How Can I Save my Marriage with my Muslim Husband?


I’m sorry to be bothering you but I have been reading your stuff online. God I feel horrible for going behind my husband’s back but I can’t live like this anymore. What you wrote make sense to me but i can’t figure out how to make him see it.

Let me start from the beginning. I am a Christian woman. 24yrs old. I didn’t listen to my family or friends and I married a Muslim man. I had him promise to go to church with me, to let me take the kids to church–and he promised it all before we married. We live in the US. But then after we got married he said he lied. We fight all the time. I cry now all the time and it is not me. I used to laugh and be happy and get in trouble for it but now I cry so much that my health is failing fast. But I still love him to bits.

It gets worse his father is dying and instead of helping his ma find a job and be able to support her other kids, he told me that when his father is going to die he’s going to leave with his mother and go to his Arab country and stay there with her. That I can either come with him or our marriage is over.

His mother is against me and hates me and he wants me to leave everything I love behind, move to his country and live in his mother’s house.

He already told me that I won’t get on well there because I am Christian and they are all Muslims. He never stands up for me. Every time I hear his father is in the hospital I get so scared, my heart starts to hurt and I know that this might be the day when he leave me for his mother because “because the heaven is under the mothers feet.”

I want to save my marriage but i don’t want to give up my happiness and my family. He already told me not to see my best friend of 14yrs again. He never wants to socialize with my side of the family. He told me I will only have what he is willing to give and he isn’t willing to give me anything cause he has to give it to charity. God will love him and bless him. He told me that I’m materialistic cause I want to make a home with him and a future and be stable so i don’t have to worry for any future kids.

Please help me. I really want to save my marriage. And I know you don’t have time but I have to try. So please any help. I will greatly appreciate.



Dear Emma,

I understand you want to save your marriage. But my dear, you don’t have a marriage.  Why people marry? They marry so they can be happier. You were happier before. You used to laugh and were a carefree girl. Now you cry all the time to the extent that your health is deteriorating fast. And you still say you love this man to bits?

He lied to you. He deceived you. He cheated you. Now that you are married, he ignores you. He does not stand up for you. He abuses you emotionally. He is telling you that you don’t matter to him and that if you don’t obey him and don’t do what he says he will divorce you.  His mother hates you and he still wants you to move to his country and live in her house, under her control.

If you do that your life will be a thousand times worse than what is today.  If he is not beating you now, he will, once you are in his country.  You will have no rights over your children with him. A woman in Islam is nothing more than an embryo incubator. There are no such things a maternal rights as we know them in the civilized world.

In his country you will be in an alien land among a people who hate you simply for who you are. Some women convert to Islam in the hope to appease their husband and his family and be accepted. That is vain hope and delusional thinking.  To Muslims you are an inferior being and not even your conversion will change that. Arabs are very racist.

What is between you and this man, is not love. It is co-dependency. It is sadomasochism. Muslims are all narcissist and narcissists are sadist.  First they throw a lure at you, like a fisherman trying to catch a fish. Once you bite, they will pull the line a bit and release it, but each time the line become shorter and you lose more of your freedom, until you are in his grip., Eventually, you lose all your freedom and your life as you knew it is over.

And I am afraid you are somewhat a masochist. How can you love a man who abuses you to such an extent that puts your health in peril? If you don’t enjoy being tormented and abused why do you stay i this toxic relationship?  Leave him!  You can do it now with ease, but you won’t be able to do it without huge sacrifices later. And I suggest you meet a therapist.  Even if you come out of this unhealthy marriage, you may fall for another abusive man.  That is why I suggest you see a therapist.

I have said this many times. A Muslim man is incapable of loving a woman in the true sense of the word. He does not know the meaning of love. Love is an art that you learn.  Muslim men don’t love their wives (See my previous article).  So their children don’t get to learn this art and if you marry a Muslim man he is incapable of loving you. He will want to possess you, but he can’t love you. His values are very distinct from yours.  Muslims belong to a different species. They are not compatible with us.

The relationship of this man with his mother is also troubling. But this is typical in Middle Eastern families. She controls him and she will control any women he marries.  It’s going to be hard even for a Muslim woman to marry this man let alone for you who are not used to that sick culture.

This man you call husband is emotionally a child. He has not yet cut his umbilical cord from his mother.  His relationship with her is symbiotic.  I am afraid your hope that he may one day leave her, the way an adult young man ought to, and chooses you as his life partner is wishful thinking.  He can’t have a healthy marital relationship with you or with any woman because he is still a child who needs to hide under his mother’s skirt. Even after her death he will want a mother for a wife. This man can never function as a husband and a father.  He is an abused child and a misfit human being. This is an added problem about him, apart from him being a Muslim.

When a man ignores his wife, as is often the case in Islamic marriages, the son may move in to become his mother’s surrogate spouse. He acts as her protector. This kind of unhealthy mother-son relationship is far too common in Muslim households and it is something that battered mothers encourage.  Having virtually no husband to support them emotionally, they form an emotional bond with their sons.  These women will be jealous of their daughter in laws and see them as rivals and competitors for their son’s affection. Any woman marrying such men will have a miserable life.   When you marry a Muslim man, it is very likely you marry a mama’s boy.

You ask me to help you save your marriage. What marriage? You don’t have a marriage. You are in an abusive relationship.  All I can tell you is, open your eyes and get out of it now, not tomorrow or the next hour. Pack and go as soon as you read this email. Go to your parents and ask them to shelter you until you get your legal divorce from this excuse for a husband.  Do you really want this man to be the father of your children and raise them with his twisted values?

There is no point to talk to him and I don’t think any therapist can help him.  First of all he does not think there is anything wrong with him and he will not listen to a therapist. Secondly,  his unhealthy relationship with his mother is only one part of the problem. The main problem is that he is a Muslim and hence lacks conscience. He does not believe in the Golden Rule, the very thing that makes us people human.

Charity!? What charity? He is talking about helping Islamic terrorism. There is no charity in Islam in the sense that you understand it. Charity for Muslims means supporting jihad with money and with their lives. Jihad means two things:  taqiyah (lying) and terrorism. You have already become a victim of his lies. He deceived you to marry him and now he is abusing you to convert to Islam.  This is for him his jihad. Your children will be Muslims. This is how Islam has advanced “peacefully” where sword was not used.

You are still young. From your email I gather you don’t have a child. Rejoice! It means your child will not be suffering from your mistake. You can undo your mistake and put this ordeal behind you.  Even if you had children, my advice to you is the same. This man is not a good marriage package and he will never be one.  He cannot be a good husband or a good father. He is not a mature person. He will only destroy your life and will bring you no happiness. Your marriage with him will not last. So end it now that you don’t have a child yet.

He does not love you and you don’t love him. He wants to possess you, and what you feel for him is not love. You are enslaved by him. Love will make you happy and free. If you loved him you would not have written to me asking for help.  Have you heard of Stockholm syndrome?  Please check it out and read about it. That is what you have.

Read the stories of other women in this blog. It is all the same.  The details vary but the theme is the same in all of them. They meet a prince charming who turns into a frog. They marry a Dr. Jekyll who transforms into Mr. Hyde. We have to make the world know that Muslims are not like us or more innocent people will suffer. They don’t have the same human heart as we have. They don’t have the same conscience that we have.  They are all narcissists. We are dealing with 1.5 billion psychopaths.  They are sick to the extent that they emulate their prophet.  Do not trust them. Do not be fooled by Muslims even if they appear to be kind and loving. Yes there are good people among them but why take the risk? You never know when they will decide to turn to their god and transform from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde.

You live only once my dear  and you deserve to be happy. Don’t choose the life of living dead. Why should you when you can throw this excuse of a husband out of your life and find happiness with someone that is mature enough and is able to love a woman like a man should?

Twenty Four is too young for marriage. You have another 10 to 15 years to find a good man. Even after that the doors are not closed.

Be well

Ali Sina

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  1. I-HATE-ISLAM says:


  2. james says:

    My Name is jemes .I will love to share my testimony to all the people in the forum cos i never thought i will have my girlfriend back and she means so much to me..The girl i want to get marry to left me 5 weeks to our wedding for another man..,When i called her she never picked my calls,She deleted me on her Facebook and she changed her Facebook status from married to Single…when i went to her to her place of work she told her boss she never want to see me..I lost my job as a result of this cos i cant get myself anymore,my life was upside down and everything did not go smooth with my life…I tried all i could do to have her back to all did not work out until i met a Man when i Travel to Africa to execute some business have been developing some years back..I told him my problem and all have passed through in getting her back and how i lost my job…he told me he gonna help me…i don't believe that in the first place.but he swore he will help me out and he told me the reason why my girlfriend left me and also told me some hidden secrets.i was amazed when i heard that from him..he said he will cast a spell for me and i will see the results in the next couple of days..then i travel back to US the following day and i called him when i got home and he said he's busy casting those spells and he has bought all the materials needed for the spells,he said am gonna see positive results in the next 2 days that is Thursday…My girlfriend called me at exactly 12:35pm on Thursday and apologies for all she had done ..she said,she never knew what she's doing and her sudden behavior was not intentional and she promised not to do that was like am dreaming when i heard that from her and when we ended the call,i called the man and told him my wife called and he said i haven't seen anything yet… he said i will also get my job back in 3 days time..and when its Sunday,they called me at my place of work that i should resume working on Monday and they gonna compensate me for the time limit have spent at home without working..My life is back into shape,i have my girlfriend back and we are happily married now with kids and i have my job back too.This man is really powerful..if we have up to 20 people like him in the world,the world would have been a better place..he has also helped many of my friends to solve many problems and they are all happy now..Am posting this to the forum for anybody that is interested in meeting the man for can mail him to [email protected] I cant give out his number cos he told me he don't want to be disturbed by many people across the world..he said his email is okay and he' will replied to any emails asap..hope he helped u out too..good luck:[email protected] AGAIN HIS EMAIL ADDRESS IS: [email protected]

  3. susan says:

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  4. Sakat says:

    I can say only this much how ," Mentally ugly you are"and, this applies generally to all 1.6 billion Muslims without any exceptions.Of course i stick to it.

