Why Are You Spreading Hatred?

Dear Ali Sina,

Accidentally I got into your site & I was shocked reading your articles. How much hatred you have got for us. At least, as a fellow human being you should not play with our emotions.


I have no hatred for you. I hate your religion, because it is the quintessence of everything that is evil. In fact my goal is to make you see the truth and set you free. Why? Because as long as you are inspired by an evil doctrine like Islam, you think evil and become evil. Just look at what your religious brethren do around the world. Please don’t say they are misguided. They are not misguided, you are. These evil men do exactly what Muhammad did and said. Of course you deny that, but that is only because you have not read the Sira or the Quran. Muslims are utterly ignorant of their religion. If they learn the truth they will not remain a Muslim a single day.


 You may be an atheist, a Christian, Jew or of any other religion but it is not fair to humiliate the founder of a great religion using such harsh and immoral words.

Said who? It is very fair to humiliate anyone.  No one is above criticism. You are free to humiliate me. If you have a point people will agree with you and if not and all you can do is lie no one will pay attention to what you say.  Anyway, I am not a person of interest.   So talking about me is in no one’s interest, just as talking about you does not interest people. The subject of discussion is Muhammad.

This business of putting someone on a pedestal and protecting him from any criticism is the very source of Muslims’ backwardness. Only truth will set people free and truth will be shown when people can question and criticize anything and anyone.


  We don’t do this to others by insulting the founder of their religions, actually we respect all of them.

Yes you do this to others.  Here is a quote from Sira. Ibn Ishaq says, “When the apostle openly displayed Islam as God ordered him, his people did not withdraw or turn against him, until he spoke disparagingly of their gods. When he did that they took great offence and resolved unanimously to treat him as an enemy.”[Sira, p. 118]

You people burn churches and persecute minorities wherever you are the majority.  This is what I am against and this will not end as long as Muslims like you think that Muhammad was a prophet.

 I accept that we criticise non-muslims on healthy grounds, we don’t insult their beliefs but point out their logical fallacies. But you are attacking Rasoolallah(PBUH) for his private life.

Healthy Grounds? You call mudering the minorities “healthy ground?”  Look what Muslims do in Egipt, in Iraq, in Iran and of course in Saudi Arabia with minorities?  You people live in delusional world of deception.  Are you blind. or just pretend not to see?

Muslims terrorize the minorities wherever they are the majority.


You also insult the founders of all the religions that came after Muhammad, such as Sikhism, Bahai faith and Ahmadi sect. You say but these guys are not prophet. Who the hell are you to say that? They are prophet for their followers just as Muhammad is prophet for Muslims.  But you have no problem in insulting them and expect respect for Muhammad. These prophets don’t deserve to be diserspected because they did not commit any crime. Muhammad was a criminal. He does not deserve any respect.

 You have made his marriage with Aisha(AS) such a big issue. Dear Sina it is a very personal issue, her father Abu bakr(AS) hadn’t any problem. If anybody could have a problem, it should be Aisha(AS) herself. I want to ask you whether she had any complaint? Is there any record in history of her regretting to be his wife from bottom of her heart, rather they had a peaceful married life.


A 50 year old man marrying a six year old child is a big issue. The fact that Abu Bakr was okay with it does not make it right. Abu Bakr was a brain dead cultist. Cultists allow their guru to have sex with their children and their wives.  Read the reports on modern cults. This is a pattern in all cults.  We prosecute the bastards who do such thing and the fact that the parents of the children consent makes no difference to the law in fact we prosecute the parents too.  It is shameful that Muslims defend the criems of Muhammad.  Aisha did not complain publicly. First of all she was a child and did not know better. She never knew the right way of life to realize she had been victimized. But don’t tell me she was not.  Put yourself in the place of Aisha. A man 44 years older than you destroys your childhood and then prohibits you marrying after his death. You become a widow at the age of 18 with no chance of finding a real man who can love you and make love to you.  Doing this by design is evil.

What Muhammad did to Aisha is history. The tragedy is that Muslims follow the evil examples of that pervert and millions of children are victimized to this day. No it is not a personal issue. It is a shame that you see it that way.  It is a shme that you have lost your decensy and see nothing wrong in that. It is a shame that you have abdicated your intelligence and think a pervert crimainal like Muhammad can lead you to God.   No Sir. Muhammad will only lead you to hell.  Muslims live in hell in this world and if there is a next world, they will go to hell in first class.  Paradise has no room for stupid people.

 And can you quote any verse from Qur-an which orders Muslims for child marriage? No you can’t.

Muhammad said that he was the best of the creation, a perfect man and that Muslims should emulate him. That is in the Quran. That is why the incidences of child marriage in Muslim countries are so high, whereas it is punishable in all civilized country.

Definitely it encourages marriage for a happy and natural life, it gives permission for accepting more than one wife but it is subjective also it generally discourages the custom.

Look how you phrase this evil teaching. “It gives permission for accepting more than one wife.”  Clearly you are embarassed of this teaching. But alas not ashamed enough.   A Muslim can marry four women, or as some interpret it, as many as he can afford and he can divorce them at whim. The Quran allows men to beat their wives. This is hardly the basis of happy marriage.  “Accepting!” huh!

Marriage is concerned with the parents and the couples. You know that for sure as you were a Muslim before. Then why so much lies dear Sina?

Marriage should be only the concerns of two adults and parents have no business in it.  Girls are not commodities to trade for favors and children are not mature enough to consent to marriage when they don’t know the meaning of it at a time that they should only play doll.

Qur-an is the word of God but it is up to the individuals to analyse and find whether it is true or not with his logic.

This is absurd. You seem to be an educated person, and yet when you think like a Muslim you write nonsense.  If the Quran is the word of God then it is not up to individuals to pick and choose or interpret it.  A book of guidance must be unequivocal and clear and should leave no doubt. In fact that is what the Quran claims and you are saying something different from what the Quran says. If the Quran is the word of God how can individuals analyze it?  Can one reject the word of God after analyzing it? And if we have to use our logic to pick and choose doesn`t it mean that our logic is superior to God`s wisdomÉ


It is a religious duty to pass the word of God to fellow men but it is up to them to accept or reject it. There is no compulsion in religion.

This is one of the biggest lies Muslims love to say. If there is no compulsion in religion why Muhammad encouraged Muslims to fight and force their faith on others? What is the meaning of jizyah? What is the meaning of the sura 9, Deliverance?    This sura is Muhammad’s edict of intolerance. The first half of this sura  is about taking the rights of others to free practice of their faith. There are books about Muhammad’s raids, called al Maghazi, and you tell me there is no compulsion in religion?

Yes it is true that some rulers did not follow the Quran and conquered many lands for their personal gains. It doesn’t mean that Islam teaches us to do so.

They did it because they followed the Quran and the examples of Muhammad. You have not read the history of Muhammad. I have. So please before trying to tell me what Islam is and is not read the Sira, the Tabari, the Tabaqat and read the damn Quran.

Sina I live in a secular country- India, we live in harmony with many cultures.

You live in harmony because you are in minority and  Hindus are tolerant people. Show me a Muslim majority country where non-Muslims live in peace and harmony?  In your neighboring Pakistan Christian and Hindu girls are systematically kidnapped, raped and forced to marry their rapist and forced to convert to Islam and when their parents find them the police will defend the rapist and warn the poor parents not to contact their daughters because the girls are now “Muslim” and their kafir  parents have no right over them anymore. This is disgusting and instead of you doing anything about that and denounce it, you write to me saying I promote hate.

Stop this game of playing innocent.   Arab Muslims raided our countries, raped our ancestors and murdered our forefathers and you defend their evil religion. Where is your shame? Where is your honor?  Have you lost everything?

Muslims won through terror and deception. That is going to end. Truth is out and good people are leaving Islam. Make your mind. Are you a good human? Then leave this damn religion of crime and join us. If not you are evil and the world should know it.    Good people leave this faith of hate as soon as they learn the truth.

Already our Hindu brothers are suspicious about us due to several terrorist elements promoted by our traditional rival Pakistan to destroy our peace. These people are mad. What has it to do with religion? Pakistan is not able to control their own people and they are attacking us with terrorism for their politics.

It has everything to do with religion. Read the Sira and you will see that what Pakistanis are doing is because of Islam.   That Zakir Naik is not a Pakistani and he is supporting terrorism and says every Muslim should be a terrorist.  Where do you think he gets that idea? He gets it from Islam!

Ignorant people. Personally I don’t like Arabs & Palestinians, they have no trace of Islam in them nor any human values. It is their problem not Islam.

That is the difference between you and me. I can’t dislike people. I  blame them for what they do but not dislike them.  And yes the Palestinians and Arabs are full of hate because of Islam.  If they leave Islam they are just like anyone else.  You dislike the Arabs when they are humans and defend Islam that is just an ideology.  You have your values upside down.  People have to be respected not ideologies.  You can dislike and even hate any ideology but you must not hate people.  I comare Islam to a sickness. I hate this sickness but not the patient, whereas you hate humans.

So Sina, kindly don’t abuse our feelings with insulting our beloved Prophet which hurts us very much.

Why should I give a damn about your feelings? I am not here to protect your feelings any more that you should care about protecting mine?  This is argumentum ad misericordiam. We must state the truth and if truth is hurtful let is hurt.   Truth can hurt feelings but lies kill people. The backwardness, the mayhem, the savagery, the turmoil and the terrorism of Muslims is because of Islam.  What is better? If I tell the truth your feelings will be hurt, but you’ll get over it and become free and live happy and in harmony with others. Eventually you’ll even thank me, as many have.  Alternatively, you will continue living in a lie and continue doing evil while believing you are doing God’s work.  Which is better?


You have the rights to promote your ideas against islam with your logic, but it should be on moral & healthy grounds. You may not have any problem but don’t poison every body’s heart with hatred towards us. We are already living in a sensitive world and you are pouring oil on the fire. Please don’t do this.

There is nothing immoral or unethical about telling the truth.  People don’t hate Muslims for what I write. They hate them because so many Muslims are terrorists or terrorist supporters.  I am helping the world to see that these Muslims are only victims of a lie and once weaned from this lie they can be as good as anyone else.


You know definitely that muslims are of strong belief, many are offended by your approach while some are depressed and those who dare to doubt the islamic scholars, are in threats of radicals.

Strength of faith is not a virtue but a vice. As Bertrand Russell wrote, ““The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.”

I can’t change the fools, but there are many wise people who think Islam is a good religion. I aim to awaken them.

Does the fact that Muslims persecute and kill the apostate a good reason to say nothing bad about Islam? This is absurd.  I advise the apostates to be cautious and make sure they are not discovered and their lives are not put in peril. However, the fact that Muslims kill the apostate is no good reason to stop criticism their evil cult. In fact we msut criticize it because of it.


The non-muslim friends will look at us with suspicion, So you are not supporting the society but increasing the tension.

Why shouldn’t they look at you with suspicion?  If you follow Muhammad, chances are that you are a terrorist. Why should anyone trust you?  Here is a solution:  Stop being a Muslim.  You want to worship a terrorist and at the same time expect being respected.  That is not rational.

This is like saying I am a peaceful member of the Mafia and a harmless fellow of the drug cartel and by speaking against my gangster organizations you make people suspicious of me.  Hell I want people to be suspicious of you. You are suspicious.  If you believe in what Muhammad said, why should anyone trust you? And if you don’t, why you call yourself a Muslim?   You can’t be a member of the caravan and the partner of the thieves.  In fact Islam and Thuggee faith are very similar.


You may tell that you are trying to enlighten Muslims & to end Islam, that Allah only knows better, but the consequence is the opposite, we all are witnessed as terrorist at least in the “hearts” of non muslims.


Good. That is exactly what I want. The more you feel the pressure there is more chance that you come out of your shell.  I don’t want you to be too comfortable as Muslims.  I want you to feel the heat adn do something about it.


One thing I liked is your view on Zakhir Naik. I too have an opinion as your’s. He is not a scholar & he should stop his gimmicks while preaching or debating islam. He uses parables for question ‘X’ while answering questioning ‘Y’.

He is actually a typical Muslim scholar.  I have not met any Muslim scholar who does not use the same tactics in one form or another.


Anyway Sina please consider it as a request,, look to the problem seriously, you may not know the aftereffects as you live in the west. But, there are many sensitive regions in many aspects. I don’t ask you to shut down your site.

I looked at the problem seriously and the only viable and realistic solution I found is to tell people the truth.  There are many people who try to sugarcoat the problem. They blame “radical” Muslims. But that is a lie. Muslims are just like anyone else.  We are all the same people. The only thing that sets us apart is our beliefs.  Islam is radical. It cannot be reformed and there is no hope or future for a peaceful Islam.  Islam must be exposed and Muslims must be weaned from it. When truth is said, most Muslims will leave Islam and the problem is solved. I am not saying we should force Muslims out of Islam.  If this were a viable solution I would have agreed with it even if it goes against my principles. But it is not viable. It was tried in Iran 70 years ago and see what happened.  We must wean Muslims by telling them the truth not by force. I also think shaming them is a good strategy.  It forces them to defend Islam and that is when they will see it is all a lie.

I have never raised hatred of Muslims. On the country, those who read my articles knows Muslims are victims and don’t blame them.

 I don’t ask you to not question islamic philosophy. I am just asking you to stop using that harsh and immoral words. you can quote from quran, sira and hadiths about our beloved Prophet and leave it for the judgement of your viewers, let them decide whether he was a prophet or not. You please don’t decide and give all those unhealthy titles and name to him. I had been very frank with you in my views. If you have time reply. I expect a favourable action from you.



And that is what I am doing. But I am sorry if my response is not favorable to you. It is however the right thing to say.


Ali Sina

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No Responses

  1. shimlavision says:

    Hinduism is not a civilisation , it is a way of life derived from the worlds oldest Vedic religion, therefore in true sense its a religion only.

  2. shimlavision says:

    Ever heard of JOSHUA PROJECT? search 4 it you'll be en lighted.

  3. shimlavision says:

    The vedic religion is the oldest in the world
    AUM – AMEN

  4. shimlavision says:

    Ria i want you to read "THE GOA INQUISITION, VADAKAYIL" search google for it and read it once. A must read for every Indian to know the sufferings inflicted by invaders on indian people.

  5. shimlavision says:

    Before Ashoka , Vikramaditya ruled from veitnam to urals to vatican. Search google for saraswati river civilisation, vadakayil
    or search the Egyptian pyramids, Vadakayil you will know the real history of glorious India

  6. shimlavision says:

    Hindus and muslims live peacefully only in areas where hindus are in majority. Kashmir, Assam, Andhra etc, and areas where muslims are in majority are not peaceful at all.
    "until and unless some politicians start rocking the boat" Hindus are in a habbit of believing this bullshit. Search google for "Hyderabad Nizams Razzakars atrocities on Hindus" and hear the akbarudin owassi on youtube

  7. chrisheath says:

    I can categorically say – you are talking, in the division of Sunni Mulaim and Shii'te – utter Shii'te. Peaceful, as a pit ful of vipers. Mosks, a place to hord armimeints and grenadas, and hosguns, and filtare other implotive deviousnesses. Yeah, your kool the kat OK.. My hat is not blue, it is rewd. My an of the ger is not as it seems. U dcide. Musselmen of the passed – rooled by sord, not fancy words – danger is hear now – blud culd be spilt. Ban the k buk. Ban Is the little lamb. Time is short. The Sara is cen amongst us.

  8. chrisheath says:

    Let me start – Profit Mo, best geezer in the world. Wot ? ARE you kidding me, oops, did I mention kids? Most effin merciful, WOT are you kidding me? Allah' ah – oft forgiving? Wot , are taking the apostrophe in vain? Clearly, you did not study history, and wasn't that good at geography, and the humanities, left ha-ha, you far behind. Don't worry, come to Europe, and we'll treat you right!!

  9. chrisheath says:

    samudragupta, I like your words, peace. Islam – a scam and a con, desert myths, bandit beliefs, old wives tales, created by a narcissistic psychopath – yeah – you know who you are. Yeah, OK , open mind. like the approx 200 million slaughtered and put into slavery.. And the abomnable cult rituals – FGM – honour killings – child rape, teenage grooming for prostitution- do we need these sh'ite people anywhere? The answer is……

  10. chrisheath says:

    yes , I dis agre with red hat, no hetrad, ha-ha- I forain, cannot speil in langorage, no hatred. I ,us, hav not hat red, ees blu, no hatred, peez . We know, istorical fax, u terre or ize uz – we no stan no mor. Eezy peezy lemon skweezy. Syria – pleez sort. Egypt pleez sort. I no sort , me forain. U zort -eez ur prob OK?????

  11. Momo says:

    Ali Sina offers $50,000 reward to anyone who can prove him wrong.

    So funny and coward. …

    If he really speaks the truth and ready to maintain the truth, why only offer $50.000? why not $5000. If he's true, he will never be wrong.

    this means that he's afraid that if he is really right or not. He's still doubt about his simple logic
    And this means that his truth can only be valued $50.000.

    I offer you $50000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000, if you can prove that 2 x 2 is not 4.


  12. denialisnoproof says:

    What a joke ? islam gives rights to minority? stop being joker . do you know what was the percentage of hindus in pakistan before partition and what is the percentage now?
    Muslim deserved whatever they got in gujurat. If you don't mend your ways more gujurat will happen

  13. denialisnoproof says:

    Dirty muslim you are talking about india which was divided because muslim gandus wanted separate state for themselves. You son wh0re do you know pakistan hindu % before partition was 20% now it is not even 1%. Muslim bast@rds should fuck off or live like a third class citizen in our country.
    Do you know why you mother effers got raped in gujurat?
    sl@ts if you act smart you will be raped more

  14. Akbar says:

    Are you really ignorant or telling lies advertently. No religion has given those rights to minorities which Islam has give. You are talking about India where a Chief Ministers and govt. machinery is invloved to kill muslims, in Gujrat. And this is not a single example.

  15. knowTheEnemy says:

    If someone starts 'worshipping' cows, what exactly would be wrong with that?? How is that 'defaming' Hindus?

  16. ᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌ says:

    !من شکست ناپذیرم، حتی سعی هم نکن

  17. Agracean says:

    شما چطور؟ آیا می دانید که شما گنگ است؟

  18. Ali says:

    @ABC. Well you better pray to which ever one of your Hindu gods that you worship, that you come back as an animal in your next life after reincarnation. Eve though we all know it's never going to happen. (the reincarnation thing that is)

  19. Ali says:

    But the Muslims are only 10-13% of the population in India? So exactly where are they driving you pagans out?

  20. Ali says:

    @XYZ. I don't expect anything from you guys on here as all you cultists of Ali Sina are nothing but hate mongers. This site is full of evil, especially from Sina and his mob.

    Like I said before, you guys are cursed by God, Angels and Mankind and deserve no respect. Dr Zakir Naik is rightfully exposing you fkers. Good on him.

    If you want peace, love and harmony, what the fk are you hate mongering on this hate mongering site for?

    It says it all doesn't it.

  21. Ali says:

    @ABC. So what?

    What can you guys do about it. NOTHING!

    The sooner you accept that you are the inferiors and enemies of civilization, the easier it will be on you guys.

  22. Ali says:

    So exactly how do you worship James Cameron then XYZ, and exactly god of what is he?

    What is his role in this universe of yours and was he welcomed with open arms by Durga. 😀

  23. ABC says:


  24. XYZ says:

    yeah! he is ………. DEAL WITH IT!

  25. XYZ says:

    bottom line, it is useless to blame dr sina for something which is so obvious.
    even if copernicus hadnt told the world, the truth was out there that earth revoves round the sun.
    ur reaction is exactly like the ancient church's hen faced with copernicus's theories.
    if u expect respect , learn to give it.
    i know hard conept for u to follow.
    good day mr ali
    it was nice knwoing you.

  26. XYZ says:

    the moment u ridicule our gods , thats the moment we get the right to ridicule urs.
    and mind it u go way beyong ridiculing.
    if u want to practise what u preach , begin at ur own home by ceasing to hate the so called non believers of allah.
    learn in its essence what a true god will teach u , that all living beings are his subjects ( human , animal, believer, non believer ) and are equally worthy of love and respect .
    can u do that? stop dr zakir naik from spreading hate and lies about all other religions of this world.
    i think by killing and annihilating non muslims, by persecuting non muslims ……….. mulims insult their own allah beyond what any non muslim ever can.
    go figure if u can …………….

  27. XYZ says:

    but look at what u people have done ? do ur actions speak from any angel that u give freedom of faith to anyone?
    timur lang loved making pyramids of hindu skulls! u bet a very tolerant religion!!!
    even today we have dr zakir naik, living in india but telling all hindus shud convert to islam.
    why the hell shud we!?
    cant he just co exist?
    i ask u ……………….. do u have tolerance for others?
    in response to my appreciation to dr sina u suggested porn.
    is that what love is for you?
    well i leave u with ur qiestions as i obviously have my answers.
    i knew everythign about islam much before i stumbled across this site of dr sina.
    it is useless to blame him for this hate.
    blame urself and ur ancestors who have given nothing but misery to our land for 1000 years.

  28. XYZ says:

    and what were u telling me about freedom of faith for urself?_well in india we have countless mosques …………. 2000 of them are standing on what were formerly temples. and even today they stand barring the exception of one the babri masjid which was erected on mecca of hindus._that stands trstimony to the fact , i dont give a damn whom u worship ……….. and im not goint o kill u for it._

  29. ABC says:

    alright breaking ym vow to not reply to you ………. i am however replying._i dotn hate islam becuase of what ali sina says._i hate islam for what it has done on our land for centuries._islamic invaders like timur lang, nadir shah, aurangzeb ………….. took pride in annihilating the hindu populations. go n read about them on wikipedia or better still u read their own life records written by them in persian. bet u wud feel proud._timur lang has said in hsi own memoir that he salughtered 100.000 hindus in a single day. out of whom 10000 were in one hour itself in a great orgy where blood flowed like a river!_they were undoubtedly follwoing prophet muhammad._now go n sue timur lang for making the world anti islam and not ali sina!_have u heard of res ipsa loquitor?_thats a legal expression fot "thing speaks for itself"!_the actions of muslims speak for themselves. there is simply no use in blaming anyone for the "HATE". as the hate is ur doing._

  30. ali says:

    @Raj. Another one bites the dust.

    I told you before Raj, we can read you dik sucking Hindus like a book. Of course you are going to back track and will dare not denounce your god Ali Sina as this will be the end of you. The Golden Rule wasn't it?

    I did say previously, that when I push hard enough, your true colours do shine and the real you starts coming out.

    Did your mum ever tell you that your surname is Ali and some Muslim used to do her 24/7 and still is? Or couldn't she speak whilst gobbling the horse dik whilst you was doing her from behind? What do they call it in your lingo……. oh yes, 'ruundi ka beta'.

    I'll pay you 10 rupees for a night with your female mum and sis.

    When you get a chance, I suggest you fist fcuk her and your sister at the same time and see if Durga pops out the wall and starts tugging you off with all her hands and joins in the fisting session?

    If you are hell bent on worshipping diks, I suggest you start by worshipping Ali Sina's. I promise not to tell your brethren that you've been sucking some Iranian dik.

    Denounce Ali Sina, Yeh right. That's like asking you to stop sucking kock. And we all know the answer to that.

    'Jaa, aapni maa aur behn ki puudi maar', like you do day and night. 'Saala Ali Sina ko denounce karney aya tha, haraami ki aulaad'.

    Sweet dreams sister fcuker. 😉

  31. Raj_Humanity says:

    Not so easy my friend!

    I know well that Muslims cannot be trusted. I had previously asked you to denounce Muhammad and I will have no problem in denouncing Ali Sina. I know that the final and ultimate test for a true apostate is that he spits upon Muhammad – that he abuses Muhammad, the way you have been abusing me throughout.

    You forget that I too can respond, and have once or twice responded in the same manner. But I desist, as this is not my cup of tea, though not lacking in any imagination.

    Like, I said you are all hot air. The gas – which Muhammad had passed, while fking your mom – and you are the result. I understand you well. Like, I said, your dad had been treated roughly by your mom and Muhammad, and ever since your dad has been made to be a watchman outside his own bedroom, whenever Muhammad and your mom get into great sex. Your mom gets good fk from Muhammad and she even beat your dad with slippers whenever your dad approached her. In fact, Muhammad found both your mom and your dad useful. Your dad is now given tight butt butt ding ding (to use your own words) – an exclusive treatment by Muhammad – five times a day, at the time Muhammad has asked your dad to raise his butt. And your mouth is full of schit and dung – I can understand that too well. After your dad is given a good rear butt butt ding ding by your prophet muhammad, he takes his tool out of your dad's rear and straight puts it into your mouth, so that his tool gets cleaned of the goo – which you swallow and put in your mouth. Result – schit and dung comes out of your mouth, whenever you open it. In one go, Mo gets three services, one from your mom a good awra sex, butt butt ding ding from your dad and tool in your mouth sex from you.

    Imagination is not anyone's monopoly my dear stupid Muslim Ali. I am not lacking in that either, but I desist, as I said previously. You cannot raise your level of bringing up and have been insulting/abusing me personally, in words which does not fit a truly faithful and a God fearing person, throughout your posts.

    Whereas, I now assume that you are not interested in leaving the Islamic lie and so not taking the trouble of reminding you again and again.

    Whereas, I am happy that you had at least agreed that Muhammad is mad. You will see further light down the way. I am sure the one true God will bring you back into humanity – away from the evil Islam and away from the influence of the Satan Muhammad.

    Keep visiting this site and have interactions with Ali Sina.

  32. ali says:


    I know English is not your first language so you might have problems understanding it. But which part of the language could you not understand when I asked you to openly denounce Ali Sina in the format I prescribed, AFTER which I will follow suit?

    Most people on earth understand the term 'after you', meaning that you go first and I will follow in second place. In other words you first.

    Fk me, how difficult is it with you butt butt ding dings to follow simple instructions?

    The exact words were:

    'Have you left Ali Sina yet Raj?

    Can you please lead by example and publicly denounce Ali Sina on here for everyone to see, then I will follow suit. Deal?'

    And the exact prescribed format was:

    'You must publicly denounce Ali Sina by stating that he is a liar, is psychologically insane and imbalanced, you do not follow any of his teachings, rationale, advice, viewpoints or ideologies. By using him as your role model you have been duped, he is a warmonger, everything he says is BS, he is out to fleece the public, is an enemy to mankind and should not be listened to at any cost.

    Additionally, everything he alleges against Mohammed, he also subscribes to the same and is no different in any way, shape or form and thus the 'pot calling the kettle black' is in fact a statement of Truth concerning both Ali Sina and Mohammed because they are both identical in their claims and viewpoints. So not only denounce Mohammed, I also denounce Ali Sina in the exact same manner and accuse him of the same he has accused Mohammed of.

    He has no grasp of the Arabic language, all his home made books are a lie and me (Raj) will from this day onward be the greatest critic of Ali Sina and openly challenge everything he says to be wrong and he must show himself to the public to prove he exists and is not just merely a pawn looking for a cheap payday. I finally see him for who or what he is. A psychopathic delusional lying charlatan. I am also a fool for claiming to be a Hindu, then and Atheist, then a Hindu, then an Atheist and until now I have been lost and am very confused. I believe there is One True God, but cannot bring myself into accepting him as Ali Sina has confused me into Atheism even though I subscribe to Hinduism which is totally man made and is wrong but I still do the idol worshipping, but I (Raj) and am blinded and am too stupid to see the light.

    I subscribe to the Golden Rule which is pinched from Christianity, am too ignorant to think on my own, thus the deceit by Ali Sina.

    Once you can do this with no reservation, I will follow suit.

    You did agree in your post that both were mad, so leave both of them.

    The floor is yours Raj.'

    After which I once again asked you to publicly denounce with the following:


    Can you start with the public denouncing of Ali Sina exactly how I asked you to, and I will follow suit.

    Don't try and squirm your way out of it please. Try and get the denouncing out the way before the dung worshipping as this may effect your rationale and you might just backtrack!

    I am waiting.

