Letter From the Western Wife of a Jihadi Muslim

Dear Ali

Ever since I’ve come across your website my eyes have been opened to the truth of Islam and why since I’ve been following it i have been so depressed.

It started 6 years ago. I met a Pakistani guy we were both young around 18. He was is no way religious he smoked drank went clubbing, he was a typically young Canadian guy. We dated for the next 6 years after and I had learned a lot him. I would consider him a truth seeker. He would see the flaws in the system and that’s how we ended up getting into deep spiritual stuff. Anyways that time of our relationship was the best we were both so spiritually connected he even got into ayahusca.

Anyways after a year is when things changed he started going back to his faith which he never took to seriously since in his family only His mom prays none of his brothers or his dad really practice. It started off moderate he started telling me about this history of Islam and the oneness of god. It sounded good and peaceful and around that time he decided we should marry since we were in a haram relationship, so I accepted Islam and we got married.

This is when things started to change he would get so. Consumed with the Quran he would read it and recite for hours and he started to get violent verbally saying that that book meant more to him Than anything else. About this time I also found out i was pregnant. He had told me a couple times to get abortion when we argued about Islam. He also threatened to divorce me. If I didn’t wear hijab. So now it has gotten worse he has now been obsessed with the Islamic state and spends all his time if hes not reciting watching Islamic state videos or watching salafi lectures online. He tells me this life is nothing that the next life is better. That we must submit our lives to Allah and that we must help the Syrian women and children from the airstrikes… (Which that i honestly do care about) anyways my baby is now due in 2 weeks and he is planning on leaving the country after the baby is born he wants me to come over when baby is bigger but I plan to stay here. Now I fear for me and baby because he can be verbally and emotionally abusive. Thankfully I have all the support of his family. Should I play along until he leaves or divorce him before he leaves.



Hi Laura,

In one thing this man is right. This life is nothing compared to the next. However, he will have a big surprise when he dies and is taken to hell. For is own good let us pray that it happens sooner. The longer he lives the more evil he will do, the more lives he will destroy and the worse will be his torment in hell. This is the surprise this slave of Allah found when he died in the battle. While he was expecting to go to heaven and be reunited with his 72 virgins, he was escorted by demonic entities to hell.

If you read the stories of near death experiencers, people who have died and went to the other world and told they had to return because their time had not come, one thing becomes clear, that the purpose of coming to this world is that we learn to love. This is what Jesus taught 19 centuries before the phenomenon of NDE become so common and so known.

He told us about the insignificance of this world compared to the our eternal abode. And he showed us how to get there. Through love. Nothing else matters. Even the belief in God and Jesus if not accompanied with the love of others is worthless. He said “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter.” And what is the will of God? There are two commandments. Love God and love thy neighbor.

The fact is that we don’t know God. How can we love someone we don’t know? God is in his creation. When you love people you love God. In Matthew 25 Jesus explains in a parable that when we show kindness to others it is as if showing kindness to God and vice versa, when we hurt others it is like hurting God.

These Muslims who hurt and abuse others in the name of their fake god are actually doing all these evil things to God. Islam is the highway to hell. This religion is the masterpiece of Satan to make foolish people to hate and to kill others. This false religion brings hell on earth and leads its followers to hell.

This man you call husband is not a human any more. His soul is snatched by the Devil. He walks and looks like a human but in that body resides a demonic being that can only hate and destroy.

You and your child are victims of the ignorance, the arrogance and the stupidity of the general public who refuses to face the truth and instead pays homage to a false religion called political correctness. Political correctness means to lie when truth is hurtful to some one’s feelings. But Jesus said truth will set you free. Political correctness is a doctrine of communist Bolsheviks, the ruthless mass murderers of millions of people. Communism and it little brother socialism are other lies like Islam. Lies kill us.

Recently, I received an invitation to sign a petition on Change.org made by a woman called @BonnieNorthGP This woman who is either an MP of the Green Party or running for MP wants to bring as many Syrian refugees into Canada. She is not alone. All Canadians who vote for Green Party, NDP and Liberals share her misguided views. As the result more women like you will become victimized. Not to mention that a large number of these so called refugees are either radicalized or will be radicalized. We are not even allowed to warn the public of the threat that Islam and Muslims pose to our society. When I wrote to this woman showing her the rape epidemic in European countries caused by Muslims, she called me a racist, a xenophobe and blocked me on Twitter.

