The Deception of Islamic Tolerance


Hi Ali

There have been riots between Hindus and Muslims in Kashmir last week. This news item says that a group of Muslims escorted a Hindu marriage procession to protect them from rioting Muslims in the Muslim majority area. It says “Prophet Mohammad has said the minorities are my sacred amaanat for the Muslim Ummat. It’s our religious obligation to protect them.” If Islam is bad then why these Muslims protected the minorities ?

I am myself a Hindu and am not defending Islam. I just want to know the reality. Why exactly these Muslims protected the minorities, if Islam teaches hatred?

Dear Gaurav,

In nowhere Muhammad said the minorities are my sacred amaanat for the Muslim Umma.  This claim is a blatant lie.  He said, “The unbelievers are unclean” (Q. 9:28), “don’t take them as friends and protectors even if they are your fathers and brothers” (Q. 9:23). “Fight them and Allah will punish them by your hands and cover them with shame (Q. 9:14), and because “they do not acknowledge the religion of truth, make them pay Jizyah while feeling subdued and humiliated” (Q. 9:29). He didn’t say protect the unbelievers; he said strive against against them (Q. 25:52), slay them wherever you catch them (Q.2:191), and I will cast terror in their hearts (Q. 2:191).

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  As you see there is nothing tolerant in these verses. The very fact that some Muslims had to protect Hindus from other Muslims is evidence that Islam is not peaceful.  Why these Hindus needed protection? Obviously Islam is not interpreted by every Muslim equally. Whose interpretation is correct?

I quoted several verses that justify violence. The Quran and the hadith are full of hate teachings.  Are there also good teachings such as the one you quoted? No there are none. The teaching “the minorities are my sacred amaanat” is a lie. I heard this many times, but it is not in the canonical books of Islam. If such teaching existed it would be in contradiction with all other teachings of Muhammad.

Now the question is why Muslims would fabricate such teachings when they go against their religion.  There are two reasons.

One reason is that they are ignorant of Islam and are projecting their own natural goodness on their religion All humans are born good. We become evil through false indoctrinations and bad teachings. Put babies of different races and religions (of their parents) in one room and you’ll see they play with each other paying absolutely no regards to what color or religion they belong to. They may fight over a toy but never over race or religion. Through indoctrination, these children can grow up to hate one another for religion or color.  Many Muslims don’t know that Islam requires them to hate the non-Muslims.  If Muslims are tolerant, it is because they are ignorant of their religion.

But this does not mean they can remain tolerant for long. All it takes is someone with a better knowledge of Islam to show them the hate filled passages of the Quran and convert them into murderous beasts. I can do that in just a few hours. Give me a young impressionable Muslim, and I will give you a terrorist by the end of the day.  It is very easy. All you have to do is read to them the Quran and show them a few hadiths.  I can make any Muslim feel guilty and fearful of hell for being friendly and tolerant of non-Muslims.

The other reason is that Muslims are deceivers.  Jihad has two wings: terror and deception (ro’b and taqiyah). Some Muslims specialize in terror and others in deception.  So some Muslims pose as your protectors and will tell you Muhammad said the minorities are his sacred trust.  Muhammad never said such thing. These games of deceptions are intended to fool people and they work.  Obviously it has worked on you. You are impressed by this deception and you wonder if Islam is all bad how come some Muslims come to protect their Hindu neighbors from fellow Muslims.

If Islam were a tolerant religion, Hindus wouldn’t have needed protection. Do you see Christians, Hindus or Buddhists protecting the minorities among them against their fellow religionists? There is no need for that!

Muslims often do good works but they never do it silently for the sake of doing the right thing. Their good work is always accompanied with fanfare. The intent is to promote Islam through propaganda. For example, a Muslim family moves to a new neighborhood where they are the minority. They invite their neighbors for dinner or send gourmet dishes and halavs during the Ramadan to their non-Muslim neighbors.  The intent is to make them like Islam. They always remind others that the reason they are so lovey-dovey is because their religion requires it from them. But that is a deception. Why they never show this love to the minorities in Muslim countries where they are persecuted systematically? Why minorities in Islamic countries need protection at all?

Every good thing a Muslim does is designed to impress you. He always has a hidden agenda. A Muslim will not do good, unless the intent is to deceive you.  Alternatively, he is just ignorant of his religion.

Imam Ghazzali (1058-1111), arguably the greatest Islamic scholar noted, “Speaking is a means to achieve objectives. If praise worthy aim is attainable through both telling the truth and lying, it is unlawful to accomplish through lying because there is no need for it. When it is possible to achieve such an aim by lying but not by telling the truth, it is permissible to lie if attaining the goal is permissible.”[ Ahmad Ibn Naqib al-Misri, The Reliance of the Traveler, translated by Nuh Ha Mim Keller , Amana publications, 1997, section r8.2, page 745].

Needless to say that for a Muslim there is no goal more praiseworthy than promoting Islam. When a Muslim, smiles and says how much he loves your country and how he wants to be your friend, remember the following hadith. “(Verily) we smile for some people, while our hearts curse (those same people).” [Fath Al-Bāri, 10:544, quoted in Ibn Kathir, Tafsir, vol. 2, p. 141-143]

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  1. SUMIT PAUL says:

    'Holy' Quran is an utterly useless book that contains 6666 violent, virulent and vitriolic verses. Its Arabic is flawed. Perhaps Muhammad's Allah speaks this type of faulty Arabic which's actually spoken by the desert yokels of Arabia. This potentially dangerous scripture is a threat to mankind. Womaniser Muhammad is the most reprehensible character in the entire history of mankind. He was a satyr and a paedophile to boot. . 


  2. shaiva_hindu says:

    I would say this is not the national anthem. our national anthem is 'Jana gana mana'
    and the translation you provide is for 'Vande Mataram'
    And yes,I do look My Mother above god.

