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Love yourself


Dear Ali Sina,

Thanks to you and your extremely informative and logical articles, I am finally convinced that Islam is a fake religion that MuhamMAD made up to gain power, women and wealth. I have recently gave up praying and it feels really great to be free again. But I am not sure how long this freedom will last, as I am just a 18 yrs old male and I still have to live with my Muslim parents. I am in a very bad situation now.

I used to be an extremely pious Muslim. I wasted years after years practicing Islam and being afraid of hellfire. I used to be so afraid of hell that even a few months ago I was nearly insane. I had lost my beautiful looks and became thin like a stick. But when I accidently came across your site using Google search, I slowly understood what a piece of shit Islam really is. I can’t believe how much time I wasted after this fake and stupid religion! I neglected my studies and focused on my deen so that I might get jannat. Now I realize what a fool have I been by neglecting my studies. It’s going to be very tough for me because I only got 3.4 GPA in h.s.c (unfortunately I was born in Bangladesh). I need to get a job somehow and move out from my stupid Muslim parents’ house. I can’t thank you enough Mr. Ali. You opened my eyes and helped me see the truth. I encourage you to continue your mission of destroying Islam using internet. Hopefully, one day I will acquire enough skills to be able to publish articles on your site just like you and warn the next generation about Islam. I know my life doesn’t matter to you and you are just wasting your time by reading this mail, but I just want to thank you. And I also want to tell you that the situation is getting really bad. I fear that these Muslims might even start world war 3. The lives of apostates like you and me are at danger. Jihadis are everywhere and there is no guarantee that you or me won’t be killed by a jihadi in the next few days. I am very scared and don’t know what to do. Muslims are acting crazy and killing apostates whenever they can. Your site is doing a wonderful job by creating apostates like me, but the process is just so slow.

Almost all of the Muslims have become brain-dead zombies and showing logical articles to them isn’t helping. They have lost the ability to think logically. I think we apostates have no other way of survival except killing these zombies. Anyways, that’s just my two cents. I am not sure that you will even read my mail, but if you do, could you please tell me of any way we apostates can get rid of these brain dead zombies peacefully? I know you are very busy with your workload, but if you manage to reply, it would be great.

Wishing you the best of luck- the new apostate of Islam


Dear New Apostate,

Before anything else allow me to correct you regarding your statement that your life doesn’t matter. No life matters more than other lives. Every life is precious equally. In the eyes of God the least amongst the people is just as valuable as the celebrities, the rich, the powerful and the smart.

We come to this world for one purpose alone and that is to love. In order to love others we must first love ourselves. Love is about compassion. We can’t be compassionate to others if we are not compassionate to ourselves. Love is also about forgiveness. We can’t be forgiving of others if we are unable to forgive ourselves. Forgiveness is not the acknowledgement that we have done something wrong and forgive ourselves. It means acceptance with love and compassion. Look at yourself in the mirror with compassionate eyes and promise to that person in the mirror that you will take care of her (him), not just of her physical needs but also of her emotional and spiritual needs. Take care of your body; eat healthy nutritious preferably raw and organic food. Avoid junk food and packaged food. Make sure you do some exercise every day to keep your blood and vital energy flow through your body.

Just as you don’t want to poison your body with junk food you also should not contaminate your mind with negative thoughts. We create our reality with our thoughts. You get in life what you fear most, not what you wish most. Get rid of your fears. Whatever your mind dwells on will materialize. Your today’s thoughts are the seeds of your tomorrow’s reality. Live with hope and expectation. Things don’t happen to us. We make them happen. To a great extent what happens to us is the result of the choices we make.

Your life matters. Since we are all one, by loving yourself you love others and if you don’t love yourself, you can’t love anyone. Loving yourself is the precondition for loving others. Our relationship with others is a mirror of our relationship with ourselves. If you are at peace with yourself you will be at peace with others. If you are in constant struggle with yourself you will be in constant fight with others. As an individual you will fight with your parents, sibling, spouse and children. A society composed of people who don’t know how to love themselves will be constantly at war within itself. There will be struggles, strikes, revolutions and civil unrest. Internationally we can’t get along with our neighbors and will be hostile with them perpetually. As you see lack of self-love is at the root of all human ills.

Self-love is also at the core of wellbeing. You can’t feel joy and enjoy life without it. Self-love empower you and it gives you the ability to create your own destiny, live happy and at peace with yourself and others. On the other hand, at the core of all evil is self-hate. When you don’t love yourself, you feel empty and you try to fill that vacuum by manipulating, using and abusing others. All criminals and all crooked people suffer from lack of self-love. At the root of all divorces is lack of self-love. Every abuse, every violence, every discrimination is inspired by lack of self-love. When we don’t love ourselves, we deprive ourselves of love altogether and can’t feel even the love of God. Only when you embrace yourself and accept you as you are, with all your flaws, you can experience your connection with God.

The purpose of living is not to acquire perfection. This world is imperfect by design. For a lioness to feed her cobs, she has to kill the beloved baby of an antelope or reduce him into an orphan who will then suffer a long and agonizing death. So clearly the foundation of the world is based on injustice, pain and suffering. If God wanted the world to be perfect He would have made it so. Perfection in this world is not obviously God’s priority. By the looks of it He does not even care. He loves us despite our imperfections. That is what we should do. We should acknowledge our imperfection and embrace ourselves as imperfect beings.

Now, why a perfect being would create an imperfect world by design? I have thought about it a lot, i.e., all my life and I don’t think I will find an answer to it, at least not in this world. I can only speculate that since things are known by their opposite, God created an imperfect world so he can experience His own perfection. If there is no darkness, we won’t know light. If there is no ignorance we won’t know knowledge. Likewise there must be evil so God can feel his own goodness. Now it is not that God created evil. He created souls like himself and gave them free will, which in turn can do evil.

This subject requires a dedicated chapter. The point that I am trying to make is that God loves His creation despite it being imperfect. It means that instead of seeking perfection, something that is unattainable we should accept ourselves as we are, with our imperfections. We are good the way we are.

Love-YourselfHere is a good exercise for accepting yourself, Whenever a negative thought comes to your mind, such as “I can’t make it,” “I am not good at this”, “I am not smart,” “I am not important,” etc., cancel it by repeating to yourself immediately, “Even though I have this ___________ I deeply and completely accept myself.” (Fill the blank with any weakness you think you have.) This is unconditional and non-judgmental acceptance. That is how God loves us. He loves us despite our flaws, and who knows maybe because of them. God must love imperfection, otherwise why would he create an imperfect world. He is interested in our struggle towards perfection. If there is anything called perfection, it must be the state of rest. That is obviously not for us. We can’t even conceive it. How can we attain something we can’t conceive?

Let me clarify what I mean when i say God is interested in our struggle with an example.  let us say you are asked to dig a ditch. You are given a pickax and a shovel and work hard the entire day. By the end of the day you are exhausted and your ditch is two meters long. Another person does the same with a backhoe. At the end of the day his ditch is 200 meters long and he does not feel at all tired. So on the surface there seems to be an injustice. Why should he be given a big machine and you should work with your hands? He works less nd produces more. There is an obvious injustice, until one day, a movie producer comes looking for someone with a perfect body. You are then chosen over the other guy because months of heavy labor have toned your body to perfection and by landing a job as a movie star, your future is set. Only then you realize what you thought to be injustice was actually a blessing. Yes the work was hard, but you got something in that deal that changed your life. You could never have the kind of body you have, had you been sitting on that backhoe.

We come to a world that is not fair. Some are given a lot without merit and others have to earn their living with the sweat of their brow. If you think the goal of living is to have fun, then clearly there is an injustice. However, if the goal is to acquire spiritual growth, hardships become blessings in disguise. They allow us to develop our spiritual muscles. So if in the road of life you find yourself in a ditch, instead of operating a backhoe, remember the goal. The winner is the one who builds more spiritual muscles, not the one who digs a longer ditch.

Many people put themselves down with self-talks that are poisonous. How do you feel if someone says to you:

  • There is something wrong with you.
  • Your life is really messed up.
  • You are not good.
  • You are not smart, beautiful, handsome, etc.
  • It is your fault.
  • You are not important, why should anyone pay attention to you?
  • You are incompetent. You know nothing, can’t do it.
  • You never do anything right.
  • You are just stupid.

These remarks are nasty and offensive. You will get hurt. If you believe them your life will be really ruined. Yet, isn’t this the very things many people tell themselves all the time? These are destructive remarks. However they are not as damaging as when we tell them to ourselves. If someone tells you, you are not important, you will be offended, and hopefully you are wise enough to deflect it and not believe in it. You will think that person is being rude. But when you make such remarks about yourself, you absorb every word. They are a lot more damaging. And sadly this is a habit of most people. People confuse self-deprecation with humility. Humility means not being boastful and arrogant. Self-deprecation is putting your-self down. It is an entirely different thing.

One reason why Islam is false and bad for you and for the society is the fact that it promotes self-deprecation and no self-love. Jesus told people, you are loved, even if you are sinners. If you believe him, you can’t help but love yourself and when you love yourself you can love others. This seemingly simple statement is the recipe to bring peace to the world and make it a paradise. From purely psychological point of view, if everyone believed that they are loved, all wars will end and most psychological illnesses will disappear. Let us assume God does not exist and no one is there to love you. If only you believe in it, the world will be transformed into paradise.

The benighted Muhammad on the other hand portrayed God as a despot who will measure the belief of the believers and will reward or punish them in accordance to their belief. Salvation in Islam is a business transaction. You pay first with your faith and receive your reward or punishment accordingly. Jesus on the other hand said salvation is free; I paid for everyone. You don’t have to pay anything, just come and enjoy the banquet. All you have to do is accept his invitation and everything is given to you for free. You are embraced and greeted with love as if going back home after being abroad for a long time.

I am not trying to promote Christianity. I am speaking only about the psychological effect of these two doctrines. Assuming God is a fiction, the message of Jesus makes you love yourself, and consequently others. It brings peace to your life. It fills you with joy and happiness. The message of Muhammad, gives you fear, as you will never know whether your belief in him has been enough to allow you enter in paradise. When Muhammad said that he is not sure whether he will enter paradise, how can his followers be sure of it? You know you are not loved by anyone and your salvation is conditional. This is why Muslims generally suffer from a variety of personality disorders. They are not at peace with themselves and with others.

Negative thoughts generate feeling of worthlessness, shame and guilt. One ends up believing that one does not deserve happiness or is not worthy of being loved. This can lead to depression and in more severe cases many other forms of disorders such as border line, anxiety or narcissism.


Muslims will not and cannot start world war III. This Islamic craze will die out. It is a fad. It started in 1979 with the success of the Islamic revolution in Iran and it will die out with the death of the generation that started it. Younger generations of Muslims are seeing the sham that Islam is and are leaving it. Every day I receive emails from Muslims all over the world saying they no longer believe in Islam. Abraham Lincoln said you can’t fool all the people for all times. Islam is not the fastest growing religion as Muslim propagandists claim and beat their chest. It is the fastest dying religion. Give Muslims a little bit of freedom and you’ll see how fast Islam will die. In this age of the Internet, you can’t keep people’s minds shackled. The only way Muslims know to keep Islam alive is through fear and deception. The deception is no longer working. Truth is out and no one can hide it. All is left for them is to increase the oppression. Countries like Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, are increasing their Islamic oppression. Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, and most Arab countries are already oppressive. On the long run this oppression will only turn people away from Islam and although they keep the appearances to avoid being killed, they will leave Islam in huge numbers. In my estimation, in the next twenty years Islam will collapse. Once it collapses in one country, it will have a domino effect in other countries. I believe Iran will be the first. This insanity started in Iran and it will die in Iran.

