Was Jesus a Prophet of Islam?

Dear Mr. Ali Sina,

I was reading one posting from a Muslim guy , and I was wondering what will be your expert opinion on this.

He wrote :

/////”Islam the primordial religion can be misunderstood easily.

This claim contradicts the Quran. The Quran says repeatedly that it is a “clear book” (5:15) “easy to understand” (44:58, 54:22, 54:32, 54:40), “explained in detail” (6:114) “conveyed clearly” (5:16, 10:15) … and with “no doubt” in it (2:2).

Furthermore, why only Islam is misunderstood and other religions are not?  Shouldn’t the reverse be true? Didn’t Islam come allegedly to clarify all the misunderstandings in other religions?

Islam is perfectly clear. It is its apologists that try to  confuse others because they are embarrassed of the truth.

A superficial acquaintance with the religion may lead one to the view that Islam is of relatively recent origin, compared to other religions, and that it was revealed to Prophet Muhammad SAW as the Last Messenger of Allah to continue Allah’s mission in Tauhid since the creation of Adam. Allah has spoken again to reveal the last commandment to Prophet Muhammad since the vacuum of Divine Revelation since Prophet Jesus 600 years earlier.

This claim is nonsense. Muhammad said all previous prophets preached Islam and then their followers corrupted it so God sent him as the last prophet to set the records straight.  First of all at no time Jews or Christians, let alone Zoroastrians or Buddhists practiced or believed anything resembling Islam.  Muslims claim all these faiths were originally like Islam and changed later by the believers.  This is a bogus claim. The burden of proof is on Muslims. Where is the proof?

Secondly, if God had allowed all his previous religions become corrupted, why Islam should be exempt?  Doesn’t this person say that Islam can be easily misunderstood?  So if it is so easily misunderstood, why should we believe that it is not corrupted already?

The connection between Prophet Muhammad and Prophet Jesus are very close because both of them brought the same divine message to worship One God – Allah.

I have studied both Islam and Christianity. I can say with certainty that there are no two philosophies, teachings, doctrines or beliefs that are more contradictory than these two.  The message of Jesus revolves around love. The message of Muhammad revolves around fear. The cores of these two faiths are diametrically opposed to each other. As the result, all the ramifications are different.  Yes both faiths are theistic, and rehash the Zoroastrian eschatology of heaven and hell, but they worship different gods.  Allah is not the same God of Jesus. It does not have the same characteristics.  Sugar and cyanide share some similarities. Both come in granulated form and are white. But there ends the similarity. The same is true about the God envisioned by Jesus and the deity that Muhammad made up.

Other connection between them is, one of Prophet Jesus tasks – to announce the coming of the last Prophet and Jesus confirmed that the last Prophet will clear his name (Jesus) from false accusations.

Jesus never mentioned Muhammad. Again the burden of proof is on Muslims to show where Jesus talked about Muhammad? The only thing Jesus said is that many false prophets will come and will seduce multitudes. He said you’ll recognize them by their fruits.  The teachings and deeds of a prophet are his fruits. You can say also his followers are his fruits. Look at the actions of Muhammad. He was a mass murderer, an assassin, a thief, a rapist, a pedophile, a deceiver.  Look at his teachings! They are full of hatred and violence.  Look at his followers! They are the most backward and wretched people in the world. They are deceivers who lie about their faith and fabricate phony miracles to attribute to their prophet and to his book of hate and ignorance.  It is easy to see Muhammad was a false prophet when we analyze his fruits.


While Prophet Muhammad – The Last Prophet and Messenger of Allah did his duty and by Allah’s command to clean and clear Jesus and his mother Maryam (Mary) from false accusations.

Clear Jesus’s name of what?  Was Jesus a raider, a plunderer, a rapist, a pedophile, a slave maker, an assassin or a mysogynist and woman beater?  Of what Jesus’s name had to be cleared?  I tell you whose names Muhammad cleared? He cleared the names of Genghis Khan, Hitler, Mao, Stalin and Conte de Dracula. Whatever crimes these monsters committed Muhammad did worse.  He reserved for himself the title of the most evil man in history.  So no one before or after him can be called that. He cleared the names of all the evil people who have ever existed and  were born after him.

Jesus does not need Muhammad to clear his name. If really a man like Jesus existed and did and said things that are attributed to him, he must have been a superior human, the best person who ever graced the earth. Why would such a holy being need his name to be cleared by a villain like Muhammad?  What a preposterous pretense! The worst man is to clear the name of the best man?  The absurdity of the Muslim mind is beyond belief.


In Al-Quran there are at least 3 chapters refer to the story of Jesus (Surah Al-Maidah), his mother Maryam (Surah Maryam) and the story of Jesus Family (Surah Al-Imran) which cannot be found in Christian’s Bible. “

The Quran is wrong about Mary. Muhammad was so ignorant that he confused Mary, mother of Jesus with Miriam, sister of Moses and Aaron who lived at least 1500 years earlier. How could he make such a mistake?  It is because in Arabic both names are written and pronounced Maryam. The illiterate prophet, whose only source of knowledge about Christianity and Judaism was the sermons of Christian preachers such as Qis ibn Sa’ada, the bishop of Nijran, during the annual market fair of Okaz, thought the two Maryams are the same.  This illiterate man did not realize that when the bishop was talking about Maryam he was talking about two different women.


“Allah had honored Jesus, Maryam and his family in The Holy Quran especially Allah put Maryam’s name as one of Quranic Chapter which is chapter 19 – Chapter Maryam. Such the great honor to such devoted and righteous servant of Allah even she was a WOMAN. [capitalization in the original text]

“Even though she was a WOMAN?”  Wow! Even though she was a filthy woman, deficient in intelligence and inferior, she was mentioned in the Quran?   These benighted people really believe women are inferior creatures.  But Allah made an exception and honored Mary by mentioning her in the Quran even though she was a woman. He even capitalizes the word woman to highlight her low status.

Do I need to add anything more?  Just see for yourself the depravity of the mind of this Muslim (not that other Muslims are any better). This is Islam for ya.

Who will tell this servant of Allah that there is no shame in being a woman and also Mary does not need her name mentioned in the Quran and that is no honor? Other Suras of the Quran are named  The Cow, Livestock, Ants, Spider and Spoils (stollen property).


Allah had chosen Maryam as “Woman above of all nations” which this testimony also cannot be found in Christian Bible. Islam recognized Maryam (Mary) as Aulia (Allah’s Holy Person). Allah also had chosen The Family of Imran (Jesus Family) as the chosen family among the family of all nations. Most Christians didn’t know who Imran was. Al-Quran told us Imran was a father of Maryam and he was a religious leader of Jerusalem. Imran also was a grandfather of Jesus. Since Jesus was born without biological father, Al-Quran put Jesus in the line of Imran lineage, which means Jesus was Imran descendant. Imran was a descendant from Prophet Daud (David).

Imran or Amran, was the father of Miriam, Moses and Aarron. As stated in (Ex. vi. 18-20; Num. iii. 19, xxvi. 58; I Chron. vi. 2, 3, 18). He was a son of Kohath and the grandson of Levi.   Amran was not a descendant of David. He lived at least 400 years before David.   Luke 3:23 names Heli as the father of Mary.  This is one of many of Muhammad’s obvious blunders that conclusively prove he was an ignorant man with a very superficial knowledge of the Bible. He did not read the Bible personally.  His knowledge of that book was second hand. In one time he heard Maryam was the mother of Jesus. In another time he heard Maryam was the daughter of Amran and sister of Aaron. He thought these two women are one and the same because in Arabic their names are the same.  All we need to prove Muhammad was a false prophet is this error. And he made thousands more errors like this and worse.


In Christian Bible, the authors of Gospel of Luke and Gospel of Mathew put Jesus after Joseph (Yusuf) Al-Najar. This was not entirely correct since Joseph was not Jesus biological father.”

This is false. The authors of the Gosels believed in the virginity of Mary and claim Jesus was conceived through the Holy Spirit.


“Deeper understanding of the Islamic perspective of religion would reveal that Islam was not founded by Prophet Muhammad SAW. As a matter of fact, Islam as a way of life had its origin at the time when the first man Adam and his wife Eve, was created and sent down to earth.

This is a baseless claim. There is no evidence whatsoever that anything resembling Islam existed before Muhammad invented it.

Deeper understanding of Islam reveals that Muhammad was a mentally sick man. I have shown this in my book Understanding Muhammad.  The evidence is overwhelming.


Adam was also a Prophet and after him was chain of prophets’ follows. The central divine message was, just as it is today, none other than TAWHID – that Allah is One and Alone and He is the Only One worthy of worship and obedience.

Again this is an unsubstantiated claim. Adam is a myth and so are many ancient prophets such as Noah.


 Islam is not a religion based on the personality of the founder which most non-Muslims thought.

This is a lie. Islam is built entirely around the personality of its founder. Muhammad suffered from malignant narcissism and one can see this disorder clearly in all his followers. I invite the reader to read my book for details.


 Islam has no founder and no prophets of Allah can claim that he was the founder but on Allah Himself the Creator revealed Islam by the Chains of Prophets. The prophets of Allah are the channel through whom mankind received a message pertaining to the nature of the Absolute and subsequently the relative, a message contains a VERY strict DOCTRINE – ALLAH IS ONE in conformity with the Islamic perspective to call DEENULLLAH – which means The Religion of Allah.


These are all bogus claims with no substance.  In fact evidences indicate that Islam is alien to the Bible.

  We are told in the Quran that even before the creation of man Allah assembled all the souls and made they recognize His Lordship.

Nonsense fairytale!

 Allah mentions in Holy Quran:

“O Prophet, remind mankind about the event when your Lord drew forth from the children of Adam, from their loins their descendants, and made them testify, concerning themselves (saying), Am I not your Lord? They said Yes, We do testify” (Surah Al-A’raf, verse 172)

But, after they was born and they have sight of earth, some of them denied the testify that they had made. Hence belief in Allah as one True Supreme Being to be worship and Oneness of Allah is imprinted on every soul. But as children of Adam and Eve multiplied and spread across the earth, the message of Islam with TAWHID as its alpha and omega began to lose its purity. Belief in monotheism, with which man was created, underwent a process of degeneration. With the passage of time, the teachings of the prophets were either lost or changed to suit fantasies and imaginations.”

This claim is nonsense.  People in Americas, in East Asia and in Africa did not have monotheistic religion. Monotheism is an invention of Akhenathen or Zoroaster. Jews were influenced by these creeds and that is how Christianity and Islam became monotheistic.

Muhammad at one point praised Al Lat, Al Uzza and Al Manat, the daughters of Allah in order to gain the support of the Quraish.  He had no problem embracing polytheism when he thought it may be politically convenient.  Then changed his mind when he realized he needed to keep up the hostility and divide the community, in order to rule. He then said those verses that that acknowledged the three goddesses were satanic verses.  Muhammad adopted monotheism out of convenience because it suited his purpose. If politheism was more convenient, he would have chosen polytheism. If atheism would have made him more successful he would have promoted atheism. Monotheims was only a tool for power.

Furthermore, there is no proof that monotheism is true. There is no evidence of the existence of God.  Many rational people are either deists, or pantheists or atheists.

“Belief in TAWHID strayed into various forms of worship such as ditheism, tritheism and even pantheism. In most cases, excessive love of prophets and even other righteous personalities resulted in the worship of images and idols. The Prophet Muhammad forbad Muslims not to give him credit beyond his real worth.

The Holy Prophet said:”Do not praise me excessively as the Christians did to the son of Mary. Verily, I am merely a slave, so refer to me instead as The Slave of Allah and His Messenger”.

Muhammad was a pathological narcissist. One must not be fooled by his fake pretense of modesty. Here are a few passages where he exhorted his followers to worship him.

  • Truly, Allâh and His angels send praise and blessings [forever] upon the Prophet. O you who believe! Praise and bless the Prophet with utmost laud and blessing. (Q.33:56)
  • And you (stand) on an exalted standard of character. (Q.68:4)
  • You [Muhammad] are a lamp with spreading light. (Q.33:46)
  • You of Faith, say not (to the Prophet) words of ambiguous import like ‘Listen to us,’ but words of respect; and obey (him): To those who don’t submit there is a grievous punishment. (Q. 2:104)
  • He who obeys the Messenger obeys Allah. (Q. 4:80)
  • He who disobeys the Apostle after guidance has been revealed will burn in Hell. (Q. 4:114)
  •  You [Muhammad] may have whomever you desire; there is no blame. (Q. 33:51)
  •  Allah gives his Messenger Lordship and Power over whomever He wills. (Q.59:6)
  •  Blessed is He who holds the reins of Kingship. (Q. 67:1)
  • You [Muhammad] are an exalted character of tremendous morality. Soon you will see, and they will see, which of you is afflicted with madness. (Q. 68:4)
  • Verily this is the Word (brought by) a most honorable Messenger imbued with power, the Lord of the Throne, Mighty, One to be obeyed. (Q. 81:19)

The most egregious claim, in my opinion, is the claim that God promised him to forgive all his future sins. “Lo! We have given thee (O Muhammad) a clear victory.  That Allâh may forgive thee of thy sin that which is past and that which is to come.” (Q.48:1-2)

Maybe that is why he lived such a despicable life. There is hardly any crime he didn’t commit. Was he under the delusion that his future sins will be forgiven and that he won’t have to respond for them?  Can possibly a sane god make such an offer to anyone?

The following are some of the claims Muhammad made about himself.

  • The very first thing that Allâh Almighty ever created was my soul.[1]
  • First of all things, the Lord created my mind.[2]
  • I am from Allâh, and the believers are from me.[3]
  • Just as Allâh created me noble, he also gave me noble character.[4]

Were it not for you, [O Muhammad] I would not have created the universe.

Can one worship God without Muhammad? Not according to Muhammad. So he made himself an indispensable partner with God.  Islam is shirk, it is Muhammadism. The submission is to Muhammad, not to God. Allah was Muhammad’s alter ego.

Even as man continued to deviate from the original teachings of the prophets, messengers were raised from time to time among groups of people and tribes to bring them back to the right path and reinforce belief the Oneness of Allah. The message of all the Prophets and Messengers was therefore none other than submits to One Ilah. And the Prophet Muhammad SAW was the last line of the chain of prophets of Allah.

Again, this is a baseless claim. Where is the proof?  Did any prophet come to Indians, to Chinese, to Native Americans, to Africans or to Aboriginals of Australia to preach monotheism? Why only cultures influenced by Zoroaster and Akhenathen became monotheists?

Allah says in Al-Quran:

“Muhammad is not the father of any of your men, but he is the Messenger of Allah, and the seal of the Prophets. Allah has Knowledge of All Things” (Surah Al-Ahzab, verse 40)

The Quran is made up by Muhammad. He put these words in the mouth of his imaginary god when he lusted after the wife of his adopted son. He made Allah say he is not the father of his adopted son so it is okay for him to marry his daughter in law.  All the verses of the Quran are made for Muhammad to satisfy his needs. After seeing that any time Muhammad wanted something, a verse came from Allah granting Muhammad’s wish Aisha remarked, “I feel that your Lord hastens in fulfilling your wishes and desires.”[Bukhari, 6: 60:311] Looks like Muhammad’s “lord” was between his legs or at least very much concerned about that body part.

It is foolish to believe the Quran is the word of God when one can find so many absurdities and errors in it.  Sometimes there are several errors in one verse alone.  The confusion between Mary and Miriam is just one of thousands.

While explaining his role in Allah’s plan of prophetic missions, the Prophet Muhammad SAW referred to a building.

The Holy Prophet said:

“The building had been beautifully built and had been completed except for the last brick. I am that last brick. The building has now been completed. Prophethood has come to an end”

The megalomaniac deceiver made a lot of bogus claims like this, but he never gave any proof.  We have proof that the Quran is full of errors. It is impossible that the maker of this universe be as ignorant as it appears in the Quran.

 “The Islam that we find today in the world is the message brought by the Prophet Muhammad through his teachings (syariat). So, what happened to the Islam of the earlier prophets of Allah? All the revealed teachings (syariat) were originally Islam brought by their respective prophets. But later, the message decayed into what is known today as religions taking the names of the prophets (Christian), the tribes (Jews) or groups (Sabians/Aryans i.e. Vedic and Avestan cultures) they were raised among, or the places they lived. However, Islam in its original form was not based on any particular community, place or personality. According to the Islamic perspective, Allah did not send different truths through the prophets but only different expressions and forms of the same original truth of TAWHID. No religion can in fact be the universal, scientific, art, literature, political, linguist, social and many more that relates to mankind nature which is all in one.


These are all claims with no evidence. Muslims have circular reasoning. They confuse the claim with the proof. If you ask them for the proof they show you the Quran.

Muslims claim that the original message of Moses, Jesus and all other prophets was Islam, which was then corrupted by the believers.  But where is the proof?  When these messages became corrupted? At least it appears that Muhammad believed at his time many Jews and Christians had been expecting his coming by reading their scriptures. So up to that time the Bible must have not been corrupted. But we don’t find any reference to Muhammad in the Old or New Testaments.  Muslims’ explanation: These books are corrupted.  How could all the copies of the Bible become corrupted after Muhammad?  Waraqa, Khadijah’s cousin was a transcriber or interpreter of the Bible. He must have had the original version since Muhammad claimed he had recognize him as a prophet because of his familiarity with the scriptures.  What happened to his copy of the Bible?

There are books left from early Christian writers such as Ignatius, bishop of Antioch, Tertullian, an apologist of Christianity, Dionysius, a pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church, Donatus Magnus, a bishop of Carthage, and Thomas Aquinas.  None of these authors had written anything resembling Islam.  Islam resembles Arab Paganism. All its rituals are borrowed from Pagans.

 The word Islam means both peace and surrender. He who surrenders himself to Allah gains peace. The basic idea here is that man, through the use of his intelligences, chooses to subject himself to the Divine Will. He is then known as a Muslim.

Islam does not mean peace. It means surrender. There is a twist in this also. In Islam peace can be attained only through surrender. So when Muslims talk about peace they mean peace through subjugation of other nations.

The surrender is not to God. It is to Muhammad.  Allah is only a sock puppet of Muhammad.

Intelligence only demonstrates that Islam is a lie. A Muslim is one who surrenders his intelligence to Muhammad and blindly believes in any nonsense, out of fear. Fear is the tool of the psychopath to control his victims. Intelligence rejects Islam and that is why Muslim countries censor all critical discussion of Islam, including my sites. They know that through intelligence Islam will be destroyed.  Islam can survive only when people are kept in ignorance.

I’m sorry for this long e-mail. It would be a privilege to know expert opinion on these. If you’re busy, then it’s ok.

Sorry again.




Islam is nothing but deception.  Once the truth about this false religion is revealed to the world this faith of hate and lies will me destroyed.  Such a thing was not possible before because Muslims eliminated any person who dissented. Now they can’t do that easily. They can block sites critical of Islam but that is a futile attempt. Truth is spreading fast and there is no way they can stop it.


[1] http://www.muhammadanreality.com/creationofmuhammadanreality.htm

[2] Ibid.

[3] Ibid.

[4] Tabaqat V. 1, p. 364

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No Responses

  1. Ace Virginian says:

    Can't we just get along?

  2. ihateislam says:

    You have read your history upside down. As at 66 AD, Rome had not yet embraced the teachings of Christ. So who were the Roman scribes who compiled the manuscripts? The Gospels had been in existence and were used by the faithfuls long before the convocations of the 3-4 centuries. In Galatians 2:1-2, St Paul says :"–I WENT IN RESPONSE TO A REVELATION AND SET BEFORE THEM THE GOSPEL THAT I PREACH AMONG THE GENTILES–".
    This unequivocally shows that the Gospels were in existence before the wars which led to the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus in 70 AD. Papias, who wrote around 110-130 AD, was one of the witnesses to the authorship of the Gospels.
    Compared to the quran which has no divine input, the Gospels were divinely inspired. That is why even the quran refers to them as having been 'revealed'.
    Check your history again.

  3. ihateislam says:

    "-HE PREACHED QURAN TO THE PEOPLE OF HIS TIME–". Another falsehood. There was no quran during the time of Jesus. If the original quran was corrupted, who were the culprits? Where, when and why did they corrupt the 'message'? Muhammad claimed that he was the messenger of allah. But allah became so disenchanted with Muhammad that it/he stood by and watched helplessly or approvingly as Muhammad died agonizingly. Then allah promised to send another messenger in the form of a beast to do the work Muhammad showed such incompetence. It was Muhammad who talked about his fake Jesus whose history is not compatible with any known facts.

  4. Nasr says:

    Love the fact that Christians quote Matthew 28:19. Do they not know that there is no old Greek scripture proving 28:19 to exist prior to 4th cenutruy. No matter how hard they try. They can never find it. Only in 4th century book you can find verse 28:19. . 

    The reason is simple. Books of Greek Christians theologies were written after the Jew-Roman war 66AD by Roman scribes. They were not compiled yet in 1st century, only in 4th century Roman fathers began to compile into  a manuscript. To make things worst, those 4th century manuscript have many additions or missing words proving the scribes were not inspired by Holy Spirit. 

  5. slaveofprophet says:

    @Hatemonger brain dead zombie
    The Jesus to him brain dead zombie people are worshiping today is a false Jesus. He is a myth. True Jesus who was mentioned by prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was a devout believer in Allah. He preached Quran to the people of his time. But original Bible which was later called Quran got corrupted by some evil person that is Why Allah decided that he  himself will protect the Quran now as this declared by prophet also Allah is the protector of Quran.

  6. ihateislam says:

    The muhammadans who claim that Jesus was their prophet are blind to reason. In the first place, no one is a muhammadan until he/she expresses belief by reciting the shahada which mentions Muhammad by name. Jesus lived about 600 years before Muhammad, did Jesus recite the shahada and mention Muhammad whose great great great grandfather had not yet been given birth to? Second, there is no provision in muhammadanism exempting those who lived and died before Muhammad from reciting the shahada. Since Jesus did not express any believe in allah and Muhammad, he was not a prophet of muhammadanism. Third, Muhammad said that he was the first muslim. This means that muhammadanism started with him at least 600 years after Jesus. As Muhammad was the first muslim, a man who lived 600 years before him could not have propagated what was not in existence.
    Muhammadanism is the greatest hoax and Muhammad the greatest conman the world has ever seen. To protect his falsehood, there is a barricade called ' blasphemy' surrounding him and his enterprise, the breach of which leads to the death penalty.

  7. MovingFoward says:

    @ Kowsar,May god help you see logic someday.

  8. MovingFoward says:

    I really dislike how Muslims take pride in their beliefs when Ali Sina clearly proved to be more rational with evidence. So are you God Sadiq? How do you know Shakila will burn in hell? It is her own free will that she left Islam. Doesn't God grant mankind Free will?. Isn't it a sin for humans to condemn other people to hell?.

  9. MovingFoward says:

    Fear is not healthy for the body and soul. Why would you want to worship a god who wants you to fear him? Can you love someone you fear?

  10. MovingFoward says:

    Congratulations on leaving Islam. Living in fear all your life is not a peaceful life like Islam claims.

  11. Mohammed Sazid Ahmed says:

    May Allah guide all those who have gone astray …….. Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) was born in AD 570. The Holy Quran was revealed to Prophet Mohammed (pbuh).

    Prophet Jesus (pbuh) was born almost 5 centuries before Prophet Mohammed (pbuh), Allah knows best. The Holy Injeel (Bible) was revealed to Prophet Jesus (pbuh). 

    A virgin, Mother Mariam (Mary) (pbuh) gave birth to Prophet Jesus (pbuh). This is clearly mentioned in Surah Maryam of the Holy Quran. As per the Holy Quran, Prophet Jesus (pbuh) speaks of a messenger to appear after him named Ahmad. 

    Islam associates Ahmad with Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), both words derived from the h-m-d triconsonantal root which refers to praiseworthiness.

    The Holy Quran mentions Prophet Jesus (pbuh), by name, twenty-five times. In the Holy Quran he is referred to as Isa'a (EESA).

    Is there a connection ??? YES … both, Prophet Jesus (pbuh) & Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) were messengers of Allah (SWT)

    There is only One Lord of the entire Universe. He is Allah (SWT). Only he deserves worship. He is the King of Kings and the mightiest Ruler. He is the most merciful. May Allah guide all those who have gone astray !!

  12. danish asif says:

    most of the people denied Allah or God,but no one denied the death.after death every one will come to know wat they have done

  13. I-HATE-ISLAM says:

    Kowsar hassan, you are the one who needs help to bring you out falsehood. What you call islam is sheer deceit.

  14. Agracean says:

    Hi Mr Kowsar Hassan, the truth is that you need to see the very true colours of your allah and his last narcissist apostle and get out of this Islamic sinkhole before you ended in the lake of fire.

  15. Kowsar hassan says:

    I'll pray for you ali sina may allah help you and see truth because Islam is truth

  16. sadiq says:

    @shakila,, u will deinitely still land in that Hell u are running away from,u dare have the guts to call the prophet oF Almigthy Allah (God) a fucking lair,ur generation will not escape greatest punishment if u don't repent, but if u are still living under the stage of u been brainwashed by Hell monger Ali sina (faceless coward he is)u are doomed my dear,,,Come to think of it,how wld someone be defending a religion against another and refuses to show up his devilish face and all he gives his excuses…why shld u be afraid of death since u believe u are working 4 God as he claims,,coward he is and He is an atheist,,,their is proove if u need one and don't be deceive by his satanic trick..

    May be after reading dis about him u will go ur normal religion which belongs to God almigthy…….

  17. Zeez says:

    I only read half of this article or whatever you call it. but i just need to clarify some of the points been mentioned. Jesus has mentioned there is going to be a prophet coming after him, just how Moses told his people. and the proof is that many and so many Christians and Jews have converted into Islam during the Prophet Muhammed's days and they only converted after they checked all the characteristics of the promised Prophet in their books. Don't get me wrong, all the holy books also warned people from following those who claim to be prophets and mentioned how it would be easy to identify from their behavior and morality. There is no Prophet that was never met with hostility by his people, this includes Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him. Those were the worst enemies of Islam during Prophets day converted to Islam after what they saw from Muslims and Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him.

    The bottom line is, Moses, Jesus and Muhammed are the prophets and they all call people to worship only one god. With the time, people have changed few things in the book of Bible and Torah, hence Prophet Muahmed was sent. Also, Muslims are obligated to believe in the other books because their prophets were sent for the same purpose.

    Palestine used to be the land of Jews, however they were expelled and cursed to scatter around the world. However, Quran also mention that the Jews will take over Palestine and Palestine will never be free since Muslim leader wont act against the occupation.

  18. rianti says:

    the point is , hw could the quran made wrong verses,about miryam the daughter of imran , and Mary the Mother of Yesus???? both lived in different time, but quran said miryam is mary the mother of yesus. if quran from God, it would never make any mistake.

  19. Chiulo-Ruiz says:

    Was Jesus a Prophet of Islam? No, Yashua says "he never knew you (Islam)!

    Sahih Bukhari Volume 6, Book 60, Hadith Number 320 Narrated Ka'b bin Ujra : It was said, "O Muhammad! We know how to greet you, but how to invoke Allah for you?" Muhammad said, “Say: Allahumma Salli Ala Muhammadin Wa’ala Ali Muhammadin Kama sallaita ‘ala Ali Ibrahim Innaka Hamidun Majid.”

    Unfortunately for Islam and the Umma, Sahih (authentic) Bukhari Volume 6, Book 60, Hadith 320 is more problematic than it appears. There are other versions that say "Bless"-(Barak) however this hadith says Salli (pray). Muhammad was said to be an illiterate and it shows.

    “Say: – (Qul)

    Allahumma – (Allah + Umma – The Muslim population of the world as one)

    Salli – (pray)

    'ala – (on)

    Muhammadin – (Muhammad)

    Wa’ala – (and on)

    Ali – (family)

    Muhammadin – (Muhammad)

    Kama – (as)

    sallaita – (you prayed)

    ‘ala – (on)

    Ali – (family)

    Ibrahim – (Abraham),

    Innaka – (indeed you),

    Hamidun – (praised)

    Majid – (glorious)”

    “Say: O Allah and the Muslim population of the world, pray on Muhammad and on Muhammad's family as you prayed on Abraham's family, indeed you, praised glorious”

    Sahih Bukhari Volume 6, Book 60, Hadith Number 322. Narrated By Ibn Abi Hazim and Ad-Darawardi : Yazid said, "Kama sallaita ala Ibrahima wa barik 'ala Muhammad in wa all Muhammadin kama barakta 'ala Abrahima wa all Ibrahim."

  20. aminriadh says:

    "The second time I complained and they said I have to send them a scanned copy of my ID to know who I am."

    Ouch! It might have exposed that Sina is NOT his actual name.

  21. erjad says:

    You are forget about Codex and many Codex.

  22. erjad says:

    you told …..Yes, Jesus is a 'myth' it is not found either written nor prophesied into the so called old testament……you never reading OT dont you, well I can give you many prove…[email protected]

  23. ismail wali says:

    My Dear

    Intellect and Intuitions are two opposite but complementary modes of knowledge. you are applying intellect to religion, which always addresses particulars (or parts) and never sees the whole. applying logic to matters of faith is like using telescope to see a germ. As such, you try to reduce all religions to some point in history, which is job of an anthropologist. If you believe in Christianity, then use love (which you say is the basic principle), not logic, and love has its own logic.
    If my Christian brothers had followed the logic of love, there would not have been horribly destructive weapons.
    My way of looking at the three revealed religions is: the dominant mode of teaching in Judaism is law, which is as essential as love preached in Christianity. Both law and love, though opposites, are essential for life management, and Islam (though not Muslims today) is a unique synthesis of both.