  3. Nizamuddin Sheikh says:

    cost the British taxpayer more than 500,000 sterling pounds. The gist of comments by hundreds of readers was, “This is bizarre!” “The man preaches hatred against civilized values and for that he is rewarded with so much money!” The Turks in Germany cost also the taxpayer billions of euros each year. What for? “The majority of them are parasite consumers. They hang around and do nothing constructive.” Hartmut says outrageously. “The German honest taxpayer would like to see his money better invested in constructive projects and not on lazy buggers!” Dieter added. Finally, the whole world is confronted with three hubs of fatal dangers emanating from nuclear North Korea and Iran, and fanatic Islam. Yet, while it might be, relatively speaking, militarily and technically easy to contain a nuclear war, it is going to be, in the long run, extremely difficult to contain Islamic extremism backed by the holy scriptures of Islam, and tolerated by Western governments for fear of antagonizing Muslims. As I said in my article, “Turks are a Time Bomb in Germany”, the three million of Turkish immigrants in Germany are demanding and demanding more Islam and getting what they want. In the long run, they will demand their own state and invite the Turkish army to “protect” them as they did in Cyprus. In the long run, we will have an Islamic Califat in the middle of Europe.

  4. Nizamuddin Sheikh says:

    mosques and TV shows:- Get rid of the infidels and everything will be OK. – Apply Shari’a (the Islamic law based on the Quran and Hadeeth) and everything will be OK. Some imams go further than that. One of them in an Osnabrück mosque/Germany said last Friday, “It’s Allah’s will that the infidels invented the car and the airplane. He (God) makes the infidels work for us, the Muslims. They are our slaves. Allah is punishing them for insisting on staying infidels.” In other words, Muslims who are allegedly the “best nation produced for mankind” are simply enjoying the fruits produced by the infidels. All this is halal in Muslim eyes. One wonders how to react on such rubbish. Should one laugh or get outraged?!
    Now, in all societies where conservative Muslims rule or at least have the say, including Saudi Arabia, sex segregation even at childhood age, and females wearing the Hijab are practices which are vehemently enforced. On Monday, April 1, Hamas introduced a law according to which girls at school are to be taught only by female teachers. Men are not allowed to teach girls. Luckily, there are Muslims who reject such Medieval measures, but they are powerless. Zainab Al Ghonaimi, a teacher and human rights activist, told me on the phone from Gaza, “As I and some colleagues protested against the law before the spokesman of the Ministry of Education, Mr. Waleed Mizher, told us: If you don’t like it, you can leave Gaza. He added: We are simply implementing the Shari’a of Allah, the best law in this universe. Period!” Al Ghonaimi also told me, Hamas has in recent years imposed the Islamic dress on all females, regardless whether you are a Muslim or not. Men are forbidden from working as hairdressers for women. Further, couples who walk along Gaza’s streets are often questioned by the police if they are related. The Turks in Germany (about 3million) are rejoicing in the fact that the German political establishment is giving in to each and every demand they have raised so far. Most recently, the trial against the so-called NSU, an alleged “right-wing terror group” who are accused of killing 8 Turks in Germany a few years back is due to start mid-April.
    The German and international media have applied and received in time observation seats in the court’s hall. The Turkish media missed to book such seats, and now they and their government are accusing the German justice of being biased against Turks. The Turkish media say in their news headline, “The Germans do not want Turkey to know the truth about the murder of the eight Turks.
    Observers believe that Germany will eventually concede to all Turkish demands.
    According to several sociological studies, more than 80% of Turkish women, living in Germany, wear the Islamic dress; the Hijab, a headscarf that covers every hair, and a long coat.
    The German taxpayer finances a TV program in Turkish for Turkish kids. For the majority of Turkish kids born and live in Germany , it is not German their first language, it is rather Turkish.
    In the long run, and in view of the fact that the birth rate among Turks is quite high, the Turks could start fighting for independence from the German state and have their own state, a Turkish state in the heart of Europe, a Turkish Islamic state based on Shari’a, the Islamic law.
    By the way, according to Hadeeth, Muslims are allowed to lie to non-Muslims, cheat them, rape their women and ill treat them. Hanna Jabbour, a Syrian Christian refugee who fled the Syrian civil war with his family to Turkey, told me on the phone, “The Turkish authorities here in a refugee camp, situated near the town of Akcakale on the Syrian border discriminate against Christians. They give us less food than they do to Muslim refugees. They refused to allow a priest to celebrate a holy mass in a tent. They treat us like dogs. As we started to protest, the police beat us and used tear gas to disperse us.” This led to a kind of uprising in the camp. Many Christian refugees decided to go back to Syria, “to hell,”. as Hanna put it, “It’s better to die in the civil war than to be ill-treated like that.”. Western democracies are victims of their own civilized ideal humane principles. According to the British newspaper, the Guardian, Abu Qatada, the Jordanian fanatic cleric who is supposed to be deported back to his homeland, Jordan, where he faces terrorist charges, has so far 

