Muslim Men Preying on Western Women

K.M. Lessing, the author of God Failed Me, sent me a digital copy of her book wondering whether I would review it. I generally don’t do reviews. I am a slow reader and have to be very selective of what I read. I try to avoid spending time on materials that are not directly related to my research.

However, when I took a look at the book, I could not put it down. Lessing is without a doubt a gifted writer. She speaks from the heart and her words are captivating. This is a book about her personal experience, an experience that is too common in today’s western world.

The western culture, the culture that taught the world enlightenment, liberty and equality has lost is compass. It is now devoid of purpose, devoid of love and devoid of soul. Perhaps it is not dead yet but it is ailing and as such vulnerable to predation.

Lessing’s story is unfortunately too common. I heard similar stories from several others. Her troubled life begins with her parents, whom she remembers as distanced, detached and disinterested “roommates.” They were incapable of giving her what is the foremost responsibility of every parent, i.e. love.

Love is the purpose of creation. Yet it is one commodity that is in short supply. Love is like a crop that needs to be cultivated before it can be harvested. It grows by giving it away. But people are so love-starved that they hoard the little that they have. Like any seed hoarded for a long time it rots and changes into something poisonous called narcissism, which instead of nourishing them it kills them.

Moving away from her parents she searched for love in all wrong places and wrong people. She married a man, who also was incapable of loving her and treated her only for his sexual gratification. She got involved in a church that instead of preaching love, promised prosperity. She got involved and made friends with men and women who like her were drifting aimlessly without a purpose or a compass. She got bored of and dumped the only good man who respected her and cared about her. What is wrong with women?

Lessing eventually left her church and tried to find solace in alcohol and in bars. She got involved with all sorts of wrong people. After hitting the bottom she resumed her search for God, but guess where? In the house of Satan! She went to a mosque to enquire about God.

She was greeted by a religious leader who offered to show her the mosque while touching and groping her in inappropriate places. She felt uncomfortable but kept meeting Muslim men. The next Muslim was an Iranian pervert whose only interest was to get her into bed. Fortunately he left her when she resisted his advances. As if all that was not enough she fell under the spell of another Iranian Muslim, a certain Seyed Abazar Wahidi (also written as Wahedi or Wahedy) who introduced himself with a fake name, fake birth date and fake everything.

I publish his name and picture because this man is a monster, a dangerous predator, a psychopath whose only purpose is to trap innocent American woman and destroy them. This is his Jihad in the way of Allah. I hope by revealing his face I may save some of his future victims. Abazar Wahidi never uses his real name. Just remember his face.

Lessing explains how this man lied to her and played on her vulnerability. She saved all his chats on Skye and his text messages and published them in her book. I encourage every woman dating a Muslim man or thinking about it to red Lessing’s book so you can be prepared and save yourself unnecessary heartbreak and much pain.

Like all predators, Wahidi lied from the start. He lied about his name, his age and marital status. Not only he portrayed himself as a pious man in the search of God, but a virgin, waiting to give his virginity away to that special woman.

Abazar Wahedy text 28-Feb-2013 78

Oh what an honor! She should be even grateful. Son of the bitch! Just like his prophet who made people wage war for him, sacrifice their lives to make him rich, give him their little daughters and be grateful for it too.

Abazar WahedyAfter first believing in this predator’s lies, Lessing eventually began suspecting something about him is not right and after some detective work found out his real name and the fact that he is a cleric who works at Shi’a Association of the Bay Area (SABA) in San Jose, California and that he is actually married.

Lessing wondered whether she should go to his mosque and expose him publicly. This tells me how little non-Muslims know Islam and the Muslim mind. What do you think would happen if you tell them? At first they deny it categorically accusing you of smearing the name of a good man and vilify you. If they see the undeniable proof, they change tactic and condemn him in your face assuring you that Islam does not allow that. Once you leave, they pat him on the back and laugh heartily.

Will his wife be troubled? If all this is not a ruse for this couple to get US immigration visa, in all likelihood she is an accomplice for her husband’s jihad against the infidels. Some years ago I read the story that a young Muslim college student befriended a Christian girl of her age and lured her to be raped by her brothers. In another case a Palestinian girl bated an Israeli young man with promises of love only to make him come to Gaza so her fellow compatriots could kill him.

