Karma and the Afterlife


Since I published my views on the afterlife I have received several questions that I will try to answer in this article. I hope this will be the last article on this topic as I would like to get back on the topic of Islam.

Muslims also say there is an afterlife. We don’t agree with them do we? It has no basis for us.

There is enough evidence to prove that there is an afterlife.   I have shown several verifiable cases of near death experience in Why I believe in God and the afterlife now. I will keep adding to the list as I find them.  Science is based on evidence.  If we deny the evidence we would be denying science.

The fact that Muhammad also said there in an afterlife does not make him truthful.  At his time everybody believed in the afterlife. He used this belief as a tool to fool and manipulate others.


Why not everyone who has had a NDE has reported seeing the other world?

According to a study of several of hundred NDErs about one in every five of them has had this experience.  Why others don’t have it is a puzzle to the researchers.  However, we can’t assume that some people have soul and others don’t.


You did not mention karma. Without karma there is no justice.

The rationale behind karma is that if you do evil in this life, in your next reincarnation you will come back as a lower caste or even an animal and will be condemned to a miserable life until you pay your dues to the universe.  The problem with this belief is that it precludes God’s unconditional love and therefore His perfection.  God’s love is unconditional, in the same way that the light of sun shines on good and bad indiscriminately.


Do you mean that mass murderers like Hitler and Stalin are loved in the same way as Mother Theresa?

Yes. God does not discriminate. He loves everyone in the same way.  He even loves animals and trees in the same way that he loves humans. Love is His nature. He can’t help it but to love.

BUT, yes there is a big “but”.  Although there is no judgment in God and therefor no punishment every thought, word and deed has a consequence.  If you put your hand in fire, it burns. No one is punishing you. You pay the consequence of violating a physical law.  In the same way, when we break a spiritual law we suffer the consequence of our action and it happens just as immediately as when we break a physical law.  The only difference is that we don’t become aware of it until we leave this world.


The person in this video explains how we pay for our actions.  How do people positions?

Our individuality is an illusion.  We are all one in essence. Look at your fingers. If you cover their base they seem to be separate and distinct from each other. But they are all fingers of the same hand.  When one part of your body is hurt every part of your body feels that hurt.  We are made of body and soul. Our souls are bits and pieces of God.  Also there is a theory that says all the universe is made of one electron.  Particles can be in two or in infinite places at the same time.  If that is the case, then you and I and everything in this universe is made of the same particle.  Therefore, not only we are spiritually from the same source; we are the same even physically.   We can’t see that oneness in this plane of existence. Once we make the passage and enter in the next world we will see everything we did to others we did it to ourselves.  Every pain and every joy you give to others will come back to you 100%, not more and not less.  However, the other world is timeless.  Eternity and one instance are the same. Therefore, even though the pain you caused to others in this world lasted for a short time, you will feel that pain timelessly.


Karma is also based on the principle of cause and effect.

Karma is a form of judgment and punishment. If we are sent back to earth to suffer for the sins we committed in our past life this is punishment.  The effect of our action takes place instantly, but we only become aware of it in the other word where the veils are removed.

Another problem with Karma is that it is unjust to punish someone without telling him for what crime he is being punished. If this world is a school, as some religions believe, we must be told what lessons are we supposed to learn.   How can a loving God punish people without telling them why and how can we learn anything if we are not told what are the lessons we need to learn?

Karma is a false doctrine and like all false doctrines it is harmful. It makes one indifferent towards the plight of those who suffer. It presupposes that the less fortunate among us deserve their lot.

False beliefs are always harmful. This is perhaps the best parameter to know whether a doctrine is true or false. If a doctrine is beneficial for the society, it is likely that is it true. If it is harmful it is most certainly false.  For example, a doctrine that promotes hate and war, like Islam, must be false. Karma promotes class apartheid and casteism.

If you believe your suffering is divinely ordained, striving to improve your life will become a cognitive dissonance.  The biggest plague that has hindered the progress of India is casteism which is the result of the belief in karma.

We don’t come to this world to be punished or to learn a lesson, or as Muslims say, to be tested.  Our consciousness is not a creation of God; it is a piece of God. It is uncreated and unblemished.  It can be soiled, just as water can be soiled. But even the filthiest water can be restored to its pristine purity. This is true also in the case of our soul.

Everything that is in God is also in us.  Think of your body. You are made of some 100 trillion cells. Each cell contains the blueprint of all of you. The entirely of your being is present in every cell. Likewise, the entirely of God is present in every person. Each soul is a minute image of God.

We know everything that God knows.  That knowledge is hidden to us while we are in this physical form. In this world we live in isolation. We are like a water molecule on the dry land.  We don’t have the memory of the ocean from which we came from. But when we go back to our source, we become one with it and remember all its knowledge. Remembering God means re membering with all other souls and rediscovering our oneness with the universe.


So if we don’t come to the world to learn, what is the purpose of coming to it at all?

We come here to experience our existence.  Things can only be known by their opposites. To experience wetness, there must be dryness. To experience tallness there must be shortness. To experience light, there must be darkness.  Therefore, God created this world of polarity so that we experience our being.  One hundred years in this world is nothing compared to eternity, which is our real age.

If we come to this world to experience it, why there is so much suffering?

We choose our challenges, but not the details of them.  The universe is unpredictable.  The material world is subject to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle.  We come here to face what chance throws at us and overcome life’s challenges. The purpose of our life is to struggle, to beat the odds and to succeed.

We don’t come here to have it easy.   Our home is in paradise. There we can create with our thoughts and everything is easy. We decide to come here because we want to challenges ourselves.

When we talk about the other world parables come handy. Jesus made plentiful use of them.  Let me throw in one.  Imagine you are living comfortably in your home.  You sleep in a warm bed. When you wake up you can take a hot shower. You pick what you want from the fridge and prepare it on your stove, while your coffee maker brews your fresh coffee. Your breakfast table is full of fresh fruits and anything you need.  Life is good and easy, but you want some excitement. So you decide to go camping.  You pitch a tent in the wilderness; sleep on the ground in a sleeping bag; bathe in the cold water of the river while mosquitoes eat you alive; you gather, hunt or fish your food and prepare it on bonfire.

Why make your life so hard? Some people go even further and decide to climb a mountain.  They put their lives at risk and live the most unforgiving temperatures and terrains. Why anyone would want to do such thing when life at home is so easy?   Are they crazy?  It is because we like challenge.  That is why we come to this world.  Just like one chooses to go fishing  and another may prefer climbing the Mount Everest, we choose the level of the challenge we want to face in this world.  The whole idea of living is to overcome life’s challenges.

This is just a parable. Life is not picnic or camping. There is a mission to our life. Maybe military service is a better example. Soldiers volunteer to serve in the military when they know about its hardship and perils.   But there is a purpose to their service. There is a purpose to our life too.  We will find it eventually. I found mine some 15 years ago. I know my purpose to come to this world and surviving a deadly fall at the age of 9 when doctors told my parents I will not make it was to help my brothers and sisters in humanity to learn the truth about Islam. But I did not know this until 15 years ago. Even then I did not know that eradicating Islam is the reason I had come to this world. Now that I have found God, I see how everything in my life, my failures, my successes, and my sufferings had prepared me for my mission.  I thought I had chosen this goal 15 years ago. Not so! I chose is before being born.

Some people know why they are here. They enjoy their lives and want to make it enjoyable for others. Others miss the point. They cheat, hurt and misbehave.  These people will have a rude awakening when the adventure is over and they are called back home. There is no punishment of course, but there will be remorse. They regret for they have lost the opportunity to fulfill their mission.

Let me make another example. Let us say you meet someone in the dark and beat him to death. Maybe he stepped on your toe and you lost it or you wanted to rob him.  You then run home happy that no one saw you.  A few hours later, you receive a call from police and learn that the person you beat to death was your father.   Can you be happy again?  Will you not seek punishment for yourself?

Whatever we do to others we do it to ourselves.  We only become aware of it once we leave this world.   Here people can live without a conscience. Not in the other world!

In one of the near death experiences I heard, a woman said she passed by two gates of different hells before entering the paradise.  First, she saw a place of fire, where very evil souls [I suppose the likes of Muhammad and Hitler] were burning. Then she passed by the other gate. This was a desolate place, with red sky and long shadows.  It was filled with people absorbed in their thoughts, not aware of others around them. Their faces were filled with sorrow and regret.  She said what surprised her was that the gates of both hells were wide open and visible from everywhere inside. But the souls in them did not do any attempt to escape. In another case a man reported he was shown his entire life and was given the choice to enter the paradise or the hell. He said, I could choose to go to paradise but I knew I did not belong there.

Based on what I have learned and understand of the next world, we choose our own punishment.  There, souls don’t talk as we do here. They read each others minds.  Yes, there is no privacy. All our thoughts and all our lives are exposed to everyone else. Here we can hide our thoughts and even though we are a piece of filth, we can pretend to be holy.  This is not possible there.

After learning this, it occurred to me if everyone could read the mind of everyone else here, even this world would be a paradise.  Here, when we meet someone, we put a false smile on our face to pretend how happy we are to see them when deep down we may hate their guts or plan to deceive them.  If everyone could see the mind of everyone, no one would dare to have a bad thought.  No wonder those with NDE who saw the denizens of paradise say everyone loved everyone else.  But of course! How can anyone have a different feeling when the whole world can see their thoughts?

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  1. Ajay says:

    Adi Shankara words -Just as the blind are unable to see the resplendent sun, the all
    pervading self(Soul) – existent and conscious by nature, is unseen
    through ignorant eyes. It is (only) perceived through the eyes of
    Just as one threshes grain to separate the husk and bran from
    rice, one should one should sort out the pure Self from its
    (apparent) coverings through reason and discriminative enquiry.
    How many types of Karmas are there ?
    There are 3 types of Karmas-
    Agaami, Sanchit and Praarabdh.-What are Agaami Karmas ?
    These are those Karmas that a ‘Knower of the self’ sage does with his body after attaining the absolute knowledge that is the karmas that he is doing right now. +What are the Sanchit Karmas ?
    The results of actions performed in (all) the previous births which are in the seed form
    to give rise to endless crores of births (in future) is called Sanchit (accumulated) Karma.What is Prarabha Karma”?
    Having given birth to this body, the actions which give results in this very world , in the
    form of hapiness of misery, and which can be destroyed only by enjoying or suffering
    them, is called Prarabdha Karma.

  2. racqueldoria says:

    I have a pakistani boyfriend now. I love him so much and I feel like he loves me so much too. He is planning to visit and meet me in my country. By the way, I am a Filipina. Aftee reading yourmstories here, I was enlightened. Thank u….just thank u. I am so right now but I think I need to forget about him and the love I have for him. 🙁

  3. knowTheEnemy says:

    ["I and all the lucky ones have surrendered to Allah, We are free and happy ! we are busy accomplishing our mission; that is IBADAT (Worshiping)."]

    Now wait…. How are you "free" when you have clearly *surrendered* to someone? You have surrendered to someone who has all kinds of laws regarding what you can do and what you cannot! So how are you free?
    You are required to follow his commands, failing which you will be punished! So how are you free?

    ["we are busy accomplishing our mission; that is IBADAT (Worshiping)."]

    Do you even have the option of having a mission other than IBADAT and/or Jihad? No you don't! You must only do what you are commanded to do! So how are you free?

    It is crystal clear that you are NOT free, and yet someone has made you believe that you ARE! That is called brainwashing. You have clearly been deceived and brainwashed!

    ["…. Do Not Buy His Words! Even a Satan had sweet words to attract Eve (Hawa), to commit sin !! She was brainwashed with nice words from this Evil spirit !!!! BEWARE !!!"]

    Quran has lots of sweet words in it too….. to attract simple and innocent people (like you). And it quite obviously has brainwashed you into believing that you are 'free' when you clearly are not! So tell me, does it take a master psychologist to figure out that it is Quran that one needs to beware of??

  4. Hussein says:

    Amazingly, Whenever I read your Posts Alisina, You think You Destroy Islam But Obviously You Make it Strong and spread the word of Allah..

    Look at the way you admit to what we learn in islam, For example The HereAfter, Near death experiences, The existence of soul and price of love !! This is all our teachings from God through Muhammad (pbuh):

    I know you are done fooling yourself now you are trying to fool others…. Go ahead ! But it's a sin you gonna pay soon or late.. Allah is watching you!

    I see nothing Wrong with Islam, its doctrine, and everything about it. I wonder where the hell do u get all that from!!!?? what a laughing stock!

    BTW, Allah has given us more than what we call in the universe, Democracy…His is a complete and true democracy.. spit whatever u wish to, Brag around and make fun of his messengers, insult them as much as u afford, go ahead, God is just watching you!

    PUMZI (Breath), makes u do all that ! But there is a day it will perish and that's when you will realize how priceless the work you are doing is, You will come to realize that is a form of work of saatan, Ibilis, Lucifer – -whatever you call him: He is nothing but a liar, brain-washer, deceitful, and the like…!

    I and all the lucky ones have surrendered to Allah, We are free and happy ! we are busy accomplishing our mission; that is IBADAT (Worshiping). There is nothing you can tell us to find your awkward way, a sinful path, a wrong direction and abandon the way of God – – – That is Islam!

    I'm calling out to those people who fly together with this servant of Ibilis, Do Not Buy His Words! Even a Satan had sweet words to attract Eve (Hawa), to commit sin !! She was brainwashed with nice words from this Evil spirit !!!! BEWARE !!!

    Just take a look, they ruin the universe at the same time penetrating their evil agendas, Homosexuality is a good contemporary example ! , Ptuuuuu!!!

    HUMANISM/HUMANITY is the key role of this Doctrine (ISLAM),,, Islam cares a lot about the price of being kind and doing good onto others… there are numeral verses to back up my claims in Qur'an : It's a value preached the most: Look at the Islamic Forms Of worshiping – you will understand what I mean!

    I wonder why people fail to see the truth in the holy book With full of Revelations, Full of Science, Full of Humanity, Full of Knowledge: QUR'AN !!!!

    '''We really suffer due to the lack of appropriate Knowledge'''

    HA HA HA HA ! ! ! ''PROPAGANDA'' :

    * They form terrorist groups and make them look like Muslims, to discourage others to join Islam -This is a propaganda.

    * They shoot and prepare video clips with people dressing and talking like Muslims in-which they slaughter and kill people, with the utterance of words like Allah Akbar, So as to fool the world and make it look like it's a bad religion – – – This again is a propaganda !

    * They do the cyber campaigns against Islam to win the hearts of the less informed people and to convert those with a weak faith – – – — This is also a propaganda:


    After-all Mr. Alisina, How much do u get paid with all this? Let's share the commission Sir, Lol!
    #I'm just Kidding#

    On a serious note:
    Please stop what you are doing MR ALISINA and get back to where you belong! It's not too late yet ! Our God is the Most Merciful, Forgetful and Forgiver! You still Have the chance to do so:

    SATAN finds people to burn with –

    He Who With Eyes Shall See, with ears shall hear!

    I AM DONE!

  5. SAI BABU P says:


  6. Supriya says:

    I don't think that Hindus Or their cravings for materialistic possessions are responsible for the plight of India. I believe in Srishti Chakra ( 4 yug) .Man has gradually come to identify himself with body from Saty Yug to Kali Yug( it means he is unaware of the soul consciousness) This is the influence of Samay (time) Hinduism was classified into 4social classes in Treta yug( not Saty Yug). These 3 Abrahamic religions were born in Kaliyug therefore there is no karma and rebirth concepts in these religions ( it means man has forgotten the reality in Kali yug). These prophets didn't know that God is not outside of the creation but pervades everything,living and non living things.
    I have hundreds of reasons to curse Hinduism ( I belong to Jain community) but I don't because I know the truth. I don't think that all Jain Tirthankars and Buddha knew the truth. I don't believe in Anakant vad philosophy ofJainism, Shuny vad philosophy of Buddhism but I believe in Advaita vad philosophy of Hinduism. Thousands of years ago Adi Shankarachary said 'Brahma satyam, Jagat mithyam'.
    Every time we visit Bangalore Ashram we find hundreds of westerners residing in Ashram for Satsang and to know Indian philosophy of spirituality. I can firmly say that they are more evolved than those Indians seek joy in cursing each other on the basis of their Dharm(religion).Again this is because of their lower speed of evolution than that of those westerners.

  7. Supriya says:

    I agree with your opinion of Evolution. You are right to say that this phase will change one day may be in 10 or 100 or 1000years.( We in India say TIME is the greatest of all ) In fact situations are changing in every fraction of second.
    Everyone is traveling with their own speed of evolution towards the end of Kali yug.And the speed of evolution depends upon their awareness (of soul consciousness).
    e.g.1) speed of worldly people like us(leading 90% materialistic and 10 % spiritual life) is less that that of guruji(leading 99%spiritual life and 1% materialistic life)
    2) Speed of westerners( interested in Indian Philosophy of Spirituality) is higher than that of these muslim brain dead zombies.
    3) Even speed of evolution of knowTheEnemy is much higher than that of other sikh ,hindu,jain,buddhist people who are unaware of their real identity.
    Therefore I said knowTheEnemy that :
    Strong souls like guruji(having higher speed and higher spiritual power(adhyatmic shakti)) can absorb bad karmas of weak souls like us(having lower speed and we don't possess spiritual power).

  8. Ali Sina says:

    Don't treat anyone with cruelty.

  9. Wise human says:

    That girl " SUPRIYA" is far more ( WISE) Learned woman and had very nice knowledge of this modern world and SPIRITUALITY ,but this lady whose creator (mom) died of Aids because of the profession she adopted AND bequeathing the same legacy to her lone child ,who is mentally retarded .Both Ali and Jhonathan are sympathetic of this mad cow ,so we must respect them for their compassion for this useless rat.

  10. TruthTriumphs says:

    Why cant you stop abusing others and start learn something useful to your life? Is this what bible taught you? You can have this vulgar chat in many porn sites on internet. Why did you choose this Site to spew your dirty words? This site is meant for all ignorant and intellectuals who crave for knowledge and self realization. I dont think Ali Sina started this blog just because some @Areacean will drop by and provide wholesome entertainment to readers with her lewid , filthy comments. You are so obsessed with your ego and never let others advise you.According to you everyone in this forum is wrong except you(You can exclude your lovers Ali and Jonathan). Nobody can change your attitude n not even your'Self'. Have fun abusing others but keep in mind that you get absolutely nothing out of this.You are certainly a highly qualified and globally certified NUT CASE. I have never come across such a fully fledged half-witted,idiotic , pea-brained human being. Hats off to you.

  11. Agracean says:

    @pran, if you are offended by my comments here, all you have to do is to ask Dr Ali Sina and Mr Jonathan Harrel to ban me for life. But it's really strange to know that hindu vrigin, Supriya , first insulted me first by calling me a prostitute and even that braindead zombie, slaveofprophet and yet, you didn't feel that they have some mental disorder neither did you criticize them for doing so. Please be fair to me!

  12. pran says:

    dear agracean,
    I am close follower of this site and I felt that you have some mental disorder. Even though the patient never think so.
    Especially your opinions,abusing others personally which is not the aim of this great site. 
    This site meant for removing the darkness from some type of people who think they know everything and all others in this world are less intelligent .
    Hope you may think about yourself – what good message contributed to the readers.
    All main words we can pick from you messages are jesus,balls,linga,yoni …… 

  13. Agracean says:

    @slaveofprophet, you have the balls to start all those personal attacks on me but no balls to admit your fault! I think that you have mental disorder.

  14. slaveofprophet says:

    Sister, you are correct this woman agracean have mental disorder. I have said nothing to her now  even then she is dragging my name to abuse you. She can not do anything ownself. 

  15. Agracean says:

    @darkfire316, I think that you should desist from such personal attacks against me. This has nothing to do with the head injury that I sustained during childhood at all. What's wrong with you? Why do you choose this topic to start an arguement? Yes, after this head injury, as a kid, I realized that my mind became more analytical and active than before but as a result of this, I've to process every details before I could put my thoughts into words. You're also right to say that I didn't receive good treatment at home since young and everyday, I lived like a homeless orphan, seeking a way out of my miseries.

  16. darkfire316 says:

    She said on these boards that she hit her head as a little kid and didn't receive good treatment. If you want an explanation for her behavior there it is. She's not mentally well. Treat her as such.

  17. Agracean says:

    @Supriya, I can't believe my good eyes when I read your above comment! Are you currently pursuing your master degree in sexology? It seems to me that you are very interested in sex an I supposed that's the reason why you introduced to me that Indian sex manual, Kamasutra. Are you planning to be a Kamasutra sex instructor after graduation? Oh dear, you're still a virgin! I believe that a virgin like you must be dying to try out all those sex styles and positions with a man. Please don't hesitate to let me know if you're looking for a future husband. I strongly believe that your dear Mr Sakat or Mr slaveofprophet or even Mr darkfire316 will be very interested in you. 😮

  18. Agracean says:

    @Supriya, how about you? You're a big fat liar and you like to tell lies. You lied about my age and you lied that I'm not a virgin without checking my private parts. In addition, you have a 100% narcissistic personality that reminds me of Barack Obama. So, in future, please stop judging me or anybody without giving a second thought about your own horrible character. 😮

  19. Agracean says:

    @Supriya, are you jealous of the fact that I love my dear Dr Ali Sina so much so that we have the ability to understand something or even each other's mind or heart or feelings instinctively? Don't be silly, there is no vampire in Canada except vixen. Excuse me, are you that Indian vixen?

  20. Agracean says:

    @Supriya, are you sane? What vulgar comment are you talking about? I'm just reminding you over and over again in this awesome website to be empathetic and compassionate towards all those poor prostitutes living in the slums of India and yet, your behavior here is worst than any one of those humble Indian prostitute out there! But after my many exchanges with you here, I realized that you still remain as haughty and prideful as ever. So, I think that it would be justifiable for your idol cow god to give you a chance in your next life, to become one of those poor Indian prostitute and understand their hopeless situation and never ridicule them at all. Don't you think that your cow god is indeed such a wise idol? Who knows that you might become a Good Samaritan like me in your next, next life after this horrible life journey as an indian prostitute?

  21. Supriya says:

    My name is nobody
    I'll answer you on behalf of her. Her age :She is 50+ Her profession: She is Kaam-sutra scholar and instructor.

  22. Supriya says:

    She is self-centred and narcassistic.

  23. Supriya says:

    Dr. Sina
    Beware of telepathic communication of a Canadian vamp.

  24. Supriya says:

    This sex maniac Agracean posted vulgar comment to hurt many commentators such as me,Sakat, narcole, slaveofprophet,Indian . May be you don't know that she did hurt Dr. Sina posting very cheap comment. Her abnormal behavior shows that there is chemical imbalance in her brain.

  25. Agracean says:

    @slaveofprophet, why avoid answering my truthful question, huh? Is it because you have no balls to confess that you're the initiator who start all these personal attacks against me and yet, you want to cry foul here?

  26. slaveofprophet says:

     This site is  to discuss religion not to do personal attack on each other. Your personal attacks on me  do not make any difference for me. Because my prophet (PBUH) said  believers in him are world best people. We believers in prophet & Allah world most intelligent, scientific, brave, mannered people of the world.

  27. Agracean says:

    @slaveofprophet, I've never seen such a shameless man like you in my entire life. You have the balls to start all these insane personal attacks on me first but no balls to admit that you are the initiator of those vulgarities? Are you an eunuch? Thanks for your horrible suggestions. Don't worry, I'll definitely learn from self defence tactics from my dear Dr Ali Sina and Mr Jonathan Harrel against a bully like you.

  28. slaveofprophet says:

    Yes, I agree with you. It is my own  experience I have not seen such a shameless woman in my life at discussion forum. She is a blot on womanhood.  She should learn some etiquette from Narcole and Supriya.

  29. Agracean says:

    @darkfire316, it's really strange that neither my dear Dr Ali Sina nor my dear Mr Jonathan Harrel didn't heed your words or that of Supriya or Sakat or slaveofprophet and ban me from this awesome website. Maybe you should work harder to convince them to ban me. But still I think that they will still love me as much as always than to ban me. Seriously, based on your low calibre, who do you think you are to judge me and my good personality here? You should judge yourself instead and realized how dark your heart is!

  30. darkfire316 says:

    I think you got your answer Ali. You should have banned Agracean long ago. Even Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller don't let crazy people like her on their forums. I know you believe in free speech, but there's a correct forum for it. Do you think I should just randomly let a schizophrenic person into a 3rd grade classroom and let that person lecture the class?

    That woman is literally insane. I have no idea why you let her speak on her forums. When Muslims say bad things it proves your point and makes islam look bad. When your own followers say nonsense like Agracean it looks bad on you.

  31. Demsci says:

    //"Allah is most merciful only for believers in him."// Thank you for your honesty, Slave. I don't know if Shabeer and other Islam-apologists are very happy with you, I almost never hear them saying this.

    It is also consistent with your name Slave of Prophet. I mean: It seems to me that it is quite possible that Allah is, and Mohammed was, quite selfish; who seems a prophit, rather than a prophet. They wanted praise, support, service, slavery, subjugation to themselves. Yes, with the promise of heaven. And with the threat of hell.

    But Phoenix is right; it is supposed to be for mankind, we are all mankind, so WHAT IS IN IT FOR US? What is mankind supposed to prophit from Allah and his prophet??? Even if we all become Muslims??? When it seems clear that Muslims on average do not contribute more than other humans to: Happiness, Prosperity, morality, or anything that a good God would want to give mankind.

    Muslims should be clear: Either they only serve Allah, or Islam is on average, uniquely good for something, something that other religions or lifestyles do not also bring. Or perhaps Muslims will say: Only Allah knows and He knows best? But without proof anyone can say such things.

    And in explaining the good of Islam, Muslims should remember that they should use the same criteria as they use when they say:

    Look, this or that bad behavior of Muslims does not mean that Islam is bad, because so many other humans also have this or that bad behavior.

    OK, but by the same token then:
    This or that good behavior of Muslims does also not mean that Islam is good, because so many other humans also have this or that good behavior.

    You need unique proof of good behavior of Muslims and good results for mankind because of Islam.

  32. Phoenix says:


    When we say Allah is  most Merciful but for whom?//
    Quran 2:143 says "…for Allah is Full of Pity, Merciful toward mankind."
    Sure,there are other verses in the Quran that shows this "mercy" is conditional and not absolute but that only exposes the lies and contradictions of the author of the Quran.In your Islamic world you are perfectly fine accepting contradictions in your ideology.

    You also said:Prophet army killed the children and women of non-believers  during the war against non-believers but Allah forgave them because prophet army was the believer in Allah.//
    The Quran also claims that Muhhamad was sent as a mercy to all mankind (21:07).Is killing innocent women and children not the epitome of being ruthless (antonym of mercy)?

    Clearly the word mercy has a completely different ,if not opposite meaning in Islam than the rest of mankind.Your comments show that you have little regard for human life that disagrees with your ideology,which are also signs of sociopathy.I suggest you leave Islam as soon as possible before it's too late.

  33. Agracean says:

    Dear Dr Ali Sina, you know the truth and I shan't explain any further. I'm looking forward to the day that you'll ban a kind, beautiful and intelligent Christian lady like me forever from your website, as and when you deems fit. Merci beaucoup.

  34. Agracean says:

    @slaveofprophet, please stop feigning innocent before my dear Dr Ali Sina! You have the balls to start all these insane personal attacks on me first but no balls to admit that you are the initiator of those vulgarities? Is this the trademark of Muhammad's follower? Besides denying the truth, you can also lie without battling an eyelid or lie till your pants drop and still remain a good actor. Who are you to judge about the decency of my family background when your attitude and behavior are worst off than me? I pity your parents for your poor upbringing and also, your poor wife, for her poor taste and poor judgement of marrying a balless man like you!

  35. knowTheEnemy says:

    Leela of Muhammad? Watch the video (in the link) again. Muhammad told his followers that the leg (of lamb) has informed him of it being poisoned after they had eaten from it! Three followers died and those who didn't die most likely suffered for a long time from the effects of poison. Now that is some flop of a leela don't you think!

    It wasn't Muhammad's leela. The word leela is not supposed to be used about humans. It is always God's leela. God (the real one) is the one who incarnated as Jewish woman and left the body after proving to all that Muhammad was a deceiver! (If you watched the video then you know that there couldn't be a worse disgrace for Muhammad then to be poisoned by someone who was not only a woman but also a Jew.)

    Now you will say that according to Leela, Muhammad was also God's incarnate. Yes he was, and he too proved to all that he was a deceiver by dying in exactly the same way that his 'Allah' had revealed he would die if he (Mo) was making sh!t up! (Watch the video again if you haven't already)

    And still Muslims don't get it and fall for Mo's deception!!

  36. slaveofprophet says:

    When we say Allah is  most Merciful but for whom? Allah is most merciful only for believers in him. As per Islam most merciful Allah (Merciful for believers) tortures the  non-believers severally  in eternal helfire But for believers he is most merciful and forgives all sins committed by them. Osama Bind Laden, Kasab, etc have committed sins but Allah is most merciful and will forgive their sins because they were believers in him. Prophet army killed the children and women of non-believers  during the war against non-believers but Allah forgave them because prophet army was the believer in Allah.

    I think it will suffice for you to understand the concept of mercifulness in Islam.

  37. slaveofprophet says:


    Why it can't be Leela of prophet or Allah? Do you know leela? If you are a Hindu you should have batter knowledge of leela.

  38. Ali Sina says:

    Please desist attaching Agracian. This forum is not for personal attacks. It is for discussions about Islam. I will ban you temporarily if you disregard this warning.

  39. Ali Sina says:

    Please desist attaching slaveofprophet. This forum is not for personal attacks. It is for discussions about Islam. I will ban you temporarily if you disregard this warning.

  40. slaveofprophet says:

    @Ali Sina/ other commentator/Agracean
    Ali Sina ,you have deleted my previous comment directed to this mad lady agracean. This is 4th time you have did this. If you do not want me to comment here. I will not. But you ownself decide who started this vulgar language as personal attack. There are many  other women commentator with whom I fell into discussion as Narcole, Supriya and many other but I have not seen such a shameless lady like this Agracean. She does not seem from any angle has decent family background. 

    And I have not written anything wrong. The treatment I suggested for agracean is 100% guaranteed to cure her mental disorder. I have applied this treatment on my one wife also who had very bad mouth.

  41. knowTheEnemy says:

    You are skipping the part when allah failed to purify the poisoned meat that a Jewish woman fed him!

  42. Agracean says:

    @slaveofprophet, I think that you've really gone too far this time. You can target me and say whatever you like here but please leave my beloved late mother out of the picture. She has done absolutely nothing wrong here to deserve your ridicule.

  43. Phoenix says:


    On the one hand you protest Ali Sina's analysis of Allah and his prophet but then on the other hand you concur with what Ali said.
    Explain to me how someone can be most merciful AND torture unbelievers for eternity at the same time?Surely you don't need to have studied logic or philosophy to see the apparent contradiction?

  44. Agracean says:

    @slaveofprophet, did Muhammad teach you to put your linga in Supriya's or the rest of your wives' mouth? Thanks for enlightening me about your perverse religion of sex. Bye forever, braindead zombie!

  45. slaveofprophet says:

    Ali Sina is a liar, rascal. Do not believe in him. Allah sent us in this world to worship him. Almighty Allah made this universe to get himself worshiped by his creatures. And who fails to worship most merciful Allah gets punishment of eternal hellfire. Most merciful & almighty Allah tortures the non-believers by burning their skin again and again through regrowing procedure of skin.

  46. slaveofprophet says:

    @Aryan Hindu
    The Water drank by prophet was purified. Everything comes to prophet to drink & eat gets purified automatically because prophet was messenger of almighty Allah who made this universe. Was it not miracle of Allah without Kent Ro water gets purified automatically.

  47. Slave of prophet says:

    I can understand your mental condition. I can not expect anything good from an insane lady like you. But I have treatment to cure your insanity. For this Firstly, I need to put my linga in your mouth. It is not my lust but treatment of your disease. We will have to follow many stages during this treatment.  I am sure after kissing my linga your heart will fill for love and you will start to love to all people even with your  greatest enemy “supriya’’.  It is my 100% assurance to you. I am your doctor/Messiah.  I will not feel bad of your words. There were many women like you filled with hatred against the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) too but prophet always loved them and made them his queen.

  48. Agracean says:

    @slaveofprophet, I see Muhammad in you. It's all about the religion of sex. My dear Dr Ali Sina is absolutely right to say your idol prophet is impotent and I do believe that with your insane obsession with flouting your muslim linga here and there, sooner or later, your muslim linga is as good as dead duck, just like your idol prophet. So, be wise like my dear Dr Ali Sina, and get out of this deadly cult while your linga is still working, before it's too late! 🙂

  49. Slave of prophet says:

    Every mental says he/she  is not mental. BTW, How many linga you have kissed in your life? Are you whore? How many linga you take in one time. Why are you avoiding my linga?

  50. Agracean says:

    @slaveofprophet, I'm not a braindead zombie, so I'm not eligible to win that stupid title. Only a braindead zombie like you are fit to win that title. It is really pathetic to know that your love for your Ms Supriya and the rest of your 3 wives is solely based on sex and how your muslim linga works on their yoni. I really pity those sex slaves of yours and I believe that they must be very miserable. Who knows they might decide to cut off your muslim linga to end their sufferings once and for all? As for my dear Dr Ali Sina, isn't it wonderful that our love for each other is based on telepathy and mutual understanding? So, good luck to you, stupid slaveofprophet.

  51. Agracean says:

    @slaveofprophet, you should win the championship of stupidity and be the champion stupidest man on earth! Congratulations, Mr stupid slaveofprophet!

  52. slaveofprophet says:

    @Dear Agracean
    Do you know I have the stamina to satisfy sexually  to four women like you in one night. Then, how can you put allegation on me of stupidity? Without testing me linga you have no right to abuse me. 

  53. Agracean says:

    @slaveofprophet, I can't help laughing when I read your above comment. Of course, you're one of the world's most stupidest person I've ever me who could easily believe in such lies spew from the mouth of a con artiste without giving a second thought! Yes, Supriya is stupid but I'm sorry to tell you the fact that you're even more stupid than her! 😮

  54. slaveofprophet says:

    You are calling stupid to Supriya here for a long time in discussion with me. But now, you are claiming our prophet Muhammad(PBUH) was most stupid person on earth. You are not fixed in your mental condition. Firstly, decide who has been most stupid person on earth? 

  55. Agracean says:

    @slaveofprophet, do you know that all those who follow that great con artiste, Muhammad, are most stupidest than all the hindus on earth? It doesn't matter if my dear Dr Ali Sina believes in Buddha or whatever indian sages' teachings on earth because he has the human right and the freedom to do as he please but I know in my heart of hearts, that ultimately, he will come to the Way, the Truth and the life. Let me reiterate here again that I love him and I really do and not his linga at all. So, if you are so proud of your linga and need instant gratification, I suggest that you should go and look for Ms Supriya, who will cut off your linga after the show and make it a public display. 😮

  56. slaveofprophet says:

    Your views and my views same for Hindus. We both believe Hindu are stupid people while Ali Sina praises Hindu sages, philosophers. He admires Hindus like Gandhi, Vivekananda, Buddha etc. Ali Sina is follower of Hindu Sanyasi Buddha. How can you love a person who is follower of  Buddha  a Hindu? And the moment one leaves Islam his linga also lost the stamina to satisfy four women in one night. So, I am best for you because I am still devout believer in Allah and prophet.

  57. Agracean says:

    @slaveofprophet, don't you know that my dear Dr Ali Sina is an ex-muslim? So, are you jealous that I love him so much so that no other man in this world could ever replace him in my sweet heart? Since you're so proud of your muslim linga, especially that of your prophet's impotent linga, I think that you should give another chance to that hindu virgin, Ms Supriya, to test your muslim linga again. I bet that she's dying to cut off your banana after testing it, since you hate hindus so much! 😉

  58. slaveofprophet says:

    @Dear my loving lady Agracean
    Dear, as I said non-Muslim man linga lost its stamina after 30 years age. Problem of Erectile dysfunction after 30 years of age common in non-Muslim man.  And your Ali Sina is above 30. So, his linga is not best for you. But Muslim linga work even in the age of 60. There are a lot of example of this. Even our prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did marry in age of 54 with his youngest wife Aisha. I am best man for you because I am a believer in Allah. How can you choose Ali Sina without testing my linga? This is not fair. You must give me a chance.

  59. Agracean says:

    @slaveofprophet, I can't help laughing at your above comment. Yes, Ms Supriya is indeed my hindu sister and she is yearning for your love. As for me, I love my dear Dr Ali Sina and my dear Mr Jonathan Harrel so much so that there is no other room for any other man in this world. So, go after Ms Supriya and not me. 🙂

  60. slaveofprophet says:

    Is Supriya your step sister? Dear, I love only you not your step sister.

  61. Agracean says:

    @My name is nobody, it seems that you do know Ms Supriya, that hindu virgin pretty well. I'm not surprised if you are another a.s.s.h.o.l.e just like her. By the way, why should should I ever disclose my personal details to a braindead zombie like you? Are you jealous of the fact that I love my dear Dr Ali Sina and Mr Jonathan Harrel very much? Stop farting like an a.s.s.h.o.l.e here. You belong to the loo.

