Why Are You Spreading Hatred Part 2

Dear Ali,

Some days before, I had send you a requesting mail to stop using insulting titles to address our beloved Prophet, but you ruled it out, it’s OK.

In my response to your first email I answered your question.  There is no point of repetition.  I understand that when people believe, they switch off a part of their brain and filter out any information that contradicts their belief.

It may be your culture to use uncivilized titles to the greatest man who ever walked on this earth.

In these few words you have packed a load of nonsense.  Didn’t Muhammad call Abul Hakam, Abu Jahl? Wasn’t that an uncivilized title? Don’t you Muslims repeat that insult?  His name was Amr. His people called him Abul Hakam because he was a learned man.  Muhammad named him Abu Jahl.  That was a lie, but Muhammad thought whoever does not believe in him is ignorant. So he felt it is okay to malign them and give them derogatory titles. I feel the same way about Muhammad. The titles I give him are true. He was a thief, a pedophile, a terrorist, a rapist.   But calling Abul Hakam, father of ignorance was a lie.  Why you have problem with me telling the truth and see no problem in Muhammad’s lies?

You say he was the greatest man ever walked on earth.  That is baloney.  Muhammad was a despicable criminal.   Your faith has blinded you.

Often you use to mention Buddha & Jesus with great admiration, what greatness they have compared to our beloved prophet. They were the leaders of the cults namely Buddhism & Christianity. You said, Islam is a cult of Muhammed (SAW), then at least it’s name should have been Muhammedanism rather than Islam. But it is contrary to your view of Islam as being a cult.

I don’t believe in a God that sends messengers and hence I don’t believe Buddha or Jesus were messengers of God.  I see them as men, nothing more and nothing else.  I admire them for being good teachers of ethics and morality. The core of their teachings resonates with the Golden Rule. That is all I am interested in.  They did not promote hate and violence. They did not wage war. They did not raid, plunder, rape, torture, and massacre people. Why should I speak against them? Muhammad committed all those crimes.  How can such an evil man be the greatest man?  Would you like to be treated the way Muhammad treated his detractors?  How would you feel if a bunch of armed men ram into your home, kill you first and take your wife and daughters as sex slaves and sell your sons as slaves?  Don’t shut your brain. Think about it and answer it.  Don’t ssy this did not happen, because if you do I know you are either lying or you have not read the Sira and the Quran. If you deny this I will ignore you. I have no time for people who are ignorant of Islam and still defend it. So just answer me how would you like to be treated the way Muhammad treated others?

Muhammad was the biggest criminal that the world has ever known.  I can’t say the same about Jesus and Buddha.  Muhammad was worse than Hitler and Stalin.  And you call him the greatest man?  You don’t know anything about him.  Read my book and you will find out that you are a devil worshipper.

Islam is a cult.  Christianity and Buddhism are not.  Cults don’t use  the name of their cult leader. People’s Temple of Jim Jones, Aum Shinrikyo (Supreme Truth) of Shoko Asahara, Heaven’s Gate and countless other cults are not named after the cult leader.   Islam is a cult of Muhammad. It has nothing to do  with God.

 He was the last and final prophet of the Almighty and also a mercy to all creation. You know the truth, but you are a hypocrite. You are misguiding the whole human race from the right path.

Muhammad was the messenger of devil.  Yes I know the truth and I am revealing it to the world.  If I were a hypocrite I would remain silent.  I am awakening the good people who are trapped in the web of deception of Islam.  Islam is the road to hell. I am saving Muslims from the hell. Read my book and if you can refute it, If you can refute me I will stop my sites and will even announce to the world that I was wrong about Islam.   Either read my book or stop complaining.  I even sent the PDF file for free. I don’t want your money.  I want to wake you up.  I even give you $50,000 US if you can prove me wrong.

 I heard that you are a descendant of the Prophet through your mother’s lineage, If so, you are insulting your own blood, spitting upwards lying on the ground. Don’t you feel ashamed of it. No human will do this.

Being a descendant of Muhammad is a joke.  Open your calculator that comes with the Windows and divide 1 into 2 and keep dividing by 2 for 53 times. See what you get. You get a number close to zero. The amount of genes of Muhammad in anyone claiming to be his descendant is almost zero.  It is less than a drop in all the oceans. So basically nothing of that monster is left in me or in anyone who prides himself to be his descendant.

Furthermore, assuming I am his descendant, which unfortunatley is true, it is my duty to correct all the evil things that my ignoble ancestor has done to the world.  It would be a shame to lie down and do nothing after knowing the truth about him. I apologize to humanity for what my sick ancestor has done and do whatever I can to undo the harm. May his spirit rest in hell.

You have exchanged your soul to the evil for the treasure of this world, beware It will last only for a short period, after that you will be facing your Lord face to face.

I have saved my soul from hell and rescued myself from the clutches of devil.  Now I am helping other good people caught in this wed of lie and rescuing them.

What will be your explanations to the Almighty for all your & your followers sin. Anyway it’s your headache, but I just made you aware of it.

 Assuming there is a god, you can be sure that he is not Allah. Allah is devil.  God will be very pleased with me. He may even give me a badge of honor and a free pass to his exclusive club. I know what you dirty minded Muslims think. You think it must be it a big brottle.  That is not what this place is about. It is a club for philosophers and thinkers who graced this world. It’s were one’s brain is filled with knowledge. This is my kind of paradise.  Muhammad thought paradise is a place for debauchery and fornication.   The only kind of pleasure that ape could think of, was carnal pleasures.  Not so. Paradise is a place for intellectual and spiritual nurishment.  That primate prophet of yours could not even think of such a place.   That uneducated man had no understanding of knowledge.  He was only aware of the senations in his sexual and digestive organs, like a pig (with my apologies to pigs).

How can any sane person follow such a vile man?  He lied to his ignorant followers to make them do the most despicable crimes.  But you live in the 21st century. It is a shame that you still believe in the  lies of a pervert criminal.   God has given you a brain. Why not use it?  I am inviting you to the real paradise.   Knowledge is paradise and ignorance is hell. Ignorance is not bliss.

Muslims will be sent to hell.  I am not very happy about that.  I may even convince God that it’s not godly to torture people for being ignorant.  Muslims have suffered in this world enough for their ignorance.  If I can’t convince the almighty to shut down the hell, I will try to find the thermostat and will reduce the heat for you people.  I really don’t enjoy seeing people tortured.  It just takes away the fun of enjoying the paradise.  How can I lie down on my hammock and sip my lemonade when I hear you Muslims screaming and shouting for being burned.  I am most happy when everybody is happy.  I get sad when others suffer.  God is rational. I will reason with him that the whole concept of burning people is just stupid.  It is not befitting for a compassionate god to have a torture house.  I am sure he will listen to me.  Few people have done such a great service to God as I have. I am getting his world rid of Islam and the Devil’s influence.  This is a big service and God will owe me some big favor.  In exchange for this service I will ask him to shut down the hell.  If God wants to keep Muhammad in hell I will not intercede for that criminal.  Hitler, Muhammad, Stalin, Khomeini, Mao and all other monsters like them can stay in hell.  But if you have not harmed anyone in this world and your only crime is ignorance, I will negotiate your release from hell, even though you curse me in this world.  I am not a sick person like Muhammad to condemn people to hell for disagreeing with me.   Just don’t harm people for your faith because if you do, I can’t help you.


Ali Sina


p.s. I would prefer to answer to more intelligent questions.  I really enjoy when I am challenged. Ruefully with Muslims, that is not possible. If they were intelligent enough to ask smart questions, they would not be Muslim.

I am not going to respond to any more of your emails. You can comment in the site directly and others will answer you.  Or you can read my book.

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297 Responses

  1. Alan says:

    Dear Ali Sina,

    I found by chance some information about 
    SSA and somehow i found these posts.
    In fact, anyone who disrespect anyone else's believes and who is full of negative energies, is someone we shouldn't listen to or give any attention from the start. No matter what kind of knowledge he or she has.
    There is a big part of all religions that no one can prove is true or false. A Big part of all believes is something you deeply feel and accept for yourself as reality. 
    Everyone of us has a choice of accepting what they feel is right for them as long as it doesn't cause any harm to others. This should be your basic platform to work from unless you have another agenda of spreading negativity and hate between people who don't embrace same religions. No matter how much stories you have or collect against that particular ideology. 
    I was initially interested when i heard the title but once i read your comments i totally changed my mind just because of the principle of respect and respecting people's choices and what they want for themselves. If the muslims are stupid and their leader is a lier then do you suggest that you are smart, good and honest? Do you suggest that Muhammad had failed and you are the rescuer today? Who are you to tell people what to do or what to believe in? Are you the son of God or a universal judge to tell what's right and what's wrong!! If I were you i would shut my mouth forever and get busy in making my life work just fine!!

  2. Hamid Hameed says:

    Muhammad Fadil
    Prevailing corruption in Muslim World proves that you are right…he is still alive. Sunni Islam is the state religion of scores of Muslim countries at least in practice if not in theory. Looting, terrorism, thuggy, extortion, suicide killing [a double crime] in the name of local mosques, Allah and 'sunna' are the manifestations of teachings of Islam.

  3. Evil_slayer says:

    @Hindu Sipahi

    Oh great. "I heard Dr. Zakir Naik say that unlike all other religious books, quran is the only book which is 100% scientifically correct i.e. of the science that has already been discovered. He says some things remain to be corroborated scientifically when Science discovers further. "
    When science discovers further? May we ask him one question. Why not we change the table? Let him find some new scientific thing (not yet discovered by science) from Quran and tell the world about it before science shall discover it. (Ex., let him find a cure for AIDS from Quran before science finds one..)

  4. toughtobecalm says:

    @ Hindu Sipahi ,
    No sir , There are many person who can defeat zakir naik in academic discussions and even I can defeat him by just reversing his logic upon him but he is too much deceptive and will never except his defeat after being defeated though and second thing he is also a Muslim so that he or his followers or background gunda team can be dangerous for those peace lover persons who can successfully challenge him and defeat him . I can tell you that he deceives morely because of half truths , using information in wrong context and altering the meanings and logic which are not being caught without having deep knowledge by an ordinary person who challenge him .

  5. infidel/kafir says:

    Oye NAZ :: what a brain you have !!!! After all you are a MOSLEMAH !!!! You cant use your own intelligence or thinking !!! ISLAM made you like that. Actually you are daring – you wont hesitate , or feel bad to speak lies, evil, to be cruel, to be wicked. Who wants to live in a moslem country ? did you ask this question? What are the rights or condition of unbelievers and nonmoslems in ISLAMIC country ? Dont you feel ashamed to find fault with west , as a MOSLEMAH ? ISLAM is the worst thing there is in this world. !!! You are a demon, think like demon, see like demon and act like demon !!!! It is your karma . You are blinded by ISLAM to be the most cruel, evil, wicked and hateful. Dont forget, number one tenet of ISLAM to hate and kill all unbelievers. This is what QQUURRAAN teaches yOU !!!

  6. Freedom for Humanity says:

    Hi Hindu Sipahi,

    It doesn't even require Ali Sina to debate Zakir; any smart person would do. Zakir is a confirmed clown. It's also his business. I doubt he would ever accept a debate over Islam in writing, be it with Ali, or anyone. Just have a look at one of his shows: he keeps bombarding his audience with a bunch of lies, hundreds of verses (mentioning their numbers which he memorizes by heart to impress the gullible), and in return, his lauding crowd keeps cheering and praising him in tears. It's honestly a Muppet show, only much less funny than the real thing.

    In the arena of reason, guys like Zakir would be smashed in glance. But Muslims love his show, and his clichés about Islam, because their brains have been erased. They are driven by childish emotions the way they have been raised up. That is what they like, and it's very hard to convince them to act otherwise. It's very sad that one fifth of mankind is so dumb, but true…

  7. Hindu Sipahi says:

    Also Ali, why don't you think of holding a debate with Zakir. Since no one has been able to defeat him in debates (I think) so he keeps going on and on and makes muslims believe that islam is the true religion and that they are truly following the real god allah.

  8. Hindu Sipahi says:

    Dear Ali, Hats off to you for your campaign in bringing the truth to the followers of the devil.

    I'm from India. I heard Dr. Zakir Naik say that unlike all other religious books, quran is the only book which is 100% scientifically correct i.e. of the science that has already been discovered. He says some things remain to be corroborated scientifically when Science discovers further.

    He says that some US author, I think William Campbell was the name had pointed out 30 odd scientific errors in quran and that he went to Chicago especially to rebut this gentleman and was able to prove to him that quran is totally scientifically correct which this author reluctantly accepted.

    It is this logic he uses to say that islam is the only true religion because things written in it 1400 years ago have been deemed correct by modern age science. So this is a proof that quran was written by allah, that muhammed was his messenger and islam is true. So whatever else is written in quran must also be true.

    I would really like to know the scientific inaccuracies in islam.

  9. XYZ says:

    a man who was a pig ( with due apologies to pig ).
    lol that was by far the best one dr sina . cudnt stop laughing.

  10. Boiragi says:

    and yet..1..5 billion retards are doing the same everyday..each day..

  11. Ali Sina says:

    I have the right remedy for them. I am working on a movie about Muhammad that delivers the message so succinctly and powerfully that will make hundreds of millions of Muslims to question their faith. There is a power in visual communication. We are going to use that to our advantage.

  12. DPhysicist says:

    Mr. Sina I think that Muslims are afraid to read your book… they are so afraid of hell and in certain sense they are so confident that your book will leave them with doubt. And hence they shy away and give the blind eye to your reasons and your invitation to read your book. Terrific job Mr.Sina… Hats off.

  13. DPhysicist says:

    Hahaha… its funny the way you have put it. I think it should be my Facebook status 😛 😉

  14. DPhysicist says:

    Hey Salman dude did you got your answer ?? huh 😉

  15. DPhysicist says:

    Publish your question here and tell us what it is that Mr. Sina did not answer ? Do you think this site is like other Islamic sites which always use this strategy to prove themselves right by hiding the important points from others argument? Well if yes then you are wrong and even if you think something is missed then you please ask your question in comment section…

  16. DPhysicist says:

    Welcome to the real world… in the sense that you now are free to look at it from a different perspective… as you have said that it took you much time and logical scrutiny to leave Islam along with courage. I can understand as I myself was born into a Hindu family but some how I turned out to be an Atheist… It really takes a lot of courage, but any way congratulations to you !

  17. Saveworld says:

    Islam=Stupid, Lazy, Rubbish, Problem, Lie,  Barbarian, Dirty, Ugly, Noisy, Crazy, Oppress, Violent, Behead, Horror, War, Boom, Politic, Womanizing, Polygamy, Fanatic, Evil, Terrorist

  18. yogi raj says:

    "Assuming there is a god, you can be sure that he is not Allah. Allah is devil. "

    Boy, you are stupid.

    Allah: Al+Lah= The + God = An omnipotent/unmatched/incomparable/everliving being.

    Grab a grammar book fact nimrod.

  19. SorrowSnake says:

    "the best of all of Almighty God's creations"

    If God exists then Muhammad was the worst of his creations, along with Hitler, Stalin and other psychopaths. He lived a despicable and shameful life, murdered thousands (Banu Qurayza, Khyber) and slept with a 9 year old girl (Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 64). Muhammad also allowed female slaves captured in wars to be raped:

    Quran 33:50 O Prophet! Lo! We have made lawful unto thee thy wives unto whom thou hast paid their dowries, and those whom thy right hand possesseth (Slaves) of those whom Allah hath given thee as spoils of war.

    Volume 7, Book 62, Number 137 :
    Narrated by Abu Said Al-Khudri

    We got female captives in the war booty and we used to do coitus interruptus with them. So we asked Allah's Apostle about it and he said, "Do you really do that?" repeating the question thrice, "There is no soul that is destined to exist but will come into existence, till the Day of Resurrection."

    Even your beloved Zakhir Naik admits this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UVmSQHquJc

    Muahmmad was no diffrernt to any other cult leader, he threatned people with hell and then bribed them with heaven. How can any sane person follow such a disgusting man?

  20. Atif Khan Yousafzai says:

    For all you fools out there who are attempting to taint the image of Holy Prophet Ahmed-e-Mujtaba Hazrat Muhammad-e-Mustafa (SAW) – the best of all of Almighty God's creations – you will realize what a grave blunder you have committed when you shall pass on from this world to the next. Your disgusting misconceptions have been clearly described in the Holy Qu'ran and I pray that you folks may one day see the light.

    Surah Bakrah
    Ayat Number 7
    Verily, those who disbelieve, it is the same to them whether you warn them or do not warn them, they will not believe.

    Ayat Number 8
    Allah has set a seal on their hearts and on their hearings, (i.e. they are closed from accepting Allah's Guidance), and on their eyes there is a covering. Theirs will be a great torment.

  21. @Mossad666 says:

    a good thing in the letter i have seen is "You are misguiding the whole human race from the right path" is nt it good comment..at least the majority is with us! 😀

  22. Loha says:

    I want to tell people that Buddhism (Baodh Dhram) is was name by people who adore it…………………
    the original name of Buddhism is "Astang Marg". i have studied this religion and i doesn't belong to this…………………….