  5. Nizamuddin Sheikh says:

    At the end of the day, all I want to achieve is opening the eyes of Muslims and non-Muslims to the truth, to the fact that Muslim terrorists are actually carrying out what their holy book instructs them to do. The evil is in the root and not in the fruit.
    Further, I strongly and blatantly believe that if human rights organizations, peace activists, and ordinary people like you and me submit an appeal to any Western human rights court to condemn all those atrocious passages in the Quran, the court would disapprove of these passages and would severely condemn them. In many Western states there are legislations which do not tolerate hate, which has nothing to do with freedom of speech.
    However, some observers are not that optimistic. They believe that some judges are politicized and might approve of those passages after putting them in a historical context.
    Now, let’s assume that a Western human rights court condemns the atrocious passages in the Quran, then as usual Muslims would take to the street and protest violently, kill innocent people and destroy their premises, like in the Middle Ages.
    It is exactly this kind of reaction which many Westerners fear. Some Western political establishments and their media would argue: We provoked them. We should not have done that.
    Obviously, the world in the 21st century is destined to live with the evil part of Islam, and this might stay so for generations to come. It’s a big dilemma and there is no solution for that in sight, neither in the short nor in the medium run, but maybe in the in the long run. Politics of radical Muslims inspired by atrocious passages from the Quran. Hamas, a Palestinian Islamic radical party, has repeatedly, blatantly and bluntly reiterated that its ultimate goal is the “destruction of Israel”! This is also stated very clearly in its political programme. In reality, the politics of Hamas, and for that matter of all Islamic radical organisations, are inspired and driven by the Quran. These organisations literally carry out and implement what the Quran teaches them. Here are some passages from the Quran: Kill the infidels: “And kill them (non-Muslims) wherever you overtake them…..” Sure 2, verse 191, Muslims should not take Jews and Christians as friends: “O you who have believed, do not take the Jews and the Christians as allies/friends” Sure 5, verse 51,  To add insult to injury, Mohammed, the “prophet”, of Muslims repeatedly condemned the Jews during his life time. In his Hadeeth (a huge collection of more than 7000 pages of statements and advice which the Muslim leader made during his life time) he incited Muslims to wipe out the Jews wherever they are. He degraded them to apes and monkeys, which in Muslims eyes are “useless” animals. The atrocities in the Quran do not end there. The Quran is filled with passages that incite to killing those Muslims who leave Islam: Kill those Muslims who convert to other religions:  “But if they turn away (leave Islam and embrace another faith), then seize them and kill them wherever you find…..” Sure 4, verse 89. Still, Barack Obama and the former German President, Christian Wulff believe, “Islam is a peaceful religion”!
    Also, the Quran discriminates against women as witnesses, in terms of sex: Two women are worth one male witness: “And bring to witness two witnesses from among your men. And if there are not two men [available], then a man and two women from those whom you accept as witnesses – so that if one of the women errs, then the other can remind her.” Sure 2, verse 282, Women who commit adultery are to be killed: “Those who commit unlawful sexual intercourse of your women – bring against them four [witnesses] from among you. And if they testify, confine the guilty women to houses until death takes them….” Sure 4, verse 15
    Men are allowed to have sex with their wives whenever they wish so: “Your wives are a place of sowing of seed for you, so come to your place of cultivation however you wish and put forth [righteousness] for yourselves” Sure 2, verse 223, In addition, the Quran is filled with contradictions. For example, while it says, “There is no compulsion in religion,” (Sure 2, verse 256), the same Quran states, “Kill them (the infidels) wherever you find them.” (Sure 2, verse 191). By the same token, the Quran brags, “You (Muslims are the best nation produced for mankind.” (Sure 3, verse 110) While almost everywhere, especially in the developing world, people are demanding democracy and freedom, Muslim leaders shout in 

  6. Nizamuddin Sheikh says:

    Islam is a Violent Political Party, Not Religion,Read this Pasaage very Carefully to Understand this :——
    In view of the fact that the Quran (the holy book of Muslims) contains atrocious passages (see below) which incite to killing mostly innocent people; Muslims and non-Muslims, and in view of the fact that it’s Muslim extremists who are terrorising their societies and the whole world, in particular in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mali, and in Hamas’s Gaza, one can safely say: there is something wrong with this “religion”.
    In addition, wherever Islam rules, also in Iran, Southern Lebanon (where Hizbollah rules) Somalia, and Saudi Arabia, oppression is the rule. There is no freedom of any kind; no religious freedom and no free media. It’s dictatorship per excellence. It’s extremely illogical and doesn’t make any common sense to call a faith “religion” that preaches hate and murder. Neither politically nor religiously does that make any sense in a civilised world. 
    Unfortunately, there are also passages in the Bible which are incompatible with life in a modern civilised world. There are, for instance, passages in the Bible where women are discriminated against. Here is an example “The women should keep silence in the churches, for they are not permitted to speak, but should be subordinate, as even the law says. If there is any thing they desire to know let them ask their husbands at home. For it is shameful for a woman to speak in church.” [1 Corin. 14:34]. One more quote: ”But any woman who prays and prophecies with her head unveiled dishonors her head – it is the same as if her head were shaven, for if a woman will not veil herself then she should cut off her hair..” [1 Corin. 11:5] . However, this kind of passages have been skipped and ignored for generations by both Jews and Christians. No body preaches them, even the most conservatives. Otherwise, unlike the Quran, the Bible is violence-free. On the other hand, conservative Muslims insist on every passage in the Quran regardless how atrocious it is. They claim, the Quran was composed by Allah, the Muslim God, and delivered to the prophet Muhammad to preach.
    Over the past 14 centuries, and since the inception of Islam, the Muslim establishment has rejected skipping or ignoring these passages, or view them in a historical context. Anyone who does that is considered a heretic and faces the death penalty. For conservative Muslims, the Quran is the wording of God and hence it’s valid for all times and places, and every single word in the Quran is sacred.
    Outspoken and silent critics of Islam are convinced that if ordinary Muslims read the Quran thoroughly, and if they were free to choose, they would slam the door against the face of Islam and desert it. Many liberal Muslims would turn their back to Islam, but they fear of being accused of apostasy which according to the Quran is punished by death. Here is what the Quran says about apostasy: “But if they turn away (leave Islam and embrace another faith), then seize them and kill them wherever you find (them)…..” Sure 4, verse 89
    Now, unlike other religions, in particular Christianity and Judaism, Islam has never been allowed to go through any kind of reformation. Over its history of 14 centuries, every reform attempt was squashed and nipped in the bud. Reformers were persecuted and as heretics were killed.
    Since 9/11 and thanks to the Internet, and internationalization of TV, a huge discussion has started to spread everywhere for the first time in Islam’s history. Forums are everywhere where critics of Islam can freely express their views. Both 9/11 and the Internet are exposing Islam.
    Still, people everywhere are intimidated and scared by radical Muslims. For example, Reinhardt whom I gave a critical article of mine about Islam to read, asked me after reading it, “Aren’t you scared to be killed by those radical Muslims?” I replied, “Of course I’m scared. But someone out there has to say the truth about Islam.” Besides, I told Reinhardt, I’m simply using facts, quotes from the Quran to expose Islam. All I’m saying is, look what the holy book of Muslims is preaching. Additionally, I’m not interpreting anything. I’m merely laying out what the highest authority in Islam is saying.