  62. Agracean says:

    @slaveofprophet, Supriya is more than good enough to meet all your sexual needs. The two of you, besides Mr Sakat , makes a perfect match. So. I wish you and Supriya all the best in your sexual endeavor. Good luck!

  63. shaiva_hindu says:

    @Agracean the 2nd post was for slave..my bad.Anyway this thread is useless even to spend time on.
    Abandoning this silly thread. 🙂

  64. My name is nobody says:

    Actually you must understand the content of the post first,before replying, why are you twisting it .? Answer first how old are you and what is your profession .All the people here can figure out Supriya is well educated and persuading her master degree,what about you.? No one is interested in your dirty YONI ,which is filled with dirty smell and AIDS worms,therefore your one night customer (Jonathan Herael) ran away from this pacific ocean. You said lot about Slave-of-prophets post ,ultimately wt u are doing ,u are going after the a-r-s-e-h-o-l–l-e of Dr .Ali Sina.(Who is born Muslim) do you have any shame left to defend your Jesus (false and fart Prophet).

  65. slaveofprophet says:

    @Dear lady agracean
    Actually, I want first you take test of my linga then share your great experience before other ladies and convince them to test linga of Muslim as Muslim are best performer in bed. I am sure your impotent husband has not enough stamina to satisfy beautiful lady like you. My linga is dying to enter in your Yoni. Do not make me wait to much. If you will take test of my Linga I assure Jesus will send your in eternal heaven and your all sins be forgiven because you did the service of a believer in Allah.

  66. Agracean says:

    @slaveofprophet, you should direct all your questions to that Hindu virgin, Ms Supriya, instead of me since you have already tested your muslim linga on her and who knows that she might be really interested in you afterall. As for me, I've already given all my heart to my dear Dr Ali Sina and my dear Mr Jonathan Harrel forever. 🙂

  67. slaveofprophet says:

    Can  you tell me how old are you? You live lonely or have husband / children/ parents. From you words hint is coming you are in search of a guy who can satisfy your sexual desire. Please write me about yourself. If you do not want to write here you can mail me at [email protected] I am eagerly waiting for your response.

  68. Agracean says:

    @shiva_hindu, why are you angry with my good intentions and good comments here? Don't you know that I'm helping Ms Supriya, Mr Sakat and Mr slaveofprophet to come to the ultimate truth and also, to learn how to respect a kind, beautiful and intelligent Christian lady like me? If you really can't tolerate my good comments anymore, then, please ask my dear Dr Ali Sina and my dear Mr Jonathan Harrel to ban me. I can't wait for them to ban me from entering this website forever.

  69. shaiva_hindu says:

    Really let us know if you're trolling.So,we wouldn't have to waste our time on you cos your statements are just unbelievable .Where do you get such filth in your mind even to waste time on?
    You seriously need medication or just consult someone.

  70. Agracean says:

    @slaveofprophet, I think that you should give yourself a chance to love that Hindu virgin, Ms Supriya's yoni and who knows that she is able to turn all the hate in your heart into love for all hindus. Wouldn't that be nice? By the way, I've no interest in a braindead zombie like you at all, except my beloved Dr Ali Sina and Mr Jonathan Harrel. Don't you know that I love them very much?

  71. slaveofprophet says:

    Please do not talk of Hindu people before me. I hate them too much. I feel my insult even to mentioning their name. They are worst creature. But I am interested if you test my linga. I assure, you will not disappoint and your views will change for Muslim man. Until testing  Muslim linga you have no right to defame Muslim man. Do not treat Muslim man like your Christian husband who can not satisfy their women and their women go to Muslim man. Why is trend of Christian women marrying to Muslim man increasing? My door is open only for you not for Hindu people.

  72. Agracean says:

    @slaveofprophet, like what I said in my earlier comment, since you had already tested your muslim linga on Ms Supriya, then I'll help you to ask her for her honest feedback about how your muslim linga fare. But I guess that a faithful hindu like her will surely cut your banana if you attempt to force yourself on her again. 😮

  73. slaveofprophet says:

    What is mean of Hindi/Sanskrit words Satrilinga and Purlinga? 

  74. slaveofprophet says:

    Have you ever feel dissatisfaction after testing linga of Muslim? I think No, I have not listen this from any Christian women who went to Muslim man to test his linga. Certainly, I will not disappoint if you come to me.You will get maximum.

  75. Agracean says:

    @slaveofprophet, are you blind? Don't you know that our dear Ms Supriya is the best candidate since she is so desperate to kiss your muslim linga and yet, how dare you deprived her of this chance to be your 4th wife? Please don't hesitate to marry her and I believe that she will certainly kiss your birdie till you became impotent, just like your idol prophet. 😉

  76. Agracean says:

    @slaveofprophet, I must ask Ms Supriya if she is happy and satisfied with your muslim birdie then. 😮

  77. Agracean says:

    Mr shaiva_hindu, I think that you are a really good role model for Supriya to follow after and hope that she will heed the above first paragraph of your above comment and never look down on all the prostitutes in the world. I believe that Ms Supriya worships shivalingam as her god and so, linga is best suited to describe the manhood. So, please don't anyhow conclude that I've not done enough research on linga. Thanks. 🙂

  78. Agracean says:

    @slaveofprophet, go and ask your dear Supriya for the answer since you have tested your muslim linga on her.

  79. shaiva_hindu says:

    I really dont get it! Why we should we even criticize prostitutes not sayin' that they are doing some good stuff but socially I wouldn't look them down .We should know we are all victims no one is spared in this game.But we sincerely should work on removing evil from our dumb brain first and just spread message.

    Sister Agracean I do not agree with your translation of Linga.
    Linga = Symbol in sanskrit that's it .Please get used to little homework..It does help you so you dont end up like an idiot who didn't research enough .Start digging knowledge bliss may be waiting for you

    Sorry supriya di if found you find my above comment rude or out of nowhere.Dont bother.

  80. ihateislam says:

    Slave mentality, with so many women at his disposal, what did Muhammad (plagues be upon him) have to show for "his stamina"? He was simply not man enough to father children. There is a very strong suspicion that those children given birth to by Khadiyya were not sired by Muhammad. If he was their father, he would have been able to repeat the feat with his innumerable wives, concubines and sex slaves. His children would have dominated the muhammadan gang. Muhammad had neither stamina nor the wherewithal to generate pregnancy. Women were only toys for him to play with and boost his ego which was inversely proportional to his size, especially his height. That was why he preferred inexperienced virgins who could not tell the difference.

  81. slaveofprophet says:

    _________""please test your muslim cock if it is working well_________
    Muslim do not have such problem. Only non-believers suffer with such disease. Our prophet did marry in the  age of 55 and he  used to consume his marriage  everyday with his multiple wives. That is strength of believer in Allah.

  82. slaveofprophet says:

    How do you know Muslim linga are world best linga? It is your belief or knowledge? 

  83. slaveofprophet says:

    Allah has given strength & stamina to Muslim Man to satisfy 4 women at once.  That is why In Islam man has right to keep four women. I have only three right now. You may be my forth wife. Leave you Christian husband who are not able to satisfy you and accept my proposal  only then you will realize the stamina of this slave of prophet. 

  84. Agracean says:

    Finally, a brave hindu warrior like you appear and took the stand for me and lecture this Ms Supriya for letting all the hindus down with her horrible comments about me here. Thank you Mr shaiva_hindu! I hope thatMs Supriya will heed your good advice and love all those poor prostitutes in India and be a good hindu here. 🙂

  85. shaiva_hindu says:

    You know you didn't had to do it. It's not the the tone in which a hindu should address someone.Justsayin'

  86. Agracean says:

    @Supriya, I can't believe my good eyes when I read your above comment! Do you mean that Mr Sakat's linga is not good enough to satisfy a desperate virgin like you and now, you are lusting for that braindead zombie, Mr slaveofprophet's linga too? Oh dear, you're such an a.s.s.h.o.l.e! Why not marry both Mr Sakat and Mr slaveofprophet at the same time to satisfy your super big fat yoni? Please do remember to invite me to your wedding ceremony with these two men and I will definitely wish you in your mothe rtongue Marathi ' Vivah sathi Hridaypurn shubh ichha.' ' Saubhagy wati bhaw' ' Asht putr wati bhaw'. 😮

  87. Supriya says:

    Agracean,the muslimah
    Your all comments show that you are typical muslimah.You imitate rapist,pedophile Muhammad from bottom of heart.I would like to suggest you to marry slaveofprophet(he asked you to taste his …….It shows that he loves you very much) and join Al-Qayada to achieve the goal of your rolemodel Muhammad.

    Please don't disappoint slaveofprophet.He is the only man who loves you.All other men (including Dr. Sina and Mr. Jonathan Harrel)in the whole world hate you so much.
    My best wishes for Nikah of Agracean and slaveofprophet !!!
    I am eagerly waiting to attend your wedding.
    I want to wish you in my mothertongue Marathi ' Vivah sathi Hridaypurn shubh ichha.' ' Saubhagy wati bhaw' ' Asht putr wati bhaw'.

  88. Agracean says:

    @Supriya, don't you know that Mr Jonathan Harrel is and always be my best friend forever here? Here you go again, farting away like an a.s.s.h.o.l.e. I think that Mr Jonathan Harrel will definitely agree with me that you should look in the mirror again and call yourself an a.s.s.h.o.l.e twice, for him and me. 🙂

  89. Agracean says:

    @Supriya, I fully understand your sorry plight as a lustful virgin who is dying to kiss your dear Mr Sakat's linga but why are you so shy to let your dear Mr Sakat know about your this great urge to have sex with him since he is your other half lovebird? Or, is it true that you need sex with many men to satisfy all your sexual needs and fantasies? 😮

  90. Agracean says:

    @Supriya, don't you know that my dear Dr Ali Sina loves me very much and I believe that he will certainly disapprove of you bullying a kind, beautiful and intelligent Christian lady like me here. By the way, he is a very busy doctor and he has no time to entertain your madness. So, let me sent you to the best mental hospital in India on his behalf and well, you could tell all the psychiatrists there you are a very lustful virgin and how you lust for Mr Sakat's private parts, especially his linga and that you can't help kissing it all day long. I think that you shall be a popular icon among all the male Indian doctors there in that mental hospital and who knows that you can find a better man than Mr Sakat there, who enjoy your kissing his linga. 😮

  91. Supriya says:

    Mr. Jonathan Harrel
    I know you have broken up with that sex maniac Agracean. I am just curious to know what did you seek in ugly, 50+ old woman?Finally Jesus helped you in throwing off this Vulgar DEVIL from your life.You need to thank Jesus.

  92. Supriya says:

    Agracean,the sex maniac
    May I ask how many Canadian guys,old men, teen boys are victims of your dire thirst of sex in 50 years ?

  93. Supriya says:

    Dr. Sina
    You are medical degree holder. You know the behavior of a patient who is in dire thirst of sex for 24 hours.
    Please admit Agracean,the sex maniac in hospital(mental) in canada. She needs electric shocks 1000times(till her death).

  94. Agracean says:

    @Supriya,, you sounded like you are a very lustful virgin who can't wait to kiss Mr Sakat's linga and balls. Since you detest those poor prostitutes out there so much, I advise you to learn from them on how to please your dear Mr Sakat's private parts so that he will enjoy poking your yoni for the rest of your life. I guess that Mr Sakat will certainly be very pleased with your excellent kissing skills. 😉

  95. knowTheEnemy says:

    Yes I posted it. I will be talking about dharma often but it takes too much space to post it here in the comments section. Also, Dharma is a fundamental component of human nature. So I wrote a separate article and simply posted the link.

    I do not have a TV here. I watched Mahabharat some two decades ago in India, but that is not where I learnt about Dharma. I learnt it from a different serial called 'Raja Harishchandra' some 5 years ago (I bought the DVD set from a video store in local India-town).

  96. Supriya says:

    My views resemble with the article of Dharma.I guess you posted that article.Am I right?
    Do you watch new Mahabharat serial on Star Plus daily?

  97. Supriya says:

    poor Agracean, Concentrate on kissing'……'of petrodollar earning Arabian braindead zombies.Don't you know that they always carry swords,bombs,AK47with them?If you fail to satisfy their lustful desire fully,you will be murdered.
    I really pity you and your pitiful plight of hopelessness and helplessness once again
    Very sad !!!.

  98. Agracean says:

    @Supriya, I think that you should seriously take another good look in the mirror and call yourself an a.s.s.h.o.l.e for me because you really sounded like an a.s.s.h.o.l.e here. Since you believe in reincarnation and rebirth, I think that it's very likely that your cow god will grant you a chance to become a prostitute in your next life so that you'll never make fun of anyone of those poor prostitutes again. Oh, poor Supriya, it's no wonder that a virgin like you in this life are so interested in Mr Sakat and Mr slaveofprophet's linga and of your mad cravings for sex and making babies with Mr Sakat etc. I really pity you as a result of your foolishness and I hope that Mr Sakat will try his very best to fully satisfy your lust for his linga. :0

  99. Supriya says:

    Prostitute Agracean
    I didn't know that you are in pitiful plight of hopelessness and helplessness.
    So 'this is the reason ' which forced you to become Prostitute.
    Keep on kissing '………..' of petrodollar earning Arabian braindead zombies so that it could help you to come out of such pitiful conditions.
    Oh poor woman,I really pity you.

  100. Agracean says:

    @Supriya, remember to look in the mirror and call yourself an a.s.s.h.o.l.e for me. Thanks. 😉

  101. Agracean says:

    @Supriya, I think that you should go and visit a brothel and kiss all those sex workers there since you're such an a.s.s.h.o.l.e and realized that they are in such a pitiful plight of hopelessness and helplessness. Stop behaving like a high moral slut here while your character is definitely worst than anyone of those humble prostitute!

  102. Agracean says:

    Grow up, kid!

  103. knowTheEnemy says:

    ["Sanatan Dharma can't be defined by caste system."]

    I never said it does. I said that people use caste-system as a tool to make themselves feel superior to others and to denigrate others. Today they use monetary success to do the same (feel superior and think low of others). Such people are called devotees of this god called Social-status.

    Manusmriti talks about many things, but people specifically cherry-pick things that help them get a higher social status. That is why I say that their real religion is not Hinduism but Social-status!

  104. knowTheEnemy says:

    I agree with your definition of Swadharm. I never studied the topic of 'Swadharm' but from the other things that I have studied and contemplated on, I have found exactly what you defined here.

    Regarding Dharma you said "one's righteous conduct"
    But how do you know what conduct is 'righteous', and what makes it 'righteous'??
    BTW did you read the article that I linked to in responses to Sakat?

  105. Supriya says:

    Sanatan Dharma can't be defined by caste system.
    There was a king named Manu.He drafted Manusmriti(Laws of Manu)which included rules,laws,duties,rights for his empire/public( just like Constitution).Manusmriti tells how women should be protected & caste system(refferring to the prescribed natures and professions of 4 social classes).
    These rules and laws have been misinterpreted ,rather I would say that they might be interpolated(stretched too long).
    So Manusmriti is not an authority for Sanatan Dharma to follow.Unfortunately Hindus have been following Manusmriti blindly.
    Manusmriti is not scripture of ancient rishis.

  106. Supriya says:

    I want to share my understanding of Dharma and Swadharma with you.
    Dharma is one's righteous conduct or nature.
    Lord Krishna says'Swadharme nidhanam shreyah'.It means 'be with your inborn tendancies/qualities and don't imitate others. Being natural/ being with your own nature is'Swadharm'.

  107. Supriya says:

    By the word 'characterless' I meant 'immoral'.

  108. Supriya says:

    I know you are broken-hearted ( after Mr. Jonathan Harrel kicked you off from his life forever).Your lustful desire was not satisfied by him fully.Therefore you are expressing huge sexual desire here so that you can find a scapegoat to fulfill your sexual desire.
    But remember, those men who regularly visit this website are intelligent and spiritual ( not characterless like you).
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  113. Sakat says:

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  121. Supriya says:

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  122. Supriya says:

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  123. Supriya says:

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  126. Agracean says:

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  127. slaveofprophet says:

    Original Bible was the Quran.

  128. Supriya says:

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  129. Agracean says:

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  130. knowTheEnemy says:

    ["It confuses me ,because you have not postulated the basic ingredients a “Dharma Principle” should contain…. "]

    I will post a detailed response to your post when I have more time off from work. But did you read the article on Dharma that I linked to? I did mention the basic, fundamental ingredient in that article (it happens to be same as the definition of Dharma), and I also explained what makes it fundamental. (Here is the link again)

    If we find out that a big house is going to harm the environment, then 'living by Dharma' would mean asking ourselves "Would it give me peace of mind+heart to get a big house knowing full well that it is harming the environment?" If the answer is 'no' then we do not get the big house and be content with our decision.

  131. Rascal-X says:

    Are u not human? 😀

  132. Supriya says:

    Oh dear,there is really no limit to vulgarity( of a particular woman).

  133. Agracean says:

    @TruthTriumphs, I advise you to grab hold of a Bible and start reading from the New Testament and you will find all the answers there.You have to read the Bible.

  134. Supriya says:

    Above comment is mine. I have mistaken.

  135. Agracean says:

    @TruthTriumphs, for goodness sake, please buy an air ticket and fly to Israel. All the answer and evidence are all found there, in that promised land.

  136. anti-vulgarity says:

    The reason why are cows worshipped in India is : Rishis and Munis (whose +ve karmas are 98%and -ve karmas are 2%) are said to be reborn as cows.[compare nature(swabhaw) of rishi and cow. They believe in only giving not taking]

    You lied. I didn't support evil practice of female foeticide.In fact I said this is the serious issue with which we are dealing.Let me tell you I am active member of AOLF"s campaign named "Volunteer for Better India".You can find the presence of Indian woman in every walks of life: politics,Administration,corporate,Engg.,Medical,R&D,Air force,Army, even RTI activist etc.

    You admitted that you believe in Karma and reincarnation[read you answer for my question of teen aged girls,boys suffering from incurable diseases]

    I hope you may get the interdependency of Karma and Leela.[Mr.cchuckc has explained very well]

    For your kind information I would like to tell you there are hundreds of NGOs , Ashrams working to awaken people of their real identity/existence. i.e. transformation of Kali yug to Saty yug.

  137. Agracean says:

    @slaveofprophet, I can't help laughing away when reading your above funny comment. May I know where is your quran before Muhammad was born? Isn't it strange that your quran does not even exist in Saudi Arabia before Muhammad's grandfather was born?

  138. Sakat says:

    thanks for correcting me.

  139. Sakat says:

    OTOH the Dharma that I wrote about is a principle. Anyone can live by this principle- even an atheist or a agnostic./
    Each individual is having some principle, “Agnostic” is (based on)a principle as well the “Atheistic” .It confuses me ,because you have not postulated the basic ingredients a “Dharma Principle” should contain, in your views. Then it looks an absurd idea, and moreover you want each individual to follow his own Dharma Principle,(no uniformity).Now I bring your earlier statement for notice.
    . /That is why everyone needs to ditch their current religions and swear allegiance to Dharma, that alone is the solution. If there is any other solution I do not know what it is! /
    .Do you think without any IDEA or an OBJECT of vision can anybody’s trust be obtained (allegiance).In other words if I wish to form a company and just throw myself in the corporate world with shares of my company ,without showing the product ;I am going to manufacture ,may I expect anyone to subscribe it . If you say each one has to decide his way of living according to the “Dharma Principle” then how will they be nit together This is somewhat the work of Evolution ,don’t you think we should allow it evolve on its own way (I mean some time should be given).
    /A person can also change their way of life since his knowledge, experiences, and understanding of things change in life. /
    Since last many thousands of years man is leading a civilized life ,till this day the uniform pattern of his thinking of “I’ and “Mine” (root cause of all misery) has not changed. And you want to see change in it, in the next 10 years. Change will definitely come but gradually under the supervision of evolution .Once if change start to take place ,it will be on multiple points and multiply faster ,just like when in the 16th century onwards the pattern of thinking in European society has changed spontaneously in many countries and thus paved the way for this modern scientific world (here I give credit to gradual evolution of thinking process in mind).
    Another principle of Sanatan Dharma being allocating years of life of an Individual in 4 stages (I think it is perfectly scientific).The first 25 years for gaining knowledge ,second 25 for marital life, third 25 for vanprasta or living away from society an harsh life and last 25 for only moksha or salvation (dwelling in meditation).However at present ,as you said ,the hedonism will continue even after 75 years of one’s life. Materialism and spirituality both are two sides of the same coin .As you rightly pointed out the Hindus have not lived up to their potential. I blame faulty governance for this as well blind faith in their religion without understanding the underlying principle behind a particular ritual, which they follow.

    /Change will not necessarily happen the way people wish it happens. It can certainly happen in a way that people never want to see happen/
    Either way it will happen, but again it will be by way of evolution. We think we will change according our will , no, at the bottom evolution plays pivotal role in changing our thinking/adapting . let me clear it further, the civilization process of human being begin in Egypt, Mesopotamia ,India (Indus valley),China thousands and thousands of year early to Europe .When in India people were wearing cotton dress in Europe people were leading the stone age life .When in India at Taxila knowledge of highest class was spreading ,in England people were even not having the English script. Then why within two thousand years, Europe has surpassed all the known civilized world and became fully civilized society. It is indeed the magic of Evolution.

  140. Sakat says:

    /Sanatan Dharma is a certain ‘way –of-life’ .
    No ,I differ here ,I put it as “natural way of life “(because we arrived naked upon this planet/and on another day we will vacate it naked). Then what kind of puzzle do we find in craving for excessive possession, for ex, when you are comfortable with a small house,why one wish to settle down in a big mansion.? By preferring big thing we are contributing to the imbalance of Eco-system. Verily at the cost of our peace at heart and mind , if we destroy our environment, what kind of philosophy we cherish then.
    /And that puts it in the category of religion./
    A religion is based on conditional (mind)allegiance to certain habit (hypocrisy).The follower always try to show they are different ,for example ,you said you are a Sikh. Guru Govind had brought discipline in the religion (the purpose was to fight the mighty Mogul Empire ) he said every Sikh(please forgive me if I am wrong ) should grow his hair and cover it with turban (one of the five tenets).This has nothing to do with Nanaks preaching’s ,but today every Sikh want to show his distinct identity in western world ,he exerts pressure on the respective government to allow him to wear his turban and grow beard even if it meant for defense force. Why can’t he come out of that conditional existence (equally Hindus do the same fault).When will we identify as human? When will we begin to protect the mother earth instead of identifying with piece of land (say India, Pakistan, U.S etc). Therefore I said Sanatan Dharma propagate this kind of philosophy and those sages and yogis are its custodian, so it is said “serveinam sukhino bhavantu,survey santu niramaya”.

  141. Supriya says:

    The name of revolutionary Jain muni known for Kadave bol/ prawachan/ sach is Tarun Sagar Maharaj.

  142. TruthTriumphs says:

    Although I believe in Karma and After life , I completely agree with your views that intense devotion towards Selfish Hedonism and Social status are two evils that corrupted Sanatana Dharma/Hindusim. Vedas should not be blamed for Casteism because Casteism/Untouchability is outcome of misinterpretation of Vedic knowledge by people who tried to take advantage of Vedic knowledge to their personal gains.You can take the example of Nambudiri brahmins with bloated attitude claimed to possess Vedic wisdom  migrated from north India to Kerala and purposefully destroyed social morals by introducing racism of first order just to establish their superiority over others. In those days even the Khatriyas were treated as untouchables by Nambudiri brahmins.

  143. TruthTriumphs says:

    You still did not answer  my question I asked earlier "What is the logical explanation behind Why would sinners be freed from their crimes if Jesus sacrificed his life?" . Doesnt this show God is indifferent to sufferers!  What compensation will the victims receive as part of this glorified "Sacrifice of Jesus" ? Where is the Love of Jesus here!!! Did Jesus die only for the people of his time or for whole of humanity in future ? I dont see any justice being served when sinner is simply forgiven by God of Jesus just because sinner truly repents for his deeds or truly believes in Jesus. 

  144. TruthTriumphs says:

    Before you claim that my views are erroneous, give me one solid irrefutable evidence that Jesus did not travel India in his early life?

  145. slaveofprophet says:

    Bible is most adulterated book. Quran is only infallible book because Allah protects the Quran as declared by prophet and itself Quran. Jesus mentioned in available adulterated Bible was a myth true Jesus was believer in Allah who preached the  Quran (Which was true Bible) to the people of his time. 

  146. knowTheEnemy says:

    Sanatan Dharma is a certain 'way-of-life', and that puts it in the category of religion. OTOH the Dharma that I wrote about is a principle. Anyone can live by this principle- even an atheist or a agnostic. Also, different people living by this principle can end up with different ways of life, since what gives peace to one person's heart and mind can be different from what gives peace to another. A person can also change their way of life since his knowledge, experiences, and understanding of things change in life.

    The two principles that you mentioned in your post seem to be the principles of Sanatan Dharma (please correct me if I am wrong). But that is not how I described Dharma. Dharma (as I defined it) is THE principle that one follows in order to figure out what other principles to follow. Hence, it would not be incorrect to say that it is a certain conditioning of the mind. The way I see it, if following those two principles is what gives your mind and heart the most peace, then those principles are exactly what you should follow.

    Regarding attachment, what gives peace to my heart+mind is to follow the principle of "Be in the world but not OF the world". It was Jesus who said it but he said it in a different context that I do not understand. But I fully understand what this statement means in the context of Eastern thought.  "Be in the world" means Do the leela. Do the best leela (and nothing can be a better leela than what one performs with Dharma at the root). Work hard for whatever you want, material or otherwise. Be happy when you get it, be sad when you don't.  "Not of the world" means do not be attached. Do not be so attached to something so that if you don't get it, or if you lose it, you end up in depression. Do not be so attached that if living by Dharma requires you to give something up, you fail to do so.

    ["Change is inevitable, even I and you cannot stop it "]

    Agreed, but there is more to the story. Change will not necessarily happen the way people wish it happens. It can certainly happen in a way that people never want to see happen. Change is inevitable, but it can be influenced. The Puranic stories make it clear that whoever does tapa (makes effort) will certainly see the results. If people start living by Dharma, positive changes will happen.

    The multiple-gods of Purans is not a philosophy, they are stories. The philosophies and principles are embedded in the stories. The pandits tell public that the multiple-gods really do exist because they know that the public only cares about worshiping something and get their hedonistic desires fulfilled. Otherwise the higher knowledge is available too for whoever looks for it. I was able to find plenty of useful knowledge; I don't have any special access to anything. If I can do it others can too; It is all available there. One simply has to have the will.

  147. Sakat says:

    In your prior post you have said Dharma and not Sanatan Dharma .This means you have different definition for both the term. I Just want to shed some light on the issue. As for me Dharma means “Natural Law” .There are sages and Yogis in Himalaya’s (Not the ones who are regular on the TV) who follows Dharma in its “pristine purity”. The two cardinal principle of Dharma is 1) free from attachment and 2) Free from the conditioning of the mind .In other words a Yogi or a Sage do not stay at a single place for too many days and do not keep his food for tomorrow . The reason being ;if he stays at particular place for too long he may come under the influence of attachment or if he keeps food for tomorrow naturally he is conditioning his mind that will also bring him back to the domain of attachment . If you closely watch, every other animal on this planet follow this rule ,then why human beings have deviated from this (their true nature). Do You know when did satya yuga begin ,it was during stone age(my opinion) ,when ,the human beings were moving from place to place in search of food .None was attached to the land ,nothing like house constructions or saving food for next day etc things were in practice. They were like the Yogis of Himalaya’s. The gradual evolution on thinking capacity has changed the behavior of man and he stepped into this KaliYuga (his mind is filled with hatred, greed ,attachment ,mean mind etc ).But I hope this phase will also change one day may be in next ten year or next hundred years or next 1000 years. Change is inevitable, even I and you cannot stop it . There is no difference between Sanatan Dharma (it has nothing to with damn Hindu weird philosophy of multiple gods and their kukarmas) and the one you want to see the Indians should follow, I think so.

    ` .

  148. Agracean says:

    @slaveofprophet, what have I done to deserve your stupid Islamic death penalty for telling nothing but the absolute truth? Didn't your allah reminds you guys to always speak the truth and never tell lies? So, if you or any such braindead zombies are offended by my truthfulness and wanted to end my earthly life, then, I'll like to challenge you guys to read the Bible and learn from Jesus Christ , Who taught all Muslims and Muslimahs in this world to forgive and love all their enemies and not to anyhow kill them or anyhow slap them with the death penalty! Do you have the balls to accept my challenge to read the Bible? Oops! Where are your balls? :0

  149. slaveofprophet says:

    As per Islamic law you deserve  death penalty for your crime against Islam. I challenge you to come in the Country of true believers in Islam Saudi Arabia alternatively you can come in Pakistan and Afghanistan country of converted Muslims. Have you guts?

  150. knowTheEnemy says:

    I am especially singling out Hindus (both Indians and NRIs) and there are multiple reasons for this. I believe that the wisdom of Indian sages has in it a lot of what is needed for a person to lead a life that is consistent with human nature, with environment, and with the nature of this world. The rest of the wisdom is available in science, in [the rest of] Eastern philosophy, and some in Western philosophy.

    ((Christianity and Western philosophy in general, too have produced great personalities, people, and societies. I cannot ignore the fact that the best anti-Jihad sites are run by Christians, and that they do excellent charity work all over the world. However, I do not understand Christianity much, and know only a little of Western philosophy. Hence all I can do is respect them and let them do their own work while I do my own work.))

    I grew up as Sikh and all through my life I have not seen Sikh leaders work as hard on anything than to brainwash followers into believing that Sikhs and Sikhism has nothing to do with Hinduism. However the more I have researched things and the deeper I have dug, I have found just the opposite. There are things in Sikhism that cannot be properly understood unless one knows the Hindu component of it. There are other things that a learnt Hindu can understand far better than any Sikh. And take for example the Mool Mantar. Guess who has given the best discourse on it- Rajneesh Osho, a Jain with MA in [Eastern?] Philosophy. The discourses provided by Sikh clergy seem almost childish compared to what Osho has explained.

    If you ask me who I consider role model(s) for any man, one of the names I will take is Gobind Singh (notice that I said 'role model', not Guru). Sikhs believe that if one prays as recommended and if one observes the five Ks, he becomes a image of Gobind Singh. Well, an image of Gobind Singh is not the same thing as being Gobind Singh. Image is hollow… it can wave a sword in the air but it does not have a good enough understanding of when and why to take out the sword and when not! Gobind Singh had all that understanding. Now I am going to make a bold statement here because I know from my study that it is true: Gobind Singh grew up to be what he was because of the positive effect of Hinduism. Same is true of Nanak and of Guru Teg Bahadur. Hinduism has in it to turn a person into a Gobind Singh, a Teg Bahadur, or a Nanak, or all three of them in one. I am not talking about magic or cloning, I am saying that its teachings can put into a person what was there in the Sikh Gurus. Hinduism can churn out thousands of them every single year. And Hinduism can do so in any age and appropriate for the times! All one needs is to study it, understand it, and keep an open mind.

    Despite such immense potential, Hindus are in a state that I cannot express in words. All one has to do is to look at the state of India's society, its environment, its men, and one can get a fairly decent idea. So of course I single out Hindus. If you had an idea of the extent of how much potential they squander away (as in lost opportunity), you will single them out too!

    Yet another reason I concentrate on Hindus is because there are 328 million Muslims in South Asia, not including 178 million in Pakistan. Hindus can influence all these Muslims if they can show by example what Eastern thought is capable of doing.

    You used the term "crusade" in your comment and I am guessing you meant crusade against Islam. However, Islam is not the only threat to mankind. Social-status is an equally serious threat. If we succeed in making south-Asian Muslims ditch Islam, we will end up with twice the number of social-status devotees, and the world will have an equally serious problem yet again. That is why everyone needs to ditch their current religions and swear allegiance to Dharma, that alone is the solution. If there is any other solution I do not know what it is!

  151. Sakat says:

    Intellectually we may think of adopting/making habit of changing in our habit of thinking/behaving as according to your post.Don,t you think we should give time for evolution take shape ,which could be a permanent phenomena.Also i think instead of pin-pointing/single outing Indians alone ,we have to think humanity as a whole in this crusade.

  152. knowTheEnemy says:

    I am afraid a hundred years down the line will be too late. Indians, especially the educated, need to apostatize from social-status now (like within 5-10 years) and swear allegiance to Dharma asap. The longer they take the harder it will be to reverse the damage!

  153. Sakat says:

    @Know The Enemy
    Well said !!!,this is what exactly going to happen if not now ,at least after hundred years down the line (reverting back to satyayuga).

  154. knowTheEnemy says:

    I have realized some new things ever since I posted the original comment and have modified my views in regards to hedonism. I agree with your explanation as to why Indians are so attached to [wealth/ money/ riches]. Hedonism is a phase that a person/society goes through, and just as with any other phase, many people move beyond it sooner or later and many do not. It is when people cannot move beyond Hedonism that their spiritual growth gets retarded.

    My views regarding social-status however, are unchanged. Whereas hedonism is a phase, social-status is a religion. Followers of this religion keep looking for ways to see themselves as above others. In the past Indians used caste as excuse to follow this evil religion, today they use monetary success as excuse, but whatever the age, they continue to practice this religion. It is because of devotion to social-status that no one makes effort to clean up the filth around them, or work towards improving the plight of the dirt-poor, let alone stray animals.

    Corruption finds itself right at home in a society of social-status devotees. If deception and unethical doings help us improve our status, why not do them! Your friends have a good reason to distrust people running Indian charities since they too came from such a society. So you see what happens in a society where social-status is supreme? One cannot even donate money for a good cause because no one can be trusted!

    Those Indians who hope to bring a positive change will need to take some very drastic steps- the first and most important is to ditch all devotion to the current religion (social-status that is). This is easier said than done. It will be as difficult as it is for a Muslim to ditch Islam. But we have to do it, there are no shortcuts and no other choice!

    The second major drastic step would be to adopt a new religion, the religion called Dharma. I am not talking about Sanatan Dharm or some other dharm, I am talking about the concept of Dharma (Please read a short article that briefly explains this concept). We will need to become firm devotees of this religion. This too is easier said than done. We will be making a lot of enemies, we will [most likely] be going against the wishes and desires of our own family-members, and there is going to be a lot of our own hypocrisy that we will have to overcome. And we will be doing all this for something that gives little personal benefit, or so it would appear.

    (Once we fully understand what Dharma is and we start seeing the world accordingly, we will automatically know what to do about hedonism. We will know that it is simply a phase and that the dharmic thing to do is to move beyond this phase, the sooner the better.)

    And these two steps are only the beginning. There is a lot more that will need to be done and none of it is going to be easy. Yet this is the only way [that I know of]. Until this fundamental change is brought in [whatever society/country we live in], all the claims about how great our country is, are going to be hollow claims.

  155. Srinivas says:

    "Hindus are intensely loyal to selfish hedonism." I think it may be more appropriate to say "Indians" instead of Hindus.
    In some ways you may be right. Most Indians have been poor just one generation ago.
    Many of them have seen wealth or money in their hands only very recently.
    This makes them perhaps more attached to money (perhaps even greedy) than a person from a more mature economy where average incomes are higher and comforts have been affordable for much longer.
    One of the things that has worried me intensely is that Indians don't donate much to charity or philanthropy. This certainly gives rise to the idea that they are selfish and hedonistic.
    But I am seeing a small change. I and many of my friends (most of us are quite well off) regularly donate to charities and engage in philanthropy. I may add that I have found some reluctance from some other friends who doubt the honesty of those who run these charities. But the change is happening although not in the scale at which it should given that we have a very large population that is in dire need.
    But this is not limited to Hindus. it is prevalent to Muslims and Christians and Sikhs in India. So I prefer to not consider it an issue related to Hindus.

  156. Srinivas says:

    Let me tell you how Hindus view religion. I am a Hindu.
    I read your question on Sati. I think it is wrong and should be shunned.
    It was occasionally practiced by people in a few states of Northern India until about 50 years ago. Over the last 20 years I read about one such occurrence. It was said to be by the choice of the woman.
    My disdain for this particular verse is clear. But that does not necessarily trash the whole religion.
    We will filter out the trash and follow the good points of the religion. Hindus are not bound to follow any Veda or teachings blindly. We are allowed and encouraged to think of right and wrong.

  157. Agracean says:

    @TruthTriumph, how to start a healthy debate with you when your views are erroneous in the first place? It's like running after the wind.

  158. TruthTriumphs says:

    I dont see any honesty in your replies other than vulgar comments . You seem to enjoy ridiculing others. Have a good time. I am not ready to tolerate your verbal rant. Let me know if you are up for a healthy debate , I would be happy to share my views. Thank you.

  159. Agracean says:

    @TruthTriumphs, for goodness sake, stop hallucinating like a drug addict! The main reason why this stupid Dr Ali Sina and his stupid web administrator can't bear to ban me forever from alisina.org is because they love me so much so that they simply can't bear to let me go at all. As a result of their stupidity, I'm lovesick and am still waiting for their love antidote to sever me from this love website forever and ever. So, Mr/Ms dumb TruthTriumphs, if you can't tolerate my honesty anymore, please be kind and beg the founder of this website, stupid Dr Ali Sina, to ban me from this site. Please informl him that I can't wait for him or that stupid Mr Jonathan Harrel to ban me.