  5. samanthafl says:

    LOL my sister in-law often complains to my husband about her husband not standing up for her, and they both were Chrsitians…a couple weeks ago, she bitched about her neighbor Scott who said craps about her in her own house in front of her husband, Dohhh!!!!! yes, I think you are in the right place for counseling, I bet Ali Sina can solve your problem 😀

  6. Jodie says:

    Why is there so much spamming? This is a serious post here we don't need all this cr** about spell castings!

  7. rene says:

    all this problems not only orrur cos westerners do not know about islam, do not know about their own religion, but also do not know about what is that power, thats all behind it.
    the more i learn about islam, the more i learn that there is just two powers:
    the power of God and the power of his enemy.
    best wishes for emma,hope she will get out of this cage

  8. Momo says:


  9. Momo says:

    Ali Sina offers $50,000 reward to anyone who can prove him wrong.

    So funny and coward. …

    If he really speaks the truth and ready to maintain the truth, why only offer $50.000? why not $5000. If he's true, he will never be wrong.

    this means that he's afraid that if he is really right or not. He's still doubt about his simple logic
    And this means that his truth can only be valued $50.000.

    I offer you $50000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000, if you can prove that 2 x 2 is not 4.


  10. Robert says:

    Go to a women's shelter! Disappear! Don't tell him you leave!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Robert says:

    @Slave of Rapist
    Wait! When terror will have enslaved most human beings, 99% of married couples (women, of course) will dream of a divorce. But by that time, Mr. Sina will be dead and so will be the way to know about his laborious teaching, advice and warnings. But maybe something fantastic will happen, a spectacular happy ending : the implosion of islam and the awakening of muslims… I believe the truth (not the satanic verses) will prevail one day.

  12. Guest says:

    I have seen many Muslim couples live happily.

    Mothers occupy a very special place in the hearts of Muslims — and I believe this is true for other people as well, regardless of their religious affiliation.

    And marriage is about managing relationship. We have to strike a balance between our responsibility to our own family and our responsibility to our parents – sometimes also to our extended family. This may sound strange to "modern" people, but that is the reality of life in the Muslim world and, I believe, also in other places outside the Western world. I don't know much about the West.

    This is not easy and it requires a lot of sacrifice from both the husband and the wife. But it is worth it. It makes you happy at the end of the day. Among Muslims, the least you can do for your parents is to pray that Allah love them like they did you when you were still a baby.

    I don't know from which culture you hailed, but in my country everyone seems to subscribe to this value.

  13. Guest says:

    And Muslims will become better Muslims in the truest sense of the word.

  14. I-HATE-ISLAM says:

    It is not because of Catholicism that women refuse to give birth to children but prefer abortion and adoption. What is responsible for this is secularism which is the worst form of stupidity. A similar attitude was one of the reasons for the inquisitions when a certain sect believed that having children was sin.
    The danger this form of madness breeds is that those who are possessed by it are destroying the very heritage they inherited. The birth rate in the so-called civilized countries is zero or very marginal. To make up for the manpower needed they allow in immigrants some of who come in with agenda quite different from that of their adopted countries. That led to 9/11, Madrid, London and recently Woolwich.
    Viewed from another perspective, massive immigration is the modern form of slavery where the immigrant works while the lazy fools enjoy a life of 'sophistication' but to their detriment as in the end they will be swarmed by pests which will defy control. Watch out for the muhammadans.

  15. Sakat says:

    Anne · less than 1 minute ago
    Tell your spell caster to lick my ass it is very tasty ,he will gain more power to cure many more people like you.

  16. Judith says:

    @Micheal smith
    why your language is so gibberish ,only morons do have problem like that .Any how tell your spell caster to lick my ass ,i am so powerful spell caster ,IF somebody lick my ass he become very good spell caster ,even he can predict the beginning of judgment day ,next only to MOHAMMED.

  17. Anne says:

    Tell your spell caster to lick my ass it is very tasty ,he will gain more power to cure many more people like you.

  18. Sakat says:

    Miss.Tina ,let your Musa Taffi lick my ass it is very testy then the ugly urine of that old thief Mohammed.

  19. Kahtrine says:

    Catholic do not think about child birth,they are/will happy life with adopted children .They are highly educated and beautiful they could stay on their own foot and can create nightmare for their hubby's in their western society .Let your Usman Karim lick my ass after defacation i am fond of eating pizza ,let him enjoy the replica .

  20. I-HATE-ISLAM says:

    Alexandra S.
    The man is not just turning into this monster over night. The signs were quite glaring but you refused to see because, as you say, you were blinded by love, When somebody is in love it is good for him/her to open his/her eyes so that he/she can see beyond the facade which stares him/her directly. If you understood islam, you would have known that until you are one in faith, you will always be seen differently. Whatever the man presented was pure deceit which his religion permits him to practice in order for him to achieve his objective.He told you that the children will be raised as muslims and you agreed because you trusted him. That was one sign that there will be no compromises. This could only be a passing face if either of you will embrace the faith of the other.But if the chips are down and it comes to joint custody, you can use the time spent with your son to re-orientate him.
    I sincerely sympathize with you and thank you for bringing your problem to the open so that it will serve as a lesson to other young women who allow themselves to be captivated by randy muhammadans.
    As the Lord has called you, HE certainly has a purpose for your live. There is nothing that we can do on our own. We have to take everything to him in prayer so that the purpose will be fulfilled. Be rest assured that you are not alone in this problem. We are with you in spirit.

  21. Agracean says:

    Dear Ms Alexandra S., frankly speaking, I can understand your dilemma because only those who has gone through such hell will know the pain and ordeal you've faced. Don't lose hope because Jesus is alive and He is your living hope. Tell the Lord all your plans and what you really want from this messy situation and pray for His leading and guidance. I believe that our good Lord will make a way for you. Cheers.

  22. Alexandra S. says:

    Hello Emma,
    I am going through a very similar situation. I am also married to a muslim man. I am a christian and when i met him when i was only 19, I was not walking with christ at the time so I agreed to raising our future kids as muslims. I was so blinded by love at the time my husband treated me like a queen and I could not wait to marry him. One month after getting married i became pregnant,up until the birth of our son everything was picture perfect in our marriage. Soon after I started to feel like god was calling me to become closer to him and i started to feel like i made a huge mistake agreeing to raise my son in Islam. I told my husband this and since then our marriage is miserable. He tells me that he is disgusted by me and christians. He hates my family just because they are christians. Every holiday it a huge fight just to get him to attend dinner with my family. He tells me he doesnt care about me anymore,that he is just in this marriage for his son now. This hurts so much. I cant understand how such a sweet and loving man turned into this person who has no respect for me and ignores me when i try to talk about our problems. He says he will fight for joint custody of our son if we divorce, and honestly if he fought for it im sure he would get it . He is a good dad and a good provider. I cant live without my son I have never even spent a single night away from him. So i am trying to see if this is a phase that will pass in time … but im really losing hope.

  23. Sakat says:

    Mr.sagar mehta
    Are you really so serious, in what way you are related to her ?,why? are you so curious about her plight.If she is really interested to share? ,she will, you have to wait for that .Don't try to intrude in her personal life,this called "stalking" perhaps you know it better.

  24. sagar mehta says:

    Emma, no reply for two months. Tell us what has happened for Gods sake

  25. Abdel says:

    Emma, leave while you still can. Once he takes you to his country, it will be too late nad you will lose everything. Read 'Not without my daughter'.

  26. Diana says:

    Great Article/Blogg. I agreeThe movie is only preaching to the choir. Obama's father was a muslim and the media are muslim lovers. I don't know who will be using the force certainly not the USA. They will continue to kill untill we have a President with Adenoids (being anotomically incorrect but you get the meaning). We need a united Europe with guts. I am not naive, I tell young people not to have kids. Who wants their children subjugated.

    Thank you for all you do, Diana

  27. Knowall says:

    Emma, By now you should realize that he loves his god more than you and will do anything for him but not for you, even if it means hurting you.. Therefore, you should leave him asap.

  28. vijay says:

    Hell is not in the control of the humans and Elohim decides who is sinner or not. At present Christians are not sending non believers to hell themselves which is more a rule. Same can not be said for Islamists.

  29. I-HATE-ISLAM says:

    Muhammad predicted the demise of islam himself.
    Bukhari 9:83:183 Muslims will kill themselves in the last days
    Sura 27:82 Allah will send a beast as the last messenger having been so disappointed in Muhammad.
    With muslims believing that Muhammad made predictions which have been fulfilled, let them also believe that these ones will equally come to pass. I firmly believe that they will be fulfilled.

  30. steadyfriend says:

    It is like saying non believers in Buddhism are sinners in the eyes of Buddha!

  31. steadyfriend says:


    Lahaul wala quwwat illah billah!

    Islam will cease to exist Inshallah!!!

  32. steadyfriend says:


    Lahaul wala quwwat illah billah!

    Islam will cease to exist Inshallah!!!

  33. steadyfriend says:

    Great comments, John!

  34. steadyfriend says:


    I know you have stated before you do not want to go down the route of having thousands donors ( or stakeholders) providing small sums of money for the film. But think, 100,000 participants each contributing $100 would provide you the wherewithal for the film! Or, 80,000 contributors to be nearer your stated target. There are many more than 80,000 people who want an early demise of Islam AND are in a position to spare $100 each. So please re-consider!

  35. Sagar mehta says:

    Emma , you say he took away everything…. what exactly did he take away? Besides your happiness?

  36. shabeer says:

    person was not real muslim:

    a muslim has no right to marry christian girl[especially polytheist belived girl]

    ***We fight all the time…..

    Let us look at Noble Verses 4:34-36 "(34). Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, because Allah has given the one more (strength) than the other, and because they support them from their means. Therefore the righteous women are devoutly obedient, and guard in (the husband's) absence what Allah would have them guard. As to those women on whose part ye fear disloyalty and ill-conduct, admonish them (first), (Next), refuse to share their beds, (And last) beat them (lightly); but if they return to obedience, seek not against them Means (of annoyance): For Allah is Most High, great (above you all).

    (35). If ye fear a breach between them twain, appoint (two) arbiters, one from his family, and the other from hers; if they wish for peace, Allah will cause their reconciliation: For Allah hath full knowledge, and is acquainted with all things.