  7. dosing unit says:

    Those are the ex-muslims, who deceives everyone, even their adolescent muslims mostly to accumulate their arch in their amateur or to abstain bounce from ancestors and the society. They are perceived as accustomed Muslims too. We should not ultimately put any Label to anyone. People should be advised according to their actions.

  8. Nizamuddin Sheikh says:

    "Nizamuddin, Killing your wife is a sin, as Prophet S.A.W. said in hadith, which I forgot which one, I heard it from MTA (Majelis Tafsir Al Qur'an) Radio somehow it looked like this: "

    Dear Brother R.N.H. kindly give the reference if you are true. 

    "If 2 Muslims fighting each other and one is killed, both of them will go to Jahannam (I don't really like use Hell from Norse Nifhelm), In condition that the person killed and being killed try to kill each other. "

    So what will happened with shiite and sunni and other sects who are reading Quran and killing other Muslims (i.e. Kadiyani, Barelavi, Devbandi and many more each sect is saying kafir to another sects and announcingkilling  to other one publicly where is your Allah? 

    "And please don't use the propaganda against Islam in this website justifiable to attack Islam nations… "

    We are not spreading hatred against Islam, It is Islam and your beloved Rasool who did such work and till today his true followers are running on his footprint to get a position in jannat-ul-firdous.

    "And there are exist Muslims that commit sin, killing with no valid reason, rape, and drink liquor is not permitted"
    But liquor is not prohibited in heaven. Why here Allah prohibited here.  Rape Sin and killing is not permitted in Islam then where is Allah in ancient time or the time of Prophet he use thunder  but today did his power lost? or he became tired or shocked? Please clear us.

  9. Mohammad R.N.H. says:

    Nizamuddin, Killing your wife is a sin, as Prophet S.A.W. said in hadith, which I forgot which one, I heard it from MTA (Majelis Tafsir Al Qur'an) Radio somehow it looked like this:

    If 2 Muslims fighting each other and one is killed, both of them will go to Jahannam (I don't really like use Hell from Norse Nifhelm), In condition that the person killed and being killed try to kill each other.

    And please don't use the propaganda against Islam in this website justifiable to attack Islam nations…
    And there are exist Muslims that commit sin, killing with no valid reason, rape, and drink liquor is not permitted

  10. Nizamuddin Sheikh says:

    Dear Mr. Tyson,

    Kindly tell me was Mu-hum-mad holy by birth?

  11. Agracean says:

    Mr Tyson, you're a classic example of a braindead zombie.

  12. Ali Sina says:

    “Learn Islam or go to hell.”

    That is a good advice. I learned Islam and saved my soul from going to hell. You have to do the same or prepare yourself to meet Muhammad in hell. .

  13. ihateislam says:

    If Muhammad was holy, then nothing can ever be unholy.
    He did say that the minorities would be protected if they pay the jizyah or compulsory tax in total humiliation. He further told his followers never to greet a non muhammadan first. Umar expanded on this in his 16 point "treaty" with the Ash Sham Christians. One of the conditions was that they would never let their heads be higher than those of the muhammadans and they had to give way to a muhammadan on the road.. This meant that they could not ride on horses. In several muhammadan communities that command was taken to unimaginable depth and included not building new or repairing their places of worship. The muslim brotherhood promised to implement this on coming to power in Egypt and they tried it.

  14. Tyson says:

    Mr. Ali Sina… The above mentioned verses are from the Holy Quran… Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said that it is the responsibility of Muslim govt. to protect the minorities living in their country… Learn Islam or go to hell…

  15. munmun says:

    Dear Razi, it's true there are non-practicing people in every religion. They remain invisible and conservative voices attract attention. But they need to be defeated for the sake of peace, and for that invisible people have to gain visibility.

  16. SDN says:

    Here's a story which quite illustrate how a muslim, once he's radicalized can betray even his own friends from the moment they are considered to be infidels.

    "“We knew our Muslim neighbours all our lives,” says one Christian whose home was destroyed. “Yes, we knew the Diab family were quite radical, but we thought they would never betray us. We ate with them. We are one people.”

    The Christians, he said, had even looked after the wives and children of local jihad fighters while they were away:

    A few of the Diab family had left months ago and we guessed they were with the Nusra. But their wives and children were still here. We looked after them. Then, two days before the Nusra attacked, the families suddenly left the town. We didn’t know why. And then our neighbours led our enemies in among us.

    This was an ugly shock, because previously “there was a kind of coexistence between us. We had excellent relations. It never occurred to us that Muslim neighbours would betray us. We all said ‘please let this town live in peace – we don’t have to kill each other’. But now there is bad blood. They brought in the Nusra to throw out the Christians and get rid of us forever. Some of the Muslims who lived with us are good people but I will never trust 90 percent of them again.”"

  17. slave of allah says:

    assalamu alaykum to all the kafir brothers who are fighting islam,
    dear brothers,mr ali sina is a traitor of his religion.o! dear hindu brothers did u forget maulana abdul kalam azad(a traditional Islamic scholar)who fought along with you people.did u forget great islamic scholars like madani( a deobandi scholar)who called for a nation of hindus and muslims and who stood against partition.
    did u people forget that large number of muslims are supprting india on the issue of kashmir.
    did u forget deoband has been in support of india oer many issues.we never forget your goverments support to palestinian people.we are very thankful hindu brothers.
    do you want to know th true facts about islam!
    islam is the fastest growing religion.
    check out the statistics of increase in islam after september 11.
    september 11 has been the worst mark on muslims but still islam won many hearts.
    it is duty of all the muslims to spread the message of allah!we will do it till whole world shouts out shahada!
    ali sina forgot the caste system in hinduism.he also forgot the christian terrorism in ireland and in north eastern states of india.he forgot gujrat riots and abu ghraib prison torture.he forgot  zionism in palestine and merciless killings of palestinian children and mass rapes on muslim women.he forgot the mass murder of muslims in burma and srilanka which were even condemned by buddhist monks.
    islam is not a religion to be learnt from a fool,a traitor and an infidel who asks woman to expose their bodies  like ali sina.
    he is a pervert and he is shamelessly hiding.if you people follow a traitor and a pervert than  only allah can save you!
    may allah guide you!