  160. TruthTriumphs says:

    Agrecean brags about Dr Ali Sina not banning her from this site inspite of her vulgar comments on others. By publishing her comments here , May be Ali Sina wants to show others on this forum how brain dead zombies behave. Lesson learned.

  161. anti-vulgarity says:

    Don't waste your time in debating here. Everyone knows you can't win because your I.Q. is 0.
    I would like to suggest you to hurry up.Talibanese and Lashkar-e-Toyaba muslim Jihadists are waiting for dumb Christian Agracean.Don't you know that these braindead zombies always carry swords and bombs with them ?Don't lt them wait for long time,otherwise you will be murdered by them.
    Rush to them and satisfy their lust.You will be paid by them and in turn you will earn bread and butter.

  162. TruthTriumps says:

    You amuse me with your ignorance! I clearly mentioned that "Shoot an arrow and then draw circles around it" applies to white historians who fabricated history to spread Christianity. Nowhere I said that I follow those stupids. You may continue your mud-slinging without ever thinking logically. I can see in your comments how ill-informed you are and your intellectual poverty is at its peak! Yes. You should be banned from this site as per your wish.

  163. Agracean says:

    Didn't you read my earlier comment carefully? You must brace yourself up like a man and have a mind of your own. Don't follow all those stupid circles around that dumb arrow blindly. Think outside that Hindu box of yours and you'll get a clear picture of what a fool you've been!

  164. Agracean says:

    @TruthTriumps, am I mud slinging that pair of Hindu love birds? Isn't it true that they do believe in rebirth and the reincarnation theory and even worship that blue Hindu cow that sat on top of the Hindu temple? Who knows that Mr Sakat could be a bull and Ms Supriya could be a cow in their many previous lives? How about you? What animal do you think best suits you in your next life? Who knows that maybe you'll reincarnate and be my sweet little pet Golden Retriever in your next life? Isn't that wonderful? The fact that you believe in every straw man fallacies and every such stupid lies floating everywhere in the atmosphere without a doubt shows that there is no limit to your stupidity. Kindly ask that stupid Dr Ali Sina, if I'm telling the truth or not. Should you feel offended by my honesty about your real stupidity, please beg either that stupid Dr Ali Sina or his stupid web administrator, Mr Jonathan Harrel, to ban me forever from entering this site. I'm waiting for these two stupid men to ban me forever.

  165. TruthTriumps says:

    I read the your comments on Supriya and Sakat. All you did was mud-slinging. I hope you would put some logic in your arguments instead of using foul language. It is the least anyone can expect from someone who calls herself follower of Jesus.
    Karma or Reincarnation can explain lot of things which can not be explained by Heaven/Hell concept propagated by those self proclaimed messengers/Son of God.
    Instead of bashing Hindus of superstitions why dont you go through your own bible Mark-16:17.Falsiification test for true believers!! Amusing..isnt it?
    While you vehemently reject Reincarnation you fail to realize loop holes in false Hell/Heaven disseminated by Christianity and Islam.I would request you to inspect extensive research done by Dr.Ian Stevenson on Karma/Reincarnation. 
    And yeah.. whether you agree or do not agree Jesus DID travel to India to learn healing skills!! A little research on google can easily help clear your doubts. We Indians know very well how White Christian Invaders looted our motherland and fabricated history to spread Christianity. According Bible to Bigbang happened in 4000 BC :). So in order to make Bible true white historians distorted our ancient Vedic civilization and came up with stupid Aryana invasion theory. While Jesus and His God were busy creating heavens , Vedic civilization flourished on the banks of river saraswathi with lot many scientific advancements!! But these slimy historians say otherwise because their only motive is to defend Bible. Thats what I meant by saying "Shoot an arrow and then draw circles around it"

  166. Agracean says:

    @TruthTriumps, it is very stupid of you to shoot an arrow and then draw circles around it. You ought to learn from a smart lady like me: Before you want to shoot an arrow, please aim properly and make sure that it will hit the bullseye and not anywhere else . Why do you have to follow all those stupid looters or space invaders? Don't you have a mind of your own? Come on, brave yourself up like a man!!

  167. Anonymous says:

    I agree with you. Jesus traveled India during his missing 10 years in childhood.
    You may refer to BBC documentaries : 1] Jesus traveled India 2] Jesus was Buddhist Monk.

  168. Anonymous says:

    OMG ! vulgar DEVIL is back.

  169. TruthTriumps says:

    "Shoot an arrow and then draw circles around it". This is the principle many christian historians followed to fabricate history.  After all history is written by the winners(mostly Invaders/Looters). 

  170. Sakat says:

    Dr Ali Sina
    In a christian convent school in Bangalore city of India ,two catholic female teacher have punished 7 HINDU girl students for playing Holli (the Hindu festival ) on Monday.Out of the 7 girls two have committed suicide (because of the insult thrown at them ).This is what the follower of Jesus are doing to the people who are not believing that dead Jews religion in India . And that dead Jew will take the sin of those two teacher upon his shoulder at the cost of those innocent children's life only because they are not his follower . If any Hindu raises objection/oppose ,he will then categorized as fanatic.All Hindus and Buddhist are equally suffering in the hands of Muslim and Christians .I can quote another incident .In an village near my native city there is a convent school (belonging to christian missionary) these schools are run of the donation extracted from Hindu parents and are used only to destroy " the noble true way of life" (Hinduism).They put ban on Hindu children not to put dot on forehead ,not to wear bangles and insisting them to recite bible ( i am not opposed ,but equally you should also allow Bhagvad Geeta to be read ,the most perfect philosophy). The school was the only English medium school in the vicinity ,so the children were forced to accept the teachings of Bible (flat earth and Adam and Eve story instead the true theory of how the "Universe was formed " taught in the Bhagvad Geeta ). The teaching staff (all are christian nun's and fathers ) are trying to thrust the christian belief on the students .The parents and villagers approached my uncle who is a chairman of Hindu English medium school to open a branch of his Hindu school in the area .Since there were no provision in the government for opening a branch ,my uncle expressed his helplessness .We have started the central school their,under the aegis and blessing of Mata Amritanandmai Amma's Org.Now the Hindu parents can feel secure ,or else at this time many tragedies of above said kind might have occurred in our vicinity. It is my humble request to you don't think only Muslims are fanatics equally the evangelist are not either noble.

  171. Agracean says:

    @TruthTriumps, what do you mean by 'Hindusim is the mother of all religions/belief systems in this world?' Perhaps you could ask this delusional 'mother' religion of yours where were she when my loving Creator God first created the Heavens above? When did Jesus ever reveal to the world that he has ever travelled to Kerala? Wake up, dulusional fool! In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. Period.

  172. TruthTriumphs says:

    Whenever I pose this question to my cheristian friends the one and only answer they have is "Jesus scrificed his life because He loves you".
    Well, Im fine with Jesus loving me,caring for me and all that stuff. But this still doesnt explain why would His death will free us from sins.Do you mean a hardcore terrorist can still buy himself ticket to heaven if he repents for his gruesome crimes in front Jesus? Your answer is just based on belief that Son of God would redeem you of your sins with his sacrifice.This shows God is Just and at the same time He is unjust and indifferent to the victims of those Sinners. Victims are no way going to be benifited when Jesus/God forgives the sinners.You would again come up with answer that Jesus Loves everyone equally. In any case Sinner(terrorist) made his merry and reached heaven and there is no proper explanation as to what will happen to the victims. 
    Concept of heaven/hell in Christianity & Islam are created to intimidate people and force them to believe in God. 
    Hindusim is the mother of all religions/belief systems in this world. Christians use the word 'Amen' which is copied from anicient Vedic mantra 'Ohm'. Jesus got his healing skills (Reiki) from Kerala , travelled further and started his own religion. Period.

  173. Agracean says:

    The one and only logical explanation that the Son of God sacrificed His life for your sins is because of His great love for a sinner like you. Period. You're right to say that a person who commits sin should be punished accordingly, under the law. An eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth. But Jesus has come to fulfill the law and through His shed blood, we have the remission of sin. If you read Ms Supriya and Mr Sakat's comments carefully, you'll realized that these two staunch Hindu believers have no perfect solution to solve this karma problem once and for all. They are forever trapped in their own cycle of rebirth or reincarnation for eternity. So, logically speaking, according to their many beliefs, they could be a pair of love birds in their previous life and there's really no end to this kind of stupid belief.

  174. Agracean says:

    @TruthTriumphs, actually I've already broke all ties with this stupid Dr Ali Sina and his stupid web administrator, Mr Jonathan Harrel and courteously requested these two stupid men to ban me from this site forever but they have failed miserably to accede to my one and only sincere request. They are such a letdown! But after reading your above comment and wanting to help a drowning soul like you, I've decided to be kind and thus, my this sincere comment to you.

  175. TruthTriumphs says:

    Could you please give one logical explanation why should Son of God sacrifice his life for the sins committed by others? Is it fair to impose punishment on a person who did not commit sin ? Logically speaking if a person commits a sin punishment should be imposed only on him. Christianity's evolved on this propaganda that Jesus sacrificed his for others. What difference its going to make to the lives of others when someone else died for their sins?

  176. intrasurgicals says:

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  177. Jamban Busuk says:

    "After learning this, it occurred to me if everyone could read the mind of everyone else here, even this world would be a paradise… How can anyone have a different feeling when the whole world can see their thoughts?"

    I like this part…nothing to do with religion..fits everyone.

  178. Agracean says:

    Oh, my dear Ms Dr Ali Sina/Mr Jonathan Harrel, I can't believe my eyes that you guys restored my above first reply to Ms Supriya!! This is really cool! Man, she's gonna love it and kiss you guys for doing so. Awesome restoration of my excellent reply to Ms Supriyoni! Oops! It should read as Ms Supriya and not Ms Supriyoni! That's the name of my little pet Golden Retriever! xD

  179. Agracean says:

    Ms Supriya, it's just too bad that the administrator has deleted my awesome reply to you. I believe that if you were given a fair chance to read it, you'll jump up and down happily like my new little pet dog named Supriyoni. 😮

  180. Agracean says:

    Dear Ms Dr Ali Sina/Mr Jonathan Harrel, it's really unfair to me that you should delete my awesome reply to the above female dog named Ms Supriya while you guys ignore her rude and offensive comments about me here. 🙁

  181. Agracean says:

    Mr Sakat and Ms Supriya will be fuming mad that you have the cheek to compare that mad pedophile with their Indian lotus flower.

  182. Agracean says:

    Ms Supriya, you must be a b-i-t-c-h then, since that's the name for a female dog like you. It's no wonder you're so b-i-t-c-h-y day and night here and everywhere in the streets in India. I think that you ought to stop behaving like a b-i-t-c-h because your immaturity will draw the attention of all those horrible Indian rapists and how sad it would be, if you fall into their merciless hands. What a poor b-i-t-c-h!

  183. slaveofprophet says:

    @Know the Enemy
    And from Islamic point of view Einstein and Holmes are just another worst of creature. I sure both will be in eternal helfire for non-belief in prophet & Allah.
    Ibn Ishaq/Hisham 992: – "Fight everyone in the way of Allah and kill those who disbelieve in Allah."

  184. slaveofprophet says:

    @Know the Enemy
    But Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) was the only greatest and bigger lotus flower in this dirty world.

  185. knowTheEnemy says:

    Albert Einstein and John Holmes were two lotus flowers who bloomed in this dirty (muddy) world.

    That is one of lotus flower's symbolism.

  186. Supriya says:

    To Agracean
    A stray dog named Agracean barks all the day and night on the street in Canada.. But nobody pays attention to it. How sad ! Poor dog.

  187. Agracean says:

    Ms Supriya, how could the blind lead the blind on earth? Both will fall into that Ganges river and perish in that dirty and stinky water. And how could the blind lead the blind in spiritual journey when both are spiritually blind and dead? I advise you two blind and sick folks to come to Jesus Christ, so that your eyes may see and your soul may be saved. God bless. 🙂

  188. Supriya says:

    To Sakat
    I am sorry. I could not meet Mata Amritanandamayi Amma because since Monday I am appearing for examination. But I assure you that I will meet her in vacation.
    If you don't mind I would like to suggest you : I began my spiritual journey by attending Basic course of Brahmavidya. It was a life changing period of my life.
    Brahmavidya Sadhak Sangh is service-oriented organization founded in 1997 to spread unique methods of Brahmavidya. It is a science deals with spiritual laws of life. This is ancient system of spiritual practice or Sadhana originated in India , then migrated to Tibet and has now come back to India from Tibet
    Basic and advanced classes are available in English, Hindi, Marathi. Postal courses are also available.
    English courses are available in Mumbai.

    Refer to http://www.brahmavidya.net
    I want to help you in spiritual journey.

  189. Agracean says:

    Mr Sakat, this message is for you. Luke 8: 43-48 As Jesus was on his way, the crowds almost crushed him. And a woman was there who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years, but no one could heal her. She came up behind him and touched the edge of his cloak, and immediately her bleeding stopped.
    “Who touched me?” Jesus asked.

    When they all denied it, Peter said, “Master, the people are crowding and pressing against you.” But Jesus said, “Someone touched me; I know that power has gone out from me.” Then the woman, seeing that she could not go unnoticed, came trembling and fell at his feet. In the presence of all the people, she told why she had touched him and how she had been instantly healed. Then he said to her, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace.”

  190. Sakat says:

    @ Supriya
    I told about Mata Amritanandmai Amma a spiritual giant ,you expressed to meet her .Presently ,Amma is in India till this month end ;stationed in her Ashram in Kerala.I have planned to visit her ashram for darshan ,however my health condition is not good since last couple of day,s ,so i couldn't prepared my self for the journey ,my friends went to visit her and returned yesterday . If you are free you can go to Amritpuri and have Darshan of this great sage ,a life time experience .Don't forget to take your parents along.

  191. Agracean says:

    Ms Supriya, do you know why the Indian lotus flower is given prominence in eastern philosophy? The fact that it is beautiful but what lies beneath it is so horribly dirty, is a kind reminder to people like you and your dear Mr Sakat that your outward appearance may appear beautiful but what lies beneath that mask is full of dirty roots. So, I hope that you two learnt a very good lesson from the national flower of India and apply it in your daily life. Maybe you should heed these two wise sayings which are better than that of Mr Sakat and it goes like this: 1) If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals – Albert Einstein. 2)There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up. – John Holmes. Cheers. 😉

  192. Supriya says:

    To Sakat
    Thanks for suggestion. I will apply it.

  193. Sakat says:

    @ Supriya
    Oos aurat ka dimagi halath teek nahi hai ,bachman me oh kuch galat paristiyonse gujari hogi,usaka parents ka samband acha nai raha hoga,shayed oh akali pan se gujarti rahi hai.Aur usaka ahankar use kha raha hai .Jab usko mujse thoda bahut hurt huha to usaka gussa asman chadgaya .Use udasin karo usako mat jawab do yahi usaka aushad hai.Spirituality means staying aloof on all circumstances .Have you seen why the flower lotus is given prominence in eastern philosophy,because it blossoms in dirt yet stands atop from it .The matter is over leave it .Again i am repeat ,it is said a wise man shouldn't throw a pebble at a stray dog or engage a madman on the street for discussion.God bless, uske peeche mat jao.

  194. Agracean says:

    Ms Supriya, I'm very glad to know that finally, you've digested what my dear Ms Ali Sina has taught me here and that is not to insult or be rude to those who disagree with your opinions. Always remember the Golden Rule and follow Jesus Christ Who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. He has the key to life. Cheers. 😉

  195. Supriya says:

    To Agracean
    Thank you for your kind suggestion. I have not admitted at all that I am the best. I am learning gradually. I am inspired a lot by observing thoughts and insight of my Guruji Sri Sri Ravishankar. I respect Dr. Ali Sina very much because I could imagine and feel his sufferings and struggle. He was born in Muslim family of typical Islamic country of Iran. At a point of time he denounced Islam and announced that he was an atheist. Now he believes in God. I really appreciate his work of awakening of Muslims though, he knows that it is very risky for him.He is trying his level best. I really salute him. He has taught me a lot of things.
    He is on the right path of spirituality. My Best Wishes for him.

  196. Agracean says:

    Ms Supriya, thanks for your kind suggestion and indeed, I'm always learning new things from my beloved Ms Dr Ali Sina. I think that you too, ought to learn some good manners, patience, humility, kindness and empathy from all the above exchanges. In doing so, I believe that you'll become a better person. Cheers. 😉

  197. cchuckc says:

    //i was responding to agra's question//
    1. You forget, this is a different thread.
    2. You forget this is a public forum. Anybody can respond to anybody.
    3. If you don't mind interjecting a conversation Agracean was having with slave, why should you mind my finding fault in your argument?

    //so the reply was to pay attention toward Marry's age//
    4. Which I showed is not a parallel at all.

    //the post was for christian who insulted//
    I can as well say that the post was for a non-muslim and I am one.

    //so dont add more and more hehehe//
    No, no. You do. You have a copyright over such gibberish.

    //And you argue alot which i could have written so long//
    So do you. But at least I refute with valid points. And you have been complaining about this for quite some time.

    //but i keep the info to myself only for now cos writing too long isnt in my mood.//
    A look at your intensedebate page reveals your verbosity.

  198. Supriya says:

    To Agracean
    I don't dream to become a Business Tycoon rather I will be happy if I could progress in spiritual quest. Materialistic possessions do not make much sense to me. I am happy with my present living condition with my parent, brother, relatives, friends. You have to learn how to be humble, kind from Dr. Ali Sina.

  199. Agracean says:

    Ms Supriya, I knew that a young girl like you always dream to be as rich as Donald Trump but sometimes, it's good for you to be down to earth and be practical. If there should come a day when you earned enough money to build a house of your own, I'll like to encourage you to build your dream house next to one of the red light district in India instead of the death ocean and then, you'll understand the plight of all those poor prostitutes and learn to be humble, kind, merciful and gracious towards them as you meet them everyday of your life. 😉

  200. Supriya says:

    To Sakat
    Aap kaha hain sakat? ye cheap mahila kitani gandi baate kar rahi hain. Aapko use uttar dena chahiye ki jo wo soch rahi hain wo zooth aur galat hain. Wo aapka nam leke mujhe target kar rahi hain. Ye aapki jimmedari hain ki aap use apamanit kare. Is mahilane mujhe aap dono ke bich dialogue main laya hain. Mujhe madat karo aur use usaki jagah dikhado. Apane jimmedarise mat bhago.

  201. Supriya says:

    To Agracean
    It's not your nature of thinking so much. Don't put high burden on your little brain(if it exist). You will be alive only when you earn. So without thinking so much , you have to rush to True Muslims. Satisfy them fully and earn high amount of money. Your dream of building House next to DEATH OCEAN will be true. And also you will be one of the renowned Business Tycoon of the world.

  202. Agracean says:

    Ms Supriya, you sounded like you are the CEO of those pornographic films and I'm really surprised that a young Indian girl like you already have such a vast knowledge of the runnings of the pornographic film industry ie. where to get your potential customers and their behaviours in spending; their status of wealth, etc. I'm even amazed that you can advise me to invest in such businesses and yet, you get easily offended by those two words, linga and yoni! I believe that Mr Sakat will agree with me that you must be a mad cow. 😉

  203. Supriya says:

    To Agracean
    I repeat my advise. Please hurry up. Canadian fanatic Muslims are waiting for a beautiful Christian Agracean. You know very well the behavior of fanatic Muslims. They are always ready with sword in their hand. Don't let them wait for long time. Otherwise you will be killed by them. Remember they are wealthiest Muslims from Gulf countries. They will pay you a high amount of money. This money will help you in further flourishing of your Pornographic film making business.
    Hurry up. Rush to the True Muslims.

  204. Agracean says:

    Ms Supriya, I think that your dear future husband, Mr Sakat will be very impressed with your above comment and I believe that he can't wait for you to fulfil your duty as his wife to satisfy all his wildest needs. I wish you success and all the best in helping him to be a macho man again. Should you fail in your mission to revive his linga, don't worry at all because he did mention to me once that he has prepared a rubber duckie as a present for you, to soothe your yoni. Cheers. 😉

  205. Supriya says:

    To Agracean
    Invest your money which is earned by satisfying Canadian customers in Pornographic film making business. This business will be flourished soon because it will be owned by most experienced beautiful Agracean. But don't forget that you are shaping your future which is full of punishments and sufferings due to your vulgar present Karma. ALL THE BEST !!!

  206. Supriya says:

    To Agracean
    Don't waste your precious time in delivering lecture to me. Canadian customers are waiting for beautiful Agracean in RED LIGHT AREA. It's your duty to satisfy them. And I know you will be successful. All the best.

  207. Agracean says:

    Ms Supriya, thanks for your interest in my profession. I'm a retiree and I build my beautiful house next to the ocean. I'm a fisherwoman and I earned my livelihood by selling those fish that I've caught to people like you. Besides that, I'm also an investor, investing in many funny business run by people like you, who gets easily offended upon the mentioning of that two words which you like most. So, next time, if you need my investment to run any of your funny business, please let me know and I'll be very glad to help you as always. Cheers. 😉

  208. Supriya says:

    To Agracean
    I have mentioned in my above comment that promotion of vulgarity is your profession. And you have proved that. Now I can firmly say that you are the item woman who satisfy men of Canada every night and day in RED LIGHT AREAS to earn bread and butter. I don't think that rational Dr. Sina helps you in fulfilling your bad intentions. You are a liar.
    Remember your vulgar behavior is creating your future which is full of punishments. But Jesus is helping you for your earning. He sends men to you everyday . By satisfying them you earn and afford internet connection.
    Keep it up. All the best for your life in hell.

  209. Agracean says:

    Ms Supriya, I'm surprised that you're still ignorant of the meaning of vulgarity after I've explained so clearly in all of my earlier comments. Well, I can't blame an ignorant and conservative Indian gal like you at all because it's a taboo for you to mention the word linga or yoni in whatever cases and the mere mentioning of such words are considered vulgar language or ASHUBH, according to your understanding. Maybe that's the reason why there are so many gang rape cases and killings of female babies in India because the Indian men are deprived of the right knowledge and important information about the functions of a yoni and the Indian women are so crazy about linga that they are ignorant of the fact that a linga needs a yoni to reproduce babies. So, I hope that you will realize that you've really wronged me and please, for goodness sake, don't close an eye to Mr Sakat's expression of love to you. He's still single and give him a chance to court you and marry you. Last but not least, don't worry about his impotence because he'll heed my advice to take Viagra every night and in case that medicine didn't work on his linga, he has a rubber duckie readily available for your pleasure. so, Ms Supriya, how on earth can you be so cruel and reject the love of a thoughtful man like Mr Sakat? 😉

  210. And you argue alot which i could have written so long but i keep the info to myself only for now cos writing too long isnt in my mood. except for those who ask politely and behave.

  211. I guess u couldnt interprete my 'hehehe' well. that hehehe means many funny things that  i was too lazy to write. one of hehehe meanings was, i was responding to agra's question, a christian. so the reply was to pay attention toward Marry's age, which agra herself as christian forgot to mention when questioning slave. another hehehe means, hello? the post was for christian who insulted, not for unknown religion believer. cos i felt as muslim to remind christians about their own history but still insulting other religion and forgot their status. well and many other hehehe. so dont add more and more hehehe. 

  212. cchuckc says:

    You can interprete my 'tone' anyway that you want. I just wrote what I wrote in response to what you wrote. Its clear that if you stress on the point of inference of Aisha's age on the basis of Kathir's report and Aisha's own narration (as reported in Shahi Bukhari/Muslim) then you arrive at two differnet versions. You can accept one and that invalidates the other. Earlier you were arguing that Aisha's age was 9 and that it was OK (you gave example of mary that I responded to). Then you changed your stance in favour of a more maturely aged Aisha. YOU fix your mind. And if you take Kathir then obviously you are contradicting Aisha's narration. So Aisha either lied or the next narrator misheard, either way it puts the books of hadith in a spot.

  213. Mr chuck, your tone still in argueing, obviously.  Either you are "trying" or writing words i didnt write, that wont change the fact. I wrote what i wrote, and you wrote what i didnt write or modify it. you are a good example to see how such various versions happened and be read.

  214. cchuckc says:

    I am not arguing. I am refuting your claim and the dichotomy lying in there. Now you are saying somebody might have misheard Aisha but you forget that only she says that she was married at 6, but also that the marriage was consummated at 9. Those are two different numbers for two differnet occassions and misheard on both!! And Bukhari and Muslim thought these accounts to be fit to be declared as Shahi. In one brilliant brain wave you have demolished the reputation of the most respected books in Islam after Quran and the most loved character in Islam after Muhammad!!

  215. the words you brought that Aisha lied in bukhari/muslim, same like supriyas words about jesus being drunkard in bible that written by priests. So please question,  either the priests didnt translate carefully, or the listeners/readers misunderstood, misinformed etc. so, if you become one, thats your problem. im only informing, for god's ridha. So if you're willing to argue, for god's ridha, i have to seek the higher jannah deed. 

  216. Are you argueing mr chuck? i have no business with what you want to believe. 

  217. Agracean says:

    Ms Supriya, you felt humiliated because of the fact that I've disclosed publicly here in this awesome platform that Mr Sakat is very impressed with a young, erudite Indian girl like you, so much so that he often praised you and even advised me to learn some good manners from you. Instead of feeling humiliated, you should be extremely glad to know that Mr Sakat is infatuated with a peaceful person like you because you might not be able to find another Indian man as good as him in the land of India. Please don't feel humiliated anymore and do accept his deepest love and admiration towards you. I can't wait to attend your marriage ceremony. Cheers. 😉

  218. Supriya says:

    To Agracean
    I am a peaceful person. I find Dr. Sina as an intelligent and rational person. I want to share him my spiritual views because his blogs resembles the Indian spirituality. I have no agenda for anything. You humiliated me. You involved me in the dialogue between Sakat and you. You wronged me horribly (may be it's your agenda).
    Answer my question : Why did you involve me in the dialogue between you and Sakat ?

  219. cchuckc says:

    its not the same. We aren't talking about interpretation of a word or phrase. I am pointing to you that : 1. Either Aisha lied about her age (as reported in Shahi Bukhari/Muslim) or Kathir was misinformed. You pick between Aisha and Kathir. Also if a Shahi Hadith is wrong what credibility are these magnum Opus left with? 2. In another post you were making allowance for her early marriage by a differnet logic: "she was physically big enough and tall enough to be considered for marriage". So you are contradicting yourself too.

  220. Its just like accusation that jesus drank wine. they thought bible and jesus allowed alcohol, indeed, many languages have same term for grape and wine. did the priest lie, or misinterpret? or the people lack of vocabs?
    If someone says thirty that sounds like thirteen, is it bcos of the pronounciation or the hearing ability? Muslims know about such various versions, and we dont argue. 

  221. Read 18 : 22

    They will say there were three, the fourth of them being their dog; and they will say there were five, the sixth of them being their dog – guessing at the unseen; and they will say there were seven, and the eighth of them was their dog. Say, "My Lord is most knowing of their number. None knows them except a few. So do not argue about them except with an obvious argument and do not inquire about them among [the speculators] from anyone."

  222. cchuckc says:

    The question should be was Aisha lying about her age, like some film stars do now or did Kathir, who is more famous as a tafsir writer than historian, was misinformed? And he was living 700 years after Aisha was born. The second question should be why you are changing your stance? One post back you were arguing about the 'correctness' of Muhammad consummating the marriage when Aisha was 9.

  223. Supriya says:

    To Agracean
    These comments are expected from a mental and also a most vulgar Agracean. I think promotion of vulgarity is your profession and believe me you are an expert. I know that your boss(or husband) will be very impressed by knowing your promotional tricks of vulgarity in this site which is meant for promotion of Spirituality.
    Good job Mrs. Agracean. My best wishes for you to promote your vulgar intentions.Keep it up. Jesus bless you in your holy cause.

  224. Agracean says:

    Ms Supriya, oh my, you're so young and yet, you're such a horrible nag. I wonder how long can your future husband, Mr Sakat, tolerate all your nonsense? Or, maybe, this could be the reason why he loves you so much. The good news is that I think that both of you really matched each other's needs and IQ level. Anyway, I like to congratulate both you and Mr Sakat, for tying the knot very soon. Subh Vivah kee Hardik Subhkamanayen. 😉

  225. After finished, my sister laughed when she read this site comment. 

  226. I was teaching my little sister math for her exams to graduate elementary school, i said, bring paper and pen, lets  practice math and you'll figure out another reason to enter madrasa. i have a question for you :

    The compiler of the famous Hadith collection Mishkat al-Masabih, Imam Wali-ud-Din Muhammad ibn Abdullah Al-Khatib, who died 700 years ago, has also written brief biographical notes on the narrators of Hadith reports. He writes under Asma,  the older daughter of Abu Bakr:

    “She was the sister of Aisha Siddiqa, wife of the Holy Prophet, and was ten years older than her. … In 73 A.H. … Asma died at the age of one hundred years.”
    Ibn Kathir, in his book Al-bidayya wal-nihaya:“Asma died in 73 A.H. at the age of one hundred years. She was ten years older than her sister Aisha.” 
    Prophet consummated Aisha after hijrah, about 1 Hijriyah.

    The question, whats Aisha's age when prophet consummated her?

  227. Supriya says:

    To Sakat
    Aapane kaha tha ki ye mahila buri nahi hain. Kya aapane dekha usake cheap comments? Wo sirf buri hi nahi balki nalayak hain. Wo kabhi sudharegi nahi. Aapko use usiki bhaha main uttar dena chahiye taki wo firse gandi salah na de.

  228. Supriya says:

    To Agracean
    The meaning of vulgarity remains same in every century. And it is fact that you are exposed by your own vulgar comments.
    I don't think rational Dr. Sina loves you. I know that you are a liar.
    suggesting' what I have to do or not do' is not your business.
    You need to be admitted in MENTAL HOSPITAL.
    You don't promote golden rules but nonsense.

  229. Agracean says:

    Ms Supriya, are you mad? You should visit a gynaecologist and he'll explain to you in full details what vulgarity means in this 21st century. Don't worry, I'll forgive your naivete. Maybe you're ignorant of the fact that I always promote the Golden Rule here, in my beloved Ms Dr Ali Sina's website and that's the main reason why he loves me so much so that I can't help always falling in love with him over and over again. Cheers. 🙂

  230. Agracean says:

    Ms Supriya, thanks for exhibiting your 'good manners. Mr Sakat is so deeply impressed with your 'attitude', 'manners' and 'erudity' here that he immediately fell head over heels over you and even suggested that I should learn from you too. After reading your above insane comment, I think that you should learn from me instead. Don't you know that my dear Ms Dr Ali Sina loves me very much too and please do rest assure that he won't ban me from his awesome website because he ain't as petty as you.

  231. Agracean says:

    Ms Supriya, like what I've mentioned in one of my earlier comments that both Mr Sakat and you are a perfect match. Since Mr Sakat is so deeply infatuated with your 'good' manners here, please accept his secret admiration and love for an Indian gal like you without any further thinking. I wish both of you all the best in educating each other on good manners. Shubhkaamnaayein. 🙂

  232. Agracean says:

    Mr Sakat, don't you know that I'm a lady and I don't have a tail in between my legs at all unlike you. You must be that poor fellow then because you've got a tail in between your legs. But I'm really curious to know why do you need my dear Ms Dr Ali Sina's help to straighten your crooked tail? It's impossible for him to do that for you. 😛

  233. cchuckc says:

    //Just fyi please pay attention toward the Virgin Mary's (peace be upon her) age. //
    Ok. Lets see. Lets assume as you say she was around 12 when she was married and 13 when she gave birth to Jesus. Now this is very different from being being consummated by Muhammad. As per Christian Theology Mary's conception was immaculate. That is she was virgin when Jesus was born. This is different from a 52 year old consummating his marriage with a 9 year old. Most girls attain puberty between 13 and 15. So far there is no parallel (The girl was adolescent, and no sex involved).

    // then why did GOD allow himself to enter life through a 12-year old young girl's vagina?//
    Please quote a valid reference that says that the Holy Spirit entered life through the young girl's private part. Or are you referring to the delivery of the child? If yes I agree that it must have been quite an experience for a 13 year old girl.

    //If you take the time to study a little bit about the history of the tribes in South America, Middle East, Africa, India and the far eastern Oriental countries 1400 years ago, you would find that many tribes even until today allow the marriage of females at a very young age. //
    If you take a little more time in reading about these tribes, as indeed the Jewish customs, marrying off at an early age didn't involve any sexual contact till a more mature age was reached. Generally young girls were betrothed and remained with there parents till they reached adolescence. People would have less qualms about Muhammad marrying a 6 year old kid, its his consummating the marriage when Aisha when she was barely 9 that takes the cake.

    //Was Aisha engaged to someone else before she got engaged to Muhammad? Aisha was already engaged to a non Muslim man named Jubair Ibn Al-Mut'im Ibn Uday. Back then, the people of Mecca did not object to Aisha's engagement to Jubair because she was physically big enough and tall enough to be considered for marriage. //
    No objection was raised because possibly it was customary to get girls betrothed early. I have already talked about it. A 53 year old lusting for a 6 year old kid is what people will raise eyebrow upon. So much so that even Abu Bakr was appalled.

    //Her parents saw that and they engaged her to Jubair. The only reason why Aisha's father, Abu Bakar As Siddiq, broke her engagement with Jubayr is because he was a non Muslim.//
    How contradictory was that? Her parents engaged her to a non muslim but thought otherwise when marrying her off? It was only after Muhammad had Khawlah bint Hakim suggest him as a suitor that the previous engagement was annulled. The other factor was Jubair's father was a little hesitant to get his son married in the family of recently converted muslims (Who were very powerless then).

    In a nutshell Muhammad (a man) consummating the marriage with Aisha can't be paralleled with Mary's, supposedly, Immaculate Conception through the intent of Holy Spirit (clearly not a human being). So the basis on which Islam is ridiculed in relation to Muhammad's sexual behavior toward Aisha remains very valid. A 53 year old should be like a grandfather to a 6 year old. And a friend's kid should be an object of parental love and adoration not an object of lust!!

  234. Jesus didnt drink wine. its the priests who said so. Nyam..fruit of wine translated as wine…fermented and non fermented…

  235. Joseph is believed to be around 36. When Marry first was arranged with Joseph she was between 7 to 9 years old. If you take the time to study a little bit about the history of the tribes in South America, Middle East, Africa, India and the far eastern Oriental countries 1400 years ago, you would find that many tribes even until today allow the marriage of females at a very young age.

  236. Just fyi please pay attention toward the Virgin Mary's (peace be upon her) age. According to Christian resources, Mary was 11-14 when she got pregnant. You will also see proofs from the Jews' Holiest Book, the Talmud, that girls were married off before at the age of 3.So if want to be as silly and ridiculous as many of the Christians, some muslim would respond to them by saying that Mary was psychologically and emotionally devastated for getting pregnant at a very young age. And speaking of "child molesting", since most Christians believe that Jesus is the Creater of this universe, then why did GOD allow himself to enter life through a 12-year old young girl's vagina? Please note that we Muslims love and respect Allah Almighty, Mary, Jesus and Allah's Message to the People of the Book (The Jews and Christians). In other words, we Muslims would never make fun of Christianity through such childish topic like this one as many ridiculous Christians do make fun of Islam through our Prophet's (shollallahu alaihi wa sallam) marriage. Was Aisha engaged to someone else before she got engaged to Muhammad? Aisha was already engaged to a non Muslim man named Jubair Ibn Al-Mut'im Ibn Uday. Back then, the people of Mecca did not object to Aisha's engagement to Jubair because she was physically big enough and tall enough to be considered for marriage. Her parents saw that and they engaged her to Jubair. The only reason why Aisha's father, Abu Bakar As Siddiq, broke her engagement with Jubayr is because he was a non Muslim. Later, a woman named khawlah binti hakim suggested for Muhammad to marry Aisha, because Muhammad and Abu Bakar became best friends. Muhammad engaged Aisha for 2 years before he married her. Narated from Aisha that prophet told Aisha, “You have been shown to me in (my) dreams on three nights. An angel was carrying you in a silken cloth and said to me, `This is your wife.’ And when I uncovered it; behold, it was you. I (Aisha) then said: `If this dream is from Allah, He will cause it to come true.’” [Bukhari and Muslim].

  237. Supriya says:

    To Agracean
    Don't you know that your vulgar attitude is exposing you ? I know that the most important attribute of your personality is vulgarity. I am sorry for Dr. Ali Sina because you are using his name and fame for promotion of your vulgar intentions.

  238. Sakat says:

    Mr Ali Sina
    I am very much happy that ,this my above post had influenced you to come up with a new article ,"Enlightenment" ,thank you so much.

  239. Supriya says:

    Namaste Dr. Ali Sina
    Please read all comments of Agracean. You will come to know that she is more dangerous than a fanatic Muslim. She is the most vulgar woman. Sir you are an intelligent and rational man. Agracean is the woman who is trying to destroy your reputation.
    I would like to suggest you to ban her. She does not deserve to comment for your precious blogs.

