Why is there suffering? II

Abid, a reader of this blog asked, “Why God couldn’t make it such a way that we grow strength without generating so much pain in body and muscles? In the same way, if we are to progress spiritually, why can’t we do without suffering?”

Our understanding of God and what He can do is very limited. The common misconception is that God can do anything He wishes, that He is infinite and therefore infinitely powerful. As a consequence there is nothing that man can think of that God cannot do. Such a god, in the imagination of the people, is a powerful wizard, an omnipotent magician. All he has to do is say “Be,” and puff, that thing will come into being instantly, by magic.

I have not come across this definition of God in the saying of Jesus or other major religions that are not influenced by Islam, but you can find plenty of such statements in the Quran and hadith. Muhammad’s understanding of God was that He can yaf’alu ma yosha va yahkumo ma yurid. “Do whatever He desires and order whatever He wants.” This is basically the narcissist’s wet dream.

According to this definition of God, He is not bound by any law, because that would limit his power, which is impossible because he is infinite and so is his power. Any limitation diminishes God’s infinity. But that is impossible because infinity cannot be diminished. No matter how much you take away from infinity, it remains the same.

Throughout the years I have come to the conclusion that the easiest way to arrive at the truth of anything is to study what Muhammad said and do the opposite. This is truly amazing. If you ask an ignorant person about anything, chances are that he will be right sometimes. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Muhammad was wrong always. The only way to make sense of it is to presuppose that he was not just a mentally sick man but guided by a demonic spirit. But I digress.

God is a mathematician, a physicist, a scientist, but not a magician. In fact even magic follows mundane laws. It only appears as magic because of the dexterity of the illusionist to deceive our eyes. God cannot do whatever he pleases. It is very easy to prove this point. Two plus two is equal four. Can God change the outcome to five or to any other number? He can’t because that would be illogical and God cannot do illogical things. He cannot do the impossible. So He cannot do anything he pleases.

The universe, both the one we see, i.e. the material world, and the one that runs it from behind, i.e. the spiritual world, are subject to laws. Let us compare the world to a computer. In fact many scientists are beginning to think that the world is indeed a giant computer. The material word is the hardware of this computer and the spiritual world is its software. Software is information. Information is expressed in binary form; it is mathematics. Even matter is information. A particle can be defined in binary form. Therefore, everything is information and information can be defined by mathematics.

Mathematics is inviolable. Consequently, the laws governing both worlds are inviolable. Take the example of gravity. Objects bend the space around them, which make them fall into each other. Actually, objects create space and this result in gravity. Therefore, gravity is the intrinsic quality of anything with mass. The bigger the mass, the bigger is its gravity. Gravity cannot be violated. Then how can we fly? We fly by applying centrifugal force to overcome gravity. When centrifugal force is stronger than gravity, we can fly. Flight does not violate any physical law. We simply use one law to override another. God does the same. He knows all laws, both physical and spiritual. And He can use one law to override another. To a person who does not understand physics, flying looks like magic. But there is nothing magical about it.


Let me share with you an interesting story. In my adventurous youth years I visited a tribe called Shuar, in the heart of Amazon jungle. They were known as head shrinkers. They used to cut the head of their victim, take out the scull and with a process that they explained to me shrunk the skin. Before going there I was told not to take their picture without permission. I was told a story of a group of missionaries who had gone there some years before and the Shuars had killed them. The reason was that these missionaries committed the mistake of taking their picture with their Polaroid camera and had showed them. When these primitive people saw their own pictures they thought that the missionaries were magicians who had captured their spirits, so they killed them. Because they did not have any understanding of photography, they made such a big fuss out of such a simple technology.

We do the same mistake when we look at the mysteries of the spiritual world. Because we don’t understand them, they appear to be miracles. Once we leave this physical world, all the mysteries will vanish. There are no miracles. Laws cannot be violated. What appears as miracle is simply the application of laws that are not known to us. Since we don’t know of the existence of the spiritual world, we can’t know its laws.

Although we are not aware of it, we are in the spiritual world at this very moment. Only our focus is here. Let me make an example. You might have heard of FPV (First Person View) flying. It involves mounting a small video camera on a remote control aircraft, and see what it sees, through a pair of goggles. You can pilot it from the ground, but since you see anything that the camera on the aircraft sees, it feels like you are flying. The goggle obscures your view of the world surrounding you. The camera mounted on the aircraft moves as you move your head. So if you turn your head to the left you see the sceneries on the left of the aircraft. If you turn your head up, you see the sky, etc. The experience can be very realistic.


This is a good example. You are a spirit and you are actually in the spiritual world at this very moment. You operate your body by remote. You are not even here. Your vision of your spiritual surrounding is obscured. Your focus is in this world and it has become your only reality. But when the game is over, you remove your goggles and suddenly your focus is shifted back to the spiritual world.

People who died and came back, tell us that they came to see the other world is the real one and this world is only a virtual reality. Everything that they thought was important before their experience became insignificant. All of them are transformed by their experience. They often change their jobs, give up materialistic pursuits, and engage in activities that involve service to others.

Life is only a simulation. We operate this body from remote. We don’t come here to have fun, but to experience this world, to meet its challenges and to acquire more consciousness, i.e., grow spiritually. What we learn in this simulation called life will allow us to become better “pilots” in the spiritual world. That is the real world, not this one.

In regards to God being infinite, that too is a fallacy. Infinity does not exist. It is a fictitious number we humans have constructed to make our mathematics work. Infinity, zero and negative numbers don’t have exterior existence. They exist in human imagination.

Infinity is a process, not a number. Yet, most people think of it as something real. Materialistic physicists appeal to infinity in order to deny the existence of God. The laws that govern this universe are so fine-tuned that only an infinite number of trial and errors can make them all possible. In infinity everything, including an absurdity is a possibility. Neither there are infinite universes nor is God infinitely big.This is also very simple to demonstrate. Infinity must occupy everything. If there is a spot not occupied by the infinite thing that that thing cannot be infinite. So the very notion that something is infinite is absurd. If i am not part of that infinite thing then that thing cannot be infinite.

God is subject to the same laws that we are. He, however, does not have a physical body and therefor, is not restricted by physical laws. When we leave this world, we too will be free from the restrictions of the physical world and become very much like God. The difference between God and us is in size. Essentially, we are the same. The difference between a drop of water, a glass of water, a pool of water, a lake and the Ocean is in size. Just as all waters on Earth, come from the ocean and return to it, so do all spirits come from God and return to Him.


There can’t be growth without resistance. This principle is explained in the Bhagavad Gita allegorically. Arjuna is first reluctant to fight. But Lord Krishna explains to him that fighting is essential in order to transcend and to attain His consciousness. This fight should not be interpreted literally. It is not about bloodshed, loot and rape as Muhammad did and taught his followers. Krishna explains the principle that souls can evolve only by ignoring their desires, and by exerting against the challenges of life. Arjuna is asked to fight his relatives, towards whom he feels love and attachment. In this parable his relatives represent his attachment to this world. the moral of that story is that we should fight all things to which we feel attached to and are objects of our desire.

This principle is clear in the evolution. How do you think our physical body has evolved? The first living organisms that appeared on earth were single celled. How from that simple start, we came to be so complex? It happened only through fighting. Single cell organisms procreate through division. They make two sets of chromosomes and then split, with each taking one set and the process is repeated. At one point in the history of the Earth, some of the cells realized that if they stayed close and cooperate with each other, they can have a better chance of survival. So they formed colonies. Volvox is one such organism.


Eventually, the bond between the cells became stronger and they specialized each doing a differ task. So organs evolved and some three billion years later, humans came to exist. Without that fighting there would be no evolution. Even today, viruses are responsible for our evolution. They mutate and attack us, we mutate to resist them and these mutations result in our evolution. Evolution can happen only through struggle. As Darwin put it, it is the survival of the fittest. This is an inviolable principle.

Your question is the same as a child saying why should he go to school and effort himself to learn? Why knowledge can’t be downloaded to his brain so he does not have to study. That is not how the world works. Universe is governed by laws that cannot be violated.

We can know things by their opposites. If there is no suffering, how can we know joy? If there is no sickness how can we know health? If there is no darkness, how can we know light? And if there is no evil how can we know goodness? There is no darkness or evil with God. To experience his goodness, God needs his opposite, the void where His light does not shine. It is by observing this void that He can feel His existence. He copied himself in “infinite” souls and sent them out to experience his opposite. Imagine you want to test the temperature of water. You dip your fingers inside it. You feel, what your finger feels. We are like God’s fingers. He feels our feelings and experiences what we experience. He is connected with us through our thoughts.

Now, this is not a perfect example. When you dip your finger in hot water and it burns, your finger has no say in it. But we are free spirits. God does not make us do anything. Everything we do is our own choice. Because we are colones of God we are free like Him. We can choose good or evil. God does not intervene, but He feels our experience. He feels joy when we feel joy and he suffers when we suffer. Although free, we are still part of him. We are not separate from God.

We are images of God, like mirrors reflecting Him. Imagine God is standing in a hall of infinite mirrors, of all sizes, watching Himself. But we are not made of glass. We are conscious like God. We are free to turn towards God and become filled with His Light, or turn away from Him and reflect the darkness of the void. That is the choice we make every moment of our life.

We are fractals of God. We come to this world so that we can experience our existence and through His creation, God experiences Himself. This duality between God and the creation is an illusion. We are not separate from God. God is in every one of us. He is in all beings.

You also asked about the souls who do evil. You wanted to know whether they choose that path before coming.

Let us rely on our infallible Muhammad. We know for certainty that whatever he said, the opposite must be true. He said God is in control of everything and that not a leaf falls without God making it fall. He said that even the belief and disbelief of people depend on God. People have no choice in that. He guides and misleads whoever he wants and he does that wantonly, without any reason that we humans can understand.  So the correct answer is the opposite of what Muhammad said. We are in control of what we do. Every moment we make conscious choices. We can either turn our faces to God or away from Him. Guidance or salvation is a personal choice. God does not impose His will on us.  When we turn our faces towards God we experience joy and when we turn away from Him we experience pain.

We are in this world only for a short time. This world is not our destination. Imagine a flock of migratory birds landing in a place to eat something and rest in order to continue their journey. What would happen if some of them love the place and become so attached to it that they forget their destination? When winter arrives, this place will become their doom. Likewise, we come to this world to gain something. If we ignore our destination and become attached to it, it will become our doom. We miss the greater joy that is awaiting us.

Jesus said, my kingdom is not of this world. Muhammad said, “I have been promised the wealth of this world.” This alone tells everything we need to know about him. He was after worldly power, women and control. He had no understanding of the spiritual world. If Muhammad had any understanding of the spiritual world, even as little as what I have gained, which is very small, he would not have cared about wealth and dominion of this world. For those who have any clue about the afterlife, the wealth of this world has as much value as the money you gain in the game of monopoly.  That money is worth nothing in the real life.  Likewise, the wealth and power of this world is worth nothing when the game of life is over. What did Muhammad do what all the wealth he stole? Five years after he said that to Umar and Abu Bakr, (He said it after he raided the Bani Mustaliq) God took him to hell and all that he had stole was inherited by his mortal enemies, the Bani Umayyah, who killed his grandsons. Don’t you see the poetic justice?

Life is for struggle. It is not supposed to be easy. We come here to fight. This is the world of duality. Clashes will always exist. The fight between good and evil will never end in this world. I have chosen my fight in this life. I strengthen my spiritual muscles by fighting against Islam. For many years I asked myself, if God is real, why would He allow something as evil as Islam to spread. The existence of evil was the main reason why I could not accept God.  Now I know the answer. Evil is there, for us to combat it. Islam was allowed to spread so you and I can fight it and defeat it. Smashing this evil force is an opportunity for us to strengthen our spiritual muscles.  Islam is a formidable opponent. It is the biggest force of evil. If you can confront this mighty force and defeat it, you become a truly evolved spiritual (divine) being.

But we can’t defeat evil by evil. We must defeat evil with virtue. Darkness can be defeated with light. Lies can be defeated with truth. To defeat this utterly demonic force, we need divine force.

For many years I fought Islam, trying to defeat it rationally. Islam is a lie, so truth should suffice to defeat it, I thought. But Islam is not just a lie. It is also a demonic force of evil. Therefore truth alone is not enough. We must also arm ourselves with virtues. We need to create a force, bigger than Islam in opposite direction. This is basic physics. the universe is governed by laws. Things don’t happen by magic.   We need to become an army of light. Over billion souls emanate evil thoughts every day. five times a day. That is a powerful diabolic force.  To defeat that, the force of goodness must be bigger than that.  But we can defeat this evil. Light is more powerful than darkness. Truth is stronger than lies and good is mightier than evil.

See evil as a challenge, for it gives you the chance to fight it. This is the whole idea of evil. In Heaven there is no evil.  Heaven is filled with God’s presence; there is no room for evil, just as there is no shadow in sun. But we left the heaven and came down to this world with the full knowledge that is it filled with evil.  Why?  Because we wanted the challenge. It is by fighting that we can grow.

Before starting our fight, we must discern the difference between good and evil.  That is also a quality an evolved soul needs to acquire. If you can’t distinguish between good and evil, you may join the army of evil, as Muslims have. Jihad means fight, but is is a fight for evil.  We all come here to fight.  If all of us choose to fight for good, then against what shall we fight?  That is why God has left us free to choose side.

What side are you fighting for?  Is your God the god of love, or does he teaches you to hate? Does He tell you to dust your sandals when you leave a town that rejects you or does he tell you to raid it, massacre its unarmed people, enslave their women and rape them?  Does He advise you to forgive those who persecute you and pray for them or does he instruct you to kill anyone who objects to your views?  It is not difficult to distinguish between good and evil.  You can fool yourself but you can’t fool God.   You know the difference between right and wrong.  We are all born with that compass. If you choose evil, it is because you like evil.  The choice is always yours.