  24. Kishore says:

    How will I know Jesus actually existed? How will I know Bible is the truth?

  25. Denver says:

    Hi Mr. Sina

    Can you please mail me the earlier edition book to this mail ID [email protected]
    Im from South Africa and cant get hold of your books. I will pay any price to get it PLEASE

  26. Quasi qualifier says:

    Women are always the ones who have kept this world together and sane. Women always do the right thing. They make this world beautiful. Let us take a pledge on this forum, never ever to hurt our mothers, atleast to show our love and gratitude to them for keeping and nurturing us in their bodies for 9months and delivering us into this world and bear the most excruciating pain for that. Let us shower our daughters and sisters with the utmost love for the adorable and wonderful beings they are who while thinking about us think with their hearts. I for one believe in Shaktism and would love the whole world to believe and worship God in it's female form.

  27. Julia says:


  28. Julia says:

    You are the JOKE ,SUX.
    A stupid, backward muslim joke.

  29. Julia says:

    "The truth is Islam. – It will send you free! "
    Muslims are slaves. Slaves of allah .You must know that SUX.
    And a slave is per definition NOT FREE !!
    Think !!! Muslim !

  30. Beng Beng says:

    Lorraine Voss my dearest Hebrew Warrior. Please take it easy. We get your point and I am sure YNHW is awesome, cool, creator of all things, blah, blah, blah. Good on you for believing such thing and love your passion…BUT this forum is NOT about Jesus and Christianity. It is about the other guy and the other religion. Please get into the program. Thank You very much

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  32. Yusuf Masih says:

    Shut your crap and let others comment too.

  33. Yusuf Masih says:

    Lorraine, where is it written that Jesus was the first born of YHWH? do not assume things and make irrational comments.

  34. Jasmine says:

    Hello Sir,

    may you send me your earlier edition book to this mail ID

    [email protected]

  35. Nur Misuari says:

    i always wondering why most of the muslims always change the topic or simply ignore it when others talk about the "unlawful acts" of their "last messenger?" Muhammed/Mohammed/Mohammad/whatever his name.

  36. Dragoste7 says:

    Even if a person who doesn't believe in God can say:
    If there is a God, he is not Allah.

    and that falls in the same context when John said "You should be scared of hell too" (if there is a hell, you should be scared)

    Allah is Mo's filthy mind.
    Mo was so ignorant that even your Quaran prove Jesus is God

  37. Zina sux says:

    Correction. Apologists answer the lies spread by Islam-haters.

  38. Zina sux says:

    You claim in most of your article "this is a nonsense claim" it isn't backed up by objectivity. It is all just subjective,. Your opinion!

    "Islam is perfectly clear. It is its apologists that try to confuse others because they are embarrassed of the truth."

    Apologists tell teh truth about Islam, and answer the lies spread by apologists.

    Ignorance only begets ignorance, and that ignorance is Sina.

    Sina has fooled many. He is fooling himself. the truth is clear, he is in denial, he does not want to admit it, because he will look like a fool himself.

    The truth is Islam. – It will send you free!

  39. Zina sux says:

    {The Quran is wrong about Mary. Muhammad was so ignorant that he confused Mary, mother of Jesus with Miriam, sister of Moses and Aaron who lived at least 1500 years earlier. How could he make such a mistake? It is because in Arabic both names are written and pronounced Maryam. The illiterate prophet, whose only source of knowledge about Christianity and Judaism was the sermons of Christian preachers such as Qis ibn Sa’ada, the bishop of Nijran, during the annual market fair of Okaz, thought the two Maryams are the same. This illiterate man did not realize that when the bishop was talking about Maryam he was talking about two different women.}


    Ali Sina gets debunked again.

    This claim is answered.


    The Qur’an mentions in Surah Maryam, Chapter 19 verses 27-28

    "At length she brought the (babe) to her people, carrying him (in her arms). They said: ‘O Mary! Truly an amazing thing hast thou brought!

    O sister of Aaron! Thy father was not a man of evil, nor thy mother a woman unchaste!’"
    [Al-Qur’an 19:27-28]

    Christian missionaries say that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) did not know the difference between Mary the mother of Jesus (pbuh) and Mariam the sister of Aaron (pbuh). The time span between both was more than a thousand years.

    In the Arabic construction of the sentence, sister is also considered as a descendant. Thus, when the people said to Mary, Ukhta Haroon i.e. ‘sister of Aaron’ it actually means descendant of Aaron (pbuh).


    It is mentioned in the Gospel of Mathew, Chapter 1 verse 1

    "Jesus Christ, the son of David,….".
    [Mathew 1:1]

    Gospel of Luke Chapter 3, verse 23

    "And Jesus himself began to be about thirty years of age, being (as was supposed) the son of Joseph, ….."
    [Luke 3:23]

    The explanation of the phrase that Jesus (pbuh) was the son of David (pbuh), is that Jesus (pbuh) was a descendant of David (pbuh). ‘Son’, here means a descendant.


    If Ali Sina says that the Quran is saying that Mary is the literal sister of Aaron, that means that David, Efram, Noah are all the literal sons of Gods.

    Ali Sina can go to the extent of claiming that as well, but that would make his work more controversial towards Christians.

    Ali Sina is a joke!

  40. Moor says:

    On February 3, 2010, David A. Larson, an elected official in California who has a relationship with government contract personnel, made disclosures to the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), Office of the Inspector General (OIG) alleging that under the Bush Administration, prisoners detained at Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay, and undisclosed "black sites" were being used as involuntary research subjects for human biomedical experimentation, behavior modification research, and drug-testosterone delivery in a manner similar to past CIA Project MKULTRA activities investigated in 1977 by Senators Kennedy and Inuoye. The allegation supports information contained in a International Red Cross report relative to the expanded role of CIA medical personnel in torture and interrogation.

  41. Ghost01 says:

    I wonder brother Jessa can explain what's wrong with dogs and pigs against Islam? both of these animals are so cute to the point that they are nice to cuddle. Don't tell me that Quran said so.

  42. Moor says:

    To this day many Muslims are held with out charge (No evidence to jail them with any crime) and are subject to Nazis human experiments, torture and torture of there family members (including under age children and women)

    Such a pillers of society right?"

  43. Moor says:

    Not once many times and it is still happening to this day

    Shall I list them ?
    No I will not as they are gross human rights violations, are crimes against humanity and are very shocking
    I suggest you look them to educate yourself what happens on both sides

    Yet again justifying abuse

  44. Moor says:

    ''I am sorry to see that your comment reflects on the intellectual poverty of your culture''

    ''Racism" and "racial discrimination" are often used to describe discrimination on an ethnic or cultural basis, independent of their somatic (i.e. "racial") differences. According to the United Nations conventions, there is no distinction between the term racial discrimination and ethnicity discrimination.''

    Read your post again (all of your posts) and read the above post

    ''The person believes in his/her invulnerability or does not recognise his/her limitations. ''

    ''The person exaggerates talents, capacity and achievements in an unrealistic way. ''

    ''The person behaves in a boastful or pretentious way.''

    I highly suggest you follow your religion rather them committing hatred and spread lies in the name of it thus bringing your religion to shame

    All religions should do this


  45. the snail says:

    The OT is a progression -the writers did not know all about God instantly. As with any subject, including the religion of Israel, the people came to know more about the subject i.e. The God of Israel. Thus at the battle of Ai Aachen and all his family were put to death because of Aachen's sin – The father's sins visited upon the children to the third and fourth generation !!! Yes at that time the Israelites thought they were obeying God (YHWH). However by the time we get to Ezekiel (Chapter 18) the prophet says each man is responsible for his own sins(shortcomings) and no one else. Similarly the Israelites thought of YHWH as being exclusively for them but by the book of Jonah YHWH has concern for the Ninevites and even the animals – read the last verses of the book. Jesus also believed in this progression he said a number of times "You have heard it said in Old times (In the Old Testament by YHWH) but I say to you…." Jesus also challenged the dietary laws of the Israelites since he said "It is not what does into a man that defiles a man – since that passes through into the sewer – but what comes out of a man's heart" i.e. his thinking. You are right God did not change but our understanding did mightily with the advent of Jesus Christ.

  46. if islam is a religion of peace where islam stablished peace, love and humanity.can any one able to prove swami vivekananda,sri ram krishan param hansho dev,Gautam buddha,jesus christ spread their religion by fire,by rape,by torture,by murder,by attack., and can any one able to prove mohammad did not marry any women,did not kill any women any men.did not loot others property.did not attack another country.can any one able to prove mohammad was declare in the world all women is my mother.
    what some great men said about islam:
    SWAMI VIVEKANANDA=” Now, the Muslim are the crudest in this respect, and the most sectarian.Their watch-word is: ‘There is one god (Allah), and Mohammad is his prophet,at the moment ‘s notice,every man or women who does not exactly belive in that must be killed,everything that does not belong to this worship must be immedietely broken,every book that teaches anything else must be burnt .From the pacific to the atlantic,for five hundred years blood ran all over the world.That is Mohammedenism(islam).mohammad is that only prophet what kind of out of religious minded”

    [speechdelevered at the shakespeare club of pasadenia,california,USA on february 3,1900.It is complied as The Great Teachers of the world ‘, page-126,Compleate Works of Swami vivekananda,Vol-4,1990 edition,Published by ‘Advaita ashram’]

  47. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, No they can say plenty look at how many people that they have drawn into idolatry and paganism religions today, so they can make a difference but they are getting paid lining their pockets and as you say getting all of the women and boys now days or whathaveu. Strayng away from righteousness.

  48. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, people will do all of this to themselves YHWH won't have to do a thing. They are mad and think they're not. They think bad and evil is Good.

  49. Lorraine says:

    No ever in, the people will do this to themselves. Total distruction just like they do everything.Or have it unequalled and still no one gets anywhere misery loves company is all.

  50. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, neither do they care if they are the so called jews because they are Khazars let alone Hebrew. And judaism is pagan and an idolatry religion just like Islam, Christianity, and Buddism Scientology, all of them, they are all pagan, and not of the law of the Creator YHWH of righteousness. For people want to eat live and do whatever they want to, and what is not right, and run away from righteousness for all. This is why there is no improvement but more mayhem of greed in difference imposed poverty violence, rape especially the women and children or anybody now days, etc. in our world today instead. We care less about life in general as if its normal less consideration as an animal has. As said in Daniel 12v4,10 many shall run to and fro, and none of the wicked shall understand only the wise. Take Care.

  51. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, the point is that they are claiming to be the chosen people of YHWH and His holy land Israel, and why be fake and lie about this?, and many things that they practice are pagan, as the history has proven that they do, and unto the Creator YHWH. Not to exclude misleading the peope. Worshiping the star of david, and hunekka this too is not of YHWH. And many other practices they do are not of YHWH, and judaism is a religion as is Islam and Christianity, and this is why they are all called idolatry. In Deut.4 it tells not to put images in the liking of heavens or a man or woman nor of any animal in similitude to what we believe is of the heaven or what YHWH or the heavens may look like. Also, it tells us not to gaze at the sun or the moon and praise it. And these religions do use images judaism ceremonials, Islam the rock, Christianity jc,mary unrelated holidays, statues and pictures are all idols and this is not YHWH for He changes not in Malachi 3v6. This is all I'm saying here mixing in untruths to the law. The law is simple and for our prolonged life and for righteousness. Is also what I'm saying here that these things they do are not of YHWH and are pagan.

  52. enlightened25 says:

    "I just do care for imposters or deceivers do you?" What are you talking about? Jews for the last time are a religious group. I can convert judaism and then go and live in Israel. Even though i have nothing to do with any hebrews (as far as I know). I don`t care whenther jews are hebrews or not, if some of them claim it then take the issue up with them as i could not care less if the modern jews are hebrews or not.

  53. enlightened25 says:

    "the 'jews' were Khazars from Asia originally." Your point is?

  54. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, I don't see them as a sinister plot controling of the world either, I only stated that they scammed and deceived and lied to get to this point. Even the Holocaust this is all planned to establish their jewish nationalism. For my ranks in the world being a footstool is YHWH of the most high. To me He has the last word.

  55. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, I have no knowledge of jewish laws to return there, I do not do jews, but in this case so be it, one can't return, alright now I learned something else. Mr. Freedman was with the zionist movement and all of his documents on the so called jews are legitimate. And he has many years of experience of being part of this lie with high officials in the US Presidency. He may have converted but the truth is the truth, they the 'jews' were Khazars from Asia originally. The information from Mr. Freedman is still giving all of the proof of who's who and what happened since 1912-16 with germany it was all a lie to establish the chosen people regardless. Oh and did you read the website that I posted to you on this in the lower post? It tells it all.

  56. Lorraine says:

    That's the first being called a racist, I suppose you learn something everyday, and here is the website for jews.. .http://www.sweetliberty.org/issues/israel/freedman.htm to get the real information on the Holocaust and the jews. Oh, and remember the word 'jew' is only an aberration of Judah. It's not that I'm racist, I just do care for imposters or deceivers do you? And if you are talking about the Khazars this is how they described them in the article as red hairy people. What do you want from me? And it aso describes Jacob as being brown in all the descriptions of Genesis 25 when you look them us as well. And why do I have to be a racist when every picture or statue that they show of display historical persons or events they have Europeans in them even knowing they weren't, and in the movies so why are you not calling them racist? Maybe you have been brainwashed by society humm. Many of the Egyptian statues yep…were Hebrew or so called African. But it took them forever to admit that right?

  57. enlightened25 says:

    "Holocaust was lied about there were not 6mill killed, this is all lies and its been proven" Bring your proofs please.

    "Ben Freedman and his truth about 'jews' for he is one" No he is not he is a ex-jew who converted to Roman Catholicism.

    "It all started with the Herzl Movement of 1897 look it up. So, what is your take on this?" What do you what is my view on this? Assuming some jews (and only jews)are running some show behind the scenes what really every "jew" in germany was in on it, every last man, woman and child? And this plot never got out, not one jew slipped up? What is this baloney you are talking? I am an Anti-Zionist. I`m one of those people who believes that Zionism would be a mistake even if there were no Palestinians. But that is all zionism is, jewish nationalism no sinister plot to control the world.

  58. enlightened25 says:

    Jew are a religious group end of. Why then if europeans are jews why they not allowed so called right of return to Israel? That is because they do not follow judaism, if a jew converts to another religion then according to Israel`s "right of return" that person is no longer a jew and has no "right of return". Why you can`t get your head round this?

  59. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, you have a hard time to realize that jews are aberrations made a up name and if you check even the Holocaust was lied about there were not 6mill killed, this is all lies and its been proven and mostly its been proven that it was instigated by their own to crack a few eggs to establish what is going on now. Again I noticed that you have no comments on Ben Freedman and his truth about 'jews' for he is one and should know especially that he was one among those in business of the rich elders. It all started with the Herzl Movement of 1897 look it up. So, what is your take on this? Or will you continue to avoid it for everybody knows now especially germany.

  60. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, wow, we are getting serious here, I did not say that the Khazars were judaism I said that they began to call themselves 'jews' from their king Bulan, and began worshiping judaism and building synagogues. And they did call themselves the Byzandynes if that's spelled correct and Crusaders they the Khazars would use any means or methods to win to fit in this is what they do. They were originally in Asia look it up, but were so wild they were kicked out, they are Khazar Turks. But from the book of Esther many of the so called jews were originally Hebrews were ranned to Greece and lived there for a couple of thousand years speaking a german language yevanic? What your problem is is that the word jew is an aberration its taken from Judah 'made up' to hide the truth of the Hebrew origin that's all. So now everybody's a jew. Js were not even in existence untl the 1600s what does that tell you? and Judah was originally spelled with a Y so was Jerusalem Y. Just as Joseph is really Yosef Jacob is Yaacov. look it up.Mixed I agree but they all had an origin right? This is what I'm speaking on.

  61. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, I am not looking for any messiah, this is just what people who are oppressed looks for and call them when they are rescued from the heathens or the conquerors by them. And to get this title anyway it is not from YHWH this is only from people YHWH calls us all son of man or His servant if you are fortuneate to be His. The tribe of the Levi is still of today and Judah and others.

  62. enlightened25 says:

    I am talking about the actual history of humanity as the science tells it, not how it is told in a book of fairytales by a tribe of racist, nationalist, supremacists savages. Also are blacks (evil according to you)created by your God? If so are they human or not? Are they equal to the hebrews YHWH chosen people? Does YHWH have a plan for them?

  63. Lorraine says:

    The Afro has nothing to do with our language, or our educational nor community or enviromental programs. Afro is a hair style, and lots of Hebrews do not even wear them. The word I suggested was Africanism or Hebrewism lol.

  64. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, I agree with you, I did not say that all people did not origin from so called africa, it was called kemit prior to this name, and the war began between Hannibal and Scipio Africanus over the trading at Carthlage the europeans wanted to own it, tax it, and put a price on it, as they do everything is all I'm saying here. But we are not black we are Hebrews of all the four corners of the earth different kinds of tribes not black this is considered demeaning to be called if you know anything or not. For the light cannot come through black meaning 'knowledge' and black is always depicted as evil or bad. There is no such thing as white people if you see one then run its a ghost, lol, they are either europeans or caucasian or gentiles. This is all I'm saying here. I have even wrote to dictionary.com about the word Afroasiatic, it to me mocks the cultural style of the Hebrew dress. How can u put the way we sometimes dress with other diplomatic meanings as in languages this is totally different from dressing styles.

  65. enlightened25 says:

    "Which one will you serve in the end?" I am not going to serve anyone ever and certainly not your YHWH.

  66. enlightened25 says:

    Your YHWH can`t do anything about people calling him the wrong name. But sinse you insist "I gaze into the glassy eyes of your YHWH, and pluck him by the beard – I uplift a broad-axe and split open his worm eaten skull."

  67. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, Well, it looks like the Egyptians is working on this right now, and they are not having anymore to do with those who are not of their lands. But, little do they know the enemy Psalms 83, has already blended in with them so they will be surprised again. As you said leadership is the problem, people need to run their own on their own is the only way.

  68. Lorraine says:

    Typo 1912

  69. Lorraine says:

    ADDing…… Only YHWH Knows the FINAL PLAN.

  70. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, YHWH is well of knowing what we will do, He gave to us free will, just as Saul did wrong in the end he just stop running and took his life knowing what was coming. They are just crazy with no understanding. YHWH is forgiving, He will let you change your ways but for this enemy Psalms 83, yes there is a plan, and it does involve son of man. Those who serve YHWH from those who Don't is His plan along with the final plan and YHWH is really weeding out the ones who are not of YHWH following the heathens. For YHWH wants us back, but wholeheartedly, as said in Isaiah 6v9,10, YHWH is not making it too easy anymore He did that already, so for us to come back we must truly convert now.

  71. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, this is what they do well, they are cunning demagogues they play on prejudice and emotions. They began racism so called white and blacks use to work together this was one of his biggest scams. Also, we are talking about 19012, people especially gentiles were simply put stepped on snakes, try to feed bears bread, walk down a cougars path, they have no consequences, they never did, so they were pretty gullible. lol, and Woodrow Wilson? pleaseeee, it was easy for them and to trick the germans and the british. See, this is prophesied from Genesis 27 of Isaac telling esau that the yolk of his brother will be broken and in 1904 it began, they Rockefellers and the others Carnegie they were not all that rich as they are today this took lots of killing and lies.Esau have been trying this move since the book of Esther. read it. This is how many of them ended up in Greece trying to kill up the chosen of YHWH.

  72. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, Yes that wall is not about YHWH so its pagan I will agree. But it is not YHWH who needs to know and do it is man, so He does chooses prophets and again our ways and our thoughts and times are not of YHWH, for He has His reasons of how and what He does as said in Isaiah 55v5-13. I've noticed that you have totally avoided to go to the source of the Lord (YHWH) Our Righteousness prophesied in Jeremiah 23v1-8, 1-773-874-0325, the Arm of YHWH, with any of this that you think you know from man, which is odd is there some reason maybe you know more than you let on about the truth of Who's who, and are afraid to strive with your Maker hmm. Which one will you serve in the end? Malachi 3v18.

  73. Lorraine says:

    Who is jehovah, that's not YHWH this is too a lie a transliteration of His true name taking us away from the truth of YHWH. jehovah is german latin…pleaseeeee. This is a profanity, and that CHANGE, for our Father YHWH changes not. Malachi 3v6. This profane of our Father's name is prophesied in Ezekiel 36v22,23.

  74. Lorraine says:

    enlighted25, This is that lie over in the NT and maybe now ISLAM, for YHWH never said anything about a messiah so this is not what I wait for, I know it will all be YHWH and His New Covenant in Jeremiah 31v31-40 of the new kingdom of son of man. Now I do not know what they are doing in the Good Ship Jesus the NT, nor ISLAM with jesus their prophet for these are lies and religion and IDOLATRY pagan. Worshiping rocks and idols and in Deut. 4, YHWH said not to do any of this.

  75. Lorraine says:

    enlightened 25, continued…The christians too are following idols, and pagan holidays that are not of YHWH, and so is judaism, and ISLAM, these are not YHWH the people have left YHWH to these non truths. This is why you cannot tell what I am serving our law, is our life, of our spirituality that most all forgot and left the Creator YHWH. YHWH changes not in Malachi 3v6. YHWH would never change His laws statues or judgments of the covenant. No one can die for anyone else's sins in Jeremiah 31v30, Ezekiel 14v14. And jesus did not find 'Grace' with YHWH, Moses did, 'Grace' in Exodus 33v11-19. These are the lies over in the NT, and in ISLAM. My Father YHWH is all Spiritual of all Life.

  76. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, The judaism mixed in pagan rituals, the star of david, haneka, these are not of YHWH, and many changes have been done by the priest rabbis pastors, popes, changed over in ISLAM,NT, and are defiling YHWH, and His name as YHWH says in Ezekiel 36v22,23, or why would YHWH have these scriptures in His (not bible), its the Book of Remembrance, in short, book of life, in Malachi 3v16. And YHWH has scriptures for us to remember how these pastor priest rabbis,elders, defiled and profaned the covenant against Him so No, YHWH is not judaism these are their lies changing the law from YHWH; mixing non-truths with the truths in ISLAM,NT, so this is why you are confused by what I'm serving, and it is YHWH with the covenant of Abraham Jacob and Isaac without the changes from these priest [pastors in Malachi 2, and Jeremiah 23v1-8. YHWH is telling us that they are misleading the flocks with what is not of YHWH.

  77. enlightened25 says:

    How many times do i have to tell you, you stupid racist Judaism is a religion not a race. Crusaders were christians not jews, nor did they ever claim to be jews indeed they went around shouting "christ killers". In any case our species is not subdivided into "races" and all our genes are mixed.

  78. enlightened25 says:

    You and your imaginary protector of your tribe does not exist. So if you get killed by US "munition" you won`t be saying anything nor any other of your anti war, anti american friends. Well not if you believe in Messiahs anyway. Ironically though your messaih and your god would only be able to will by strength. But watch out I am no slave to any god or any messaih, especially the gods and messaihs of the weak.

  79. enlightened25 says:

    "And neither are we 'black' that's another taking one away from who they truly are" You have no clue what you are talking about, every human alive today is desended from africa and all our ancestors were once "black". You can buy a Genealogical DNA test from the Genographic Project for 100 dollars to see where in africa your ancestors were from if you don`t believe me.

  80. enlightened25 says:

    You worship an impotent, finite tribal deity. I have no intrest in such a creature or what it might think.

  81. enlightened25 says:

    No you do not understand Epicurus`s riddle. If he can prevent evil but doesn`t (which is what you say)he is malevolent and such an entity is not God.

  82. Lorraine says:

    eve and intrestingly you guys have not stop responding..humm.

  83. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, my dear but its been called from Israel to Palestine since the last roman jewish war, of 135BCE and Jerusalem was renamed by the romans Alia Captilia, and the Palestines then and until this day right now are Palestinians, ok, ok, my friend, ok.

  84. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, those names that you mentioned are the jews all jews you have everything backwards two of those oh, three the Crusaders names were the Khazars mostly red haired and hairy jews, just like esau was born red and hairy. Jacob's twin and Jacob was brown and this happens to a percentage of Hebrew twins so called black people, look it up. Although twins they are of two nations prophesied in Genesis 25.But, today twins are just twins. What happened to the muslim and islam conversation? its a pgan religion but many are trying to convert to christianity but thats another pagan religion both are offshoots of judaism. Many will see they need YHWH soon and His Spirituality of Life.

  85. Lorraine says:

    oh and you have to look up Cyrus the Great in order to find anything of Zerubbabel for as I said to you before other races are blocked out when it comes to history among other things; plus he was a Messiah too with his dark brown skin color yea they had to block that, but they want you to know Cyrus for Persians are mixed of euopean and Arab, Syrian, ? I really don't know for sure. I guess everybody has some Hebrew in them so called 'black'

  86. Lorraine says:

    continued….and Constantine legalizing Christianity in 311, and the Hebrews were slaved shortly after that again, and you will see this is all tied to the history of the book of life the OT, of the Romans as well, if you connect the dates and times of history all of these are in the book of life.

  87. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, David and Solomon were governors of Judah before the split of the north and south kingdoms is history. This is in the book of life, the OT as well as our history. Your ways are of those of an atheist, therefore, you have no belief in any deity, and so be it. This is your choice, and I will respect that. For I have shown to you that the book of life the OT, coincides with the history of many documented wars and events that is from the history of our society today, and from the Romans to the Jews who also were the Hebrews but after the split the south became known as jews, but the Hebrews had gone into captivity after 161BCE, those who are in the book of life, and again in 586BCE of Daniel Ezra, and Jeremiah were all captive slaves, along with Zerrubabbel the Prince and Messiah who at this time was the governor of Judah, and Cyrus the Great a Persian, YHWH had him to fight for the Hebrews to help to rebuild the 2nd Temple. Its as if you are denying the fact that it was not an era of slavery, this too is of our history, and it has much to do with religion look up “The Good Ship Jesus,”

  88. Lorraine says:

    enlighted25, the word africa comes from a roman guy named scipio.africanus who many had named africa by, which it was called kemit then, because he beat Hannabal at that time, and neither was egypt called this name, but I do not have its origin, these were euopean names from defeat of wars and yes they too are in the book of life the OT, what you think is fairy tales. If you notice when others win something they don't block it out but when something is discovered or won unto other races then it gets blocked out, the truth… common for liars. So no we are Hebrews and there are others Hitties, Shimites Ishmaelites there are many oh samarians, edomites amorites. And neither are we 'black' that's another taking one away from who they truly are you cannot get light through black, metaphor for the truth can't get in.

  89. Lorraine says:

    ever in I'm proud of you this is the best post you've written, good for you. Again there goes that word OLD nothing is old anymore about what is going on in Israel, and of the book of Zechariah 12,13,14, so as prophesied, here we are today. And look who is talking about racism wow, and slavery what was that exactly an academy of great works? And its still here racism, and in difference is fully being done today, as if this is not racist, and greed, and imposed poverty. pleaseeeeee, this is America for centuries, and the world for mostly people of color and the poor. When it happens back then these same people who do this to others want to whine. So, shut up, and leave YHWH out of it for man's heart is what it is evil even when YHWH tells them daily to be better people. Jeremiah 17v5-10.

  90. Lorraine says:

    ever in We have a saying for this Look in the Mirror before you judge, take a stroll through your mind you might find what it is that's driving you crazy.

  91. Lorraine says:

    enlighted25, AND I AM FULLY AWARE OF RIGHT BEING AN ABSTRACTION FOR THEM, THEY MIGHT, AND MISERY LOVES COMPANY, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT. Oh the posting is not working someone is holding down the post lol mine, lol.

  92. Lorraine says:

    I don't know, yes why don't they and it is your country that provides them the munition and the funds from the US but it won't matter I Will Be Who I Will Be has the last say in any of this Praise the Creator YHWH.

  93. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, The tribes that had to be established in Dimona Israel, is what was the importance here for now, as I said YHWH the Creator's thoughts and ways are not ours. Isaiah 55v 6-13.

  94. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, As I said befpre. you did not read my post obviously, again our time and ways are not YHWH the Creator's, He does things when He does them not when we want it, and sometimes He does. It depends all on YHWH. We cannot call the shots here. lol. For what one may think they want or deserve may not be truly what they need or visa verse, then again those are thoughts of man YHWH the Creator's thoughts are not our thoughts, in Isaiah 55v5-13. This time read the scripture.

  95. Pankaj says:

    How do you know that the God exist.. God is nothing but just a mere creation of human mind. And if God has created the universe, who had created the god himself.

  96. everin says:

    This comment section is not for talking centuries-old, unverified stories that are not relevant to the present age n to the debates in this website. Yes, I have  awaken  to the fact that YHWH is racist n play favoritism in addition to his many other weak points. Shake him up to do better !   

  97. ron says:

    To reply to you with anger would be expecting you to really have some knowledge of what you said concerning this matter,need I say more ?

  98. enlightened25 says:

    "Yes the Palestians are in the covenant if you are of Jacob 12 tribes, David Solomon are," Fairy tale nonsense.

    "we welcome many but now you see where that got us all in bondage and hated just trying to be nice." Being "nice" will leave you to be trampled on by the strong. Have you never wondered why the "evil" people are the one`s with all the power, the wealth and the women? While all the "good" people are humailted, looted, raped, enslaved and massacred? I will tell you the answer MIGHT IS RIGHT as nature loves strength and hates weakness. Even you`re YHWH admits it, that is why he punished (or in reality nature) you because you was too weak to defend yourselves from your enemies.