    (36). Serve Allah, and join not any partners with Him; and do good- to parents, kinsfolk, orphans, those in need, neighbours who are near, neighbours who are strangers, the companion by your side, the wayfarer (ye meet), and what your right hands possess: For Allah loveth not the arrogant, the vainglorious;"
    "…Do not retain them (i.e., your wives) to harm them…(The Noble Quran, 2:231)"

    "If a wife fears cruelty or desertion on her husband's part, there is no blame on them if they arrange an amicable settlement between themselves; and such settlement is best; even though men's souls are swayed by greed. But if ye do good and practise self-restraint, God is well-acquainted with all that ye do. (The Noble Quran, 4:128)"

    Narrated Mu'awiyah al-Qushayri: "I went to the Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him) and asked him: What do you say (command) about our wives? He replied: Give them food what you have for yourself, and clothe them by which you clothe yourself, and do not beat them, and do not revile them. (Sunan Abu-Dawud, Book 11, Marriage (Kitab Al-Nikah), Number 2139)"

    Narrated Mu'awiyah ibn Haydah: "I said: Apostle of Allah, how should we approach our wives and how should we leave them? He replied: Approach your tilth when or how you will, give her (your wife) food when you take food, clothe when you clothe yourself, do not revile her face, and do not beat her. (Sunan Abu-Dawud, Book 11, Marriage (Kitab Al-Nikah), Number 2138)"

    ***against me and hates me and he wants me to leave everything

    Narrated Abu Huraira: "Allah's Apostle said, 'The strong is not the one who overcomes the people by his strength, but the strong is the one who controls himself while in anger. (Translation of Sahih Bukhari, Good Manners and Form (Al-Adab), Volume 8, Book 73, Number 135)"

    Narrated Abu Huraira: "A man said to the Prophet , 'Advise me! 'The Prophet said, 'Do not become angry and furious.' The man asked (the same) again and again, and the Prophet said in each case, 'Do not become angry and furious.' (Translation of Sahih Bukhari, Good Manners and Form (Al-Adab), Volume 8, Book 73, Number 137)"

    Abu Huraira reported: "I heard Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: One is not strong because of one's wrestling skillfully. They said: Allah's Messenger, then who is strong? He said: He who controls his anger when he is in a fit of rage. (Translation of Sahih Muslim, The Book of Virtue, Good Manners and Joining of the Ties of Relationship (Kitab Al-Birr was-Salat-I-wa'l-Adab), Book 032, Number 6314)"

    sinna says ***He lied to you. He deceived you. He cheated you.


  37. infidel/kafir says:

    Slave of the profit Profiteer MO and other moslems ::: You are repeating meaningless and irrational rants about IDOL worship , as if it is some great sin !!! Know this first. The concept of Idol worship as understood and promoted in ISLAM , Christianity is entirely different from that of SANATANA DHARMA ( HINDU DHARMA).. Second , actually ISLAM is the most IDOL worshiping cult there is , KAABA is black stone what do you do there ? Circumambulation which is not ISLAMIC at all . Is it even mentioned in QQUURRAAN ? No.. CIRCUMAMBULATION around the BRAHMAN is entirely HINDU practice !!!
    Kissing KAABA is not only the biggest idol worship , but also a ludicrously insane . why do you kiss a stone ? Throwing stones at another stone (SHAITAN) is another meaningless,ludicrous insane act . Your mosque going and doing drill is another savage act. This is to infuse fascism into the followers , a collective imposition of slavery on unbelievers. Everything about ISLAM is copied,plagiarized from others, nothing original . Even christians do the IDOL worship , a lot . What is cross ? hanging around your neck ? Every church has a cross . The picture of mary can also be found as ubiquitous . SANTA CLAUSE, CHRISTMAS tree are other examples . church building like mosque building is IDOL worship .

  38. Slave of Prophet says:

    Bro, according to Islam worshiping Idols is one of the greatest sin which is unforgivable. As prophet said also in one verse of Quran "kill the Idol worshiper where you found them". In Islam especially in Saudi Arabia if one found worshiping Idols he deserves for death punishment. But all countries are not following the Islamic law firmly and allowing the non-believers to worship Idols. But that is completely wrong and greatest sin which should be stopped at an earliest.

  39. infidel/kafir says:

    The best way to find out about ISLAM / ISLAMIC culture / Moslems – is to go and live in a totally ISLAMIC country and in ISLAMIC values and ISLAMIC rule, for a period of , say 2 years and study every aspect of ISLAM !!!! and mix with Moslems and moslemahs !!!! Since this is almost impractical for western women , what is the alternative ? They are easily mislead and all lies and propaganda by Moslems (men). What the moslems talk about ISLAM , in western countries is not ISLAM . The ISLAM that is really practiced in ISLAMIC countries and the real ISLAMIC culture is totally different . The Moslems living in western countries do not follow real ISLAM .

  40. CGW says:

    Emma, please remember that in an islamic country your so-called husband will be free to marry additional wives, up to a total number of four wives, without divorcing you first. Do you really want to be in this miserable situation as only the first of several?

  41. infidel/kafir says:

    Do all of you notice that ISLAMISTS/ JIHADISTS , here and on other web sites posting that Hindus must be killed as they are idol worshipers !!! SLAVE of profit said so . and on ISLAM-watch .org also , a moslem terrorist expressed his desire to kill hindus !!!!

  42. infidel/kafir says:

    WHY the world , people and the free world , and the so called western country heads do not condemn and ask explanation from Moslem regimes ? Are we so inept and heartless to pretend that nothing bad had happened to our fellow humans —— I am referring to the incidents that happened in 3 countries all in INDIAN subcontinent . ISLAMISTS are running amuck with their blood thirsty madness to attack properties and kill unbelievers and destroy Hindu temples , in INDIA, in BANGLADESH and in PAKISATAN . But i dont see any angry reactions from nonmoslem countries and free world . Why this paralysis and inability to demand civilized behaviour from Moslems ? WHy cant we and the U N demand , that Moslem countries must immediately annul and remove all the hooddoed and sharia laws from their laws and enact secular laws giving equal rights to all citizens !!!

  43. Ali Sina says:

    Without money there is no shooting. So the date of shooting is not something I can decide. If I get commitment today, we will start the pre-production within two or three months, after the legal issues are ironed out and four months after that we will be shooting, which will take about 14 weeks.

  44. xxxxx says:

    MUSLIMS PRAY GOD BCOZ they want to fulfil their nonsense(sexual) desires, and their allah allow them after death in paradise, so i dnt like this type of devil. islam allow to kill the non muslims without any reason, and promise them 72 gals. This is the worst reason to pray the God.

  45. By what date are you planning to shoot the movie and how long are you willing to wait for the investors??Of course you must delay in wiping out islam from muslim minds..It has got more brutal and threatening then it ever was..

  46. Ali Sina says:

    I believe if the movie is made and made right so people want to see it for its artistic value, many Muslims will leave Islam. This movie can open a new chapter in the history of mankind. It is no exaggeration to say Islam will not survive after it. It will of course start a debate on Islam, more moivies will emerge, and eventually all that will lead to the demise of Islam.

  47. See,the point here is that if I was a muslim,I would have left my faith after seeing this blog..Even if we assume 1% of the muslims to have a rational mind,then 15million people would leave Islam after hearing/seeing Ali Sina's film..If such a large magnitude of people leave,then obviously others would start questioning..The only reason why Islam has survived is because, questioning ISLAM is probhited..The day muslims question it,Islam wouldn't survive much ..

  48. Ah,I used words in the wrong context…Sorry for that..Wiping out Islam from their what I meant

  49. No,BY wiping out I meant wiping out Islam from their minds,and not massacres…Maybe,I used the words in the wrong context…..Actually I now saw the meaning of wipe put…Sorry,I didn't mean that..Of course killing 100 million people is sheer lunacy.

  50. vijay says:

    Agreed sir! Hindus in Mumbai and Gujrat did mistake by killing them. First option to be given to them would have been to accept some other religion. Second would have been to leave India.1. Conversion to non Muslim faith. 2. Leave the nation. 3 option could have been some thing else.

  51. Ali Sina says:

    Yes I agree that Muslims must be kicked out of the non-Muslim countries, including India and we should tell them to send to us all the non-Muslims and apostates living in Islamic countries. As impractical as this may sound I am afraid it is the only viable and non-violent solution, unless Muslims pull their heads out of the sands and face the truth that the man they believe was a prophet was a madman. However, we should not even entertain the thought of killing. That is lunacy. Expelling Muslims is one thing I fully support, but killing them no.

  52. vijay says:

    In Indian Punjab,Israel, Spain, Balkans Christian Majority Areas etc, Domination of Islamist guys was removed not by peace but with the same tool which Islamist use against the non believers. Then they cry victims. Golden rule does work there also. What they sow, so did they reap.

  53. Ali Sina says:

    Dear Emma,

    This person whom you call husband says you are materialist for wanting to build a home and think about your future. He is not expressing an extremist view. This is very much the mindset of the mainstream and moderate Islam. Please see see this article where I have shown what the two biggest luminaries of Islam of all times al Gazzali and Rumi denigrated women for thinking of “material things.”

  54. Ali Sina says:

    “The day we even wipe out 100 million muslims ,other muslims may start questioning their religion ”

    Never! Apart from the fact that wiping out any number of people let alone millions and 100 million is sheer lunacy that only befits sociopaths like Hitler and Muhammad, killing Muslims will never make other Muslims to question their faith. I am not promoting pacifism. If Muslims attack us we have to fight back with ex proportionate force. The idea is not to retaliate but to stop them in their track. However to end Islam violence is not the means. We can only eliminate this curse be exposing its lies. We don’t raise a sword against darkness. We lit a light.

  55. Sakat says:

    Many ex-Muslim took show their back to Mr Sina ,it is alive in his archive.

  56. Sakat says:

    Again a day dreaming my friend !!!,before i proceed further ,i want you to explain what is your form of the term "Fool" and in what way it is connected to me .Don't live in delusions run after practicality, for the solutions.

  57. You're a fool….Once we initiate the movement,its the ex-muslims who are gonna spread it like fire…Lives may be lost,but getting humans off this terrible disease is very imp. for our survival..The day we even wipe out 100 million muslims ,other muslims may start questioning their religion ..The day a lie is questioned,people seek the truth,islam vanishes

  58. Sagar mehta says:

    Emma Have you decided to run away?