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75 Responses

  1. Maverick says:

    Dear Ali Sina,
    Just my personal opinions.
    I agree that through His creations, God experiences Himself.
    But I disagree that we are in control of what we do.
    First, what is free will? Without the use of force or threat, will we ever choose the things we dislike? What shapes our dislikes? How did our dislikes came to be? What caused the circumstances leading to our dislikes to take place? Are we in control of our likes and dislikes?
    I am not a muslim nor favor islam.
    Dualism is a falsehood, and while it is false it remain a part of reality. As in Buddhism there is a saying “Form is void. Void is form.” (However don’t forget that form is still form and void is still void.) Dualism is subjective and is not absolute. While it is not absolute, it is part of reality.
    We are not independent. We are just Gordon Freeman (of the Half-Life game). When we play the game long enough, we may for once thought we are Gordon Freeman living in Gordon Freeman’s world. We are Gordon Freeman. The player playing Gordon Freeman is God. Are we really in control? Even in Chinese art of astrology, a person’s life course is known in advance the moment he is born.

    I would say that God is still infinite. That we are not really in control (we just think we are, but are actually not). And yes, while this world may be a virtual reality, a more precise statement may be that it is OUR perception of this world/truth/reality that is virtual reality.

    Reality is relative. Everything is change. There are cycles within much larger cycles, each embodying a more realistic scale of reality. While reality in the afterlife is the real real, such reality may just be part of a much larger reality. In other words, the reality of the afterlife may not stop there. There could possibly be a much higher realm of reality beyond the reality in the afterlife. And each of these realm of reality requires very different levels of perceptions, possibly leading all the way to the very source of Everything, just for us to find Nothing, and revert back to the Beginning again, much like an infinitely self-spinning and self-sustaining Torus.

    Thus it may be what’s being meant in Tao Te Ching, that through achieving nothing we achieve everything, that Tao is both everything and nothing. Thus the purest essence of living may be what Zen taught, to eat when it’s time to eat and sleep when it’s time to sleep.

    Good and evil are relative and they are part of the reality (they are not isolated nor an outlier/anomaly). Good and evil, they are both part of God. We perceive what is good or what is evil and make such discrimination because our perception is at such level that naturally causes us to make such distinction. Probably when we transcend to higher realm of reality and perception, such discrimination would not take place.

  2. Indian says:

    Our bodies are holographic projections of our consciousness. Our thoughts determine reality and our future.

  3. Sakat says:

    /Arjuna and Gita is one of many distractions Ali, continue on by.
    Remember, you did not learn of Arjuna through your NDE’s.
    It was Jesus you learned of and proclaimed.
    If you believe he is real, you must read his words./

    If at all Ali could be able to grasp Jesus ,then perhaps because both of them were deprived off ,of real spirituality .

    Ask Ali ,if he is guaranteed by science that ,he is going to live for 1000 more years young without death ,and if bored with life, a provision to go a deep sleep of 100 more years and then come back again to enjoy life in a different planet ,will he be then,adore passionately Jesus,my answer is big No.There is no fault in Bhagwadgita ,the fault lies in you and Ali understanding it.Keep aside those NDE experiments ,they do not have the required teeth to solve this age old spiritual puzzle ,let alone any father god and son god .

  4. Agniputra says:

    Today scientists believe that the universe is conscious, intelligent, non-material, mental wave-function. This approves of Hindu concept of all-pervading God called Brahman.

  5. Mike says:

    Perhaps your pendulum swinging? Pantheism is the polar opposite of atheism! No god to all god!
    Things will settle in time.
    Prayers for you.

  6. Mike says:

    While God works in and through his creation. He is not subject to it, but master over it.
    As far a suffering goes, it is the natural result of rebellion.
    Yet even that has a purpose, and the struggle and gain is real as you have stated.
    Consider Cain in Genesis when God rejected his offering, God clearly declared that He desired Cain to ‘rule over his desires. Genesis 4:7 “If you do well, will not your countenance be lifted up? And if you do not do well, sin is crouching at the door; and its desire is for you, but you must master it.”
    But we are not ‘fractuls’ or pieces of God. God is NOT his creation anymore than I am my car.
    Consider all Genesis chapters 1-3. And John 1 of John 1:1-3
    In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being.
    We have the WORD which was with and was, but the creation was… Created, and that is where we find ourselves.
    We are not simply the drivers of our bodies, but as creatures we are integral parts of it.

    Suffering is because of the rebellion of man. God uses mans rebellion to reveal condemnation; judgement has been declared and will come in time. But before the ‘judgment’, we see the mercy and grace of God in Jesus, whom you professed as being a real person, not a fractul.

    Consider Paul from Acts 17
    So Paul stood in the midst of the Areopagus and said, “Men of Athens, I observe that you are very religious in all respects. “For while I was passing through and examining the objects of your worship, I also found an altar with this inscription, ‘TO AN UNKNOWN GOD.’ Therefore what you worship in ignorance, this I proclaim to you. “The God who made the world and all things in it, since He is Lord of heaven and earth, does not dwell in temples made with hands; nor is He served by human hands, as though He needed anything, since He Himself gives to all people life and breath and all things; and He made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined their appointed times and the boundaries of their habitation, that they would seek God, if perhaps they might grope for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us; for in Him we live and move and exist, as even some of your own poets have said, ‘For we also are His children.’ “Being then the children of God, we ought not to think that the Divine Nature is like gold or silver or stone, an image formed by the art and thought of man. “Therefore having overlooked the times of ignorance, God is now declaring to men that all people everywhere should repent, because He has fixed a day in which He will judge the world in righteousness through a Man whom He has appointed, having furnished proof to all men by raising Him from the dead.”

    While we suffer under the condemnation and entropy that followed it. There MUST be purpose. The scripture declares that when we suffer injustice that God is pleased. At first read it may seem morbid to some, but when you realize the Creator ALSO suffered as a man.

    Consider Philippians 2:6-9
    Have this attitude in yourselves which was also in Christ Jesus, who, although He existed in the form of God, did not regard equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied Himself, taking the form of a bond-servant, and being made in the likeness of men. Being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross. For this reason also, God highly exalted Him, and bestowed on Him the name which is above every name,…

    Here we see incredible suffering with the people whom he made, people who despised rejected and killed him. Those who read the testimonies of his life in the gospels will see, as you know Ali, life pouring out of him. And while he had no need to do it, he demonstrated to us AS A MAN that suffering can be gain. God endures sinful men, God offers redemption to sinful men, God demonstrates value in suffering.
    The Father suffers even now, the Son suffered and now intercedes and SUFFERS till we are all home again.

    The Bible is all about the God who suffers that we might be saved from condemnation and restored to true LIFE. That life was made visible to us in the SON, and he freely gives life to all who will come to him. No work, just believe. If you want to make the most of this life, you will “Take up your cross”

    Lastly, consider Jesus words in John 16 as Jesus prepared his disciples for his coming Crucifixion…
    “These things I have spoken to you, so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.”

    No man has overcome the world EXCEPT the Son who was sent to do it. There is no other way for us to grow except in the way God has ordained.

    Arjuna and Gita is one of many distractions Ali, continue on by.
    Remember, you did not learn of Arjuna through your NDE’s.
    It was Jesus you learned of and proclaimed.
    If you believe he is real, you must read his words.
    Consider when in John 14 Thomas asked; “Lord, we do not know where You are going, how do we know the way?” Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.”

    There is mercy, grace, and forgiveness for transgression under only one name under heaven, Jesus.
    Jesus is the Way.

  7. pran says:

    continuum,cheers!!! whatever explanation- doesn’t go to his brain as it is sealed by illogical belief

  8. Agniputra says:

    Physicists and scientists have been influenced by Vedic ( Hindu) Philosophies.

  9. Aryan Hindu says:

    “God alone exists, the question is do ‘you’ exist?”

    This sentence “God alone exists, the question to ask is whether ‘I’ exist?” is worth contemplating upon. This sentence mentions two different entities: God is the only existing truth and the ‘I’ is the false identity, but appears real.

    Who do we think we are? The body, the mind, or the constant entity, the Self, Consciousness, God within the body-mind? Let’s understand this topic with an example.

    One day John came to his friend Sam and pleaded to let him stay in his house as he had gone bankrupt and lost everything. Sam agreed at once. “Why not? You are my best friend. You can live with me as long as you want.” A few days later it so happened that John met with a terrible accident. He lost an eye, a leg, and an arm. Even under such circumstances, Sam insisted on keeping his friend in his house.

    Unfortunately, within a week, John passed away due to his sufferings. Sam arranged for a proper burial of his best friend’s body. The moment he stepped in his house, his little son asked him, “Why didn’t you keep your friend even after he is dead?” Sam replied, “How can I keep a dead body in our house?” So, the question arises: Who was Sam keeping with him, saying he’s his best friend? John’s body? If that’s so, then it was present even after his death; yet it was not deemed fit to continue keeping it in the house. Then was it the life, the Consciousness, the Self, the God within John’s body that was Sam’s friend? That’s the only possibility. Everything feels alive and lovable only due to the presence of the Self within the form.

    This contemplation can help us reach greater heights of understanding and ultimately lead us to the actual state of our “being”. The mind creates an illusory layer of the pseudo ‘I’, which gives us the impression that it’s only the body-mind that exists. For thousands of years even science believed only in matter because “Seeing is believing.” But Consciousness or God’s presence is felt when we start believing. The more we believe, the more clearly we start seeing the presence of the Almighty in each and every thing in nature.

    The body comes into existence in the frame of time and space, i.e. when we wake up from sleep. What happens in deep sleep? Do we feel the presence of our body and mind? No. Then who is the one that says, “I had great sleep last night”? Who was awake and watching? The one awake in our deepest slumber is also awake in our active state during daytime.

    What is GOD? An acronym for the one who generates, operates, and destroys. So, there is someone or something that is the creator or source of everything – living and non-living. And the interesting truth is that the Creator is experiencing and expressing itself through all these various forms.

    The limitation of words is the biggest hindrance to gain the ultimate knowledge of the infinite. Words can create confusion in understanding the false and the real identities and the mind defines the everlasting existence into something in limitation. Contemplation is the only path that will clear the muddy turbulent waters of confusion and ignorance into crystal clear and calm waters of understanding the higher consciousness. A simple experiment will make us reach the higher levels of understanding.

    Let us close our eyes and imagine that all the things surrounding us are disappearing or getting dissolved – the chair we are sitting on, or the bed, the room we are in, the house we live in, the neighbourhood, the streets, the suburb, the district, the state, the country, the world, the earth, the universe. Now our body parts are slowly disappearing like our legs, trunk, arms, neck, mouth, nose, ears, eyes, the whole face, the whole body. Now the thoughts are getting dissolved. What remains at last? Nothing. Absolutely right, Nothing remains. But there is someone who is still present and watching the Nothingness. You can eliminate everything else, but not the one who is watching this nothingness. That is the REAL ‘I’ , also known as God, Lord, Almighty, Self, Consciousness.

    Thanks for letting me express views.

  10. Grace Ali Harrel says:

    I’m really glad that my dear Dr Ali Sina is a wise vegan who don’t drink cow urine and he don’t eat cow dung like you do. Pls don’t belittle my dear Dr Ali Sina’s intelligence. He will never worship your cow. 🙂

  11. Agniputra says:

    Mr. Sina is not a cow-eater like you. He is vegan. He does not eat creatures like you do.
    Mr. Sina , you are welcome to practice Hinduism.

  12. Grace Ali Harrel says:

    Dr Ali Sina is not a cow worshiper neither does he worship a cow like you do.

  13. Agniputra says:

    Mr.Sina You say consciousness creates matter. our each and every thought creates future. This is law of karma in Hinduism. Please see a western Krishna bhakta is saying the same.


  14. Agniputra says:

    Mr. Sina Thanks for believing in Hindu concepts like reincarnation, holographic universe or illusion or Maya. Thanks for believing that God pervades everything. Thanks for discarding concepts like satan,judgement day, one-life philosophy.

  15. Agniputra says:

    Mr. Sina I would suggest you to see these videos : Americans are saying we are becoming more like Hindus.

  16. Agniputra says:

    Mr. Sina US views on God and Life are turning Hindu. Thanks Mr. Sina for believing in Lord Krishna.

  17. Agniputra says:

    Mr. Sina Thanks for accepting Lord Krishna and divine Bhagawad gita.

  18. Grace Ali Harrel says:

    Do you mean that the modern west will drink cow urine and eat cow dung like traditional Indian soon?

  19. Agniputra says:

    In the newfound respect for the hidden, spiritual dimension of man, the modern West is coming to what has been regarded as characteristic of being traditional Indian.

  20. Grace Ali Harrel says:

    Oh my dear Dr Ali, you must address the sin problem and also, explain why evil spirits exist, in order to come to the ultimate truth that my loving Creator God is the great ‘I Am’.

  21. Frankie Lee says:

    God is opposed to sufferings.God is good.

    It is always wrong to say,the Innocent should be blamed,the perpetrator of evils be absolved from blame.

    We only hold the Perpetrators responsible,the one who done wrong,not the one who do right.This Belief must be our principle,and with this basis,things became clearer.

    If everyone subject to Jesus teachings,believe in Him,then no sufferings in our world.The sick will be healed,evil doers repent of their Sins.

    We love one another,for this is Lord Jesus commandments.So where’s the pains,the woes of life?

    You notice that God is still doing good,and His Love for humanity has been His deeds,non-stop.But who would believe in Him and His words?

    Why is there sufferings?Those Muslims who believed in the evils of Muhammed,killed those French.They cause sufferings.Can you say it is Ali Sina who cause sufferings,or me or God?

    As Christians we all know why sufferings is in this world,which is why we stand with God,to alleviate it.

    God is asking you and me,why is there sufferings in our world?Would you stand with God,to do good,be kind to one another,to love one another,and tell our world,that Jesus died for our sins…for Sins is real sufferings,it leads one to Hell.

