If God is Love why He sends people to hell?

Dear Mr. Ali Sina

I’m an ex-Muslim girl form Indonesia. I’m 20 years old but I’ve been questioning about god and religion since I was a kid.

I was born in Muslim family and I consider myself as a devoted one back then, I chose to wear hijab by my own decision when I was in high school. And I dressed up according to sharia. I began to do my research when I start studying in college and it’s about a year ago I gave up my faith in Islam. Thanks to your website too so I get a lot of insights.

Actually I ever had a strange experience, in the middle of the last year, it was struggling time for me because I felt so confuse about god and religion. I prayed that night in my room with my eyes closed, I sit on my bed. I ask god (if he does exist) “God, I’m so confused and I don’t know the truth, please show me the truth, which path should I take?” And then suddenly I felt like a movie was played on my head so fast, I cannot describe how exactly it was but it felt like I gain an understanding in life that all of the scenes that came up have a lesson: god is love. I just knew it, I don’t think that I was thinking or my brain has any thoughts, it was like someone or something just inserts a data on me. I felt like I knew something instantly. And I cried, I wept, my tears are falling like waterfall. I couldn’t open my eyes because all I wanna do was crying because I felt an overwhelming love flows through me. After a while, I could open my eyes and I grab my tablet to record a video and with still crying I make a testimony about what just happened, I said in that video “god is love” and blah, blah, blah. I couldn’t remember all because I was whispering in that video.

After that strange experience, my mind is getting clearer and I feel abundance of compassion in my body and I want to share it with everyone. I was being more gentle and loving person.
Then long after that, I watched many atheist videos and read Richard Dawkins’ book the god delusion. I began to think that there is no god, god is manmade idea. I was confused again.
On April, 2015, I met a guy who later be my boyfriend. He is a Christian and I openly shared to him about my atheistic view. He took me to church many times, and I began to know Jesus more. Sometimes I felt like I want to join this Christianity stuffs but in some points I don’t really relate to their laws (according to the Bible). And even if I like the story of Jesus’ life (which is very different than Muhammad), but I don’t think all the laws and stories in Christianity are actually true.

I have a few questions,

  1. What do think about my strange experience? Do you know anyone with the same experience or do you have your own interpretation?
  2. You said you accept Jesus but how can you be a Christian without taking all of the Bible verses as your “manual-book”?
  3. Does hell really last for eternity? Is it fair for people who did bad things to burn in hell forever?
  4. Is there God? If there is, what are his characteristics? If he is loving then why he roasts people in hell for ever and ever? Please explain the true concepts and ideas about god.
  5. What about those people who lived before religion and god-concept existed? Like homo erectus or early homo sapiens back then? And those people who live in North Korea or china who believe no god because of their country not their choice?
  6. Evolution is right, right? I mean, we have common ancestors with apes not Adam and eve?

I hope you can answer this email directly or maybe you can post it on your website.

Thank you Mr. Ali Sina, I wish you have a happy life.



Dear D,

You are very lucky for God to answer your prayer and reveal to you His essence. Yes God is love. That is what Jesus said. That is what people who die and go to the other world say when they return. And that is why Allah is not God. Allah is fear, terror, vengeance and hate. Allah is the antithetic of God. He represents everything that is ungodly, unholy and evil. Now, I don’t think that Allah actually exists. He is the figment of the imagination of a psychopath and like his sick creator he is evil. Your mystical experience was real and you must never doubt it.

As for Richard Dawkins and materialists like him they are right as long as they deny the evidence. Anyone can prove anything as long as they deny certain facts. As I stated in The Deceptiveness of Pure Reason a Saudi cleric proved that the Earth is stationary and it is the sun and the stars that revolve around it using nothing but reason. He argued that if the Earth revolved, a passenger jet taking off in Riyadh would never reach China because China would be moving away faster than the jet. Those who deride this argument don’t understand it. We can demonstrate this with the example of a butterfly perching at the end of a bus moving at the speed of 100 km per hour. If the butterfly takes off he will never be able to reach the front of the bus because he can’t fly as fast as the bus. He will be blown away by the wind.

As you see, this cleric proved something utterly false with pure reason. All he did was to ignore some facts. He ignored the fact that the atmosphere surrounding the Earth moves along with it. If the atmosphere remained stationary and the Earth rotated, he would be correct. In such a case hurricanes would be so severe that no life would exist on Earth. However, since the atmosphere moves with the earth, Saudis can take a jet and in few hours land in China. Our butterfly can easily fly from the back of a bus to the front, at his normal speed, inside the bus, irrespective of how fast the bus is moving, because inside the bus the air is moving along with the bus just as the atmosphere of the Earth is moving along with it.

That is the deceptiveness of pure reason when you ignore the evidence. Materialists are masters in this art of deception. Their arguments are rational and convincing but false because they ignore the evidence.

The evidence that materialists deny comes from near death experience. This evidence is undeniable. They don’t even look at it and have no explanation for it. Reason can be deceptive without evidence.