  240. Supriya says:

    To Agracean
    Are you a drunkard? You must be. Your God Jesus has encouraged you to drink wine and you follow him from the bottom of your heart. In my opinion you are possessed by the devil.

  241. Sakat says:

    Yesterday Ali Sina tried to straighten dog's tail,poor fellow don't know that ,it is not possible:$

  242. Agracean says:

    Mr slaveofprophet, do you think that it's right for your 53 years old prophet to marry his best friend's little 6 years old girl and then, penetrate her 3 years later? How about your conscience? Will you do exactly what your prophet did to a helpless, innocent and vulnerable child?

  243. Agracean says:

    Mr Sakat, so now I see that you're trying to impress that young erudite Indian gal, Ms Supriya, by telling me to learn some good manners from her. Tell me frankly, are you in love with her? I think that you and her are really a perfect match and she'll probably jump over the moon now if she knows that you are her secret admirer. So, Mr Sakat, please heed my advice to grab hold of this golden opportunity to date her and learn from her some good manners too. As for me, don't you know that I've given my heart and all to them and I'll continue to love my two awesome heroes for the rest of my life and learn every good things from them. Cheers. 😉

  244. Sakat says:

    Forget about me ,have you learnt anything from them or heeded to their advice?.Learn some good manners from Supriya that young erudite woman ,you need not go for such sundry advices to your hero's.

  245. slaveofprophet says:

    @Saket & Agracean
    I advise both of you to stop your cat & dog fight and come in Allah's religion. it is very easy to become Muslim. You just need to read Shahada and you will be Muslims and eternal heaven will be reserved for you. Shahada is "Laa Ilaaha Illah Mohammad-Ur-Rasool" which means there is no God except Allah and prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is messenger of him. I invite you join Islam & join hands with me to defeat the non-Islamic religions. Saudi Arabia also with us. Allah said in divine verse :- 

    Quran (4:95) – "Not equal are those believers who sit (at home) and receive no hurt, and those who strive and fight in the cause of Allah with their goods and their persons. Allah hath granted a grade higher to those who strive and fight with their goods and persons than to those who sit (at home). Unto all (in Faith) Hath Allah promised good: But those who strive and fight Hath He distinguished above those who sit (at home) by a special reward,-"

  246. Agracean says:

    Mr Sakat, again I'll advise you to learn something from my dear Ms Dr Ali Sina. God bless you too. Cheers. 🙂

  247. Sakat says:

    /Mr Sakat, the point is that you are a man and you didn't behave like any one of my heroes did/
    I have my own existence baby ,i don't go after any one ,you have seen all these tendencies in my all earlier posts as well . Your hero's cant be a role model for me ,it is you who went astray and not me .Just rewind the thread and see who is at fault. God bless.

  248. Agracean says:

    Mr Sakat, the point is that you are a man and you didn't behave like any one of my heroes did. You are the one who started all these nonsense and so, in response to it, I'm just throwing back all those Viagra, linga, rubber duckie and yoni back to you. So, I believe that today, you've learnt a very good lesson and that is don't ever insult or be rude to me if you disagree with my comments. Cheers. 🙂

  249. Sakat says:

    If you, and Mr Sina and Johanathan feels ,promotion of sex is the purpose of this site ,then i put myself aside .I have plenty of porno site for devolve.But you are interested in Viagra,only workers of red light area do have the knowledge of such things (and possess item to supply old customer) i think some good customer had introduced you to internet and with laptop and by default you stepped in this site.I wish you all the best.

  250. Sakat says:

    Wo buri nahi hai, lakin use mai jagana chata hue ,taki wo kuch galat na kar baite ,wo rat ,rat jagati hai ,soh nai pati ,muje bahut dukh hota hai .Mai use ,usi ke raste say Jagana chahata huno .Bahut shukriya .

  251. Supriya says:

    To Sakat
    Main aapko salah de sakati hun. Mujhe lagata hain ki ye nirlajj aur giri hui aur gandi mahila hain. Use usaki jagah jarur dikhana par dhyan rahe ki aapke bareme koi galat sanket na mile kyunki ye mahila nichli star par jati hain aur aap aise nahi hain. Shayad iska apana koi nahi hain zagadne ke liye . Isliye ye yaha aake natak karti hain.

  252. Agracean says:

    Mr Sakat, do you mean that Viagra don't work on your linga at all, so you give your wife a rubber duckie to soothe her yoni? 😛

  253. Sakat says:

    Give your dildo she will adjust with it 🙂

  254. Agracean says:

    Mr Sakat, are you impotent? I felt so sorry for your poor wife that she has to endure such embarrassment whenever she needs it. I suggest that you take Viagra which is the best cure for your linga. Cheers. 😛

  255. Sakat says:

    "What can't be cured must be endured":$

  256. Agracean says:

    Mr Sakat, are you saying that you're a kid and a slave too? It's no wonder that you're drinking milk. Grow up, kid!

  257. Sakat says:

    @Agracean ·
    I was unaware that you are a child ,ok you had a good teacher heed to his timely advices .Btw slavery is very bad.

  258. Agracean says:

    Mr Sakat, my dear Ms Dr Ali Sina has advised me not to insult and not to be rude to people if they disagree with me. So, out of my deep respect and love for my beloved hero, I have to refrain myself from rebuking you with all kinds of fanciful symbols and words here. Your above horrible comment shows your current mental conditions. You should consult my dear Ms Dr Ali Sina for for help rather than worrying about my love relationship with that two heroes of mine. What has it got to do with you anyway?

  259. Sakat says:

    Baby it reflects your mental conditions,you dream't of Jesus dick all the while .I don't know how can you handle both Ali Sina and Jonathan harrel ,you need them to do from both ends very well carry on.

  260. Agracean says:

    Ms Supriya, my dear Dr Ali Sina is still searching for the Way, the Truth and the Life. So, in the process of it, he has wondered off the narrow way and find himself lost in the broad way. I won't be surprised that a dummy like you will follow his beliefs without checking the fact or give a second thought about it because you have a coconut head. You said: "According to Dr. Sina , we all are essentially God. He wants to attain enlightenment ( which is the highest peak in Indian Spirituality ,called as Moksha or Nirvana)." "Dr. Sina wants to experience this personally. Therefore he wrote that he wants to become prophet for himself. He does not mean the prophet as messanger of God but God itself." Wake up! Ms Supriya and my dear Dr Ali Sina, we are all created beings and we have a loving Creator God. No animals, human beings or even angels can become God because the fact is that we are all His wonderful creations! He is our Lord and Creator. Those who believe that they are God or can one day become God are under Satan's impression because it is that prideful archangel who wanted to become God, so he and his supporters orchestrated a coup in Heaven against our loving Creator God and it breaks God's heart so much so that He cast all those fallen angels out of Heaven and they continued in their great rebellion against their loving Creator God by spreading the message of hate against God and the belief that human beings can become God.

  261. Agracean says:

    Mr Sakat, I understand the close bond between you and your mother because you are so used to suckle her breast for milk since you are a baby but I've never seen an adult man like you who still need your mother to breast feed you. I think that it's too late for you to be weaned off since you are so obsessed with her breasts and her ridiculous teachings. So, please do continue to suck her breasts for milk till you breathed your last breath of air due to suffocation from it. Good luck! 😛

  262. Supriya says:

    To Agracean
    There is chemical imbalance in your brain. Symptoms of chemical imbalance are aggression, depression, madness. Self- centered and self- admiring persons like you are the victims of chemical imbalance.
    I suggested you to read 4 blogs of Dr. Sina which are mentioned in my last comment.
    I know you haven't read those blogs. Dr. Sina's spiritual philosophy is not same as that of three Abrahamic religion including Christianity. so he don't believe in becoming prophet (as Jesus and Mohammad)
    In his opinion : The universe is hologram. Our individual identity is only mirage or illusion.( Mithya). The world is transforming ( from crime age to divine age: indian spiritual philosophy). We all are one in essence. Our souls are bits and pieces of God. Every soul is minute image of God. According to Dr. Sina , we all are essentially God. He wants to attain enlightenment ( which is the highest peak in Indian Spirituality ,called as Moksha or Nirvana). He don't want to become messanger of God because we all are one in essence. Same consciousness is within everybody and everywhere. Today Quantum physicists say that the whole world is one organism , one cosmic body. Whole world is made up of one waveform. Matter does not exist , everything is an energy in waveform. Experiencing this is spirituality. Dr. Sina wants to experience this personally. Therefore he wrote that he wants to become prophet for himself. He does not mean the prophet as messanger of God but God itself.
    This is the core of Indian spirituality. I know understanding of Indian spirituality is not your cup of tea. Because it requires high intelligence, rationality, and spirit of Inquiry. It is better for you to follow dogmatic religion of Christianity, personal God, devil. you have restricted your mind to little knowledge and you are happy with it. You could not understand Dr. Sina's spiritual knowledge ever.

  263. Sakat says:

    My eternal mother is there , she will take care of my soul and body ,i surrendered my whole being to her long back ,it is her responsibility now to take care of her son and i have full faith in her (i am living because of her grace till this day) .You need not worry.

  264. Agracean says:

    Mr Sakat, all these knowledge can't save your soul.

  265. Agracean says:

    Mr slaveofprophet, don't you know that there are many lies found in your quran? Do you want me to help you find them?

  266. Agracean says:

    Mr slaveofprophet, kindly please don't shift all the blame to my loving Creator God for human stupidity. God has the ultimate free will and right to do whatever He wishes and besides that, what's wrong with that Tree of Knowledge being planted in the Garden of Eden? You should blame Adam and Eve for their stupidity instead of blaming God! Let me illustrate: Long time ago, your allah placed a 6 years old Ayesha in the garden of Mecca and instructed a 53 years old gardener by the name of Muhammad to take good care of her like one of his own children. But on the third year, Muhammad can't stand it any longer and have sex with that little 9 years old Ayesha. Now the question is: Who do you blame? Your allah for putting little Ayesha in the garden or Muhammad, that pedophile, for satisfying his lust?

  267. Agracean says:

    Mr slaveofprophet, there are many false prophets in the world and do you know that Muhammad was one of them? Let me illustrate: If a stranger came knocking at your door and claims to be your biological father because you are a millionaire, you'll know instantly that he is a crook because you know the truth that he is lying. Till now, I still can't believe that there are so many dummies in the world who are parents themselves would choose to believe and follow a 'prophet' who had sex with 9 years old kid. This is really stupidity beyond comprehension. How on earth can you guys called such a shameless man a prophet while punishing another man who committed the same offence under the Sharia law?

  268. Sakat says:

    I appreciate your knowledge of Indian spirituality and no doubt it is the only torch bearer for future human course .As you have said we Indian’s are fortunate to have many spiritual masters ,who could impart their treasure of spiritual knowledge to us spiritual beggar. No doubt each master has his unique way of dispelling ignorance from the seeker .I have high esteem for some few such masters viz. one such master is Raman Maharshi of Arunachal , Chandrashekar Bharati of Kanchi mutt ,Osho Rajnish ,Swami Rama of Himalaya ( Author of masterpiece “Living with the Himalayan Master),Puttaparthi Satya Sahi Baba ( Even after two years of his death ,the perfumed ash (bhabut) still oozing from his photo in my cousins house in Bombay),Sri Sri Ravishankar ,My Guruji Shri .S.N.Goyanka of Vipassana ,Tarun Sri Mahahraj and above all my eternal mother ,Mata Amritanandmai Amma. There was a great sage named Nim Karoli Baba he was so famous in Europe and United states ,his fame was such that ,even Steve Job and his friend came in search of him when they were teens of 18years ,however till then the great baba had already left this world .Just imagine ,suppose Steve Job had encountered the baba and had became his disciple and had chosen the life of a recluse ,I and you wouldn’t have interacted at this moment here or perhaps Mr. Ali Sina wouldn’t have had this wonderful site.
    Though I am humble in inculcating the wisdom of these great people, yet I do not conclude them (their teachings) as final frontier .I do not consider Sri Rama or Krishna were God incarnations , no ,or Gautama the Buddha ,Mahavir Jain and Jesus Christ either . They all were humans and remained so .Jesus was human and as a human everyone has weakness and so Jesus was not exception either .However he has shown to the humanity compassion ,love thy neighbor non-violence etc kind of good manners , but if somebody say he is God I am not going to supplement it . I love Buddha ,because he had never claimed that he is God or a Savior ,he addressed himself as a common man .He was a prince by birth ,all the comforts of mundane worlds were at his feet ,unlike Mohammed or Jesus ,yet he left all these comforts of life at a single stroke, that put him on atop the list of all the spiritual masters . He did not allow anyone to follow him blindly ,he told his disciples to chuck the authenticity of his preaching’s with the practical experiment (Vipassana).He said don’t believe any thing blindly ,simply because your scripture say’s it or somebody follows it or society as a whole follows it .See that, whether following them will be beneficial to oneself as well to the society as a whole ,if yes, follow them or else leave them .I am following his instructions religiously .You explained all the yuga’s ,and how they will acquire prominence and subside upon course of time in your post . I don’t want to comment on your explanations , however I do not endorse either . I have a definite way to follow and it is the mixture of Darwinism+Buddism; it is not allowing me to blindly accept each and every concept without proper verifications.
    I love Mata Amritanandmai Amma very much ,see is a real embodiment of divinity .Every other Guru maintains safe distance from their disciple .But this sage is not like them, she consider each and everyone as her child .Always and on all circumstances the perennial and unconditional love flows from her divine being towards we all her children .I never accept anything blindly ,but the day when I put my head in her bosom I float on a different world ,you may call it heaven .I don’t know how to explain the experience I underwent , I lost all my worries ,sorrows and pain on that moment ; I felt divine peace in me for which I was yearning for, since my birth. I experienced first time in my life the real happiness in her arm which I cannot forget the rest of my life .I believed momentary pleasure as happiness all these years, but that great mother showed me real happiness in a second. God bless.

  269. Sakat says:

    Mr Ali Sina
    Vedic philosophy defines reality thus: “Anything that changes with respect to circumstances is not true reality”. Let’s examine some of the deepest physical aspects of the universe to find out true reality. The universe is made of sub-atomic particles and the intervening space. Subatomic particles carry mass, charge and energy. M-Theory, which could be regarded as the ultimate theory of modern physics, states that all subatomic particles are made of one- dimensional strings. All characteristics of subatomic particles — mass, charge and energy — arise from the way these strings oscillate. If they oscillate in one particular way, we perceive electrons. If they oscillate in a different way, we perceive protons, and so on. Therefore, we can define the whole universe as countless vibrating strings. However, these strings strictly require multi-dimensional space (10 spatial dimensions) in order to exist. In other words, “empty space” is more fundamental than these strings. Without intervening space with extra dimensions, there can be no oscillating strings and hence no universe at all. Does this imply that empty space is true reality? Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity states that even empty space is not absolute and constant. With extremely high speed travels, the space in-between shrinks and can even vanish into a zero dimensional point. This shows that even the most fundamental entity of the universe, space, changes with respect to circumstances. Time is another entity, which was historically believed to be fundamental and universal. However, Einstein’s theory states that time flows at different rates in different physical conditions, implying that time is also not absolute and universal. Hence, according to the Vedic axiom, both space and time are not part of true reality. If space and time are not part of reality, what are they? Quantum Mechanics reveals that space and time has no meaning unless there is a conscious observer. When Einstein was asked to describe space, he just said “space is what we measure with a measuring rod”. Here, this definition of space strictly involves “we,” the observer. If there is no one to measure space, there is no need for space to exist. The same is applicable to time. Currently physicists take a stand that physical principles really don’t require the concept of time. Neuroscientists say that past and future only exist as ideas in the mind, as mental events occurring only in the present moment. All these prove that even space and time are not really basic properties of the universe; rather, they are products of our own mind. Present-day science does answer the question – what is true reality? Perhaps the answer does not exist in the physical plane. Could we at least get an answer to human suffering? Vedic and Buddhist philosophies say that ‘suffering’ is a result of ‘ignorance’ of true reality. We just proved that science does not explain the nature of true reality satisfactorily. So let’s stop answering these questions from a logical point of view and start focusing on creative imagination so we can understand that a level of conditioning is involved in all of them. It is said that only these vasanas or conditions often result in sufferings Recent neuroscientific studies have revealed that when a person accumulates experience, there is strong growth of synaptic connections in the brain, which is nothing but growth of the conditional part of mind. By loosening these synaptic connections (vasanas), one may get answers to all these questions and also relief from all sort of sufferings.

  270. slaveofprophet says:

    What you have to say about fickle & inconsistent nature of Biblical God
    GE 1:31 God was pleased with his creation. 
    GE 6:5-6 God was not pleased with his creation. 
    (Note: That God should be displeased is inconsistent with the concept of omniscience as well as with the fact that God allegedly does not change his mind: NU 23:19-20, 1SA 15:29, JA 1:17.)

  271. slaveofprophet says:

    Bible is fake book and Christianity is false religion. Contradictions in Bible
    GE 1:3-5 On the first day, God created light, then separated light and darkness. 
    GE 1:14-19 The sun (which separates night and day) wasn't created until the fourth day.

    GE 1:11-12, 26-27 Trees were created before man was created. 
    GE 2:4-9 Man was created before trees were created.

    GE 1:20-21, 26-27 Birds were created before man was created. 
    GE 2:7, 19 Man was created before birds were created.

    GE 1:24-27 Animals were created before man was created. 
    GE 2:7, 19 Man was created before animals were created.

    GE 1:26-27 Man and woman were created at the same time. 
    GE 2:7, 21-22 Man was created first, woman sometime later.

    GE 1:28 God encourages reproduction. 
    LE 12:1-8 God requires purification rites following childbirth which, in effect, makes childbirth a sin. (Note: The period for purification following the birth of a daughter is twice that for a son.)

  272. slaveofprophet says:

    Jesus was a liar.
    MT 16:28, MK 9:1, LK 9:27 Jesus says that some of his listeners will not taste death before he comes again in his kingdom. This was said almost 2000 years ago. 
    (Note: This passage and many others indicate that Jesus was to come again in a relatively short period of time and not just "quickly" as present day Biblicists assert. All of his listeners are now dead, yet Jesus has not come again in his kingdom. All of the alleged words of Jesus put forth in the Bible are therefore suspect.)

  273. slaveofprophet says:

    One more lie of Bible
    2CH 13:17 500,000 Israelites are slain in a single battle. (Note: This is more than were lost in any single battle of World War II, and even exceeds the number of deaths that resulted from the dropping of the atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.)

  274. slaveofprophet says:

    Human can unhappy to the Bible god. This is proof bible God is fake God who was like new incarnation of Hindus god in new clever. He has not the characteristic of blissfulness all the time.
    GE 6:5 God is unhappy with the wickedness of man and decides to flood the earth to eliminate mankind. All living things including plants, animals, women and innocent children are also exterminated. (Note: This is like burning down a house to rid it of mice.)

  275. slaveofprophet says:

    Bible's God is fake and he behaved like human & he seems like Hindu Puranic God.
    GE 3:14-16 God curses the serpent, Eve, and Adam for what they have done. (Note: This is inconsistent with God's omniscience; God should have known full well, ahead of time, what the outcome would be. Since God created the three as well as the Tree of Knowledge, he is ultimately responsible for the Fall.)

  276. slaveofprophet says:

    You know prophets were messenger of God then why do not  you follow prophet Muhammad commands & obey his words? Why are you still believing in false religion Christianity which is  declared by prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also.

  277. Agracean says:

    Ms Supriya, don't you know the fact that a prophet is a messenger of God? My dear Ms Dr Ali Sina claimed himself to be a prophet to himself only and not to the crowd. He was merely making a casual remark. How on earth can you lied when you said that "Dr. Sina wants to become prophet( Buddha's philosophy ) and believe me he is progressing in right direction." The truth is that there are no prophets in Buddhism and what says you? How on earth do you know that I have no knowledge of Indian spirituality? Are you a worm in my arsehole? Why do you have to care if I have a place in my hero's heart or life? Is it true that you are too shy to admit that you are one of his many secret admirers? Don't worry, I won't be jealous of you at all because you have the right to love him as much as I do and the good news is that I can't wait to know if my dear Ms Dr Ali Sina will love your coconut head. What's wrong with all my sincere and truthful comments here? It's you who are the bad guy who make a laughing stock of yourself here. Am I mentally weak and feel insecure here or is it you? What do you mean by my fate or past bad karmas or that I'm a liar? Don't you know that I'm a very Good and truthful Samaritan who always love my neighbour as myself? Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and you can keep all your lies and bad karmas to yourself! 🙂

  278. Supriya says:

    To Agracean
    Your above comment has proved that you are a liar.
    Refer to Dr. Sina's blogs : 1] Being spiritual 2] Karma and Afterlife 3] If you meet Buddha on the road, kill him 4]Why I believe in God and afterlife now :
    1] You admitted in your comment that you are successful in convincing Dr. Sina that Jesus is his God.
    He wrote in his blog," The God of Jesus is loving father. He resembles Jesus. He too have his flaws. He is jealous and will punish those who don't love him with eternal damnation. I don't believe in dogmatic religion which has conditions , do's and don'ts."
    Dr. Sina respects Jesus because he was not mass murderer and pedophile like Muhammad.
    You lied in your comment that you are successful in convincing him.
    2] Dr. Sina wrote," Do I claim to be prophet ? Of course I do. I am prophet to myself. You too, should be prophet to yourself." You lied again that Dr. Sina has not wriiten that he is a prophet.
    3] Dr. Sina says that 1} The universe is hologram. Our indivisual identity is only a mirage or illusion.(Mithya in Indian spirituality)
    2}He believes that humanity is at the verge of it's spiritual awakening. The future of mankind is bright and beautiful.( We are heading from Kali yug(crime age) to Sat yug(divine age) : Indian spiritual law)
    3} He believes that we all are one in essence. Our souls are bits and pieces of God. Each soul is minute image of God ( same concept in Indian spirituality).
    4} Dr. Sina says that we choose our own punishment. God does not punish us.(Buddha's teachings)
    It shows that you are liar because you have admitted that you are successful in convincing him that not Buddha but Jesus is his personal God and savior.
    4] He admired Sri Sri because his spiritual knowledge resembles to that of Sri Sri.
    5] I don't believe in Jesus' view of devil.
    I know Aracean you have no idea of Indian spirituality. But you tirelessly insulted and argued. You have restricted your mind to limited knowledge.
    Mr. Sakat is right. Dr. Sina is an intelligent human being and tries to expand his spiritual quest. He do not have any place for you in his conscious life.
    Your all comments depict that you are born to laugh at others and argue without using brain. It seems that you are mentally weak and feel insecure. It is your fate or past bad Karmas.
    Admit that you are a liar.

  279. Agracean says:

    Mr Sakat, please read my above comment again and again, until you get the facts right.

  280. Agracean says:

    8) Again, please don't be as lazy as a pig. Either you can choose to do an internet research or study the Bible in details of how an archangel fall from grace and became the devil. So, it is clear to you now that you're the most confused dummy on earth who doesn't know what you really need to do. It would be good if you could start getting your coconut head filled up with truth and the right knowledge. In this way, you'll improve your intellect. Cheers. 😛

  281. Agracean says:

    5) Ms Supriya, I really take my hat off you. Please don't ask me again and again like a recorder this silly question. Kindly go and ask my dear Ms Dr Ali Sina personally, why did he praise that ignorant spiritual master, if you are so interested in why he did this or that. 6) If Christianity is fake, then, humanity will have no hope eternally. Please don't anyhow jump to a quick conclusion. Go and grab hold of a Bible and read and study it. You'll be as wise as me in no time, by the grace of God. 7) Why are you jealous over my sweet address of Ms Dr Ali Sina? Do I need a basis or your approval to address him as my dearest? Do I need to first believe in his spiritual philosophy before I can address him as such? The joke of the day is: Where on earth did my dear Ms Dr Ali Sina once claimed that he want to become a prophet?

  282. Agracean says:

    Ms Supriya, it will take me donkey years to answer all your above questions in full details but in order to help you fill up all the empty space in your big coconut head, I'll answer all of them in brief details. 1) Please don't ask me again and again like an old hag, why does my dear Ms Dr Ali Sina believe in this or that teachings and why he does not believe in Christianity because I'm not his wife or daughter or even a teeny weeny wormy sperm in his oo. If you are so interested in what he believes, please feel free to ask him personally and he'll be delighted to give you his 2 cents. 2) Who on earth told you that I've failed to convince my dear hero that Jesus Christ is God? Did my hero tell you that personally? If not, please stop making silly wild guesses and check with him for the truth. 3) Who on earth told you that Jesus encourages His followers to be drunkard? Would you serve plain water to all your guests on your wedding day and not the best? 4) Like what I've said again and again, every earthlings have their own human right and the choice to believe in the truth or whatever nonsense or stupid doctrines which they deemed fit. Do you know what is the meaning of free will? So, please stop asking me this simple question again and again like a parrot.

  283. Sakat says:

    @Agracean ·
    I said they are quiet intelligent ,they don't bring dummies in any circumstances (if they go with ,then this site will find its Armageddon) for promotion of this site.

  284. Agracean says:

    Mr Sakat, you don't have to debase yourself to such a level as to use such low grade tactics to hide your saturated pride and jealousy of my exemplary conduct here and my intelligence. What does it matter to you if my dear Ms Dr Ali Sina or my dear Mr Jonathan Harrell include me in their wiki or not? Don't you know that they have the right to engage any intelligent beings or even dummies to enhance this awesome platform?

  285. Supriya says:

    To Sakat
    Actually I did not know much about these three Abrahamic religions. Thank you for explaining me.
    Do you know why millions of westerners are fascinating towards Indian spirituality ?
    I can explain you: You know Swastik having 4 Yugas. According to Brahmakumris each Yug has it's own characteristics. Spiritual characteristic decreases in ascending order and material characteristic increases in descending order. The first yug is Sat Yug and last is KaliYug. We are heading from Kaliyug of this Life cycle to Satyug of next Life cycle. From crime age to divine age. Therefore the souls in the end of kaliyug(crime age) are awakening of their true identity and immortality and preparing for next satyug(divine age). The world is transforming. The souls who are awakened already( such as Sri Sri , Brahmakumaris, Mata Amritanandmayi Amma, ISCON etc.) are awakening other souls.As Samay(time) progresses ,many soul will be attracted towards Indian spirituality. This is theonly truth.
    These Abrahamic religions are established in Kaliyug(crime age). So how could they be perfect? Westerners have come to know the fallacy of Abrahamic religion. Therefore they are heading to Indian spirituality . It is happening according to spiritual law of JeevanChakra.
    Agracean will come to know about her true identity according to her past Karmas and present Prarabdha.
    Dr. Sina was a muslim. He left Islam and announced that he is an atheist. But eventually he believes in God. He know much more about Indian spirituality. Today he don't believe in Karma but the time will come when he will be believer in Karma. Everybody has different speed of progress in spirituality according to Karma and Prarabdha. Demsci was born in Christianity but follows Buddhism.
    Abrahamic religion will not survive for long time because they are fake.

  286. Supriya says:

    To Agracean
    Answer my questions :
    1] Why does Dr. Sina beleive in Buddha's teachings? Why he does not believe in Christianity ?
    2] Why did you fail to convince Dr. Sina that Jesus is the only God who can survive him?
    3] According to you Jesus is the only God, then how could God encourage his follower to drink wine ?Was he fond of wine?
    4] You object the teachings and philosophies of Buddha and ancient Indian seers. Why millions of western Christians including influential persons such as artists and scientists are believing and practicing Hinduism or Buddhism?
    5] Why did Dr. Ali Sina praise Sri Sri Ravishankar?
    6] Don't you know that Abrahamic religions including Christianity are fake.Their so called God discriminate among believers and non-believers. How could God behave so rudely with non-believers. He should not be God but devil.
    7] On what basis do you call Dr. Sina as 'my dearest' if you don't believe in his spiritual philosophy? Dr. Sina wants to become prophet( Buddha's philosophy ) and believe me he is progressing in right direction.
    8] What does Christianity mean by devil ?

    If you will fail to answer these questions then it will be clear that either you are the most confused person who does not know that what do you really need or you are a dumb who do not have intellect.

  287. Sakat says:

    Don't you think you lost the game thoroughly .If not ,then you cannot stand to the caliber of Mr Sina and administrator Mr Jonathan Harell ,because they are exemplary intelligents ; i don't think your name figure in their dictionary ,they will consider Supriya and Narcole (if she change her attitude) for hiring to promote this site.

  288. Sakat says:

    Wise people say ,don't throw a stone upon a dog and not to engage a mad man for discussion ,now i really understand the wisdom behind it .Please forgive me .
    Mr Ali Sina and Mr Jonathan Harell i salute you both ,please give me asylum in your bunker ,i have done the great mistake of throwing stone at honey bee hive .I have to learn lot of things from you ,like ; whom to respond and whom not to respond.

  289. Agracean says:

    Ms Supriya, you can always trust this good saying: "On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand;
    All other ground is sinking sand."

  290. Agracean says:

    Mr Sakat, I think that you deserve a much higher and better accolade for all your silly jokes – PhD(Permanent head Damage). It really suits you well! 😛

  291. Agracean says:

    Mr Sakat, please humbly admit that you're jealous and offended by my intelligence and capability to prove the real subject here and that is: you like to lick the Westerners' boots due to your skin colour and inferiority complex. Maybe you may want to learn from me on how to be a confident and smart earthling? 😛

  292. Agracean says:

    Ms Supriya, stop practicing yoga and your coconut head will be cleared of all kinds of silly doctrines and lies. If you failed to heed my advice, sooner or later, you'll become a psychopath like mooamma and your brain will suffer serious chemical imbalance. Frankly, I've nothing against Buddha, Sri Sri Ravishankar or other Indian seers for promoting peace in individuals and world peace. Like my dear Ms Ali Sina, I also think that they are good people promoting world peace but I personally object to some of their religious teachings, philosophies and activities because they are occultic in nature ie. Yoga, meditation and as such, they are leading many innocent and ignorant people astray with lies. Am I a liar or that I dreamt about it when I claimed that all the above Indian gurus admitted that they were sinners like one of us? Isn't it true that all of them must confessed that they were sinners like one of us and if they should deny this absolute truth, then, you'd better kick their olo. I'm amused at your silly suggestion to compare me with your Sri Sri Ravishankar. How on earth can you compare me with an ignorant spiritual master who might or might not be aware that he has inadvertently sold his soul to the devil in exchange for glory and world wide fame? The peace he and all your revered Indian seers promoted is only temporal and won't last forever. Only Jesus Christ can offer peace that surpasses all human understanding!

  293. Sakat says:

    @ Supriya
    The concept of the Trinity was shoehorned together in the most ridiculous way to allow Christianity to be both monotheistic and polytheistic. Jehovah and Allah are proper monotheistic gods and you wouldn't find either of them incarnating on earth, being crucified and then resurrected. For Christianity to "work" i.e. for it to be literally true that God walked the earth before being killed then brought back to life by himself (even though he was dead) then it is necessary to divide God into at least two parts (one that dies and one that goes on living). Christianity then compounded the problem by introducing the "Holy Spirit" which descends upon righteous people and imbues them with godliness. So, now there were three gods instead of the one required by monotheism. All three gods were declared to in fact be one – a remarkable and transcendent Holy Trinity, a supreme "mystery" of the universe that no mortal mind could truly comprehend.

    Of course, the whole notion is the most ludicrous, insupportable, incredible nonsense imaginable. No rational person could ever accept it. To state it with crystal clarity: a monotheistic God is a single God with no mysterious separate parts or split personalities. Christianity is not monotheism; it is polytheism. The only people who don't understand this are Christians.

    There is not one particle of logic in the absurd concept of the Holy Trinity.

    Jews worship God the Father. Christians worship God the Son. Christian agnostics worship God the Holy Spirit. As for Islam, Muslims reject the Trinity and worship only Allah, yet he is still somehow to be equated with the God of the Christians and Jews. The Jewish and Christian prophets (especially Jesus) are accorded a high status in Islam. Mohammed and the Koran are seen as correcting the errors of Judaeo-Christianity.

    Of course, there is no discussion of why God's original prophets were in error if they were divinely inspired, and if earlier prophets were mistaken then so could Mohammed be (which is what the Satanic Verses controversy was about).

    Muslims shut down all debate about Mohammed and the Koran, which is why Islam can never be a thinking person's religion and why Islam is never associated with cutting edge intellectualism. No one would regard contemporary Islam as a shining beacon of intellectual endeavor. Muslims complain about so many Nobel prizes being awarded to Jews and so few to Muslims, but there's no conspiracy going on. The Jews, to their credit, have always valued intellectual pursuits and vigorous discussion. A few noble exceptions apart, Islam has no such tradition. Muslims are not permitted to argue about the Koran. They are not permitted to challenge Mohammed or question Allah. This attitude, inevitably, leads to anti-intellectualism. The intelligence of hundreds of millions of people is actively being held back by their adherence to Islam.

    What typically happens with religions is that various priests and prophets advance an assortment of preposterous notions. These are then molded into an increasingly desperate theology that becomes more and more complex and less and less credible as time goes on.

    Christianity arises from a theological attempt to reconcile two contradictory positions: 1) Jewish monotheism where God can never die and 2) Greek polytheism where a god, such as Dionysus, can be incarnated on earth, killed then resurrected.

    Christianity is a Satanic fraud perpetrated against humanity. No part of it is believable. It is a hybrid religion, an embarrassing attempt to combine Judaism and Greek mystery religions such as Orphism. ("Illumination" is a religion with a great deal in common with Orphism, but which completely rejects Judaism.)

    This is a summary of mainstream Western monotheism:

    1) The Jews applied the concept of Pharaoh Akhenaten's monotheistic god to their partisan, tribal god known as Yahweh. Yahweh thereby became the "one, true" God with a unique covenant with his "chosen" people, the Jews. (Of course, no universal God would ever enter into a binding contract with one group: he would no longer be universal if he did.)

    2) The Christians then combined monotheistic Judaism with polytheistic Greek religion.
    3) The Muslims then tried to return to proper monotheism (although the Satanic Verses controversy reveals how Islam also almost succumbed to polytheistic influences.)

    Western monotheism is the history of a grotesque error, of how the Demiurge managed to have himself worshiped as the True God. Humanity cannot move to the next level of its evolution until it has banished this error.

  294. Sakat says:

    Ha ha ,you gave me post graduation in Jokery very well ,i humbly accept it .I am happy that at least i am able to bring smile in the bereaved soul ,thank you.

  295. Sakat says:

    I already told you i am prepare to accept anything ,but don't try to do away from the real subject . It is you who is feeling inferiority complex yet wanted to show you are not infested with it .(it is said inferiority complex imbibed by superiority complex). I never claimed i am an European or Whitman ,i never claimed that i am smart and intelligent .Just observe your own statements you are in the habit of advertising yourself .It is only the people who are suffering from inferiority complex do such thing and you are one in that assembly .

  296. Supriya says:

    To Agracean
    Don't you know that your coconut head is filled with dirty and useless material?
    Don't you know that you are psychopath like muslims?
    Don't you know that their is chemical imbalance in your brain? Do yoga and get healthy mind.
    You are not even able to convince Dr. Sina that Jesus is his God.Dr. Sina believes in Buddha's teachings(not of fake Jesus) . Admit that you are failure. Don't suggest any Indian to read Bible,otherwise you will fail again.
    Where do you come to know that Buddha and ancient Indian seers admitted that they were sinners? Have you dream it? In my opinion you have synthesized the story. You are liar.
    If your Jesus was God then why he encouraged his followers to drink wine? His hobby should be drinking.

    Dr. Sina is not an idiot like you. Read his comment to me in which he said," I have read some of writings of Sri Sri Ravishankar and he seems me an enlightened man who wants to promote peace and understanding.I wish him success."
    I have suggested you to refer sites of my Guruji . you have tirelessly insulted Buddha , Indian seers and now Sri Sri .
    Compare Sri Sri with yourself using intellect( only if you have it ) :
    The Art of Living Foundation is a volunteer-based, humanitarian and educational NGO founded by Sri Sri Ravishankar.The Foundation is working in special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council of UN. The International Association of Human Values is sister organisation which focusses on the upliftment of human values at the grassroot level. AOL has regional centers in more than 150 countries and it has touched the lives of more than 370 million people across the world. In Europa the organisation is known as Association for Inner Growth.It offers personal development and trauma relief programmes around the world.
    A number of studies on the organisation's core life-enhancing and trauma-relief techniques(Sudarshan Kriya) have been published in international peer-reviewed journals. A range of mental and physical benefits are reported in these studies, including reduced stress level, improved immune system and physical benefits, relief from anxiety, depression and increased antioxidant level, enhanced brain functioning.AOL's area of work covers conflict resolution, disaster and trauma relief, poverty elimination, prison rehabilitation, environmental sustainability.
    Former US President George Bush and UN President Ban Ki Moon have met him and admired his work.