  99. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, Yes the Palestians are in the covenant if you are of Jacob 12 tribes, David Solomon are, and religion was not started by YHWH and His chosen it was a way of life we lived in spirituality of all life, and we welcome many but now you see where that got us all in bondage and hated just trying to be nice. Religion began from the heathens who can't share. We shared all along the Nile with many but heathens wanted to tax it claim it and put a price on it just like they do everything senselessly.Bring religion to divide the lands for gain. Because of our transgressions against YHWH He gave it to the heathen to punish us. And the war is on many as you provided in an article has been fighting over it for centuries its rich land. Goodnite.

  100. Lorraine says:

    ever in you may believe that the British created Israel many have been fighting over that land since Yhwhudah, and the governor Redish Coco Brown David Dawee, and governor DarkSkinned Solomon, so what are you saying. YHWH created Zion, Yhwherusalem and Yudah and gave Moca Brown Abraham all the rivers of Egypt including the Nile to the rivers of the Euphrates and the land of Havilah where there is gold, and a second river named Gihon as it passes the whole land of Ethiopia and just behind this was Eden (Lebanon).Selah!! and you want to know why they all fight over it. Everybody always wants whats ours. And it wasn't like we did not share they are just selfish heathens that YHWH warned us of. And now they deny it from the Hebrews the original owners, please..wake up.

  101. Lorraine says:

    For those who wants answers to the questions that confuse us of our world today, and to know the truth about our life, and what we are to do with our wonderful lives while we are here on earth with each other, and how important we are to our Creator The Lord YHWH Our Righteousness in Jeremiah 23v1-8, just call the Arm of YHWH, at 1-773-874-0325. There is the best life ahead for us all as a great unity.

  102. enlightened25 says:

    "but the proof of the jews instigating WWI&II has been established." The jews really is it just them or other peoples and religions as well? Also if so powerful they are so come the likes of you know about the very details of their plans? Are you sure you`re not in on it? Damn how could they be so stupid they can fool the whole world except for a few religious people. Like Lorraine, socialists, muslims, marxists these left wing hippy anti-war types, anarchists and mob worshippers Generally.

  103. enlightened25 says:

    , "it is a good reason why YHWH is sparing him." Your YHWH is impotent he can`t even crush those pesky humans, the God of gods how pathetic he can only kill us when their is humans to carry out his dirty work. To quote Ragner Redbeard "I gaze into the glassy eyes of your Jehovah, and pluck him by the beard – I uplift a broad-axe and split open his worm eaten skull."

  104. enlightened25 says:

    "Are you saying that there was no David or Solomon nor the 12 tribes of Jacob for which there is proof of this history." No their is no proof of david or any solomon, What evidence is there for the Temple of Solomon? Their is nothing not one Goblet has been found that was made by any Solomon. Not one bone was found in the sinai or any other evidence for any mass exodus. Nor is their any evidence of any conquest by Joshua. The wall that the jews wail at is a pagan roman wall not the wall of Solomans temple. Read this http://www.askwhy.co.uk/judaism/0160Solomon.php#M… Can you tell apart from the bible and the jews what other people recorded this history and these events? Their is no evidence and the only place they are written about is in the bible.

    "Then if there is no Exodus then there cannot be a Chronicles either" Those books were written by the high preists not any prophets. Do not confuse jewish mythology with actual history. "You can never trust man." Well then tell your God to speak to humanity directly not through so called prophets.

  105. Lorraine says:

    To Add…It is our Spirituality of Life, by righteousness, living, eating, playing and doing the right things by one another, it maybe called law, but it is for us our law that mankind strayed away from, and now they are lost. Just running to and fro unhappy unhealthy and unclean, and defiling anyone and anything that gets in their way of money and power. Therefore as YHWH have asked us many times to return, and for the peace to all.Malachi 3v7.

  106. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, you seemed to forget what I previously say to you, everyman does as his heart desires, YHWH gave us free will, and as He says in Jeremiah 17v9,10. YHWH has unconditional love, and His ways are not our ways, in Isaiah 55v 6. -13. But yes He sees what they do His enemies in Psalms 83. Now what His plan is for them is His, and YHWHs to knows. But YHWH gave us a prophecy in Jeremiah 49v7-22, of this enemy, and what is to happen to this enemy.

  107. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, but the proof of the jews instigating WWI&II has been established. And many other events it is proven by other jew members of this. Ben Freedman, and when I said they are puppets I meant that YHWH has an end plan for them. They know it but they are so haughty, and filthy rich well need I say more they feel tough enough to challenge the Almighty YHWH.

  108. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, just google Ben Ammi and he has an establishment of tribes that went and got rights to Dimona Israel, which is more important to YHWH to have that prophecy in the making. Mr. Ammi needs to get his self back with YHWH as he knows it suppose to be without the christian idol, and there he has another scandal that he needs to straighten out. See man is not able to walk to direct his own footsteps in Jeremiah 10v23, it is a good reason why YHWH is sparing him. I think it is the need for the other tribes and the prophecy. What ever Mr. Ammi's doing will show its nakedness from YHWH soon, and he will have to answer to that, this is if its true. YHWH does things in His time not ours.

  109. everin says:

    >Go n read 10 hours, not 10 minutes, on this website with open mind !

  110. Lorraine says:

    enlighted25, Are you saying that there was no David or Solomon nor the 12 tribes of Jacob for which there is proof of this history. Then if there is no Exodus then there cannot be a Chronicles either, and if David is historical proof then there must be the other books as well. And this Sina ben gurion person I do not know, but I would not trust anything of these for they are greedy, and they lie. And there is a much important reason for this kind of information not to get out especially from in the 50s they did not want the true chosen to know who they were, not until they could establish wealth first. And today the descendants of Benjamin are occupying Dimona Israel, the anointed Ben Ammi as was prophesied in Isaiah 48, and Joshua 15 of the tribes have been established there in Dimona Israel Mizpeh since 1976. Although he displeased YHWH for he was anointed and has profaned YHWHs name with the idol as most christians do when they see fame and money, YHWH has spared him, and is giving him time to correct it. For YHWH knew he would as He tells Ben Ammi in Isaiah 48. You can never trust man.

  111. enlightened25 says:

    If we have free will then YHWH is not Omnipotent. Idol worship is evil according to your God then riddle me this Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God? Your God does not exist logical proof.

  112. enlightened25 says:

    Are the palestians in on this convenant? No and also according to you neither are the fake jews their. So why don`t they all get out? Maybe YHWH could make them but then he would be all alone without humans to serve him in HIS LAND. All maybe they could give up their religious bullshit and sort it out in a rational way, well miracles never cease as they say LOL.

  113. enlightened25 says:

    "you seemed to forget what I previously say to you, everyman does as his heart desires, YHWH gave us free will" You contridicted yourself "For its all in YHWHs plan they are puppets."

  114. enlightened25 says:

    Their is no such thing as "should" if they want his lands and money they should take it back by force. Is Mubarak just going to give it to them? No. No one deserves money for nothing you have to earn it, if everyone was on welfare who would their be to beg or steal from?

  115. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25…It all goes back to the prophecy of Abraham and the covenant. in Genesis 15,.Abraham was given these lands from all the river of Egypt to the river of the Euphrates for the Hebrews, but yes many have tried to claim it, its told that people like fresh water all along the Nile is how we lived, and survive so these rich areas are desperately needed. Frankly, I can't see why we all cannot live there peacefully. Why does anyone have to be in control of YHWHs land it belongs to Him first then to us all truthfully. The only difference when it comes to sanctifying it is the Covenant not race, that was made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and this YHWHs Word cannot be broken.

  116. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, you seemed to forget what I previously say to you, everyman does as his heart desires, YHWH gave us free will, and as He says in Jeremiah 17v9,10. YHWH has unconditional love, and His ways are not our ways, in Isaiah 55v7-9. But yes He sees what they do His enemies in Psalms 83. Now what His plan is for them is His, and YHWHs to knows. But YHWH gave us a prophecy in Jeremiah 49v7-22, of this enemy, and what is to happen to this enemy.

  117. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, The judaism mixed in pagan rituals, the star of david, haneka, these are not of YHWH, and many changes have the priest rabbis pastors, popes have changed, and are defiling YHWH and His name as YHWH says in Ezekiel 36v22,23, or why would YHWH have these scriptures in His (not bible), its the Book of Remembrance, in short, book of life, in Malachi 3v16. And YHWH has scriptures for us to remember how these pastor priest rabbis defiled and profaned the covenant against Him so No, YHWH is not judaism these are their lies changing the law from YHWH; mixing non-truths with the truths so this is why you are confused by what I'm serving, and it is YHWH with the covenant of Abraham Jacob and Isaac without the changes from these priest in Malachi 2, and Jeremiah 23v1-8. YHWH telling us that they are misleading the flocks with what is not of YHWH. The christians they too are following idols and pagan holidays that are not of YHWH, and so is judaism these are not YHWH the people have left YHWH to these non truths. This is why you cannot tell what I am serving our law is our life, of our spirituality that most all forgot and left.YHWH changes not in Malachi 3v6.

  118. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25…you're not playing here right? Of course people believed in all kinds of gods, even today they do. And since Moses was raised among idol worshipers, never had he seen from any of those false gods what he had witnessed with YHWH. According to the book of Moses YHWH did crush His adversaries. YHWH wanted all the people to experience His wonders to rid them of their idols and wickedness, this magnifies and distinguishes Him from the false idols convincing the people to follow the one who can give or take life, and who one can prosper with. This will happen again for people have not changed but YHWH continues to have unconditional love, and to leave us to our free will, and man does what his heart leads him to, and still we snuff Him, even knowing He could stop us. But His ways are not our ways, His time is not of our time. in Isaiah 55v6-13, please read it before you judge it.

  119. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, …Knowing this do you still not think that those who were robbed by Mubarak shouldn't they get reparations from this robbery. When any other person robs another they have to pay back either with their freedom or double payment so why not Mubarak his monies should get distributed among the people and the people's welfare, and their land this would be the righteous thing to do for it rightfully belongs to them anyway. He had 30 years to rob his own.

  120. everin says:

    Fully agreed with u. The books of YHWH had created many hanky panky stories. And this Voss is wasting valuable time n space ( in this comment section ) to spread them n got bashed up. HA,ha,ha lol. Yet she will write more n more. She had a good counterpart in Agracean. HA,ha,ha. ! Oh ! these ladies never give up !

  121. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25…you're not playing here right? Of course people believed in all kinds of gods, even today they do. And since Moses was raised among idol worshipers, never had he seen from any of those false gods what he had witnessed with YHWH. According to the book of Moses YHWH did crush His adversaries. YHWH wanted all the people to experience His wonders to rid them of idols and wickedness, this magnifies and distinguishes Him from the false idols convincing the people to follow the one who can give or take life and who one can prosper with. This will happen again for people have not changed but YHWH continues to have unconditional love, and to leave us to our free will, and still we snuff Him. His ways are not our ways, His time is not of our time.in Isaiah 55v6-13, please read it before you judge it.

  122. everin says:

    >On the other hand, if YHWH managed to settle the Pakis n the Palest. in his promised land. Sharie Laws would be imposed. Suicide bombings n machine-gunning would have happened again all over the holy place as happened in Pakistan at present. No wonder SU God had pevented this holocaust of YHWH from happening. SU God is The Greatest.

  123. enlightened25 says:

    First of all YHWH law like like all other "man made" laws are imposed have to be imposed by force. But i thought your YHWH was the strongest the god of gods, okay maybe not or more accurately the jews "his people" that tribe of savages are not in power nor was they ever. The "judeo-christian" morality is slave morality everything that is associated with the weak is good, like helping the poor loving your enemies turning your cheek, the weak will recieve the earth and all the rest of that bull. Or giving 1 million dollars to every last egyptian even though they have done nothing to deserve it even the most vilest scum amoung them. No all men are not created equal what a self evident lie that is the strong will recieve the earth not the weak. Even the statement "equality under the law" is nonsense , equal under whose law, someone else`s? Enforced by who the strong or any average beggar? Its like the statements "justice before God" or "liberty regulated by law".

  124. enlightened25 says:

    Egypt to live with Joseph prior to that we were a great civilization." No such thing existed, no exodus ever happened when Israel captured the Sinai Ben gurion sent the Israeli archaeologists Israel finkelstein and yigael yadin to dig up to find the title deeds of Zionism, what did they find? NOTHING, nor is their any evidence of Moses, Joshua Abraham or any of these mythological figures nor is their ever going to be any.

  125. everin says:

    Why YHWH is so racist n splitting hairs with Hebrews n Jews. Why is he so concerned with this tiny piece of land said to be holy. The ancients had never bother about this land until the temples n mosque were bulit n various factions declared it holy n started to fight n kill each other over it. Man had also delared other holy sites all over the world for different religions.
    The true God only had heaven as His holy "Land". Not a place that is destructable n made bloody by wars..

  126. enlightened25 says:

    So other gods exist? Also YHWH is "the strong one" that is a strange thing to say about a all powerful deity that can crush his enemies to dust as soon as he thinks it. Also why was moses amazed he already knew YHWH would win, well how can a omnipotent god lose?

  127. enlightened25 says:

    The problem with what you are saying is, that their is no universally agreed answer to "who is a jew". But as far as I am concerned judaism is a religion thats it. If you don`t believe in God, the bible and don`t consider yourself part of a Unique nation that has an eternal convenate with the almighty then you are not a jew. Any other definition used is for self serving purposes.

  128. enlightened25 says:

    "For its all in YHWHs plan they are puppets." So YHWH is actually behind the "illuminati", because you had me worried their what with them knowing "what to do with everything and everyone." As their the attributes of your God i.e All knowing,all present and all power.

  129. everin says:

    So when is YHWH going to dispense justice. When all the sinners are dead n gone into dust ? He is sleeping on the job again in his holy land ? Ha,ha, ha !

  130. enlightened25 says:

    "And if you noticed from the beginning of this article to the end the people and the lands were still referred to as the Palestinians no matter who they mixed with." They have not been referred to as palestians, nationalism is a quite new thing in history especially in the arab world. Palestine was always a region not a independent nation. If you went their 100 years ago to say nablus the person would say "I am an Arab from Nablus". Palestian nationalism only came into being as a result of(and opposition to)zionism.

  131. enlightened25 says:

    "the nationality really matter" No their is no such thing as "nationality" they are just lines drawn on maps usually as the result of some war or other. Nationalism is nothing but a religion often you will here them say "it gives people an identity" and other such nonsense. And of course people can feel superior if the members of their "tribe" are succesful, like the jews boasting about all the nobel prizes they get, even though they personally had nothing to do with that. Once I even heard Ali Sina claim "i am "pure persian" descended from Zoroaster himself". "Pure persian" eh even though you are descended from the arab imperialist Muhammed himself? I don`t need to comment futher on the Stupidity of nationalism. " he knows we are all originated from the so called black man, truely the Hebrew Israelite." No we are all africans not hebrews.

  132. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, When I found information from the Khazars king Bulan it told of how when he switched many of them from the synagogues of judaism to christianity he also adopted the name Jew to call themselves Jew to now know them by, and began tricking and flattering to gain and to fit in.And did you look up the jew Ben Freedman? Either his book or some other jew wrote, says that jew is nothing but a counterfeit word. They are known to be demagogues those who play on people's prejudice and emotions and passions of hate or grief.That's how WWI and II began.

  133. Lorraine says:

    John K No, you need to just look it up the truth. Once again you are double talking for You have responded to over 30 or more of my post which means that my English is just fine, and West Civilization, I've survived this long in it , and doing pretty good, thank you.

  134. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, This is exactly why there is a need for people to do the law of absolute righteousnessYHWH, and get it straight, for as I've said man cannot walk to direct his own steps in Jeremiah 10v23, as saying "I will faithfully execute etc., to the best of my ability etc." is what I am talking about man is fallible and cannot be totally depended on. And by the way with 86 million people in Egypt getting 1 million a piece will not keep them from working not with this economy, please..

  135. enlightened25 says:

    "Zionist international bankers" Really thats why all the jews were blamed for pretty much everything, which of course included ruining the German Economy and of course blamed for Capitalism as well. The Jews get blamed for everything they was even blamed for communism . Also just use the word Jew as we all have heard how the Jews control the banks (and the whole world), of course i am like most people not up to date with all the details of how the Jews control the world.

  136. Jessa says:

    Hi everyone,
    Firstly I would like to state that I am a 18 year old boy living in a Western society (England), I have been reading posts on this website for about 10-20 minutes now and I just cannot seem to understand why there is so much hatred to Islam.
    No Islam is not a violent religion at all, this is a verse of the Quran that I would like to share with you "Allah forbids you not, with regard to those who fight you not for (your) Faith nor drive you out of your homes, from dealing kindly and justly with them: for Allah loveth those who are just. " (6:8)

    I hope that someone will tell me what is troubling them with this religion and I will try to show them that it is the right religion to follow.
    The worst thing I hate about Islam is how a lot of people interpret the true meaning of it wrong because they haven't been told the full meaning.

    If anyone does reply and I hope that they do I would like to apologise if I have offended anyone beforehand although I will do my best not to.

    Thank you and peace be upon all of you.

  137. Lorraine says:


  138. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, And like I said it is of no concern to the Palestines whos bloodline for right now they want their land back and this is prophesied in Ezekiel 36v1-5. And Adolf was not a zionist please, they the zionist International Bankers, Masons,used him, and killed him, he was so dumb. You need to read Ben Freedman and learn what evil is learking in this world by a rich ex-zionist jew. Then you will discern who YHWH is for it will take the Almighty for this crew. Malachi 3v18 choose them or Him.

  139. Lorraine says:

    To add….. This was all prophesied in the vision of Daniel for our 4th kingdom in Daniel 2v40, and in Daniel 11v36-45,, of the STRANGE GODS, ISLAM and CHRISTIANITY that will rule over MANY, and divide the lands for GAIN, and teach falseness away from the true Creator YHWH.

  140. Lorraine says:

    everin RELIGIONS ARE PAGAN, THEY DO Meaningless HOLIDAYS THAT WERE EITHER REPRESENTING VIOLENCE AND WICKEDNESS AND DECEIT HOLLOWEEN, EASTERBUNNY RABBITS, this is pagan, and you know it. Most of all religions has CHANGED the true Word of the Father and our Creator YHWH. He says He is our Savior in Isaiah 43v3,11 and vs.13 No man can be delivered from out of His hands, and in Isaiah 44v22, He has forgiven Our sins, and has Redeemed Us. And all He ask of us is to Return to Him and the Spirituality of righteousness peace and love for all mankind. Selah!! learn..Lord,God is not His Name its YHWH or YHVH. look it up.

  141. Lorraine says:

    correction…R E M E M B E R and the new servant will govern over the people not so much rule but GOVERN US.

  142. Lorraine says:

    John K, I'm beginning to think that this is comical to you and you never said this, this is the first time using this term or name Elohim which is in a plural sense as in two gods or one, so now you are switching up again. This comes from that changing and convoluted way over in the NT, to conveniently accomodate one's desire to avoid truth or to do whatever, and is what is ruling over our world today. People just make up as they go along not considering the next person, non-righteousness indeed. gosh!

  143. Lorraine says:

    John K more like a semantic confusion.

  144. everin says:

    Iraquis ? what freak is that ? Who run down to borders ? Lost sheep ? I don't have any. What idol ? YHWH save u ? HOW ? By using rockets ??? More n more bullshit from u !!!! God saves yr soul, as u are going crazy !!!!

  145. XAXA says:

    Ali sina is a prophet? well nowadays even prophets dont understand the reality.

    He turned from a muslim to an atheist he should learn smth from the millions of people who accepted islam

  146. John K says:

    I have explained this previously. Elohim is the Father. YHWH is the Son.

  147. John K says:

    You need a lesson in linguistics and the history of the English language and Western Civilization.

  148. John K says:

    No. She's legit. Her beliefs are as intolerant as Muslims though.

  149. enlightened25 says:

    "but it looks like it is of the Palestinians concern the true Hebrew Israelite and they want them out of Israel, and the threat of war is on." The palestians the true hebrews really, they are not they are descended from the ancient Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Crusaders and Turks. Here is an intresting article on the origins of the palestians http://www.westarinstitute.org/Periodicals/4R_Art

    "This is what the people there are saying there not I" Then they are talking complete bull, if you read the Hebrew Encyclopedia and the Palestinian Encyclopedia. The Palestinian Encyclopedia says that the Palestinians are the descendants of Cana'anites, the Hebrew one holds that the Jews there are descendants of the ancient Hebrews. Both assertions are utter bullshit.

    "Oh and that was funny % of Abraham lol." Yeah because what is left of Abraham in you is 0%.

  150. everin says:

    The British were not so blind as yr YHWH when they created Israel. Yr tales are bordering on insanity. John K be the judge n see if she is talking the real story from the YHWH sciptures. If it is real then it is BS.

  151. everin says:

    So YHWH is powerless to do any rectification about it but just kill them all by shaking the heaven n earth in the end ?

  152. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, Not my concern, but it looks like it is of the Palestinians concern the true Hebrew Israelite and they want them out of Israel, and the threat of war is on. And it is not so much about nationality its about oppression poverty and in difference and land that is rightfully belonged to the chosen of YHWH with the covenant this is the prophecy, so What do you want from me? This is what the people there are saying there not I. But I do know that according to Deut.28v15-67 and v68 has been fulfilled those Jacob 12 tribes were scattered to the four corners of the earth, as to serve and YHWH is gathering them back now this is the prophecy. Oh and that was funny % of Abraham lol.

  153. Lorraine says:

    ever you are confusing what I say I never said that Israel should not exist and you know it I said the people that are in Israel today of YHWHs holy land are not the 'chosen Israel' they are jews and not Hebrews. The Hebrews Israelite came out of Egypt at evening with Moses not jews with the spirit of the Hebrew Strong One of Israel YHWH in Exodus 3v18. These are imposters and according to prophecy in Jeremiah 49v7-22, they will be ran down into their borders to be destroyed says YHWH.

  154. Lorraine says:

    ever now this is a bunch of mumbo jumbo if I ever heard any, and you forgot one AGING lol.

  155. enlightened25 says:

    "Mubark for instance stole and cheated most of that money from the poor and is why they had their revolt and ran him out." Yes that is why i said no one (or at least not the likes Mubark)can give you your "rights" you have to take them. But what is impossible is to get rid of leadership yes you can get rid of leaders but never leadership.

  156. enlightened25 says:

    "what part of those in authority stealing and cheating the poor don't you get?" How do you think those in authority got their through being nice, good and fair or through strength, stealing and cheating? All nations are the same even in the so called "free world" americans who think they are voting for "freedom" are just voting in a new tax collector or to put it more harshly their slave master. Of course even that president who is elected by the mob majority has to to be a slave to "the constitution" written by the rotted corpses of "the founding fathers". "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

  157. Lorraine says:

    John K what is completely twisted is christians first calling jesus the son of god, then turn right around and call the son is the father god, which one is it? Oh, that's right the son of god was born of a virgin first and of a holy ghost, so now the father had to birth himself of the flesh, with only the woman, but yet he is still considered by christians as a son of man but was not born of the seed of David by a man. Now how twisted is this?…. But David, Solomon, Isaac Jacob Abraham and the children of Isaiah 8, were all of the seed by a son of man. And were anointed by YHWH.

  158. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, this is the same attitude that's causing wars from the poor to the greedy from the poor being cheated, what part of those in authority stealing and cheating the poor don't you get? Mubark for instance stole and cheated most of that money from the poor and is why they had their revolt and ran him out. So what say you?

  159. enlightened25 says:

    "one who is Israel today, for the ones there now are not even the true chosen Israel the Palestines are and all Jacob 12 tribes scattered to the four corners of the earth until this day, in Deut 28v15-67, for 68 has been fulfilled." Like I said before all of our bloodlines are mixed and as far as anyone knows Adolf Hitler could have been descended from Jacob. Of course that is one of the reasons why zionism is a silly quasi religious ideology but thats another subject. The point is no such tribe exists anyone (if it ever existed).

  160. enlightened25 says:

    "This civilization was the best one we ever had it lasted over 6000 years, and carried over many helpful customs ideas" First of all the western civilization is not 6000 years old. Second its greatness has nothing to do with the cults of christianity and judaism. Do you know the origin of the word Lucifer, he was the roman god of Enlightenment that should tell you what kind of religion christianity is. Third it has only been become great sinse the enlightenment before that westerners were just as savage as muslims are today. One of those men the greatest in my view was the philosopher Spinoza what happened to him? The rabbis excommunicated him, the first jew to leave judaism who did not convert to christianity. "Until people wanted to do whatever, and today this is mayhem and why people are frustrated, angry and in or going into war." I have some sympathy with that, in the west now sex has become nothing but pleasure and a business transaction. Thanks to that we have high divorce, prostitution, homosexuality and all other kinds of social ills thanks to the destruction of the family.

  161. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, you have blocked out the truth I did give you the peace movement you are so unwilling to accept it its in Jeremiah 31v31-40, and the Arm of YHWH is The Lord Our Righteousness in Jeremiah 23v1-8, at 1-773-874-0325, just call the Arm of YHWH with anything you're saying in your post get the truth, there are dates and history to prove. An Israeli band? for one who is Israel today, for the ones there now are not even the true chosen Israel the Palestines are and all Jacob 12 tribes scattered to the four corners of the earth until this day, in Deut 28v15-67, for 68 has been fulfilled.

  162. enlightened25 says:

    I must ask what is your religion? You seem to be a jew to me though certainly not "mainstream". You also seem to be a anti-zionist based on religious grounds, you are not a Haredi jew are you?

  163. Lorraine says:

    enlighted25, there are only 10 to 15 commandments to follow but what you are showing are the ordinances and judgments of the high priest to follow and make for sacrifices daily they are to keep these laws to help the people to know what is right to do and not to do. This is if a situation arises. But If one is a vegan that's find no one says anyone has to eat meat, YHWH only says if we do let it be from the clean animals not the unclean. And well you wanted to know what it takes to have an equality love, and peaceful righteous living among millions and millions of people and there must be law and absolute right living and respect for oneself and unto others. This civilization was the best one we ever had it lasted over 6000 years, and carried over many helpful customs ideas,and great ways to live that we use even now, until people wanted to do whatever, and today this is mayhem and why people are frustrated, angry and in or going into war.

  164. enlightened25 says:

    Daniel is not talking about saddam or Gaddafi "storm against him with chariots, with horsemen and with many ships" I did not know in the middle east they still use Chariots. “In the first year of Darius the Mede, I arose to be an encouragement and a protection for him. 2 And now I will tell you the truth. Behold, three more kings are going to arise in Persia. Then a fourth will gain far more riches than all of them; as soon as he becomes strong through his riches, he will arouse the whole empire against the realm of Greece." Were are these 3 kings from Persia? when are they going make war on the "realm" of Greece? "Edom, Moab and the foremost of the sons of Ammon." No of those peoples or nations exist anyone.

  165. enlightened25 says:

    I promise you the messiah is not coming not even if your temple (which never existed by the way see http://www.askwhy.co.uk/judaism/0160Solomon.php )was rebuilt. The bible is a book of fairy tales not written by Moses or any of the "prophets" (and not one shred of evidence to suggest any of those even existed)but by the priests who also invented motheism the hebrews were polytheists at one time. At that time every nation had its own god "Lord who among the gods is like you"? (Ex 15:11) Here it says their are other gods beside your YHWH what do you say about this?

  166. enlightened25 says:

    "And I cannot believe that you got touchy over a mere 86 million as opposed to 70 billion stolen from theses people for the desires of a hand full or 1 man" You can`t distribute wealth equally if everyone got 1 million dollars each (for doing nothing)why on earth would anyone work? Where you think your food, housing, and health care spring from thin air? No people provide those things and they themselves are paid for those services because of course they need shelter, food and healthcare like everyone else.

  167. enlightened25 says:

    "The people in authority needs to do the right thing and stop the greed." What do you mean the "right thing" their the one`s in power they decide what the "right thing" is. No one can give you your rights you have to take them – by force. Mubarak and the likes are not swayed by beggars and their slaves simple asking "Please sir can i have more", because how else (except by force)can they answer his question "What are you going to do?"

  168. Lorraine says:

    ever in when you're wrong you resort to silliness; Gird up now your loins like a man and speak to the Arm of YHWH you or john at 1-773-874-0325. Stop picking on women or is this the best you got?lol.

  169. Lorraine says:

    John K excuse me, but Jehovah is of Greek origin, and YHWH is the English version of His Hebrew name. And, everywhere that they have God or Lord is where they had the Hebrew English name YHWH, or YHVH if you will, removed 6800 times.

  170. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, And I cannot believe that you got touchy over a mere 86 million as opposed to 70 billion stolen from theses people for the desires of a hand full or 1 man, and many wonder why this world is in the dumps. The Greed. this kind of distribution should be that peace movement you were asking about done for all the poor first and all and infrastructure to clean up for the people and other accomodations needed.

  171. Lorraine says:

    enlighted25, The people in authority needs to do the right thing and stop the greed. Do you realize that these people as most poor people do work hard they do much to have a living and legally but the greedy put many barriers and obsticles to oppress and hold people back but when people have not had these situation they tend to blame the poor for being poor. Even education is not designed for the poor not in multitude, it is not affordable and worst if you do get the funds for it. So as in Egypt the Palestinians is too in revolt and a threat, reason poverty and in difference.

  172. Lorraine says:

    John K, Who do you think Mubarak took this money from the people of Egypt this is why the people revolted against him for and got him out of there he robbed them. I know there is more red tape to this money but mostly it was not going or trickeling down to the right places to help them, and the people. Just like they do all over this world against the poor from Greed, and selfishness and wicked people.

  173. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, ….call The Lord (YHWH)Our Righteousness with any question I mean any, and you will not be dismayed. 1-773-874-0325.

