Fallen Angel

Dear Ali,

I didn’t have any courage to write publicly and I hope you will respond to my e-mail. I didn’t want to jeopardize the privacy of my man.

My name is Mira, 30 years old, a Christian from small catholic country and finishing my doctorate in big international country. I met my man here. He is working in the institute next to me. I collaborate with his boss. From the beginning I had a feeling that this man doesn’t see me because even when I was evidently sick (my eyes were red from the broken capillary), he didn’t observe this. Than he wanted to kiss me and I didn’t want to sleep with him, where he admits that he is not ready to be in a relationship with me because he has two more option in his country, one them is his ex which he still loves. Anyway, after one month he told me that I was the only one. I never was able to trust him, I’m afraid that he is having parallel relationships with other girls although he is swearing in the name of Allah and prophet that he never cheated on me. He wasn’t so fast of saying I love you, but once he did say, he never withdraws it.

He spoke with me about his brother he loves, who is without the paper and that he wants to fix him somehow. I saw it was his huge pain and I have offered myself to marry his brother just for the papers, he was so happy, but finally I withdrew myself from that idea and it was just because I was afraid I would be used. He presented me to his family, brother and cousins in person, and mother and father and uncle on the phone. From the beginning I have a feeling he is hiding or lying something to me. I can’t explain, but I saw him as not a clean man. But on the other side, he is intelligent, we have the best conversations ever, even about the God. He has started to introduce me to ISLAM.

From the beginning I was happy, because I didn’t feel love from him and ISLAM was like something ordered just for me. I was doing the Ichihara, if he is the right man from me, and I have dreamed the sentence: “Since you are with a Muslim, Allah”. I felt as if I was invited in ISLAM by God and I was happy. I’m performing Ramadan at the moment. But I can’t relax next to my man. His brother came to live with us for more than one month and since he didn’t have the job my man expected from me to cover my eyes and finance all. I financed but with open eyes. I have a feeling he is with me just because I’m useful to him, although he says he loves me more than I can imagine. But I don’t feel it. And I know what love looks like. Sometimes, when I feel love from him, I feel blessed and I forgot about all the times that I don’t feel the love from him. He speaks about marriage a lot, that we will do it next year when we collect the money. I love him a lot, but I don’t feel that he loves me. Second, I don’t trust him and when I express this (I do it often), he becomes aggressive and breaks phones and the things. Afterword, he says, look what you made me do. I feel bad but I’m still trying. I’m believing in one God, that everything has its reason. And on the top, he doesn’t let me go out alone too late, he says, he doesn’t trust other man. I feel all he says but I have a feeling that I’m in the conditional relationship, where most of the time I don’t deserve love. It’s very difficult for me. I love him and I would do everything for him, but I’m afraid he will use me and I will die because I have no on to rely on. I can’t understand, if there is a similar mind, why i can’t see the love from him?

Ali, it’s so strange for me, not to see the love in the eyes of my man. I was blaming me for this because I gave myself completely, but I’m afraid it has nothing to do with it. We are both grown up people, highly educated with some intelligence and look at us. Look at me first, I became stupid slave who is afraid of her own shadow. But I’m still here, waiting for the love. He said he is with me like this: “Imagine Mira if I had a few women who I love, which is not the case he said. But just hypothesize. Which one should I choose? The one who is the most successful because she will bring me the respect of other people. For me you are perfect: You look not bad, you are intelligent, highly educated, you respect me, take care of me and my family. I will never find somebody like you again. I can win a world with you. House, business, family, everything.”

And for me Ali? I know love is not supposed to be absolutely reciprocal, but I feel that I’m feeding his power and becoming weak. I’m not blaming him. It was my choice but it has become very difficult. He is doing some statistic work for me and I have a lot of good things from him, but it’s heartless. I don’t want to lose him, but what is the alternative? Ali, please open my eyes. Try to be rational. Don’t put me down because I need to be strong.

Thank you very much.