  23. sudhakar says:

    Reply to Abdullah ihsan
    “It is funny to see those who have made up their minds that there is God are listening to a man who clearly doubts His existence.” In India it has been a tradition to respect a person for his piety ( broadly= control over senses, being peacefully disposed towards the creation, gratefulness, charity) even if the person doesn’t believe in GOD. Dharma may be broadly equated with Ali sina’s Golden Rule. 1.Dharma is the most important Purushartha ( = pursuits that human beings should follow in life), the other three being 2. Kaama (sensual pleasures) 3. Artha ( accumulation of money or necessary objects) 4. Moksha ( liberation from limited joys into unconditioned / unbroken joy). Demons like Mohammad believe in their own erroneous conception of GOD at the same time violate Dharma ( Golden Rule). We hindus are comfortable with Dharmic atheists than with Adharmic theists. The true GOD can not be anywhere close to Mad Mohammad’s misconceptions. so my dear Demon’s follower stop quoting vedas as you can not understand their meaning.

  24. Sohrab says:

    How about sending him to Guantanomo.

  25. John K says:

    Hope and do everything in your power to make it so.

  26. Pandeist_Observer says:

    Here's hoping John, for everyone's sake, here's hoping.

  27. John K says:

    Right. So even if you are not the one to initiate it, you don't know how much an idea will spread once it's put out there. So your comment here may end up being the start of something great that will make big changes.

  28. Pandeist_Observer says:

    I did not know that. Perhaps there is hope yet if an equivalent can be utilised for the needs of Muslims to shake off the shackles of their cult.

  29. John K says:

    Good recent article on the fundamentals of how Muslims treat non-Muslims and why they do:


  30. John K says:

    Well, you're getting closer. South Koreans like to go to the border with the North and send balloons over the border. They not only send leaflets, but they also attach things like DVDs showing life in the South. These methods have not been ineffective either because the things do get around, and in a closed society like North Korea, it is one of the few things that people can get for news of the outside world. Cell phones have made inroads too, not only with clandestine phone calls, but also videos from the South.

  31. Pandeist_Observer says:

    Perhaps if those sending them were willing to use drones instead to drop the info?? Although I'm sure you meant the complications of "declaration of war" that might come up with any aircraft entering opposition airspace repeatedly.

  32. Rahul says:

    How Islam treats minorities- Pakistan finished the entire Hindu population. Pakistan and Bangladesh were also parts of India-the Hindu population in Pakistan has declined from 23 % in 1947 to around 1% now- the biggest unreported genocide, massacre and holocaust in recent times. While in medieval India-Hindus, in the face of extreme cruelty and death, saved Hinduism from Islam’s onslaught, in the modern, progressive age they suffered the worst damage- with Hindus thrown to the mercy of wolves in Pakistan. The media and the government did nothing to raise this issue with Pakistan. Similarly- the Hindu population in Bangladesh has declined from 34 % in 1901 to 29 % in 1947, and to 10 % in 2001- and its around 7 % now. Even in India- the Hindu population has declined from 85 % in 1951 to 80.5 % in 2001- and by now- it must be in the 70s. The liberals in the Indian media- human rights activists, and Indian government have never ever raised this complete annihilation of Hindus by Pakistan ever in the world- at any forum. On the contrary- Islamists have exaggerated and inflated the case of Gujarat riots- along with the Indian media- and whitewashed Islam’s guilt in annihilating Hinduism in Pakistan and Bangladesh- and also Kashmir.

    Pakistan’s TALLEST Hindu leader, Sudham Chand Chawla was killed in broad daylight in Jacobabad on 29 Jan 2002 while returning from his rice meal. The culprits were not nabbed, nor was any compensation given to his family. He had in fact been complaining to the so-called civil society of Pakistan for years about the threat to his life, to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan and yet nobody did anything. If this was the case with the BIGGEST Hindu leader, then what must be the story of ordinary Hindus, who have already been reduced from 20 % in 1947 to just 1 % now?

  33. John K says:

    That's an interesting twist. With a name like Shakira, I am guessing you are of Middle Eastern descent rather than a Western Abrabophile. Of course, we have a big problem here because belly dancing is decidedly un-Islamic, and vestiges of pre-Islamic Middle Eastern culture are hard to detect, depending on the country of course – some more than others.

  34. John K says:

    This is actually not so far-fetched. Leafleting enemy territory has been done in war before, but this would most likely require state sponsorship so as to deal with the hazards of anti-aircraft fire.

  35. Shakira says:

    I don't see hating Islam as hating Middle Eastern people or even their culture. I am a belly dancer, and the reason why I support Ali Sina and am against Islam is not because I think western culture is superior, but because of my appreciation for Middle Eastern culture.

  36. Pandeist_Observer says:

    Hmm, fly by mass mail drop perhaps? :S

  37. John K says:

    Dr. Sina says no Muslim can read his book and remain a Muslim. The hard part is getting them to read it. That is one reason he has offered a $50,000 to anyone who can prove him wrong. Unfortunately Muslim culture is not very knowledge oriented, so most do not read it unless they are in the upper class and semi-Westernized already.

  38. Pandeist_Observer says:

    So then, the question is, how to build up their self esteem? How do we break through the iron veil thrown over them by the cult they find themselves forced under or coerced into? If we could find a way to give them what they need to feel better about themselves and reject oppression, how many would take up the offer?

  39. John K says:

    Still, you must not absolve the followers from their choice to accept and act out the principles. We say Muslims are victims of Islam, but legitimate victim status only extends as far as they are unaware of what is wrong with Islam. The conscience works best when information is available, but anyone can feel that brutality is wrong without having been raised in civilized society.

  40. John K says:

    Right. Muslim supremacism is a symptom of Muslim low self-esteem. People with weak self-esteem are not satisfied to just be themselves, but instead feel they need to identify themselves with something. This can be as simple as needing to identify with a popular brand by wearing Nike shirts to needing to identify with Islam. If Islam was a confident religion it wouldn't forbid criticism and apostasy and use the death penalty to enforce it. The mask of confidence that Muhammad pulled over his weak teachings carries over to Muslim insecurity today and its corresponding bullying to hide it.

  41. Pandeist_Observer says:

    Reinforce to them at every opportunity they are NOT their belief, they are so much more than that, and that they are loved by you and everyone else who wishes to see them live by the Golden Rule – it is the lies they live by that we wish to see destroyed.

    I would hope that by doing this you would have a better chance of reaching them as they will see as much and as often as possible that they are not the enemy and we wish only the best for them.

  42. Pandeist_Observer says:

    I feel you believe as I do, that the followers are not the problem – the man made beliefs and principles they are slaving themselves to are. So the one thing I would suggest is that you appeal to the followers by disclaiming any hatred or aggression against them personally, and focusing on the misguided beliefs that trap them instead. You and I know you are not doing that, but if you consider where their mind is right now, clouded by flawed ideology to the point that they can't even do everyday tasks without them being spelled out for them in a book (the Sunnah, yes?), then you could argue that at every opportunity you will need to appeal to them personally, directly, induvidually (something I'm guessing might be foreign to them).

  43. Pandeist_Observer says:

    Hello to all,

    Mr. Sina, I write to you as a supporter of your views. I too believe in the "Golden Rule" and as a Pandeist I live it in my everyday life. However, I would like to make just one point if I may. Your goal is to enlighten those who are brainwashed into giving up their lives in the service of Islam instead of living it via the Golden Rule, yes? (In this I would extrapolate further to include all or nearly all religions, but I'll leave that point for now). I'm not sure you will be able to do this if those you try to reach feel as though you are personally attacking them, even though you and I know you are not.

  44. rembrandt_gg says:

    Careful, he might pull out a dagger…

  45. Naz says:

    In this world everything good will always have propaganda against it. Islam is the biggest threat to the west as it opposes their devil pleasing living styles. As far as Sina is concerned, i simply feel sorry for you and the idiots who believe your delusioned feelings. Islam will continue to grow, im sure you know that too. If anything you're hatred and ignorance makes us stronger and our beliefs firmer. Also you mention that a)you were a muslim and b) are a descendent of the prophet. In response a) your loss and b) you wish.

    See a doctor, get married, have children…..learn to live peacefully.

  46. John K says:

    This is just Muslim psychology based on Muhammad's Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), which is the source of Muslim supremacism. The Center for the Study of Political Islam defines Koranic Logic as follows:


    The Koran advances a logical system. Truth is determined by revelation. No fact or argument may refute the Koran. Logical persuasion is based upon repetition and continued assertion. Another part of the persuasion is personal attacks against those who resist Islam. The Koran advances its argument through threats against specific people and groups. If persuasion fails, then force may be used to settle the logical or political argument.

    Another aspect of Koranic logic is the use of name-calling and personal insults to advance the truth. The Koran, with its poetical language and repeated threats and physical violence, bases its logic on emotions. Although its intellectual truth can be contradictory, the contradictions do not need to be resolved. Understanding apparent contradictions is a key to understanding Islamic logic. In unitary logic, a contradiction shows the theory or argument to be false. But in the Koran, a contradiction does not prove an argument to be false. What appears to be logical contradictions are statements of duality that offer two true choices, depending upon the circumstances. This is dualistic logic.

    How do we know the Koran is true? Because it contains the words of Allah. How do we know that these are the words of Allah? Mohammed said they were Allah's words. How do we know that Mohammed is Allah's messenger? Mohammed reported that Allah said that Mohammed is His messenger.

  47. CallingAllAngels says:

    Why is it ONLY "hateful" for AliSina website folks to merely CRITICIZE THE IDEOLOGY OF ISLAM, NOT MJUSLIMS!


    WAKE UP!

  48. Rembrandt says:

    Yep. His patience in explaining the facts behind is accusations stands out more than the accusations itself.

  49. Ali Sina says:

    I think he must be the prophet of Islam.

  50. Sue says:

    Also, I would like to find out, if let say, this guy, John forces you to join his gang and if you didn't, he would slaughter you and your wife and children and in your heart, even if you had been forced to join, how would you feel if your descendents believed in this John and thought he was the best person God has made?( Btw, sorry John K, didn't mean to use the name, it was accidental)

  51. Sue says:


    all I want to know is, if I substituted Mohammed’s name with let say, John, and I told you that John rape a nine-year old girl, John murdered his neighbour, John stole and he was a gangster, what would you think of John?

  52. Sanada_10 says:

    "…But those who molest the Messenger will have a grievous penalty."


  53. Lauren says:

    What would I do if muhammed approached me? I'd spit at him

  54. Sanada_10 says:

    Read this, auntie, http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kesesatan, especially ad hominem type 1 and 2. How long do you plan to do this? It’s obviously wrong. Even in “your own language”, you can’t get it right. :$

  55. Sanada_10 says:

    Even if they don't have anything solid or logical, they still want to show who they really are, be it positive or negative. Ignoring answer and question is the main weapon they have to continue their presence. xD

  56. Sanada_10 says:

    Questionable only to the people who don’t even want to answer the topic. Like I said, be specific. :p

  57. Chronos says:

    With a swift kick in the nuts

  58. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ sina

    It was your comparison that was questionable. 😉

  59. John K says:

    This reminds me of a comment Ali Sina made to one Muslim about why he didn't respond to a comment. He said it was because it wasn't a smart comment. Reading your comment, as well as hundreds of other Muslim comments that are not smart, makes me think I should have the same attitude and standard.

    I think you hit the nail on the head when you said, "they try to show what they can do to others in internet". I think there's something of a holy warrior going out to defeat the unbelievers in jihad element that is stoked by the community and family such that they are mostly here to say to them, "hey, look at me" instead of being here for intelligent discussion.

    The sad thing is that Muslims do not seem to be grounded enough in reason, logic, and a knowledge-based education to know how stupid they look to us, and quite to the contrary, rather than looking good as they try to represent their people in battle, they only come out to make fools of themselves publicly.

  60. Sanada_10 says:

    Auntie Ihsan, why are you always so displaced when trying to defend anything be it Islam or this Morgan guy?

    There is always 1 thing in your post that never go away called irrelevancy. No matter whom the muslim is or whether it is you or that guy on facebook, you and your kind always evade the main issue and try so hard to discredit the people behind the argument without dealing with the argument itself. Not only that, the fallacy of 2 wrongs make 1 right is always there. You did that using Christianity and Hinduism which is absurd and Morgan did that using the same old tactic, blaming Christianity for the evil of Islam.

    Let’s pretend that Jesus is a narcissist and of course any sane man refers the human Jesus because narcissistic personality disorder only applies to a real person. Does this erase the narcissistic behavior of Muhammad? Does it erase the damage Muhammad had generated from his narcissism? As the fan of tu quoque fallacy, it is hard for muslims to contain the desire to blame others for their own bad reputation. Solution and answer never enter your mind.

    Another thing is premature conclusion. Muslims like you or Morgan always conclude first and never want to deal with the real content affecting the issue. You brand anything you dislike (ignoring that you cannot answer) with “lie”, “fake”, “falsehood” etc. No matter how many times you can’t answer you will always make that conclusion. As for Morgan, he is the same. He branded anything he disliked and of course arrogantly with the same rant. One thing common in both of you is the lack of real refutation and counter proof. You failed to prove that Islam is logical, scientific, good and defensive by ignoring the proof, attacking the messenger and spewing tu quoque and your defendant, Morgan failed to prove that Muhammad was not a narcissist by ignoring the proof, attacking the messenger and another tu quoque. Whenever proof is presented, you just say, “yeah but how about … (filling it with irrelevant response or attacking the person)”. Whenever something difficult arrives you just run from it, an easy way to escape reality.

    If you really paid attention to Morgan’s writing you would find the same old bragging and arrogance but you didn’t even care about it and went full throttle attacking the same attitude to anyone whom you dislike. That’s biased. I know you behave like a soccer fan but don’t do that again if you still want to be heard (I stress the word “if”). No one wants to hear a drivel of a fanatic. Even if your team performed poorly you would still defend, elevate, and glorify it.

    In the eyes of muslims, Morgan won, in the eyes of anti Islam supporters, Sina won but in the eyes of rational thinkers, the discussion had no merit at all. It lacks of conclusion caused by diversion in Morgan’s side. As an observer, I didn’t get anything new in the exchange just like I got it from you, an empty argument.

    You guys need to learn how to prove something, not denying or diverting it. You often bite more than you can chew. These days, many people claim to be intelligent and feeling that way, they try to show what they can do to others in internet. I can understand that but apparently, they offer so little because the mouth is bigger than the act. Morgan is one of them. I even wonder why people even bother to talk about it.


  61. Sanada_10 says:

    Auntie, Jesus is better because he didn’t do what Muhammad did. Any prophet or founder or leader who claimed that their way to be the only way and must elevate themselves over others is a narcissist but harmless narcissist is not a problem because they are many.

    Jesus’ claim however is far from narcissist. He claimed to have the same authority with god. He claimed divinity and that’s either madness or he’s real. Narcissists don’t even go this far.

    Do you have anything else other than copy pasted article? My queries are still waiting you.

  62. Sanada_10 says:

    What is humanity, auntie?

    I have to be sure you know what you are talking about. 😉

  63. Sanada_10 says:

    If he's real after all. 😉

    He's either mad or really son of god.

  64. Sanada_10 says:

    That's a conclusion auntie, not an answer. I can write my conclusion too about you who keep running away from my queries. That's not the way to show weak point.

    Show me point after point that shows Muhammad was not a narcissist. That's the topic.

    Morgan did the same as you, attacking the messenger. The message itself was thrown into dust bin.

  65. Sanada_10 says:

    Ah, donald morgan. Anything specific from that discussion? Show me the part.

    Any supporter will support their side, won't it? :p

  66. John K says:

    "He is an ignorant man who thinks he is schoalr without any knowledge."

    That fits the pattern of most Muslims I see coming to this site. Those who know the least claim to know everything and demand the loudest to be acknowledged for it.

  67. Ali Sina says:

    That is the statement of the fact. He is an ignorant man who thinks he is schoalr without any knowledge. He had my book but did not read it. Had he read the book as he had promised he would he would have seen the light. He lied to me when he said he read it. He read only a few pages and started writing his derivels. It is because of him that I make it a rule that anyone who wants to debate with me must not only read my book but pass a quiz through gchat so I can be sure that he has actually read the book and is not another waste of time.

  68. Ali Sina says:

    Because Morgan does not offer anything intelligent. He is not a schoalr and his arguments are supid. All he did was attack Dr. Vaknin as if all my arguments depend on the credibiliy of Dr. Vaknin. Dr. Vaknin is an expert in his field respected by mental health profesionals who want to know about narcissism, However, he is not saying anything that others have not said. Discrediting him was a stupid red herring, Morgan refused to show Muhammad was not a narcissist, In fact he couldn’t so he started attcking Vaknin. Thi sis ad hominem, red herring and plain stupidity. I have no time for ignoramuses like Morgan. No one enjys reading a debate with a fool like him. I would like to debate with someone who says something intelligent so the debate become lively and educational.

