The Permanently Misunderstood Muslims

I regularly receive emails from women who tell me about their encounters with Muslim men and the ordeals that they suffered as the result. I have been warning women for years to not get involved with Muslim men. In fact I even advise men not to get involved with Muslim women, even though the latter case is rare because Muslim women are not allowed to marry a non-Muslim man. In Islam man rules and the woman must be subservient to him. Consequently a Muslim woman cannot be the wife of a non-Muslim man who by virtue of his disbelief is inferior to her.

The result of romantic or any form of liaisons with Muslims is always detrimental to the non-Muslim party. These people genuinely believe to be superior and given mastery over everyone else. In reality they are the most backward, primitive and wretched people.  Thanks to their religion and upbringing Muslims should not be really considered as fully evolved humans. They look like human and talk like human and some of them even dress like humans but they lack the very thing that we call humanity.  They lack human nature, which is the quality or condition of  being humane, having kindness and benevolence.

What makes one a human is sympathy and empathy, the ability to feel the pains of others and the understanding that other humans have the same rights as we do. Therefore we must not do to others what we don’t like done to us. This ability which we call the Golden Rule is the distinguishing character of humanity. The Golden Rule however is entirely absent from the Muslim psyche. Muslims cannot understand and will never accept the facts that others also have equal rights. It is just beyond them. They are genuinely incapable to feel the pains of others. They actually enjoy inflicting pain and suffering on other humans.

There is a story about Muhammad who tortured to death a young man named Kinana to force him reveal where he had hidden his treasures. While he was supervising his hapless victim’s torture, someone told him that Kinana’s wife who at that time was 17 was a beautiful woman who had been captured by another Muslim called Dihya. Muhammad ordered his black companion Bilal to bring her to him. Moments later Bilal came back accompanied by Diyha, Kinana’s wife Safiyah and his sister  Another man being tortured with Kinana was this young woman’s husband.

When she saw the mutilated corpse of her brother and husband she began screaming. This angered the Prophet who shouted, “Take this she devil  away.”   He then told Bilal, “Don’t you have a heart for parading these young women in front of the corpses of their loved ones.” Bilal’s response sums up the feeling that Muslims have shown to their victims for 1400 years. He said “I wanted to relish seeing their pain.”

The Prophet who was of course full of compassion and mercy, took Safiyah to his tent to soothe her pain with some tender loving sex on that very night.

Muslims follow this man as their perfect example. It is foolhardy to expect them to be any different. Even when they claim to not practicing Islam in the back of their minds they revere Muhammad and they can become mindless killers, wife beaters and sadists like him at a drop of a hat.

By bringing more Muslims to the west we only victimize our own children. This is nothing short of insanity. We must accept the ugly truth that Muslims are a different species. Their minds work very differently. These people simply have no conscience. They are damaged, needy, but abusive and dangerous. I say this because I know the Muslims’ mind, their inner thoughts and their hearts.

Without further ado let us read the story of another victim of a Muslim man.



Dear Mr Ali Sina

I just wanted to share my story about my marriage with a Muslim.

I met him when I were pretty young, my first real relationship was with him. I became madly in love with this man, that I met in a Muslim country. I am raised in a Western country and I am very close to my family, I were excellent in my studies, busy with my hobbies and sport. This relationship was like taken out from some romantic book in the beginning and the first really crazy thing I have done, I was naive and carefree at that time.

So we got engaged and I converted to Islam, after his talk about what a peaceful and beautiful religion it is and reading books from apologetics.

With time I saw more and more of his jealousy and paranoia. He was constantly calling to check up on me and he thought I looked and desired every man in the world. But I was blind and in love…

His relation to his family was poor, they were in the bottom of the community. His mother gave him to his grandmother because she got him out of marriage.

So we got married and I moved there.   He got much worse,   and he accused me of keeping relationships with multiple men even when he sometimes locked the door when he went out, he also got violent and his need for control was sickening. He would always cry and beg after his episodes. I loved him and thought if I was a bit “better” this wouldn’t happen and that he was just a misunderstood man who needed love and I hoped I could be the one giving him what he needed.

I also got pregnant in this time, that helped me to see clear, I could not just think about myself now so I left him. I gave birth to a healthy and very cheerful little one and I stayed alone and fine for many months and I got the  full custody alone.

In all this time though he had been apologizing, crying, saying he wanted to change. It was also in this time when I was pregnant i began to learn good about Islam and saw that it was not a religion, but a violation to human rights. is faith in Islam also made me question my conversion before i studied Quran better. Always saying to people I was a good woman like I was a dog because I was Muslim, because I wore the Islamic dress, because I was quiet and a good housewife. The way he talked about women in short and tight clothes was very disrespectful. He could hit me and say it was because I made him angry but he could cry listening to the Quran because of its beauty. I could not go out without ask him and I became isolated. He became angry if i said no for what he asked me to do and said but you are my wife the quran says… And of course not to be forgotten everything bad is the fault of US, Europe and Israel.  But now I told him my decision to leave Islam and he said that he too finished being a Muslim. I didn’t believe everything he said 100% but I felt like he wanted to change.

He came with the flow of refugees, to see me and our child for the first time. Crazy I thought, but then he was there. It was some of a dilemma after he came all the way to see us and I had not stopped caring about him as he had been an important part of my life.

Things were fine and he was nice with our child, and he was changed in the way he treated me but there were still small things, of course he was still a Muslim and wished I would come back to Allah. Saying I was perfect but the most important that broke it was that I didn’t believed in Allah. He doesn’t live religiously at all but enjoys posting religious clips at facebook and writing la ilaha il alla and allahu akbar. He changed to be very insecure of himself and threatened to kill himself if I left.

I am another place now than when I met him, so it was easier to see through the manipulation and I also now had to care about making a safe and happy home for a child and i could not see him being a part of that. So I left for good.

It was difficult to get away from him. He would stalk me, sleep in the street(he had the possibility to stay another place and get food there)and in my building to look for me. One day i was unlucky enough to see him and he would refuse to leave, try to take my keys to get to my apartment, he threatened with suicide and he would hit his head strong into the wall causing it to bleed. Deeply troubled. Luckily I got away.

But I feel like this is common, I hear so many stories about women engaging in relationships with Muslim men that turns out like a nightmare, I hear the women of his family that also suffered in their relationships and how they pass it on to their children the only place they are in control.  I just wanted to share my story as well, I hope people will think twice before engaging in relationships with Muslims  it was a lot to stand with for me so young. Somethings are really off in Muslim societies, it is unbelievable to me how a man who lived 1400 years ago still and do so much damage and get so many followers.

Thank you for reading my story.

Best regards

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