    Lord Jesus said,if you don’t believe in Me and My words,you will go to Hell.I am the Saviour,and precisely I don’t want you to suffer,which is why I came here to save you.



  22. Continuum says:

    “As we know for a fact and beyond doubt there are plenty of Muslims who are educated then this is merely bigotry on your part.”

    These were born as muslims….

    and those with degrees who accept islam either accept god can allow sexual slavery, looting etc. without any shame or are uninformed (uneducated).

  23. Amin Riadh says:


    “Only uneducated accept your religion.”

    As we know for a fact and beyond doubt there are plenty of Muslims who are educated then this is merely bigotry on your part.

  24. AI Barbhuiya says:

    you know batter than me..I am following it..!
    only few muslim misses salah…at least they do friday prayer…not like christian who dont know what their book says…

  25. Continuum says:

    “when they find the truth i.e Islam they accept it..”

    Actually whoever reads your book, like Ali Sina and many others have rejected your religion. Only uneducated accept your religion.

    “Why they are not following their religion..Why many are reverting to islam…”

    Says who?….there are many muslims becoming christians and Hindus…many christians becoming Hindus, Buddhists or atheists. Does this mean all these relligions are also true…Truth is NOT known through how many people convert to other religions. It is known through evidence.

    “Why maximum muslim follow there religion i.e perform salah..The only reason is they(non muslim) dont find their religion logical…..”

    Says who…majority muslims in middle east do not even do any salah…only old people do this and minority of young ones..You are in a lala world like a frog in a well…wake up….

  26. AI Barbhuiya says:

    Heart of you people are sealed….
    I have seen how you people represented islam in your website…
    All your allegation against islam was already refuted by many…I neednot refute them here again…You just following your logic(weak) to maintain your buisness i.e running this website of deviating non muslim…
    Maximum christrian or hindu doesnot follow there religion…they are athiest..when they find the truth i.e Islam they accept it..Why they are not following their religion..Why many are reverting to islam…Why maximum muslim follow there religion i.e perform salah..The only reason is they(non muslim) dont find their religion logical…..
    You people have your own buisness..I have also my own halal buisness… I cannt waste time here because heart of you people are already sealed…Just dont deviate nonmuslim in coming towards right path….

  27. Continuum says:

    “On the other hand nothing is acceptable without logic and reason in Islam.”

    ok…please tell me why you accepted islam? why you accept muhammd is a prophet and why you believe he was guided by allah? Why do you think allah exists? Please explain logically without cyclical arguments and contradictions..

    “muslims are minority in science because they find reading quran is more satisfactory than science.”

    What you are saying is that I read the works of some 7th century arabs, and find it more satisfactory than Science…I do not need medical facilities, vehicles which you use daily, airplanes you use to fly to mecca during hajj etc…

  28. Continuum says:

    “logic of islam is acceptable to all human.”

    What logic are you talking about…there are over 2 billion christians and a billion or more Buddhists, a billion Hindus who do not think your religion is utterly illogical…

    “You people are trying to put some weak logic to disprove the reality and also deviating many nonmuslim from coming towards right path.”

    There is no need for that..ANybody who reads your book will deviate themselves away from your religion…Only braindead/evil will like to follow.

    “Some people get deceived by it content the non muslim..other throw away weak logic and remain away from this site.This is reality…..so accept the truth and come towards right path…may Allah guide you…..”

    You have been writing about weak logic, but cannot point one weak logic…Where is the weak logic? Is this your logic? You think if you simply shout “weak logic..weak logic…” it makes this website weak and people will accept your religion…you must do more than that…you are a loser…

  29. AI Barbhuiya says:

    muslims are minority in science because they find reading quran is more satisfactory than science.when christian read bibel they become athiest….There are many contradiction,illogical things…. also contain pornography….! Contradiction and mistakes only comes when it is written by human… On the other hand nothing is acceptable without logic and reason in Islam.You people opened page to write against islam because logic of islam is acceptable to all human.You people are trying to put some weak logic to disprove the reality and also deviating many nonmuslim from coming towards right path.There are no page like it which is dedicated to write against christianity…there is no need also because this religion is itself illogical.This website attracts people by its content because it appears something new to people.Thats why this websites have so many visitors…Some people get deceived by it content the non muslim..other throw away weak logic and remain away from this site.This is reality…..so accept the truth and come towards right path…may Allah guide you…..

  30. continuum says:

    AI Barbhuiyaa says:@ continuum…..
    Just go through those videos you …

    Please stop giving zakir nalayak’s links to me. I care less and I know what your book says. I will say no more.

    As for your rants on what Hadiths predict, hell etc….know that only fools are impressed by fear tactics.

    “IN 1997 WE were 1 million now we are 1.4 million”

    This means number of fools have increased and does NOT imply anything else. There are more number of christians than you guys and their numbers are increasing as well. Does that mean theirs is true religion…..How many are successful in education and how many beome scientists…Scientists are always a minority….It is more likely that if number of people of a group increase because they are failures.

  31. Agniputra says:

    The belief of ancient Hindus is same as that of modern scientists. The universe is only an illusion. Our senses deceive us and cause duality in our minds.
    Please read hear

  32. Amin Riadh says:

    “You really live in your own little world don’t you?”

    So dear Know Your Enemy… explain why you use multiple accounts? But are still thoroughly incapable of replying other than being dishonest and flinging meaningless rhetoric about.

    Of course I live in my own world! The mere suggestion I would live in your bring up bile.

    But as usual – you are not good at either arguing or replying.

    – –

    “It’s really unnecessary to paste multiple links since there are numerous anti-islamic sites exposing Naik’s charades.Seriously,what kind of challenge is that?”

    Do you know when lies like this are exposed then this is the kind of excuses you come to.

    First of all… Naik isn’t here. I am. So these “links” were promised to counter me.

    Second they don’t exist.. else you would have pasted them. Just like you have the habit have resorting to link posting…

    So… you are a liar and you lied about these imaginary links!

    – –

    “Your response doesn’t surprise me,it’s indicative of the Manchild,quite common among muslim men.”

    Boo Hoo!

    Now did you enjoy this virtual kick up your backside?

    – –

    Ha ha ha… you were always easy to counter. And I could make myself look good. Way too easy.

    – –

    Especially as seeing Sina has hidden himself away with this cheaply hosted site which has trouble loading…

    See how his lies are exposed?

  33. Phoenix says:

    Amin said:If I can refer to the argument you have had with me… then you are completely lying here.
    Muslims are well and able to show your hatred and lies up. I can do that any time requested. As I have done.//

    You really live in your own little world don’t you?
    And didn’t you promise me a blizzard of links once? And then backed out… proving BEYOND doubt that you are a liar? And stand here exposed.//

    It’s really unnecessary to paste multiple links since there are numerous anti-islamic sites exposing Naik’s charades.Seriously,what kind of challenge is that?
    Anywhere on this site or off it.I am here for you my darling. I am here for you.
    So none of your nastiness.
    Or I wont put that number 9 up your backside…//

    Your response doesn’t surprise me,it’s indicative of the Manchild,quite common among muslim men.

  34. AI Barbhuiya says:

    Above comment has some mistakes…admin you can remove it….

  35. continuum says:

    “You do not need such Idols to worship God.”

    May be your god allah does not need.

    But our Vedic God does allow and recommends to worship Him through idols. You have NOT given any valid reason why it should NOt be so..you cannot give any reason..

  36. Aryan Hindu says:

    We spend half of our health in earning money, and then we spend half of our wealth to get the health back. Not so smart! We need to find where life is going? We keep working and we keep on doing things without knowing – What is the Purpose! Without even enjoying all that this nature has provided us.

    I want to ask you a question.

    Did you really greet the person or did you do it as a formality?

    You don’t have to tell that to the person next to you. You don’t have to tell them, ‘Hey, I just greeted you as a formality.’

    I want you to ask yourself, did you really greet the person?

    You know when you get off the plane, the air hostesses greet you saying, ‘Have a nice day’, but they don’t mean it.

    It is just coming from the lips.

    But if the same words comes to you from your mother, or sister, or a close friend, it carries some vibration with it.

    So we convey more through our vibrations.

    Someone can stand and give you a talk about love for two hours, but that does not convey what a baby or dog conveys to you through vibrations.

    You go into a place where people are depressed, you will see that for no reason you are also depressed. Similarly, you go to a place where people are happy and you feel the joy coming up within you.

    The whole world is just vibrations; waves and waves.

    Our mind is vibrations, our body is all vibrations, thoughts are vibrations and our emotions are all vibrations. But we don’t do anything to improve the vibrations, the positivity in us, isn’t it?!

    That something, doing which, your vibrations become very joyful, positive and peaceful, is Meditation.

    This happens very fast through the breathing techniques and meditation.

    Usually when one says Meditation, you think, one has to leave everything and go to Machu Picchu, or somewhere in the Himalayas; no, it is not like that. You can experience it in your own home.

    And what are the benefits of meditation? Why should we do it? As I said, our vibrations become positive.

    Sometimes, when you meet someone, you feel some repulsion and you don’t want to talk to that person. Have you experience this?

    And then, there are some people that you meet, and you feel like talking to them and engaging with them. Again, this is vibrations.

    Similarly, you get some thoughts, and they are absolutely right. And at other times, you get thoughts that are completely wrong. Isn’t that so?

    So, we are like walking in the darkness without understanding our own consciousness. If you understand consciousness, a lot of things happen and your life becomes much happier. Our health becomes better, our relationships with people improves.

    You must have heard from people, how the violent tendencies in life go down. And most important, our desires get fulfilled.

    There are four kinds of people.

    Some people have desires, and they desire and desire but nothing gets manifested.

    There are others who desire and work so hard for it, and then after a long time, it gets manifested.

    And the third one are those who desire, and immediately it gets done, without much hard work.

    And the fourth one are those who don’t even have to desire, even before the desire arises, things are already there.

    So which category do you want to be in? Fourth one?

    Yes, that is the luckiest. It is just like, you have not even felt thirst and already there is water.

    There is a proverb in India which says, ‘When you had teeth, you didn’t get peanuts, and when you got peanuts, you didn’t have teeth.’

    Many people are in this situation. They work so hard all their life, make all the money, put it all in the bank and they die. And then the children fight over the money of the parents.

    In the world, about 70% of the court cases are about inheritance.

    Now, see nobody fights over the money they have earned. So what you have done is, you have made money, put it in the bank and then made your children fight with each other for the money. Is this an intelligent thing to do?

    We spend half of our health in earning money, and then we spend half of our wealth to get the health back.

    Not so smart! Not so economical.

    See, when the mind is bitter, you can’t find happiness anywhere in the world. When the mind is sweet, then you find sweetness everywhere. So meditation is all about finding sweetness deep inside. That something, doing which, your vibrations become very joyful, positive and peaceful, is Meditation.

    We need to find where life is going?

    There is a story of a wise fool!

    A wise fool was sitting on a donkey, and the donkey was running. It went round and round the same streets many times. So someone asked this gentleman, ‘I see you going up and down several times, where are you going?’

    He says, ‘I don’t know, ask the donkey!’

    Most of the time, our lives are that way. We keep working and we keep on doing things without knowing – What is the Purpose! Without even enjoying all that this nature has provided us.

    See, when the mind is bitter you can’t find happiness anywhere in the world. When the mind is sweet, then you find sweetness everywhere.

    So meditation is all about finding sweetness deep inside us. And when you find it, do you know what you want to do? You want to give it to everybody.

    People ask me, ‘What is your motivation? What do you get? Why are you running around to all these places all the time?’

    I asked them one question, ‘Suppose you see a very nice movie, what do you do? Do you just sit quiet in your room? Or do you pick up the phone, call your friends and tell them, ‘Oh, it is a great movie, you must go and see this movie.’ Now what do you get by doing that? Do the movie producers give you some commission? Or the actors give your some money? What do you get for making all those phone calls? You do it because the nature of joy is to share.’

    The nature of joy is sharing.

    There are two types of joy, one is the joy of grabbing. As kids we were born with this tendency. If you leave a child here, it will go and grab this flower, grab this sheet, pull that chair, turn everything around upside down, and hold on to things.

    It will hold on to anything, even a knife. Without knowing it is going to hurt its hand, the child with grab a knife. But mothers are very clever, they will give the child something else to loosen the child’s grip from the knife. Isn’t that so?

    When children catch on to something that is not good, you give them something else.

    So this is one type of joy, the joy of getting, having. This is a childish joy; childish happiness. There is another type of happiness, joy, that comes from giving.

    Many ladies , when guests are coming home, or children are coming home, what do they do? They make many different types of food and decorate it and put it on the table. Their joy as a mother is in giving, isn’t it!

    Look at grandparents, they love to give gifts to the children, isn’t it?! There is a joy in giving, and this is a mature joy.

    We cannot live life by just having the joy of getting without understanding the joy in giving.

    Once you have a little taste of the joy that comes from giving, you will find that life is worth living, life is fulfilling.

    So, smile more!

    You know a baby smiles 400 times a day, a adolescent smiles only 17 times and an adult rarely smiles. And if you become an officer or a politician, then forget about it. Your smile disappears, flies away.

    A smile is not something artificial, it should come from within. That can only happen when the stress is gone, when we go deep in meditation.

    If someone says, ‘I am meditating’, that means that they smile more; there is serenity, sensitivity and sensibility, and this is spirituality.

    Spirituality means sensibility, sensitivity, sweetness, smile; all these put together.

    So I would suggest you to meditate in the above explained way.

    Thanks for letting me express views.

  37. continuum says:

    “As I said the original Vedic religion did not contain worshiping Idols. That is a later innovations. ”

    You prove it is later innovation.

    “Actually it isn’t my assumption… that idol is representative of and God. Apparently Godly spirit is meant to reside there. You do not need such Idols to worship God.”

    Vedic God pervades all space and time and beyond. So it is your assumption that Vedic God dwells only in idols.