  69. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ sina

    Here is what you wrote to Mr. Morgan:

    "You are not a scholar Donald. You are engaging in all sorts of logical fallacies and you are wasting my time. There is no glory for me in defeating someone of your caliber. The only thing you can do is once again show that Muslims are incapable of rational thought. But we have plenty of that evidence and hardly yours makes a difference.

    For the sake of brevity I will stop here and will respond to the rest of your “rebuttal” in the coming days. Then I will stop debating with you. There is a bigger fish in the pound. Prof. Pallacken abdul Wahid is a scholar. He has a website dedicated to prove the Quran has predicted all the sciences that were later discovered. He wants to debate me and I am much interested in that. He is somebody. Who are you? I can disprove this gentleman and BRAG about it. I cannot BRAG about anything by disproving you."

    And here is what you recently wrote to me:

    "I am not trying to sound to be good. I am not trying to sell myself. PEOPLE DON'T CARE WHO I AM AND THEY SHOULDN'T. I am not running for any office nor have I made any claim to be a prophet. In the Internet forums we are all anonymous. I don’t know who you are and it does not matter. Here we exchange ideas. Ideas matter not the person who present them. "

    Then why is glory over Mr. Morgan or anyone in a debate important to you? I thought you were a humanity savior? 😉

  70. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ sina

    "Morgan is an ignoramus idiot"

    Is that an attitude of a great hero of humanity?

  71. enlightened25 says:

    "I don’t think that you would because those Christians are lining your pockets with money, and I wonder how much of that revenue will be lost if you dare call Jesus a narcissist or an NPD sufferer." Funnily enough Sam Vaknin does believe Jesus was a narcissist see this http://samvak.tripod.com/journal79.html#jesus

  72. Ali Sina says:

    If you are impressed by Morgan at least read the entire debate to see how much fool of himself he made http://www.faithfreedom.org/features/debates/deba

    It is long. Yes he waste my time a lot. But read all the seven parts

  73. Ali Sina says:

    Morgan is an ignoramus idiot, He wasted my time saying he read the book. He lied. He only read a few pages and then started attacking one of my experts.

  74. John K says:

    You are deflecting and diverting. It doesn't matter what anyone thinks of Jesus. The reason people care about Muhammad is because Islam manifests Muhammad's mental disorders and consequently causes violence and oppression.

    The facts about Muhammad's NPD are indisputable. Have you read the evidence yet? Stop running and diverting attention away from Muhammad and face up to the facts.

  75. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ John K

    No, John.

    Mr Sina had accused Rasulullah having NPD and to support the false idea he tried to compare him with Jesus whom he claimed to be better because he is not. But let's us see what Mr. Morgan wrote:

    "To further put the stamp on this section I would like to quote Jesus from the bible. Ali Sina quotes Jesus in his chapter about narcissism on page 62 of his book to try and prove that Jesus was not a narcissist. He does so to give the impression that Jesus is better than Muhammad. I also believe this was added because Ali Sina knows that a majority of people who read his material, support and fund him are Christians who have negative opinions about Islam. I believe in Jesus and Muhammad so it would be ‘un-Islamic’ for me to insult any of these great prophets. Ali Sina says the following in his book:

    ‘Compare that to the words of Jesus, who when someone called him “good master,” objected and said, “Why do you call me good? No one is good—except God alone’

    I would like to take this opportunity to remind Ali Sina and the ignorant Christians who support him about other sayings of Jesus in the bible that would paint him as being a narcissist or an NPD sufferer.

    Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. (John14:6)

    I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. (John 10:11)

    I and the Father are one. (John 10:30) (Jesus saying he is God)

    For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. (John 3:16) (Jesus is the only begotten son of God according to this passage)

    Jesus said to her, “First, let the children (house of Isreal) eat all they want. It’s not right to take the children’s food and throw it to the dogs (Gentiles i.e those who are not Jewish). (Mark 7:27). (Jesus refers to all those who are not from the house of Israel (the gentiles) as being ‘dogs’)

    So I have an alternate challenge for Ali Sina in light of these few passages. Will you now acknowledge that Jesus was a narcissist? Will you now say he suffered from narcissistic personality disorder (NPD)? I don’t think that you would because those Christians are lining your pockets with money, and I wonder how much of that revenue will be lost if you dare call Jesus a narcissist or an NPD sufferer. It’s funny to see Ali Sina compromise his beliefs for the sake of the almighty dollar! I truly feel sorry for you."

  76. John K says:

    So that means the Quran and Sunna are weak?

    Beware the safety of your soul. You will burn in hell for blasphemy and bidah.

  77. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ sina

    "Let us say I am not a real person and I have never been a Muslim. Isn't it more embarassing that something that can reufte Islam and no Muslim can defeat him?"

    Ha ha

    This time you are bragging, Mr Hero.

    Reading your debate with Donald Morgan, anyone can see that your arguments are weak.

  78. Sanada_10 says:

    Scientist doesn't deal with unproven subject of monotheism and of course it's historian's job to do that, more like archeologist, not internet site which contain unclear interpretation. :p:p

  79. Sanada_10 says:

    They approached through linguistic point of view which Ahadun means one but … (that's the problem). I approached it using logic to know that Allah as a god shouldn't be there and the blessing shouldn't exist either because the concept of predestination and chosen people contradicts this verse. 🙂

  80. John K says:

    "When I say God does not exist, I always leave a small probability that he may exist. But the probability is so slim that I discard it."

    Mathematician David Berlinski is an agnostic, but says the math is more suggestive of a God than that:

  81. scrutator says:

    @ Sanada

    Regarding Suras 112:1 & 33.056, you may be interested in knowing what they actually meant in the ORIGINAL ARABIC !

    Please read what Abdullah Al Araby has to say about these verses:

    Those who master the Arabic language, and who have read the Quran in the original Arabic, are usually stunned when they read it translated into a foreign language. They can’t help but notice that there are numerous discrepancies between the original Arabic and the translation. Careful examinations would lead one to discern that these are not merely routine human errors.


    The translator‘s objective is to distract the foreign readers and prospective converts from the cruelties and prejudices of the Quran.

    Certain words, concepts and phrases in the original Arabic Quran sound strange to foreign readers. Arabic speaking Muslims have become accustomed to them. However, when one attempts accurate literal translation of these, the result is rather shocking. You will have in hand a book that contains strange expressions and vulgar language. What was supposed to be a “holy” book would become X-rated, unsuitable for family-oriented use and children reading material.

    Muslim translators facing this dilemma, found themselves in a position demanding meticulous cleverness. It would take a lot of patching and polishing to make their translations of the Quran read as a “holy” book should.. Their aim was to present the outside world a version of the Quran that would attract people to Islam rather than repel them from it.

    The intentional mistranslation of the Quran is a massive subject that needs to be explored and dealt with in a separate thesis. Here are just two examples:

    In Sura 112:1
    "Say: He is Allah, the One and Only..”. In the original Arabic, the word which was translated "Only" in this verse was actually "ONE OF." The translator couldn't literarily translate it, because it would have implied "shirk" (associating other Deities with Allah).

    In Sura 33:056
    “Allah and His angels send blessings on the Prophet: O ye that believe! Send ye blessings on him, and salute him with all respect.”
    The phrase “send blessings” was originally “PRAY UPON”. The translator didn’t think it is appropriate to say that God and His Angels would pray upon (inferring PRAYING TO) the prophet Muhammad, so he had to change it to “send blessings.”

    This is an example of the difficulty translators sometimes face when trying to literarily translate the Quran, and how they have to deviate from the original text to present something that makes sense.
    Thus Sanada, in reality these two verses in original Arabic are:

    Sura 112:1
    "Say: He is Allah, the One and One of..”.

    Sura 33:056
    “Allah and His angels pray to the Prophet: O ye that believe! Pray to him, and salute him with all respect.”

    Regarding 33.056, the late brilliant ex-muslim, Anwar Shaikh of Cardiff, U.K., had translated it as " Allah and his angels pray peace to Muhammad." In Arabic "praying peace" means "worshipping" !

    These original Arabic verses reflect the ground reality for Muhammad during his times in Mecca and Medina. When he was in Mecca he was weak and without power/money/influence and had only managed to gather around 150 followers over some 12 years. He needed "Allah" the most at this critical juncture of his career, hence the 'peaceful' verses in the Quran !

    During the Medinian period, he had grown strong by loot/pillage/murders/rape/enslavement and was almost an 'uncrowned king'. Now he did not need the "Allah" he had created and ultimately Sura 33.056 followed, when he wanted himself to be worshiped. Thus the Medinian verses abrogate the earlier peaceful Meccan ones.

    All this proves "Allah" was an alter ego of Muhammad and that both "Allah" and the Quran were a figment of Muhammad's imagination.

  82. Ali says:

    Dear nullifidian friends,
    very sorry for such a late response.Eid occasion in pk so remained busy at house.I am from central part of Pakistani Punjab.I have already said that we should reject all kind of divisions like religion,nationality ,ethnicity etc.all of them just lead us to the gates of bigotry n schism.We are one 'the humans'.I definitely know about Iqbals 'Tarana e Hindi'.He used to be an Indian Nationalist in the very 1st phase of his writing but later bigotry prevailed n he became a poet incensed with the heat of religious fanaticism in later life n remained so.Such is the ase of R.B. Tagore too as far as I've read.

  83. Sanada_10 says:

    Auntie, are you sure you want to discuss this sholawat thingy? I’ve got another query about this narcissistic verse (if you know what I mean). I’m afraid you will just run away like you usually do. Here we go:

    Q 33:56 Allah and His angels send blessings on the Prophet: O ye that believe! Send ye blessings on him, and salute him with all respect.

    1. What is the meaning of sholawat, a blessing, a prayer, or a wish?

    2. Why Allah is mentioned in this act? He shouldn’t be there nor ask anything if you know what I mean.

    3. Does this mean that Muhammad isn’t blessed? What about his fate?

    You are really funny, kiddo. You talk but you know nothing of it.

  84. Sanada_10 says:

    Some comments in this page cannot be loaded, admin. 🙂

  85. Sanada_10 says:

    Which lie, auntie? Why do you have to lie when presenting your belief? :p

  86. John K says:

    Thanks for keeping us in the conversation.

  87. Duratma_Gandhi says:

    @ Ali Bhai,
    nahi yaaran.. maino Punjabi nai jaana.. Yeh to apne Dharmendar aur Sunny Deol pa-ji de film-on da asar hai..
    Aur waise bhi, men apne aap ko punjabi ya balochi ya pakthoon aise labzon se nahi pehchandha hoon. Yeh labz bhai bhai ko alag karde hai – men ek aadmi hoon aur sabhi logon ko apne hii saman samajtha hoon..
    Ali Bhai .. aap kahan ke rahne waale ho.. Lagta hai ke aap kuch pad rahe ho.. college ya school ? Mera janm bharath ke dakshin me hua hai – phir bhi in jagah-on se mera pechan nahi banta.
    NOTE: For those who don't follow Punjabi – Hindi – Urdu written in English, I'm writing in brief what I said to Ali Imran.
    Ali asked if I was from the Punjab. I said I'm not from Punjab. I don't identify myself as Punjabi or Balochi or Pasthoon (these are a few of the regional / ethical divisions / identities in Pakistan). I inquire which place he (Ali) is from & if he is studying (college or school). I also inform him I was born in the Southern part of India – but I don't identify myself with just the place of birth.

  88. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ sina

    'I am presenting facts and evidence. So you have to argue against my evidence, not my person. '

    Then why did you have to lie when presenting your facts?

  89. Sanada_10 says:

    That's the purpose. xD

    She wants to blur it. 😀

  90. John K says:

    Right. But she just runs and the conversation is never resolved.

  91. Sanada_10 says:

    Anything she said can be deflected back easily. Just change the subject:

    Muhammad had no right to criticize Quraish chiefs because he wasn't a leader, or why are you hiding if you are so sure about your own version of Islam, or how do you know Muhammad did this and that etc.

  92. John K says:

    Another good word! Make it viral!

    I haven't invested as much time and effort in refuting her comments as you have, but she has also avoided anything I have posted with substance and responded only to my trivial comments, or even given trivial comments to some of my serious charges.

    It really makes me wonder what she thinks she is accomplishing by coming here. Maybe she thinks she can mislead some of the newcomers who may not know as much. Or maybe she thinks if she can fill up text volume with her off-topic spam, then people will read less material on Islam.

  93. Sanada_10 says:

    Armed with fact? That maybe the case but I can see that even trivial comment is avoided. That must mean something. That doesn't happen to others. In the past, I've beaten her real good, that's why.

    She's Sanadaophobia.

  94. Sanada_10 says:

    LOL. That's funny, really. :p

  95. Sanada_10 says:

    Nope, but they still remember him and one day I'm sure some people will try to follow him and his ideology. Remember, Chairman Mao? Know Neo Nazi, auntie?

  96. Sanada_10 says:

    Of course none because they didn't bring religion. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is another case. :p

    It's religion, not the people that matters. Once you have this you can be "immortal", look at other religions too. Even not so great founder can exist forever.

    BTW, still hiding from the Saud? 😉

  97. Sanada_10 says:

    Irrelevant auntie. See my post about that. Even if he's a thief Muhammad was still a robber.

    It's strange however, to see him being allegedly non muslim and knowing Islam so much and you being a muslim and knowing so little. What if…….


  98. Sanada_10 says:

    Knowing him is irrelevant just like knowing the informant of common message is. The message of Islamic evil is spread not just by Sina but also by other people and even muslim liberal who choose liberalism than fundamentalism.

    Of course, knowing history is not the proof of his identity because just by reading a book you can see Islam as false but that's not the point. By making a lie of being ex shiite is not actually gonna work because he's discussing sunni's source most of the time. It's a futile and useless lie.

    Do you see my point, auntie? You want people to see yours but not wanting to see others. That's double speak at best. No matter, as I've told you. We see the content and the facts, not the identity. I can go to other people who is actually known and see the same content being presented. It won't change Islam as dangerous religion.

    You are making assumption, auntie. I can say that If Sina is real then you are false. If this, if that, that's not a solution. :p

    Now, my queries are waiting you. :p

    What if Muhammad was not real? You never saw him, right? All you saw is a bunch of writings and books made by people after his death. xD

  99. Sanada_10 says:

    Because by engaging in the internet itself is a service to humanity at this particular point. Humanity has its problem called Islam and its fundamentalism, right?

  100. Sanada_10 says:

    Being a prophet has a massive advantage at least for the individual:

    1. Has an authority beyond his capability. It's important to make anyone submit to you
    2. Taking a hide while difficult question arrive using excuse of "I'm just a messenger".

    Not every religion founded by prophets, eastern religions are the example.

  101. shrek says:

    To combine religions you need to be somebody buddy … some kind of prophet at least. At the least a devil like MO (piss be upon him).

    Do you claim to be one?
    Tell me how many murders you committed? OOPS! Sorry!

    How was religion ever invented/discovered except by prophets!!!

  102. Ali Sina says:

    You are beating around the bushes. These are called red herring fallacies. If I ask you to follow me blindly because I have brought a message from God, you have to ask about my credentials. But I am not. I am presenting facts and evidence. So you have to argue against my evidence, not my person.

    On the other hand Muhammad made such a claim. He said he is bringing you a message from God and you must believe in him blindly. But you never investigate his character. You close your eyes and refuse to see the despicable man that he was.

    Watch this video and tell us your opinion. http://www.faithfreedom.org/videos-features/who-k

  103. Ali Sina says:

    Let us say I am not a real person and I have never been a Muslim. Isn’t it more embarassing that something that can reufte Islam and no Muslim can defeat him?

    Did you watch this video? What do you say about it?


  104. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ John K

    Not that funny John… 😉

  105. John K says:

    "the ONE God may be Formless and/or have several Forms and that under the ONE God there may be several demigods/goddesses "

    Indeed! Just look at the video above, "Does Allah Commit Shirk". It does an excellent job of listing ALL of the partners Allah associates himself with (including Satan!)

  106. scrutator says:

    Sure, Hindus too believe in the only ONE God, but that one God could be Formless or with multiple Forms, as He chooses. Under him, there is the whole setup of demigods, etc. Besides, the Law of Karma, Reincarnation, various ways of reaching God also come into the discussion; please refer to the Bhagwad Gita for greater details.

    For me, the great thing about the above is that no one has to lose his/her life, has to suffer unjust laws or has to hate those who believe in other ways to reaching God !

  107. scrutator says:

    lol, John !

  108. John K says:

    Nothing has been ignored. Here is my analysis:

    1) You have not established the existence of your god. To the contrary, we have established that he is Muhammad's alter ego.

    2) You have not established Allah's worthiness to be adored and worshiped. To the contrary we have established that worship of Allah equates to worship of the devil and is not worthy of adoration or worship. (See video above – Does Allah Commit Shirk)

    3) You have not established that anyone has hidden anything from anyone, let alone define the two groups.

    4) What is the relevance of Jesus arrest? The story is plainly told in the Bible. Don't ask questions before doing homework. Have you finished reading Dr. Sina's book?