  18. Sol Landet says:

    One of the most creepy thing is that I noticed that recently there are NON-MUSLIM people (both believers and non-believers) that support shariah law, muslim violence and terrorism.

  19. narcole1919721 says:

    Go read kitab sheikh abdul qadir jaelani.

  20. Nizamuddin Sheikh says:

    You can understand it better, a sentence ended with (.) dot (?) question mark not with double or triple. so your first dot denote blank and last dot is the sign of ending word. Did you get?

  21. Nizamuddin Sheikh says:

    You provide because you always deny. so It's better that give the reference. 

  22. Guest says:

    Nizam … Nizam, I am bemused … Let me probe further:

    You said: " …  you have given two doted means there is blank and you want that we have to fill this blank .."  

    How did you conclude that I want you to fill the blank?

  23. chrisheath says:

    So you think chemical weapons are a problem?
    One of the highest clerical authorities in the Muslim world said:-
    A man can have intimate pleasure from a child as young as a baby.
    A man can have sex with animals such as sheep, cows, camels and so on. However, he should kill the animal after he has his heavenly feeling.He should not sell the meat to the people in his own village, but selling the meat to a neighbouring village is reasonable.
    If one commits the act of sodomy with a cow, a ewe, or a camel, their urine and their excrement become impure and even their milkmay no longer be consumed. The animal must then be killed as quickly as possible and burned.
    It is not illegal for an adult male to ‘thigh’ or enjoy a young girl who is still in the age of weaning; meaning to place his joystick between her thighs, and to kiss her. ["The Little Green Book"]
    A religious decree by Khomeini ordered that girl prisoners who are virgins must be Molested before execution, to prevent them from entering heaven. A Guard conducts the molestation the night before execution. The next day, a marriage certificate is issued by a mullah, who sends it to the girl’s family, along with a box of chocolates as a wedding gift.
    Business as usual then.
    Source :-

  24. narcole1919721 says:

    You go read tauhid kitab. this isnt islamic verse.

  25. Nizamuddin Sheikh says:

    You go and read this is not my verse this is your Muslims scholar's verse.

  26. narcole1919721 says:

    Lolol fire is light and light is fire? Lolol…

  27. narcole1919721 says:

    Guest, you cant "talk" to autist. 

  28. narcole1919721 says:

    Hes a servant of the greatest leader. He chose to follow the king. He doesnt think hes an animal whos free to do anything without rules. Now see whos khalifah on earth, animals? No. even this universe made with rules and u have to learn the rules. If u wanna be free and independent, dont breathe air from universe, and dont live on his earth. Find other planet to live, now. Make ur own rules using ur imagination for ur freedom. 

  29. narcole1919721 says:

    Hehe…you dont know the nature of god…hehehe…ur lazy

  30. narcole1919721 says:

    Keep putting extra seasoning.

  31. narcole1919721 says:

    Why dont u ask sina himself to point out where he wrote that? wht am i? A tourist guide? 

  32. Nizamuddin Sheikh says:

    The Satan of Islam was a "Jinn", created from fire as all Jinns were and still are.  Angels were and still are created from light.  While Angels and Jinns are considered "Angels" in Islam, because they were created from the same material (fire is light, and light is fire), but Jinns are lower than the Angels, because Jinns are like humans; they do sin, while the Angels are perfect and Sinless.
    Note: This is not my words this the words of Islamic Scholars.

    Now you think, Allah never biased it's Satan who mislead but read above here Islamic Scholars are saying that angels are sinless and perfect now how can you say he do justice and there is equality. if equality is, then why he made human and jinn not perfect and sinful? while angels are sinless and perfect. And second things is if angels are perfect then it is Allah who also share his power and again be equal with his creation.

  33. Nizamuddin Sheikh says:

    "You are not good at guessing. I did not mean that. Please explain to me your thinking process that you guess that way?"

    You True Muslims are liar anyone can see and understand in Quran it is described earth is flat but the liar Naik, Sister Narcole are saying this is round and it is in Quran so you have no proble while you are true Muslim but when you be a human being you will understand that I believe taqiyya and told lie till today since childhood due fear of hell fire and the punishment of Allah.

  34. Nizamuddin Sheikh says:

    "If Allah instructs not to kill the she-camel, why is the she-camel equal to Allah?"
    Because that She-camel has special power other than other she-camel or he-camel & this prove Allah share his power with she-camel & being equal with that she-camel.

    "If the she-camel has a special power, who gave it a special power?"
    As per your book here Allah gave her so you think one side you say our Allah is not equal with his creation but other side in your book he shared his power with she-camel. That made contradiction.

  35. Guest says:

    Nizam … Nizam, I am bemused … Let me probe further:

    "If Allah instructs not to kill the she-camel, why is the she-camel equal to Allah?

    "If the she-camel has a special power, who gave it a special power?

    Nizam, please answer. Thanks.

  36. Guest says:

    Nizam, no, I cannot. 

    But please answer my previous question:" … you have given two doted means there is blank and you want that we have to fill this blank .." 

    You are not good at guessing. I did not mean that. Please explain to me your thinking process that you guess that way?

  37. chrisheath says:

    Slave – consider freeing yourself. OOps slavery is OK in Islam. Poverty is no excuse for slavery – free your mind first. I know, freeing your mind, may very well get your body killed. Look at Socrates. Well, knowledge is virtual death in Islam. The Koran contains everything. Which is right – the Koran contains everything which is death and destruction, and nothing which is progressive to the human race. Choose – the bullet or the free will. Thanks.