    “Nope. That is a mere unified direction so where ever you are there is single place to turn to. It brings unity… as everyone faces that way. ”

    Why unity is required to pray to God? WHy would facing in one direction bring unity? What unity is there among muslims today? Sunni kill shia, ahmedi etc. etc., shia kill Sunni, Turkey attacks Egypt, muslim brotherhood attacks Egyptians etc. etc.

    You do not need unity to pray to God. This is all humbug.

    “Prove it. Where is the evidence? There is no archaeological or other documentary evidence, that I know of which shows that original Vedic religion had Idol Worship.”

    Simple….Yajur Veda I quoted, Upanishads all speak Forms of God. This is a sign that idol worship was there. It is illogical to expect archaeological evidence which is more than 3000 years old, especially in a country that was invaded and destroyed by muslims.

  38. AI Barbhuiya says:

    There ere hadith where our prophet said islam will enter in every house where day and night exist so if u not accept the truth your grandson or your generation will accept it….If Allah dont forgive you..you will be burning in hell fire and your grandson or generation will be in heaven…so before going to hell you accept it the truth.Here in your website you will show your your weak ligic to disprove anything because it is your buisness to write against islam.BUT REALY we are winner in outside world.Come out of your website and see the reality.Islam is the fastest growing relegion in the world…IN 1997 WE were 1 million now we are 1.4 million so you cant stop us growing brcause Islam is reality and truth just accapt it…may Allah guide you….

  39. AI Barbhuiya says:

    There ere hadith where our prophet said islam will enter in every house where day and night exist so if u not accept the truth your grandson or your generation will accept it….If Allah dont forgive you..you will be burning in hell fire and your grandson or generation will be in heaven…so before going to hell you accept it the truth.Here in your website you will show your your weak ligic to disprove anything because it is your buisness to write against islam.BUT REALY we are winner in outside world.Come out of your website and see the reality.Islam is the fastest growing relegion in the world…IN 1997 WE were 1 million now we are 1.4 million so you cant stop us growing brcause Islam is reality and truth just accapt it…may Allah guide you….

  40. Amin Riadh says:

    “Another instance of gish galloping.Muslims can’t provide any justifications for their beliefs nor refute the arguments against their beliefs so they bombard their opponents with links,hoping it will relieve them of the responsibility to use deductive logic and evidence in support of their propositions.”

    If I can refer to the argument you have had with me… then you are completely lying here.

    Muslims are well and able to show your hatred and lies up. I can do that any time requested. As I have done.

    – –

    And didn’t you promise me a blizzard of links once? And then backed out… proving BEYOND doubt that you are a liar? And stand here exposed.

    – –

    Let us have none of your thoroughly vile nonsense here…

    Or are you going to turn a shade nasty again?

    – –

    Anywhere on this site or off it.

    I am here for you my darling. I am here for you.

    So none of your nastiness.

    Or I wont put that number 9 up your backside…

  41. Phoenix says:

    Another instance of gish galloping.Muslims can’t provide any justifications for their beliefs nor refute the arguments against their beliefs so they bombard their opponents with links,hoping it will relieve them of the responsibility to use deductive logic and evidence in support of their propositions.

    AI Barbhuiyaa,if there’s anything in those links you consider to be the smoking gun or even remotely rational then do share it with us.Go on present your case.

    I can make it easy for you.There’s a collection of hadith incriminating Muhammad as a pedophile.Do you have any objections against this charge or do you accept that he engaged in immoral sex acts with a pre-teen girl?

  42. Ali Sina says:

    If you want your comments to show immediately, don’t insert any link.

  43. Agniputra says:

    Ages before Lamarck and Darwin it was held in India that man has passed through 84 lakhs (8,400,000) of birth as plants, animals, as an “inferior species of man” and then as the ancestor of the developed type existing to-day. The theory was not, like modern doctrine of evolution, based wholly on observation and a scientific enquiry into fact but was a rather (as some other matters) an act of brilliant intuition in which observation may also have had some part.
    To the philosophers of India, however, Relativity is no new discovery, just as the concept of light years is no matter for astonishment to people used to thinking of time in millions of kalpas, (A kalpa is about 4,320,000 years). The fact that the wise men of India have not been concerned with technological applications of this knowledge arises from the circumstance that technology is but one of innumerable ways of applying it.
    Sir John Woodroffe, A Tribute to Hinduism, page 246

    Falls back upon the earliest and greatest of Revelations, those of the Sacred Books of India with a Cosmogony which no European conception has ever surpassed.
    Maurice Maeterlinck, India: Culture and Society, page xxxiv

    The invisible excludes nothing, the invisible that excludes nothing is the infinite – the soul of India is the infinite. Philosophers tell us that the Indians were the first ones to conceive of a true infinite from which nothing is excluded. The West shied away from this notion. The West likes form, boundaries that distinguish and demarcate. The trouble is that boundaries also imprison – they restrict and confine. India saw this clearly and turned her face to that which has no boundary or whatever. India anchored her soul in the infinite seeing the things of the world as masks of the infinite assumes – there can be no end to these masks, of course. If they express a true infinity. And It is here that India’s mind boggling variety links up to her infinite soul.
    India includes so much because her soul being infinite excludes nothing. It goes without saying that the universe that India saw emerging from the infinite was stupendous.
    While the West was still thinking, perhaps, of 6,000 years old universe – India was already envisioning ages and eons and galaxies as numerous as the sands of the Ganges. The Universe so vast that modern astronomy slips into its folds without a ripple.
    Huston Smith, A Tribute to Hinduism, page 58

    The Indians came closest to modern ideas of atomism, quantum physics, and other current theories.
    The Rig-Veda, is the first Indian literature to set down ideas resembling universal natural laws. Cosmic law is connected with cosmic light, and, later, specifically with Brahman. It was the Vedic Aryans… who gave the world some of the earliest philosophical texts on the makeup of matter and the theoretical underpinnings for the chemical makeup of minerals. Sanskrit Vedas from thousands of years before Christ implied that matter could not be created, and that the universe had created itself.
    Two thousand years before Pythagoras, philosophers in northern India had understood that gravitation held the solar system together, and that therefore the sun, the most massive object, had to be at its center.” “Twenty-four centuries before Isaac Newton, the Hindu Rig-Veda asserted that gravitation held the universe together. The Sanskrit speaking Aryans subscribed to the idea of a spherical earth in an era when the Greeks believed in a flat one. The Indians of the fifth century A.D. calculated the age of the earth as 4.3 billion years; scientists in 19th century England were convinced it was 100 million years.
    Dick Teresi, Lost Discoveries: The Ancient Roots of Modern Science

    Nevertheless the ancient reputation of the Indians does not permit us to doubt that they have always cultivated astronomy, and the remarkable exactness of the mean motions which they assign to the Sun and the Moon necessarily required very ancient observation.
    Pierre-Simon Laplace The Celestial Key to the Vedas, page 61.

    Hindu are more exact in astronomy and astrology than any other people.
    Tarikh al-Yaqubi, The Foundations of the Composite Culture in India, page 59

    It is the clearest image of the activity of God which any art or religion can boast of. Modern physics has shown that the rhythm of creation and destruction is not only manifest in the turn of the seasons and in the birth and death of all living creatures, but also the very essence of inorganic matter.
    For modern physicists, then, Shiva’s dance is the dance of subatomic matter. Hundreds of years ago, Indian artist created visual images of dancing Shiva’s in a beautiful series of bronzes. Today, physicist have used the most advanced technology to portray the pattern of the cosmic dance. Thus, the metaphor of the cosmic dance unifies, ancient religious art and modern physics. The Hindus, according to Monier-Williams, were Spinozists more than 2,000 years before the advent of Spinoza, and Darwinians many centuries before Darwin and Evolutionists many centuries before the doctrine of Evolution was accepted by scientists of the present age.
    The Hindu religion is the only one of the world’s great faiths dedicated to the idea that the Cosmos itself undergoes an immense, indeed an infinite, number of deaths and rebirths. It is the only religion in which the time scales correspond, no doubt by accident [this part of the quote is often left out], to those of modern scientific cosmology. Its cycles run from our ordinary day and night to a day and night of Brahma, 8.64 billion years long. Longer than the age of the Earth or the Sun and about half the time since the Big Bang. And there are much longer time scales still.
    Carl Sagan, God Talks With Arjuna, page 734

    Modern physics has thus revealed that every subatomic particle not only performs an energy dance, but also is an energy dance; a pulsating process of creation and destruction. The dance of Shiva is the dancing universe, the ceaseless flow of energy going through an infinite variety of patterns that melt into one another’’.For the modern physicists, then Shiva’s dance is the dance of subatomic matter. As in Hindu mythology, it is a continual dance of creation and destruction involving the whole cosmos; the basis of all existence and of all natural phenomenon. Hundreds of years ago, Indian artists created visual images of dancing Shivas in a beautiful series of bronzes. In our times, physicists have used the most advanced technology to portray the patterns of the cosmic dance.
    Fritjof Capra, A Tribute to Hinduism, page 298

    Long before it became a scientific aspiration to estimate the age of the earth, many elaborate systems of the world chronology had been devised by the sages of antiquity. The most remarkable of these occult time-scales is that of the ancient Hindus, whose astonishing concept of the Earth’s duration has been traced back to Manusmriti, a sacred book.
    Professor Arthur Holmes, Hinduism And Scientific Quest, page 20

    Hindu cosmography, for example born in hoary antiquity, strikes one in certain ways as surprisingly modern. India has never limited its conception of time to a few crowded millennia. Thousands of years ago India’s sages computed the earth’s age at a little over two billion years, our present era being what is called the seventh Manuvantra. This is a staggering claim. Consider how much scientific evidence has been needed in the West before men could even imagine so enormous a time scale.
    Swami Kriyananada (J. Donald Walters), Crises in Modern Thought, page 94

    Interestingly, modern science has estimated that the age of the earth is about 4 billion years. Scholars feel it is uncanny that the Vedic Aryans could have conceived of such a vast span of time over 3,500 years ago that would be similar to the same figure estimated by science today.
    Dr. Subhash Kak, The Eastern Answers to the Mysteries of Life, page 25

    The movement of stars which was calculated by Hindus 4,500 years ago, does not differ even by a minute from the tables which we are using today. The Hindu systems of astronomy are much more ancient than those of the Egyptians – even the Jews derived from the Hindus their knowledge.
    Jean-Sylvain Baily, World as Seen Under the Lens of a Scientist, page 460

    Religious faith in the case of the Hindus has never been allowed to run counter to scientific laws, moreover the former is never made a condition for the knowledge they teach, but there are always scrupulously careful to take into consideration the possibility that by reason both the agnostic and atheist may attain truth in their own way. Such tolerance may be surprising to religious believers in the West, but it is an integral part of Vedantic belief.
    Romain Rolland, The life of Vivekananda and the universal gospel. 5th ed, page 229

    India – the land of Vedas, the remarkable works contains not only religious ideas for a perfect life, but also facts which science has proved true. Electricity, radium, electronics, airship, all are known to the seers who founded the Vedas.
    Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Human Resource Development and Ancient Sanskrit Literature, page 10.

  44. Amin Riadh says:

    As I said the original Vedic religion did not contain worshiping Idols. That is a later innovations.

    “This is your assumption. We do NOT call the matter (idol) itself as God. We face the idol and worship Vedic God.”

    Actually it isn’t my assumption… that idol is representative of and God. Apparently Godly spirit is meant to reside there. You do not need such Idols to worship God.

    – –

    “Talking about deceiving yourself, why you muslims all face Kaaba in Mecca while praying? Is your allah inside kaaba?”

    Nope. That is a mere unified direction so where ever you are there is single place to turn to. It brings unity… as everyone faces that way.

    – –

    “We know the history of our religion better than your wikipedia. Early Vedic religion did have idol worship.”

    Prove it. Where is the evidence? There is no archaeological or other documentary evidence, that I know of which shows that original Vedic religion had Idol Worship.

  45. Agniputra says:

    Thanks Mr. Sina for giving the video – Upanishad = Science. I would like to suggest you to watch following videos to know more about science in Vedas and Upanishads.




  46. Continuum says:

    “So your “God” is right there in front of you… the one made out of your own hands… and you bow down to it? Talk about deceiving your own self.”

    This is your assumption. We do NOT call the matter (idol) itself as God. We face the idol and worship Vedic God.

    Talking about deceiving yourself, why you muslims all face Kaaba in Mecca while praying? Is your allah inside kaaba?

    “The early Vedic Religion did not have Idol Worship. This came later.”

    We know the history of our religion better than your wikipedia. Early Vedic religion did have idol worship.

  47. Amin Riadh says:

    “What is so wrong with it?”

    So your “God” is right there in front of you… the one made out of your own hands… and you bow down to it? Talk about deceiving your own self.



    The early Vedic Religion did not have Idol Worship. This came later.

  48. AI Barbhuiyaa says:

    you are deleting my comments again and again….Are you people much concern about your buisness….
    “When truth is hurled against falsehood, Falsehood perishes, For falsehood is by its nature bound to perish.” The Glorious Qur`an Ch.17 V.81

  49. AI Barbhuiyaa says:

    you people are deleting my comments again and again because it will close their buisness……
    @ continuum…..
    Just go through those videos you will know what illogical wrong things you are talking about….by showing this things you are just deceiving common people who dont have deep knowledge…the way you people are taking best use of internet in your buisness of deviating people other also using youtube to respond your weak logic……Truth and reality will come again and in your path…just accept it….

  50. Continuum says:

    Hindu scripture doesnt say make idol of God..NATAS PROTIMA OSTI….You heard it

    Hindu scriptures do say make idols and worship. Not only that Hindu scriptures say God has many Rupas (Forms). We do not believe or follow Islam. yat te rupam kalyanatamam means (That auspicious Form of Yours). (Yajur-Veda, Kanva Shaka, 40:16)

    There is none to compare with him/ There is no parallel to him, is the meaning of the words (na tasya pratima asti). The statement has nothing to say about idols. Nowhere Hinduism forbids idols.

    i know you have some point to disprove anything but this points are weak…

    You do not have any point at all in the first place.