  174. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, did you even read the last post? I told you many scholars are not able to see the truth they are looking with the carnal eye, YHWH has His own reasons why He has it this way, only YHWH knows the heart of a man, Jeremiah 17 v5-10. YHWH knows all. You and many must read study and do the law, and if you are not afraid of truth then you can call the Arm of YHWH or what they put into the book of life The Lord Our Righteousness in Jeremiah 23v1-8 at 1-773-874-0325, yes its here, its been to the public now since the bombing of Lebanon, but it was began in 1986, and yes there is a threat to Israel see it all is happening now prophesied. Do not be intimidated its only His Arm the messenger Malachi 3v1-3 and Isaiah 59v16. This is for us all not just for the children of Jacob. For in Jeremiah 16v16-21, we must bring the light unto the Gentiles and nations, and this is going on daily.

  175. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, you're waringing me out here but i can talk because I have blown up Mr. Ali Sina's site with my views and words of truth I hope that you read them all from when I began to my replies. This would make it so much easier, but this is what I do I work and serve the most high in spreading His Word the Truth. To confirm, in Daniel 11v36-43, this tells of the false strange gods idols of religion that will rule over many and divide the land for gain. Now this has already happened from Agustus Cesaer to Constantine311ce of Christianity, the dividing of the lands from the Charlemagne 800ce to the east of Islam, Daniel 11,vs43 and in vs44,45 the east rulers they shall be destroyed, Hussein Saddam, Gaddafi and Mubarak all destroyed prophecy fulfilled, remember this vison is of Daniel's of the 4th kkingdom, Daniel 2v40 and Daniel 2v1-49.Then we got this war on Israel in Jeremiah 49v7-22, he will be run out to his boders and destroyed, prophecy in progress so there are many more. One must read study and do the law eat clean its ones own responsibiity right now until the holy land of YHWH, Jerusalem Judah Zion is taken back.

  176. enlightened25 says:

    "YHWH it is called His Peace Movement of Jerusalem" Yes we all know about "peace movements" amoung these mad cults, indeed the slogan of islam is "islam means peace".

    "look it up the truth." Just give me one proof, of course you can`t because you don`t have any. While I can give you many false prophecies "Isaiah 19:18 In that day shall five cities in the land of Egypt speak the language of Canaan, and swear to the LORD of hosts; one shall be called, The city of destruction." When has the canaanite language been spoken in Egypt? Also it is now extinct so how is that going to be fulfilled? "nobody knows what His day when He returns will be like, or when ." Like i heard an Israeli band say the messiahs not coming he is not even going to visit.

  177. enlightened25 says:

    Who makes these "commandments" and why should i be a slave to another man`s "commandments"? What is clean about slashing a animals throat for YHWH or the disgusting practice of hacking with a rock at the genitals of a 8 day male baby? Or the mad laws in the 613 commandments such as thought control "Not to even think that there are other gods besides Him". All of these laws were not made by any God but by the priests talking to a oppressed tribe with tales of past glory days.

  178. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25,….In the new system of YHWH the Peace Jerusalem Movement that you stress about YHWH says in Jeremiah 31v31-40, for the New Covenant that in the hearts of the people He will put the law, and at this time the one who will be upon the throne the seed of David and his Branch and Arm will goveren the flocks with the spirit of YHWH in Jeremiah 23v1-8, as He has taught His servant in Isaiah 40v10-18, there is so much more one must read and study and do the law, the statues and judgments and ordinances, live right, eat clean, in the book of life from Genesis – Malachi to know, everyone now is responsible to do his own work.

  179. Lorraine says:

    enlighted25, I did not say that I did not know the law, this is given to everyone from the book of life from Moses in Deut.5 and Exodus 20 of the commandments, and the Sabbath in Leviticus 23, and the Passover in Exodus 12. The statues and judgments are mainly in the book of Leviticus and are administered by whomever YHWH chooses for His high priest and His Branch or Arm to goveren over the flocks along with the tabernacal of the different offerrings when the new temple is built again in Haggai 2. Then there is the dietary section of the law and this is found in Deut.14 and Leviticus 11 to guild us in how to eat clean and live clean. Now not being a priest myself and others we are to follow the law and do it, live righteously with the commandments in peace and love and respect of one another, play, eat right, you work six days and rest on Sabbath once a week, the passover once a year.

  180. Lorraine says:

    Every place that you see Lord or God is where YHWHs name was taken out 6800 times. Look it up. good bye.

  181. Lorraine says:

    For the NT goes through many changes in its book, not said by YHWH, or prophesied, the lightbulb should have came on. If not one then cannot see the truth. Its really not fair, for to see many, many times one has to be anointed it took the jewsish roman writers over 600 years to figure most of this out, and why they the zionist new what to do before we did this is why people think they are so smart and financialy ahead they were just illuminated by this OT book of life, and they were and still are cunning in Jeremiah 10.

  182. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25…..And if those scholars tried to connect the NT with the OT then these were the ones who were cut off as said in Malachi 2v12, by YHWH. There are some simularities in the NT mimicking the OT, but one has to have more than the carnal eye to see the real truth. For if any scholar could not tell from the last statements in Malachi as in Malachi 3v6, when YHWH says that He changes not, so that Jacob is not consumed (meaning being tricked by lies and deception and falseness), then common sense should have awaken the scholar to take heed right then, otherwise he is cut off Malachi 2v12..

  183. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, Really, almost rational?, so what has been ad hominem about my character that you can truly describe? I have only used the scriptures prophesied and written in the book of life, so how does this discredit my character?, for as I've said before these are not my words they are of YHWH our Creator. And you only had that one question about the love movement of the world, and frankly from YHWH it is called His Peace Movement of Jerusalem, and this will be from YHWH and His spirit so how do you expect myself to do this, or describe it for nobody knows what His day when He returns will be like, or when . These words and scriptures are from the old testament, the book of life, or remembrance in Malachi 3v16.
    its true name, as YHWH is the true name of the Creator, and are you even reading them, or this book? look it up the truth. There is nothing Old about the OT this is to mislead us that is why it has prophesies to let us know the truth and why YHWH called it the book of R E M EM B R A N C E. It tell the past present future. And why its the most amazing book in the world for scholars have been overwhelmed by it.


  184. Lorraine says:

    Speaking of great men, Mr. Ali Sina has so many other interestng topics to read, and learn about Islam, and our world on this site So I am leaving this topic, and moving on, I know many are glad of this, lol. But I was only trying my best to awaken those who what true world peace for all. Selah!

  185. Lorraine says:

    John K, do you see any progress John? With all of the fancy knowledge running to and fro, many are still lost without the Creator YHWH, it will always be bias not equal until those of great knowledge come back and return to YHWH Malachi 3v7, people like Steve Jobs, he had such an influence on many and just think if he and others like him would have used it for the peace and love and above all righteousness for the son of man. This is not to slight his genius at all he was great at that and a wonderful man, for sure, and we do thank him for this technology, but (all) people need each other more.

  186. everin says:

    No fear, lady. By yr description of him, he is no god but a figment of yr wild imagination lah. The Almighty Father need yr weak power to kill me huh ? What strong one?  Don’t talk like a witch.

  187. Lorraine says:

    John K, but this only tells us of the time of Zoroastrianism's (recorded) history, but not of its actual occurrence of history time frame. And as you said yourself that it is 'older' than the other religions therefore agreeing with Ayra Aand, saying Zoroastrianism is an older religion than all the others. gosh! so much double talk. And correct me if I'm wrong it was started by the Iranians or Persians,I think, but not the Hebrews.

  188. everin says:

    I respected Jesus Christ as a great teacher n not as a God.  U have Lord God, Jehovah n Jesus. And all these are very confusing.  Some here have said that the scripture was corrupted to claim that Jesus was YHWH. L. Voss said the same thing. Now who is who ? I am of the opinion that no man should claim to be God, the supreme Spiritual Being. The physical n the spiritual do mixed. No doubt, a spiritual being can attach to the physical one temporarily , normally to seek revenge, or evoked by a medium. As I have said, Jesus himself had said in John 3 : 3 no one could see the ( spiritual )Kingdom of God unless he was born again (as a spirit ). Of course, he could not talk about spiritual things to the farmers n fishermen for they could never understand. U fellows also never believe in spirits when I talk about them. The early Church had suppressed the belief in spirits n reincarnation. Therefore, the Christians are all in the dark about these matters.

  189. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, Really what has been ad hominem about my character that you can truly describe? I have only used the scriptures prophesied and written in the book of life so how does this discredit my character?, for as I've said before these are not my words they are of YHWH our Creator. And you only had that one question about the love movement of the world, and frankly from YHWH it is called His Peace Movement of Jerusalem, and this will be from YHWH and His spirit so how do you expect myself to do this or describe it for nobody human knows what His day when YHWH returns will be like, or when only the Creator knows.

  190. everin says:

    come mon lah ! Have u done DNA testings on these 2 groups of people to prove that they are Hewbrew ? The Pakistani are suffering from sucide bombings n machine-gunning. The other chosen people, the Palestanians also suffering from constant bombings by Israeli's F15 &16. The chosen people really have to suffer so much for the cleansing of their sins n will never have chance to settle in the promised land ? Check with realities, plse.

  191. Lorraine says:

    John K, with the name of the Father YHWH, for which I don't remember anyone ever calling jesus our Father nor Creator, he was always described as the 'son' of YHWH remember? yet now christians say YHWH is His own son? which is it the Father or the Son?, but, as I was saying since the Almighty who was with Moses on the mount had His name removed 6800 times from the book of life, then I suppose many could get misguided by this alone. For why else would YHWH say in many scriptures that His NAME has been profaned by the pastors and priest and popes in Ezekiel 36v22,23, and we all know that jesus has never complained about this His name being profaned, so this could only mean that its YHWH telling us this. And YHWH is the English translation of His Hebrew name of the Creator YHWH. Again this is another example of the misleading of the flocks as YHWH has also said in many scriptures as in Malachi 2, Jeremiah 23v1-8, reflecting the "latter days perfectly" today, as prophesied in Jeremiah 23v16-22.

  192. Lorraine says:

    John Actually you did. It was implied.

  193. Lorraine says:

    ever in Now this is some mumbo jumbo to the MAX..and what makes you think that we do no charity, that mission you were talking about before you said that the christians helps in them yet they are still struggling to make ends meet. Well if you only knew how much money many churches and catholic churches make off of their members you would finally realize that they give the chaff to charity instead of the wheat. Greedy is what they are.Poor ever in (non-aware).

  194. John K says:

    You're judging again.

  195. John K says:

    No, you left yourself open. You are in no position to know who is talking to me. I can just as easily say he is not talking to you. Did I do that? No. It's considered rude to judge other people's religious experiences. Put the shoe on the other foot and see how it feels.

  196. Lorraine says:

    I'm certain that you are an enemy of the Almighty Father YHWH , The Strong One, or you serve the enemy, and by the way, your doing them a horrible job. lol.

  197. enlightened25 says:

    "I say give all 86 1 million a piece, then another 80 million to economy schools housing parks jobs etc…health, and infrastructure" 1 million are you joking, thats far more that what is necessary to survive. Second how on earth would anything ever be produced? Capitalism is the only system that works because it is the system that is based on the natural order. If you want or need something you have to work for it i.e provide a service or produce a product. Socialism and equality are pipe dreams based on fantasies. Marx was right when he spoke about the class system i.e the proletarian (workers) and the bourgeois (the ruling class) and occasional some of the lower class will replace the ruling class through a Revolution, but where he was wrong is that the class system can be abolished. History proves that right as where ever a "socialist revolution" has took place, what actually happened is that a small group of individuals ended up controling the whole of society.

  198. Lorraine says:

    enighted 25, Yes they are in the book of life all through the book of Isaiah proving that YHWH said He is our Redeemer and Savior and no man can be delivered from out of His hands, Isa. 44,43. And to one of the comments about the name of YHWH well it was taken from the book 6800 times during the jewish roman writings began in 200BCE rewriting the OT, putting jew in, born of a virgin, when these women were either married and with other children, called 'almah' in truth, this is misleading the flocks, and the writers were developing the NT. Check your history look it up. Also to prove, YHWH says that His name has been profaned in Ezekiel 36v22,23 among other scriptures, and this is not the case with jesus right? Therefore who else could it be but YHWH. His name is not God nor Lord, this is the profanity and the misleading of the flocks again.

  199. John K says:

    Still, wealth redistribution is a violation of "Thou shalt not steal" just as much as others who violate the injunction against oppressing the poor and the hireling in their wages. These issues are for God to judge as long as people get their wealth ethically and legally. Obviously we have a different issue when talking about corruption.

  200. Lorraine says:

    John K once again this is good for some those who can afford it is what you are saying here, doubling the talk. Try to give those standard of measurements to the oppressed and struggling and poor and deprived, and abused, and see if it will sustain. Some folk have no luxury of a standard as if it will fit, no, thanks to Greed. Although it is not your fault, you look at life from your lifestyle, and living standards then this will fit. This will take the law of absolute right of distribution give everyone the right of full living. They said that Mubarak had 70 billion, but there are 86 million in Egypt give or take. I say give all 86 1 million a piece, then another 80 million to economy schools housing parks jobs etc…health, and infrastructure. And there would still be a hugh surplus of money left from that 70 billion now this is a crying shame for one man to have had that much to himself.

  201. Lorraine says:

    John K, after saying that, now in short…. what you gave me was a bunch of double talking instead.

  202. John K says:

    But it is your interpretation and application of what the scriptures say, and your judgement about who is or isn't guilty of violating them.

  203. John K says:

    You don't need to include me in the ranks of the deceived.

  204. John K says:

    Charlee, she is using the Jewish contraction for the God of the Old Testament. In English, YHWH is rendered as Jehovah. In the Bible, usually Lord or Lord God appears for Jehovah and God appears for God the Father. Jesus was accused of blasphemy for saying he is YHWH.

  205. Lorraine says:

    John K you have never made any observations you have only said YHWH is jesus, and then knowing that I'm speaking of righteousness you gave me literature on the absolute right, which was in total agreement of the law of YHWH, subjecting people to obvious consequences to the laws of nature, and you yourself agreed with it just as on one of your other post talking about the war on Israel you acknowledged that the US and other countries authorities have mistreated the poor for decades, and you did compromised this fact with the reason for this attack on Israel, the poor are retaliating against in difference poverty, and abuse. Another of your post talked about bashing others beliefs. Which I only spoke the truth from YHWH. Now you say you are a scholar, and I know after reading my post you should be able to articulate them no matter how many, as I did of yours just now, and I am not a scholar. No excuses.

  206. John K says:

    Right. It's very convoluted. I wouldn't tackle the complete job without a big analysts fee!

  207. everin says:

    Hei ! High priestess, haven't I told u the the Almighty Su God has no enemies but SINNERS, who have to pay for their sins in His Laws of Karma n Reincarnation. OMG ! u have the supreme powers n yet she said YOU are impotent to tackle Yr "enemies". How pathetic !

  208. everin says:

    Mdm.,  Hi ! u got it all wrong there with yr fairy tales n now u twisted IT with the word “voice”.  The latest info I got about this from SU God was that He is striking this earth with baptism of fires ( volcanic eruptions, forest fires, droughts, wars, explosions, earthquakes, fires of all kinds, solar flares, etc. ) and water ( heavy n incessant rain, floods, heavy snowfalls, strong winds, typhoons. tornadoes, tsunami, rising sea levels, etc ) .  Isn’t this a very much accurate report than yr “ shake the heaven n earth” theory.  He had MAGNIFIED His Divine Light at the Johrei  centers, Go there to get purifications of yr soul n body to PROLONG yr life with the Divine Light.  THAT IS MORE PRACTICAL THAN INDULGING IN OBSOLETE SCRIPTURES !!!!  NO SWEATS NO GAINS, LADY !   Also study the latest info from God at the centers. Best of luck !  

  209. enlightened25 says:

    Why doyou think this is considered the most amazingly written books its juxtaposed and symbolized to Perfection to tell the past the present and the futue." Considered by who the believers? That book has not told of the past or future see this for false bible prophecies. http://skepticsannotatedbible.com/proph/long.html
    Also google "false bible prophecies" to see more of them.

  210. enlightened25 says:

    "What I do is tell people the truth (awake) about the law of YHWH and the book of life" How can you be sure you are telling the truth when only the the anointed one (messiah) and YHWH high priests know all the answers. Or as you said "But, I thought that I explained to you that I am a servant, and I read and do the truth the law," So do you know the law and whats in your holy book or not? If you don`t know then everything that you say could quite possible be false and you could be spreading lies of the worst kind. If however you do know then what is the answer to my question. How is YHWH law going to be enforced on the vast majority of mankind that don`t believe in him? Will it be through slaughter and enslavement or something else?

  211. everin says:

    No joke no fun, no **** no son. Be happy n go lucky.  I love to respond to unreasonable arguments with funny answers. That is the way to keep me happy. Mug slinging to reveal the truths n to make valid points.

    Keep it clean please. – Ed.

  212. Lorraine says:

    ……..Book, amazingly written "book" (singular), The Book of Life, the OT. sorry my computer is acting up.

  213. Lorraine says:

    enlighted 25, cont…..This is the idolatry of religion and idols being taught to the flocks as said in Jeremiah 23v1-8. The OT scriptures warns us in the book of life, of this, so that the flocks can be aware of the deceptions in Jeremiah 23v16-23. In the ''latter days'' you shall consider it perfectly, says YHWH. Why do you think this is considered the most amazingly written books its juxtaposed and symbolized to Perfection to tell the past the present and the futue.

  214. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, I appreciate you defending on my behalf, just so you know this person has no preference with me, I am only interested in telling the Word of Truth of the Spirituality of YHWH that's all, and someone who conducts themselves rudely does not mean much as long as I deliver the message of YHWH, and I assure you that's all I've done. But, I thought that I explained to you that I am a servant, and I read and do the truth the law, but I am not of that stature to answer the question you asked of how to organize this world this is only the anointed one, and high priest of the Father YHWH with the spirit of YHWH is who would know this. What I do is tell people the truth (awake) about the law of YHWH and the book of life in Malachi 3v16, that they mislead us to call it the OT, among other deceptions, and to tell those things that did not CHANGE from YHWH to the NT that claims they did this is not truth, and not of YHWH.

  215. enlightened25 says:

    The Palestinians,Pakistani, are HEBREW" Excuse me Pakistanis? The "palestians" are of all mixed blood from the various peoples that inhabited that land. The same for the "jews" all of our genes are mixed, why the Jews from the arab world look a lot like other arabs? Or the Jews from ethopia look quite black don`t they? And of course the jews from europe look a lot like other white europeans. Get a calculator and divide 1 by 2 and do it 90 times and see how much of your "Father Abraham" is left in you.

  216. enlightened25 says:

    If you have to deal with unreasonable arugments you respond to them in a rational way. If they continue in repeating their absurd arugments despite being rebutted then you just ignore them it`s as simple as that. You don`t engage in the childish petty game of mud slinging.

  217. Lorraine says:

    John k these are not my interpretations to be accepted they are YHWHs in Isaiah 45v7-12, where YHWH is telling us not to change or question His Word, nor compare challenge Him to anyone else for as He says there is no one else besides Him, YHWH so to assume or think YHWH is jesus is what He means especially since YHWH did not say this.

  218. everin says:

    I never believe a bit of yr hokey pokey tales.  I think Israel has every right to exist just as u do. It will NEVER FALL  with advanced weaponry, as exhibited in the 7-day war. Read the real history n Alisina’s  comment. n not just that from YHWH which is not realistic at all.  Isn’t it too cruel to punish any people endlessly ?  Have a fair sense of justice. Mdm. If u don’t, the true God has. By Divine arrangement, UK, the super power of the day, had created Israel as ordained in the Holy Book. So it is the true God against yr YHWH. Who wins ? U know the answer.  

  219. Lorraine says:

    John K, Unless you are just instigating for the ones in dominion then yes all Obama can be is a front man, the ones who are in dominion are laughing all the way to the bank OH, that's right, they OWN all the banks. Bush was a front man too these monarchs are only the Skull n Bone ones, not the ones in Dominion who are truly running this world they have no aliegeance to NO ONE do you understand? And after this war with Israel they are coming for the US. They do not like no body this is why YHWH has to come back for we are all in this together. You do not have to listen but they are the demagogues of deceit they have tricked you and many Gentiles its how they work. YHWH calls it flatteries and cunning, is how they got this dominion in Exodus 17v14-16. YHWH let them to magnify Himself now this is the spritual part to have to understand.

  220. everin says:

    Jesus, our lord, is the same to many people. This is the first time I’ve heard of this YHWH. By your description of him, I am certain he is not the true God.

  221. Lorraine says:

    Continued….They have to leave now for its time for YHWH to claim His homeland and this the elder zionist knew in 1948, and was not to go there YHWH did not tell them to. This is what is happening now a war is in play over the Palestines (chosen) and jews (imposters). Its the prophecy of the scriptures I provided thats all. The US sends them 3 or more billion a year so before Obama was thought of and No Obama is with the jews he was 'ordered' to send the munition by the ones in dominon fighting YHWH, they're just putting a so called 'black face' on it, Obama has no power, but the zionist elders do the International Bankers do the Edomite Amalekites in Exodus 17v14-17 is in charge of this war. Oh anti-christ hmm.. is in Ezekiel 35v5,6 or read all of Eze.35 is what YHWH has to say to Israel today from hurting His true chosen children.

  222. everin says:

    When I got too bored with unreasonable argument,, I like to joke  n make fun around.  And of course, she did give me some A/H attacks . It’s all  part of the game, as long it is not too rough.  Since u are too sensitive, don’t reply to my posts.  

  223. Lorraine says:

    ever in, you have not been listening again, The Palestinians,Pakistani, are HEBREW the chosen, and many middle east poor, and many on this side of the earth we are chosen, and the jews of Edom in Israel are not the chosen children of Israel, the true Israel Judah of the 12 tribes,were all scattered to the four corners of the earth for their sins and iniquities, if you check your history, in 1948 jews were from before the Holocaust in Germany where they were living in Germany peacefully for over 2000 years in Turkey Romaniotes speaking the German language Yevanic. They were ran out of Jerusalem to Germany from the time of the book of Esther, trying to destroy the chosen Israel of YHWH then, but failed, and instead they were ran out to the Gresian which is Germany today. Also is why YHWH says in Ezekiel 36v1-5, and Isaiah 34, and Ezekiel 7v21-27, YHWH took it from His chosen for a punishment, and that the robbers they are not His chosen and are polluting His holyland, and they have tried to establish the vision in Daniel 11v14, but they will fall.

  224. enlightened25 says:

    "and people need to learn the truth for that is what I know and serve the 'TRUTH'." Do you have any proofs for your "truth"?

  225. Lorraine says:

    John K, Then that is not YHWH. lol, Now you left yourself open for that one. But look lets call it a truce for you have already stated that you are set in your ways and I enjoyed our converstations greatly and I learned much about Christians and their belief. And a bit about Islam as well. Thanks and take care.

  226. enlightened25 says:

    "Can’t u differentiate between a question n Ad Hominem ?" What is the "question" “are u a spurned woman ( an old spinster, perhaps )" got to do with aanything? This is Ad Hominem. As well as all these "Let’s go honeymoon n discuss about it, lady." "It seems that u are a strong-will woman (perhaps in early 50 or late 40s ), who has no lover, no husband n children," "u mumbling fool." "Any motive eh ?" More Ad Hominem, and second you`re trying to guess my motive now i am not perfect by any means but i do try to kill all delusions and emotions before they can even take form. You`re guess is also wrong because my motive is that i think Ad Hominem attacks like the one`s you made are rather pathetic, irrational and is clear you have no concern for the truth. You also made many Ad Hominem attacks against me as well and i have seen you use it many times instead of trying to make rational arugments.

  227. Lorraine says:

    John K, And yes according to Encyclopedia Britannica and many scholars there is no record of the birth or story of jesus christ until the gospel of the 4th kingdom of the jewish roman writers. Many scholars associate jesus with the Egyptian zodiac sun gods as a belief of the christians then. I think the jewish roman writings was of 1 and 2 centuries.

  228. Lorraine says:

    ever in, YHWHs coming back here is not just to shake the heaven, and earth, it is just His Voice, its the way it is, as was in Deut.18v16, and the people did not die silly, but they were freightened, and with the mess going on in this world it needs a shake or two. This is what the NT teaches obviously, to be a pervert, I knew that your mind lived in the gutter, and is why you're so angry all of the time. Its terrible that you would mix the Holiness with the flesh, this is what they teach in that change in the NT, and is why all of those popes, and priest, are in trouble now thinking with their wrong head just as yourself is, for you I will say, O flesh be silent before YHWH, Zechariah 2v13.

  229. Lorraine says:

    Correction…..ISAIAH 43v13, but 40v13 is good too for YHWH magnifies Himself in Isaiah 40.

  230. Lorraine says:

    ever in yes in the plan of YHWH I've raised five children they are grown now either doing law or the medical fields, and I am divorced but before I was divorced and while I was raising my children YHWH was in my life then so it would not make any difference because I always have time for YHWH being a servant for Him is what I do. Letting others know that He is our only Savior and Redeemer and He says that there is no one else that can deliver any man from out of His hands in Isaiah 40v13, and people need to learn the truth for that is what I know and serve the 'TRUTH'.

  231. everin says:

    U talk funny.  I am not angry but love “bashing’ her up for her attacking all the religions n claiming boastfully to have blow up Ali Sina’s site here. I am irritated by her long, nonsensical reply to my questions. It was not Ad Hominem when I asked “ are u a spurned woman ( an old spinster, perhaps ) who hate man n religions. Can’t u differentiate between a question n Ad Hominem ? Real funny. Suddenly, u become defensive of her when u realize that she is a woman. Any motive eh ?    

  232. enlightened25 says:

    In fairness i have not seen her use Ad Hominem (at least not against me anyway). Of course she is talking nonsense and that is why when i made some rational points she says she does not know the answers to my question and only the "high priests" know the answers. But what i see from you is nothing but emotional and somewhat angry responces which is why i said it ALMOST makes her look rational.

  233. everin says:

    Isn’t she spinning Ad Hominem of a childish YHWH all over the site.. How could u believe that she is rational ??????

  234. everin says:

    Great possibility that this is true, friend.

  235. enlightened25 says:

    No need to resort to Ad Hominem, just defeat the arugments because you almost make her look rational with your emotional posts.

  236. everin says:

    What an insult to all religions. U are the high priestess of this freak called YHWH. Are u a spurned woman ( an old spinster now ) who hates mankind n religions.?

  237. John K says:

    He is watching me and he does want me to do what's right. But he's not telling me the same as what you are telling me.

  238. John K says:

    I see. So all scholars are damned. Great plan of your god.

  239. John K says:

    "YHWHs law in immutable and that means we son of man cannot change that"

    I agree with that. I disagree that Christianity and Mormonsism change YHWH as both are from YHWH. I don't think we are going to get beyond this basic divide between our views, so I don't think it is useful to continue discussing it.

  240. John K says:

    Because you have a very high volume of posts with convoluted presentations, and you have rejected the few observations I have made.

  241. everin says:

    WHAT do u mean that Israel has no right to take back a small piece of their ancetral land from the big chumk of Muslim land n to prevent it from invading hordes. Wasn't this ordained in the holy books ? u mumbling fool. Was it YHWH's plan to wipe it out from the map of the world. Is this president of Iran his henchman.?

  242. everin says:

    More from the BOOK OF LIES. All are savages, including u n yr families !!!!!

  243. everin says:

    It seems that u are a strong-will woman (perhaps in early 50 or late 40s ), who has no lover, no husband n children,  Therefore u have plenty of time spread yr idol, YHWH’s hokey pokey tales.

  244. everin says:

    IN THE BOOK of LIES : YHWH threaten to shake heaven n earth so that we tremble with fear. He throw tantrum n magnifies himself into a monster to kill us, his enemies. He prolong yr life even though u are on the sick bed so that u continue suffering for the sins of spreading lies. LADY GO N MAKE LOVE INSTEAD OF WRITING THIS HOKEY POKEY TALES.

  245. enlightened25 says:

    When has anyone seen any of these "high priests" receive anointment from YHWH? What can they say that you can`t? Actually the only thing they can say is to repeat what their bible says "thou shalt" (obey me of course sinse i am the only one with the authority to interpret the sciptures not the herd majority of slaves like Lorraine {no offence meant i am just saying it, like it is}. So who`s law are you submitting to the laws of "men" or of "God"? This seems to prove my view that religion is about power in the here and now. As they know full well like the rest of us, this is the only life their is. Ask the religious where do you want power, this world or the next and they will say this one every time.

  246. Lorraine says:

    enlightend25, I wanted to add that this is for a high priest to answer you on, for I am only a mere servant of the Father YHWH but the elders, priest, pastors popes rabbis leaders, and messengers, they would all have to arrange or organize such an ordeal and they can do it for they have the anointment from YHWH but today as they did in the old days many have gone astray running behind little boys little girls men on men, loose women, drinking smoking and greed and most of all, not doing or teaching the law of YHWH, this is why we are in the state that we are in today in our world. The righteousness of the law is lost.

  247. Lorraine says:

    oops….when they do not use it with or for YHWH they are then cut off.

  248. Lorraine says:

    John K, So, you are a scholar hummm… this is why you cannot see truth for as YHWH has prophesied in Isaiah 47v10 this knowledge has perverted thee, then in Malachi 2v12, scholars are cut off from YHWH when they do use it with, or for YHWH. See how He works He YHWH is the King. Now I understand.