    Start now please.'

    And you disappeared with your tail between your legs and have just come back showing your true colours.

    So getting back to point, can you please publicly denounce Ali Sina in the format I have once again given you above, and I will follow suit. Until such time you do, you will be given the 'teri maa di puudi' verses in abundance because as it shows, for the last week, that is all you have been doing. Puudi marrna teri maa di in secret. 😀

    The floor is once again yours, dung sniffer.

  33. ᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌ says:

    You are still more intelligent than your hermo sis !

  34. Raj_Humanity says:

    Dear Stupid Muslim Ali,

    I had agreed to your terms. I now want you to show action. I want you to renounce Islam and denounce Muhammad as a rapist, as a pedophile, as a looter, as a plunderer and as a sex maniac Denounce Muhammad as an evil person, Muhammad as an agent of the Devil. Denounce Islam as a lie. You had agreed to do all this earlier. So it seems now you are having second thoughts. You have developed cold feet. So much from you.

    I am still game. I will do as I promised. NO moving away from my part. I just want you to do your part sincerely. You must have seen my sincerity in not posting any comments the whole of last week.

    You are all words and no deeds. JUST GAS.

    If you are a man of words and a man of honor, keep your promise without just blabbering. LEAVE ISLAM AND DENOUNCE MUHAMMAD THE WAY I HAVE TOLD YOU – which you yourself had suggested.

    I challenge you to leave Islam and denounce Muhammad if you are a man of words.

    I know, you will not. Because you are talking about schit and dung. Really reflects your mind.

  35. ali says:

    Did you denounce your god Ali Sina in the format that I prescribed Raj? Of course you didn't and you never can! 'Came in like a wolf and went out like a lamb'.

    On the one hand you clam to be an Atheist and then on the other hand you claim to believe in One god. Make your mind up dikwad. It can't be that difficult for a 'I do or I don't'.

    And when you do jump on the bandwagon of the God side, (which always depends on what side of the bed you have woken up on that particular morning), who do you champion? A fking idol. Who can never help you or harm you.

    You idol worshipping Hindus are the butt of all jokes around the world, have always been and will always be.

    Furthermore, the One True God has already told us about the likes of you:

    5:82 Strongest among men in enmity to the believers wilt thou find the jews and Pagans; and nearest among them in love to the believers wilt thou find those who say, "We are Christians": because amongst these are men devoted to learning and men who have renounced the world, and they are not arrogant.

    So do we expect anything less from you pagans? Nope. You are what you are. PURE EVIL and inherently stupid to go with it.

    Exactly what love oozes from haters like you? Nothing.

    I suggest you get back into your rickshaw and take a ride to the Ganges and dip yourself in. You are already full of schit, so taking a dip into the schit infested river will renew your schit.

    It must really suck being you.

  36. Agracean says:

    It's true that all the braindead zombies are really dumb. Why? They wilfully believed all the stupid lies coming from a salesman's lips without knowing the difference between genuine and fake leather goods at all and worst still, they don't even bother to find out the truth if they were being conned!

  37. Raj_Humanity says:

    As promised I had moved away from posting on this forum for more than a week. But you the stupid Muslim Ali, had not denounced Muhammad as per your promise.

    The one true God (Ishwar/Paramatma), whom I believe, has given me occupation/ work. No work is big or small. Honest work and sincere effort is what God expects of us. My own conduct decides my fate. I have faith that Parmatma will guide me. Whether I be a rickshaw puller, a beggar, an industrialist, etc is immaterial. I should have a sincere faith and right action.

    Whereas, God and his Messengers are egoless, lustless, sinless – these qualities are not found in Muhammad. Muhammad sinned. And he sinned damnedly.

    A small school boy, will tell you that this person is evil and of sick mind – from the symptoms as mentioned in the Islamic literature about Muhammad. Unfortunately, the Muslims after reading these, come to love and admire this evil person more and more. Obvious, that their brain has been hijacked by the evil Muhammad.

    There is no love in Islam. There is no love for fellow humans in Islam. Muslims should love only Muhammad/Allah. Muhammad was egoist, arrogant, egocentric. Egocentric means one who is a black hole. All love should flow into that black hole – none comes out of it. Muhammad fooled the Muslims successfully in sacrificing for Muhammad and his selfish causes. Muhammad aka Devil aka Satan aka Lucifer aka Allah sucked in love. People of the sort of Muhammad can only have hate in them. They cannot love. Such a person is very insecure. Every small movement in the woods, alarms them and frightens them. They work overtime to ensure that they are not threatened and feel insecure all the time. They order killing of people based on their own egoist insecurity. Muhammad did not forgive. Ego centric people do not forgive. Muhammad killed 900 Jews who had '' surrendered ''. No one kills people who surrender and acknowledge their defeat in war – only Muhammad did. Such evil was Muhammad

    A true God or his messenger are fountains of love – Love oozes out of their very being.

    At least from this criteria of love/hate try to understand your evil Prophet called Muhammad.

  38. ali says:

    She's obviously thinking about her own reputation and knows full well that if she gave Sina's book the thumbs up from a Psychiatric point of view, she's finished, and if she gives it a thumbs down from any position, she's finished.

    Damned if she does and damned if she doesn't and all thanks to Ali Sina. The creator of the new religion of Sinaism.

    Like I told him in previous posts, just like Wafa Sultan, jumping on the anti Islamic bandwagon is paying the bills and has taken them both out of hand to mouth living in the 'West'. 50 more years, these guys will be dead, long gone and forgotten and then the real life will begin for them. They are not the first or the last, even though Ali Sina claims to be the first. Delusion is putting it mildly.

    The real issue which Ali Sina does not realise is that, the more he hate mongers about Islam, the more the Muslims hang on to their Faith and become stronger in the deen, because the majority see right through him. We both know full well that no millions have left Islam due to him. You'd be lucky to get triple figures because as soon as 1 leaves Islam, they are paraded around like celebrities as though they have just found a cure for Cancer. And exactly how many are paraded daily? Even if you go to apostate websites that actually name those that have left, they have no more than a few hundred. Those few hundred could be real or made up, however, a couple hundred from 1.57 billion equates to percentages so low, it's embarrassing to even champion the cause.

    Even Musaylimah bin Habib could have a better claim to fame than Ali Sina and he lived at the same time as Mohammed PBUH. Ali Sina has come 1400 years later and cannot even put an egg into a bottle!

  39. aminriadh says:

    Check out his "authority" – he is just as bogus as Sina.

    Apparently he is a narcissist himself. Whose theories are not accepted by Academics – well obviously as he is a confessed narcissist! And hence, not prone to making things up.

    Sina hasn't carried out any psychological profiling or any such thing – all he has done is read some material of Vaknin and fitted up any old Hadith he could find.

    – – – –

    His methods are extremely absurd. . . for example half a Hadith that agrees with his BS thinking – he would take it to be true. The other half . . . that doesn't agree – that part is "made up" and oh . . . so obviously forged.

    He has admitted – he was neither fair nor objective . . . . but the greater stupidity is that he genuinely fails to see why academics employ objective and consistent methodologies.

    What is EVEN more ridiculous is that then he goes on about . . . "rationality" – especially to bash unsuspecting Muslims with. But he has very superficial grasp of what rationality and logic are. He once told me to look up – "logical fallacies" – but I pointed out I am fairy competent in some aspects of Logic as science – and at least I know my basics. Didn't get a squeak out of him on the subject after that.

    – – – –

    What I find surprising is that Wafa Sultan hasn't given the book any reviews – an actual psychiatrist. And he calls her – his "spiritual daughter".

  40. ali says:

    The dung worshipper aka the Hindu aka enemies of civilization aka Raj, speaks!

    I doubt you've ever seen a real leather bag where you come from Raj. I don't think you could afford one, plus it would be killing your god, the cow. Stick to the plastic bags which you are accustomed to!

    You finished your rickshaw driving shift then?

  41. ᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌ says:

    Agracean had accepted human is Ashraful makhluqat , next she will accept Jesus is prophet.

  42. Raj_Humanity says:

    The procedure is similar to sniffing out a Muslim ( a fake human ) from a real human. Fake humans are followers of Muhammad. They are fake because they have mortgaged their brains with Muhammad aka Satan.

  43. ali says:

    Or the genuine leather handbag won't break when you biatch slap the likes of Ali Sina and his fans with the bag when they try to steal your money!

  44. ali says:


    Look for a label indicating that the product is leather. Sounds obvious, but it's the most sure-fire way. Real leather products will proudly sport this fact, whereas you know it's a fake if the label reads, "Man made materials." Don't buy a product without a label.

    Study the edging where the fabric has been cut. Real leather will have a rough-around-the-edges look and feel to it, but fake leather will look and feel like foam or plastic.

    Feel the fabric. Fake leather has an artificially smooth, often plastic feel to it. Depending on the type and quality of leather, real leather can range from course to silky smooth. But the texture will generally be less consistent than fake (since you can't regulate the real thing) and have a suppler feel to it.

    Examine for pores on the surface of the leather. Pores on the fake will be in a consistent, repeating pattern, whereas pores on the real thing will be more irregular.

    Take a whiff of the product. If it doesn't have that distinct "leather" scent, you can be sure that it's a fake.

    Spend some time comparing fake leather products with genuine leather. Once you've seen the difference between the two, you will eventually get good at spotting a faux right away.

    If all else fails, google it and ask!

  45. ᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌ says:

    Yeah ladies who carry Genuine leather handbags don't show off but ladies who carry fake leather handbags show thongs !

  46. ali says:

    @denialisnoproof. So I take it that using your own logic, your sister, wife and mothers face vagina is open for all the world to see because they don't wear Burqa! You said dung worshipper, not me!

    Moving onto your dik worshipping practice, your exact words were, 'worshipping a dik is not a big deal many civilizations have done it to show the sacredness of pro creation and birth'.

    Can you see any part that relates to a vagina in your above comment? I thought not.

    I'd much rather masturbate myself, than suck a dik like you do.

    The only part sacred that you Hindus worship is nothing. Once a fool, always a fool.

    As Albert Einstein once said. 'Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former'.

    This quote is for the likes of you as you guys fall into the latter category.


  47. Agracean says:

    Genuine leather and fake leather handbag look so alike. Do you know how to differentiate between a genuine leather and a fake leather handbag?

  48. ali says:

    And on the same token Ali Sina, you are the greatest of enemies to Believers, just like your Hindu brethren, which has been made clear by God who CREATED you, and not by Darwin whom you worship as your god, so we must take you for what you are at face value.

    I told you before, Muslims have been instructed not to even bother talk to the ignorants, which is what you are, but I am showing you 'humanity' by even actually having a dialogue with you on this hate mongering site. Don't worry, I will ask God for forgiveness later for breaching the non talking to ignorants instructions!

    If Islam is so evil as you claim, then why is it the fastest growing religion in the world? Are you now saying that most humans by nature are evil that is why they accept Islam so easily? Please spare us with the birth rate rubbish as I have already given you breakdown of figures since 1900 to 2009 from the Pew Institute. So, if that is the case, then Christianity and Judaism are also evil because all 3 belong to the same family. Don't worry, Robert Spencer or Pamela Geller are not watching you, so you can say what you want.

    You've been at it since 1994 and look at what you've achieved? You've actually regressed rather than progressed.

    The only reason you are against Islam is because the anti Islam stance pays your bills. Period. No more and no less.

    The reason why we are not surprised in the slightest with your enmity towards Islam, is because you are an Atheist and this is exactly what we expect from you. You'd be going against the mould if you said otherwise. After all, you dudes have killed more than anyone else, and all the whilst being the minority. Now that's a record no Theists will ever break.

    'Islam is evil'. And that by an Atheist as well who cannot believe in good and evil. What a joke.

  49. ali says:


    In living humans testings, the number of participants should be given and should include basic demographic information including: gender (e.g. number or percentage of male & female participants), ethnicity (number of African Americans, Asian Pacific Islanders, Native Americans, Hispanic and/or Latinos, Caucasians, and other ethnicity), the age range, and the average age. Also, where appropriate socio-economic status (SES), disability status, sexual orientation, and relationship status (i.e. single, dating, engaged, married, separated, divorced) should be included. Further, describe where the subjects are from, how the subjects were selected, how they were assigned to groups, and any incentives given for participation (i.e. payment or class credit). If they have any important characteristics, like being depressed or ADHD, tell how that was determined. For example, in the dead psychotherapy experiment dead individuals were identified by two graduate students trained to a 99% accuracy rate in identifying dead individuals based on body temperature, respiratory rate, heart rate, rigidity, and response to pain (less intense response = greater death). Also, if any participants were excluded, be sure to explain why (e.g., subject attrition, failure to complete tasks, etc), describe the criteria for inclusion, and report the final sample size.

    I'm not even in this field and I know more than Ali Sina. Ali Sina is what we would call the Freudian psychoanalysis. And as one writer put it, which is 100% applicable to Ali Sina:

    Freud is truly in a class of his own. Arguably no other notable figure in history was so fantastically wrong about nearly every important thing he had to say. But, luckily for him, academics have been — and still are — infinitely creative in their efforts to whitewash his errors, even as lay readers grow increasingly dumfounded by the entire mess.

    We now know that Freud compulsively fudged the historical record. This tendency is evident in Freud's backsliding statements on his advocacy of cocaine, his opportunism concerning the case of Anna O., his flip-flops on the seduction theory, and in almost every instance where he mentions a patient. … We also know that Freud never seriously dealt with the problem of "suggestion," which totally compromised his clinical findings and, by extension, his theories. Already, by the 1890s, few believed in Freud's convenient claim that suggestion — the undue influence of the psychoanalyst over the patient — was possible only in the biologically predisposed and was thus of no consequence to his findings.

    Change the name to Ali Sina Freud!

  50. ali says:

    You are right Amiriadh about Ali Sina.

    And which respectable 'psychiatrist' which Ali Sina is not by the way, conducts a home made bodged up psycho- analysis on the deceased? Especially someone who has been dead and buried for over 1400 years?

    Where is Jesus's and Moses's psycho-analysis in that regard and exactly what technique was used, bearing in mind, with respect to psychotherapy and the dead, to date there have been no empirical studies that have been conducted to test the efficacy of treating death using psychotherapy as compared with other types of therapy regiments.?

    Generally, the accepted standard after reviewing the relevant literature, the author should give an introduction to the research to be presented so that the reader understands what work occurred, the specific predictions (operational hypothesis) that were tested, what results were expected and why those results were expected.

    In order to introduce the research, it is usually necessary to indicate how the variables were operationalized. The variables should be referred to by their correct names (e.g., independent variable [IV], dependent variable [DV], predictor variable, criterion variable, manifest/measured variables, latent variables). The design of the study should also be mentioned in this section. The most common designs are correlational, experimental, quasi-experimental, longitudinal, cross-sectional, sequential, case studies, or meta-analytic. If the name of the design would not be understood by the readers, a description of the design would be appropriate.

    The conclusion of Ali Sina's literature review should include a critique of the current state of
    the literature that points out areas in the literature that he feel are being neglected. This critique should help establish the rationale for the present study. For example, if Ali Sin used a new and different manipulation, predictor, or dependent variable emphasize this in his review of the earlier work.

    For example, a previous study employed an experimental design and assigned deceased individuals (identified by trained research assistants) to one of two experimental groups (Therapy vs.Control) representing the independent variable. The therapeutic intervention was based on a Klinian object-relations orientation (Kline, 1945) which has shown some efficacy among the dead especially among those residing in family plots (Adams, Adams, Adams, Thing, & Lerch 1972). The dependent variables included self report measures of depression and sexual dysfunction and a behavioral measure of patient passivity. Based on the finding of nonexperimental case study reports, it was expected that dead individuals exposed to intense psychotherapy should show lower levels of reported depression, reported sexual dysfunction, and passive behavior, compared to dead individuals who are not exposed to intense psychotherapy.

  51. ᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌ says:

    Indeed Allah has created the human in the best of forms [Quran95:4]

  52. Agracean says:

    Dear Ms Dr Ali Sina, don't you know that human beings are higher mammals because we named all the lower mammals and we have IQ, EQ and KQ and also knowledge of what is good and evil while lower mammals have no knowledge at all, that's why they can parade their olo and v in public places. 🙂

  53. aminriadh says:

    "I am afraid your sources of information were biased. You need to read my book to get to the bottom of truth. "

    I can categorically say Sina does NOT give much sources for his claims . . . I have read the book. He has simply made most of it up.

    Hence why he had to publish the book himself. No respectable publisher has gone near it.

  54. aminriadh says:

    "As a Muslims"

    This confusion is genuine and very important where Sina is concerned. His vitriolic hate is aimed at once to the individual and the genus.

    – – –

    "simple things are hard for you to understand."

    So is this . . .

    – – –

    ". It is never because they see the truth in what I say. "

    Don't be so naive . . . a whole host – majority that I have come across – are NOT here because they have seen the truth in what YOU say. . . it is because of their own motivation.

    A lot of regular commenters are from other religions . . . they come to brand their own stick.

    Not ONE person has stood and been able to explain you and this "truth" . . . . and some fine people have tried. Demsci, Bill and etc.

    Even you cannot effectively explain your own self. Or defend your incessant hate.

    – – –

  55. Ali Sina says:

    Who told you cats are lower mammals?

  56. Ali Sina says:

    As a Muslims, simple things are hard for you to understand. You have not yet realized that I don’t give a hoot about religion and what people want to worship. I am against Islam because Islam is against mankind. How Muslims worship and to which direction they point their arses while worshiping is none of my business. I am against Islam because Islam is evil. What part of this is difficult for your Islamic brain to understand?

    Since as a Muslim you have not much use for your brain and follow like a sheep some psychopath of the Seventh century, you can’t fathom the fact that others use their brain and don’t follow someone else. That is why if someone agrees with me, your only conclusion is that they must be following me. It is never because they see the truth in what I say. you are blind to truth. So the whole think is a puzzle and the only way you can explain it is compare others to yourself. Since you are a brain dead follower, you only think others must be like you.

    I can’t blame you for this. You are a Muslim after all.

  57. ali says:

    Another Hindu from India I guess!

  58. denialisnoproof says:

    no it is both dick and vagina .
    with only dick you can just masturbate like you do.
    you need both male and female organs for reproduction under natural reproduction
    cover your sister wife or mother with burqa other wise their face vagina will be open to the world hahaha

  59. ali says:

    At least come up with a story that is original Ali Sina.

    I'm sure you are Hindu as your comments just seem way off the mark and pro Hindu.

  60. ali says:

    You must be gay then, dik worshipper denialisnoproof!

    Cum clean!


  61. ali says:

    @XYZ. You are right. It is no one's business whom we worship or whom we don't. This is everyone's individual right and choice and applies to you just as much as it applies to me. So exactly what the fk are you doing on this site promoting your hate? If you are content with whatever you are doing, why are you asking Ali Sina for advice with Muslims? Ask your own Hindu Swami's. Since when did Ali Sina become a world renowned Islam expert? And who gave him that title?

    But the reality is, you guys are full of schit and venom and are the greatest of enemies to the Muslims. This is something that all Muslims know. Why do you think the majority of Ali Sina's fans (cultists) on here are Indian Hindus?

    And if Ali Sina is an intellectual, then I am Einstein reincarnated but a 100 times more intelligent.

    Like I said before, you guys are so prone to worshipping anything and anyone at any given time, another man made home made god like Ali Sina won't make the slightest bit of difference to you myth seekers.

    Alis Sina just sits back and laughs at the gullible sheeple like you and takes you guys for a ride day in and day out. Literally!

    When are you guys gonna start worshipping Usain Bolt? Is he not the god of speed for you dimwits right now?

  62. Agracean says:

    Oh, my dear Ms Dr Ali Sina, do worship Jesus and not cats! Higher mammals don't worship lower mammals. 🙂

  63. ᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌ says:

    Islam is religion of cat lovers and dog haters but don't worship animals. You should start worship dogs.

  64. ᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌ says:

    James Cameron is your new GOD ! lol

  65. XYZ says:

    dr sina,
    i appreciate ur modesty. but fans are something u cannot get rid of 🙂 when we can worship silver screen idols , soccar stars , musicians etc why not an intellectual?
    im incidently not ashamed of my reply to the guy.
    he needs to understand " to each his own". i know hard concept to grasp for him , given his faith.
    good day.

  66. Ali Sina says:

    “You guys are used to dik worshipping, ”

    And what do you think is the origin of the black stone framed in that yoni shaped frame? It symbolizes the vagina of al Lat, the goddess of fertility. The sad thing about you Muslims is that your illiterate prophet copied the tradition and religious rituals of the Pagan Arabs without knowing their origin. Ignorance is bliss.

  67. XYZ says:

    but the ideology can poison their minds so beware.

  68. XYZ says:

    stop replying to him. he has no right to judge us.
    he is showing his own mentality and showcasing where he comes from.
    also a peronal request ……… even though we feel outraged , lets not be very personal here.
    this site is for a cause and let it be for that. no place for personal vendetta. peace bro

  69. Ali Sina says:

    “Even Ali Sina said, he’d like to meet you. His exact words were ‘Holly cow! I’d like to meet this guy too’. ”

    You have some difficulty in comprehension dear Ali. By “this guy” I meant the guy he was praising so much not the author of the comment.

    But if you had a better comprehension you would not be a Muslim. So it is all forgiven.

    “Do you know why? So he could get you to worship his lingham, day and night, with your hands, a@@ and mouth!!!!!!!!!”

    You reveal too much about your class. Have you given up playing the role of the intellectual? A Muslim will always reveal his true face sooner or later. We can’t expect more of a man whose field of expertise is porn business.

  70. XYZ says:

    yup cats r cute too.

  71. Ali Sina says:

    As a vegan I can’t but agree with your thoughts about the cow and all other animals. I have a lot of love for all these beautiful creatures, but I only worship cats.

  72. XYZ says:

    and that again is a matter of faith, unless we are doing something to hurt others, others dotn have any frigging right to judge us.
    muslims have countelss mosques on our land and i think that shud be enough.

  73. XYZ says:

    I WAS BADGERED TO THE POINT. of course i cannot love anyone literally over internet. one has to be a fool to not see that and take that literally.
    the thing which makes me so anti islam is, they smply refuse to understand the fact
    whom i worship or whom i dont is simply none of their business. but alas we have dr zakir naik and his army breathing down on our throats to convert! we dont want to, we r happy with our faiths or lack of it!
    also we dont worship cows. we simpyl think it is worthy of great respect since it gives much mor ethan it takes and is a very gentle creature.

  74. denialisnoproof says:

    worshipping a dik is not a big deal many civilizations have done it to show the sacredness of pro creation and birth .
    But what has your cult given to humanity?
    Your mullah ayothallah komeneni was having sex with a 5 year old girl and her father was smiling
    just speaks a ton about your shitty allah , madman muhammad and your rapist pro sharia laws

  75. XYZ says:

    the whole thing is whom i worship is not for anyone to decide.

    as for ur expression of holy cow i hope it isnt tongue in cheek, we dont worship cows. we simply think it is worthy of respect for by nature it is a very gentle animal which onyl gives much more than it takes.
    this exression and the misconception that we worship cows has been used to hell and beyond to defame us but we dont expect anyone to understand.
    as for the love thing, understand this guy badgered me to the point to write that.
    whom i worship or whom i may not worship, that ssimpyl none of his business. but the lieks of them inspired by their delusional zakir naik ………….. r hell bent upon imposing their own belief on us.
    thanks and good day/night.

  76. ali says:

    Of course you'd worship him. You guys are used to dik worshipping, so another one isn't going to make any difference to you is it, dik sucker eternity?

    Even Ali Sina said, he'd like to meet you. His exact words were 'Holly cow! I'd like to meet this guy too'.

    Do you know why? So he could get you to worship his lingham, day and night, with your hands, a@@ and mouth!!!!!!!!!


    Keep it up as you just are a gluten for punishment. What's next? Worshipping Robert Spencer and giving him the 'special' eternity worship?

  77. Ali Sina says:

    “as for ali sina ……… yes i love him and i am ready to worship him , if he allows.
    he is an epitome of courage, honesty and all that is good.”

    Holly cow! I’d like to meet this guy too.

    Okay don’t make jokes like that with Muslims. They don’t have much sense of humor and believe you.

  78. eternity says:

    as for ali sina ……… yes i love him and i am ready to worship him , if he allows.
    he is an epitome of courage, honesty and all that is good.
    bet u wont understand that ………. thats why it is pointless to talk to you.
    so ur a white muslim ……… and next time u will be ont hat plane which crashed the WTC , pentagon right! ur ready to blow up ur white brotheren isnt it?! a service to allah i bet. killing thousands of innocents , making women widow and children orphan! bet ur allah was very pleased.

    ur allah did say one good thing however ……….. when argueing with fools, the wise one says salam and excuses himself.

  79. XYZ says:

    wow the truth hurts!
    ur god is no god, he is satan!
    a god which calls for his followers to make mountains out of slaughtered skulls of kafirs ( who r innocent men, women and children living peacefully away from ur land untill u decide to pay them a visit to satisfy ur lust for natural resources ) and allows slavery and rape. is no god.
    also dont worry u prove urself to be such an imbecile so as to assume hindus are onyl contained in india. i am not in village in india ………….where ever i am of course my life is much blessed ……….. so that i am not going on taking otu my daily frustrations on an internet person.
    shows ur mindset ……. thank god im not a muslim.

  80. ali says:

    Any more diksucking from you XYZ, you'll be a full fledged fag. You Indian Hindus are the world champions of a@@ kissing. The only thing you've blown is 10 inches long and belongs to your Guru!

    If you love Ali Sina so much, why don't you jump in a container and illegally get yourself to wherever he is and go worship him. Because you obviously couldn't afford the airline ticket and no one would give dung sniffing Hindus like you visas and passport is out the question.

    Blessed is God for allowing filth like you to even breath the same air as us even though you don't acknowledge His existence. Thank God filth like you is contained in that schithole where you come from.

  81. XYZ says:

    the issue ofcaste system which is an internal problem of hinduism and never posed any threat to anyone …….. has been milked for whats its worth by muslims high and low. now the pertinent truth is ……… hindu society is recognising it and doing wht it can to eradicate it and compensate for it. r muslims doing anything fo the sort like ensuring the return of rinkle kumaris?
    nothing, becuase muhammad did that.
    islam is a religion of hate. get over it and stop hiding behind the faults of other religions.

  82. XYZ says:

    dr sina,
    wow as usual simply blown awayyyyyyyyyyy by ur logic/reasoning and ur 100% un biased mind.
    blessed is your mom to have such a son.
    i wish i could mke ur response readable to each and every person in india …………. muslim and non muslim. but im kind of pessimist here.
    muslims are so throughyl brainwahsed fellows , they will never see the light of sun even if it stares in their face.
    for all records i think ………….. hinduism is going to be an extinct species soon.
    their faith is evil and demonic but it also gels an binds them together like a covalent bond.
    thei next victim is goign to be south korea. just as hindus were tolerant and magnanemous but muslims took advantage of them and treated them with contempt. i see the same pattern beign repeated in south kroea which is buddhist/chrisyian. these people ( south koreans ) are extremely welcomign and warm hearted. alas they dont know anythign about muslims. already mosquesare springing up and muslims pakistanis to be precise are marrying their girls. no prizes fo rgueeing what the kids are! in time i see them taking over the south koreans just as they did with hindus and countless others.
    they are parasites and growing at an alarming rate.

  83. Kufar Dawg says:

    Why exactly shouldn't I hate islam? What's there to like about it? Why should I like the people who profess to believe in islam? Why should I like nazis? I don't and I won't. If you believe in an evil ideology there's no requirement I should respect or like you at all. That's called freedom baby!

  84. Jens DK says:

    Mohammod wrote: "allah & Muhammod will kill and fry you"
    Your stupid statement only prove Islam to be a fraud.
    Ali Sina is still alive and well. (35 weeks later)
    The only one, who is dead is Mohammad bin Abdulla, and Allah never existed.
    Mohammad was killed, poisened to death by a jewish slavewoman.
    And maybe Mohammad is still frying in burning oil.
    Pray for his poor soul.