Muslims don’t see you as fellow human, but as a prey. They rejoice when you suffer. They celebrate when you mourn, they delight when you cry. I wrote a book explaining the mind of Muslims.

Lessing questioned the truthfulness of this predator often, but dismissed them every time, convincing herself that if all he wanted was sex, he could have gotten it cheaply, why go through so much trouble of building a relationship at long distance when she had told him categorically he won’t have it outside marriage. This is more evidence of how little the westerners understand the mind of the Muslims. It is not about sex. It is about the trill of conquest. The bigger the prey, the greater the thrill! There is no thrill in hiring a prostitute. But there is a big thrill in luring and baiting a respectable woman. The harder the catch the bigger is the trill.

As I explained in my book Understanding Muhammad, the Thuggee cult of India a.k.a. the Musulman Noozers was an offshoot of Islam. They worshipped Allah and Kali, a bloodthirsty Hindu goddess with Allah’s attributes. According to their belief, they received worldly success if they killed people who did not belong to their religion. They accompanied travelers, befriend them and after gaining their trust they strangulated them and robbed their belongings.

William Sleeman was the British administrator in India who hunted the Thugs and ended their 500 year reign of terror. When a group of them was arrested, during the interrogation, they showed no remorse, but expressed their pride for the murders that they had committed.

One Thug named Buhram boasted to have murdered over 930 travelers. When he was asked whether he ever felt remorse for his victims whom he beguiled into a false sense of security and who had laid their trust him, he replied, “Certainly not! Are not you yourself a hunter, and don’t you enjoy the thrill of the stack, the pitting of your cunning against that of an animal, and are not you pleased at seeing it dead at your feet? So with the Thug who indeed, regards the stalking of men as a higher form of sport! Remorse? Never! Joy and elation? Often! [Thug or a Million Murders by Brigadier – General Sir William T. F. Horwood, p 7]

Thugs were not common criminals. They were devoutly religious people who considered murder a divinely punishable offence. They picked their victims only when they received “favorable omens” from their deity. Here is a passage from the transcript of their trial.

Sleeman: And do you never feel sympathy for the persons’ murdered – never pity or compassion?”

Sahib Khan: (with great emphasis) “Never.”

When Sleeman asked Faringea who had strangled a beautiful young woman, if he had not felt pity for her, he replied, “we all feel pity sometimes, but the sweetness of gur (a raw sugar the Thugs ate after killing their victims) of the sacrifice changes our nature.

Sleeman: When you have a poor traveller with you, or a party of travellers who appear to have little property and you hear or see a very good omen, do you not let them go in the hope that the virtue of the omen will guide you to better prey?

Dorgha: Let them go? Never, never! (with great emphasis)

Nasir: How could we let them go? Is not the omen the order from heaven to kill them, and would it not be disobedient to let them go? If we did not kill them how should we ever get any more travellers?

Morlee: Certainly not! The travellers who are in our hands when we hear a good omen must never let go, whether they promise little or much; the omen is unquestionably the order (from God) as Nasir says.

Sleeman: But you think that no man is killed by man’s killing? That all who are strangled are strangled in effect by God?

Nasir: Certainly.

The similarity between the Thugs mindset and the Muslim is undeniable. Not only Muslims feel no remorse destroying the lives of the unbelievers, to them this is jihad, the highest form of pleasing Allah. The more pain they inflict the more reward they expect to receive.

Muslims are not in the west to integrate, to assimilate and to become part of the melting pot. Their goal is to conquer, to subdue, to kill and to destroy. This is true in regards to all Muslims, whether man or woman, old or young, to the extent that they follow their prophet.

Abazar WahidiThis is a book I recommend to everyone, especially to women in the search of love. My only problem is its title. As far as I can see Lessing has received many blessings. She is blessed with intelligence. She is blessed with writing ability. She is blessed with beauty. And by her own account she is also blessed with creativity. Not to mention that she is blessed for being born in a free world. Consider the plight of women in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and all other Islamic countries. How God failed her? What she lacks is commonsense. I am afraid not even God can do much in that department. That is one’s own responsibility. It is like someone inviting you to his home and serving you all sorts of delicious foods and you complain that he was not a good host because he did not spoon feed you and you came hungry. God’s responsibility ends in giving us the power to make decisions. He cannot make them for us.