  249. Lorraine says:

    John K, Oh so now you cannot read well, excuses, excuses, the scriptures in Isaiah does tell us YHWH is not to be equaled or compared to no one, many christians turn all of a sudden dumb when the truth hits them. Isaiah 40v21-31, and Isaiah 44v22, our Redeemer, Isaiah 43v3,11 our Savior, should cure you from your dumbness if not you must be infantile or an enemy in Psalms 83.

  250. Lorraine says:

    also I may add….Prove It.

  251. Lorraine says:

    WILLY, Although I read the NT, which is Idolatry I prefer to stick with the truth in the book of life the so called OT, thank you. For I sense you are meaning the gospel is what I do not know about and that is because I do not do religions nor idolatry. My Creator YHWH is about Spirituality and I do truth and righteousness something the NT took the flocks away from to nothing that cannot prosper. As many of the prophecies in the book of life the OT, unfold, you continue to hold on to that thought of vanities preventing you from the truth of YHWH; but I sincerely hope that you catch up with reality for the days of the end times are here so wake up.

  252. Lorraine says:

    ever in you are so blind who do you think is calling on the Iranians Iraquis, this is a prophecy some one is going to be run down to their borders says YHWH, wake up, (non-aware) this will be your new screen name, non-aware. That's what dealing with an idol will get you many lost sheep. Don't fret for in Ezekiel 34 YHWH will save us all.

  253. Lorraine says:

    One more time..ever in the only book that teaches the flocks that they are being mislead is the book of life the so called OT. It has many scriptures telling the flocks to beware of the backsliders in the NT changing YHWHs law and leading people into nothing that prosper. Ezekiel 20, Malachi 2, Jeremiah 23v1-8, Jeremiah 10v21, giving us the real Truth about these religions ISLAM,CHRISTIANITY of Idolatry. poor ever in.

  254. Lorraine says:

    ever in the only book that teaches the flocks that they are being mislead is the book of life the so called OT. It has many scriptures telling the flocks to beware of the backsliders in the NT changing His law and leading people into nothing that prosper. Ezekiel 20, Malachi 2, Jeremiah 23v1-8, Jeremiah 10v21, giving us the real Truth about these religions ISLAM,CHRISTIANITYof Idolatry. poor ever in.

  255. Lorraine says:

    ever in that's right call your backup lol, and in your case you might need a rocket scientist sense you sore the atmosphere in different life times. We'll just call you the Quauntum Leap littleman going from one dull life to another. lol you are so hilarious. Can you even keep up with poitical and financial events gosh!

  256. everin says:

    Make love not hate. Don’t mislead the flocks with yr hanky panky verses from yr idol YHWH.

  257. everin says:

    John K, can u decipher what rubbish he had written.?  Do we need a nuclear scientist to do the job ?

  258. Lorraine says:

    And furthermore, that scripture came to me instantaneously, it was YHWH wanting me to let you know that He's watching you, and wants you to do what is right.

  259. Lorraine says:

    John K why are you being stff neck and full of pride here, now the scripture says in Isaiah 40v18,25, that, "Who will you equal to YHWH? From Isaiah 40v21-31 He tells us not to put anyone before or equal to Him our Creator YHWH and not to snuff Him. But, its your life.

  260. Lorraine says:

    John K, No, just the confirmed truth from the Creator YHWH for He knew this as He knows all, in Jeremiah 10 of those false plates. The brutish foolish man was a gentile cunning liar the mormon joseph smith according to Jeremiah 10.

  261. Lorraine says:

    ever in, these scripture were not used as threats you are such a liar, and fake, Its a threat because you know they're right and the Truth, and how can the scriptures from the book of life be fallacious when it was written before the NT and is the main reason why the book was distributed all over the world in 2500 languages for billions to read, to follow its teachings of YHWH and the prophets; no you are spreading lies from the NT and it should fulfill the OT why would it change YHWH changes Not, in Malachi 3v6, because it is misleading the flocks, prophesied in Jeremiah 23v1-8, and is why the world is gone crazy just like yourself, you know well enough I am not a fellow, you hate that I'm not one; male chauvirnist, lol, and I know you love to hate me. Most haters do.

  262. Lorraine says:

    Shrek, about time, all the centuries of mistreating the poor with all of these rich evil greedy selfish ones oppressing the poor more and more someone needs to come and kick their ***lol. And the poor, well, its very possible they have seen and gone through worst from their oppressors here.

  263. Lorraine says:

    you think, of course they will they have been in planning for this to take what is not theirs so all is fair in war and love. Ezekiel 36v1-5 and Isaiah 34.

  264. Lorraine says:

    All mankind are savages look through their history, man can't run himself, The slave auction bell use to ring at the same time as when the church bell rang and lynching was an evening ritual during prayer now how savage is that? Jeremiah 10v23.

  265. Lorraine says:

    everin, why be surprised it was prophesied in the book of life by YHWH that it would for our disobedience and stiff necked turning away from YHWH and His law and now man is running things and that is a tragedy. For man cannot walk in his own direction Jeremiah 10v23. OOOh those Iranians they are fierce they were used in the old days of the book of life the Assyrians and they had no mercy. We are going to need another Hannibal or Alexander both the Greats.

  266. Lorraine says:

    John K, the US has helped Israel consistently they give more than 3 billion a year to Israel what do you mean? And munition.

  267. Lorraine says:

    John K, No John this is what went wrong in the first place in difference and greed, and now people are going to war. And as I said if we would have turned back to the law these leaders and popes,priest, etc., and were not misleading flocks this would not have happened so it is prophesied and will be done as in Malachi 4v1 the day that burns like an oven. The law would have kept an equality and a righteousness for all.

  268. Lorraine says:

    Hassan, the only son of YHWH and firstborn son is in Exodus 4v22,23 it is 'Israel' the chosen people. So you were right about the christians making jesus the son of YHWH is wrong all wrong. For YHWH says do not put nothing before Him in Deut 5 and that He is our Only Savior and Redeemer in Isaiah 44v22. YHWH says that No man can be delivered out of His hands in 43v13. YHWH the El Shaddi, says in Isaiah 40v18,25, Who will you liken unto Him? Who will you equal to Him?

  269. Lorraine says:

    everin, because all religions ISLAM are pagan and idolatry man made and wrong. They all have no pure righteousness.

  270. Lorraine says:

    ever in Esau's descendants today ok, ok., they stuck up behind the Gentiles and wiped out the US he's cunning like that and insane so don't think its a joke he the descendants they are not messing around all they care about is MONEY. And there is no skin color among them, they come in all flavors thats how they fooled America using racism and in difference. he he hah hah but this really is not funny.

  271. Lorraine says:

    ever in, Why do I waste this on you? lol.Oh, so the International Bankers did not walk away with 23.4 trillion dollars from the US claiming that they have no allegiance to no country telling the US that they do not have to answer why they don't pay taxes to Joe Lewis the congressman. And Wall Street went to the dogs ever since and this economy, and plus along with the bank bail outs come on, wake up. They have a bring your gold or silver shop and store on every corner in the poverty neighborhoods robbing all they can for they have already taken the original gold and silver in the 70s anyway so many Americans were getting junk jewelry for decades not knowing. The daughter of Babylon is going down we will be using Amero soon worthless dollars ok., Isaiah 47 v14,15 as prophesied. And our jobs are in China my brothers companies have moved there and he may go to keep his job. America's credit is shot as well according to China. We have been sold out while many of you were worried about the poor keeping them back, and the so called blacks (Hebrews) you have been stuck up behind and robbed and conned of savings and housing and jobs by our evil twin esau.lol

  272. Lorraine says:

    John K, I already understood what you were saying, but did you understand what you said, YHWHs law in immutable and that means we son of man cannot change that, and we must do it in Malachi 4v4, and there is no other way again man cannot walk to direct his own footsteps in Jeremiah 10v23. By the way Muhammad ibn Abdullah 570-632, was a good prophet but he died earlier than expected and his words were misconstrued. by many following muslim leaders. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  273. Lorraine says:

    John K if there were errors in any of my post, not to say there were not, why would not you ask me or help to correct me on them? This is only cordial to do in the case of talking about religion as Islam or Christianity, or the truth.

  274. John K says:

    Correct. Sorry I didn't understand his Muslim supremacist jargon.

  275. Shrek says:

    Ijaz Ahmed says: "I wanted a copy directly from the horse's mouth…. can one of hard core followers of this joker send us a copy, just to make sure we are refuting the right book/jokes"

    I think Ijaz Ahmed should be informed clearly that ONLY Dr. Sina reserves the right to send any pdf to whoever challenges him. That is the reason I think Ijaz needs to let us know whether he has asked Dr. Sina for the pdf already in email.

  276. everin says:

    >A beautiful essay but the world judge the performances of the believers n not on the clever talks,.Arabia had the best translation of the Quran, Why are these Arabs treating the non-Arab muslim workers (as 2nd class citizens) badly, sometimes brutally. ( Source : Islam watch.)

  277. John K says:

    Right. Same function.

  278. John K says:

    That is also a measure of our civilization. If the people have no moral center, you have to keep making more laws to control them. Ultimately laws are not powerful enough to keep civilization together. The people need spiritual awakening in their daily lives from childhood up so they will be upstanding citizens contributing to the betterment of society.

  279. John K says:

    Truly the way we treat the poor, the weak, and the underprivileged is one of the greatest measures of our level of civilization. Just compare how Hitler wanted eugenic killings of the imperfect and how Islam treats women. Evil despises rather than loves the weak and innocent. Provide relief in any way you can to give comfort and make their lives better.

  280. John K says:

    So what. This is nothing compared to what Muslim savages do on the battlefield by the truckload everyday. But let the US slip up once, and it's big news. Why isn't it news when the Muslims behave badly? Because everyone knows they are like that, so it's no surprise. Of course, US soldiers who make small mistakes like this get to go to jail, but Muslim savages get streets named after them.

  281. John K says:

    I'm sorry. I don't quite understand what you are saying. Did you send him an email? Did he not respond to an email from you?

    If so, let me know.

    If not, I already informed you that he does not regularly monitor the comments section, so of course it is likely you would not have heard from him if you have not sent an email.

  282. John K says:

    I don't see how anything the OT says implies he cannot be Jesus. To the contrary, I and centuries of Christian scholarship and apologetics see richness in his prefigurations.

  283. John K says:

    I'm not sure I understand your question. As for the rest of your statements, I don't accept your interpretation.

  284. John K says:

    I agree truth is truth and error is error.

  285. John K says:

    Well, what I am trying to say is that there are absolute laws, physical, moral, and etc. Obviously if man is trying to discover these things for himself, he may be right in some cases and wrong in others. That's where the standard of measurement comes in. If you know that you have a reliable standard to measure against, then you can make effective judgements because presumably God is God because he knows everything and has done it correctly.

  286. John K says:

    Not likening. Equating.

  287. John K says:

    Pretty easy evaluation, isn't it? Judge, jury and verdict in 4 lines. In academia that's what we call intellectual laziness.

  288. John K says:

    Right. This is just another example of people editing Wikipedia who are not familiar with primary source documents. I find Wikipedia convenient, but the Encyclopedia Brittanica is the only one recognized by scholars.

  289. John K says:

    Your comment to Enlightened25 is just as ignorant as your comments to me. Enlightened25 is not Buddhist. You should prepare yourself before entering battle.

  290. John K says:

    Dear Job,

    I am sorry to see that your comment reflects on the intellectual poverty of your culture. You are trying to compensate for the poor quality of your post with a high quantity of words, as those who are insecure usually do when working with personal inadequacies. Unfortunately, quantity cannot compensate for lack of quality, and mental vomit in even small amounts is not useful for the development of dialog and conversation. As long as you continue to feed your brain these mental poisions, you will continue to vomit this kind of nonsense. If you wish to be healed and return to clean thinking, you must feed your mind with clean thoughts and knowledge. We are here to help you heal.

  291. Lorraine says:

    Job, This is good information, thanks, many people may feel this about my views as well but at least I do quote what I say is from the Creator YHWH and His scriptures and prophets. For these are not my words to claim this my praise is unto YHWH.

  292. everin says:

    No, I am not filled with hate but enjoy bashing this Voss fellow so that he can wake up n realize which is the true God n not to obsessed with those obsolete scriptures written by infallible men with no knowledge of God’s Laws.  The true God never need to use threats because he has his Laws operating to take care of him if he does evils e.g. spreading lies to mislead others.

  293. Lorraine says:

    evein I am actually defending YHWH against His enemies in Psalms 83, so what are you talking about you are so out of touch get a grip. This book of life must be discerned and people like Ali Sina many times can tell when something is strange in the book or does not sound right (manmade), they are anointed and may have an answer to this misconception but the book has to be discerned regardless for the hellenistic jewish writers were cunning and fools to think that they could out clever the Almighty YHWH who gave them their knowledge. Which makes their concept redundant but they are doing just what YHWH wants them to for they all will be ponds in the end. And why am I even talking to you get a life.lol. I bet you could not wait to find something you think is about anything you are funny.

  294. Lorraine says:

    John K, I would like to comment on this post again, YHWH had His prophet Jeremiah to write for us so that we would know that this so called prophet Joseph Smith is a fraud, nothing but falsehood. In Jeremiah 10, it was prophesied that YHWH says that these men, these pastors are brutish fools, with brutish knowledge. Their doctrines are nothing but sheer vanities which means so is the gospel nothing but non truths misleading the flocks. These plates of gold with silver that mr. smith claims he found are vanities confounded by their image and idol jc and the book of mormons. Nothing but lies. YHWH Knows All, Sees All.

  295. Lorraine says:

    ever in The Truth Hurts cant' take It? What is satanic only you would understand that one lol, do you see it in the mirror each morning?

  296. Lorraine says:

    ever in, you would know, what happened did you freeze up in fear of the truth, I thought you would, just a big blow horn mouthing off.

  297. Lorraine says:

    ever in, Why do I bother? I guess I feel sympathy for some, you really do not listen not once did I deny the shaking of the heavens as you call it but what I said is that you need to read the whole scripture , in Isaiah 2 v 12-21, and this is the day of the returning of the Father YHWH no one knows when only YHWH. You sure that your reincarnation wasn't damaged? For you are truly due for one a retake.lol.

  298. Lorraine says:

    John K, No, the reading was correct about absolute right as in righteousness, but, without the law of YHWH it is only being implied and not applied. You say in your post that everyone has their own opinion so there are Standards of Works supposedly trying to please the people, well good luck with that, as it said in Jeremiah 10v23, man cannot walk to direct his steps this is what went wrong in the first place. Doing the law the judgments and ordinances and the covenant of YHWH and His righteousness is the only way for the people of this world. Without it it will be mayhem among those opinions and the Standards of Works no body is going to agree, it won't work.

  299. Lorraine says:

    John K, It is YHWH the Creator of the Heaven the Earth and the Waters, who says He hates all Religions and IDOLS is what He teaches and not to do them, and their paganism customs in Jeremiah 10, mainly holidays that most of them only represent violence and wickedness and lies or nicely put misconceptions.

  300. Lorraine says:

    John K, So you believe that YHWH is jc well, don't you mean jesus's word or which is it? These are lies, and All nothing but double talk to confuse and mislead the flocks as YHWH has taught us in the book of life in Jeremiah 23v1-8. Never has He said His name is jesus. Your Father YHWH is not contrary never would He confuse us this way and fabricate who He is going from YHWH to jesus to vicesa versa this is absurd. As I said He left us the book of remembrance in Malachi 3v16, the so called OT, the truth to know who He is and to know His Word and it is the law and the righteousness of prolonged living and goodness for His flocks, all the people on the earth no matter the skin we are all in this together. You can continue this lie and strive with your maker on your own, but do not mislead the rest of the flocks into destruction.Isaiah 45v7-12.

  301. Lorraine says:

    John K, why would anyone want to claim what YHWH can be something else when He has told us exactly who and what He is to us what form of delusion is this? YHWH has made it very clear who He is in Isaiah 40,41,42,43, and 44 then in 45 v 7 He magnifies Himself to let us know. So who unless it is His enemy WHO would challenge or change His the Almighty's YHWHs Word? This is not limiting Him this is what He says it is and if He says it so be it in Malachi 3v6.

  302. Lorraine says:

    John K, No, this is the misleading of the flocks that YHWH teaches us in the book of life the OT in Jeremiah 23v1,2 and in Malachi 2, and Ezekiel 20 to mention a few, and the manifestation of the idols and strange gods Prophesied in Daniel 11v36-43 that's all for the control of the masses and to divide the land and for gain. Just as Daniel's prophecy in 11,12 has come to pass

  303. Lorraine says:

    John K, how can you call YHWH jesus when He warned us and taught us that not to liken Him with anyone. For none is His equal to Him, prophesied in Isaiah 40v18,25. And in Isaiah 43v13, YHWH lets us know that no man can be delivered out of His hands which means that YHWH is the Savior and the Redeemer no one else, and this He says all through Isaiah 43,44. And never has He mentioned in the book of life the OT, anyone named jesus nor his decipels or mary, or the story of jesus none these are the changes that YHWH told us of when He says He changes not in Malachi 3v6 so that we are not consumed or mislead.

  304. Shrek says:

    To a spiritually unillumined, ordinary person, eternal hell and heaven serves as much purpose as knowing that bad deeds in this life will get him a bad life in next incarnation.

  305. Shrek says:

    Therefore, for all practical purposes the doctrine of karma is as good as sin and repentance in christianity. Being aware of these spiritual laws does more harm than good. The spiritual laws of the creation are for illumined beings.

    For ordinary humans, there are only commandments and punishments which make sense.

  306. Shrek says:

    "Bad karma to be born poor?"

    As I see it, it may be true, but any action that harms the poor as a consequence of justifying the poverty in this way will definitely bring bad karma on whoever does it.

  307. Shrek says:

    It is interesting for me to note that your statement is a typical one which muslims utter against hindus and christians.

    May be 'rationalists' utter sentences like that but I see it more often from muslims than rationalists. Just a personal experience.

  308. Ijaz Ahmed says:

    Well I got a PDF from internet, but this Joker will come back and say that may not be correct PDF after we refute him. thats why I wanted a copy directly from the horse's mouth…. can one of hard core followers of this joker send us a copy, just to make sure we are refuting the right book/jokes. So far we have been laughing at his silli arguments and jokes….. send in a copy [email protected] and who knows we might donate the money we earn through this joker's challenge to the first one who sends the complete book.

  309. Job says:

    Right John K you have a ''degree'' Scholarship

    A degree in Claiming to know Islam with no Arabic to even understand the origional Quran quoting from a Engish translation that is bias

    A degree in basing proof on a half Quote and twisting it to mean something far then what it really means example is the above poster

    Such Good scholarship that is

    Your assumption of Muslims and those not in the west as being less is racist and just foolish as you are not really a good example to model western education on ( not that westen education is bad it is wrong to say other education is not the same)

  310. Job says:

    One who claims to have knowledge yet shows none

  311. Job says:

    ''All yr mumbo jumbo will send u to HELL.''

    Only God desides who goes to Heaven or Hell (or who and what people get reincarnated into if you have that belief) not you

    Follow your teaching rather then saying you are, then make hate filled comments that contradict Buddha

    It is an Insult to Buddha acting in that way then claiming to follow in his foot steps as many comments you make are very far from the True passive Buddhist

    One who is a Buddhist would not speak in that way when addressing others in debates unless you are one of the new age ''buddhaist'' that claim to follow buddh and his lifestyle yet pervert his teaching with worldly hatred ect

    ''May all sentient beings be in equanimity, free of bias, attachment and anger''

  312. Job says:


    Brutality against protected persons upon capture and initial custody, sometimes causing death or serious injury.
    Absence of notification of arrest of persons deprived of their liberty to their families causing distress among persons deprived of their liberty and their families.
    Physical or psychological coercion during interrogation to secure information.
    Prolonged solitary confinement in cells devoid of daylight.
    Excessive and disproportionate use of force against persons deprived of their liberty resulting in death or injury during their period of internment.

    On October 22, 2010 nearly 400,000 secret United States army field reports and war logs, detailing torture, summary executions and war crimes, were passed on to the British paper, the Guardian and several other international media organisations through the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks. Among others, the logs detail how US authorities failed to investigate hundreds of reports of abuse, torture, rape and even murder by Iraqi police and soldiers, whose conduct appears to be systematic and normally unpunished and that US troops abused prisoners for years even after the Abu Ghraib scandal.

    On June 27, 2011 the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear the appeal of lawsuits from a group of 250 Iraqis who wanted to sue the two contractors CACI International Inc. and Titan Corp. (now a subsidiary of L-3 Communications) over claims of abuse by interrogators and translators at the prison. The suits had been dismissed by the lower courts on the grounds that the companies held a derivative sovereign immunity from suits based on their status as government contractors pursuant to a battle-field preemption doctrine

    When you hear something malicious about someone, keep a favorable view about him/her until you attain full knowledge about the matter. Consider others innocent until they are proven guilty with solid and truthful evidence [24/12-13]

  313. Job says:

    ''Don't make assumptions about my knowledge of Islam. I can assure you that I am far more qualified to comment on Islam than you.''

    Yet you know no Arabic and have not showed any evidence that this claim is true.

    Grandiosity: Grandiosity is chiefly associated with narcissistic personality disorder, but also commonly features in manic or hypomanic episodes of bipolar disorder.
    It refers to an unrealistic sense of superiority, a sustained view of oneself as better than others that causes the narcissist to view others with disdain or as inferior. It also refers to a sense of uniqueness, the belief that few others have anything in common with oneself and that one can only be understood by a few or very special people.

    The grandiosity section of the Diagnostic Interview for Narcissism (DIN) (Second edition) is as follows:
    The person exaggerates talents, capacity and achievements in an unrealistic way.
    The person believes in his/her invulnerability or does not recognise his/her limitations.
    The person has grandiose fantasies.
    The person believes that he/she does not need other people.
    The person overexamines and downgrades other people, projects, statements, or dreams in a unrealistic manner.
    The person regards himself/herself as unique or special when compared to other people.
    The person regards himself/herself as generally superior to other people.
    The person behaves self-centeredly and/or self-referentially.
    The person behaves in a boastful or pretentious way.

  314. Job says:

    John K said: ''Islam is a giant satanic conspiracy to protect the divine sanctioning of evil behavior.''

    Seeing as you like to all use Psychology I will do the same:

    Seek help really you are starting to make many people worry

    Paranoid [ˈpar.rə.noɪd]) is a thought process believed to be heavily influenced by anxiety or fear, often to the point of irrationality and delusion. Paranoid thinking typically includes persecutory beliefs, or beliefs of conspiracy concerning a perceived threat towards oneself. False accusations and the distrust of others also frequently accompany paranoia.

    Delusion: A delusion is a false belief held with absolute conviction despite superior evidence. Unlike hallucinations, delusions are always pathological (the result of an illness or illness process). As a pathology, it is distinct from a belief based on false or incomplete information, dogma, poor memory, illusion, or other effects of perception.

    Delusions typically occur in the context of neurological or mental illness, although they are not tied to any particular disease and have been found to occur in the context of many pathological states (both physical and mental). However, they are of particular diagnostic importance in psychotic disorders including schizophrenia, paraphrenia, manic episodes of bipolar disorder, and psychotic depression.

  315. Job says:

    Only a few Muslims do these acts not all Muslim as what you are implying
    All races and religion on earth do these acts in ever society (all who do these acts contradict there reliogion and every ethics

    Single one yet say nothing of the other

  316. Job says:


    For someone who is meant to be following those that you claim to follow you are filled with hate and by acting the way you are, you are indeed contradicting Buddha and jesus (PBUH) ect teaching

    Follow all of there teaching not just a few or try and use and distort a teaching of those that you folow to justify your own personal bias

  317. everin says:

    Yes, fear JHWH for he can shake heaven n earth n kill all. Sound like the guy Ali Sina had been talking about.  Threats n more threats. U are one of his backup foot soldiers.  Sound satanic to all of us here.     

  318. everin says:

    All yr mumbo jumbo will send u to HELL.

  319. John K says:

    First, you make a lot of assumptions about my life when you do not know me. I went to school when JFK was asking for more scientists and engineers to help beat the Russians to the moon. Therefore I was raised as a scientific atheist, and there is nothing you have thought or said that I have not thought or said already myself.

    Second, I am not an expert in Zoroastrianism, but I do have a degree in Comparative Literature which is closely related to Comparative Religion, including units in the Humanities of Asia, so I know how to do source and influence studies. Don't act condescending and talk to me like a child.

    What I see in Wikipedia says this about Zoroastrianism's antiquity:

    Zoroastrianism emerged out of a common prehistoric Indo-Iranian religious system dating back to the early 2nd millennium BCE.

    Classical Antiquity
    Although older, Zoroastrianism only enters recorded history in the mid-5th century BCE.

    This is not very old compared to Jewish sources, and your commentary on Jewish beliefs reflect a lack of familiarity with their contents.

  320. Arya Anand says:

    No, JohnK. There is no Jewish text older than the Zoroastrian scriptures that gives any account of beliefs in resurrection,day of judgement, life after death, hell, paradise,etc. As we know it, Torah is the oldest Jewish scripture and it does not contain any such doctrines. The books of prophets in OT are all later additions that are not older than Zoroastrian scriptures. You can search in the internet and find the truth and will accept the fact if you are really not biased with your Chrisitian belief system held from your childhood.

  321. everin says:

    Yr people are those who are the followers of yr YHWH. IT WAS U WHO SAID THAT HE CAN PROLONG LIFE N THAT HE CAN SHAKE THE HEAVEN N EARTH. Twisting n turning like a muzzie again when u are conered.  Dare u to admitted that u did not said that he can shake the heaven.  U n yr rots !   Check the internet about “Reincarnation”, u fool.  

  322. Lorraine says:

    ever in, come out of denial its rich and healthy folks doing dirt everyday, and their fathers and their forefathers did the same thing and passed it on and guess what they and their families are still doing better than a whole lot of folks, whether you like it or not. And the only fear they have is YHWH, but they are soaked in their dirt, and won't care until their death bed, and many still won't.

  323. Lorraine says:

    ever in, I gave you the proof, are you even listening to yourself, or anyone else for that matter? The proof is in Exodus 17v14-16, a Spiritual War for generations between YHWH and the Amalikites Edomites as YHWH told Moses and Yoshua, this is history, and if you're brave enough, and want further proof with real dates, and substantiation, then call 1-773-874-0325, YHWH OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS, the Arm of YHWH. I dare you, lol. The truth is a real thing.

  324. Lorraine says:

    ever in, not a dull moment, LOL. No, I don't believe, I got to know, see when you believe in a thing it is in your mind, its subjective, but when you use the objective and substantiate it with the subjective then it becomes real. I do not want to be made or told to just believe in anything, I want to 'know' the truth. YHWH Bless.

  325. Lorraine says:

    John K, quite the opposite, the scripture in Isaiah 6v9,10, this is the prophet Isaiah doing and writing what the Creator YHWH has instructed him to, saying that many people won't see nor hear, but if you want to liken YHWH to another knowing that His name is not Lord or God and that it was removed 6800 times to delude the masses and say that its sacred then you remain in delusion. For His true name is YHWH and Isaiah is the prophet here, and according to Isaiah 40v18,25 YHWH had Isaiah to write not to equal Him to anyone, but if one is still wanting to stay in denial of this they are who YHWH is speaking of who can't see, nor hear, and their hearts are fat, then so be it, for YHWH is not contrary. He would not say this in Isa.40v18,25, and then go back on it this, this is the doings of the ones in denial, He can't be liken or equal to no one, and good luck with that.

  326. John K says:

    A book on near-death experiences reports that some people have come back with a strong knowledge that the things that each person experiences on this earth are exactly the challenges they needed to complete their character development. This is an interesting perspective on why people are born into such widely divergent circumstances.

  327. John K says:

    Why do you limit what he can or can't do?

    Why do you set the parameters of who he can or cannot be?

  328. John K says:

    "just the opposite"

    I don't see how you got that from the reading I gave you. God is the upholder of all principles.

  329. John K says:

    I think Zoroastrians got it from the Hebrews. It's about dating and the direction of idea flow.

  330. FFI_Admin says:

    Let's keep it clean and civil.

  331. Lorraine says:

    Oh and let me add, GREED, we are not only confused today we are so unhealthy and nothing is pure anymore, as a civilization as well.

  332. Lorraine says:

    ever in, and reincarnation is doing what? saving people? you wish. So, wake up, we are all in this together your people, what is this? Are you not human? lol. The last time you posted you are the one who was raging about the inequality of the food we have today, and the suffering of living so it looks like we all need to realize that doing right and eating right and living right by one another is a responsibility for us all to have and let live. And YHWH is not the one that needs this it is us, who needs to prolong life, and He does not have to conform to us we must do what is needed not Him. Its for our sakes, our life. For doing whatever one wants to caused our problems, and the hate and in difference and selfishness, among many faults, and now everyone is confused even those who may think they got it together, it is still a great struggle when man does not do right with one another there is an imbalance, a fear, no trust, no unity, and mostly no joy.

  333. Lorraine says:

    John K, just the opposite, this is exactly why we need what you call ancient text,, which is the precise law that YHWH gave to us to live by and of what we as human beings need because of the additional disagreements and it being over different interpretations, there must be a certain law that is right for everyone to live properly and YHWHs law was it. This law is made to order for the right living and the right consumption of the human anatomy and its prolonged survival its perfect for us, as you said YHWH knew this, the specs and procedures that work and do not work for people. To eat right and to live and work right. This law is what built a real civilization in those times of the better things in life that we use to all have but now because of the confusion of modernization it is only given to those who can afford it today, and this is bias distribution, and a damming of a civilization of the people and is now what we have of greed and in difference and poverty and violence is our new so called civilization, and is what you are really saying here causing today's mayhem.