    Since you like science so well, why don't you read Statistical Islam?

  109. John K says:

    You have my analysis above – 1-2-3

  110. John K says:

    You are right. You are the first to discover that Ali Sina is not a real human. He is a computer algorithm programmed to produce the appropriate Quran and Sunna quotes in response to the appropriate Muslim questions. I did a good job programming him, didn't I?

  111. John K says:

    You need to spend more time reading the articles on the site instead of posting in the comments sections.

    It you had done your reading, you would have seen Dr. Sina's response to this issue. Actually, I think he answered you directly with this answer. What matters are the facts, documentation, and logic, not the name of the person who produced it.

    You always ask these kinds of questions precisely because the facts do not support your position.

    Your books say what they say. You haven't looked at even one presentation to refute it. It's because you cannot. Again, the facts support Dr. Sina. They do not support you. Whining about bias won't help you because the facts are against you.

  112. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ John K

    "Your analysis, Spock?"

    You claim to be a scientist, but how have you ignored the fact that Oneness of God and His worthiness to be the only one to adore and worshiped had always been hidden from the lowest group of people by those who ruled?

    In the case of your religion John, who ordered to arrest Jesus and have him killed? Ordinary people? 😉

  113. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ sina

    "Yet you demand that you have to see me and know about my character in order to consider my evidence?"

    Of course I have known from the beginning that you are not asking anyone to submit to you (because you have been hiding 😉 )

    The point is we have to know for sure whether or not you are a real person and were once a Muslim. Can you answer with a yes or no?

  114. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ John K


    Aren't we supposed to know the great hero of humanity?

    How do we know that he was a Muslim?

    Knowing about the stories within the history of the descendants of Rasulullah (the twelvers) doesn't guarantee that one is/was a Muslim . Books about Rasulullah are now widely available even in small stores in my country. Anyone can read about it as much as he desires. Not to mention the information in the internet.

    Do you see my point John? It is important for everyone to know whether or not he was once a Muslim. If Ali Sina is a real person (using the name Ali Sina as pseudonym) and he was never a Muslim, then he has made a huge mistake to start this 'save-the- humanity' task by initiating it with a lie. 😉

    If Ali Sina is a made-up figure, again, his non-Muslim brief biography author has too made a huge mistake because he has written about Islam and its messenger based on biased intents and foundations. 😉

  115. Ali Imran says:

    bohat changi gal ay Gandhi g.men time kad k apnay view share karan ga.you too punjabi dear Gandhi g????

  116. Duratma_Gandhi says:

    Ali Bhai.. koi gal nahi.. None of us here are in a hurry. You don't have to respond until you really have read it & find it worthy enough of a response.

  117. John K says:

    These videos of former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov are nearly 30 years old, but they dovetail in perfectly with today's news as they show the same old KGB destabilization formula being reenacted by Obama/OWS/Islam:


    You weren't here to witness the massive cultural shift that occurred in this country in the 60s.

    You are certainly that evil manifests itself in any form it can and that their are many influences. But leftism/socialism/marxism are the primary poisons at work.

  118. Duratma_Gandhi says:

    Oh, puh-leez. As much as I detest Communism & Marxism, not such -ism can be singularly blamed for "corrupting people".
    Corruption, like humanity & charity, is partly intrinsic and partly the result of the up-bringing / society. Back in India, corruption starts when parents promise small kids candies if they achieve a particular target. Fear also starts when parents threaten dire consequence if the kids act in a certain manner. Both of these are hidden as part of parenting (carrot & stick?) – but these are intrinsic to all of us humans.
    I'm not ruling out that Maxism had (or even has – look at Michael Moore & Noam Chomsky) a corrupting influence on the intelligenstia – but I can't accept *that* as *the* single reason for the current state of affairs. It's one among many others.

  119. John K says:

    That's correct. He gets busy, but after 4 days you might try again in case you got buried in the inbox.

  120. Ali Imran says:

    Dear can u tell me how to communicate with Dr. Sina.I emailed at [email protected] no response after 4 days.???

  121. Ali Imran says:

    Dear Gandhi I am sorry have been busy.will reply u ASAP in depth.Thanks n best regards.

  122. John K says:

    Of course. Any good defense attorney knows to deflect attention away from the evidence.

    How ironic that the primary evidence against Islam is Muhammad himself.

    It's only natural that the criminal be the primary source of evidence about the crimes.

  123. John K says:

    She avoids anyone armed with facts.

    It's the usual Muslim courage of attacking the unarmed, like Taliban and al-Qaeda attacks on women and children since they are too weak to attack soldiers in open combat.

  124. John K says:

    That was a different era with different people before the Marxist corrupting influences on America gained traction in the 60s.

    Walid Phares also discusses the corrupting influences of Saudi petrodollars on US university Middle East Studies programs in his 2010 book, "The Coming Revolution: Struggle for Freedom in the Middle East" (prophetic considering today's headlines).

    He traces how this corruption graduated people who affected commercial and academic book publishing and the government administrations.

  125. John K says:

    Your analysis, Spock?

  126. John K says:

    That's interesting that your culture is exposed to this behavior frequently enough to have a special word for it. The word's existence also implies that it is recognized as a negative behavioral trait. Perhaps in the West we are too naive to recognize it and label it as such. Still, it falls under broad categories such as disingenuousness.

  127. John K says:

    Excellent videos. At this indent level, Intense Debate has truncated the right margin, so the videos need to be viewed at YouTube.

  128. John K says:

    You don't know what Dr. Sina's real world professional practice is. Ali Sina is a pseudonym for counter-jihad purposes, made necessary by your Religion of Peace [TM].

  129. Ali Sina says:

    You puzzle me. You are willing to submit to Muhammad and believe in him blindly despite all the evidence showing he was a criminal who committed the most evil things. Yet I am not asking you to submit to mel. I don’t want you to believe in me. All I want is that you consider the facts that I am presenting and try to refute them. Yet you demand that you have to see me and know about my character in order to consider my evidence?

    This is absurd. But then again if you were a reasonable person you would not be attracted to Islam in the first place.

  130. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ Juste

    But no sholawat, Juste?

  131. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ John K

    So social science can't be analyzed John?

  132. Ali Sina says:

    “I thought you said you were not sure about anything? Now you are trying to convince people that you are sure about Rasulullah.”

    It is all based on probability. Let us forget about the probability of the existence of God because the belief in God is shared by many and let us take it for granted. The problem with Muhammad is what is the chance that God would send a criminal as a prophet to guide mankind to the right path? I’d wager that it is highly unlikely. I want you to watch these two videos.


  133. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ John K

    Those who write about math engage themselves in math.

    Those who write about science engage themselves in science.

    Those who write in automotive engage themselves in automotive.

    Agreed John?

    Mr Sina has been writing about HUMANITY, then why does he engage more in the internet and not in his selected subject? 😉

  134. Ali Sina says:

    “How do we know that he is as ‘good’ as he is trying to sound?”

    I am not trying to sound to be good. I am not trying to sell myself. People don’t care who I am and they shouldn’t. I am not running for any office nor have I made any claim to be a prophet. In the Internet forums we are all anonymous. I don’t know who you are and it does not matter. Here we exchange ideas. Ideas matter not the person who present them.

    All these arguments are red herring. The subject is Muhammad and Islam not you, me, or anybody else.

    You have been in this forum for months. It is time for you to read my book. Once you read it you will no longer defend Islam.

    There are hundreds of excellent books written against Islam showing how this faith is evil and its founder was a criminal. In fact they are superfluous because if one reads the Sira and the Quran one can see that easily. My book explains why. It gives you the big picture.

    Read it, prove it wrong and if you succeed I will close all my sites not before making a public statement that Islam is true. Now wouldn’t it be a better way to make your point?

  135. Sanada_10 says:

    That article is about nationalism and militarism disguised as religion. There is another article for Shinto as religion.

    US can see it in Japan but can't in Saudi. :p

  136. Sanada_10 says:

    Analyzing fact, not belief. :p

    You can't analyze a pegasus, can you? :p

  137. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ John K

    Scientists don't analyze, John?

  138. Sanada_10 says:

    Cherry picked mythical world to be exact. :p

    Even in wonderland, she's still an auntie of the market. xD

  139. Sanada_10 says:

    In my language it's called "wall face". xD

  140. Sanada_10 says:

    Yeah, Ahmed (Mo) Jobless (no job except from war booty) had said that even people (of the book) could receive bonus (reward) from their own vendor (god). After everything changed, policy changed too. :'(

  141. Sanada_10 says:

    I don't know, I just feel that someone here is so afraid of me.. :p

    Muhammad must be feeling it too. 😀

  142. Duratma_Gandhi says:

    Too good Sanada. How could "M"-product be superior if it's "the same, the same"? And if it is the same, why the heck should one abandon Hind-Berry for Is-Phone? After all it's the same – so why can't "H" use his existing "same" phone?
    After all, didn't Ahmed-Jobless say every person can use his own choice of phones (while he was weak in Mecca where people treated him as a lunatic-retard-fool)? The absurdity is so glaring. On the one hand everyone has a choice to use whatever phone they want to – and "M" salesmen have to somehow convince "H" to abandon Hind-Berry & start using "Is-Phone".
    The conclusion wouldn't have ended with a "Bye…". Here's the follow-up,
    H: Bye…
    M: Okay, Mister. I've spent enough time talking to you & tried convincing you. You are too dumb – to realize the superiority of Is-Phone. Ahmad-Jobless said that some people are dumb, deaf – to see the superiority. So, I now issue you a warning.
    H: What warning? And why are you abusing me as dumb, deaf, etc?
    M: I'm offended that you are not accepting the superiority of Is-Phone. This is discrimination – you are insulting Is-Phone & Ahmed-Jobless. All of our M-salesmen are victims of your this insulting behaviour.
    H: Excuse me? I am abusing you? Helloooww – you said I was dumb & deaf, etc – do I not have a choice to continue using my Hind-berry at all?
    M: You used to have that choice till I came to you with Is-Phone. Now that you've been detailed on the supremacy of Is-Phone, it'll be a grave insult to Ahmed-Jobless if you continue using Hind-Berry.
    H: How so?
    M: Because Ahmed-Jobless said so.
    H: Why should I care about what A-J said?
    M: Now, you're again disrespecting A-J. This is blasphemy – you have continually insulted Is-Phone & A-J. I'm giving you the last warning – either buy the Is-Phone, accept Hind-Berry is inferior & prove your respect for A-J – or accept Is-Phone is better & pay a surcharge (for continuing to use an inferior Hind-Berry) – or DIE.
    H: That's absurd. I'm just going to walk away. I'm going to go home & mind my own business.
    M: Not so fast, Mister. To all M-salesmen – here, this "H" guy has insulted our Is-Phone & gravely disrespected A-J.
    All of the M-salesmen surround H-guy. All start shouting Salman-Rushdie-the-greatest & slowly start collecting stones, sticks & other available items to use as weapon. All of M attacks the H-guy & kill him. They go to his house, loot the property, rape his 30-yr old wife & take as sex-slaves his 13 & 16 yr old daughters.
    The story of India.

  143. John K says:

    She is a Muslim, so she only knows about a mythical world where there is a mysterious thing called science, so no one really knows what science is.

  144. John K says:

    Too bad we can't decode her programming and find out the internal program steps that lead to this behavior.

    Though we could logically reverse engineer it and figure it out without any data from her besides her posts here.

  145. John K says:

    Shinto is a violent religion that motivated WWII Japan. It was outlawed for public worship by MacArthur's administration.

    MacArthur's model was actually suggested by Robert Spencer as a means of regulating Islam.

  146. John K says:

    Aw, c'mon, don't let it go to your head.

  147. Sanada_10 says:

    Auntie, now I know what Allah/Muhammad felt. Allah is feared and so am I. :p

    It's actually good to be feared, feels like you are superior. xD

  148. Duratma_Gandhi says:

    Ali Imran,
    I was just on Google-News "India" when the following 2 headlines were listed one below another.
    1. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2nd-Tibetan-mo
    2. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/af
    Compare that with your statement "I would differ with you people that only Islam is responsible for this "chemistry of hatred"and other religions aren't."
    The Tibetan Buddhist nun had issues with the Chinese govt; she had all the time in the world to gather bomb-making knowledge, the required materials & start blowing up the Chinese police & military institutions in Tibet. China has been occupying Tibet for a really long time. But she valued the lives of the people manning the Chinese police & military offices – she viewed them as equal to herself. So, she killed herself to show how much the Chinese govt is abusing the Tibetans that it's occupied.
    Go to another Buddhist strong-hold of Japan – and you can read about Seppuku or Harakiri. Now, I'm not saying the Japanese imperialist army did not indulge in a chinese genocide during the World War – but that was not motivated by their culture, tradition or religion – it was spearheaded by the king (a king that was influenced by the imperialistic actions of UK, France & USA – nonetheless).
    Now, take the Talib. USA supported the mujahideen, gave them money & weapons; allied with them back in the 1980s. Post 9/11, USA definitely invaded & till now occupies Afghanistan. It's wrong – terribly wrong to occupy another country. But, look at how the Talibs are working. What makes a Wahabbi-Salafi inspired Talib to do the things he does – and what makes a Tibetan Nun do the things she does? Both of these entities are slaves of blind faith – but the end-result is different. The nun made her point by taking her own life – without harming any other life. But the coward, spineless, barbaric, swines like Talib continually kill others to make their point. Religion is the evil that promotes both of these – but surely, one religion resulted in the death of it's nun while another resulted in deaths to millions of people.

  149. Sanada_10 says:

    Any religion is wrong, auntie coz it's human made. The problem with Islam is the violence and world domination. The falsehood is secondary.


  150. John K says:

    "How do we know that he is as 'good' as he is trying to sound?"

    You won't know until you look at his work, will you?

    Well, let me help you out (which way did you come in?)

    No, seriously, I am a professionally trained scholar, so let me assure you that even if you have not read his work, I have, and I can tell you that his scholarship is sound. Muslims who come here, like yourself, with provincial backgrounds and attitudes, have absolutely no idea of the knowledge they are missing because their culture leads them, including you, to think you know everything already and that any information you get from Islam is automatically better than anything from a kaffir.

    The only way you can judge Dr. Sina is to evaluate his scholarship. If you were not afraid of his work, and if you had a scholarly background, you would know his work is correct. But even without a scholarly background, you have the ability to know for yourself if you have a sincere heart and real intent to know what he is writing about. Ask him to send you his book. Come back after you have read it and we can talk about it.

  151. Sanada_10 says:

    Irrelevant answer again auntie. Oh, sure you are conversing irrelevant subject, disconnected topic, and running away from answer. You tend to repeat your refuted post because you only seek personal bashing. :p

    That is not fact so scientist doesn't deal with that. I thought you know what science is. :p

  152. Sanada_10 says:

    Run, repeat, run, repeat, run, repeat, run, and repeat. Even Lot couldn't do that. Just look at the topic of bravery again. It's refuted and she repeated it. Wonderful brain, isn't? 😉

  153. Sanada_10 says:

    Auntie, there is no such thing as "sure" here. We only bring what's recorded in the Islamic scripture and analyze it, of course not using your own single POV.

    Read carefully his post. He's not sure about the "real truth", the universe, the supernatural law, etc but he's sure about the falsehood of Muhammad because it's proven. The first one doesn't have enough info but the second has.

    Muhammad did socialize with people of the book but that's only it, he didn't know about any other religion so Hinduism is absent in the Quran because of this. Muhammad also didn't want to be judged because only he and Allah can do judgment. People see his prophet hood as fake that's why he used violence to achieve the goal unlike Jesus or Buddha.

    Before you talk about bravery I suggest you do the following:
    1. Why hiding and not confront the Saudi
    2. Muhammad in Taif
    3. No danger in Mecca

    Why hiding from me, auntie? You are so sure, aren't you?

  154. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ John K

    "So you are afraid to read Dr. Sina's book? You are not able to challenge it, are you? At least you know when you are in over your head."

    No, John. I asked because some people are really good at criticizing but turned out to be big losers in practical. Mr. Sina has never been in any position to lead a large group of people but has written a lot about a leader as if he had been one. (being a leader is not as simple as Mr. Sina thinks)

    How do we know that he is as 'good' as he is trying to sound?

    How do we know that he does not eat meat (while perhaps he has a lot of beef and bacon in his refrigerator ready for weekend's barbecues or he is actually a regular customer of Roy Rogers for its quarter pounders?

    How do we know that he really turns away as he passes by a nudist beach while perhaps he subscribes a playboy channel?

    Most importantly, we have to know whether or not he is Iranian and an ex Muslim. 😉 How do we know that he is not Jonathan Harrell in his other form?

    Of course it's necessary to see his daily life (because he has written a lot about HUMANITY) so we can judge whether he is a hypocrite or not. 😉

  155. Sanada_10 says:

    Irrelevant, still he did the same on different scale. I did explain the difference and similarity about Hitler too. It's about religion. You run from it, remember auntie? :p

  156. John K says:

    Oh, Muslims hate Lot. Don't insult her like that!