The fact that Islam is sustained through terror is attested by Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the head of the Muslim Brotherhood and a leading authority on Sunni Islam on Egyptian national television said, “If they had gotten rid of the apostasy punishment, Islam wouldn’t exist today. Islam would have ended since the death of the prophet. Opposing apostasy is what kept Islam to this day.”

Not only Muslims are leaving Islam, they are telling the world about it and helping others too. This was not possible 20 years ago. The Internet has changed everything. The Internet is the biggest enemy of Islam.

There is no need to kill anyone. We don’t raise a sword against darkness. We lit a light. Islam will self-destruct and this is already happening. Younger generations cannot be fooled with stupid tales of Muhammad. They want logical answers, which Islam cannot provide.

Now that you are free from this lie, it is incumbent on you to help others. Use the Internet and the social media to awaken other Muslims. But do that anonymously. Islam feeds on fear and on the blood of its victims. The more it kills the stronger it becomes. Do your best to safeguard your anonymity and continue spreading the truth about this cult.

If each one of us who have seen the truth helps one person in one year, every year our number doubles. Apostasy from Islam is growing exponentially. I don’t think in 20 years from now we will be having the kind of discourse we are having today. The coming two decades are pregnant with major changes. This change is happening at a global scale. There is a new spiritual awakening in all mankind and Islam will not be able to survive this change.

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124 Responses

  1. Be to cheh??? says:

    akhe avazie Irani ! Islam is growing more and more and will take all over the world sooner or later ! by publishing these hate-speeches and fanatic articles , you and your IDIOT followers are just making fun of yourselves not us! Should Islam was a cult and its book not the truth , it would have not been in the heats and minds of millions of people , muslems and some orientalists alike! Shit on you for “Shame on you” will not do you and your website justice!

  2. Be to cheh??? says:

    Madareto gaeedam ali sina ! kharkoseye harooomzade !
    Tof be ghabre babat biad.

  3. siddharth says:

    Upanishads, vedas and yoga . Hindus practice and teach yoga , meditation and higher sciences of spiritual growth and enlightenment regularly , hinduism and buddhism are inseparable. Nobody is judging jesus or buddha yaar you are unnecessarily getting flustered.

  4. siddharth says:

    Lord Buddha was a prince looking for solution to worlds problems , he followed a very tough path of yoga and almost died , then he practiced another path of yoga called dhyan , samadhi or meditation and his experiences were recorded, like many masters before him .The teachings of buddhism are based on upanishads .Lord buddha never started a separate religion .The tradition of yoga is very ancient and this knowledge was shared with people of the world . Still everybody does yoga but does not realize it. Yoga is the science , uppanishads and vedas are the source of knowledge.

  5. knowTheEnemy says:

    The upanishadic word for "dream of life" is not Leela, but Samsar (Sansar, संसार). Leela is something completely different and I shall explain it here-

    Buddha said that this life is all pain (Dukkh) but that when one realizes that this life is nothing but a dream / illusion, all the pains vanish because the person then realizes that the pains too are illusions.

    In my version of Hinduism, I have modified this Buddhist thinking. Upanishads say Brahman alone exists and is the source of all. This life is Brahman's 'dream'. However, Brahman is also IN the dream; That is, Brahman is the fabric of this dream. The dream is none other than Brahman!

    For the context that we are discussing here, let's call Brahman 'God'. The 'dream' that we are in, is none other than God. God is 'dreaming' and we are participating in this dream. 

    We are present IN God; This is God all around us- Is this realization Dukkh (pain) or Sukkh (joy)?? If you ask me I say it is Sukkh. In fact when we deeply contemplate on this, this realization becomes even sweeter than joy; it becomes bliss!

    Now our life changes completely. We have good times in our life (that make us happy) and bad times (that make us sad and give us pain), but we NO LONGER fall into depression, because we realize that no matter what happens to us, we remain participants in God's dream. We are always in God.

    It is this *participation* in God's dream of life, that is called Leela. Hindus say everything that happens is God's leela. When we deeply think about this, we realize that they are not talking about individuals, but rather refer to the collective participation of everyone (including other living creatures and even non-living things), as God's leela.

    So we look around and see that everyone is already participating in this Leela (that is, everyone is playing their respective roles); God's leela is going on non-stop. But where does that leave us? How do we participate in this Leela? What role do we play? And since we now know that this is God's work going on, no less, we don't want to play some cheapy role; we want to play some high quality role, something that would compare with the best of Hollywood. How do we do that?

    Hinduism has provided the answer to that question too: By living our life by Dharma– that is the best way to play our part in the leela of God! Once again, since we know that this is God's work going on, we now want to play our role to the best of our potential, with not an iota of apathy or laziness! When we do that, that would be our leela.

  6. Excelsior says:


    stop rocking and consider this:

    there is no heaven or hell, so no one can be thrown into hellfire!

  7. intenselight says:

    Thanks for your comment!

  8. Supriya says:

    First, tell me what do you mean by Nishkam Karma and Liberation ?

    I know that you want to test my knowledge. Let me tell you that I am not spiritual master. Still I'll try to answer your question.

  9. Laandya says:

    Aadam and Havva were married to each other and they had children. Whom did their children marry?
    Did their children marry with each other, I mean marriage between brothers and sisters?

  10. Peter son of GOD says:

    Ha ha ha  Supriya silly girl
    I read one of the link u gave which talks about ELIJAH.
    For your kind information ELIJAH was taken alive into heaven as this verse says so.
    2 KINGS    2:11 And it came to pass, as they still went on, and talked, that, behold,
    there appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, and parted them
    both asunder; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven.
    So there is no reincarnation in christianity  and to clear your misunderstanding i will give you one more example from the bible.

    Mark 12 : 24Jesus said to them, “Is this not the reason you are mistaken, that you do not understand the Scriptures or the power of God? 25“For when they rise from the dead, they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels in heaven. 26“But regarding the fact that the dead rise again, have you not read in the book of Moses, in the passage about the burning bush, how God spoke to him, saying, ‘I AM THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, AND THE GOD OF ISAAC, AND THE GOD OF JACOB ’? 27“He is not the God of the dead, but of the living; you are greatly mistaken.”

  11. knowTheEnemy says:

    Supriya, I have a question (for academic purposes)- Let's say that some scientist convinces you, with evidence, that there is no such thing as 'liberation' or 'salvation'. Would you still do Nishkam Karma?

    Note: I am not saying whether there is 'Liberation' or not. My question is simply hypothetical. So for example, if someone convinces me that there is no such thing as 'Liberation', then I will stop doing whatever little of Nishkam Karma I do. Why bother when there is nothing to acquire?

  12. Supriya says:

    Liberation can be acquired by Nishkam Karma i.e.deeds which are done without feverish and attachments to fruits.It is necessarily not needed to renounce or sacrifice everything( like Jain Muni).

  13. Supriya says:

    //You are making too much noise //
    Please don't use harsh words if possible.

    I agree with your views of re-birth and self-realization and liberation.

    But my understanding of Moksha is slightly different than that of yours.
    Jain people believe that 24 Tirthankars have attained enlightenment i.e. Kaivaly
    Buddhist believe that Gautam Buddha has attained enlightenment i.e.Nirvana
    Hindus believe that Adi Shankarachary and other sages have attained enlightenment i.e. Moksha

    These three religions advocate three different ideologies. Hinduism advocates Purnavad, Jainism advocates Anekant vad ,Buddhism advocates Shunyavad.

    Why do all of them advocate different ideologies if they all are enlightened ? Do all of them get really liberated?
    These questions are not obligatory for you to answer.

  14. Sakat says:

    You are making too much noise about Re-birth and reincarnations ,but unable to convince here the audience(it is not your fault ). Let me tell you ,that re-birth is an essential element of evolution. I will explain it here ,how each and every creature upon this earth has to undergo rebirth process till the self -realization. Don't bother about these Semitic peoples belief ,they cannot think and just can't imagine about these higher spiritual truth .
    The process of incarnation is actually the process of the evolution of things. The evolutionary process is the process of the cessation of one condition to bring about the birth of the subsequent condition. Something has to die in order that something may be born. If nothing dies, nothing will be born. There will be no transformation and no improvement of any kind if death does not take place. Many parts of the body have died in order that we could become this adult personality that we are now. If evolution is something worthwhile, death is also worthwhile. Unless some previous condition dies, the new condition cannot be born. So everyone will be reborn because of the fact that the birth of a body, such as this body of ours which is now with us, is the instrument manufactured by the psychological organ within us for the fulfillment of its needs, desires and wants.
    Our desires have no end. We cannot count our desires. Though today, at this moment, we may feel that our desires are half a dozen, when these half a dozen desires are fulfilled we will find that another half a dozen will present themselves forth, and there will never be an end to this. Infinite are the desires of man due to the infinitude that is hidden in the recesses of the being of man. Inasmuch as the longings, desires and needs of the mind are infinite, a finite body cannot be a suitable instrument for the fulfillment of all these desires. An infinite series of incarnations may be necessary in order that infinite desires may be fulfilled through these instruments. What are the instruments? This body. What kind of body will we assume in the next birth? It will be exactly commensurate with the thoughts and desires that we entertain at this moment. Whatever thought enters our mind at departure, at the time of death, that will concretise itself and will be extracted out of our personality like butter being sucked out of milk. Will we be entertaining a hope that at the last moment we will have a suitable thought, and now we can think whatever we like? No. The last thought is the fruit of the tree of life that we have lived in this world. We cannot have one kind of tree and another kind of fruit. So, whatever kind of life that we have lived through this body in this sojourn of our existence in this world, that will become the solid substance of the thought that will occur to our mind at the time of departure of this body.
    Everybody will take birth if Self-realisation does not take place before passing. If we realise the Self before the end of this life, no birth will take place. Why? Because the need for birth will not arise. Why do we take birth? Because we have a necessity to fulfill the desires that we could not fulfill through this tabernacle. The desires were many, the body was feeble and finite, and an infinite number of desires cannot be fulfilled through a finite, feeble instrument such as the body. So another body, another series of bodies has to be undergone. But in the realisation of the Self, which is universal in its nature, desires get extinguished. There is the Nirvana that people speak of. Nirvana is the extinguishing of the flame of life. This flame, which is the transitory movement of the succession of human desire, vanishes; it is extinguished completely. This is Nirvana that is taking place.

    If there is even a single desire, rebirth is unavoidable for the fulfillment of that desire. If we have fulfilled all our desires in this birth itself and nothing more is left, that would be good for us. All our desires melt here itself in the light of the Self. No desire can stand before the blaze of the knowledge of the Self. As the cloud of mist cannot stand before the blaze of the sun, this muddle of the cloud of desires cannot stand before the light of the Self, which is the Atman :).

  15. slaveofprophet says:

    Buddha was a Hindu. Do not believe in his silly words. 

  16. Grace Ali Harrel says:

    Buddha was the one who introduced this silly ideology to the world but he was a good man. He was eager to make sense of this life and what happened next after death. The problem is that there was no doctor or psychiatrist back then in his generation, who could check on his mental health and status while he was meditating under that Bodhi tree for donkey years and verify that all his claims were true. I believe that Buddha was hallucinating due to extreme asceticism. One of his silly claim is that he has attained Nirvana and that one could also attained it by following his manuals but the truth is that since the day he died up till this very present moment, not even one high ranking monks or nuns in this world who have faithfully followed his teachings all their lives has ever attained Nirvana. I strongly believe that rebirth or reincarnation or even Nirvana existed only in Buddha's finite mind.

