Should India Give up Khashmir?


What are your views on the Kashmir issue? We have had numerous wars, spent extremely valuable resources, and we’ve got nothing in return. Because of it being Muslim-majority state, there is so much of extremism and insanity. We lose soldiers every day. Just yesterday 5 CRPF Jawans were killed. Its citizens are also not loyal to the country. When a Pakistani militant beheaded a Jawan from the Indian Army (his head is still missing) they were no protests from Kashmiris. Pakistan also has a part of Kashmir. But when a terrorist named Afzal guru (who attacked the Indian Parliament) was hanged, these people took to the streets and attacked the police and threw stones at them. Kashmir is also provided with some special privileges that no other state enjoys. In a poor country as ours, how practical is it to be spend so much for some citizens whose minds are so corrupted and distorted that freedom and liberty are an alien concept to them? Kashmiri youth engage in jihad against the country actively.

I understand if India gives away Kashmir, the other states with high concentration of Muslims will also make similar demands. But why on earth should we do anything for a people who want separation and are disloyal to the nation?  What can be done of these people? How long should our soldiers keep dying for these bastards who don’t recognize freedom that we have given them? Shouldn’t we just hand them over to the Taliban and let them live the Islamic life that they so covert to live?

How can we counter this issue? The Jawans who die are usually the sole-earning members of their families who live in extremely pathetic conditions in rural India. When these youths are killed their family is destroyed.  Besides, India has too many poors.  We have a whopping 68% of our people living below 2 US $ a day. How does it make sense to spend so much on these people who do not identify themselves as Indians but rather as our enemies? Besides, they commit atrocities on Hindus in the Valley. About 400 Pandits were murdered and 400,000 forced to leave. Why should we be sustaining all this bullshit?

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Dear Krish,

This is not an easy question to answer. So please bear with me as I am going to use an analogy in the hope to make myself clear.

If you have a headache, sometimes all you need is an aspirin pill and you’ll feel fine again. But if you have a major health problem such as cancer, a pill will not do the trick. The cure is neither cheap nor guaranteed. Cancer changes the the cells is a way that they turn against the body. Good healthy cells, once become cancerous, start working against the body.  They infect other cells and grow until the individual can no longer live.

Think of Islam as a cancer in the body of humanity and of every Muslim as a cancerous cell. Muslims cannot be loyal to any country that does not practice the Sharia law or they would be going against their own faith. Like cancerous cells they work against their country. And like the cancerous cells that spread by infecting the neighboring cells, every Muslim proselytizes and tries to convert others.

The countries of the world suffer in direct proportion to the percentage of Muslims in their population. Where Muslims are more there are more problems. Where they are the majority, life is hell, for everyone,  including for Muslims themselves.  Look at Islamic countries. You can’t say they are healthy. All of them suffer from all sorts of social ills, such as dictatorship, corruption, lawlessness, violations of human rights, abuse of women, discrimination against minorities, lack of individual freedom, lack of productivity, poverty, terrorism, and a myriad other ills.  They are all dying societies.  If left to themselves, they will annihilate each other.

So what shell we do? There are no easy answers.  But cancer is curable and so is the Islamic problem. To cure cancer first we have to understand what causes it. Cancerous cells grow when the body is not enough oxygenated. Cancer is caused by an anaerobic fungus. There are two forms of lives, aerobic and anaerobic. The cells that make us humans and other animals are aerobic. They need oxygen to survive.   Anaerobic organisms are very primitive form of life and they don’t need oxygen for their survival. They may even die when exposed to oxygen. Many varieties of fungi are anaerobic. They grow in damp places where there is little flow of fresh air. When a person’s body is not oxygenated properly, it becomes a fertile ground for the growth of a special microscopic fungus that causes cancer. The cells react to this fungus and mutate. The tissue then is deformed and becomes cancerous.

The cure for cancer, suggested by orthodox medicine is expensive and debilitating. The patient goes through chemotherapy, radiology, bone marrow transplant, surgery and sometimes amputation and the rate of recovery is also very low.

The problem is that even when these methods cure the cancer in one place, it may recur in another part of the body in a few years.  The reason is that these protocols do not address the underlying problem that causes the cancer. The focus of the orthodox medicine is on removing the symptoms. As the result the cancer will recur.

To make the body resistant to cancer it has to be oxygenated. This can be done in a variety of ways. Eating raw, fresh and preferably organic fruits and vegetables makes the body more alkaline. Alkalinized bodies are more oxygenated. Meat, dairy and all sorts of animal products, and wheat make the body acidic and less oxygenated.  (Those interested can see this chart about alkaline and acidic foods)

There are several remedies that cure cancer, such as oxygen peroxide, cesium chloride, bicarbonate, and many other cheap natural remedies, that are often found in any household. These remedies make the body alkalized, rather than acidic.  When the body is slightly more alkalized, anaerobic organisms can’t grow in it. Hence, the cancer causing fungi and the cancerous cells die and the cancer is cured, sometimes in matters of weeks.

The orthodox medicine does not recognize this therapy. Pharmaceutical companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars to test new drugs. Then they recover 100 fold when the drugs seem to work partially. Trillions of dollars are made through drugs. Cancer is a lucrative business. Patients often spend their life savings on medicines.  Considering that four out of every ten people may develop cancer sometimes in their life, you can imagine the money that the drug companies maker from this disease.  But how can they recover their investment when they prove that cancer can be cured with some cheap, not patentable household products?  So there is no interest in testing these products. In fact they stand to lose hugely.  These alternative cancer remedies work, because people get cured and the logic behind them is simple and sound. You oxygenate your body and the cancer cells die. Of course the best remedy is prevention. So eating more alkaline foods and less acidic foods is the best way. Exercise also increased the oxygen in your body. Remember that processed foods, like canned foods become acidic even if they were alkaline in their raw state.

How this analogy applies to your question?  If Islam is the cancer and Muslims are the cancerous cells, the cancer casing fungi represent the lies that are told to promote Islam and oxygen represents the truth.  Where truth is suppresses and freedom of speech is curtailed, lies can spread fast.  I was in UK last month and I saw buses carrying big ads saying Muhammad the Prophet of Mercy. But in UK you can go to jail if you say this is not so. How can a mass murderer be called the prophet of mercy? In UK, lies are allowed and truth is suppressed.  It’s the same in most countries where criticism of Islam is banned and punishable by law.  Austria, Netherlands and several other European counties have the same anti truth policies, only when it comes to Islam.

India is worse. India was the first country to ban the book of Salman Rushdie and the speeches of Taslima Nasrin. Indians are terrified of speaking against Islam. Some Indians tell me they would like to support my sites, but they are afraid of sending donations to my Paypal account. This fear is entirely baseless. However, it shows how they have been intimidated.

What happens when truth is suppressed? Reduced oxygen in the body makes it a fertile ground for the growth of anaerobic fungi which in turn convert healthy cells into cancerous cells. Likewise, suppression of truth gives lies a ground to grow. With lies, good people are deceived and become attracted to Islam and this cancer becomes more widespread.

I hope this analogy makes thing clear. India is besieged by the Islamic cancer.  Sooner or later Kashmir has to be amputated because it is no longer viable to hold onto it. The secession of Kashmir will embolden Muslims all over the world, and not just those of India. There will be a renewed wave of terrorism worldwide.  Any victory for Islam, anywhere, boosts the morale of all the Muslims who will then join the jihad to hasten Islam’s world domination.

So what shall be done? Just as we have to oxygenate our body to prevent the growth of cancerous cells. We have to spread the truth to prevent people falling into the trap of Islam.  Truth will not only inoculate non-Muslims against Islam it also helps Muslims to recover and become loyal citizens again. Millions of Muslims have left Islam in recent years thanks to the spread of truth through the Internet.

The cure for cancer is simple and so is the cure for Islam. But the truth about both is suppressed. Pharmaceutical companies stand to lose their lucrative business if people learn the truth about cancer. The politicians can’t go against them as these companies finance their campaigns and provide huge taxes.  The truth about Islam is also suppressed and the governments are accomplices. Politicians depend on Muslims vote. In India, without the Muslims’ vote most politicians can’t hold to their seat.

We know how to defeat Islam and how to do it fast. Islam is founded on lies. Tell the truth and lies dissipate. Without lies Islam will fall. It is that simple. However, as it turns out telling the truth is not that easy.  People don’t want to hear the truth. They have been brainwashed with political correctness.  Even non-Muslims can be vicious in preventing you from speaking the truth about Islam.  Laws are put in place to suppress any criticism of Islam. You can be charged with spreading hate and even go to jail for telling the truth.  This is the problem, not defeating Islam.

I have dedicated my life to spread the truth about Islam and there are others that do the same. We have collectively raised the veil on Islam for millions. But it is not enough. We need to take this truth to masses. People who read our blogs are those who already know there is something wrong with Islam. Now we have reached a point that we are preaching to the choir.  We need to get our message to the kids in colleges, to the factory workers, to office workers and to soccer moms. We need a medium that can reach the people who otherwise will not heed to us and are not interested in this topic.

I have thought about that for many years and since a couple of years I have been working on it. Now the draft is ready. We need to make an epic movie about Muhammad.  There are already a couple of very good movies on Islam, such as Obsession and Fitnah. But that is not the kind of movie I am talking about.  Those are documentaries that interest only a certain people.  The average people don’t watch documentaries. They want to be entertained. That is the kind of movie I have in mind.

I have condensed the life of Muhammad in five hours.  (can be be shown in parts)  I have picked the most salient episodes of his life. It contains humor, tragedy and love story. It makes you laugh and it makes you cry. It makes you mad and it makes you sad. It plays with your emotions. It has  songs that have to be done masterfully so they can be played in radios, like the songs of Les Miserables, because they are just beautiful. If we make this movie with good cinematography and good acting, I think we will have tens of millions of viewers, not just because of its historic value, not just because of the controversy that will inevitably surround it, but because it is a work of art. I want people to come and see it for its artistic and entertainment value and be informed meanwhile.

This is how to defeat Islam.  We need to tell the truth and tell it so loud that no one can pretend he did not hear it.  A movie like that will create a worldwide debate.  An honest debate about Muhammad will put an end to Islam. He is not portrayed as a devil, but as a human being with the strength and weaknesses that we all share. I want people to empathize with him and more than anything else understand him.

That is the key.  Many people have heard about Muhammad, much of what they have heard are lies. Muslims have read a lot about him, but they don’t understand him. Once he is understood and the veils of mystery that enshroud him are removed, Islam can no longer exist. It will vanish in just a few years.  It is not foolhardy to say Islam can become extinct in our own lifetime.

How many trillions of dollars we spend to fight Islamic terrorism? How many lives are being lost every day, month and year? The solution is not in military or in aids to Muslim countries. The solution is in telling the truth.

The government of India, like governments in most non-Muslim countries with a sizable Muslim population, has adopted appeasement policies towards Muslims. It makes more concessions to Muslims than it makes to other citizens.  The Indian government even subsidizes the hajj of Muslims when no Islamic country does that. This costs the Hindu tax payers more than $150 million dollars annually.  That money can feed half a million poor children, clothe them and educate them. Muslims see this as weakness and increase their demands.  It is clear to anyone that Indian government is afraid of its Muslim population.  Pouring more money to Islamic provinces will only make the cancer of Islam grow faster.

I have not found enough financing to produce the movie yet. I am not giving up. I know this is the solution. I know there are no other solutions. Telling the truth to the world is our only option and nothing can tell it better than a well written and well-made movie.

If you know of someone who can help, tell them about it. The project will also produce money for the investors. It could be one of their best investments.  Considering the subject matter, it is possible that it could become one of the most seen movies ever made.  This is a golden opportunity that should not be missed.

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  1. Supriya says:

    Theses Communist ,Naxalist, Maoist are more dangerous than these Muslim braindead zombies.

  2. i am a communist says:

    dear som
    calling me an Untouchable is the least way you can offend me with. ambedkar was against communism and so I do not endorse all his views and thoughts. he championed the cause of his people. so e deserves our respect. nothing more. if my writings here made you think that i belong to scheduled caste then I stand proud. i think i still take steps in the right direction. when you go empty of logic and sense to match with high logic you call your opponent names. dint i call you hindoos headless morons.

    P.S: come up with some good abuses folks. calling me an arrogant commie or pariah will least offend me. in fact it makes me proud. proud arrogant untouchable commie. 

  3. Bhuvan Som says:

    Dear Communist, you must have acquired your Doctorate through reservation quota. You have all the qualities of a sick Ambedkarite.:D

  4. vinod sharma says:

    Dear Mr. Sina,I fail to find appropriate words to thank u for what you are trying to do in order to save the human race from this cruel,barbaric,henious crime against them.Every sane person must co-operate in every possible way,with crusaders like u. Best wishes & regards.

  5. supriya says:

    Namaste Dr. Ali Sina
    The word "Kashmir" is derived from the name of Indian seer Kashyap rishi . Indian spirituality is exclusively belong to geographical area of Kashmir because Yoga, veda, upanishad, puran , Vedant etc. were intuitions of Ancient seers and sages(rishi and muni) who got wisdom in Himalayas( during tapasya). Saudi Arabia is holy place for Muslims all over the world such that Kashmir is holiest place for Sanatan dharmies (indians) . We Indians have sacrificed our land (i.e. Pakistan, Bangladesh ) to beggers(muslims) in 1947 . We can't afford to lose Kashmir. These beggars(muslims ) can't do anything rather than terrorist activity such as bomb blast, suicide bombing, firing and beating their women. We will not sacrifice Kashmir ever.

  6. cchuckc says:

    @i am a communist
    Son, you have some serious deficiencies. Why did you present this opinionated (and logically flawed and historically wrong) article in response to me comment? It repeats some of the old communist charges against Pushyamitra and Sashanka, which I can easily counter and have done for Shashanka in one of the discussion with your own holy Majesty (from where you seem to have ran off).
    Does this article prove that 1. (Your claim) You have read all your 'hindu' scriptures? or 2. (Your assertion) That Brahmin's burnt down Nalanda AFTER Mr. BK had destroyed it? or 3. (My finding the error in your expression) That the said Khalji and his army were indeed swines from a wretched desert, I don't doubt they were swines. or 4. (My assertion) That Sakat though being an Indian can't claim Nalanda as one of his own? or 5. (My claim) That the Muslims didn't call all pagan inhabitants of al-Hind 'Hindu'?
    After all these were the points I talked about. Which of these is being referred in that article?

  7. cchuckc says:

    @i am a communist
    //after learning all the scriptures//
    I am sure you haven't :-). Your understanding of history and scriptures may be at par with Ali's knowledge of medicines. Perhaps you should keep yourself to medicines, if you remember I had saluted you for your knowledge once.

    //after nalanda's resurrection it was burnt down again by brahmans//
    You mean after Khilji had ran amok (Read it up in Tabaqat al Nasiri)? By the way Nalanda was patronized by both Buddhist and non-buddhist (call them hindu if you want to) kings over its course. And Khalji was a Turk, "marauding swines from a wretched desert", is technically wrong :-).