  85. Jens DK says:

    I think, that it is even worse that this.
    I have read that 80 million hindues were killed between the conquest of Afganistan and the end of the mughal empire.
    It is a longer span of time, but many more hindu victims.

    And if you read the Sharia-rules on bloodmoney, the compensation for a muslim man is 33 times higher than for a hindu woman.
    That is true discrimination and racisme.
    That is Islam.

  86. Raja kumar says:

    i am a pakistani hindu..what mr ali said about minority in pakistan is absolutely correct. pakistani politicians think that minorities are safe but they are not. and also his views regarding force conversion are also correct. even judges and higher authorities support it and parents are not allowed to meet their daughter. and mostly converted females are below 16~18 years of age. pakistan is a living hell..muzlms when in minority have different tone as when they are in majority..completely in tolerant.

  87. Sol Landet says:

    Personally, i don't hate muslims. I can't. They have no choice in their countries. I don't hate even people that convert to islam, because i think they may have been deceived to make this choice. Hating someone for his beliefs is not a sign of civilization. I fell sorry when i meet a clearly good person that is a 'muslim', i fell sorry for them, because they don't deserve the religion of war. On the other hand, being opposed to islam itself and to the quran is a duty for all humanity. And I am. I started to oppose islam from less than one year, and It happened because i did researches about islam.

  88. Ali Sina says:

    He loves the image that he has created of Muhammad in his mind. Once he comes to see Muhammad for who he really was he will despise him.

  89. Julia says:

    Have you ever met your "beloved "prophet Moham ??
    Of course not ! So how can you love sombody you don't even know !
    That sounds crazy to me. I think you are brainwashed . All you know about this man is from others and from books. How do you they are true ?

  90. Constant says:


  91. Julia says:

    Yo Inshaan.
    Go and shame yourself for so much backwardeness .

  92. snipermunch says:

    i dont hate moslems, i hate islam and all it entails, which moslems happen to believe in

  93. krishna says:

    islam mean licence to kill people

  94. DPhysicist says:

    A must read article for all Muslims… I hope it help them them to investigate into the matters and see the truth…

  95. DPhysicist says:

    Yes Mr. Sina this afterlife fallacy has destroyed millions of lives but still people do not understand. Life is here to live, I don't understand why people do not accept the truth that every beginning has an end. So will we… Eternal life is not a bliss its a mirage.

  96. everonica says:

    Many have fallen deep in this trap n cannot extricate themselve out. U can help some but not all. Good work there u are doing.

  97. Ali Sina says:

    Truth must be learned in this world and not after we die. This is a logical fallacy that any person can use it in favor of his belief. It is utterly stupid to follow someone who cannot prove his claim and all he can do is issue threats that if you don’t follow him when you die you will go to hell. And this is basically the only arguments Muslims have.

  98. Inshaan says:

    Please think over and get into the right path. There is a lifer after this. You can do whatever you want here( abuse god, prophets, reject the righteous believers with your so called logical explanations). But you will die one day and learn the truth.

    May Allah lead you to the right path and accept you completely.

    A muslim brother(worried about your life after death)

  99. Inshaan says:

    Assalamu alaikkum,

    Mr. Ali Sina, Please stop your rubbish. We cannot digest this anymore. You are a clueless freek just critizising Islam & prophet because you are so attached to you wordly things. And also, I have seen your hatred towards muslims & Islam because you are stubborn not willing understand god & the his will. Boss, this is eternal. Your perspective about muslims is condemnable. Do not use unhealthy words in your website because you have followers just will nod their heads for what you say without a proper analysis. All your allegations against muslims & Islam is rational as long as you prove something logically and say this is wrong. And also mind you, you have no rights to abuse Allah and the prophet because to need to understand your fellow human beings also. Because you say you are a so called' Humanian" …right ?

  100. chandan says:

    Your Allah can't do anything other than what you told. And If Mr Ali Sina is spreading hate then what the hell your allah is doing?
    "allah & Muhammod will kill and fry you in the lake of burning oil after your death for blaspheme, "- it proves that your Muhammad & Allah both were frustrated and they were spreading only hate from the very first chapter of quran.

  101. kaushalendra says:

    अली सिना के लेख धार्मिक मान्यताओं के परिमार्ज़न के लिए लोगों को प्रेरित करते हैं . मान्यताओं में यदि परिमार्ज़न न होगा तो वे रूढ़ी हो जायेंगी जो मनुष्य के पिछड़ेपन और कट्टरता के लिए उत्तरदायी होंगी.

    मनुष्य का स्वभाव और चरित्र बड़ा ही विचित्र है. हिंसा से सत्ता की शक्ति पाने वालों का एक बड़ा समूह हमारे बीच है. इस्लाम के नाम पर पूरे विश्व में जिस तरह कट्टरता और हिंसा की जा रही है वह अपने आप में एक मिसाल है. किसी भी सिद्धांत के प्रति हमारी हठधर्मिता हमें कट्टरता की और ले जाती है. तर्क पूर्ण ढंग से किये गए किसी भी विरोध को सहने की क्षमता मुसलमानों में बहुत ही कम देखने को मिलती है. यही कारण है कि वे मुहम्मद के बारे में एक भी शब्द सुनना नहीं चाहते. इस कट्टरता से विमर्श की और नवीनता की सारी सम्भावनाओं पर विराम लग जाता है. किन्तु दुनिया तो निरंतर तिशील है …उस पर विराम नहीं लगाया जा सकता …मुस्लिमों की पूर्वाग्रही सोच के कारण ही एशियाई मुस्लिमों में पिछडापन और गरीबी देखने को मिलती है. वे आधुनिकता का विरोध करते हैं किन्तु आधुनिक हथियारों से कभी नहीं.

  102. Ali Sina says:

    I am afraid your sources of information were biased. You need to read my book to get to the bottom of truth.

  103. Daniel says:

    Escuse me but I have found a few wrong facts in this article. I am not a muslim but I have taken more time to learn about islam. After 9/11 I decided to take a look at it as they destoyed my home land. As for one one saying, story event, or surah in the quran indicate the prophet muhammed to do what terrorists do. In fact in history we have proof that muhammed brought mecca out of ignorence. In it is stated that the time muhammed was born was known as the days of ignorence. Also to this day the largest peaceful gatherings are from among our muslims. We could learn quite a lot from them if were not to busy to get in accurate facts and misguided people to learn from. Just so you know you should go to a mosque like i did and ask the sheikh about Islam. You seem to think you know but really you know nothing but the name of their prophet ant the name of their holy book. I have read the english quran and what you have said about it is wrong. Yes the why this man spreads hatred is wrong as well. Muslims ar not allowed to do that. Religious knowledgeable people will tell you to study Islam not Muslims. Clearly you only have studied the smallest portion of people in islam. Please edit this article. Learn the truth then make a article because I don't like slander against other peoples religion.

  104. Shrek says:

    "it is definitely wrong. But another *wrong* will not correct it"

    Is it right IN THE MIDDLE OF A BATTLE to deceive our enemy soldier to win a war which Krishna did with Karna?

    I would say yes.

  105. Shrek says:

    Kunti did not summon the gods to love them or have sex but to have a child.

    Your whole postings started against Indian_Girl saying 'I am not some sheep who needs a Shepherd to steer me to the One True Path.'

    Indian_Girl is right in saying that. Krishna is a very great figure in hinduism, but not a founder.

    I see a certain 'rationalist wiser than thou hindu' attitude in you.

  106. Shrek says:

    "not explicitly mentioned"

    Based on my knowledge of Mahabharata, I say this. I could be wrong.

    However, even if we assume sexual intercourse as the means to conceive the sons by Kunti, you need to remember that the purpose was to conceive child and not have affairs.

    Today's sperm donation has direct and indirect method. Direct method requires sexual intercourse and would not qualify as an affair.

    Means to conceive children and having 'affair', extra-marital or pre-marital, have distinction in the purpose. Kunti was not in love with the gods she summoned.

  107. Shrek says:

    "Kunti conceived sons without sexual intercourse as would likely be through IVF in today's world"

    I am saying this because sexual intercourse is not explicitly mentioned and has to be assumed as if there could not have been other ways in 'those' days like we have IVF today. But we would be assuming a lot of things in that case while Surya dev (father of karna) appears to Kunti as a result of the mantra (the boon).

  108. Shrek says:


    "it is definitely wrong. But another *wrong* will not correct it"

    Krishna deceiving Karna, who was involved in the crime and Anders Breivik killing innocent civilians are different matter.

    I got your name and anybody knowing sanskrit will too. Revealing your identity as a brahmin would have been enough.

  109. Shrek says:


    "Conclusion: I don't object to you having a *faith* that Kunti did not have a human coitus. Please by all means you are 100% entitled to *believe that*. Do you think I'm also allowed to *believe* that she was a human female and that she had a human coitus with Surya dev? That, my dear & respected Brother, is the rudimentary question."

    Mahabharata and the births of Kunti's sons are not a matter of your opinion. Kunti conceived sons without sexual intercourse as would likely be through IVF in today's world. Trying to INTERPRET Mahabharata as an all human affair without any supernatural power play is semi-rationalism. Mahabharata IS a supernatural myth with possible history entwined. You take it or leave it in toto.

    "If you write Krishn as Krishna, then Radha would become Radhaa (two a's)."

    No. In sanskrit and hindi, Krishn as Krishna would make Radha as Raadhaa.

    "Ali Sina doesn't use COMMONLY ACCEPTED views of Mohammed or Quran."

    Correct. But you would see him quoting the sources. If you know any version of Mahabharata confirming Kunti having sexual intercourse with the gods, please point us to it.

  110. Shrek says:

    Also, I myself being a hindu wanted to point out that 'Pursushasutka' is a non existent word and you probably wanted to mean 'Purusha Shukta'. Please do not make these mistakes in futures which makes me to believe that you are probably a muslim masquerading under a hindu name.

  111. Shrek says:


    This website is not to discuss the evils of hinduism or any other religion except Islam. Please go through the website and understand the purpose of this website along with the site faithfreedom.org.

  112. Nitin says:

    You are talking about islam but don't talk the evil caste system in Hinduism. Don't you feel ashamed about your very own brothers and sisters are treated as lower human being and most pathetic thing is that this is sanctioned by the so called holy scriptures like Veda's Pursushasutka etc…..

  113. MelissaJake says:

    Read these comments on Gawaher forum – the forum which the underwear bomber belonged to:

    The fellow believes Christians in Nigeria did something to deserve to be killed by Boko Haram!!?!?!

    More : http://www.gawaher.com/index.php?showtopic=737786

  114. John K says:

    Your comment is a meandering confusion of illogic.

    First, instead of guessing, why don't you spend some time reading the articles. Then you would know his views about religion, and you would also know that he is an ex-Muslim. Just as the ex-communists were the best sources about communism, so likewise the ex-Muslims are among the best sources on Islam.

    Second, as historian Daniel Pipes explains, you need an outsider's view because you are wrapped up in your own culture and can't see it clearly. Plus you are subjected to the brainwashing of your leaders and have no academic knowledge culture in Islam.

  115. barney says:

    Actually if u look closely ali sina is not a religious person mybe he is atheist.. But taking an opinion from the person who is hot even a muslim is like asking a dog how to meow.. In every religion, they teach u how to respect other ppl religiin.. And not bashing them out of thin air.. Before u believe a non muslim opiniin why dont u make some research from a real muslim point of view.. Like ustaz or ulama they know better than ali sina.. If u wanna know about christian try to talk to a father.. What i meant is try to talk to a pro and not some haters as they only pin point things which they only want to know and see..

  116. C.Sugumar says:

    You are exposing what islam is. Your appreciation of Jesus makes others to beliweve that you are not for
    truth But favouring christianity.So I in several letters requested you to make available the comlete works if swami Vivekananda for the better understanding of what religion in fact is .Thanking you. SV is available on line at http://www.belur.org

  117. John K says:

    We know the Quran tells us Allah loves Muslims and hates kafirs. True believers follow Muhammad's perfect example.

  118. JSOP says:

    Learn Arabic John and others on here also try and put the effort in to understanding others cultures and religions rather the stating wrong facts


  119. JSOP says:

    [youtube 5MoRTfS75X8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MoRTfS75X8 youtube]


  120. Sanada_10 says:

    If you love Allah you should follow Allah not a man especially when that man considers the love he receives is the same with the love to Allah.. :p

  121. John K says:

    I love the prophet's love too:

    Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them.

  122. Ria says:

    Why because ?? Quran says so ? Mohammed in Quran say so ? Muslims can not use their brain. Allah is giving his message, Mohammed is just a messenger. But the messenger is more important than the message and message giver.

    I can create a book myself and call it "Pigs can fly" It is a divine message from Allah. Allah really loves pigs and want you to believe Pigs can fly. If you really believe pigs can fly Allah will forgive all you shameful acts. Because PIgs are the best <3

  123. I'm Muslim says:

    The Sunnah of the Prophet [pbuh] is the way to get ALLAH’s love.
    “Say: If you (really) love ALLAH then follow me, ALLAH will love you and forgive you your sins. And ALLAH is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.” [Al-e-Imran:31]
    I love our beloved Prophet Muhamed (PBUH)…. Prophet Muhammad: The Best Man in the World <3

  124. Dhruvil says:

    Islam would not have spreaded in Indian subcontinent also if it were not for the mass murders and forced persecutions by the Islamic mughals … Infact , the world's bloodiest chapter till date is not the holocaust , but the "hindukush" , were more than 10 million hindus ( sanatanis) were killed in a span of 2 centuries…And the tragedy is that this so-called muslims , whose ancestors were tortured and were converted with sword hanging on their necks, are now defending the same barbaric faith which was found by a paedophile and a sex maniac.

  125. John K says:

    Thank you for this article. It is quite up to date, though I can fill in some details he was questioning.

    First, let's not forget that you have also written an excellent article on Obama and Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), the same disorder from which Muhammad suffered.

    I have updated that article with newer comments from Sam Vaknin in the Politics forum at FreedomBulwark.net if anyone cares to look into that factor further.

    Additionally, The Post Email raises the question about Obama's higher education being funded by Islamic interests. That evidence has already been produced here:


    Evidence is right about the 13:50 mark. Background reading is here:


    My friend will be opening a new website at ObamaThreat.com. It's not quite ready. The domain name has been paid for, and content is being uploaded. It should be live in a week or two.

    JustiaGate is another Obama scandel that everyone should be aware of:


    I also just received this excellent summary from the David Horowitz Freedom Center:

    Since Barack Obama took office and began to show that he really meant it when he said he wanted to "radically transform America," the Freedom Center has been working overtime to reveal what this administration is made of. Three important publications have already made a difference:

    Obama's Rules for Revolution: The Alinksy Model shows how the guru of the Sixties left, who formulated a blueprint for the process by which radicalism can methodically take power, has a fan and admirer in his fellow "community organizer "now occupying the White House.

    Obama's War Against the Jews shows how this President has worked to destroy America's alliance with Israel in an effort to tilt policy in favor of Palestinians who regard our country as the Great Satan as much as the Iranian mullahs do.

    Breaking the System shows how the strategy of massive government spending and debt creation that has become a hallmark of the Obama administration is in line with the radical theory from the 1960s that urged the use of "manufactured crisis" to create radical change.

    Over the next year, leading to what will be the most decisive election in our nation's history, the Freedom Center will take its campaign to educate this country about the potential catastrophe ahead to a new level with two other vitally important new pamphlets ready for the publisher right now:

    Occupy Wall Street: The Enemy Within—In this work I show far from being a "leaderless grassroots protest," OWS has been manipulated from its beginning by an influential, long-established, and well-connected activists and revolutionaries who want to destroy "the system"– which means destroying America itself. Among them are operatives from ACORN and other radical organizations, leftwing philanthropies connected to the Obama administration, and thug enforcers from the public services unions. No one else has told the inside story of this intentional effort to undermine the foundations of our national economy.

    Gangster Unions—This publication will show definitely how the public service workers unions are providing the muscle for Obama's effort to force America into a hard left turn toward socialism which guarantees that they will "own" an ever growing piece of the economy. We have seen the gangster tactics of these unions in Wisconsin where they have tried to bring state government down. Working both with OWS and with the committee to reelect the President, these unions have become a more sinister part of American politics.

  126. John K says:

    Thank you for this article. It is quite up to date, though I can fill in some details he was questioning.

    First, let's not forget that you have also written an excellent article on Obama and Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), the same disorder from which Muhammad suffered. http://www.faithfreedom.org/obama.html

    I have updated that article with newer comments from Sam Vaknin in the Politics forum at FreedomBulwark.net if anyone cares to look into that factor further.

    Additionally, The Post Email raises the question about Obama's higher education being funded by Islamic interests. That evidence has already been produced here:

    Evidence is right about the 13:50 mark. Background reading is here:

    My friend will be opening a new website at http://www.ObamaThreat.com. It's not quite ready. The domain name has been paid for, and content is being uploaded. It should be live in a week or two.

    I also just received this excellent summary from the David Horowitz Freedom Center:

    Since Barack Obama took office and began to show that he really meant it when he said he wanted to "radically transform America," the Freedom Center has been working overtime to reveal what this administration is made of. Three important publications have already made a difference:

    Obama's Rules for Revolution: The Alinksy Model shows how the guru of the Sixties left, who formulated a blueprint for the process by which radicalism can methodically take power, has a fan and admirer in his fellow "community organizer "now occupying the White House.

    Obama's War Against the Jews shows how this President has worked to destroy America's alliance with Israel in an effort to tilt policy in favor of Palestinians who regard our country as the Great Satan as much as the Iranian mullahs do.

    Breaking the System shows how the strategy of massive government spending and debt creation that has become a hallmark of the Obama administration is in line with the radical theory from the 1960s that urged the use of "manufactured crisis" to create radical change.

    Over the next year, leading to what will be the most decisive election in our nation's history, the Freedom Center will take its campaign to educate this country about the potential catastrophe ahead to a new level with two other vitally important new pamphlets ready for the publisher right now:

    Occupy Wall Street: The Enemy Within—In this work I show far from being a "leaderless grassroots protest," OWS has been manipulated from its beginning by an influential, long-established, and well-connected activists and revolutionaries who want to destroy "the system"– which means destroying America itself. Among them are operatives from ACORN and other radical organizations, leftwing philanthropies connected to the Obama administration, and thug enforcers from the public services unions. No one else has told the inside story of this intentional effort to undermine the foundations of our national economy.

    Gangster Unions—This publication will show definitely how the public service workers unions are providing the muscle for Obama's effort to force America into a hard left turn toward socialism which guarantees that they will "own" an ever growing piece of the economy. We have seen the gangster tactics of these unions in Wisconsin where they have tried to bring state government down. Working both with OWS and with the committee to reelect the President, these unions have become a more sinister part of American politics.

  127. Gil says:

    Mr. Sina,
    I can tell that this topic burns your behind more than mine. And I am ready to admit that I never investigated Obama. But let me rectify a couple of things.

    I quote you : "You rather attack me than doubt your hero."
    You made 2 mistakes in the same sentence here:
    1st, I never attacked you at all. I talked about my reaction to your sudden curt style shift and then asked why you were so upset.
    2nd, Obama is NOT MY HERO. I consider him as a human being who climbed the ladder (how? I don't know) and got president of the USA. I'm Canadian and my only heroes are Jesus-Christ and those who genuinely and consistently tried to imitate him through his teaching.

    I quote you again: "…mental resistance of people like you".
    I got no mental resistance whatsoever concerning Obama. I don't know him, except for his fame, and I was just asking. I also believe that only the truth will set us free (John 8, 32).
    Maybe, with all the comments you receive, added to other problems, you were in a bad mood. To me, you flared up too easily trying to fix me quick ; I felt judged.

    I still admire you though and I'll checked the link you proposed with my usual "mental openness" … 😉


  128. enlightened25 says:

    But why is Obama so important to you? Bill Clinton was a rapist, Henry Kissenger was a war criminal but you don`t go on about them. What can Obama do now he is in office? If he did try to carry out any horrific act now it would be impossible to cover up. This time next year Obama will be gone and he won`t have done any worse damage to America than say Jimmy Carter did.

  129. Ali Sina says:

    Hi Gil, ‘

    No, I don’t think those words are overkill. I am afraid this man is far more evil than you think. His crimes are so horrendous that they seem impossible and this is the trap you and the rest of the world have fallen in. As Hitler said, when a lie s really big, it becomes believable. Also when a crime is extremley horrendous it becomes unbelievable. It is more likely for the wold to believe that Herman Cain is a womanizer, because is is a minior deviance, but it is impossible for the world to believe that Obama is a criminal becuase it is a big accusation. So he can get away with his big crimes much easier than Cain can get away with silly accusations. Obama was accused by Larry Sinclaire to be a homosexual. No one believed that. Three gay men in the church Obama was attending and were friends of Obama were murdered execution style when he became nominated for the senate. No one found out why. There was no investigation. Obama’s grandmother died right before the elections when some people started doubting he may not be a natural born citizen. Stanly Durham is burried in a cemetry and there is a lot next to him reserved for his wife. But Obama wanted his grandmother cremated. No one even asked why. When he said he is going to visit his grand mother, I told a friend, he is going to get rid of her. I was shocked when I read his grand mother died suddenly.

    Obama is using a fraudulet ID number that belonged to someone born in 1891. This is a crime. Do you know that? You don’t even suspect him. You rather attack me than doubt your hero. Obama has defrauded the entire nation with a fake birth certificated. This is such an audacious deception that no one doubts. The evidence is however, overwhelming.

    This man is the biggest froud in human history, after Muhamamd and all you can do is blame me for stating it. You, like millions of others have fallen for this man’s lies hook, line and sinker. But truth will be revealed, when one of his lies come to surface. Then it will be like domino. More of his crimes will surface when we get over the mental resistance of people like you. I am afraid the murder of his gay lovers, and his grandmother may never be proven. However, his other minor crimes can be proven. They are all documented and available for anyone who is not blinded by his naivite. The obstacle to the truth are naive people who want to beleive in this criminal and never doubt him. Give doubt a chance and investigate the facts as I have. You will come to the same conclusion that I have. I say the same thing to Muslims. Blind faith is dangerous. If you are interested in truth, I can help you find it. Only truth will set us free. This is true in every case, and not only when you are a Muslim.

    If interested in truth, please start here http://www.thepostemail.com/2011/11/29/is-there-a-more-serious-crime-than-the-usurpation-of-the-presidency/

  130. Gil says:

    Mr. Sina,

    First let me tell you my admiration for what you've accomplished so far to rid, with us, Islam from the planet. I am a fan of your savvy and wit and I have a profound respect for you as well as for your intentions and your broad experience.

    However, I was shocked by the trashy style you used when in the debates with a Palestinian over Israel you talked about Obama.
    Let me quote it :
    "But the Jews overwhelmingly supported this buffoon and now they regret it. Jews have committed huge blunders throughout their history with catastrophic consequences. This may be their last. Even today still 20% of Jews would reelect Obana. That much for the myth of the superiority of the Jews! In fact this imbecile is a threat to all mankind. How can people be so stupid to put a boffoon like him in such a high place? We willl pay dearly for these idiots’ mistake. Compared to this freak, Carter was a political genius. And we owe the fall of the Shah and the rise of Islamic terrorism to Carter. May God save mankind from this devil."

    Don't you think that the words "freak" and "devil" are overkill? Can you explain more extensively what makes you so upset about him?

  131. Duratma_Gandhi says:

    "do not discuss Hinduism or Christianity or Buddhism or Jainism or Judaism on this site"
    I have said so myself. I've even ventured out to suggest agniveer.com as a wonderful platform to have discussions relating to Hinduism.
    Allow me to point what appears to me as double-standards. When person-X made a post relating to the Hindu religion, your response was "Brilliant post ..". When person-Y made a post relating to the same Hindu religion (albeit a little critical & posing certain uncomfortable questions), your response was "do not discuss Hinduism…"
    I'm not qualified to judge you; you be the judge of yourself, Prithvi.
    I'll no longer respond on this.

  132. Prithvi says:

    Even today in 2011, the ancient skills related to arts are still passed on from father to son but it has definitely slowed down because the society, industries and new professions have emerged.

    I have a request to both of you which you MN made to me once, do not discuss Hinduism or Christianity or Buddhism or Jainism or Judaism on this site.
    There are proper sites for all the other religions of the world.

    This site is for knowing islam unplugged and uncut and please let it remain like that.

  133. Prithvi says:

    Dear MN & Ishwar,

    Two men arguing about the 5000 year old Varna system on a site supposed to expose the true and evil realities about islam and its founder. Not good.

    What you do not recognize is the fact that apart from wielding the sword, to attract the masses and especially the ones uneducated, the Varna system came to the rescue for the moronic muslims to exploit and hide or garb their hollow evil intentions.

    You and Ishwar are both saying the same thing but in a different manner.

    Yes, the Varna system was established basis the occupation of a man but eventually became a birth based system because it had to. The question is why but the answer is not really that tough to understand.

    You must have seen the guys who burn the corpses; do you have a school even today in 2011 which imparts the training of burning a corpse?
    Do you have proper schools for offering training to make earthen wares today?
    The answer is NO.

    So, 5000 years ago in the absence of any vocational training school where in students did not have the option to choose a career or profession, craftsmanship, carpentry, knowledge, rituals, skills were passed on from father to son.


  134. John K says:

    Sometimes the most obvious is the easiest to overlook!

  135. Duratma_Gandhi says:

    Thanks a ton, John. I knew it was lame but didn't realize it was *this* lame. Have a great week-end!!

  136. John K says:

    Every comment has a Reply button to the left and a Report link to the right in blue.

  137. Duratma_Gandhi says:

    Okay, had to ask it. How to "report" comments? Sorry if that's a really lame question – but each time I read your post, I keep thinking I should research on how to report stupid comments – and I keep dropping it off my to-do list.

  138. Duratma_Gandhi says:

    Okay, allow me to take the bait.
    You talked about the Varnashrama system. It's a very favorite concept of mine. And you said it's based on occupation. Okay.
    Let's take an "aranyam" – that's where people used to dwell many centuries back (long before the Islamic barbarians showed up). Let's say there are some 50 families in aranyam-A. They have the 4 varnas – Brahmin, Kshathriya, Vaishya & Shudra. Let's say 5 families are Brahmin, 15 are Kshathriya, 20 are Vaishya & the remaining 10 are Shudhra. And obviously, there's a gurukul just near the aranyam where the children go to get educated (Brahmacharya begins).
    Once educated, the children get married and thus begins the life of a Gruhastha. At this stage, let's look at the economics of the aranyam.
    The brahmins are doing various research or literary or pooja-havan type of works. These folks are responsible for the progress of the society. But they're 100% unproductive to the current physical & survival needs of the society.
    The Kshathriya families are busy learning the skills to attack, defend, wage a war, and doing physical training. They are useful to the society to protect against invasions & to expand the amount of land available to the aranyam.
    The Vaishyas are the families involved with various current-day-living jobs. They work in the fields, they indulge in trading, business with other aranyams. They weave clothes, they manufacture & produce goods. They are the most important part of the society – because they're directly responsible for the proper & healthy living of all members of the society.
    Finally, the Shudhra families. These are the guys who handle "services". I work in the IT sector as a programmer – I provide a service to my client. Back in those centuries there were very minimal services required for the society to function. Some examples are: delivering messages – courier service; carrying out house-hold work for other members of the society (like the courtiers in the king's palace); handling the menial tasks (like burning the dead bodies).
    Now, what do you honestly think are the chances that children born to the 5 brahmin families will proactively (without any external pressure) choose to work as a shudhra? Also, what are the chances that a child born in a Shudhra family (let's say the one that's handling the dead bodies in the shamshan-ghat) would be accepted to work as a Vaishya by doing farming? That's just one of the anomalies.
    Now, another one. What will happen if all the children feel that they'll work on their physical strength & take up the Kshatriya occupation? So, in a couple of decades, all of the society will be only Kshatriya – warriors. They'll either start a huge expansionary war and start exacting taxes from near-by aranyams – or they'll start fighting among themselves. You can conjure up this scenario for the other varnams too. If all children choose to become Vaishyas and do farming or manufacturing, what will happen?
    So, there is a very crucial need: the need to keep the system "balanced". There always has to be a minimum number of children that have to necessarily become Brahmins – and another group of children that has to necessarily work as Shudhras.
    In my personal life, I don't like working in the services-sector. I was born to a Iyer-family & it appeals my instincts to go into either teaching or research. But, my family's financial situation has forced me to work as a shudhra (IT Programmer).
    Bottom-line is: In each society work has to be divided among the people. If people are given a choice (like Noam Chomsky states), then a huge majority of them will end up doing only one work (or a group of similar things). Certain tasks that all people hate to do will be left undone. This is a vital information one must consider. This is also a reason that Noam Chomsky & other leftist ideologies will have to fail. These systems are utopian – they can't exist in a real world.
    Conclusion: The varnashrama system might have started off as a occupation-based system; but it could most-probably have *naturally evolved* into a birth based system. This has happened much before 500 A.D. – when Islam wasn't even created. Why I say so? If you look at the great dynasties , you'll see that at one point they became family-based. One king fathers a child & that child becomes the next king. If you look at the earlier Mahajanapadas – this was never the case. The Mahajanapadas were an oligarchy, not a monarchy.
    Request: If you could throw away your hatred towards any & all criticism, open your mind to at least a minimal amount of rational thinking, you will realize that you are identifying yourself with an ideology. And you'll realize that it's not a smart thing to do. You, as a person, are above any ideology. Ideology exists because YOU exist; not the other way around.

