Deadly Devotion and the Doom of the Western Civilization

The other day I saw a documentary on Youtube, titled Deadly Devotion. It was the real life story of Kim Anderson, a woman who grew up as a Jehovah Witness and never questioned her faith. She married another devout Jehovah Witness Jim Kostelniuk and together they had a son and a daughter.

Like all Jehovah’s Witnesses, Kim and Jim were expecting the end of the word and the return of Christ by 1975. Many believers sold their properties, farmers stopped farming, young people stopped pursuing their studies and most devotees sold their houses. The end of the world was eminent.

Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, the headquarter of Jehovah’s Witnesses, has made a series of predictions about Christ’s Second Coming and the advent of God’s Kingdom, each of which has gone unfulfilled. Amongst them are 1878, 1881, 1914, 1918 and 1925 and finally 1975. Each time, when these prophecies did not materialize, many believers left the church. But many more stayed.

When 1975 came and went and nothing happened, Jim started having doubts. “If the Church was wrong on this crucial point, on how many other things they could be wrong?” he asked. But Kim, like a true believer, did not allow facts destroy her faith. And since she could no longer live with an apostate, she received permission from the elders of the church to divorce him.

Jehovah’s Witnesses share a lot with Islam. Among them is the fact that a divorced woman has no respect in the society. Kim’s friends shunned her. She had no friends and no life outside the church. Like Muslims, Jehovah’s Witnesses are discouraged to take unbelievers as friends. The only way for her to regain her status was to find another husband. Finally, she was introduced to another Jehovah’s Witness and she married him.

Like Muslims, Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t date, unless with a chaperon. As the result they can only know the person they marry superficially.

Kim’s second husband proved to be a psychopath. She came to realize her bad decision in the wedding day. As time passed her new husband became more abusive and having also grown up as a Jehovah’s Witness he knew that women are expected to serve their husband and used that to control her.

Finally, Kim decided to report to the elders and asked permission to divorce her abusive husband. But, like in Islam, although the husband’s apostasy is ground for mandatory divorce, marital abuse is not. To her dismay, the elders took the man’s side and ordered her to be obedient to her husband.

Betrayed by the elders, she finally came to her senses and realized they don’t speak for God. She summoned her courage and escaped, taking her children with herself. Her abusive husband found her, stalked her, and one day he forced his way into her house and shot the three of them dead.

The story of Kim Anderson is heart wrenching. But it would be a mistake to think this kind of blind devotion is reserved for religious people. The irreligious people can be, if not more, at least just as fanatical in their beliefs as many religious people.

Yesterday, Muslim gunmen massacred 127 innocent Parisians without any provocation. They did it because that is what their prophet ordered them to do. Muslims are promised paradise if they kill unbelievers. Since 9/11/2001 more than 27000 cases of terrorism has been compiled by website. That is five terrorist attacks every day for 14 consecutive years. But Islamic terrorism did not start in 9/11. It started in the year 624 soon after Muhammad migrated to Medina. According to one source, in the last 14 centuries, 280,000,000 people have been killed by Muslims. This does not count the number of Muslims killed by each other.

Killing is part of Islam. The Quran (2:216) says, “Fighting is prescribed for you, and you dislike it. But it is possible that you dislike a thing which is good for you, and that you love a thing which is bad for you.” There are hundreds of verses that exhort Muslims to kill. Those who believe in Islam have no choice but to kill. If they don’t they are called hypocrites.

As Muslims kept killing anyone who was not Muslim, Arabs feared them and many converted nominally to stay safe. The population of al-Zarrar, a village to the north of Medina, built a mosque and claimed to be Muslim in the hope that their lives and their families would be spared. Muhammad’s companions told him that these people were hypocrites and that they did not really believe in him. He ordered them to burn their mosque with the worshipers inside.

Although the historians don’t say why the Muslims of al Zarrar were accused of opposing Muhammad and deserving of being burned alive, we can assume that they were reluctant to take part in jihad and might have murmured how can God order the believers to ambush and massacre unarmed men, steal their belongings and rape their women. Even though Arabs have never been distinguished for their high morality, it is natural, at least for those whose conscience is not completely destroyed, to know killing, raping and stealing are not godly.

Right after the death of Muhammad, while his cadaver was not yet buried, Muslims started fighting each other over who should rule after him. During the caliphate of Ali hundreds of thousands of Muslims massacred each other, each group claiming that the faith of the other group was wrong. The fight among Muslims never ended and it will never end. Muslims must kill in order to prove their devotion to their god.

The westerners are committing a deadly mistake in letting Muslims to enter and to settle in their countries. Muslims believe in a murderous faith, emulate a murderous prophet and worship a murderous god. They see nothing wrong in killing the unbelievers.

Now clearly not all Muslims are true believers. Many of them have doubts and sometimes they dare to verbalize them. For example earlier this year Al Sisi, addressing the top clerics of his country in Al Azhar University said, “It is not possible that 1.5 billion Muslims kill the rest of humanity so only they live.” The very fact that he said such thing is evidence that this is a belief Muslims hold. They hold this belief because their prophet said so. It is written in their holy book, in over a hundred verses.

When we let Muslims to come and live in our midst we are inviting our own killers. This is evidenced by facts. Muslims are killing the non-Muslims and vow to kill more. They will not stop until they cast terror in the hearts of unbelievers, kill them and rape their women.

The westerners however, are infected by the same deadly devotion that killed Kim Anderson. Their devotion is not to the Bible, but to an ideology far more fallacious. This ideology claims all cultures are equal; morality is situational; good and bad are relative and all people want the same things.