  334. Arya Anand says:

    It's slanderous and blasphemous to claim that Jesus or any creature is Yahweh or God Incarnate. If personal God exists, he/it is definitely not Jesus or Krishna or any other creature. Only irrational or those blinded by BELIEF can think God was born as a creature or incarnated.

  335. Arya Anand says:

    Zoroastrianism is a monotheistic religion and it is the first religion in recorded history that taught about day of judgement, resurrection, hell, paradise, the hereafter. A few Jewish sects and later Christians plagiarized these beliefs from Zoroastrians particularly when Jews had come into contact with Persians.

  336. everin says:

    Brace for higher gas n oil prices. Some poor Greek families are abandoning their children because they cannot afford to feed them anymore. OMG, we are entering severe times. They poor will suffer the most. Bad karma to be born poor?   

  337. everin says:

    If u don’t believe in Buddha, Jesus, Mahikari n Johrei, go back to yr JHWH, an idol of the ignorant fools. Better ask him to shake the heaven n earth now, because all of us are rebellious to him. Why is he ****, doing nothing to save u n yr people, now that we are in severe times.

  338. everin says:

    Don’t confused yrself with yr rotten scriptures. If u don’t believe in Jesus, go to HELL.

  339. everin says:

    U want proof, click “Reincarnation “ in WWW. U can find all kinds of proofs there.

  340. everin says:

    When u have no proof, don’t talk shit !

  341. Rojas says:

    Hi everyone, may I bring to your attention this book here:

    Jaya Gopal: "The Misery of Islam"

    397 pages – completely online for free!

  342. John K says:

    "ISLAM as along with Christianity of being strange gods"

    I disagree. Jesus is YHWH. How can he call himself a strange god?

  343. John K says:

    It's just semantics, Lorraine. What's in a name? It's the principles of life that count.

  344. John K says:

    Sure. He has a lot of valuable insights. I disagreed with some points, but otherwise, like his articles, he's generally reliable and correct. You will especially understand Islam and Muslims better than you ever have before.

  345. John K says:

    So often they find that they cannot depend on anyone but themselves – which is not a bad idea for all of us to remember.

  346. Lorraine says:

    John K, Oh, you likened someone else to YHWH even after He said not to? in Isaiah 40v18,25. OK.

  347. Lorraine says:

    John K oh man no, this is YHWH magnifying Himself, of how He laid the foundation of the heavens, the earth, the sea and if it did mean that there was no name mentioned of who this will be, and but again no no, so,so sorry, YHWH is the redeemer for He says this all through the book of life, the book of remembrance the so called OT, that He is our only redeemer in Isaiah 43v11, and man cannot be delivered out of His hand in Isaiah 43v13, now are you saying YHWH is fibbing here? Remember, YHWH changes Not in Malachi 3v6.

  348. John K says:

    Well, I agree. God's law in ethics is just as immutable as it is in physics. I just received an email ad that discusses this, so I posted it in my FB blog for you and everyone else to look at:

    The law of absolute right

    It discusses how violating laws of good and evil are just as dangerous as violating the laws of physics we have all learned to obey for our personal safety.

    The problem is that when you start talking about ethics and morality, everyone has their own opinion. You are on the right track because in the church we call the scriptures "The Standard Works". This is like the Bureau of Weights and Measures. When they come out to check a scale or a gas pump or whatever unit of measure, they bring a calibrated standard weight or measure to check the pump or scale's measure. Likewise we measure ourselves against the scriptures. The difference between a professional auto mechanic and an amateur is that the professional is familiar with the shop manual and all the factory specs and procedures so the job is done right instead of winging it like an amateur. We wouldn't want our car worked on without reference to the shop manual. Similarly, the scriptures are the manual for the human spirit. God made us, so he knows the specs and procedure that work and what doesn't work and what are the pitfalls the amateur mechanic falls into.

    So the problems in today's world are disagreement on what is the standard of measure, and then there is additional disagreement over interpretations. That is why we need modern guidance and not to just rely on ancient texts.

  349. Lorraine says:

    John K the wiki says that is was found in Egyptian writings, nevertheless, the book of life is the so called OT, is the book that was distributed in over 2500 languages all over the world, read by billions of people and this was from YHWH, so these other book have no real preference or the Creator YHWH would have made them to be so. And now no one can hardly say that they did not know the truth.

  350. John K says:

    "John K, you are the one who said that I was right about the name (jew) being aberrated and about the rest of that post, so now your saying that what I said is not factual? Which one is it? Either I am right as you confirmed of that post about the jew name or not of it."

    Let's not generalize. I find many errors in your posts, but nobody is completely wrong about everything even if they are not completely right about everything. I say give credit where credit is due. About Jew, yes, it is a word derived from the name Judah in the English language.

  351. Lorraine says:

    ever in, these people are being oppressed and imposed of poverty, and mind controlled, and is why they do this. They are brainwashed their way and we in America are brainwashed another way that is all and mainly of the poor. Another Reality Check.

  352. John K says:

    "does not prophesy jesus none"

    To me, a statement of opinion, not fact. I have seen you argue this in this thread with others, and I don't want to open the topic again. To me, if you open your eyes you will see the richness of the language prophesying of Jesus. He spoke well when he said that seeing, they would not see and hearing, they would not hear. You have to open your mind to see it. Yes. God does use symbolism and allusion to talk to us, but you have to be trained in that language to understand it and be fluent in it. To my view, the very difficulty you are talking about in deciphering lead to the very misunderstandings that I see in your numerous posts. All this becomes quite clear when the original context is restored in the Book of Mormon.

  353. Lorraine says:

    ever in, WRONG….Do you know how many people and their lineages who have been evil and they and their descendants are still living great for decades some even centuries? you do not make any sense in believing this farce karma, and lie. This karma must only work on the poor more often. No, the rich takes it all, cause they can. The Rockefellers are the main ones, and so many more, get a grip on reality. Even Ted Kennedy was so rich that with his brain surgeon who was a Hebrew so called black woman did his surgery and helped him to live 5 or 8 more years than he was suppose to. You wished that karma would get them, but Not, their loaded. YHWH is their only fear.

  354. Lorraine says:

    ever in, why should He when many are still backwards into Idols and religions, but many are awakening and the light will be brought unto the nations soon. But knowing you,, you want proof right now for you believe that you are in charge thats what idolatry will do give people false premise and vague notions. This is not so much about us, This is a spiritual war now can you read into that? lol.

  355. Lorraine says:

    ever in, Is it jesus or immanuel or emmanuel or michael or joseph or yeshua or arch angel, he has so many names just as most sun gods do such as Horus and Osiris nothing but Egyptian pagan worship. Lets see jc they cannot even get a true date of his birth, oh and a virgin and born of a holy ghost witchcraft stuff, now that could be. For jc certainly is not a 'seed' as many are born. And is also why people believe that they will be raised from the dead. Now the truth is such as the son of man the seed of David who is mentioned all through the OT book of life, as the one on the throne. The jc myth really?, the dead to live that too is Egyptian pagan stuff of mummies. Now this is a true trance its called a good spell (the gospel) or the good ship jesus take a pick they're both man's creations.

  356. Lorraine says:

    ever in, yeah right, you've been under a meaningless rant since you talked about reincarnation and been posting, now that's obsurd and is more of a trance if we ever heard of one, 'reincarnation crap.'

  357. Lorraine says:

    ever in, and they can defend it all ISLAM that they want for in the last battle prophesied in Ezekiel 38 and 39, it won't matter. U ever in are the fool in the history of YHWH there has not been any battles not won by YHWH accept in the book of Joshua 7 when the peope Israel were accursed and lost, and in Numbers 13 when Moses's soldiers decided to do it without Him on their own to fight the giants but lost because they did it without YHWH and did doubt YHWH, according to the Hebrew history of wars.

  358. everin says:

    I think Israel will fire the first shots to ignite the war for the sake of its survival.

  359. everin says:

    U are now in a trance, giving me this meaningless ranting.

  360. Lorraine says:

    ever in, the history states the truth that backs up these prophecies in the so called OT, the book of life, and until you do the research then you are just ranting. In the book of life the OT, all prophecies are with YHWH for this is why YHWH says in Amos 3v7, that He does nothing unless through His servants and prophets and this has been confirmed. Now in the NT this is a fact these men change what is in book of life the OT. Letting us know that this is a 'red flag' for why would something change in the NT from the OT if YHWH told us He changes NOT. And the NT should fulfill the OT and many scriptures in the NT do not coincide with the book of remembrance, the OT so this is where the confusion lies. And was prophesied in Daniel 11v36-43 that many will be ruled and the land divided for gain and is whats happening since the 4th kingdom, again as prophesied in Daniel 1v1-49.

  361. Lorraine says:

    John K I do not folow mainstream judaism either, but yes the book of life, the OT, does not prophesy jesus none. And the scriptures of the book of life, the OT, could be viewed as being allusions, but to me these are the symbolical references in them, and can be difficult to decipher or misunderstood. Yes and they are rich and abundant to read.

  362. Lorraine says:

    John K, you are the one who said that I was right about the name (jew) being aberrated and about the rest of that post, so now your saying that what I said is not factual? Which one is it? Either I am right as you confirmed of that post about the jew name or not of it.
    Remember you did say that I was right the first time. As I said knowing this is right to do, why go and do exactly what YHWH tells us not to such as taking His name YHWH out of the book of life, the OT, 6800 times and calling it sacred, He did not say to do this never.
    And this truly angers Him as he says in Malachi 1v6, and Ezekiel 36v22,23, profaning it.

  363. Lorraine Voss says:

    ever in, to prolong life one must follow the law and live right otherwise yes do as the heathen has taught and eat the GMOs and other unclean foods and do unclean things. Remember this is America we just do what we want to regardless of righteousness…Oh, thats right this is the way of the one in dominion (INTERNATIONAL BANKERS)who has brainwashed and robotized many of us in this world into his plan not right thats an abstraction, but might, now thats more of his style just lies on top of lies, and people like it his dirt; And so they leave from the right things to do and live by with YHWH.

  364. Lorraine Voss says:

    John K, and this is exactly why YHWH hates religions for they are doing what He did not tell them to. One must not ever change the statues and ordinances and law of YHWH for if it were that He did not breath into the nostril and make mankind, the son of man, then I could see of the ignoring Him, but He YHWH is our Creator and knows what is best for us. Again I say as YHWH said in Malachi 1v6,Where is His honor? where is His praise, and fear?

  365. Lorraine Voss says:

    ever in, I know you are upset because truly many of His not predictions, but prophecies have either come to pass, or are happening right now. Why else would many people say that we are in the last days? And plenty of the prophecies have come true. For instance in Isaiah 47v14-15, it tells us from YHWH that many of our merchants and businesses from our youth will turn their backs on us in the last days and not help us in the daughter of Babylon the US. And this is happening right now with jobs and healthcare utilities gas etc. Now isn't that neat that we were given clear warning from our Creator YHWH, and it is just too bad that our popes priest rabbis elders and leaders did not teach of these soon enough or to help avoid it from only thinking about their own desires, and greed. I suppose they followed completely the plan of YHWH from which it will all be Magnified in His day. And the shaking of the earth has not happened yet His voice alone can do that as it did in Deut.18v16,17 and in Exodus 20v18-20. And YHWH will do this again soon mr. non-aware, ever in.

  366. Lorraine Voss says:

    I will get the Mr. Ali Sina's book to learn and understand more about this and thank you.

  367. Lorraine Voss says:

    John K, continued…Although I know this site is about ISLAM and its cruelty, but it is within the so called OT, in Daniel 11v36-43,describing the creation of ISLAM as along with Christianity of being strange gods that will be manifested in the 4th kingdom of mankind. It is also written in Isaiah 11v12,14. as showing that ISLAM of the east from the west shall be spoiled together among the people from Edom and Moab until this day. I am aware of ISLAM being the sole conversation on this site, but I need substantiation and origination of ISLAM, and mostly 'why'. It is of the CURSE from leaving YHWH the Creator, and His spirituality, and the vision of Daniel 2v1-49 and 11, 12, also its prophesied by Isaiah that the ones in dominion today are ruling the nations with, and so is Christianity. ISLAM and all religions are IDOLATRY and was prophesied by Daniel that it would be coming from leaving YHWH.All made through the history from man.

  368. Lorraine Voss says:

    John K, yes, this is what I am referring to, none of this is prophesied and I myself do not find it difficult to decipher the symbolism from the reality within the book of life. And why is the true name of this book that even you say that billions of people use is not called by the name the Father YHWH gave it the Book of Remembrance in Malachi 3v16, in short the book of life, for this is what it truly is the book that tells us of the beginning of 'life' from the breath put to the man's nostrils in 'the Garden of Eden' from the Creator YHWH. So, why are they changing from this in the gospels and the nt? Especially when you know that YHWH specifically said He changes NOT, in Malachi 3v6. And why He has been provoked to anger from this in Isaiah 24v5, going astray from His law and ordinances and of mostly braking the true covenant of YHWH.

  369. everin says:

    U did not blew anything here other than yr YHWH, exposing him to be a humanly-created, false god. In doing so u had become his enemy. He will magnify himself into a huge giant n smack u into a pulp.He will also shake heaven n earth to threanten others.

  370. sanjay rai says:

    Jhn 10:1 ¶ Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber.

    Jhn 10:2 But he that entereth in by the door is the shepherd of the sheep.

    Jhn 10:3 To him the porter openeth; and the sheep hear his voice: and he calleth his own sheep by name, and leadeth them out.

    Jhn 10:4 And when he putteth forth his own sheep, he goeth before them, and the sheep follow him: for they know his voice.

    Jhn 10:5 And a stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him: for they know not the voice of strangers.

    Jhn 10:6 This parable spake Jesus unto them: but they understood not what things they were which he spake unto them.

    Jhn 10:7 ¶ Then said Jesus unto them again, Verily, verily, I say unto you, I am the door of the sheep.

    Jhn 10:8 All that ever came before me are thieves and robbers: but the sheep did not hear them.

    Jhn 10:9 I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.

    Jhn 10:10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have [it] more abundantly.

    Jhn 10:11 I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.

    Jhn 10:12 But he that is an hireling, and not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and fleeth: and the wolf catcheth them, and scattereth the sheep.

    Jhn 10:13 The hireling fleeth, because he is an hireling, and careth not for the sheep.

    Jhn 10:14 I am the good shepherd, and know my [sheep], and am known of mine.

    Jhn 10:15 As the Father knoweth me, even so know I the Father: and I lay down my life for the sheep.

    Jhn 10:16 And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, [and] one shepherd.

  371. everin says:

    U cannot differentiate between religions n  their claims as written in their scriptures. What a robotic fool u are ! Let’s study the false claims attributed to YHWH. 1. He will shake the heaven n earth. Why ? to split the sun , the earth n the moon into 2s  to threaten the sinners n non-believers to comply.? 2. He will magnify himself into  what ?  Into a huge giant to smash the stubborn people ? 3. He will prolong life. Why ?  To live in a place where super food, wine, women n songs are provided ?. He is giving these sweets to attract believers. If a person is old n sickly what is the point of prolonging his life.  4. He threw tantrum n become hateful, angry n wanting to take revenge.  He also had many enemies.    5.  Many of his predictions are nothing but BS ranting. So please don’t  parade his mumbo jumbo here. Go n preach them in the mental asylum.  Why u never feel ashamed of this BS ?  Are u of sound mind.?

  372. John K says:

    It's just semantics, Lorraine. Gospel is a more over-arching word than just what the New Testament calls it. The Gospel is the complete system of God. Book of Remembrance is a phrase calling us to remember the Gospel in our lives. The words you use to talk about it are not so important as the principles.

    Prophets in Old Testament times did their best to describe things they were shown about the future. Even in the New Testament when describing battles of the last days there are phrases that look like they are describing modern-day battle tanks, but in the vocabulary of their time like a scorpion with a tail that stings and hair like camouflage nets.

    The man who confirmed me a member of the church after my baptism gave me a book that looks at all the OT prophecies about Joseph Smith. You can get a lot of them from the Topical Guide at the site I gave you. The Jewish Traditions also talk about a Messiah-Ben-Joseph who would precede the Messiah's coming.

  373. John K says:

    You say that because you don't accept Jesus as YHWH. But we do, so the authority he extended to Peter as the head, to Peter, James and John as the leadership at the transfiguration, to the rest of the disciples, to Paul on the road to Damascus, and to the apostles ordained in the book of Acts to replace the deceased ones are all this is thus indeed, done with YHWH's word.

  374. John K says:

    "dictators that claim that they are prophets" … "in a dream something or a voice told him to be with her"

    If you read Dr. Sina's book, he lists the professional criteria for defining a cult (which is not the same as derogating someone's religion you don't like).

    Two of the significant factors are those you have listed here:

    1) Compulsion

    2) Unethical or immoral conduct justified by the so-called authority.

  375. John K says:

    Many religions have this tradition of using generic names like God and Lord in order to not repeat the sacred name in common speech.

  376. John K says:

    I can give you credit when you are factually correct about something, but I am also quite comfortable with the correctness of my beliefs.

  377. John K says:

    Well, America is not perfect, but I think America was acting in the world's best interests by helping in WWI and WWII. Hiroshima is known to have saved many more lives, Japanese and American, than a continuation of the war would have cost.

  378. John K says:

    What is happening in Israel today is a fulfillment of God's loving promises that he would gather Israel in the last days notwithstanding their past transgressions. Isaiah 29 sets the time period as when Lebanon becoming a fruitful field which has happened only with the modern development of irrigation. So these are our times.

  379. John K says:

    Yeah, it looks spookily like the pre-Iraq war sanctions spiral.

    A leaked documentary from Ahmadinejad's office also preps the justification for war. Analysts studying what he is saying here suggest that to fulfill the prophecies he cited, he was supposed to start a war to destroy Israel by the end of 2011. He's probably trying to consolidate power and be sure he is ready for it first.

  380. Lorraine Voss says:

    And Islam is not bombast and so is all religions, I have no claim these are not my words they are the scriptures and the words of the Creator YHWH, within the book of life, book of remembrance YHWH calls it in Malachi 3v16, that is all over the world, and read by billions of people for which many of you want to call the OT. For those who do not know who YHWH is, He's who many of you call God,Lord, but this is not His name.

  381. Lorraine Voss says:

    John K, and if you know this is right then why would one follow a belief that says anything different to what is right or change the rightness? For as sungods Horus and Osiris, had the same profile as yeshus jesus the exact same and so did other sungods on the zodiack sphere. So what is this denal or stiff neckness? Knowing that the Creator YHWH is upon the circle of the earth, and to whom will we liken Him to? in Isaiah 40v21,22, this He tells us of.

  382. Lorraine Voss says:

    John K., yes what happened to these innocent people, and all of the innocent is being in prayer from the intercessor to YHWH until his death daily this is what he does among other offerings for sins he's made of his soul to be the intercessor as we speak. But also according to the former rich jewish zionist Ben Freedman, the Holocaust and WWI,II,and Hiroshima were all perpetrated by YHWHs enemy working with Woodrow Wilson and Harry S. Truman. As YHWH has also said that since the enemy did not hate to shed blood, bloodshed will pursue him in Ezekiel 35v5,6.

  383. Lorraine Voss says:

    John K, the chosen people have already been punished and are being punished as of this day for they were running away from YHWHs ordinances and statues and are cut off for their iniquities and transgression so why would YHWH need any more vengeance on them this is done. The vengeance is with the ones who are possessing His land in Israel as He says in Ezekiel 36v1-5, and He has prophesied that the spiritual war will be with them in Exodus 17v14-16 from generation to generation as in Isaiah 34v8, it'll be resompensed. And it is not the chosen who is there now in Israel for they're all scattered to strange nations serving them. No, this I do not forget for I am of the descendants of the transgressors so I know. Yes it is a matter of individual behavior as in Ezekiel 14v14, and 20, Noah, Job and Daniel will be judged by their righteousness and deliver their own souls.

  384. Lorraine Voss says:

    For one, these men who are dictators that claim that they are prophets or from the Holy One are liars, Muhammad and those that are in the NT as well. When one is anointed they do have visions from the Spirit of YHWH, and they truly talk with YHWH, and many times there are witnesses who either see or hear something not mortal going on. I read one of the writings of the woman of Islam the one about the little girl who was married to Muhammad, and he said that in a dream something or a voice told him to be with her, this is crap, he should have been castrated and kicked to the curb, and to me the people just turned their heads in denial, and knew better than this no one cared about these women or children or themselves for that matter, this is all. I do realize that people are being controlled by fear, but at some point, and now, one has to either get tired of this, or discern for themselves what is not right.

  385. Lorraine Voss says:

    John K, again I say who are these men to acclaim themselves as prophets for they were not given this Word through YHWH the Creator, and nothing that they say is from YHWH it is what they are saying and with that is a red flag. At least the prophet Crowdy William S. did say that he is doing the work of righteousness through the Father YHWH and as His prophet Elijah, for YHWH does nothing but through His prophets in Amos 3v7, this He assured us and so john cannot just decide to do anything without YHWHs Word or approval nor peter. This is a most prevalent example of rewriting in the NT and YHWH does not change which means not nothing of His laws or Words as stated in Malachi 3v6, unless they are changed by Him as He says in Isaiah 42v9 He YHWH will tell us.

  386. Lorraine Voss says:

    I still do not know why anyone is calling what YHWH gave to Adam or any of His prophets the gospel it was truly the Book of Remembrance is what I see here in the book of Moses 5, and 46. Also, I do not see anything of the mentioning of a church at all in the book of Moses, only in the Doctrines and Covenants where joseph smith is proclaiming church and gospel but I discern this prophet for there is no prophecy of him in the book of remembrance the so called OT, not anywhere prophesied, yet neither is Mr. Crowdy William. If this book of life has been opened now since the 4th kingdom, why hasn't any of the doctrine from these new prophets been written within this same book of life the OT to continue the prophecy for us all to witness? Or is that too much to ask?

  387. WILLY says:


  388. everin says:

    Yes A. Anand, I fully agreed with u. Yahweh is nothing but a human invention with this useful idiot, voss, idolising it. When we ask about his bogus claims, he could not explain but keep on spitting out his obsolete teachings. This YHWH seem to be impotent n many bombastic claims had been attributed to him..

  389. everin says:

    This Voss fellow is talking rots again !!!!

  390. everin says:

    Doomsday Clock moves closer to midnight
    Posted: 11 Jan 2012 09:59 AM PST
    Continuing global threats from climate change, nuclear weapons and wars have caused atomic scientists to move the hands of the Doomesday Clock to five minutes before midnight.

    © The Earth Times.

    Published on The Earth Times

    John K, look like Iran is about to start a war with US to deflect internal pressure created by huge inflation which is caused by world sanctions. Or the Iranians will start another revolution n civil war.

  391. everin says:

    Right ! the people in many ME countries are suffering because of their bad karma for mistreating n killing their women folk n the infidels, etc.etc.

  392. everin says:

    >"to gain" my foot ! What is there to gain in the charities they are doing n the mission schools they run. In fact, they sustain loses. I am a product of these mission schools, both Catholic n Methodist. I am forever grateful to the Christians. When u open yr big mouth u always spout out nonsenses. YR POSTINGS MERELY DISPLAY YR STUPIDITY.

  393. everin says:

    From yr postings I gathered that yr YHWH is a childish creature, who got angry n had enemies. For yr info, the Supreme God had never got angry n had no enemies but only sinners who were/are being taken of by His Law of Karma n Reincarnation. He is KIND to good people but BAD to the evil doers. HE IS A FAIREST JUDGE OF ALL BUT YOU KNOW NOT..

  394. everin says:

    Voss, u n yr BS. Before any religions had set foot on earth, the ancient people had been behaving badly, plundering, raping, killing, warring, etc.etc. U never study history, idiot !

  395. everin says:

    Our great teacher Jesus Christ had given u the answer in John 9 : 1 & 2. U are confusing yourself with too many reasons but knew not even one of the actual causes.

  396. John K says:

    "So, it could not be the Hebrew Israelite that YHWH wants vengeance with"

    There is not value in too much splitting of hairs to try to strain at interpretations. In general the important message you need to take away from these OT stories is that God blessed and protected Israel when they remembered him to live righteously, and when they did not, he allowed their enemies to get the best of them to stir them up to rememberance. This is primarily a matter of individual behavior, so tracing genealogies only has a limited significance for historical background. As is the point of the story of Lot, God will let large populations of bad people have reprieves when there are a few righteous among them. The same pattern plays out today as good people are found in Muslim communities as well.

  397. John K says:

    "why YHWH expresses His 'HATE' for Esau"

    What we know is God is pleased by righteousness, hence the special promises to Abraham, and is displeased by unrighteousness. David Berlinski in discussing the Holocaust answers that the way the Allied air campaign and Russian artillery plastered Germany in WWII was as good as any Old Testament story of divine retribution.

  398. John K says:

    Yes, that's right. The references in Genesis are vague, which is a problem in dealing with the most ancient texts, but it does tell us that God walked and talked in the Garden with Adam. The full Gospel was taught to Adam at that time. More clarification is found in the Book of Moses:

    And the book of Doctrine and Covenants:

    The other principles you listed are part of the Gospel, which is the complete set of teachings of God.

  399. everin says:

    When these so-called prophets made so many, many predictions, surely some of those claims will strike "jackpots" accidently. Have u played rollette, when u place many, many chips on the numbers but only few will win ? So, many of predictions missed n became bogus claims. Thus yr scriptures were written by fallible men without knowledge of science n many blunders were made. Sure they were NOT from GOD. Are u so blind to those mistakes.
    I doubt Islam will come to an end, because the muslims are prepared to defend their faith with their lives. John K knows that better. The Arab Spring has became the Islamist Spring, u fool.

  400. Lorraine Voss says:

    So, it could not be the Hebrew Israelite that YHWH wants vengeance with in Isaiah 34v8, for they were in captivity since 161BCE and not in Israel before the Hellenistic, writings began, all captives Ezra, Daniel, Zerubbabel, Jeremiah, (slave names) Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, were all in captivity before the Hellenistic Jewish Roman writings in 200BCE began, and the captives, their descendants are still in captivity until this day as prophesied in Deut.28v15-67, for vs. 68, has already been fulfilled scattered to the four corners of the earth.

  401. Lorraine Voss says:

    John K continued……And more over why YHWH expresses His 'HATE' for Esau in Malachi 1vs.1-5, for he despised the birthright, and tried to steal the blessing, in Genesis 25v23,and still does until this day,by his descendants in Israel now, prophesied in Ezekiel 36v1-5 and Isaiah 34v8, YHWHs vengeance, and Isaiah 34v1-8.

  402. Lorraine Voss says:

    John K. And the (jew) name is an aberration transliterated of Judah, and it is the rewriting of the hellenistic jews that began in 200BCE to 200AD, then the Christ from 50AD to 400AD, from the divided apocrypha and psudepigrapha authors and writers of the NT, is why the book of life, the OT seems odd. Of course Eber is who proceeds Abraham, but I was distinguishing who was prophesied into the 'COVENANT' with the Father YHWH, and according to Genesis15v18, it was Abraham, and his 'seed' not with Eber in his time. The covenant with YHWH stems from the 12 tribes of Jacob, and that Esau was on the other hand given the name of Edom or edomites(red) in Genesis 25v30,34, despising his birthright, and he was not in the 'covenant' made with Abraham Isaac and Jacob (Israel) and their 'seed.'. This is why Jacob is the last mentioned in the 'COVENANT' from his lineage, and his 'SEED.'

  403. Lorraine Voss says:

    John K, Oh, alright, her comment was some pages back but none the less sorry to address my comment but this one was on this same page right after a few of my post.

  404. Lorraine Voss says:

    John K, wasn't the gospel written in the 4th kingdom of mankind by the apostles, and so what gospel was taught to Adam? When in Genesis it says that YHWH saw that it was no man to till the ground is what came in Genesis 2v5. The man was formed to till the ground. The man then was given a garden 'Eden' and of it all the trees were for the man except the forbidden one of knowledge of good and evil, and the man did pick from the tree of knowledge of good and evil after being told not to, then even the tree of life was taken from the man, and the struggle for life began. Is this what you are calling gospel?

  405. everin says:

    Did yr YHWH bring the Divine Light to the world. If not then there is no proof that he is God, esp. when u had made so many bogus claims attributed to him. Don’t mention him here anymore, otherwise we think u are the biggest fool here. Go n study BUDHHISM n JOHREI to gain more advanced knowledge about God.

  406. John K says:

    Right. That puts a bit of "administrative overhead" on the commenter though. I've asked the admin to change it back.

  407. Shrek says:

    "I understand the difficulty of trying to follow the conversation since the site switched away from nested conversations."

    If a comment tracker number like say, 4.5.6…n (4th comment > 5th reply > 6th reply … n th reply) can be attached with each comment, it would have been a relief.

  408. John K says:

    "Why would one have to go to any one else If your Creator has us in His hands already?"

    Well, in our view, Jesus is YHWH.

  409. John K says:

    Well, it's related to my previous post where I said that God is not so naive as to create the world expecting one outcome and then getting another. So people err when they think that God planned everything wonderful and beautiful for earth life, but then Adam came along with his original sin and messed it up for us all. Adam did not have the power to overturn God's plan. God created this earth as a learning lab for us to learn to deal with and overcome evil and the unbridled power of nature (Genesis 1:28 – replenish the earth, and subdue it). He knew we would make mistakes and sin before he created us, and thus he prepared for this by providing a Redeemer before he created the earth. Job says that all the sons of God (us) shouted for joy when we learned of this. (Job 38:7) So we were happy to go away to the earth and participate in this learning experience just like a kid leaving home for the first time to go to the university.