    Sri Sri Ravishankar is a humanitarian leader and spiritual master and ambassador of peace. His philosophy of peace is ," Unless we have stress-free mind and violence-free society, we can't achieve world peace." He is receiver of more than 60 International and national awards.
    Sri Sri tirelessly advocates for harmonious co-existance among people by spreading the message of love, compassion, non-violence. His simple universal message is that love and wisdom can prevail over hatred and distress . He inspires thousands across the globe to live philosophy of Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam which means One world family.
    Whether it is speaking to the Parliament in Argentina,business leaders at World Economic Forum in Europe, delegates at United Nations or Muslim, Hindu, Christian(Indian) leaders, Sri Sri emphasizes common human values and unity among people. He has hosted the International Conference of Human Values and annual Corporate Culture and Spiritual Symposia.
    He has founded courses that provide techniques and tools to live deeper , more joyous life.
    After knowing Sri Sri ,if you will try to curse him then remember, you will prove yourself a mental or dumb.
    Do you know what does happen with mental people. They are admitted to Mental Hospital.
    Clean you dirty coconut head by doing Yoga otherwise your depression will lead to fanatic state like muslin terrorists.

  297. Agracean says:

    Mr Sakat, what's wrong with black skin colour? It's really foolish of you to be ashamed to be an Indian. Please accept your true identity and skin colour and then, you'll realize what I meant. 😛

  298. Agracean says:

    You're such an awesome joker, Mr Sakat!

  299. Sakat says:

    What a fool are you,if the kettle calls the pot black then it is a plain truth ,the pot is always black . At last you have accepted your true identity , i was saying the same all these day's 😮

  300. Sakat says:

    Joker brings peace and happiness to all the empty souls ,i heartily accept your title.

  301. Agracean says:

    Ms Supriya, your above comment is so comical that I can't help laughing at your stupidity. Wake up, my dear foolish Supriya! How in the world can Buddha and those dead Indian seers teachings lead anybody to life since they themselves confessed the truth that they are sinners like one of us and they tell lies too? I've visited the sites you've pasted here and I must say that I'm done with stupid and gullible people like you who is braindead and hopefully, my dear Ms Dr Ali Sina is not as foolish as you to believe that this joker Sri Sri Ravishankar has the answer to life's questions. This ignorant joker knew not what he is teaching and the danger of yoga. It would be good if I've the chance to knock some truth into his coconut head as well. So, Ms Supriya, how's your coconut head? Is it getting filled with my good advice or still empty up there? 🙂

  302. Supriya says:

    To Agracean
    Dr. Sina does not only believe in God but he is in higher level of consciousness in comparision with your level because he believes in Buddha and many concepts of Indian spirituality (does not believe in Christ ). According to Dr. Sina , we all are one and potentially divine. He believes that everybody can attain enlightenment or highest Truth and become prophet (he don't believe in personal God).
    He knows Buddha and ancient Indian seers' teachings lead him to ultimate truth( not Christ).He is vegan (Buddha's teachings).
    You are absolutely right. A blind can't lead blind to the destination.A foolish and self-centred woman can't attain the highest truth due to your blind faith in personal God Christ.
    Refer to the site : http://www.artofliving.org and http://www.srisri.com
    You will come to know your true identity and aim of your life [I have suggested you because you suggested me to read new Testament]
    Be humble like Dr. Sina and try to know ,why thousands of western Christians are following Sri Sri Ravishankar .(Dr. Sina has read many writings and admired Sri Sri)

  303. Agracean says:

    Who is Jesus? Mormons say that He was Lucifer's brother. Jews say He was an imposter. Muslims say He was a prophet. Atheists say He didn't exist. Gandhi admired Him. Hitler hated Him. Jehovah's witnesses say that He was the Archangel Michael. The Bible says He was God in human form, the Christ, the Son of the Living God, that He is the only Door to everlasting life. Pontius Pilate didn't know what to do with Him, so he washed his hands of Him. Who is Jesus of Nazareth to you and what are you going to do with Him?

  304. Agracean says:

    Mr Suresh, you need to believe Jesus because He is the only Saviour Who died for your sins.

  305. Suresh says:

    Dear, We all will be in heaven because Jesus has forgiven our all past & Future sins. For what we are fighting? we believe in Jesus or not this does not make any difference.

  306. Agracean says:

    Ms Supriya, you don't have to know if I'm beautiful or intelligent or not because that's really none of your business anyway. Yes, I agree that my dear Ms Dr Ali Sina is an intelligent man and there's no doubt about it when he publicly announced the ultimate truth that God does exist. This is the beginning of his quest and thirst for the living God, just like the deer pants for the water brooks. Oh my, the deer reminds me again of Mr Johnathan Harrel. I guess that he must have love this animal very much that it plays a part in his job assignment. How can a blind girl like you save yourself at all when Buddha or any one of those Indian seers also can't save themselves at all? Please bear in mind that the blind cannot lead the blind, both will roll down the cliff together in stupidity. If you are eager to find out the truth of your own identity and what are those cosmic questions, may I suggest you to grab hold of the Holy Bible and read and study it thoroughly. Then, you'll realize the difference between truth and lies.

  307. Supriya says:

    To Agracean
    I don't know whether you are beautiful lady or not? In my opinion Dr. Sina is an intelligent man . But you both differ in ideology of Spirituality. I believe in the ideology of Dr. Sina. So you are not intelligent according to me. I know neither Buddha and other ancient Indian seers nor Jesus will survive me. I am the only one who can survive ( or attain the highest Truth) myself.
    There is one similarity between Christianity and Indian Spirituality that one has to seek his real identity (who am I?). But I don't know what does Christianity mean by" own identity ".
    What do you mean by cosmic questions? Please explain.
    Dr. Sina is progressing in his spiritual quest and he is in right direction.

  308. Agracean says:

    Ms Supriya, don't you know that I'm a kind, beautiful and intelligent Christian lady and of course, more mature in thinking than you. I don't like to convert anybody like you guys did. I prefer to expose the mask of falsehood, share the truth which is based on the Golden rule and help people like my dear Ms Dr Ali Sina and ignorant people like you, to come to the ultimate truth. In this way, everybody will learn and be as wise as an owl. There's absolutely nothing wrong with following some of the good teachings of Buddha or Gandhi or some strange gurus and seers from India, as long as they teach you to be a good human being. But they have no answers to all cosmic questions and they have no solution to the ultimate life question because none of them are God but sinners like one of us. Ultimately, you'll come to a point in life and realize that you need to find out your true identity, your value and worth in this vast universe. Buddha and all those dead Indian philosophers can't save your soul, neither can they save their own soul. They were helpless as babe on their deathbed. Like you, they too need a Saviour. Only Jesus Christ can save humanity because He has the power and the authority.

  309. Supriya says:

    To Agracean
    Answer my questions:
    Do you really believe that you are an intelligent and mature person ? If yes, then why don't you succeed to convert Dr. Sina to Christianity .
    Read his blog "Why I believe in God and after life now". He has specifically denoted that he don't believe in dogmatic religion which has do's and don'ts, which discriminate among believers and non-believers.He respects Jesus because He was not like psychopath Mohammad. But he does not follow Christianity.
    Dr. Sina believes in teachings of Buddha.
    He has mentioned that he believes that the world which appears to be real is actually unreal[ same concept in Indian spirituality named as Mithya ]
    There are many Near Death Experiences videos which says that every human being has two forms:1] Material form and 2] Spiritual form [concept in Indian spirituality – every human being is made up of Sharir (Body) and Atma(spirit or consciousness).
    A two year boy in NDE video is explaining how he was died in plane crash by japanese and he is telling the names of his friends in previous life [ concept in Indian spirituality named as Punarjanm (re-birth or reincarnation) ] There are many videos at NDE site which conforms the concept of reincarnation.
    Dr. Sina has said that he wants to become Prophet [concept in Indian spirituality : Everybody is potentially divine and can attain the highest Truth only by self-realisation and then heading to Enlightenment (Nirvana or Moksha or Kaival Gyan Prapti )
    In NDE videos ,you can find that those whose organs are transplanted from others are speaking about their experience. One girl explained the culprit who had murdered the man and police could found him and he was punished. [the concept Indian spirituality named Par kaya Pravesh ]
    Dr. Ali Sina believes in many concepts which are mentioned by ancient Indian seers . He has mentioned verses from Bhagwat Gita of Krishna, he knows about Swami Vivekanand and has read his books. He mentions about Gandhi (Gandhiji was the true believer of Krishna and his Bhagwat Gita ) . Dr. Sina has read many writings of spiritual leader and my Guruji Sri Sri Ravishankar.
    I don't say that Dr. Sina has converted to Hinduism or Buddhism[ it is not required at all] but I can say firmly that Dr. Sina understands and follows many concepts in Indian spirituality. He is heading from imperfection to perfection. I respect Dr. Ali Sina because he is a rational, intelligent and honorable human being.
    Agracean be humble and learn from Dr. Ali Sina.
    Christians who are embracing Indian faiths are utilising their brain except blindly following their parent's faith.

  310. Agracean says:

    Mr Sakat, admit that you're the kettle calling the pot black! Humble yourself and learn from my dear Ms Dr Ali Sina. 🙂

  311. Agracean says:

    Mr Sakat, it's no wonder that you're such a joker! 🙂

  312. Sakat says:

    Yup!!!The pot calling the kettle black !!!

  313. Agracean says:

    Mr sanatandharma86, do you mean that you are a hypocrite? Don't believe in lies. Go and read the Bible yourself and you'll know the truth.

  314. Agracean says:

    Mr Sakat, I think that you should quit your babbling of nonsense, in order not to further embarrass yourself with your own stupidity and jealousy here. Why should I get jealous over my dear Ms Dr Ali Sina's response to Ms Supriya here? Are you letting your ego and jealousy overtook your sanity? Don't you know that my dear Ms Dr Ali Sina is the founder of this awesome website and he has every right and the free will to do whatever he pleases here? Anyway, I'll forgive a drunkard like you for talking bad about me here. Drunkard always talk nonsense when they are drunk. You ought to learn maturity from me. What has it got to do with you whether I'm a Westerner or not? Did I feel inferior in any way? What a stupid comment! Last but not least, stop worshipping the westerners like a god. There are sinners like you except that they bleached their skin white. It's their free will and choice to believe and embraced eastern religion or whatever nonsense in the world and that's really none of your business.

  315. Agracean says:

    Ms Supriya, I'm really amused by your gullibility and stupidity. It seems like you are one of those gullible people who can easily accept or believe every lies or nonsense without a second thought. How on earth can you believe in the words of every Tom, Diick or Harry without investigating the origin and source of the heresies and you called yourself a mature person here? Don't you know that firstly, you've got to know the rules of the game or that particular subject well, so that you won't get cheated or fooled by any stupid fools so easily when you play the game. Come on, this should knock some hard truths into your coconut head. 🙂

  316. Agracean says:

    Ms Supriya, how do you define maturity and what yardstick are you using to measure it? Is it based on your naivety or your own standards? Grow up, kid!

  317. Supriya says:

    To Agracean

    Proofs of Jesus practiced Yoga in India are as following : These evidences are given by Christians not Indians.
    1] Read the book 'Jesus lived in India ( Holger Kersten, 1986.Element books) , a book that goes over the lost years of Jesus from the time of his childhood to when he returned to Israel in mid-thirties, a gap of about 18 years. This German book is a thorough, methodical, authoritative examination of the evidence of Jesus life beyond middle-east before Crucifixion and in India and elsewhere after it.
    2] Russian war correspondant Nicola Notovich was the first to suggest that Christ have gone to India. He claimed that while at Hemis Monastery in Laddakh (Kashmir) he had learned of the document " Life of Saint Issa, Best of sons of men". Issa means Jesus in Arabic language.
    3] In 1908 Levi H. Dowling published " Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ" . The book follows the young Jesus across India, Tibet, Persia , Assyria,Greece, Egypt.
    4] BBC News Channel is the most trusted and most viewed Channel across the world.
    Watch BBC Documentary- (a)Jesus in India and(b) Jesus was Buddhist monk on Youtube.
    5] Refer to the website – http://www.tombofjesus.com
    Make research you will get more evidences.
    I bet these proofs will knock the truth into your coconut head.

  318. Supriya says:

    To Sakat
    I am doing Post Graduation. I am mature enough. Please don't call me teeny girl. I don't think Agracean is mature woman. Because she is always ready to laugh and argue using abusive words with others which is childish.

  319. Sakat says:

    Ha ha, good joke i like it !!!

  320. Sakat says:

    @Agracean ·
    I am not jealous ,it is you who is jealous ,you know how?. When Ali Sina responded or rather e-mailed Supriya you couldn't digest it .So you responded with venom to her post .You felt inferior before her superior wisdom ,though see was sober and down to earth towards you; your response to her posts were full of accusations and humiliation ,only mentally weak person do such things.This is called jealousy of woman towards another,that girl is teeny but you are matured woman ,yet in your thinking you are immature compare to the thinking of that girl to her age.It is you who addressed yourselves as westerner and so it you who feels inferior and want to show their religion Christianity as yours ,when they themselves have fed up with this useless religion and embracing eastern religion for Nirvana ,you want to establish Christ as god we all know what he was ,i have already stripped him in my above post.

  321. Agracean says:

    Mr Sakat, you have a long way to go before you can attain the true enlightenment. Please learn from my beloved Ms Dr Ali Sina of his long journey to enlightenment. God bless.

  322. Sakat says:

    @Agracean ·
    I said i don't believe in God,but he ,who do save life of others or who do not disturb anothers right, definitely he or it is God for me ,and that is what the definition of God as far me is concerned .For that matter the cow fits in that scheme and so it is indeed God for me, you may laugh to any length it is your right ,it won't make any difference for me.Btw too much laughing gives different meaning. I already explained you the difference between God and Demon in my above post ,i think it is suffice to understand both the hemisphere.

  323. Agracean says:

    Mr Sakat, I can't help laughing away as I read your above humorous comment. Do you worship every cow that produces milk for you to drink as a god? What's your definition of God? Do you know the difference between God and demons at all?

  324. Agracean says:

    Mr sanatandharma86, you know nothing about true worship at all.

  325. Agracean says:

    Mr Sakat, do you know that your inferiority complex is killing you? Are you ashamed to be an Indian? Stop licking the Westerners' boots and brace yourself up like a man! Accept the fact that you are an Indian and not a Westerner and you'll be happy for the rest of your earthly life. I hope that I've given you the attention you need to stop living a delusional life. Why do you care about so much about my love towards my dear Ms Dr Ali Sina and Mr Jonathan Harrel? Are you jealous that you're not one of them?

  326. Agracean says:

    Mr sanatandharma86, you can deceive yourself but not the world.

  327. Agracean says:

    Mr Suresh, you're just another gullible being who can't think outside the black box.

  328. Agracean says:

    Ms Supriya, I always mind my words, especially if it concerns the ultimate truth. But it's you that kept on denying the truth of the matter. What awakened souls are you talking about here? Is it those Hindhu priest in a trance the awakened souls or what? Are you blind to all those Hindhu ceremonies and demonic activities that's going on in your country? Why is it so difficult for you guys to admit that you're worshipping all kinds of demons and not the true living God at all? What past karmas are you talking about? Only gullible people like you will believe in past lives or reincarnation or rebirth. Did your past lives and past karma flashed before you at that instant when you were born into this troublesome world? If not, then, it's unfair for your false gods to push all those s.h.i.t. to you in this life. You may want to question your false gods this stupid system of punishing the innocent without letting know the causes.

  329. Sakat says:

    The very same cow has helped Edward Jenner to develop vaccine for Small Fox ,which has saved millions and millions of life ,for me it is living God .For Jesus (so called son of God) it is only a meat to be tested with wine, for Buddha it is non-violent beautiful animal . You need not go too far to find who? is demon and who? is God ,the first one who test its flash is demon and the one who worships it is God.

  330. Sakat says:

    I firmly believe you need some attention;don't live the delusional life .Who said that we are not happy ,perhaps you have failed to understand what is happiness ; for you happiness means company of Ali Sina ,Harell and Laurell ,but it is mental disorder .You said your Ms Do not reply your love comments ,but the audience here interested to comment why?. The reason is most of them are travelers they don't know who is sane and who is not in that city ,only the resident (Ali Sina and Jonathan Harell) know ,therefore the resident escape but the innocent traveler is trapped. I said, Asians do have some problem and you are not exception either.

  331. Suresh says:

    Yes, Agracean past life sins not allowing her to realize ultimate (Indian spirituality). When her past life sins will fade up she will realize the truth and denounce false religion. I am sure in company of Great  sage Dr. Ali Sina she will learn the truth very soon. 

  332. Supriya says:

    To Agracean
    You mind your words and don't insult Vedas and Yoga.
    You are right. The only awakened souls practice Indian spirituality and find the ultimate truth.
    I have no problem if Christian missionary lies, fools and offers money to poor Indian people because it's his or her bad luck that he or she is taught to believe in false God.[ Their past bad Karmas are responsible for sufferings and getting convert to false personal God.]

  333. Agracean says:

    Ms Supriya, I laugh heartily as I read your above comment. Why are you so obsessed with everything that Westerners do or believe in? Are you sure that all those Westerners that you've mentioned above are making the right decision or walking in the right path to life? Whether you like it or not, you must accept the fact that some truths are relative while some truths are absolute, narrow and exclusive and you have the free will to believe it or not ie. No one on earth can force you to believe and accept Jesus as your Saviour, not even God Himself and you're solely responsible for your choice. It is not important whether I'm the one to convince my dear Ms Dr Ali Sina that God exist. What matters most is that he must come to the ultimate realization of the ultimate truth which is life unto him. This is his only security, in this life and the next. Ms Supriya, please mind your words and don't insult those kind Christian missionaries who risk their lives and family to spread the good news to Indians like you. There's absolutely nothing wrong with doing good works such as offering money to help the poor and the underprivileged and also, the outcast, with the hope that they can come to Jesus Christ. All these years, I sponsored a very poor little Indian girl's school fees and other needs. If this sweet little Indian girl became a Christian one day, are you going to point a finger at me and accused me of converting her to Christianity? Please be kind and love your neighbour as yourself.

  334. Supriya says:

    To Sanatan Dharma86
    I have seen videos uploaded by western in which Jesus in his childhood had entered to Himalayas. He had practiced Yog, Pranayam , Tapasya under the guidence of Yogi. There is a tomb on which the details of Yeshu (Jesus) are carved . I think Agracean is not aware of it.

  335. sanatandharma86 says:

    Why do you believe caring rituals are worship.

  336. Agracean says:

    Mr Sakat, isn't it true that you threw your pearls to that sacred cow and worship it like a god? By the way, don't you have any idea that your precious pearls are of no use to that sacred cow at all? So, be wise and heed my golden advice and save all your precious pearls for yourself and your European family members instead.

  337. Agracean says:

    Mr Sakat, it's better to walk alone than with a crowd going in the wrong direction. I think that there is some problem with your old compass. It's not too late to adjust it and make sure that it's not giving you or all your family members the wrong direction in life.

  338. sanatandharma86 says:

    Interesting, Jesus also follower of Yoga. By criticizing Yoga she (Agracean) criticizing to Jesus also. Yoga first stages are Yams & Niyams and Jesus also followed Yams & Niyams in his entire life. 
    Yams are :Non-violence, Truth, Non-Stealing, Brahmacharya (Self-control and NON-obscenity), Non-Hoarding 
    Niyam – Purity, Contentment, Putting strong efforts, Self-study or self-evaluation, Knowledge seeking, Dedication to service for humanity

  339. Supriya says:

    To Agracean
    If Christianity is the real and exclusive religion and Bible contains words of God, then why western Christians are embracing Hinduism and Buddhism ? Why western Christians believe in Buddha? Why Yoga is most famous among Western Christians? Why Western Christians love to read and admire Bhagwat Gita [refer to International Society for Krishna Consciousness] ?
    Because they are awakened of the truth of Indian Spirituality . They come to know that they can achieve the ultimate truth only by practicing Indian Spirituality. Indians unlike Christians don't force anybody to follow Indian culture and spirituality.
    Only fanatic like you can curse Vedas and Yoga.[ because you are ignorant to know Indian Spirituality. You act like Parrot who speaks only those words which is taught to him without using Brain]
    If Christianity is really powerful then stop those Christians who convert to Hinduism and Buddhism and those who practice Yoga everyday in thousands of million in number.
    Dr. Sina believes in God not because you convinced him but his rationality and intelligence made him believe in God. Read his blog 'why I believe in God and afterlife' . You will come to know that he don't believe in the personal God of Christians but Buddha.
    Your false personal God discriminate among Christians and non- Christians. But our God is within everyone and Everywhere. Our God loves each and everybody .
    Make research : 1] Neo- Hinduism movement in West, 2] Westerners are converting to Hinduism , 3] Many western influential persons including celebrities and scientist admire and practice Hinduism.
    Practice Yoga through which you will find peace in mind and life.
    Ask Dr. Ali Sina , Why didn't he convert to Christianity?
    Do good Karma, in turn God will enable you to know your real identity and He will help you to get rid of your sufferings and sorrows.
    Christian missionaries are lying and fooling people and they are offering money to poor people to get convert them to Christianity.

  340. sanatandharma86 says:

    You are hypocrite. You did not answer me. Why did Jesus follow Yoga disciplines? As per Sage ":Patanjali "Yoga Shastra" first two stages of Yoga Yams & Niyams and Jusus also followed them.
    Yams are :Non-violence, Truth, Non-Stealing, Brahmacharya (Self-control and NON-obscenity), Non-Hoarding 
    Niyam – Purity, Contentment, Putting strong efforts, Self-study or self-evaluation, Knowledge seeking, Dedication to service for humanity

  341. Sakat says:

    Does it matter to you that I'm an European or an Asian?
    Yes certainly; European do not argue this way,before arguing they study both ends.It is only the Asians ,who have the tendency of arguing ,"My way is highway". I have many European friends and most of my family members male and female have married Europeans .My family had History of 2000 years ,i am in pride possession of ancient scriptures written on parched leaf by our forefather .My ancestral house is 700 years of age situated in the state of Goa in India .Yearly we all siblings congregate in the house to celebrate the birth day of our beloved house . All my European sisters -in- law and brothers -in- law especially flew from various parts of the world to participate in the fest .Do you know all of them either practicing Hinduism or Buddhism and some of them are atheist .No one has forced them to embrace Hinduism or Buddhism .They participate in each rituals with traditional way . They cherish Bhagvad Gita instead of Bible. Now tell me is there any untruth in my above remarks.

  342. Sakat says:

    You are the owner of artificial pearls ,it doesn't matter you through it to pigs or a crow .And as far sacred is concerned i do not find any sacred in your belief ,so dogs are saved from witchcraft.

  343. Agracean says:

    Mr Sakat, don't you know that I never give dogs what is sacred and I never throw my pearls to pigs?

  344. Agracean says:

    Mr Sakat, you've got to brush up on your reading skills to get all the facts right. Does it matter to you that I'm an European or an Asian? Never, never underestimate the power of a tip of water on the ice burg. It can cause that humongous Titanic to sink in the deep the blue sea!

  345. Sakat says:

    Sorry i don't waste my time on silly and useless things and belief ,keep those gifts with you or share with those who blindly accepts them.

  346. Sakat says:

    God never will get angry but Jesus got angry ,he threw the money and tables of money lender's, god do not do adultery but Jesus did he had the concubine named lady Magdalene .He was carpenter by profession but desire to become ruler like Mohammed .Mohammed succeed but he failed ,his miracle couldn't save him from death .As a last effort to escape from the crucification he tried to extract mercy from Roman soldier ; saying ,'God forgive them they don't know what they are doing',but Romans were very intelligent, they knew this thug very well,they did not budge.The person couldn't save his own life how he will saves others.At least Mohammed saved his believers life .The greatest Sin committed by Jesus was offering wine to his disciples(intoxicants) .See till this day western world has not come out of it ,Buddhist meditation are needed in rehab camp to reshape people to normal life .This is what Jesus followers are suffering.There for exodus of Hellenic people are embracing Hinduism and Buddhism .For that matter you are not European but a typical Asian ,your belief or not won't make much difference ,it is just a tip of water on the ice burg.

  347. Agracean says:

    Ms Supriya, what you've written above sounds like an excerpt from the movie, 'Avatar'. My dear ex-Patheist boyfriend Mr Jonathan Harrel and I were avid fans of that fantastic love movie and oh my, the mere mentioning of his name brought tears to my eyes when I remembered those fond memories of how happy we were together. Due to some silly misunderstandings, we went our separate ways and as a result of that, he's no longer a Pantheist like you but became a transhumanist instead. You've spent too much time reading Vedas and studying Hinduism. It's time to sail away from the safe harbour and to discover a whole new world out there, far beyond the horizon. Grab hold of a Bible and read it, especially the New Testament a hundred times over and over again, if possible and then, wonders are ready to begin and in no time, you'll solve the big cosmic puzzle and Who your God is! 🙂

  348. Agracean says:

    Mr sanatandharma86, you missed the bullseye. Set all your focus on the bullseye and shoot. Surely, you'll win the competition if you got it right! The moral of the story is that the bullseye is currently the most important part that you should pay attention to and not the arsehole or the tail in between the legs which are not relevant at the moment, so never lose focus on the bullseye and and you'll get what I mean! 🙂

  349. Agracean says:

    Mr Sakat, after reading your above comment to Mr Suresh, I'm amazed to know that you are still stuck in your own labyrinth. it's time to exercise your IQ, solve the cosmic puzzle and get out of the maze before it's too late. Time and tide waits for no man.

  350. Agracean says:

    Mr Suresh, why are you so 'agitated' when my dear Ms Dr Ali Sina didn't even bother to make any comment about my love comments here? Please learn something from him. Always keep cool…

  351. Agracean says:

    Ms Supriya, I can't help feeling sad after reading your above comment. Do you have any idea how do the Indians respect Jesus? They beat, torment and persecute His followers and burnt their houses, especially those who serve Him as missionaries. This is how ignorant Indians respect Jesus. What past karmas? Did Budhha or any sinner taught you past karmas?

  352. Agracean says:

    Ms Supriya, my efforts are but a tiny drop in the ocean or a vapour in the wind. It's the Spirit of Christ that reveals to him the deep secrets of the body, soul, spirit and other truths. Like our dear Ms Dr Ali Sina, I also respect Buddha and some of his good teachings but the truth is that Buddha was afterall a sinner like one of us. So, how in the world can we expect an ignorant sinful man like Buddha to produce a perfect solution for our sin problem, unless he is God but every earthling in the universe except the Martians, know the fact that Buddha was not God but just a creature on earth. Therefore, Buddha lied when he introduced the doctrine of rebirth and reincarnation to the world, just like that horrible prophet, Mooamma, who lied that allah has turned some earthlings into apes and pigs. So, the question is: Who in the world impressed all these stupid lies upon Buddha and that Mooamma? That's the reason why it's important for you to first find out the true living God because every Tom, Dick and Harry claimed that they are worshipping the right god but after hearing their testimony, I realized that they were demons and not God! If you are worshipping the right God, you can exercise and meditate in peace because you are in good hands but if you are worshipping the false god, then, hell will break lose and you can imagine the worst scenario that may happen to you.

  353. Supriya says:

    To Agracean
    I will try to explain the concept of God in Indian Spirituality.
    It is said that in the begining there was only one energy, that one divine Light thought, I am alone ,let me multiply into many [ Ekoham bahu syam – I am one ,may I be many ] and it assumed the form of Para shakti [ Mother Divine] Then from that three energies came out: 1) Creative impulse 2) Protective impulse 3) Transformative or Destructive impulse. So one Paramatma (God) or one divinity multiplied into many so that this diverse creation can come into play. Today scientist say that there was only one Amoeba in the begining. All species have sprung up from one Amoeba.

    Every form is manifestation of formless ,the divinity.The body is characterised by Guna (attributes) : Sattva, Rajas , Tamas. But Atma (soul) is Nirgun or formless. Truth transcends duality, and God is absolute and only truth. You are God.
    You can understand more precisely by reading following explanation.
    Q : Who wake up first? God or You?
    A : You wake up first. God is still asleep . After waking up , you experience pain and pleasure. You become aware of short-comings of world and it's beauty. Then you cry for help and ssl the ultimate and then you wake up God. And when God is awakened in you ,there is no two.
    When both you and God are asleep , there is inertia. When the I is asleep , there is no experience.
    God is in you in seed form. When he wakes up, you cease to exist. God is asleep in every particle of universe. It's you when wakes up first and then you awaken God. When God wakes up, neither you nor the world remain.
    Only awakened soul can see that God isasleep everywhere.
    Ultimate truth is that which does not change. You can observe that everything around you is changing.So it is untruth. When you identify that which appears tu you as untruth, then you ill become free from it. As you mature in life,you find everything is untruth- events,situations,people,emotions,thoughts,opinions,concepts,your body. Everything is untruth.
    Yoga is the mechanism to be awakened.
    You misunderstood Yoga.

  354. Agracean says:

    Mr Suresh, the point is that who is this god of yoga that you are meditating on? This is a very important question because if the god of yoga is a demon in disguise, then, you should know what are the consequences.

  355. Supriya says:

    To Agracean
    We both differ in understanding of God. Christianity believes in personal God. We Indians believe in God, the divine within everybody and everywhere.The reason you don't know about Yoga is you don't want to know about Yoga [because it belongs to Indian spirituality]. We Indians respect Jesus but you call us ignorant because you are taught that those who don't belong to Christianity are ignorant and fools and they go to hell after death.
    Your past karmas don't allow you to know the ultimate truth.

  356. Sakat says:

    An astonishing truth of our world is that most followers of religion have no true understanding of what it is they claim to believe in. If the average Christian were drawn into a debate about the numerous ancient heresies that were stamped out one by one by the Church, he would almost certainly discover that he himself was a heretic. The reason for this is that the heresies provided logical, and devastating, critiques of the central tenets of Christian theology and were never refuted in any credible manner. A couple of examples will suffice. The Arian heresy declared that God the Son could not be the same as God the Father because, by definition, a father precedes a son. Leaving out science fiction time paradoxes, there is only one situation in which the father does not come before the son: in the Christian concept of the Trinity.

    Arius was never disproved: he was simply outvoted at the Council of Nicaea, which was held for the purpose of establishing Christian “orthodoxy”. However, if God the Son died on the cross and yet is, by some mysterious mechanism, also simultaneously God the Father and God the Holy Spirit then it means that the Godhead itself died at one point in the history of the universe, which will come as surprising news to most people, though perhaps not to Nietzsche.

    The heretic Nestorius asserted that the Virgin Mary could not be declared the “Mother of God” because a mortal cannot give birth to God. Again, he wasn’t refuted but merely outvoted at a Church Council. Of course, Mary had to be a virgin because otherwise God would have been the product of a sexual act between two sinful mortals. Also, Mary herself had to be free of Original Sin because God couldn’t possibly have sinful blood flowing through him while he was in Mary’s womb. Therefore, Mary had to be different from all other humans beings: she was an “immaculate” conception i.e. God made her free of sin when she was conceived.

    Nestorius has belatedly found a certain degree of favour in Protestantism, which relegates the significance of Mary, just as Nestorius did.
    Now of late the Christian world is realizing the fallacy of Jesus and amended new-testament and in more and more number embracing Hinduism and Buddhism ,this is really a good OMAN for people yearning for viollence free world.

  357. sanatandharma86 says:

    __________exactly the reason why you must stop practicing Yoga________
    Should we stop to follow Yam & Niyam which are initial stages of Yoga – Yams are :Non-violence, Truth, Non-Stealing, Brahmacharya (Self-control and NON-obscenity), Non-Hoarding
    Niyam – Purity, Contentment, Putting strong efforts, Self-study or self-evaluation, Knowledge seeking, Dedication to service for humanity

  358. Suresh says:

    Now, Dr. Sina believes in the concept soul that is why he started to believe in god. And it his own discoveries and not to give credit to any fanatic. And belief in God or non-belief in god does not make any difference.

  359. Supriya says:

    To Agracean
    If Dr. Sina believes in God due to your efforts then I have to congratulate you.But he also believes in many concepts of Indian spirituality . He respects Buddha. His many write-ups denote it.
    I believe in God , the divine within me, within you and everywhere.I am always open to gain knowledge from everybody. I have not restricted my mind to particular faith.
    You know about Indian beliefs but not spirituality because according to you Yoga is occultic practice which is wrong.Yoga has vast and diverse meaning. I will explain you later.

  360. Suresh says:

    "' it is clear that you do not know anything about the potential dangers associated with Yoga"'
    As per Yog Shastra we should start from the first stage to destroy the dangers
    First stage

    1.1.MORAL OBSERVANCES which consists of five commandments:
    1.Nonviolence ~ Let all cease to bear malice to any living being and all animals with no exception to any, let him always love all.
    2.(Truthfulness ~ Practice of truth, discriminating between right and wrong. It consists of acquiring the knowledge of the nature, properties and characteristics of all things from earth to God, in assiduously obeying God’s commandments and worshiping Him, in never going against His Will and in making nature subservient to oneself.
    3.Honesty ~ Let no one ever commit theft, and let all be honest in his dealings.
    4.Self-control ~ Let all practices self-control, never be lustful.
    5.Humility ~ Let all be humble, never vain.
    2nd Stage

    2.PHYSICAL DISCIPLINE ~ which consists of another five commandments:
    1.Purification ~ Renounce all passions and vicious desires, externally by the free use of water etc.
    2.Contentment ~ Work hard righteously but neither rejoice in the resulting profit nor be sorrowful in case of loss. Renounce sloth and be always cheerful and active.
    3.Austerity ~ Keep the mind unruffled whether in happiness or misery, and do righteous deeds.
    4.Self-Study ~ Study the books of true knowledge, and teach them as well, and associate with good and pious men, and contemplate on and mentally recite Om (God) which is the highest name of the Supreme Spirit.
    5.Devotion ~ Let all resign their souls to the Will of God.
    These ten commandments are important not only in Yoga but also in life, providing for the support of life itself. Without them there can be no progress whether individually or socially, for character is built out of them. Whether one believes in God or not the observance of morals is essential, because without them nobody, even a scientist or a scholar, or a genius, can be called a true human being. Without observing morals there can be no control of the mind. And, as the aim of yoga is mind-control, morals must be observed.
    Many aspirants have fallen by the wayside because they did not pay sufficient attention to morality. Moral precepts play an important part in concentrating the rays of the mind. For instance, when a person is established in the practice of nonviolence, not even under provocation will he become angry. Scriptural studies help one in establishing concentration and gradually purify one’s mind.
    "There is no turpitude in drinking alcohol, eating meat, committing adultery, etc. for that is the natural way of created beings, but abstinence brings great reward." Manu
    3rd Stage

    3.EXERCISE (Yoga Postures)~ is a system of making all parts of the body strong, healthy and supple. Even those not practicing the mystical aspects of yoga may do exercise to improve health. Exercise regulate breathing, ensure proper digestion of food and increase longevity. Exercise strengthen the nervous system, having a salutary effect on the brain centers and spinal cord. Exercise relaxes the five systems that make up the physical body:-
    1.The physical system which consists of all the tissues and fluids of the body from bone to skin.
    2.The vital systems
    3.The mento-motor system which comprises the principle of volition, the principle of individuality, and the five principles of action – articulation, grasp, locomotion, reproduction and excretion.
    4.The mento-sensory system which comprises the principle of judgment, the principle of memory, and the five principles of sensation – sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.
    5.The Spirituo-emotional which is love, cheerfulness, happiness (little or much).
    The elementary matter is the medium through which the soul entertains these feelings. It is only when the physical body is in perfect health that the mind can concentrate.

    Are you following these 

  361. Agracean says:

    Mr Suresh, after reading all your above lengthy comments, it is clear that you do not know anything about the potential dangers associated with Yoga and meditation. If you have known it, you would have abstain or stop practicing it at all cost! The problem with you and Ms Supriya is that you guys are ignorant of the ultimate truth. You need to humble yourself like my dear sweet Ms Dr Ali Sina and seek the true living God and solve this whole cosmic puzzle. Only then, will you understand my good sayings and advice.

  362. Suresh says:

    And last stage of Yoga 

    Samadhi: Samadhi is the state of actual union of the seeker’s consciousness with the object of meditation. It is also called laya. There are two forms of Samadhi, savikalpa and nirvikalpa. In the first, there is still a vikalpa or alternative, which means that the seeker is still aware of something other than the object of meditation. In nirvikalpa Samadhi, the object of meditation alone remains, and nothing else remains in the consciousness of the seeker – neither the process nor himself nor anything else. It is in this state that one realizes self.