  59. Joe says:

    Hi Emma,

    surely you want to be respected and Loved as an equal?

    Islam teaches muslims that the greatest ideal is to be like Mohammad.. what happens when we discover that mohammad's greatest miracle was how many women he could have sex with in a night? Mohammad teaches to beat your wife.. if you were to go to islamic country then what do you think will happen to you? what would happen to your children?

    Do not feel as if you have to save Him? He needs to want to be saved.. You have shown him love and unfortunately Islam posions his mind and he has no idea what love is.. He think love is a women that has no mind, her whole purpose in life is to do what she is told..

    do yourself a favour and watch on yourtube "islam rules beat wife" .. this will be you

  60. vijay says:

    OK brother Abdu Rasul, follower of fastest growing community!, see the link, this guys is anti Arya Samaj and now he wants to convert Dr Naik to his Garibdasi sect.

    Just have a look. This is link of Sant Pal's feud with Arya Samaj .

  61. Ali Sina says:

    Welcome to the forum.

    I don’t blame your family for disowning you. But they will accept you again. Just go to them, tell them what you told us and you’ll see that their arms will be open to embrace you.

    At such a young age, you don’t deserve this much torment in your life. Go to your parents and stay there. Also go to your church and try to feel the real human love people have for each other, without hypocrisy and show. I felt that love when I used to go to a church even though I was not a Christian and did not tell anyone I am not. Call your old friend and reconnect. You need to restore your broken heart and relive the good time you had before putting yourself in this trap with his man.

    Things are not going to get better with him. Once you have a child, your real ordeal begins. Get out of this abusive relationship ASAP. Don’t wait until the next day. What if by accident you get pregnant? You don’t want to destroy another innocent person’s life.

  62. Sakat says:

    Islam formed because of power,. Where is that power in you or either in Sina .There are 1.5 billions of practicing Muslims ,this is called human power ,what about staggering petro- doller (money power)r .This is called day dreaming, i sympathize with you nothing else .

  63. vijay says:

    Some guys live in fools paradise, try to fool normal people into the same hell. So they may try to use marriage for increasing their faith. Such guys are God fearing, they will give fear to others. For Believers, they will increase the fear of attacks from infidels. For Infidels, they will try to install fear in their heart by offending them. A person who loves the God, has to love the creation of the God. Weather the believer or non believer.

  64. Innocent Guy says:

    What is true about your religion? Can you please explain it to me.

  65. Innocent Guy says:

    Most of the muslims run illegal businesses and they don't pay taxes.

  66. Innocent Guy says:

    By suggesting about and islamwatch to your friends and relatives.

  67. Sir,I completely agree with you…..The policy of appeasement was started by Gandhi and continues to date..To this date,muslims consider themselves superior and keep demanding absurd rights and privileges that are given to nobody..These politicians have ruined the country…In fact the govt. in order to appease muslims gives them sharia courts in personal matters..Ah,of course they assume women to be personal property..This gives them exclusive rights to polygamy,wife beating and all other Islamic rights which are a contradiction to the constitutional rights of equality…Our constitution contradicts itself..

  68. Sir,I pledge my funding as soon as I get rich..And I also pledge to find an investor for probably the most important cause on Earth..You're doing the greatest job ever..Hopefully,you may enlighten the world….And there can't be anything better then seeing Islam vanish in our lifetime…

  69. Sakat says:

    Don't waste your time with that "Thug",leave him immediately.Secret of success lies in cheerfulness ,so be cheerful ,you will come to know its power spontaneously.

  70. John says:

    Hi Ali, you got it right – "The whole idea is to take the message to the masses and do it in such a way that they want to see it because is it entertaining."
    If you can do this and get the 'masses' interested in the movie, the goal will have been achieved and I will be amazed because I think thats a big challenge. The story has to be nice, but the movie has to be produced by high quality producers like big name film makers, or someone very talented. Hopefully it can be done.

    You said "Islam won and dominated for 1400 years when it is sheer evil."

    It seems that way but with time things always get better. Here's a quote from Gandhi:
    “When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it–always.” (Gandhi)

    But yes, the introduction of Islam 1400 years was a great blow to humanity and it reversed the direction of progress of humanity, or atleast slowed it down. I guess that proves Gandhi wrong, but in the long term, religions will disappear.
    Islam wouldnt have been born if Christianity and previous religions hadn't been there. I guess all these religions have to share the blame.
    In America, non-religious are the fastest growing group. The same will happen in Muslim countries but maybe after hundreds of years.
    The "force" you talk about is the natural collection force of humanity that works for the good. Yes its true that people like you and others are the leaders of this force.

    Anyway. Yes that would be awesome if a high quality movie can be produced.
    I believe there are multiple ways of fighting Islam, for example, to make such a mockery of Islam that it is no longer fashionable to be a Muslim. Humor/mockery is a great tool. The next generation of Muslims can be weakened in this way.
    Good luck to us. We all need to unite and brainstorm and work hard to whatever capacities we can.

  71. emma says:

    I married him believing he loved me. When we married he treated me with respect, kindness, and concern. We had no worries, no problems. Then it changed. He asked me to come to mosque once. I wanted him happy so i went just once… and the women were in the back corner closed off. I'm Christian but in the domination of my faith women also wear head covering at Church however they are not cut off from the rest of the people…. they take part in the service, they lead in song, they praise from the bottom of their hearts as equally as the men front and center. One of the ladies at the mosque told me feel the love but all i felt was loneliness and this empty feeling and longing for my Church family. When it was over and I walked out and I accidentally made the mistake of being honest with my husband, after all i was always told when married be honest with your spouse. I did not put down his faith in any way but he went off on me and started saying awful things about Christianity. It never stopped. He will forget for a few days only and then start up with it again. He wants to leave this country so that it will be comfortable for him to serve his faith, knowing full well that I won't have such freedom. I respected that his faith was important to him but I know I have a very difficult decision in front of me. As for my family, I was disowned when I married him. I hurt my family and God I'm so sorry that I caused them such great pain. I was young, and rash and let my heart think for me. I lost everything I had before him. It was ok, i was just starting over. I wanted it so hard to work so I gave it my all but now I don't know what to think or feel. I fool myself into thinking that I'm numb.. I sit here trying very hard not to feel so that I can figure it all out without breaking down.

    Thanks to everyone for your words, it's very calming to finally tell the truth to at least someone and not have to pretend the it's all picture perfect. It feels like the first time I had a breath of fresh air in quite some time. Thank you.

  72. infidel/kafir says:

    To ALL :: I think the westrern women ( even the western men ) are quite ignorant about ISLAM. A majority of western christians believe that ISLAM is their sister religion . This has lot of basis . For centuries ISLAM fought with christianity ( JIHADS-crusades ) to gain dominance and preeminance in the world . Moreover , the idea that ISLAM is similar to christianity and moslems worship the same God as christians gained acceptance , even among the christians of highest authority – for example at archi bishop level – i heard with my own ears and saw him telling that . SO christians both lay and clergy are very comfortable with ISLAM , despite its most primitive, uncivilized, inhumane theology !!!! and so they close their eyes to ISLAM and try to get by with it. These are called ABRAHAMIC religions !!! wherever it is possibel, the actually fascist,totalitarian religions – both ISLAM and christianity try to dismiss, denigrate and dismiss and laugh at HINDU religion !!! in spite of the fact that HINDU DHARMA is supremely and infinitly noble, uplifting, enlightening, ennobling, enriching, and elevating to the soul. Of late , very recently , the situation is changing , during the last 50 yrs , after INDIA got independence . Actually the western countries ( Britain and USA ) were helping tacitly to divide INDIA from HINDUS and give it to Moslems . This was such a perfidy and demonic. Moslems have no right, moral, ethical,leagal and any other way to steal INDIAN HINDU LAND . This was accomplished with the help of western countries and in the minds of western political leaders , INDIA ;HINDUS were savages, worshiping devils, idols , superstitious etc etc. This was the mind set of CHURCHILL and other leaders at that time. It was their prejudice and deep seated animosity towards HINDUS. Now with the communications revolution people can see, experience and directly evidence the truth. One can go to INDIA and live there for 2 years and study the Govt and functining of society . One can go to SODI BARBARIA ( as representative OF ISLAMIC rule) or PAKISATAN or AFGHANISTAN, or somalia, sudan etc and live ther for 2 or 3 years and study the rules and Govt , social, civil, religious, cultural aspects !!! without this , Anybody can be duped into believeing lot of lies and propaganda .. After this will there be anybody who is willing to live in any ISLAMIC country ? ISLAM as a theology means, hatred, fascism, intolerance, sex,slavery, discrimination, violence, killing, , gender inequality . Whatever , little good or tolerable there in ISLAM , it is because of the scrutiny from out side world . If everything is done to the likeness of ISLAM/ Moslems alone without outside knowing, there will be too much cruelty, brutality in moslem countries . I can tell you.
    So , Nonmoslem women, please know and learn what is ISLAM , what Moslems do and their social, religious, cultural way of doing !!! Did anybody see the arab malaya dance ?

  73. infidel/kafir says:

    An appeal and a suggestion to Dr. SINA . I think , in dealing with this kind of problems ( particularly nonmoslems christians (Women ) from western countries marrying Moslems (Men) from- ISLAM ., it is essential to understand why they are doing so ? This understanding is important to solve the problem and cure the malice . Do the woman understand the ISLAMIC religion, (in depth ) , what are the tenets, what the religion (ISLAM) says about unbelievers, infidels ,kufrs etc. DO ISLAM accepts unbelievers and other religious people as equal ? Is the religion based on equality, kindness, compassion, nonviolence, freedom, freedom to chose, equality of gender ? There is no spirituality or real philosophy in ISLAM. But when a unbeliever of ISLAM wants to enter into a wedlock or relationship with a moslem, naturally it is essential to see what the religion teaches , whether it has any universally acceptable and uplifting values,philosophy in it ? The understanding of western woman to ISLAM is really pathetic and at zero level. Same is the case with INDIAN Hindu woman . By INDIAN example, what INDIA has undergone at the hands of ISLAMISTS for centuries , one would think that INDIANS ( both men& women ) are in a better position to know the truth. But ALAS , because the Successive Govts in INDIA , under Congress party, essentially swept under the rug to scrutiniza ISLAM/Moslem rule in INDIA ( actually they prohibited and made it a crime to question any thing about ISLAM ) , adding to that is in comparison to western countries
    ( slavery, apartheid, minority ,fascism,racism ) , INDIANS imported all the western defects and eventhough HINDUS, INDIANS were the victims of ISLAM , of unspeakable atrocities,cruelty,barbarism, killings, slaughter, slavery, sex, , in actuality now the situation is opposit of truth !!! And Moslems are playing the game to the hilt !!! IN ANY Moslem country do they allow political parties based on their religion ? INDIA , You can find several ISLAMIC political parties exclusive to their religion. You have several ISLAM based educational institutions . DO they allow this in Moslem countries. You have athe ANTI INDIA , ISLAMIC TV from INDIA ( working against the INDIAN Govt and preaching anti INDIA and anti HINDU propaganda ) , called PEACE TV by ZAKIR ZOKER !!! Do they allow HINDUS ,SIKHS ,Buddhists,christians to have similar Tv stations making similar anti ISLAMIC propaganda . Actually it will be telling everything truth about ISLAM from HADIS< SIRA and QQURRAAN !)

