I am lost, please help

I am from Indian subcontinent, and i was a moderate non practicing Muslim till i encountered your website faithfreedom.org, and reading some of your articles i have disheartened from Islam, and started to read about other religions. Every religion on this earth has some illogical things so no religion satisfies me. Please give me some advice which religion i should follow, i did not disclose my apostasy even to my family, they are very staunch follower of Islam, i know very well that i cannot convince them about what is the real facts of Islam and i cant derail them from their belief, please advise, hope an early reply.

Thanks and regards,

from Dil

Dear Dil,

I am glad that you saw the ugly truth about Islam and left this cult of hate and terror.

The choice of religion is personal. I cannot and will not advise anyone as to what they should believe. As Buddha said, each person must find their own light. I can share my personal thoughts. They are personal and should not be taken as recommendation. Find your own light. The important thing is that one must be always open to learn new things as there is no end to learning.

I don’t believe in any religion. Just like you I see they all have elements of untruth. I don’t expect religions to conform to science. Science is constantly evolving and with every discovery we are forced to change our paradigm. What yesterday appeared as unscientific is today accepted as scientific. Likewise many things that seem to us unscientific today may very well be proven to be scientific tomorrow.

However, when something is plainly contradicting established facts, we should not accept it. There are many things in all religions that contradict established facts. The story of Adam and Eve, for example, taken literally, is plainly absurd and unscientific. The evolution of species is not a theory. It is an established and observable fact. So if you find anyone still clinging to this fairytale, it is because they believe in a false doctrine or they misunderstand their religion.

However, materialism is also a fallacy. There is a hidden reality behind the material world. To make an analogy, let us compare the physical universe to a giant computer, and the spiritual world to the software that is running it. If you break down the hardware in pieces you can never find the software, because it is of a different substance. Software is information. It cannot be seen. The same can be said of the spiritual world. The spiritual world is very real, much more real than the physical world, but it is of a different substance. It has different dimensions.

Let us assume that the world is made of two dimensions; all trees, houses, humans, everything has only two dimensions, like drawing on a sheet of paper. If you are a two dimensional person, all you can see is what is on the same sheet that you are. You cannot see drawing on other pages nor can you see tridimensional objects. So the argument that if we can’t see something or detect it with any measuring tool it does not exist is absurd.

So, if it can’t be seen or measured, how can we know that the spiritual world exists? Because it is observable! Observation is overrides science. Science advances, primarily thanks to observation. We discover things that defy our notion of reality. Since it would be absurd to deny our observation, we change the notion of our reality. We write a new chapter in science to explain them.

Millions of people have had near death experiences and they come back with stories that defy science. There is ample evidence that these experiences are not tricks of mind or hallucinations. There is undeniable proof that they are real. Materialists cannot stomach this truth because it shatters everything they believe. Materialism is a religion just like any other and the believers in this religion are just as dogmatic and close minded as the followers of any faith. All they need to see they are on the wrong side of the truth is to read countless stories of the near death experiences. This site contains a comprehensive compilation.

These people come back with information that they could not have gained in any other way than traveling out of their bodies. For example they travel through the wall, and meet their relatives in their other rooms of the hospital and report accurately what they said and did. There are thousands of stories in that site. I invite everyone to read several of them. Eventually you can no longer deny the survival of consciousness after the death of the body. All those who insist these stories are hallucination are willfully ignorant. They refuse to read because they have made their minds and think that reading those stories is waste of time. Belief is the opium of the masses indeed. Materialism is one of the most dogmatic of them all.

So, if materialism is another religion and all religions are false what is the truth? That is a good question. The answer is that you have to find it on your own. I found my own. I read hundreds of stories of people who died and came back to tell us about it. They have been to the other side. So I tried to learn the truth from them. But you have to be careful. Just like the story of blind men who each touching a part of the elephant describes it differently, the stories of the near death experiencers also are fragmented. To get the full picture, you have to read hundreds of them. Eventually you will be able to put the pieces of the puzzle together and get a comprehensive picture of the truth.

Here is what I have found so far:

I found that death is not the end. In fact when we die we don’t even know that we are dead. While in this world it is like we are wearing a goggle that allows us to see only the material world. When we die, it is like removing the goggle. We just wake up feeling a lot better, and if we were sick we think we have been totally cured. Blind people, suddenly can see and wheelchair bond patients can walk. You get up from your bed and tell to your loved one who is sitting by your bed, the nurse or the other patient that you feel great. But they ignore you. Then you may look back at your bed and see someone is lying there. Who the hell is he and how he got there into your bed, you ask yourself. Upon closer inspection you see it is you. Oops! If I am still in my bed, then who am I? I am here, but my body is there. Does it mean I am dead? But I don’t feel like it.

Each experience is different. At this point most people suddenly feel they are swooped in a vortex travelling at a speed faster than light inside a dark tunnel. Some of these people end up in a very bad place, where they see nasty entities and tormented people shouting at them, calling them by name telling them not to come. Others see a speck of light in the absolute darkness. They keep drown towards that light until the light becomes bigger and engulfs them. They realize this light is a being full of love. Some people say they conversed with this light, other say it embraced them. They also see their deceased loved ones. Sometimes people see dead relatives whom they did not know of. One neurologist doctor who had been adopted met a woman who acted as his spirit guide. When he came back to this world, he searched his original parents and found out that he had a younger sister who had died a few years earlier. When he saw the picture of his sister, he realized this was the same spirit guide in heaven. These two sibling had never knew of each others existence in this life. But when she died, she found her brother and became his spirit guide.