  17. Islam Murdabad says:

    Did your Allah permit Muhammad to rape his aunt's corpse ? Does your Allah permit you to rape your aunt's corpse ?

  18. Grace Ali Harrel says:

    No, rebirth/reincarnation has nothing to do with Christianity.

  19. knowTheEnemy says:

    I re-read your letter to Ali Sina and I say your English is just fine! Insecure Muhammadans point out "flaws" in your writing simply to make themselves feel better, and not because there is anything wrong with your English. But they fool only themselves!

    Congratulations for coming to a life of freedom.

  20. Grace Ali Harrel says:

    Yeah, he got his evil sanction from in between the legs. olo. That's where his allah dwells.

  21. ihateislam says:

    slave mentality,
    Your allah is or was a pervert.

  22. Phoenix says:


    Your strong condemnation of reincarnation suggests you have researched the topic extensively and found the evidence lacking or extremely weak.Share some of those that you have debunked.
    Personally,I don't think reincarnation plays out the way most people believe or the way religous organizations teach it.

  23. slaveofprophet says:

    @Grace Ali Harrel
    Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had got divine sanctioned from Allah to marry with 6 years old girl Aisha. After getting divine sanction from the God issue of Prophet was 60 years old and Aisha was 6 years old at the time of marriage gets nullified.

  24. Supriya says:

    Dr. Sina
    Many Near-Death Experiences( videos) have proven the re-birth/reincarnation is true.Dr. Ian Stevenson(western Christian) has given evidences of re-birth.Visit following links :
    Reincarnation in texts of Christianity :

  25. slaveofprophet says:

    @Grace Ali Halrrel 
    Re-birth/reincarnation concept of Hindu people. I have read this in their scripture. Yes, Hindu are stupid people. I was reading a Hindu philosopher you will laugh after reading his nonsense thinking
    Gita II.22:  
    "The impersonal Consciousness casts off worn-out body mind equipment and enters into new ones as part of general evolution." 
    This implies that at death the subtle body of residual life memories returns to the “pool of Consciousness" and Consciousness has now many qualities to transmigrate into new lives for its own continuance of the "dream of life," or Lila. Inborn talents and tendencies may appear in a new life and residual memories of a past one imagined. This explains child prodigies. Transmigration of souls or subtle bodies is a more tenable theory than reincarnation of egos. Egotism is a product of the brain and rots at death. Consciousness and the subtle body (feelings) leave the body at death and re-enter the pool of Consciousness for the possibility of new actors on the stage of life as we experience it. 
    Verses 23 – 24  
    Consciousness, the Self,  
    Cannot be pierced  
    By swords or arrows,  
    Water cannot wet it, Fire cannot burn it,  
    Nor can the winds dry it. 
    Consciousness or the Self can be understood as a screen on which the play of life appears. As in a motion picture or television show, the screen is unaffected by what takes place on it. Bombs explode, floods, wars, and violent death happen in the cinema and on TV, but the screen is unaffected.

  26. Grace Ali Harrel says:

    I don't think that my dear Ali is so dumb as to believe in this kind of silly ideology. Even that sick pedophile prophet lied to his believers that his petty allah has turned some disobedient Jews into apes and swine. Rebirth/reincarnation is really a silly theory made for very stupid people and I hope that you don't belong to that category but your above comment shows otherwise.

  27. Grace Ali Harrel says:

    Kindly open your eyes big enough to take a good look at the plight of the Indian ladies living in India now and tell me why there were so many rapes and honor killings? The Hindus need a Savior and His name is Jesus Christ, the Author of Life and the Golden Rule.

  28. Grace Ali Harrel says:

    Like what I've explained clearly in my earlier comment, as long as you are a follower of that sick pedophile prophet, it doesn't matter if you are a graduate or scholar or professor at all because your evil prophet has decreed that no questioning of his words or evil deeds is allowed at all and the only requirement to enter your allah's paradise is blind submission and blind faith. Indeed, you're right to say that it's the religion for dumb people like you. I'm still curious to know how all those Muslim medical doctors, nurses or medical staffs working in the hospitals all over the world, especially in the Middle East, in this 21st century, could turn a blind eye to this evil act and injustice committed by your sick pedophile prophet against a mere 9 years old girl and praise him for being a merciful prophet?

  29. intenselight says:

    Hello everybody. I am the one who sent this question to Ali sina. And Ali sina answered this question in this article. I am not a 9 year old kid. My writing looks childish because my english isn't very good. And @muslimmansucks, Ali sina's mentality isn't childish, but yours is. If you think such things about a genius like Dr. Ali sina, then you are the one who has a childish mentality.

  30. Islam Murdabad says:

    It is really pathetic that you worship Muhammad who raped your female ancestors,had sex with the dead body of own aunt Fatima,lusted for 6 year old Ayesha and kept raping her, captured thousands of women and kept raping them,kept thousands of sex slaves to serve him at night, married more that 12 women for the sake of sexual gratification.
    Muhammad was not prophet but sexually addicted SATAN.

  31. Supriya says:

    Dr. Sina
    You believe in re-birth /reincarnation and therefore you are not gullible.

  32. Supriya says:

    Jesus/Indian protestant Christian
    May I assume that you are failed to answer my questions ?
    I have proved that you believe in many concepts of Hinduism. Renounce Christianity(this religion can't lead you to the FULCRUM) and convert to your original religion Hinduism.
    Admit that Jesus didn't know the Truth.

  33. ihateislam says:

    Only a moron will follow a man who says that he does not know what his end would be. Muhammad said that. If Muhammad ends up in hell fire, as he has assuredly done, what do you call somebody who follows him down that path of destruction? It is not the smart kid who is fuel for hellfire for leaving muhammadanism. It is the one who stays in there who is or will burn in hell.

  34. muslimmanrocks says:

    Huh! I don't care about that pathetic kid who left Islam. He has become a fuel for hellfire. And who told you I am frustrated? Rather I am happy because Islam is getting rid of its munafiq followers, like the stupid kid who posted this question to ali sina. And that kid is not a genius. Anyone who leaves Islam is a moron.

  35. ihateislam says:

    Ali Sina is not making up anything to show an increase in the number of muhammadan apostates. The Muslim Times published the result of a survey done in Saudi Arabia which showed that 5% of that country's population claim to be apostates. Note that all Saudi citizens are required to be muhammadans and any conversion is not recognized. The penalty for apostasy is very serious.
    If in spite of such stiff conditions 5% still claim to be apostates, then the conclusion is that the number is higher than has been expressed. The situation is likely to be worse in other countries which are not the custodians of Muhammad's religion.
    What this site has done is to boost the confidence of those apostates that they have taken the right step and are not alone.

  36. ihateislam says:

    If the writer of the article posted by Ali Sina is a 9 year old kid, then he is a genius and your negative reaction is an act of frustration because of muhammadanism having to lose such a promising brain.

  37. ihateislam says:

    slave mentality,
    Because the muhammadans realize that the foundations of these secular countries is more solid than anything they can ever dream of in their countries. The muhammadans are refugees seeking the good life which alludes every muhammadan country. The stupendous oil wealth of the Arabian peninsula does not entice the muhammadan refugees. They are magnetized by the dazzling life and freedom which abound in the free world.

  38. slaveofprophet says:

    @Dear Grace Ali Harel
    I myself has done graduation. We are not dumb. World many great scholars are Muslims. If islam would have been religion of dumb people these scholar  would be first to denounce Islam.

  39. Grace Ali Harrel says:

    The whole world knows that your 53 years old prophet married his friend's 6 years old little virgin girl and later, had sex with her when she was only 9 years old. Maybe that generation was simply too dumb to understand the difference between right and wrong but It's really sad to say that in this 21st century, some of his faithful highly educated followers, be it men or women, doctors, professors, lawyers, millionaires and even billionaires, still think and believe that the prophet whom they worshipped like God, was doing, preaching and teaching the right thing. Actually, you don't need anyone here to prove your prophet. All you need is your CONSCIENCE because it will tell you that it is evil and wrong of you or any braindead zombie for that matter, to defend a sick pedophile who claimed to be a merciful prophet but has shown no mercy to a poor, little helpless girl.

  40. slaveofprophet says:

    @All non-Muslims
    Challenge to all non-Muslims to prove prophet was not a saint.I will leave Islam if anybody defeat me in debate. My claims are prophet Muhammad was best saint, scientist, human being, politician, moralistic person ever born.

  41. Fungsuk Wyangadu says:

    We sympathize this forlorn ,lonely , homeless orphan.

  42. slaveofprophet says:

    Certainly, no one should have any doubt about 72 virgin girls in heaven for true believer in prophet & Allah. It is only a small gift from Allah to his followers. Sex is the base of this world. If there is no sex there will be nothing in this world. Sex is the highest form of love.

  43. KLMNOP says:

    Do you believe in 72 women in paradise?
    You guys always hard-on and having sex all the time?
    What will allah do? Will he watch you guys mating all the time? Is your allah pervert?
    Why will allah provide you with young boys? Does he want you to become gays?

    I you want you can believe in this crap.

  44. KLMNOP says:

    What's that? Seems like some animal s***ted all along the way.

  45. Grace Ali Harrel says:

    Only gullible human beings will believe in rebirth or reincarnation. No doubt some human beings claimed that they dreamt about their past lives or have knowledge of past events but all these accounts doesn't prove that rebirth is true afterall. There is more to that stupid theory than meets the eye, if you understand what deception is all about.

  46. Grace Ali Harrel says:

    I tried very hard not to laugh at your comments here but I failed and I'm always curious about why there are so many gods in Hinduism and which god created the universe? Is it the cow god or elephant god?

  47. Supriya says:

    Jesus/Indian protestant christian
    Now it's your time to answer. Please reply me.

  48. Supriya says:

    Jesus/Indian protestant Christian
    Did you visit the links that I have given you which prove Re-birth is true principle?Even texts of christianity approve re-birth.

  49. Supriya says:

    Jesus/Indian protestant Christian
    //That is why many wise Enlightened people throughout time have described this world as an illusion. It's like a hologram.//
    This is the pilosophy of Hinduism. Jesus never said the world is an illusion.

    //It means that nothing really changes it's just the time-frame of the cycle of expansion to its completion and then the equal contraction and when that is done, it begins again//
    This is gain concept of Hinduism. Jesus never said this.
    World drama( srishti chakra) continues to happen again and again. i.e. God spits into diverse creation for a period of time and then unites to become one for the same time period.Again God splits into diverse creation and the ………………………………….. continues forever.

    // We simply need to understand the Cause of all this world. That is the God. We are ALL a portions of God. We are not our bodies//
    1] Brahma satyam ,jagat mithyam means God is the only truth.2] Ayam atma Brahma means the self( Atma) is God.

    //Hinduism is bogged down and mired in physicality.//
    why do you believe that world is an illusion and God is the only truth ? dont you know that this is the philosophy of Hinduism?

    //Enlightenment is NOT a recipe.//
    do you think that merely knowing the Truth one can attain enlightenment ?
    do you find any symptums/indications of attainment of enlightenment ?

    //God is the omnipotent, omniscience of the Universe the Still point. Zero movement Complete balance of ALL opposites. The only reason we see the world of matter is because God has dreamed it or willed it or has an Idea of it.//
    This is again Hinduism. God is experiencing his limitless potential in the form of this diverse creation.