These are deadly lies. A culture that reduces women into an animal, prescribes stoning, wife beating, child marriage, slavery and rape of unbelievers is not al par with a culture that practices equality, democracy and freedom of thought. Islam is not a culture at all. It is barbarity. Islamic culture is an oxymoron while Islamic terrorism is a redundancy.

But many people in the west refuse to see that. They have blind devotion to their fallacious ideology. They rather blame America for creating al Qaida, Israel for creating Hamas and the west for arming ISIS than accepting the blatant fact that these people are doing what their prophet did. How can one lie so openly, so brazenly and so shamelessly? These people believe that day is night and black is white and are convinced of that. Can you find anything as egregious in any religious book than these lies?

Karl Marx, whose interpretation of history has been accepted blindly by the unenlightened western intelligentsia and the liberal main stream media was an ideologue. Being a materialist he was unable to grasp the complexity of the human mind and thought money is the motivation behind all human emotions and activities.

Nothing can be further from truth. People are motivated by a variety of things and money is only one of them. According to Marx all human wars are result of economical conflicts. The reality is that people fight over many things. The Germans started the WWII to regain their pride. The Europeans fought the Crusades to avenge their Muslim invaders. The Americans fought in over 40 wars, most of them resulting in net economical loss allegedly to remove dictators, free the oppressed and make the world safe.  Muslims fight Israel purely out of religious hate. They would make a lot more money trading with Israel than fighting her.

Muslims fight, motivated by their religious belief. The jihadis are not poor. Osama Bin Laden was the son of a billionaire. Nidal Malik Hassan was a well-paid psychiatrist working for the US Army. Virtually all Muslim terrorists come from well to do families. They are not motivated by money, but by the promise of heaven made to them by their prophet.

Another false belief is that Muslims are victimized and aggrieved, and terrorism is their reaction to oppression. This is a patent lie. Millions of Christians,  Buddhists, Hindus, Yezidis and Bahais are systematically persecuted and killed by Muslims, even with the blessings of the governments in Islamic countries. What these innocent people have done to Muslims to deserve savage killing?

Another deadly belief is that Muslims want the same things others want, a good life, prosperity and the pursuit of happiness. Muslims, if they are true believers, love death more than you love life. The problem is that they must kill you to go to heaven.

These beliefs considered sacrosanct by the westerners are all false. Truth is not politically correct so they cling to lies. Truth is that Islam is not compatible with the western world and Muslims are not suited to live in harmony with non-Muslims.

Kim Anderson paid with her life and the lives of her children for her deadly devotion to a false belief. The westerners will pay with their lives and the lives of millions of their children for their deadly devotion to a false belief.

The ISIS has vowed that the attack in France will continue. They are already in France. They are Muslims hiding among fellow Muslims. Sanity dictates to sack all the Muslims and kick them out of France. What is their contribution to the country? They bring poverty, violence, rape and backwardness and they hate their hosts, wanting to rape them, to subdue and to dominate them.  But we live in an age that sanity should be sacrificed at the altar of political correctness. The deadly devotion to the false belief that all cultures are equal will eventually bring the west to its knees.

Kim Anderson finally saw the light, but alas it was too late for her and her children. Will the westerners wake up before it is too late for them and their children?  The only way to wake up is to send all Muslims back home.  At this stage nothing else will work. If you think this is too drastic, imagine what would Muslims do if a few members of a minority group such as Christians or Hindus in a Muslim majority country killed a few Muslims.  Within 48 hours, millions of the members of that faith will be massacred. Forty eight hours. No more. Muslims kill the minorities among them even when they walk on eggshell.  They have no problem killing.  Killing is part of their faith.  Meanwhile, we are boggled what to do with the Muslim minority among us who is bent to kill us and rape our daughters.

Yes, not all Muslims are terrorist. So what? They are the breeding ground for the terrorists. They shield the terrorists. They lie about their belief and protect their terrorists.  They all share the same ideology. They all follow the same terrorist as their prophet.  If I give you 1000 good wine and tell you one of them is laced with cyanide will you drink any of them?  One in every five Muslim living in France, UK and other European countries believes killing their non-Muslim hosts is justifiable.  A poll conducted by Arabic Aljazeera website revealed 81% of the 60,000 Arab Muslims who voted agreed with ISIS. Every Muslim is a threat to your life.

Muslims are like a tank of gasoline. They look innocuous until they meet fire. Then they explode.  The so called moderate Muslims will turn into murderous terrorists once they are kindled by the spark of their faith. You want to test that? Tell a very liberal Muslim that you think Muhammad was a rapist and show him the evidence from the hadith and the Quran. Then watch how this benign moderate Muslims will start shouting at you, become abusive and may even hit you.  Do not fool yourself. There are no moderate Muslims. They are either Muslims or apostates.

When we let masses of Muslims into our countries, we let potential killers among us.  Muslims believe killing is ordained by God and that they will be rewarded if they rape your women and murder you.  When they tell their children the Quran is the word of God and they should follow it, they are teaching them that killing you is sanctioned by God. Westerners allow this while all they are left with is to pray that Muslims don’t take their religion too seriously and don’t follow it literally. That hopefully they will become non-practicing Muslims and will not behead them.  Define the meaning of insanity!

If we don’t wake up now, if we don’t send all Muslims back to where they came from, we are doomed.  They have to go back and take their children with them.  These children are bought up indoctrinated as Muslims. They are already bullying and beating our children and a great number of them will start killing our children as soon as they come to age.

If the westerners don’t tackle the problem of Islam now, they will have the blood of their children on their hands. Remember one thing. Evil will triumph when good people do nothing.


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