  38. chrisheath says:

    Yeah, right, get real……

  39. chrisheath says:

    You claim to know the nature of God , ?? effing bullsh'te.. God is ineffable, and unknowable. trawl your Koran, you will find this, hhumans are but puny excrement….oopsw, I meant effulgence…

  40. chrisheath says:

    Not many left to tell the tale….Militant Islam did'nt take many prisoners…..

  41. chrisheath says:

    BTW – read ths, nd u r rding wht mr or lsss is th langor of th krn!!!! Hey geezer – gotcha……

  42. chrisheath says:

    Ha-ha-ha-ha- but I respect irony and sarcasm – as valid questioning——

  43. chrisheath says:

    Narco – lyptic…?

  44. chrisheath says:

    Can you please explain what you mean, Ali Sina has not said he is God, but also animal . Maybe I miss begin of talk… I not always get langorage difference……

  45. chrisheath says:

    Jesus Christ, and I'm not religios, w't a f''''ng tw''t u r, cnt evn spll prop, u r nt capble rdng ko fkg book, u r un edu geez, plz dnt rit unless yu writ prop. O?? Donut giv m kr fkn ran sht- u fkn rtrd o????

  46. chrisheath says:

    Well I'm nothing, or an atheist, but let me think, 72, hmmm, does sound quite tempting. Ahh, but let me think. Now, they can't be Muslim girls, cos Muslims aren't allowed Muslim girls, except in marriage, They can't be virgins either, for very long, cos Muslims have a bit of an appetite. Do they have a clitoris left, as most Muslim men want that cut off their women. Mind you I was married once, and the thought of 72 wives, my head would explode with nagging. No, not for me, I'll just come back as someone else, sooner than I expect, if Muslims have their way…….

  47. chrisheath says:

    Once children are told, that you should treat others as you would want to them to treat you, and they understand that concept – they know, as it were, right from wrong regarding other humans. If they are told a load of lies by a religion ( or doctrine), that is, to hate so an so because he's different, and that religion is indoctrinated into them (try five times a day), they will blindly follow the rules of that religion, and not act in a humane way.

  48. chrisheath says:

    Really interesting article about the brain tumour lady, and her OoTB experience. ( I had one when I was young.) I think (am almost certain) that Judaism ( the old prophets) and people such as Jesus ( who was well aware of the prophets writings, as well as Egyptian spiritual progression) , had some understanding of 'Godliness', as I would say, the approaching, or ascent, of people to godliness via their spiritual practices. That is all but lost in actual religions (Judaism is probably closest). Christianity, formed 300 or so years after Jesus' s death had a 'natural humanity' that appealed. (Ignore Islam, that's a complete rip off and a sham, intended to create an army to conquer the world, with almost no recognizable spiritual component of its own.) Whats strange is that although most religions claim their god to be ineffable, and unknowable, they immediately start telling people what they should do, because their god says so. Oh well, the frailty of the human mind! ( Actually in the case of religious expansion / terrorism, also, the frailty of the human body, as million upon million will testify!) Keep up the good work….

  49. Nizamuddin Sheikh says:

    Dear Brother Guest,

    Can you define "Jinn" and "Angels"?

  50. mr india says:

    islam was the founder of african slavery, they were just hard working peaceful farmers before the muhamedan invasions, later followed by christians….  also the indian sub-continent was attacked innumerable times , they destroyed everything, took india hundreds of years back… just research 

  51. chrisheath says:

    Yet if I say " I don't believe in Allah" and you let me live , you are not a true Muslim. So I don't believe you are a good Muslim.

  52. chrisheath says:

    Which goes to show, if their is a God, of any kind, we are finding it very hard to find any evidence. If He had wanted us to worship him, I'm sure He would have made it clearer what He wanted from us. Its hard to see how an illiterate desert dweller would have sole rights to His word, and make such extraordinary claims, about such a well concealed entity.
    Perhaps its more the case that God himself would prefer a sincere, honest, humane person with no religion, than a very devout and pious promoter of inhuman acts on his behalf, but, who claims to know the mind of God?

  53. cchuckc says:

    //quran is a toilet paper//
    Nah, Quran isn't even that useful.

  54. Nizamuddin Sheikh says:

    "OK. The she-camel is a sign. Why does that mean "Allah be equals with the creations (Makhluk)"?"

    Because Here Allah instruct to don't kill that she-camel while he have gave you the right to slaughter other camel but not that means she has special power and equal to Allah.

  55. great says:

    quran is a toilet paper and should be attached with pig ass . right slave of puppet 

  56. Guest says:

    " … you have given two doted means there is blank and you want that we have to fill this blank .."

    You are not good at guessing. I did not mean that. Please explain to me your thinking process that you guess that way?

  57. Guest says:

    OK. The she-camel is a sign. Why does that mean "Allah be equals with the creations (Makhluk)"?

  58. Vinod says:

    Nizamuddin… you made a check and mate to Narcole, once for all…

  59. Guest says:

    Nizam … Nizam,

    Are you really a former Muslim? If you are, you should know that you should refer back to  "lam yakun lahu kufuwan ahad." This is the basic, the fundamental of tauhid. Whatever discussion regarding the essence of Allah should be based on this  "lam yakun lahu kufuwan ahad." Please explain to me your thinking process that leads you to deducing the meaning of 11:64 to be  "Allah be equals with the creations (Makhluk)" … A'udzu billahi min dzaalik …

  60. narcole1919721 says:

    Lol that verse was story about shalih. There are 6666 ayat. Did you read and understand the grammar yet? I doubt you understand the meaning if you dont understand grammar. Okay, ill explain abit. Linguistics is the scientific study of human language. Linguistics can be broadly broken into three categories or subfields of study: language form, language meaning, and language in context. One subfield of linguistics is the study of language structure, or grammar. This focuses on the system of rules followed by the users of one or more languages. The study of grammar includes the study of morphology (the formation and composition of words), syntax (the formation and composition of phrases and sentences from these words), and phonology (sound systems). Phonetics is a related branch of linguistics concerned with the actual properties of speech sounds and nonspeech sounds, and how they are produced and perceived.The study of language meaning is concerned with how languages employ logical structures and real-world references to convey, process, and assign meaning, as well as to manage and resolve ambiguity. This category includes the study of semantics (how meaning is inferred from words and concepts) and pragmatics (how meaning is inferred from context). Oh, too bad your linguistic intelligence  is low. Like talking to the wall.