  74. infidel/kafir says:

    Oye , slave of the MO , the monster ( is right description !) : As your Mo and his fascist theology dictates to you to be a liar and also TAQIYYA merchant . I think you are a ISLAMIC jihadist . truly. and participate or direct terrorist acts !! my suspecion. . Any way , you chose to lie in all your postings. You said There is no
    Terrorist activity by Moslems , in INDIA in the last 2 years !!! why do you lie ? Only 2 weeks back ( I searched and read ) , ISLAMIC terrorists detonated bombs in a restaurant , Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad , resulting in the death of 20 people at least and injuring many more . This happened on Feb 21 st 2013 . This is a direct proof that you lie,cheat and a deceiver, Taqiyya merchant without any conscience .
    I am telling that you must compare any country with the situation in ISLAMIC countries . All ISLAMIC countries are real hell holes. They ( the Moslems ) have no humanity and conscience . Moslems are cruel, evil,hate filled and real fascists. I can prove this,point by point. Which ISLAMIC country gives constitutionally guaranteed civilian, religious,social, political rights to nonmoslems – of freedom, equality, equal rights, equal justice, equality in human rights . Dont you feel ashamed ,( here you are writing all lies ) to get all those benefits, special privileges, humane treatment , equality, equality in gender , equality of religions, freedom, treating you ( moslems ) as equal ( actually it is with special treatment , inspite of the fact You were demons in INDIA for 800 Yrs ) ? What is your heart telling ?
    Do you know how many attacks, bombings, suicide attacks, by Moslems in INDIA , took place in the past several years ? Hundreds and thousands !!! almost every otherday there is an attack. Right now , as i am writing this post, INDIA is on high alert against ISLAMIC terrorists .

  75. Sagar mehta says:


    Good you admit that you cant live like this anymore. Once you leave, you may still contact him if you like it.

  76. Sagar mehta says:

    Emma I just read your second line, you are very very sweet. I wish I could contact you not sure how. I CAN HELP YOU A LOT. He may take long time to realise what you are sacrificing.

    And I smell a blackmail in him wanting to take you to the Middle East.

  77. Sagar mehta says:

    Also I am wondering what your family is doing. Are they not aware of this? Or do they give so much freedom that you have to deal with sorrow at home all by your self?

    after you leave if your family behaves like a lawyer and punishes or ridicules or dumps you, go anywhere, you will find a deserving place. He's claiming your life for some awkward ideology. I wont curse him any further, i know how one sided love is like. But save your self, you can keep loving him in some way even if he doesnt care but only if you are alive.

    In case you then want to remain single, feel free to be one. but dont live like this, your love wont be alive if anything happens to you.

  78. Sagar mehta says:

    I feel very sad for you. It is fine if you want to continue your one sided love. god will bless you. but Please leave him. dont ruin your health. you will find someone else much better. God will give you one. Ali Sina is absolutely right in saying how tragic wife in Islam is. I felt like crying for you. My beloved India is facing lots of tragedies only due to Muslims on paper. I fear what will happen if they grab our economy and politics some day.

    Emma dear I am waiting for you to leave. Please tell us on this blog once you leave. If i were not in love, I would have called you to India , looked after you. beacuse I am rather wasting my life as a heir to lot of money.

  79. Ali Sina says:

    I am sorry to say but the problem in India did not start in 1973. It started in 1947. Although I have a great respect for Gandhi and he has been a great inspiration in my life, along with Abraham Lincoln, Mother Theresa, Mandela, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I must admit that he mislead the Indians into complacency. He himself was a misguided man and did not know the truth about Islam. But he started the policy of appeasement in India that if not reversed will it eventually destroy that great country.

    You say India has the highest concentration of malnourished children and the Indian government can find over $150 million dollars every year to finance hajj of its Muslim citizens. If this is not treason what it is? One dollar a day can feel a child. With $$360 dollars you can feed a child for an entire year. This means the money that can feed close to half a million children is given to the Saudis. Shame on your treasonous politicians. Shame on these bastards who play with the lives of innocent children to receive Muslims vote. These traitors deserve death penalty.

  80. Ali Sina says:

    On the surface what you were taught is a very good teaching. Teaching tolerance seems the noblest thing. But reality is different. Not all cultures are the same. A culture that believe in equality of men and women, in human rights, in freedom of speech, in democracy, in free enterprise, in equality of opportunities and not equality of achievements, is superior to a culture that believes women are animal or less than men, that does not allow free thinking and free speech and believes the human laws should be god given, that practices stoning, beating, beheading and does not allow any criticism.

    Peace is better than war but not at all cost. We all know the price of the peace accord that Chamberlain signed with Hitler. It cost 60 million lives. The short sighted and stupid people cheered Chamberlain when he returned to Britain from Germany, holding a piece of paper in his hand, boasting of having achieved “peace in our time.” That short lived peace cost millions of lives.

    Only stupid people repeat the same mistake twice. Islam is more dangerous than Nazism. Muslims are more violent than the Nazis. We would be fooling ourselves if we believe we can live in peace with them when they believe in a religion that calls for our subjugation and destruction.

    Muslims will never have peace with non-Muslims. They cannot have peace even with each other. They kill more of each other than they kill the non-Muslims. As long as Islam exists the world will not see peace. We have to awaken the world and make them realize that Islam is the enemy.

  81. Ali Sina says:

    Somehow this ignorance must end. Politicians lie. They blame the “extremists” and not the Quran and Muhammad. Most people don’t have interest in religoin and don’t investigate. That is why I want to make this movie about Muhammad – a movie that not only entertains but also informs and awakens. With this movie things will change and the whole world will start taking about Islam.

  82. infidel/kafir says:

    oye , SLAVE , Dont be a slave , use your thinking. It is under the feet !!!! means crushing under the feet !!!!! with no compassion. With full dictatorship and fascism, no other consideration .
    Even if you interpret , that ther is one word good in ISLAM !!! It is under the feet . It is under the rule of ISLAM !!! ISLAMIC mother is unlike other mothers !!!! ISLAMIC mother is fully absorbed poison of MO /ISLAMIC hatred, ill will, killing , fascism, discrimination, and sex, slavery. SO what is good about a ISLAMIC moslemah ? when she herself is under the feet of MO / ALLA/ ISLAM ?

  83. Be real says:


    This is not marriage like Mr. Sina wrote you. Please pack your bag and leave him if you haven't already. Don't stay any longer to endure anymore of his abuse and don't end up having a child with him. You're only 24 yr old and you have plenty of time to find someone that is worthy of your love and to have a loving family with. Leave him like Mr. Sina has advised you.

    Best wishes.

  84. Sakat says:

    Mr Sina ,each individual is miser ,for that matter each animal is , Because of that intrinsic habit ,matter comes to existence .Every single matter is driven by 2 events.They are self preservation and,multiplication.Can you imagine how ,big and tiny (bacterias/virus) existence comes into existence .I contribute my own sequences to this .Take for example, man is formed out of millions of cells,and each cell in itself a living organ ,they again reproduce further cells ,this means each individual cell is in itself a living/thinking entity isn't it.Now the interesting thing is, why? they are assembled in a body to survive and to reproduce,when in reality they have independent existence apart from the body which they form. Let us ponder the beginning of the formation of amoeba on earth ,the amoeba can take any form . When the Shark or whale comes to swallow the tiny fish ,they moves in unison why?,because they want to show their predator ,they are bigger enough to defend themselves ,don't you think the cells on the human body or on any other animals are doing the same thing .Now let us go to the real topic ,these morons don't work as according to their own thinking ,their Mullah dictates them ,and they feel they are in minority( helpless) ,so they don't have any independent thinking ,they unite to safe guard their existence ,in that process they actually transform into shark and wales.These Hindus feels they are shark ,instead of thinking as shark they disintegrate through their leader for a piece of the cake(power) .Each individual thinks so and divides and divides his body only to become a tiny fish ultimately the easy pray for this new shark (Islam). I really appreciate this man Slave of Prophet.,seriously.Divide and rule is not necessary we are dividing ourselves on the basis of cast and creed ,i pity about that .

  85. Sakat says:

    Ali Sina ,never consider himself as dog,he is an Ant.A single Ant is enough to kill Mammoth Mammal (Islam) ha,ha,ha.He is silently ,piously , diligently and with patience doing his job like the Ant ,you are fool ,your narcissism prevent you from realizing this coming tsunami to wash away this garbage called Islam from human psyche ha,ha,ha .

  86. vijay says:

    Hmm! Sura Al Fil(105) is dedicated to elephant. And Elephant attacked Mecca Sharif. I am aware Elephants in the form of Wahabis are again attacking the faith. Sometime elephant takes u turn and tramples the own army. One small ant is enough for the Elephant. Elephant is the symbol of proud which is regardless of others. So it falls in pit and is enslaved. See Sura Al Kahaf 18 of Holy Quran which has dog in positive light. Just trying to copy Dr Naik.

  87. Slave of Prophet says:

    You continue your discussion here. Islam is spreading rapidly all over the world. Thousand of Ali Sina came after the birth of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). But islam is like an elephant and likes of Ali Sina are dogs. Even Thousands of dogs can not stop the elephant to move forward. Ali Sina thinks his greatest arm is internet but All weapon are useless before mighty Allah. And Allah is protector of Islam.