  410. John K says:

    The Book of Mormon was written in the Hebrew language with modified Egyptian script because of the difficulty of engraving on metal plates as opposed to writing on scrolls. But Joseph Smith also acquired through conventional purchase some Egyptian papyri which were translated and published in the Pearl of Great Price. These were found to contain portions of the Egyptian Book of Breathings (Egyptian Book of the Dead) which are believed to be a corruption of rituals used by Abraham, and also a Book of Abraham which does not appear to be related to the pseudepigraphic Book of Abraham had by Muhammad's pre-Islamic Hanifyte sect.

  411. John K says:

    No, Lorraine. My comment was in response to Arya who asked you why we need to be redeemed.

  412. John K says:

    Similarly you should know Charlee (Everin) well enough to know that he considers the OT out of date and his view of God is according to the group he belongs to.

  413. John K says:

    I understand the difficulty of trying to follow the conversation since the site switched away from nested conversations. I still have difficulty understanding your question about what you mean by saying "did you try to twist this to our Creator YHWH?"

    My comment was about the condition of the world and its abandonment of morality which I think people of all religions as well as agnostics, atheists, and humanists can be equally concerned about. But I think we have been talking long enough that I do not agree with either yours or mainstreams Judaism's position that the Old Testament does not testify of Jesus Christ. I have read it many times in my life and was once an Old Testament class instructor. To me the references, preconfigurations and allusions are rich and abundant.

  414. Lorraine Voss says:

    ever in looks like somebody got anger issues again, and can you provide the scripture that confirms this that you only get in good with YHWH when you do charities. I did not know that you were the new spokesman for the Creator YHWH good for you, I always use scriptures but you, you know you have first class communion with YHWH.

  415. Lorraine Voss says:


  416. Lorraine Voss says:

    CORRECTION…LOL since the days of Moses and Joshua from 1870BCE-1799 BCE, sorry.

  417. everin says:

    Wrong ! The Christians n the Buddhist never bragged about doing charity. They do it out of the conscience to do good to others n not thinking that they can go to heaven.
    Shit ! Who said any one can buy his way into heaven. Nor can any one go there just by offering prayers after prayers after prayers. God judges u by yr good deeds n not so much by yr praises nor yr prayers.

  418. Lorraine Voss says:

    John K, we have our Redeemer in YHWH as He told us in Isaiah 44v22, as planned since the world was made by the same Redeemer. Why would one have to go to any one else If your Creator has us in His hands already? Isaiah 43v13 and Isaiah 46 YHWH is not just talking to Jacob in Isaiah 46 vs. 12, "Hearken unto me you stouthearted; that are far from righteousness;vs. 13, "I bring near, my righteousness; it shall not be far off, and my salvation shall not tarry; and I will place salvation in Zion for Israel my glory." And when He does all the earth the world will see and know and this is for us all. Zion is His holy land His home, that is all. And Ali Sina and many others (prophets) monarches will be called upon, in Isaiah 60.

  419. Lorraine Voss says:

    John K, continued…..and I like to add that in the same scripture Micah 6, for many who say that YHWH only cares about His chosen people Israel, this scripture talks to the other nations letting them know that they will have the same reproach as the people of Israel for doing idolatry and transgressions for walking in the counsels of another putting them either in the likeness of YHWH or over YHWH. For YHWH knows us all and regards us all without having to go to another for salvation and redemption never did He say to do this. The scriptures are for all to live by.

  420. Lorraine Voss says:

    John K, yes I saw this and I also noticed that he Mr. Joseph Smith when he found these hidden plates of prophcies he also stated that they were of Egyptian writings. Now to what I have gathered in Micah 6, YHWH mentions Omri Dynasty beliefs from the king, should be (governor) of Israel 'Ahab' who went into this idolatry from the Arabs Egyptians and it stemmed to the 1 Kings 17,18, should be 1 Governors 17,18, where Ahab and his wife Jezebel believed in Ba 'al who had the same pofile as jesus has, and it angered YHWH and many were destroyed. But many are stiff necked and backward according to the book of life from YHWH and this is ones prerogative.

  421. Lorraine Voss says:

    John K, right, now try seeing this in your top post in reference to all of these RELIGIONS of TODAY, doing IDOLATRY, …now you got it. If I am not mistaking did you try to twist this to our Creator YHWH? if so, let me remind you of Him in Isaiah 40v18 and 25. There is no one to be liken unto YHWH. For in Isaiah 44v24, there was no one else with Him when He made this universe He did it alone. So how could anyone try to equivocate YHWH to anything or any other being is beyond senseless. Now if this post was not towards YHWH then excuse my excerpts and comment.

  422. Lorraine Voss says:

    John K, you are saying this as if you believe that YHWH does not forgive us for our mistakes if we ask and pray for His forgiving us. My post is not to appear as if no one makes mistakes, and I am sorry if you see it as such. It is only to tell the Word of the Creator YHWH to others. In many of His scriptures in the book of life, the OT, He lets us know that the shepherds the priest popes elders and rabbis have all mislead His flocks in Ezekiel 20, therefore, I try to bring the Word to others as He stated it without change. You continue to take the offense as if these are my own words they are from YHWH. For Solomon was one of the wisest and knowlegedable prophets in the book of life, but, he had an addiction to love, and then married into idolatry so we all make mistakes as is being human. Your Father and Creator YHWH knows this about us very well as far back as in Genesis 6v3, where YHWH says that "His spirit shall not always strive with man, for he is also flesh, yet his days shall be one hundred and twenty years." tops, and today you rarely find anyone living past 120yrs. since the 4th kingdom, hey, this Genesis 6v3 is another prophecy.

  423. Lorraine Voss says:

    John K., could you articulate or be more specific please?

  424. Lorraine Voss says:

    John K., I am not disagreeing with you, I did not say that there were not any other renowned who were prophesied, I had only found this one individual who people had claimed to be a prophet. When it is said the book is opened then that is what it is, that it will be others to give word.

  425. Lorraine Voss says:

    John K., Yes, this is true, but I was just explaining that this is no religion or belief, that this has historically happened and was written as a prophecy until this day. A spiritual war between YHWH and His enemy in Exodus 17v14-16. And, He is gathering many back now and since the 4th kingdom when the seal of the book of life came off. Therefore, yes, you say it will not matter, but it will. As you have also said yourself billions of people regard this book of life to matter.

  426. John K says:

    "The book has been opened now in the 4th kingdom, and since William Crowdy S. was said to be a prophet in 1847."

    Well, that's different. That explains why your beliefs are not mainstream. For us the latter-day dispensation was opened in 1820 by Joseph Smith:

    President Thomas S. Monson is our prophet today:

    The Book of Mormon will answer any question you have about the Old Testament and Christianity. If you read it carefully it will be the best thing that ever happened to your life.

  427. John K says:

    The thing we forget is that the Gospel was taught to Adam in the Garden and from there to all men everywhere. Joseph Campbell calls these the elementary ideas that are common to all cultures. I see them as remnants of the original teachings that have followed the migrations of peoples wherever they have gone.

  428. John K says:

    Are you satisfied that you have never made a mistake in your life or done anything that you have regretted?

  429. John K says:

    Don't comment on being a scholar until you get your degrees and learn what scholarship is.

  430. John K says:

    You have low standards of proof and no understanding of the relationship in linguistics between source and target languages in translations. Again you are talking about things that are far beyond your knowledge and expertise.

  431. John K says:

    Various Mormons have said a variety of things about Muhammad. They are not authoritative doctrines. You can get an overview of Mormon views on Islam from Dr. Peterson's article at FairLDS.org:

    Don't make assumptions about my knowledge of Islam. I can assure you that I am far more qualified to comment on Islam than you. We are here to help you.

  432. John K says:

    Thanks for your kind words.

  433. John K says:

    We go wrong when we make mistakes and choose evil instead of good. That is why we need a Redeemer. This was all planned before the world was made.

  434. John K says:

    Well, it doesn't matter. God said he would scatter Israel among the nations and that the seed of Abraham would be a blessing to all the families of the earth. He also said that after scattering them he would gather them again. It doesn't matter that they have intermarried among the nations where they were scattered. They are still Israel.

  435. John K says:

    It reminds me of the saying that the new morality is just the old immorality!

  436. everin says:

    Keep all yr obsolete scriptures to yrself. OK? Those stuff were written by fallible men without scientific knowledge n they made lots of bogus claims without having to account for them. How can the heaven be shaken ? Only Gullible fools  believe that kind of BS.  HAHAHAHA !!! U proudly claimed that u had blown Ali Sina’s  website but u are only making a fool of yrself here with yr craps n scoring all the negative points.

  437. enlightened25 says:

    Yes in that sense you are correct, for example if you are born into a wealthy family that is because of things that happened before you was born. But what Everin believes, is that,that person who is born in a weathy family it is because they produced "Good karma" in a "past life", and has nothing to with the fact that their father founded a succesfull business (or whatever it might be), that is pure nonsense.

  438. Lorraine Voss says:

    John K. in the last 3 post I said that "Israel' has to make peace with YHWH but I shoud have said the SO CALLED 'Israel' the jews there today, claiming to be Israel the chosen people who came out of Egypt, the (Hevrew Isralite), and are not; they the jews have to make peace with YHWH as said in Isa.27, and again not all jews are complicit to this robbery in Daniel 11v14. Also, this is not MY analysis, these are historical facts of what took place during the book of life, what many call the bible eras.

  439. Lorraine Voss says:

    John K. continued…. and I did not say that there are no more prophets I said that the book was sealed unto the end times in Daniel 12v4,end times prophesied for the 4th kingdom in Daniel 2v40, and knowedge shall be increased and many shall run to and fro, this sounds like today to me. The book has been opened now in the 4th kingdom, and since William Crowdy S. was said to be a prophet in 1847. I was saying that they the prophets are normaly modest about it the people have to call them that not themselves. Like Crowdy people said that they called him Elijah, but he said he come to do as Elijah did to bring the law of righteousness to people and that was then.

  440. Lorraine Voss says:

    John K., Adam was under the law of righteousness but he sinned, and then he prayed and made reconciliation with YHWH. So was Abraham under the law in Genesis 26v5, and Job and Noah they were all under the law, it was just not written yet these men were of Adam close to YHWH as in 'anointed' making them the first generations of Adam in Genesis 5v1,2. YHWH spoke to them often. The writings began with Moses only YHWH knows why He began with Moses for Abraham was His friend in Isaiah 41v8. Once one realizes that the law is our LIFE in Deut. 32v45-47, then one will understand this is not a belief or religion it is factual substantiation the way we must do and live its prolonged life as Job had lived to see four generations happily. We've tried everything else and went wrong somewhere, look at us now.

  441. Lorraine Voss says:

    ever in, It is obvious you are angry you have been name calling everyone you reply to, and No, you are the one who asked about the charity, and I answered you >>>>>>>>>.

  442. Lorraine Voss says:

    enlightened25, I do not believe in reincarnation but I do 'know' that the 'SEED' of a person can go a long way. This is why people now days do their ancestry check to look up who, what, and where they came from. This is whats taught in the book of life the OT, that the seed will continue on, when YHWH told Abraham that his seeds will be numerous and that in the latter days they would go into affiction for their transgressions and so on.Genesis 15v12-18.

  443. Lorraine Voss says:

    ever in, that is why I gave the scriptures in this verse read it first before you come to a blank conclusion. You sure strive hard with your maker or maybe you believe jc made us or the scientist of the world discovered something new, they did, that it was new for them. Lol,you're funnier with each post I did not know you were a comedian.

  444. Lorraine Voss says:

    Job, this is so true and is prophesied in Isaiah 47v14,15, all the merchants and corporations and leaders we've trusted are turning against their own, the US, and leaving them in debt. As the Father and our Creator YHWH said they would.

  445. Lorraine Voss says:

    everin, to live a prolonged life is described in Isaiah 53v10 of the servant as he shall prolong his days. This was prophesied by Moses from YHWH to us in Deut.30,31,and 32v45-47 and Ecclesiastes 9, and about not to do religions and idols in Deut.32v16,17, and since you did not read the OT and just went right to the back of the book to the NT then, until you read the book of life, so called OT, maybe our conversations should end for it would only be futile to continue because no one reads a book this way. To skip the front and read only the back of it, and the NT it is suppose to fulfill the OT. No wonder you think the OT is old you skipped the main part. of the whole book. No you do not know who YHWH is but many educated and read the whole book here do.

  446. enlightened25 says:

    Reincarnation of the gaps again you why as well ask Why, Bin laden flew planes into the world trade centre? Their are many causes and reasons for that but none of them have anything to do with with those people been killed because of having sinned in a "past life". What crime can a new born baby have done? And no, any wrongs the parents may have done have nothing whatsover to do with that innocent new born baby.

  447. Lorraine Voss says:

    everin, continued….Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi (dead) and Mubarak gone, so how is the book of life, Book of Remembrance in Malachi 3v16, what you people call the OT, old junk, you need to wake up. Hey, everin, "I use to be a queen you know on an island by the sea, rainbow colored people happy as can be, there never was a problem, there never was a care, and love was forever flowing and its feelings shared, I can feel this for sure, for sure, for sure, I've been here before; "Tina Marie" so which one are you? The people of the sea, The people of the horse the earth, or The people flying on the wings of a bird? Now this is old, lol, and who is jc to say anything above the Father YHWH? you better stick with your maker in Isaiah 59, 42,43, and 44 the only Savior and Redeemer we have, read Isaiah 45v9-12.

  448. Lorraine Voss says:

    everin, you may want to believe that the book of life is OLD but that is your uneducated concept, for YHWH says in Malachi 3v6, that He changes NOT, what part of that scripture you cannot conceive, obviously all. Many scriptures are prophesying what is going on in the world right now especially in Daniel 11 where it prophesied that the kings of the south 'Islam' are coming to an end.

  449. Lorraine Voss says:

    JOB, continued…..It seems that the Muslims was the best thing to happen around 711BCE to Spain who's lifestyle was diminishing at the time. After the christians got back into ruling much was destroyed but many customs and mosques remained even if the customs had been changed some the ways of the Moors helped to keep a rich tradition stemming from the Muslims customs and the Moors until this day. Unfortunately, this rich Muslim culture was corrupted by then. Now Islam has terrible beliefs that have been distorted on the Islam religion from those who ruled from the 3rd kingdom unto today. Thanks for your enlightening yet educated post that cleared the way to this truth and is with many 'RELIGIONS' different rulers take on different effects and is why our Creator YHWH has taught us in the book of life so called OT, that they are ALL Idolatry made by man. Who insists on turning completely against the law of righteous living, and why we now have so much mayhem in our world.

  450. Lorraine Voss says:

    Job, although I do not follow any religious faiths, consequentially while I was reading your post I was also listening to a video on "When the Moors Ruled in Spain, and from your post to the video was a surprise to find that the Muhammad who was approached by the angel Gabriel and was depicted as a wonderful prophet and philosopher of history during these times. The ruling of the Moors brought many wonderful monuments and mosques that were developed and customs from other following rulers after Muhammad one in particular was from Africa.

  451. everin says:

    Rubbish ! God expects us to do lots of good deeds to fellow human. We already have scored plenty of negative points from our minor sins. When we do charity we score some positive points but that does not guarantee yr passage to heaven. U will at least go to a better place for yr trainning after u died. Or in yr next reincarnation u will be born to a good family.

  452. everin says:

    Don't accuse me of being angry when u lost the debate ____A prolonged life with YHWH ? What BS is that ? U used to make lots of bogus claims with yr YHWH that u cannot give detailed, explicit explainations but keep beating around the bushes n borrowing my idea about charity. Now u resorted to name calling. What a fool u are. Hei, wake up not many of us here know is this YHWH fellow n all yr postings score negative points, which mean we do not like yr hanky panky preachings here. __________________

  453. Job says:

    All there ''truth'' is based on half quotes of a bias translation of the Quran followed by insults of Islam ect

    That is not being a scholar

  454. Job says:

    How do you know the Quran is whitewashed from the orginal arabic when you do not know any arabic and stated you have not desire to even learn it

    So again you are wrong

  455. Job says:

    Wrong Islam does not allow this read history and about Islam

    I notice you say only read Ali Sina's articles and not read about Islam yourself
    If what Ali Sina was saying was so true why would you all say Muslims are liers and don't know there religion but Ali Sina somehow now speaks and knows all about Islam yet he does not know Arabic and does not know the basics about Islam at all and needs to stoop to degrading Muslims Misquoting and taking the Quran out of context name calling Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the Muslim people and making wild outrageous claims about Islam, Muslims Prophet
    Muhammad ( peace be upon him) and others that do not agree with his ''truth''

    According to Hossein Nasr, earliest European literature often refers to Muhammad unfavorably. He has been maligned in various European sources for over a millennium. A few learned circles of Middle Ages Europe—primarily Latin-literate scholars—had access to fairly extensive biographical material about Muhammad. They interpreted that information through a Christian religious filter that viewed Muhammad as a charlatan driven by ambition and eagerness for power, and who seduced the Saracens into his submission under a religious guise. Popular European literature of the time portrayed Muhammad as though he were worshipped by Muslims in the manner of an idol or a heathen god.

    Some medieval Christians believed he died in 666, alluding to the number of the beast, instead of his actual death date in 632; others changed his name from Muhammad to Mahound, the "devil incarnate".Bernard Lewis writes "The development of the concept of Mahound started with considering Muhammad as a kind of demon or false god worshipped with Apollyon and Termagant in an unholy trinity."A later medieval work, Livre dou Tresor represents Muhammad as a former monk and cardinal. Dante's Divine Comedy (Canto XXVIII), puts Muhammad, together with Ali, in Hell "among the sowers of discord and the schismatics, being lacerated by devils again and again

    Mahatma Gandhi stated: "I wanted to know the best of the life of one who holds today an undisputed sway over the hearts of millions of mankind…. I became more than ever convinced that it was not the sword that won a place for Islam in those days in the scheme of life. It was the rigid simplicity, the utter self-effacement of the Prophet, the scrupulous regard for pledges, his intense devotion to his friends and followers, his intrepidity, his fearlessness, his absolute trust in God and in his own mission.
    These and not the sword carried everything before them and surmounted every obstacle. When I closed the second volume (of the Prophet's biography), I was sorry there was not more for me to read of that great life"

    Listen to your teaching John K seeing as you follow The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon)

    Remember this :

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints neither regards Muhammad as a prophet nor accepts the Quran as a book of scripture. However, it does respect Muhammad as one who taught moral truths which can enlighten nations and bring a higher level of understanding to individuals.

  456. Job says:

    Wrong America is in debt from all the wars and borrowing of money from other countries

    Still is waging wars and borrowing money and underminding other countries for its own gain at the cost of its poor and the country they are underminding

    Staving of its people and playing on the poor wanting education thus giving education to those that join the army (not just giving them education with no strings attached)

  457. Job says:

    You cannot buy your way into heaven these days most give to charity and brag about how good they are.

    That is not charity that is trying to buy there way into heaven and makeing oneself look better then what they are

    God is no fool

    Read what charity is and being a good person is it is not always about how much you give.

  458. everin says:

    @ Ghulam, do we need to debate with u ? The Sunni n the Shiatte are already debating each other with guns n bombs. U go n debate with them to stop the endless killing first.

  459. everin says:

    Discard yr obsolete teachings n read John :9 ; 1 & 2 . where Jesus was asked by his disciples why was the blind man born blind, since he had never sinned before ? Read it up what was Jesus’ answer n reflect about reincarnation.  Yr “old junk car cannot take u to the modern knowledge of understanding God.” U get what u deserved by Divine arrangement. U may be a baby or a king.

  460. Lorraine Voss says:

    John K., thanks for the uplift for many today truly need it in these troublesome times and Selah! to all. YHWH Bless.

  461. Lorraine Voss says:

    everin, YES. EVERY DAY NON STOP and many new ones are AWAKENNG AND returning to do the law and living and eating giving and helping working doing for, and loving with one another more righteously preparing themselves for a better life a prolonged life with YHWH while in the world. Its not that hard just to do what is best and what is right for each other. You ought to drop some of that bitterness and try it unconditionally try kindness, instead of me,I and tiff for tat and what I will get back? Yes charity is good and so is a nice smile especially from a grinch like you so angry.

  462. Lorraine Voss says:

    everin, I suppose you do not believe that many die that have not sinned, they were innocent, babies for instance what did they do to die especially from negligence or if they were in that road accident, or illness is this their fault , did they sin? There are many who have died that were doing righteously from learned in their childhood on. This is why the scripture in Isaiah 53v9 says no deceit, and no violence many, so what was their sin?

  463. Lorraine Voss says:

    enlightened25, there is no enforcement YHWH lets us chose for He wants us to do His law and return to Him wholeheartedly. Yes what you are saying is true and most rational. But just as YHWH gave free will, it cannot be done by man it will take something bigger larger than anyone can believe or understand maybe the day of YHWHs return. Then man will take heed, "love movement" that's nice, one could only dream. One solution is what YHWH has always said that our shepards our pastors priest popes elders leaders can tell people what is right, the ones who are leading so many now could make it change if only half way into progression. I've had many people say why are the leaders of the faith, and world lying, or ignoring the obvious situations or behaving irresponsible with no consequences? and by the time they do have any results many others have already been defiled by them. Its greed and power. People want to do what ever they want to do just as in Malachi 3v13-15.

  464. Lorraine Voss says:

    Xossaa, instead of continuing to ignore this last comment I will just add that christians nor anyone need jc to receive the spirit of YHWH. Let me remind you of Cyrus the Great a Persian who was given the spirit of YHWH to conquer the Babylonians. His spirit is for all and He says this though the book of life, what many of you call the OT that He will bring the light unto the Gentiles, and nations. Jeremiah 16v14-21. As said in Isaiah 40v18, "To whom then will you liken YHWH? or what likeness will you compare unto Him? vs. 21, "Have you not known? Have you not heard? etc..vs.22, "It is He that sit upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; etc…read it. He Knows all, and sees all, especially son of man, there is no one to liken unto Him.

  465. Lorraine Voss says:

    John K. alright this writing certainly dispelled what I read on Mary Boyce's theory of Zoroastrianism being montheistically inclined. I then later found that the religion was of sun worship, so yes there are many theories of what is or not true about what it's composed of. At least we can attest to it being one of the original and oldest ever religions; according to Mary Boyce.

  466. John K says:

    What day did you send him an email?

    Are you such a coward to give up so easily?

  467. Ijaz says:

    We'll I always thought he is ready to accept challenges….but looks like he is already running for cover :). Good we won without even getting into an arguement….

  468. John K says:

    "not what the Almighty intended for us"

    I would add that God is not so naive as to put us into a situation with a result that he did not intend.

    I look at this life as a learning laboratory for us to learn to deal with and overcome evil.

    So we suffer for now, but as you say, in the end good will triumph, the lamb shall lie down with the lion, the people will beat their swords into plowshares, and we will not learn war anymore.

  469. John K says:

    No. It's just a joke to use the Quran quote.

  470. everin says:

    What divine redemptions when God had created a dimension called "HELL" ?. Divid was in hell already, __Yr redemptions will be the amount of charity work u have done to help the needy people. Prayers after prayers is of no help as the Mo peolple had experienced. One illustration here : supposed u owe God one million USD n u keep begging God to forgive this debt. God says, "No.no. U do some charity work for me then only I will reduce some of yr debt, depening on the amount of the work u put in." Friend, there is no free lunch from Heaven. That is why the Christians n the Buddhists are doing lots of charity. Did yr YHWH people do it for the redemption of sins. NEVER ????? NO SWEATS NO GAINS.

  471. everin says:

    Whether u like it or not u are subjected to the Law of Karma. One example here: the Americans killed thousands of Red Indians n occupied their lands n the wealth in their land n these aggressors n descendants paid for these  n other karmic debts in the war of Independence from the British, the civil war, the Second World War n the wars of containment of Russia n China.  Cost : billions of lives n trillions of USD lost. So now the US is facing bankruptcy n forced to cut down on military expenditure n to sell jet planes n other military hardware  to the Muslims ( Saudi 3o bil. n Iraq 20 bil.), knowing the potential dangers.. So this is the sad story of a great nation, the land of milk n honey. No offence meant for this true story.

  472. everin says:

    John K,  Stupid, “ I almost convince u to become a Buddhist or a Johrei member” is more accurate.  I am surprised at yr poor knowledge of Islam. Did the Koran teaches the Law of Karma and Reincarnation ?????

  473. everin says:

    U may live to an old ripe age with yr sins but u will pay for them in yr next reincarnations.  That is why we see young people die of various diseases or in road accidents. We wonder what sins had they committed to deserve such fate. Only God  knows.  OK ?

  474. everin says:

    “Shakes the heaven and earth “  ?  What nonsense is this without clear directions n specifications ? Only u can believe this kind of BS.

  475. John K says:

    "Many are told that the OT is not about today"

    I will agree that the lessons of the Old Testament are valuable for our times, but if you take the route that it is all we need and that God would not give us prophets today, then you fall into the same trap as the Muslims claim that the Quran is a copy of an eternal book with Allah in heaven. If that were the case, why was the Quran revealed in stages in response to local situations in a small and insignificant Arab tribe in the desert? If the Quran or the Old Testament were all that are needed, why didn't God just give a copy to Adam in the Garden and just tell him to be sure to take good care of it because there's not going to be anymore information coming until the Lord returns at the Last Day?

  476. John K says:

    Scholars with far more access to historical data than you or I have proved Zoroastrian influence on Islam. For you or I to dispute that scholarship would require us to invest our lives in a review of the previous scholarship and evidence and a search for new evidence. I don't think either one of us want to change the direction of our lives to take on this task. Specialization is necessary for the advancement of society, and in things that are non-critical to our personal lives, we just have to take the word of competent scholars. Today's academic waters are muddied by corruption and political influence, but if you have a proper scholarly education, is it still possible to recognize who is practicing correctly and who is not as shown in this example from Daniel Pipes:

    Middle Eastern Studies: What Went Wrong?

  477. John K says:

    "jews are edomites the descendans of ESAU, and Hebrews Israelites are the descendants of JACOB the chosen people of YHWH"

    This is the kind of re-writing of history that makes you and your sect look odd. Jew means descendant of Judah, who is a son of Jacob, so that makes your whole story invalid. Hebrew = descendant of Eber, who precedes Abraham. Now if you can't get a simple thing like that right, it makes it impossible to have any credibility about the more convoluted interpretations you are giving.

  478. John K says:

    Charlee, you almost convince me to become a Muslim: "To you your religion and to me mine" 😀

  479. John K says:

    You need to spend more time reading this site and less time writing comments. The only reason this site exists is because these and other evils are taught in the Quran and the "perfect" example of Muhammad's life and teachings. Whether or not you agree with other religions, their followers do evil things in violation of the teachings of their religions while Muslims do these things in accordance with the teachings of their religion. Islam is a giant satanic conspiracy to protect the divine sanctioning of evil behavior.

  480. Lorraine Voss says:

    John K, alright I see what you meant routine but it is done all over this world some illegal and some not but these are the things that anger the Father YHWH for the lies of these religions and the dictators with their sick desires and rules is not what the Almighty intended for us. Though it tarry, it won't tarry it shall surely come. The end of this mess.

  481. Lorraine Voss says:

    everin, continued…..Many of us leave here who are innocent that did nothing ever wrong, and as prophesied in Isaiah 53v9, one of his the intercessor's job is to continue to pray to the Supreme El Shaddi YHWH for them. For he made his soul a sin offering as our intercessor to YHWH in Isaiah 53v10 hes been here since 1986 hes been praying for us, he found his 'seed' and as after the bombings over Lebanon(The Garden of Eden) in 2006, YHWH raised the intercessor to the public as The Lord Our Righteousness in Jeremiah 23v1-8, and as also prophesied in Isaiah 59,preferably vs.8-17. The work and the prayers are continuing on for us all this is his job the intercessor, Who hath believed our report? Yes, Right Now people.

  482. Lorraine Voss says:

    everin, there are many divine redemptions where people turned their lives around and prayed and things got better and better and they lived a full and happy life to their old age and watched their childrens children get on. David for instant he commited adultery then murdered, which started another great mess but with prayer and sorrows he eventully got it right and lived an old age watched his son Solomon reign to his death and so on. Then on the other hand Saul unfortunately stayed in trouble or should I say desires of his sins, and decided to take his own life. Some natural disasters are our fault we have to replenish this earth and we don't; we just take take and distruct to get money, oil what have you, but yes what we do can be what we get in the end. We are responsible for our own iniquities. You call it karma I say consequences. Jeremiah 31v30. Mo thats funny. YHWH bless.

  483. Lorraine Voss says:

    Arya Aand,, continued….being the chosen people of YHWH does not mean that YHWH does not care for the other nations. Its said all through the OT that the chosen are to bring the light unto the nations but the books transliteration say unto the Gentiles and this is true but, its just that it also said the 'nations' and this was taken out more by the jewish writings, this is the discernment I was speaking of and YHWH loves us all dear in Jeremiah 16v14-21. NOT ALL JEWS ARE COMPLICIT TO THIS ROBBERY, Daniel 11v14. This is a Spiritual War as YHWH told Moses and Joshua in Exodus 17v13-16, until this day and esau the real satan has been working this since the day of old. He and the internationl bankers since 1904 Rockefella, been busy they've been in dominion over this world, and now the queen has to bow.

