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A Letter from a Muslim

Dear Ali Sina, I have first encountered your blog in 2008 i suppose and i was pursuing my bachelors at that time. As a muslim i was naive to the obligations, practices and requirements...


What is truth

Mr Ali Sina, Thank You This is the word in my mind since last 3 months. I should have said it before but never gathered courage to say it. All I can give you...


I am lost, please help

I am from Indian subcontinent, and i was a moderate non practicing Muslim till i encountered your website, and reading some of your articles i have disheartened from Islam, and started to read...


Will Money Bring Happiness?

I’m sorry to bother you again. Seems like every time I need an advice, I am thinking of getting some from you. As you know, in my previous email, I have told you that...


Is Muhammad Prophesized in the Bible?

The claim that Muhammad is prophesied in the Bible is perhaps the most patent Islamic lie. However, Muslims have no choice. They have to believe in this lie because Muhammad claimed he is prophesied...


Plunder: The Source of Islamic Economy

Dear Mr. Sina, One of my friends whom I know from a Polish discussion board (he’s a Roman Catholic) claims that Islam has absolutely no respect of work and prefers plunder as a source...


Love Yourself

  Dear Ali Sina, Thanks to you and your extremely informative and logical articles, I am finally convinced that Islam is a fake religion that MuhamMAD made up to gain power, women and wealth....


Does Black Magic Work?

Resp. Ali Sina, Please explain the  reality of magic/black magic.  It cant be termed as only a delusion of eyes or tricks. I have seen magicians converting a boy into snake, bringing things from...


Islam is the Emperor’s New Clothe

Dear Sir I agree with you about the Qu’ran and the Hadith. Muhammed was an evil pervert, (if he existed). Is the main reason muslims stick with this evil because of the punishment for...


Muslim Scholar Leaves Islam

  Respected Sir, This is ….  from ….. I was searching for a good Ex Muslims platform on Internet. I found your both websites Fantastic. Sir you are doing a very good work. There...


The Deception of Islamic Tolerance

Hi Ali There have been riots between Hindus and Muslims in Kashmir last week. This news item says that a group of Muslims escorted a Hindu marriage procession to protect them from rioting Muslims...


Are Dreams Messages from God?

Hello Ali, how are you? I am a 16 year old agnostic who is very confused. I see all these “miracles” about Islam such as the number 19, scientific descriptions in the Qur’an, and...


Beat Low Self-Esteem

  Dear Sir, I am 46 years old. My mail is not about Islam. It is about me. I have been mired in low self-esteem for the last 24 years, and my life is...


Ask Not what Others Can Do for You

Everyone knows Pamela Geller. She is that great soul who has helps those youths, who fear their Muslim families may want to harm them. A more known of her works is the case of...


Should India Give up Khashmir?

SIR, What are your views on the Kashmir issue? We have had numerous wars, spent extremely valuable resources, and we’ve got nothing in return. Because of it being Muslim-majority state, there is so much of...


Basis of Morality

Respected Ali Sina! Sir, as you yourself admit, humans sometimes commit such horrible crimes which are unbelievable. Recently the gang rape of a girl in Delhi who later died is one such example. It...


I Want to Leave Islam

Pamela Geller is a brave woman at the forefront of our fight against the encroachment of Islam on western civilization. She is the person who raised the attention of the Americans about the Islamic...


A Mote in Your Eye

Sina, There is no fun in Masturbating with one’s own brain I acknowledge that terminal diseases are plaguing a portion of Muslim minds, societies & countries, particularly the mindless killings and exploitation of women....


Imam Hussein’s Martyrdom. Who to Blame?

Hi Mr Sina, I haven’t seen anything on your site about Imam Hussain and his war against Yazid fought at Karbala. Did Imam Hussain sacrifice himself and his clan in vain or was he really...


Miscellaneous Questions

Dear Ali Sina, I have created havoc in my area against Islam, and disturbed their mind a lot. But I don’t have the answers for few of the questions Muslims raise. I would be...


Ideas for a New Book

Dear Friends, A friend from Indonesia requested that I write a book answering in simple terms the most common myths about Islam. He came up with a few myths and I have thought of...


Going From Bad to Worse

Dear Ali Sina I am from the Maldives, a tiny country sitting in the indian ocean. we were Buddhists earlier, but seems and Arab merchant by the name Abul Barakaathul Barbary defeated a sea demon (which came for...


I Am Depressed

To Ali Sina, My story may appear to be the regular teenage drama at first glance. But if you delve deeper, you’ll find that I’m dealing with this big problem: a crush on this...


How can Muhammad be a Narcissist When…?

 Dear Mr. Sina, let’s keep this simple because rhetoric often betrays a man’s intentions. Let’s suppose that Muhammad indeed felt it was justified to give the orders to kill people to achieve his objectives...


I Am Gay, Please Help!