  61. Nizamuddin Sheikh says:

    Dear Guest, 

    In This Ayath Allah Says "And O my people! This she-camel of Allah is a symbol to you: leave her to feed on Allah's (free) earth, and inflict no harm on her, or a swift penalty will seize you!" means she  must have other specialty than other She-camel. And this means Allah be equals with the creations (Makhluk).

  62. Guest says:

    Nizam, let me try to understand you better:

    "if that she-camel is not but all is from Allah then why this surah say about only the she-camel?" Do you mean this surah should say " … she-camel wa kull shai … ?" i.e. she-camel and everything else? because there is this ayah of "inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji3un" ? Please clarify … Thanks.

  63. Nizamuddin Sheikh says:

    Dear Sister Narcole, 
    If Asking about Allah is stupidity then it's also to believe in Allah is great stupidity. And this is good for yourself to believe blindly on thug Muhammad who iscrapist, Evil and narcissistic there is no need to understand a grammar of Quran that is false and till today explaining at will because it has not grammar it is the outpouring of Mu-Hum-Mad

  64. Nizamuddin Sheikh says:

    Dear Sister Narcole,

    Such type of world not good from your mouth because you never give answer to any question. You only say hard question but I've already told you question is question neither hard nor easy but how many answer did you give till today you only say fabricated hadith but not provided number. Everyone have understand you what you say and what your religion say? you feel sorry for myself but I ashamed to you because you really follower of Satan Muhammad who propel to a small part of human being in Satanism but not in Humanism. 

  65. Nizamuddin Sheikh says:

    This show who is unable to understand,

    "Not only camel, inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji3un. We are all from the creator, Allah, and we all will return to him. "
    if that she-camel is not but all is from Allah then why this surah say about only the she-camel?

    You True Muslims never understand because you all are brainless who live in fear of Imagined Allah and his hell fire.

  66. Nizamuddin Sheikh says:

    Dear Guest this is 11:64

  67. Guest says:


  68. Aryan Hindu says:

    We are jealous of Muslims males who are going to enjoy sex with 72 extremely sexy girls. We Hindus get no such things.

  69. narcole1919721 says:

    Ask questions from logic, not from your stupidity in understanding english or arabic grammar ok.

  70. narcole1919721 says:

    Nizam, you never gave high quality questions like other atheists here recently. i feel so sorry for you…

  71. narcole1919721 says:

    Omg are you retarded? if i say you are MY enemy, does it mean you're mine? Omg i never found someone who doesnt understand grammar like you. Not only camel, inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji3un. We are all from the creator, Allah, and we all will return to him. Your toefl must be below average, and your arabic never been practiced with arabs. No wonder. so you better talk to wall, lamp or to the hand. 

  72. Guest says:

    Nizam, is it 11:66 or 11:64?

  73. Nizamuddin Sheikh says:

    Dear Guest, 

    Allah is "Lam Yakun Lahu Kufuwan Ahad" Allah has no equal.  Now read Surah 11:66 Waya qawmi hathihi naqatu Allahi lakum ayatan fatharooha ta/kul fee ardi Allahi wala tamassooha bisoo-in faya/khuthakum AAathabun qareebun "And O my people! This she-camel of Allah is a symbol to you: leave her to feed on Allah's (free) earth, and inflict no harm on her, or a swift penalty will seize you!" Now you can understand he give the  example I'm equals with she-camel because she must contains some other things special than other camels and Allah also command to leave her not no harm on her otherwise a swift penalty will seize you. And Quranic Allah failed this test because that she-camel also damaged and he made him equals with his creation. If you are right then your Quran is wrong and the Quranic Allah is also wrong because you also accept this there is nothing Equals to him but in this Aya he said "And O my people! This she-camel of Allah is a symbol to you: leave her to feed on Allah's (free) earth, and inflict no harm on her, or a swift penalty will seize you!" means that she-camel must contain somethings Special that is provided by Allah and Allah here try to be equal with a she-camel. 
    "You cannot make a physical description about Allah. This is quite fundamental in Islam. There are references to al 'arsh being Allah's throne, and to Allah's being closer to one than one's jugular vein, but these cannot be taken literally. Please also note that Muslims believe that Allah is independent of time and space. " You have mentioned that "There are references to al 'arsh being Allah's throne, and to Allah's being closer to one than one's jugular vein, but these cannot be taken literally." means these are not the word of Allah these are the word of Muhammad who cheated Muslims community. 

  74. Guest says:

    No-one, I believe, can answer your question with satisfying description, especially if you want something which describes direction, location, and other physical descriptions.

