If you wish to request an interview please write INTERVIEW in the subject of your email


If you are a Muslim and want to debate, the following are the conditions:

You are either a scholar with a recognizable name and some publications or you should read my book, Understanding Muhammad first so we don’t get into repetitions.

It is not possible for me to debate with every Muslim. Strong faith is not a substitute for erudition.  Muslims with strong faith and deficient knowledge (i.e. 99.9% of them) often end up insulting me. I have no interest wasting my time with obnoxious people and will hit delete as soon as I see an insult in your email.

If you want to debate, you should read my book first and pass a quiz to prove you have read it.  It sounds silly but Muslims have lied to me saying they have read the book when they did not.  The truth is that anyone who has read my book has left Islam.  They either write to thank me for opening their eyes or I never hear from them.  Which means they have stopped reading when they realized it may lead to their awakening and apostasy.   Most people prefer to remain in the womb of ignorance than coming out of it. Shattering of lies can be painful.

I am really interested to hear from someone who has read my book and still wants to defend Islam.  I offer $50,000 reward to anyone who can prove me wrong.  With truth Islam will be demolished and my book does it irrefutably.

I know a Muslim will rather eat dirt than buy a book written against his faith. To them I offer the previous edition in PDF (e-book) for free.  It is not as complete as the fifth edition, but it’s enough to make the point.


I have added a Q&A section in this site. I will answer any Islam related questions when time allows.


If you want to comment or have a suggestion, please be brief.


The most welcomed emails are from those who offer to translate my articles into other languages.  I’d like to make this site multilingual. Please write “VOLUNTEER” in the subject of your email. I don’t want to miss your email.


Ali Sina

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