It does not matter to this idiot and millions of other Canadians, Europeans and American morons that you and thousands of others like you will have your lives destroyed as the result. Their godless political agenda is far more important than you and the likes of you. This woman and all those who think like her are traitors. They are the public enemy. But they are in the majority. Stupidity is a bottomless pit. Other idiots will vote for them. And they continue to destroy the western civilization from within. Meanwhile they refuse to debate, censor the voices of reason, call us hate mongers, racist, fascist or whatever their small brain can come up with to avoid discussion.

You are a victim and you victimized your child too. But I don’t blame you. How could an 18 year old girl know the truth when the society does its best to hide the truth and traitors like this Bonnie North run the country?

We need an awakening. We need a revolt. We need to get rid of these scums in the parliament and the media who systematically lie to advance their globalist agenda and who will happily sacrifice innocent girls like you as they did in Rotherham UK by looking the other way while for years the Pakistani men groomed, raped and tortured thousands of underage girls. The shameless police in UK, like the politicians and the media thought the lives of these little girls are a fair price to pay to uphold the lies of political correctness.

It is time for a revolution. Change can only come when truth is spread far and wide. Everyone has to speak up. You must now raise your voice. Write your story, send it to all the media and demand accountability. They are responsible because they lied to you. They kept you in ignorance and prevented the likes of me to reach you in time and warn you not to get close to Muslims.

This idea of moderate Islam is a big lie. There is no such thing as moderate Islam or moderate Muslim. There are ignorant Muslims and informed Muslims. It is the former that we misnomer as moderate and the latter we call radicalized. When a person believes Islam to be a religion of God all it takes for him to become radicalized is to deepen his knowledge of his religion. When you met your husband he was ignorant of his faith. As he learned more about it he turned into this mindless monster that now wants to go and kill innocent people.

No one is bombing women and children in Syria. They are bombing the ISIS the most ruthless group of terrorists who behead people, burn them alive in cages, drown them in sea, enslave and rape the women and use children for suicide bombing. Ideologies of hate are propped with lies. Without lies they cannot incite hate and without hate they cannot recruit terrorists.

You ask me what should you do. You don’t have a husband. This man whom you married is now a slave of Satan. His soul and his body now belong to the Devil. He is a threat to mankind.

As for your in laws don’t fool yourself They are not on your side. As long as they are Muslims you must not trust them. They might not be bad people because they are ignorant of their faith. But you must not put your hope on ignorance. Once they learn the truth about Islam they too can turn murderous beasts like their son and brother.

I was also an ignorant Muslim. When I read the Quran I had had to make a choice. The choice was to become a terrorist or to leave Islam. There is no middle ground and you better believe me that even then it was a difficult choice. Many Muslims leave Islam after they learn the truth about it but the vast majority don’t. Instead they become radicalized. I was an intellectual but more importantly I had a very developed sense of conscience. I am essentially a good human being. I felt the pain of other even of animals from childhood. When I read the Quran my conscience overcame my faith. It took me two years but eventually I admitted that Islam is not from God and I must leave it. For this to happen one must have spiritual maturity. Most average people do not possess that. Those who leave Islam are the exception, the highly evolved souls. As the rule, the majority of Muslims become radicalized after reading their sacred book and learning about the life of their prophet.

Bees are attracted to flower and flies to dung. Good souls get disgusted by Islam after learning the truth about it and evil souls gravitate to it.

Your husband has chosen evil. Leave him. The sooner the better. Don’t wait for tomorrow. If you can leave him before tonight do it now. Take your child and walk away. In Canada there are shelters for women like you. If you have a family who can help you ask them for help. Do not seek help from your in laws. If they were good people they would have reported their son to police. I am not suggesting you to do it because I rather him go to Syria and hopefully get killed soon rather than stay here and kill people in Canada.

Your in laws will want to raid your child as a Muslim. Do not let that to happen. You don’t want your son to become a terrorist, rape and kill people and then go to hell. Leave this demon possessed family and save your soul and your child.

Stay away from Muslims. There is no such thing as moderate Muslim. The good Muslims are evil beings like your husband who can only hate and kill others.

If you were in a stronger position I would have told you to debate with your husband and invite him to read my book. But I can see you are in a very vulnerable position and if you question this man’s stupidity he may turn violent and hurt you. He may even kill you. The man is no longer a human. He is a monster or rather a Muslim, which is the same thing. Run! Run away as soon as you can and as far as you can get from him.

May the wrath of God be on all Bonnie Norths and idiots like her who are so eager to sacrifice innocent Canadian girls like you for their own diabolic agenda.

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