  139. Duratma_Gandhi says:

    @ Ishwar,
    1. Unwarranted, personal ad-hominem attacks,
    "You are an idiot"
    "You must be follower of a abrahamic faith"
    "don't have enough mind to comprehend"
    2. My argument stays. I'll repeat it, may be you can choose to respond to it (instead of attacking me)
    a. Kunti had a pre-marital child; this illegitimate child born to Kunti & Surya dev is Karn
    b. After Kunti's marriage to Raja Pandu, she gave birth to 3 children. None of them was born to Kunti & Pandu. Kunti had either extra-marital affairs or had an open-marriage that allowed her to copulate with persons other than Pandu in order to get these 3 children.
    If this is what you term "twist the meaning of the content", then please clarify. Are you suggesting,
    a. Kunti did not give birth to a child before her marriage.
    b. Children born to a mother when she is not married are not illegitimate
    c. Kunti gave birth to 3 children after her marriage with Pandu by having a coitus with Raja Pandu
    d. A woman giving birth to children of anyone other than the husband is not "extra-marital".
    Which of these are you saying?
    3. Personal attacks on me or any other person is not going to negate what happened to Kunti. Au contraire, such attacks show how weak the attacker is. It shows that you attack me because you can't defend your *thinking*.
    4. I've said this many times before, but I'll say it again. Your insults & taunts are "gifts" that you've tried to bestow on me. I reject all these gifts. So, these gifts belong to you – the giver. In effect, you've just insulted your own self. I'm so sorry for you.

  140. Duratma_Gandhi says:

    @ scrutator,
    Once again, many thanks for choosing to respond.
    a. About (1), Ali Sina doesn't use COMMONLY ACCEPTED views of Mohammed or Quran. He has knowledge of the Quran by reading the Suras & Ayats. He doesn't go with the commonly accepted notions of Mohammed being a generous & kind-hearted individual. If COMMONLY ACCEPTED or UNIVERSALLY ACCEPTED were going to be treated as measures of determining the veracity of anything, we might as well abandon the process of verifying veracity altogether.
    b. About (2), Two wrongs don't make it right. That's a logical fallacy.
    c. Re: (3), If you've noticed/observed any of the Gujarati or Yadav-communities (one needn't go far, just look at Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi KSBKBT) you'll see they great each other as "Jai Shri Krishn" and not "Jai Shri Krishna". In Hindi the last "n" sound does not have a "halanth". Same applies for Sanskrit too. If it had a halath, let's say like Radha – the "a' is required & acceptable. Without the "a" sound, one can't write both Krishna & Radha. If you write Krishn as Krishna, then Radha would become Radhaa (two a's). I think if we wrote in Hindi both of us would write correctly – it's only the English spelling that we're expressing differently. I have got a good idea of what you're trying to express – so I'm going to let this one go.
    d. Islam is no different. Check Al-Ghazali's work "The incoherence of philosophers" where he denounces the likes of Ibn Sina. The point is, COMMONLY ACCEPTED understanding or interpretations or thinking or ideology is not necessarily what that ideology really means.
    For example, today, many people term groups like the BJP in India, EDL in England, Republicans in USA as "right-wing". Left-wing or leftists are communists & socialists who want govt to control everything – example Noam Chomsky. So, right-wing or right-ists should be "anarchists" who don't want the govt to control anything or very little govt-control. Does BJP or EDL or Republican Party actually want to have less govt? No. So, the term right-wing is COMMONLY ACCEPTED as someone that is conservative – but it's quintessentially a misnomer.
    "Hope I've been able to allay some of your objections." – This discussion flowed from your expressing an opinion that I was "twisting facts". You claimed that Kunti's copulation with Surya & other devas was not a *fact* – you claimed that I twisted this event. And you claim that there never was any human copulation. I consider Kunti a human female & based on my knowledge of biology, assumed there must've been coitus. You deny this. Now, could you *prove your fact* that there was no human coitus for Kunti to beget those 4 children?
    Conclusion: I don't object to you having a *faith* that Kunti did not have a human coitus. Please by all means you are 100% entitled to *believe that*. Do you think I'm also allowed to *believe* that she was a human female and that she had a human coitus with Surya dev? That, my dear & respected Brother, is the rudimentary question.

  141. Jonathan Harrell says:

    Please help us moderate comments by reporting them. We monitor only reported comments

  142. scrutator says:

    @ Ishwar

    Hear, hear !

  143. Prithvi says:

    Brilliant post Ishwar.

    I tried explaining this on the forum on so many occasions but realised that some islamic morons argue because they have to argue and not because they try to learn and in the process arrive at a rational conclusion.


  144. ishwar says:

    And for all, whoever want to talk about any hindu literature have courage to study the original literature not the translations of western indologists whose aim was to destroy the indian culture to introduce christianity. Now they are falling flat since indians have started to study and discover the long dumped truth of their literature. If you use those distroted literature you will shit on your mouth. As far as caste system is concerned, its english word derived from portugese word casta. India doesn't have such concept. What you see today is distroted form of varnyashram which was based on occupation not birth based. Our scripture never supported any birth based caste system. You can talk of discrimination that is pure social evil and no society have been free from that. Even now so called progressive west world was engaged in even worst form of racism which led to so many revolutions in euroean countries. Whole of black people were victim of white racism led by christianity that prompted blacks to prefer islam over christianity. And todays birth based caste system in india is result of so long islamic rule in india that they stick to their faith to protect thier dharma. Have some extensive study analysis on that you will find the truth. Noted historian Will Durant has said- that during british rule it were britishers who were actually brahmin, khrashtriya and vaishya and indians were shudras. They got enough time of about 400 years to destroy whole of indian system what remained from hands of islamic dogs. They divided india first by imaginary aryan invasion theory then by caste system by distroting manu smirti and misinterpreting several other indian texts. But truth is coming out.

  145. Ishwar says:


    You are an idiot. You don't have courage to speak the truth. You need to twist the meaning of the content to proove your point. You must be follower of a abrahamic faith who don't have enough mind to comprehend into the depth of hindu literature.

  146. Duratma_Gandhi says:

    Anytime bro.. Your typo helped me refresh my childhood memories of Vishnu Sahasranama. The tune, the words, the vibrations – oh, those are so beyond description.
    I'd like to thank you for that.

  147. John K says:

    Hajj is a radicalization vector. Any country that lets their people attend is asking for trouble.

  148. Prithvi says:

    Let me correct a typo –

    Ashoka the Great ruled uptill the modern day Iran in the west but his kingdom was not expanded to spread Hinduism?

  149. Prithvi says:

    @ Indian_Girl:

    Do you think if the main stream political party openly starts challenging the principals or evil doctrines of islam, can islam survive in India in light of 85% Hindus of this country?
    Was anyone able to stop the demolition of the Babri masjid? And since I have mentioned the case of babri masjid, let me also stop you from deviating by telling you that a masjid is not a mecca but just a place for religious congregation and furthermore, babar was not muhammad.
    So in light of roughly 300 temple destroyed by the muslims in india, what is so wrong if one masjid was destroyed because as per the archaeological survey of india, there indeed was an ancient Rama temple.

    India spent Rs. 13650000000 between 2007 and 2008 alone for Hajj subsidy to muslims, what happened, you got Indian Mujahedeen. Go and find out how many innocents have been killed by their hands.


  150. Prithvi says:

    @ Indian_Girl:

    What do you mean, you should let people and institutions malign our ancient religious texts and literatures in the name of pseudo secularism?

    In light of a concerted effort by the congress party of our country to destroy our 5000 year customs and traditions, is it wrong that there are people and organizations who strive to keep those very customs which we should be proud of, alive? What is wrong with that?

    Abhinav Bharat was a reaction by some people who were fed up because of the inaction of the police to go after or crack the series of terrorist attacks on innocents of our country. This is because of the failure of the state agencies to solve the series of bombings which has happened in cities of India in which hundreds have been killed.


  151. Prithvi says:

    @ Indian_Girl:

    In the end what do you get, you get people who want to dance, sing out loud, wear whatever they wish to but the moment their religious evil thoughts in the form of twisted dictates from the quran renters their minds, they go back to their shell.
    In a country like India, every muslim is a hypocrite and is waiting for their day to arrive when they would be in majority.

    As far as your statement about the muslim integration in the local society is concerned, that is not possible. You should read the article of Ali Sina by the title “The Illusion of reforming Islam” and trust me it is not that tough to understand.

    The hatred, the despise for others is coming straight from the core, the quran and quran as per them or their belief is the word of god so how do you change it? You can only reject it.


  152. Prithvi says:


    May I ask you in the first place as to why are the same muslims who would pick up a sword without thinking twice in the name of religion kill a Hindu, Christian, Jew, Sikh, Budhist, Jain engage in an activity which is forbidden as per the principals of islam.
    Painting, singing, dancing is Haram in islam so why do we have a lot of actors, actresses, painters and singers who are muslims?

    That moron who lived his entire life in india, made billions because the people of India, the Hindus loved his work without thinking about his religious background, why did he defame our Gods with his paintings. This is how he repaid the love which was showered on him. Lastly, why was he painting in the first place?

    Do you realize how tough it is to be a practicing muslim and you know why, because the founder was an illiterate moron with only short term goals of capturing the wealth of the temple of kabah.


  153. Prithvi says:

    @ Indian_Girl:

    I would use a different word for the difference in the attitude of the Hindus now which in my opinion (hopefully) is happening because of the increasing awareness about the true evils of islam and that is because of great people like ali sina, anwar sheikh, Robert spencer, Md. Ashgar, Salman rushdie, wafa sultan, ibn waraq and others but moreover from none else but their own religious texts, the quran and the sahih hadith from bukhari.

    The eradication of the evil religion islam would be the biggest achievement of INTERNET and let me assure you, it will happen sooner than you think.

    And the different word I would use for the difference in the attitudes of the Hindus is AWAKENING.


  154. Prithvi says:

    @ Indian_Girl:

    Now you must understand that this hatred is not being invented by any politician. It is at the foundation of a religion founded by a thug, a war criminal and a deceitful and coward politician who for his personal lust and greed gave this world the most evil of all orders. His name was Abu Al Qasim Aka Muhammad Aka Allah.

    You need to do your homework properly before arriving and commenting on a forum like this. You cannot radicalize Hinduism, it is not possible. In fact Hinduism is such a tolerant society that you need a lot of coercing to make the Hindus react also in the first place. Count the number of explosion and bomb attacks in the name of islam and then compare it with 2 incidences of reactions by a group of people whom you mentioned in the your next comment.


  155. Prithvi says:

    @ Indian_Girl:

    Politicians can and would remain a helpless puppet till such time they identify a loophole to exploit the societal beliefs/norms for their own benefits. Until and unless there is a platform for dividing 2 religions, what is it that a politician can do? Now you tell me, which religion offers this platform of discord for the politicians, islam or Hinduism?

    Which is the religion which says that what others are doing is wrong and not just wrong but a sin, Islam or Hinduism?
    Which is the religion which looks down upon people from other religion and thinks that they are the superior race, Islam or Hinduism?
    Which is the religion which is at the heart against the principals of Hinduism like symbolic worship of deities?
    Which is the religion which asks its followers to kill the followers of other religions? And this verdict is coming straight from their God and not any leader owing to the fact that it is mentioned in the quran.


  156. Prithvi says:


    This is precisely the reason behind your liberal attitude, the fact that you are a Hindu and from India. I do not blame you; it is our culture to respect other’s belief systems and traditions. We never look down upon any other religion.
    We, the Hindus do not ridicule what people from other religions do or practice. This is our glory and this is what makes the Hindus and further Hinduism the greatest religion of all.

    Have you ever thought that why the concept of conversion is absent in Hinduism? Think and you will get a beautiful answer yourself.

    Did you ever hear or read any war in the name of spreading the religion Hinduism?
    Ashoka the Great ruled uptill the modern day Iran in the west but his kingdom expanded to spread Hinduism?
    When did wars in the name of religion started? After a product of a human brain came up by the name of monotheistic religions!


  157. scrutator says:

    Replies to DG

    1. Regarding a) above, people from Ali Sina downwards do go by the 'currently accepted' version of events — in discussing Islam, one looks at the Quran and how it has been implemented by Muhammad down to Osama and beyond ! Likewise, for Mahabharata etc.

    2. About b), in religions many have been conceived without human coitus, like Jesus from Mary, indeed Adam & Eve (from Bible and Quran) by Allah/Jehovah/God, etc. Likewise for Kunti's sons, she had boons with which she could summon demigods to obtain what she wanted, without human coitus, I may add !

    3. Agree with the gist of c). Bhagwad Gita is also known as Bhagawath Geetha, esp. in south India.

    Regarding Krishna, you are right, the phonetically correct spelling would be Krsna, but with dots over and below certain alphabets, Bhaktivedanta Swami of ISKCON used this version. While variations of the name exist (I've never seen 'Krishn' though !), 'Krishna' certainly continues to be universally accepted, since everyone does not put the dots in 'Krsna' which in any case is quite unpronounceable.

    4. Point d) is in an altogether different field of science and philosophy, hence no comments on it ! Islam is what we discuss here !!

    Hope I've been able to allay some of your objections.

  158. scrutator says:


    Yes, it is my mistake. The person who lay on a bed of arrows is Bheeshma Pitah Maha.

    Thanks for pointing out the typo.

  159. Duratma_Gandhi says:

    @ dharma marg noble,
    1. Ad-hominems & other unwarranted statements, opinions on me as a person:
    "You chose the right name (by accident ?)"
    "perverted,cynical,diabolical way"
    "Your explanations are false,overbearing,misleading, and down right evil"
    "You are fit to be a follower of MO"
    "How can you be so dark minded"
    "angry young dalit with built in hostility"
    "do not criticize without full knowledge."
    Why do you make such acerbic statements against me as a person?
    2. You said:
    "It is waste of time and below human intelligence to talk about ISLAM/QQUURRAn and MO."
    If that's so, why do you expend your time on Dr Ali Sina's site? The sole aim of the site is related to Islam, Quran & Rasool il Allah SAWS. Practise what you preach, s'il vous plait.
    3. You said:
    "Christianity and jesus are equally bad but christianity became civilized now"
    And you said all those really pungent things about me "evil.. dark minded.. angry dalit.. follower of Mo, etc".
    Now, you also said: "do not criticize without full knowledge."
    So, could you justify or provide evidence to cement,
    a. Your knowledge about me. Why you consider yourself qualified to criticize me?
    b. Your knowledge about Christianity. Why you consider yourself qualified to criticize it?
    c. Your knowledge about Islam. Did you expend time & efforts to understand Islam – because you said it is "below human intelligence" to even talk about Islam. So, if you put time & efforts into understanding Islam, why did you do such things that you proclaimed are "below human intelligence". Are you succintly suggesting something about yourself?
    4. Please try to spell correctly as much as possible,
    "Karen also was responsible for disrobing draupadi in full assembly" – who is *KAREN*?
    "Kubthi was a great devotee" – who is *KUBTHI*?
    "In SRI MADBHAGAVATAM" – You don't even know how to write Srimad Bhagavatam properly?
    5. Red Herring fallacy:
    "Why BHISMA took oath of celibacy ? why DRAUPADI married 5 brothers" – using an contextually irrelevant ploy to deflect from the Kunti-question.
    6. You said: "Arjuna faces the death to kill or get killed"
    Now, in essence you're saying that if a Hindu is threatened with 2 choices, either kill or be ready to be killed, as per your understanding the Hindu should *kill* and not be stupid (like gandhi) and practise ahimsa (& thereby get killed). Please, do update Dr. Ali Sina about this. He stated on one of his articles "a good hindu becomes Gandhi". So, he thinks that a good hindu when faced with a question of "kill or be killed" will become a gandhi & choose "getting himself/herself killed". Read more about what gandhi told to Sikh & Hindu women: if they were being raped by Muslim men they should not fight, they should keep quiet. Don't believe me: look at freedombulwark link below (remove spaces, because if I post with spaces, some smarty pants is deleting the comment),
    http:// www . freedombulwark . net /my-blog/muslim-appeasement-was-an-inseparable-part-of-gandhia-s-quack-doctrine-of-non-violence . html
    7. One topic at a time. Let's stick with the Kunti-question. Here's what you wrote,
    "As for Kunti there are reasons why she did that way."
    My questions to you,
    a) Kunti copulated with Surya & gave birth to Karna. This event happened before she was married: in other words, she was an unmarried lady when she gave birth to her first child. This means that the child was born illegitimately to her. And this event represents a Pre-Marital affair. Agreed?
    b) After her marriage to Raja Pandu, Kunti had once again copulated with 4 other men. With each of them she procreated one child each – a total of 4 children. These children's mother was Kunti; but their father was not Kunti's husband Raja Pandu. These 4 children were born outside the Kunti-Pandu marriage. This means Kunti had an Extra-Marital affair – or the Kunti-Pandu marriage was sort of like an open-relationship – where the wife can choose to copulate with other men. Agreed?
    Based purely on morality, why would a Divine being support a person with such moral past?
    Request: Please don't indulge in unwarranted personal attacks. Please don't divert away from the questions into unrelated topics or unwanted diatribes against anyone. Stick to the topic at hand. And once we reach a conclusion on this, I'll put up my questions on how/why Shri Krishn cheated Karna.
    NOTE: Agar aap ko hindi me type karna aasan lage toh Hindi me type kijiye. Krupa kar ke emotion me type na kare. Yeh is naacheez ki choti si darkwast hai.
    Jai Shri Krishn,

  160. Duratma_Gandhi says:

    @ scrutator,
    Factual mistake (possibly typo): "When Dhitarashtra was lying on a bed of arrows"
    Are you referring to Dhrutharashtra the brother of Pandu & father of Duryodhan – or to Bheeshm Pitamah (the celibate bachelor guide to the kingdom)?
    Based on my limited knowledge, only Bheeshm Piatama requested Arjun to lay a bed of arrows & preached the concepts of Good Governance to Yudhishtir. In Vishnu-Sahasranama too, we have "Sri Bheeshma Uvacha: Jagat Prabhum Devadevam Anantham … Namami Purushottamam"
    Please ignore if redundant; or clarify if you have further questions.

  161. Duratma_Gandhi says:

    @dharma marg noble,
    a. Thank you for feeling free to express your opinions on me & my actions. Some examples from your post,
    "right name (by accident ?)"
    "you may be intelligent but certainly in a perverted,cynical,diabolical way"
    "You are fit to be a follower of MO"
    "How can you be so dark minded ?"
    "You appear to be a angry young dalit with built in hostility"
    "you argument is laughble"
    "do not criticize without full knowledge"
    b. Do you consider those statements as ad-hominem attack on me as a person – when I never mentioned anything about you or any specific member in this comments-section.
    c. You said "do not criticize without full knowledge". And you also express your your own opinions & criticisms about me (ex: "perverted,cynical,diabolical", "fit to be a follower of MO", "angry young dalit with built in hostility"). So, did you criticize with full knowledge about me? Or, was your statement "do not criticize without full knowledge" meant only for me to follow, not for yourself. One rule for me, another for yourself. Hmm… Interesting.
    d. "It is waste of time and below human intelligence to talk about ISLAM/QQUURRAn and MO". Ooops – did you think this site was not about Islam, Quran & Mo? Hmmm.. even more interesting.
    e. "Your explanations are false,overbearing,misleading, and down right evil" – Please justify why you consider my statements (& I did not explain any verse from any text) as false, … evil, etc.
    Do you say that Kunti did not marry Raja Pandu? Or, did she not give birth to children outside of the said marriage? If she married Pandu & then gave birth to children whose father was not Pandu – it's called an extra-marital affair. That's simply the objective reality. Nothing in it me to falsify. If this objective reality is *evil*, both of us need to imagine why our ancestors put in such *evil* things in a good-book.
    f. "Why BHISMA took oath of celibacy ? why DRAUPADI married 5 brothers , not unrelated strangers." – Irrelevant to the Kunti-question. This is a typical Red Herring fallacy.
    g. "highest philosophy of mankind ever seen" – Why should I even respond further – I don't fathom. And Muslims tell the same about Quran. And Christians say the same about Bible; Jews about the Torah, Sikhs about Guru Granth Sahib, Jains & Buddhists about the texts of the Thirthankaras & Buddha.
    h. "LORD went as emissary . It was a demonic act to try to bind him" – One mistake doesn't justify another. Two wrongs don't make it right. If Karna & Duryodhan & Drutharashtr & Bheeshm pitamah all did not prevent the disrobing of Draupadi – it is definitely wrong. But another *wrong* will not correct it.
    Look at it this way: Ajmal Kasab killed 100's of innocent civilians in Mumbai; back in Norway, Brevik killed 100's of people to express his sentiment against Islam. Both of these are crimes; one doesn't cancel out another.
    i. "Arjuna faces the death to kill or get killed" – Good one. So, when faced with an existential threat, (at least as per your understanding) Shri Krishn orders Hindus to kill the enemy (even if the enemy is our own cousins, gurus or relatives). Good.. very very good. Now, please communicate that to Dr. Ali Sina; who says that "a good hindu becomes Gandhi". As per Dr. Sina a good hindu will throw Bhagwath Geetha to the sewage & start following gandhi. Now, will Gandhi also advise a Hindu to kill another person when faced with a "kill or be killed" situation? No, of course not. In fact, Gandhi (http://www.freedombulwark.net/my-blog/muslim-appeasement-was-an-inseparable-part-of-gandhia-s-quack-doctrine-of-non-violence.html) wrote that Sikh & Hindu women should keep quite when they're being raped by Muslim men.
    j. "How can you be so dark minded ?" Sure, I'm dark-minded. Why? Because I chose to ask certain questions that make you uncomfortable. I'd suggest we stick to the Kunti-question in the next comment. I'd appreciate if you can leave your hot-steam with your coffee – alongside your emotional diatribe. My question to you is; Did Kunti have pre-marital & extra-marital affairs? Did she give birth to an illegitimate child – a child born before she was married? There are no two ways about this.
    k. Aham Brahmasmi, Tat Tvam asi. Have you heard anyone say "Abhivadaye.."? Do you even know what it is? Here's a little something that'll help you which specific Dalit-group I represent,
    "Abhivadaye Bhargava Syaavana AApnavaana Owrva Jaamadaghnya Srivatsa Gothraha Aaparstama sutraha manisarma nama aham asmai bhoohoo".
    If only you knew a lot more about Dalit-groups, that above sentence will help you identify my name. Let's see if you get my name or at least which Dalit-group I represent.

  162. Duratma_Gandhi says:

    @ Scrutator,
    Firstly, thank you for taking the time to respond. Appreciate it.
    a. "then you must go by the currently accepted account" – Says who? The currently accepted account could be stupid – why should anyone accept any thing simply because it's CURRENTLY ACCEPTED?
    b. My (self-proclaimed very limited) knowledge of human biology & the function *coitus* plays in the process of procreation indicates that for a human female (say Kunti) to procreate she requires a human male to indulge in coitus with her. Please elaborate to justify your accusation "not put in your own twisted version of the events" & "Please do not twist facts"
    c. "Bhagwad Gita" – many people write this as Bhagawath Geetha too. "universally accepted as being "Krishna"" – again, UNIVERSALLY ACCEPTED doesn't mean it's correct. The addition of "aa" sound in the end is not inherent to Sanskrit. The word is written as Krsn – and down south you'll see people writing it as Krishnan. UNIVERSALLY ACCEPTED, eh?
    d. Before Galeleo Galelei was accused of heresy & sentenced to life in prison, people UNIVERSALLY ACCEPTED "Earth was flat" & "Earth was at the center around which the Sun revolves". Simply for having the courage to express his opinion the respected Mr. Galelei was sentenced by COMMONLY ACCEPTED laws & regulations.
    Your response awaited & appreciated.

  163. samudragupta says:

    Hinduism is a civilisation,not only a relgion.In this 21st century,if anyone want to see it with a open mind that Hindu history only does not contain Casteism or superstitions.Caste system was started later and after a period,it took a ugly shape.It has a long history of peace,co-existence of Jains,Sikhs,Buddhists,Hindus and progressiveness.Christianity has a good teacher like Jesus.Buddhism has a good teacher like Buddha.Hope in the upcoming days,Hindus,Christians,Buddhists,Jews,Jains,Shikhs,Zoarasters and all others will unitely contribute to the world to make it a place of peace.Humanity and truth should be beyond any blind faith.Everyone has many good lessons.We have to share all the goods and reject the bads.If Islam is concerned,its teacher himself is under scanner.Future will tell how the change will come in that society,but the day of change is not much late from now.

  164. samudragupta says:

    To Christians and Hindus-1.The life of Jesus is worthy of full respect and there is no herm if we think him a divine soul.But Bible is already proven not 100%correct.So we have to use our brain,not only the heart,to what accept or not.Bible was not written by Jesus,so Christians should not have a problem.2.Hinduism is a civilisation,not merely a religion.In Ramayana and Mahabharata although it should be taken as mythology,we will find most good things to learn,but there are something we have to reject also.Kunti became mother of 6 sons with the help of divine origin.So where is the question here to be ashamed?Afterall it is a mythology.Arjun killed Karna immorally and Karna left him once.But Arjun also left Karna 3 times when he could kill him.Sree Krishna made every attempts to prevent the war.He just wanted 5 villages for the 5 Pandavas.We should not forget that he was not a Saint in this particular life,but a King.A King has to fight for the justice.So he convinced Arjun to fight against own relatives who tried to burn all Pandavas,misbehaved with their wife Droupadi,tried to kill sevearal times and cheated them.However,i won't say that there is no space for criticism.Yes,but as both Ramayana and Mahabharata are mythologies,we can overlook the minor faults or imaginary ideas.I do not think either Manusmriti or Puranas are given importance by Hindus any more.Puranas are just taken as fairy tales and if there is something found supporing Casteism,it is also rejected.Casteism started probably as a easy solution of earning,means thew son will do the father's job.But it is right that it took ugly shape later.But a long Indian history only does not gave Casteism and superstitions,but also gives the ideas peace,co-existence ,prosperity,spirituality.BhagwadGita,Veda,Upanishad are the books which can motivate anyone towards spirituality,but they also should not be above any questioning.Swami Vivekananda had shown the path to the greater spirituality derived from Hinduism,Christianity,BuddhismActualy,in this 21 st century,we can't blindly follow a religion only.We have to believe on our brain to know the truth,the brain which God has given us.Every religion has many good lessons.We have to extract them all and add them and unitely have to lead toeards tolerance,prosperity and spirituality.