We all have spirit guides. Maybe he or she is a loved one who has passed away or maybe a friend or a neighbor. A child who passed to the other world said his spirit guide was his elderly neighbor who had just died and of whose death he was not aware.

Thanks to these stories, I know that we survive and that God is real. God is not a force or energy as some believe. He is a person, just like us, only infinitely bigger. He is also our father. This is not an allegory or a figurative way of speech. God is really our heavenly father. Our body in this world is begotten from a father and a mother. But our spirit is begotten from God alone.

This is also not the first time we have come to this world and most likely it won’t be the last. We keep returning until we can evolve spiritually on our own. And each time we come, we choose different parents. So really everyone in this world has been once a brother, a sister, a mother, a father, a son or a daughter of the people who are now strangers to you. This means that those whom you hate could be your own loved one from another life. How foolish is it then to hate other humans? Isn’t this revelation enough to know that Muhammad was an impostor? He told his followers to hate the unbelievers and not take them as friends because they are worse than animals.

I also learned that we choose our parents. Some kids think that their parents owe them everything because they are responsible for bringing them to world. It happens to be that we choose our parents. So really we owe them everything. Imagine crashing on someone’s house and demanding them to feed you and treat you well for ever. The only thing that our parent get in this deal is that through their love and sacrifice they evolve spiritually.

Another thing that I learned is that although we are all children of God, Jesus is a much bigger spirit than us. He is God’s first born. I still don’t understand this but it appears that Jesus was the first spirit that God created. Anyway, he is our big brother. And he is in charge of us humans. Howard Storm is one famous near death experiencer who died an atheist. Some human spirits came and took him. He did not know that he is dead and thought these guys in white clothes are doctors. He followed them but they began abusing him and tormenting him. They just enjoyed inflicting pain. Eventually, he started praying and as he prayed these nasty spirits left him. Then Jesus came and took him out of that horrible place. He thought to himself Jesus is making a mistake and that he really does not deserve to go to paradise as he had lived a selfish life. As soon as this thought past his mind, Jesus stopped. Looked straight into his eyes and said, “We don’t make mistake.” Storm’s story is long. It is a good read. Search his name. He says I felt Jesus really liked me. Jesus loves all of us. Christians say “Jesus loves you” so much that it has lost its potency. But it is true. He really loves us. Storm asked Jesus, what religion is true. He replied, the one that brings you closer to God.

I suppose he left that for us to discover. Let us see. Muhammad said we should hate all unbelievers. Isn’t it true that the spirit of God is in all living beings and in all humans? So how can we get closer to God by hating other humans?

Jesus on the other hand said that God is in all His creatures and when we feed or clothe someone, or when we mistreat them, it is as we do that to God.

The answer is clear. The only way we can love God is by loving others, as the Spirit of God is in everyone. Once you grasp this truth that is explained in Matthew 25:31-46 you can no longer hate anyone or call them najis, or kill them because they don’t believe in what you believe. It is clear to me that Jesus is the way to God and Muhammad is the way to Hell.

What about other religions? God does not care about what we believe. You can believe in a stone and if you love mankind you love God and God loves you. Fighting over religion is the stupidest thing we humans can do. Hinduism and Buddhism have a lot to teach us. It would be foolish to dismiss all that wisdom. Buddha was an enlightened spiritual teacher. Yet, despite all his understanding, he did not see God and died an agnostic. But God is real. People have seen Him. Zoroaster was also a great teacher. Yet he never made any outlandish claims about himself. Baha’u’llah’s teachings are good, at least on the surface. Yet he was unable to see Muhammad is a false prophet. I have proven beyond any shadow of doubt that Muhammad was an imposter and his Quran is not the word of God and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong. Also Sikh scripture Bhagat Kabir, Parbhati, pg. 1350 says “Say not that the Vedas and Muslim books are false. False is he, who reflects not on them.” Anyone who thinks Muhammad was a prophet of God cannot be inspired by God. Muslims have failed to do so. I invite Baha’is and Sikhs to do it. The founders of these faiths have made the truth of their claim dependent on the truth of Islam. If Islam is shown to be false so are all faiths that accept it as true. I am not going to even mention pretenders such as Ahmad Qadiani and other minor impostors.

I urge the followers of these faiths to put aside their religious fervor and ponder. If indeed Muhammad was a true prophet as their respective prophets/gurus said, then they should not complain about their own persecution in the hands of Muslims. Muslims do what their prophet has urged them to do.

Anyway, all the discussion about which religion is true is irrelevant. Those who come back from the other world say Jesus is the king there. It is always Jesus who rescues people from hell. I am not a Christian. No Christian will accept my version of Christianity anyway. I am a follower of Jesus. I don’t go to any church but I pray at home and converse with Jesus. Jesus is alive. He is listening and he has the key to hell and heaven. So, although you can go to heaven even if you worship a stone, I choose to have a relationship with Jesus. I know he loves me. If he loves even the sinners, why should he not love me? I am not really a great sinner, just a faulty person, and he can overlook my faults.

I hope I have answered your question. Let me reiterate: I am not asking anyone to change their religion. All religions are fine, except Islam which is the path to hell. I just shared my own thoughts and why I believe what I believe. I strongly discourage anyone to put their trust on someone else. Do your homework and find your own light. Salvation is a gift. I chose to accept this gift from Jesus. If you have found something better, that is wonderful.

