Why God Leaves Children to Die

A friend asked, “why does god leave children to die? If god protects us, why not protect children? This question bothers me a lot.”


Yes it seems very unfair. That is because we can only see part of the reality. There is a spiritual dimension of reality that we can’t see. We live in a three, or taking time into account, a four dimensional world. The whole reality is much greater than what we see. It is like looking at a two dimensional cross section of a three dimensional object. Of course our perception of it will be incomplete.

No one dies. We are eternal beings. Time is a byproduct of matter. Where there is no matter there is no time. So there is no beginning and there is no end to our soul. We come to this world, time and again, to gain some needed experience that we can’t get in the other world and once the mission is accomplished we go. This mission can take a few weeks in the womb of our mother or a century in this world. Eventually, we return to our source.  Just as an astronaut puts on a special suit when he or she wants to go to space, we need this body when we come to this material world.  It is only a suit and sooner or later we want to get rid of it.

If you think this world is everything that there is, then all you see is injustice. The whole foundation of this world is based on injustice. Nothing is fair. Is it fair that some animals have to become food for other animals so the latter could survive?

We come to this world of injustice to acquire spiritual faculties that are not possible for us to acquire in the other world. For example courage is a spiritual faculty. The only way to acquire courage is to face and overcome fear. There is no fear in the other world, because there is no harm and no death. We come here to face these things and the fear to acquire courage.

To gain generosity you have to part of something that is dear to you and help someone that needs it. In heaven no one is in need and you can’t part of anything because everything is available to you. So you come here, and give from yourself something that diminishes you, but enriches others. That is how you gain generosity.

Think of honesty, In heaven there is no secret. Everyone knows everything. You can look at another soul and instantly know everything about that person, how many lives they lives and their experiences. So no one can lie or be dishonest. Here, everything is hidden. We can easily lie and deceive, swindle and embezzle others. Here we have the choice to be honest or dishonest. And based on that choice we gain this faculty or not gain it. This is a highly important faculty. We must prove our honesty if we want to be given higher positions of trust in the other world.

You can only learn forgiveness if someone has done injustice to you. No one can be unjust to you in heaven. So you come here in other to be treated unjustly, so that you may learn how to forgive.

We know the challenges that we are going to face in this world before coming here. We choose them on purpose.

Some parents are abusive. We choose our parents. So why we choose abusive parents? It is because this is a lesson we need to learn. It is possible that we were abusive parents and we have to experience life from the point of view of those whom we abused.

One woman explained that all her life she was abused and bullied by men. In her near death experience she found out that previously she was born as strong muscular men who bullied women and the reason this time she was born as a tiny helpless woman was to experience life from the point of view of the women she abused.

Some call this karma. Not so! Karma is payback. It is actually experiencing life from the point of view of the people we interact with. It is not punishment but a learning experience.

A woman said in her NDE she met her miscarriaged son who had grown up to be a handsome teen in the spirit world. She told her that those few months in her womb were all he needed and that the miscarriage was planned before he was conceived. And now he is their son in heaven and can help them from above. He did not need to come to this world. All he needed was to establish the familial bond with them.

This makes me think of people who abort their children. They will have to come back and get aborted to experience the pain and the fear they caused to their unborn babies.

That is what it is said whatever we do we do it to ourselves. If you are unjust to others, you will have to face that very injustice, either in this same life or in the next lives.

One woman who had NDE and as the result had dedicated her life in healing others and helping them spiritually was falsely accused of something she had not done. This meant loss of reputation and much humiliation. She complained to God about this “injustice” and the Lord revealed to her that in her previous life as a teenager, she had accused a family member of a false thing which it had cost him his reputation and job. She was born to a family from one side Jews and from the other side Italian Mafia. A Jewish uncle of her was nominated to become a federal judge. Her Mafioso side of the family feared that he may expose them so they made this girl to make up a lie accusing her uncle of sexually molesting her. The innocent Jewish uncle was humiliated publicly and disgraced. A few years later she died in an accident and was reborn only to experience the same kind of victimization that she caused her innocent uncle. Even she had had NDE and had become devoted to God, she had to experience what she had done to others in her new life. There is no escape from our actions.

Everything happens for a reason. If you face injustice, instead of thinking of revenge and trying to get even, let it go and learn to forgive. Maybe it is a lesson you needed to learn because of an injustice you made in the past of in one of your previous lives. Or maybe you needed this challenge to develop your spiritual faculty of forgiveness.

In this world we only have a snapshot of reality. These snapshots don’t tell the whole truth. They can be very misleading. Let me make an example. You come across someone beating another person mercilessly. Your first reaction is to assume that the person beating is an abuser and the one receiving the beatings is a victim. And you’d be right if this was the whole story. But then you learn that the one being beaten is a pedophile who has kidnapped an innocent little child. Raped her, tortured her and kept her in chains for days. Once you get the whole truth, not only you don’t see this beating as unjust but your blood boils and you too want to join that beating and dispatch the monster to hell.

So, even though this world seems to be unjust, in the grand scheme of things justice is the basis of existence. The whole reality is hidden from us. As the result it is not possible for us to see the justice of things. That is why we should not be judgemental.

Now that i used this word i have to clarify it. This word is misused by clueless people. Not being judgemental does not mean we should be blind to evil and forgo discernment. The whole point of coming to this world is to separate good from evil and this require judgement. We should not be judgemental of people, but we must denounce evil actions and evil beliefs. Islam is an evil creed. Practicing it is evil act. We must denounce Islam. We must denounce its practice. The same is true about crime, discrimination, abuse, perversity, etc. But we should not be judgemental of those who engage in these sins.

For example, in regards to homosexuality, people are divided in two camps. One group denounces it as evil and condemns homosexuals, even to the point of wanting to kill them as in Islamic countries, and the other group totally embraces, and even celebrates it in events such as gay parade. From what I learned in my NDE studies, God does not approve of homosexuality, while at the same time he is loving and understanding of homosexuals. I read numerous testimonies of gay and lesbians who went to heaven and were received by God lovingly. But when they were sent back they were told to seek help and recover from it. God is not judgemental of homosexuals, even though he does not condone the act itself.

Nobody is born homosexual or transgender. This is a total lie. These are psychological disorders and people do recover from them when they seek God’s help. There are many Christian organizations that help people with sexual problems with great rate of success, such as gender identity, sex addiction and other forms of paraphilia.

Jesus brought spiritual healing to all human ailments. He brought love not condemnation. This is the difference between Jesus and charlatan prophet pretenders. Look at the teachings of Muhammad. They contain no love, but are full of condemnations. Condemnation of the very crimes that he committed and encouraged his followers to commit, such as theft, rape, torture and murder of innocent people if they did not believe in his lies.

The reality of this world will remain hidden from us forever. This because our science and our reasoning can only decipher the material dimension of the world. Its spiritual dimension will be hidden from us forever. Like an iceberg, what is visible to us is a fraction of the whole thing. So trying to understand the world through material means is futile. The only way we can understand the whole truth is by considering the spiritual dimension of reality. Fortunately, there are millions of stories of NDE. Reading them can make us see the truth gradually, at least a bit more than we can otherwise. The whole truth will be known to us when we die from this world and go back to where we came from.

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