  165. scrutator says:


    There is now scientific evidence of the Mahabharata (hence the Bhagawad Gita) and Krishna, about which western historians would not tell anyone !

    When Dhitarashtra was lying on a bed of arrows towards the end of the epic war, he looked upwards and described the planetary positions existing at that time. From his descriptions, Indian astronomers (NOT ASTROLOGERS !) were able to calculate the the time he was talking about — it was around 3200 BC. So, this ties in with the Hindu theory of Krishna avatar of God being there about 5000 years ago, just before the beginning of the present Kali Yuga..

    The Vedas were written long before the war of Mahabharata.

    So, the dates mentioned for Vedas, Mahabharata and Krishna mentioned by western historians are incorrect.

  166. John K says:

    "if someone could find something out about you, before you was born does that mean our information is stored on a sort of Database?"

    That's a very good question that touches on the integrity of the individual and is related to omniscience. I don't think it's possible to violate the integrity of the individual by reading thoughts internally, but it is possible to read them externally. For example, we hear it said of married couples that are close and have been together a long time that they can tell by a glance what the other is thinking. Also, when we did IT deployment in the military, part of the training was awareness of the surroundings because spies can read the electronic emissions from the keyboard presses, etc. So to the extent that our intelligences are users of physical bodies, it is possible to read the emissions through instruments like the MRI. So I think that information storage external to our intelligence is limited to what the brain circuits store in memory banks, and whatever of our actions are recorded externally by others, or perhaps even by the fabric of the universe.

    "I think they would be more than that, they would be absolute truths." I agree. That is somewhat of the nature of the meaning of archetypes.

  167. enlightened25 says:

    "Many religions and philosophies have this concept of concentration to block out the outside world to focus on transcendental experience or communication." Not just communication but the finding out of any fact about the target, essentially we are just information. But this raises the possiblity if someone could find something out about you, before you was born does that mean our information is stored on a sort of Database?

    "After all, they are all just manifestations of human nature." I think they would be more than that, they would be absolute truths.

  168. John K says:

    Right. I also wasn't sure why you included me in this statement.

    Neither one of us actually said anything about Hinduism. I think the confusion arises because both of us asked about this comment above from user knowTheEnemy:

    "No. Even though many Hindus think so, any person who has studied science, the history of life on earth, and evolution would know that no scriptures are from supernatural sources. A study of history of hinduism from different historians and anthropologists reveals that the scriptures were concocted mostly by brahmins and other 'sages' over centuries."

    "And I believe that the brahmins have done a very good job of pholosophizing and artistically putting that philosophy to scriptures. They have also done a fairly decent job of figuring out what to teach people so they can become strong people and experience life to its best."

    Regarding your comment here:

    "Hindu philosophy … is positive unlike christianity… Also HINDU philosophy is really spiritual ( which is absent from … christianity)."

    I have read the Bhagavad Gita and I really find it quite similar to my beliefs, so I don't know why you think it is so much different.

    "At least 5000 years old"

    Well, the Bhagavad Gita is certainly not as old as the oldest Vedas, and even the oldest Vedas are not that old. The Proto-Indo-Europeans and their Proto-Indo-European religion were still in the steppes of Russia and moving towards the Caucus by 3000 BC. They would reach India shortly afterwards.

    Most of the Vedas were written from 2000–500 BC, but the Bhagavad Gita was probably written between 500 BC and 500 AD.

  169. John K says:

    Right. Many religions and philosophies have this concept of concentration to block out the outside world to focus on transcendental experience or communication.

    Joseph Campbell said that all cultures use a common pool of archetypal Elementary Ideas that create the various philosophies and religions much like all words are made from common letters of the alphabet, so it is not surprising that common threads appear in all philosophies and religions. After all, they are all just manifestations of human nature.

  170. enlightened25 says:

    "did you read BHAGAVADGITA or vedas ?" No i have not but if you know any site that has an english translation then please post a link.

    "without knowing what is there , how can you discuss about HINDU scriptures. ?" Did i say anything about hindu scriptures?

  171. dharma marg noble says:

    Both enlightened 25 and john K : did you read BHAGAVADGITA or vedas ? without knowing what is there , how can you discuss about HINDU scriptures. ? BHAGAVADGITA is the primary scripture of HINDUS. followed by VEDAS. BHAGAVADGITA is addressed to humanity – not any particular group or religion or race. It is a grandest ,original philosophy. It is not compiled, as you think. You will see most original concepts – may be equivalent to 10000 noble prizes . Soul – super soul , karma,reincarnation, meaning,purpose,function of human existence, who am I , where am I going, what is the meaning of all this universe.etc.The concept of soul ( not the physical body ) ,beautifully explains all artificial understandings of world and humanity. This also explains beautifully evolution. Soul evolves into higher life that is human form. from the lowest. Hindu philosophy is revolutionary ( positive) – becoz it is positive ( unlike christianity,ISLAM which are negative). Also HINDU philosophy is really spiritual ( which is absent from both ISLAM and christianity).
    Philosophy Hindu dharma does not depend on external factors or influences . It asks a person to go inside his heart /soul and discover who you are . Then start the process of purification of heart and soul and body. Follow ISKCON philosophy.you will get all answers. There is nothing like BHAGAVADGITA philosophy , on this earth. Atleast 5000 years old and it was a gift for humanity.

  172. dharma marg noble says:

    your saying is wrong. The right way of saying is peace through strength
    and intelligence..

  173. dharma marg noble says:

    Duratma _Gandhi: You appear to be a angry young dalit with built in hostility . Your interpretations are totally false. You must know the full story/ stories behind each episode in HINDU texts . On the top of it – Hindu dharma/scriptures are essentially based on good verses evil .

    Regarding Karna , LORD Krishna knows everything. He was not cheating or siding on the wrong side. The LORD was to promote Good. Karn and friends tried to bind Lord krishna in the assembly/court when He went to peace talks . LORD went as emissary . It was a demonic act to try to bind him in the full assembly. Karn sided with evil by supporting Duryodhana and evil acts at each and every step.
    As for Kunti there are reasons why she did that way. Ramayana /Mahabharata are replete with back ground episodes why those incidents happened. Why BHISMA took oath of celibacy ? why DRAUPADI married 5 brothers , not unrelated strangers. To uphold dharma, their conscience, abiding by their words- it is not out of lust or scheming.

    Karen also was responsible for disrobing draupadi in full assembly. That was demonic- that day itself the fate of Karn was sealed as LORD krishna can visualize.

    Even you think that why Lord krishna sided with Kunti – you argument is laughble . Becoz Krishna is all loving. Krishna is the slave of His devotees – will never abandon His devotees. Kubthi was a great devotee of LORD krishna . In SRI MADBHAGAVATAM , it was repeatedly mentioned that the LORD is a slave of His devotee/ whoever it may be. Karna and duryodhana were not devotees of srikrishna. Arjuna is a great devotee of KRISHNA.
    Duratma _GANDHI – you might be great intellectual – but do not criticize without full knowledge. It is dangerous.

  174. dharma marg noble says:

    duratma_gandhi: You chose the right name (by accident ?). you may be intelligent but certainly in a perverted,cynical,diabolical way. How on earth can you compare Lord krishna with the monster, profiteer Mo ? Lord krishna narrated the right path for the entire humanity. It is the grandest of philosophy. No person on this earth will go wrong if they adopt his philosophy. It is perfect. Nothing can be compared or even comes close to that .

    ISLAM /QQUURRAN is particularly sewage/toxic. It is waste of time
    and below human intelligence to talk about ISLAM/QQUURRAn and MO. Christianity and jesus are equally bad but christianity became civilized now -becoz they can afford – becoz – culturally,militarily,economically,socially,technologically they -the christian countries are so powerful.

    Your comment on Arjun is equally repulsive,repugnant , condemnable. The battle field situation is the perfect scenario/context – for LORD KRISHNA to narrate the highest philosophy of mankind ever seen. Under ordinary conditions – it will not be understood by people. The context is superb becoz Arjuna faces the death to kill or get killed – only his/by his gurus,friends,cousins,grand sires,relatives with whom he played,ate,slept with,shared everything,,from gurus arjuna learned everything . Your explanations are false,overbearing,misleading, and down right evil. You are fit to be a follower of MO. Sorry to state that. How can you be so dark minded ?

  175. enlightened25 says:

    "human body as a biological machine with no separate life or consciousness of its own if the brain is a receiver for our own mind or intelligence" Yes that is true in a sense we are reincarnating all the time. So all the people who have gone into making us – our parents, our teachers, authors of books which have influenced us – have made our consciousness what it is.

    "During the height of the space program, I read an article by Spencer W. Kimball called "Voices from Space" in which he discussed the radio astronomers' hope to detect messages from other worlds" According to the remote viewers everything that exists gives of an energy or as they call it a signal. Now according to them these signals are all around us (just like radio waves) but during our everyday lives we can`t recieve them. But say during meditation we can by blocking out all thoughts from our imagination and then we can tap into these signals.

  176. John K says:

    The idea of the brain as receiver not only has implications for the possibility of receiving intelligence from God, but also on Dr. Sina's proposal that life and thought are but functions of the brain because we can also see the human body as a biological machine with no separate life or consciousness of its own if the brain is a receiver for our own mind or intelligence which is inhabiting, using, operating, or "driving" the body, so to speak, to use a car analogy.

    During the height of the space program, I read an article by Spencer W. Kimball called "Voices from Space" in which he discussed the radio astronomers' hope to detect messages from other worlds when the human being is a sensitive receiver that can receive communication from God.

    These concepts are palatable to the modern mind if we couch them in terms of possible explanations of evidence from quantum physics, but if we use the old terms like "prayer", they become points of political contention.

  177. enlightened25 says:

    "To primitive minds it is something that they have no natural explanation for because of their incomplete understanding of natural law." Yes this is the point i was trying to make to Ali Sina, as it seems to me his god is the laws of physics, while to me the laws of physics are (metaphorically speaking) just a part of God. Just to Ali Sina on the hypothesis of the brain being a receiver of information, yes that could be true (though personally i very much doubt it) and i do think their should be some serious research into it and the types of experiences like you had without just dismissing them.

  178. scrutator says:


    YOU WROTE: "Kunti – a married hindu woman that gave birth to children out of wedlock ……. Kunti's extra-marital copulation with not one but multiple entities to beget 4 children. Her coitus with Surya, Dharma, Vayu, Indira resulted in Karn, Yudhishtir, Bheem & Arjun. She abandoned her illegitimate pre-marital child Karn"

    Please do not twist facts — you know full well Kunti had received a boon from a rishi, whereby she could summon demigods, who would help her in any way she desired. You also know that is how she got the babies Karna, Yudhisthir, Bheem and Arjun. So, bring in "extra marital copulation" into this ?

    If you do not accept the the writings of the Mahabharata, thats fine, but if you do, then you must go by the currently accepted account (read the Mahabharata or view the video/DVD), not put in your own twisted version of the events.

    And by the way, the hero of the Bhagwad Gita is universally accepted as being "Krishna", not "Krishn" !


  179. enlightened25 says:

    But teaching kids this type of thinking is dangerous once you accept something without evidence you can believe in anything and very dangerous things too.

  180. Sanada_10 says:

    Nothing is funny except you, auntie. Wuih, what's wrong with your brain?

    Is it funny for you to run from me? Hm? Is it funny for you to be exposed making mistakes right and left, misunderstanding and accusing your opponent? o.0

  181. enlightened25 says:

    "Congratulations, by the way, on some very good thinking in that discussion." Thanks.

  182. John K says:

    Well, yes, but then again, we get into the question of what is the definition of supernatural. To primitive minds it is something that they have no natural explanation for because of their incomplete understanding of natural law. But in your excellent discussion with Dr. Sina in "Does God Exist" we see that God's existence is in perfect compliance with natural law.

    Congratulations, by the way, on some very good thinking in that discussion.

  183. John K says:

    Muhammad was a warlord and criminally insane. You have been invited to read the demonstration by Dr. Sina who offered to send you his book. Until you read it and are ready to discuss the issues, the things you have to say here are of no value.

    And yes, you are the accomplice of an insane criminal and murderer because you support the ideology he left. You are no better than him. You share a part in the responsibility for all of the terrorist attacks and murders in the name of Islam around the world.

  184. knowTheEnemy says:

    I was not talking about kids growing up in palestine, but the ones growing up in normal societies. Of course the palestinian mother will not reveal anything new to the kid since she herself lives in that belief. Neither the elders nor the school system believes anything different in that hellhole. Anyone who knows the truth would be too afraid to say it. So of course that kid there is never going to grow out of it.

  185. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ John K

    It was funny John. Juste was… ha ha ha

  186. enlightened25 says:

    Demigods yes, supernatural gods no.

  187. enlightened25 says:

    "If you tell him the stork-story, is that really deception?" Yes it is, the most sensible answer would be to say you will find out when you`re older.

    "You also know that as the kid grows up and matures, he will be revealed the truth." Are you so sure, what about the palestian child who asks their mother where is daddy and she replies he is a martyr in paradise. Do you think their going to grow out of it or blow themselves and a bus load of jews up?

    "It was the job of Brahmins and other religious leaders to slowly guide people to the truth." What do you need a guide for? Futhermore if you put your trust in a other human being doesn`t that make you vulnerable?

  188. Duratma_Gandhi says:

    I'm expressing my opinion on Arjun – in response to a question you posed on why I termed him spineless. There's hardly a need for the two of us to agree to each others opinion. So, I respect your decision to disagree & will agree to disagree.
    If emotions & feelings are what help you in measuring a person as a human or not, this / these criteria should've been specified beforehand. It is generally understood that a person is termed a human based on objective realities – not based on what one feels or what emotions one has. The term "Indira" – do you consider it a person or do you look at it as a title?
    Since you regard Shri Krishn as an epitome of hindu values, how do you accommodate the fact that he sided with Kunti – a married hindu woman that gave birth to children out of wedlock? The current Hindu Marriage Act in the Indian-law-system treats this as infidelity; though it doesn't treat it as a criminal offense, it can be a ground to seek divorce. Now, what is your Moral treatment of Kunti's extra-marital copulation with not one but multiple entities to beget 4 children. Her coitus with Surya, Dharma, Vayu, Indira resulted in Karn, Yudhishtir, Bheem & Arjun. She abandoned her illegitimate pre-marital child Karn – and later got him to make promises that lead him to be defeated at the hands of a weaker Arjun in the war.
    Is it a *GOD* that sides with a woman of such morality & connive in the war-field to defeat a strong, brave & *dharm-veer* Karn?
    Unlike the conniving Shri Krishn, I'm not a god; I don't claim to be one. I don't use deceit & I don't advise others to use it. I'm a do-kaudi-ka-bekaar-aadmi (a 2 cent worthless person). I don't respect Shri Krishn for the aforementioned aspects of his life; but that doesn't rule out the other innumerable positive teachings of his. There's no place where Shri Krishn says you should not be critical of my actions; or that you have no right to critically view or discuss me or the other Pandavs or anyone. Au contraire, Mohammed SAWS definitely followed a strong policy of no freedom to express critical views.
    And bottom-line: What I write or think is not going to impact Shri Krishn; but my questions definitely have the potential to trigger at least some people to research more about Shri Krishn & his teachings. Being critical of a thought could be a healthy way to understand it at a much more detailed level. This is one of the major reasons that the Vedas retain a mention of Charvaka – who was critical of the Vedas.
    Other than Buddha, I doubt if there was any great leader or a cult-leader that supported his/her followers to be critical & employ rational & objective tools. And that's one reason I have a great love & respect for the hindooo religion – including Shri Krishn.
    Thank you for taking the time to respond. Appreciate it.
    Jai Shri Krishn,

  189. Ria says:

    Talking about Hinduism is not very relevant here but talking about Christianity or Judaism is. Only because of the claims of Mohamed. His whole establishment of Islam is hinged on denying the deity of Christ. Islam is a deviation of Christianity and is a Anti- Christianity cult conveyed by the devil to Mo and Mo thought it was angel Gabriel, the same angel in the Bible that announces the birth of Christ and his proclamation as the Lord and Messiah. There are prophecies in Bible that pertains to the Islamic countries and their definite destruction. Not the people per say, but the whole ideology. But Islam did so many bad things to India and Hindus in the past. And Hindus have the right to get upset about it. And if Hindus in Indian and American in the West will not wake up to Islam they will try to prevail again.

  190. John K says:

    The important thing is that today Hinduism is a peaceful, progressive force in the world and in people's lives, unlike Islam.

  191. knowTheEnemy says:

    @John K Whether it is 'deception' or guidance is a matter of perception. When a little child asks "Dad, where did I come from?" What do you tell him. The truth or do you say "Oh, a stork dropped you off." If you tell him the stork-story, is that really deception?

    Does intention count? You know that the kid is too young to know the truth, that telling him the truth may shock him, and maybe keep him from enjoying his childhood. You also know that as the kid grows up and matures, he will be revealed the truth.

    Not everyone is mature enough to know the truth. It was the job of Brahmins and other religious leaders to slowly guide people to the truth.
    True, there have been many brahmins whose intent was deception rather than guidance, but there are also many who have done a good job. Overall, the package of gods and goddesses that Hinduism is, is quite successful in guiding people to the truth, and helping them enjoy life while they are still on the way.

    Secondly, just because we have matured doesn't mean we can't enjoy the stork-stories :p

  192. John K says:

    Good point. But if such visitors were in fact gods, we must not rule out the possibility because of linguistically tainted words in our modern culture.

  193. enlightened25 says:

    "But as soon as we label extraterrestrial beings with words like gods and angels, it's not acceptable." How would they be gods? Of course they would be like gods to us but not in a supernatural sense, just like our modern technology might be considered "magic" by primitive african tribes.

  194. John K says:

    We have differing contexts according to the system of religious beliefs.

    We already see the diversity of Hindu views held by the various participants of the discussion here on this site. I can't speak for the details of Hindu doctrines, which apparently are flexible anyway regarding which ones you want to accept, but you are right that there is a distinct difference between believing in the Hindu pantheon compared to the widespread Buddhist belief that all souls are but drops in the ocean of consciousness where there is not really a concept of a divine being at all. Buddhism also varies across cultures that embrace it. Buddha said he was a man and asked not to be worshiped or prayed to, but as far as I know, Buddha is prayed to in most Buddhist areas. In some areas it also mixes with the local pantheon and mythologies, so it is hard to pin down as a monolithic belief system.

  195. enlightened25 says:

    "The Namaste or Wai appears across Asian cultures as a bow to the divine within each of us. This is not the same as worshiping man or being our own god." How the man who believes the divine is within himself rather than in a outside god, is his own God, not the property of someone else`s god.

  196. enlightened25 says:

    "I believe in the concept called 'Unity in diversity '" Well that sounds like a baloney concept to me, you as well say `peace in war'.

  197. John K says:

    "No. Even though many Hindus think so, any person who has studied science, the history of life on earth, and evolution would know that no scriptures are from supernatural sources. A study of history of hinduism from different historians and anthropologists reveals that the scriptures were concocted mostly by brahmins and other 'sages' over centuries.

    And I believe that the brahmins have done a very good job of pholosophizing and artistically putting that philosophy to scriptures. They have also done a fairly decent job of figuring out what to teach people so they can become strong people and experience life to its best."

    I am uncomfortable with this concept for a couple of reasons. First, why assemble a philosophy for the betterment and guidance of the people and then wrap it up in a package full of supernatural beings? Is this a device to compel the people to believe? Isn't there a contradiction in using deception in order to get the people to be good?

    Second, why are we uncomfortable with supernatural beings? Primitive peoples associate all things they don't understand with the supernatural. If I was a primitive and saw someone use a flashlight, that would look supernatural to me. If science reported that we were visited by aliens, there would be no rejection of the evidence. But as soon as we label extraterrestrial beings with words like gods and angels, it's not acceptable. These have become politically charged words that stifle free inquiry.

  198. John K says:

    Right. The Namaste or Wai appears across Asian cultures as a bow to the divine within each of us. This is not the same as worshiping man or being our own god.

    It's a little different in Christianity because we believe that all humans are children of God; hence we are all brothers and sisters. So our divinity is in the sense that we are the offspring of God.

  199. knowTheEnemy says:

    I believe in the concept called 'Unity in diversity '. In order to practice that concept, there has to be….. diversity. The world would be too boring without diversity.

    But don't be concerned. I won't harm someone and will not fanatically try to maintain diversity. 😛

  200. knowTheEnemy says:

    If you think Arjun was spineless then that is your perception. I do not agree with you, but I will not argue either. I have no comment regarding the rest of your post….. except for the part about Arjun being human enough.

    Arjun was born to Kunti through Indra…. fine… whatever… but it doesn't matter where he came from. What matters is that the thoughts and emotions that he experienced are very human. They can happen to any of us born the normal way. They can happen to you and me too. That probably also happened to Krishn. The only difference was that one was lucky to have the answers whereas the other needed guidance. Not everyone has answers to everything. I know I need guidance many times.

    And deceit is a dangerous thing…. like a fully automatic gun. Before the cops are given guns, they are taught all the dangers involved with keeping that thing, and they are taught what precautions to take, and even after that the cop has to stay in discipline the whole time he has the gun. Any carelessness can cause serious harm where harm is not needed. So before you become a good hindu like Sri Krisn and start using deceit, make sure to master that dangerous thing. Hope you already knew that.

  201. enlightened25 says:

    Then why call yourself hindu? Their are many usefull teachings in many religions and philosophies, but i don`t call myself a christian, jew or buddhist. Just call yourself a rationalist, its like when people say they are "right wing" or "left wing" the fact of the matter is on some issues the "right" talks sense and on other issues talks complete nonsense. The same can be said about those on the left.

  202. Duratma_Gandhi says:

    Here's what Indian_Girl said:
    "I am not some sheep who needs a Shepherd to steer me to the One True Path"
    What's wrong with being herded like a cow or a sheep by a shepherd or a cowherd? Is that not insulting an entire class of people – actually 2 classes – ones that follow Shri Krishn (of which Arjun is a constituent) and another that follows that gentleman of Nazareth. That's the context in which I made the statement – so I had to highlight that first.
    Now, coming to your question on Arjun. Arjun was not brave. Here are the reasons why I termed him spineless.
    A. He spent considerable amount of time acting like a woman or a hermaphrodite. A real man would have been brave and not been hiding like a rat. Arjun proves he was a spineless vermin.
    B. He received an unfair advantage over the real brave man named Karn. Karn could've easily killed Arjun like a man kills a pest. Arjun was known to be spineless and weak – due to which multiple forces were acting in conniving & behind-the-scenes way to ensure Karn is killed in the most unjust, merciless manner & Arjun is declared a winner. Another point that reinforces that Arjun was weak in comparison to the low-caste warrior Karn.
    C. If my mom were to advise me & my 4 brothers to share a lady as our wife, I'll never agree. Arjun was spineless, because he agreed to share his wife with 4 of his brothers.
    The concept of Krishn & his teachings are almost the equal of Mohammed & his teachings. Mo advised his goons that they should respect Mo & Allah SWT and kill even their own brothers or father if ordered to do so. Krishn advised his followers that they should always protect "dharm" even if it means killing your own elders, cousins or teachers [gandhi confused hindus & made them cowards that no longer followed the true teachings of Krishn – Dr. Sina, a good hindu becomes Shri Krishn, not gandhi-the-spineless]. Mo had indulged in deceit & unfair war / fighting – he probably is the first person that waged a pro-active defensive campaign based on heresy-news. Krishn also indulged in deceit & unfair war / fighting. Krishn confused Drona by using his son's name for the death of an elephant. Krishn cheated Karn by asking for Kavach & Kundala acting like a brahmin (remember, Krishn was not a brahmin – he was a Yadav; Drona was a brahmin). Dr. Sina, again a good hindu follows Shri Krishn – and is allowed to use all deceit to win a war for the "right" or "dharmic" reasons – a good hindu doesn't become a spineless fool like gandhi.
    What is *right* is not for Mr. Cowhered to point out to others – it's for each & every individual to *think* for himself or herself.
    Your assumption that Arjun was "human" enough to have "normal human emotion" is also questionable. Why? Because while Kunti is Arjun's mother; Kunti's husband Raja Pandu did not copulate with her to father Arjun. So, Arjun was not born in a normal marriage. Arjun is the illegitimate child that Kunti had conceived without copulation with her husband. Now, tell me which human being is considered Arjun's father? None – no human being fathered Arjun. So, I don't consider Arjun "human enough" to be affected by "normal human emotion". [For non-Hindus: I'm not making this up. This is how Mahabharath is – and I'm sorry if this reminds of another being that was born without his father copulating with his mother – nothing intentional here]

  203. Duratma_Gandhi says:

    Which "text" are you referring to? Manu-smriti – essentially means the "writings or verses" of " Manu " – manu is a person & smriti is literature. So, Manusmriti is the literature given or spread or publicized or written by Sage Manu.
    I don't think anyone at any point in time has written that Sage Manu is infallible at all. What he publicized centuries ago aren't even proven to be his personal thoughts; those were possibly the most commonly practiced stupidities of my ancestors in their day. All Mr. Manu did was to sit down with a committee of his peers, hold various discussions across the plethora of "aranyams" and make notes of his discussions. No one can prove it was this way or another. I'm yet to see a hindu that'll vouch that any of his ancestors (and not just manu) were infallible – I know I don't think any of our ancestors were infallible. Our ancestors were the ones that used to eat human cadavers; the lived like filthy barbaric animals. Here in South India the loonies lived in "aranyams" meaning forests. But irrespective of all their demerits I truly love them – because they're all mine. I have a great respect for them for having done many of the good things they did do (even though I'm critical of their stupidities). It's always 20-20 in hind-sight – if I was alive back then, I probably would've been eating fetus too – who knows.

  204. knowTheEnemy says:

    No. Even though many Hindus think so, any person who has studied science, the history of life on earth, and evolution would know that no scriptures are from supernatural sources. A study of history of hinduism from different historians and anthropologists reveals that the scriptures were concocted mostly by brahmins and other 'sages' over centuries.

    And I believe that the brahmins have done a very good job of pholosophizing and artistically putting that philosophy to scriptures. They have also done a fairly decent job of figuring out what to teach people so they can become strong people and experience life to its best.

  205. enlightened25 says:

    Do you believe hindu scripture is from a supernatural source?

  206. Sanada_10 says:

    Auntie, how about my queries? It would be better for you to answer rather than laughing out of nothing. :p

  207. dharma marg noble says:

    ria : this is a totally wrong example. If your mother says who you are, you have plenty of opportunity,time,physical and other verification that can be ascertained. If your mother is wrong you will surely reject her saying or whatever she told you. But such verification is not possible with your religion. There are numerous unbelievers in christianity- those who were at one time grew up or raised as staunch believers in christianity- but then they opened their eyes, applied, logic, reasoning, their conscience and saw how rediculous christianity is . They disowned such brutal God and Jesus – because it is all hoax. Nobody can die for your sins , nobody can assure your solvation. You are responsible for all you do . It is also so demonic to say that only those who are approved by jesus will go to heaven and the rest to hell and to burn there for eternity !!!!!! You are insignificant in this universe. why God created you as unbeliever and then demands you to believe in him that you must go to him ? Is that also your fault? Why Your GOD is so cruel to put all the nonbelievers in hell fore and then He enjoys .Are you a born sinner ? No You are a pure loving soul when you were born, not a sinner . You dont have nothing to do with the so called original sin . There is strong belief in some quarters that jesus went to INDIA and learned everything from there and also jesus died in kashmir . There are books available on these topics. Many christians believe that the bible was written by church fathers and authorities.

  208. knowTheEnemy says:

    Look, it is not Hindu scripture that is important to me. I realized through reading many of Dr. Sina's earlier articles, that it is human beings that are important to me. And it is the present and future human beings that are important, not the past ones. I also realized that what is important to a human being is to experience life to the best. We experience life through senses, emotions, feelings and thinking. So the knowledge that helps a person have quality life through all four is IMO the best knowledge.