    //you being a hindoo cannot claim it as yours. //
    I think Sakat being an Indian can definitely claim it as his. After all, the term Hindu has no meaning in itself. This is what foreigners, in this case the invading muslims, decided to call the pagans including both Buddhist and Jainis.

  8. i am a communist says:

    dear sakat
    i forgot to mention i was born and brought up in a hindoo family. my parents are still practicing hindoos. after learning all the scriptures of the evil and rotten culture of hinduism i chose a path of love. communism.
    you may call me anything. chameleon is the least word with which you can offend me. but when did i endorse islam? it is as evil as brahmanic hinduism. i agree with ali in this regard. but dont you think ali bit way more than he could chew? he could have backed off earlier saying that it was just an analogy and he is not a medical doctor. he did not. he threw away some wahee as mo did and called some ill equipped quack to his defense. and became a laughing stock. i read through all these comments and started to pity him. 

    all those high universities were buddhist learning centres. those marauding swines from a wretched desert burnt them to ashes no doubt. but another less known fact is after nalanda's resurrection it was burnt down again by brahmans. you being a hindoo cannot claim it as yours. 

    yes. i agree. we are in nature's lab. not alone that we ARE nature's lab. 

    i never claimed that my knowledge is the final one. i continue to learn from my peers, colleagues, students and books. but learn medicine i can not from ali or some quack. ali has distorted view on the whole world and the happenings in it. it may be possible that the moslem in him just got injured and paralyzed and never died. he is being guided by the moslem in him.

  9. Sakat says:

    @ i am communist
    /ali ran away from the discussion, calling me a person with low intelligence and communist and diseased and what not. if you go through all the posts here you may find that hindoo imbeciles tried hard to change the discussion to other things like dangers of communism and christianity. but no one.
    answered the questions i have raised. the questions remain still unanswered/.

    Dear first of all i congrats you for enlightening with your knowledge of medicine to all the audience here.You said that ,you have studied in a very good institutions of India,that shows you are born and brought up in India .The Britishers gave a term to the majority inhabitants of this subcontinent as Hindu's ,courtesy goes to Magastenis ( he was the first European who called the sub-continent as India) .But i see some sarcastic attitude on your behalf,we are not the follower of Mohammed ,so don't think the Hindu's will take it to their heart.
    Don't be offended ,i would rather say you are a Chameleon.Ali Sina is working at macro level and this particular site is exist only to expose the false notion about Mohammed and Islam to its finality and ,in this regard Ali Sina has done his part of performance so far .He do not have time to think about medicine and curing from cancer ( it is not his purpose either) .Since you are communist ,just think about establishing communism in the whole world (Russians were already ruined following it,you know that) .
    The analogy in your above post are based on the research made by many intellectual infidels (i don't think you are part of it )Hindu's would have surpassed all of them ,if the University of Taxila and Nalanda would have survived at this moment or rather barbarian Muslims had not have invaded India in the seventh century.
    Let me finish with this remark ,we are in the natures laboratory and every kind of thing is experimented by nature upon us and so you cannot escape from this experiment .The cancer cells are primarily the experiment process of nature,otherwise you would not have found so many of different species on earth ,having the common system operating within them (a heart,blood vessels ,intestine,liver ,mouth and ass as well )
    Don't think your borrowed knowledge is final conclusion ,every theory every invention is boosted as according to its importance or else will be left out. Change is invertible ,only Muslim do not change.

  10. i am a communist says:

    dear ranjan

    happened to read your reply just now. i hold a degree better than that. and believe me, i got educated at one of the highest seat of learning in india and somewhere abroad. so i consider myself worthy to be arrogant. though i am, i talk truth here. if that sounds arrogant to you then so be it. why dont you try refuting all that i have said. i talk from a position of knowledge, knowledge of the very medicine that is keeping you alive and healthy. can you tell which recent evidences falsified old truths?? and to whom did they got revealed?? perhaps to ali while he was taking a bath at his bathroom and pleasuring himself it might have got revealed. but that sadly can not be counted as evidence in front of modern medicine. 

    ali ran away from the discussion, calling me a person with low intelligence and communist and diseased and what not. if you go through all the posts here you may find that hindoo imbeciles tried hard to change the discussion to other things like dangers of communism and christianity. but no one answered the questions i have raised. the questions remain still unanswered.

    what do you think dear.? do you agree with seer ali on all counts or just going to call me a communist. why dont you try to answer?? i say that
    1. cancer is multifactorial, caused by internal and external factors.
    2. cancer cells cannot infect other cells. they just acquire new mutations and expand clonally to propagate. 
    3. there is no connection whatsoever with the oxygenation level of a cell and the ability to turn cancerous. if cells lack oxygen they simply die. and tissue necrose. they cannot turn malignant.
    4. cancer cannot be caused by any fungus. that is not biologically possible. 
    5. most of the fungi are obligate aerobes. more like us. they have mitochondria, and possess enzymes participating in kreb's cycle and get ATP and energy from oxidative metabolism only. and definitely candida is one among them.
    6. fungi are not primitive organisms. they are advanced organisms. they are eukaryotes and possess cell organelles like we do. 
    7. oxygen is injurious to all cells, eukaryotes and prokaryotes. aerobes and anaerobes alike. the level of injury caused by oxygen varies with cells. oxygen injures human cell as like an aanaerobic cell. but our cells have developed extensive methods and enzymes to prevent and decrease the level of injury by oxygen.
    8. cells cannot be made acidic or alkaline. 
    9. alkalinity cannot improve oxygenation.
    10. there is no existing compound named as oxygen peroxide.
    11. cesium is radioactive and can cause irrepairable damage to tissues and possibly cancer.
    12. bicarbonate is equally injurious, and in patientss with acid base imbalance it may be fatal.
    13. ali sina is as much a bum as simoncini. 
    14. he knows nothing about medicine, and by the hellof a talk he is giving over time i am as much sure that he is not a doctor of medicine. (he is not even good at quackery. i pity him!!!)
    15. hindoos are as much retarded if not more as moslems.

    these i present as facts.

    now try refuting them. which one you will take first???

  11. pratap says:

    Dear Kundankanan

    I totally agree with you u and amazed about ur knowledge and reply. I salute u sir. 

  12. pratap says:

    to infidel/kafir

    hats off to you sir, doing great job, u have great exp./ knowledge  about hinduism. The way u responded to  I am a communist about kashmir, hinduism and christianity, please keep it up.

  13. ranjan Sinha says:

    Hydrogen peroxide  and its efficacy in preventing cancer is a subject mtter  of  clinical  study.  Preventive  therapies  can  and  should  be  studied. But which pharmaceutical  company  will  invest  in  this  kind  of  research  and  statistical  study ???

  14. Ranjan sinha says:

    Mr Communist….  Holding an MBBS degree  is  not an answer  to all the  recent  empirical  evidence and the facts  that falsify the orthodoxy taught in the medical dchools..  By the way  Ali Sina too holds  that degree…

  15. ranjan sinha says:

    Arrogance unlimited ….  Expected   thing from a closed communist mind  …

  16. vaidehi says:

    "The system is part and parcel of Hinduism"
    SADLY YES, it is but there is also a subconscious realization that we have to discard this system . Hence 22% of seats in educational institution and government offices are reserved for SC/ST (untouchables and tribal)

    "unless this disease is not addressed soon and is not removed forcefully and decisively Hindus will inevitably find other faiths more attractive and will defect. Don't blame other religions. clean your own house first."
    I know this site is not about Hinduism but this is not the first time you have said this hence I am replying.
    The current scenario in India is people still have caste prejudices.They are not go so soon.So what you are saying is right in away.But what you don't understand is lower caste (Dalits) do convert to Christianity because they think it is better but missionaries give money to do so.My paternal grandfather lived in a village in South-India and belonged to upper-caste but he was an atheist and communist (please don't judge him it was at the time of World War 2 and nobody in my family is communist as of today).So on day Dalits in his village came to ask for his advice.Missionaries we offering them money to convert to Christianity and they didn't know what to do.My grandpa said that if they a ready to a cycle to each family and sponsor their children's education then they should convert.Missionaries did not agree and the villagers did not convert.You know even if Hindus go and appeal to the Dalits that okay we can't give you any money but you are our brothers, you are not any inferior to us they would not convert.Both upper caste Hindus and Christians  exploit them.And its not like Christians are also equally prejudiced against lower caste  converts.Recently there was a controversy that no member of a certain church belonged to lower-caste.Believe me, i am not lying.I have nothing against Christianity and I know Hinduism is not a great religion..But my only argument is that most of the Hindus do not convert because they find Christianity attractive but because of their financial needs and which is also right. 70% of Indian Christians are Dalits who have been converted by offering money.(that too only till the time they convert after conversion they  no longer offer financial support).But I have to concede the Dalits who convert to BUDDHISM do it to rebel against the caste-system and there no money involved.So you are right as far as conversion to BUDDHISM is concerned. And we have started to at least try to clean our house.In urban India because of reservation Dalits are getting their share of jobs and are rising.There is also this"Atrocity Act" under which a not bailable warrant will be issued against any person who abuses a Dalit even verbally.Rural India is still a problem area since it is a feudal society over there.Seeds of change have been sown.Death of caste system is inevitable but will be very slow.Change takes time.
    I sincerely apologize if I appeared rude as that was not my intention. I was really afraid to write this because i fear you will think of me a a bigot .My parents belong to different castes,so please don't think that I am a casteist ,I am really ashamed of this caste-system. (btw I am really a big fan of yours and do pardon my bad English.Keep up the good work.People like you are a boon to the entire mankind 🙂  )

  17. Proud to be Hindu says:

    Modi is coming ………. Muslims must go to pakistan………. HAHAHAHAHAHAH

  18. Proud to be a Hindu. says:

    Dear Slave,

    Kashmir is a integral part of India. If muslims want to go to Pakistan they can go.
    Even a can arrange buses for them to go.
    But Kashmir = India.
    Where ever muslim population reaches at a sizable number they always do the same.
    But we Hindus will definitely send them either to Pakistan or K….ristan.

  19. A Hindu says:

    And your mom told you this…..bullshit

  20. A Hindu says:

    Guys he does'nt seem to have heard "MUNGAiRI LAL KE HASEEN SAPNE". This slave of phedophile needs to see "Border" Breakfast Rajasthan mein Karege aur lunch Delhi mein – Wa'nt this what that Mulla Said to his Army of Muhammed. Indians were outnumbered by 1 : 6 paki mullas. Yet we decimated pakistan. And Mr. Slave of Phediphile next time a war happens Pakistan will remain only in the books of History and on maps. "ONCE UPON A TIME THERE WAS A COUNTRY CALLED PAKISTAN……….HA HA HA

  21. A Hindu says:

    Now this an answer – Great said arpit. keep it up – let them have a peice of HINDU MIND

  22. rus says:

    Ali you are no doubt a great man and extremly knowledgeable about islam. however the cure about cancer and the consparicy about pharmaceutical companies is incorrect. i am surprised you did not research this properly nor did think about this critically. cancer researchers are usually genuine people in desperate search for a cure, dont receive death threats for exposing the truth unlike islam. If hydrogen peroxide really worked, the truth would have spread like wildfire and yes cancer researchers know about this scam.

  23. exhindu says:

    let me tell you, hinduism and islam is the same. islam is a cult with corrupted abrahamic stories while the hindu god shiva(allahu) is worshipped as blackstone. another thing – shiva thrives on negative energy and human thoughts like anger,aggression are seen as yields for negative energy. the moon is a satellite placed by shiva to harvest the negative thoughts so as to empower himself. islam reverse moon, shiva is the moon god. hindus can be as violent and medieval as islamists are. I believe, atheism,buddhism and christianity seems much tolerant or adjustable to me. the hindu militants here are worse than islamics.

  24. Rahul says:

    @Slave of Prophet,
    If a per person use the word "kufr " he doesn't know he is the big kafir of world, because you tell me about your religion who teach  taqiyya, how god or the apostle of god teach. Because god is true and he never teach us to tell a lie to anyone even if any condition. Do you know there is eight fold path to manage a peaceful world and that is
     Right ViewRight IntentionRight SpeechRight ActionRight LivelihoodRight EffortRight MindfulnessRight Concentration
    look any holy book except Islam all these religion teach that tell a lie to a sin but it is only Islam who teach you to tell a lie to the name of Allah. If Allah is true he never teach anyone to tell a lie because lie spoil our heart, this make our mind blemished, we always think negative and this negativeness first give a fast and rapid output but after it started to demolish, today many teenage Muslims blasted himself, why ? This is not the order of Allah they feel that the judgmental day has been arrived  and I've to reach there before. This is the symbol of mentally backwardness because  your mind never developed by other one always come in your mind how Mushrik is growing and Allah has give us the order to cut them, I ask a simple question to you, "Allah is almighty and he hate to the non-believers " So Why not Allah kiiled all the non-believers own, he is Almighty he can control the fertility rate of all "Mushriq", "Kafir" & "Kafir Kitabi" but he is not doing so. Your answer will be he want to all non-believers come on the right say he does not kill. Again my question for you "Allah is almighty and he know everything so why not he kill all non-believers who have there is no chance to faith on Allah, because he know everything so it is so simple for him. Why Allah born  Dayanand Saraswati, Govind Singh, Shiva Ji, Rana Sanga, Rana Partap  and many more as per you who make kufr here, reply to us? This is not Allah who order you to kill non-believers it is Muhammad who teach you about killing, because he has introvert personaltiy  and he has not got good position in the society, he not share his feelings to any one due to his personality and communication gaping make him a evil because always live alone. Think Dear brother because Allah made everything and make everyone equivalent they why he told to any one to make a man another man slave.

  25. I-HATE-ISALM says:

    Slave Mentality,
    If you like secularism, why don't you advocate that Pakistan and Bangladesh which came out of India should also be secular? You prefer a secular India because the muhammadan is free to do what he likes but love clerical Pakistan and Bangladesh where the non muhammadan is not free.

  26. Rahul says:

    @Slave of Prophet 
    If all Muslims dominated area mix with Muslim dominated area then go first to all other 47 Muslims country and make them a country. Why so many Muslim Country is here and there this is Islam what did you teach I can't say something about that but I will use a word you all are not the slave of Prophet you all are slave of Arabian. your ancestor  was Hindus, Buddh and Jain but last 600-800 years past you come in touch with Islam and forget your glorious history.  Try to learn to be a human and believe in humanity. This Islam will make all of you guys evil. You talk more about Eblees but I think you are the follower of Eblees not the god because god always teach us to live with our neighbor with peace but you always talk about bombing and killing of non-believers. But Hinuds never talk to killed any one you all are dwellers and as per my opinion your religion is also dwellers like dragon always come fire form your mouth. Who tell you hindu terror before independence you have make riot in noakhali and kill 5000 hindus what was it but we forget it because you are the child of our ancestor but this is wrong everywhere you have killed, Islam have make the glorious history of Nalanda University ruined but you are shameless if you have some shame make remorse and think about your ancestor what sin maked by them.