  363. Suresh says:

    There are eight steps in sequence to achieve Samadhi (Last stage of Yoga). They are:
    Yama: Yama in general, speaks about restraint and practices that help cultivating austerity. There are many aspects of yama, however Patanjali gives five of them. Ahimsa or non-violence is the first of them. Satya or being truthful is the second. Asteya or belief in divine, being content and satisfied comprise the third. Brahmacarya or sexual fidelity is the fourth. Aparigraha or non-coveting is the fifth.
    Niyama: Niyama is a regulation. While yama is more of a restraint to overcome obstacles in achieveing austerity, niyama is a practice or method to actually achieve it. There are many niyamas such as doing worship, taking sacred vow, giving alms, however according to Patanjali five of them are important. They are sauca (purity), santosha (happiness and contentment), tapas (austerity), svadhyaya (scriptural study) and Isvarapranidhana (surrender to divine).
    Asana: Asana is the posture required for practice. While padmasana is the most practiced posture, there are many others that are used contextually.
    Pratyahara:Pratyahara is literally abstention. This step is about internalizing one’s consciousness, withdrawing mind from external senses and directing inwards, cultivate inward-looking or antar-dristi.
    Pranayama: Pranayama is the control of breath. There are three stages in respiration, puraka (inhaling), recaka (exhaling) and kumbhaka (holding the breath). By systematic practice of breath and doing these three proportionately, one can achieve prolonged kumbhaka, during which one can eventually attain Samadhi. It is during kumbhaka that one attains stillness of mind, which is fertile ground for dhyana.
    Dharana: Dharana means bearing or wearing. This is the step of concentration. The seeker directs all his concentration and invokes divine consciousness in the various limbs of his body in this stage. This precedes dhyana.
    Dhyana: Dhyana is the stage of concentration, where the seeker has totally developed inward-looking and concentrates on the object of meditation, isolating totally from his environment and external consciousness. Dhyana is usually of two kinds, one with a seed or beeja, an object of meditation and one without a form to concentrate on or seed of meditation.

  364. Suresh says:

    It is clear from you that you do not know anything about Yoga. Yoga is different from meditation. As per Yog Shastra   yoga means union. Yoga is the Sastra of uniting individual consciousness with cosmic consciousness. The methods of Yoga Sastra are based on Yoga Darsana of Patanjali, according to which binding (bandha) of individual soul (jiva) is because of mistaking intellect (buddhi) for self (atma). However self is beyond all upadhis – body (sareera), senses (indryia), mind (manas), intellect (buddhi), memory (citta) and ego (ahankara). And it cannot be reached through any of these. Only in unalloyed self-conscious state can the being be united with the cosmic Being. The only way is to dissolve the physical and mental consciousness in consciousness of self. Yoga Sastra specifies methods for attaining this.
    Yoga defines Samadhi, the state where the seeker, sought and the process of seeking merge into one single continuum and no separation remains between them. When applied to worship, this translates as “the state where there is no difference between the devotee, God and worship”. If this is to be expressed in non-theological terminology, it translates as “the state in which mind dissolves in self-consciousness, the being experiences himself as the unalloyed self, and clearly distinguishes self from other faculties of consciousness”.

  365. Agracean says:

    Ms Supriya, like what I said so many times in all my earlier comments that Yoga is more than an exercise and ignorant gullible people are unaware of the potential associated with this kind of occultic practices and thus, lead to stupidity. Come on, my dear young Indian gal! Don't you know that not all westerners are Christians? Don't you know that besides Yoga, they are also looking into other religion ie. Buddhism to find temporal peace? If you are really interested to know more about God and demons, don't be lazy. You could spend some time to research through internet. Alternatively, you could search the whole of this awesome website in which I've explained very clearly about the coup of an archangel named Satan and one third of the fallen angels in Heaven against our loving Creator God. It's premature for you to conclude that I know nothing about Indian cultures, beliefs and spirituality. Don't you know that my dear Ms Dr Ali Sina has made me very happly and glad when he finally announced that he agreed with me that God does exist? This shows that my years of time and effort to convince him are not wasted afterall. Soon, it'll be your turn. 🙂

  366. Supriya says:

    To Agracean
    I respect Jesus Christ. I will be happy if he blesses me.
    But you have not answered many questions which I asked you in my last comment.
    What do you know about Yoga? How could Yoga be stupidity? Why westerners are doing Yoga to seek inner peace? What does Christianity mean by Personal God and deamon?
    [ In my opinion you know nothing of Indian spirituality. Dr. Sina knows very much about Indian spirituality. You can ask him.]

  367. Agracean says:

    Ms Supriya, you're right to say that there is a vast difference between Indian beliefs and Christianity and that's exactly the reason why you must stop practicing Yoga because ignorance can lead to many sorrows and sufferings. Let me illustrate: Black is Black and White is White but ignorant fools prefer grey colour due to their saturated pride. The worst form of deception is self deception.

  368. Agracean says:

    Ms Supriya, I've just moved next to where my dear Ms Dr Ali Sina and Mr Jonathan Harrel live, since I love him so much. I believe that you'll know where I'm from then. Yes, I'm definitely from the wild wild west! 🙂 To mediate on the Word of God means you grab hold of a Bible and flip to the New Testament which contains all the accounts of all of Jesus' excellent teachings and start to meditate on all of them when you're free or you may wish to meditate on one verse daily. ie. Matthew 19:19 Honor your father and mother and love your neighbor as yourself. As time flies, you'll gain an excellent knowledge about your loving Creator God, your identity and what His unconditional love is all about. Moreover, you'll certainly experience Jesus and His love in your life because He longs to sup with you as you humble yourself and invite Him into your heart to be your personal Lord and Saviour.

  369. Agracean says:

    Mr slaveofprophet, you injil is different from my Bible and only stupid fools like you will believe in your evil allah and his evil prophet. Please wake up and come to your senses, before you ended up in hell with those monsters.

  370. Supriya says:

    To Agracean
    I don't know where are you from? but you name ' Agracean' suggests that you are from West.
    I don't get the idea of ' meditate upon the word of God ' . Please explain. Illustrate idea of God and Deamon. I have no knowledge of Christianity.
    In your opinion, peace on earth is brought only by following Jesus teachings, then why westerners are doing Yoga and meditation to find inner peace.
    What do you mean by Yoga? How Yoga is stupidity?
    I don't think practicing Yoga and meditation makes me ignorant.
    You said that the ultimate truth can set ignorant free.
    According to Indian spirituality "You are the only shaper of your destiny. Your deeds and thoughts decides that you are liberated or not. An awakened soul can only be liberated.
    I think there is vast difference between the definition of "ultimate truth " in Indian spirituality and Christianity.

  371. Agracean says:

    Mr slaveofprophet, you're really a sickening true blue braindead zombie belonging to that stupid paradise full of white skin houris waiting for you to penetrate. Go and have fun with your PBUShit eternally then. Good luck!

  372. slaveofprophet says:

    Please do not fill comment box with your family history. Allah looks only your belief not family. Quran is for all and does not discriminate with the people. If you accept Islam by believing "There is no God except Allah and prophet Muhammad is massanger of Allah" you can become Muslim just by accepting this at this moment. Jesus was prophet just to 7 the century and Jesus was replaced by prophet Muhammad..

  373. slaveofprophet says:

    Only Belief in prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Allah will lead us in eternal heaven. Your worship is not correct. For the People got born after 7th century Prophet Muhammad/Quran is only way to eternal heaven.  Allah is too merciful if you denounce your false religion and accept Islam your all sin will be forgiven

  374. Agracean says:

    Ms Supriya, I wanted to laugh again when I read your above comment. My great great great grandpa is from the Middle East and he married a white woman and they gave birth to my great great grandpa, who then married an Indian woman and they gave birth to my great grandpa who in turn, marred a Chinese woman and lastly, my grandpa married a half white and half black African woman and gave birth to my appa. So, in the end, my appa, an Iranian married my amma, an Indian. Now, you should know my heritage and you are right to say that I'm a Westerner. Yoga is gaining popularity all over the world which is exactly the same as stupidity and only the ultimate truth can set all these ignorant people free. 🙂

  375. Agracean says:

    Mr slaveofprophet, you reminded me of that mad monster, Adolf Hitler because like you, he also burned Bibles and in the end, he committed suicide and died a tragic death because he realized that he was wrong and shouldn't have done it in the first place. I hope that you won't end your life in such a tragic way like him. Now, the good news is that irregardless of how many Bibles you've burned, Jesus still loves you very much and He won't love you a bit lesser for what you've done because you're more precious to Him than m. any Bibles. He demonstrated His love towards you through his death on the cross and paid the full penalty for your sins while you were yet a sinner. So, I hope that you will come to the ultimate realization of His unconditional love and know that He is your Lord and Saviour.

  376. Agracean says:

    Mr Sakat, I would strongly advise you or Ms Supriya or any idolaters not to practise meditation because you guys know not what you are doing and that's really dangerous. Meditation is safe only when you meditate upon the Word of God because there is power in the ultimate truth and all demons will have to flee. In fact, I would like to encourage all those who loves meditation to meditate on Jesus' teachings and I believe that there will be peace on earth. Hebrews 4:12-13 For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account.

  377. Supriya says:

    To Sakat
    Mata Amritananmayi Amma seems highly spiritual person. Hopefully I will meet her. Thank you for your suggestion.
    Their is one more spiritual , mystic in Tamilnadu called as Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev of Isha Foundation. His Inner- Engineering spiritual program is very famous. I like his teachings also.
    We Indians are very lucky because we don't need to cross the border in search of spirituality [ It is our past Karmas and Present Prarabdha] . You can see that westerners are visiting India for seeking spiritual knowledge[ It is because Kali Yug is heading towards SatYug]
    Samay hi sabse Mahaan hain.

  378. Sakat says:

    @ Agracean
    Among Christians there are a wide variety of opinions concerning meditation. Some see it as beneficial and practice the art daily. Others see meditation as "the work of the devil", and avoid it like the plague (swine flu?). What would Jesus say about the practice of meditation? Even more closely to the point; what would Jesus do? Did Jesus meditate?

    Meditation would have been no stranger to Jesus of Nazareth. Meditation is mentioned several times in the Old Testament. It is also known that there were Buddhist missionaries in Palestine during the time of Jesus, so He would have been familiar with their practices as well. If we look deeply at the teachings of Jesus contained in the Sermon On The Mount, I believe we find evidence that Jesus did in fact meditate, and taught His disciples to do likewise. In His teaching on Prayer Jesus taught…

    "And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. I tell you, they have received their reward in full. But when you pray, go into your room and close the door and pray to your Father who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. And when you pray do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard for their many words. Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask."

    Matthew 6: 5-8

    In the above passage from Matthew, Jesus teaches his followers to pray in solitude, using as few words as possible. Short and sweet seems to be what Jesus teaches concerning prayer. Yet many times in the Gospel accounts Jesus is said to spend an entire night in prayer before making a major ministerial move. Jesus is said to rise from sleep hours before his other disciples so he could go into a quite place to pray. Jesus is even said to have gone into the desert for 40 days and 40 nights to fast and pray. If Jesus believed in keeping spoken prayers short, what would He be doing for hours on end, or even days on end, praying in the wilderness? I believe He was spending time listening to God, being with God. In short, Jesus meditated.

    In the short excerpt below from The Lost Gospel of Q, Marcus Borg seems to agree. What Jesus was doing for hours on end in solitude was what we today would call meditation. For me it makes perfect sense. What do you think?

  379. Sakat says:

    Dear Supriya
    I never harsh upon you ,may be from my post it look like that way,the art of living is a wonderful course , i admire Guruji and his rationale from the bottom of my heart .I have done Art of Living course long back and it has benefited me ,even i advise people here who feel depressed in life to under go the course,especially the person who has sought help for his depression from Ali Sina (beat the self low -esteem).I wanted to test you ,whether you have imbibed Gurujis wisdom to your heart and implemented it practically in your life or not ,because your reply to Gracey and me in earlier post created some doubts in my mind .Don't worry you have chosen a right path ,but there is another woman I call her my eternal mother and the world knows her the "Hugging Saint" and well known in India as "Mata Amritanandmai Amma".If you really want to enhance your spiritual progress further please have motherly hug from this great woman saint , who knows if you are attuned ,you may be channeled to Shakti path (raising kundlini to the position of Sahasrar by mere touch of an accomplished saint).To know her more ,Google to "Mata Amritanandmai Amma " and you will see how people stand in discipline to have her motherly hug in almost all countries of the world. I wish best of luck in your studies and spiritual endeavor. God bless.

  380. Supriya says:

    To Sakat
    I don't know why you are so angry? Perhaps, because I said to read my views of God which I explained to Demsci. My Guruji has answers of every questions and doubts.
    I have begun my spiritual journey recently. And I believe that my first step towards spirituality is successful because I have found my Guru. I don't force you to do Art of Living courses to clear your doubts or questions. Because I know you don't not believe in Sri Sr's Knowledge.
    I know you will reply me in harsh manner because you have misunderstood me.

  381. Supriya says:

    To Agracean
    I am an Indian girl. You may not write Mr/ Ms. Thank you for your suggestion of reading Bible. I respect Jesus Christ . But this does not mean that I don't know my identity and God. But you can guide me of Bible. I will also share my knowledge of God to you later. [ I have reserved only 10 minutes for reading and replying for Dr. Ali Sina's blogs and thoughts because I am preparing for exams. ] I ill express my views of Yoga in following paragraph:
    You expressed your views about Yoga. According to you meditation lead Mohammad to turn into Hitler. Meaning and practice of Meditation in various cultures is different from one another. I think think Mohammad had practiced Islamic meditation.
    I think you are a westerner. So I want to share a statement of White House.[ You can google-search
    ] "From 2001, the popularity of Yoga in USA has risen constantly . The number of people who practiced Yoga has grown from 4 million(in 2001) to 20 million(in 2011) . In 2013, for the White House ,'Yoga has become a universal language of spiritual exercise in the United States , crossing many lines of religion and cultures . Everyday millions of people practice Yoga to improve their health and overall well-being. That's why we are encouraging everyone to take part in P A L A ( Presidential Active Lifestyle Award ) ,so show your support for yoga." In Western world Yoga is a practice of day- to- day life.
    Yoga is the physical , mental and spiritual practice or discipline which originated in ancient India with a view to attain permanent peace. Yoga literally means " union with the divine " . The ultimate goal of Yoga is liberation.
    Many Hollywood celebrities do Yoga for physical fitness and mental peace. Millions of westerners are gaining a lot through practice of Yoga.

  382. slaveofprophet says:

    Don,t give your nonsense advise to read Bible. Bible is fake book. I burned 10 Bible yet in last one year.

  383. Agracean says:

    Mr/Ms Supriya, it's time for you to grab hold of a Bible and read and discover your identity and get to know your dear personal Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, for He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. God bless. 🙂

  384. Agracean says:

    Oh, Mr/Ms Demsci, thanks for your sweet encouragement. Besides you, I believe that our dear Ms Dr Ali Sina and Mr Jonathan Harrel will also value my presence and contributions here. Oh, how I love them so. 🙂

  385. Agracean says:

    Baby Mr/MsSupriya, always bear in mind that my words are always sweet like honey and never harsh. cheers. 🙂

  386. Agracean says:

    Mr/Ms Surpriya, I'm merely encouraging you to rest and relax during the examination period and it's really funny that you got so mad over my kind comments. Yoga is a very dangerous exercise because like meditation, many ignorant people became demon possessed and only Jesus Christ can deliver them from the hands of their tormentors. Let me substantiate my claims here with an excellent example. Before Muhammad became the right hand man and mouthpiece of his own allah, his first old wife, Khadijah, ordered him to lock himself up in a cave and practice mediatation and as a result of that, he became the first 'Hitle'r in human history. Can you see how meditation can lead to demon possession and the result of it is horrifying?

  387. Agracean says:

    Oh Mr Sakat, thanks for your compliment. I think that everybody here, including our dear Ms Dr Ali Sina and Mr Jonathan Harrel will certainly agree with you that I'm a gentle and noble lady. Thanks for helping me to remind Mr/Ms Supriya to be polite and not to behave like those braindead zombies. Cheers. 🙂

  388. Sakat says:

    Dear lady
    I am not interested in your Gurujis views,i have asked you specifically about what is your OWN perception(view) of God .Do you think i am irrational ,simply ridiculous.There are many markets in India for subscribing your Gurujis thoughts ,i am not in that itinerary .However the question remains, how the GOD can resurrect a dead man in life or transform an old man in to an young one,do your Guruji have answers for this question ( in the name of God). If he does ,then come and say ,yes he did it ,till then don't come with your borrowed knowledge,here everybody fade up with such tall claims already .

  389. Supriya says:

    To Sakat
    I have explained my Guruji's views about God to Demsci in my last comment. You can read . I respect every rational human being.

  390. Sakat says:

    Dear Supriya
    I am happy that you have understood your mistake and came back with a positive note.Precisely two energy (Shakti)operates this void .The one is static and the other is dynamic .The static is absolute and that is called ,'the one without the second (Gunatitha) '. Upon this principle the whole of our Vedas and corresponding Upanishads are based .We cant speculate when and how these thinking flourished upon this land called Jumbu Dwipa or Bharat or Hindustan or India . The Vedas primarily speaks about the static reality and always addressed it as Adi Shakti (original energy) .They put it in the framework of femininity ,and called it with specific name as ,'Parvati". From that static energy a dynamic energy comes to existence and ,we are aware of that energy in the form of MATTER (remember we too are matter ) . This visible world (the subject and the object) is condensed form (dynamic) of that static energy .If you remove the condensity the object as well the subject will disappear from the seen ,Let me explain with an example ,have you ever tried to understand where the body of a dead man disappear upon fully burned.Science say's energy never dies ,it only change the safe ,so kinetic energy can be converted into speed energy and speed energy can be transformed into sound energy and sound energy can be transformed in to some different energy .Our great yogis found these truth thousands and thousands of years back , they imparted these knowledge to those ,who were prepared to tread the path ,that's how the varnashram tradition begin.Buddha came and he realized it ,and want to share this phenomena constantly occurring at the dynamic (matter) level of energy , with common man .I am not following Buddha's preaching blindly (on theoretical level) but practicing its practical teaching by way of Vipassana in its pristine purity as taught by Buddha during existence . Of course Sri Sri Ravishankar or Brahmakumaris are doing the same work along with other schools of Indian philosophy . You said ,i am Buddhist and, how come i believe in God .Before answering your question you must define what is the definition of GOD as per you . One more thing ,you said that you respect me as an Indian ,but it is my humble appeal to you that just respect me as fellow human being .God bless (if he exist)

  391. Supriya says:

    Namaste Demsci
    I know apostate of Islam is killed by Muslims.
    You appreciated Sri Sri's views of God . Thank You.
    I come to know that you don't know about Sri Sri And his Art Of Living Foundation because you compared religion of Islam with Sri Sri's teachings (or Sri Sri's religion in your opinion). I will definitely answer your question but before that you should know about Sri Sri and Art of Living Foundation.

    The Art of Living Foundation is a volunteer -based, humanitarian, educational non-governmental(NGO) organisation. It was founded in 1981 by Spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravishankar.
    It is working in special consultative status with United Nations Economic and Social Council of UN. The International Association for Human Values is the sister organisation of AOL that focusses on upliftment of human values at grassroot level.
    Philosophy of Sri Sri is " Unless we have a stress-mind and a violence-free society , we can't achieve world peace." The AOL provides stress-free programs such as breathing technique (Sudarshan Kriya) , meditation, Yoga.
    AOL has spread peace across communities diverse humanitarian projects including conflict resolution, prison rehabilitation, disaster relief, empowerment of women, education for all and environmental sustainability. AOL operates globally in 152 countries and has touched lives of over 320 million people.
    Sri Sri teaches that spirituality is that which enhances human values such as love, compassion , enthusiasm. It is not limited to one religion or culture. Hence it is open to all people. He feels the spirituality bond we share as part of human family is more prominent than nationality, gender, religion, profession, or other identities that separate us.
    In Sri Sri's view " violence-free society, disease-free body, quiver-free breath, confusion-free mind, inhibition-free intellect ,trauma-free memory and sorrow-free soul is birthright of every human being.
    According to him Science and spirituality are linked and compatible,both springing from the urge to know. The question "who am I?" leads to Spirituality and the question "what is this?' leads to Science.

    I think above explanation is enough to know my beloved Guruji and his teachings [Sorry, I don't get tired of praising Sri Sri Ravishankar ].
    Everybody who joins AOL course appreciates him and experience spiritual feelings within.
    Guruji and his followers do not punish them who do not follow him.
    You can also join AOL Foundation to enhance your spiritual values.

  392. Demsci says:

    For instance Supriya, do you know the deathpenalty for apostasy in Islam? As many Muslims interpret it?

    Let us suppose your religion is the Ravishankar religion. And children of Ravishankarians apostasize and desire to have a different or no religion/ lifestyle. Will your beloved Guruji and his followers then teach and react with more tolerance to apostasy than Mohammed, Islam and many Muslims?

  393. Demsci says:

    Supriya, I read what you wrote. Very deep. So to you the teachings of your Guruji are paramount. And sufficiently clear.

    These teachings are, it seems to me, A BETTER ALTERNATIVE to the teachings of Islam. And sufficient to let many people live long, happy lives. And they may have the capacity to help to let as large a percentage of people as possible live long happy lives.

    These teachings also seem very tolerant to me, so that even when they become highly popular and powerful they will not threathen freedom and democracy or freedom of choice. So these teachings are in many ways an excellent and better alternative to Islam. And tolerant to all other tolerant alternatives to Islam.

    Remember, people like me are only against Islam or any other most important guiding teachings as far as they themselves are totalitarian, supremacist and intolerant. Or as far as their interpretation by followers is.

  394. Supriya says:

    Namaste Dr. Ali Sina , Demsci and Sakat
    I respect Buddhism and Gautam Buddha very much.I know he attained the stage of self – realisation. But he did not believe in concept of God.
    I believe that God is asleep in everybody and everywhere.My Guruji Sri Sri Ravishankar says in the beginning there was only one energy, that one Divine light thought, I am alone let me multiply into many Ekoham bahu syam (I am one, may I be many )and it assumed the form of ParaShakti (Mother Divine) . Then from that came out three energies Creative impulse, Protective impulse, Transformative or Distructive impulse. So one Paramatma (God) multiplied into many, so that this diverse creation can come into play.Today scientists say that all species have sprung up from one Amoebisis.
    I believe in God because:
    Every form is manifestation of formless,Divinity. The body is charactarised by Guna : Sattva, Rajas and Tamas; but Aatma(soul) is Nirgun or formless.
    Truth transcends duality,and God is absolute and only truth. You are God.
    Truth is that which does not change. You can observe everything in your surrounding is changing. So it is untruth. When you come to know that everything which appears to you is untruth then you will become free from it. As you mature in life,you find everything is untruth-events, situations, people, emotions, thoughts , opinions, concepts, your body -everything is untruth. It is only then the Satsang (company of truth) in the real sense happens.
    I want to summarise Guruji's Pravachan as following:
    Who wakes up first?God or You?
    You wake up first. God is still asleep. After waking up ,you experience pain and pleasure. You becomes aware of shortcoming of world and it's beauty. Then you cry for help and seek the ultimate and then you wake up God . And when God is awakened in you, their is no "two" .When both God and you are is asleep , there is inertia. When 'I' is asleep ,there is no experience.
    God is in you in seed form. When He wakes up , you cease to exist. God is asleep in every particle of universe. It's you who wake up first and then you awaken God . When God wakes up neither you nor the world remain. Only awakened soul can see that God is asleep everywhere.
    My beloved Guruji Sri Sri Ravishankar is doing the work of Awakening of souls all around the world.He has touched the life of 50 million lives.

  395. Demsci says:

    Thank you for replying Supriya. You are most welcome here. You made a logical mistake. It is very unfortunate if Democratically minded persons who are different in religion "fight, chastize" each other when they should unite against totalitarian ideologies. And Islam is in big part that.

    On this site Christians and Hindus have often been at loggerheads, which as I explained above is very unfortunate, especially since this site is meant to be anti-Islamic, not anti-Christian or anti-Hindu.

    So, while I value Agraceans presence and contributions here, and would hate it to become embroiled with her, I think it was uncalled for and unfortunate that she "laughed" at what you wrote.

    And that she disparaged yoga, especially as subsequently SlaveofProphet also disparaged yoga. So that on the yoga-issue the Hindu was pro and both the Christian and the Muslim were against, whereas we prefer Hindus and Christians to side together against Muslims here. I myself find yoga, as far as I know it very interesting and healthy and wise. And I describe myself as a Darwinist. Liking and respecting Buddhism a lot.

  396. Sakat says:

    Baby read first Kathopanishad (don't Gita,because Gita is reproduction of Kathopnishad),i am here (perhaps glad ) to explain you to your fullest satisfaction whatever your doubts (be independent don't limp on others for knowledge (Vidya) ,be the master of your own spirit and body (matter) ).I did not admit that i am believing Sri Sri Ravishankar (I am not plain believer ,i underwent Sudharshankriya before you went after it ) may be he is having something to contribute for the society like Jesus Christ ,but Mukti from life and death comes only from Buddha,s teachings.

  397. Supriya says:

    To Demsci
    I am new here . I did not know that Agracean is Christian lady . Her harsh comment made me to conclude that she is a muslim. Thank you for correcting me.

  398. Supriya says:

    To Sakat
    I admit that I was rude in commenting Agracean. But firstly you should read her comment to me .You will come to know that her words were also harsh. I respect you as an Indian . But I am not happy that you questioned my knowledge acquired from Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar.
    I want to ask some questions:
    I know that you do Vipassana and you are a Buddhist. How do you believe in Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar because he is true believer in divine God. Buddhism says that there is no such thing as God . Union of Aatma with Paramatma (Yog or Yuj) is false theory according to Buddha.
    If you have attained the courses of Brahmakumaris, you should know that they believe in divine God.
    Do you believe in God if you are a buddhist?

  399. Supriya says:

    To Agracean
    I did not know that you are a Christian. You laughed at me and suggested to take rest . What does it mean? So I thought you should me Muslim.Anyways, I am sorry. And I know Yoga is beyond breathing exercise. But you can share me your understanding of Yoga.

  400. Sakat says:

    @ Supriya
    As dear Demsci said you are new to this site ,here there are certain rules and we call it "Golden rule'",after some time you will familiar about it .See if Ali Sina gives you reply through Email that would be your fortune and a price possession for your future generation.Agracean is a gentle and noble lady and the way you addressed her is not suitable for an Indian Hindu woman.Initially it looked you have truly understood the preachings of Sri Sri Ravishankar ,but I am sorry to say you have not understood an inch of his preaching.You should share love not hate (fore most principle of yoga is not to react any abuse and atrocities) .Even you have not understood the core of Prajapati Bramhakumaris mission.Above all i don't believe that you area woman ,from the way you have replied to Gracy. Be polite ,don't behave like Muslims.

  401. Agracean says:

    Thanks Demsci for helping me to tick that slaveofprophet off. 🙂

  402. Agracean says:

    Namaste Mr/Ms Supriya. I can't help laughing when reading your above rude reply to me. Do I sound like a Muslim to you? No, you're wrong. I'm never a Muslim but a kind, beautiful and intelligent Christian lady who loves our dear Ms Dr Ali Sina very much and this is a well known fact here, in this awesome platform. My first impression of you was that you must be a nice young Indian man or a sweet Indian gal but changed my mind after reading the opening of your above comment. You sounded more like a Muslim to me than any other Indians here and what baffles me is that you do Yoga. I thought that people who do Yoga are patient, good tempered and polite, etc. Anyway, I'll advise you to quit Yoga because Yoga is more than just an exercise. It is linked to occult. Cheers. 🙂

  403. Demsci says:

    Slave, Ramadan is unscientific practice, if you do it, you boost non-Scientific, even anti-scientific culture. But NO democratic country EVER banned Ramadan in it's laws.

    And punishing apostasy with death or whatever punishment, is UN-Democratic. It boosts culture of non-democratic, totalitarian people. All Democratic countries banned any penalty for any apostasy from any religion.

    And considering a man's testimony as twice as important as that of a woman, is an UN-Democratic practice. It boosts a non-Democratic culture. ALL Democratic countries REPLACED this practice with the rule of equal value of testimony of man and woman.

    I want you to understand and feel how some of YOU MUSLIMS CONTRADICT, REJECT, BLOCK Democracy and Science in some aspects. And how Democratic and Scientific people REACT to you who are Rejecting Unbelievers (in parts of Democracy and Science) !

    And I want you to see the contrast of the Democratic-Scientific reaction to rejecters and unbelievers in Democracy and Science with the reaction of the Quran to rejecters and unbelievers of Islam.

  404. Demsci says:

    Supriya, you must be new here. Agracean is a very CHRISTIAN woman and she is very much opposed to Islam.

    @slaveofprophet, you also know this and yet you replied to Supriya, whilst ignoring to tell her that Agracean is not a Muslim. Why did you omit to mention that in your reply?

  405. Demsci says:


    What you wrote about Ali Sina is outrageous! Is it bravery to go out and pull the tail of a tiger in the woods? Or is it suicidal? Is it brave to taunt a mother bear by teasing her cubs. Or is it suicidal? Not to mention counterproductive and foolish.

    You wrote:
    "Only for the people like you Quran declares".

    If we take Quran 9;29 literally and on it's own that is clearly untrue and illogical. There are 7 billion people and 1,57 billion Muslims. So 5,43 billion people believe in alternatives to Islam or in nothing religious or essential. And the Quran speaks of those 5,43 billion people, NOT of ONLY people like Ali Sina (who is abusing the prophet like he would also abuse megalomaniac murderers like Hitler).

    The most important guiding texts of Democracy and Science do NOT advocate to FIGHT those who do not believe in Democracy and Science, to FIGHT those who do not acknowledge Scientific theories as truth. As the Quran does. These texts, unlike the Quran, do not wish the unbelieving, rejecting Muslims to pay more taxes than their own followers and feel themselves subdued to the followers of Democracy and Science.

    The Quran wants to be supreme, Democracy and Science want merely to be equal, co-existing. Don't you SEE?

  406. Ali Sina says:

    " Do you have dare to abuse prophet among the Muslims?"

    No I don't! Because Muslims are savages. Do you crawl into the snakes hole? Do you go into the ferocious beasts' den? If you do, you are not brave, you are stupid and I am not stupid. I know Muslims are murderous and more dangerous than snakes and ferocious beasts?

    But i ma courageous enough to think and realize your prophet was a mentally sick man and a liar and his Allah was his bogyman and not the real God. That I call courage. Do you have the courage to think without fearing Muhammad's bogyman? No you don't..

    Yes I know what your satanic book of hate says. Those words you quoted cannot be from God. They are from Satan. No real God will order people to fight and kill others. A real God would order us to overlook each others' flaws and love one another. That is why I love Jesus, Buddha, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism and not Islam. All these religions teach something good. Islam reduces humans into beasts like you.

  407. slaveofprophet says:

    Yoga is unislamic practice. Do not do this. It will boost the culture of non-Muslims. Many Islamic country banned Yoga in its country.

  408. Supriya says:

    To Mr/ Mrs. Agracean
    Who the hell are you to suggest me? I am always stress free because I do Yoga (breathing exercise) and I don't need your advice for scoring more from a muslim like you. It is a big joke that a muslim is advising an Indian to score more and be stress-free because Muslims are most stressful and slowlearner people around the world.

  409. slaveofprophet says:

    @Ali Sina
    You yourself is biggest crook & coward on the planet. Abusing to prophet via internet is not bravery. Do you have dare to abuse prophet among the Muslims? Only for the people like you Quran declares:-
    Quran (9:29) – "Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued."

  410. Agracean says:

    Mr/Ms Supriya, I wanted to laugh out loud when I read your above comment. I think that you are too stressed. Rest and relax and remember to take a short break now and then. You will score well when you are stress free. 🙂

  411. Supriya says:

    Namaste Dr. Ali Sina
    Sorry sir, I don't receive your email because I am having trouble in receiving e-mails. I think that it will be good for me because my exams are in next month so I can study properly without any interruption of my friends because they don't let me study . But I will mail you sir after my exams. Till then, All the Best. I wish you will reply me in your comment section.

  412. Ali Sina says:

    I am, yet to see a crook who has not a justification for his crime. That also includes Muslims who murder others and have plenty of justification in doing so.

  413. Ali Sina says:

    Thank you Supriya,

    Did you receive the email I sent you?

  414. knowTheEnemy says:

    ["So the so-called upper caste people should care for everyone including the so-called lower caste people and even animals, lest they will themselves suffer and will not be cared in their future births. You see it promotes love for others."]

    Gaurav is being an idealist here but things mostly do not work this way. Some years ago, a young Hindu cab-driver acquaintance of mine was bragging about how he has tweaked the taxi meter so it runs faster on customers. The guy also had a little Ganesh idol on the dashboard next to the taxi meter and a Hindu swastika hanging on the windshield, so I told him, "You know you shamelessly gouge customers but it all gets recorded in your karma. In your next life YOU are the one who is going to get gouged." His response was, "Sir you misunderstand. I was the one who was overcharged in my previous life. In this life I am simply setting the balance straight, that's all."

  415. supriya says:

    Namaste Dr. Ali Sina
    I know sir, you don't believe in Karma philosophy. I want to share my knowledge. As an Indian I am taught to do good Karma and I am told that everybody's ultimate goal is to attain Moksha (Enlightenment). When are Karmas are settled down ,then only Moksha is attained. Many spiritual Masters have explained Karma as follows:
    Karma is the law of spiritual dynamics that can be related to every act in daily life. The word Karma in Sanskrit , meaning action and the entire cycle of cause-effect. Emerson's law of compensation approximates it in meaning and understanding. The law refers particularly to the accumulation of effects brought about by cause set in motion through our attitudes and actions in the past, and includes the new causes initiated in the present that will return in future as effects. As we bring together actions , thoughts, feelings, the result may follow at once or be postponed in accordance with obscure factors.
    The law of Karma operates, whether we are aware of it or not. By it's functioning , our destinies are shaped.
    Sometimes the effect is seen without cause and therefore it seems entirely unaccountable. When one hears the knowledge of reincarnation and Karma , he is opt to feel resentful. But viewed from pattern of immortal life , that man is truly imperishable, living through successive lives , all events are perceived to have their natural cause and logical consequence.
    Cause and effect are inseparable.
    Karma is neither predestination nor fate.
    It affects on physical, mental and spiritual knowledge.

  416. pran says:

    well said Dr.ali sina

  417. Ali Sina says:

    Gaurav asked me the following questions in an email, which I reply here. He wrote,
    "Hi Ali,

    You write in your articles that soul exists and after death it experiences all the torment and suffering it has caused to others while living, because there are no other persons or animals but we all are one. You call this a spiritual law. So does this mean that the soul takes birth again, for how can it suffer the torment after the death without a body ?? And if Mohammed is suffering right now, he must have a body.

    You also say that the concept of karma promotes casteism and indifference to the sufferings of others for it justifies those sufferings. I disagree, in fact, it promotes concern and a caring attitude for others. Here's how,

    Our bad experiences at the present time are a consequence of our bad deeds (karma) in previous births and current birth upto the present time, hence we should do good deeds at the present moment (and every future moment) so as to minimize our sufferings in the future births. So the so-called upper caste people should care for everyone including the so-called lower caste people and even animals, lest they will themselves suffer and will not be cared in their future births. You see it promotes love for others. Though proponents of caste system often justify the caste oppression using the theory of karma, but such justification is logically false because theory of karma can also be used to justify the opposite as I have done above.

    If you don't help others who are suffering, you will yourself suffer later. Of course this may sound selfish, but your argument that we cause suffering to ourselves if we trouble others is also based on selfish thinking. Isn't it ?

    You say that accepting theory of karma portrays God as a punisher and not as a lover. However since your theory is a spiritual law so there is no concept of punishment in your theory. But even the theory of karma can be labelled as a "spiritual law" just as you call your theory a spiritual law and it will instantly become free of the concept of punishment.

    I want to understand how is your theory different from the theory of karma ? The conclusion of both is that you make yourself suffer by giving pain to others. But how can you suffer after dying if you do not have a body ? Hence you have to have a body, which means you (ali sina) also believe in the theory of karma.

    By the way, is there any practical way of realizing that all of us are one and the same as you say ? Will meditation/Yoga do ?

    Thank you."

    Here is my reply

    We have physical pain and spiritual pain. You don’t have to suffer physically to feel the spiritual pain. When you experience deep sorrow, sense of loss, depression, or other emotional malaise, you feel pain in your soul even though your body may not be at pain. Of course there is also a connection between body and soul and spiritual pain can be eventually manifested in physical ailment. But these two pains are different.

    When we leave this body, our spiritual body will continue experiencing all the pains and all the happiness that it used to experience while in the body. That is why people who commit suicide in the hope to end their physical problems find those problems have not gone away and now without a body they don’t even have a means to correct them. Suicide is a stupid thing. When your car breaks in the middle of the road you become frustrated. It is very stupid to burn the car or throw it down a cliff because it is damaged. The rational thing is to be patient and maybe some help will arrive from somewhere and your car will be fixed which will allow you to continue your trip. But if you burn your car, you have only increased your problem.

    This body we use is a vehicle that allows us to experience this world. It is important for our spiritual growth to experience pain and suffering in this world. We come to this world to face its challenges. The road can be bumpy, but if we don’t despair and continue our trip, we become a better driver. That is the whole point of coming to this world. We come here to experience the good and the bad of the material world. You will be a much more experienced driver on a bumpy road than in a highway. The objective is not to get from one place to the other, but to learn how to drive.

    As for Karma, I have no firsthand experience of it. I just go by what the near death experiencers say and virtually all of them, even those coming from Hindu background say it does not exist. But if you want to believe in karma, that is fine. It is something that cannot be proven or disproven.

    I am not aware of a practical way of realizing that all of us are the same. I think this is more a matter of spiritual understanding and awareness. If you compare all souls to water molecules, you can see that they all come from the same source and return to the same source. In essence we are all bits and pieces of the same universal consciousness. Our individuality is temporary and only an illusion.