She allowed herself to be fooled when anyone can see this Muslim is a psychopath, a dangerous predator. A man who declares his undying love to you too early in the relationship and even without having met you is either a desperate horny man who will dump you as soon as you satisfy his beastly instinct, or a predator. I can understand an innocent teenager with low self-esteem falling prey to predators like Wahidi, but how can an intelligent woman like Lessing allow herself to be duped, especially when she says she had read Not Without my Daughter, the story of Betty Mahmoudi. And what God has anything to do with her choices?

Most people have a very erroneous understanding of God. Unlike what some religions and churches claim God does not have His hand in everything. We create our own reality. We come to this world by our own will. We choose our parents. We are free in everything we do. God is only an observer. He does not intervene unless He is asked to. The only time God intervenes is when we pray. As we are told by those who died, went to the other world and returned, God wants very much to be involved in this world. God’s involvement is through us. We have to open the door so He can enter and operate through us. Prayer is the act of opening the door for God.

The purpose of life is not to live comfortably. We are not here to become rich. If that were the goal, God would have giving plenty of it to His Son when he came to Earth. The churches that tell you God wants you to be wealthy are misleading you. Jesus said it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.

One woman who committed suicide met Jesus who rebuked her sternly and told her life is not supposed to be easy.

If you think there is nothing but this world then you have good reason to want more money, more ease and comfort. But those who have seen the other world and made it back tell us this world is not real at all. This is only a game of make belief. The only thing we are here to learn is to love. Like an iron that can only be forged by enduring fire and beating, we must likewise suffer to take shape. Sufferings are not curses but blessings.

Lessing defines herself as nihilistic. In other words she sees no objective bases for truth. How can one find one’s way when one is not even certain that there is any? Shouldn’t we search first before we find? Shouldn’t we knock first before expecting for the door to open?

How many of us turn to God, seek his guidance, help and blessings and then say, let your will be done not mine? When you pray, you let God into your life. But will you then instruct Him what to do or will you let Him do what He knows best?

Once you realize this world is only a mirage, that it really does not matter how much you have but how much you give, you will no longer care about it or will be concerned of hardships. If the goal is to learn to love, we can love with or without money, a life partner or children. Happiness is the result of attaining spiritual qualities. When you let God in your life, you find wealth in poverty, companionship in loneliness, comfort in pain, joy in sorrow and life in death.

Get this book. Read it and give it to any single woman you care about. If smart woman like Lessing can fall prey to the machinations of a Muslim charlatan like this animal, many girls are in great peril.

Don’t trust Muslims, don’t trust Muslims, don’t trust Muslims. There are no moderate Muslims there are no moderate Muslims, there are no moderate Muslims. How many times I should tell you this before it sinks. Muslims look like human, they talk like human, they go through all human motions and emotions but they lack humanity, the very thing that makes one a human.

They are all open minded, liberal, seekers of truth, accepting of all faiths and people, believe in equality of sexes, allow their future children to choose the religion of their liking, freely and with no compulsion. They all believe in monogamy, loyalty and treat their wives like queen, until you take the bait. Then like a skilled fisherman, they pull you a bit closer and let go a bit when you feel threatened. Then they pull you more and let go a bit. Slowly you lose all your freedoms. That is when they kill your soul, take away your life, strangulate your vitality, suck your blood and reduce you into a lifeless shell.

Don’t fall for Muslims lies. Let go of their bait. Beneath their prince charming masks there is an ugly frog. Don’t expect truth from the followers of a god who boasts to be the best deceiver. Muslims lie naturally. That is what their religion teaches them. Abazar Wahidi is a true Muslim. True Muslims are monsters. We cannot coexist with them. Be warned of these wolves in sheep clothing.



Seyed Abazar Wahedi is giving a sermon on “Piety.” Yes this impious despicable man is pontificating on piety.

He is also a seyyed, a descendant of Muhammad, the devil himself. We are related.


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