    U should agree to the strong points or logic and accept the truth….

    I have already and so dumped your false religion. Only false religions teach that god allowed them to take sex slaves after killing infidels. Only false religions attract people with false hopes of virgins in heaven (is heaven a brothel?). Why do you need god to tell you to do such horrendously immoral acts?

    Animals (from apes to lions) attack alpha male of a pack of animals, defeat the alpha male, kill its male children and then proceed to take the females and rape them. This is normal in animal kingdom. Do you need a god to tell you can go kill infidels and take their females as sex slaves (Ma malakat aymanukum (“what your right hands possess”, Arabic: ما ملكت أيمانکم‎) ) and behave like these animals?

    If u are not accepting we will consider it is buisness of you people to write against islam if you agree your buisness will be stopped

    You can consider it whatever you want. We do not care. What we care is about morality and ethics that should exist in any religion. A religion that teaches one to behave like animals is fit for creatures worse than animals.

  51. AI Barbhuyia says:

    Hindu scripture doesnt say make idol of God..NATAS PROTIMA OSTI….You heard it…..it is pondit who make people fool..Unknowingly hindu make idol..it is forbidden completely.Also there are many mistakes in bibel…God is crucified God cannt save himself…so funny….we muslim are more christian than christian who follow the teaching of church….if i show you mistake in bibel or any other scripture you will not accept it because you will again show your weak logic to disprove it…i know you have some point to disprove anything but this points are weak…U should agree to the strong points or logic and accept the truth….If u are not accepting we will consider it is buisness of you people to write against islam if you agree your buisness will be stopped….may Allah guide you.

  52. Agniputra says:

    The Bhagavad-gita is a conversation between Arjuna, a supernaturally gifted warrior about to go into battle, and Krishna, his charioteer. In the course of giving Arjuna all manner of spiritual and material advice, Krishna explains karma, the self, the Supreme Self, the purpose of yoga, the difference between our self and our material body, how our environment affects our consciousness, and how to attain the perfection of life.

    The Gita appears as a central chapter in the Mahabharata, the history of greater India. It is the essence of Vedic knowledge and one of the most important vedic books.

    Karma generally means the cause and effect of our thoughts and actions. But the word karma has several connotations. It can mean an action, its reaction, or the whole system of action-reaction known as the law of karma.

    “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and “what goes around, comes around” are common ways of talking about karma. Basically, our good or bad actions determine our good or bad future. Our quality of life, in terms of such things as health, wealth, intelligence, and physical appearance, is the result of our previous karma, actions.

    We can change our karma from good to bad (or bad to good) by changing our activities. But any karma is bad from the spiritual point of view. In our natural, free condition, the spirit self, atma, isn’t meant to live under strict karmic laws. Good and bad karma is what forces us to endure repeated birth and death. This upsetting process forces us into a succession of “good” or “bad” temporary bodies, in an environment characterized by constant upheaval—the material world—that’s alien to our eternal spiritual nature. But karma is not something we have to be stuck with forever.


  53. Continuum says:

    “How an ex muslim can find goodness in other relegion which believe in many god making idol or believing god is died or crucified….”

    Why NOT? Why should one NOT believe in a religion making idol? Why should one believe in a religion that forbids making idol? What is the reason islam forbids making idol? What is so wrong with it? I do NOT find anything wrong in it. Why should God be bothered with making idols? It is beyond me as to why God would give death sentences for just making idols. At the most it may be silly (which I do not believe it to be so) to make idols and/or to believe in it and harms none (no more than an invisible god, wait I take it back where invisible god orders raping, enslaving and killing unbelievers). Would somebody give death sentence for being silly?

    “No follower of islam can change their their relegious belief..…because all relegion have contradiction other than islam.”

    says who? of all the religions, yours have the highest no. of contradictions and most violent immoral one that includes sexual slavery, looting to genocide.

  54. AI Barbhuiya says:

    such a funny article by Ali sina.He made his own reason to existance of the universe hello brother and sister there is a new relegion coming and leader is ali sina….He formulating his law from him mind sitting in a closed room…so much unlogical thing he wrote in this article…Ali Sina is a christian not an ex muslim he is just an anti muslim. Because in one of his debate he was saying the opponent that then why to follow islam follow other relegion like christrinity and Hinduism.How an ex muslim can find goodness in other relegion which believe in many god making idol or believing god is died or crucified….No follower of islam can change their their relegious belief..…because all relegion have contradiction other than islam..the ex muslim athiest are rare..and if they become they are due to some misconception…Ali sinabeing an ex muslim advicing other to followrelegion of many god..!Ali cannt be ex muslim he a chriastian who just taken a muslim name and writing ex muslim…and Also he show his weak logic to disprove islamic belief…..Alisina I know that u got the truth already but U are not accepting it because you opened up your buisness if you agree your buisness will be closed….I pray that may Allah guide you and your team……ameen…
    If you want to about existance of universe and why so much suffering go through this video this is the truth……

  55. Drishtikone says:

    When I listen to the debate in the West on Evolution vs Creationism, I am often amused. Both the ways, heated camps in their own right are either incorrect or incomplete. For, such a debate is not even possible – nor warranted – in the Eastern Spiritual circles – fashioned as they are by the Dharmic (or Hindu) Spiritual viewpoint.

    It is true that material world has improved and progressed over the millenia to a point where human beings have reached the peak of existence as it is today. No more “evolution” of human beings is possible. If at all, the inventions and discoveries will take us downhill, because we will forgo the use of our body to its fullest. Our body, however, is at its peak level of instrumentation. If used properly. Nothing can be improved in terms of its configuration or components. Adi Yogi (First Yogi) Shiva said this – per the Yogic lore – around 15-20,000 years back.

    How about Creation? Well, there is no “Creation”. And that is where the entire spiritual view differs.

    Existence / Universe, rather everything seen, is called “Srishti” in Sanskrit. It comes from the root word Srijan, which is used to describe the manifestation of a tree from a seed. The seed does not “create” a tree. The tree is within the seed, in an umanifest form.

    The Sanskrit word for Creation is “Kriti”. It has deliberately not been used by the Sages and Monks. Because there is no Creation. Only manifestation.

    As the Physicists of the last century stumbled upon the Quantum and struggled to live with the disruptive impact of that knowledge to the “Physics” that had been held dear by the scientists. The modern world – which had mocked the Hindu view of “Maya” and “Consciousness”; suddenly came face to face with their ideological enemy. A world of “No Matter”. Of One Conscious Energy.

    Creator is “Intelligent”, but not in the way a human being is. It’s intelligence is the sub-stratum of the whole material world. Material world is but a vibration in the vast ocean of consciousness. Creation, Sage Vasistha said, is a Vibration in Consciousness. Modern Neuro-scientists and Quantum physicists, who conceptually understand their own life’s work, couldn’t agree more.

    Was that just some poetic nonsensical assertion by some in the Yogic past? Or arbitrary statements? Well, the entire philosophy and experiential Spiritual heritage – which Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism used and enriched in their own way – of Hinduism is centered around the assertion of “Maya” and the “Conscious, Unborn, All pervasive Intelligence” – which for the ease of consumption was later called “God”.

    If Yoga is the House… then unmanifest, non-material Consciousness is the “atoms of bricks and cement” in this house. Every action, every breath and every moment of quietude in Yoga is pregnant with the understanding and realization of the One Unmanifest Consciousness.

    It is clear to the one who has understood the meaning and scope of concepts-but-reality of Naadi, Chakra and Prana. Yoga works. We all know that. But it works in ways that we don’t know of. What we see of it and what we make of what we see from its impact is like getting excited by drinking droplets of water from the steam collected in a pressure cooker, while a sumptuous dinner is being cooked in it. We aren’t even making water in a pressure cooker. But for one if that is all you know it provides and that is all you know about it, then a Pressure cooker is a water maker! Just like Yoga is an “exercise” alternative to Pillates.

    While the Modern Scientists have been grappling with the question of how the “Wave Collapsed” from Infinite possibilities to a material Finite; Religions have been struggling with how God created the Creation. The Sages in India not only looked at this question – of how Finite came from the Infinite – but also found ways and methods – and perfected them – to experience the Infinite while in a Finite manifestation. The “bridging of the gap” – between Finite and Infinite – was experientially the lifework of every Spiritual seeker. We, at Drishtikone, had explored this in the post – Eternal Illusion and How Observer Creates His Own Reality

    Science’s endeavor was thus more about the Knowledge – which was, in itself, an estimation as opposed to the search and enunciation of the truth. For Truth was not available in our current paradigm. This new paradigm brought more questions than answers – questions that go to the very heart of our existence – daily, indeed momentary, existence!
    Falsehood (or Illusion) – collapse of the brain-wave or mind-stuff as Vasistha was fond of calling it – meets falsehood (another Illusion) – the collapse of the observed’s wave. How does the mind escape this interplay when it is the originator and the affected? Was this then the cause-and-effect Maya that Vedantists kept referring to all the time?

    So, who am I then? A Collapse? An Illusion? A thought of the Cosmic Creator? Or more appropriately, an Illusion in the “Mind-stuff” of the Cosmic Creator “Himself”?

    The official photograph from the 1927 Solvay Conference in Belgium. The greatest collection of brilliant minds ever assembled up to then, and up to present. (Courtesy Flickr/Ted Buracas)

    We went onto further look at the convergence of Theory of Relativity with the Quantum Mechanics and the entry of the idea of Consciousness in Physics. How, we are now listening to the Vasistha-speak from the mouth of Modern Physcists – Creation is a Vibration!

    This topic of convergence of Hindu Thought and Quantum Mechanics is covered by a Theoretical Physicist Jay Lakhani in his rather long but extremely enriching lecture on “Science and Spirituality”. It is not just a coincidence that the “Fathers of Quantum Mechanics” – Schrodinger, Heisenberg, and Bohr – were also deeply into Vedanta. Unless you are comfortable with the world as described by the Sages whose work was encapsulated in Vedantic writings; you can never step confidently into the world of Quantum Mechanics and make sense of it. For, any remnants of fetish with Material Existence and Deterministic Science can make you a great Mathematical genius, but a conceptually weak Quantum Physicist. This has been brought about by Lakhani in this lecture in a beautiful way. Watch above video.

  56. Drishtikone says:

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    In October of 1927, Born, Dirac, Heisenberg, Pauli, and Bohr came together and expounded as well as accepted “an” interpretation of the new quantum world that was reeling in the aftermath of Schrodinger’s Wave Collapse experiments. They called it the Copenhagen Interpretation.

    With the collapse of the wave wherein the countless possibilities and probabilities could be brought into physical reality – a Finite world was seen to be born out of Infinity! The foundational question was, therefore, posed to the scientists – how could Infinity give rise to the Finite? A question that was hitherto the headache of only the mystics.

    Interpretations of the Quantum

    The world of possibilities that were available to the particle, collapsed with its measurement, bringing down the calculated abstractions to a hard stop reality! How was the particle capable of being a wave and the particle at different point of its journey?

    The Copenhagen Interpretation:

    In Bohr’s words, the wave and particle pictures, or the visual and causal representations, are “complementary” to each other. That is, they are mutually exclusive, yet jointly essential for a complete description of quantum events. Obviously in an experiment in the everyday world an object cannot be both a wave and a particle at the same time; it must be either one or the other, depending upon the situation. In later refinements of this interpretation the wave function of the unobserved object is a mixture of both the wave and particle pictures until the experimenter chooses what to observe in a given experiment.

    By choosing either the wave or the particle picture, the experimenter disturbs untouched nature. Such favoritism unleashes a limitation in what one can learn about nature “as it really is.” This limitation is expressed by Heisenberg’s uncertainty relations, which, for Bohr, were related to what he was now calling “complementarity.” Complementarity, uncertainty, and the statistical interpretation of Schrödinger’s wave function were all related. Together they formed a logical interpretation of the physical meaning of quantum mechanics known as the “Copenhagen interpretation.”

    Now, the observer was not merely a witness – but creator of the reality as well. There were a few other interpretations of the Quantum Mechanics world, the next most prominent being the “Many-worlds Interpretation”

    The Many-Worlds Interpretation (MWI) is an approach to quantum mechanics according to which, in addition to the world we are aware of directly, there are many other similar worlds which exist in parallel at the same space and time. The existence of the other worlds makes it possible to remove randomness and action at a distance from quantum theory and thus from all physics.

    Einstein came up with his interpretation – the “Hidden Variables” – since his God did not throw dice – basically saying that some hidden variables explain the probabilities of the wave function and determine “a” unique possibility so that it was not as indeterminate as the Copenhagen gang made it out to be. His hidden variables were never to be found however.

    The basic issue, again, was – how was an unknown Infinity manifesting itself as the finitely known? A question that had haunted many philosophers and Vedic scholars had the best Quantum minds thinking now. The three main possibilities they put forward as explained above were also not new:

    1. Truth cannot be known and the observer creates reality (Copenhagen Interpretation)
    2. Truth resides is multi-dimensional and cannot be explained in our present known dimensions. (Many-world Interpretation)
    3. Under the hood of the Unknown Infinity is a certainity of an “Intelligence” that creates “method to this madness”. (Hidden Variables Interpretation)

    These theories were well known to the Vedantists long before Planck had inadvertantly come out with his quanta to shake the deterministic world of Newtonian Duality of matter and wave!

    Birth of Consciousness

    Inherent in the Copenhagen Interpretation was the assumption that finite or physical reality was based on two things: the ability or the action of querying the world or nature; and the act of “recording” or receiving the answer from nature. If the question was never asked, the probabilities would have remained probabilities. That the recorder showed an “intention” to know the position of the particle, the nature provided him with “a” result in the collapse of the wave into a point in time and space!

    So the process then has to consist of first, a world full of probabilities; second an observer who queries this probabilistic world; and third, the ability of the world to provide “a” reply within the confines of space and time!