    If I believe that certain bits and pieces of hindu scripture can help my friends, brothers, sisters, cousins, nephews, nieces etc become strong people, psychologically, and help them lead quality life under any and all circumstances, then I tell them about those bits and pieces. If I believe that certain other bits and pieces are harmful, i tell them about them too, and explain why those are harmful.

    And it is not just Hindu scripture that I pick and choose from. I also pick and choose from everywhere including what they teach in school, from newspapers, internet, official informational campaigns, from what friends tell me, and elders, other religions, and even Islam.

    But I also understand that all this knowledge, including what is in the Hindu scriptures, didn't appear overnight. It is the result of millenia of brainstorming by our ancestors. So Hindu scripture is not 'redundant'. Even though I reject many things, there are many other that I know today that I might not have known but for the scriptures, or I might have had different perception, a perception that doesn't help me, and my friends/relatives become strong people.

  209. knowTheEnemy says:

    what's 'spineless' about getting emotional in the battlefield especially when one is about to kill own's relatives? What Arjun went through is normal human emotion. And Krishn helped him through it by making him realize that sometimes one has to do difficult things for what is right.

  210. enlightened25 says:

    "You can use it, you can use only bits & pieces of it. You can use only those parts that are beneficial in your particular hour of need" Then why not just admit it was written by fallible human beings?

    "The basic understanding that the Divine is within (inside) each of us." A more honest way of saying this is that every man is his own god. Why worship 33 million gods created by other people (or in other words worship the men that created those gods)why not just be your own God?

  211. Duratma_Gandhi says:

    It's a guide that's 100% optional. You can use it, you can use only bits & pieces of it. You can use only those parts that are beneficial in your particular hour of need. It's pretty much like the 33 million gods we have. If I have a headache, I can pray to one god to relieve it; for constipation I can choose another. I'm not saying any of it works – basically I can choose to be stupid to the degree I want to.
    There's a reason for it being 100% optional, though. That's the reason that "Indian_Girl" is trying hard to point out. The basic understanding that the Divine is within (inside) each of us. That *Divine* is not a person or a shapeless entity residing at some 7th heaven (like the quran states). The basic greeting in sanskrit is "Namaste" – which translates to the divine in me respects the divine in you.
    So, what Indian_Girl is saying is: When I have the Divine in me, why should I bother about any guide (let alone a 100% optional one).

  212. scrutator says:

    Thats true, knowTheEnemy ! Do realise Hinduism is a very broad church which includes people with all shades of belief including atheism, viz Rishi Charvaka's atheistic philosophy !

  213. Duratma_Gandhi says:

    I second darkfire316. This site is meant for discussing Islam; let's stick to it. Talking about christianity or hindu religion is only going to create a very unhealthy environment. I also request any hindus viewing the comment to please not respond to it. The user who initiated this SCORPIO is not interested in learning anything about the hindu religion – all he wants to do is hurt hindu sentiments. By responding you'll only add fuel to the fire. If he wants to find the truth about those verses, please allow him to visit the proper forum.
    Now, if Dr. Sina or someone from their team would say it's okay to talk about hindu religion & point out such verses on this site and that others can respond, then I'll go back to agniveer.com & copy-paste their responses here in this site. It'll only divert this site from what it's originally meant for.

  214. Duratma_Gandhi says:

    @ Ria,
    See – this is what Scorpio wanted. He wants to incite, to provoke. Who was a shepherd & who are the sheep. Mohammed was not a shepherd – may be he indulged in breeding camels & donkeys but he did not work as a shepherd.
    So this line is so close to talking about one particular person in a non-Hindu context. I'll leave it to your imagination who this historically significant person is.
    @ Indian_Girl,
    Okay, so you also don't respect another Shepherd named Shri Krishn – right? Do you happen to have a few friends back in Gujarat or anywhere with a strong "Yadav" community? Try visiting their home & see if they have any religious texts. You'll be amazed to see they respect the ramblings of a cowherd-shepherd fool named Shri Krishn – to a spineless vermin named Arjun (because arjun was so spineless in the battlefield – he was scared about killing his enemies on the battlefield). And please do ask them why they act like sheep or cows that need a shepherd or cowherd like Shri Krishn.
    Oh, let my finish this comment with a typical gujarati way ot completing a conversation.
    Jai Shri Krishn.

  215. scrutator says:

    Scorpio, Hinduism has two broad divisions — Sruti (eternal inviolable truths) and Smriti (truths written by pious people keeping the period under question in mind); Smritis are liable to changes, depending on on the time and the social conditions prevailing. Manusmriti is one such document. What applied at the time may not be applicable to this modern age !

  216. scrutator says:

    Agree with you, darkfire316 !

  217. Duratma_Gandhi says:

    It was Dr. Sina who (in one of his articles) stated "Good Hindu becomes gandhi" – that's the first time I ever seriously discussed about gandhi on this site's comments-section. And that's the one & only reason I say anything about that vermin gandhi anywhere in this site.
    gandhi has a lot to do with islam. a huge majority of india thinks gandhi is a "M A H A T M A " – that spineless swine is not worth an iota of respect. I'd gladly agree if we had Dr. Ali Sina being referred to as a Mahatma – because he speaks the truth. gandhi the vermin not only discoursed on lies but he changed his principles as & how it benefited him. First he tried to suck up to the brits by supporting their genocidal war against native african zulus; when he realized they were too racist to consider a dark-skinned piece of excrement like gandhi equal to them (NOTE: I'm dark skinned from south india too & the brits, like all others including south indians, back in the 1800's did follow racism) he switched over.
    gandhi is the idiot due to whom a majority of the stupid liberals think it's okay to respect islam. gandhi is the fool due to whom a majority of the liberals & others act like fools when confronted with facts about islam. Back in 1984, a gentleman in West Bengal tried the case against Quran in the judicial system of India: Read Here: http://www.enotes.com/topic/The_Calcutta_Quran_Pe
    The main reason why the case was unable to receive justice is because gandhi & gandhi's influence on sane, sensible, rational, objective judiciary of India.
    gandhi is a force that's acting on behalf of islam – this force sugar-coats islam – it talks of a fantasy when muslims living as friendly neighbors (whereas the truth was the muslims imposed jizya & even till now look down at non-muslims in almost all muslim-majority nations like pakistan & bangladesh). gandhi talks a lot about hindu religion & caste system and is very critical; but he acts like a sissy when talking about islam. Dr. Ambedkar talks like a real man – both about the hindu societies caste-system & about islam.
    So to summarize, I restrict my views of gandhi only where it is relevant to point out. I don't go around saying gandhi slept with girls 1/3 his age or gandhi advised sikh & hindu women to keep quite when they're being raped by muslims (to not fight or resist).
    While my intention is to genuinely point out why "a good hindu will become a gandhi" is wrong to Dr. Ali Sina, "Scorpio" is interested only to provoke, incite unnecessary verbal diarrhea of quotes & counter-quotes. This lengthy exchange will eventually spin out of the context of this post (& the website as well) – and SCORPIO is not interested to learn anything new about the manusmriti points he's made (if you check these comments section, you'll see I've myself raised some points against manusmriti too – when I was guided to agniveer.com). And there'll be some desi / indian guy or gal that'll be hindu by birth & try one of the following antics,
    a. Hindus don't respect manusmriti or any other smriti or any literature at all
    b. Manusmriti was wrong & it's been discarded by the current hindu society; while ramayana, mahabharatha, bhagwath geetha are respected.
    c. Hindus are not forced to respect anything. They can easily throw away all of their so-called literature from the vedas to the smritis to what-not.
    d. The interpretation of the smriti is wrong; the right interpretation means …. (similar to how muslim or christian apologetics handle a criticism of their literature).
    After all this has failed to convince Scorpio (& I assure he'll not be convinced of anything – because his aim is not to gather knowledge – his aim is to INCITE, humiliate, shame – same to what Dr. Ali Sina does to Muslims), one user or another will start ad-hominem personal attacks; other will respond – leading eventually to no real knowledge-gathering. Most probably someone or some IP address might be blocked temporarily by this web-site.
    And to conclude, let me state that your reasoning fits the bill for logical fallacy named "Tu quoque". I actually would like Dr. Sina to defend his statement "a good hindu becomes gandhi" – which he has consistently run away from doing. Once he mentioned gandhi was a "jianist" – assuming he meant a Jain – he still does not respond why he thinks a good hindu will become a jain?

  218. Duratma_Gandhi says:

    Freedombulwark is another fantastic website; where lots of people have been given the freedom to post a lot of stuff.
    These are the reasons why my respect for Dr. Sina & his entire team is very high. And even though Dr. Sina holds a different view of gandhi, he still has an article contrary to his views rigth there on freedombulwark.
    Thank you Sina & the entire team.

  219. enlightened25 says:

    So basically hindu scripture is redundant?

  220. knowTheEnemy says:

    I agree with Indian-girl's response. Sanatan Dharma gives a person full freedom to think and feel whatever s/he wants without penalty from God.

    So if a hindu finds something in Manu-smriti that s/he just cannot agree with, then s/he can refuse to follow it, or even scrap it outright.

  221. Agracean says:

    John K, I don't have to be arrogant to speak the truth. Even if I don't speak the truth, the fact is that the truth will always stand up for itself because it is the naked and stubborn truth whereas lies are different. Lies are all wrapped up with arrogance and pride, to deceive gullible human beings and lies will turn into air when truth is revealed.

  222. John K says:

    Yes you are arrogant because you think that you are the only one who knows anything and anyone who disagree with you believes lies.

  223. Agracean says:

    John K, don't I have any human right to be angry with Dr Ali Sina at all? Am I arrogant and not humble for exposing all of Muhammad and Joseph Smith's lies and deceptions and helping my neighbours to come to the ultimate realization of the absolute truth here? I believe that my true love, sincerity and humility will win millions of friends here and elsewhere in the world to Christ. Why worry about all the embarassments in life which are like a wave tossed in the ocean or like a vapor in the wind, my dear John K? I know that if I do my best, our beloved Lord Yeshua will do the rest.

  224. John K says:

    So Dr. Sina was the object of your adoration such that you were willing to spend the rest of your life with him, but now he's stupid? Doesn't that seem immature to you?

    Why is it Dr. Sina's responsibility to ban you? If you make a decision that you shouldn't be here, isn't it your responsibility to discipline yourself to stay away? Why is it Dr. Sina's responsibility? If you are too weak to prevent yourself from moving the mouse, that's your problem, not his.

    You are very arrogant to think that you are the sole judge of what is and isn't a lie. Remember that pride precedeth the fall, and the meek will inherit the earth. If you can't get your arrogance under control, I don't see how you will ever have friends.

    Christ is quite capable of winning his battles with or without your assistance, but the way you go about doing things, you are more of an embarrassment to his cause than a help, just as you are in Dr. Sina's labor.

  225. Agracean says:

    Come on, John K, don't you know that they can ban those diehard braindead zombies who used vulgar language here. So, I don't see any reason why this stupid Dr Ali Sina can't ban me forever from all his websites.

    I've never viewed our friendship as a strained one when it comes to speaking the truth whereas you are the one who think so because you've been living satan's lies for so long that you're resistant to changes when I revealed the truth to you.

    My dear Mormon John K, please tell me how to respect liars like Muhammad and Joseph Smith who have deceived so many gullible human beings with their fanciful lies? I've learnt the skill of being brutally honest to all my neighbours even though it means that I'll be the unpopular one here because of the fact I love them as I love myself and I know that I'm in a race against time to help them see that the Way, the Truth and the Life is the final solution but looking at my current situation here, I knew that I am losing the race.

  226. Agracean says:

    It looks like Dr Ali Sina don't even bother to take the effort to ban my IP address from his websites even after my sincere plea for him to do so. So, my dear Mormon John K, I've got to help myself to overcome this nonsensical grief by not visiting all these stupid sites anymore but I'll miss you for sure. Take care and God bless. Love Grace.

  227. John K says:

    Do what you need to do, but don't pout. Be mature about it. I know it hurts, but you can do this.

  228. Agracean says:

    Thanks, John K. You're right to say that I should put this stupid infatuation and silly puppy love behind my back and forget all about this Canadian Iranian Dr Ali Sina and everything relating to him and his work here and move on with my life.

    Mr John K, thanks for being my confidante and I'll appreciate if you can kindly do me a small favour here by asking this Dr Ali Sina to ban my IP address from entering alisina.org and also, faithfreedom.org. Only then, can I totally forget this stupid man and concentrate in my job to earn more money in life. Please help me. Thanks.

  229. John K says:

    Not funny. You are laughing on the graves of Muhammad's victims and all the victims of Muslim violence since. By supporting Islam you are complicate in the murders.

  230. Ali Sina says:

    That is an option. A better option is that we all embrace reason. There are many good things in all those religions, uet a rational person can find all the goodness he needs without pigeonholing himself in a religion. Anything is better than Islam but why eat one food when you can eat from a buffet?

  231. When muslims become apostates (and this is happening very fast all over the world), they can return to the religion of their ancestors. They can honor their distant grandparents by taking back the Zoroastrianism, Hinduism or Christianity that they were forced to reject. Just imagine how happy those ancestors would be to imagine that sometime in the far future, a distant grandson or daughter will take back what they were forced to reject? And how empowering for ex-muslims to do this.

  232. John K says:

    Okay Grace. Here is the answer you have been waiting for:

    rajesh wrote: Dear Ali Sina, Do something to stop -Agracean-

    Ali Sina responded: I think you sould ignore reading her comments, just as I do.

    Please put this infatuation behind you and move on with your life.

  233. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ Juste

    ha ha ha

  234. darkfire316 says:

    Good ol' El Padrino switching usernames…. Too bad you can't hide cause you use the same lies over and over again.

    Here let me show everyone how much El Padrino knows about Hinduism and how much really cares about truth and how quickly he'll change his position when shown he's lying

    Back on FFI, he made a ridiculous claim that 300 million people were killed in the Mahabharat wars (as username santiago29):

    "Hindu/Pro-Atheist atrocities of Mahabharata wars 300 million" http://www.faithfreedom.org/features/news/alisina….

    And then he gives a site with UFOs with a video posted stating the UFOs were responsible for the Mahabharat AS A VALID RESOURCE:

    And then he tells me that no… 10's of millions of people died. He gives me this website:

    That website said the Mahabharat took place before 5000 BC. There weren't even 10 MILLION PEOPLE IN THE WORLD BACK THEN.

    Then he quotes wikipedia, message forums, secondary sites, and sources that derive information solely from historically unreliable religious texts as proof while again quoting numbers like 8 million, 5 million, 300 million AGAIN, and 1.6. BILLION. This is who you're dealing with…. a pathological liar.

    It's ok Christ will forgive you for lying.

  235. darkfire316 says:

    Aww poor El Padrino… Lying about context again so he can make himself feel important. Hey I knew you'd be back and I knew it'd be this soon. Let's get started again so I can expose you to everyone again. An example of how he lied about context; he quoted me this site to show that witch hunting was rooted in the vedas:

    But being the liar that he is, he leaves out the part explaining the context:

    ""It is true that lack of adequate health care systems have spawned the growth of alternative beliefs and faith healing, and consequently witch-doctors. But that is not the reason why Dalit and Adivasi women have been singled out for public humiliation. By punishing those who are seen as vile and wild, oppressors want to send a not-so-subtle message to the women of their own castes: docility and domesticity gets rewarded, anything else gets punished. This has been the legacy of violence against women.

    When sin meets superstition, as in witch-hunting, the victims are also single (read widowed / deserted / divorced) women of a certain age who are no longer burdened with reproductive duties. The word ‘witch’ is thrust on these ‘dangerous’ women who asserted their entitlement to rights and thus challenged patriarchal and caste supremacist diktats. Dalit or Adivasi women who dared to contest elections and directly challenged the political power of the landed caste-Hindus have been labeled hags. They have been accused of exercising black magic when in fact they have only been exercising their fundamental rights. Witchcraft, when used by brutal caste-Hindus in the modern context, has come to signify women’s resistance to oppression, and the price they have paid for it. "

    Poor El Padrino. It's ok. I know you're insecure and you need to make yourself feel better. I just feel bad for your Christ and you paying him back with your lies when he died for your sins.

    But hey you can repay him back some more by calling me more curse words.

    Go ahead. I'll always be here.

  236. darkfire316 says:

    Poor El Padrino spreading his lies again. Here let me remind everyone the type of person he is. This is the message that liar sent me

    "I meant to say "putamadre" but then I tried to change to "hijo de puta".I typed so fast,I did not check it.
    Anyway,it should read hijo de puta "

    Thanks for cursing out another human being El Padrino… Calling them a MotherF**ker and SOB. Your Christ would so proud.

  237. John K says:

    Grace, everyone needs someone, but this one-sided adoration is unhealthy. You don't even know if he is married. This borders on stalking.

    Ask him for an answer or forget about him and find someone in your home town.

  238. Agracean says:

    Oh, my dear Mormon John K, this song tells it all:
    [youtube h9rCobRl-ng&feature=channel_video_title http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9rCobRl-ng&feature=channel_video_title youtube]

  239. John K says:

    I like that book and the movie version as well. I also saw the Apple MacIntosh commercial in a Steve Jobs tribute article after he passed away.

  240. Peace-be-upon-you. says:

    Dear Muzzies,
    Read, read the Quran with an open, crystal clear mind without bias and you will realize the truth and the krux of the matter that it contains many scientific errors and conflicting instructions. How can it come frome God? Who is not so very stupid. It is nothing but the rantings of the 7th century babarian who used a self-created god to control his gullibe followers to achieve his own ambitions and his sexual desires. Read the book like Dr. Alisina with a questioning mind and not like millions of morons in the 3rd world country. They became desperately poor, backwards and violence for no good reason other than their belief system.

  241. Prithvi says:

    @ yasminafzal999,

    That is not the point. The point is that if your family allows you to wear what you want in public without a burqa, then you and they are going against the principles or dictates of your holy quran.

    Don't you know that wearing a hizab which actually means a burqa or a veil is mandatory for women and girls in islam and if you are not following what is written in the quran then what are you?

  242. El Padrino says:

    Yes it is.I copied them verbatim. http://www.sacred-texts.com/hin/manu.htm

  243. Scorpio says:

    Manu smriti is the great law giver and the earliest and most important of all other hindu law books or dharma shastras,pertaining to religious law.To simplify,Manu is the bible of Hindu law.Vedas are the bible of Hindu revelations.Don't bullshit me.

    Its a word of saint manu not from god like your crap bible."
    Manu is god's son and he claimed he got his inspiration from his father Brahma

  244. darkfire316 says:

    You two please stop arguing about Christianity and Hinduism. This is not the place to be discussing such things.

    Please focus on Islam and keep other religions off of these boards as well as FFI

  245. dharma marg noble says:

    Ria – Dont be superficial.There is absolutely no intellectual content or ideas in your fulminations. Actually ,please do not equate SANATANA DHARMA with either CHRISTIANITY or ISLAM. SANATANA DHARMA (NOW CALLED HINDU DHARMA ) is diametrically opposite of ISLAM or christianity. SANATANA DHARMA is revolutionary. When i find time (space is also a problem) ,you will see the rebuttals to your laughble adhomenems or pointless rants. SCORPIO is lying,misinformation. No truth.

  246. enlightened25 says:

    An excellent read is George Orwell`s Nineteen Eighty-Four. Though it is a book of "fiction" it will tell you everything you need to know about how totalitarian states based on a cult of personality i.e Big Brother work.

  247. Ali Sina says:

    That is something Harrel can do.

  248. John K says:

    When other web sites' comments sections ask me to give my web site URL, I list my Freedom Bulwark profile page. When people click on it, it says Restricted Access, so it would be nice if it had a "Register to View" link under it.

  249. John K says:

    Walid Shoebat is an eye-opener for the Western audience because from our perspective, the things the Bible says are really cryptic and lead to a lot of strange theories about the signs of the last days. But to someone raised in the Middle East and an ex-Muslim, the references to Islam are obvious. He has another brief video in which he explains that the English translators had trouble with "666" because they weren't sure what kind of symbols they were or what they meant, but he says that when he saw the original characters, they were obviously Arabic and in reference to Islam:

    Walid Shoebat – Mark of the Beast http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtquNNEO7Fw

  250. John K says:

    "It would be a sad day for America or for any country to elect their leaders on the bases of their beliefs."

    Right. I thought that issue was solved after the controversy of Catholic John F. Kennedy was resolved. Now they are doing the same thing with Mitt Romney too.

    I like this video from mathematician, polymath, and intellectual, David Berlinski. While he is personally an agnostic, he is a welcome defense against the arrogance of atheists who believe that science proves their position.

    David Berlinski—Atheism and its Scientific Pretensions http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyxUwaq00Rc

  251. John K says:

    Right. These videos of former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov are nearly 30 years old, but they show the same old KGB destabilization formula being reenacted by Obama/OWS/Islam. I thought it is interesting that he even mentioned the need to have a messiah figure, which is what Obama has been compared to:

  252. enlightened25 says:

    Perry believes that creationism (or "intelligent design" as they try to disguise it as) should be taught in schools. He also believes all non-christians are going to hell and had a prayer rally asking for rain. Now we the secularists don`t care if you believe in talking snakes, virgin births and the like, just don`t teach it to us and don`t teach it to our children. We have always agreed to that its the religious who have the difficulty keeping that agreement. Let a presidential candidate openly say they are an atheist and see what happens.

  253. Ali Sina says:

    Facebook deleted my account twice, when Muslims complained. That is why I don't have an account on Facebook. We started our own social networking site freedombulwark.net I have to find time to promote it.

  254. Ali Sina says:

    That is true John. Dawkins, Harith and Hitchens are smart enough to know leftism is a disease. They are smart but fallible.

    I was disapointed when RD wrote an article attacking the Republican candidate Perry for believing in God, as if only atheists should become president of the USA. This thinking is very Islamic and certainly not befitting of an intellectual giant like Richard Dawkins. It would be a sad day for America or for any country to elect their leaders on the bases of their beliefs.

  255. enlightened25 says:

    Ah i see what your saying, basically obama is trying to do what castro did in other words tap into the people`s emotions by promising things like universal heath care and so on but really just wants to have instead of private ownership, wants state ownership where the state controls literally everything and becomes a totalitarianist state. Yes this needs to be fought communism basically the same as islam.

  256. enlightened25 says:

    "I really thought my cause is my parents and their cause are their parent and so on" Everything you see is the result of cause and effect.

    "But who is the cause of there first man and woman." Their was no such thing as the first man and women. Species do not spring magically into being, just like the boy does not become a man overnight.

    "You are saying Universe is infinite and is cause of everything you see around." Yes and strangely you say the same thing but you just call it god.

    "So we can start worshipping nature/universe etc!!" This comes from someone who worships a finite being (i.e jesus)!

  257. Ria says:


  258. enlightened25 says:

    "The child rather believes the mother, whom she shows is the father" No he/she would know from the results of the paternity test who their father was. If they did believe the mother they would not ask for a paternity test in the first place.

  259. Ria says:

    I hope the guy you are engaged to, is not foolish enough to convert to Islam for love.

  260. Ria says:

    Then why do you ramble about Gandhi all day long here. When he has nothing to do with Islam. His problem was he was too passive. I don't know, I don't care, coz not only Gandhi was a imperfect man, he was sinful too. Just like you an me.


  261. Ria says:

    "Yes were did you come from ?" We come from nature/the universe……

    Really…I don't not know that. I really thought my cause is my parents and their cause are their parent and so on. But who is the cause of there first man and woman. Universe?? You are saying Universe is infinite and is cause of everything you see around. So we can start worshipping nature/universe etc!! Yeah the logic does not have any beef!

  262. Ria says:

    rembrandt Wrote to Ria [Is your mother your only way of knowing where you came from ? Didn't you see a child birth ? Don't you know a womans anatomy enough to know where the child comes from ? You believed your mother because she was larger stronger than you …. ] 

    My Post [Don't be foolish, re-read, my post above. What I meant was only a mother knows who the father is of the child is. And that is true. The child does ask for proof to his mother, when he/ she is smaller , he does question their parents, with a paternity test. The child rather believes the mother, whom she shows is the father. ]

  263. Ria says:

    But then you rambled something like this "Kiddo, MANUSMIRITI is not bible for hindus. Its a word of saint manu not from god like your crap bible. If something is written against humanity in it we have every right t o scrap it. Moreover, the original manu smriti is no more available. New one is highly manipulated by perverts"

    Now where is your proof or source, where u pull these statement? "If something is written against humanity in it we have every right t o scrap it" Says who!!!???….Ashsismititti ??

  264. Ria says:

    Ashish …Are you Muslim ? If not why do have a similar attitude like an Islamicist. Scorpio made a point, you don't like his point, debate him with a valid source. Don't give us empty threats!!. Did Dr Sina the owner of the website say you can't talk about Hinduism here ?

    Scorpio was responding to my post were I said some thing about Shudra being subject to the rigid class system. And I was responding to one of your Hindu brothers who brought, Hinduism into the topic of Islam, when I comparing Christianity and Islam. I did not feel that Dharma should not have brought Hinduism into the topic, but rather I refuted him/her logically and sequentially. See the post above.

    But I noticed one thing about Muslim and Hindus also, they get very emotional when some challenges their religion intellectually. Instead of speaking intellectually and gather the information, they talk emotionally and make empty threats.

    Debating Intellectually101: See how Scorpio gave information when he made his opinion. For ex. Laws of Manu 8:413 etc .

  265. Rai says:

    Thanks it makes sense why Jesus is fighting the bad giuys (Islamic nation) in end of times.

  266. Duratma_Gandhi says:

    @ rembradnt,
    Why place only partial facts? Here's the description from Alexa,
    "Alisina.org is ranked #412,635 in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings. Approximately 45% of visits to this site consist of only one pageview (i.e., are bounces). The site's visitors view 4.7 unique pages each day on average. Alisina.org has a relatively good traffic rank in the city of Indore (#2,729). While the site is ranked #82,884 in India, where roughly 37% of its visitors are located, it is also popular in Indonesia, where it is ranked #35,289"
    It says alisina.org has "a relatively good traffic rank in the city of Indore (#2,729)". And here's an interesting article from a non-Hindu-biased website, http://www.30-days.net/muslims/muslims-in/asia-so
    Indonesia is the country with the largest number of muslims; no wonder the minorities (& even muslim minorities like ahmadiyya, sufis, etc) are visiting alisina.org more frequently.
    Once, more Muslims enter a region, you'll see that if that region has a strong native population, their quest for learning the truth about Islam will rise; leading to the rise in web-hits of sites such as alisina.org.
    Facebook is not a healthy platform – it's highly biased & can remove any page ad-hoc based on what they or their controlling-members decide. They (the FB team) removed the "Draw Mohammed" page; and they're willing to bend down & go on all fours to please their islamic masters. I'd not advise any pro-truth website to publicize via FB or any other such biased & spineless commercial enterprises.

  267. Duratma_Gandhi says:

    Visit agniveer.com forums to talk about Hinduism. This site is dedicated by Dr. Ali Sina for his cause on showing light against Islam.
    Wrong site to make these questions.
    @ possible-Hindu-apologietics,
    PLEASE DON'T RESPOND. If Scorpio is interested, let him/her visit an appropriate Hindu forum (like agniveer.com) and post his/her questions there. It's not mandatory to respond to questions not related to Islam on this website.

  268. rembrandt says:

    No. Salman is acting apologetic. He is not in pain. He is pleading to Ali Sina to stop this unmasking as it hurts his facade. Donot for moment be fooled that he is in pain. Its not what is said in the Quran. Its "Decieve the unbeliever"

  269. rembrandt says:

    Regarding the Delhi University withdrawing the course. The course was actually making fun of Ramayana. Instead of atleast presenting Ramayana from 200 different sources, it was ridiculing the entire concept of a Ramayana. That was why it offended Hindus. They did the right thing by protesting and having the course removed. Qudos to whichever organisation that did the protest.

  270. rembrandt says:

    Is this site available in the U.S ? Why does Alexa's traffic Rank say that its popular in the Indonesia alone ?