I found my truth by reading the stories of the people who have been to the other side. I think that is a good place to start. Listen to them and make your own mind. Never follow someone else. God gave all of us a brain so we can find the truth on our own.

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41 Responses

  1. Indian says:

    I’m not Christian because I believe in rebirth and not in resurrection.

  2. alisina says:

    I have not read about gnostic Christianity but I am sure that most Christians of today are not practicing the what Jesus taught.

  3. Tofuking says:

    Congrats u are a gnostic chrIstian, the oldest form of christianity

  4. Indian says:

    Neither Buddha nor Jesus and even no Krishna exists in Heaven. It’s the person experiencing NDE saves own soul.

    Waveforms in the Afterlife

    This universe is made up of waveforms of varying frequencies, layers upon layers of Divine pulsation (SPANDA). The waveforms of the so-called afterlife are no more real than the more familiar waveforms – the apparent solidification of matter – in our third dimensional planet Earth.

    Once you leave the physical body, your consciousness as Purusha, the Soul, disengages from Prakriti’s MAYA-GUNAS. This ‘data-collecting vehicle’ might then be seen as a sort of discarded used-car. If you, as the Purusha/Soul consciousness, correctly so identify with the Real, with the God-within, the SELF/ATMA – that connection in frequency will lead you to the path to freedom, MOKSHA.

    If Purusha mistakenly continues to identify with Prakriti’s MAYA-GUNAS and the waveforms emitted during your lifetime by the small identity ego-self, then as Purusha, your consciousness becomes enmeshed in the appropriate correlative fields of experience, the Loka Worlds or Phantasmal Hierarchies.

    Remain conscious at the moment of death

    In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says that a person always becomes whatever he thinks of as he leaves the body, [30(8)7]. Your last thoughts at this moment will generate frequencies that cause and create your ‘location’ as you leave the corporal body. You might consider the possible consequences of being on drugs or drunk when you die. The way hospitals treat the dying might be seen as a symptom of the Kali Yuga. Battlefields or other scenes of violent and unexpected death are often haunted by confused souls caught in shock frequencies.

    Location is a function of consciousness

    This is why it is so important to establish an adamantine connection with and to the God-within you now, while you are still capable of being conscious, healthy, and clear minded. As you leave your body, call out for the God-within you so that you will find yourself within that HOME frequency waveform. In the moment of your passing generate that pure frequency, hopefully familiar to you, and go straight to the God-within.

    Go straight to the God-within and basically you ignore everyone, including friends and family. You can visit those you love later if you want to, after you have connected with your own SELF. You know how people who knew you when you were young still treat you as if you are the same person they once knew? In a somewhat similar way, in the afterlife friends and family will entrain your consciousness into the embodiment you just departed from, the old used-car frequencies of your small identity ego-self and thus ‘locate’ you in the correlative realms.

    Be especially wary of any entities from the Phantasmal Hierarchies, those who might be advertising themselves as saviors and safe-havens. By posing as anything they know you want to see, the various entities from the Phantasmal Hierarchies will attach your frequency and ‘locate’ you with them.

    There is also something about not letting anyone ‘touch’ you that I don’t quite yet understand. This is probably what Jesus the Christ meant when he said, “Noli me tangere,” meaning, “Touch me not” – and must have something to do with frequencies being ‘contagious’, for lack of a better word. However it does seem that no one can touch you, unless you allow it.

    This world and those of the afterlife are all temporal illusory holograms that emerge from the ether within the polarity matrix through the Cycles of Time. All are temporal – thus not eternal. Beyond the illusion of multiplicity, within the Heart, the door to the eternal, the God-within that simultaneously permeates this entire universe, waits.

  5. Ambrose says:

    God is love. Jesus is God. He died for our sins and rose again.

  6. Agniputra says:

    I watched NDE of a sick atheist who became spiritualist after near death experience and now he awakens others.
    #Dont intend to advertise. Just want to help others.

  7. John says:

    “Laws violated by evolution:
    Biogenesis, Entropy, Information, Physics
    Chemical Evolution Fails.
    Start looking to the Aliens. Then ask where did they come from, and so on and so on…”
    Have at look at this it answers these misconceptions the creationists have of evolution http://www.talkorigins.org/faqs/faq-misconceptions.html#thermo

  8. Mike says:

    Ali and all,
    The Adam and Eve are a short story, and they are a real truth.
    Evolution is not a truth, and is actually an adventure into darkness.
    A key for you all.

    Information: a symbolic coded message conveying expected action for a purpose.

    Ali, you mentioned it your post. Software behind the hardware.
    What is that stuff, where does it come from, and what is its purpose?
    Software is written by a mind, with a particular purpose.

    If you burn a cd, weight it, they erase it and weigh it, you will see no change. If you record information on a hard drive and wipe it clean, it will not add or diminish the weight of the drive. Information is non material.

    Information is what physical life possesses in the genes. If your remove the information or erase it, life ends. Genes are not getting better. Genes continue to corrupt in our body’s till they can no longer keep us alive, and then we die.
    Genetic Entropy is why we die.

    There has never been observed an increase in information in a biological unit.
    Never has information been found to arise from matter.
    Observed is corruption of information in both matter and biology.

    Death is evidence of corruption, and Corruption cannot be upward by LAW. What we see is coming extinction. Every Zoo keeper and plant biologist knows this. We cannot stop the corruption of the genes. Corruption leads to extinction, not to increased complexity and new life.