    Well, if the observed particle was indeterminate as a wave function – which came into “physical reality” on observation, then what about the Observer himself? Is not the brain of the observer composed of the same waves? How and who (or what) decides what will “manifest” from the waves in that brain? The “questioning” of the probabilistic world has to be preceded by the manifestation of the “question” in the first place! This question is as much of a collapse of the various probabilities that are in wave form into ONE point called thought!

    Whose observation manifests as this thought in the worldly observer then? Vasistha – a rishi in ancient India explains it to his disciple Ram in Vasistha’s Yoga:

    “Even as empty, inert nothingness is known as space, mind is empty nothingness. Whether the mind is real or unreal, it is that which is apprehended in objects of perception. Rama, thought is mind; there is no distinction between the two. The self that is clothed in the spiritual body is known as mind; it is that which brings the material or physical body into existence. Ignorance, samsara, mind-stuff, bondage, darkness and inertia are all synonyms. Experience alone is the mind, it is none other than the perceived.

    This entire universe is forever non-different from the consciousness that dwells in every atom, even as an ornament potentially exists in gold, the object exists in the subject. But when this notion of the object is firmly rejected and removed from teh subject, then consciousness alone exists without an apparent or potential objectivity. when this is realised, evils like attraction and repulsion, love and hate, cease in one’s heart, as also the false notion of the world, you, I etc. Even the tendency to objectify ceases; this is freedom.”

    The Quantum scientists in the Copenhagen Intrepretation and all others were concerned about the interpretation of their objects conveniently planting themselves as the “subjects”, little realizing that their own “nature” and “existence” was nothing more than an act of Eternal Observation – collapse of wave in someone else’s observation!

    In “Total Freedom“, J Krishnamurthi explains this interplay:

    ” The whole struggle is between the result of the environment, with which mind identifies itself and becomes the “I”, between that and environment. After all, the “I”, the consciousness with which the mind identifies itself, is the result of the environment.

    Over the history of Western Human thought with regards to “God” and Nature the eras could be defined as below:

    1. Pre-renaissance era: Ignorant, Other-wordly interpretation of Gods, Demons, Satans, Good and Evil. This era is marked by beliefs in miracles and attributing of the phenomenon not understood to imaginary entities. It also accompanied positing of opposing belief systems like what is Good and what is Evil in that the Good was sanctioned by God “Himself” and the Evil had its source in “Satan” or Devil.

    2. Science (Deterministic) Era: Man and Nature were physical or chemical interactions and this era can be marked by two main thought leaders – Newton and Darwin. Between them, they created the bedrock of Deterministic Science where the scope of “an” entity making the Determinations was nipped off through theoretical disbelief as opposed to observational evidence.

    3. Quantum Mechanics (Indeterministic): This era of science in its philosophical “avatar” acknowledged the indeterminate and the lack of wherewithal with the human mind to “know” the Truth. Orthodox Scientists, however, who succeeded the original thinkers of Quantum Mechanics took the philosophical underpinnings out and relevant but exploratory queries became heresy while calculating and statistics became king! The honest and the philosophical quantum scientists, however, did come to think of a larger consciousness.

    Given the environment in which the Deterministic Era began, it is no surprise therefore, that Modern (Western) Science at the beginning of its journey started with a basic presumption that Science was an anti-thesis to “God”. The God at the cusp of Modern Science and pre-Renaissance was a projection of human emotions that were born out of ignorance as opposed to reasoned logic!

    Vedantic thought, however, which not only discussed the interplay of Illusions (Maya) credibly but also in many ways affected the shaping of Quantum Mechanics itself, was at the other extreme of Science-God interface. Vedics, made an inherent assumption that if we were content to understand Nature and Human interplay in a logical and exploratory manner then it could be possible to “get to God” Itself! God, to the Vedic scientists was not “Outside” the human expeerience but the cause of it! In a certain sense, Vedanta Philosophers, became the only bridge between the three eras in a unique way! They could explain the link between the idols of the pagans with the Indeterminate with as much ease as they could explain the nature of atom and how it led to a world full of “Higher Consciousness”!

    What about the Collapse of the Brain-wave?

    John von Neumann did get to that subsequently when he brought not only the quantum system that was measured but the measuring system itself within the confines of the larger system! He heard Heisenberg lecture on his Uncertainty principle and got fascinated:

    Fascinated, von Neumann began work in quantum theory. This led to his Mathematische Grundlagen der Quantenmechanik (1932), in which he discussed the much-debated question of indeterminism in quantum theory. Until then, indeterminism was thought to be the result of hidden parameters which need only be identified to restore determinism. Von Neumann “concluded that no introduction of ‘hidden parameters’ could keep the basic structure of quantum theory and restore ‘causality.’” He argued that the indeterminism was inherent in quantum theory because of the interaction of the observer and the observed.

    In other words in its overall sense, the “Truth” is an unknown. When the collapse occurs in the brain it opens upto the experience of the observation caused by another collapse of the observed! Knowledge is the accumulation of that experience. If the collapse in the brain was a “spontaneous” and one-time act, then “who” or “what” is the accumulator of this experience (collapse-borne) database?

    The experiences marked by the collapses in the brain – which maybe nothing but an observation of the cosmic creator or “Intelligence” – thus points to that an Eternal or “Greater” observer whose “thought” is responsible for our experiences! This was the beginning of interest amongst the scientists in “Consciousness”. Physical world was, therefore, an interplay of collapses initiated by a larger Consciousness – whose exact nature was not known but characteristics were the only guide. And these characteristics still pointed to more questions. Questions, that were themselves Illusions because they were created out of collapses in our brains itself!

    Knowledge and the Predictability of Future Collapses

    How is Knowledge – which is really an imprint of the collapse of the wave at the brain level of the observer be carried on and what role does it play?

    If knowledge of a past observation of the collapse in one’s observation was to carry on in his experiential database, then it would stand to reason that it will direct his subsequent “queries” of the nature and therefore the “answers” (in terms of the choice amongst the probabilities of the particle before it is observed) making them slave of the past knowledge!

    When we approach any event with the baggage of the past knowledge, the meaning and “actual” unfolding of that event takes on a predictable turn. This is not just a theoretically derived conjecture but experiential as well.

    Awareness of the Illusions and not the Knowledge of an event should then be the closest it comes to recognising the “Truth”!

    After these tectonic shifts in the landscape of Physics, weren’t the scientists more involved in “Knowledge” as an “Estimation of the Truth” as opposed to the “truth” itself? Those who pioneered the Quantum Physics acknowledged it (source: The Mind & The Brain):

    Heisenberg wrote in an article sometime in 1958, that “laws of nature which we formulate mathematically in quantum theory deal no longer with the particles themselves but with our knowledge of the elementary particles”
    Bohr also said “It is wrong to think that the task of Physics is to find out how nature is. Physics concerns what we can say about nature.”

    Science’s endeavor was thus more about the Knowledge – which was, in itself, an estimation as opposed to the search and enunciation of the truth. For Truth was not available in our current paradigm. This new paradigm brought more questions than answers – questions that go to the very heart of our existence – daily, indeed momentary, existence!

    Falsehood (or Illusion) – collapse of the brain-wave or mind-stuff as Vasistha was fond of calling it – meets falsehood (another Illusion) – the collapse of the observed’s wave. How does the mind escape this interplay when it is the originator and the affected? Was this then the cause-and-effect Maya that Vedantists kept referring to all the time?

    So, who am I then? A Collapse? An Illusion? A thought of the Cosmic Creator? Or more appropriately, an Illusion in the “Mind-stuff” of the Cosmic Creator “Himself”?

    Vasistha tries to help again:

    “… distinction between ignorance and knowledge is unreal and verbal. There is neither ignorance nor even knowledge! When you cease to see knowledge and ignorance as two distinct entities, what exists, alone exists. The reflection of vidya (knowledge) itself is considered avidya (ignorance). When these two notions are abandoned what remains is the truth: it may be something or it may be nothing! It is omnipotent, it is more empty than space and yet it is not empty because it is full of consciousness.
    It is concluded that”Creation is a Vibration”.

    Knowledge, therefore, is itself Ignorance and the distinction is non-existent for both are collapse events and thus illusions. Amazingly, and ironically, the Vedantists found the answer to infinity interacting with infinity in ONE non-dual Consciousness.

    # Abrahamics believe that God ” created ” the universe, whereas Hindus believe that God ” manifested” himself in the form of universe.They say God pervades everything. #

  57. Ali Sina says:

    That is a great article. Please also see this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mELi3YP5qII

  58. Amin Riadh says:

    Yet… in the end some allege he was Christian and most write that he was an Atheist.

  59. Drishtikone says:

    Admin please delete comment of mine.

  60. Drishtikone says:

    In 1687, Newton published Principia where he laid the foundations of Gravity, which explained how the planets stayed in their orbits and large bodies work. Five years later, a Cambridge philospher Richard Bentley asked him a very innocuous question that hit at the root of Newton’s discovery. Bentley wrote a letter asking Newton: If the gravity was always an attractive force, why doesn’t the Universe Collapse? This question came to be known as the “Bentley Paradox”.

    Bentley not only pointed to the inherent instability of a creation made of one directional force, he started a series of actions that would later nudge the scientists from Einstein to today’s top Nobel Laureates to look for the ‘Truth” – a “Theory of Everything”.

    Einstein tried to explain it by saying that Universe was probably expanding or contracting and not static (meaning an inherent force was at play, over and above the attractive force of Gravity). So strong was the entrenched scientific ideology (YES! Scientists are as dogmatic as the religious), that they forced Einstein to change his reason and come up with a Cosmological Constant. This was the repulsive and balancing force to gravity such that the Universe could be static and not collapse. Of course, if such a force was to hold the Universe together it would have to be very precise and Universe Equilibrium very unstable indeed – even a little nudge would bring things down!

    Twelve years later Ed Hubble came out to tell the world that the Universe was indeed accelerating, embarassing Einstein to have him say that cosmological constant was his “Greatest Blunder”.

    Well, now things were settled, or so it seemed, about the gravity. It was argued that now Gravity will somehow slow this acceleration down. Around the turn of the 21st century however, it was clear that Universe’s expansion was accelerating and NOT decelerating. So, now, Einstein’s Cosmological Constant was dusted and brought out. His “blunderous” repulsive force was probably behind the accelerating expansion. It’s been called Dark Energy. When something happens that we cannot explain and is not according to our wishes, we characterise it as “Dark”. This episode showed that even scientists have superstitious minds.

    Now the question is – if this Dark Energy is constant or growing? It seems currently that it is static. In any case, we will lose the sight of most galaxies in the next few billion years. So, if you wish to see any of those galaxies, do it NOW! It might be too late a few billion years from now!

    Force-fields and Electromagnetism

    Michael Faraday was, what they called at that time, a “Natural Philosopher”. He was assistant of Humphry Davy a well known chemist of his time. In the class-driven British society of that time, he was treated as a servant by Davy’s family and others, sometimes working as a valet replacement apart from his lab duties. It was after Davy’s death that Faraday came into his own.

    Faraday’s greatest accomplishment was the finding that a changing magnetic field produces an electric field. His discovery did an important thing – it linked two forms of energy as mutually responsible for each other. Faraday’s lack of mathematical rigor brought in James Clark Maxwell. He fashioned Faraday’s findings into mathematical equations and was able to show what Faraday had demonstrated – that Electricity and Magnetism were manifestations of the same energy.

    However, Maxwell, went further than that.

    He found, mathematically, that magnetic fields and electric fields could be changed into one another. He found that if they changed from one to another in a never ending pattern – then they could create a wave just like in an ocean.

    In 1864, he said: “This velocity is so nearly that of light that it seems we have strong reason to conclude that light itself is an electromagnetic disturbance.”

    While Faraday had brought together Electricity and Magnetism; Maxwell brought Light into the picture as well. He showed that all three – Electricity, Magnetism and Light were really manifestation of the same energy.

    Interestingly, Swami Vivekananda had suggested the same, based on his understanding of Vedic philosophy, in one of his lectures in late 1890s:

    out of this Prana is evolved everything that we call energy, everything that we call force. It is the Prana that is manifesting as motion; it is the Prana that is manifesting as gravitation, as magnetism. It is the Prana that is manifesting as the actions of the body, as the nerve currents, as thought force. From thought down to the lowest force, everything is but the manifestation of Prana. The sum total of all forces in the universe, mental or physical, when resolved back to their original state, is called Prana.

    Of course, he went further that just magnetism, electricity and light were manifestations of a energy, but even “thought”! We shall see how science later went to that point much later.

    Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

    Einstein’s special theory of relativity led to the Mass-Energy equivalence. Coupled with that he showed that speed of light is actually a basic property of our existence.

    Special relativity reveals that c is not just the velocity of a certain phenomenon, namely the propagation of electromagnetic radiation (light)-but rather a fundamental feature of the way space and time are unified as spacetime.

    He followed this up with the General Theory of Relativity, which incorporated Gravity in the model as well. In the General Theory, he unified the Special theory of relativity and Newton’s law of Gravitation. He described gravity as a geometric property of space and time, or spacetime.

    Kaluza’s Unification of forces

    In April 1919, Theodor Kaluza was trying to solve Einstein’s equation for General relativity using 5 dimensions. He found that Maxwell’s equations of Electromagnetism emerged spontaneously.

    Kaluza through his work was able to unify Light (electromagnetic forces) and Gravity. He also suggested that Light was but “ripples” in the 5th dimension.

    Quantum Theory, Schrodinger’s Cat and Consciousness

    Quantum theory has come to be defined by the Copenhagen Interpretation (although there are other theories). Although there is no definitive statement of the Copenhagen Interpretation, it can be understood from its defining principles. [5] Primarily, it says that any one time, that electron could be wave or particle, and that the wave collapsed on observation into a particle.

    However, the observer was taken to be objective. Schrodinger’s Cat experiment brought this part out that the nature of measurement or the observation was not very well defined in this experiment.