Listen to your intuition.  This man is not right for you.  He is a psychopath like most Muslims.  He becomes violent and blames you for making him behave that way.  So it is all your fault.  Gradually he destroys your self-esteem and self-confidence until he sucks all your vital energy and zest for life reducing you to an empty shell who merely exists but not living.

Yes, he uses you as you said it repeatedly because he needs you. You maintain him and could help his brother with his paperwork.   The moment he does no longer need you he will dump you.  Do you realize you were about to commit a crime to help this man and his brother?

I have nothing to tell you since you seem to have seen the deceptions and the lies of this charlatan on your own.  You just want someone to tell you to trust yourself and that is exactly what I tell you.  Never ignore your intuition because we are good in rationalizing and fooling ourselves. But listen to your heart.

Who said love does not have to be reciprocal?  When you find your true love you know it. There will be no doubts and no misgivings.  You feel secure.

I strongly advise you to leave Islam and denounce Allah. Allah is not the true God. He is the Devil.  Do not observe the fast for this demonic god and do not pray to him.  Many people are deceived by the Devil in thinking Muslims and Christians worship the same God.  Allah means the god. It is a title like the president, the king, the boss. It is true that Arab Jews and Christians call god Allah. But to confuse the God of Christian and the god of Muslims as one is like confusing the president of US and the president of Mexico because they are both called president.

You need to turn to the true God and pray that He may save you.  Your life is cursed because you have fallen for the spell of this demonic Allah.  Immediately break your fast and pray to the God of Jesus for help and protection. Only He can save you.


Thank you very much for the reply. I’m so happy you sent me an e-mail. How do you find a motivation to answer to all of the broken hearts that write to you? Are you tired of it?

Please, let me tell you something. I had a vision when my man was next to me, that a devil (black animal in the dark) growls on me. I was so afraid that I called Jesus to come to my mind and sets me free. There is something demonic about this man and it can be from the religion. I have stopped Ramadan. My older sister, she is an extreme catholic, she told me from the beginning, run away from this man. He will kill you. Can you believe that the forces are so strong? What I have liked about ISLAM is the surrounding of the God in all the times. I never lost my faith in Jesus, but I wasn’t so closed to him because I didn’t do 5 prayers per day. Maybe I need to be pushed, but this several times per day interaction with God, gave me a certain peace in my mind. I didn’t know the downside of this. I took it as a child, naive. To be honest with you, I would like to pray in the same way to Jesus, but I don’t know if it’s ok? What do you think? Do you think I will attract a demon with it? I want to put my hand to the floor, to be on my knees and to pray. Don’t think I’m a crazy person, but I’m so thirsty of the God, I want to feel him close to me. Nothing is stabile but God. Happiness and sadness come and go, God stays and I want to reach him, but I don’t know how at this moment. I’m lost.

What I can tell you at the moment is that we broke with a Muslim man. My main objective was that I wasn’t happy with him and I couldn’t trust him. I know that I would work whole of my life for his family and relatives and this is not why God brought me to this earth. I would do it in the name of love, but there was no love for me there. I was so tired about taking care of his needs and he put me down in so many ways. I have never seen something like this in my whole life. I will never be with a Muslim again. It’s inverted and hypocrite mind. But to be honest with you, I still love him and I hope that will change. I don’t know what am I even loving and why?

Ali, I wish God be with you all the way.

Thank you from my heart.



Dear Mara,

Praise the Lord for giving you the strength and the wisdom to leave this man.  You should love and pray for everyone but you should not get involved with a Muslim romantically. This man, like all his fellow cultists is a lost soul and under the control of Satan.   Muslims can break their yoke if they choose so. There is nothing we can do for them other than pray and of course expose the truth about their mentally sick prophet and evil religion of hate, violence and blood.