  88. Sakat says:

    Yes,Muslims pay tax in India by way of fake currency ,a plenty.Some time back I was holding some Pounds with me ,i want to convert them into rupees,so i approached local State bank for exchange.The manager told me they do not have the facility in their branch .However ,he referd me to a business man in the market who was dealing in currency exchange .I approached the businessman ,he was Muslim and running a garment shop, he took my pounds gave me rupees in the form of 1000rupee notes . I came to my house and out of curiosity checked the notes . One of the 1000 note was fake.I went to his shop purchased some under garment and gave him that note back.I could see how his face went pale ha,ha,ha. These people cut the very hand which feeds them.This is the tragedy of Indian nation.They are habitual offenders,this is what the teachings of that MAD MOHAMMED after all, isn't it, ha,ha,ha.

  89. vijay says: as per the provision mentioned here, there are some rights which are special to the minorities mentioned. There are government run universities which have seats reserved for say Muslims in the case of Jamia Milia Islamia. Gurukul Kangri is not mainstream Hindu but Arya Samaji institution. It also has its minority rights.

  90. Sir since 2002-2008 we had a string of bomb blasts in every major city almost every month….Then it was 26/11..since then 12 blasts have occured including the hyderabad one….People aren't ready to acknowledge the role of islam because of their ignorance

  91. Sir,how can we ever realize?Until I read your blog,I thought of muslims as just another religion,which preaches just the same thing..And see my stupidity that I thought that it is,, nature's coincidence that 99.9% attacks are in the name of Islam,and very few of muslims are "just" misguided…Sir,I am a part of this education a grade 7 student when we were learning history.. islamic rule was GLORIFIED to such an extent that we used to admire those rulers….those barbarics …The common Indian is so ignorant that it refuses to even acknowledge the problem…We,in our books are thought all cultures are equal..Indians are though how we must get along together, ignore the ugly facts, join hands whereas every INDIAN MUSLIM ACTUALLY IS OBSEESED WITH HIS SICK RELIGION

  92. Since 1973… Our politicians are spineless people…..Sir,in India about 35% live in poverty,despite India testing the nuclear bomb in 1973..We have had a lot technological advancement on paper,nothing at all is implemented in plans,,,When India has the highest conc. of malnourished children and the largest conc. of poor in the world,its utter nonsense to be doing it..Here child beggars are almost present everywhere..The govt..seems to have lost all sanity

  93. chuck says:

    //yes, in 1948, 25% were Hindu in Pakistan but they willingly converted into islam after realizing Islam is only true religion. //
    Yet for 1300 before the formation of that pitiful entity and despite a continuos Muslim rule of 700 years and despite the mass exodus during partition, 25% of population remained Hindu!! They saw in 60 years what they couldn't see for all those years!! Delusional really. Truth be told minorities aren't safe if Majority is Muslim. As soon as the Hindus became minorities in Pakistan, they were reduced to 1% or less from around 22% 65 years back.

  94. chuck says:

    //If any Muslim university funded by government makes it mandatory that candidate must be meat eater and must have faith in islam then will u justify it? //
    I will, if the stated objective of an university is to promote Islamic teachings and it requires its student have faith in Islam. As long as it is not promoting anti-national or extremist feelings I see no issue with Government fundings. There are many madrasas in India running with gov help. Students who are not happy with the setup may look at other universities. I won't call the promoter of such an institution a fanatic.

  95. chuck says:

    //they do not give Eid and Christmas leave//
    Just checked. See the URL below, they also don't provide for specific vacation for Hindu festivals either.
    And it is an university with STATED objective of being run on Vedic principles, why would you expect it to provide for vacation specific to some other religion. I wouldn't expect an madrasa to give holidays during say the Diwalis which is big among Hindus!!

    //They are not saying to their employees/students but they advertise in their advertisements that candidate must be vegan //
    Can you show the ad? Here is the application form, I see no such declaration required by the applicant.
    //that university is fully funded by government //
    I am not sure how Indian government funds universities and how does that matter here?

  96. vijay says:

    Brother Abdu Rasul does not know that Sufis also prefer to be veg but with no hatred for non veg taking people. Hazarat Owais RA use to take one barley bread each day. More body moves in spritual way, less are needs of the body. If you want to study in Gurukul Kangari, Kankhal and request the non veg food in their canteen, then what about pork dishes in Aligarh Muslim university ? Jwalapur is near Kankhal, where most population is Muslim from Pundhir Rajputs. You can have Halal food from there. In India, Sikhs, Buddhist and Protestants, which are less then Muslim an in them Halal being a ritual meat is forbidden. Yet KFC, McDonald,Pizza Hut, Subway etc all serve Halal food. And yet Hindus are fanatic. Indian railways serve Halal. Yet India is fanatic? I am sorry to say that Hindu majority is, leave it, being Sufi i should not offend them. SION people were calling it a food Jihad. I feel that Muslims who sell Halal food to non Muslims, who may use this meat alcohol or say with pork in Pizza hut. Those people will be garbed on the last day/Yaumidin. Abdu Rasul brother. Did you attended Jumma payer today in India ? or are you busy with Cyber Jihad? I feel that you could be a pakistani posing as Indian to show Muslims of India in low light. Shabbir is a bit better. How are you posting here, while it is time for Jumma Prayer in India?

  97. chuck says:

    You have a proof that Adam was the first man. There was no first man. Do you have any verse in Quran that says that Adam was born in Mecca?

    // Arbi is mother language of all languages. //
    And thus the philologist spake!! And what is the father language? There are a dozen odd primarliy independent language families, the Afro-Asiatic being one such with Arabic being one among this group. The Classical Arabic goes not much further than 1800 years which itself developed from other Semitic languages like Syriac and Hebrew.

  98. Slave of prophet says:

    They are not saying to their employees/students but they advertise in their advertisements that candidate must be vegan
    If any Muslim university funded by government makes it mandatory that candidate must be meat eater and must have faith in islam then will u justify it?
    you can search on gkvharidwar website they do not give Eid and Christmas leave….and that university is fully funded by government that is not a private university.

  99. chuck says:

    //Government funding the Gurukuls (university run by Hindu fanatics as per Vedic rule) from the tax money of Muslims. //
    What is wrong in that? Anyway Muslims form a minority so their tax money is only a miniscule proportion of the total tax collected!! I also see no issue with a Government helping the spread of peaceful traditions whether Hindu, Buddhist, Jainist, Sufist or Christian. if the Indian Government is doing that , it is doing its duty as a custodian of public education. On the other hand paying for Hajj to Muslims is a poor appeasement tactics only. If your grudge is that "India is not secular but a country runs according to the laws of Hindu religion" then it doesn't quite fit.

  100. chuck says:

    The Kangdi University runs on the principles of Arya Samaj and Arya Samaj prescribes vegetarian diet. So while in campus you have to abide by their rules and norms. As indeed I have to if I am studying in a Madrasa. No university requires you to eat veg only outside the university. Do you think a person would be allowed to study in a Madrasa if he brings in pork?

    // Why your secular Government //
    From your words it is clear that you are an Indian. So this Muslim appeasing government is yours. Don't try to distance yourself from that

  101. Ali Sina says:

    “Here the govt. ..does everything to appease muslims to get their votes,as muslims usually vote in one direction..”

    This means that Hindus must realize they are being sold out buy the very unscrupulous politicians they vote for and refuse to vote for anyone who panders to Muslims for vote. India must reclaim its Hindu identity and may be even change its name to Hindustan.

  102. Ali Sina says:

    This seems surreal. No other country does such thing. Not a single Muslim country pays for the hajj. Muslims see this as the sign of weakness and rightly so. There is no other way to understand this except cowardice and appeasement? Since when this is going on?

  103. chuck says:

    Which Indian universities force Muslim students to only eat vegetarian food? Name 10, India has over 500 recognized universities. Off course the people in India are free to eat anything in their personal capacity, even beef is available despite being a taboo among the majority Hindu. Some university canteens may cater only food allowed by the authorities and certain meat like beef might be excluded. This doesn't qualify as a force on the muslim students to eat only veg food to gain admission.

  104. Since 1994 the round trip cost to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia has been fixed at 12,000 (US$218.4) per pilgrim, and the government has footed the rest of the bill. In 2007 the government spent 47,454 (US$863.66) per passenger.[3] In the year 2009 the cost was 826 crore (US$150.33 million).

  105. someone says:

    Whether a muslim or not, he is a bad choice and not compatable. You said you want to save your
    marriage. It is a good idea to save something wonderful; but to save a misrable marriage which
    was started with lies ?!?!?! You said you love him; well, let me tell you: this is not love; it is
    attraction that will fade away in no time. You are the only one who can help yourself. but you
    can be sure that if you use your mind, you are a winner……..follow your desires and whims,
    you lose everything including yourself.

  106. Sir,In India because muslims claim to be underprivileged,which they would naturally be as every muslim male produces at least 4 children..Here the govt. ..does everything to appease muslims to get their votes,as muslims usually vote in one direction..That day,some fanatic mullah issued a fatwa saying girls shouldn't be allowed to play music..Therefore the band (only girls band of kashmir) disbanded..and no action was taken was taken against him…All terrorist attacks in the country(the recent one in hydrebad ) as well are done by Indian Mujahideen..but the spineless media dares not drag Islam into it..In fact,in 07 the only ever case where a muslim locality was bombarded and some 5 people were killed,there were chaos and street protests by muslims accusing of hindu terrorism which are yet to be proven

  107. Slave of prophet says:

    @Ali Sina
    And why eating non-Veg food should be such great abuse according to fanatic Hindus? There is nothing wrong in eating non-Veg.

    "I can eat meat but I choose to be vegetarian because it is more humane and healthier"
    It is your personal opinion. Quran nowhere preach this. If non-Veg is wrong Allah would have prohibited it but Allah sanction eating non-Veg also.

  108. Ali Sina says:

    And why eating only vegetarian food should be such a great abuse? There is nothing wrong in eating vegetarian. I can eat meat but I choose to be vegetarian because it is more humane and healthier. You can eat meat in you home. This is a silly excuse to demand privileges.