    Eugene Wigner then brought his friend into the Schrodinger’s Cat experiment:

    The Wigner’s Friend thought experiment posits a friend of Wigner who performs the Schrödinger’s cat experiment after Wigner leaves the laboratory. Only when he returns does Wigner learn the result of the experiment from his friend, that is, whether the cat is alive or dead. The question is raised: was the state of the system a superposition of “dead cat/sad friend” and “live cat/happy friend,” only determined when Wigner learned the result of the experiment, or was it determined at some previous point?

    He brought in Consciousness to bear upon the Quantum Collapse, making consciousness material to the quantum measurement process.

    Wigner suggested that Consciousness causes Collapse. This is explained best as:

    The rules of quantum mechanics are correct but there is only one system which may be treated with quantum mechanics, namely the entire material world. There exist external observers which cannot be treated within quantum mechanics, namely human (and perhaps animal) minds, which perform measurements on the brain causing wave function collapse.

    String Theory – Unification of Everything

    String Theory dusted Kaluza’s light ripples in the 5th dimension to extend the work of Einstein for a “Theory of Everything” (TOE). It was an attempt to merge the Quantum Theory with Theory of Relativity (Gravity and Light).

    This is still an evolving area and has many theories, but the most inclusive is the 11-dimensional M-theory. It has since evolved into the “SuperString Theory”.

    According to this theory, sub atomic particles are simply vibrations of the “string” or Branes (p-brane) as they are known.

    0-brane is a zero-dimensional pointlike particle, a 1-brane is a string, a 2-brane is a “membrane”, etc. Every p-brane sweeps out a (p+1)-dimensional world volume as it propagates through spacetime.

    According to the M-theory, strings of energy could grow to branes as large as the size of the Universe.

    Basically, in layman’s term, Creation may actually be a Vibration. Depending on how Consciousness is defined and how being conscious – a property is defined, Creation is just a Vibration in the Infinite Consciousness.

    The world is nothing but a mere vibration of consciousness in space. (Maharishi Vasistha to Shri Ram in “Vasistha Yoga”)

    Vasistha’s Yoga also goes ahead and defines its meaning of Consciousness extensively:

    That self is subtler than even space since it has no name and cannot be described; and neither the mind nor the senses can reach it or comprehend it. It is pure consciousness. The entire Universe exists in the consciousness taht is atomic, even as tree exists within the seed.

    Eugene Wigner had brought consciousness into play as he was deeply affected by Vedanta. In that sense, Vedanta and its philosophy of creation and existence has affected the debate in Modern science more than once.

  61. Agniputra says:

    The famous Danish physicist and Nobel Prize winner, Laureate Niels Bohr (1885-1962) was a follower of the Vedas. He said, “I go into the Upanishads to ask questions.” Both Bohr and Schrödinger, the founders of quantum physics, were avid readers of the Vedic texts and observed that their experiments in quantum physics were consistent with what they had read in the Vedas.

    Niels Bohr got the ball rolling around 1900 by explaining why atoms emit and absorb electromagnetic radiation only at certain frequencies.

    Then, in the 1920’s Erwin Schrödinger (1887-1961), an Austrian-Irish physicist who won the Nobel prize, came up with his famous wave equation that predicts how the Quantum Mechanical wave function changes with time. Wave functions are used in Quantum Mechanics to determine how particles move and interact with time.

    In the 1920’s Werner Heisenberg (1901-1976) formulated his famous uncertainty principal, which states when a physicist attempts to observe a subatomic particle, the experimental apparatus inevitably alters the subatomic particle’s trajectory. This is because they are trying to observe something that is of the same scale as the photons they are using to observe it.

    To be more specific, to observe something that is subatomic in size one must use a device (apparatus) that projects photons at the particle being observed. This is because the reception of photons by our retina is what we call vision. Basically, to observe something, we must bounce photons off it. The problem is that the photons disturb the subatomic particles because they are of the same size. Thus, there is no way to observe subatomic particles without altering their trajectories.

    Bohr, Heisenberg and Schrödinger regularly read Vedic texts. Heisenberg stated, “Quantum theory will not look ridiculous to people who have read Vedanta.” Vedanta is the conclusion of Vedic thought.

    Furthermore, Fritjof Capra, when interviewed by Renee Weber in the book The Holographic Paradigm (page 217–218), stated that Schrödinger, in speaking about Heisenberg, has said:
    “I had several discussions with Heisenberg. I lived in England then [circa 1972], and I visited him several times in Munich and showed him the whole manuscript chapter by chapter. He was very interested and very open, and he told me something that I think is not known publicly because he never published it. He said that he was well aware of these parallels. While he was working on quantum theory he went to India to lecture and was a guest of Tagore. He talked a lot with Tagore about Indian philosophy. Heisenberg told me that these talks had helped him a lot with his work in physics, because they showed him that all these new ideas in quantum physics were in fact not all that crazy. He realized there was, in fact, a whole culture that subscribed to very similar ideas. Heisenberg said that this was a great help for him. Niels Bohr had a similar experience when he went to China.”

    Consequently, Bohr adopted the Yin-Yang symbol as part of his family coat-of-arms when he was knighted in 1947.

    Schrodinger wrote in his book Meine Weltansicht:

    “This life of yours which you are living is not merely a piece of this entire existence, but in a certain sense the whole; only this whole is not so constituted that it can be surveyed in one single glance. This, as we know, is what the Brahmins [wise men or priests in the Vedic tradition] express in that sacred, mystic formula which is yet really so simple and so clear; tat tvam asi, this is you. Or, again, in such words as “I am in the east and the west, I am above and below, I am this entire world.”
    ब्रह्मैवेदममृतं पुरस्तात् ब्रह्म पश्चात् ब्रह्म उत्तरतो दक्षिणतश्चोत्तरेण ।
    अधश्चोर्ध्वं च प्रसृतं ब्रह्मैवेदं विश्वमिदं वरिष्ठम् ॥ 2.2.11
    This is a reference to the Mundaka Upanishad mantra (above) in which the Vedic understanding of the connectivity of living entities is put forward to help the Bhakta (practitioner of yoga) to understand the difference between the body and the living entity. How the real nature of the living entity is realized only in union with the source, the supreme being (Brahman/Krishna) through a platform of transcendental divine loving service.

    Schrödinger, in speaking of a universe in which particles are represented by wave functions, said, “The unity and continuity of Vedanta are reflected in the unity and continuity of wave mechanics. This is entirely consistent with the Vedanta concept of All in One.”

    “The multiplicity is only apparent. This is the doctrine of the Upanishads. And not of the Upanishads only. The mystical experience of the union with God regularly leads to this view, unless strong prejudices stand in the West.” (Erwin Schrödinger, What is Life?, p. 129, Cambridge University Press)

    “There is no kind of framework within which we can find consciousness in the plural; this is simply something we construct because of the temporal plurality of individuals, but it is a false construction… The only solution to this conflict insofar as any is available to us at all lies in the ancient wisdom of the Upanishad.” (Mein Leben, Meine Weltansicht [My Life, My World View] (1961), Chapter 4)

    In his biography on Schrödinger, Moore wrote: “His system – or that of the Upanishads – is delightful and consistent: the self and the world are one and they are all… He rejected traditional western religious beliefs (Jewish, Christian, and Islamic) not on the basis of any reasoned argument, nor even with an expression of emotional antipathy, for he loved to use religious expressions and metaphors, but simply by saying that they are naive.
    Vedanta and gnosticism are beliefs likely to appeal to a mathematical physicist, a brilliant only child, tempted on occasion by intellectual pride. Such factors may help to explain why Schrödinger became a believer in Vedanta, but they do not detract from the importance of his belief as a foundation for his life and work. It would be simplistic to suggest that there is a direct causal link between his religious beliefs and his discoveries in theoretical physics, yet the unity and continuity of Vedanta are reflected in the unity and continuity of wave mechanics. In 1925, the world view of physics was a model of the universe as a great machine composed of separable interacting material particles, During the next few years, Schrödinger and Heisenberg and their followers created a universe based on superimposed inseparable waves of probability amplitudes. This new view would be entirely consistent with the vedantic concept of the All in One.” (Schrödinger: Life and Thought (Meine Weltansicht), p. 173)

    In Schrödinger’s famous essay on determinism and free will, he expressed very clearly the sense that consciousness is a unity, arguing that this “insight is not new…From the early great Upanishads the recognition Atman = Brahman (the personal self equals the omnipresent, all-comprehending eternal self) was in Indian thought considered, far from being blasphemous, to represent, the quintessence of deepest insight into the happenings of the world. The striving of all the scholars of Vedanta was, after having learnt to pronounce with their lips, really to assimilate in their minds this grandest of all thoughts.”

    According to Moore on page 125 of his biographical work, A Life of Erwin Schrödinger, Schrödinger found “Vedanta teaches that consciousness is singular, all happenings are played out in one universal consciousness and there is no multiplicity of selves… The stages of human development are to strive for Arth,Dhrma,Kama,Moksha Moksha is a state of pure blissful knowledge. It has nothing to do with individual. The ego or its separation is an illusion. The goal of man is to preserve his Karma and to develop it further – when man dies his karma lives and creates for itself another carrier.”

    The above quote clearly demonstrates Schrödinger’s firm belief in reincarnation.

    Schrödinger wrote in his book My View of the World: “In all the world, there is no kind of framework within which we can find consciousness in the plural; this is simply something we construct because of the temporal plurality of individuals, but it is a false construction….The only solution to this conflict in so far as any is available to us at all lies in the ancient wisdom of the Upanishad” (p. 31).

    The Vedas teach that we are more than physical bodies operating according to the laws of physics and chemistry. We, the eternal conscious self (Atma), are inherently connected to the greater whole (ParamAtma), and this eternal inherent connection is totally transcendental to matter. All living entities (Atmas), having free will, are able to ignore this connection or recognize it. The Vedas teach us how to do both. When we act as scientists and look for facts and accept them and then go on to use and act according to our new realizations we can make great progress. Similarly, as living entities, we must scientifically study the great work of the evidential books of the Vedas in order to help us realize the facts of this universe and beyond, and our natural position in it.

    Schrödinger explicitly affirmed his conviction that Vedantic jnana (knowledge) represents the only true view of reality, a view for which he was prepared to offer empirical proof (Klaus K. Klostermaier, A Short Introduction to Hinduism, p. 168).

    Regarding mystical insights, Schrödinger tells us: “The multiplicity is only apparent. This is the doctrine of the Upanishads, and not of the Upanishads only. The mystical experience of the union with God regularly leads to this view, unless strong prejudices stand in the West” (Amaury de Riencourt, The Eye of Shiva: Eastern Mysticism and Science, p.78).

    In autumn of 1925 Schrödinger wrote an interestingly personal account of his philosophy of life called Mein Weltansicht – My World View.

    He completed this in 1960. In chapter 5 of this book he gives his understanding of the basic view of Vedanta. He writes, “Vedanta teaches that consciousness is singular, all happenings are played out in one universal consciousness and there is no multiplicity of selves.”

    Maya (illusion) is the cause of our faulty identification with this material world. In all the embodied forms of existence, Atma (the individual living entity) is fully able to at any time revive his forgotten, eternal and inherent connection with Brahman or Paramatma, the supreme self and source of all the living entities.

    Schrödinger did not believe that it is possible to demonstrate the unity of consciousness by logical arguments. One must make an imaginative leap guided by communion with nature and the persuasion of analogies. He understood the nonmaterial eternal nature of the conscious self and how the Atman is intimately connected to the supreme.

    In the 1920’s quantum mechanics was created by the three great minds mentioned above: Heisenberg, Bohr and Schrödinger, who all read from and greatly respected the Vedas. They elaborated upon these ancient books of wisdom in their own language and with modern mathematical formulas in order to try to understand the ideas that are to be found throughout the Vedas, referred to in the ancient Sanskrit as “Brahman,” “Paramatma,” “Akasha” and “Atman.” As Schrödinger said, “some blood transfusion from the East to the West to save Western science from spiritual anemia.”

    In 1935 Einstein Prodolsky and Rosen challenged Quantum Mechanics on the grounds that it was an incomplete formulation. They were the first authors to recognize that quantum mechanics is inherently non-local, which means it allows for instantaneous action across arbitrarily great distances. So an action in one place can instantly influence something on the other side of the universe in no time at all. This very powerful paper (The EPR paper) explaining Quantum Entanglement changed the world and alerted us to the magical implications of quantum mechanics’ metaphysical implications.

    But, Einstein states in his letter from to Max Born, 3 March 1947, “Es gibt keine spukhafte Fernwirkung” which translates to “There is no spooky action at a distance.” He did not believe in magic. He believed in science and would regularly read the Bhagavad-gita. Einstein’s famous quote on the Bhagavad-gita is: “When I read the Bhagavad-gita and reflect about how God created this universe everything else seems so superfluous.” He also wrote in his book The World as I See It, “I maintain that the cosmic religious feeling is the strongest and noblest motive for scientific research” (p. 24-28).
    Physicists have not yet ascertained whether Bohr and company or Einstein and company are right.