  27. Rahul says:

    @Slave of Prophet 

    What is the deification of secularism you guy know very well above what did you said that Kashmir is Muslim dominated state and it should be give to Pakistan. but why you forget that your forefather were Hindus and they tortured by these mad Muslims, My forefather were also tortured by them but today I leave this religion who teach us to kill our brother and sister to the name of Allah if any religion teach you to kill any one this is teaching you inhumanity, and hatred is wrong & I think secular drama will be continue till Muslims percentage is less than 50 if you become more than 50 you do as you wish and firstly you banned apostate and now you use this word, Sonia Ganhi that time she will be passed away but Rahul Ganhi will become Md. Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi will get punishment hang till death, and myself has also a way to leave this country or death there will two option,  you Muslim guys only talk about yourself, I was Muslim and always heard from my grandmother Jews are dirty they spit in water and food before giving to other one, Shia also do such kind of act but sunni never,  although I never  meet to them and my grand mother also not  meet to Jews in her life, she might be meet to Shia but how she know about spiting of Jews in food and water, she also heard form her grandmother so you always think about throne, how to  grow baby more than five and six, how they are living that is not a matter, they don't get his education, after 12-14 years they will do the job in garage where they not got love form his master and from father- mother also, because father-mother have take the resolution for increasing Muslim population, this is for Allah and everything is right in the path of Allah. You are living in India but talking to give kashmir Pakistan. This congress is mad who allow such kinds of traitor and it is you responsible for each and every blast that is going in India. How shameful for yourself one side you say I'm true mulsim and talking about treason. If such kind of work make a true Muslim pooh and go to a drain and die.

  28. Slave of Prophet says:

    India is a secular country. You people are non-secular. Modi is non-secular person. Modi is Hindu terror. Hindu are terrorist. Only after Establishing Islam in India can have peace. Congress is going to win third time  consecutively in the leadership of honorable Sonia Gandhi Ji and Rahul Ji.

  29. I-HATE-ISALM says:

    There is no point waiting for a contrivance, which calls itself government, to act when you know that it is cowardly. Egypt and Syria have shown that the people are mightier than any government and can force it to do the people's bidding. People everywhere should learn from this and seize the momentum. Without that no amount of crying or appeal will change things.The congress party of India will NEVER move against the muhammadans because they provide the support base of the congress party. Just as the democrats in America will never see anything wrong with what the muhammadans do, no matter how heinous.

  30. Pandit says:

    The present indian government is a coward and full of bastards down to their core. Muslims should be treated like any other Indian citizen, not more, not less. No special priveledge sghould be their for them. Muslims are only loyal to their religion which and that also they don't know about properly since it had always been baseless. Kashmir will be a total Indian territory in coming years. Its just that after indepandance the political history of india has been of cowards and bastards. In a coupe of years india won't be fighting for Kashmir, but Pakistan will surely be fighting for Lahor. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.

  31. Momo says:

    Ali Sina offers $50,000 reward to anyone who can prove him wrong.

    So funny and coward. …

    If he really speaks the truth and ready to maintain the truth, why only offer $50.000? why not $5000. If he's true, he will never be wrong.

    this means that he's afraid that if he is really right or not. He's still doubt about his simple logic
    And this means that his truth can only be valued $50.000.

    I offer you $50000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000, if you can prove that 2 x 2 is not 4.


  32. suresh chand says:

    you r absolutely right….the hinduism has power to eliminate islam..without arms….but the caste differences in hinduism is the only defemity which gives power to islam…
    all hindu need to eliminate castism from now ,,,if they want to survive as hindu…

  33. Arpit says:

    So, Jammu region wants to stay with india, leh & laddakh wants to be with india but India should give up coz 10-12% of J&K population wants to seperate. Typical muslim. You think you guys are special but heres a news for you: islam is a mob doctrine. The day hindus get mad, theyll kick u goat fuckers like handful of jews are doing sinve 47.

  34. Amit says:

    Your god's greatest mercy to this world is a PEDOPHILE?? At 54,why did your perverted prophet marry a 6 year old kid?
    And if he forgives rape, theft, looting, lying then allah himself is a satan.

  35. Amit says:

    Yeah… and your PIMP Allah will give you 72 sluts in the BROTHEL which he runs.

  36. Amit says:

    thank god that those guys saved us from this disease called islam and muhammad (piss be upon him)" and get your history corrected from somewhere dumb ass.
    "Hindu snatched the country from Muslims". you, born out of rape dumb ass, it was muslims who snatched this land from its original owners… and then original owners struck back… so what happened ??? where went your strength given by allah when those "kufr" struck back?? probably went into ass of muhammad (piss be upon him)…
    but never mind, your PIMP Allah will give you 72 sluts in the BROTHEL which he runs.He knows that you are a SEX ADDICT just like your PERVERTED and PEDOPHILE Mohammed.

  37. steadyfriend says:


    Your assertion is not correct. In Saudi Arabia, mainstream Wahhabis are against the minority Shias residing in the eastern part of the country, the Wahhabi tend to oppress the Shias. Thus muslims (oppressed Shias) have disputes in Saudi Arabia too!

  38. steadyfriend says:

    You could well be right, chuck!

    I was under the impression Slave was an Urdu speaking person.

    Btw, I like your pointed witty comments, keep up the good work!

  39. steadyfriend says:

    lol, great response !

  40. steadyfriend says:

    Dear Dr Sina,
    I have been reading your writings for the last 10 years and I am an enthusiastic supporter of your noble endeavour to eradicate Islam. However, there is a misunderstanding about the 'caste system' vis-a-vis Hindu religion. What is mentioned in the Bhagwad Geeta (the 'Bible' of the Hindus) is a societal division into a CLASS system, depending upon one's work, or karma. People were put into four CLASSES in accordance with their skills and employment. Thus, those who were learned and indulged in imparting education to others and performed religious rites were classified as 'Brahmins'. Those adept in martial skills and in administration or were rulers were labelled as 'Kshatriyas'. Those who excelled in trade and commerce were called 'Vaishyas', while those who worked in agriculture and generally offered manual labour were called 'Sudras'. According to this classification, if a Brahmin's son was good in trading, he would be re-classified as a Vaishya! This system of dividing society into classes is very much prevalent to this day in all societies — in London, I observe this CLASS SYSTEM very much in existence, dependent solely on one's employment.

    Over time however, this Class System was exploited and perverted to become the hereditary Caste System ( note: the word 'caste' is of Portuguese origin) wherein, a son of Brahmin or Kshatriya, no matter how corrupted, inept or incompetent he was, always inherited and maintained his 'caste'. Dozens of sub-castes around the four principal classes sprung up. Discrimination, atrocities and untouchability against the lower castes (principally the Sudra caste) wese also practised. This practice surely is abhorrent and condemnable. Fortunately since independence, untouchability and discrimination on the basis of caste has been made unlawful. Positive affirmative action taken by the government has alleviated the position of the lower castes considerably, though more remains to be done. In Indian cities the caste system has broken down to a large extent. It remains a potent force in villages and in the rural areas. Priesthood in temples and study of sacred Sanskrit texts, formerly the exclusive preserve of the Brahmins, have now been thrown open to all. As an aside, most of the entrepreneurship and commerce done by Indians in the Silicon Valley is by Brahmins — so strictly speaking they have all become Vaishyas! But the hereditary system lets them remain as Brahmins.

    In view of the correct explanation of the much-discussed 'caste system', I feel it is wrong to associate it with the Hindu (Vedic Sanatan Dharma) religion.

    With kindest regards,

  41. chuck says:

    I don't think Slave can appreciate Ghalib.

  42. steadyfriend says:


    Listen what the greatest Urdu poet and muslim Ghalib says about hell (and hellfire)! :

    "humko maalum hai jannat ki haqeeqat lekin,
    dil ko khush karne ko Ghalib yeh khayaal achchha hai!"

    rough English translation: we know the truth of paradise (and hell), but Ghalib, to keep the oneself in good humour, such a thought is good!

    In other words, there is no such thing as a paradise or hell! These ideas are there only to please one's mind and thoughts!

  43. jai bihar says:

    well then u must pack ur bags from india and go to arabia
    kashmir is only muslim dominated jammu and laddakh are not they are pro india
    they killed kashmiri pandits
    they will go to hell to serve muhammad who is also there

  44. jai bihar says:

    muslims themselves are synonym to disputes
    well u r slave to the prophet then u must open his grave and wash his ass u nincompoop

  45. jai bihar says:

    pakistan is going to have balochistan this time after bangladesh

  46. jai bihar says:

    only madarchods will like to go to pakistan

  47. leadwort says:

    The days of Islamic thought terrorism are over. The world has entered an era of free thinking.
    Complete exposure of false prophets is part of the divine plan. Mohammad the scoundrel
    will be exposed no matter what Muslims think of that father of all Bast……ds. If Muslims
    show their ageold obscurantism they will be wiped clean from this planet.

  48. Harry says:

    Yes, I think you can do it in Palau.

  49. Harry says:

    Yes, check out Palau!

  50. Rahul Arya says:

    Dayanand Saraswati is really a kufr to you because he had written Satyarth Prakash(Light of truth).He in his book says – God is existent, Conscious, All Beautitude, Formless, Almighty, Just, Merciful, Unbegotten, Infinite, Unchangeable, Beginningless, Incomparable, the support of All, the Lord or all, All-pervading, Omniscient and Controller of All from within, Evermature, Imperishable, Fearless, Eternal, Pure and Creator of the universe. IT alone must be worshipped. and in the 14th chapter on Islam he proved that Allah of quran does not adorn the qualities as above.

  51. I-HATE-ISLAM says:

    hindu militant,
    if only words will be matched with action. It is time these muslim terrorists received a taste of their own medicine.

  52. hindu militant says:

    Kashmiri muslims wiped out the kashm iri hindu minority, so we have every right to do more cruelty with kashmiri muslims, so take a hike

  53. hindu militant says:

    I have guts to go against islam. TRY meeeeeeeeeee

  54. leadwort says:

    Even in Hindu majority towns, Indian Muslims cheer for the victory of Pakistani Team.
    Criminal mindset of Indan Muslims, For that matter any Muslim in any Non-muslim
    country is anti-That country, is widely known to almost all Non-muslims. A muslim is
    anti-social to the extent he follows ISLAM. But some of them are smart enough to
    play game of deception pretending to be patriots. Never believe in a Muslim's Patriotism
    in any Non-muslim country.

  55. chuck says:

    @i am a communist,
    Dear, you are clearly confused between Feudalism and Capitalism (Or may be you suffer from a problem of definition). The 75% of poor that you are talking about don't live in Capitalist regimes, do they? Its the failure of their government that they are still poor. The poverty and HDI figures of US, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, South Korea and hordes of other capitalist countries are far better than other countries. The basis of capitalism is entrepreneurship, free market and service oriented pricing system. It is this competitiveness that allows people to have equal access to opportunities. Although I agree that money is held in few hands today but things are constantly getting better. It also allows people to translate their potential into successes. No wonder we find college drop-outs(Gates, Jobs et al) to make it big in S/W, or basement ideas (Yahoo, Amazon) splash big. New players in the game Argentina, Brazil, Poland, Phillipines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Kenya, Nigeria are also doing better than they were doing 3 decades back. Even in regressive regimes like India millions are getting added to the thriving middle class every year. I see a vast difference in India for example when I was there in 2010 and when I learnt Sanskrit there in the 80s. There has been a levelling effect at least in the urban areas while I agree the same effect hasn't permeated to the rural areas (where the inequalities might actually have risen). I know these figures are to be taken with a pinch of salt, but they are looking better than ever before.

  56. i am a communist says:

    sorry folks. the site was down for few days and i was not able to reply you. so friends as ali is back we can continue.

    the thing that i have cited is just an example. capitalism is a bigger evil. almost 75% of world population is living in poverty. and all the money is in the hands of selected few, less than one percent of it. do you think they r going to give it without resistance? by wealth i dont mean money. i meant the resources, nature's gifts, education among others. if this is the existing state of our society it is injustice. dont we need to level them ? and how do we achieve that? the gandhian way? that was a tested failure. it failed in india, south africa. try preaching and practicing ahimsa in front of hitler or your favorite mo for that matter. capitalism is even worse. it has no head to eliminate. it is like a hydra. if you slice a head another grows to replace it. it needs to be uprooted. any person with sanity will only call for collective force to level the inequality.

  57. chuck says:

    //do you think these brutes are going to give me equality on a golden plate over a chocolate cake. i need to forcibly take it from them.//
    Perhaps they will, perhaps they won't. You talked about Brahminism, you forget that even in the yesteryears there were Tukarams, Raidases who excelled despite being of lower castes. Conditions may have been totally against them and the Brahmins must have been looting them but human merit and intellect can run against any tide WITHOUT resorting to anarchy. And there are many examples I can quote from your own earswhile country. You also forget that the same Brahmins are more or less responsible for bringing in the reforms be it Raja Ram Mohan, Vidyasagar, the Tagore clan etc. Again I don't think this has anything to do with them being caste Brahmins. The were intellectuals who saw something wrong and were in a position to act against it in their own little ways.

    //what are you going to call me? anarchist? //

  58. chuck says:

    //if you think that leveling all inequalities is a call for anarchy then so be it. //
    No I don't. What is anarchy is if the mode of this so called "leveling all inequalities" is a gun or a sword. Communism can't think of anything else but 'destruction' as the first weapon. There is no place for consensus. It is just too dogmatic.

    // what that means to us//
    Doesn't matter what that means to you. What matters is what comes out of it. The results are there to be seen.

    // he only asks the workers for that only. is it so hard to interpret?//
    read back the text, especially what I have highlighted, instead of red-herrings. Here's another one from Engels: "If the victorious party does not want to have fought in vain, it must maintain this rule by means of the terror which its arms inspire in the reactionists."
    The political philosophy of Communism mandates millitancy WITHOUT Ifs and buts. Thanks for agreeing.

  59. chuck says:

    @i am communist,
    //now that you have come to rescue hindoo cult//
    I am not rescuing any cult. You can find many horrendous things in the Hindu society, I am not going to defend them. If I find an error, and think I know the correct meaning, I point it out. Thats all. I am not defending MS either. It does have few things which are deplorable.

    //we will cut short all the funny reasons for the creation of everything//
    I consider that a point conceded, because its you who brought those verses in discussion. You also have to consider that here the comparison is between a 2000+ old text with texts on Communism which are no more than 150 years old. Considering that human thought evolved over the period more negative weight should be given to anything from the Communist manuals. You also have to consider that the MS isn't a holy book. Its not a Shruti, or a Brahman/Upinishad text. Hindus aren't bound to follow it.

    //the verses 1:31, 1:91, 1:98 – 101. //
    I don't see a problem with 1:31. Its a rephrasing of RV Purush Sukta to an extent. Neither are 1:98-99, and 1:101 problems. You can, may be talk about 1:91 and 1:100 of being castist. But even there we have a problem of definition. If we assume Brahman to mean scholars then I see no problem with 1:100 either. We are then only left only with 1:91 and I concede that point. If people have used 1:91 as a justification to bind certain people with certain jobs then that is definitely against basic human freedoms.