    //Jesus' messages are still not understood by modern man today because he has not understood Matter yet and what gives rise to matter. He is fooled by his sense. They create illusions for him.//
    and this is the concept of Hinduism.

    // God is Light. God is Love. God's creating universe is founded on Love.//
    You believe that we all are portions of God,then why do loving Gods create hate into the mind and heart(muslims) ?

    You said Hinduism is dying. Visit the link :

  50. taiqiyya says:

    what a sick man HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  51. Grace Ali Harrel says:

    چه بالاترین IQ؟

  52. Grace Ali Harrel says:

    آیا شما حسادت است که عزیز من دکتر علی سینا به من استقبال به عقب با یک آغوش بزرگ؟

  53. Hindu says:

    Hinduism is not a religion. Hindu name was given to the people  by foreigner who used to live nearby Sindhu river. Hindu word nowhere mentioned in any book written by ancient people lived in Indian sub continent. Even in Geeta, Ramayan, Veda Hindu word not exist. If you live in Indian sub continent you are also Hindu. If any word existed in ancient scriptures of Indian sub – continent people it was "Arya'" (Noble person). All scripture says ''be Arya."  Word Arya is opposite of Anarya( Anarya are rapist, looter, thief, criminals, monster, kidnapper, cruel people. I believe Ali Sina is Arya while Mohammad was Anarya.

  54. shabeer says:


  55. Bharatiy Kanya says:

    Mr. Sina , you are gifted with highest I.Q.. You don't need to believe in other person's understanding of God. You know the absolute Truth.

  56. Bharatiy Kanya says:

    Belligerent woman is back.

  57. Islam Murdabad says:

    Islam is fake religion.Muhammad invented Islam to gain power,women and wealth. He fooled gullible Arabian people and then employed them to raid many lands. Those barbaric Arabian people raped your female ancestors, butchered male ancestors to convert to Islam forcefully. You are following that beast called Muhammad. Shame on you
    Muhammad was rapist,pedophile,mass-murderer, robber,gangster,pimp. Renounce his fake religion and expose fallacy and lies of Muhammad and his deity called Allah(fake).

  58. muslimmanrocks says:

    Because ali sina makes up posts like this to fool his atheist fans into thinking that apostates are increasing. i

  59. muslimmanrocks says:

    Heh, do you know why I laugh? I laugh because I will go to paradise(if Allah allmighty wills) and you will go to hell. Being you sucks……..

  60. muslimmanrocks says:


  61. muslimmanrocks says:

    You infidels! Have all the fun you can now, because all of you will burn in hell. Satan is fooling you! You can't see the light of islam, can you! Just wait! Just after a small period of time Allah will punish you with the severest punishment. THERE WILL BE NO ESCAPE. NO MERCY! JUST ETERNAL TORMENT! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA………………  

  62. Islam Murdabad says:

    Allah doesn't exist.Allah is nothing but rapist,mass-murderer Muhammad's alter ego. If you believe lecher Muhammad then you will be burnt in Jahannum where Muhammad is being burnt for committing horrible crimes like raping 9 year old Ayesha,butchering millions of people, raping thousands of women.

  63. muslimmanrocks says:

    How many times do we muslims have to say "STOP INSULTING ALLAH AND PROPHET MUHAMMAD"? 

  64. muslimmanrocks says:

    HOW DARE YOU INSULT OUR HOLY PROPHET MUHAMMAD! May Allah curse you and throw you into hellfire. Only if I could get my hands on you…

  65. muslimmanrocks says:

    Hey, what do you know about Islam? NOTHING! Stop insulting our Allah. Or else burn in hell..

  66. Grace Ali Harrel says:

    Dear Ali, you've commented that "Now, why a perfect being would create an imperfect world by design? I have thought about it a lot, i.e., all my life and I don’t think I will find an answer to it, at least not in this world. I can only speculate that since things are known by their opposite, God created an imperfect world so he can experience His own perfection. If there is no darkness, we won’t know light. If there is no ignorance we won’t know knowledge. Likewise there must be evil so God can feel his own goodness." Come on, my dear Dr Ali Sina, what has happened to your IQ? Does it make sense to you that a perfect being would design and create an imperfect world or even evil, so that He may experience His own perfection and goodness? Have you totally forgotten or ignore all my precious emails and comments in which I've explained so clearly about the perfect requirements, qualities and standards of a perfect God? Please link all the bits and pieces of answers I've given you over the years and then, you'll realized the absolute truth.

  67. cchuckc says:

    I have already rubbished these claims. You have simply decided not to respond to that thread :-). Poor loser.

  68. Hindu says:

    @Ali Sina &Shabeer
    Veda are worst book. I do not believe in them  nor their actual translation available. No Hindu read Veda.
    (Please note) I abused Veda as a book not Veda (true knowledge). Ali Sina acquire knowledge of veda. His views based on Veda. If is tough task for Muslims to understand what is Veda. They believe Veda is a book as Quran.

  69. shabeer says:


  70. shabeer says:

    Rig Veda 7.83.3 The ends of the earth are beheld laid waste…
    Rig Veda 8.25.18 He who hath measured with his ray the boundaries [ends] of heaven and earth..
    Atharva Veda 15.7.1 He, having become moving majesty, went to the ends of the earth…
    Atharva Veda 20.88.1 Him who with might hath propped earth’s ends
    Rig Veda 1.62.8 Still born afresh, young Dames, each in her manner, unlike in hue, the Pair in alternation around four sides of earth
    Rig Veda 4.50.1 Him who with might hath propped earth’s ends…
    Rig Veda 10.58.3 Thy spirit, that went far away, away to the four-cornered earth.
    यते [Yate] = Your
    मन [Man] = Spirit/Mind
    जगाम [Jagaam] = Goes
    दूरकम् [Durkam] = Far away
    चतुर्भृष्टि [Chaturbhushti/Caturbhrsti] = Four-Cornered
    भूमि [Bhumi] = Earth
    The word Chaturbhusti means Four cornered,
    Monier-William’s Sanskrit dictionary also gives the same meaning

  71. shabeer says:


  72. Supriya says:

    Today (15th June, 2014) 100 Sunni muslim jihadists are killed by Pakistan's army in Wajiristan. Are you not going to celebrate ?

  73. Supriya says:

    Akshat, you said "I am not enlightened, even I have no idea if such thing exists,"
    Here is the Quote of Deepak Chopra : "Every person is a God in embryo.It's only desire to be born."

    "but I am seeing myself and everyone on a journey"
    You are right. We all are heading towards the end of Kali yug.Everyone has particular speed and it depends upon the awareness of our existence and practical approach.

    "We see our most beloved one’s disappearing in something called death. "
    According to Hinduism,death is an illusion/hallucination of mind.

    ''Every human is constantly struggling against laws of universe. Every birth-life-death journey is an effort to surpass all the laws of universe. Every living creature consciously or subconsciously making an effort to liberate from laws''
    This is the philosophy of Buddhism. It states birth is suffering,life is suffering,death is suffering and everything is suffering.( I don't believe this)

    ''If seen from the specks of love World became a divine play. Birds, seahills, forest, culture, Civilizations all transform into an art of the highest artist''
    This is the philosophy of Advaitavad.

    "Buddha,Jesus,Mahavir.Path they all chose was same and it was none other but compassion."
    I disagree with you. Buddhism advocates Shunyavad. Mahaveer Tirthankar(Jainism) advocates Anekant vad. Jesus(Christianity) doesn't show particular path towards Enlightenment.

    "And I have no doubt that one day our love will surpass all barriers and let us free from all the law."
    This is again Buddhism.
    In my can't reach the final destination if you think that there are barriers. You should keep going without worrying and detaching emotions and sharing love,joy. I believe 'we become what we think'. If you think that there is suffering everywhere then you may not reach the final destination(I think so). A spiritual Guru can help you.

  74. Supriya says:

    Shaiva Hindu
    Shabeer's God( All-knowing Allah) says Earth is spread out ( i.e. flat like carpet laid on the ground).

  75. shaiva_hindu says:

    shabeer what exactly do you mean by 'actual'? I hope you're referring to the scriptures rather than people.

  76. shaiva_hindu says:

    shape of earth what is it? according to koran.

  77. Wilders4President says:

    In a way, the name 'muhammad' describle the false propet.
    Ham – pig (he was)
    Mad – well… madman.

    Yeah, is offensive to say that islam is a nice religion for males. Is not true at all. Males have the same restrictive obligation as women, maybe they're more considered in a muslim society than women, but they can't do much more. They can't do what they relly wish and love, just like women.
    Also islam considers all men just stupid beasts, unable to control their istinct when they see a woman.

    I fear one day we infidel will need to create our Israel. Surely not all countries will fall under islam (Japan and China aren't scared at all, I've read that once an arab threatened a Japanese cop of death, because the police was asking to his wife to not wear the niqab, and Japanese police arrested him and his wife and send them back to Saudi Arabia).

    I don't think muslim will start WWIII because they are always in war. The day they will be in peace will be the day islam is probably dead.
    I notice anyway, that muslims that will leave ismam more easily are those muslims that live in middle east. They want shariah, they experience it and they decide they dislike it (everythime they get shariah, they can't resist more than few months).
    In free countries is harder that they leave islam, because they have shariah, but they can choose between shariah and local law (in multicultural countries) so they fell somewhat free (especially compared to their native countries), and they don't fell the need to get rid of islam. They must experience the ugliness of islam at full, by maybe living some period in Saudi Arabia, believing that they have to stay there forever.

    Is true that Islam can't grow much by conversion, Taqiyya is less and less effective, at the point that even muslims are dropping it, and birthrate is dropping fast, because their women are more ambitious.
    For this they practice forced conversion. Only few silly people convert freely to islam.

    I hope islam wil die before taking europe, or we will be again at the starting point (islam shifting is still a bad thing). Plus I live in Europe, so…

    OT – I've know some iranian online these days. Some of them claim to be muslim, but even when they talk each other, they never say muslim keywords (like inshallah, coranic verses and never talk about the false prophet), instead they talk like if they're following the Zoroastrianism religion and don't lose occasion to express their love toward their country and Zoroastrianism related things and culture.
    And around the world when they talk about muslims criminal, rarely they come from Iran (Is easy to hear about persian people getting harassed by muslims). Instead they're often Pakistani, Egyptian, Moroccan, Turkish and Somali, or people converted to islam.

  78. Supriya says:

    You shared various points with me. I'll respond to you for the points you made after two days.
    But I'll explain my understanding of 'spirituality' in brief in last paragraph.

    // I experienced that compassion and love always profound the light inside you.//
    Thanks. I visit this website since 6 months but I don't know you thoroughly . I have gone through your blogs(freedombulwork) which you suggested me to read.Now I can say that you are compassionate and open minded.

    Hobbies play important role in our day-to-day life.It seems to me that you love to play Guitar. I am passionate for dance forms like Kaththak, Bharat natyam, Lavani(folk dance of Maharashtra). My Guru always encourages us to dance and sing. In my opinion,he is enlightened being.

    I do respect 24 Jain Tirthankars, Gautam Buddha,all Hindu sages,Devi, Devata Guru Nanak, Jesus but believe in Advaitavad of Adi Shankarachary.

