Muhammad’s Prophecy of Romans Victory

Dear Ali,

First of all, let me thank you for responding to my friend Asra. She is also very impressed with your vast knowledge but she has some more doubts which I hope you can clear up for her..

First of all, she wants to know how is it possible that in the Quran in surah number 30 “Al Rum” how did that man predict that the Romans have been defeated but will get victory soon.



The Quran that we have today is compiled during the Caliphate of Othman. Othman started his Caliphate in 644 C.E.  By that time the two wars between the Persians and the Romans were over and the victors in each case had already been known.  What are the chances that the verses 2-4 of Sura 30 that says first the Romans will be defeated and a few years later they will become victorious were altered because the original verses pronounced by Muhammad were wrong?

Of course if what Muhammad had said had been wrong, Othman would not have allowed it to be published, which would have shown Muhammad to be a false prophet.  These verses would have been adjusted to reflect what had actually happened.

Othman ordered all other versions that did not match his, to be destroyed.  Why? It is because they contradicted the one he had put together.  As the result the evidence is lost.  We can’t prove that Muhammad was wrong and Muslims can’t claim these verses as prophecy.  It is absolutely illogical that the compilers would have kept the original verses when the history had proven Muhammad a false prophet.

These verses don’t prove anything because their authenticity is dubious. However, there are many other verses in the Quran that have been proven to be wrong.  Consequently, Muslim scholars try to reinterpret them and twist their meanings.  If there is one error in the Quran, the book cannot be the word of God. There are thousands of errors in that book.

Secondly she mentioned something else a few minutes ago while we were chatting so I am going to copy and paste her exact words here

i was thinking what if god doesn’t like women as i told u in office, we suffer alot not like men, when we have period we have pain, when they break our virginity we have pain also, when we deliver a baby we have pain and we might die, men don’t go through all this

This question should be posed to those who believe in God.  I can only respond from the evolutionary point of view.

We are product of evolution. Obviously, the way we mammals procreate must have been the best way for the survival of our species.  Reptiles and birds lay egg.  For some reason, early mammals kept their eggs inside until it became a fully developed baby.  Marsupials give birth to their fetus much earlier.

The birth pang is not something God has decided. It is the result of evolution and evolution is blind with many flaws.  If every woman who gave birth with pain died, and the child died too, then only those women with large hips who gave birth with no pain would survive and giving birth would be a painless experience, and also women would have much larger hips.  Since this pain does not kill every woman, it is perpetuated in our species.  Women with small hips give birth. If left alone they probably would die. But other humans take care of them so they survive and thier daughters will also survive who also will have small hips and who also will have pain when giving birth.

Millions of years ago, early humans who had small head and hence small brain were not smart enough to survive and procreate.  Their mothers gave birth to them easily but they were unable to survive.  We are weak creatures. Our only weapon to survive in this harsh world is to outsmart creatures that are much faster and much stronger than us. This requires a large brain and a big head, which means a lot of pain for our females at birth.  Consider it a flaw of evolution.  But it is a flaw that does not kill us and hence it is passed to subsequent generations.

Evolution is full of flaws.  Take the example of baldness. Baldness is a flaw, but it is not life threatening. Bald men procreate and pass on the defective gene of baldness to their progeny. If baldness killed the bald in infancy, or if women refused to mate with bald men this gene would have been eradicated. It’s all about the survival of the fittest. If you are fit enough to make it into adulthood and mate, you will pass your gene. If not your gene will become extinct.  The genes that pass don’t have to be perfect. As long as they are not deadly they can survive for millions of years.

So as you see we humans intervene in the natural selection of evolution. We don’t allow evolution to take its natural course and kill us with minor defects.  So these defects are perpetuated.  Doese this mean that there will be no further evolution for human race?  As smart species, we will never evolve further through the process of natural selection. Of course evolution does not happen only through natural selection. It also happens  through mutation. Mutation is a sudden departure from the parent type in one or more heritable characteristics, caused by a change in a gene or a chromosome.  Most mutations are lethal. They kill the individual before he or she can reprocrate and pass that changed gene. But sometimes, very rarely, the mutation is beneficial.  A few years ago a baby superman with genetic mutation was reported in Germany.  A lot of time they are indiffernt. They neither kill us nor add any value to our existance. Recently a little girl was born in USA to black parents with no white ancestory who was completely blod and white. This kind of  mutation is neither beneficial nor detrimental. But it adds variety to the species. I suppose this is how the white race turned white when in reality we are all Africans.

Evolution happens through trial and error.  Our job as rational beings is to overcome the flaws that evolution hand us and fix them when possible.  We have already overcome many of the evolutions’s shortcomings. In fact as smart creatures we stand on the way of evolution.  We give chance to people to live longer who are born with defects that evolution condemns to death.

If you attribute everything to God, you see injustice.  Think of children born with physical or mental defect.  It appears that God has been very unfair to them. But if you evaluate things from the evolutionary perspective, you’ll understand that this is nature at work and nature is flawed.