  157. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ knowTheEnemy

    "The Vedas do not give any importance to the number of Gods out there. Whoever told you about the 'God is one' claims of Vedas has misled you."

    r u saying the Vedas are wrong?

  158. Juste says:

    Not quite, obviously communists aren't as gullible as muslims worshipping such warlord.
    But the idea of socialism in a nation is still alive and well until this day.

  159. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ Juste

    Hi Juste…

    People are 'still sending' sholawat for Stalin, Juste?

  160. Juste says:

    "Rasulullah Muhammad socialized with different kind of people to let them see and judge for themselves on his prophethood."
    That's right!
    And pity those who thought Muhammad was a maniac had to lose their lives.

    Stalin did the same.

  161. John K says:

    So you are afraid to read Dr. Sina's book? You are not able to challenge it, are you? At least you know when you are in over your head.

    It is understandable that with your limited Muslim education you are not able to understand the difference between Dr. Sina not being sure about Quantum Mechanics and its implications on the question of the existance of deity and his certainty about his analysis of Muhammad.

    You should get over your fear of reading his book so you can deal with the facts about Muhammad's criminally insane mind.

  162. John K says:

    That is not a scientific question, but let's address your comments:

    1) What religion is the best? Why?

    2) Who is the only deity to worship? Why? How do you know?

    3) How did the rulers know? How do we know they hid something?

  163. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ John K

    Did I ever claim I am the best? We are conversing..

    Oh, if you were a scientist you would question why prior to Rasulullah's era the truth about God being the only deity to worship and obey was always hidden from the ordinary people (Sudra in the case of Hindu) by those ruling them.

  164. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ sina

    I thought you said you were not sure about anything? Now you are trying to convince people that you are sure about Rasulullah.

    I told you that we will read your book when we are able to see how you live your life allowing us to match what you have said with what you are doing.

    Rasulullah Muhammad socialized with different kind of people to let them see and judge for themselves on his prophethood.

    You might say that you are no prophet of no religion but when you are charging a man as famous as him for the so-called 'save the humanity' task (which is a 'huge' and 'noble' task I assume 😉 ), why hiding?

  165. A kafir says:

    Greatest man to ever walk on earth,mohammad? Oh crap.The moslems have been brain dead for 1400 years and will continue to be so for another 1400 years.Best way is to tranposrt all moslems and thoese who want to follow mohammaad to moon or Jupiter and be done with this brain dead people altogether Let us look at the greatest things done by thie graetset man on earth
    1.Screwed a child aged 6 when he was 53!
    2.Had 29 wives and 99 concubines and countless slaves
    3.Married daughter in law.
    4.Lied to his wife and sent her away in order that he can mount the maid of the wife!
    5.Killed or ordered the execution of the people who criticized him.
    6.The greatest man ever was a rapist,child molester.took out contract for killing

  166. John K says:

    "No matter what" is the operative phrase here. Islam is the best whether it is or not.

  167. Sanada_10 says:

    And run when cornered, never look back like Lot… :p

  168. Sanada_10 says:

    By mixing it with supremacist attitude you'll get definite result of Islam being at the top no matter what, just like my parable here. B)

  169. Sanada_10 says:

    Apparently someone here thinks that there is something that can't be invented or falsified. 😉

  170. John K says:

    Anything can be invented. Instead of having a "Let's All Draw Muhammad Day", let's have a "Let's All Invent a Religion Day". Do you think the FBI will make me change my identity for suggesting that?

  171. John K says:

    Don't waste your time with sincere answers. I tried that at first before I realized she is not interested in knowledge, but only to twist what you say to "prove" her point.

  172. John K says:

    And what is the value of finding similarities between religions? This is the topic of Comparative Religion programs worldwide, and it doesn't mean anything. I could write the definitive book on the similarities and differences between Islam and Hinduism, and in the end, all we would have is a pair of lists. What does auntie think to prove by this? Strange the way Muslim minds work.

    Joseph Campbell discusses the archetypal Elementary Ideas that appear universally in all cultures, so of course there will be similarities between the various belief systems in the world. Comparative Literature is concerned with the source and transmission of ideas and looks at whether similar ideas in separate cultures were developed independently or whether there was a transmission of influence from one culture to the other.

  173. John K says:

    Good point! I never thought about that. Since Allah is the Great Deceiver (99 Names of Allah), he might just be playing a whole big game on the Muslims by promising them Paradise when he really intends to burn them in Hell for eternity!

  174. knowTheEnemy says:

    @ ihsan

    I am not denying my religion. The Vedas do not say 'God is one'. The Vedas say 'ultimate reality is one'. It says 'everything emanated from one source'. Those things are not the same as claiming that 'there is only one god'.

    'everything emanated from one source' means that even if there are 330 million Gods out there, even if there are multiple partners of Gods, they all emanated from one source. That is why in a different post i said that the nature of 'one God' in Hinduism is different from 'one God' of Islam.

    The Vedas do not give any importance to the number of Gods out there. Whoever told you about the 'God is one' claims of Vedas has misled you.

  175. Sanada_10 says:

    Time for parable:

    A muslim salesman (M) wanted to sell goods to Hindu customer (H) {as if this condition is okayed in Islam}:

    M: Look, look my goods is great, look at this phone, it can use 2 cards! It’s called Is Phone, founded by Ahmed Jobless. Er, he’d passed away of course.
    H: Hmmm, there are many vendors that produce that kind of thing, it’s not special.
    M: But, it is, the ad says so.
    H: What kind of argument is this? Anyway your item has many weaknesses I don’t want to buy it.
    M: Think, sir, think…
    H: I am and still won’t buy it. Why should I buy low quality product such as this?
    M: Okay, what phone do you use?
    H: I use Hind Berry.
    M: Ah, aren’t you aware that the phone has similarity with mine?
    H: I don’t think there is one. The founder is different and the origin too.
    M: No, no, think, think sir… Look closely….
    H: Apart from the phone and its functionality I see nothing else. That’s hardly a similarity because any phones are like that.
    M: Loook, it has the same interface…..!
    H: ……….. so? Does that mean it’s the same? Why don’t you pick its color too? Yes it has the same interface but it has differences too such, look again.
    M: Noooo… it’s enough for you to buy mine.
    H: Why should I buy just because it has the same interface (made by you)? I know you ignore the differences.
    M: It’s the same, the same, you must buy it. Mine is superior because it has the same interface.
    H: Why don’t you take care of your weaknesses first before claiming thing like that?
    M: It’s the same, it’s the same…. Buy mine, buy mine…
    H: Why don’t you use mine instead? Why can’t the other way around? Why can’t I use the other brand that actually has the same interface (according to your standard)?
    M: You just can’t…
    H: Bye….

    Value taken: I’m amazed on how many idiots this world still has….


  176. Ali Sina says:

    Don’t waste your time. Read my book and the veil will be removed and you will see the naked truth. It is ugly, very ugly. But you will be set free.

  177. Sanada_10 says:

    Now, this is what I call bravery. You could overcome your fear towards Allah, death, and its hell. Sometimes muslims brag about bravery and very proud comparing it to Muhammad. They also don’t understand that killing and assassination is not bravery but cowardice. You are afraid of someone and decided to eliminate him/her because you can’t stand it.

    What muslims have is fear, a bigger fear to Allah and of course its hell coz without it no fear would ever exist. The bigger fear defeats the smaller one and makes it “gone”.

  178. Sanada_10 says:

    My answers, auntie. Answering that will solve the problem of this particular topic about monotheism. You do realize that monotheism can be falsified, right? 😉

  179. scrutator says:

    Ihsan, I hate to digress from discussing Islam, but the short answer to your comment is that most Hindus believe in the Bhagwad Gita, which is the summary and gist of all that is in the Vedas, Upanishads, etc.

    And the Gita mentions the role of demigods and demi-goddesses, God appearing in the human form, the law of karma and reincarnation among many other matters.

  180. Sanada_10 says:

    If he's sadist then muslim can go to hell too because … he's a sadist… Simple as that. Lying is hardly comparable to sadistic behavior so if he can be like that why can't he lie?

  181. Sanada_10 says:

    Here's the list of illogical belief islam about monotheism:

    1. One god itself with human attributes
    2. Human image
    3. Prophet hood itself

    Now, auntie, you just covered number 1 with just one thing, the number "1" without looking at other differences.

    Care to answer or just running again? I've told you that the problem is the answer not the puzzle. You are so eager to put Islam as the answer without considering its error and weakness. Why not the other way around? Hm? Double speak? 😉

  182. Sanada_10 says:

    My surah, which is called Al Jabaan, was also evaded. The problem in Islam is too many and its monotheism is just one of them. How can any sane person consider that kind of monotheism right? o.0

  183. Sanada_10 says:

    I prefer someone who are emotional and angry but still in track of the discussion and responding correctly and relevantly rather than a masked wolf pretends to be calm but always run, not to mention insulting over silly matter like Caliph's death. :p

    Calming down doesn't equal to answer, auntie. xD

    No, you are not pointing out anything, you just copy pasted it but never want to solve the real problem in Islam about it. 😀

  184. Sanada_10 says:

    Nope, judging from your copy pasted posts I only got 1 conclusion. You should convert to Hinduism because:

    1. One god
    2. More accurate description of god, or should I say, more makes sense (One doesn't automatically right)
    3. No Hinduism in Quran but Islam is in Hindu scriptures (in a bad way)
    4. You are not dealing with Vedic science and run from my rebuttal about Islamic science.

    Use your brain, not your faith. 😉

  185. Sanada_10 says:

    Auntie, you cannot put humans into just 2 groups. There are many people who are in the middle, like believing "god" but not "religion", believing "god" but not like your god, believing supernatural force, probability, nature etc.

    Anyway, you can't call it "attitude towards god" as if god can be influenced by that. It's meaningless.

    You're so good at begging answer but very bad at answering me. Why auntie? 😉

    Does that mean you have nothing but "question" and "quote"? You are totally controlled bya dogma, you can't think. 🙂

  186. Sanada_10 says:

    Err, actually he dismisses the personal god you believer keep describing. If we insist to put all attributes of god in your book we'll have difficulties confronting contradictory facts in this world. 😉

    I've put many questions about god in this site and apparently no one can answer that. So, begging your opponent will serve nothing.

    It's not denial, it's just skeptical based on observation and proof. Don't you think that god want to be known? Yes or no? Compare it with global facts and see the result. 😀

  187. Sanada_10 says:

    The problem is this, what he writes is based on proof and logic, not belief. Belief is not certain, it is unproven. You just made another irrelevant answer again. We will never know the complete truth anytime soon but we can discard the false one like Islam. Now, the false attribute is the real problem and you never want to solve it.

    There is no someday if you don't even refute the fact in this site and my queries. That's just a wishful thinking of cornered believer. 😉

  188. Sanada_10 says:

    The problem with this auntie is association fallacy. Hinduism doesn't describe monotheism like she thinks it is. The concept is actually different when you do compare it with Allah.

  189. Sanada_10 says:

    Err, auntie, this is what happened if you continued to run from queries and answers about "omnipotence" of god. You are in fact limiting god's power by believing that is something he (it should be it not he) cannot do despite the fact that believers often claim that god is all powerful. The words "all" is indeed a heavy burden to the claimer.

    Think too auntie, the claim made by thief is not reliable if the thief is talking about himself without proving that. Allah in Quran described that he is one (human attribute), paralleled (has human qualities), and of course when you read his words all you got is human image, a male one actually. :p

    Your words should be like this, "read sir and believe" not "think, sir". All this long you can only quote not thinking. 😀

  190. Sanada_10 says:

    Irrelevant answer, auntie. Scientist deals with fact not belief.;)

  191. Sanada_10 says:

    The puzzle of monotheism in Hinduism is not absolute auntie, it's just one of interpretations just like in other religions. I've told you that the problem is within the answer itself not the puzzle and I know you don't even give any answer in the discussion about Hinduism and its so called "one god".

    You also didn't respond to the different concept of godhood in Hinduism. The scripture doesn't say it "in the very beginning", it's just interpretation and this information is absent in the Quran so you also don't get any authentication from Islam about it. Now my queries are waiting you… :p

  192. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ John K

    I thought you said you were a scientist. 😉

  193. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ sina

    "I am not sure about anything. I believe absolute certainty is for the fools."

    It's good to hear that. I too hope that you are not sure about what you have written. So maybe someday you will relearn the religion (this time with an open heart) you have claimed to be false you left it (if you were really once a Muslim 😉 )

  194. John K says:

    "Again the probability that God may be a sadist is extremely low."

    Certainly if God was a sadist, he could destroy all of us now. No reason to wait until later.

    I think of the Plan of Salvation as something of a system to ensure that there will be no "Star Wars" "Evil Empire" scenarios in our future in space, i.e., a guarantee that only peaceful people will inhabit and develop the universe.

  195. John K says:

    "I am not sure about anything. I believe absolute certainty is for the fools."

    This is in the spirit of the Einstein quote I often cite to those who are so certain that science proves their positions.

    "I have repeatedly said that in my opinion the idea of a personal God is a childlike one. You may call me an agnostic, but I do not share the crusading spirit of the professional atheist whose fervor is mostly due to a painful act of liberation from the fetters of religious indoctrination received in youth. I prefer an attitude of humility corresponding to the weakness of our intellectual understanding of nature and of our own being."


    "I'm not an atheist. I don't think I can call myself a pantheist. The problem involved is too vast for our limited minds. We are in the position of a little child entering a huge library filled with books in many languages. The child knows someone must have written those books. It does not know how. It does not understand the languages in which they are written. The child dimly suspects a mysterious order in the arrangement of the books but doesn't know what it is. That, it seems to me, is the attitude of even the most intelligent human being toward God. We see the universe marvelously arranged and obeying certain laws but only dimly understand these laws."

    Great minds know that the more you learn, the more you realize how much you don't know, but those with the least amount of knowledge are often those who think they know everything. One lecturer said the pursuit of knowledge is like hiking up a mountain. When you are first starting, the bulk of the mountain's mass is hidden from view by the lower slopes, but as you get higher, the vastness of its size becomes more and more visible the further on you climb. Thus it is said, the more you learn, the more you realize how much more there is to learn.

    I appreciate Dr. Sina because he has always displayed this Einstein-like attitude of humility about what is and is not knowable, and has always demonstrated respect for people of all religions whether or not those religions are reasonable. The important thing to him is that people be good regardless of what they believe, and as far as people are willing to be good and decent, they are worthy of our love and friendship regardless of their intellectual status.

  196. Agracean says:

    Dr Ali Sina, you don't have to become a blind believer in God. Taste and see that the Lord is good, just like honey in the rock. This the reason why so many Muslims and Muslimahs convert to Christianity because they have tasted and see that the Lord is good and they realized that indeed Jesus Christ is their Lord and Saviour. This song tells it all. [youtube nzN86jwYzlE&feature=channel_video_title http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzN86jwYzlE&feature=channel_video_title youtube]

  197. dharma marg noble says:

    Abdulla ihsan : whoever you are – but there is no end to your evasion, zombie attitude, refusal to answer questions . Eventhough we are debating about the evil,cruel,hoax that is ISLAM , on this forum, but you dont answer to questions about MO,ALLA,QQUURRAAn. This means only one conclusion . You cant answer them,you dont have answers. Prithvi asked very pertinent questions about SURA LAHAB . How can ALLA curse him. Even Dr ALI SINA , did not point out this horrendous stupidity in QQUURRAAN.!!!! I am thankful to prithvi to pointing this monster MO's diabolical antics . QQUURRAAn is truly,wholly unholy – rantings by the megalo maniac monster called MO. Regarding your questions about ,about vedas,one God – all are answered in a fitting way. Because SANATANA DHARMA is scientific spirituality and a grand philosophy – there is no problem .

    U and UR QQUURRAAn says that ALLA is all knowing,powerful, But then ALLA is impotent to do anything good – instead ALLA instigates, depends on MO /MO's Followers to act on ALLA's behalf . ALLA makes Moslems- full of hatred,jealousy,cruel,evil ,killers by commanding them to wage JIHADS,Giving fatwas, declaring blasphemy etc, etc. Your ALLA asks women to be in BURQA and be sex robotics . Your ALLA asks moslem men to beat their wives.

  198. Agracean says:

    Oh, Dr Ali Sina, the world says, "Satan does not exist." But Jesus says, "Oh, yes he DOES!" And He (Jesus) said to them, "I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven." (Lk 10.18). Dr Ali Sina, you have to believe what the Author of the Golden Rule said! Ezekiel 28.15 clearly states that Satan was NOT created evil. Rather, when God created Satan, God gave him the ability to make moral choices, just like us but he wilfully chose to rebel against God and one third of the angels in Heaven also joined him in this great rebellion against my loving Creator God. They are the fallen angels or demons working in the world today.