  75. Nizamuddin Sheikh says:

    Dear All Readers,

    Kindly read and understand how much peaceful Islam and Islamist is?
    MULTAN: A cleric cut his wife into pieces on Wednesday for refusing to wear a veil and sending their children to school, police said.They said the body was recovered from near their house. They said they found his confession on the body and had also recovered the weapon he had used.The body has been handed over to the family following a post-mortem examination.A case has been registered against the confession-killer, who the police said had been missing.Ahmad Aziz, father of the deceased Farzana Bibi, 36, said that she married Muhammad Sharif, 42, a resident of Bakkhal Bhir in Mumtazabad Colony.They had three children.Aziz said that Sharif led prayers at the neighbourhood mosque and also gave Quran lessons at their home. He said Sharif was short-tempered and would often beat up Farzana Bibi. He had been telling her to cover her face when she left the house.Aziz said Farzana Bibi wore an abaya (gown), but did not want to cover her face.He said they often quarreled over the matter.Police said Aziz was informed about the incident by the police shortly after they found Farzana Bibi’s body. Police said it had first been seen by a neighbour, who informed the police.Police said in his note, Sharif had confessed to killing Farzana Bibi.He wrote that he had deemed his action the best way to “punish his wife for rebelling against Allah’s orders”. He wrote that he wanted all women to learn from their example.He said he had not wanted his children to study at a school. Instead they should have gone to a religious seminary. He said Farzana Bibi had enrolled their children into an English medium school against his will. He said he had wanted to punish her for that, too.He said he had been telling her to cover her face with a veil when she stepping outside, but she had not listened. He also wrote that he did not want to be responsible for her sins and thus killed her.He said it had taken him time to make up his mind for this.On Wednesday morning, after the children left for school, he wrote, he attacked her with a sharp knife, used to slaughter animals. He later cut the body into 10 pieces.The station house officer said a police team was looking for Sharif. He said the children had been handed over to the parents of the deceased.  

  76. Nizamuddin Sheikh says:

    @ All True Muslims 

    I hope you all  have read the 20 Mandatory Nature of God and the verse of Quranic Allah. Now you all have to decide that Does your Allah qualify those if "Yes" Means Quran is wrong or if "No"  then these 20 mandatory nature is wrong that you have not to give the proofs about Allah is like he. 

  77. cchuckc says:

    //mr chuck, what time is it?  time to take meds//
    So go and take them. You need a good dose anyway.

  78. leadwort says:

    Guru Gobind Singh is said to have given the following advice: " Never trust the word of a Muslim even if he swears by Koran. A Muslim can tell lies even when he is made to sit on a burning hot plate."

  79. Farhan says:

    Ali Sina, u n all d ones who accept what u hv written r really ignorant people who juz hv hatred aginst Islam. Dont brain wash people by just quoting hald verses from quran. First read the whole quran den try to analyse n give ur stupid comments. 
    hope Allah gives n all d people who have witten comments above d guidance to follow d correct path.

  80. Nizamuddin Sheikh says:

    "My religion say what?" That women are inferior, half than a man, read sura 2:228, 4:11, 
    "Did my religion talk to you?”Yes your religion is talking about all other religion and about an atheist read Surah 25:43-44
    "i didnt introduce it yet to you liar" Introduce it if you'll not then it'll show you are a great liar.

  81. Muslim Scholar says:

    Why dont you anti Islam guys learn to relax and take time off and go to some good websites don't you have a life.  
    All this false stuff on this website is damaging your brains and making you become psycho mentally retarded. Learn to live and let live in peace.

  82. sakat_1408_123 says:

    So Arabic Quran can be translated into other language and understood easily as per you hahaha.

  83. catalyst@99 says:

    @ narcole, what is yr response to the verses ali sina mentioned in the article?

  84. someone says:

    Ali Sina, I refer to your 5th paragraph. I, and some thinkers in the past, say the opposite. All humans are born evil, that is why usually children are cruel, because they are not fully taught and educated to know the right and the wrong. Conscience is something we are NOT born with, but we gain it later. The two children who are fighting today over a toy, they will fight tomorrow over another possession, such as a land, position, career, etc.
    Religion is just a tool, some cons managed to manipulate it skillfully to achieve their goals.

  85. Btw if your followers kill and terror moslems, and their number increases as you spread your dhal thoughts, what should we do to you? 

  86. Ali Sina says:

    @ Commujist

    Yes most Muslims want a peaceful life but at the same time they harbor the terrorists among them, agree and defend with the terrorist manifesto, which is the Quran.'

    There were also good people who were Nazi, but they were not speaking for the Nazi party. .

  87. narcole1919721 says:

    Sina said that hes god, but also animal.

  88. Mr somali says:

    Well done Ali sina.

    Islam wreck it 56 countries and it won't stop until it destroys more.
    I'm from somalia, look somalia 99,99% muslim and our african culture is annihilated. Most somali muslim don't know nothing about Muhammad or quran and few who knows are Al Shabaab terrorist.

  89. catalyst@99 says:

    @ ali, how was the responce 2 yr book understanding mhmmd, the latest version? has a lot of copies been sold or only a few? also, do u believe the new study that says there will b no religion by 2041?

  90. Zakariya Razi says:

    Ali Sina forgot to mention another section of Muslim which is one of the most highly expanding among every religious sects of Muslims around the world. Those are the ex-muslims, who deceives everyone, even their fellow muslims mostly to keep their head in their shoulders or to avoid rejection from family and the society. They are perceived as normal Muslims too. We should not ultimately put any Label to anyone. People should be judged according to their actions. So, there are three types of "visible" muslims, one who are DECEIVER or TERRORIST (the extremist – example Bin Laden, the so called modernize muslim scolars – example Dr. Zakir Naik, the apologist etc. etc. ), one who are IGNORANTS and others are some  EX-MUSLIMS (who remain as Muslims is a society)

  91. shankar says:

    human civilisation dates back to 10000 years as the history says. but mohammad was born in 7th century.According to him if you do not know allah and his prophet mohammad then you will go to hell. But what about those who were born before him for more than 9000 years.They never got to know about allah and mohammad. The prophet should have born with the start of civilisation so that everybody could follow him and nobody should go to hell.Surely god is not so merciless to send them to hell.seeing this human civilisation dates back to 10000 years as the history says. but mohammad was born in 7th century.According to him if you do not know allah and his prophet mohammad then you will go to hell. But what about those who were born before him for more than 9000 years.They never got to know about allah and mohammad. The prophet should have born with the start of civilisation so that everybody could follow him and nobody should go to hell.Surely god is not so merciless to send them to hell.seeing this ; either the god seems like a terrorist by plotting against the people born before prophet or the mphammad lied to the people.Please answer if anybody can.

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