  109. Slave of prophet says:

    @Ali Sina
    Hindu fanatics force the Muslim students to eat only vegetarian food to give admission in their universities run by Muslim taxpayers money. But according to Quran it is individual decision and taking non-Veg also allowed by Almighty Allah.
    Quran 5:1
    "O you who have believed, fulfill [all] contracts. Lawful for you are the animals of grazing livestock except for that which is recited to you [in this Qur'an] – hunting not being permitted while you are in the state of ihram. Indeed, Allah ordains what He intends."

  110. Ali Sina says:

    At least people give money voluntarily to finance my projects. Muhammad make his money through raid and loot.

  111. Ali Sina says:

    I don’t agree appeasement is the sign of greatness of any religion. What the Indian government is doing is only cowardice and Muslims can clearly see that. Anyone can see that.

  112. Ali Sina says:

    Don’t be delusional. They were abused and their human rights were violated. Many of them went to India and others were forced to convert the say way your ancestors were forced to convert.

  113. vijay says:

    There is a special provision for non Hindu minorities only. During education a person can stay veg or eat it at home. I have seen a great lot of Arya Samajis themselves taking non veg. Give the detail of Gurukul, where this thing is not allowed ? By the way will you allow a pork eating Dalit in Islamic Madrassa /seminary ? Which are also getting govt aid at many places , he/she may bring sausage(they call it Gujji) in lunch pack. Will it be OK ? Such statements by the scholars like you only prevent Baba Ambedkar Ji from becoming a Muslim. Now his men may be converting Muslims into Buddhism.

  114. Ali Sina says:

    Hinduism has many good point and some that are not very good. Tolerance of other faith is in general a virtue that exists in Hinduism and not in Islam. This is bad. It makes Hindus vulnerable and weak. Bullies interpret tolerance as weakness. So Hindus must learn to be less tolerant towards Muslims if they want to preserve their country or it will be lost in less than a century.

    Financing hajj is a very stupid thing. Muslims can eat vegetarian food. There are no laws saying a Muslim cannot eat vegetarian food. These are excuses to get away with their caprices and impose their will on Hindus so they pay for their hajj. I don’t understand why there are no demonstrations and outcries against this absurd law. Paying Muslims to go to hajj is something not even Muslims countries do. Muslims clearly see this as appeasement and regard Hindus as weak and afraid of them. This is the stupidest policy any government can devise.

  115. Slave of prophet says:

    Muslim fought peacefully for their Islamic rights and Indian Hindu Government had to compel to think about Muslims. Why your Kangdi Gurukul do not allow admission of Muslims students because only they take non-Veg. Why your secular Government funding the Gurukuls (university run by Hindu fanatics as per Vedic rule) from the tax money of Muslims.

  116. chuck says:

    And the laws of Hindu religion allows minority Muslims to Hajj on tax payer's money and subsidies!! Then Hinduism must be a great religion!! Now show me a Muslim majority country that is Sharia run and affords similar allowances to the minorities.

  117. vijay says:

    They have come to India. or took asylum in many other places. Recently a dalit girl from Sind was abducted and forced to convert after rape. Her name is Rinkle Kumari and i know her family members. She is not the only one. Each year in UK, 10% Muslim mostly girls leave Islam. So should it mean Islam is not true ? Astagfur Allah! Numbers do not count but the devotion to the God count. Single believer of Allah is better then 100 hypocrites who claim to be Muslim.

  118. vijay says:

    Why Adem peak is in Sri Lanka ? and why H Habil(AS) and Kabil/Kane and Abel , final resting place are located in Rameshwar ?

  119. Slave of prophet says:

    @Ali Sina
    Muslim also pay tax to Indian Government and why Indian Government approving and sponsoring the Gurukur (schools) where educations is given according to Arya's (Vedic rule) and and students who take non-veg food are not allowed to take admission in Gurukul (schools). So, we muslim are not allowed to take admission in the school because we are non-Vegetarian. India is not secular but a country runs according to the laws of Hindu religion.

  120. Slave of prophet says:

    @Ali Sina
    yes, in 1948, 25% were Hindu in Pakistan but they willingly converted into islam after realizing Islam is only true religion.

  121. Slave of prophet says:

    @Ali Sina
    Your aim is earning money. You want people sponsor money on your projects and make you wealthy. Islam is just a victim of your greed for money.

  122. Slave of prophet says:

    First prophet Aadam and first man born in holy land of Arbia in Mecca. Saudi Arbia is the mother of all civilization of the world and Arbi is mother language of all languages.

  123. infidel/kafir says:

    Oye Slave of MO :: India is the originator of the ( mother of all civilizations ) world great civilization. You have to know a lot to know this truth. Sanskrit is the mother of all ( almost) languages in the world. HINDU DHARMA is the oldest religion known to humanity . There is no BOOK like BHAGAVDGITA on this earth. Atleast , 5000 yrs old.
    You know ISLAM wahich was copied,plagiarized, adopted and with stolen but distorted stories from bible,torah ,preislamic folk lore , by that monster MO, because , at that time MO was feeling jealousy , seeing the fast spreading christianity and judaism at his area , wanted to make his tribe and people superior and subjugate other tribes ., is just 1450 yrs old !!! ISLAM is full of hatred, ill will and fascism towards all unbelievers !!!

    RAMAYANA and mahabharat are the greatest epics of the humanity.

  124. infidel/kafir says:

    Yes , Only married Moslemahs and innocently,unknowingly trapped unbelieveing, nonmoslemahs ( that is those nonmoslem women who married Moslems ) should follow the advice of Dr. ALI SINA . His advice do not apply to others ! Then the world will be a better place . and will be a sure sign that ISLAM will be eradicated.

  125. infidel/kafir says:

    Oye , follower of that monster MO , are you a JIHADIST and ISLAMIC terrorist ? Be truthful and honest . come out openly.

  126. infidel/kafir says:

    Oye SLAVE :: Islam came to INDIA from outsied , as invading, marauding,murderous force , killing,raping,looting ,death destruction , enslavement and forcibel conversions and colonization. For , INDIA it was the greatest calamity in it's history. No other country, no other people suffered as much destruction , death ,loot and rape and unadulterated brutality and savagery from ISLAM/ISLAMISTS ( MOHAMMADENS), as suffered by INDIANS/ HINDUS .There was no ISLAM in INDIA before the goons and blood thirsty ISLAMISTS entered in INDIA to conquer it. The great American historian WILL durant wrote in his story of civilizations , that the advent of ISLAM and it's blood thirsty followers of MO , was the bloodiest events that happened in the annals of human history , that was unprecedented. About 3000 Hindu temples were razed and destroyed. The oldest and great universities of NALANDA and TAXILA were razed and destroyed and the libraries with all the invaluabel,precious literature and manuscripts were burnt . People from all over the world were studying at NALANDA . The same thing was done to the ALEXANDRIA library in EGYPT .
    Bill warner and several other researchers estimated that some 80 million HINDUS were slaughtered by Mussalmans in their 600 to 700 yrs rule. This was estimated from the records of Moslem rulers . Even during the BANGLADESH liberation war , as many as 3 million HINDUS were butchered and 200000 women raped. This , can be verified from any ex.moslem from BANGLADESH . All the world 's good samaritans want , that ISLAM/ MOSLEMS must vacate INDIA , lock, stock and barrel and go to SODI BARBARIA , the original birth place of ISLAM and MO , and live happily in their ISLAMIC JANNATH . I hope all INDIANS will know the true history of INDIA and keep the ISLAM/ MOHAMMADENS at bay . I also like to see , to all those good moslems who hate ISLAM and ISLAMIC culture and ISLAMIC barbarism , should convert back into HINDU DHARMA and declare that ISLAM does not belong in human civilization. I hope this writing will open the eyes of thousands of good and humane moslems to renounce and denounce the extreme cruelty , primitiveness of ISLAM and it's adherents.

  127. Agracean says:

    Dear Ms Dr Ali Sina, how long are you going to wait for all those 8 million dollars donor to reach you? I believe that many Good Samaritans want to help you but they can't due to many restrictions. I think that there's a great possibility that Mr Jonathan Harrel could help you raised that 8 million dollars within a few years' time, provided if he exercise his IQ in the right place and at the right time. I believe that he will agree with me. Cheers. 😉

  128. Agracean says:

    Hi Slave of Prophet, you're right to say that I'm a follower of Jesus and you might be right too, to say that my beloved Ms Dr Ali Sina is an atheist. What's wrong with my dear Ms Dr Ali Sina's active promotion of the Golden Rule? My Lord Jesus has commanded me to love my neighbour ie. Atheists, Muslims, Hindhus, Buddhists, Bahais, etc as myself and this is exactly what my sweet Ms Dr Ali Sina is always promoting in his marvellous website! That's the reason why I love him so. :*

  129. Ali Sina says:

    Even if 10 million people buy it the investors will have quintupled their money. But we do have more than 100 million people with Islam-nausea. These people will watch and will recommend it to others. There are also millions of Muslims who may want to watch it. The movie has a great story. Truth in this case is far more stranger and entertaining than any fiction. If we can have good acting, directing, music and cinematography I don’t see why this movie cannot become one of the best viewed movies. Why should a movie about the most influential man in history with the most fascinating and incredible life story not sell? I know when we talk about a movie about Muhammad people imagine the stupid movie on youtube. Far from it. Think instead of the best movie ever made about Jesus or Moses.

    “The only real people who may buy it are those who visit anti-Islamic websites.”
    That is true about movies such as Fitnah, Obsession and other movies that are made in the form of documentary. Such movies have very limited audience. I wanted to get away from that kind of documentary style and low budget movies. My movie is an epic story. Every instance of it reveals a fascinating story about the life of Muhammad and all is said in the form of an entertaining novel. My goal in writing it is to attract those who otherwise pay no attention to our discussion about Islam. I want college kids and ordinary people see it for its entertainment value. We don’t want to preach to the choir. The whole idea is to take the message to the masses and do it in such a way that they want to see it because is it entertaining. The Innocence of Muslims offends the intelligence of the viewers. That movie was trash.

    “Generally speaking, humanity has always gotten better with time.”

    I don’t hold that rosy idea about the future anymore. Islam won and dominated for 1400 years when it is sheer evil. The idea that good will always overcome evil is very naif. Yes I was one of those who also believed in that naive idea. But not anymore. Force always wins, not goodness. The universe cannot distinguish between good and evil. These are our human values. If we want good overcome evil we have to use force.