  199. Ali Sina says:

    I am not sure about anything. I believe absolute certainty is for the fools. I am talking about probabilities. Let us say a man can throw a stone 100 meters away. That is his limit. But can we say that he will not be able to throw the stone at 101 meters away? Of course he can but with less probability. How about 102 meters? Yes he can but with even less probability. How about 103 meters? The answer is the same. How about 300 meters? We cannot say no in absolute term. But we can say it is very, very improbable. Can’t he throw a stone from Los Angles to reach the coast of Japan? Still theoretically we can’t say in absolute certainty that he can’t. However the probability of that is so slim that we ignore it and say he can’t. When I say God does not exist, I always leave a small probability that he may exist. But the probability is so slim that I discard it.

    Now you can use the Pascal wager and say even if the chance that God may exist is only one in a billion, it is still wiser to believe and be on the safe side than risk going to hell. Well that is absurd. Even if God exists it is not likely for him to be a sadist.

    You say but what if he is a sadist?

    Again the probability that God may be a sadist is extremely low. If God exists it would be more likely that he is a compassionate god and a god of reason. In that case he may say, hey Ali why did you not believe in me. I will respond, dear God you did not provide enough evidence. I denied you because I used my brain and saw every argument works against you. Now why did you give me a brain if you did not want me to use it and why my brain should find you absurd? It is not my fault. It is your fault to give me an instrument that failed to see you. If my brain is a radar, it did not detect you. If you gave me eyes that saw the world with different color and then tested me and I failed, whose fault is it? I used the eyes you gave me and saw trees are green and sky is blue. But you say they are not. How could I know if all I had were the set of eyes that you gave me and they were lying to me? My brain is also an instrument that you gave me and every time I reasoned I came to the same conclusion that you cannot exist.

    The probability that God may exist is very low. It is so negligible that it is not worth considering it. But even if he exists it is more likely that he is a loving God like the one Jesus described rather than a tyrant sadist like the one Muhammad envisioned. Therefore, even if I decide to become a blind believer in God it is safer to believe in the God of Jesus.

    Now these two gods are not the same. Muhammad lied about that to create for himself antecedence. It would have been impossible for him to invent an entirely new god. The Arabs were already familiar with the Jewish and Christian god. In fact many of them were converting to Christianity. It was much easier for Muhammad to say I am the same prophet the Jews and Christians are expecting. However, when you read his description of Allah, it matches the description of Satan as given in the Bible.

    I don’t believe in Satan. However, Satan embodies the qualities of a narcissist and Muhammad was a narcissist. That is why when Muhammad described his idea of god he attributed to him the same attributes that Bible gives to Satan.

  200. Duratma_Gandhi says:

    Thank you, Ali Imran – for responding.
    I usually identify as an individual classified only under the genus of the human kind. Other identities are transient & susceptible to interpretations, changes. Even the human race might evolve into something different – but that would take millions or more years. So, I'm not a great fan of nationalism or religion.
    I don't consider myself strong enough to be identified as an atheist – neither strong enough to be a religious-person either. I'm full of doubts, questions – I'm not sure of many things in life.
    I don't feel pity for any one; I can feel their pain & I can empathize. Feeling pity means I am separating myself from the other person who I pity. It's an intrinsic aspect of the hindu society (I grew up in) to feel pity & indulge in charity. I've discarded that aspect long time back. Now, I feel the sorrow of the beggar on the street; if possible I will share my food with him/her, treat him / her as an equal to myself, empathize with him/her. But I no longer feel pity & make a donation of a few Indian rupees. I feel more like this person on the link below, http://www.akshayatrust.org/
    Dr. Sina has an inexhaustible list of articles & his book will also be available to you in PDF (if you request him). You can read it & decide for yourself if Islam is responsible for hatred or not. Now, if you insist that the hindu religion is also equally responsible for hatred, I'll direct you to an appropriate forum to raise that question. Similarly, you can reach out to Christian, Buddhist, Jain & other fora to see why those religions are or are not responsible for spreading hatred.
    While many Pakistanis may be exposed to the Brahman-Bania classes of the hindu religion & pity the sudras, what most don't see is the "aghori". You should learn about the aghoris of the hindu religion; they live in the same city of Varanasi where a large number of the brahmins live too. And you should research to see how many aghoris have been murdered in India in the last 50 or even 100 years. And how many of these murders were carried out by brahmins. These questions will help you understand why the hindu religion is or is not equally responsible in spreading hatred.
    Also, if you could find instances where Jains or Sufis or Ahmadiyyas were targeted by any hindu mobs in the past 50 or 100 years, please share. There have been Muslim-Hindu & Hindu-Christian clashes. In 1984 when Congress party workers indulged in a Sikh genocide, the VHP-RSS workers stood up to protect the Sikhs. Even till today, you'll see that the state of Punjab would rather side-up with the BJP than the Congress. Other than that Congress-initiated Sikh genocide, there's not been a genuine Hindu-Sikh riot in India.
    I hope those items, when researched well, will provide you a better insight into why the hindu religion is or is not equally responsible for spreading hatred.
    Going to Allama Mohammed Iqbal. Even though certain literature attribute iqbal's lineage to Birbal (the hindu minister in Jalaludin Akbar's court), I don't respect iqbal. You may have read & even sang the tarana-e-milli; but did you know that 5 years earlier, iqbal wrote the tarana-e-hind. Yes, sometime in 1901 he wrote Tarana-e-hind; then he got some financial-assistance from Saudi arabia and ended up doing a research or some studies in Egypt & Saudi Arabia. Once these studies completed, iqbal who had earlier written the tarana-e-hind in which he praised the motherland of Hindustan flipped. He jumped almost to the diametrically opposite direction – and wrote the tarana-e-milli. The same iqbal who praised nationalism went on to state that muslims from all over the globe were one nation and this entire earth belongs to muslims. If a person can be so easily purchased by a little influence & money, what respect should he deserve? Zilch – zero – in my opinion.
    Bottom-line: I'm a huge skeptic & a huge doubter. I'm almost always critical of almost everything; only in very rare instances I appreciate something. And one such appreciation is for Dr Sina & his team. And one such appreciation is for you for choosing the route of objectivity & rationality. I suggest you try to read-up a little bit about Ayn Rand; choosing an atheistic-route, you might really like her thoughts.
    Sorry for the exceptionally long response. I just had to share all of that; after all it's not every day that I get to communicate with a Pakistani atheist (you guys are a rare species). Feel free to ignore the entire response or read it later at leisure when you get time. Once again, thank you for taking the time to respond.

  201. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ sina

    You quoted once as your reply to a post here something like " Thank you for your nice words, I wish there were God, but unfortunately there isn't."

    That was not a doubt you were stating Mr. Sina. That sounds like a strong denial towards His existence.

  202. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ knowTheEnemy

    Please calm down… Please read my post only my refusal to your invitation to Hindu as I just came to Islam.

    I's all up to you to convert to Shikism. I was just pointing out that your Vedas clearly say God is One. Why deny your own religion? 😉

  203. scrutator says:


    I agree with your comments, FoT !

    The way I understand, exposing the truth about Islam is being done in several ways:

    1) On the internet, and the hero here no doubt is Dr Ali Sina ! Others too are making valuable contributions and their writings appear on faithfreedom.org, islam-watch.org etc.

    2) The second group consists of those who appear on television, seminars, meetings and so on. Notable among these are Dr Wafa Sultan, Dr Babu Susheelan, Ibn Warraq, Robert Spencer, etc. These people really are courageous for they have put their necks on the line in manner of speech !

    3) The third group has people like the late Anwar Shaikh of Great Britian, who started their work 20 or more years ago, mainly through published books. Mr Shaikh also gave newspaper interviews and met like-minded people to discuss the various issues arising from the matter. Dr Ali Sina's book is a seminal one and is very informative and opinion-forming.

    4) Last but not least, the commentators in all of the websites !

  204. FoT says:

    Congratulations, Dr. Sina on yet another great article. You have the courage of a lion. Confronting muhammadans with the truth is very dangerous. You are without doubt my hero and the bravest critic of Muhammadanism on the internet. You have conquered your fear. Next you will conquer Islam. Keep up the good work

  205. John K says:

    You might try the Tor Browser Bundle, but I don't know that it's safe enough to risk your life. If caught, maybe you could say you just wanted to see what we were saying, or you wanted to fight us (many do).

  206. Ali Imran says:

    Thank you.But this site is going to be banned pretty soon by Pakistani Telecom watchdog PTA.as they have banned all similar sites within this week under the orders of the High Court. I am defivitely risking my life as some official or some intelligence agency can trace my I.P. if they read this.And then all hell fires will lose open onto me.hehehe.If they ban it hope to see u people on FB or Twitter etc…

  207. Ali Imran says:

    Dear Gandhi,
    You are right.his name has been deleted from the syllabi and no one remembers and honours his schollarship. I belong to a Sunni family which is a majority here.But I feel pity for all the minorities e.g.Ahmaedi,Shiites,Christians,Hindus which are surviving under persecution.And it is faith and religion which is responsible for that.For that reason I believe that all religions are despicable and loathsome as they divide us(human being) for some illusory deities.
    I would differ with you people that only Islam is responsible for this "chemistry of hatred"and other religions aren't.
    I think you are an Indian???I don't beleive in nationalism as Iqbal (the national poet of Pakistan) said, 'In Taaza Khudaon men sab se bara watan hai' (Nationhood is the latest amongst the Divine beings of the modern world).Tell me your perspective.

  208. Agracean says:

    Stop being naive, Dr Ali Sina! Those residents in hell won't appreciate your compassion and your thermostat at all because they are altogether wicked and beyond redemption, far worse than what you could ever imagine. However, I truly believe that my perfect loving Creator God will have mercy and grace for those truly ignorant but humble and repentant souls because He is our mediator. So, I hope that you will be comforted to know that we have this everlasting hope in Jesus Christ Who died as a ransom to set us free. 🙂

  209. Agracean says:

    Dear Dr Ali Sina, I think that ignorance is merely an excuse. Let's try flying to Mecca and Medina now and preach the gospel of peace there and you'll guess the ugly outcome. It's the heart that matters. Haven't you come to the ultimate conclusion of the truth that my loving Creator God did not create hell for human beings at all but hell was meant for all those rebellious fallen angels? Don't you know that Heaven is all human beings' final destination and not hell? But the sad truth is that many rebellious human beings chose to take sides with the devil and join them in their great rebellion against our good God. So, please put yourself in God's shoes and ask yourself what would you do to all these rebellious spirits who rejected your great salvation plan through Jesus Christ?

  210. John K says:

    Luck is not a part of my management process.

  211. John K says:

    Congratulations Ali. Be careful about your safety.

  212. John K says:

    I understand what you are feeling. I recommend you read Dr. Sina's article, From Belief to Enlightenment. It will help you track the psychological stages you are passing through. You are right about keeping yourself in check. No matter what happens and what path your life follows, you must be certain that of all things, you never go back to Islam.

    From Belief to Enlightenment

  213. John K says:

    @ ishan

    "Those should not be the questions. The question should be:

    What made some of your ancestors (surely not those falling into the category of Sudras) go against their own religion whose scriptures clearly say from the beginning that there is ONLY one God?"

    What reason is their that people should not go against their own religions?

    It is a statistical accident that you were born Muslim, but you blindly think you are the best.

    What if you were born in a different religion? Should you then not go against the scriptures of your own religion?

  214. John K says:

    @ ishan

    And what is the basis of authority of any written text you cite?

    Why do we have to believe what you say?

  215. John K says:

    People take religion seriously when it comes to a guide for good ethical and moral behavior. To the extent that a religion teaches people to be good, such as your example of the Golden Rule, it can be evaluated as a good or benign religion. To the extent that a religion teaches its people to behave badly, or in contradiction to the Golden Rule, it can be evaluated as a bad or malignant religion. In this manner, Islam fails miserably. Islam's violence and sociopathy are the only reasons we oppose it. Otherwise we would enjoy its presence in the world community like any other quaint primitive religion.

  216. knowTheEnemy says:

    Ok then be ready for the answers…….

    What made some of our ancestors begin to believe in multiple gods and gods with form? There are many reasons —
    1) They asked themselves the same questions that i asked you. What hell breaks loose if we do that… they wondered. They brainstormed for centuries and couldn't find a reasonable answer. Even swami Dayanand, the first Hindu leader to forcefully start the practice of vedic monotheism (one god, formless, no murtis etc) couldn't tell what was wrong with having multiple gods….. He just forced vedic monotheism anyway.

    2) They realized that the whole point of religion is to put people on a path that helps them get the best experience out of human life. They realized that a person needs to be honest, ethical, wise and aware of his true human self if s/he is to experience life to its best. Now whether that person becomes ethical and wise through believing in one formless invisible God or a million partner gods DOES NOT matter…. they concluded.

    3) They realized that the one God does not care what we believe about him and how we believe him. Maybe he cares whether one steal from others, whether one hurt others, whether one deceives others for personal gain, and maybe he keeps a record of all these things. But he does not care what one thinks about him. God is too big. The universe is HUGE (and that's an understatement). Humans are too little to be bothered about how they see the one God. When was the last time you bothered to know what the ants crawling around in your place think of you, and whether they see you as one person or multiple persons?

    I only mentioned three reasons. There are more. But a very important thing for muslims and hindus to realize is that the one formless God of the Vedas and the Upanishads (which were derived from Vedas) is not the same as the one God of Islam. The nature of 'one God' as realized by Vedic/ Upanishadic philosophers is completely different from the nature of God as explained in Islam. Comparing the two is like comparing an apple with…… water. There is no comparison and no similarity.

  217. knowTheEnemy says:

    the other way around? you mean convert from hinduism to Islam! The trouble with doing that is that I'll have to believe that muhammad was messenger of God. Knowing the kind of things that he said and did, no sane person would do that.

    if i really get a strong feeling that i should believe only in one formless god and not pray to murti or a cross, then maybe i'll convert to sikhism. And there are no prophets in sikhism, only God, the ONE INVISIBLE GOD.

    so if i become a sikh, where i don't need to believe in prophets, would i go to heaven or hell after death? say what ihsan ?

    BTW are you male or female? i see other people referring to you as female. are you?

  218. Zakariya says:

    Yes, I have read Sina's book Understanding Muhammad. I didn't leave Islam over-night. It took a lot of time. It was frustrating. It still is, I think. Even today, I sometime doubt myself if I am still a Muslim or have I really left it. Can't really believe that I have left Islam. I think maybe I will need more time, maybe there is still something left in me which wants to go back to my old faith. It is really hard to absorb that I have lived a life of such a lie and at the same time it is such an amazing thing to be free. However, I think, every ex-Muslim should keep an eye of doubt on himself. Islam is a dangerous thing. One who was in it, should never be sure that he is totally out of it. He should always keep himself in check.

    Sina has given me one thing, and I will always thank him for that. It is the courage to doubt, to doubt anything. I also thank him to made me free from the shackles of the fear of Muhammad's hell…. the freedom… which ultimately lead me to the Christ, the love. God bless him.

  219. Ali Sina says:

    You can classify men between those who believe and those who doubt. We all believe and doubt in different situations. There are things that I believe but I have no evidence for them. For example I believe in astrology. But there is no evidence for that and I don’t take it seriously. It is just superstition. But it does not hurt me to believe in it as long as I take it with a grain of salt. It would be foolish if I make my important decisions based on astrology. Likewise I have no issue with the belief in God even though you can’t prove its validity any more than I can prove the validity of astrology. All I am asking is that you don’t take any belief seriously. Don’t spill the blood of others or yours for something you can’t prove. Belief is acceptance of a proposition without evidence and no sane person should bet his life on a belief.

    We need to believe in something or we go insane. I believe I will be alive tomorrow and the next year and maybe for a few more decades, so I plan for my life with that belief in mind. Do I have any evidence for such a belief? Of course not! But if I don’t believe I can no longer live normally.

    I understand your need to believe in God and I don’t object to it. But why follow a psychopath? Why not follow someone whose teachings are ethical? Islam does not make you a better person. It brings the worst in you.

  220. Duratma_Gandhi says:

    Respect bhai-jaan.. Amazing. To do that sitting at Pakistan – it's just amazing. Just read about the "Aalo anday" song from the bhegaiyrat brigade – I think the anger & frustration that more & more average Pakistanis are feeling under their skin is at some point in the near future going to cause a huge problem for the terrorists in that country. The world needs more people like you.
    What does an average Pakistani think about *ONLY* the Nobel laureate from Pakistan Dr Abdus Salam? Does anyone even know that he was the one & THE ONLY Pakistani to have won the Nobel Prize as a Theoritical Physicist. Do Pakistanis accept Dr Salam as a fellow-Pakistani – are they proud that he won the Nobel Prize for Pakistan? Or do they only look at his family being part of the Ahmadiyya community – and are thus hateful of him?

  221. dharma marg noble says:

    Abdulla Ihsan : know that God is endowed with 3 attributes. Omnipresence ,omniscient and Omnipotent. As humans we have all limitations – finite. God is infinite. Infact we cant even understand how big this universe is . Only Srimadbhagavatam explains it.