    I am leading both materialistic and spiritual life successfully.My understanding of spirituality : One doesn't need to have a particular belief system/religion/faith to be spiritual.He simply has to have the spirit of enquiry and enthusiasm. If you are aware of the cosmic reality/the philosophy of enlightenment and you know that there is much more to be known and you know very little,then you are treading the right path of spirituality.If you are bubbling with enthusiasm and joy ,serving the people and sharing the joy, that is the part of spirituality.
    We are made up of both matter and consciousness/spirit.In the sense of matter,we are :Carbohydrates,Proteins,Minerals,Acids, Fats,Lipids etc. As a spirit we are : peace,love,joy,compassion,bliss,integrity,honesty,knowledge, etc. Anything which enhances these qualities of spirit can be defined as spirituality.Anything that uplifts the spirit and makes you feel that you are more than body(matter), you are connected to the whole world,that is spiritualiiy
    Scientist today say that the universe is one cosmic body(Advait). Experiencing the Advait personally is spirituality.Your love towards everyone remains same when you feel that there isn't another one, everyone is part of yourself.This realization is called as spirituality.
    It is possible to connect and realize the Truth in deep meditation.So meditation becomes a part of spirituality. In the same way service( Seva) is also a part of spirituality. I am active member of AOLF's campaign called 'Volunteer for Better India"and I have experienced the satisfaction obtained by serving the poor people.
    When you are with Truth,you are actually with God When you are in blissful state,you are within God( Yog/union of Atma with Paramatma).This is called as spirituality.

  79. Akshat says:

    I am not enlightened, even I have no idea if such thing exists, but I am seeing myself and everyone on a journey. I don’t know why and where this journey is taking all of us. But now I can see the glimpse of cause for this journey. This glimpse only has become the guiding light in my journey. I realized that our sense of imperfection driving force taking this journey forward.  
    We live in a world where everything changing every moment and all the changes are happening as per the laws of the universe.  We kept on seeing our body deteriorate every moment all the life, starting from Toy time to guitar time, to office bag time, to walking stick time to death bad time.  We see our most beloved one’s disappearing in something called death. 
    Every human is constantly struggling against laws of universe.  Every birth-life-death journey is an effort to surpass all the laws of universe.  Every living creature consciously or subconsciously making an effort to liberate from laws.  We all are driven by a Hope that one day we will reach a eternal changeless state. Even in the lowest moments of my life I felt a gleam inside giving solace to me that all the darkness is impermanent. One day all dark will disappear and only only its light will remain.
    I see same gleam profound or fade with certain actions. All morality lie in profounding that light inside us. Everything that makes that gleam profound is moral for me.  Our actions are not impacting that gleam but impacting only us. They enhance or reduce our ability to feel the light. This light can never be eradicated; even creatures like Muhammad had it in dormant state.
    I experienced that compassion and love always profound the light inside you. Love is the emotion that brings you in tune with existence. If seen from the specks of love World became a divine play. Birds, sea, hills, forest, culture, Civilizations all transform into an art of the highest artist.  At the same time pain also start increasing for others suffering, in form of compassion. If love expend arithmetically then compassion increases exponentially.  And I have no doubt that one day our love will surpass all barriers and let us free from all the laws. 
    Buddha, Jesus, Mahavir. There life is a example that, what happens when your love become infinite.  Path they all chose was same and it was none other but compassion. Unfortunately we kept on seeing their followers fighting each other with their respective books. All those who are fighting never gave a damn to the essence of their books. They mulled on language and words and never proceed further.  
    I realized that Not the Bookish knowledge or bombastic philosophies but Compassion is the only sign of spirituality. Even knowledge of philosophies based on compassion is not enough to be spiritual. Feel of compassion in a heart stands thousand times higher than knowledge of compassion in mind.  
    People remember in mind what Vivekananda has preached on Advait but they forgot to feel insights of his compassion in their heart. I read once that a truck driver died of thirst after he lost the path into desert and he never realized the goods he is carrying in truck were water bottle’s packed in cartoon. 

  80. robertosalgado2 says:

    Ali Sina, thank you for this very good article.<img src="; height="1" width="1" />

  81. Supriya says:

    slaveofprophet=Abdu Rasool( actually Arabian comedian Kapil Sharma)
    Stop dreaming. Wake up and see ,millions of muslims are getting enlightened by visiting anti-islamic sites and they are renouncing Islam.
    Let me tell you that my muslim friends encourage their parents and relatives to know the truth of Islam,they suggest them to visit this website.
    Abdu,it's time for you to awaken and enlighten other ignorant muslims.
    Good luck !
    Please keep entertaining us by your typical punchlines.

  82. slaveofprophet says:

    Haaaaaa coward Hindu. Let us all celebrate one more victory of Sunni'Muslims in Irak. America sponsored Irak army has surrendered before Sunni Jehadi Muslims. Now, very soon all world surrender before prophet's Army.

  83. Supriya says:

    slaveofprophet=Abdu Rasool( actually Arabian comedian Kapil Sharma)
    One more punch of comedy. Keep entertaining us.

  84. slaveofprophet says:

    Haa….haa…….haa I laugh at your innocent stupidity. If you like Ali Sina blog too much in which nothing is divine then what will be your condition when you read world most great book in which every-word full of divinity,  spirituality, wisdom & science. I assure you after reading Quran in full you will realize Ali Sina blog not even a drop of water in ocean before great Quran.

  85. Supriya says:

    I like this blog very much.Thank you.Atheists,materialists,communists,naxalists and maoists don't believe in spirituality and therefore they are not compassionate and happy.

  86. Supriya says:

    Jesus,you talked about Advaitavad of Hinduism(holographic universe& God is the only truth) and saying that Hinduism is dying. Don't you think that you have contradicting views ?

  87. Supriya says:

    //now tell me who gave u authority to judge jesus and buddha.//
    There is no need to give an authority to judge Jesus and Buddha.Don't you know that this is public forum ?Everyone can put his opinions here.Why are you annoyed if Dr. Sina has no problem ?
    I do listen to cchuckc and Dr. Sina and not you.

    //yes ..who said Brahma Satyam Jagat Mithyam was the one who experienced it and then only he said it and i bet he never fought weather jesus or buddha was right or wrong.//
    Adi Shankarachary said Brahm satyam jagat mithyam' means God is the only truth and the universe we see around is false and illusion. God is experiencing his limitless potential in the form of this universe. Human being is portion of God and therefore God is doing everything and human being is not doing anything.

    Adi Shankarachary proved Gautam Buddh and 24 JainTirthankars wrong. I believe in Advaitavad of Adi shankarachry. I will continue to speak about Buddha and Jesus(in spite of your suggestions).

    //such blames can be done by the one who dont knows and even not interested in knowing.//
    Does it mean that you know everything.Enlighten me by your experience of enlightenment.

    @Jesus(Indian protestant Christian) insulted Hinduism and Gods and Indian philosophies of spirituality and therefore I said Jesus was not enlightened ( he didnt know the rebirth principle and the concept of Maya/illusion.)

  88. Supriya says:

    Who do you think who are you to suggest me ?
    I have no interest in your suggestions.

  89. Akshat says:

    how bad u felt when i judge you.. now tell me who gave u authority to  judge jesus and buddha.. m nt interested in bookish discussion…. yes ..who said Brahma Satyam Jagat Mithyam  was the one who experienced it and then only he  said it and i bet he never fought weather jesus or buddha was right or wrong.. such blames can be done by the one who dont knows and even not interested in knowing.

    problem is created by people who prefer other's theory over self experience.. It does not matter how truthful is the theory told by sages, it is vain if not experienced by our self.  

  90. Supriya says:

    You are more fanatic than congress spokesperson Digvijay Singh( In my opinion he is the most fanatic Indian). You lectured me lot about Advaitavad and Non-Advaitavad but you didn't define these two philosophies. First, let me know your understanding of Advaitavad and non-Advaitavad.
    You said I am not kind and I am not curious to know other philosophies. Give me evidences.
    Akshat , tell me what do you mean by self realization?
    You suggested me to become Buddha. What do you mean by' becoming Buddha' ?
    In my opinion Hindu sages who said'Brahma Satyam Jagat Mithyam" are Enlightened. I don't consider Gautam Buddh and 24 Jain Tirthankars enlightened( though I am Jain).
    You have courage to lecture me using harsh words,now answer my questions.
    I am waiting for your reply.

  91. Akshat says:


    I don't see any difference between you and Taliban. They are violent fanatics you are intellectual fanatic. 

     Humanity was divided in two parts at the beginning of 19th century. First which consider light as a wave second which consider light as a particle. But finally none proved to be wrong. Truth can hold two opposites extremes together. 

     If we hold tightly one extreme, then we will never be able to grasp the truth as a whole, it will only make us judgmental with our extreme as a central criteria of judgment. With time we will start judging all philosophies all people based on our self made criteria. What Muslim's do? They judge… Allah judge Muslim's and Muslim’s judge everything else. They judge religions, countries and individual with same foolish criteria. They can love even a terrorist or a bankrupt Islamist nation.. They can also hate a peaceful non-Muslim country or a kind non-Muslim person applying same criteria. 

    You are far better than Muslim's, but in core you are doing same thing at finer level. They are fighting with weapons you are fighting with thoughts. You have created two poles Advaitvaadi's and Non advaitvaadi's. and you holding tightly one pole from advaitvaas' side. everything else at other side is simply rubbish for u. here I does not mean that  advaitvaad is not true.  I simply means  that Be kinder & curious for other side too. if one has courage to seek then definitely one day he/she will reach the point where both the sides are converging.
    Keeping privileges for our belongings and keeping hate for those who belongs to other side will only make longer our journey of self realization.

    Be a Buddha to know the Buddha. 

  92. shabeer says:


  93. shabeer says:


  94. Sakat says:

    I don't know whether to reply your post or not?. Any how i am replying .Initially i thought that you are an evolved soul………..!. The person who reached Enlightenment could not explain it ,because there is no substitute for enlightenment .We explain things because we are living in duality .However ,truth is one and cannot be compared .You said, you studied Hinduism .But i don't find an iota of knowledge ,you cherish about Hinduism. You want to bring the teachings of Jesus as according to your suiting's and so complain; others have not understood his teachings properly.You said that, you have attained,Enlightenment twice in your life ,but did not explained what that Enlightenment you went through.
    Truth remains uniform on all the circumstances and on all ages ,i don't know ,why a modern human need new cloth for truth.
    Lastly ,i feel you are obsessed with Jesus (i think so) and God ,your experiment is nothing but hallucination of your unconscious mind.The scriptures remind us about this all the time and always, and Buddha too give stress to this elements. He say's ,"you should guard yourself from these kinds of hallucinations" ,they intrude frequently in your meditation and emotional prayers.As preamble to Hinduism i suggest you to read a book which i always keep beneath my pillow (it is like bible and Geeta for me since last couple of years). "The living with the Himalayan masters",by swami Rama.I am going for a retreat from tomorrow on words ,upon returning ,if i feel ;i need to reply your valuable views on this post ,it would be my pleasure to do so .Till then bye.

  95. Supriya says:

    Dr. Sina
    These 3 Abrahamic religions ( Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) are dying with higher speed. Prophets of these religions didn't know the truth because they were born in Kali Yug ( Iron age) and therefore they said that non-believers will suffer in hell and believers will enjoy in heaven for eternal time . Pro-science westerners( Jesus worshipers) are interested in Indian philosophy of spirituality.

    Hinduism is the only religion which states " I am God". Jesus was not enlightened because he didn't know the universe which appears and the diversity we can see is an illusion. He didn't know the reason why people suffer in life. He said everyone is sinner and the one who believes him , can be cured by holy spirit( it means he said power is not within you and you should gain power from holy spirit)

    The four Mahakavyas express similar concepts about individual( Atma/soul)and Brahman( God) :
    1] Pragyan Brahma means Consciousness is Brahman(God) – Aitarey Upanishad 3.3 of Rig Ved
    2] Ayam Atma Brahma means The self (Atma) is Brahman(God) – Mandukya Upanishad 1.2of Atharv Ved
    3] Tat twam Asi means That Thou Art ( You are that) – Chandogya Upanishad 6.8.7 of Sam Ved
    4] Aham Brahmasmi means I am Brahman( God) – Brihad Aryanka Upanishad 1.4.10 of Yajur Ved.