    Look around. EVERYTHING dies. The sun will stop, entropy will even out the universes energy. This is known science and we all know it. If it was separated [energy], then what force caused it? The universe had a beginning, and it will end, it is known truth. We are not getting better, we and the creation are all in the shadow of death.

    Chemical Evolution cannot be upward, and it cannot be observed Ali, and you said it was, and it cannot create information and more importantly NEW information. It is a Law that Life comes from life. It is a law that information NEVER arises from matter. Information does come from a mind, it can be stored in matter. Information is NOT matter. We now have a new entity for our equation, the universe is matter, energy, and information. Evolution is failed because it cannot account for information.

    Laws violated by evolution:
    Biogenesis, Entropy, Information, Physics
    Chemical Evolution Fails.
    Start looking to the Aliens. Then ask where did they come from, and so on and so on…

    Paul Davies the astrophysicist sees the problem too, but he doesn’t offer the solution and clings to hope that it will be discovered some day.

    YOu must account for the information. Without it you must hope in chemical evolution but not because it is true, but that you hope it is true even though it violates known laws.

    A study of Dr. Gitts “In the Beginning was Information” is a good primer to the science and a road to increasing knowledge of origins.

    Information destroys Evolution Theory.

  9. Amin Riadh says:

    {{So the moral of this story, as i get it, is that truth is irrelevant. This is diametrically different from Jesus’ teaching who said only truth will set you free. I believe Jesus is right. Truth matters and it is our only salvation. I don’t subscribe to any form of relativism, whether it is moral, cultural, or intellectual. Good and bad are not equally valid. }}

    BS! Jesus said nothing of the kind. Else… prove it? Of course, Bible is whole load of nonsense. That is a given.

    So prove it? Else – this is nothing more than your usual empty rhetoric and lies.

  10. Amin Riadh says:

    [[Your heart is sealed. I doubt you will ever see the light of truth because you are willfully ignorant.]]

    And there we go. It didn’t take long did it for you to expose yourself for exactly what you are. A hate-monger. Shall we mention your record of hate mongering?

    As I said… someone who in the past has called for “nuking” of innocent Muslims is hardly likely to be all that in to “love”.

    – – –

    [[They key word here is willfully for everyone is ignorant.]]

    So why is it time and time again I expose your ignorance? And lies and and ‘hate mongering’ and BS?

    That is hardly ignorance is it?

    In other words… when you are challenged and exposed as a an open and obvious liar – then the other person is “ignorant”.

    Nice one!

    – – –

    “But we can find the truth if we seek. You run away from it like a vampire fearing the morning light.”

    You mean I have integrity… something which you clearly lack… you have been on Net spouting hate for a long time.

    The only one’s it seem to have paid any attention are the absolute pit – like the half mad Geller and Spencer.

    He who pays the piper calls the tune.

    – – –

    So you want your incredible lies to be known as “truth”. It is not going to happen.

  11. alisina says:

    So the moral of this story, as i get it, is that truth is irrelevant. This is diametrically different from Jesus’ teaching who said only truth will set you free. I believe Jesus is right. Truth matters and it is our only salvation. I don’t subscribe to any form of relativism, whether it is moral, cultural, or intellectual. Good and bad are not equally valid.

  12. alisina says:

    I said, no one can go to heaven without love and you are a good example of that. Your heart is sealed. I doubt you will ever see the light of truth because you are willfully ignorant. They key word here is willfully for everyone is ignorant. But we can find the truth if we seek. You run away from it like a vampire fearing the morning light.

  13. Amin Riadh says:

    @ Sina

    [[That is what Jesus was talking about when he said, no one can go to heaven except through him. He did not mean that only Christians will go to heaven, as many Christians think. Jesus was the embodiment of divine love and indeed on one can go to heaven without that love.]]

    As per usual – utter nonsense. Bible is a questionable book at beast. Besides that there is no Jesus.

    – –

    ” Now I know that the purpose of life is to evolve spiritually and the only way to do that is through love.”

    Does that mean you are out of Nuking Muslims mode? And new found love for Obama and the American Left?

    This is the problem with Jesus, Love and Christians… it is all a convenient lie.

  14. alisina says:

    I don’t think believing in God or not believing in Him is irrelevant. I was on both sides and I can see the difference in my own self and value system. Sure I am the same person, with the same morality and my sense of right and wrong has not changed. I never thought hurting others is okay. In fact I became a vegan when I was an atheist, because I could not bear the thought of abusing another sentient being just to satisfy my taste buds when I really don’t need that for my survival.

    However, now I see the purpose of life, something that was not clear to me when I was an atheist. In my early articles, when someone asked what is the purpose of life, I used to say, life has no purpose, you have to make it purposeful. Now I know that the purpose of life is to evolve spiritually and the only way to do that is through love. That is what Jesus was talking about when he said, no one can go to heaven except through him. He did not mean that only Christians will go to heaven, as many Christians think. Jesus was the embodiment of divine love and indeed no one can go to heaven without that love.

  15. Sakat says:

    Let me give you a clue for your self betterment in life .