Also science is not the ultimate authority. The ultimate authority is observation. Science is the explanation of our observations. When we observe a phenomenon for which our science has no explanation, we don’t deny the observation; we adjust our science to make room for it.

Materialists like Prof. Dawkins, are smart people who employ logic while ignoring facts and therefor come to logically sound yet erroneous conclusions.

At the same time that we know the arguments presented by the materialists are false because they ignore the evidence provided by NDE we must be grateful to them for they also point out to many fallacies that religious people cling to. Religious people, particularly Christians, will do themselves a great service if they heed to Dawkins’ criticism of their faith. We must throw away fanaticism, superstition and blind faith. God is the God of reason. We believe in God not because it is absurd, as Paul said, but because it would be irrational not to.

There are things we don’t understand. In matters of metaphysics facts are not known. That is why pure reason can never help us to see the truth. This however, should not be taken as an excuse to believe in absurdities. As Voltaire said, those who make you believe in absurdities will make you commit atrocities. The horrendous crimes perpetrated by ISIS and other Muslims all over the world prove his point.

Many Christians also babble nonsense and believe in absurdities. For example, they tell you only Christians are saved. This is utterly not true. People of all faiths and even atheist report that in their near-death experience they went to heaven. Many of them were received by Jesus who embraced them lovingly. They were never questioned about their faith. God does not care what we believe and which religion we follow. What matters is how much love we have for others.

Since God is in all living beings, humans, animals and plants, when you show your love to them you express your love to God. And since God is also in you, when you love yourself you also love God. Loving yourself is the first step of loving others. Those who don’t love themselves cannot love others.

When Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me,” he was speaking of this love. Jesus was the manifestation of God on Earth. He was not a prophet of God or His messenger but his essence. Like the Sun reflecting in a mirror, God, in all his glory appeared in Jesus, the man from Nazareth. So as you see there is no other way to God except through Jesus. But this is not the same as Christians and their critics understand. It does not mean that only Christians are saved. It means that anyone who has Christ in him is saved. And it does not matter whether you call yourself a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim, a Buddhist or even an atheist. Any person whose heart is filled with love belongs to Christ, whether they call themselves Christian or not.

On the other hand, many so called Christian will be rejected because they are Christian by name and do not have Christ in their heart. And Jesus made this very clear in Matthew 7:21-23.

There are many things that we don’t understand. However, one thing we can be certain of, is that God has more commonsense that we have. If you hear something that goes against commonsense, don’t accept it.

For example, sending people to hell for not believing in Jesus, especially when they are born in places where they had no chance to hear about him, goes against commonsense. I have read hundreds of stories of NDE from people of all faiths and some of them were sinners by our standard who claim they went to heaven, were embraced by God or received by Jesus.

It makes no sense to say God loves you but if you don’t believe in Him He will send you to hell. That is not love. This claim is contrary to commonsense and therefore it should be rejected. Although the truth is hidden from us, God has given us commonsense through which we can separate truth from lies. If something does not make sense it is not from God. Period!

You also asked how God could send people to hell. God does not send anyone to hell. We choose hell. And from what I understand God is pained by our choice.

Isn’t God the maker of hell? Despite the common belief, God does not have His hands in everything. We are free to choose God or not to choose him. We are free to love or to hate. We are free to soothe, to heal, to ease, to amend, or to hurt, to harm, to break and to injure. We do this while we are here in this world and we do it in the spirit world. The difference is that in this world the good and the bad are mixed together and there is a battle between them. As the result evil is mitigated and often defeated. In the other world they are separated. In heaven the goodness of all good souls reverberates and is augmented. In hell evil reverberates and is augmented. In hell all evil souls meet one another and do to each other what they know best. Evil souls don’t know how to love. They only know how to hurt, how to torment, how to cause pain. In this world evil people fear the consequences of being caught. In hell they don’t have to fear anything. They are already in hell. What can be worse than that? So they exercise their sadism on each other without inhibition.

Just as on Earth there are many kinds of living creatures, in the spirit world there are many kinds of spiritual creatures. Not all souls are human. Some are demonic and some are angelic. The demonic souls gather together and together they create the hell. They take pleasure in tormenting others. Those who do evil in this world, go simply among their own kind. That is where they belong.

When we die, our consciousness remains intact. Some people don’t even realize they are dead. People who died during an accident say they joined the crowd watching the aftermath and were confused when they saw the person involved in the accident resembled them. They tried to communicate with people around them and were ignored. They tried to touch others to grab their attention and their hand when through them. That is when they realized they are dead.

So if you are a tormented soul in this world, aggressive, depressive, angry or violent you remain the same even when you die. That is why people who commit suicide find themselves in a far worse place than what they tried to escape from. When you commit suicide your sufferings don’t end. Instead, you lose the chance to do anything about them. In this world, no matter how hard life becomes, we still have choices to make. There is hope. Once we die, there are no more options. That is why in hell there is no hope. While here, we can do something to change our situation, in the next world there is nothing we can do.

And there is awareness of what we did, how much good and evil we committed. Upon our death we will have a life review of everything we did in this world. Not only we see what we did, but often we feel the joy and the pain we caused to others.