  130. John says:

    hi Ali good luck, I hope you are successful in the movie. I doubt though that 100 million people will buy it. The problem is psychology: most people dont care enough about Islam to watch a movie about it. The only real people who may buy it are those who visit anti-Islamic websites (like people who comment here) and those are a small percent of the general public and they already dislike Islam.
    The method which can work is reaching out to young Muslims somehow. This is the future generation of Muslims. Psychology experts have to be involved in creating an initiative that changes young Muslims. That is one idea and yes its very vague.
    Maybe your movie will be such that Muslims will be drawn to watch it somehow. Best of luck. Its a tough problem and we all know it. We know it will be solved with time. Generally speaking, humanity has always gotten better with time. The question is, if the solution can come quicker.
    A movie is nice but more can be done. What exactly that is, I don't know. We'll keep thinking about it.

  131. Ali Sina says:

    If they are tolerant it is because they are still the minority. Are Muslims tolerant of criticism of Islam also in Pakistan and all other Islamic countries where they are the majority? Is there not a blasphemy law in place in Pakistan where innocent people get imprisoned and killed by the mob even when falsely accused of speaking against Muhammad?

  132. Ali Sina says:

    “The govt. of india sponsors hajj trips for these criminals..after declaring india is secular.”
    This is treason. This must end and until you remain peaceful and complacent your treasonous government will not do anything to stop this. How can these shameless thug give the tax money collected by Hindus to Muslims to learn how to hate Hindus, how to called them filth, idolators and scums?

  133. Sol Landet says:

    Interesting: you hate this site, yet you take your own time to read Sina's articles and to read every single comment. And even to reply them. I think you like this place, after all

  134. Ali Sina says:

    In 1948 the population of Pakistan was about 25% Hindu. What happened to them? Are you not paying attention to the systematic killing of Hindus in Kashmir?

  135. Ali Sina says:

    Yes John. There is a very powerful way to destroy Islam. It is more powerful than any nuclear bomb. It is my movie. I need financing for it and the investors may also make more money than in any other business. Talk about killing two birds with one stone or eating your cake and having it, nay,l rather multiplying it. This is something I hand thought about for the last 12 years and have worked on it since two years ago. It is ready but it needs money. And I don’t need a lot. The budget given to me is $10 million dollars. This is very small compared to what people spend on movies these days. MA Qatari Muslim is collecting one billion dollars to make a movie about Muhammad. He will naturally fill it with lies. My movie is five hours long and it comes in two parts, sold separately. All we need is 1.5 million to 2 million people to buy it and we will recover the investment. But there is a potential that 100 million people buy the movie. We don’t need to spend millions on advertising. People will promote it for free. There are hundreds of millions of people who are fed up with Islam. This movie is not a silly movie like the stupid movie shown on youtube. It is a sensible movie about Muhammad that really should not even offend Muslims because it does not deliberately portray Muhammad as a villain. It is a balanced and very thoughtful movie. I have been promised up to two million dollars and I need to find eight more. Muslims put their money and their lives where their mouth is. That is why they advance a lie so ugly as Islam. We can’t just talk and win. We need action and this is the great opportunity for anyone with money to do something great for the world and multiply his money.

    One option is to form a share company and sell thousands of shares to thousands of people. I prefer not to go that rout. I rather find a few investors who can finance the entire project and work with me as co-producers. This will be done through lawyers so I won’t be assassinated before the production is over.

  136. Ali Sina says:

    Allah is Devil. He is not God. So you will go to hell if you believe in Allah. Muhammad is already in hell.

  137. vijay says:

    Best thing would have been to bring mother in law, near the house where couple live or old age home. But sometime ladies do not want to leave the native country. If I respect my mom and beat my wife , i think i am still doing a sin.

  138. vijay says:

    This is the justification for the inhuman treatment to the non believers ? Just a recent feather in the cap of the allegedly victims of India.

  139. Sakat says:

    You want to save your marriage ,Why? ( you have to narrate all those things ,which you feel he is not worthy of it ,if his religion becomes your ire , than you have to prove, why?,you can't adjust with it.. During old age you want your children abandon you ,that is ridicules. Greatest sin is abandoning thy parents, the pope realized this and abandoned his throne .,ha,ha,ha,).

  140. Sakat says:

    Yes ,this is true.

  141. continuum says:

    @slave of prophet is truly evil man (true muslim) or really stupid muslima. How do you know allah exists? have you seen this entity?

    Anybody who is human will not and cannot believe a rapist, thief, murderer and a pedophile like muhammad is a prophet of god. If you believe it, you are not human, but a muslim/muslima and deserve to be treated worse than pigs and apes.

  142. Slave of prophet says:

    Just to be human is not enough. If you do not believe in prophet PBUH) you do not deserve to be called human. Non-believer are sinner in the eyes of Allah.

  143. ser..?where do you get your stats from?its was 80% in 2001..and of course muslims explode here..because of polygamy exclusively reserved for them…Not only the freedom of non-muslims is restricted..but the women of islam face a seriously bad life….btw slave which country are you from?

  144. John says:

    I want to agree in some way. I think Ali can spend his time in a more useful way rather than create a blog like this. What is it going to achieve? Not much in my opinion except some comments, views and thumbsups. In my opinion its not worth the time.

    More can be done for the battle against Islam. The question is, what? That's a good question but where there's a will there's a way.

    In fact, maybe there should be a blog post (forum post is better, technologically), asking people for ideas on what to do and then work to implement the best suggestions. Something new, creative and powerful should be done against Islam. Ali has the knowledge and ability to get it done. At least its worth a try.

  145. Ankur says:

    India being 86%Hindu only shows how resilient Hindus are… and not how great Islam is..Islam have fully ransacked any other country it visited except stop misrepresenting history…

  146. Slave of Prophet says:

    India is still Hindu majority country where 86% people are Hindu. That is proof in Islam there is no compulsion.

  147. The fact that islamic bullshit is given preference and more than enough…we have probably 15 districts that are muslim majority…minorities have been kicked out of there by islamic extremists,,,,.young girls abducted and forced converted…I live in India and I easily know more than you slave of prophet…These people ended up destroying several of martyr's memorials to protest against the violence in myanmar…They are the scum of earth..The govt. of india sponsors hajj trips for these criminals..after declaring india is secular..They haven't developed or civilized despite our policies heavily in their favour…I dont really blame them …Allah doesn't approve civilization

  148. Slave of Prophet says:

    @Ali Sina
    “because the heaven is under the mothers feet.” (Quote of Emma about her husband)
    Ali Sina here is another proof and it from Emma that how much respect Muslim man gives to woman. Islam is not male dominant religion. You can read the Emma carefully, Emma husband's mother is all in all in house.

  149. Slave of Prophet says:

    @Ali Sina
    If all people would start to listen your advise world 99% married couple would take divorce and that situation would be more worst. Thanks to Allah majority of people do not come to Ali Sina who misguides them.

  150. vijay says:

    Dear Krishna Ji, you will have to use ballet also, to kick the bum lickers like diggy piggy, who are expert in appeasement. Else your nation will be a living hell like that of Pakistan or Bangladesh. Brother Slave of prophet has already told that Pakistan is trying to unite India into a bigger Islamic nation. It is up to you to help India only or want to help people of Pakistan and Bangladesh also.

  151. vijay says:

    I would like to Thank Dr Sina on another ground. I find some traits of this husband in question in myself also. That is being, Mama's child. I will try to be reformed.

  152. Slave of Prophet says:

    Do not make fool of the people. I have been in India from couple of years. I have not seen any violence done by Muslim against Hindu. A India based website writing against islam from many years but Muslim are tolerant enough they give answer of his allegation scholarly and writes refutation of non-believers like faithfreedom, agniveer ali Sina etc. claims.
    Muslim are victim of media.

  153. Ali Sina says:

    There are two ways you can help. One way eliminates Islam with the speed of a car. But the trip is long. We will get there eventually. It just takes time. That is promoting the message you hear in this blog and similar sites so gradually everyone realizes that Islam is a threat to mankind.

    There is another way that eliminates Islam with the speed of a supersonic jet. That is making my movie. I have written a movie about the life of Muhammad that portrays every important detail of his life in a very tasteful and entertaining way. I need to raise money. I prefer to find a few investors who will put a few millions of dollars each than selling small shares to thousands of people. I believe the project can also be very lucrative for the investors and it will kill Islam instantly.

    Few people who read my book can keep their faith in Islam. The movie will have the same effect on hundreds of millions of people. It will be a bombshell. It can literally change the course of history. So if you know people who might be interested to help and also make a lot of money, contact them and tell them about it. Click on the link on the sidebar to read more about it.

  154. vijay says:

    As an Atheist also Dr Sina has a great regard for lord Jesus. Lord Jesus loves and help all humans, weather baptized or not. Baptism anyway is a step for being an offspring of God. Agracean can correct me if I am wrong. Christianity does not preach hate for the sinner but for the sin. Lord Jesus told, the stoning people to stone a lady only, if they have not committed a sin. It is there in holy Bible, Do not judge others as you will be judged. As Sufi, we have accept that we are the biggest sinner. How can a sinner be a judge of other human. If you understand urdu, there is a song for you brother Abdu Rasul![youtube aGHJo2BOGQ4 youtube]

  155. Sir,Can you please send me the 4th edition of your book.?..I wish to enlighten fellow muslims and drag them out of curse…Here is my email-id [email protected]

  156. Sir,I have been reading your articles since the past couple of weeks…In India,saying anything against Islam is almost inviting violence…How do I help promote your vision of eradicating islam?

  157. Ali Sina says:

    Dear Slave,

    We are all human first. Only Muslims think they are Muslim first and human next. That is why they step over their humanity for their religion. Normal people don’t do such thing. They follow their conscience and then they follow their religion.

  158. Slave of Prophet says:

    You are followers of Jesus and believe in him but why are u promoting the ideas of an atheist like Ali Sina. Ali Sina is an atheist. In Christianity also atheism is a sin.

  159. Agracean says:

    Oh, my dear Ms Dr Ali Sina, you're such a good marriage counsellor. I think that all the women on earth is dying to marry a wonderful man like you! 😉