    Dr. Sina, you are philosophically Hindu. Your many blogs reflect Advautavad ( Non-duality) philosophy of Hinduism.

  96. Jesus says:

    My sincerest apology if I insulted you. I am one to challenge people and their Minds and if that challenge to you was perceived by you as insulting, then please for give me. I say what I perceive, True or Not.

    I have been Enlightened twice in my life. God's whisperings come to us daily. It is up to us to hear it.

    I would like for you to read this and tell me what you think.:
    This is a Magnetic-Electric Universe. God is Light. God is Love. God's creating universe is founded on Love. It is creating with Light. The principle of love is desire to give. God gives love by extending His Light. God's love is a mirror of Light which reflects His giving of love by the regiving of love. The law of love is Rhythmic Balance Interchange between all givings and regivings. The symbol of love is the wave of dual light which gives and regives equally and rhythmically. This is a dual electric wave universe of interchanging light. God extends His love, His power and His knowing, radially, from zero points of omnipresent stillness to other zero points in the measure of His desire to give form to His imaginings. The intensity of desire extended from centering points of rest to extended points of rest determines the dimension of desire. All that we sense comes for God's Idea or Design.

    This is what Jesus said, described in scientific Enlightened terms. Close to the Veda, No? The problem is that the Veda is Truths dressed in ancient archaic clothes and has been and Modern Man needs new clothes for the Truths to sink in. That is why ALL archaic (you say Veda maybe 10,000 years old) descriptions of Truth are dying. The Greeks spoke of Truths but nobody today follows Greek Mythology today.

    You see modern man needs the combination of Science and Religion. A marriage based in simple words and concepts, if possible. You see Science deals with the world of Matter and Religion deals with the world of Spirit. This was Jesus' message. You can believe that or not. Jesus' messages are still not understood by modern man today because he has not understood Matter yet and what gives rise to matter. He is fooled by his sense. They create illusions for him. Jesus did and he was an icon or a model to be in order to grow in Truth. Your path is the old and dying. Not the Truths of your Study, but the encrustment that has killed it for the last 10,000 + years. Everything dies Sakat and Veda, Buddha, Hunduism, is on its death bed.

    You must follow your path and I hope you reach Buddhahood if that is your desire.

  97. Sakat says:

    /Enlightenment is NOT a recipe…That is the problem with modern Buddhism. It has tried to create steps to Enlightenment when in fact Enlightenment is NOT linear. It is cyclical. It is a cyclical voidance principal. Modern Buddhism HAS NOT adhered to Buddha at all. I know people who have become Enlightened by riding the subway, they were NOT in the lotus position under the Boddhi tree.

    I am not interested about other people and it is my request to you not to think about others ,because the other person is having his own heart beats and thinkable mind ,so just think about our own self.

    /I do have a sincere questions for you. What is your understanding of this statement you made? NOT the intellectual description of your understanding, but the REAL application of it. Or NOT a picture of food, but Real food? "Everything manifest from that stillness and after sometime merges again into stillness only to manifest again."/

    To understand these subtle TRUTH ,you must have certain attainment .Let us begin with science .Typically , we know that energy never dies ,the kinetic energy transforms into speed energy and speed energy into sound energy and sound energy may get a different shape ,so energy never dies this is certain.
    This Characteristic of all pervading energy was known to our ancestors. They wanted to tap this energy to their welfare and benefit .Perhaps you are unaware ,the Sanskrit language is a scientific language ,it was developed to tap the energy from the atmosphere .There are good hymn as well Bad one,if you use good hymn (designed specifically by our ancestor for this purpose)along with praying the presiding deity of that hymn; certainly it will help you acquire the desired wish. The same applies to bad one. This is purely based on science . The eastern philosophy says ,that human body consist of seven chakra's and they are the ladder to reach enlightenment (this is true ,the person who does meditation regularly come to know about the existence of these chakras) .There is a definite way to climb these Chakra's and to reach enlightenment ,the ultimate is said to be the union of Purusha (the dynamic energy ,which we form the part ) and the Prakrati (the Adi Shakti or original energy or static energy ) .The Rigveda the oldest amongst all the scripture in the possession of man, begin with a hymn_Om purnamad purnmidam purnath purna mudacchate ,Purnashya purna madaya purna meva means ,
    Om, That is Full, This also is Full, From Fullness comes that Fullness,
    Taking Fullness from Fullness, Fullness Indeed Remains.
    In other word ,it means ,there is one perfect existence we call it Adi Shakti or original energy or static energy ,and from this perfect an another perfect or full manifest ,it is called Purusha or dynamic energy .The former is static and the later one is having motion or movement or ‘Gati’ in Sanskrit.The dynamic energy (when energy cris -cross, mater comes into existence)will remain in existence for certain period and return back to the static existence ,however the static energy will remain forever.Jesus appeared on this earth approximately some 2000 years back ,but no one can say the age of Rigveda may be 10,000 years or so.
    Now let me clarify ,the above notion or say of Veda’s in clear term .The infinite is static and finite is dynamic .The infinite is the cause for the existence of finite .The finite can or will merges in infinite, but infinite cannot merge in the finite .The “0” or “shunya” in eastern philosophy refers to infinite ,whereas “1” or “Ekam” in eastern philosophy means finite .The finite start with 1 or -1 and extend to ‘n’ number of decimals ,but remain stands finite at the end . We always live in finite , I mean ,creating a definiteness of activities therefore we are materialist .But a yogi sit for hours in stillness or motionless only to represent infinite . Mater is finite ,because it has origin in infinite (static reality ).The Buddha begin the journey from finite to infinite from gross to subtle ,from subtle to subtlest and thus ultimately reached enlightenment or beginning less begin or state of Nirvana. From Gross body of say, 9 to 8 then to 7,6,5,4,3,2,1…………….ultimately to the final frontier of “0” .
    To dissolve his gross body it took him 7 years . I am not blind follower of Buddha either, I belong to a different school of spirituality it has nothing to do with Yoga . It is the Vedic culture, that the seeker should ask question instead of accepting any Vedic pronouncement before being accepting it .You said I don’t know about Jesus ,may be, but it is your duty to convince about Jesus instead of insulting the inquirer. Since I am living in this modern world , everything is accepted upon it is being practically proved. I don’t think I am enlightened one ,otherwise I would have chosen the path of moving away from the main traffic humanity (you wouldn’t have found me on this site exchanging views with you).Any how if there is any God ,I pray for his blessings for you .

  98. Jesus says:

    Are you the cheering section or do you have something to add? I would like to read what you think.

  99. Jesus says:

    Enlightenment is NOT a recipe…That is the problem with modern Buddhism. It has tried to create steps to Enlightenment when in fact Enlightenment is NOT linear. It is cyclical. It is a cyclical voidance principal. Modern Buddhism HAS NOT adhered to Buddha at all. I know people who have become Enlightened by riding the subway, they were NOT in the lotus position under the Boddhi tree.

    I understand your mental defensiveness based on questioning. A closed mind is easy to spot utilizing these rudimentary techniques. If possible, let's have a balanced and respectful conversation based on learning and not obfuscation. Is that reasonable? I believe that most of your understanding is based on false ideas about Jesus and your deep seated fear towards that because you are fearful, it may hurt your devotion to Buddhism and your desires for yourself. Is that accurate? To grow, you will need to address your feelings of superiority that Buddhism holds for you. If anything, Buddha was the anti-thesis of superiority.

    But as an exercise, I will address your questions. One, see my explanations of Enlightenment above. Two, to add to that, Enlightenment is NOT a destination but a multiple level roller coaster or spiral in and then spiral out.. Whereas Cosmic Consciousnesses is GOD, the voidance or cessation of cycles. The Fulcrum. Do you understand now? Do you have any honest questions that may help to clear up sincere confusion or would you like to continue on the fencing exercise you are engaging in now? Ether is good with me. You lead and I will follow what you give here.

    You said: "As per Buddha ,enlightenment is a thing,which take oneself from duality to absoluteness or stillness. Everything manifest from that stillness and after sometime merges again into stillness only to manifest again."…This is Jesus' message as well. But Jesus spoke in the real language of God and that is cyclical, NOT linearly. You see, you will never understand Buddha's message as long as you think Enlightenment is a recipe which is linear.

    Buddha, in his lifetime, never reached Cosmic Consciousness.

    I do have a sincere questions for you. What is your understanding of this statement you made? NOT the intellectual description of your understanding, but the REAL application of it. Or NOT a picture of food, but Real food? "Everything manifest from that stillness and after sometime merges again into stillness only to manifest again."

    I know people that have become Enlightened riding on the subway, not in the lotus position. Though one can attain it there too. You just must refuse your superiority and limitations to Enlightenment. It is NOT a recipe.

    Lastly, your words have shown that you have not yet attained a higher level of Enlightenment. People who have, do not make arguments as you have. They surely don't argue superiority. I sincerely wish you much success in your Enlightenment journey as you will see better once yor rise out of the ashes into cleaner air of Enlightenment.

  100. Sakat says:

    /Buddha most likely reached a level of Enlightenment, NOT the Cosmic level of Jesus as he has been the only One to do that./
    Before i begin further ,i want to know ,AS PER your understanding ,what is the meaning of 'Enlightenment' _and ' what is cosmic level of Jesus'
    The detailed account of Enlightenment attained by Buddha has been accounted in 'Tripitaka' ,minutely and as well step by step. Any person can reach Enlightenment ,by following the practical path shown by Buddha .It is not the monopoly or prerogative right of Buddha alone .As per Buddha ,enlightenment is a thing,which take oneself from duality to absoluteness or stillness. Everything manifest from that stillness and after sometime merges again into stillness only to manifest again. I don't think Jesus has shown any practical approach as to,how he attained Cosmic attainment .More over how Cosmic attainment is different from Enlightenment. Rest of my explanation is depend on your response.

  101. Jesus says:

    Sakat, I see that you are a Buddhist. I had originally thought you were a practicing Hindu. I would like to speak about Buddhism. Buddha most likely reached a level of Enlightenment, NOT the Cosmic level of Jesus as he has been the only One to do that. There are many many Truths that Buddha experienced and then described and spoke about. But, unfortunately today his message has been encrusted with too much selfishness. See most modern intellectual Buddhist practice out of selfishness and greed, Not for giving. They are trying to meditate to hear God's musings but for what reason. Most are wanting to receive something. They want to be richer or healthier or more powerful and influential. It is about personal ambition and the growth of personal power for selfish reasons. This is the anit-thesis of Jesus. You see Jesus GAVE his LIFE completely for ALL of us. His message is one of meditation to learn to GIVE thus meaning to LOVE. He is the only one to ever give this message to Man. Do you not see this. His message is unique from all prophets. I think you have never actually just read the teachings of Jesus and how he lived his life. It was a life of GIVING for givings sake NOT to give so that he may get something in return. You see Jesus' message is that we are to be Involved in Nature ant not isolated form it like Buddha. This is unique. Well it just so happens that that is exactly how Nature works and thus God works. It's all there for all to see that have eyes to see. But first, you must be willing to give up ALL your selfishness. That is what is meant by it is harder for a rich man to enter Heaven than it is for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle.

