Why Evil Wins and Goodness Loses

A reader who did not want her email published asked why often evil people get ahead while good people stay behind. Why injustice seems to be more victorious?

Up until over two years ago I really had no answer to this question. It was then that I stumbled upon stories of NDE (near death experience). While at first I looked at them as a curiosity, the more I watched NDE videos on Youtube and read about them on http://www.nderf.org the more I became convinced that it is a real phenomenon and not a subjective experience of a dying brain as materialist and “faithful skeptics” claim.

That is not a contradiction in terms. Materialism is a dogma. Like fanatical religionists, materialists ignore facts and deny the evidence. They are often as close-minded and as bigoted as religionists whom they so love to berate. Materialism is a faith, it just happens to be a godless one. Faith is strong adherence to any belief. Blind faith is when the believers deny evidence that contradicts their dogma. Examples are communism and the cult of Jim Jones. These faiths were strongly believed by the followers to the point of willing to kill and die for them while they were utterly godless.

My realization that there is a world outside the material world, that it is actually more structured and more concrete than the atomic universe was mind boggling. The world we know is subject to physical laws which can be defined by mathematics. The same applies to the spiritual world, and perhaps even more so. The difference is that the spiritual world is made of a different substance and is subject to different set of laws. Take the example of the world made of atoms and molecules and the world made of particles. Both are energy. But each is subject to different sets of laws. The spiritual world is also part of the same reality. It is one form of energy. It differs in the frequency with which it vibrates. It is undetectable by instruments made to measure material world because it is made of consciousness. So far we have no idea what consciousness is. The conventional, or rather the materialistic wisdom says that it is a function of the brain. But there is no evidence for that whatsoever. This belief is however upheld as a dogma.

This discovery was for me so earth shattering that I can say I found a new life about two years ago. I am only two years old because the years that I lived so far don’t even count in comparison as they were spent in a state of ignorance.

I owe this awakening to the people who died, met God and came back to tell us about it. After watching and reading hundreds of NDE stories I had no choice but to admit that God, heaven and hell, angels and demons are real and Jesus is the king in heaven. These were things I derided as fantasies of ancient folk, fit for persons of feeble mind, and now these people, from all ages, races, backgrounds, and a variety of faiths and no faith, come back from death, by thousands, and testify that all these are real. Denying concepts because they are contrary to our beliefs, despite the evidence is bigotry. I had no desire to be a bigot.

This new knowledge will change the world as it did my world. As more people come to learn about these stories and realize NDE is not a hallucination, but a real experience, few can remain unbelievers or agnostic. The effect of that will transform the world.

With this premise, I will now answer the question.

I did not have an easy life. I felt my share of injustice. Even when I was an atheist I never did to others what I did not like done to me. I would say I was an honest, helpful and a good person. I did not believe in an afterlife, but it felt good to do good. I even stopped consuming animal products to not hurt other sentient beings. I really felt joy helping others. Yet, often people stabbed me in the back. They set traps and betrayed my trust. My life was ruined more than once and not always by strangers, but by those whom I had helped and expected least to be betrayed by.

I felt injustice in the inner core of my being. When I looked around I saw injustice everywhere. One good man once told me, this world is like a jungle. Some people like herbivores, get up every day and try to make a living with honest hard work and others like carnivores get up every day to teir into pieces someone and suck the blood of others. How true! Injustice is the very foundation of this world.

When faced with injustice, you have two options: Take revenge or suffer. I am not the revenge kind of person so I suffered. I held a grudge, felt embittered and angry.

These hardships made me question the meaning of life. Why do we come to this world? What is the purpose of it all and why there are so much suffering and so much evil? Is really justice a fantasy, nothing more than a wishful thinking of the oppressed?

I found the answer in the stories of NDE. The reason we come to this world is not to become the richest person in the cemetery, but to learn and to love. Whatever we do to others, we do it to ourselves. Nothing is lost, not even our thoughts. Listen to what this doctor says.


It’s mind boggling! Isn’t it?

Now that I understand the purpose of life, I am no longer embittered but grateful for everything that happened to me. If it were not for these tribulations I would not have looked for the answer. I may have lost material things, but I found the greatest treasure: The eternal life! This would not have been possible had I not gone through the sufferings that I went through and the injustices that I endured.

I no longer hold a grudge against those who harmed me, instead, I feel sorry for them. I even feel compassion. While before I thought they won and I lost, now that I have a clearer understanding of reality I see the reverse is true. Of course, I will never deal with them again. That would be foolish, but I have forgiven them and even pray for them. Pray for my enemies, those who betrayed and destroyed my life? I would have never done that had I not found the truth about the other world. Those who die and come back say forgiveness is a major requirement for us to enter into God’s kingdom and Jesus tells them they must forgive their enemies. I don’t pretend to understand this law, but I obey it.

Thanks to NDE I also understand why there is suffering. They are to help us grow spiritually. Fire burns impurities. If one is made only of impurities one will be consumed by the fire of tribulations. But if you are made of precious metals, it purifies you. So, sufferings are actually blessings if there is something precious in you.

These two years have been a wonderful journey for me, a journey within. I don’t feel alone. I am not afraid and I have no worries. I believe a part of me has entered Paradise already. We don’t have to die to be in Paradise. When we enter in communion with God we are with Him even when we are still in our physical body.

A few years ago I met a few friends. They were quite wealthy, but what amazed me was the fact that instead of traveling the world and enjoying their lives, as we are constantly told what we can do with money, these folks had dedicated their wealth and their lives to the service of humanity. They traveled to remote villages in poorest countries, setting up schools and providing for the needs of the dispossessed. And just as Jesus reminded his followers of what is written in the Torah that ‘man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God, these people also shared the Gospels with spiritually hungry people.

I could understand that on an intellectual level, but I was still amazed and marveled. Not anymore. Now that I have tasted some of the joys that they felt in helping their fellow being and in spreading the Good Tidings of our Lord, I am no longer amazed. It actually makes perfect sense. What better can one do with his or her life than serving God by helping our fellow being?

We come to this world to learn forgiveness in injustice, joy in loneliness, gratefulness in hardship and wealth in poverty. “For whoever has, to him more shall be given, and he will have in abundance; but whoever does not have, even what he has shall be taken away from him.” (Matt. 13:12)

With this new understanding, I have no worries. I still have problems and face challenges, but no worries. The difference is that now I have surrendered my worries to God. I do what is in my power and leave the outcome to Him. In fact, I dare not to worry as that would mean I don’t trust God.

Nothing has changed in my life, but I am a much happier person now. The only difference is that now I am aware, something I could not claim two years ago. I hope everyone could experience this awareness and find this inner joy.

Success should not be measured by the size of the wallet, but by the size of the awareness. In this world evil is victorious always. Once you realize this world is only a mirage, that we are eternal and this life is only a blip in our existence, you will come to see that victorious is one who learns to love, to forgive, and to be joyous in tribulations and not one who destroys people’s lives and amasses wealth that he can’t take with him.

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