look back..
    Mr. Ali Sina and his articles has opened my eyes, made me confident and gave me strength to leave this muslim man. His love was that much big and true that he hates me now! funny, isn't it? Thank you Ali!

  35. lonelyloner says:

    Dear Salina.

    I wonder about your ex-boyfriend there working to get his Phd? Sorry but that seem unlikely to me, as he seems ridiculously stupid.
    Is it that hard for a Phd to just read the Quran (or at least read Ali Sina' materials here), even if only a little at a time if he's busy?
    He seems to simply insist nothing is wrong and unreasonably refuse to inquire further. He simply assumed 'scholars know best' and that's about it.
    I don't need a Phd to see how small brained this man is.

    Yes, there are people who are wise despite lack of education, just as there are people who are stupid despite claims of higher learning.
    If you live long enough you'll spot them rather easily.

    Look, Islam or not, this man is hopeless.
    A real man makes up his own mind, he makes study of the facts and decide for himself with full consciousness and clear conscience.
    "I believe I am right." he'd say clear and true and without fear.

    A real man doesn't just stick his head into a bucket of denial, insisting everything is fine.
    A real man does not refuse to talk about issues especially ones that bother both of you, in fact he'd make it his utmost priority to address your concern and face his own fears.

    So yeah, either he's a stupid man (probably a coward too),
    or he's been lying to you, trying to manipulate you into surrendering your own intellect and giving in to him, in which case he's evil.
    Yeah, stupid, or evil. Do you like what you see?

    I wonder if love distort the way you see him?

    Please don't pursue relation with this loser?
    Please, your children deserve a real man for a father.

    A last hope will be if he read Sina's book at least. But even then I'm not sure. People can't just get better just like that.
    Be careful that he could be lying to you again.

    Me? I'd walk.

  36. Nizamuddin Sheikh says:

    There is a new slogan for human being " No Allah Know Peace, No peace Know Allah"

  37. Harry says:

    Dear Mr. Sina,
    Amazing article as always. I have read your other articles on relationships, and some of your statements over there really have made a huge difference in my life. Such as when you say that a Man should not act desperate for a woman, do not say "oh you are so beautiful". I realized that these were the mistakes I had been making and was therefore always underselling myself.
    Now could you please tell me why is it that we men choose to put a women on pedestal? Why do I still have those thoughts that when I see a woman I start having dreams of having her as a wife and I start putting her on a pedestal. I know you said that one should never flatter a woman too much in the beginning, but it seems I can't resist that thought. I just feel the overwhelming need to tell her what a particular woman means to me right away, and this is disasterous. I know it, and I can choose to act as you say a man should act, but how can I change my mindset so that it comes to me naturally ? any light you would shed on this would be very much beneficial to me and many other men who haven't learnt the art of "talking to women".
    Thank you a 100 times !

  38. Gabriel says:

    Hi ali, just come here to say hello and tell you that you have an ally more in your struggle to expose Islam.

    I'm from Venezuela and although here we do not have many problems with Muslims also feel it is my job to educate people to know the reality of this religion of terror.

    I apologize for the failures spellings, but I'm using the google translator.

    Greetings and you are a great example to follow.

  39. Marathon says:

    "The problem is he has no idea what Islam really is" – that is true for people of ALL religions. Christianity too is full of defects. Read any website that is critical of Christianity and you'll find the same kind of bad teachings. Would you drop Christianity? No! So why do you expect him to leave Islam? LEAVE this man and LEAVE religion.

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