    Buddhism is very helpful in learning to meditate, but it just about ends there. It is wrapped around isolation and selfishness to be much more useful. God is Love and Love is ecstatic and unconditional Giving for Givings sake. Not meditating so that someone my enjoy intellectual musings and feel good philosophies for intellectual purposes. The Enlightenment experiences we have are to be able to Give More of ourselves NOT acquire and Take more. That is Jesus. He Gave to Teach Others that God is a God of Giving and Science has proven that is what Nature does. Jesus knew this.

  102. KLMNOP says:

    @ Sakat.
    Superb, loved that one.

  103. Sakat says:

    /It will be found in the combining of the Truths of Science, Nature and the Truths of Jesus./
    May be but ,it should first be proved ,mere belief or having blind faith is not enough .I followed Buddha ,and i found each of his word are based from the practical experiences he had encountered during the long journey towards enlightenment .Buddha said, i am not the only person to reach enlightenment .At this moment many people have reached enlightenment and many are nearing it _Many have reached in past and in future many will reach to enlightenment ,so unlike Jesus he never claimed that i am the only enlightened one or i am the son of God.
    Buddha had formulated a practical path to reach enlightenment ,viz, Eightfold path .He said ,before embarking on the journey for enlightenment one should follow certain discipline .He divided the whole process in three stages .The first is known as 'Sheel' ,that is not to speak false,follow non-violence,celibacy ,compassion ,love the animals ,nature etc. (These are the preachings of Jesus as well) .The second and most important is "Samadi" or meditation ,here Buddha brings us in direct contact with mind body relation and formation of mater (one can experience the manifestation and decaying of cells in countless number upon one's body) through the vipassana meditation .Here one should not react to a good or bad thoughts arising from the unconscious mind ,and also not to allow one's mind to react to a pleasant or unpleasant sensations.That is to maintain equanimity on all the circumstances. The last stage called "Pragyan",where the meditator share his wisdom with all the creature ,nature and whole universe through praying for their welfare and well being.Buddha was determined ,so he reached enlightenment and those who are determined to reach enlightenment can do so by following the path shown by Buddha.Of course love can bring peace and happiness,but there are people who want to bring an and to the chain of rebirth and death .So only Buddha's path can have solution and not Jesus.Therefore westerner's have understood to Buddha's preachings and practical approach , and are embracing it along with modernity. And those who want to become immortal are going after Sanatan Dharma (not strictly the practicing part of Hinduism) to gain mastery over the art of life and death ( the concept of 'Parakaya Pravesh' the art of entering another body,thus bye-passing of death ).

  104. Jesus says:

    Phoenix – No doubt there are many benefits form the Great Hinduism. But everything dies and Hinduism as a means for people to grow is dying. It has had a long life but its limits have been reached. When it codified the caste system, it sprouted the seeds of its eventual death. There is this disease in each man's mind and it infects his community and its religion and when it does it brings its death and that is the way of superiority in that one human is spiritually superior and others are inferior. It can not be further from the Truth. We are all equal spiritually. God Gives to every person Totally and Equally and we are All Equal in his View. But a system that see others as less than them is an indication of rot NOT growth. Hinduism is mired in this. It cannot be rectified because everything born has its seed of destruction born with it. Acceptance is the best path. The majority of People going to church, synagogues, temples, mosques, atheists, agnostics, wickens, satanists etc. are dissatisfied with their lives and are looking for the Truth. The Truth is very very Simple, but most religions are steeped in tremendous complication and tyranny.

    The New Awakening will come from the combining of the Truths of Matter found in Nature and Science and the Truths of the Equal and Unseen World of Spirit best Lighted by Jesus. A Marriage between Jesus' Truths and Science will bring forth the offspring for the future for Man to progress on this Earth.

  105. Jesus says:

    @Sakat. There is much benefit in the Enlightened Ones of Hinduism. Many timeless truths, but there are also many archaic stories and remedies that are Only descriptions of the Truth. These Truths and Principles are wrapped in archaic robes of deities and the modern man does not need these. What is dying is not the Truths but the clothes on those Truths (Hinduism, etc.) The Greek and Egyptian Mythologies ALL highlighted these Truths as Hinduism but wrapped in different clothes. The Truths are timeless, but the clothes change. That is what is happening to Hinduism. People are living a more modern life. This requires taking all the superstition and bogey man out of the message. The principles needed to advance to the cosmic level needs better stories to allow modern man to grow in his Cosmic Consciousness.

    It's the New Times with New Messages, best espoused by Jesus. Not necessarily the business of Christianity but the Message of Jesus. Jesus was and Is a consummate Scientist. He Knew how the world of Matter comes to be and how its cycle commences.

    Hinduism is bogged down and mired in physicality. That is ONLY one half of the cycle. It is why Hinduism is dying out. Only a message or ideology that encompasses the Complete Cycle of Man or Matter will be valuable for the modern man. It will be found in the combining of the Truths of Science, Nature and the Truths of Jesus.

    I'm sorry Sakat, But everything is born and thrives and ages and dies and then is re-born. Hinduism has had a long life, But She is dying. Her time to help people grow has come to an end. It is best to move on if growth and Truth are your desires in this life time. Yours is the agony of waiting. All must die so the new may be born. That is the Way of matter.

  106. Demsci says:

    Nah, Muslims do NOT RULE any more. that is why your tactic is reduced  from violence and intimidation to only laughter. it is all you can do. But we laugh right back at you; you worship a prophet who married a 6 year old very childish girl.

  107. Demsci says:

    //"The only reason we wont start a world war is because we are &nbsp;weak and we lack the technology that the infidels have and this is the main reason why we tolerate &nbsp;them!."//

    YES! And that is why predominantly Christian nations fought the major wars after 1683 or so. Because Muslims were weak in comparison to some of those countries. And you yourself show that the reason that the Muslims did not fight after 1683 was NOT BECAUSE they were somehow better, more peaceful than the Europeans.

    it was because of failure of Islamic nations, notably the Ottoman and Mughal empires, the most powerful Islamic nations, that made Muslims back down, not morals. So don't judge Kuffars on account of warfare and the use of power. Before 1683 the Muslims, when THEY were powerful, did their part of violence and more.

    The West had Christianity and Enlightenment and surged ahead to the most powerful and prosperous position on Earth and Islam clearly failed to compete and was beaten with economics and technology and prosperity, science, education.

    But you, you still cling to the outperformed and beaten Islam?

    You think the west exploited africa, but this is what the powerful always do with the weak. This is what Muslims would do, and did too, with the Westerners if the situation would be or was reversed.

    So you Muslims should ask yourselves; why did the Westerners become so powerful and we so weak? Has it anything to do with the difference between THEIR religions and mindset and OURS???

  108. Demsci says:

    //" You keep bashing only our religion while you praise others especially christianity and you expect muslims to leave islam i have a better advice for you,if you want to get more apostates it would only be fair if you attacked other religions and more muslims will leave as they will see you as a neutral person like a referee but if you keep on choosing one side very few will believe your personal crusade against islam you will only hardened them!(you dont have to thank me for giving you this hint) "//

    Abeid Salim, I like to put this into perspective. And to liken Ali Sina's role to that of prosecutor of Islam and Mohammed. As a prosecutor he cannot be neutral, he poses the accusations against Islam. You and other Islam-apologists, and there are millions of those, act as defenders of Islam. And it is up to judge and jury, the readers, to come to a judgement.

    You think Ali Sina operates in a vacuum? In the West there are also millions of kindhearted, naive, ignorant Westerners, like Barack Obama, who defend Islam against it's critics. Do you want our most fierce prosecutor of Islam now also turn into a political-correct, always modifying, making relative, his criticisms?

    Noooooo, Muslims who harden their heart because of Ali Sina's hard line against Islam, are just not thinking and comparing and judging enough,

    and using yet another excuse for this, while they probably don't want to, or are too scared

    to think through about what he says and what defenders and other jurymembers say.
    But that is THEIR fault, not Ali Sina's, who plays his role very well.

  109. Demsci says:

     //"By 2030, Muslims will make up more than a quarter of the global population.[3] "//

    Impressive statistics, Shabeer, about birthrate of Muslims and conversion into Islam. Suppose it is true, (and it does sound plausible).

    Then still …. BOKO HARAM is counted in that and all sort of radical Muslims, while you yourself wrote that 99 % of Muslims do not consider Boko Haram as fellow-Muslims. Any more than Christians consider Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin fellow-Christians.

    You keep saying that Quran and Sunnah are the authority in Islam. And when terrorists who are also Muslims, who justify their terroristic acts with verses from Quran and Sunnah, commit horrible acts

    and thereby corroborate Ali Sina's accusations against Islam,

    Islam-apologists like you keep saying that those "terrorists" are NOT REALLY MUSLIMS.

    So, can you give us an approximate discount; how many of the current approx. 1,5 billion Muslims you would discount (not count) as Muslims? Due to their different interpretation and practice of Sunnah?

  110. ExMuslim-AntiIslam says:

    Ali Sina has spoken the truth.

    It is very hard to have good Islam because it is diabolical teachings and full of contradictions. It's better to leave Humanity control our moral.

  111. Indian1st says:

    Its changing in India… slowly yes but it is changing. Just wait for another 10 years.

  112. Indian1st says:

    Only between the legs of a woman.

  113. muslimmanrocks says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA……………….ali sina posted a kid's question because his mentality is childish like that kid too. LOL(can't stop laughing) ALLAHOOOOO AKBAR! Muslims rule!

  114. slaveofprophet says:

    @Ali Sina
    You claim people do not leave Islam  because of death fear but in the country like India, USA, UK everyone is allowed to follow and convert his/her religion. Why has population of Muslims  got double in last 20 years in these secular countries?

  115. anonymus says:

    I believe the one who posted this question to ali sina is lying about his age. you can see it from the way he wrote-"i am afraid these muslims might even start world war 3". Seriously? I don't think an 18yrs old would be childish enough to write like that. He may be just a 9 year old trying to get some attention on the internet. And I have a question for respected sir Ali- why did you answer such a kid's question?

  116. knowTheEnemy says:


    You have posted a lengthy post and I was going to reply to all the points that you made but then I realized your comment is directed at Ali Sina, so it would be best if he responds if he so chooses. All that I am going to do is post a response to these claims of yours-

    ["… for every apostate article you post 100 muslims are made stronger including me!!!"
    "….but if you keep on choosing one side very few will believe your personal crusade against islam you will only hardened them!(you dont have to thank me for giving you this hint) "]

    Well, you have been visiting this site for only 3 months. I have been visiting Ali's sites for 10 years and every other Muslim who visits this site not only gives us that same hint but also tells us that his own faith in his deen has hardened like never before, after reading Ali's articles! …. And every time we advise these Muslims to go tell other Muslims about this site, so that those other Muslims too can become stronger in their faith in Islam and Muhammad! Sounds reasonable… doesn't it?

    Despite this, they do not tell anyone about Ali Sina. It is as if they fear that Allah might have limited number of rooms in Jannat, and they fear that if other Muslims' faith becomes as strong as their own, they (other Muslims) will stampede to get in and leave them only with 'No Vacancy' signs!

    But this is clearly selfishness, and Muhammad's Allah will never accept it. Muslims are supposed to be aware that in Islam, the most important of anything is ISLAM, and they MUST do anything and everything to make it stronger, including telling others about Ali Sina's site.

    ["That is why am here commenting as its my duty to defend my religion."
    "You say salvation in islam is a business transaction i agree with that …."]