    Why shouldnt the site be promoted on the facebook ?

  271. rembrandt says:

    nice explanation.

  272. rembrandt says:

    :-D. ROFL.

  273. rembrandt says:

    He was quoting from the original text.

  274. rembrandt says:

    You are venting anger, but cool down this is a forum and you are right in your assessment of Mohammad and Islam.

  275. rembrandt says:

    "You are engaged to a monotheist"" ? you are engaged to a christian ? Why did you have to say Monotheist. Maybe because your would be husband believes there is one god but not in Mohammad as the last prophet ?

    You know what a forum having people who are experienced soldiers, policemen, former mercenaries, authorities on solving domestic violence issues had to say to a woman on leaving her spouse who was abusing her ?

    They said something along the lines of "If you had to even ask 'Is this marriage worth the punishment I am undergoing' then its time to get out of it".

    This woman told them a list of abuses perpetrated by her husband (most like a mohammadean he kicked her, screamed at her and gave her nervousness) and then asked them if its worth pulling through this issue. Likewise you have to say you have no problem in this engagement to a monotheist. I suspect you already have something in the back of your mind.

  276. rembrandt says:

    Confrontational attitude. I sincerely hope Manusmriti doesn't have those sentences quoated by scorpio. But you're attitude makes me suspect maybe it is so !!!

  277. John K says:

    Well, since you won't be attending the local ballroom together, the only way for you to know his heart of heart's response to you is to send him an email and ask him. If he does not respond, it means he doesn't want to hurt your feelings.

  278. John K says:

    An attitude like that does not really attract people to visit your site.

  279. ashish says:

    Kiddo, MANUSMIRITI is not bible for hindus. Its a word of saint manu not from god like your crap bible.

    If something is written against humanity in it we have every right t o scrap it. Moreover, the original manu smriti is no more available. New one is highly manipulated by perverts.

    Better concentrate on ISLAM. Don't drag hinduism here. got guts? visit Agniveer.com. we are waiting their for you.

  280. Agracean says:

    Yes, you're absolutely right to say that, my dear Mormon John K. But I'm still waiting for my beloved Dr Ali Sina to waltz with me and look into my eyes and tell me personally, of his heart of heart's response to my true love for him. <3

  281. Raks says:

    False Messiahs!
    Luke 21:8 (NKJV) "And He said: Take heed that you not be deceived. For many will come in My name, saying, 'I am He,' and, 'The time has drawn near.' Therefore do not go after them."

  282. rembrandt says:

    Hi Ria,

    Is your mother your only way of knowing where you came from ? Didn't you see a child birth ? Don't you know a womans anatomy enough to know where the child comes from ?

    You believed your mother because she was larger stronger than you ….

  283. rembrandt says:

    Buddy, cant you write with spaces and quotes. You are writing well but its hard to read. I don't know how to put it but Kindly make your writing readable …

    Otherwise I am with you on this 😀

  284. Scorpio says:

    Ria wrote – If Hindu Bhramin can't treat a shudra right, do u think the sudhra had no right to convert to what he want to or does he have to remain under the cycle of class.

    The shudra has to remain within the sanatana dharma ideology or else the shudra might be free,or attain wealth or even be treated as a human being which is what manu smriti and the caste system is opposed to.Manu the son of Brahma and progenitor of mankind makes it very clear that shudras must remain slaves & in poverty.

    Laws of Manu 8:413. But a Sudra, whether bought or unbought, he may compel to do servile work; for he was created by the Self-existent (Svayambhu) to be the slave of a Brahmana.
    414. A Sudra, though emancipated by his master, is not released from servitude; since that is innate in him, who can set him free from it?

    Manu 8:417. A Brahmana may confidently seize the goods of (his) Sudra (slave); for,as that (slave) can have no property, his master may take his possessions

    Manu X:129. No collection of wealth must be made by a Sudra, even though he be able (to do it); for a Sudra who has acquired wealth, gives pain to Brahmanas.

    Sudras are despicable
    Manu 8:16 For divine justice (is said to be) a bull (vrisha); that (man) who violates it (kurute 'lam) the gods consider to be (a man despicable like) a Sudra (vrishala); let him, therefore, beware of violating justice.

  285. John K says:

    It takes two to tango. You can't remain in this status of pining for unrequited love. It's not good for your mental health.

  286. John K says:

    "Kind of like an Anti-Christianity."

    Walid Shoebat has a 90-minute lecture on YouTube showing that the things the Bible says about Satan, the Quran says about Allah, and the things the Bible says about the Anti-Christ are the things the Quran says about the Mahdi or 12th Imam.

    Walid Shoebat-Islam Prophesied In The Bible 1 [of many – follow the links or playlist to see the rest]

  287. John K says:

    I'm sure there are others more qualified to make that classification than I am. A good deal of Kurtz's work has to do with Stealth Socialism, which is much like Stealth Jihad. Obama has spent millions to prevent us from getting access to his background, but much of what Kurtz and other investigators like him have uncovered is his background in Community Organizing, which is where Communism went after it was no longer popular, as well as Obama's Communist mentors. His Muslim upbringing is a factor as well, and also his father's hatred of the West. So much of what he is trying to do is to bring down the free and capitalistic American and replace it with totalitarianism and Islam.

    Look here. The title is a teaser but revealing:

    Barack Obama's Economic Plan Revealed

  288. enlightened25 says:

    Well the christian god is defined as infinite and it is impossible for an infinite god to create for the simple reason he is already there. So it is possible to refute creationism just on theological grounds. Evolution is a fact what the mechanism of evolution are is theory. Facts don’t go away when scientists debate rival theories to explain them. Einstein’s theory of gravitation replaced Newton’s but apples didn’t suspend themselves in midair, pending the outcome.

  289. Ria says:

    Do you have the proof on theory of evolution.If you do we can call it law of evolution. Just asking because you were asking for the proof of God of Bible. You my dear are also having faith, faith in a theory. Without faith it is harder to believe in evolution that believing in God.

  290. Ria says:


  291. Ria says:

    Thanks Raks

    I did.

  292. Indian_Girl says:

    No. But don't you think organisations like Abhinav BHarat, are hurting the Hindu cause through their pitiful attempt to bomb Masjids. Hatred for Muslims will not gain anything. I agree with ALi Sina completely that only spreading the knowledge about true Islam among Muslims and non-Muslims alike will rid our society of this menace.

  293. Agracean says:

    Thank you, my dear Mormon John K, for breaking my loving heart again. :'(

  294. enlightened25 says:

    "Yes were did you come from ?" We come from nature/the universe.

    "You have faith in her what she is saying is the truth, because she is your mother, you love her therefore you have faith in her." I don`t believe in what my mother says do you believe everything your mother says? This is how parents indoctrinate their children into their religions.

    "humble myself like a child and believe in what my father in heaven say. I love him, therefore all I have is faith." This childish wishfull thinking is what the christian god is based in. The child is protected from the forces of natural selection by the parent and they grow up in some sort of dream world. Indeed this is the females role in the evoultion of our species- to provide for us emotionally.

    "and there is lot of evidence." Their is not one shread of evidence for your god it is an emotional need.

  295. Raks says:

    Hi Ria, i insist you to watch Walid Shoebat's video's in youtube, it will provide you a better picture of what islam is and whats the purpose of it.

  296. enlightened25 says:

    Yes there are different types of liberalism, but someone could rightly call themselves a liberal without having anything to do with "that" type of liberalism. What type of socialist is Obama? Does he believe in Leninism, Democratic socialism or what?

  297. Ria says:

    Yes were did you come from ? Your mother told you were you came from. You have faith in her what she is saying is the truth, because she is your mother, you love her therefore you have faith in her.

    She does not have to prove it to you, you believe in her. But later on in life when you belong to your family and you become older, wiser, you will see common traits in family, common feature your father have that you inherited, common interest and common nature etc. And thus you know you belong to your father.

    When I am small in my faith or no faith, all I have to do is to humble myself like a child and believe in what my father in heaven say. I love him, therefore all I have is faith. When I grow in my faith, and become wiser I will see what He meant, and there is lot of evidence. I will see the truth about the Father that only a son or daughter can know and see. Strangers will not know it.

  298. Ria says:

    Islam was a wolf in sheep's clothing and still is. But people buy into a lie calling Islam as a peace religion when it not even a religion (not even a peaceful cult). Islam as an ideology, invented by a mad man concocting some truths from Bible, and falsifying some truths of Bible, fairy tales, and traditions of pagan Arabia. No other religion have to define itself as peaceful. But Muslim's think if they repeat Islam is peaceful religion time after time, it becomes true in their heads.

  299. Ria says:

    The true problem in my opinion, is not having the true knowledge of what Islam is, thus Islam is perceived to be another religion. However truth is far from it. Islam is a cult, a deviation from Christianity. Kind of like an Anti-Christianity. For crying out loud it was establish on denying the deity of Christ and reversing everything what Bible said. There is no other basis for Islam. It did not give any thing new that was already established. It was inspired because of Mohammed's jealously against Jews and Christians in Arabia. Yet Islam is treated like any another religion. When Jim Jones formed his cult and killed several of his followers, the government took him out and this is true for any dangerous cult. Gov s are able to take them out or eradicate them till they become peaceful or comply with the law of the land.

  300. John K says:

    Yes. Here is the full version:

    You cannot force a spontaneous response.

    You may send payment ASAP along with the $100,000 to match your donation to Sanada.

    Seriously, progress can only be made by writing him directly. If he doesn't respond, it means he isn't interested.

    Have you ever considered he might be married? In the discussion on porn he mentioned his daughter. Not sure if it was a hypothetical argument, but it would be mighty embarrassing if he was married and his wife is reading your comments.

  301. Agracean says:

    Oh, my dear Mormon John K, can you please write a book on how to earn more points with the object of my affection, so that my beloved Dr Ali Sina will love me the way I love him? B)

  302. John K says:

    This type of liberalism you are talking about hasn't been mainstream for a long time. The type of liberalism that is in bed with Islam, the Obama administration, and Marxism, and is the root of the Occupy movement, might be better described as liberal progressive or post-modernism. Recent political blogs have been abuzz with articles linking violent talk from leftists in unions, the Obama administration, Marxists, and the Occupiers.

    A good place to start is with Stanley Kurtz' book, Radical-in-Chief: Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism.

    See Kurtz in interview here:

  303. enlightened25 says:

    Liberalism is opposed to any form of totalitarianism. Liberalism simply put is the idea individuals are free to pursue their own goals, in their own ways, provided they do not infringe on the equal liberty of others. I challenge you to provide me evidence that supports the position liberalism condones things like wife beating, genital mutilation, honor killing etc. Another thing was it not the conservative and republican George Bush who after 9-11 came out with the most stupid statement possible "Islam means peace"?

  304. John K says:

    People like this are like moderate Muslims that incorrectly give a benign face to an insidious movement. Underlying benign liberalism is a malignant totalitarian Marxism as seen in the Occupy movement.

  305. enlightened25 says:

    The problem is not liberalism,. Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens are liberals and their some of the biggest critics of islam. No i think the problem is most liberals see american foreign policy as the cause of the islamic terrorism, and so of course anyone who critises islam is a bigot and racist who supports american imperialism. The kind of attitude that bush is a terrorist while bin laden was some sort of "freedom fighter" is the problem not liberalism itself.

  306. John K says:

    "Oh, my dear Dr Ali Sina , Einstein was right afterall. There is really no limit to human stupidity and the sad truth is that not only was he referring to himself, he was also referring to you too."

    Hardly a way to earn points with the object of your affection. You need to read Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People." It might help you with others as well…

  307. samudragupta says:

    To Ria:Yes You are right.As a man Christ is thousand times better than the Islamic Prophet.Jesus is respected and worshiped by most Hindus.As a Hindu I can say that.Thanks to Christianity for the free though.progress and Hinduism for spirituality.Some handful Missionaries are may engaged in Convertion in a wrong way but these are nowhere to compare with Jihad or Terrorism or the harrassment of minorities in Islamic countries.Many Indians(mostly Hindus) now are in US and they can live there peacefully.Why?Because West is rational.At the same time Hindus give the respect to both India and US.why?Because Hinduism teaches it.Christianity never has asked to attack others even in their holy book.Even Vivekananda admitted the holyness of Jesus.

  308. John K says:

    "Einstein was right. There is nothing special about the Jews to be “chosen.” "

    This concept is generally opposed because it is seen as a form of supremacism, however, if you look at the textual source for this concept in the Torah, you will find that Abraham and his descendents were "chosen" to be a blessing to all the peoples of the earth. So this is a service calling in love, not a license for arrogance. The criteria for the selection was that God was pleased that Abraham stood up for what is right. Hence the Jews are chosen to be a good influence upon the population of the earth. Long before Muhammad, the Jews were known as "The People of the Book" by the Romans who respected the morality of their religion.

  309. enlightened25 says:

    What "Prophecies"? Where is the united states mentioned or britain or osama bin laden i want to see that. Futher more their is historical events that prove these "prophecies" false. Here is one Isaiah 17:1 The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap. Now this is proof the bible is not from god as Damascus is still inhabited today with over a million people, and hardly a ruinous heap.

  310. Ali Sina says:

    The westerners are infected by a virus that has rendered them weak. The virus is called liberalism. The symptoms of the disease that it causes are political correctenss and cultural and moral relativism. This disease does not allow a person to see right from wrong or distinguish good from bad. Of course this is a lie. All cultures are not equal. Yes all humans have the same right, but this equality of right does not extent to their cultures and beliefs. Polygamy, wife beating, genital mutilation, honor killing, are inferior to what we believe and practice in the west. There is no doubt that the western humanistic culture is superior to all cultures. But go and tell this obvious fact to a liberal and he will call you a bigot.

  311. enlightened25 says:

    "I know it by faith" No faith is what you believe to be true without facts or evidence. At least you admit it is faith and not fact i will give you that. So sinse it is faith for instance that the jews are "the chosen people" you should make it clear it is your opinion which has no basis in reality. No jesus was not a man of love. C.S lewis had to concede if jesus was not who he claimed to be he would be either a lunatic or the devil of hell. I can shut him up for a fool, and kill him as a demon. But what i cannot do is call him a good moral teacher because his teachings were deceptive and immoral.

  312. Agracean says:

    All the historical proofs and events that came to pass as written in the Torah and the Bible are evidences that G-d did speak to Abraham, especially the old and new covenants which G-d has established with Abraham and his descendants.

  313. Agracean says:

    Hi enlightened25, I know it by faith. If you want to know the Way, the Truth and the Life, may I suggest you to grab hold a Bible and before you start to read, kindly humble yourself and ask the Author of Life to help you to understand His Word and the parables.

    No founder of all the religion in the world nor any false prophets nor any false messiahs in world has proved their love to humanity except my my beloved Lord Yeshua Who is G-d's promised Moshiach because He is the ONLY One Who died on the cross on my behalf, for the remission of my sins and give me the gift of eternal life. He is G-d's Pesach Lamb and this is the absolute truth.

  314. enlightened25 says:

    You did not answer the question. HOW do you know god actually spoke to Abram? Don`t you know god gave me the united states? Now yeah you can doubt that claim but honestly god did just have faith and don`t question me.

  315. Agracean says:

    Gen 17:19-22 Then God said, “Yes, but your wife Sarah will bear you a son, and you will call him Isaac.I will establish my covenant with him as an everlasting covenant for his descendants after him. And as for Ishmael, I have heard you: I will surely bless him; I will make him fruitful and will greatly increase his numbers. He will be the father of twelve rulers, and I will make him into a great nation. But my covenant I will establish with Isaac, whom Sarah will bear to you by this time next year.” When he had finished speaking with Abraham, God went up from him.

  316. Agracean says:

    Gen 17:1-8 When Abram was ninety-nine years old, the LORD appeared to him and said, “I am God Almighty[a]; walk before me faithfully and be blameless. Then I will make my covenant between me and you and will greatly increase your numbers.” Abram fell facedown, and God said to him, “As for me, this is my covenant with you: You will be the father of many nations. No longer will you be called Abram; your name will be Abraham, for I have made you a father of many nations. I will make you very fruitful; I will make nations of you, and kings will come from you. I will establish my covenant as an everlasting covenant between me and you and your descendants after you for the generations to come, to be your God and the God of your descendants after you.The whole land of Canaan, where you now reside as a foreigner, I will give as an everlasting possession to you and your descendants after you; and I will be their God.”

  317. enlightened25 says:

    You`re Begging the Question how do you know the bible is the word of god? Also how do you know he gave that land to the jews? This is an important question HOW do you know god actually spoke to Abram? What proof you have he was not a imposter like muhammed? Or how you know jesus was not a false messiah like hundreds of others who claimed the same thing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jewish_messianic_cla

  318. Agracean says:

    Then the LORD said to him, “Know for certain that for four hundred years your descendants will be strangers in a country not their own and that they will be enslaved and mistreated there. 14 But I will punish the nation they serve as slaves, and afterward they will come out with great possessions. You, however, will go to your ancestors in peace and be buried at a good old age. In the fourth generation your descendants will come back here, for the sin of the Amorites has not yet reached its full measure.”

    Gen 5;17-21 When the sun had set and darkness had fallen, a smoking firepot with a blazing torch appeared and passed between the pieces. On that day the LORD made a covenant with Abram and said, “To your descendants I give this land, from the Wadi[e] of Egypt to the great river, the Euphrates— the land of the Kenites, Kenizzites, Kadmonites, Hittites, Perizzites, Rephaites, Amorites, Canaanites, Girgashites and Jebusites.”

  319. Agracean says:

    Gen 15:4-16 Then the word of the LORD came to him: “This man will not be your heir, but a son who is your own flesh and blood will be your heir.” He took him outside and said, “Look up at the sky and count the stars—if indeed you can count them.” Then he said to him, “So shall your offspring be.” Abram believed the LORD, and he credited it to him as righteousness.
    He also said to him, “I am the LORD, who brought you out of Ur of the Chaldeans to give you this land to take possession of it.” But Abram said, “Sovereign LORD, how can I know that I will gain possession of it?” So the LORD said to him, “Bring me a heifer, a goat and a ram, each three years old, along with a dove and a young pigeon.” Abram brought all these to him, cut them in two and arranged the halves opposite each other; the birds, however, he did not cut in half. Then birds of prey came down on the carcasses, but Abram drove them away. As the sun was setting, Abram fell into a deep sleep, and a thick and dreadful darkness came over him.

  320. enlightened25 says:

    The writers of the torah and bible were also human and can be wrong just like einstein. Why people believe in that broze age nonsense is beyond me. Where`s your proof the jews are the chosen people?

  321. Agracean says:

    Oh, my dear Dr Ali Sina <3, Einstein was right afterall. There is really no limit to human stupidity and the sad truth is that not only was he referring to himself, he was also referring to you too. :*

    I knew that you admire and 'worship' Einstein like a god and believe his every comments irregardless whether they are right or wrong. For goodness sake, please do bare in mind that this dead scientist was merely an imperfect human being like you or me and some of his ideologies and belief could be wrong afterall. So, you ought be smart like me. Kindly go and read and study the Torah and the Bible again and understand my loving Creator God's covenant with Abraham and why the Jews are the chosen people and why through Yeshua HaMashiach, all the descendants of Abraham are the chosen generation. B)

  322. enlightened25 says:

    "These two distinctions are traits of survival – be the best in whatever you do and be pleasant." What i don`t understand is why we (the non-muslims) in the west appease islam and the muslims. We are in majority and could easily throw the muslims out, jews at least in the past had an excuse for their cowardice but what excuse have we got?

  323. Ali Sina says:

    Einstein was right. There is nothing special about the Jews to be “chosen.”

    History has shaped their psychology to a great extent. Jews have been living in captivity and as minorities among other nations for thousands of years. This affected them it two ways.

    Positive: They know that to survive they have to be better in anything they do and people must need their services so they don’t mistreat them or kill them. So they went after science and many of them were doctors (Hakim bashi). They also know they can’t compete with locals for job and if they did, the locals would hate them and then their lives would be in danger. So they became entrepreneurs and businessmen. Because of that they generally were wealthier than others. This was not always a blessing. It made people around them envious and hostile.

    Negative: The other important distinction of the Jews is that they are more cowards than any other people I know. Now don’t call me anti Semite for saying this. I am not prejudiced against any people. Why the Jews are cowards is also because they had to walk on eggshells where they lived. They mastered the art of appeasement. It is now part of their gene (so to speak) to not do anything and not say anything that may offend someone.

    These two distinctions are traits of survival – be the best in whatever you do and be pleasant. This sums up the psychology of the Jews.

    I can see the same traits in other minorities in Iran. The Armenians, the Assyrians and particularly the Bahais in Iran were doing exactly the same as the Jews have been doing for thousands of years.

  324. enlightened25 says:

    "Jews consider that they are chosen people and their language."
    "And the Jewish people to whom I gladly belong and with whose mentality I have a deep affinity have no different quality for me than all other people. As far as my experience goes, they are no better than other human groups, although they are protected from the worst cancers by a lack of power. Otherwise I cannot see anything 'chosen' about them." – Albert Einstein

  325. Ria says:

    You Wrote[This is also the reason why BRITISHERS partitioned INDIA – to weaken HINDUS and INDIA forever , by giving away INDIAN HINDU land to MOSLEMS. BRITISHERS favoured MOSLEMS ].BRITISHERS(as christians) considered Hindus are pagans and devil worshippers]

    Hey you don't want to accept the free gift of salvation, and be seprated from God, that is your choice. You want to belive in a tree that is your choice. As a Christian my role as commisioned by Christ is to warn and call all of the world to his kingdom. You are welcome when/if you decide to but free to reject. But don't kill the messenger.

    BTW I am so thankful that India and Pakistan were seprated . Can't you see hind site it was the best thing ever happened to India. Good riddance Muslims . They can be happy and kill each other in their own county. And leave us Indians alone.

  326. Ria says:

    You Wrote [As an indian – a point which you are not aware of is that christianity (even today ) considers ISLAM as sister religion.]

    NO ABSOLUTELY ridiculous claim again. Thatz what Musilm's claim to feel important or good about themselves . No Christian who has educated in the knowledge of Christianity and also educated in basics of Islam will make a claim like that. Islam is a cult derived from Christianity. When someone like Mo comes after 600 years and denies what Christ have said in the Bible , how is that a sister religion. The correct word to use for Islam is Anti-Christianity and one who denies the deity of Christian is an anti-christ. There is no sisterhood. One preaches to love and forgive and ones teaches to hate and discriminate.

  327. Ria says:

    You have to note that much of the theology of ISLAM is very identical to CHRISTIANITY.

    No wrong. You don't understand Christian theology . Honestly have you read the Bible in the language you are comfortable in to make the allegations. How can you prove without comparing it. Were did you get your information, did u pull it out of the thin air or did you hear it from somewere. ??

  328. Ria says:

    You Wrote [SO MO formulated ,in addition to his megalomaniac,epileptic siezures and narcisstic tendencies, and concocted and declared himself the Prophet,the LAST PROPHET , and enforced all his evil theology with his gang of rowdies ,like mafia. Then they went on raids,followed by conquests of other countries ]

    My Answer : [Again what is the point . That was Mo, how is Christ who gave his life for yours and mine sins be equated with Mohamed . ]

  329. Ria says:

    But historically ISLAM was copied from christianity.

    Yes, and how is that fault with Christianity. Any one can copy any thing and concoct anything, how can you stop them. I can say I am god, you can say I am insane. How is it same when one say "Love your enemies" and one say "Kill the infidel "
    I am Indian too but tell me a bad thing that happened to India by the spread of Christianity. If you are going to say oh! more hindus are becoming Christians. I ask Why not!! Don't they have a choice to become what they want to. If Hindu Bhramin can't treat a shudra right, do u think the sudhra had no right to convert to what he want to or does he have to remain under the cycle of class.

  330. Ria says:

    As for Bristish their goal was not to spread Christianity, their goal was to go around the globe to conquer the wealth. Yes there may be nomial bad Christian, but a bad apple on the tree does not spoil the entire clan. Christiany in India came with Apostle Thomas. He came to India to preach, was killed and buried in India, people who thought he is from God, converted. Wrong or right ,don't they have they right to belive in what they think is true.

  331. Ria says:

    You Wrote : [ Ria whatever you wrote or telling is correct,except the part concerned with christianity. You need to understan in global,historical perspective. and also what the religions teach,preach. CHRISTIANITY was/is as bad as ISLAM ,eventhough it became civilized now. ]

    My Answer [Dharma : Christianity did not only come to India with British or missionaries. Yes missionaries comefrom different countries to spread the good news of salvation, their agenda is not hidden It is well know. But again, who decides they are wrong. And if they are so wrong why imitate any thing what west do. Don't use their inventions; do not use their book,resource or computers or internets etc. These are all invented be evil west. But if you think it your right to use what others have invented for the betterment of society, then when a missionary thinks he is going to other county to TELL that they can go to heaven too. He is all of a sudden proselytizing. He can say or preach his ideas, but you have choice to reject it. But what is your problem when others make their choice to convert.

  332. Ria says:

    Dear Dharma

    What you wrote is your opinion or what you heard from others or from experience, it is not based on absolutes. You are wrong and you have the right to be wrong. I will try to answer your post sequentially to clarify that Christianity is not same as Islam. And again I have the right to defend myself. That what civilized people do.

  333. dharma marg noble says:

    To Ria : Jews consider that they are chosen people and their language.christians consider that they are the chosen people. Moslems consider that they are the chosen people and their language (ARABIC ). Theologicalloy they are all false.God is loving not threatening,demanding,vengeful. If you dont believe in Jesus or ISLAMIC god ALLA – it is not your fault .He was the creator . In the first
    place why did he create. Original sin is a hoax. resurrection is a hoax (moslems do not believe in christian story). Hell and heaven are hoax. judgement day is hoax. Just by belief you go to heaven according to ISLAM and christianity !!!!! MO will intercede at the gates of heaven to send you into heaven !!!! ISLAMIC ALLA forbids wine,sex in this life but rewards you with 72 virgins,rivers of wine in heaven because you are a martyr – killed nonmoslems .what kind of GOD is this ? Go to youtube. enter in the search box PAT CONDELL . Then read all his videos.
    Pat was a roman catholic in his previous incarnation !!!! No logical,rational person now believes in christianity. Old testament is full of violence. God is bloodthirsty.

  334. dharma marg noble says:

    to Ria : Ria whatever you wrote or telling is correct,except the part concerned with christianity. You need to understan in global,historical perspective. and also what the religions teach,preach. CHRISTIANITY was/is as bad as ISLAM ,eventhough it became civilized now. But historically ISLAM was copied from christianity. AT that time in ARABIA where Mo lived,christianity and judaism were spreading rapidly.SO Mo beacame concerned and jealousied and wanted to make tribe his supremacist (much like the tribal,caste and religious,regional leaders of todays INDIA ).SO MO formulated ,in addition to his megalomaniac,epileptic siezures and narcisstic tendencies, and concocted and declared himself the Prophet,the LAST PROPHET , and enforced all his evil theology with his gang of rowdies ,like mafia. Then they went on raids,followed by conquests of other countries . You have to note that much of the theology of ISLAM is very identical to CHRISTIANITY.Nothing original or no great ideas, no philosophy,no spirituality in ISLAM. Almost true with christianity .Note this – Both are highly organized,dogmatic, intolerant, fascist,totalitarian ,violent ,predatory,proselytising . As an indian – a point which you are not aware of is that christianity (even today ) considers ISLAM as sister religion. Actually it is not . Many christians consider that Moslems worship the GOD as christians. This is the reason why many rebellious christian kids in western countries convert to ISLAM – not knowing the truth . This is also the reason why BRITISHERS partitioned INDIA – to weaken HINDUS and INDIA forever , by giving away INDIAN HINDU land to MOSLEMS. BRITISHERS favoured MOSLEMS .BRITISHERS(as christians) considered Hindus are pagans and devil worshippers .By the way the christian missionaries in INDIA are propagating the same false hoods . In truth ,both ISLAM and christianity are false religions. ISLAMIC /christian GOD is vengeful,demanding to worship him,must believe in HIM,other wise He will burn you in hell for ever. All humans are born sinners but if you believe in jesus or ALLA nfor Moslems , you have direct reservation in heaven .The rest of humanity will go to hell and burn there. All the ideas of ISLAM and christianity are violent and wrong – history proves it.

