Why You Should Not Marry a Muslim

Recently, I received a few emails from women who said they are in love with a Muslim man and wanted my opinion.

One thing you should know about Muslims is that you should never trust them. This blanket statement does not sound politically correct, but it is a fact. They say you can’t paint an entire population of 1.5 billion people with the same broad brush. You can. That is a politically correct statement and it is total nonsense. Here are a few generalized true statements.

  • Vegetarians don’t eat meat.
  • Nordic people are white.
  • Blinds don’t see.
  • Fat people are overweight.
  • Thieves are dishonest.

As you see you can generalize. And the fact that you must not trust a Muslim is a general fact. No Muslim should be trusted specially when it comes to Muslim men wooing non Muslim women.

Ask the most “open minded” liberal and irreligious Muslim who drinks and does not pray what they think of the verse 4:34 in Quran that prescribes abusing one’s wife verbally, psychologically and beating her if the husband fears that she may be thinking of disobeying him? Note that the wife does not have to actually disobey her husband, his paranoia that she may be thinking of disobeying him is enough for him to abuse her and beat the crap out of her.

Wife beating tutorial

Umar reported the prophet as saying: “A man will not be asked as to why he beat his wife”. (Hadith Of The Sunan Of Abu Dawud, Chapter 709 – On Beating Women, #2142).

Not a single Muslim country recognizes rape of one’s wife. If a man wants to have intercourse, the wife must comply even if she is sick.

And here are two more gems from the Prophet.

“It is not permissible for a human being to prostrate to another human being. Were it permissible for a human being to prostrate to another human being, I would have commanded the woman to prostrate to her husband because of his great right upon her. By the One in Whose hand is my soul, if he (the husband) had, from his feet to the top of his head, an ulcer oozing blood and pus, and she came to lick it off for him, she would not have fulfilled his right.” (Recorded in Ahmad and al-Nasa’i,)

Abu Sa’id al-Khudri narrated Muhammad saying, “A husband’s right upon his wife is such that if he had an ulcer and she licked it for him, she would not fulfill his right by that.”

First the Quran limits the rights and the power of women to be independent and earn their living by restricting their movement, dress and interaction in the world. Then 4:34 says men are superior to women because they provide for them and as such women must obey their husbands and be grateful to them. Then it prescribes verbal, psychological and corporal abuse.

Ask any Muslim what they think of this verse and whether the are willing to denounce it. Then watch how they lie and beat around the bushes in order to deny the obvious meaning of this verse or minimize its effect. The most ridiculous part of their denial is when they tell you you can only beat her with toothbrush.

The Quran prescribes lying and deceiving the non-Muslims http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/pages/quran/taqiyya.aspx

The Quran prescribes violence and terror. All Muslims believe in every word of the Quran. No Muslim will denounce a single word of the Quran. You don’t have to be Aristotle or an expert in syllogism and deductive reasoning to put the two together and come to the conclusion that you should not trust Muslims. All of them lie. All of them are deceitful. They even lie to me and think they can get away with it. For Muslims lying to advance their faith is a holy deed. It is woven in their psyche. They grow with it and do it naturally. Just as you are taught to smile when your eyes lock with the eyes of a stranger, Muslims are taught to lie to non-Muslims.

There are no moderate Muslims. There are also no radical Muslims. All Muslims believe in the same book, every word of it. They just practice it to different extents. We call those who follow their faith to the letter radical and the wish-washy ones moderate. There is only one Islam: The Islam of Muhammad and the Quran. It is the only Islam that matters. The rest is a bunch of lies. This Islam is violent. It instructs the believer to lie to the unbelievers, to cast terror in their hearts and to murder them.

Muslim men are on the hunt for non-Muslim women so that they convert them to Islam or produce Muslim children. This is called love jihad. It has nothing to do with love, because these men will kill your freedom and suck your vitality. It is about expanding Islam and you are only a tool.

Muslim men are misogynist by their upbringing. They can’t respect there wives. They have not seen it in their own families and societies. It is not part of their psyche. The concept of equality between men and women is alien to them. Believe me I had to adjust to it myself and I did not come from a fanatical Muslim family.

The chances of having loving and meaningful relationship based on mutual respect with a Muslim man is slim. Your chance of having a successful marriage with a non-Muslim is about 50%. Half of marriages end in divorce. Your chance of having a successful and happy marriage with a Muslim man is less than one percent. Why take that risk?

We are all children of God. There is a piece of God in all of us. Islam has killed that spirit in Muslim. What is left in them is the darkness of the Devil. You marry a Muslim, you’ll regret for the rest of your life. Once you have a child with him, you may as well kiss goodbye your freedom. The Muslim man will snatch your happiness, destroy your hopes and reduces you into a shadow of yourself. You enter in a marriage with a Muslim man, you enter in a hell.

But love blinds. I hope there is enough common-sense left in you to save your soul and your life before it is late. Do it for your unborn children. You can throw your life to dogs if that is your choice, but you have no right to destroy the future and happiness of your future children.

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