    One day in the early morning Gautama Buddha was sitting in a garden quietly with his disciples. A man arrived silently and stood in the shadows, that man was a great devotee of Lord Rama. He had built many temples across the country, he had devoted many years in the service of Lord Rama. He would always chant Rama’s name and contemplate on Rama’s greatness. He was old and close to his last years. Even after many years of dedicated spiritual effort he was not realized.
    He wanted to know for sure if there is a God or not? When he heard about the realized one (Buddha) , he came to get his doubt cleared. When he felt nobody would notice him talking to Siddartha, the Buddha. He asked Gautama “O enlightened one, Please tell me the truth! and truth only. Is there a god?”.
    Buddha, from his intuition knew that man to be a great devotee of Lord Rama, he looked at that man with seriousness and said “No, My friend. There is no god”.
    Buddha’s disciples that were gathered there were very relieved and joyous to finally know the truth that there was no god. They all started muttering between them, sharing what the Buddha had just told. Whenever a disciple had asked that question to Buddha he would become silent. So they never knew.
    His words spread through the whole town, the whole town was celebrating the day on which the truth of NO GOD was revealed by the enlightened. They were finally free of the ideas of hell, heaven and of somebody sitting up to judge one’s actions.

    It was getting late in the evening, and once again the disciples came back and sat around the Buddha.
    There was a materialist who had been an atheist all his life, he had convinced 1000s of people that there was no god, he used to go to the priests and scholars and defeat them in the argument about god.

    He too was getting old and little suspicion arose in him, “what if there is god? isn’t it waste of my life to spread the “NO GOD” message if there is god?” he thought. He was eaten by this doubt, he finally decided to know the truth and sought the enlightened one.
    He slowly came up to where Buddha was sitting, and asked him “They say you are enlightened, Please tell me if there is GOD?”.
    Buddha knowing that man to be an atheist said with firm voice as if he is in firm conviction “Yes, there is God”. Buddha’s disciples once again were back to confusion.
    Moral of the story: Belief that there is God or belief that there is no God are both equally useless, one has to realize the truth in himself with diligent self-effort. Enlightened one had told each of them what they had to know in order for them to get stronger on their spiritual quest

  16. PapaRomeo says:

    @Sakat, I am a born again believer of Christ. I have the peace of God and having an assurance of salvation and its Joy that I enjoy moment to moment and nothing is going to take it away. I have got eternal security. This fast changing world is temporal and what lies beyond that is permanent. Why do you want to loose your eternity? You got to have a Saviour, man. You cannot save yourself or for that anybody else. “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

  17. Sakat says:

    John after long time ……ROFL……

  18. John says:

    I have a few questions about your beliefs
    1)If consciousness survives death then why don’t the dead contact us?( as this would make it obvious to everyone that their an afterlife).
    2) Watch this video of atheist who had NDE https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=c97ncoSlRGY
    She had the feeling of calm and saw her dead uncle but did not see Jesus or any other religious figure, she does not believe that NDE is the soul disconnecting from the body but it was created by her brain.
    3) You say everyone is the children of God if so then where does the psychopath come from? These people don’t even have any humanity in them let alone divinity
    4)Reincarnation question since the human population is increasing (more people are born than die) where are the extra souls coming from? You also say we choose our parents, did we also choose our genes, our environment, our society, our teachers and what point in history we was born? Did a Down syndrome child choose to be born with a extra chromosome? Or perhaps nature determines all these?
    5) You talk about Jesus but we don’t even know if such a person existed and you also don’t believe in the christian Jesus so what do you base your belief in Jesus on? And does this Jesus have anything to do with the Christian Jesus or any actual person who may have lived thousands of years ago in Palestine?

  19. Sakat says:

    Dr Sina
    Your reply is not convincing ,sorry.

  20. Sakat says:

    Grow-up boy!!!,don’t waste your time in god father and son-of-God like weird philosophy,i am really sorry for your state of mind, in this fast changing world.

  21. Indian says:

    Heavens and hells are nothing more than temporal ILLUSIONS in the astral planes, created by the mind of man throughout the Four Cycles of Time and that’s why all NDEs are different. Just as the worlds (LOKAS) of the gods (DEVAS) and extra-terrestrials are locked in their own durations of time, and have a Beginning and an End, these heaven and hell holographic matrices are temporal and not eternal.

    The wise must understand that the rewards of heaven

    …are as transient as pleasures on earth.

    The Uddhava Gita, Dialogue 14.18

    The gods, or cosmic deities, also belong to the phenomenal world… the attainment of oneness with them… cannot destroy the miseries of SAMSARA [the illusory holographic matrix].

    … the aspirant, seeking liberation from phenomenal suffering, should realize the Supreme Brahman [IS-ness] as his own self and the self of all beings.

    Swami Nikhilananda

    The Upanishads Vol. 3, AITAREYA UPANISHAD, Chapter 2.

    The most important task you now face is to form a solid-gold relationship with your own Soul, a relationship you can count on to carry you through whatever may come.

    Establishing this relationship with the God-within you is far more important than any comprehension of the endless schemes & conspiracies of the Darkside, which are in effect designed to hold the hologram together until the close of this cycle.

    When you leave your body, unless you have already achieved UNION with IS-ness, you will encounter a realm that precisely reflects your own consciousness. Your conscious and unconscious thoughts do generate and manifest your holographic reality.

    There may be many entities – and there are millions of them – who will be inviting you to go with them, to join them, to play, to hang out with them, to come under their ‘influence’. These entities may even be your loved-ones or may in fact be ‘hungry ghosts’ only masquerading as your loved-ones. In effect, they will be aggressively ADVERTISING their particular realm within the Phantasmal Hierarchies as seductively as any late-night car dealer! Buyer, beware!