  60. chuck says:

    //so still the first is an act of masturbation //
    Ha ha. You are talking about the Supreme Being, who, as per MS 1:7, is subtle, doesn't need a semen yielding penis which must be shaken for the semen to come out. So your theory of masturbation doesn't cut ice. Also about the 'egg' part the word used is 'anda' and not 'dimba', Manu might as well was being metaphorical. Sanskrit texts are known to make great use of metaphors and alankars. You don't have to go to far to see it either, just check Brahmand (The Universe). Off-course the Universe isn't an egg!! The creation myth doesn't involve anything sexual. Nothing like that is mentioned here.

    //this is how he wanted us to interpret. //
    He came to your dreams or what? We don't know exactly know how he wanted us to interpret it, and can base on what sounds more likely given the language constructs, societal conditions etc

    //ok. let us keep it word for word.//
    Better. But I see you took viryam as 'semen'. Given the context it seems a little stretch. If The Supreme Being (TSB) can 'think' the water out, TSB can as well think the viryam out. I would still go with energy, valour etc which is the metaphorical semen instead of physical human-like semen.

    //he wanted to create an egg so he must have worked on himself and helped himself to get it flown. you dont need hasth maithun to be written explicitly down there.//
    Its you, who in your excitement to draw pornographic conclusions, is being naive about the language and the verses preceding and following it. Its just a description of the creation myth which includes both living and non-living beings, not a description of a biological egg which somehow must be 'impregnated'.

  61. i am a communist says:

    " The history of all hitherto existing societies is the history of class struggles."
    marx in his communist manifesto.

    Note the word "all existing social condition", isn't this an invitation to anarchy? What kind of political (or social) philosophy asks for armed upheavals as the primary mode of operation with a general apathy for democratic values? No wonder such a system didn't last long ANYWHERE!!

    if you think that leveling all inequalities is a call for anarchy then so be it. we are also named by hegmonists as anarchists. what that means to us is to wipe off all inequalities out of the face of the world. some of you may interpret al a call for uniformity. it is not so. we respect diversities. (your indian constitution calls for unity in diversity influenced by this principle only).

    the leveling will not come freely. it will ask for struggle and sacrifice. he only asks the workers for that only. is it so hard to interpret? workers were not in any position to rise their arms or call for an armed struggle at any point of time. capital is more powerful. they only had their work, their labor. you can take it for civil disobedience, striking from work , etc. the weapons in the hands of workers were not decided by them but by bourgeois. the revolution in russia during lenin's time was relatively peaceful. the death of the the king was a necessary one so it was done. communists do not like bloodshed.
    yes, scorn me for this statement. you may call it lofty, lie, or arrogant. but that is true. we are for a peaceful coexistence of all human beings. we consider wiping off all inequalities is the first step to achieve this. so call us anarchists or anything. that is what the manifesto states. there was peace throughout all times in india. bramins were the bosses and other existed only to serve them. this was the existing social condition. do you like it? i do not. so i want to overthrow all this existing condition. what are you going to call me? anarchist? fine with me.

    do you think these brutes are going to give me equality on a golden plate over a chocolate cake. i need to forcibly take it from them. so if you call it a militant uprising then so be it.

  62. i am a communist says:

    ok dear chuck. now that you have come to rescue hindoo cult, i will give you the question. i think you know to read, write and think in sanskrit. to some extent i too can do it. we can refer to a standard english translation of manu smr. the book you quoted is fine with me. (though it is also not an exact word for word translation it conveys the meaning). we can refer to it and when dispute arises we can talk about it then.

    we will cut short all the funny reasons for the creation of everything in the first chapter. what concerns more are the verses 1:31, 1:91, 1:98 – 101.
    they all go like this according to the translation.
    1.31. But for the sake of the prosperity of the worlds he caused the Brahmana, the Kshatriya, the Vaisya, and the Sudra to proceed from his mouth, his arms, his thighs, and his feet.
    1.91. One occupation only the lord prescribed to the Sudra, to serve meekly even these (other) three castes.
    1.98. The very birth of a Brahmana is an eternal incarnation of the sacred law; for he is born to (fulfil) the sacred law, and becomes one with Brahman.
    A Brahmana, coming into existence, is born as the highest on earth, the lord of all created beings, for the protection of the treasury of the law.
    Whatever exists in the world is, the property of the Brahmana; on account of the excellence of his origin The Brahmana is, indeed, entitled to all.
    The Brahmana eats but his own food, wears but his own apparel, bestows but his own in alms; other mortals subsist through the benevolence of the Brahmana.
    i hate to copy, paste but you will not like my translation and interpretation. so this is how the english translation of MS by george buhler goes.
    to the larger audience. see how hindoo great cult keeps a place for a particular caste, and the rest. this is the standard of hinduism. it is ordained by the masturbating god. one caste to study and teach, and do no work, and one particular caste was created for the sole purpose of serving others. they had no right to study or learn. will this not touch your conscience. nowhere else in the whole world at any time had such atrocity been committed.

    kindly answer chuck.

  63. i am a communist says:

    ha ha ha. (just tried to laugh like you my dear, but you can be proud of your laughter. no one can do it better)

  64. i am a communist says:

    dear chuck. what i said is how i interpreted it. yes. i admit it is not a word for word translation. but the author meant that only. it is manu that is talking, not the supreme being. (ref. 1:33 and 34).
    he claims that god got bored of pleasing himself and he after performing all penances got manu into existence to be the creator of all.

    so still the first is an act of masturbation (remember there was noone else to let his seeds out and he let it in water). this is the written thing. this is how he wanted us to interpret. how can you ignore it?

    ok. let us keep it word for word.

    "wishing to create the multitude of beings out of his own body, and he created water by a thinking/ thought, let flow his semen in it."


    ok. now how you interpret it? you dont need to write fully to explain what happened along with it. are you so naive? there was no one but him and he wanted to create an egg so he must have worked on himself and helped himself to get it flown. you dont need hasth maithun to be written explicitly down there.

  65. Sakat says:

    Oh!!! ,banged the target with precision.Stupendous really ,well done sir.This man has already appeared under the pseudo name earlier as,"My name is no body " in this blog and, now as, "I am communist" totally in new awatar ha,ha,ha.He is unable to grasp that ,now the taqiya!!! is "out of date "concept ,he is unaware of it and , so i can only pray that ,his fortune may save him in this regard ( a confused lot ,or tries to make others fools)

  66. I-HATE-ISLAM says:

    Slave Mentality,
    Calling allah a liar, is calling it/him by its/his name. It/he says it/he is the greatest deceiver. Is deceit different from lying? No one will roast in hell fire apart from allah, its evil prophet and all those who follow them. That includes you.

  67. Rembrandt_gg says:

    Actually, Dr Sina is wrong in only one aspect. He uses the word oxygen instead what it actually is.
    Its called Prana in sanskrit and as holy spirit in chrisitianity and pretty much every religion you would find a mention for this force.

    Its the life force. The absence of circulation of Prana in the body is the cause of cancer. When the circulation is restored, cancer is treated. I see people getting treated for cancer via this method.

  68. Rembrandt_gg says:

    allah will punish you for believing in Mohammad, the incarnation of satan!!

  69. murtad malabari says:

    the militant hindu anger can be seen in your post. i know, you are really visiting sangh classes too much. cannot digest this truth? islam is hinduism. hinduism is a way of life which does not give peace to soul and body. leaving hinduism is a option so that you can really see what is wrong with your religion. moon god cult of shiva is the main reason world is facing. who is shiva? shiva is allah and allah is shiva. got ? giyf

  70. murtad malabari says:

    let me tell you- hinduism as a religion is not better either as hinduism is the originator of islam. islam is shiva worshipping cult formed by a issue(mahomet) born out of shiva. you must leave hinduism and hindutva as well for atheism or christianity.

  71. steadyfriend says:


    "Again in next few years Muslim population will grow India will be under holy Islam the religion of Allah"

    Slave, you know this is nonsense! In 2001, India's muslim population was 13%, in 2011, it was 14.4% and scientific projections suggest muslim population in 2030 to be around 16%.

    Besides by 2030, some of India's muslims would have adopted the far fairer system of Hinduism or belong to no faith, this is already happening but on a smaller scale right now. Also, there is a good chance of mass exodus of muslims from Islam by then, beginning with those in Iran.

  72. steadyfriend says:


  73. steadyfriend says:

    Because Islamists criticise non-muslim religious personalities all the time!

  74. steadyfriend says:


  75. Ankur says:

    Again before we meet at agniveer dot com just to wake you up are you claiming that all spiritually enhanced people have been birth brahmins!?
    People like you are the scourge of dharma who misundestand the scriptures and give hinduism a bad name.

  76. Ankur says:

    @continuum : your self professed views and support for birth based caste system and the analogies are hilarious if not abnoxious visit agniveer dot com lets debate it out there along with your misunderstandings of smiriti and shruti(if u hold any ground there)

  77. nocontrolfreaks says:

    dude bored reading what you have on medicine. I like to read about the fallacies of Islam, and do read across the Internet about religions, and don't discriminate. I hate them all, but more than that, I hate off track discussions on stupid stuff. Ali is onto a good thing here. Admittedly you too are a smart arse, but please let us read what we are here to read. If you're looking discredit Ali – I suggest you do it away from this forum. And Ali, we understand your analogies about diseases, when talking of Islam. You don't have to prove yourself to communist.

  78. i am a communist says:

    They mutate when they become threatened by external factors, such as by candida. Candida is harmless, in small quantities. It lives in all of us.

    agreed . candida is a commensal organism found on our mucosa and skin. but they can cause skin infections, can invade blood, and cause fungal abscess. it cannot cause cancer.

    But being a mold, it can grow and form large colonies when the body is poorly oxygenated.

    Dear esteemed doctor ali. for your kind information candida is an obligate aerobe, as most fungi.

    Candida is anaerobic.

    nothing can be farther from truth. it has a mitochondria as every other fungi and requires oxygen very much like you, me and the other person's cancer cell to live, grow and multiply.

    The cells lose their ability to retain oxygen when they are flooded with acid. These acids accumulate in cells when we eat foods that are acidic.

    that quack simon is a criminal who has made an asshole out of you all. cells , if lack oxygen simply die. they cannot mutate. there are various stimuli for the mutation but never lack of oxygen one among them. and acidic food cant change the ph of cells, let alone that of blood. we need to strictly maintain the pH ofour cells and blood , lest we die. even 7.1 pH is not compatible with life.

    So acidic food makes cells retain less oxygen, Less oxygen allows anaerobic organism such as bad bacteria and fungus to grow.

    what a fabulous theory dear ali!! you deserve 100 nobel prizes for this.!!

    // Candida, is a fungus and when it grows in large quantities it threatens the cell who mutates for self defense.

    candida is a fungus and has independent existence. its genome cannot invade a mammalian genome (for they are almost of equal size). so that is not biologically cannot threaten a cell into mutation.

    That is when you are diagnosed with cancer.

    ha ha ha. (courtesy: Sakat)

    The process is very simple and strait forward. As a doctor you can verify it. Next time you have a patient with cancer, put a sample of his cancerous tissue under the microscope and you will most likely see it is covered with candida. Candida is white.

    candida is white, calcium stone is white, cancer cells have calcium, so cancer is caused by calcium. is this theory acceptable dear.

    Candida is a mold and nothing can kill mold better than Sodium Bicarbonate. So make a solution of it and wash the cancerous tissue with this and you will see that candida dies.

    i do not know if a baking soda wash kills a mold, but there are better ways devised to kill candida. we routinely administer antifungals to cancer and other immunocompromised patients. but they are infected with fungi because they are immunocompromised but eradicating fungus will not blow away the cancer.

    Now this does not kill the cancerous cells, but it will stop its spread to other parts of the body.

    but it will kill the patient. definitely. soda bicarb will decrease the pH of blood precipitously and will have fatal effects.(do not try this at home ali!!!)

    If you alkalize the body with baking soda, you can slow down the spread of cancer and then you can remove it. Dr. Simoncini has cured over a thousand patients with just baking soda.
    if that istrue he might have got very famous. slaying Goliath with a pebble. but by the all informations he is on the run charged with manslaughter, and murder.

  79. Ankur says:

    yes indeed! let the pragmatics of the world unite.

  80. infidel/kafir says:

    anzzz, oye , Mo's follower , You are living in your own make believe world. A believing moslem will never speak good about other beliefs,particularly about HINDU DHARMA . Your moslem psyche is uniquely evil, cruel, wicked , filled with hatred, ill will,jealousy and animosity.You live in INDIA but still talk Lies and deception about HINDUS. You are dishonest. You know the history of INDIA. You know how ISLAM came to INDIA . You know who divided INDIA (Moslem monsters) , after unspeakable death, destruction brought on HINDUS, after 700 yrs rule , 80 million Hindus were slaughtered and so dark and cruel,evil,backward culture which does not belong in human civilization. First of all, you will immediately leave ISLAM knowing how stupid and how evil ISLAM, Mo was in history.

  81. aj7 says:

    When Ravindra Nath Tagore asked Jinnah that, if a Muslim country attacks India, what would you do? His answer was,"how can i fight my own brothers. I'm a Muslim first, then an Indian". Do you still believe that all Indian Muslims love India? i bet if there is a war between Pakistan and India, half of Indian Muslims would wish Pakistan to win the war. When owaisi gave that hate speech, I don't blame him for he is blind hatemonger, but there were thousands of other hatemongers in the audience who clapped and cheered his speech. that's the problem by brother. Forget just about Kashmir, majority of Indian Muslims wants sharia law in India. that's why Muslims have a personal law.

  82. infidel/kafir says:

    Oye commu-nist/ISLA-MIST:: This is from ex.communist: !! Similarly communists were/are responsible for the butchery of millions of innocent people. Because of their nobility, despite of all contradictions to communist tenets , communism is still in power in INDIA , You know in Europe , communism was run into the ocean by POPE-christian combination of lech walessa, solidarity. In ISLAM buried communism when communism confronted ISLAM in AFGHANISTAN, the poor communists not knowing the poisonous fangs of ISLAM , directly invaded afghanisatan . Now, the communists learned their lesson . It is even strange that you claim to be a communist/ISLAMIST combo . It is an oxymoron and an analogy. Atheism of communism and ISLAM will never mix . it is a deadly mix. Communism says that there is no God, But the Wicked, cruel ISLAM says that there is no GOD but GOD . I don't know the meaning of this kind of language , but it is oxymoron Mo is actually the boss of ALLAH . If you read QQUURRAN, SIRA and HADITHS, this will be clear. When truth is known, both ISLAM and communism will be consigned to the ash heap of history. You can be sure of it. As long as ISLAM or communism exists , humanity will not have peace, progress and prosperity . ISLAM is certainly not for human civilization. ISLAM is for demons and communists like you.!!