    God has no limitation in anything. Based on these truths and facts and on the limit less qualities and characteristics of GOD , Hindus visualized God and gave a form to make it more democratic, and to bring God within the reach of every human being. This has numerous advantages too- focus and simplicity. You dont have to deal with God in ignorance,darkness of imagination,guess, speculation. But wait a minute. But Hindu RISHIS and self realized souls do not need any form or image of GOD. If a human being is capable of or reached a higher and higher state of spirituality,self realization – they dont need an image or form to worship. This is all provided in Hindu dharma. But 99.999999% humans are not capable of reaching that state. So they need a tangible idea, an image infront of them – that is the reason why we use images. I can describe an abstract mathematical concept or physical and chemical equations in 10000 pages – can you understand them ? But a simple image or graph will bring clarity.

    QQUURRaan is limited to middle east and the knowledge it has is laughble. Be honest. QQUURRAN ASSOCIATES MO with ALLA . Can you show me in QQUURRAN ALLA dissociates himself from MO. Infact ALLA whenever he talked to believers of ISLAM always urged nay begged MOSLEMS to follow MO and ALLA. Infact MO is above ALLA and boss of ALLA. In truth ALLA is preislamic moon GOD. MO father's name was ABDULLAh – Abd is slave + AL ILLAH (ARABIC) .

    But as soon as you read QQUURRAN and understand ISLAM and it's associated ,even very ordinary,stupid,mundane writtings of ISLAM will turn you off to tell you how evil,cruel,primitive, meaningless ,bloodthirsty,fascist ISLAM is and it;s followers MOHAMMADENS are nothing but ZOMBIES and monsters .

  222. Ali Imran says:

    Red Alert Dr Sina Part 3

    I don't know why I am trying to tell you about the ban.May be you could launch some more websites with new names so that they are exhausted fighting with you and other fellows who are with you.
    Or may be you could provide your book free of cost on internet in pdf(Only if your aim is not to earn money but bring some change in our lives). So that these fanatics can't stop flow of information or freedom of speech.If you intend to do so then provide it on multiple sharing sites so that they won't be able to restrict all.
    Ali Imran(not real name)
    An Apostate

  223. Ali Imran says:

    Red Alert Dr. Sina Part 2
    Now I want to alert you as I feared that you'd soon be banned on internet this has really started. Pakistan's telecom watchdog (called Pakista Telecommunication Authority)has banned multiple sites that you gave a link here like Faith Freedom,Islam Watch,Jihad Watch etc.However, Alisina.org has not caught the eye of watchdog yet but it's just a matter of a day or two as FF has just been banned yesterday.Every word I wrote here is true.It's the first and probably last contact from a person who wanted to think freely with the free world.Who just wanted to use his own brain. You can't imagine that how difficult is our life in the most lethally dangerous and extremistly religious country like Pakistan.Even while writing these words on your forum I fear my life if somebody or intelligence agency takes a notice and traces my IP I'd get tortured and killed by these fanatics in the name of an invisible God/Allah which exist no where for me.Life as I believe is a rare chance/accident and it can't be destroyed in the name of some invisible delusions and deities.

  224. Ali Imran says:

    Red Alert Dr. Ali Sina….

    I am a pakistani atheist. I became an atheist since I went to High School because being an open minded person I neutrally pondered over the absurdity ofall the religions.My strongest argument was that if there's a God,Allah,Bhagwan etc. why would he be so ashamed of coming directly before humans and send his messages through prophets etc..Definitely recently I started reading your articles and it strengthened my dis-belief in any kind of deities. I feel obliged to say that you helped alot against the threat of baseless religious bigotry as I started secretive debates with my closest friends and a few of them were convinced of the absurdity of all religions and became free thinker apostates and atheists.

  225. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ Scrutator

    "After all, who's Ihsan, I or anyone else to limit the the powers of that ONE Almighty ? "

    Who says I am (or other humans are) limiting the powers of the One Almighty?

    Can't you read what Vedas say about God?

    or should I ask:

    Can't you understand that God had described Himself to the rishis that He is One, unparalleled, and has NO image?

    THINK Sir.

  226. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ John K

    Good luck with your reading program. 😉

  227. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ knowTheEnemy

    "What bad thing happens if we believe in multiple gods? What bad thing happens if we see him in human form? What bad happens if we associate partners with that God?
    The one God can't go to bathroom or what ?"

    Those should not be the questions. The question should be:

    What made some of your ancestors (surely not those falling into the category of Sudras) go against their own religion whose scriptures clearly say from the beginning that there is ONLY one God? 😉

  228. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ sina

    "Why do you think for defending Islam you have to attack someone’s religion? Suppose all religions are bad, does this mean Islam becomes true?"

    Before we go on, tell me Mr Sina. Please give a straight answer to my question.

    In their attitudes towards God, can man be classified into two large groups: those who believe in God and those who don't ?

  229. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ knowTheEnemy

    The other way around, Sir. Just the other way around…. 😉

  230. scrutator says:

    You are right, Sanada ! I think continued pointing out of the injustices, killing sprees and oppression of women in Islam have sown doubt in Ihsan's mind and she SHE MAY WELL HAVE BECOME ALLERGIC TO ISLAM AND TO MUHAMMAD, as you say above ! That being the case, it certainly looks like half the battle (of weaning a person away from Islam & Muhammad) is won, as far as Abdullah Ihsan is concerned !

    We can depend on Dr Ali Sina to deliver the coup-de-grace and fully liberate Ihsan from the clutches of these deadly twin diseases !!!

  231. A kafir says:

    Typical moslem rsponse to any argument that shows the evil nature of islam and eviler behaviour of mohammad and his followers.
    1.People have misunderstood islam.
    2.You people are quoting out of context.
    3.Islam means peace.It is a beautiful religion.
    4.Islam respects women and all religions.
    5.Islam is the most scientific and rational religion.
    6.Islam has to read in Arabic only and understood in Arabic only.
    7.Islam is the only truth.
    8.Ayesha was 18 or so when she married prophet.
    9.Ayesha had to be married to prophet even when she was a little girl as allah wanted her to serve an important purpose!
    10.Mohammad (pbuf) was the best ever human being.(pus be upon the fcuker)
    11.You kafirs are useless and are zealous(sic) of islam.
    12.Islam is the best religion
    13.Will kill you kafirs.Will rape your mothers and sisters.
    14.Curse one and all.
    15.Use filthiest of the language( qranic language)
    16.threaten the kafirs with hell and eternal fire.
    17.All these excuses star with first pleading to the web masters to stop this insult to prophet,allah and moslems.
    18.This is ajooish conspiracy.Joos have corrupted qrand.This is the best,the pimp allah is helpless against the crafty joos!
    19. Apart from these idiotic explanations the moslems are unable to offer any other coherent response.. the only option left for moslems is to just leave islam and get on with life.

  232. Sanada_10 says:

    It depends on how you define "greatness". If you think "submission" is great than you have you own dict. If you think that evil deeds of Muhammad is great then you have your own standard which can be applied back at you.

  233. Sanada_10 says:

    It's fun to see Islam can't stand on its own and it's more fun to see Muhammad's own words is ignored when defending Islam. You know what I mean, don't you? 😀

  234. Sanada_10 says:

    This auntie Ihsan had run from Islamic topic a long time ago. She's now allergic to anything about Islam and most certainly Muhammad.

  235. Sanada_10 says:

    Wow, some Allah's verses will be nice.

  236. Sanada_10 says:

    Answer my queries about this one first. xD

    And in the mean while why don't deal with my question about god and monotheism. You can even ask that people in that site to answer me. xD

    Another challenge, just like the surah which you are running from. B)

  237. Sanada_10 says:

    Illogical concept and twisting effort doesn't deserve time. Maybe it can get attention if it can finish just a simple problem I have here with god. It's not funny for you to ramble about A or B, twisting and changing its meaning just to arrive at false and illogical concept, is it? It's a bad way of arguing and surely it's not the good way to find answer because you have made it in the first place. You created an "answer" and tried so hard to create the puzzle to suit the answer.

    The real problem is within the answer, not the puzzle. 😉

  238. Sanada_10 says:

    Auntie, when are you going to answer my queries here? You’ve been asking silly questions about other religions but never want to solve your own problem. You can’t present Islam as the answer while ignoring all problems I presented here, you know. You keep pestering about irrelevant subjects and trying to prove it wrong with falsehood (Islam). Finish the queries first.

    Is this the behavior of muslim? Running away when cornered, trying so hard to silence critique with any means necessary just like your prophet? I’ve seen insult, threat, cowardice, distraction, or arrogance but until this day, no answer, not even one of you can answer the queries. Hey, I can even make this like surah challenge. You can ask all people in the world to join you and try to answer me. Don’t you agree? I see you run again from people’s challenge here. I knew that would happen since I saw you run from mine.

    You also run from my questions about Hinduism in Quran. Why? :p

    Does the truth hurt you? Quoting some websites without any reference and authentication is amateurish you know.

  239. Sanada_10 says:

    Before posting junks like this why don't you try to answer my queries about god and monotheism including my questions about the authenticity? You had already given up talking about Islam, what's wrong, auntie? Lie cannot be defended, glad you realize that. :p

  240. Sanada_10 says:

    Watch out for irrelevant answer coz in the future it might get disabled from commenting here. We know who the culprit was. :p

  241. Sanada_10 says:

    Done that and you just wouldn't read it. Any other faults in other religions are incomparable to Islam because of 3 reasons I gave you. You run from it, remember, auntie?

    Being an atheist is not safe position you know because Atheism is just the opposite of Theism and consists of many branch of thinkings. You just suggested that the religionist's position is not a safe one. Hm… are you sure about this?

    Anything that has something to do with god (human version) is not safe? Hm…

  242. knowTheEnemy says:

    @ scrutator Well if ihsan really went so far as to think and use his brain, he'll realize that it was actually Muhammad who had a problem with people paying attention to anyone but him. I am messenger of God and you the follower do not need to do anything for yourself, just do things for ME. You have any questions, ask ME. You want to know when to pray, how to pray, just ask ME, and as bonus I'll even tell you which direction to pray in. You wanna know whether to use 3 stones or 4 stones to wipe your butt, ask ME, don't think yourself. And best of all, STOP coming up with questions, I'll think up the questions FOR YOU and provide you answers too. You just become a total zombie who is completely dependent on ME for everything.

    Don't respond to my post Abdullah, because that requires THINKING, and you might be charged with Shirk for it. So just copy/paste some usual old stuff from the quran or hadith.

  243. scrutator says:

    In support of the comments of knowTheEnemy, I would add its time Ihsan realised there is life beyond the Quran, that the ONE God may be Formless and/or have several Forms and that under the ONE God there may be several demigods/goddesses !

    After all, who's Ihsan, I or anyone else to limit the the powers of that ONE Almighty ?

    THINK IHSAN, THINK ! For once, use the cerebral faculty you've been provided with !

  244. knowTheEnemy says:

    @Abdullah ihsan, so you want us to read our vedas so we realize that there is only one God and that he is not in human form. Right? But I ask you this –

    What bad thing happens if we believe in multiple gods? What bad thing happens if we see him in human form? What bad happens if we associate partners with that God?

    The one God can't go to bathroom or what ?

  245. knowTheEnemy says:

    @Abdullah ihsan

    So according to you the Vedas teach believing in one God without needing to believe that the fiend Muhammad was a prophet !

    Well there is your chance Abdullah… When are you converting to Hinduism?

  246. knowTheEnemy says:


  247. miladmeah says:

    YOU SAID: Either you’ve totally misunderstood what Dr. Sina and others are saying, or else you are deliberately bringing in non-related, irrelevant issues to muddle/confuse the discussion !
    WELL?! that is what they do

  248. Worldpeace says:

    Salman, you have all the answers to your query I advise to take the courage and say NO to Islam. You will not regret it.

  249. Worldpeace says:

    You have said as potent as it could be said, Prithvi. I dare any Muslim to respond to this charge.

  250. Worldpeace says:

    I will politely ask him to debate His great great grand child Asi Sina.

  251. scrutator says:

    A great one, Abdullah Ihsan !

    Jesus may have done many things in his short life, but he was never accused of being a 'son of Krishna' before now !

    Your idiotic inference from an imagined Christian-Hindu belief reminds me of my Irish friend who had a Hindu girlfriend. He told his Irish friends "My girlfriend is Hindu". His friends replied "Thats okay, but tell us, is she a Catholic Hindu or a Protestant Hindu" ?

  252. scrutator says:

    @Abdullah Ihsan

    Abdullah Ihsan, you argue senselessly like a typical muslim !

    Either you’ve totally misunderstood what Dr. Sina and others are saying, or else you are deliberately bringing in non-related, irrelevant issues to muddle/confuse the discussion !

    The issue in this website and in others like http://www.faithfreedom.org and http://www.islam-watch.org is simple: it is truth or otherwise of Islam and how it affects muslims & non-muslims alike and to prove these solely using Islamic sources of information (Quran, Hadiths, Sunnah, etc). Nothing more or nothing less !

    To do the above, one does NOT need:
    (a)To ‘bad-mouth’ Islam;
    (b)To make up his/her mind on whether ‘there is a God’;
    (c)To have ‘fair comparative debates’ involving other religions;
    (d)To dwell deeper into other religions on issues like ‘incarnation of God in the human form’.

    Like other commentators have said above, one does not need to ‘to argue against each other's faith’ to show up Islam in a positive light. ISLAM HAS TO STAND OR FALL ON ITS OWN MERITS/DEMERITS – do you understand this much ?

    Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and the rest of the religions have to stand or fall on their own – it no good showing another religion in a bad light for any one of these to shine brightly ! Get it ?

    Further, neither Dr Sina nor anyone else here has an innate “INTENSE HATRED” towards Islam — the demerits of Islam ensure it stays where it is — cruelly killing non-muslims and oppressing women among its other culpabilities. Discussing these features of Islam certainly does not equate to having ‘intense hatred’, especially when Islam has caused the slaughter/killing of an estimated historically proven 270 million people worldwide !

    To quote just one abominable Islamic practice of killing apostates from the Quran and a ‘Sahih Hadith’ (esp. in muslim majority countries) – other religions do not do that, but that is neither here nor there ! The fact remains that muslims kill those co-religionists who’ve left Islam, this fact on its own is monstrous, period !

    There will be other forums, other platforms where the other religions will be discussed, based solely on what they have to offer and the effect they have had on others in history. They may or may not come out cleanly from this trial, but for sure, Islam would not be dragged into those diverse discussions.

    Similarly, this is the forum to discuss Islam alone, there is no need to drag other faiths/beliefs/practices here !

    Once logical opening parameters have been established , we can have a rational discussion on Islam using Islamic sources alone, nothing else !

    If you’ve by now truly accepted what I’ve written above, using Islamic sources alone, you can refute or accept what Dr Sina says about Islam, in a logical and rational way !

    Good luck, Ihsan !

  253. John K says:

    Sometimes when the thread gets long, it does get hard to tell who you are responding to, so it helps to copy a piece of the sentence you are responding to and quote it at the beginning of your post.

    You can also edit your post if there haven't been any responses yet.

  254. John K says:

    She is on a mission to wage verbal jihad to convert us all. She will not listen to reason.

  255. John K says:

    Agreed. I choose my reading carefully. To be selected for my reading schedule, someone must be at a sufficiently high level of knowledge and understanding to add to my own knowledge and understanding. As has been said, no two people are alike, and we cannot expect others in our lives to be perfect clones of what we think and know.

  256. John K says:

    Time is valuable. I have my own reading program. What reason can you give me to schedule time for your suggested reading?

  257. Ali Sina says:

    “ Mr. Sina has surely taken a ‘safe’ position by saying he is an atheist (if by any chance he is a follower of a religion) so no one/no Muslim will have the opportunity to argue with him with fair comparative debates against each other’s faith.”
    Why do you think for defending Islam you have to attack someone’s religion? Suppose all religions are bad, does this mean Islam becomes true?

    By finding faults in other faiths you only feel better about the lie that you have espoused, but your lie is still a lie. This is called tu quoque fallacy.

    “It is funny to see those who have made up their minds that there is God are listening to a man who clearly doubts His existence.”

    Again you are engaging in logical fallacies. People don’t have to agree with everything I say to agree with what I say about Islam. I am not anybody’s prophet. People are only interested in my understanding of Muhammad. They can disagree with everything else I say, and yet agree with me when it I talk about Islam.

  258. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ Scurator

    Why makes you think that I have been quoting the verses in Vedas only to support Islamic way of thinking? 😉

    My replies are for anyone with a religion to look deeper into their own before badmouthing Islam. Mr. Sina has surely taken a 'safe' position by saying he is an atheist (if by any chance he is a follower of a religion) so no one/no Muslim will have the opportunity to argue with him with fair comparative debates against each other's faith.

    It is funny to see those who have made up their minds that there is God are listening to a man who clearly doubts His existence.

    Please read the Vedas more carefully particularly those describing your God.

    Now as per your statement that supports the idea of incarnation, there are posters named hindu2011 and Uchiha Itachi here whom you can discuss with about the possibility for God to be seen in human form. 😉

    Thank you Sir.