    When you leave your body IGNORE ANY and EVERYONE! Even those you love.

    First and foremost from your Heart chakra, call forth your OWN Soul, the God-within, as distinct from your current small identity-ego-self, which is generated by the GUNAS. Do not become distracted by these Myriad Worlds – however splendid, alluring, and comfortable.

    Only your own Soul, the God-within you, knows ANYTHING relevant to your recent disembodiment and your posthumous state.

    Imagine that at the end of the Kali Yuga, many beings who have been incarnating through the Four Cycles of Time will prefer to not be in vulnerable corporeal bodies. They will be perhaps rather bored and sitting it out on the ‘sidelines’ waiting for the close of the Kali Yuga and the Dissolution of the World, this current illusory holographic matrix.

    Once your subtle body has made the conscious ‘re-connection’ with your Soul, you will KNOW your Path.

    Trust ONLY the God-within you!

  22. Amin Riadh says:

    “Where is the proof that he is lying?”

    All over this site.

    But in short:


    – –

    Now don’t run away… let us see you staying and answering.

  23. RK says:

    Where is the proof that he is lying?
    You keep laughing since you don’t have any argument to counter him.
    There is a reason that your religion produces all the terrorists on the planet. Take a look at the list of terror orgs in wiki. Why are all most all of them Islamic? Who’s fault is it., Jew’s, Christian’s, Hindu’s or Buddhist’s? Wait a minute you guys hate atheists and Sikhs too. But you will find a excuse for that list. This is what brainwashing does to you.

  24. Amin Riadh says:

    Before his “Christian” phase Sina would have required “evidence”. now of course anything thing goes!

    – –

    Is it me who has noticed the disappearance of the word “rationality”?

    How about it Sina? How about digging up your definition of “rationality” and “belief in god”?

  25. Amin Riadh says:

    The lies of Sina! He gets exposed time after time…. how I laugh now when he has exposed himself to be the “great big lie”.

    It is quite simple. About everyone here knows Sina is lying…

    But I suppose hatred of Islam is greater than Sina’s lying!

  26. Amin Riadh says:

    @ Sina

    “All the things I now believe are based on what I learned from hundreds of testimonies of people who died and came back. ”

    Nope. Your Christianity leanings are based on flirtations with the American Right and likely with their wealth and attention.

    – –

    “These testimonies are not tricks of the mind. Let us put to rest this stupid argument because it is not just so. The evidence that they are real is beyond doubt. ”

    Not good enough. Not even close to being good enough. You have about zero authority, your argumentation is poor, contradictory and it doesn’t add up.

    – –

    “It is these people who say they met Jesus. ”

    And whole host of other things. It is “unsurprising” that Christians end up meeting Jesus.

    – –

    “So far I have not read a single story that anyone has met Buddha, Zoroaster or any other prophet.”


    Now, now… the dishonesty of the claim!

    – –

    “The reason everyone meet Jesus is because Jesus is given the dominion of the heaven. ”

    Um… everyone doesn’t meet Jesus. American Christians do. They conjure him up.

    – –

    “Muhammad must be in hell.”

    Yes. This from someone who has about always held this view! Pull the other one son.

  27. Amin Riadh says:

    @ Sina

    You sold your self. Whether you believed in God or not – that has never really been the problem. As I pointed out… you were merely anti-Islam.

    But – you sold your self for this:


    You know it, I know it, and we all know it.

    – –

    As for NDE that is merely an excuse… Dear Dawkins have long rejected such trivia.

    – –

    Now pipe down… man up and face me over this terrible book…

  28. Amin Riadh says:

    “I know you for years”

    No you don’t. You do not know 10 things about me. Else…

    – –

    “I see no light of divine in you”

    I hope not!

    – –

    “Nothing good comes out of you.”

    Actually that is not true, is it? Opposing you is “Good”.

    I have BEYOND doubt shown you to be mistaken-ridden liar.

    – –

    How about a debate on that book? Any day… and I am openly calling you a coward.

  29. alisina says:

    I think you Amin will be one of those demonic souls that Howard Storm met in his near death experience. I know you for years and I see no light of divine in you Nothing good comes out of you.

  30. alisina says:

    “The voice told me a third time to pray to God. I started saying things like, “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want … God bless America” and anything else that seemed to have a religious connotation. And these people went into a frenzy, as if I had thrown boiling oil all over them. They began yelling and screaming at me, telling me to quit, that there was no God, and no one could hear me. While they screamed and yelled obscenities, they also began backing away from me as if I were poison. As they were retreating, they became more rabid, cursing and screaming that what I was saying was worthless and that I was a coward. I screamed back at them, [Howard Storm]

    Many people who cheered and applauded me for years turned against me and became hostile when I announced that I believe in God. Not to the extent that Storm says but I can see that some people just hate God that even the mention of His name makes them angry and rabid.

  31. Amin Riadh says:

    None of your nonsense. I said I’ll keep a beady eye on you and I will.

    NDE has very little to no worth… as evidence.

  32. Phoenix says:

    I read Howard Storm’s testimony over here: http://www.near-death.com/storm.html
    My favorite of the NDE testimonies so far.

  33. alisina says:

    All the things I now believe are based on what I learned from hundreds of testimonies of people who died and came back. I trust their testimonies a lot more than the testimony of those who wrote the holy scriptures of various religions.