    One thing that all this materialistic research has done is open up the doors for the world to look deeper into the validity of the Vedas. For, it is stated in the Bhagavad-gita, “A mundaner 1) is sure to commit mistakes, 2) is invariably illusioned, 3) has the tendency to cheat others and 4) is limited by imperfect senses. With these four imperfections, one cannot deliver perfect information of all-pervading knowledge.” So no matter how many experiments we conduct, we can never come to the absolute truth using imperfect instruments of perception, even if we have a super brain like Einstein or Schrödinger. For our very minds, thoughts and power of intelligence only work on the platform of time and space and are rendered defective from being subject to the four defects that the Bhagavad-gita mentions. So we must come to accept a higher authority, not a mundane person of the material world that is limited by his own imperfect senses and instruments in a laboratory. We must approach Krishna, the supreme person! We must give Him the credit for he is the supreme father of all Quantum processes that all these other men mentioned in this article are trying to understand. He established all the laws of nature and is controlling it; it is by His will that we will or will not ever understand. For the Vedas are coming from Krishna and are ultimately meant to help us understand and love Krishna, the supreme being. The dry mental speculators and scientists (depicted at the bottom of the picture, at left) try by their own limited power of intellect and observation to understand Krishna/God, unaware that Krishna is only known by those fortunate souls that serve Him in the mood of love and surrender. Let us not forget, “God” means the all powerful; we cannot force the all powerful supreme personality to reveal Himself to us by our own limited strength and arrangements. Krishna is way above that. The scientific process to understand Krishna and the nature of the universe is to learn from a fully self-realized soul, like Srila Prabhupada. By reading his books, chanting the hare Krishna Maha mantra and practicing celibacy (controlling the senses), we may purify our minds and hearts so we are qualified to understand Srila Prabhupada’s transcendental books and the Vedic literature and thus surrender to the supreme being, Krishna.

    Since scientists like Schrödinger did not possess a direct knowledge of Sanskrit to discern first-hand what the Vedic texts actually were saying, they were forced to read various translations of these great books of wisdom, such as the Upanishads. There are persons like Robert Oppenheimer (1904 – 1967) (pictured on left) who were not lacking in such an advantage. Oppenheimer learned Sanskrit in 1933 and read the Bhagavad-gita in the original, citing it later as one of the most influential books to shape his philosophy of life, stating that “The Vedas are the greatest privilege of this century.”

    Upon witnessing the world’s first nuclear test in 1945, he instantly quoted Bhagavad-gita chapter 11, text 32, “Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.”

    Vedic texts such as the Bahgavad-gita and the Upanishads were collectively considered the most influential books ever written by eminent people like Thoreau, Kant, Schopenhauer, Schrödinger, Werner Heisenberg , Tesla, Einstein etc.

    The fact is that, irrespective of east or west, great minds that come in contact with the Vedic texts agree that the ultimate reality remains timeless and changeless, and is contained in the Vedic texts such as the Bhagavad-gita and the Upanishads.

    Furthermore 300 years before Quantum Mechanics, Sir Isaac Newton came up with Classical Mechanics which describes very basic action and reaction. Newton’s entire work in Physics and Calculus was taken wholesale from the Vedas and Kerala book of Calculus. It was simply taken from the Vedas where it was originally used for calculating rates of change in Astronomy and Astrology for many thousands of years before Newton.

    Another genius scientist was Nikola Tesla, a super genius Serbian. Tesla, along with the others mentioned above, knew that the ancient Indian Brahmans (wise men), well equipped with knowledge from the Vedas, had understandings of the intricate laws, mathematical formulas and subtle workings of the universe that far surpass anything we can even imagine today.

    It is uncertain how Nikola Tesla was introduced to the Vedas. Much of Tesla’s life and work has been erased from history due to this mastermind inventor and scientist wanting to make the fruits of all his work available for free to the world (google “free energy Tesla” and your mind will be truly blown away). Unfortunately for us, because he was not trying to use his genius for profiteering and exploiting others he was met with one setback after another. His grants and funding were constantly being revoked by those that control the economy and trade. Nikola Tesla originally invented many things that we all use on a daily basis but most people have never even heard of him because his name was removed from common history (just like much of the teaching of the Vedas) and he was eventually murdered. I guess he know too much and wanted to share it freely for the betterment of mankind (just like the Vedas), not to exploit it. Unfortunately not everyone saw eye to eye with him.

    Tesla understood the great power of Zero Point Field or Akasha or Ether: the power of space between the electrons and the nucleus. Vivekanda’s effect on Tesla was so great that he became vegetarian, became celibate and started using Sanskrit words. He died with his scalar energy science in his head, because he did NOT want the US military to use it to destroy the planet. No wonder he was denied the Nobel prize and eventually killed. Knowledge is power, and there are many people that want all the power for themselves. Tesla wanted to give power to everyone for free! He was actually the first person to figure out how to make radio communication possible across the Atlantic ocean. But because he wanted to make this ability free for others his funding was stopped and the credit was later given to someone else that played the power game better than him.

    Here is just a small list of some of Tesla’s contributions to the world that he has not been given credit for:

    Alternating Current -AC electricity (Thomas Edison literally stole his ideas from him and took the credit for for it).
    Radio (Marconi just took the ideas and work of Tesla and got the cerdit for it).
    Hydro-electricity (Tesla Built the first Hydro-electric power plant at Niagara falls As a result we see whats there now)
    transistors (you are using a transistor right now to view this webpage 🙂 )
    Resonant frequency (every one else figured it out 50 yeas later)
    Fluorescent and Neon lighting
    The induction motor
    The rotating magnetic field (precursor to gyroscope)
    Arc lighting
    Tesla coil
    Encryption technology and scrambler
    Wireless communication and power transmission
    remote control
    Telegeodynamics (a way to search for metals and minerals)
    Tachometer and speedometer
    Refrigeration machines
    Bladeless turbines and pumps
    Cryogenic engineering
    reactive jet dirigible (precursor to Harrier jet)
    Hovercraft Flivver plane (precursor to Osprey helicopter/aircraft)
    Particle-beam weapons (precursor to Starwars)

    All Tesla’s engineering was done in his head, he never worked things out on paper or used scale models to come to a functioning final result. . Things would appear in his head and he would simply record it exactly as it came to him, similar to Beethoven.

    Tesla built the tower in the early 1900s in Shoreham, New York referred to as “Wardenclyffe.” This tower was proposed to be a model for more of these towers located around the world to provide free wireless energy to everyone. Upon J.P. Morgan’s finding out it was not equipped with any type of meter to monitor who was using how much of the energy it provided and was thus not for profit he ripped Tesla’s funding out from under him and the tower was torn down.

    Tesla lived to be 86 years old. He was 6 ft. 2 in. (1.88 m) tall and reported to be strikingly handsome. He was also a celibate his whole life. This goes in line with the teachings of the Vedas that Tesla and other master minds were familiar with. The Vedas recommend for yogis, and those wanting super intelligence and inner power, to conserve their own divine energy by observing celibacy. As Tesla himself has said, “The gift of mental power comes from God, divine being, and if we concentrate our minds on that truth, we become in tune with this great power.” and “Our senses enable us to perceive only a minute portion of the outside world.

    Although not a physicist, the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 – 1860) I feel also deserves a place in this article due the fact that he read a Latin translation of the Vedic texts and also glorified the Upanishads in his main work, The World as Will and Representation (1819), as well as in his Parerga and Paralipomena(1851). He found his own philosophy was in accord with the Vedic ideas.

    He states: “That I encounter in the Vedas deep original lofty thoughts, suffused with a high and holy seriousness.

    “If the reader has also received the benefit of the Vedas, the access to which by means of the Upanishads is in my eyes the greatest privilege which this still young century (1818) may claim before all previous centuries, if then the reader, I say, has received his initiation in primeval Indian wisdom, and received it with an open heart, he will be prepared in the very best way for hearing what I have to tell him. It will not sound to him strange, as to many others, much less disagreeable; for I might, if it did not sound conceited, contend that every one of the detached statements which constitute the Upanishads, may be deduced as a necessary result from the fundamental thoughts which I have to enunciate, though those deductions themselves are by no means to be found there.”
    (source: The World as Will and Representation Preface to the first edition )

  62. Juan Gaglia says:

    An other masterpiece aticle,tnak you for mention the Gita,Mr. Sina

  63. Continuum says:

    The background of the Mahabharatha war will give some perspective. Duryodhana is the incarnation of satan (Kali purusha, the leader of asuras or demons) of Hinduism, while Arjuna etc. are incarnation of angelic deities (deva). By nature, Kali Purusha or Duryodhana is always envious (asuya) and full of rage against the good people. Enviousness is NOT about what you lack in relation to others and therefore you also wish to have, it is about what little others have and you wish to usurp even that along with their life. One who is envious (asuya, in full depth of its meaning) will stop ONLY when all possessions of the enemy is fully usurped and finally his life too is destroyed. He wishes to keep everyone under his complete control.

    Duryodhana from childhood, tried to kill his arch enemy Bhima (epitome of good) and his brothers (Arjuna etc.). So he tried to eliminate them through poisoning, arson, deceit and every other method, including violating their wife in the court of the Kings. When Arjuna and his brothers asked for survival a village, they were denied and told they would NOT get even a land of size of pin’s head. I think you can see a parallel, where the followers of certain religion try to usurp all land and take women of others after murdering men. This battle is about NOT only war for survival, it is about war for establishing justice and removing evil men for good. Arjuna was thinking, Lord Krishna supported him for obtaining land, but soon brought him out of this misconception and revealed to him as a warrior it is his foremost duty to destroy evil and establish justice or dharma, by fighting against even against his own .

  64. Ali Sina says:

    Shankar, I have answered your argument in my new book The Life of Muhammad, from which I quote:

    According to the Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna’s kingdom had been usurped by his wicked cousin and he and his four brothers had been sent to exile. He asked that at least they be given a village each, to which his greedy cousin replied, he would not give them enough land to stick a pin into. So Arjuna was compelled to fight. However, on the day of the battle, when the two armies faced each other, he asks Lord Krishna, who was acting as his adviser and charioteer, to take him between the two armies so he could see who had come to fight him. When he saw his foes he became disheartened and threw his arch on the chariot refusing to fight. Bhagavad Gita continues the story.
    “There Arjuna could see, within the midst of the armies, his fathers, grandfathers, teachers, maternal uncles, brothers, sons, grandsons, inlaws, friends. When he saw them, he became overwhelmed with compassion and spoke thus. Arjuna said, ‘O Krishna, seeing my friends and relatives present before me in such a fighting spirit, I feel the limbs of my body quivering and my mouth drying up. My bow is slipping from my hand, and my skin is burning. I do not see how any good can come from killing my own kinsmen in this battle, nor can I desire any subsequent victory, kingdom or happiness. Of what avail to us a kingdom or even life itself when they are dead? Why should I wish to kill them, even though they might otherwise kill me? I am not prepared to fight with them even in exchange for the three worlds, let alone this earth. What pleasure will we derive from killing the sons of our uncle? What should we gain, and how could we be happy by killing our own kinsmen? Although their hearts are overtaken by greed, and see no fault in killing one’s family, why should we, engage in these acts of sin?’”
    The Bhagavad Gita is Krishna’s response to the above Question. In this mystical Hindu text, God explains a series of spiritual secrets to make Arjuna understand that man comes to the world to fight.
    The teachings of Bhagavad Gita are beyond the scope of this book. But this one is an important lesson, upon which depends the peace in the world and the survival of our civilization. As Edmund Burke said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” The Meccans were reluctant to fight their own kin and many of them were killed as the result. Hundreds of thousands of Arabs were killed in the following years and eventually hundreds of millions of people of other nations were massacred and continue to be killed. All that happened because the Meccan’s wanted peace, when it was time to fight.
    Another book of profound wisdom is Ecclesiastes where the same concept is expressed also in beautiful poetry. “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot, a time to kill and a time to heal, a time to tear down and a time to build, a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance, a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them, a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing, a time to search and a time to give up, a time to keep and a time to throw away, a time to tear and a time to mend, a time to be silent and a time to speak, a time to love and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace.”
    These lessons are timeless. They teach us that toleramce of evil will encourage it. To fight it, is a duty and an act of compassion. This whole Islamic craze started in 1979, in Iran. At that time, when the Islamists set a theater packed with people on fire, burning 400 people alive and then came to the streets protesting, the Shah could order to shoot a few hundred of them and this would have nib their revolution in the bud. He had killed over 3000 people during the 36 years of his reign, virtually all of them after his coup of 1953, when he felt strong. But now that he had to act he became frightful of the sight of a few thousand protestors. Consequently the protesters were emboldened, demonstrations spread and people came out because it was safe, a novelty and fun. Look at the result! The mullahs killed hundreds of thousands of people, tortured them, raped them and converted the country into a giant prison. And Islamism spread to other countries. The world is far less safer. Hundreds of thousands have been killed or maimed and it is only the beginning.
    Fighting does not always involve bloodshed. We don’t raise a sword against darkness, we lit a light. Falsehood must be defeated with truth, ignorance with knowledge, but violence can oly be stopped by strength. Goodness does not always win; unless it is aided.
    We can’t have peace by wishful thinking. History teaches us that “Peace in our time” will not happen just because we want it badly. When someone wants you dead, you have to fight or be prepared to die. Peace must be fought for.
    It is great to teach our children about peace and make them sing “We Are the World”. But all we need to know is not taught in kindergarten. Life has some harsh lessons for adults. There are evil beliefs that make people do evil things. They must be stopped. If not, there could be dire consequences, of Biblical proportions. In the words of Krishna, “If you do not act according to My direction and do not fight, then you will be falsely directed. By your nature, you will have to be engaged in warfare.” Islam is not just a religion but also a state. And it is a ghazi (raiding) state. It cannot exist without warfare. Its threat does not go away by wishful thinking.

  65. Shankar prasad Gupta says:

    Now ali sina is blindfolded i suppose..Krishna is the same like Muhammad who mad arjun to wage war agianst his own relatives.it depends upon how you look upon the matter.Simply bcoz you are the critic of islam does not mean muhammad only is the rapist and looter ,in fact the leaders of all the religions propagated their religion by their personality cult.Mahabharat was the biggest war India has ever seen.How can buddha and jesus be non violent if krishna was true.

  66. Phoenix says:

    Ali Sina

    You have managed to grasp this knowledge of spirituality at an alarming rate.This article is extremely beneficial for truth-seekers.
    Thank You and God Bless.

    PS: I hope in the not too distant future you can do another article on morality,this time from a theist perspective.

  67. saurav says:

    Finally, bhagawat geeta. My suggestion plz go through ashtavakra geeta. It is short , simple and profound. U don’t need narratives. And u don’t have to be a theist.

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