    Wish you all the best
    Ali Sina

  418. sanjay117 says:

    Ali sina
    you can't understand Hindu philosophy in one life
    whatever you do is instantly get recorded on your genes, even it gets transffered on your progeny's genes!
    the things you do, for that you will get payback, good or bad!
    this is the thing modern scientists are saying!
    our ancesters never lied! yes in few things they were wrong, for example, ayurved believed that your vitality depends on excreta (purishaah shariram dharyte) why they were correct and wrong i will explain you.
    when even a strong person gets 3/4 evacuation , he trembles, so they thought, excreta is strength giving, but the actual case was dehydretion!
    but amazingly the treatment for this they were knowing correctly, they have adviced plentyfull liquid diet for this
    the observations were right solution was right but explanation was wrong!
    in caste system also , one day you will believe
    there always will be poor people and uneducated people and deem wit people
    how can you measure them equally?
    a wealthy man will not allow his daughter to marry a above said type and this goes on increasing in geometric proportion with on going progenies
    and how you can stop this?
    ok theorotically all are equal but practically you can't control it!
    and thats why rishis said

  419. Sri says:

    Dont know why the link is not getting displayed properly.   http://drsvoboda.com/fate-or-free-will.htm  

  420. Sri says:

    Interesting post.I believe god has been exceedingly kind  not to let us know what we did in past or future. Only very few people are strong enough to cope with with. I would like you folks to read this great piece &nbsp ;http://drsvoboda.com/fate-or-free-will.htm  called "Fate or Free will" by Dr Svoboda. 

  421. Ankur Koul says:

    Ignorance is Bliss..
    Asura = A + sur : the people who pursue their life for the satisfiaction of baisic selfish instincts.
    Devta : De+ vata : those who live a selfless live and give without expecting anyting back. animate or inanimate does not matter. Sun is a devta and a indiviual who lives his life for the sake of others expecting nothing is a devta.

  422. anonymous says:

    hello ali sina
    the place you go in near death experience is astral plane

    you can go there by astral projection

    the things in that place is created by your thoughts

  423. Self_Learned_Hindu says:

    This is what Anita Moorjani (NDEr) said about Karma –
    "I view karma as being more a concept of balance rather than cause and effect. For example, I would never use the phrase bad karma, as I don’t believe there is such a thing. I simply believe all aspects of life are needed to create the whole.
    Neither do I believe anymore that we live out all our lives sequentially in linear time, which is the framework that many people have for their ideas about karma. It’s what I was brought up to think as well."

    So she does not say Karma does not exist, but only that her understanding (and what she was taught since childhood) of Karma was incorrect.
    Anyway, Karma is not about sin, punishment, rewards, etc. It is just a means by which the aatma achieves the knowledge of the ultimate reality, which is beyond the needs of the materialistc world ie love, religion, etc

  424. Self_Learned_Hindu says:

    If you interpret that by committing sin, as a consequence of your karma, you will take birth as an animal in the next life, then you are assuming that life of an animal is worse than the life of human being. This is not always true, there are many many animals, even dogs, who lead a life of luxury, respect and love, yet there are many humans who have none of these in their whole life. I/m sure all of us have atleast one example of a human family that loves it pet dog like a family member, and their sorrow and loss is very real whne this pet animal dies. At the same time, there are many many humans who spend their life on streets, face violent deaths, and when they die, there is no one to grieve for them, even their body rots in the open. So can we say that being born as an animal is for sure worse than being born as a human?

  425. Self_Learned_Hindu says:

    "The rationale behind karma is that if you do evil in this life, in your next reincarnation you will come back as a lower caste or even an animal and will be condemned to a miserable life until you pay your dues to the universe."

    Dear Ali Sina

    I am a Hindu (and proud of it) and would like to address this topic with my interpretation and understanding of Karma. 
    – I believe that karma is directly related to rebirth in this material world of ours' and also to moksha. 
    – When the atmaa leaves a body and enters a new body, it carries the existence of the "god-concoiusness" of the previous birth and all the prior births. The cycle of rebirth goes on till the aatma reaches a level of refinement where god-conciousness comes naturally.
    – God-conciousness and its enhancement comes from following one's karma in the material world.
    – Realizing and following karma makes one differentiate right from wrong, necessary from unnecessary, truth from falsehood and justice from injustice. This understanding triggers a "thought process" which stays and develips in the subconcious of the aatama over multiple births.
    – Over a period of many births where karma is folowed, the aatma reaches a refinement whereby it gains the ability to understand, feel and ackownledge the presence of supernatural power (ie god-conciousness) all around it.
    – Then many more births later, the refinement reaches such a level that the subciousness becomes one with the concious and the existence of God can be felt freely.
    – At this stage, the body is not required anymore and the aatma becomes free, in other words it attains moksha.

    Lord Ram, Buddha, Ved Vyas, Ramkishna Paramhans, Osho, Jesus(?), Yogananda, Jiddu krishnamurthy are some who have acheived this, which means the collective karma of their previous births had brought their aatma to a stage where it was set free. When the end came for their lives, they were ready and well prepared for it, for they knew what lay ahead.

    Discussing caste, birth as animals, What is God, is he merciful and loving unconditionally..etc are matters which need to be discussed seperately, as they really have no bearing on the self and karma.

  426. perfectchild says:

    You mean Ali will write an article: "Karma and the before life"?

  427. perfectchild says:

    My son told me today about a situation in Religious Education (RE) where the class watched a video of a young child 'remembering' about his previous life as a soldier. His mother was skeptical but when he gave names she went to look up the details and found those names and a war record and became a believer.

    He said he poo-pooed the idea and the Nigerian teacher told him not to be judgmental. He said she informed the class that children have this gift, but as adults they forget.

    He asked me my view. I said a baby's brain is mush. From this, it grows. I said when is a child an adult? Can you pin-point the exact age at which this forgetting moment had occurred? I said children are remarkable because they have not been trained by the deceptions of culture and manners so they look unabashed at things as they really are… they also have good imaginations and take in things more readily… with more mistakes…. I gestured to the TV.

    I said if it were children having this memory, then all children did. Did he? No.

    So the mother was employed as a Doubting Thomas.

    When Jesus rose from the dead, Thomas did not believe what he had heard so he wanted to see Jesus for himself. What he got was a man with nail-wounds in hands and feet. I said to my son, 'think about it. Ten minutes after Jesus had died, all his cells started to decay. Within 12 hours he would have complete rigor mortis. So when God raised Jesus from the dead, he healed and repaired every living cell in his body – except those in his hands and feet.' I said his RE teacher should be teaching him critical thinking, not this nonsense and accusation of BEING JUDGMENTAL.

    So the mother was the foil. She went to a book of records with some names in her head. She would be bound to find them somewhere and within some pattern. No more than a spiritualist can speak to someone about a dear-departed called Mildred, or was it Eldred, or something that ended in 'dred'. Oh yes, Alfred.

    Now if the doubting skeptic is convinced, then you must be convinced.

    I wished my son had this RE teacher, Gary Smith who revealed through comparison and plagiarism in religions, that the truth set you free, and he paid the price for it.

    Psst. Don't tell Ali Sina about this.

  428. patriothere says:

    You can lie all you want.

  429. Roger says:

    Will he study how to correctly beat his wife?

  430. patriothere says:

    When? I try my best to tell the truth and all you do is troll and lie and bully people around and muck up the whole debate.

  431. patriothere says:

    You're just a troll. Nobody believes anything you say.

  432. patriothere says:

    Point out one flaw of mine. Don't worry, I'll wait.

  433. patriothere says:

    :sigh: You are one stupid troll.

  434. patriothere says:

    I am real. god is not. You are a troll

  435. patriothere says:

    I'm not pretending. god is fake. There is more evidence of me than of god.

  436. patriothere says:

    Inspiration? See I have answered you again. More than god will EVER do!

    paul invented jesus. It was his version of zeus. jew-zeus.

  437. patriothere says:

    Trita is his name. Troll boy.

  438. patriothere says:

    If god had a conversation with you, then you need to be committed.

  439. patriothere says:

    I am more real than god.

  440. patriothere says:

    God is not real. No proof. god never wrote anything.

  441. patriothere says:

    I don't think so. [youtube EoJgdx9Gsrw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EoJgdx9Gsrw youtube]

  442. patriothere says:

    I usually don't feed the trolls. But for some reason I just want to shut you down.

  443. Roger says:

    At the point of a sword with a stoning or honor killing for anyone desperate to escape it.

  444. Roger says:

    You would stoop to bantering with a mere troll?
    You know I'm more, that's why the trista trolls spend so much time and money to counter my comments.

  445. Roger says:

    You can't help but pretend Israel isn't more stable, more prosperous and more long term viable then your islamic hell hole of iran.

  446. Roger says:

    You aren't real.  Your strong reaction shows I hit a nerve and that you don't want people realizing I was spot on about the 5-7 trolls who have worked this profile.

  447. Roger says:

    The troll currently pretending to converse with me doesn't have a clue what it means to converse.

    And Mojtaba must be wishing he wasn't the virgin in paradise trying to please all the jihadists that died recently.

  448. Roger says:

    Are you saying you are 'trite' as in a trite little paid troll here to clog things up and drive folks out of the temple/site?

    6 minutes ago @ Breitbart.com – Protests to greet Ahma… · 1 reply · 0 points
    I'm like jesus, I'm gonna chase you money changers out of the temple and out of town and of course out of this forum. Me and ohsoquiet and a few other REAL AMERICANS who are being PAID to be here like you Israeli PR men. I'm here to chase you filth out.

  449. Roger says:

    You must not have heard of 'inspiration'. You have none, so I'm not surprised.

    And when you want to pretend the God if Israel is just imagined, wait until they are pushed into the sea then try saying it again.

  450. Roger says:

    Go ahead, keep pretending.  Your handler must have approved that one.

  451. Roger says:

    You are not a god troll.

  452. Roger says:

    Speaking to yourself in third person again goat boy?

    Why in the world did you have to pretend goat brides are universally accepted?  I suppose I should ask – was the troll before you that gave that comment replaced really fast?

  453. Roger says:

    Other than the limited thinking, inability to reason, tragically bad writers and lame handlers?

  454. Roger says:

    In all seriousness you aren't outside of Iranian islamic circles so you wouldn't know.

  455. Roger says:

    Of course I have.  So, is this the temple/site you're supposed to drive folks away from?

    Mojtaba's replacement must be so frustrated with you.  You are so ineffective it's a waste of money paying you to come around and look foolish.

  456. patriothere says:

    No. Not even close. jesus did not write the bible or the new testament. He only allegedly wrote in the sand. Paul speaks of jesus. Paul existed but his fake zeus did not.


    Jesus was just a jewish zeus. Zeus wasn't real either. All of these gods are fake. horus and all the other sun gods are fake. Amen ra . all of them. odin etc. They are all fake. Imaginary.

  457. patriothere says:

    I have no flaw.

  458. patriothere says:

    Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world and has more than a billion followers. You're gonna have to learn to live with them. Paul invented jesus in his head.

  459. patriothere says:

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  460. patriothere says:

    You have never caught me in a lie. I try my best to tell the truth.

  461. patriothere says:


    In all seriousness, they were not.

  462. patriothere says:

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  463. patriothere says:

    My writings were written by me. Unlike jesus and the bible.

  464. patriothere says:

    What did Trita ever do to you? Spell his name right for once retard. It's Trita Parsi. You're spelling his name wrong troll.

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  468. patriothere says:

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  469. Gaurav Sharma says:

    Dear Catalyst, either you don't know a thing about Vedas or else you know everything about Vedas and hence know that Vedas cannot be proven false except by lying about them.
    The translation of Atharva Veda 18:3:1 would roughly be "O Man! If a woman whose husband has died and if she is a virtuous woman and if she had truly loved her husband, if she praises him and if she wants to come to you and if you like her then accept her and give her children and strength". Of course the reference is to a man who is not married.
    Don't go by what the IRF and Zakir Naik have been saying about Vedas but I request you to first learn sanskrit and read and understand that verse for yourself or else buy an authenticated translation of Vedas.
    In fact the very next verse Atharva Veda 18:3:2 refers to a widow and says "O Woman! Get up and move towards the society of living men. This dead man in whose grief you are lying, may you carry forward his 'vansh' i.e. lineage"
     Any sane thinking person would understand that this verse is exhorting a widow to start her life afresh with another man. The reference to dead husband's lineage is that if the woman is grief stricken with her husband's death then she should get over that grief and move on with another man. She could think of future children with the new man as carrying forward the lineage of her dead husband in whose grief she is drowned.
    I request all Hindus to beware. Sati has never been mentioned even once in either Atharva Veda or Rig Veda (Muslims and Christian missionaries refer to Rig Veda as well). Trust me, vedas do not contain anything which does not seem right to your senses. There is a huge campaign against Hinduism in India. An esteemed scholar by the name of Pandit Mahender Pal Arya (who was a Muslim maulvi and Imam earlier before converting to Sanatan Dharma) will start a mission post 2014 after the corrupt 'sickularist' UPA govt. is thrown out of power to expose Islam and help people understand the truth of Vedas. We cannot do it in this environment as we've been getting threats from everywhere in India and from London Afghanistan etc. Wait till Modi takes over as the Prime Minister of India in 2014.
    And Ali, if you read this then I hope you will remember me from earlier this year. I've been to your site after a very long time and I thank you for opening my eyes to the dangers of Islam. 

  470. Roger says:

    You poor pathetic sexually deviant stalker. 
    And what are you trying to prove my posts like that? That you can make up addresses and information about things that are no part of the debate?

    Or do you just crave being banned?

  471. Roger says:

    We know why you do.  To push the agenda and drive everyone away from the temple/web sites.

    Me? I just defend the things I believe in.

  472. patriothere says:

    Why would you troll every day of your life?

  473. Sakat says:

    For your kind information ,the infidels now,have learnt the art of chasing and killing "Islamic Terrorists" like stray dog on the roads ,poor people ,die without identity for 72 virgins in Mohammed's heaven .Take Mistic too ,he has become mad now a day's repeating the same words again and again ,let Mohammed bless him from hell ha ha ha.


    Ahmadiyas are worse than kafirs……………amazing farce………………..lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


    there are lower caste muslims like carpenter, luhar, nai etc and higher castes like Maliks, Khans,shaikhs. Marriages are strictly banned among them.Shia,Sunni,Ahmadiya,Kachhi Memon……..ha ha ha ha ha Ahmadiyas are worse than kafirs……..bcoz they don't believe that Muhammad(piss be upon him) is the last messenger.



    Wake up dumbo Muslim wake up………………………..ha…………ha………….ha…………………..ha……………….ha…………
    Out Of the 1.4 billion Muslims 800 million are illiterate (6 out of 10 Muslims cannot read)you needn't go to any other website.Do check in this website the nonsense things of your religion.Long live Dr. sina



    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Dumbo Muslim……..at last you showed your intelligence………………………lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Out Of the 1.4 billion Muslims 800 million are illiterate (6 out of 10 Muslims cannot read). Do check these facts dumbo

  478. jeffrey gomes says:

    Great brother.you're absolutely right.I also follow this path.SANATAN DHARMA is a great philosophy,but Hinduism………………….However the people of west are following the path of SANTAN DHARMA with Self realization fellowship,Ramakrishna mission etc.I was a christian,but I have converted to Sanatan Dharma.May god bless you all.

  479. Roger says:

    Why would you take money from the trista group to post that when you know it's not true?

    Oh, they call someone who takes money to do anything at all something.  It seems to apply to you too.


  480. Roger says:

    Like yourself?  Yeah, how long as you been posting on this profile anyhow?
    Long enough to remember saying this? The funny thing is, islamic activists practice real racism and real apartheid, ask the Copts in Egypt.

    1 hour ago @ Frontpage Magazine – Egypt Designates Israe… · 0 replies · 0 points
    Israel should be destroyed by the rest of the world who hates racism and apartheid.

  481. Roger says:

    God the Almighty is as real as the existence of Israel. 

    And your fake allah is powerless to do a thing about it.

  482. Roger says:

    You are lying and repeating yourself That's not real debate.
    That is a paid hack repeating the talking points he's taking money to post.

  483. Roger says:

    You just can't stand it when Trista gets any credit.  Are you supposed to cover for his involvement?

  484. Roger says:

    You don't know that.  
    And you didn't write the Bible or the teachings of Jesus.  I never said you did.

  485. Roger says:

    I don't know you have.  You could be a part time troll that only started working this profile tonight.

  486. Roger says:

    Oh, so that's not the opinion of your handlers?  Are you taking horrible risks and saying things on your own?

    If they find out you are in serious islamic style trouble.

  487. Roger says:

    YOu have only proven that you can't prove a thing.

    Boy, your boss is wasting all those Rials.

  488. Roger says:

    No, you actually don't.  It's the muslim commanded dominance you are tyring to impose, and it's not working
    Remember saying this?

    39 minutes ago @ Breitbart.com – Romney wins Iowa in fi… · 1 reply · +1 points
    You'll pay your jizya tax and you will like it! 

    Paid hack troll.

  489. Roger says:

    What makes you think that your boss isn't wasting his money with your lousy job performance on these boards?

  490. Roger says:

    They both were, outside of Iranian muslim teachings.

  491. Roger says:

    Of course you do,  It's something any paid hack has to do.

    Or else you would be happily married to a universally accepted goat bride and raising some kids.

  492. patriothere says:

    I am my own boss but spell Tritas name right. What did he do to you?

  493. patriothere says:

    You said I never wrote anything. You're as dumb as a box of rocks.

  494. patriothere says:


  495. patriothere says:

    You're projecting on me. I have proven everything I say.

  496. patriothere says:

    I'm the one that realizes what constitutes reality. You're the schizo.

  497. patriothere says:

    What makes you think I'm not gonna respond?

  498. patriothere says:

    Santa claus was never a real person. just like jesus.

  499. patriothere says:

    I never lie. Where Have I lied? YOU'RE the one that says I never wrote anything and that I am a fake. If I never wrote anything then what do you call these words? What are your responding to?

  500. patriothere says:

    You're a troll

  501. patriothere says:

    You're wrong

  502. patriothere says:

    I am having a debate right now. A debate on why god is fake and this conversation is real.

  503. patriothere says:

    You're just trying to drive me away from this site. This conversation is real. God is fake.

  504. Roger says:

    Of course not.  All you do is post on a profile that you didn't start that you didn't write and that you don't even necessarily agree with.  You know what they call someone that will do anything for a couple of Rials?

    A prostitute.

  505. Roger says:

    Of course you did.  Why deny it… unless you didn't post it, a previous troll working that profile did.

    That's what I've been saying all along.  And that proves you are just another faceless paid hack using this forum to push that same agenda for the same handlers.

  506. patriothere says:

    Yes I have. You're just a moron or a troll. Probably both.

  507. Roger says:

    I guess we now know the official opinion of your handlers.

  508. Roger says:

    You are no more real than any other profile used by multiple trolls needing to earn a iranian Rial.

  509. patriothere says:

    I never said that. I said god is not real and that this conversation proves that I am real.

  510. Roger says:

    Paul was one of many who met and believed in the claims of Jesus.

    how many disciples did allah have, just mohammed?  Wow, Jesus was 12 times more popular it sounds like.

  511. Roger says:

    Of course he existed.  allah never wrote anything down or had any comments.  So he didn't exist.
    Your flaw is that your own test doesn't work across the board.

    Your handlers really need a better kind of troll, you just aren't up to it.

  512. patriothere says:

    Paul had comments about a make believe guy named jesus. There is no proof he existed. jesus has no works by him.

  513. patriothere says:

    Jesus never existed. He never wrote anything down or had any comments. Paul did.

  514. patriothere says:

    I'm real god is not.

  515. patriothere says:

    You're not even clever.

  516. Roger says:

    It looks like you don't know how distasteful stupid is,  looks like you get chased away from everywhere with any taste.

  517. Roger says:

    I wonder which troll you are, so many have parallel profiles.

  518. Roger says:

    Oh spoken like the true gallic coward.
    Did you have to run and surrender very often in North Africa?

  519. Roger says:

    I deserve some credit, but not enough to say that I make the trolls what they are.

    And why would you blame me when patriot had admitted it's his goal?  I bet he'll feel left out.

  520. zebrano says:

    HPD is another one that does not know what to do with his time. Looks like he got banned at RF.

  521. zebrano says:

    Yes, indeed………………..

  522. TheOracle says:

    Both Roger and his pal High Plains Drifter appear to spend unusual amounts of time at Starbucks.

  523. TheOracle says:

    Working hard on ruining another website, Roger?

  524. Roger says:

    I know enough that you're a cranky old man that has failed at every attempt to sound intelligent on ID.

    You push failed tactics, show a lack of understanding at engineering when you pretend to be an expert at it and then name call as a last resort.  I'm not losing a thing.

    And Karma, it's not anyplace in your comment. You are here to troll since you don't even pretend to stick to the story as a starting place for your debates here.

  525. zebrano says:

    You can't face the content.
    Still don't know the difference between nationality and ethnicity.
    Never went to Starbucks like you, don't even know what that crap tastes like.
    Don't lose your keyboard.

  526. Roger says:

    Because I show you to be an agenda driven paid hack?

    How does that work exactly?

  527. Roger says:

    No, you were pretending it was a conversation.
    And every time you use approved talking points given by your handlers in the attempt to drive people away from this temple) prove you are a paid hack troll on a mission to destroy this site.

    6 minutes ago @ Breitbart.com – Protests to greet Ahma… · 1 reply · 0 points
    "I'm like jesus, I'm gonna chase you money changers out of the temple and out of town and of course out of this forum. Me and ohsoquiet and a few other REAL AMERICANS who are being PAID to be here like you Israeli PR men. I'm here to chase you filth out."

    And God does show Himself. In every beautiful flower and sunset.

  528. Roger says:

    Then the comments of Jesus prove He existed.  The same standards you use prove you are not a real person.

    There is no proof of you by the way.

  529. Roger says:

    And most people would be smart enough not to say something stupid like this:  You trista trolls sure are arrogant, too bad it's misplaced confidence.

    22 minutes ago @ Antiwar.com Original A… – Israel Walls Itself In · 1 reply · +1 points
    I am not a paid troll. You can say it a million times but it still won't be true. I think WTE should do that and embarass you in your own community. Nowadays Roger, people can monitor your every move. No your name, your kids names, where you live, where you work, your credit history, your criminal record. WTE can easily link your profile to your preacher and expose you.

  530. Roger says:

    You haven't shown you wrote a thing.  You have posted a lot of your handlers approved talking points, nothing more.

  531. Roger says:

    You sure do avoid actual debate and discussion.

    How are goat brides accepted universally again? Why don't you explain that comment a little more…

  532. Roger says:

    Then using your own standards the writing of the Bible are more real than you are.
    You haven't proven you exist.

  533. Roger says:

    Of course not.  You wouldn't know what the words mean.
    So, tell me, how universally are goat brides accepted again?

    3 hours ago @ KTLA-TV – Local Reaction to Obam… · 12 replies · 0 points

    "…marrying goats is universal…" 

  534. patriothere says:

    We are having a conversation about how these words and bickering back and forth are more real than god. Every time I post my opinion and my own words and respond to your lies, I am proving that I am real and exist.

    If god existed then why doesn't he show himself. Why does he make himself so invisible?

  535. patriothere says:

    No, YOU are a troll.

  536. patriothere says:

    these writings are more real than god.

  537. patriothere says:

    contrived by two people that exist and are real. You and I. God is not real.

  538. patriothere says:

    I never wrote ANYTHING?!?!?!?!?!

    You need to be committed.

    What are these words? Donuts?

    God never wrote anything.

  539. patriothere says:

    You have me confused with yourself. You're not fooling anybody. Most people are smarter than you.

  540. patriothere says:

    You ARE a liar and a fraud. I'm only speaking the truth.

  541. patriothere says:

    My comments are proof that I exist. There is no proof of god by the way

  542. Roger says:

    All those words without any content.
    That would make you, the arrogant cowardly frenchman the motormouth.

    And yes, you still sound like the cranky old useless fool sitting in a cafe complaining about the coffee.

  543. rembrandt_gg says:

    I think Dr Sina and all other ex muslims would agree on this…

    The moment I understood the shit that islam is I thought everyone else would change and the world would be a better place…

  544. rembrandt_gg says:

    Heyyya muslim…
    Keep proving so…

  545. rembrandt_gg says:

    because it is said so in the quran..why else ?

    almost all other non muslim non satanic religions ask for the awareness of the sin in the sinnner…
    only the cults like islam, ask for the sinner to be killed..

  546. rembrandt_gg says:

    "…fit the elephant head with some surgical operation…"

    This one was started by Zakir Naik and there was some reply to the story being a metaphor for replacing our narrow minded behaviour with a bigger more broader vision of the world…and that leading to happiness…you can start on the path to learning sanskrit…but then you being a muslim wouldn't want to…

  547. rembrandt_gg says:

    If you ask me who would be the judge, I would say the people who are reading this forum…

    Other than that…if you are just spewing hatred on people whom muhammad has called as kafir is unhealthy for your life on the long run… Remember this: firstly the anger is not yours and hence you will boil in it, even after the original cause for the anger is removed…

    Secondly you can always grow a brain reading the contents of this site instead of spewing quran motivated hate…You can always see ali sina's argument agains islam…

    or keep talking on kafirs…it basically proves you are a muslim…and reinforces this sites claim on islam's effect on otherwise healthy human brains…no harm in that way too.

  548. zebrano says:

    Good morning motormouth !
    I see you are the #1 stalker on me, WTE, Shelia, patriothere…………….
    Did the letters come off your keyboard yet?
    What a miserable life you have!
    Happy play day !

  549. Roger says:

    Your comments have the proof.  What I said is exactly what you do.

  550. Roger says:

    Is that the best your handlers can come up with?  Do you think even your universally accepted goat bride would want you tossing out comments that lame?

  551. Roger says:

    You make up all sorts of things to push your agenda, and the agenda of every single person who has posted on the profile you are now using, to drive folks away from sites and offer real discussion.

  552. patriothere says:

    Why would I make that up then?

  553. patriothere says:

    You're a liar and a fraud.

  554. patriothere says:


  555. Roger says:

    Like you are?  Nope.

    I wonder, does Trista vacation near any remote woods?  It might be good if he did.  Mojtaba enjoyed it, didn't he?  Right up until that last moment….

  556. Roger says:

    Why what web site are you supposed to drive people away from now?

    I wonder if there was zionist spark plugs in the motorcycle that drove away from Mojtaba's horrible accident.

  557. Roger says:

    Of course not.  But you have to stick with the talking points all the same.

    It must suck to have your job.  Do you hear motorcycles in your dreams at night?

  558. Roger says:

    Of course I do, could you maybe suggest that Trista take a nice long relaxing walk in some secluded woods?

  559. patriothere says:

    You should listen. You should stop wasting your life and turn off the internet.

  560. Roger says:

    Still repeating the same lies as if it changes anything?

    Your handlers are doing sub standard work tonight.  Without Mojtaba to offer goat wives it just isn't the same, is it?

  561. patriothere says:

    I have.

  562. patriothere says:

    You have no understanding of reality or anything. You're a troll.

  563. patriothere says:

    There is not. There is evidence of this conversation. No evidence of god.

  564. Roger says:

    You haven't proven it.
    And you haven't shown God not to be real.  Israel is proof that the Almighty is more real and powerful than the pretend allah.

  565. Roger says:

    You don't even understand why gravity is an accepted fact.

  566. patriothere says:

    You can project on me but that doesn't take away from the fact that you are having a conversation with me and not having one with god. God is not real. You can talk to god all day and he will NEVER answer you because he does not exist.

  567. Roger says:

    Do I?  You sure are a legend in your own mind.  Why don't you go run and play with serf. 

    The two of you can discuss all the loyal muslim activists in the US military and why we should trust them.

  568. Roger says:

    There is.  We are here.  Israel stands.

    And your fake allah can't pretend to do either one.

  569. patriothere says:

    There is no god. IF there was a god, there would be proof. There is not one shred of evidence of god.

  570. Roger says:

    Should I just cut and paste the same comment like you do?

    Nope, I'm not a lame troll here to bore everyone to death.
    Poor Mojtaba would be so ashamed of you .

  571. Roger says:

    Perhaps more real than your fake allah.

    Can't your really lame handlers come up wtih any better comments than that repeated one?
    It is no challenge mocking the same failed retort dozens and dozens of times.  How many comments is your quota tonight?  You have 30 in he bag now, when do you reach the night's number of propaganda points?

  572. patriothere says:

    This conversation is real. More than I can say for god.

  573. zebrano says:

    OMG, I really got under your skin. You just don't have any rational answer for anything.
    So now I'm old and cranky. What else are you coming up with?
    I'm going to check up on you again tomorrow. You need to mature some day………..

  574. patriothere says:

    Because I understand reality. I'm not a schizo like you.

  575. Roger says:

    Perhaps more than your fake allah.

    But the true God, the Almighty is more real than the bullets that took down Mojtaba.

  576. patriothere says:

    There is no god. This conversation is more real than god.

  577. Roger says:

    You are a fake and Israel stands because the Almighty isn't.

  578. patriothere says:

    I exist, this conversation is real and god is fake.

  579. Roger says:

    Perhaps more real than your allah.

    But some are smart enough not to put our trust in helpless gods.

  580. Roger says:

    And why is that?  Because you think your handlers are up to the challenge here?

    Your allah may be helpless, but the Almighty has proven otherwise.  The fact Jews pray at their temple foundations  proves it.

  581. Roger says:

    You are entitled to your opinion.
    But the facts don't back it up.  What they do back up is you're a very unimaginative paid hack here to bore everyone to death.

  582. patriothere says:

    Yes it is. It's more real than god.

  583. patriothere says:

    This conversation is more real than god.

  584. Roger says:

    Nope, it's not.  It's an artificially contrived set of talking points.
    And it's not any more real than allah that can't deal with the Jew problem.

  585. patriothere says:

    It's more real than god.

  586. Roger says:

    Oh please, can't I say something off topic and nothing to do with the site so I can turn the tables on you?

    It must be horrible to be old useless and cranky.

    Let me take a moment here  You're unable to learn, but it needs said.  I didn't say the constitution was set up limiting my government to a two party system.  Quote me if you want to go there.  I said third parties had been tried and failed.  If the whigs hadn't been useless and died out the republican party surviving would be questionable.  And you have earned nothing but a degree in stupid.  Why don't you do what you do best like other French and surrender or retreat?

  587. Roger says:

    This conversation? This conversation is like the plot to a Seinfeld episode.

    And very artificially contrived.  

  588. Roger says:

    You are no more real than this conversation.

    And all the lies in the world of repressed islam can't change it.

  589. Roger says:

    Yawn, yet Israel exists.  Someone is protecting them, and it's not you.

    You can't even carry on a conversation that makes sense.
    Mojtaba must be so ashamed of your crummy work.

  590. Roger says:

    You have nothing to discuss on this topic of Karma do you?
    Yet here you are.  That means you must be scared that the replacement for Mojtaba will realize how useless you are, and how you actually weaken the case that islam is a thing of peace and beauty.  I hope who ever picks up the reigns for the brutally assassinated iranian troll sees how badly you do.

  591. patriothere says:

    Figuratively speaking, you're as dumb as a box of rocks.

  592. Roger says:

    Your writings are a compilation of talking points used by various paid hacks.

    And if the Almighty was fake Israel would have been dead two thousand years ago.

  593. patriothere says:

    I am real. This conversation exists. God does not. You're a troll.

  594. Roger says:

    Why bother?  You're not even a real person.

    How long will you try your agenda on this site before you get banned do you think?

  595. patriothere says:

    I still exist. God does not.

  596. Roger says:

    If you can't use figurative speech then you're not smart enough to know what a mother is.

  597. patriothere says:

    Not even a good Samaritan is helping you.

  598. Roger says:

    Still hoping to bore everyone so badly they quit checking the site?

    You paid islamic hacks just can't figure out how the real modern world operates.

  599. Roger says:

    And who is you?  One of 7 or 8 people posting lame talking points for a profile that nobody takes seriously?  that is banned at the better sites all over that came to realize you really do have an agenda and it is bad for anyone running a site?

    6 minutes ago @ Breitbart.com – Protests to greet Ahma… · 1 reply · 0 points
    I'm like jesus, I'm gonna chase you money changers out of the temple and out of town and of course out of this forum. Me and ohsoquiet and a few other REAL AMERICANS who are being PAID to be here like you Israeli PR men. I'm here to chase you filth out.

  600. Roger says:

    Are you going to at least make up realistic comments?

    You are descending into madness.  Even for a cranky islamic troll paid to post you are going over the edge.  Santa Clause was a real person, I have never claimed the easter bunny was.

    And just because you must realize (like Mojtaba) that allah is powerless doesn't mean the real God is.

  601. zebrano says:

    Oh, now you turn to name calling and getting mad like hell. Love it!
    So now you have expertise in automotive mechanics. You are a cheap wonder alright.
    Where in the Constitution do you see a 2 party system? Educate me.
    There we go again, bringing up this Frenchy stuff. Still don't understand the difference between Nationality and Ethnicity.
    We don't sit "through" in European colleges and Universities. We earn the degrees the hard way.
    Keep ranting, I hope your face does not get blue.

  602. patriothere says:

    You can lie all you want. You do all the time. Liar.

  603. patriothere says:

    jesus can not hug you now or ever. Neither can santa claus or the easter bunny. They are all fake!

  604. Roger says:

    Every time another loony persian tries to kill the Jews we see who's God is the Almighty.

  605. patriothere says:

    I am real. This conversation is real. My writings are real. God is fake.

  606. Roger says:

    And lower myself to your islamic militant values?  Not likely.

  607. Roger says:

    As a follower of Christ Santa gave lots of hugs.

    allah, he probably just wants more martyrs.  Did Mojtabi die a martyr or just another islamic fool?

  608. patriothere says:

    I saw you cali. Don't deny it.

  609. Roger says:

    You silly muslim friendly troll.  In the west, in Christian circles they realize each person has to forge their own path and encourage it.

    You don't understand that due to your islamic background.  Sharia would demand it, not my culture.

  610. patriothere says:

    If you can't tell the difference between a human being and a fish then your mom needs to intervene and have you committed.

  611. patriothere says:

    I am writing write now. I exist. god doesn't.

  612. Roger says:

    You are not really real. You are a contrived entity working on a profile like many others have.

    The fact you are so sensitive about it confirms it.

  613. Roger says:

    Don't you side step the issue.  There are no busts anywhere of you because you don't exist.  You never wrote anything.  You cant' read outside of the talking points written by your paying handlers like you can cicero.

    You are a fraud.

  614. Roger says:

    It is entirely a contrived conversation with no point and no ending.  As long as you push towards your paid agenda of driving anyone away you say just about anything.  

    How are goat brides accepted universally again?  DId I miss something in that comment?

  615. Roger says:

    Another example of your flawed intelligence.  Did you get warned to watch for motorcycles like Mojtaba, or are you too small in the scheme of things?

  616. Roger says:

    The writings on your profile are the evidence of multiple staffers posting talking points with occasional honesty during moments of anger.  LIke this one.

    6 minutes ago @ Breitbart.com – Protests to greet Ahma… · 1 reply · 0 points
    I'm like jesus, I'm gonna chase you money changers out of the temple and out of town and of course out of this forum. Me and ohsoquiet and a few other REAL AMERICANS who are being PAID to be here like you Israeli PR men. I'm here to chase you filth out.

  617. Roger says:

    You may be many things, but human isn't one of them.

  618. Roger says:

    This is a troll.

    6 minutes ago @ Breitbart.com – Protests to greet Ahma… · 1 reply · 0 points
    I'm like jesus, I'm gonna chase you money changers out of the temple and out of town and of course out of this forum. Me and ohsoquiet and a few other REAL AMERICANS who are being PAID to be here like you Israeli PR men. I'm here to chase you filth out.

  619. Roger says:

    No a conversation would be about issues.  For example this story is about karma.  So karma and related issues would be a conversation.  You revert to 'talking points' that are in line with your Iranian loyal muslim friendly handlers that pay you to interrupt and drive people away.

    there is a difference

  620. patriothere says:

    Somebody would have intervened long ago if anybody cared about you.

  621. patriothere says:

    Can jesus give you a hug? Can santa claus?

  622. Roger says:

    It isn't really a true conversation. It's a contrived string of random nonsense you spit out in order to work towards your agenda of driving folks away from the temple (site).

  623. patriothere says:

    This conversation is not imaginary. My responses are not imaginary. Get your head examined troll.

  624. patriothere says:

    I'm reporting this threat upon my life to the proper authorities.

  625. patriothere says:

    No in Cali. You were in cali recently playing basketball.

  626. patriothere says:

    I am. Look at the evidence of my writing. There is no evidence for god.

  627. patriothere says:

    I am a human being. Human beings are higher on the totem pole.

  628. patriothere says:

    Nope. You're a troll.

  629. patriothere says:

    This conversation is real. Unlike god.

  630. patriothere says:

    God has never had a conversation with you. I have. I am real. God is not.

  631. patriothere says:

    This conversation is not fake therefore I am not fake. God is fake.