  83. infidel/kafir says:

    Oye , i am a communist — this is from ex.communist. Your horoscope is in my hand. As an ex.communist I fully know how your psyche is made up of. Now you are doubled as a communist and a moslem. This ,in itself is an oxymoron !!! impossible. communist means an atheist , no belief in God or any faith – dialectical materialism. Where as , as a moslem , you say there is no God but God !!!! I really don't understand this kind of language !!! ISLAM was /is responsible for slaughtering at least 270 million people ,since it was forced on people by that monster Mo , the pedo, the rapist, the killer, the liar, the lecher , the sex maniac, the slave owner and slavery perpetrator , a criminal of unsurpassable record , 1400 centuries back. Now the world is gaining truth about this monster through internet and openness and communication revolution. Hitherto this information was not available and moslems were/are always hiding truth and propagating lies. Now, their sins are exploded, including yours. You talk all evil, cruel, wicked coated with your savvy demeanor . underneath your skin is this monster – a combined ISLAMO-communist , fascist, bloodthirsty monster waiting to get your chance .

  84. Ali Sina says:

    Nothing is absolute. But yes eating right can keep defective genes dormant longer. I made the example of a person carrying diabetic or obesity gene. There is no dispute that if this person controls his diet, he cannot get fat or diabetic irrespective of genes. The same is true for almost all defective genes. If you have a family history of heart disease and high blood pressure, you can keep both under control simply by choosing the right food and avoiding the wrong food. In fact you can even reverse many illnesses that the orthodox medicine has failed to cure. This is not a theory, but a fact that can be observed in countless natural therapy clinics all over the world. The most famous and respected one is This institute has cured many cancer patients who were sent home to die because they did not respond to orthodox therapy. In fact by the time they go to this institute, it is often too late because chemotherapy has already destroyed their immune system.

    We don’t die only because of diseases. We die because our genes degenerate in the process of recopying themselves. But we can live a healthy life until we die of old age. We can also defeat death sometimes in this century, but that is another subject.

    Cancer is not similar to death. Yes cancer is caused because cells virtually become immortal, but this does not happen without any foreign cause. They mutate when they become threatened by external factors, such as by candida. Candida is harmless, in small quantities. It lives in all of us. But being a mold, it can grow and form large colonies when the body is poorly oxygenated. Candida is anaerobic. The cells lose their ability to retain oxygen when they are flooded with acid. These acids accumulate in cells when we eat foods that are acidic. So acidic food makes cells retain less oxygen, Less oxygen allows anaerobic organism such as bad bacteria and fungus to grow. Candida, is a fungus and when it grows in large quantities it threatens the cell who mutates for self defense. That is when you are diagnosed with cancer. The process is very simple and strait forward. As a doctor you can verify it. Next time you have a patient with cancer, put a sample of his cancerous tissue under the microscope and you will most likely see it is covered with candida. Candida is white.

    Candida is a mold and nothing can kill mold better than Sodium Bicarbonate. So make a solution of it and wash the cancerous tissue with this and you will see that candida dies. Now this does not kill the cancerous cells, but it will stop its spread to other parts of the body. If you alkalize the body with baking soda, you can slow down the spread of cancer and then you can remove it. Dr. Simoncini has cured over a thousand patients with just baking soda.

    Genes are not defining factors. They tell us about our propensity. If your genes say you are not going to be a tall person, you can’t become tall, but if you eat good food and exercise you can be taller. A good example are the Japanese. In just a few decades they have added to their average height more than 10 centimeters. Evolution cannot explain this gain in height in such a short time. Only diet is responsible for this gain in height. Auxologists (those who study the height of people) confirm that height is very much linked to the health and diet of the individual. The point is that you can’t change your genes but you are not at the mercy of them either. People should learn about their genes but it does not mean one will certainly suffer from the same illnesses that his parents suffered from.

  85. i am a communist says:

    i still stick to the fact that they are all moslems sir. but they are also poor, workers, peasants, and menial coolis. they have no say in the political realm. they are not represented anywhere in their house of people. and certainly not in india. their land is still being subjected to endless atrocities. people go missing all the time when the mercenary army stationed there comes searching for some person. womenfolks get threatened of rape, and mutilation, sometimes getting really subjected to. i agree that certain form of social institution like a government needs to be there albeit as interim for guaranteeing freedom. but when the government gets malignant and restricts the freedom of its members they have every right to dissociate from it and form their own. i am not bound by a notion called nation. it means nothing to me. that doesnot mean that no person needs to be guaranteed their rights. for a society to mature into another form these are certain things it will undergo, these forms of government being one among them. but people , the society's constituents are paramount. their rights need to be absolutely respected and preserved. that includes right to self determination. their right to choose the form of government, to associate or dissociate from one another. that is what they are demanding for. if kashmir is at peace with india why are anyone asking for secession. it is the people who are asking for it. dont you know that. havent you read any newspaper recently.?

  86. i am a communist says:

    dear ali. if your words are true then eating the right food can keep the defective genes dormant forever and you can live endlessly without death if you eat the right food. but that is not the case. cancer is a phenomenon similar to death. only thing is the cells aquire immortality and can replicate endlessly without any stimulus. i am not "blaming" it on genes. they are real. they make up what you are, and how you progress and perhaps how you die. ultimately cancer is alteration in genes that influence cell cycle and apoptosis(genes for suicide). unbelievable?? feel like some magic heh?? it is all science. dont believe me. go do some :"research" as you call it and then conclude. i am sure you will not understand any word of it. be the muslim basher you are and remain so. dont try to doctor out anyone. too dangerous for you or your "patients". these hindoos and christians and other folks.

  87. infidel/kafir says:

    To I am a communist ;;; From an EX> COMMUNIST : It is abundantly clear that you dont know what you write !!!! No wonder you are a ZOMBIE , follower of that Monster MO !!! Dont bother to waste time. INDIA is the oldest continuous civilization on this earth !!! It is because , SANATANA DHARMA ( HINDU DHARMA ) is the foundation of INDIAS existence and functioning. Eventhough I agree , that sonia must be deposed and in her place an authentic DHARMIC rule has to assume power , but I totally disgusted with your lies !! Mean time know the truth that ISLAM must be eradicated from human civilization. It is coming. PAKISTATAN , as an ISLAMCI country is a challenge to international community. SO , ISLAM and PAKISTAN, both must be eradicated . All of PAKISATAN and Bangladesh ( this is actually a HINDU SANSKRIT NAME) , the ill gotten lands of Moslems , stolen from Hindus, must be returned and all the Moslems must go to SODI BARBARIA to enjoy ISLAM and Mecca, the suicide bomber place . I dont want to waste more space by writing a response to you. You are not worth !!!! Note also that soon communism will be a history. Dont you know , that now no political party wants to be called as communist ? In Europe many communist parties are renamed as socialist parties. All the world's people are boiling against communism now and they want to destroy communism wherever it is .

  88. vijay says:

    do you know the difference between "controlling" and stopping ?

  89. Ali Sina says:

    The medical profession is no longer concerned about the health of people. It is a business to make money like any other business. You graduated as a doctor and were not told that constipation is the mother of all diseases. This says everything about the medical profession. Since last century providing health became the biggest money maker. It is all the question of demand and supply. There must be a demand for the industry to make profit. That is the philosophy that drives the medical profession and the pharmaceutical companies. This is the biggest industry in the world.

    I don’t blame you for not knowing about health and how to keep it. These are things they don’t teach doctors anymore. I blame you for your arrogance, for not wanting to learn new things, for being blindfolded.

    The truth is that we humans have the knowledge to live a healthy life if we change the way we live. The food we eat and our lifestyle poison our body. We eat dead food. Of course we get sick. But doctors have no clue why we get sick. They are only taught what pill is good for what disease. They are specialists in removing symptoms. They don’t know how to restore health.

    Everyone has defective dormant genes. After all we share the same gene pool. The defective genes are to a great extent responsible for diseases we suffer. However, what the medical books never teach doctors is that dormant genes can remain dormant if they are not triggered by toxins. Toxin is not a vague name as some doctors believe. (I read this in the link you provided, which only reveals the ignorance of the author) It is a generic name of any external element that can cause disease. They can be small molecules, peptides, or proteins capable of causing disease when interacting with biological macromolecules such as enzymes or cellular receptors.

  90. chuck says:

    @i am a communist.
    //i am an indian no more sir//
    That is already evident. I am sure when you were in India, even then you were not an Indian. But you certainly live in SOME country utilizing its resources, using its rules, norms and institutions to your and your families benefit, yet you say "i belong to no nation". Not exactly patriotic feelings I must say, in fact treacherous. No wonder you can only think of disintegration. And this is an inherent weakness of communism as is evident from many failed communist states.

    //so for the free people of kashmir…..freedom to all kashmiris and the land of kashmir.//
    Note the change from the 'Since they are majorly muslim' rhetoric. Also while these are seemingly great thoughts on paper you own statements about "having no country" goes against having their own country. A country is a framework of certain rules, norms, institutions, rights, duties etc. Freedom is a natural output of such a framework especially if the nation is a secular democratic republic that India certainly is. It might have internal issues with controls and mechanics but in theory the framework should work if all elements join their forces constructively. If a certain segment of Kashmiris aided much by Pakistan military tries to dissent against it, what guarantee is there that they will be content if Kashmir is made independent? For example what problems were solved by creating Pakistan or dividing Korea or the many eastern European nations?

  91. i am a communist says:

    i am an indian no more sir. then i found that i belong to no nation, for communists are not bound by these differences. we respect diversity, but not differences and inequality. so for the free people of kashmir – workers, peasants, and marginalized, be they moslems, hindoo or buddhists they need a free country. they have a right to claim and redeem their rights. freedom to all kashmiris and the land of kashmir.

  92. i am a communist says:

    thanks chuck. but it i not to show off my knowledge. any doctor or a graduate in medical school can do the same, perhaps better. the point is this person doesnt know a thing about medicine or cancer in particular and meddles in things which he cant handle. i am doing this just to call this person's bluff. get informed about cancer. we have found cure for many infectious diseases. eradicated some, controlled many, and know fully about almost all disease causing organisms. we are now having these modern epidemics, diabetes, cancers, cardiac ailments among others. some we know better than before, some not. but researches are on to know about these things better.
    but this is not the way. he meddles with things he doesnot know and cannot handle, appoints himself as the highest authority, as Mo did. he commits the same sin he accuses mo of. he advocates quackery as genuine medicine, babbles things like those utterences(fungus, anerobe, acidity, constipation ). injecting sodabicarb is dangerous. it can alter pH balance that too in toxic conditions like cancer and can precipitate imbalance and cause death.

    do not go by his advise. some of our near and dear ones might have cancer. they need better care. some of the cancers like "cancers of blood " are curable. some can be kept under control in many patients like breast cancer. few cannot be treated or nothing can be done upon them like glioblastoma(brain cancer). we need to accept things for what they are and try to prevent or do more research to find the truth about them. calling cancer a fungus is not going to make things better.

  93. vijay says:

    Are you aware of diverse versions of Holy Bible ? Have you ever read the Holy Bible of eastern orthodox Churches ? Are you are about the History of Jews in India ? St Thomas came to preach Christianity to the Indian Jews. He also went to the Parthian King Gondophares, who ruled the some northern parts of India. There is Syriac work called "Act of Thomas". Which includes and it is of early 3rd Century BC. For your info, i would like to tell you that mainstream churches like Roman Catholic did not support this work. It is mystical people with mystical meaning, which are driven from this work.….

    As there were Jews in South, there were Romans and Persians in North. Who also like Jews of South India, accepted Lord Jesus. If you read Rahul Sankrityayan, he talks about Sankara Advait in Russian Orthodox Churches. As per my opinion, Panenthiesm of Eastern Orthodox faith, is also related to St. Thomas.

    For fairy tale better read the work of some Indian author. Unlike the Asur area of Asyria, Christianity could not become majority in India. With the time of Islamic invasion, They were eliminated in Northern India, in the same way like Buddhists and Zoroastrians.

  94. infidel/kafir says:

    Oye , You are a true M0ohammad follower, how can you talk truth and how can you see truth ? and how can you think truth ? ISLAM does not belong in human civilization. You have to decide first to be a good human being, with truth, honesty, integrity, with all noble values of equality, equal laws, equality of justice to all, equality of gender, peace,love, freedom, democracy, pluralism , etc– but in ISLAM none of the above values are allowed and possible period. Dont even think of comparing Hindu dharma witrh ISLAM. You may do that as a moslem, but not as a good human being.

  95. infidel/kafir says:

    saint thomas story is a fairy tale . No such person ever came . It is all propaganda and misinformation .
    There is some truth in other areas where Christianity has mastered how to hoodwink, deceive, lure and falsify to entice all poor,illiterate, ignorant, remote and gullible and innocent people to christianity, using the men,money power, resources and backing from church !!!!! One day all the sins of church will explode .

  96. anzzz says:

    yea bt not even shabeer will say to give up kashmir,,ask him his views on this,,no indian would ever say dat,,its very sad dat u feel sm1 who argues kashmir is not part of india could be an indian,,i am an indian muslim,,n i hv nt met a single person in my community who has good opn about the illiterete pakistan,,,but yes ,,i hav heard stories of hindus who beleive we r with pakistanis,,dats very sad,,give up this hatred people,,we are more loyal to india than u are,,n yes i also agree dat sm muslim political parties support terorrism,,but the same is done by hindu parties,,,

  97. ambardarlane says:

    I am a Kashmiri Pundit (Hindu) and I lived in Kashmir till Our properties were forcibly taken away by Muslims and made us Flee at night times under the curtain shade of democracy in the year 1990.
    I do agree muslims are not a trusted species and if your aim is truth and logic,they would use every source from islamic lie bucket to convince you thus convert you.
    I like your style of explaining as it is the bottom line style which is hard for some to swallow but this is the truth. I do think kashmir is a parasite on Indian economy and there is a notion in kashmir that if you are a muslim then you got to be a paki!

  98. I-HATE-ISLAM says:

    i am a communist
    Islam and communism have always warmed the same bed together. When a communist says he hates religion,what he really means is hatred for all religions except islam. Both Marx and Engels expressed admiration for islam just as Hitler did. In communist Russia when places of worship were destroyed and the worshipers killed or transported to the gulags islam and muslims were not affected. Aliyev and Nazabayev, both of them muslims, were high ranking memebers of the Soviet Communist party. The dictators, who used islam to suppress the minorities in the middle east, were regular pilgrims to Moscow and not a word of condemnation was uttered to them. If communism had persisted every religion would have perished away except islam. Freedom of conscience, association and belief are fundamental human rights. The exceptions to this rule can only be found under communism and muhammadanism. You do not care about people. Like every communist, you only care about how to get to power and cement yourself there. If anything breeds ignorance, it is communism because it denies people the right to alternative views. The same applies to islam. I have always known that you are a muhammadan that is why you are excited about 'islam being the fastest growing religion' without looking at the factors. As an example, last year the BBC online reported how an amputee living in Muscat on the benevolence of Qatar Airways had the ambition of fathering 100 children by the end of 2013. As at the time, he was expecting the 93rd child. Such is the situation which islam and communism encourage so that people will remain forever in ignorance without alternative views to their preconceived ideas.
    If the ignorant muslim blames everything on Allah, the ignorant and lazy communist blames his failure on his scapegoat called 'capitalist'. Islam and communism have too much in common.