I am a 22 year old man, Muslim from Nigeria. I am very devoted to my religion and my parents. But my faith is making my life miserable, because of my sexual orientation, i am...


What is Beauty?

Dear Ali Sina it is an honour. Forgive me but that is how I feel receiving a response from you. I just got a hold of your book “Understanding Muhammad.” It is very captivating,...


Setting Muslims Free

Ali Sina would you exactly tell me something about yourself on how you actually acquired all the stuff you have on your site? Who are you and what do you do and aim for? What is...


Trapped in Islam

The following email was sent to Pamela Geller who forwarded it to me. Hi Pamela I’m Halima from Sri Lanka. I’m 14 and I don’t want to live with my family. Please help me, Every time I go...


Cult Rehabilitation

Dear Ali, I know you must be tired of me by now but what can I do, you are probably the only person I can speak my heart out to. I feel so lonely...


The Infalibility of the Quran

Sir, The entire Islamic world believes that the Quran is infallible. This belief is so rooted in their psyche that when a Muslim friend of mine introduced me to Islam, he presented this as...


Why Are You Spreading Hatred Part 2

Dear Ali, Some days before, I had send you a requesting mail to stop using insulting titles to address our beloved Prophet, but you ruled it out, it’s OK. In my response to your first...


Why Are You Spreading Hatred?

Dear Ali Sina, Accidentally I got into your site & I was shocked reading your articles. How much hatred you have got for us. At least, as a fellow human being you should not...



Dear Ali Sina I need your advice on a very important matter. I have read your articles and have found them very convincing. I was born and raised in a conservative religious family in...

Where Should I Head To?

Yes there are countless good Muslims. But the goodness of Muslims has nothing to do with Islam. People do good things because they are naturally good. If they belong to a certain religion and are zealot about it they often credit that religion for their goodness.


Nowhere to Turn to

  This letter was sent to my friend Pamela Geller of   Dear Pamela, My name is Phoenix, a 32 yr old from Malaysia. I got your email from the Refuge from Islam...


Sharia Banking and other Questions

Hi Ali Sina, What are your views about Zakat? Why did Muhammad introduce Zakat in his religion? Zakat allowed Muhammad to collect money from his followers. Islamists claim that Sharia banking is the best...


The Narcissist’s Double Standard

Narcissists are full of good advices for others. However, what they preach is not what they practice. For example, Muhammad prohibited steeling and ordered the hand of the thief to be chopped, yet he raided and looted entire populations. He told his early followers that they should not be slaves to their masters, but obey only God. He reduced tens of thousands of people into slavery. He said women should guard their chastity. He raped women captured in wars even though they were married and their husband was still alive.


Jinn, Satan and Muhammad

I use the term God, generally as the principle underlying the creation. So when I say God bless you or I pray for you what I mean is I hope that the forces of the universe be with you and become happy, prosperous and may all your camels give birth to she camels and all your eggs hatch as hen. When I talk about Satan I also speak figuratively. It expresses the idea perfectly. Satan does not exist as an entity, but human wickedness does. Satan symbolizes this wickedness. In psychology


Science in the Quran

Dear Ali Sina, Your book, articles and debates that I follow in your site have forced me to be reluctant to observe Islamic rituals anymore. I suppose, there must be something wrong with this...


Martyrdom in Islam

To understand the concept of martyrdom in Islam we have to understand Muslims’ mindset. Muslims are taught that this life is worthless. It is only a testing ground. The real life is the one that follows in the afterlife – in the paradise.


Dealing with Rejection

How to deal with rejection? If you chase a woman who rejects you, you only make her despise you. Never try to win a woman’s heart by acting weak and desperate. Women interpret niceness as weakness and that is not a quality they look in their mate.


Was Muhammad Created Before Adam?

Muhammad said he did not know he was a prophet until Gabriel kicked him on the side, squeezed him and he fell to the ground. Then he was told to read in the name of his god. Even then he thought he had become demon possessed. It was his wife who convinced him that he had seen an angel and had become a prophet. Despite that when the hallucination did not repeat itself, on several occasions he attempted to commit suicide. He thought Allah had abandoned him.


Understanding the Quran

Hi  Mr Ali would you give me your suggestion about the following four verses please? 1. Sura 2:263 2.Sura 4:133-135 3.Sura 5:2 4.Sura 2:190 Helen   Taking a verse in isolation can be misleading....


Muhammad and Other Prophets

Attn Ali Sina, Just read your views on your website and want to ask you the following questions hope you like them. 1. If you don’t believe in Muhammad’s mission then tell me who...


Who Appointed Ali Sina?

Ali Sina of FFI is either a born non-Muslim or from Shia/Ahmedi background who has probably converted to pro-Zionist Christianity. He is a liar and a self-deceiver. He is being tormented inside because of...


Does Islam Elevate Women?

Hello Mr. Sina, Could you give me your opinion about the following three accounts please? It is a clear fact in many hadith records and quranic verses that women are degraded naturally and intellectually, but...