    You want me to learn more Eastern religions and then decide they are superior. Humanity has been doing that for thousands of years and we have never come to a consensus to agree which religion is better. Apparently each religion satisfies a certain mentality.

    I am done with that approach. Now I solely seek my understanding of reality from the testimonies of near death experiencers. These testimonies are not tricks of the mind. Let us put to rest this stupid argument because it is not just so. The evidence that they are real is beyond doubt.

    It is these people who say they met Jesus. Experiences vary. Not everyone meets God, Jesus, their deceased relatives or the tunnel. But many people of all background, cultures, religious persuasions and ages meet Jesus. So far I have not read a single story that anyone has met Buddha, Zoroaster or any other prophet. Not that I think these luminaries were not great. They must have moved on to higher realms. Muhammad must be in hell. The reason everyone meet Jesus is because Jesus is given the dominion of the heaven. That is what I think based on what I read so far.

    I invite everyone to read these stories. Each experience is different and can teach something new.

  34. alisina says:

    I did not believe in reincarnation. I dismissed it in my previous writing and comments a few years ago. But then I also dismissed God and afterlife. All these things I learned by studying hundreds of stories of near death experiencers. Obviously reincarnation is very real.

    A chimp cannot become a human as he keeps reincarnating in the body of a chimp. But if he evolves enough to reincarnate in the body of a human then he is a human.

    None of us were originally human. Our soul has been reincarnating in countless lower forms of creatures until we reached to this stage. Can we go back? Some Indian philosophies think so. I have not heard this in any of the testimonies of the near death experiencers yet.

    Reincarnation is confirmed by countless near death experiencers who did not believe in it until their experience. They even remembered their previous and sometimes future lives.

    Now that I accept it as true, it also makes sense. The idea that God created us to test us so that he can punish or reward us for eternity is too puerile. What is the point? It makes much more sense to think that we are fractals of God, and just like Him we are free to choose. Our spiritual evolution depends on the choices that we make. So we can freely choose to acquire divine attributes and return to our Source or turn away from him and be His opposite. It also makes more sense for a compassionate God to give us infinite chances to grow than one and then punish us for eternity for one time error.

    Neither hell nor heaven, are permanent places. We choose hell to burn away our impurities. It is a place of repentance. No one will stay in hell forever. They will eventually be given another chance to life. Will they come back a humans or as scorpions and vipers? I think they come back as humans again.

  35. PapaRomeo says:

    Christianity is unique and completely apart from other religions of the world. There is absolutely no comparison. In the following pages we will examine 4 points that separate Christianity from any other belief system. Of course the most unique thing about Christianity is Jesus Christ.

    Christianity lets you be honest with God about your Condition: -One of the unique features of Christianity is that you can be honest with God about your sin. All of us have sinned. We have all gone against God’s standards. We often use the expression ‘well no-one’s perfect’ and God’s standards are perfection. Many people hope that God will overlook their sin, or that somehow he will cancel out that sin, but only Christianity lets you be totally honest with God about your condition. The Christian God is a God of love. He knows everything about us and hates the sin that we commit, but the amazing thing is that He still loves us! He loves us so much that He sent His Son (Jesus) to die for us, to take the punishment that we deserve so that if we accept Him we can live forever with Him! God does not want us to pretend, He wants us to be honest with Him about our sin and to confess our sins to Him. The bible says in 1 John 1:9, “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

    Christianity offers a Saviour: – Another of the unique features of Christianity is that it offers you a Saviour. All other religions say that you must save yourself; by good deeds etc. Trying to save yourself cannot work. We have sinned against God and those sins must be punished. It is too late for us to try and go back and change that. Doing good works does not erase the sins that we have already committed. The only way is to have a Saviour. If you want a Saviour there is only one and His name is Jesus. This Saviour has paid the price for our sin. We do not need to try and cover it up or solve the situation ourselves. Jesus has paid it all, we just need to accept his gift. We need to admit that we are sinners, that we have fallen short of God’s standards. We need to ask Jesus to wipe our sins away and ask Him to forgive us. He has promised that if we do that He will save us from our sin, He will help us to live that life that pleases Him and will one day take us to be with Him forever.
    “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” John 3:16

    Christianity gives you an instant change of status: – Christianity is the only belief system that gives you an instant change of status. Many religions say that if you follow our program we guarantee that you will get to heaven, but no-one has actually come back to say if it’s true. There is no certainty and all you can do is hope that you have done enough. Christianity is different as it offers you eternal life today. When you ask Jesus Christ to be your Saviour you become a new person. You have a new life that will last forever. The bible says in 2 Corinthians 5:17:”Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.”
    There is no uncertainty about it. When you have this new life you can never lose it. All your sins, past, present and future are all washed away and God makes you one of His children. You come into a new relationship with Jesus Christ. This is not just a theoretical thing, I know that I have that new life, because I know Jesus, He is my friend. I speak to Him everyday through prayer and He speaks to me through the bible. Just like any other relationship I know when I offend Him and things are not the same until I seek to put that problem right. Jesus said:
    “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.” Revelation 3:20
    The bible says that when we follow Jesus we get a real peace, joy and satisfaction that we cannot know without Him. Following Jesus is definitely not easy, but He gives that peace that we cannot get anywhere else. God the Holy Spirit comes and lives in us and changes and helps us. Jesus once said His followers, “Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” John 14:27
    I know without a doubt that I have a changed status, I have that new life and you too can have that assurance.
    Jesus gave this promise: “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who hears My word and believes in Him who sent Me has everlasting life, and shall not come into judgment, but has passed from death into life.” John 5:24