  99. Ankur says:

    Nice Story!!

  100. infidel/kafir says:

    OYE Murtad MALABARI _ MONSTER – What a rant of poison from your ABRAHAMIC religious mouth !!! You are a bye-product of ISLAM !!! truly . Law of karma will come back to you. How can you hold all that poison in your heart and mind. You have to write your own religion – just like the monster MO DID !!! Give fatwas, Wage JIHADS , and destroy everything and kill one and all !!!
    By the way , you are the new and last prophet OF NEW ISLAM !!!

  101. denialisnoproof says:

    common islamoretardic behaviours.
    having sex with small children , having sex with dead body. etc etc

  102. denialisnoproof says:

    muslamic idiot . since you are a mohammadan you are always trying to find muhammad and child sex and sex slaves in other books. hahaha
    you are piece of menstrual waste

  103. denialisnoproof says:

    choothiye .
    smrithi is only smriti it is record of what happened but not the law. so shut the eff up.
    and go wipe your buttocks with quranic verses.

  104. denialisnoproof says:

    yeah you got your punishment and you will get more.
    if you interfere with our matter we will punish you like gubald guru and also bastard kasab

  105. Ali Sina says:

    “I don’t know why commies and muzzies get along very well.”

    They are united in their common hatred of freedom. But Muslims will kill the communists first when they come to power. Ask Iranian communists.

  106. denialisnoproof says:

    I don't know why commies and muzzies get along very well.

  107. chuck says:

    dear @i am a communist,
    I know it is the Declaration of Independence. Its use here is rather foolish and childish. Foolish because the context of American Independence doesn't apply on Kashmir. Childish because rather like a child you are painting everything in black and white and using propaganda. Now coming to Kashmir:
    //it was never a part of india. india as they call it now//
    But for a brief period between 15th August and 15th October 1947 it was legally within the territorial confines of India then, now and before. And in between that period it was an independent state under attack of the Pakistani supported kabaliyas. So the legal position is absolutely in favour of India.

    // it is populated by a muslim majority//
    It 'is' doesn't mean it always was. India is a declared secular state so a state being muslim majority adds onto nothing. Before around 1600 Kashmir was majorly Hindu and it was under Sikh and then Dogra rule for about 130 odd years. So Kashmir's been historically India (if you want to ascribe muslim-hood to non-indianness, which is a silly point anyway).

    //do you know it was sheik abdullah, the minister to the then king of kashmir//
    You know nothing. Abdullah was urging for an independent Kashmir against the rule of Hari Singh. He was never part of the King's office. In fact he was in prison when the war started!! He was the CM of the state AFTER the interim government was formed. A few books on the dispute will serve you better.

    //so it was not the people who were willing for the union but the king and his Bureaucrats.//
    When a political decision is taken the general people are not consulted. Were the millions of displaced hindus and sikhs and muslims consulted before the decision of partition taken? However once a decision is taken people showed their intent by crossing over or staying back. Those Hindus who stayed in BanPak stayed back because AT LEAST IMPLICITLY they wanted to be within that land DESPITE knowing the basis of partition. It equally applies to the muslims of Kashmir. By staying back they tacitly approved their dwelling within a secular setup. Their primary leader, Abdullah and sons, fought and won elections under the aegis of Indian government and got into a pact first with Nehru and then with Indira. So their political leadership had been pro-Indian too.

    //now they have hanged an innocent soul.//
    Innocent? Do you have any proof for such a claim? He was tried and found guilty under a series of courts of Law. Unless you have a proof to the contrary we have to assume that those were fair trials.

    //it is better that kashmir secedes now from india. that will awaken other nation states now residing with india in an unholy marriage and will get out of it.//
    It is better that India can get rid of leeches like you. But then I forget you are a communist so a leech by default!! Perhaps working in a developed capitalist country earning bucketful of money and cheering communism not unlike (some of) the American muslims.

  108. i am a communist says:

    dear chuck. that is an excerpt from The Declaration of Independence, by the founding fathers of united states. it applies very much to the state of Kashmir. it was never a part of india. india as they call it now. if you trace the history of kashmir, it is populated by a muslim majority. they were peasants, workers, and laborers. the pandit bramans were rich, living as parasites on the blood and toils of muslims. then came the partition. do you know it was sheik abdullah, the minister to the then king of kashmir, who advised its union with the newly formed india with conditions? pandits opposedit because they were not sure about the new constitution india will have, or how they will be treated. unheeding their advise, the king signed the annexure act. so it was not the people who were willing for the union but the king and his Bureaucrats. they were never given an oppurtunity to express themselves. it was mandated by un for a consensus. if you call for one no one will be with india. india has no business there. india is an aggressor in the land of kashmir.

    all the happenings and situations that had happened in 1776, is happening with kashmir for a long time. from 1990 till date. now they have hanged an innocent soul.

    it is better that kashmir secedes now from india. that will awaken other nation states now residing with india in an unholy marriage and will get out of it.

  109. chuck says:

    Rather foolish monologue and pretty childish too!!

  110. chuck says:

    I am quite certain he is an Indian just like Shabeer.

  111. anzzz says:

    may be slave of prophet is a pakistani trying to make problems in india b/w hindus n muslims

  112. i am a communist says:

    He is at this time transporting large Armies of foreign Mercenaries to compleat the works of death, desolation and tyranny, already begun with circumstances of Cruelty and perfidy scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous ages, and totally unworthy the Head of a civilized nation.

    He has constrained our fellow Citizens taken Captive on the high Seas to bear Arms against their Country, to become the executioners of their friends and Brethren, or to fall themselves by their Hands.

    He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.

    In every stage of these Oppressions we have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.

    change the King into India and it fits in like hand in a surgical glove. it had caused endless sufferings in all its colonies, Kashmir, far eastern states, tamil nad among others. old english colonialists have transferred the power to rule this place into the hands of hindi speaking brahman- bania capitalists and politicians.

    it is the right time to declare independence and unshakle themselves from this indian tyrant, and redeem their freedom. what can be a better time than this, the times of Sonia, Manmahon, and indian Congress. They all might become famous in history as King George III.

  113. i am a communist says:

    dear sir. what i suggest is to disintegrate india into several nations which are at present suppressed by hindi speaking Brahman-banya capitalists and politicians like Ambani and Sonia . . . it is their right to get disentangled from this Hell called India, Kashmir will soon get independent. Have you read Declaration of Independence?? will quote from it freely now..

    When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. . .

    . . . Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new guards for their future security — Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. — The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let facts be submitted to a candid world. . . .

    . . . He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.

    He has forbidden his Governors to pass Laws of immediate and pressing importance, unless suspended in their operation till his Assent should be obtained; and when so suspended, he has utterly neglected to attend to them.

    He has refused to pass other Laws for the accommodation of large districts of people, unless those people would relinquish the right of Representation in the Legislature, a right inestimable to them and formidable to tyrants only.

    He has called together legislative bodies at places unusual, uncomfortable, and distant from the depository of their Public Records, for the sole purpose of fatiguing them into compliance with his measures.

    He has dissolved Representative Houses repeatedly, for opposing with manly firmness his invasions on the rights of the people.

    He has refused for a long time, after such dissolutions, to cause others to be elected; whereby the Legislative Powers, incapable of Annihilation, have returned to the People at large for their exercise; the State remaining in the mean time exposed to all the dangers of invasion from without, and convulsions within.

    He has endeavoured to prevent the population of these States; for that purpose obstructing the Laws for Naturalization of Foreigners; refusing to pass others to encourage their migrations hither, and raising the conditions of new Appropriations of Lands.

    He has obstructed the Administration of Justice, by refusing his Assent to Laws for establishing Judiciary Powers.

    He has made Judges dependent on his Will alone, for the tenure of their offices, and the amount and payment of their salaries.

    He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our People, and eat out their substance.

    He has kept among us, in times of peace, Standing Armies without the Consent of our legislatures.

    He has affected to render the Military independent of and superior to the Civil Power.

    He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation:

    For Quartering large bodies of armed troops among us:

    For protecting them, by a mock Trial, from Punishment for any Murders which they should commit on the Inhabitants of these States:

    For cutting off our Trade with all parts of the world:

    For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent:

    For depriving us in many cases, of the benefits of Trial by Jury:

    For transporting us beyond seas to be tried for pretended offences:

    For abolishing the free system of English Laws in a neighbouring Province, establishing therein an Arbitrary government, and enlarging its Boundaries so as to render it at once an example and fit instrument for introducing the same absolute rule into these Colonies:

    For taking away our Charters, abolishing our most valuable Laws, and altering fundamentally the forms of our Governments:
    For suspending our own Legislature, and declaring themselves invested with power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever.
    He has abdicated Government here, by declaring us out of his Protection and waging War against us.
    He has plundered our seas, ravaged our Coasts, burnt our towns, and destroyed the lives of our people.


  114. chuck says:

    Are you saying that Salafist are the only Muslim? It is totally legal from a general muslim perspective. And a Salafist position hardly matters since it is very much practiced. And even leaving aside Misyar, the Gulf countries are the biggest promoters of human trafficking.

  115. shabeer says:


  116. murtad malabari says:

    kashmir will become the hotbed centre point of islamic terrorism if we(Indians) gave up. we have the moral duty to eliminate islam from kashmir. btw, I see islam as a gift hinduism gave to planet earth. islam is shiva's cult a shaivic cult. shiva is the centre of negative energy(moon god) and allah is shiva. hindus are eager to club christianity with this moon god cult of islam as their north indian hindu terror wings are worried of the converts to christianity who also mostly successful in leaving the shackles of caste system,poverty and better education opportunity.

    islam is not abrahamic religion and it only have some corrupted bible/torah elements in it. that doesn't make it abrahamic. abrahamic religions are strictly Judaism and neo-judaism(christianity). make people aware of these please!
    Hindus are as militant as are Islamics! North Indian Hindus to be precise. these people are vegan yet they don't mind slaughter Christians or muslims or any one. their religion is also something to study. it doesnot offer inner peace, but it believes on karma.
    I can see many Hindu terrorists here who are excited about anti-Islamic reading. but, believe me you hindus- islam is shaivism. buddism,jainism,sikhism and islam are "Dharmic religions" . can you digest militant hindu? @Ali Sina: please look for "Golwalker" who wants to enslave minorities as dhimmis(similar to) and who invented Two Nation Theory.

  117. Rup says:

    Whyin the same line, Muslims of other Indian States leave India and join in Pakistan? remember, Sindhi Hindus left pakistan minus Sindh Land and Kashmiri Muslims are free to go to Pakistan but never with Kashmir Land just like Sindhi Hindus came to India without Sindhi Land.

  118. Rup says:

    Not only this, but non Kashmiris can not participate in Kashmir State Assembly Election even though they can participate Parliament election.

  119. i am a communist says:

    dear islam hater. in my views capitalism is a bigger threat there than any other principle. it is the root cause of all these madness. all these religions would have perished away, but for capitalism. it needs oil to run itself, these sheiks own it, which is rightfully the property of the people of the region. so to keep them silenced they wield this weapon called islam. it is funded by the great capital hegmonist, united states of america.

    i care a hoot about Allah and mo. what i care more is people. this ali is another conman for capitalism. they are ignorant because they are kept ignorant. only an awakening against capitalism will unshakle them from this yoke of capitalism. till then he may start a blog on islam, food medicine, fungus of your brain, or phlegm from his nose. it will just entertain persons. it wont uprooot any religion. dear. it is real. islam is the fastest growing religion. people need something which will glue them together. but that is because of ignorance. and capitalism needs persons to be ignorant. give them some affim, and they will stay there. they wont oppose you. you can always blame it on Allah

  120. i am a communist says:

    I may talk about candida, a fungus in our body and its role in the growth of cancer cells in another post. If I had time, I would start another blog for those interested, but I would like to stick to Islam.

    in olden times when they get bored they call some madman to entertain themselves with his antiques. yes ali. we look forward fora great entertainment. you are already a great entertainer. start that blog soon. of your herbal sciences and food medicine. after a day long squeezing work we need to be entertained.

  121. Awlicuttai says:

    You are wrong for God's work has to keep with modern discoveries and to warn the wrong doers. Yes, the dead can come to speak via spirit medium or other human receptive to them. You find thousands of cases in Youtube n the internet. Religions should not be stuck to obsolete doctrines to progress. Agreed ?

  122. Ankur says:

    @Ali sina : the word "caste" is a Portuguese concept and has no parallel in vedic way of was imposed and impregnated by the British into the Indian way of life. the actual concept (not word) is "varna" which has no equivalent in any other language.
    Varna was decided in the gurukul (age 8 -25 )by the guru ( the Indian education system that was systematically destroyed by the British). when there were no gurukuls left, the ill consequence was the birth based cased system, as there was no one left to decide the attributes of an individual child.
    Varna system was always based on merit in contrast to the Portuguese concept of casta.
    There have been thousand of scenarios where there have been movement between the "varna"
    one example being that of "Valmiki"(one who wrote the epic Ramayana) who was a shudra and he became a Brahmin.
    There is no other theology in the word that has been as misquoted, mistranslated and misrepresented,mauled and gagged as that of the veda originating from Bharat (India).
    कृण्वन्तो विश्व अर्यम् (let the whole world be noble)
    agniveer dot com

  123. Ankur says:

    @Ali Sina : lets not get into the semantics here
    when you say that "believing in a messiah and wanting to save mankind through him is not fascism"
    you are inherently enforcing the idea that Only one is right and rest all are doomed, that too with out know that for sure.
    There is no direct relation between Jesus and the gospel, as the gospel is not written by Jesus.Jesus might have been a great person but there have been thousands like him(in india) built by imbibing (not following) the Vedas.
    The idea that spiritual elevation can happen only and only from within is the crux of the Vedic life system. and it works every time as its reproducible. Can you say that anyone can become Jesus?
    No. because Christianity today is history centric theology pegged to a sequence of events the happened in the past.
    agniveer dot com to know the truth about the vedic concepts.

  124. chuck says:

    //where is the word by word meaning? //
    You are simply escaping what has already been proven using your OWN translations:-). First you agree to the following (in the order these have been discussed):
    1. You were wrong in claiming that Quran says the ruling of 1:2 for women witness because they mensurate: They mensurate only about 50 days in a year.
    2. The above proves that you have no other defence for the 1:2 ruling from Quran and Quran is DEFINITELY mysogynist at least in this respect.
    3. If Jesus and Muhamad and all dead men are in Barzakh, then none of your prophet is in Jannah yet.
    4. You don't know whether the End of Day is in finite time from now or infinite.