    You are not doing your duty well enough! Now that you know, through personal experience, that reading Ali's articles makes Muslims' faith stronger, you MUST tell others about this site. And since you agree that things in Islam are mostly a business transaction, just think of all the sawab points that you will be getting from Muhammad… err… Allah for helping other Muslims strengthen their faith! The sawab points that you will be getting are for fact more than the points that you get when you do hajj or feed some poor man! You know why? Because the poor bloke may not be religious at all and just pretending to be Muslim for food! It is not like if you tell him "I will give you food and in return you must strengthen your deen"… and the guy says "Yeah sure!"….. that he is actually going to do it! You don't know if he really meant it or he just lied for food!

    But when you Abeid, hear about Muslims who got their faith strengthened from reading Ali's articles, you know for sure that they are not lying! You know this because you have personal experience….&nbsp;

    …. And Allah now too knows that you are aware of a proven method of strengthening Muslims' deen!

    If despite knowing all this, you refuse to tell others about this deen-strengthening method, or show clumsiness, then be aware that not only are you NOT going to get any plus sawab points, but your sawab will be doubly reduced – 1) for being selfish, and 2) for not helping to strengthen Muslims' deen despite knowing how!

    What will you say to Allah when you will be face to face with him? What excuse of yours do you think will Allah will accept? ….You will end up in eternal Jahannam, Abeid… despite your doing everything else to be a good servant of Mo's Allah!

    You will be one big loser!!

    So wisen up…. don't be selfish…. don't be clumsy….. and start telling everyone about Ali Sina's website…. This cannot get any simpler than that 🙂

  117. Sakat says:

    Some thing more is involved in Hinduism,it is like ocean, you cannot fix its boundaries .Some few day's back an Afghan Muslim asked a very good question ,here on this site.Instead of Christianity had the western world embraced Buddhism, what would have been the phase of this world(human progress )at this moment .In my opinion ,at this moment we would have domiciled in a different planet of a different Galaxy.
    Briefly here i put some highly evolved thoughts from the wisdom of Hinduism (Sanatan Dharma) ,exist since last many thousands of years for pondering ( not thrust upon people like Bible or Quran to believe) further,for spiritual seekers.
    "There are two ways available for every person in this world – the way of the good and the way of the pleasant. The good is called Sreyas, the pleasant is called Preyas. There are two roads along which we can tread. We can choose what is good, or we can choose what is pleasant. It is proper for a person to choose the good. It is improper for any person to choose the pleasant, because the good does not always look pleasant, and the pleasant is certainly not always good. That which is pleasant is nothing but the reaction of the sense organs in respect of objects outside. The pleasantness is only in the sensations. If we scratch our body there is a little sensation of pleasure, but itching is necessary in order that the scratching sensation may be pleasant. Unless there is itching, there will be no sensation of pleasure when scratching. If we are not hungry, no lunch can be delicious. If we are not healthy, the world looks stupid and meaningless. If the senses are not vigorous, nothing looks beautiful – everything is ugly and black".
    This is the wisdom of Kathopnishad ,exist since last ten thousand years or so without any amendments or dilutions .And i assure the people at large (rem),this will prevail/exist even to next one million year or so without any amendments/disturbance .Really now the western world is waking to this Sanatanic truth and it is indeed a good sign for whole of humanity for our future progress .

  118. Phoenix says:


    You said:I read Hinduism and its no different than the God's of Greek Mythology//

    I disagree with that statement,even though I come from a catholic and protestant background (albiet only culturally).Hinduism may contain many myhtological aspects but it is a very progressive belief sysytem.Many of its traditions have been incorporated into western society because of its benefits,such as yoga,meditation,ayurveda (homeopathic remedies) and its arts.None of these things contradict a democratic way of life.We can't say the same thing about Islam,can we?How do you incorporate teachings of the quran and hadith into our societies without destroying democracy?

  119. ABEID SALIM says:

    SINA!THE KEYBOARD WARRIOR!!!Dont you ever get tired of posting apostate articles? I have been reading your articles for about 3 months and believe me when i say this,for every apostate article you post 100 muslims are made stronger including me!!!That is why am here commenting as its my duty to defend my religion.Its a good thing your new site has a comment section unlike your old one.
     You keep bashing only our religion while you praise others especially christianity and you expect muslims to leave islam i have a better advice for you,if you want to get more apostates it would only be fair if you attacked other religions and more muslims will leave as they will see you as a neutral person like a referee but if you keep on choosing one side very few will believe your personal crusade against islam you will only hardened them!(you dont have to thank me for giving you this hint)
     You say salvation in islam is a business transaction i agree with that as we dont believe that humans  are born in sin or that we are fated to sin.Just the opposite.We have the ability to choose. Which  means that we can be good,or we can be evil.Its up to us.Did you check on judaism to see that they  also dont believe in salvation or maybe you forgot? Its okay you are human we all make mistakes you  can now rectify your article.
    //Muhammad said that he is not sure whether he will enter paradise//
    At least our prophet was honest when he said he was not sure whether he will enter paradise unlike  jesus who said no one goes through the father except through him (arrogant)In islam we believe there  are so many ways of reaching paradise i.e other religions can take you to paradise but according to  christianity, jesus is the only way in that case i believe Gandhi is going to hell while Hitler will be in heaven!
    //Muslims will not and cannot start world war III. This Islamic craze will die out. It is a fad.//
    I agree with you on the former and dont forget it was christians countries who were fighting in both  world wars(followers of the pacifist jesus) not muslims but you dont like saying that because you  believe there are ever peaceful and loving.The only reason we wont start a world war is because we are  weak and we lack the technology that the infidels have and this is the main reason why we tolerate  them!.The islamic craze will not die out as long as America and other satans keep messing with us and  kill our people and tell us what to do,we will never accept that!!!They force democracy on us and we  will force sharia on them.
     //Islam is not the fastest growing religion as Muslim propagandists claim and beat their chest. It is  the fastest dying religion//
    I dont know where you get your facts but you are well known for saying stupid things it has been predicted by the year 2020 we will be the biggest religion and this is coming from christian sources.Do you know that christianity is dying in europe,half of britain have left it and they are now atheist,agnostics and some have converted to islam and dont even bother with the middle east us christians are getting extinct or are you blind that you cant see that.
    //Give muslims a little bit of freedom and you'll see how fast islam dies//
     Where i live we have freedom in our country and believe me islam is growing so i dont know what you  are talking about,or maybe you meant unlimited freedom were you can be gay,lesbian or worse a pornstar and you call that liberating!Everything in this world must have a limit or too much of something will lead to abuse.That is why we limit freedom or people will be lost and their faith will be weakened and that is what you want to see immorality in muslim countries just like the infidels countries,well  unlike them our religion always comes first as without religion you are vulnerable to commit evil deeds. 
    //In my estimation, in the next twenty years Islam will collapse//
    I cant stop laughing at this statement.Sina you should be a comedian doing stand-up comedy since you  are very good at cracking jokes,i believe i have answered this question on the sixth paragraph am  tired of repeating myself.
    //There is a new spiritual awakening in all mankind and Islam will not be able to survive this change.//
     I dont know whether you are a prophet but am getting tired with your silly predictions which are just  illogical.Of all the religions only islam has the most devoted and religious people than any other  religion which means it will be the last religion that people ever leave and dont forget that islam is  the only religion with boundaries which put people on their toes on what is right or wrong i.e halal  and haram unlike other religions which have no boundaries and they can sin as much as they want.

  120. James-S says:

    Amazing article, very inspiring!!! Thank you Mr Sina. I took most from your article the dangers of self depreciation thought, I have myself have at times been guilty of this negative and unproductive thinking.
    Your 'grass roots' description on the demise of Islam was very interesting in that only one Muslim apostate need to help another Muslim held in ignorance by Islamic fear and control, for Islam to one day peacefully vanish. 
    My hats off to all Muslim apostates out there, through your bravery you all know the price, value and importance of freedom of thought and expression.

  121. Ali Sina says:


    Did you read my article Why I Believe in God and Afterlife Now? I answered your question there.

  122. anonymus says:

    Dr. ali, are you a christian now? In this article you spoke about god and jesus just like a christian. Are you hiding something, mr. Ali? Something smells very fishy. Or was the real ali sina killed and someone else is posting using his account?

  123. Jesus says:

    Nice Article Mr. Sina. You are so right about Islam, it is in its dying throes as well as all the old archaic religions are today. Modern Man needs something far superior to guide Him on his journey. I read Hinduism and its no different than the God's of Greek Mythology. Principal-ed Truths but as a way to organize a tribe, a dead religion or blueprint. Meditation is essential in listening and remembering the messages of God that come to us daily. Mostly, at the wee time of morning after the night has finished and the new day cycle begins. The birth of a new day is rich with God's messages like the birth of anything is. One must want to KNOW the Truth before he may receive it.

    If I may be so bold, I would like to humbly explain a few misconception of God and Reality as it might be described. You see much of the confusion comes for Man's senses. He can only operate by feeling the motion that is matter if it doesn't move, Man does not know it exists. Well this is a 2 way universe. Like breathing in and breathing out, Expansion and Contraction. This cycle is full of illusions to Man's senses. We think the world works lineally, but it does not. Science has found that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. What does that mean? It means that nothing really changes it's just the time-frame of the cycle of expansion to its completion and then the equal contraction and when that is done, it begins again. Never ending pendulum. That is why many wise Enlightened people throughout time have described this world as an illusion. It's like a hologram. Well one must ask, if that is true, then what is Real??

    I would like speak to that now. What is True is God. What is God? God is the omnipotent, omniscience of the Universe the Still point. Zero movement Complete balance of ALL opposites. The only reason we see the world of matter is because God has dreamed it or willed it or has an Idea of it. Like a seesaw. The too ends only move if there are equal weights on each side AND a still immovable Fulcrum. Without the Fulcrum, there is no movement and no movement means that there is no Earth. You see science has been fooled by their senses and NOT seeing Nature for what it does and that has caused much of the confusion. Nature is a Rhythmic Balanced Interchange between opposites. For example contraction and expansion are not separate things. Contraction births and is transformed completely into expansion and expansion births and is transformed completely into contraction in a never ending cycle. What we sense are the effects of these cycles NOT the Cause. The Cause can only be know by knowledge, it cannot be measured or sensed. Therefore, What is TRUE is everything that cannot be sensed and is the Cause of all things that are NOT true than can be sensed. BUT, the TRUTH can be known only. That is true knowledge.

    Now, what do I see as the future Man needing for his cosmic awakening in the very near future? I see a combining of Science and Religion. Mainly the Message of Jesus with Science. I see Jesus as he really was and that is the consummate scientist who KNEW exactly how this world is put together. You see Nature gives us all the answers to this world. We simply need to understand the Cause of all this world. That is the God. We are ALL a portions of God. We are not our bodies.

    It is my hope that people lost in the dogma of their religion can find some personal truth to these words that may or may not be clear.

    One final note about God. What is God? God is Love, but what is Love? Love in the Real sense is GIVING. You see God's lesson is that ALL GOD does is Give. Jesus told us to be like him and like God and to be like God and to be like Jesus we must GIVE. That is what is mean't as Jesus was like God becasue all he did was Give. That is what the new world will understand and needs to Know. Jesus Gave his life for All. He could have been Muhammad and Took from All. But he was a God man and it dictates that God man ONLY Give. That's it, you want to be Happy then Give your self daily completely everything you have. Then God can Re-give to you everyday for another Day of Giving. No one can be Re-given too that has not given. You Happiness is proportionally dictated by your amount of giving.

    That's it for now . Thanks You.

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