We are at a stage that we can be in control of our evolution.  Once we decode the human genes we will be able to isolate the defective ones and eventually many genetic diseases will be thing of the past.  Will we be able to get rid of the pain of giving birth? Maybe not. And I don’t think that is something desirable. Would you like ot have an extraordinarily harge hip? I doubt it.  The only way you can get rid of this pain is to either have a large hip or pray that your child is born with small head.  I don’t think you like either  of these alternatives. So you will have pain in birth as payback.

Now, science is rapidly advancing. It is likely that we find a way to give birth naturally with less pain. The answer is in science.  It is not in the hand of God. And please don’t blame that poor old guy in the sky for everything that goes wrong.

Third point,  Sura number 17, ayaat number 88  regarding if all the men and jinn got together and tried to make a book as good as Quran why is that no one so far has even attempted to take up that challenge in 1400 years.. If Quran is nothing but poetry, why did no one even try to write better poetry than Quran in ARabic.. She says there are so many Arab Christians, they can at least try to do this and prove that claim false.

This claim is sheer nonsense. Please watch this video



Also see this link to find many suras written by ordinary Christians that are superior to the Quran in every sense.

Last but not least, how is it possible that Islam forbid us not to eat Pork and now medical science has proven that eating pork is bad for our health as it contains many harmful elements and germs. Is that true?

This is a lie. Pork is not in any way more harmful than other meets.  As a vegan I believe killing any animal for consumption is unethical. Also all meets are harmful to the body to some extent.  But Islam is not against killing animals. It just considers pork harmful, which is scientifically unsubstantiated. But it is a lie that you hear in Islamic countries, because Muslims have to prove the Quran is a miracle and will do and say anything to do so.

There are many other points she was asking me and I will try to jolt them down when I talk to her again.. Meanwhile, please answer the above at your earliest convenience.

Best regards


All the points that Muslims have raised are already responded. Please encourage your friend to read all my articles and many other great articles posted on  Most likely this site is also banned. Can ou access this site?

Islam is a religion of lies.  Everything in this faith is a lie. It is a house of cards. It is glued together with lies.

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  1. Agracean says:

    Dear Dr Ali Sina, you said, "If you attribute everything to God, you see injustice. Think of children born with physical or mental defect. It appears that God has been very unfair to them."

    Do you know why some children are born with physical or mental defect? Maybe you'll like to exercise your brain and think why some plants are poisonous and why mosquitoes suck blood and spread deadly diseases? Please be fair to my loving Creator God and come to the ultimate realization that He is indeed a loving and just God. 🙂

  2. Agracean says:

    Dear Dr Ali Sina, so you are a product of evolution and you even claimed that birth pain is the result of evolution. Are you announcing to the world here that you believe that your first ancestors evolved from non living things and then, accidentally became living things and they accidentally grew up to become male and female creatures which looks like an ape or monkey or gorilla or king kong and then, all these hairy creatures accidentally discovered the joy of procreation and then, they accidentally gave birth to their young and then, after thousands of years, all those hairy creatures accidentally became less hairy and then, their bodies accidentally changed to become like us and then, all these human beings accidentally knew that they have to cover their nakedness? No wonder Dr Albert Einstein concluded that there is no limit to your stupidity.

  3. azzam says:

    Mr Ali sina u should write a book about all ideas that Muhammad took from other religions and then he put them in Islam as words of allah

  4. Shakila says:

    Thanks Ali, the info provided seems very useful to me and my friend.. I am convinced 100 percent that Islam is 100 percent false but my friend is nearly 60 percent there.. She is also going thru the denial stage at this moment I guess.. It is not easy for anyone, as u can understand better than anyone..

  5. John K says:

    C-section is not recommended for routine births as it affects future pregnancies.

  6. Worldpeace says:

    That is briliant, Dr Sina. Particularly the part explaining pain at birth through evolution. I honestly have a better understanding ,now ,of evolution through your practical explanation.

  7. Azadikhah says:

    Muslims claim that Quran is miracle because it states do not it pork and now we know that pork is god for our health. As you se above that is not true. Even if it was true , the credit would go to jews who have said that thousands of years before that pedophile mohammad.

  8. El Padrino says:

    Now, science is rapidly advancing. It is likely that we find a way to give birth naturally with less pain."

    Another alternative which is not natural but less painful I've been told is giving birth through via c-section.And of course giving birth in water.

  9. El Padrino says:

    We give chance to people to live longer born with defects that evolution condemns to death."

    This is the beauty of the humanity,we are not bound by our instincts,unlike our animal counterparts.W e can believe.We can hope & dream of a better future.We can change our way of life completely.

  10. John K says:

    In Comparative Literature we study the great books of history. These are the books that are considered the highest accomplishment of mankind. While anything made by a human is not perfect, I can assure you that the Quran does not qualify as a piece of literature, let alone great literature. The primary feature of the Quran is Muhammad's narcissistic attitude, which permeates and contaminates the entire book. It's more like a Petri dish full of black plague than a font of knowledge.

  11. VRM says:

    Muhammad was a master of faking up conspiracy theories, he made up many to drive away Jews from Medina and nearby areas, so Muslims are only following their ideal. Al,queda is continuously claiming responsibility for 9/11 but still many Muslims deny it. Ridiculous.