    5. Stri CAN mean wife in Yagnavalkasmrithi 2:70,71 and in that case it is perfectly in agreement with modern laws of civilized countries that wife can't be a witness for the accused in ordinary circumstances.
    6. That Manu 8:77 isn't saying women has no right to witness but only weighing in favour of a pure man's in the case of conflict, case in point read through 8:61 to 8:72. I agree it is mysogynist.
    7. Mahabharat isn't asking people to keep 1000 sex slaves. The verses doesn't even refer to sex. It is describing a marriage and servants being given.
    8. That Ashwamedh was a sacrificial ritual (even if we overlook any allegorical translations) not a direction for sex with a horse.
    9. That you mis-quoted RV 10:10:11 in alleging that it promotes sibling sex, while RV 10:10:12-14 completes smashes your illusion.
    10. SYV 21:60 isn't promoting sex with animals but describing a sacrifical ritual, at best, with no description of anything sexual.
    11. That Manu 9:104 doesn't indicate no inheritence for women since 9:118 clearly states otherwise.
    12. RV 10:18:7 isn't saying women have no right to live after husband dies when 10:18:8 clearly says "Rise, come unto the world of life, O woman…". In fact these were precisely what Raja Ram Mohan used for abolishing Sati and 10:18:9 was used by Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar to seek widow remarriage!!
    13 that Manu 5:157/158 is not referring to child marriage

    So far I don't have a need to give any word-to-word meaning, because you aren't able to go past any of the clarifications already given.

  125. Vicky Sedani says:

    Mr Slave read the response of Ali in the article. There is only one difference between human being and animals. Intellect. However, accepting and surrendering to some book or some one also amounts to closing of doors of head leading to lack of intellectual and rationale thinking. Believe in Allah and not in d manipulated writings of a messenger.

  126. chuck says:

    Doesn't matter. And anyway even the Wahabis consider it legal. To quote from the same article:
    Professor Yusuf Al-Qaradawi observes that he does not promote this type of marriage, although he has to recognise that it is legal, since it fulfills all the requirements of the usual marriage contract.
    Also in the same article, criticism section: However, in a number of Gulf States essentially, misyar marriage is accepted by the community and is usually arranged privately through a notary with no publicity.

    Just as I said, the Gulf countries are the biggest menace as far as promoting human trafficking and sexual crimes is concerned. And they have their religion backing them.

    Fact remains a lot of Sheikhs come to India for one night stands with complete blessings of Islam. Off-course you can't deny it. And this is equivalent to promoting prostitution!! The point of discussion was the social issue of sexual crimes in India.

  127. Joe says:

    Keep us posted,

    the numbers are 10,000 people at $1,000 is $10m

    the passion of Christ netted Gibson over a Billion dollars, just in box office takings.. that would be a 10x time return. Not that i care, i am happy to have tried save people from this slavery and cancer we have in the world.. the return would be a bonus… which is of how much return.. 🙂

    the story that has to be told .. can not wait.. please make sure the references are included so there can never be a question of how true this is…

  128. vijay says:

    Better is put own house in order first. There are a great lot of Hindus, who fight to change their text and system. Problem is with Jingoist Muslims, who close the eyes, for evil things done by Muslim. Why has not red light area banned in Pakistan ? what Taliban's doing? visiting there? Sometimes married Muslims women also tend to cross the limit.

  129. vijay says:

    Congress Govt. Rumba Ketta. R Gandhi Pandri Makka! Macha!

  130. vijay says:

    Some protestants were doing drama, telling that Last prophet of Islam is in hell. [youtube kiL4ClvshN0 youtube] Such things actually go against Christianity. A person can be in Holy Ghost and speak truth. How can a person bring some mortal dead in own body and speak ? Communication with dead spirit is not the work of Christian but an occultists. As per Jehovah witness, this is plan of Lucifer and he only sends satanic spirits to behave like dead. Correct me if I am wrong.

  131. shabeer says:

    Devadasis Religious duties:



    In Hinduism, a devadasi (Sanskrit: servant of deva or devi (god)) is a girl “married” to a deity and dedicated to worship and service of the deity or a temple for the rest of her life. Originally, in addition to taking care of the temple and performing rituals, these women learned and practiced Sadir (Bharatanatya), Odissi and other classical Indian artistic traditions and enjoyed a high social status as dance and music were essential part of temple worship.

    Devadasis performed various duties as part of the temple deity's worship. The exact nature of these duties varies with region. According to rules concerning temple worship (Agamas), dance and music are necessary ingredients of daily puja of deties in temples. These religious duties are uncontested and are a widely celebrated part of the life of the devadasi temple servant. These variations are described later in this section.

  132. shabeer says:

    Will it be possible to eliminate extra-marital relationships through
    the punishments prescribed in the Qruan ?
    It is not just penal laws that find mention in the Qur'an. In fact,
    Islam views the recourse to penal law only as a last resort. The Qur'an
    teaches that all circumstances which can lead to extra-marital sexual
    affairs must first be removed. All laws and regulations for that purpose
    are provided by the Qur'an. They can be summarized as follows:
    One : Men and women are to dress decently. As sight constitutes
    the prime motivation of the sexual impulse in man, women are not to
    dress in such a fashion as to display their beauty.
    Two : There should be nothing in society which is of a sexually
    provocative nature. Indeed, in an Islamic society caberrets, dances,
    beauty contests, ballets and the like are never permitted.
    Three : The unrestricted mingling of the sexes, which ultimately
    leads to adultery, must be prevented.
    Four : The use of sex as a profession must be completely
    banned. For in an Islamic society, prostitutes, call-girls, sex-bombs,
    nude models and the like are an impossibility.
    Five: Men and women (excepting for the husband or any relative
    with whom marriage has been prohibited ) are not to travel together.
    Six :Men and women are not to converse freely except in the
    presence of another person.
    Seven: Unless they have become mates through the institution
    of marriage, men and women are not to gaze at each other with lewed
    Eight : They are not to speak, or flirt, in a manner that evokes lust.
    Nine : If a man comes with the offer of marriage, the guardians
    of the woman must come forward to offer her in marriage to him if he
    is seen to be of a suitable person.
    Ten : In the case of the men who cannot find contentment in a
    single woman, there is also the provisions – albeit, a conditional one –
    to marry more than one woman.
    Firstly, the Qur'an seeks to remove all situations which serve to
    inflame sexual passions and to promote crime of adultery. Secondly, it
    provides for an open permission for the fulfillment of desires through
    recourse to a lawful procedure. Even after this, those who opt for
    illegal means for the fulfillment of their desires actually destroy the
    moral fabric of society as well as the family. Islam’s prescription here
    is to award severe punishments in such cases.
    Circumstances play not an insignificant role in tempting man to
    commit sin. In actual terms, therefore, due to the transformation of
    the media and the market into the promoters of sexual provocation
    and the current stand of the society in seeing in extra-marital
    relationships nothing of a sinful nature, the attacks against women
    have only risen to alarming heights. Take the case of Kerala itself. If
    the number of reported cases of rape in Kerala in 1997 was 193, 266
    in 1995 and 399 in 1996, it rose to 588 in 1997. A 121.05 percent
    increase in just two years! By the month of October’98, 461 cases of
    rape were reported. (Courtesy: Mathrubhumi Weekly, 24.05.1999).
    What could be the reason for this ? The shift in the position of the
    society as regards to extra-marital affairs and the exploitation of
    feminine charms by the media and the market have played out not a
    small part of their own in dontributing to the riseof atrocities against
    wemen. If such a state of affairs is to continue, even women who lead
    decent lives will not be allowed to go about in peace in Kerala.
    This situation cannot exist in an Islamic society. For there can
    be no instance wherein women cannot live free of the fear of losing
    their chastity. Indeed, in the time of the Prophet very few people,
    whose number could be virtually counted by the fingers of one’s hands,
    were punished for adultery. So was it during the reign of the Caliphs.
    Although thesway of the media and the influence of western culture
    have all served to create much decadence, the low rate of crime even
    today in countries where the Qur'anic penal laws are implemented
    highlights its practicability through all ages.

  133. shabeer says:


    Sex is a divine gift. Its foremost function amongst living creature
    is reproduction. It is also true that in the case of man, besides
    reproduction, his mental health, shappiness of family life , peacefull
    social life : all are linked to sexuality. In availing of a sexual behaviour
    that is not in keeping with the divine guidelines, the mental health of
    the individual, solidarity of the family and social structure will be
    adversely affected. Moreover, such extra-marital relations will lead
    to the affliction by sexually transmitted diseases which will eventually
    end in the degeneration of society. Indeed, those who have learned of
    this through experience have been the very people who claim for
    themselves the status of being the spokespersons of modern civilisation.
    Islam teaches that if two individuals are to have sexual relations
    with each other they are to do so only through the contract of marriage.
    Apart from that all other relations are bound to create problems and
    damage. It will also destroy the very fabric of all values in society. It
    will cast the seeds of suspicion within one’s marital life. Such suspicion
    will then create cracks within the rapport between hearts. It disrupts
    family relations – it will even gravely affect the mental health of future
    The statistics related to this subject in Kerala, which is currently
    moving ahead with the acceptance of western values, will frighten
    any with a sense of moral consciousness. For instance, at least three
    hundred people report atthe Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology in
    Trivandrum every month to verify through DNA whether they
    themselves are indeed the fathers of the infants borne by their wives.
    (Mathrubhumi Weekly, 31.01.99) What does this reveal? The number
    of spouses who distruct each other is on the increase. What is the
    reason for this? The answer is given by Mathrubhumi itself: “30
    percent of the men and 18 percent of the women who participated in
    the survey confessed that they indulge in extra-marital affairs.”
    This is the state of Keralite society which boasts of great and
    lasting moral traditions. As for the state of western societies, it is even
    worse. The greatest social problem there continues to be the girls who
    become pregnant at a very tender age. Another important issue with
    which the government continues to grapple is the problem of illegitimate
    children. However the situation there is such that these issues are not
    considered as problematic at all. Social scientists, however, warn that
    such violations of behavioural norms lead to the collapse of the institution
    of the family and consequently create social problems of a grave nature
    which will, in the long run, end in the total chaos and destruction of the
    western world.
    Islam has never envisioned such a society. Islam has striven for
    the creation of a society wherein a peaceful family environment and
    marital relationship prevails.
    To that end, Islam considers that all sexual relations outside of
    wedlock are to be prohibited. For that reason the Qur'an recommends
    strict penal laws which serve to eliminate such sexual relations.
    Conceding the fact that the sexual impulse is, indeed, one of the most
    powerful of instincts, it is necessary, nevertheless, to check man, in
    the exercise of that impulse, with equally compelling measures. Indeed,
    herein lies the great relevance of the punishments in the Qur'an.

  134. shabeer says:

    the same link contained the replay for Nikah_Misyar …………………plz read it


    Islamic scholars like Ibn Uthaimeen or Al-Albani claim, for their part, that misyar marriage may be legal, but not moral. They agree that the wife can at any time, reclaim the rights which she gave up at the time of contract.[9] But, they are opposed to this type of marriage on the grounds that it contradicts the spirit of the Islamic law of marriage and that it has perverse effects on the woman, the family and the community in general.
    For Al-Albani, misyar marriage may even be considered as illicit, because it runs counter to the objectives and the spirit of marriage in Islam, as described in this verse from the Quran :
    “And among His Signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that ye may dwell in tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts)…”[10]
    Al-Albani also underlines the social problems which result from the “misyar” marriage, particularly in the event that children are born from this union. The children raised by their mother in a home from which the father is always absent, without reason, may suffer difficulties.[11] The situation becomes even worse if the wife is abandoned or repudiated by her husband "misyar", with no means of subsistence, as usually happens.
    "Shaykh Ibn Baaz (may Allaah have mercy on him) was asked about Misyaar marriage; this kind of marriage is where the man marries a second, third or fourth wife, and the wife is in a situation that compels her to stay with her parents or one of them in her own house, and the husband goes to her at various times depending on the circumstances of both. What is the Islamic ruling on this type of marriage?
    He replied:
    "There is nothing wrong with that if the marriage contract fulfills all the conditions set out by sharee’ah, which is the presence of the wali and the consent of both partners, and the presence of two witnesses of good character to the drawing up of the contract, and both partners being free of any impediments, because of the general meaning of the words of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him): “The conditions that are most deserving of being fulfilled are those by means of which intimacy becomes permissible for you” and “The Muslims are bound by their conditions.” If the partners agree that the woman will stay with her family or that her share of the husband’s time will be during the day and not during the night, or on certain days or certain nights, there is nothing wrong with that, so long as the marriage is announced and not hidden."[12]

    Shaykh al-Albaani was asked about Misyaar marriage and he disallowed it for two reasons:
    1) That the purpose of marriage is repose as Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “And among His Signs is this, that He created for you wives from among yourselves, that you may find repose in them, and He has put between you affection and mercy. Verily, in that are indeed signs for a people who reflect” [al-Room 30:21]. But this is not achieved in this kind of marriage. 2) It may be decreed that the husband has children with this woman, but because he is far away from her and rarely comes to her, that will be negatively reflected in his children’s upbringing and attitude.[13]


  135. shabeer says:

    where is the word by word meaning?

  136. Slave of Prophet says:

    @Ali Sina & stooges Vijay, Chuck, denialproof, serpent, saket, kaffir, all other
    Even Allah can not make you understand anything. I pray to Allah to send me in heaven nearby hell from where I can see from window of heaven severe and eternal punishment given to Ali Sina & his stooges in hell fire. It will give me eternal peace. How nice will be the scene when Allah will burn skin of Ali Sina & stooges again and again by regrowing it.

  137. Ali says:

    Dear slave, continue to be stupid slave. I was a muslim for 44 yeArs and dumped the religion 1year ago because i realised how beutiful life is without islam. I dont have to be a slave scumbag like you.

  138. Sixface says:

    This is a political issue. I respect Ali Sina's thought in respect of region only. Even though I am a Hind I accept that there are people in and around India suffers becase of Congress lead government. These people are Kasmiris in between India and Pakisthan, Tamils in between India and Sri Lanka. Assamees in between India and China, Singhs in between India and Pakistan. All the suffering are for political rights. The most disadvantaged people are Tamils. They are living in more than 5 countries largely in India about 7 crore. But they continued to suffer due to the face off between India and Pakistan. At the same time even though Kashmiris suffers like Tamil Pakistan support as a Muslim Country but Tamils even thought largely Hindus India not supported but allowed to die. Ali Sinas argument against the Muslim religion is not acceptable in respect of Kashmir.

  139. Serpent says:

    Stephen Hwakings is paralyzed physically, not mentally…that is not the crux of the argument. Do you even get my point?"

    That's why I said menatlly disabled are the exception.

  140. continuum says:

    The caste system in Hinduism is not comparable to the classes we have elsewhere. I see no problem in having classes. I see problem in having class prejudice. That is the difference between class and caste. When the son of a pandit is doomed to be a pandt, that is caste system.

    Ali Sina (assuming you are really Ali Sina), so you do not find anything wrong in having gradation and inequality as you accept class system based on one's ability.