One man reported in his life review, he saw an incident that happened 15 years prior to his death. He was a big muscular truck driver. One day a man inadvertently jumped in front of his truck. He managed to stop in time but was so frightened and enraged that he came down and started beating the jaywalker. In his life review, he saw this incident replayed. But this time he watched it from two very different perspectives. In one perspective he saw it happen from above, as if watching from the third floor of a building looking down in the street. From another perspective he became the person whom he was beating. He received all the 32 punches, which he had not counted the first time. He felt the blood in his mouth. He felt the pain and the humiliation of the man whom he beat 15 years earlier when he felt to the ground. He became the person he beat.

Another story is that of an ISIS fighter who was killed and while expecting to be introduced to his 72 virgins he was grabbed by demons and taken to hell. In his life review he saw what he did to others. He became the person whom he beheaded. He felt all the fear and the pain he caused to his victim. Read his incredible story.

In the other world, not only we become aware of everything we did to others, we BECOME them. That is why whatever we do to others we do it to ourselves. In the next word, we experience what we made others experience in this world.

The concept of punishment and reward is puerile. God does not punish anyone. There are universal laws that if you violate you pay. Think of the law of gravity. If you drop yourself from a height you break some bones in your body. No one is punishing you. Punishments and rewards are nothing but the consequences of our actions. Believe it or not, God is not responsible for anything that happens to us whether in this world or in the next and He does not intervene unless He is asked. That is another amazing story for another time. That is why prayers are so powerful. Prayer allows us to plug into a Power Station, whose source is God. Otherwise, we are on our own.

According to some eye witnesses of hell, the gates of hell are wide open and clearly marked as exit. But the souls either don’t see them or don’t leave. This is very difficult to understand, as here we accustomed to cheat in order to get ahead. In the other world things seem to work differently. We become fully aware of the debt that we owe and until that debt is not paid we accept our fate. This means when we know that our debt is paid, we can ask for relief and we will be rescued. People who went to hell said they called for Jesus and he came and pulled them out of the hell.

Religious people think God created the world. That is not true. We created the world. All living beings on Earth are responsible for the evolution in this planet. Evolution of the species takes place through our collective consciousness. When a species is ready for its next stage of evolution, a mutation takes place and in just one generation a species becomes another.

This is called saltation. The idea existed prior to Darwin and as Darwin’s theory of evolution was popularized the theory of saltation was abandoned. However, saltation is making a comeback as evidence show that major saltations actually take place periodically in the evolutionary history of all species. There are jumps in the evolution of all species, with missing links that gradual Darwinian adaptation does not explain.


You asked how I could believe in Jesus without believing in the entirety of the Bible. The Bible is written by humans. They were inspired, but humans nonetheless and as such fallible. If you ask several people who saw an event to describe it, you never get exactly the same story. It is because we process the information we get through our apriori knowledge. It is like each person wearing a glass tainted with different colors. It is natural that these people will see the world not the way it is but subjectively.

You yourself had an encounter with God. He spoke to you, not in words but through inspiration. If you were to explain that to others in words it would be your words, not God’s words and since you are human the message that you received can never be delivered accurately. Muhammad who claimed Gabriel dictated to him the message of God word by word was a liar. That is not how spirits communicate. Those who die and come back tell us their encounter with other spirits and God was similar to what you experienced. Thought are communicated telepathically, not in words and languages. The more we learn about the spiritual world the more we can be certain that Muhammad was a liar.

Just like you I had a divine encounter with God that lasted only second, in those short seconds I downloaded a wealth of information. The message I received was different from yours but it was very real and new to me. Despite that I let myself to be fooled by materialistic reasoning and became an atheist until the stories of NDE brought me back to my senses.

The Bible is the subjective divine experience of the people who wrote it down. We should not take it literally. Think of it as a gold mine. Not everything in a gold mine is gold. In the best mines there is more dirt than gold. The Bible happens to be a very rich gold mine.

If however, you find something in this book that makes no sense it is either a misunderstanding of the writer or the misunderstanding of the reader. Just move on. Ignore it. Then come back after a while and maybe you will understand it and if not, then dismiss it. Your measure of truth and falsehood should be your commonsense. Remember that God is commonsense.

There are many things in the Bible that I don’t understand or just don’t agree with. Paul’s letters in particular are not to be taken as the word of God. He was a devout believer. I have no idea why his letters were included in the Bible.

Unlike Muslims who have no option but to accept the Quran in its entirely or leave it altogether, we can accept the parts of the Bible that make sense to us and leave what does not.

In conclusion, God is not the designer of the world as religionists think, nor the maker of hell. And the world is not the product of chance either, as materialists think. We created this world and we can change it when we are ready. It is not matter that gives birth to consciousness, but rather it is consciousness that gives birth to matter. We also create hell through our consciousness. This is the gist of the message I got from my encounter with Divine. Both of them are true messages from God. Many people have had such experiences or can have them if they pray.

Evil souls create evil worlds, whether here or in the next. In other world the punishment of hell is self-punishment. God’s forgiveness is open to all when we are ready for it. “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.” (Matthew 7:7)


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