  335. Stuart Parsons says:

    Oh Muslims please open your eyes. Follow the informed and greatly respected Ali Sina's advice. Read the sira of Ishaq, Tabari and Ibn Kathir. Learn what your Muhammad was really like.

  336. Slomo says:

    Yasmin, your words clearly saying that you and your family don't now Islamic teaching at all hence you are not a true muslim, or you are pretending. Most likely you don't understand islam. My best suggestion is, go read the Quran, hadist and shira and also ask your ustadz. Then, read also Ali Sina's Understanding Muhammad. Dont tell your ustadz that you are going to read also Ali Sina's book. He will prohibit you !

  337. Ria says:

    The point is you enjoy the rights of the free society yet you cry wolf. However you close your eyes to the suffering of others.

    Sir I ask you honestly, why do you follow a person/god who asks you to discriminate and hate and kill. I think I rather follow a God who says "Pray for those who curse you"" Do to others what you would have them do to you" "Not only love those who love you, but love those who hate you" And these words are from Bible. And even if you as a Muslim think Bible is corrupted and Jesus was a man,. A corrupted Bible teaches way better moral than fully preserved Quran and Christ even as a man have way higher moral standards than Mohamed.

  338. Ria says:

    However now look at any Christian living in Pakistan or Saudi (or majority Muslim country)
    • The value of my life is not the same as my Muslim counter paths. (Don't be ignorant read Quran to find what a Muslim life and non Muslim life is worth)
    • No freedom of religion. (I can not even enter the city of Mecca. I can't carry Bible into Saudi, I can not build churches in Saudi, If I live in Pakistan I could be killed or accused of blasphemy if you don't like the way I look.
    • I am consider of Dihmmi status
    • The justice system is not same for every one. My testimony is considered inferior to a Muslim testimony.
    • And I could go on and on about the discrimination that I would face if I were to live in Muslim country Thankfully I don't, but sadly so many of my fellow brothers and sister do.

  339. Ria says:

    You live in India as a Muslim; As an Indian, also a minority from India (Christian) I can tell, you enjoy the same right as any Indian.
    •Freedom of life
    •Freedom of Religion (Freedom to Worship, preach Quran, to establish Islamic organization)
    •You are not consider second class citizen because of your religion
    •You have a same justice system as any other Indian
    •And I can go on with many other equal right you would enjoy in India

  340. dharma marg noble says:

    indian_girl :India was a slave country for nearly 800 yrs. Luckily , we got independence from both ISLAMIC imperialism and christian imperialism just 65 yrs back. Even now ,strictly speaking, it is the rule of non hindus in INDIA lead by sonia,moslems,christians and communists.Do you subcribe a concept called 'self defence ' ? Now, christians,moslems,communists – with their vast available resources are wreacking havoc , tearing apart the fabric of society,country. There are more than 6 communist violent killing movements in INDIA operating. There are many ISLAMIC terror groups,SIMI ,IM. ZAKIR NAik is promoting terrorism against hindus. Lot of hostile,aggressive propaganda is going on against Hindus. So, Do you mean to say that HINDUS must sit and watch and quitely be sacrificial lamb for Moslems,christians and communists ?

  341. dharma marg noble says:

    Indian girl : For example A.R RAHMAN , His mother converted to ISLAM (lured by deception ,dishonesty). Rahman got training under ILAYA RAJA .

  342. dharma marg noble says:

    yasmin – You are living in a kafir/infidel country.You have laws of the country (kafir/infidel laws ) to work for you. Your parents also know this. You cant do like wise in a islamic country.you may not even walk out side . Sharia will kick in & you will be punished. Engaged to a monotheist (what does it mean ? anyway. )- if you mean a christian or jew – it is good for you. Christianity has become civilized now a days – otherwise it was as bad as ISLAM. Both are organized,with rigid central authority ,imposing their will and dogma on poor followers. Both ISLAM&christianity are proselitysing ,predatory ,intolerant ,fascist ,totalitarian religions. Verify the meaning of each word written here. God of ISLAM -ALLA and God of christianity are vengeful,demanding, and enjoy burning nonbelievers in eternal hell fire !!!!!!! can there be more absurdity? Moslems go on Haj and circumambulate around a black stone ( for what ? ) and throw stones at another stone which they call "SATAN". They spit in ZAM ZAM and collect the water to drink. Mo prescribed 3 stones to wipe after defication.

  343. dharma marg noble says:

    Indian_girl : Dr.ALI SINA answered that – If they think as Moslems , it is a problem. According to ISLAMIC tenets ,these things (dance,music,singing ,painting,sports ) are kafir,infidel activities , not ISLAMIC activities. SO , a true moslem follower of Mo must not participate in those activities. A strict ISLAMIC country do not allow them – like SAUDI arabia.AL QAEDA,TALIBAN will not allow them, including even women's education. A Moslem woman is not allowed to step out without a male gaurd and permission. Moslems living in nonmoslem contries and following kafir,infidel activities are considered as enemies of ISLAM. In INDIA ,Moslems are following kafir activities and contributing as INDIANS – not as MOSLEMS. IN addition there is another strong factor which is that Majority OF INDIAN MOSLEMS are descendents of HINDUS -( the kafirs,infidels )

  344. dharma marg noble says:

    Indian_girl : Dr.ALI SINA answered that – If they think as Moslems , it is a problem. According to ISLAMIC tenets ,these things (dance,music,singing ,painting,sports ) are kafir,infidel activities , not ISLAMIC activities. SO , a true moslem follower of Mo must not participate in those activities. A strict ISLAMIC country do not allow them – like SAUDI arabia.AL QAEDA,TALIBAN will not allow them, including even women's education. A Moslem woman is not allowed to step out without a male gaurd and permission. Moslems living in nonmoslem contries and following kafir,infidel activities are considered as enemies of ISLAM. In INDIA ,Moslems are following kafir activities and contributing as INDIANS – not as MOSLEMS. IN addition there is another strong factor which is that Majority OF INDIAN MOSLEMS are descendents of HINDUS -( the kafirs,infidels )
    who naturally are inclined to continue their ancestral activities. You must note all this. Most important is that HINDUS are generous,magnanimous. Compare with ISLAMIC theocracies .

  345. John K says:

    Very good points. We used to say the US is a melting pot because people used to come to be Americans, but then someone said that now it is a salad bowl because people come to establish communities of their home culture. I think what Melanie was saying is that Muslims are welcome if they want to come and participate in British culture. Maybe she was too generous to say that if they don't want to participate, they have only the same rights as every other minority. That allows Islam to fester as the Quran continues to circulate and poison minds.

  346. John K says:

    He was saying that attitude is the problem. I know his sentence structure wasn't clear.

  347. A kafir says:

    Moslems living in a non moslem country, like India or US do have a serious problem and that is to an extent is true. The moslems living amongst the ignorant non moslems , who are also in majority , are safe and quite happy, as long as the non moslems are completely ignorant of the filth and evil that is there in qrand and hadiths and for as long as non moslems do not ask uncomfortable questions. The day non moslems are aware of the real filth in islam , the non moslems are not going to be very friendly to the moslems. To that extent the life of moslems will become difficult.The moslems have one direct option.Just leave islam and declare that you have left islam! If they do so, The idiotic moslems who are still clinging to islam will take care of those who declare their apostasy! I must admit there is a serious problemI.If more and more moslems leave islam then those who follow the evil islam will become minority and can be easily decimated!
    It is islam that is spewing hatred and the people who are quoting qran verbatim are not the ones spreading the hatred. Indian moslem, please be informed the arab moslems consider you the indian moslems as inferior and servants, the Ansars! The slaves who got converted. So dont worry about arabs, islam mohammad the rapist pedophile etc. Just leave islam and be happy!

  348. A kafir says:

    How silly of you vibhakar( sorry to use harsh word) but you are advising a moslem to think! The moslem has mortgaged his thinking faculty to pimp allah and his client mohammad.A moslem can not think as he lcaks congenitally the thinking faculty and he is prohibited from independently thinking.Moslem will not think, is unable to think, is not not allowed to think ever and will be punished severely for infractions. Please get this.Thinking in islamis mamnoo! " Use your brain" is an advice to a moslem a meaningless advice.

  349. dharma marg noble says:

    yasmin : You are thinking and talking(posting ) very superficially ,without indepth understanding and the rationality,logic,values,principles ,philosophy of your ISLAM as presented in QQUURRAAN/SIRA and HADITHS. First read them thoughrouly,think and debate and go through a critical analysis. Also apply your own intelligence ,brain power . First know and understand what is religion,what is the purpose ,function of a religion. What characters and characteristics must a good religion must incorporate and present to humanity. If you read ISLAMIC books -QQUURRAAN,SIRA,HADITHS in this light , you will find pretty soon that ISLAM miserably fails on all counts. There is nothing original philosophy or great insights about human life or universe in ISLAMIC books. While QQUURRAN is from a jealousied,deranged, megalomaniac with supremacist theology – copied from JUDAISM,CHRISTIANITY, and some preislamic folk lore. Mo wanted to make his tribe supreme in ARABIA- because at that time in ARABIA Christianity and judaism were spreading fast . Then ,MO cleverly formulated ,by copying everything – but declaring that he is also a "PROPHET " but a last one at that . So no more prophets. Mo made his theolgy dogmatic,intolerant,fascist,totalitarian , and enforced with raids,killings,murders,rape,robbery,deceit,dishonesty,fear and terror- much like modern MAFIA gangs. SO Mo eliminated all opposition and he spread his creed by his gangster followers. If you read ISLAMIC books – you will discover all that is laughble,nonsense,cruel,evil,discriminatory,lacking kindness,compassion,hatred aGainst nonmoslems,violence,killing etc. No human being with good conscience ,honesty,integrity,kindness.compassion,and wanting to live as a good humanbeing with equality,equal laws for all ,equality of all religions, equality of women, value democracy,value freedom , loving peace ,love nonviolence will accept ISLAM. Because after reading and using your brain power you will doscover that ISLAM is against all good values in life . If you follow ISLAM – I guarantee you that you will not be a good human being.

  350. Indian_Girl says:

    I did not equate Islamic terrorism with Hindu radicalisation, I said it is so sad that the Hindu society is getting radicalised, because it goes against the essence of the Dharma. Just yesterday I read an article that said a course offered at Delhi University on different forms of Ramayana in various regional languages in India was withdrawn because it offended Hindus.

  351. Indian_Girl says:

    Yasmin, this site is not against Muslims. It is acknowledged Muslims are as good or bad as other people. This site says Islam is evil, not Muslims. If you are wearing what you want and go where you want, you are not being a follower of Muhammad.

  352. Indian_Girl says:

    It seems you did not read my post. I did not say Muslims invented Indian music, I said Muslims contributed immensely to Indian Music, Art and literature, as did Hindus and other communities. Can you deny that?

  353. Lauren says:

    You just lucked out on the family you were born into. Most muslim families are very strict

  354. I'm engaged to a monotheist and I'm a Muslim girl. I have no problems in this. I love my religion and for Ali sina to insult Islam is wrong because not all Muslims are evil. I have a family that allow me to wear what I want, eat what I want, go where I want. I'm not restricted in anyway. I believe in Allah and don't expect my fiancé too. I'm a Muslim not a freak. And you guys seem to think that all the weird Muslims are wat we are all like. We are not all bad.

  355. Lauren says:

    muslims do not need non-muslims to spread hatred. muslims do a fine job of that all by themselves.

  356. Ali Sina says:

    And would such an insane deity be worthy of praise? What would you say of a man who does such a thing to his cat whom he took care of but the cat was ungrateful and pissed on him? Wouldn't you say that such a man is insane? You Muslims attribute insanity to God. This is blasphemy. So if really God is the same Allah and is as evil as you say, I bet Muslims will be the first to be sent to hell for making him look like a crazy, sadistic god.

  357. dharma marg noble says:

    Indian_girl – dance,music ,sports ,singing,paintings are unislamic (not approved by ISLAM ,MULLAS,IMAMS,Moulanas,Ayatollas,muftis. Those who follow such practices in nonmoslem ,kafir,infidel countries are enemies of ISLAM,apostates. can women moslems participate (from ISLAMIC countries) in sports ? in Burqas perhaps ?INDIAN MOSLEMS have the work cut out for them – if they think that they want to be good humanbeings,honest, with integrity, with good conscience , and have kindness,compassion,care for all humans ,do not believe in discrimination on the basis of religion,gender ,color etc, and if a moslem truly believes in freedom,peace,democracy,equality of all,equality of justice,equaity of gender etc – must fight for these universal values in islamic countries. ISLAMIC countries violate all human rights, all noble values of equality,equal justice, equal laws, equal respect etc. ISLAM is the greatest threat to human civilization. For the humanity to have peace, to have progress, to have prosperity – ISLAM must be eradicated.

  358. Muhammod says:

    allah & Muhammod will kill and fry you in the lake of burning oil after your death for blaspheme, Mr.Ali sina.

  359. dharma marg noble says:

    Indian girl – for your information . INDIAN music,dance,singing,paintings ,symbolism ,representation ,images,murthis – all originated in and integral part of Hindu dharma and philosophy. Note this — Of the 4 vedas (RIG,YAJUR,SAMA, ADHARVA) one veda (SAMA) is fully devoted to MUSIC. ALL HINDU manifestations of GODS (different forms ) including the supreme personality of God head – LORD Krishna have music instruments – Lord krishna has FLUTE (dances with GOPIS) Lord sive has dhamaruka and He dances ( indeed he is called lord of dance ) Vishnu has mridanga , Rishi NARADA has TAMPURA , Godess SARASWATI is the source of all arts – music and knowledge and she has VEENA to play. INDIAN MUSIC and dance are bestowed by Gods on Rishis who inturn passed on to their disciples. That is what makes SANATAN DHARMA (HINDU DHARMA ) the noblest, glorious in the human history. Hindu dharma is uniquely noble. while ISLAM uniquely evil ,cruel,primitive.

  360. dharma marg noble says:

    Indian_girl . Do not misinterpret or misrepresent the indian history – past and present. ISLAM prohibits singing,dancing ,music,music instruments,painting,photography etc. It is because Hindu (SANATANA DHARMA ) practices,influence and because INDIA is a HINDU majority country,built on SANATANA DHARMA foundation,principles and because HINDUS are noble,magnanimous in giving all to Moslems – it was /is possible for moslems to flourish in INDIA. Moslems enjoy more privileges in INDIA and at the expense of HINDUS. Yet, If you look at the history of INDIA during the past decade- it is no exaageration in stating that a single day passes without ISLAMIC terrorism,bombings,killings of HINDUS by Moslems. You want to enumerate all attacks ,all over INDIA ? the Horrendous bombings in BOMBAY, several times , in coimbatore, in HyderaBAD, in DELHI, in calcutta, in varanasi,lucknow, in ahmedabad, in Bangalore,in Madras,on trains, BURNING ALIVE 59 HINDU piligrims on sabarmathi express, attack on INDIAN parilament,red fort – too many to recount here. You dont have conscience in telling or equating ISLAMIC terrorism with so called Hindu radicalization !!!! You also have a sense of justice !!! or so do we have to think. Instead. Perhaps ALI SINA dont know the complete history and news about INDIA.So he cant answer properly. Now , you ask the question (s)? What is the status of nonmoslems (HINDUS) in ISLAMIC countries and under ISLAMIC rule ? what rights do they have ? How aree they treated ? ISLAMIC rule is highly discriminatory and brutal against nonmoslems . Nonmoslems in ISLAMIC countries live in fear, and under constant terror from Moslem goons. There is no constitutional protection, giving equal rights, treating all faiths equally is unheard of in Moslem countries. Nonmoslems in ISLAMIC countries are virtually living like slaves. It is the duty of INDIAN moslems to make ISLAMIC rulers in Moslem countries to

  361. dharma marg noble says:

    Indian_girl . Do not misinterpret or misrepresent the indian history – past and present. ISLAM prohibits singing,dancing ,music,music instruments,painting,photography etc. It is because Hindu (SANATANA DHARMA ) practices,influence and because INDIA is a HINDU majority country,built on SANATANA DHARMA foundation,principles and because HINDUS are noble,magnanimous in giving all to Moslems – it was /is possible for moslems to flourish in INDIA. Moslems enjoy more privileges in INDIA and at the expense of HINDUS. Yet, If you look at the history of INDIA during the past decade- it is no exaageration in stating that a single day passes without ISLAMIC terrorism,bombings,killings of HINDUS by Moslems. You want to enumerate all attacks ,all over INDIA ? the Horrendous bombings in BOMBAY, several times , in coimbatore, in HyderaBAD, in DELHI, in calcutta, in varanasi,lucknow, in ahmedabad, in Bangalore,in Madras,on trains, BURNING ALIVE 59 HINDU piligrims on sabarmathi express, attack on INDIAN parilament,red fort – too many to recount here. You dont have conscience in telling or equating ISLAMIC terrorism with so called Hindu radicalization !!!! You also have a sense of justice !!! or so do we have to think. Instead. Perhaps ALI SINA dont know the complete history and news about INDIA.So he cant answer properly. Now , you ask the question (s)? What is the status of nonmoslems (HINDUS) in ISLAMIC countries and under ISLAMIC rule ? what rights do they have ? How aree they treated ? ISLAMIC rule is highly discriminatory and brutal against nonmoslems . Nonmoslems in ISLAMIC countries live in fear, and under constant terror from Moslem goons. There is no constitutional protection, giving equal rights, treating all faiths equally is unheard of in Moslem countries. Nonmoslems in ISLAMIC countries are virtually living like slaves. It is the duty of INDIAN moslems to make ISLAMIC rulers in Moslem countries to
    force and follow equal rights,equal laws,equality of justice, equality of women ,freedom,democracy,peace,nonviolence ,equality of women, tolerance for nonmoslem faiths ,freedom of religion ,freedom of expression etc etc.As a moslem can you fight for such noble causes ?

  362. Juste says:

    Above all criticism?
    Do you realize what you are saying?
    Muhammad was a warlord and criminally insane.
    How can you expect mankind to respect such evil soul?

  363. worldpeace says:

    My compatriots there, you have a lot to learn. You are in countries that tolerate you. The reality is that we the unfortunate souls are in places where we cannot utter anything against the streotype. We are persecuted and leaving with it. Please continue to hope for our salvation. The project is daunting. Thank you Ali Sina. You are a messiar, only you dont know it. You have open our eyes

  364. Ali Sina says:

    Muslims are humans like everybody else. They have intelligence, tallent and can contribute to all fields of science and art and they do. But that is despite of being Muslims and not because of it. In Islam music is frowned at. Art is not encouraged in any form. Dancing is sin. Muhammad said he dispised poets. Yet there were many poets among Muslims and even in his own time.

    Let us not confuse people with the ideology. Muslims are people and they can contribute to the world like anyone else. The problem arises when these people remember that they are Muslims. Then they become dangerous, evil, murderous, terrorists. We are not against Muslims as people, We want to cure them from their disease.

  365. enlightened25 says:

    "like pakistan stop their assistance and they will be all right." The money to pakistan is not assistance it is protection money paid to the goverment of pakistan so they will prevent Al-qaeda from getting their hands on pakistans nukes. "So far as treating muslims in infidel countries" Well the muslims in our countries should be treated how koran and muhammed said to treat the non-muslims in other words they should be stripped of their human rights. That should shock them and i think if that happend most of them would leave islam. Ali sina in advise to a hindu on how to deal with his abusive muslim wife suggested printing out verses of the koran showing it is okay to beat your wife if she is disobedient. That would probably work and she would soon stop thinking islam is a great religion, something similar could happen in the case of the muslims generally.

  366. enlightened25 says:

    The problem is not multiculturalism, i have no problem with any culture thats believes in freedom and equality. Indeed it was Cyrus the king of Persia who wrote the Charter of the Rights of Nations http://www.farsinet.com/cyrus/ But Islam is not a culture, it is a killer of culture like when Omar burnt the great library of Alexandria because either the books disagreed with the Koran and thus were blasphemous or agreed with it and were redundant. Islam should not be welcome in our culture, or indeed any.

  367. dharma marg noble says:

    salman – You should be eternally greatful, and salute Mr Ali SINA for he is the noble soul. I dont have any doubt in this. Mr. ALI SINA spreads peace,love,truth,tolerance,democracy,freedom,nonviolence,truth. Do not put obstacle in his path or impede him with your TAQIYYA and lies,deception,dishonesty. SALMAN you must be accountable to your actions , your conscience ( A good humanbeing truthfully knows that a true follower of MOHAMMAD , a true moslem do not have conscience ,kindness, truth,honesty,integrity. A true moslem do not like peace,freedom,democracy,equality of all people including women,respect for all religions ). Salman specifically you and your family,relatives,friends must leave ISLAM, denounce,renounce this hoax ,fraud and biggest curse, plague of ISLAM on moslems. You will be at peace
    with yourself. Also ,all INDIANS INCLUDING Moslems,SIKHS,christians, & others should visit this site faithfreedom and ISLAM-watch dot organnization and learn truth,facts ,history of ISLAM/MO/QQUURRAN.

  368. dharma marg noble says:

    Salman whoever you are ; I dont have any doubt that you are desperate to stop Mr. Ali SINA from telling truth about ISLAM – the bloodthirsty,hate filled,violent-cruel fascist ,intolerant cult .ISLAM /MO/ALLA/QQUURRAN is the originator/promoter of slavery /rapes/pedo/vengence. All the evidence/proof can be found QQUURRAN /SIRA/HADITHS. SALMAN , you are playing TAQIYYA ,knowing fully well that Mr.SINA is committed to eradicate this evil /cruel/primitive /killing cult called ISLAM . Actually SALMAN , you must be greatful to ALI SINA for his sacrifices, indomitable spirit and determination to make this world a peaceful place for all and a better place for all to live. I know you cannot threaten,give fatwas, or assasinate Mr.ALI SINA – that is why salman – you are trying this method. But you totally failed to tell us what is good or acceptable is in ISLAM/ MO/QQUURRAN !!!!!, as a religion. The world and it's people – in order to be good human beings dont need ISLAM. Nobody in the world should accept ISLAM or follower of MOHAMMAD !!!. FOLLOWING MO or accepting ISLAM will make a person dark minded savage,vengeful,killer.

  369. John K says:

    Muslims can do well if they have a peaceful Imam until fundamentalist Imams come and rock the boat.

  370. John K says:

    If you read Ali Sina's article, From Belief to Enlightenment, at FFI you will get an idea of how a good but ignorant Muslim's mind works and how it can be changed.

  371. vibhakar says:

    while i can understand salman and his emotions and if it is not a kind of emotional blackmailing i can not use harsh words against him so i want to tell him that though quran is full of vague terms and meanings those related to kafirs are very clear. use your brain, read them, use your rational & human values to judge the tenets of your religion . you have as much humanity as is with us though it has been heavily corroded by islam

  372. vibhakar says:

    i completely support the view that the problem is that the human beings brought up in muslim beliefs can not and will not understand it namely the truth by any amount of logic or rationality. in my country i have myself encountered many muslims who when found that all the evil actions of muhammad cannot be defended loudly announced that they judged any actions on basis of whether the pbuh allowed it or not,meaning that if he murdered an asma while sleeping they were required to follow him. how can you wean them away from such terrorist cult. you simply can not let them free. any man roaming with such ideas must be seen as a potential terrorist. i would also like to add that force plus the ideological battle alone can help us. no, it will be effective in muslim majority countries like say a saudi arabia or a pakistan. let me suggest some novel but effective ideas. first the world community did succeed in eradication of slavery from islamic havens even if in name. also now they are forced to allow mushriks[ polytheists] in their nations a work never done by them in their 1400 years of history. the course of action is simple arabia can not drink oil to feed itself, so ensure a very effective blockade of all such nations who are in need of imports. to deal with countries like pakistan stop their assistance and they will be all right. third boycott all muslim clerics and leaders and let them know that proselytization will be punished. so far as treating muslims in infidel countries is concerned, cuntries with 0-5 percent of muslims should deport them to darul islam, those with 5-10 should try to convert them through many means and if failed should banish them, those with more than 10 percent of muslims will be bound to use discrimination like muslim means no job poll tax like turushka dand[ indian term] and demolition of mosques if any case of trouble making is reported. anyone protesting these measures must be told how muslim law means all those things for infidels. once you are hit you will not argue the merits of hitting. so for these muslims who blindly tell that they are bound to follow muhammad it is perfect solution. also i beg to disagree with ali sina . in iran islam never faced any danger of being evicted out of the country the leadership was highly confused and tried to blend cyrus and samanids. so it was a half hearted attempt and met the result it deserved. a well calibrated use and show of force added with information on evils of islam can surely mean business.

  373. Indian_Girl says:

    Salman, I am also from India and I can understand your pain because at basic level I think Hindus and Muslims live quite happily side by side until and unless some politicians start rocking the boat. I am also witness to the increasing radicalisation of both Hindus and Muslims in our society which is very disturbing. Ali Sina, I admire you for having the courage to speak so freely about your conviction and I understand the sacrifices you had to make over the years for the cause. But you often say that Muslims can not contribute to the society. I do not know about other countries but in India Muslim contribution to our music, art, literature, had been huge. You say music is banned in Islam. But India had such great musicians who were Muslims. I know when Muslim invaders came they killed many Hindus. My own ancestors were persecuted and killed but they refused to leave their faith and I feel so proud of them. But now Muslims are an integral part of India and I just wish all over the world Muslims will integrate with the local society the way they have done in Inda.

  374. worldpeace says:

    I always find Ali Sina's write ups illuminating, self evident and very easy to understand. It .is a mystery that poeple find it difficult to fathom. But what Salman said has some value, particularly in coutries that are backward economically and educationally, like my country Nigeria. Muslims think they are worshipping Allah while in reality they are worshipping Muhammad. I think one of the strategies to employ in "weaning" Muslims of Islam is to forcefully drive home the fact that they are doing nothing but worshipping a human like them. Thank you Ali Sina.

  375. John K says:

    Melanie Phillips discusses in this video that Muslims are welcome in our culture if they want to participate in our culture. Otherwise they can go home:

  376. yusufharto says:

    Salman, All Alisina does in his site is not insulting Muhammad.
    Rather, he is trying to help us by unmask Muhammad, so we won't become a victim of his lies. You should have thanked Alisina. He doesn't expect a return from you except you see the truth and leave Islam. He has shown you so many proofs that Islam is a hoax. Why are you still defending Islam?
    If you think Islam is not a lie, can you show us a proof? Can't you see the majority who embrace Islam is from third world country? Why not US, Canada, West Europe and Japan? Why is Islam only competible with backward countries?Why????Because muslim countries use less brain than frist world country.

  377. enlightened25 says:

    "We must wean Muslims by telling them the truth not by force." The problem with this is muslims do not understand the truth, but if their is something they do understand it is force. Yes force is not going to work in a muslim majority country, but it would in a strong country like america. I only see 1 real solution to the islam problem and that is to deport all muslims to Dar al-Islam. If muslims are kept in their own lands with no non-muslims to blame, scapegoat and kill then 1 of 2 things will happen.1)They will start killing each other and eventually wipe each other out. Or
    2)Come to their senses and leave islam.

  378. John K says:

    A good and timely article considering the recent accusations of hate in the comments sections recently.

  379. apl says:

    That is the problem, our beloved prophet, please don't insult him, he is above all criticism.

    Why don't you open your eyes and try to find the truth?

    Ali Sina has given ample references in Quran, Hadith, Sira and most of it is available online free?

    Instead of being all touchy, feely about it, why don't you ascertain yourself if its the truth?

    Should you remain in ignorance and darkness just because of your emotional clutches?

    Verify the claims made by Ali Sina yourself and then decide for yourself: Denial, ignorance, submission or Truth, freedom, acceptance

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