    Some are born rich, some poor. Based on availability of resources (not only wealth, but health, education, environment etc.) some become rich and/or educated and/or inventor etc. or stay poor and/or murderer etc. Some due to birth defects (mental and/or physical) stay in lower class. Natures existence is based on gradation and inequality. What Hinduism teaches is this truth of existence.

    Why do you then oppose caste system of Hinduism when you accept gradation in society? What if son of a pandit has to become a pandit?

    It does not matter who called this caste. The system is part and parcel of Hinduism and unless this disease is not addressed soon and is not removed forcefully and decisively Hindus will inevitably find other faiths more attractive and will defect.

    You or others (including Hindus) may not accept theories of Hinduism on reincarnation etc. but this does not necessarily mean that Hindu caste system is disease. The real disease is your ignorant imagination. Gradation and inequality are NOT necessarily be something bad. Its the nature of things in existence. What Hinduism prescribes is methodical process for spiritual and material growth of individuals. If one follows it right he/she will prosper physically, mentally and spiritually. If not, they are bound to suffer.

    Just as some people cannot become educated and rich due to physical/mental deformation, some are not capable of becoming pundits in this birth. Just as you cannot blame Hinduism for mental/physical inability of individuals, you cannot blame Hinduism for being born with certain capacities.

  141. vijay says:

    This shabeer may not be the same as other shabir?

  142. shabeer says:

    $$all sorts of social ills violations of human rights abuse of women, discrimination against minorities,……….

    otal crimes (most recent) by country


    #1 United States:11,877,218
    # 2 United Kingdom:6,523,706
    # 3 Germany:6,507,394
    #4 France:3,771,850
    #5 Russia:2,952,370
    #6 Japan:2,853,739
    #7 South Africa:2,683,849
    #8 Canada:2,516,918
    #9 Italy:2,231,550
    #10 India:1,764,630
    UN Rape Statistics:

    1 United States of America93883
    2 Australia 18237
    3 United Kingdom 13272
    4 France 10408
    5 Germany8766
    6 Russian Federation8185
    Child sex tourism :

    Thailand : 40% of prostitutes are child in Thailand
    Northern Italy: 40% of prostitution affects minors.
    Cambodia: 1/3 of prostitutes are child
    India : 1.2 million child prostitutes
    Brazil: 1.2 million child prostitutes
    United States: Between 244,000 to 325,000 child prostitutes.
    China: It is estimated that there are between 200,000 and 500,000 child prostitutes.
    Mexico:16,000 children in Mexico were involved in prostitution
    Sri Lanka, there are nearly 40,000 child prostitutes
    In the Philippines, there are 60,000 to 100,000 prostituted children
    In Nepal approximately 30% of them were found to be children.
    in Vietnam, and 20,000 of these are children.
    in Ukraine, research has shown that between 30 and 40 percent of prostitutes are between 11 and 18 years
    in Russia approximately 20 to 25 percent of Moscow's sex workers are minors.


  143. shabeer says:

    SINNER SAYS $$ Think of Islam as a cancer in the body of humanity………

    Islam is a religion, a religion in the full sense of the term.
    Islam is introduced by God as “Deen’’. Qur’an introduces Islam
    as Deen from God. The best translation of the Arabic word `Deen’
    is religion.The Arabic word ‘ Islam’ stands for ‘Submission’ or ‘Peace’. In a religious context, it implies the peace that reaches out to one when one completely submits oneself to the will of Almighty God. This is achieved only when the individual acts in accordance with the direction of his Creator in all spheres of life.
    The Creator of the
    universe presented the ideology of Islam for the emancipation of
    man. It consists of divine laws, orders, actions and beliefs. The
    individual who accepts this becomes a Muslim. Any one born of
    Muslim parents does not become a Muslim by virtue of birth. If
    one follows the dictates of God one is in the circle of Islam and
    out of it whenever one deviates.

    @@Muslims cannot be loyal to any country that does not practice the Sharia law………..


  144. avika says:

    I think that your effort to the mankind is good. But I'm afraid that you are spreading conspiracy theory about cancer and pharmaceutical companies. I have some knowledge about health and medicine and I know that there is yet any effective and cheap therapy to cure cancer. One of my relatives who is a doctor, used to exposed some peoples who said that they can cure cancer by simple methods and show that no one had been cured by them.

  145. slaveofprophet says:

    @Ali Sina
    Kashmir is a disputed are and in UNO. Few days before India hanged a Kashmiri "Afjal Guru' because he was a Muslim and against Indian Government policy regarding Kashimir. When Pakistan criticized India's move, India says Pakistan have no right to interfere in India's home affairs. But Kashmir is a disputed area and India have no authority to do any cruelty against Kashmiri Muslims.

  146. kundankanan says:

    @Ali Sina ji
    First and foremost, a well written article. Bal Thackrey in India called Islam a cancer sometime back in early 1990's and I hated him for that. But after reading Anwar Sheikh's books, Keonaard Elst's "Negationism in India:Concealing the record of Islam" and numerous articles in your site, i became better informed, and realized that indeed that it were not "britishers" (as our textbooks say) who partitioned India but Islam.

    But sir i differ with you with your estimation of Christianity and Hinduism. While defending Christianity against Islam, you often make a clear separation of Church versus Jesus(and so on). And while blaming hinduism, you dont make any distinction between so called caste system & the sanatan texts. You say that church has gone haywire, not Jesus.(which is something I dont understand. Jesus of Gospel himself talk about it, I am the only saviour, else you all will burn in hellfire.). Jesus's own birthplace in Israel was a pagan temple, the oldest church in India is a constructed by breaking two temples. Jesus's so called miracles like walking on water, bringing dead sparrow alive, palm tree bending down to his mother when he was born, and so on r copied from buddist ideas, indeed his entire teachings too. The historic jesus, if there is any proof about him, is so differnt than Jewish Moses and others, that he is definitely influenced by other ideas, particularly buddism. The bells and rosary used in church r hindu tradition.You dont find them in any jewish synagogue. Even the charcter of sata clause is copied from some old pagan idea in Europe. And you are saying christianity has not wrought any damage, its all good? Who eliminated native civlizations of much of europe, north america & south america, australia? Who practised apartheid? Now u will say that it does not have to do with Bible. (but caste system is part of hinduism, even if they r not sanctified in hindu scriptures. I will come to it later).
    I think you should read Sitaram Goel's "Jesus Christ" Artifice of Agression" . In his first chapter itself, he attacks people who say "dont blame Jesus for what church is doing". Galileo must be turning in his grave on hearing those comments about not blaming Jesus.

    Now lets talk about caste system. Admittedly, it is a problem with hindu society. But is it sanctified by Vedas or any other system? No, on the other hand, varna system,it is entirely based on one's swabhav( nature) and not birth. All absolute equality based ideas have failed (like communism) and inequality based ones will fail too( like Islam & churchanity). On the other hand, vedas and later hindu text talk about choosing profession based on one's nature and instincts, which is different for each man. Of course, over a period of times it became heditary, an evil, that we see it today.But to say, it is part and parcel of hindu vedic system is bullshit.
    I think you should know that there is more "caste system" in buddism & jainism than hinduism. For example, buddha in his various incarnations, is always born in a brahmin (priest) or a kshtriya(warrior) family, never in a fisherman's house and so on. Even in one of his birth, he is born as a buffalo, but not in a menial worker's house. That is how strict they were in terms of buddha's incarnations also.Same about Jains, there all 24 tirthankars r born in warrior family ( and they talk of non-violence :P).

    Contrast this with so called hindu caste system. Krishna was a shepherd boy. The composer of hindu upnishad and mahabhart were fisherwomen's son (so called low caste). The composer of Ramayan was a former dacoit, who would wear a garment in his neck ,consisting of finger from each of his victims. Krishna born in a shephed's family gave the chapter of bhagwat Gita (which is the job of brahmin, if caste system was truly in the system). And since, it is not based on birth, but work, upward/downward mobility was always possible. So, Chandragupta Maurya (sanducratus) who was just a shepheard, became the first historic emperor of India and kicked the but out of Alexandar's ministers when rest of the world surrendered meektly). So were harshvardhan and shivaji. History is replete with such examples.


  147. vijay says:

    There are herbal drugs related to ayurveda system of India plus yoga, which control breath so air/oxygen. I have seen them positively fighting with cancer but it depends from case to case.

  148. vijay says:

    Christianity is in India since the time of Saint Thomas. He converted Parthian king Mazdat, who ruled Punjab area into Christianity. There was old Iranian place of worship discovered, which could be church only. Eastern Orthodox church in India has belief in panentheism. With the advent of Islam, like Buddhism, the non violent Christianity from north India(including present day Afghanistan) was exterminated. The Syriac Christianity survived in south. More people joined from middle east. When Portuguese came in south India, they tried to forcibly convert orthodox Indian Christians to their Latin right Christianity. But still they could not succeed. There was birth of Syro Malabar and Syro Malankara rite Catholics, while Syro Orthodox church also survived. Later, local Catholics of Goa, in order to oppose colonial Portuguese converted to Indian orthodox church, making Brahmavara Church(which is respected by right wing RSS of India also), This church is offshoot of Syrian Orthodox Church with head quarter in Karnataka. Orthodox churches in India, have weeding neck chain/Thali/Mangal sutra for bride similar to Hindus, they put Deepam/Lamp similar to Hindus. Sometime celebrate Dewali festival. Those are pagan things but fine. But undesirable thing is special privilege to Brahmin converts as they claim to be the initial converts and inequality to the so called out caste Dalit Christians. As a result many Orthodox Christians joined protestants. While an Orthodox Church reformed after going into communion with Anglican church also has emerged which is called Marthoma Church. Just giving info with neutral input.

  149. Anish says:

    Hi I'm an Indian from Holland, Europe. When reading such a topic I can get really pissed off. The muslims in Kashmir had the same Hindu ancestors like us, but they have chosen the religion of the people who invaded our country Hindustan and who've raped, killed and robbed our people. They are nothing more than betrayers and fake Indians and we should convert them back or eliminate them for the sake of our country Hindustan and all the things we love. We have been to tolerant to Muslims during Mughal times and what did we get back from it? 80million Hindus killed, thousands of out temples destroyed and with those bricks they've build mosques, raped our women… and all in our country!

    Im from Holland but my blood and hart is Indian and Hindu, a true Indian can't be a muslim…. and when the day comes we have to fight these animals I will take the first flight to India and fight allong my brothers to destroy Islam, and we will win!

    Never be afraid my Indian brothers, when you'fe afraid you show weakness, and muslims always make wrong use of that.Show them that we will not tolerate them anymore!

    Jai Hindustan, Jai Chhatrapati Shivaji

    Love you Ali Sina, your the one that wakes us up

  150. i am a communist says:

    The cure for cancer, suggested by orthodox medicine is expensive and debilitating. The patient goes through chemotherapy, radiology, bone marrow transplant, surgery and sometimes amputation and the rate of recovery is also very low.

    The problem is that even when these methods cure the cancer in one place, it may recur in another part of the body in a few years. . . . . ///

    that is because we do not know about it fully and we strive hard to know about more. we do not bluff about a non existent fungus like an angel named Gabriel. what is a Gabriel for that crook this fungus is for you ali. strive hard. you can do better.

    ///The reason is that these protocols do not address the underlying problem that causes the cancer. The focus of the orthodox medicine is on removing the symptoms. As the result the cancer will recur. . . .///

    are you so ignorant that you insult some of thhe greatest achievements of medicine. we are not some orthodoxies like hindu, roman catholicism, or islam(pisslam as many say here). we are scientists who are on the path of knowing the truth, beautiful and enchanting, and hidden by nature that gets revealed who strive hard for it. you like to insult us like some kind of dogmatic hard in head, infected by some ideas and bent on propagating them?? heh. try insulting more ali.

    ///. . . To make the body resistant to cancer it has to be oxygenated. This can be done in a variety of ways. Eating raw, fresh and preferably organic fruits and vegetables makes the body more alkaline. Alkalinized bodies are more oxygenated. Meat, dairy and all sorts of animal products, and wheat make the body acidic and less oxygenated.

    There are several remedies that cure cancer, such as oxygen peroxide, cesium chloride, bicarbonate, and many other cheap natural remedies, that are often found in any household. These remedies make the body alkalized, rather than acidic. When the body is slightly more alkalized, anaerobic organisms can’t grow in it. Hence, the cancer causing fungi and the cancerous cells die and the cancer is cured, sometimes in matters of weeks. . . .///

    prescribed by dacktur Alisina The Big Quack. i totally agree that pharma companies are now drug mafias. they cheat people and the society with their products, but this is not a cure. this is like prescribing islam to get rid of the evils of capitalism, as it kills everyone and there will be none left. so every one becomes equal and deceased.

    ///The orthodox medicine does not recognize this therapy. Pharmaceutical companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars to test new drugs. Then they recover 100 fold when the drugs seem to work partially. Trillions of dollars are made through drugs. Cancer is a lucrative business. Patients often spend their life savings on medicines. Considering that four out of every ten people may develop cancer sometimes in their life, you can imagine the money that the drug companies maker from this disease. But how can they recover their investment when they prove that cancer can be cured with some cheap, not patentable household products? So there is no interest in testing these products. In fact they stand to lose hugely. These alternative cancer remedies work, because people get cured and the logic behind them is simple and sound. You oxygenate your body and the cancer cells die. Of course the best remedy is prevention. So eating more alkaline foods and less acidic foods is the best way. Exercise also increased the oxygen in your body. Remember that processed foods, like canned foods become acidic even if they were alkaline in their raw state.///

    as i said orthodoxy again. how do you think of us really ali. do we look like some farts from an alien nation having long beards, donning a skull cap and chanting OM OM and crossing everyone on our path calling them kaffirs and devils. heh. you are badly in need of some therapy.

  151. Who needs Theater to watch movie.Internet is enough.It will save humanity from annihilation.People should not hesitate in donating to Mr.Ali Sina as he is saving world from Islamic cancer

  152. Slave of Prophet says:

    @Safforn Atom
    If any movie comes which denigrates prophet, all Muslim country will oppose it and the country shows the movie will have to face consequences. I do not think any country have guts to go against Islam and annoyed Muslim countries. So, investing money in movie against Islam is a vain effort.

  153. Safforn Atom says:

    This movie is a great Idea !!! But who will come forward to distribute it in the cinema halls ?? Even if someone comes there will riot , government will ban the film can we go to some other planet or island where we can shoot this film and then hack all the government channels and display this film can this be done …. ?

  154. Slave of Prophet says:

    @Ali Sina
    India belongs to Muslim and Muslim have ruled the country hundreds of years but Hindu snatched the country from Muslims. Again in next few years Muslim population will grow India will be under holy Islam the religion of Allah.

  155. Slave of Prophet says:

    @Ali Sina
    Kashimir is Muslim populated state and all Muslim of Kashimir would like to go with Pakistan. India should give up Kashmir. Kashmir belongs to pakistan.

  156. vijay says:

    There is a spacial provision of article 370 related to Kashmir, as per this no one from other place of India can own a property there, while people from Kashmir buy property anywhere in India.

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