  632. patriothere says:

    Don't try to sidestep the issue. There are no busts of jesus anywhere because he never existed. He never wrote anything. You can't read a book written by jesus like you can cicero.

  633. Roger says:

    You are an uneducated moron.  I don't care how much college you sat through.

    This isn't car and driver and I don't come here to post about my mechanical background.  The Peugeot was nothing to some projects I've tackled, why do you think my profile name is Jeepwonder?  Europe has a multi-party system, that's where your vision of a non two party system would end up. Everyone has their idea of purity and once it's fragmented it splinters into all sorts of small fringe elements.

    And you're just another Frenchy making empty grand gestures that mean nothing and still lead to the only thing you know, defeat.

    You keep doing what ever, it still is blathering in circles. Don't you have a RP rally to attend?  The three of you better get really organized!

  634. zebrano says:

    Well did you run peanut oil in it? Do you know what caused the Mercedes to smoke?
    Europe does not have a third party system. It is a multiple party system. Get educated how it works.
    What are the windmills doing in your answer? Have nothing else to say?
    You bring up this French stuff. I told you before that you don't know the difference between nationality and ethnicity, so keep trying……………
    Keep dreaming about winning the war on terrorism………………..you live in LALALALALALALA land………………
    Keep arguing about goats, boobs, sexual insinuating materials………..it is entertaining comedy at it's best. They really have you going………………..

  635. Roger says:

    What you prove is that any political scenario is losable.
    And I could run anything from peanut oil to diesel in it.  And it never smoked like the Mercedes 300TD that was in town. 
    And unlike France or European systems a third party is a constant failure here, it's been tried.

    How does it feel to tilt at windmills? You french are so good at gallant empty failed gestures.
    And unlike you french our boys don't die for nothing, when we have leaders that want to win. That's something that you wouldn't know about as a frenchman.  And either our war on terrorism will be won or the free world will die just as the byzantine empire did.  I thought you frenchies loved history?

  636. zebrano says:

    So what, you had a Peugeot. What other diesel substitutes did you run on? I like to know, because you didn't.
    What I try to bring across to you is that any political scenario is survivable. Been there, done it.
    One must be prepared, are you? My tactic is to push for a third party. Most of my friends switched over to independent already.
    I'm rather lame on foreign policy than to kill our boys and girls for nothing. The war on terrorism cannot be won. Did you ever had the urge to join the military?

  637. Roger says:

    Why is there no bust of allah or mohammed?

    And if you had ever visited a Catholic Church you would realize how sad your comment is.

  638. Roger says:

    Nope, you are the fake.  You are in a fake discussion as a pretended troll from a profile used before from smarter and less stupid people.

  639. Roger says:

    From Tehran?  Yeah, as if.  If you had seen me you would know that comment is a pretense from you very limited imagination.

  640. Roger says:

    You may or may not be.  That's why you should use the same level of proof you demand.

  641. Roger says:

    You are lower than a non halil fish.

    If you were a fish I'd guess you were a placostamus.

  642. Roger says:

    And you are a pathetic paid islamic loyal hack just here to drive folks away.

  643. Roger says:

    It might be you, or anyone else.  That only proves you should prove your existence to the very same standards you demand of others.

  644. Roger says:

    A discussion from the fake imaginary troll using someone else's profile?
    Yeah, right.

    Bad karma, it's written all over your comments.

  645. Roger says:

    Like you? I don't need to.  Do you whisper sweet lies into the ear of your hairy goat bride?

    Sounds like bad karma to me.

  646. Roger says:

    Jesus loving me is enough.  The others are just icing on the cake.

    And you are the imaginary troll pretending to be real.  You still haven't proven it.

  647. Roger says:

    Don't you try to change the subject either then.  You silly apostates, are you waiting for that stoning you know you deserve?

  648. patriothere says:

    Nobody loves you that's why you talk to your imaginary god and jesus. If you had at least one person that loved you, they would tell you how you are ruining your life spending all day on the internet.

  649. patriothere says:

    Don't try to change the subject. This is about you getting what you deserve. Somebody intervening on your behalf to save you from yourself.

  650. patriothere says:

    I am writing right now! This discussion is as real as the nose on your face.

  651. patriothere says:

    I am a human being not a fish. You see fish cannot master human thought or human language. They cannot master the complexities of the internet.

  652. patriothere says:

    You're a troll.

  653. patriothere says:

    I am answering you right now. You talk to god? You need to be committed.

  654. patriothere says:

    I mean all you do is troll on the internet. It's pretty pathetic to be honest.

  655. patriothere says:

    A discussion that is more real than god and jesus.

  656. patriothere says:

    I've seen you wearing a hat to cover your baldness.

  657. patriothere says:

    Why are there busts of cicero and caesar but not jesus?

  658. patriothere says:

    No, god is fake. jesus is fake. This discussion we're having is as real as the nose on your face.

  659. Roger says:

    Obviously it's fake and you don't exist.  I haven't seen any murals or busts of you.

    When you lay out such lame standards don't blame me for it.

  660. Roger says:

    From Tehran?  Yeah, right.  If you had seen me you would know I'm not balding.

    And even if I was, you're still the same lame troll that just came here to drive people out of the tempe (web site). My hair has nothing to do with the topics here or the bad karma you want to bring.

  661. Roger says:

    Of course not.  According to your standards you have no busts, no famous writings.  You do not exist by your own standards.  Really.

  662. Roger says:

    And you're a small fish not invited to the funeral.

  663. Roger says:

    Like you do?  That's the problem you project so much it's hard to tell where you stupid ends and where your handler's stupid begins.  You've explained your agenda and goals so many times.  You are here to drive folks away and kill web sites.

    1 hour ago @ Left, Right & Cent… – Debates Old and New, N… · 1 reply · 0 points
    It's working pretty good. I said that's what I would do. Soon , you wont have a voice to spew your filth. breitbart is dead, you don't post at front page or antiwar anymore so i would say it's going good.

  664. Roger says:

    Maybe you should spend more time with your goat bride than posting such lame bad karma here.

    3 hours ago @ KTLA-TV – Local Reaction to Obam… · 12 replies · 0 points
    ".. .marrying goats is universal…"

  665. Roger says:

    What's wrong, is it just too hard for you to actually follow the discussion?
    Is it the other things on Iranian minds just too worrisome to think of anything else?

    1 hour ago @ Big Government – Holocaust Denier Norma… · 0 replies · +1 points
    "trying to being down the roman empire rat boy! 
    god demands jihad and suicide bombers. Obviously."

  666. Roger says:

    Your profile had previous trolls that said all sorts of things.  You should care if you get paid to post on it now.
    Like when a previous troll said this:
    "…that link says nothing on the subject. I attend the mosque where arguments are proven."

  667. Roger says:

    You haven't done any of that, there are no busts of you.  No writings of yours, you don't exist.  Case closed.

  668. Roger says:

    Iran has it's laws on apostacy, don't deny it.

  669. Roger says:

    Like you?  Of course not.  You invite bad karma by repeating that so much.

  670. patriothere says:

    Yes, really.

  671. patriothere says:

    I answer you every time. Is that fake too? You have no sense of reality. You spend too much time on the internet.

  672. patriothere says:

    I've seen you. You're balding.

  673. patriothere says:

    You're so stupid! LOL!

  674. patriothere says:

    Just keep melting away in your melt down.

  675. patriothere says:

    Maybe your mom should intervene on your behalf.

  676. patriothere says:

    What's that troll breath?

  677. patriothere says:

    You can lie all you want. I don't care.

  678. patriothere says:

    Cicero taught. He wrote things down. jesus never existed. There are no busts of him. No writings of his. Case closed.

  679. patriothere says:

    Nebraska has that law on their books. Don't deny it.

  680. patriothere says:

    All you do is lie. Nothing new.

  681. Roger says:

    Perfection is not conformity. 
    Many songs are perfect, for the point and emotion they are supposed to invoke.  From a child's lullaby to the song in this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Um9KsrH377A

    Perfection changes for each moment, in each setting.  Art and music can be perfect in their way.

  682. Roger says:

    No, you haven't answered me.  A troll using the profile keeps spamming and trolling.  But you have yet to answer in any substantiative way.

  683. Roger says:

    Then you haven't seen me.  That's actually a relief  Did shiela put you up to this so he could get a new pic?

  684. Roger says:

    Why shave my head?  It would grow back fast enough but I don't let losers paid to drive people away from things dictate my actions.

    How is the little goat bride doing?

  685. aminthemystic says:

    " In fact, Buddhism doesn't believe in a God."

    Asuras and Devas are deities.

  686. Roger says:

    Not really.

  687. Roger says:

    You didn't  understand it the first times, why should I waste my time explaining it again?

    And the way you ignored the name, does that mean you're such a small fish in a bigger pond you didn't get to attend the funeral?

  688. Roger says:

    You say that a lot when You're shown up to be a paid hack troll.

  689. Roger says:

    He has.  You havent.
    And all you ever do is waste time and try driving people away, as your agenda demands.

    6 minutes ago @ Breitbart.com – Protests to greet Ahma… · 1 reply · 0 points
    I'm like jesus, I'm gonna chase you money changers out of the temple and out of town and of course out of this forum. Me and ohsoquiet and a few other REAL AMERICANS who are being PAID to be here like you Israeli PR men. I'm here to chase you filth out.

  690. Roger says:

    Did they give you a new boss yet?

  691. Roger says:

    Can't keep up?  Is the political fall out still being sorted out?

  692. Roger says:

    Nope, that's you.  Don't you remember explaining it?

    6 minutes ago @ Breitbart.com – Protests to greet Ahma… · 1 reply · 0 points
    I'm like jesus, I'm gonna chase you money changers out of the temple and out of town and of course out of this forum. Me and ohsoquiet and a few other REAL AMERICANS who are being PAID to be here like you Israeli PR men. I'm here to chase you filth out.

  693. Roger says:

    He taught and people remember what He said.
    There are no busts of allah.  There are no busts of mohammed.

    They must not have ever existed, and I haven't seen a bust of you, so you can't exist either.

  694. aminthemystic says:

    There is such a thing as perfect Music and Art? New one on me!

  695. Roger says:

    You silly muslims sure don't understand freedoms much, do you?

  696. Roger says:

    If I change and start lying I'll keep that in mind.  I just don't see myself lowering to your standards.

  697. Roger says:

    It is evil that pretends goodness and perfection are boring and dull.

    When I listen to perfect pieces of music, or look at perfect pieces of art I am anything but bored.

  698. Agracean says:

    Dear Ms Dr Ali Sina, you are misinformed. In the beginning, our loving Creator God created the earth and everything good and perfect. God did not create evil at all because He is perfect in all His ways.

  699. aminthemystic says:

    Nope. It does not work that way . . .it does not matter if they themselves are atheists or not . . . and not all of those scholar are atheists either . . . religion historically has its place. . . .they might contend it is no longer necessary . . . but I doubt 1 serious scholar would write this:

    " They would agree that religion brought death and destruction and it serves no purpose in this world anymore. "

  700. patriothere says:

    Nebraska does have that law on their books. Someone needs to intervene to save you.

  701. patriothere says:

    Don't sidestep the issue. the fact still remains that jesus never wrote anything and there are no busts of jesus anywhere like there are of many roman philosophers who existed around the same time.

  702. patriothere says:

    You're paid to spew talking points. That's why you changed your profile picture when you messed up and got your troll terminal in the picture.

  703. patriothere says:

    What troll breath?

  704. patriothere says:

    Did they take away your internet yet?

  705. patriothere says:

    I'm answering you. God hasn't done that.

  706. patriothere says:

    You're in melt down mode. Again!

  707. patriothere says:

    What does it mean then?

  708. patriothere says:

    Yes I do. Unlike god I live in this universe.

  709. patriothere says:

    Yes I have seen you. You are bald.

  710. patriothere says:

    I answered you. I am having a discussion with you right now. That's more than you can say for god.

  711. patriothere says:

    Most anthropologists, historians and biologists are atheists. They would agree that religion brought death and destruction and it serves no purpose in this world anymore.

  712. aminthemystic says:

    "religion has brought nothing but death and destruction and insanity."

    Most anthropologist, historians and perhaps even biologists and other scholars would say that historically Religion was important and natural to humanity and its development.

    I do not know of culture that did not have a central deity of some sort. It has always been there in human history . . . .and part of its culture.

  713. Roger says:

    You pretend that shows you exist.  A lot of trolls have used the profile you're using to comment now.

    It proves nothing other than the payroll hired another troll to use that profile.

  714. Roger says:

    You haven't seen me.  But I know you sure do defend goat brides. 

    Can you divorce them as easily as muslims divorce female women?

  715. Roger says:

    You don't get to tell me what I know.
    If you sound as dumb, and do as badly as he did will you end up with the same fate?

  716. Roger says:

    I know what it means.  And I know it didn't apply.

    Do you get to attend this funeral?
    Mojtaba Ahmadi

  717. Roger says:

    It's not a melt down, it's a clear statement that you haven't proven that you exist.

    And how many times have you had a double standard?  Thousands?  I'm wondering about that iranian internet troll that was taken out.  Did the iranian revolutionary guard take him out for having fools like you on the payroll?

  718. Roger says:

    You're not answering, you just spewing.  And God never wastes my time with that kind of thing.

  719. Roger says:

    How did that guy die?  Can you tell us here?

  720. Roger says:

    I suppose a muslim loyal troll with iranian interests would think that.
    Was that your boss in Iran that died?  That explains why you are so cranky today.

  721. Roger says:

    Nope, was that your boss shot in Iran?

  722. Roger says:

    I haven't seen a thing allah wrote or any photos or busts of mohammed.

    You really don't do very well at this.  I didn't expect much from an iranian friendly troll.
    Did you know the guy assassinated in Iran?

  723. Roger says:

    Are you just here posting to prove you weren't taken out?  Karma, it sure did bite that internet troll in iran.

  724. Roger says:

    Has he learned the correct way for beating his wife?

    There are mainstream clerics on youtube that can explain it for him.

  725. patriothere says:

    Just take it off. You'll feel better.

  726. patriothere says:

    You can lie all you want. It doesn't bother me any.

  727. patriothere says:

    Not for long. Nebraska is one of those states that passed a law where family friends or neighbors can intervene on somebody's behalf and put them in a facility for treatment. Somebody's gonna intervene for you any day now. You watch.

  728. patriothere says:

    You can actually read things that thomas paine wrote. Same with cicero and see busts of many roman philosophers and intellectuals. You can't see the same things of jesus or god.

    Because god does not exist. jesus never wrote anything down. There are no busts of jesus like there are of other people living in rome at that time.

  729. patriothere says:

    Troll breath

  730. patriothere says:

    You're on the fringe. The fringe of the fringe. You're a troll anyway.

  731. patriothere says:

    Too many big words again? You need somebody teach you what projecting means?

  732. patriothere says:

    I already did. How many melt downs this make for you now? 30?

  733. patriothere says:

    I'm answering you. that's more than god has ever done.

  734. patriothere says:

    You don't know that. When was the last conversation you had with jesus? I respond to your talking points every time.

  735. patriothere says:

    I answered you. You're responding to my statements. God has never done that.

  736. patriothere says:

    Just take it off already. You're not fooling anybody.

  737. Sakat says:

    Bogy of blunder Muslims do commit in the name of Islam.Mr Atkinson a ,real legend ,he himself a God (people who lost faith in life rejuvenate at his glimpse as, 'Mr Beans' ) .Don't waste your half knowledge here ha ha ha………….!!!!.

  738. Muslim4Life says:

    Haha…lol….dear ali sina and other islam haters and bashers over here…..while you all are busy insulting islam, another hollywood superstar, Mr.Bean has announced his conversion into this true and beautiful faith…haha…what are you all gonna to do about this… stay jealous forever infildels  🙂

  739. Looking4Sanity says:

    “Fat, lazy and stupid is no way to go through life, son” ~ Dean Wormer, Animal House

  740. Roger says:

    You haven't proven you exist.  So, you can't discuss this with any certainty.

  741. Roger says:

    You just can't actually discuss anything of importance. It goes against your goals to drive everyone away.

    And frankly, I can brush my hair all day long and not much falls out.

  742. Roger says:

    I know Jesus is real.  You haven't shown you are.

  743. Roger says:

    No, I am explaining and exposing.  

    So, what is your quota for comments tonight?   Do they pay you extra for lousy writing and bad shifts at the terminal?

  744. Roger says:

    No, you have not.  Prove it.  Either put up or shut up.

  745. Roger says:

    This isn't a site for personal profiling.  None of that is true, if you spent money for opposition research they cheated you on it.  And a site that allows me to defend mainstream conservative evangelical values may be fringe to you, but then again you're just a paid hack sent to drive folks away.

  746. patriothere says:

    You love something that does not exist. And religion was the original big government.

  747. patriothere says:

    Just take that rug off. It's annoying.

  748. patriothere says:

    If you had the same conversation with jeebus that you have had with me then the people in your community need to intervened and have you committed.

  749. patriothere says:

    You're projecting again.

  750. Roger says:

    As you do?  I don't focus on personal insults the way you both do.

  751. Roger says:

    Why do you think my defending my values is trolling? I don't avoid issues to use personal insults.

    That's what you are paid to do, and that is trolling.

    6 minutes ago @ Breitbart.com – Protests to greet Ahma… · 1 reply · 0 points
    I'm like jesus, I'm gonna chase you money changers out of the temple and out of town and of course out of this forum. Me and ohsoquiet and a few other REAL AMERICANS who are being PAID to be here like you Israeli PR men. I'm here to chase you filth out.

  752. patriothere says:

    I already did. What's wrong? Too many big words again?

  753. patriothere says:

    I'm more real than god.

  754. Roger says:

    You haven't proven Thomas Paine existed.  
    Until you do that nothing you pretend he said matters.

    And fair is fair.  When you pretend the historical Jesus never existed you deserve to have the tables turned on you.  How does it feel to be so soundly mocked?  Go back to your slum in Tehran.

  755. patriothere says:

    It all checks out to me. You are 50 years old. You did go to a community college for hotel workers, you DO spend all your time on fringe sites.

  756. patriothere says:

    What did this site do to you to troll it?

  757. patriothere says:

    What kind of stupid question is that? Why would the world matter? Why would leaves matter? Why would anything matter. Go back to bed roger. Moron.

  758. Roger says:

    I know you crave it, since it's all you deserve.

    I know my internet connection is up to me, not any handler that pays me to create ill will and drive folks away from the site.  I know that I don't accept goat brides the way you do.

    How many nations do you want to erase from the map?  Just Israel or the US after that's taken care of?

  759. Roger says:

    Still quoting you.  And just because you didn't realize a previous troll working the profile you're assigned to made honest statements doesn't make it any less real.

  760. Roger says:

    And why would Thomas Paine matter?  Prove he existed to the same level of proof you demand about my God and then it might be relevant.

    You sure do want bad karma.

  761. Roger says:

    You just can't help yourself but to troll and try to drive people out of a site.

    And what did this site do to stir up your muslim loyalties?

  762. patriothere says:

    If anybody knows anything about bad karma, it would be you. That much is clear. What comes around goes around. I don't believe in hocus pocus but I always hope that people get what they deserve. You, I hope someone intervenes and takes your internet connection away.

  763. patriothere says:

    Still making things up I see.

  764. patriothere says:

    Thank you. Very articulate as well. He is 50 years old and spends ALL of his time on fringe websites.

  765. patriothere says:

    No, does god? No.

  766. patriothere says:

    Thomas paine knows more about these things than you ever will.

  767. Roger says:

    I love my God.  And God doesn't stoop to corruption the way big government does.

  768. Roger says:

    I'm too cheap to pay money for a rug.  If I was bald, and I'm not I couldn't care less.
    Aren't you secure in your appearance?

  769. Roger says:

    Just because you can't grow hair doesn't mean I can't grow hair. 

    Is that why so many iranians wear that thing on their heads?

  770. patriothere says:

    Religion was the original big government. I guess you love big government then.

  771. patriothere says:

    What's wrong? Don't be ashamed of your hair loss. Be proud. hairpieces are stupid. Take it off.

  772. patriothere says:

    It means you're wearing a hairpiece. duh!

  773. Roger says:

    Your religion perhaps.

  774. Roger says:

    Is that islamic slang for something?

  775. Roger says:

    You silly iranian muslim loyal paid trolls sure could use better writers.

  776. Roger says:

    My my, you must not realize what the other trolls that have manned your profile in the past have said.
    So, does Iranian interests pay you enough to use the assigned talking points?

  777. Roger says:

    Only if your task masters controlled it.

    So, is this the new site you trista parsi trolls are targeting?

  778. Roger says:

    Stupid and it's laws with you seem to be unavoidable.

  779. Roger says:

    Still pretending you can keep up?  

  780. Roger says:

    Like the fact you're not a real person but a paid islamic troll paid to come here and drive folks away?

    6 minutes ago @ Breitbart.com – Protests to greet Ahma… · 1 reply · 0 points
    I'm like jesus, I'm gonna chase you money changers out of the temple and out of town and of course out of this forum. Me and ohsoquiet and a few other REAL AMERICANS who are being PAID to be here like you Israeli PR men. I'm here to chase you filth out.

  781. Roger says:

    Is that islamic slang for something?
    What did they pay you to ask?

  782. Roger says:

    Why would I do that for someone that talks like this?

    20 minutes ago @ http://912wolverines.com/ – growl · 3 replies · 0 points
    Having your head in a basket would make everyone here pleased. 

    And we would keep your head in the basket until your girlfriend came to get you. 

    It would dry up and be food for insects. The first time your head was ever used for something useful. 

  783. Roger says:

    This isn't an adult dating site. 

    And you should crawl into your cave after your comments about wanting to chop heads off.

    20 minutes ago @ http://912wolverines.com/ – growl · 3 replies · 0 points
    "Having your head in a basket would make everyone here pleased. 
    And we would keep your head in the basket until your girlfriend come to get you. 
    It would dry up and be food for insects. The first time your head was ever used for something useful." 

  784. Roger says:

    Poor little paid hack.  Still here to drive people off the site and out of the internet temple?

    6 minutes ago @ Breitbart.com – Protests to greet Ahma… · 1 reply · 0 points
    I'm like jesus, I'm gonna chase you money changers out of the temple and out of town and of course out of this forum. Me and ohsoquiet and a few other REAL AMERICANS who are being PAID to be here like you Israeli PR men. I'm here to chase you filth out.

  785. Roger says:

    Such as yourself?  Nope, that would be bad karma.

  786. Roger says:

    And stoop to your level?  Nope.

  787. Roger says:

    You as a paid muslim hack aren't in a position to say or think anything you're not paid to say or think.

    6 minutes ago @ Breitbart.com – Protests to greet Ahma… · 1 reply · 0 points
    "I'm like jesus, I'm gonna chase you money changers out of the temple and out of town and of course out of this forum. Me and ohsoquiet and a few other REAL AMERICANS who are being PAID to be here like you Israeli PR men. I'm here to chase you filth out."

    Why pretend other wise?

  788. Roger says:

    No, you pretended I said it.

    You took a quote from the back of my current book and twisted it into something that was never said or implied.  It's all you alinksy trolls have lies and misrepresentations.

  789. Roger says:

    Good. that sure does leave you very little in common with the muslim loyal trolls. And I had a Peugeot 505TD that could run on diesel substitutes too.  That was years ago, and so what? And that was from someone smart enough to know RP is lame on foreign policy.

    Why don't you brush up on political tactics. How many other failed ideas do you have?

  790. patriothere says:

    Your retard loyalties force you to ramble like a mental patient.

  791. patriothere says:

    I don't think a priest is in any position to cast demons out of anybody. We need somebody to cast the demons out of the priests.

  792. patriothere says:

    He did not. Thomas Paine knew that.

  793. patriothere says:

    How is your hairpiece doing?

  794. patriothere says:

    No that's real life. Not fake like jeebus.

  795. patriothere says:

    Did you say something retard?

  796. patriothere says:

    Christianity gives suicide missions. Love your enemies? Turn the other cheek?

    No thanks. I would rather FIGHT my enemies and stand up for what I believe in.

    It's interesting that the Romans enemies were giving them this suicidal advice. The Romans were brave noble, honorable white people with their OWN belief system and their OWN creed. How polar opposite would it be for them to transform from warriors to communist-pacifist christians ?

  797. patriothere says:

    If karma was alive and well you would be dead.

  798. patriothere says:

    Evolution and it's laws are unavoidable. Like adapt or die for example.

  799. patriothere says:

    You wrote it yourself. You and your hairpiece.

  800. patriothere says:

    Did you hairpiece tell you that?

  801. patriothere says:

    Sure you do. Just another one of your many lies.

  802. patriothere says:

    religion has brought nothing but death and destruction and insanity. religion is big government. Conservatives should be against it. It's quite ironic.

  803. SheliaJacksonLeeHERO says:

    You stalk for sex and that's why you have never mentioned a girlfriend.

    And the fact you won't admit you are a virgin proves I am right and your answers are all BS.

  804. zebrano says:

    No, I'm not entertaining, I'm not into goats, boobs and sexual deviant stuff.
    Failure? Can't think of anything. No electric and no water bills. My vehicles run on WVO. Try to match that.
    Brush up on your English.

  805. SheliaJacksonLeeHERO says:

    You said that you watch women breastfeed in public. That makes you a sexual stalker that has never mentioned a girlfriend.

  806. SheliaJacksonLeeHERO says:

    You are the one stalking men and have never mentioned a girlfriend. You are a creepy virgin OCD swishy sexual stalker. And not a follower of Jesus.

  807. SheliaJacksonLeeHERO says:

    Why don't you post another link that you don't read and then ignore it after it is pointed out that the facts in it prove you wrong.

  808. Roger says:

    If any priest would be paid enough to perform an exorcism on him they would need to wear really long rubber gloves.

    This site was so nice, so thoughtful until Wee and the Trista Parsi trolls pounced on it.  Islamist activists just can't stand people that think on thier own.

  809. Roger says:

    You sure do make up a lot of the strangest things.
    As a deviant sexual stalker you have a one track mind.

  810. Roger says:

    I don't have one.  I don't have a lot of things you do.  No goat brides, no forced beards or fear of honor killings, I just don't have the fun you do as a loyal islamic activist.

  811. Roger says:

    Nope, I just had you get upset and set off that typical hair trigger muslim temper.  Then you finally told the truth.

  812. Roger says:

    Have you evolved into a half goat or something?

  813. Roger says:

    Loving them is not necessarily letting them kill you.

  814. Roger says:

    Did I use big words?

  815. Roger says:

    Is that like your fake allah and fake goat brides?

  816. Roger says:

    Why? Do you want to chase me out of the 'temple' after I make sure my hair is combed real nicely?

  817. Roger says:

    I wish I could return the compliment, but it wouldn't be honest.  You're not entertaining.  can't you figure out how to fail at something else?

  818. patriothere says:

    did your hairpiece tell you to say that ?

  819. patriothere says:

    You wrote that yourself retard

  820. patriothere says:

    karma is not real. evolution is

  821. patriothere says:

    what's that retard?

  822. patriothere says:

    love your enemies is suicide.

  823. patriothere says:

    look in the mirror and say that

  824. zebrano says:

    Keep those burbs and blurbs coming. It is entertaining.

  825. Roger says:

    When you get a chance try reliving your life so it doesn't sound so pathetic.

  826. Roger says:

    Human nature has stayed constant.  So do your comments for that matter, they never get any better.

  827. zebrano says:

    When you get a chance, re-phrase your comment, that is pretty bad English. What is your level of education? No wonder your book does not sell……………
    You need to take time off more often, it was so nice without you burbs and blurbs……

  828. Roger says:

    Poor little wee.  such a tiny little man.

  829. Roger says:

    And your version isn't necessarily what decent people consider as 'good'.  24 minutes ago @ Breitbart.tv – Soldier Found Guilty i… · 1 reply · +1 points 
    The whole town needs locked in the church and the church set on fire. IMO 

  830. Roger says:

    You're lousy at that too, how sad.  Karma, it's alive and well.  And you just happen to be on the receiving end.

  831. Roger says:

    Not well trained enough to settle for patriot's goat brides.  Poor little wee.

  832. Roger says:

    Oh no, you pulled out your parallel profile.  What happened?

  833. Roger says:

    Why, because you didn't happen to have a better insult on tap?

  834. Roger says:

    When you a cowardly french, one that won't admit to pride any anything you have stood for in the past, one that pushes for a defeatist tactic election after election things you can define me?  It doesn't work.  Go to a RP rally and be of the the three people there.

  835. Roger says:

    You don't come here to debate anyhow.  And how is the misses doing?

  836. Roger says:

    Says the deviant sexual stalker?  Just because you don't like my answers doesn't mean jack.

  837. Roger says:

    Still doing multiple part rants since you can't condense your brand of stupid into one short posting?

  838. Roger says:

    Nope, they didn't follow Christ's teachings. They can claim to be anything they want.  But reality says otherwise.

  839. Roger says:

    Still the pathetic sexually deviant stalker that can't be relevant?

  840. Roger says:

    You wouldn't understand or recognize a fact. Your muslim loyalties color all your talking points.

  841. Roger says:

    You don't even own your own soul.   It's owned and your boss isn't very nice.

  842. Roger says:

    Poor little wee, the small little man.

  843. Roger says:

    Are you the relative of his that you describe? I would think so.

  844. Roger says:

    So, you going to advocate for violence, and then pretend you deserve good karma like other muslim loyal trolls?

  845. Roger says:

    And you continue to spew your muslim loyal talking points with each comment you make.

  846. WTE says:

    go leave a comment there

  847. Looking4Sanity says:

    What's the matter? You choke on one of those dusty old barking spiders you're always tonguing?

  848. Looking4Sanity says:

    Sounds like the perfect site for you…pissed off butt pirate.

  849. Looking4Sanity says:

    If I posted there more than once, I don't remember it. More importantly, you can't prove it. Just as in everything else in life, you're full of shit.

  850. SheliaJacksonLeeHERO says:

    Roger was banned from his public library and Starbucks for watching women breastfeed. So he has no more wi-fi.

  851. WTE says:

    Of course virtually all christians (and everyone else), do some bad things in their life. Although most christians, indeed, do not adhere to violence and many do not view themsleves as political, non-violence or abstaining from political action by itself does not make one a christian. One can also argue that most Nazis thought of themselves as peace loving and most did not kill Jews, but non-violence never excluded one from the Nazi party, nor does it supply any fuel for supporting Nazism. Similarly, neither can one defend christianity on the grounds of non-violence, nor can one deny a person's christianhood simply because that person did bad things

  852. WTE says:

    Pissed Off Pirate, you POS loser

  853. WTE says:

    You're a moron. Nazis were christians just like you.

    Go back to your communist web site with the coward top shot and spread your posion there nazi

  854. Kevin Stowell says:

    What did he do, mention God?

  855. Looking4Sanity says:

    Never heard of it, bitch!

  856. 4_Constitution says:

    Satan can also make himself an angel of light. Christians don't kill Jews, period.

    Just like the liberals are taking over churches here in America, Nazis took over churches in Germany to try and convince them Socialism was great. There were 4 million Christians who died in the gas chambers defying Hitler including pastors and priests so that quote is nothing but bunk. Or BS, both fit.

  857. 4_Constitution says:

    Hitler also killed 4 million Christians/dissidents.

  858. WTE says:

    You're projecting again you POS.
    Does everyone in your POS family act like a total a$$ like you?

    Stick to what your good at. Taking it in the rear from top shot

  859. WTE says:

    You were banned on POP you worthless POS liar

  860. Looking4Sanity says:

    What's the matter, queer? you got no answer for that? That seems to happen to you a lot! Maybe you should just stick to what your good at…giving rim jobs to old fags through glory holes.

  861. Looking4Sanity says:

    Let's see you prove that I've ever been banned ANYWHERE. You can't, bitch…cause it just ain't so. Go back to your glory hole.

  862. WTE says:

    I got banned on purpose retard. I was just showing that communist like yourself and top shot hate Freedom of Speech.

    You have been banned from numerous web sites, Hypocrite. Can you show any place where I whined?
    You can't. Your just upset because I know what top shot does to you. Does that thing you call a wife know about you two?

  863. Looking4Sanity says:

    What a sad little fag you are! You get your ass banned from yet ANOTHER web site, and you're so self absorbed that all you can think to do is whine like a little bitch in heat and wonder why your ass burns.SO SAD.

  864. WTE says:

    Kind of like you cowards do to me go back to your circle jerk. Does top shot have to ask you for a reach around or do you just do it charles?

  865. Looking4Sanity says:

    It's funny watching you prowl the profiles of everyone I associate with like the little fag you are. You're such a needy little bitch. Now, wipe your chin and go back to your glory hole, gay boi.

  866. Looking4Sanity says:

    Still got your head up your ass I see. Good luck with that.

  867. hindusml says:

    Wake up and consider a brain upgrade – Indian Mythology and Indian History are two different things. While religion and history of other religions are one and the same Its not so incase of India. While Islamic Jihadis Distorted our history – And since they were just barbaric fools they never understood this great religion. And hence could'nt think of beyond elephants and earth…. get to know beyond…

  868. pissful pisslam says:

    oh mr.fake hindu …..you better think about your rapist prophet and 72 virgins in jannat lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  869. WTE says:

    Oh yeah, Surely you don’t believe Ecclesiastes 1:9 RSV (“What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done; there is nothing new under the sun”)? How many cities had an atomic bomb dropped on them prior to 1945, and how many people walked on the moon before 1969?

  870. hindusml says:

    Common sense is inspite of not the result of education – And as far as your literacy thing. India's number one in software development – Worlds most renowned doctors belong to India – many more things to add to your personal literacy about india but time is scarce pal……….Sorry forgot to mention We Are A Nuclear State and without signing any CTBT

  871. WTE says:

    HE was never a member of the Thule Society you liar.

  872. WTE says:

    It is funny watching you follow the coward top shot around so you can reply to every post he makes. You, roger , and top shot with your little circle jerks, that is funny

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  892. Bhuvan Som says:

    As science progresses, it is only Hinduism that is getting vindicated at every step. Every other day science is coming to the same conclusions regarding the mysteries of life that Hindu sages established as facts long ago, whether it be existence of God(and His attributes), the theory of Karma, afterlife and the eternity of the Self. These are the basic beliefs of Hinduism on which every sect agrees. The confusion regarding several beliefs arises due to several ways accepted for realising the Self.
    Hinduism is a time tested and comprehensive way of life suitable for every nature. It's principles are not mere mental juggleries but facts "seen" by realised souls.

  893. Godwin says:

    Yes, the karmic seed you sow in your previous lives' times comes to you in form of avenging spirit/spirits. God had set the Law in motion. For example, you had hurt or killed some one in your previous life, his avenging spirit came n attached to you n cause you to be sick with cancer n need numerous sugical operations. You may die as a result. This is called spirit disturbance.

    Disturbance by spirits may be the cause of problems ranging from minor injuries, personal discomfort, negative moods n so on to serious injuries, diseases and accidents, crimes, suicides, murders, n other tradegies. This theory is too bizare for anyone to belive but, nevertheless, it seems to be true.

    ……………………….From the teachings of Mahikari.

  894. Ankur Koul says:

    This is what happens when one does not have proper understanding of the subject , here karma.
    Karma is not a form a judgement and punishment. it is the eternal law under which governs all.Only humans have the capability to do good or bad karma(visible in the world) rest all creatures go by their innate traits.
    A man/woman sows the sees of karma that itself decides what fruits will he/she get, God does not form part of it, he has put the system in place wihich makes sure that the fruits grow, as per the seeds sown. God does love all but that DOES not mean the one is exonerated of the fruits good/bad of their karma.
    I actually would not blame Ali sina, a man actions are defined by his knowledge of things, the man is not good or bad but his knowledge assimilation is
    You should read Bhagvat Geeta from Arya Samaj. to understand the priciple of Karma and its working better.
    To assume that the texts of immutable vedas is :Stupid: and its followers moreso.. is a blatant mistake.

  895. Looking4Sanity says:

    Exactly. See how easy that is? Just do it.

  896. WTE says:

    and let you continue to spread your posion

  897. WTE says:

    You get dumber with each comment you make

  898. Tony says:

    Dear Ali Sina,
    Actually you misunderstood the law of karma. Karma is never about punishment. In fact, Buddhism doesn't believe in a God. Therefore, the law of karma is never about God punishing you for doing something bad.
    Karma is what you have become. If you commit terrible acts like raping or murdering, by your own karma you will be reborn in the lower realms. The reason is simple. Look at your own mind when it is angry. When you finally let anger took control of your mind. A murderer or rapist had let their emotion took control of their senses for far too long. When the mind no longer recognises those emotions, it ceases to be a human mind. Therefore, one can only be expected to be born in the lower realms. No one is punishing you. You had changed. That's all. Go find plenty of talks by Ajahn Brahm and many other buddhist teaching on this matter. Thx~

  899. zebrano says:

    Do you have a mirror? Have you looked at it lately? Is it broken?
    Your behavior is shameful as a Christian.
    You bring up this stupid rhetoric about "frenchy". I guess you don't know the difference between nationality and ethnicity. Poor little undereducated little man.

  900. WTE says:

    just towards you

  901. Roger says:

    As an arrogant frenchy you don't really merit much consideration.

    And you don't get