  259. scrutator says:

    To Abdullah ihsan

    Abdullah, you've often quoted from the Vedas to show those Vedic pronouncements favour the Islamic way of thinking. Surely, this is a digression and a distraction from the topic under discussion, namely Islam. But I shall deal with what you've raised, to put a finality under this digression.

    You must be aware, Vedas are the primary source for all Hindus and Lord Krishna acknowledges this fact in the Bhagawad Gita. This latter document is taken as the gist of all the knowledge contained in the Vedas, Upanishads, etc. Further, the modes of serving the Supreme Lord (Krishna) changes for each of the four "yugas" Time is divided into.

    In the Bhagawad Gita, God (Lord Krishna) acknowleges the existence of demigods, while emphasising all along that He is the Supreme Being and that He appears in the Human Form (i.e. incarnates) from time to time.

    Please see the following verses from the Bhagawad Gita, all spoken by Lord Krishna:

    Whenever and wherever there is a decline in religious practice, O descendant of Bharata, and a predominant rise of irreligion — at that time I descend Myself.” (Lord Krishna, Bg. 4.7)
    In order to deliver the pious and to annihilate the miscreants, as well as to re-establish the principles of religion, I advent Myself millennium after millennium. (Bg. 4.8)

    Fools deride Me when I descend in the Human Form (Bg. 7.24)

    Those whose minds are distorted by material desires surrender unto demigods and follow the particular rules and regulations of worship according to their own natures (Bg. 7.20)
    I am in everyone’s heart as the Supersoul. As soon as as one desires to worship the demigods, I make his faith steady so that he can devote himself to some particular deity. (Bg. 7.21)
    Endowed with such a faith, he seeks favours of a particular demigod and obtains his desires. But in actuality these benefits are bestowed by Me alone. (Bg. 7.22)
    Men of small intelligence worship the demigods and their fruits are limited and temporary. Those who worship the demigods go to the planets of the demigods, but My devotees ultimately reach My supreme planet. (Bg. 7.23)

    Neither the hosts of demigods nor the great sages know My origin, for, in every respect, I am the source of the demigods and the sages. (Bg. 10.2)
    I am the source of all spiritual and material worlds. Everything emanates from Me.The wise who know this perfectly engage in My devotional service and worship Me with all their hearts. (Bg. 10.8)

    Much more detail can be found in http://gitamrta.org

    Now that you know the actuality of the Bhagawad Gita, stop comparing the Gita with the Vedas and Upanishads, instead concentrate on anwering the issues raised by Dr. Sina in Islam !

  260. Johann says:

    I have been reading Dr. Sina's debate and respond to muslims and even I can debate with muslims now , they are predictable and repeat the same old things over. No wonder Mr. Sina's has put 50K for anyone who prove him wrong.They have nothing new to offer except the ranting I mentioned above.

  261. Johann says:

    I have been reading Mr. Sina's debates and responding to muslim's letters for a while and here is a typical letter from muslims or way of defending islam:

    Islam is so wonderful and peaceful and it is the truth…………I am a muslim , but I do not do that and do not approve of those terrorists…….you have to read it in Arabic ……the meaning of this word in Arabic means this not what has been translated to English …….that refers to specific story in Koran and you are taking it out of the context…….you are hurting our feeling and insulting our great messanger …..why are you so rude to our beloved messanger……yes , but christianity is not perfect either…….yes, but he married to her for political reason,,,,,,the real age was not 6, but 16…….this was a normal practice in those days……..yes, but he did and said a lot of good things too, why you just concentrate on bad stuff…….what will happen to you when you die ……God will burn you in hell …….you are a spy for Jews and are an agent of US…….if I could get my hands on you…….why don't you show your face and are hiding …..etc….

  262. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ John K

    Why are you not interested? 😉

  263. Irony says:

    In Reply to Salman

  264. Irony says:

    Your Prophet proffers pornographic Heaven for Eternity while he condemns all that didn't see his way to excruciating Hell. And what example did he set?

    Wonder of wonders that muslims are muslims!

    The amount of blood on your prophet's hands from inception till now…speaks for itself.

    What's the matter with you? Can't you see at all?

  265. John K says:

    Right. Ishan has been posting for a few months now, but I have only been reading a couple of weeks, but now I have seen enough to see the slow plotting and scheming. This is definitely not a sincere conversationalist – hence my challenging questions.

  266. Irony says:

    It is only relevant as a diversionary tactic…when not able to defend, they sow seeds of doubt in your mind. Can you see clearly now John? How do you like the mussulman?

  267. John K says:

    Why would I be interested in this survey? How is Hinduism relevant to my beliefs?

  268. John K says:

    What is truth?

  269. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ John K

    How are you doing?

    John. I have found that the belief in Hindu is so strong that Lord Khrisna is really perceived as God's manifestation by some of its followers.

    That means that before He sent his Son Jesus, God had come to the world in a human body of a man named Khrisna. So basically, according to your belief and Hinduism combined, He is the father of Jesus.

    Do you agree with this?

    Please visit http://gitamrta.org/religion.html#religion2 and click 'Krishna and Christ' to do your own survey. 😉

  270. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ Prithvi

    But please before you answer, go to this http://gitamrta.org/eternal_religion.html.

    Here are quotes by he author:

    "A Vaisnava is one who has surrendered onto the one and only God, Lord Vishnu (Krishna)"

    "The Vedic scriptures, Srimad Bhagavtam and Bhagavad-Gita. Are the only scriptures on the Planet that completely describes a person who proved without a doubt that he has all the above qualities. That person is Lord Krishna."

    Or perhaps you want to click 'why Krishna is the only God and 'Who is the person God'?


    if you agree to the author and ultimately say Lord Khrisna is God, please go through the above verses I helped you quot from the Vedas and my little note about God being Greatest and Noblest. 😉

    Like I said, they might be helpful for you to find the truth. 😉

  271. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ Prithvi

    ha ha ha

    Miss, who is Lord Krishna?

    Have you visited http://voi.org/books/hvhb/ch1.htm ?

    The holy Veda says God is One.

    "Verily He is ONE
    Single, indivisible, supreme reality."
    – Atharva Veda 13/4/20

    "He is the SOLE sovereign
    Of the universe."
    – Rig Veda 6/36/4

    He is one, UNPARALLELED
    Through His wondrous, mighty
    And formidable laws and deeds.
    – Rig Veda 8/1/27

    There is ONLY ONE
    Who ought to be adored
    By the people.
    – Atharva Veda 2/2/1

    O friends,
    Adore NONE ELSE but Providence
    Who is supreme bestower of bliss
    And thus thou wilt not suffer;
    Eulogise Him in congregation
    And sing songs of His glory repeatedly
    – Sam Veda 242

    He is One Brahma
    The Creator of the cosmos
    Who pervades and protects
    And enlightens aft beings
    He is One Supreme Entity
    Whom sages call by VARIOUS NAMES
    Such as Indra, the glorious
    Mitra, the benign friend
    Varuna, the GREATEST, the NOBLEST
    Agni, the resplendent, the bright
    Yama, the dispenser of justice
    Matarishwa, the almighty.
    – Rig Veda 1/164/46

    He, the all-pervasive
    Pervades all beings
    Within and without.
    – Yajur Veda 32/8

    Thou art Lord of lords.
    – Rig Veda 1/94/13

    God has NO image.
    – Yajur Veda 32/3

    Here is a quot from the author to explain the verses:

    God is SINGULAR, but HIS NAMES are PLURAL. All the EPITHETS mentioned in Holy Vedas are ascribed to one God, who is Creator of the cosmos. Shiva, Shankara, Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Ganesh, Indra, Mitra, Varuna, Agni, Yama etc. are the EPITHETS of ONE Supreme Being, who is formless, featureless, BIRTHLESS and BODILESS. He is unborn, eternal, immortal and everlasting. He has no agents, no intermediaries, no representatives, NO INCARNATIONS and NO PARTNERS. He has neither father, nor mother. He has neither wife, nor sons, nor daughters. He has no attachment. But He is Benevolent Father of all his children, and imparts equal love impartially to all his creatures. He is kind to all, cruel to, none. His first name is Om. But He is evoked and adored by several other names which are written in Vedas


    if you go through the verses, you won't miss the word 'GREATEST' and 'NOBLEST' (this I am referring to your linguistic question about Allahu Akbar, meaning Allah the Greatest)

    At last:

    Please explain who made the concept of incarnation when the Holy Veda clearly states the Oneness of God?

    Was it the higher castes (given the Sudras were not allowed to read Veda)?

    For what purposes that they had long prevented the so-called lowest people (whom I wouldn't call that way) from reading about Oneness of God?

  272. John K says:

    If you would spend your time reading the articles on this site instead of reading the comments section, you would find all the answers to your question.

    The bottom line is that Buddha and Jesus taught peace and love. Muhammad taught all these aspects of his personality. Muhammad was:

    a narcissist a misogynist a rapist
    a pedophile a lecher a torturer
    a mass murderer a cult leader an assassin
    a terrorist a madman a looter

    The references are here. On the page, click on each word for an introduction to the evidence and documentation. For madman you have to read Dr. Sina's book. He will send you a free copy in email if you don't want to buy it:

  273. John K says:

    Right. I agree with the others. All we can do is tell him we are sorry he is suffering for the evil he has done, but that if he sincerely and completely repents, he may yet be forgiven.

  274. Cmclvr says:

    Unfortunately, answering your question can never arise. Evil Mohammad can't escape hell. He is being chained and constantly whipped in hell! All dead Mullas are being similarly tortured in concentric ring formations around Mohammed.

  275. Prithvi says:

    @ Salman,

    When do you resort to curse someone behind his back even in light of him doing something very wrong to you?
    The answer is, only when you cannot take any action against that individual, so shall we assume that your GOD allah was weaker than Abu Lahab to resort to cursing him and his wife?

    The answer is No, never, it was not GOD who was weak here but the author, who was none other than Muhammad. When he wrote the surah he was not powerful, mecca was not captured and he was not in a position to punish Abu Lahab.

    The surah signifies nothing but the frustration of muhammad against Abu Lahab and keep it in mind there is no need for GOD to get frustated over anything.

  276. Prithvi says:

    It lightens the atmosphere when an evil man or a criminal imparts lessons of morality and ethics but saddens the atmosphere when one of his followers does that out of ignorance.
    If ignorance or lack of knowledge is not the reason then you get people like Abdullah Ishaan, who simply put are hypocrites.

    Salman, I have just one question for you, do you read or have read the Surah Lahab?

    Do you know that when you read the Surah Lahab everyday or whenever you read it, you curse a man and his wife who are dead since the last 1400 years?
    Now is that morality or ethics, cursing a dead man and woman?
    Moreover, is that sanity?
    Which is this GOD which dictates a curse for one of his own creations?
    Why is your GOD weak here to resort to profanity and curse?


  277. everin says:

    But his rationality did not translate into peace, harmony n wealth in the ME countries at the present age.

  278. Ali Sina says:

    What is your claim? Publish it here please.

  279. salman says:

    Hello enlightened,
    Sorry, I didn’t mean to insult Buddha and Jesus. It was a mistake in my writing. I actually meant that there is no clear history of these men & their follower made them their cult,s leaders. I just wanted to know from Ali Sina, what made him think they have more greatness over our Prophet as he his a rational thinker.

  280. salman says:

    Ali Sina,
    Ok, read it again and comment, also I raised a question in the same mail that you didn’t answer. Why? You claim so much against islam & when simple questions are asked you will not publish those, which you can’t attempt. Where is the remaining part of my mail? You have the duty to disprove my claim.

  281. Ali Sina says:

    LOL. That irony escaped me. It is truely amazing. I should have read his email one more time.

  282. enlightened25 says:

    "Often you use to mention Buddha & Jesus with great admiration, what greatness they have compared to our beloved prophet. They were the leaders of the cults namely Buddhism & Christianity." The double standard of these muslims never ceases to amaze me, first he is saying people are bigots and racists for insulting islam and muhammed and then in the same breath he turns round and starts insulting Buddha and Jesus.

  283. yusufharto says:

    Oh my goodness…How pathetic of muslim minds.!

  284. Ria says:

    Get off me !! Call 911

  285. muhammed fadil says:

    You are ignorant about sunni islam, We believe that he is still alive in the raula-shereef/ Medina, asking forgiveness for all the believers who has sinned, till the last judgement day. So, this question is irrelevant. hope answered the question.

  286. Johann says:

    I admire Dr. Sina's patience for responding to the same garbage repeated over and over by muslims.

  287. rajesh says:

    Dear all,

    If prophet Muhammed is made alive and if he walks to you, how will you respond to him? All of you please comment.

  288. Duratma_Gandhi says:

    @ Salman,
    In your e-mail to Dr Sina, you state & I quote,
    "I heard that you are a descendant of the Prophet through your mother’s lineage, If so, you are insulting your own blood, spitting upwards lying on the ground. Don’t you feel ashamed of it. No human will do this."
    If you are from India, do you consider the natives of India before 500 A.D & before 1500 B.C as your ancestors. If you don't consider them your ancestors, why not? If you do consider them your ancestors why do you now disrespect your own ancestors & spit on them as Kafirs? Seems like you're the one lying on the ground & spitting upwards into the air.
    A group of barbarians from Middle-East and other places arrived; first they indulged in looting your ancestors. One swine named Mohammed of Ghazni looted a particular location of your ancestors 17 times. Then another swine and barbaric excrement named Babar set-up shop in a place called Indraprastha. This location Indraprastha has been a very important & highly significant ones for your ancestors from before 1500 B.C. The barbaric imbeciles & swines had destroyed all of your ancestors tradition & culture. Another barbaric imbecile destroyed some 20 temples that your ancestors built & used the stones to build what's today really tall piece of phallus called Qutub Minar. Are you not ashamed that you respect those barbaric imbeciles & swines that destroyed your ancestors, their culture, tradition, value-system, way of living.
    Those barbaric imbeciles & swines had raped multiple times your ancestral mothers, they enslaved your ancestral fathers. Some were enslaved physically and almost all were enslaved mentally. And you today call yourself an "abd-allah" – a slave of al-lah – al-lah means the-lord. For the Jews this was Yawyeh – for those barbaric imbecile swines this term referred to hubal. Why do you continue to be a slave to hubal? Do you really like it when some Mid-Eastern imbecile rapes your mother? If so, there are lots of people in Afghanistan & Saudi Arabia that will gladly take your wife, daughter, sister, mother even grandmother as sex-slaves – why don't you sell them to those imbeciles? After all you are a slave to the ideology that those barbaric imbeciles & swines had forced upon your incompetent, spineless ancestors – aren't you?
    Now, answer that, s'il vous plait.

  289. Duratma_Gandhi says:

    Dr Sina,
    This guy self-proclaimed he's from India. If he could be persuaded to quote specific Ayats, Surahs to the Mullah or Maulvi or Imam of the masjid he attends, he'll be able to learn a lot more. All he'll need to see first-hand is the reaction that the imam shows towards him – and that will be telling. Most of the Deobandi & Barelvi Imams are not as arrogant or fanatic as their Salafi Wahabbi counterparts – but they still don't like FITNA – being questioned excessively.
    Also, one more aspect Salman should look at is trying to receive a positive feedback about Sufis & Ahmadiyyah communities from his masjid. He should try to set-up a charity fund & see how many of his Sunni friends contribute when he says the fund will specifically help Sufi & Ahmadiyya poor people.
    These things will provoke him to think more than he's willing to think right now. Debating or responding to mails will not really help. These are actual real-world steps that Salman should take – to understand how the Islamic community he lives in will treat an apostate – even without him actually becoming an apostate.

  290. John K says:

    This is the first time I have heard of your descent from Muhammad. Of course all people can trace their genealogy to shady characters as random human statistics has spared no family of their likes.

    Have no fear. God will not punish the ignorant, but will hold their leaders accountable. All are waiting in the Spirit Prison to learn the truth of which you have spoken:

    1 Peter 3

    18 For Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit:

    19 By which also he went and preached unto the spirits in prison;

    20 Which sometime were disobedient, when once the longsuffering of God waited in the days of Noah, while the ark was a preparing, wherein few, that is, eight souls were saved by water.

  291. John K says:

    Congratulations on your conversion. Did you read Dr. Sina's book? There are professional technical criteria that define a cult. Sloppy usage of the word results in people using the word to insult anyone's religion that they don't like.

  292. Zakariya says:

    Christianity may be a cult, but Jesus did not establish it. Neither, Buddhism. Islam is a cult introduced and spread by Muhammad. Islam proves the authenticity of Christ by being itself the Anti-Christ. I have thanked Mr. Sina to save me from Islam, because now I am free. Its great to be free.

    Islam rejects and denies the Christ, the cross. It is the Anti-Christ. I have became a Christian by my own wish and that was possible only for Mr. Sina who did not direct us into any other religion but made us free from Islam and then we become free to chose anything. I chose to believe in Christ because that gives me peace. I want to love my enemies.

    God bless Ali Sina. Ali Sina lead me to Christ. I pray for him. He says he is an atheist. No problem unless he denies Christ. Even if he would denied Christ, Jesus will love him. He is not spreading hatred, neither love. He is spreading truth.

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