    Christianity is the only belief system where God can justly let us go free: – Religious people hope when they die that God will fudge a bit and somehow, because of their good deeds and faithfulness will overlook their sin and let them into heaven. No-one is planning on going to God and saying that they have always lived a completely perfect life because its obvious that no-one has. The only people who can stand perfect before God are people who have accepted Christ as their Saviour, because He has taken their sins all away. When God looks at them He does not see them in their sins, He sees Jesus Christ in all His perfection. The price is paid in full. There is no need for anyone to fear God’s judgement if we ask Jesus Christ to forgive our sins. Jesus made the following promise: “The one who comes to Me I will by no means cast out.” John 3:37

  36. PapaRomeo says:

    Jesus is not Krishna, neither did he came as Ram, Krishna, Mohammad, Buddha or Mahavira. He is not one of them and is different. Jesus was crucified for man as Saviour, not Mohammed or Krishna. It is expressly clearly in the Bible. He is the only begotten Son of God, who took the form of a lowly man in this world about 2000 yrs ago, as the sacrificial lamb prepared by God Himself (as it is only the God who know what is acceptable to Him). He was without sin, spotless and holy and lived a perfectly holy righteous life being fully obedient to God. When the time came He was sacrificed for the sins of you and me and died on the cross…was buried for three days and three nights. On the third day He rose again (resurrected) from death because since he was without sin death could not bound him forever as death had no power against Him. He walked among his disciples for 40 days and went returned back to Heaven with a promise to came back for His own (church) in the future. Now his believers live with this hope of his coming back to take with Him to Heaven.

    It is a folly to think that Jesus is Krishna or other religious figures.

  37. Ben says:

    Dear Ali Sina,
    Thank you for your clear message. Have you read “The Thanatonauts” from Bernard Werber? You share the same sharp spirit of someone who wants to learn, think and act. I am sure you will enjoy his books especially his firsts.
    By the way I don’t think there are evidences of reincarnation and I prefer to think as you mentionned before that this life is a test (one test). Reincarnation look to me as something some god would invent to keep his creation under control. For me this logic is too human. We are all one through god. As you said it becomes obvious when we die and for me the bad people would have more problems to see it so they would be stuck in their own hell. Why would you send them back? They may learn faster if they are close to god. God gave them their freedom but they missed the point of life. Too bad for them, but they know they had one chance. Also about Jesus, if he really came before, why his message did not have the same impact? And considering the situation why does he not come back a bit more? And from a scientific point of view the entropy of the universe is increasing. If reincarnation was real some people would be reincarnated and other would come from something else maybe animals? But that is not logical if you think about evolution. If tomorrow apes can think like human what would this means? I prefer to think that people are created by their natural parents both physically and spiritually with the help of god that is the son of man, spirit and creation. Well anyway this is just my point of view.
    Kind regards.

  38. Agniveerfan says:

    You should write article based on Hinduism and Buddhism to let your views know to every visitor.

  39. Agniveerfan says:

    Abrahamic religious people including their prophets don’t believe in reincarnation. Hindus believe that every living being reincarnates. An ant can reincarnate as human and vice – versa. Jesus and other prophets never knew this fact.
    Indians don’t believe in prophet-hood because they believe that CREATOR is essentially CREATION. Abrahamic clearly makes distinction between CREATOR and CREATION.
    Jesus and other prophets believed in judgement day and eternal suffering for non believers and eternal enjoyment for believers .
    Indians believe that the cosmos undergoes creation and destruction for infinite times. Surely prophets never knew this fact.
    Important question- You said some of those who claimed the existence of heaven saw Jesus. My question is- why everyone who claimed the existence of heaven never saw Jesus ? How many heavens are there ? In which heaven Jesus resides ? Why he does not help evryone there ? Why some of them told that God is in light form and not in human body ? why some of them met relatives and not God ?
    It is proved that Bible is collection of pagan stories and written by many writers over the period of centuries. How do you prove that the statements of Jesus have not been stolen from Hindu stories ? where christ term came from ? You do know Acharya S. Why Jesus never told about the self, consciousness?
    You said Jesus is God. Did Jesus create this creation ?
    Muhammad was inspired by ‘prophet’ Jesus and decided to create knew religion which included angels satan judgement which was already told by Jesus in Bible.
    If you believe that Krishna reincarnated as Jesus then all Christians should believe that they are Hindus. Am I right?
    I believe that you have read Bible so many times. But it seems to me that you haven’t read any of Vedic scriptures including vedas upnishads bhagawad gita ashtawakr gita yog vasishtha etc. Even you never know Buddha truly because his main teachings are love compssion humility non violence.
    Don’t you believe in Bhagwad gita ? If you do why don’t you believe that krishna was God like Jesus ?
    Why millions of Abrahamics are coming to Hinduism and Buddhism ? Are they dumb or crazy ? Do you believe that Jesus did not reincarnate?
    Since you said that you know Hinduism, I expect an exclusive article about Hinduism and Buddhism from you as early as possible.
    I hope you will answer to all above questions .

  40. alisina says:

    Yes indeed. It i very possible and that is what I suspect too.

  41. Fansina says:

    Is it anyway possible that Jesus came previously as Krishna as Hinduism came before Christianity

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