There is only one God and that is the God of love of whom Jesus spoke.  He is our heavenly father, not in figurative way of speech but in a real way.  We are spirit being coming to this world to have a physical experience.  Our body is begotten by our earthly parents.  We are 50% the child of our father and 50% the child of our mother.  Our spirit is 100% begotten from God.  Our physical body is mortal.  Our spirit is eternal.  We come to this world many times and each time choose a new set of parents. But our heavenly father remains the same forever.

Jesus brought only two commandments. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.  And Love your neighbor as yourself.  To love God, you don’t need to perform rituals. You converse with Him the way you would converse to a loving parent.  And you don’t need to do this five time a day but every moment. You can live in a state of prayer when you work, go for a walk, eat and live your life.  When you see a beautiful sunset praise the Lord, when you think of someone pray to the Lord for him or her. Invoke blessings for all living beings and send your love to them.  Love is an art. The more you practice it the better you become at it.  The more you love the closer you get to God, because God is love.

The Islamic rituals of prayer are not commanded by our Lord and therefore should not be performed.  At best they are meaningless and at worst they are demonic rituals to deceive the foolhardy into thinking they are worshiping God while reciting Satanic verses.   These Islamic ritualistic prayers contain curse.  The verse 7 of the sura fatiha that Muslims recite during each prayer curses the Jews and the Christians.  How can you love a people when you curse them?  Divest yourself from anything Islamic. All its practices, rituals, prayers, teachings, doctrines and philosophies are demonic. And whether you like it or not, this Pope Francis is a worker of Satan too.  Anyone who says Allah is God has no understanding of God. Anyone who washes the feet of Muslims, who are devil worshipers is working for Satan.  Anyone who enters a mosque reverentially, and kisses the Quran is working for Satan.  Any priest who rents his church to be used for Islamic rituals is working for Satan.  If you work for God you cannot work for Satan.  As Christians we must denounce Islam and not tolerate it, because we can’t serve two masters.

When I was an atheist and did not believe in spiritual forces I thought Islam is just a lie and that Muhammad was only a psychopath.  But spiritual forces are real. Some are divine and some are demonic.  Islam is a demonic force. When you believe in Islam and perform its rituals you open the doors for demonic spirits to enter into your life.

There are many ways people let Satan to take control of their lives. Crimes, drugs, addictions, adultery, incest, black magic, divination, lust for money and powers are all ways we open the door for Satan to enter into our lives.  But Satan is a crafty being. He knows most people will not fall for these patently demonic forces.  He creates religions and uses religious leaders to seduce people. Islam is by far Satan’s biggest masterpiece. It is his most successful trick of all.   With it he has managed to seduce a great portion of humanity to hate and to kill other children of God and do his bidding in the name of God.  If Muslims used their commonsense they would see that none of the teachings of Muhammad are divine. Jesus said you will know them by their fruits.  Muslims fail to use their commonsense and will pay a hefty price for it.  Not all, but all those who follow the words and the examples of Muhammad are destined for hell.

Whether this man will kill you or not I can’t say. But I am certain that he will kill your spirit. Look at yourself. You are born to live in joy. That is what God wants for us. This man has robbed the joy out of your life.  Your relationship with this man is not in sync with your relationship with God.  Love a man who brings you closer to God.  You are closer to God when your heart is filled with Joy.  This Muslim has brought fear, doubts, insecurity and lack of confidence into your life.  Isn’t it clear that he is taking you away from God?

You must love all the people even the sinners but you must not fall in love with sinners or follow their demonic ways and Satanic religions.

There is a spiritual warfare going on and Islam is the evil side of this warfare.  Muslims are the soldiers of the Devil.  These people are lost souls and to the extent that they follow their religion they are evil.  Stay away from all Muslims except when they come to you to ask about the Lord. If they defend Islam or try to influence you with their lies leave them.  There is no good in these people.

You ask where do I get my motivation.  I love humanity. Every woman is my sister, my daughter and my niece. It pains me to see their lives destroyed and their spirit killed only because no one told them the truth.  God saved me from this demonic faith and I am doing my part to save others.  As children of God we are brothers and sisters to each other and must care for one another. I care because I love.


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