  484. Lorraine Voss says:

    Arya Anand, This book of life the OT and the NT were rewritten by hellenistic jews that began around 200BCE after the last jewish revolt from Simond bar Kokbah in 135BCE, The jews who were in judaism made a deal with Constantine later after christianity was legalized by constantine in 311BCE and the mess began. One must know that jews are edomites the descendans of ESAU, and Hebrews Israelites are the descendants of JACOB the chosen people of YHWH and were in captivity after 161BCE taken from their borders in Psalms 137 the true "Israel' read Obadiah.Yes betrade by their own twin brother until this day so this book has to be discerned, YHWH is not none of those things you've said only until provoked to His anger with these lies from His enemy in Pslams 83.

  485. Lorraine Voss says:

    Arya Anand, What I should have expressed is the vast sorrows and pains and senseless lost of life from the hands of those who are greedy and wicked is one reason of why YHWH is bothered. This is not what He wants for us and this was not His intent for us to live by. YHWH wanted peace righteousness and love and more goodness for all. In Idolatry people tend to make up their own rules and beliefs this can take people to the wrong doings of thinking things like having a little child as a lover or mate and if it can get any worst I do not want to know.

  486. everin says:

    Didn’t the bible says “ God is light.”  If He doesn’t magnify His Light on u to save u,. then u want Him to kiss the soul out of u n take it to Heaven or Hell ? Please also read my long reply to John K.

  487. everin says:

    John,  When God had subjected u to the Law of Karma n Reincarnation, I am afraid u have little choice. Let say, u were a big crook n cheated a lot of money in yr previous life’s time. In this life u are very hard working n make a fortune. Then u married a pretty woman n this woman cheated all yr money n ran away with another handsome man.  Or u had a prodigal son who also cheated u of all yr money. These kinds of stories we are reading everyday in the newspapers. This is what the bible says “ u reap what u sow”. U think it is fun for God to let people die in drought , floods, fires, earthquakes, tsunami, wars, etc.  Since the dawn of history, human had been behaving badly in all directions, cheating, plundering, robbing, killing, raping etc.etc., as if they need not have to pay for their sins. God is fair to all n He has His accounting to do. The aggressors of the by-gone ages have became the victims of the present age. Don’t cheat yourself by believing that Jesus, or that YHWH, or Mo can relieve u from yr karmic debt if u have any. God had sent many great teachers, like Buddha, Jesus, Ali Sina n many others but did mankind really follow their teachings ? As I have said, u get what u deserved by Divine arrangement. God is hitting the earth harder n harder with baptism of fires n water.  Many “sinners “ may not survive beyond 2012. We should say “ Thank you , God, for cleansing my sin.”, after we have had met a misfortune. This is the supreme teaching.    

  488. Lorraine Voss says:

    Xossaa, in addition the scripture should be from Exodus 33v13-17 it was given to the people and Moses they found grace in the sight of YHWH.

  489. Lorraine Voss says:

    John K., although I do not condone religion the Zoroastrianism was not of any influence to Muhammad and I would have to agree with you that he was the sole inventor of Islam for Zoroastrianism I read was a faith of monotheistic belief. The Zoroastrianist were conquered by the Arabs, and everything went up for grabs after that, and there were no historical evolution is also correct it was pretty much whatever Muhammad desired to cause to develop from there on from his own twisted mind.

  490. John K says:

    Well, I agree with your assessment that the world is a mess, but I don't agree with your analysis.

  491. John K says:

    You need to understand more about Islam's mysogeny to understand why this is routine treatment of women in Islam. Spend some time reading here:

    Women in Islam

  492. John K says:

    What is a disgrace to humanity? Could you please articulate?

  493. everin says:

    >I could not find yr full message here. His name Is SU God, the Supreme God. Go n test the magnification of His Light to save mankind in this turbulent times.
    Do u know what events constitute the baptism of fire n water ? Did yr god inform u of this ?

  494. delyssandra says:

    Some girls begin to menstrate as early as 8 or 9. Does this mean that they are ready to be "bedded"? (eww)

    And these "western" 14 year old girls are more than likely impregnated by their boyfriends around the same age, not some old, unattractive Muslim man with whom she is forcibly raped.

    Both male and female young people begin to have sexual feelings for eachother. It is natural. ts just that in the "west" mothers and fathers will not behead their daughter because they have not been destroyed by Islam's evil, misogynist teachings.

  495. barney says:

    such a disgrace for humanity

  496. Ali Sina says:

    Did you read my book and still believe in Islam? Did you read all of it or got scared and stopped after reading a couple of chapters? If you read all my book and still are a Muslim you are the first person who has accomplished this feat. No one has ever done such thing. But I am not convinced. Will you meet me at Gchat so I can quiz you to make sure you actually read the book in its entirety? I then publish our discussion. If I quiz you about the book and you prove that you read the book but still want to be a Muslim I will not make that claim again. Furthermore, you say the book can cause doubt in those Muslims whose knowledge is limited but Alhamdulillah your knowledge is perfect and hence you were not swayed. Will you then impart your perfect knowledge to others so they too can be guided? I am asking you two things. One is to prove that you read the book and the other is to refute it. “I read it and it did not convince me” is not a convincing arguments for others. Tell them why you think I am misguiding people and prove me wrong.

  497. Lorraine Voss says:

    John K, OK why do they want her to prostitute is it for candy? For the ones who did this to her to go to the lengths of pulling out her fingernails these people are not only crazy from poverty they have gone completely in sane they want money and they have succumb to the forcing of the young brides or women or girls or child to get it for them using their youth. No real difference from America and many other countries they want either young girls or boys take your pick here we have child porn the world is gone mad sick and yes these religions promote it; they Islam Christianity, Catholic all, (pedophiles in all). Some just more often than others, or is it?

  498. Lorraine Voss says:

    John k, because it is not judaism, they were started in the 3rd kingdom and were who twisted this mess in the first place and christianity is an offshoot from judaism using idols; they then used ba'al against YHWH to bring Him to anger in 1 Kings 17 and 18 with the same story as jc that christians use today and christians still use Amen which was an Egyptian pagan ritual praise of the sun gods in the days of old Amen Sirapus, Amen Rah, and into the 3rd kingdom. So no it is the Spirituality for Life from YHWH what we use to have when this world was a true civilization, until the idolatry came and greed perversion magic,wickedness and evil came with it. Last time I checked 'civil' means peace gracious this world has neither.

  499. Lorraine Voss says:

    everin I see you did not say who this true god is and what type of magnification is this that we have today in poverty and greed, hate, and in difference, violence and racism of all kinds. Also, I told you I looked into the Johrei and I have the info you need to slow down, you sure you've done the Johrie? Life is patience you need some. For many the truth is a bit much its really not that hard sort of like responsibility, its much but right which takes again 'patience.'

  500. enlightened25 says:

    So our solution to this is YHWH killing us all? Or becoming slaves to YHWH and his law is that the solution? Do you believe what God says is good is good?

  501. enlightened25 says:

    How exactly are you going to enforce YHWH`S morality on others? As anyone with a brain knows their has never been a great "love movement" in history that hasn`t wound up killing millions.

  502. Lorraine Voss says:

    enlightened25, continued……look where that got us, to answer your question right here in a world that people are all about (me,I) a selfish species of thoughtless and worthlessness of Life. The beast have more respect to Life than we do. YHWHs wrath well that came after the fact that we showed that we have gone too far; child porn slavery mixed with religion 'The Good Ship Jesus' as said by Mr. F. Douglass, "the church bell rang the same time as the slave auction bell" prostitution, all forms of violence,greed, GMOs,boys being raped by priest popes, now this dates back even in YHWHs day, etc. etc. we are out of control. We have lost our spirituality of life, our humanity our sanity. Thats why we should do YHWH He knows whats best; it was a great civilization once for this what we have now is not 'civil'.

  503. Lorraine Voss says:

    enlightened25, its not about just doing what one wants to do, as in esau and jacob the birthright had a responsibility to it and esau did not give a ___ about responsibility he hated it and still do his descendants. This is why you say 'telling people what to do' you learn this from our society (me,I)there is much responsibility to living life peacefully righteously lovingly among millions of people there has to be a lot of thought to it, and man cannot do it by himself in Jeremiah 10v23, not possible, and is why we are in the wrongs of this world with all of its in differences greed poverty hate war there is no real order of peace and humanity and only YHWH can do this for He created it all so only He can know what is right. He gave us free will and…….

  504. Lorraine Voss says:

    dummy, the title of this is jc a prophet of islam what part of christianity of jc don't you get?, jc is of christianity isn't he? well then, other that the part asking that if he is a muslim jc is about christianity and muslim is about islam and both are religions of false content and idolatry against the spirituality of YHWH the Almighty Creator of Life and the Heavens and Earth what many of you call God, and is not His name its YHWH. stupid nabussa, learn to focus.

  505. John K says:

    If you don't want to follow instructions, you might hear from him, and you might not.

  506. everin says:

    NO, I did not feel bitter but fed up of yr mambo jumbo.  I  pity u for being bogged by this old n outdated “baggage” that made u talked plenty of BS. Receive the Divine Light n see the difference. THEN come n tell us how THE TRUE GOD has really magnified HIS power (LIGHT) on earth. ACTION IS MORE PRACTICAL THAN MERE LOUSY PREACHING. Click Johrei USA or johrei UK or Johrei ASIA to get the info.   O.K. ?

  507. Ijaz ahmed says:

    Well, I dont know why I have to talk to Joker's assistants , let the joker send the pdf first

  508. everin says:

    By hook n by crook.

  509. John K says:

    If you expect Dr. Sina to pay attention to your request, you have to follow the instructions here:

  510. John K says:

    Muhammad was leeching on Christianity, not vice-versa.

  511. John K says:

    You Muslims always follow the same pattern of belittling Dr. Sina's work and saying it is false. Since Dr. Sina quotes Quran and Sunna, I guess you are saying Islam is false. So why do you continue to be a Muslim?

    You practice Muslim Logic:

    The Koran advances a logical system. Truth is determined by revelation. No fact or argument may refute the Koran. Logical persuasion is based upon repetition and continued assertion. Another part of the persuasion is personal attacks against those who resist Islam. The Koran advances its argument through threats against specific people and groups. If persuasion fails, then force may be used to settle the logical or political argument.

    Another aspect of Koranic logic is the use of name-calling and personal insults to advance the truth. The Koran, with its poetical language and repeated threats and physical violence, bases its logic on emotions. Although its intellectual truth can be contradictory, the contradictions do not need to be resolved. Understanding apparent contradictions is a key to understanding Islamic logic. In unitary logic, a contradiction shows the theory or argument to be false. But in the Koran, a contradiction does not prove an argument to be false. What appears to be logical contradictions are statements of duality that offer two true choices, depending upon the circumstances. This is dualistic logic.

    How do we know the Koran is true? Because it contains the words of Allah. How do we know that these are the words of Allah? Mohammed said they were Allah's words. How do we know that Mohammed is Allah's messenger? Mohammed reported that Allah said that Mohammed is His messenger.

  512. John K says:

    This is not the degradation of poverty. This is the degradation of women in Islam.

  513. John K says:

    Don't get me mixed up with Enlightened25. He is asking you about threats.

    Your religion is what you believe, and you believe in the Torah. There's nothing wrong with that, but you are quite intolerant of others who are not the same as you, and your interpretations are strange compared to what we know about Judaism.

  514. Lorraine Voss says:

    John K, they do all the time, and what part of the words YHWH Our Righteousness is threatening?, but I have no religion, this is only living righteously and doing right by others and living peacefully and giving to those in need, and doing for others and loving those no matter their skin or culture, and eating right for ones health, is this a religion? I thought it was distinguishing humans from beast and we now know that even beast have some rules to the respect of life, more so than people do unfortunately, Its sad. Even you have to admit that religion has divided people to a great deal, and have caused many wars, right now, and its sad.

  515. Lorraine Voss says:

    everin I did not say YHWH did, I said He will MAGNIFY HIMSELF and just because you want it to happen right now as you though He did it already, it does not work like that it is only in YHWHs time for He knows all. I did check out the Johrei and its good stuff; and I suggest likewise for you seem very bitter. It will be OK. Ezekiel 34.

  516. Lorraine Voss says:

    Jeet, This is terrible and it says that they were forcing her into prostitution, how the degradation of poverty can have someone to come to this, I'm so ashamed of our world in letting things like this to happen to our children or anyone. But this is all over nobody cares people just want money, and they do not care how for this world does this to people, YHWH how long? Father YHWH How Long? "For the vision is yet for an appointed time but at the END it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry." Habakkuk 2v1-3. We are in the END times people. Things like this must stop the haves and the have nots, greed and poverty, and violence must end.But before it does I'm afraid there will be more things to happen like this all over the world for we are in the end times things seem to be getting worst especially 'GREED' which makes these kinds of things happen to us more.

  517. John K says:

    "Remember this is not a religion or belief please this is THE LORD OUR 'RIGHTEOUSNESS' "

    … according to your religion and belief.

  518. John K says:

    Freedom of choice is the key concept that explains God's willingness to tolerate man's inhumanity to man.

  519. John K says:

    You should be scared of hell too. That is exactly where God will put you for supporting violent and oppressive religion.

  520. John K says:

    Are you a woman deficient in intelligence? Do you know where that verse is?

    Do you have no education in Western Civilization and literary traditions?

  521. John K says:

    So now you are telling the Muslim world they are wrong? Is that why your rating is -59?

  522. Lorraine Voss says:

    When I watched the video on Jesus: A Prophet of Islam, and it seems to me that the Muslims are bidding on recruiting christians into Islam belief and vice versa. In short To draw in more followers into the Islam religion and from what I hear christianity is practiced in many other religions these days as well. Between Islam and Christianity they both are neck and neck in running after people to be for Muhammad and or Jesus and now Jesus is Muhammad's best friend it seems, and they are becoming joined in order to get many new members to follow either. Personally I know all religions are false; but this is unbelievable that the Muslims will go to any lengths to reach others to join them. The sad thing is it looks like its working. All religions will be dispelled in the day of the Creator YHWH.

  523. Ijaz says:

    well, let the Joker first send a copy of his PDF to [email protected]

  524. John K says:

    Well, nobody has been able to refute Dr. Sina after reading the evidence, but if you want to try, the procedure is on the Contact page:

  525. John K says:

    It's a crying shame.

  526. Ijaz ahmed says:

    we are throwing a challenge at your prophet.

    Mr Sina,
    send your PDF book to the following distro [email protected]
    inshallah we will refute your each and every claim.


  527. hernameismelina says:

    Dante's divine comedy was about a dream he got and later converted it into a book.a story with no proof.a dream that he claimed he had.so now r u trying to claim that dreams can be taken as solid proof?so by means that u want us all to be deluded bu out dreams?come on u can do better than that john k.delusional.

  528. hernameismelina says:

    For your info women can only be bedded once they reach puberty and we know that in the western world itself there are many girls having intercourse and having babies as early as fourteen yrs old.and reaching puberty also means a girl has developed a sexuality of her own.allahmualam.

  529. hernameismelina says:

    I read it and i was basically perplexed to know that a scholar such as urself is a very shallow and narrow minded person altho i would not be surprised if u said the devil eas ur accomplise when u wrote the book bcoz i have o admit with ur words u have a way to convince people.but the catch was that u might be able to convince those without knowledge and love for islam,those who r confused in islam and idiotically read the 1 book that would make them more confuse.fortunately mr sina im not 1 of those confuse people.i love allah swt and i love the peace that god has given me in life and i also love the fact that i have a solid guidance on how to live my life.u can sway those with doubts but insyaallah not those with real undying faith.

  530. hernameismelina says:

    Yes sure.im married to a muslim man too so i guess if u were going to say some crap about ur MUSLIM husband abusing u then im
    Very sorry i think u married the wrong man dearie.

  531. everin says:

    I didn't see how YHWH MAGNIFIES HIMSELF but a lot of mumbo jumbo from u. I begin to doubt your sanity. Go n receive Divine LIGHT from Johrei centre to relieve yr " spirit disturbance ".

  532. John K says:

    What if everyone else is telling you that you are misled by your religion or religious leaders?

  533. enlightened25 says:

    So you are not religious? Telling people what to do (with the threat of "YHWH" wrath if we don`t)sounds like religion to me.

  534. Lorraine Voss says:

    enlightened25, but none of these religions have worked in over 2000 years and they are worthless. They are idolatry and they divide and control people thats all and the ones that run them 'GAIN'' and abuse the others. Righteousness and peace and love is what we need if one return to their Creator YHWH and the spirituality to respect all life, and do the law then there can be the best life. But no one hears.

  535. Lorraine Voss says:

    continued…Your Father's name is not yahwey or yahwey its YHWH and He loves us and is jealous for us and begs us to come back in Isa.44v22, Isa. 45v21-25 and Malachi 3v7.Not just for Him but for our best life and YHWH knows whats best for us in Deut 32v45-47 His law is our life, and this is why He gave us His law how to eat live everything but people wanted to do it their way (whatever they wanted) so here we are today. He wants us to give Him love too and ours shall be doubled. He begs us in Isa.43v18-28 but as of today no one hears Him so we are doing this to ourselves. Blinded by nothings at the end of the day we should all want more from life and that is to truly live it in peace and righteousness and love with one another but we won't we will just keep cheating ourselves from the best life running to and fro for nothing making life harder than it needs to be its sad.

  536. Lorraine Voss says:

    enlightened25, first one must understand that man left his Father YHWH on his own free will, doing iniquities and idols (religions) anything you cherish more than life,and from wickedness, and we were not slaves to YHWH and YHWH is not religion like those you've mentioned. YHWH has no religion He is all spiritual and only brought war on those who were evil and wicked and will not be changed. But first people have to accept what they did to themselves by leaving the Creator YHWH and His law and righteousness and peace and with our free will we wanted to do what we desired and mankind cannot guide his footsteps on his own in Jeremiah 10v23. The suffering comes from the disobedience of our own decisions that we made so once one can accept their punishment in Leviticus 26, then one can realize that doing right is better than wrong by any measure, We live in a result of man doing wrong or his desires to each other many do not realize this until its too late or they do and don't care.

  537. Lorraine Voss says:

    everin, well who gave us the will power to do good or evil? Surely not ourselves nothing is old about YHWH what is old is the people continuing to think that they are in charge and control of things when they can never be, so this is why these things are happening people forgot who their Creator YHWH is being backwards and no religion has anything to do with YHWH its all spiritual and His day is nearing and His Plan of people using these false beliefs is His way to MAGNIFY HIMSELF and it is working out just fine, so no thanks. Many are becoming naked in their untruths and being showed by the world that they were of lies many, and this too is YHWH.

  538. Lorraine Voss says:

    Xossaa, correction read Isa. 42v1-10 and Isaiah 40, this is YHWH telling us about His servant that will be on the throne in the new kingdom and will rule for Him. Notice that YHWH calls him 'servant' for that is who he is only YHWH is King. In Isa.40 YHWH tells us that He teaches the servant in vs.10-15.

  539. everin says:

    As clever as Hitler, or Ghengis Khan ?

  540. everin says:

    What u are talking are the old, old teachings. Love or no love, the true God subjected u to the Law of Karma and Reincarnation. "U reap what u sow" sums up all yr old teachings. Discard the old n get the latest info from Buddhism, Mahikari n Johrei. And learn why God had subjected this earth to the baptism of fire n water for mankind's evil doings. That "YHWH" or God is patient with us is nothing but psuedo truth. Everything that happens on earth is by Divine arrangement, except mankind's willpower to do good, or evil.

  541. Lorraine Voss says:

    OMG, basically YHWH gave to us FREE WILL and His love unconditional love for us YHWH knew we would do this although He gives us mercy and grace and is letting us come back to Him on our own free will simply He wants us to wholeheartedly come back to Him with love for Him, and well this is what we got so far many do not hearken. YHWH is patient with us but we are doing this to ourselves mankind cannot do himself in Jeremiah 10v23 but he is backwards and stiff necked. But we are truly loved by YHWH and we abuse it over and over.

  542. Lorraine Voss says:

    continued……Yea! we are here now and many are awakening so this is why MANY DON'T KNOW YET but they will, its time the book of life, OT is open and YHWH is nearing, and His Arm is here.
    Remember this is not a religion or belief please this is THE LORD OUR 'RIGHTEOUSNESS' Jeremiah 23v1-8, PEACE not religion or beliefs nada Relax it is all Love for us.
    In Isaiah 27 YHWH is going to make peace with the leviathan, and I talked with a jewish messianic everything is in progress, but now if it is going to work Well…only YHWH knows for I personally and those who I know we do not do Jews, but they the ones in dominion the INTERNATIONAL BANKERS used to be Federal Reserve, have reached our yolk is broken from their neck prophesied in Genesis 27v38-41, have to make peace, 'Israel' with YHWH and not all jews are complicit to this but this is all another bigger problem so we are in a pickel a spiritual war.

  543. Lorraine Voss says:

    John K that is the key problem of today everyone is being mislead by the leaders and the priests pastors popes and elders and many are lead to read in the NT where much has been changed and many are told that the so called OT which is truly called the Book of Remembrance from the Almighty YHWH in Malachi 3v16; One must read it as early as Moses in Exodus 32 and 33 this book tells us about of life. Many are told that the OT is not about today and this is grossly wrong. Now here is the secret why, in Daniel 12v4 Gabriel told Daniel to seal up the book shut the words until the time of the end and in Isaiah 29v9-16 YHWH did this for many were misleading the flocks, and in Daniel 2v40 of his vision it was prophesied for the 4th kingdom until the end times.

  544. Lorraine Voss says:

    Rahul, YHWH knew that people would do this go astray but this is how much He loves us to trust unconditionally His love in us to do what is right. But many from their own free will do wrong, and dictate these religions such as Islam christianity buddism judaism all of them man has gone backward and the good thing is just like a parent He has given us all the rope to hang ourselves to bring about His Plan YHWH in His day so it is all the will of YHWH, and people believe that they are in charge but they're doing just what YHWH wants them to in order for Him to MAGNIFY HIMSELF in the last days from them being hardheaded. Also people like Ali Sina is doing a great job in waking up the people.

  545. Lorraine Voss says:

    Xossaa, the one that will reign on the throne is described as the servant, elect, David, raised from the seed of David in Isaiah 42,49, and 53 Jeremiah 23v1-8 and Jeremiah 31v31-40, there is no other name but David and the Branch or the house of David so how is this a cult or jesus when David is the name being used in these scriptures, and this is the true Word in the scriptures of the Old Testament the so called bible that they hid its name too from us, for YHWH calls it the Book of Remembrance in Malachi 3v16, read it from what you call the OT, the bible, these are not my words this is YHWH, and what they hid from us and refuse to teach, and is why YHWH is angered, and told many that his name is Lord, God, but this is not His Hebrew name its YHWH. And there is a sword on the earth from His anger in Jeremiah 25 since the days of old until now. Don't you want truth or your ears tickled?

  546. enlightened25 says:

    Why should we be slaves of yahweh? Why not Allah or thor or the hundreds of other dead gods? Why is it good for Yahweh to punish humans with death,suffering disease and so on and be a million times worse a terrorist than bin laden but if a human does it is bad? Why should i follow the commandments of Yahweh or more accurately his human representatives? Why should i worship Yahweh and not some other idols? "Before none of your printed idols do i bend acquiescence and he who saith "thou shalt" to me is my mortal foe".

  547. Lorraine Voss says:

    Arya Anand, YHWH loved us so much that He gave to us 'free will', to choose what we want but it must be righteous and He doesn't want us to leave Him and in many, scriptures your Father YHWH tells us that He is jealous for us and to not leave Him nor provoke Him to anger. Even if we make mistakes and do wrong we can still pray to Him for forgiveness as David has he use to get it wrong a lot he prayed and did right again and now his seed is still of the chosen covenant YHWH is merciful and He is giving us His grace in Exodus33v17,19. He had Moses from the very beginning to tell us this in Deut.29v20 and Deut.32v16-21. Mostly YHWH misses us as He says in Isaiah 43v18-28, YHWH made us for His own sake not for ours. As it appears the only thing will get any better is for Him to do His New Covenant for which He has prophesied that He will do in the future 'a new thing' in Jeremiah 31v31-40 to change our hearts for we are backwards and stiff necked.

  548. Lorraine Voss says:

    Continued…this means we all need to stop praising IDOLATRIES AND FALSE RELIGIONS ISLAM, CHRISTIANITY, JUDAISM BUDDISM,etc….LEAVING YHWH or His anger will continue upon this world this earth a sword in Jeremiah 25v16,27,30,31,32 is what we are living today since the days of old nothings changed people are still doing idols and wickedness perversion, hate, greed promoting poverty in difference racism,stealing,cheating, crime etc..YHWH will not tolerate wrong we must live righteously,and wrong is still here from the peoples disobedience against the Father YHWH doing what they want to do. So, it looks like it will only change with His day coming that burns like an oven in Malachi 4v1. Our leaders and high priest today are to blame in Malachi 2 but we all must be accountable for our own iniquities leaving YHWH in Jeremiah 31v30.

  549. Lorraine Voss says:

    Arya Anand, Are you saying this world is not in trouble?, since the coming out of Egypt the people went astray into idolatry for which YHWH not yahweh this is not His name, but YHWH gave them time to return to Him and not do idols as they had learned from the Egyptians since Josephs time there and then into the captivity of Egypt, and until this day YHWH had many of His prophets to say to us (all nations) to return all through the history in the book of life what you call the bible. It is all in the book of Isaiah and in Isaiah 44 He pours His heart out to us and its in other books but…even until now no matter how much He has punished the people we will not return and stop doing idolatry and wickedness in this world and many wonder why we suffer. Read Isaiah 43v3,11, and 43v25, and 44v22 we are redeemed from sins, they are forgiven.YHWHs day is nearing.

  550. John K says:

    The Torah is read by billions across the world, yet your belief system is an oddity, not even mainstream Judaism.

  551. Lorraine Voss says:

    In addition: YHWHs enemy is also in Psalms 83 of esau moab edom these are tribes ok I'm done, live right and do right to others and do the law in Malachi 4v4 says YHWH. Peace…and the name Lorraine is not a him and I think who said that knows it lol. Peace peoplebye Praise YHWH.

  552. Lorraine Voss says:

    The enemy prophesied in Genesis 27 of esau,of the Father YHWH Exodus 17v14-16 for generations used these religions Islam Christianity with their flattery making jc as a good person to follow and what is said is nice but in retrospect it is to turn people from the true Savior Creator YHWH the only son that He Himself ever confessed to is in Exodus 4v22,23, and those behind this flattery the hellenistic jewish writers in the 2nd and 3rd centuries writing, then finally Christianity became legal and forced by Constantine in 311 the beginning of the 4th century, prophesied in Daniel 11v36-39, to 'GAIN' and divide the lands and control the masses. I had a jewish messanic just tell me their history that they made a deal with Constantine, and Muhammad used anything to pursuade people to believe that He was their during the building of the tabernacle to 'GAIN' and to use women and mostly little girls prophesied in Daniel 11v42,43. Regardless if one believes YHWH will MAGNIFY HIMSELF from this and the gentiles will say in Jeremiah 16v14-21 and where is the prophecy in the OT of jc with his actual name huh?

  553. Lorraine Voss says:

    Frankie Lee, I meant Isaiah 2 vs. 19-22. Working hard for the Father YHWH and it is a blessing to be part of His Word and to Do.

  554. Lorraine Voss says:

    Arya Anand yes he seems like a nice man but this has angered the real and true Creator YHWH for His anger is with the priest popes pastor elders rabbis misleading flocks in Malachi 2, Ezekiel 20, Jeremiah 23v1 and many other scriptures telling them to tell the truth but they won't their making too much $ so the day of YHWH is nearing.

  555. Lorraine Voss says:

    John K yes they all work together the evil of Islam and all other religions work together to divide people the land and to ''GAIN'

  556. Lorraine Voss says:

    John K it was in the Hebrew text I WILL BE WHO I WILL BE now that sounds more like your Father YHWH. I do not do multiple deities sorry Only One made the Heavens and the Earth and the Waters and the Living so Hes the ultimate for me, and Loves us all, Hes so jealous for us all to come back to Him right NOW but He knows we won't so His Plan will have to do, and I do not need another.

  557. Lorraine Voss says:

    John K. depending on man and doing what a man said to do in the NT so here we are accept the punishment in Leviticus 26. But until the leaders and we return to YHWH well this is it for us but He will come to straighten it all out but this is a day that I would not wish on a ***. But as I said this is all of the Creators YHWHs Plan since we thought we were so smart and still we snuff HIM and praise another.

  558. Lorraine Voss says:

    John K, why would I do that ASSUME? These are not my words, when the scriptures from YHWH through His prophets tells us what YHWH wants and does in Amos 3v7. I go by YHWHs Word if He says Do the Law and do not change His Word then that is what I do but these religions has told the flocks to do what they desire for 'GAIN' to keep you coming back for 'GAIN' Malachi 2, Ezekiel 20 of these popes priest elders rabbis misleading us these scriptures are not in the book of life the OT for nothing the leaders are witholding the truth. The Father YHWH knows us knows what we need for He made us so we need to do what He says but we won't so this is why the sword and His anger is upon us in Jeremiah 25 and none of these religions has made any progress it has gotten worst in the world greed poverty hate etc. We left YHWH and did this ourselves.

  559. Lorraine Voss says:

    Frankie Lee, correction…..Isaiah 19-22 sorry but this will be for all to see.

  560. Lorraine Voss says:

    OMG this is what happened when people went astray doing what they want to, and leaving Him the Father YHWH. For thousands of years He let us have abundance we all had land the best of food silver and gold and health beyond ones imagination but one day we all decided to go against Him with IDOLATRY and wickedness, and no matter how many thousands of years of warnings He gave to us we wanted to leave the righteousness and the law and do what man said to do and now this is what we got man cannot direct his own footsteps Jeremiah 10v23. A sword is upon the earth in Jeremiah 25 of His anger and He still begs us to return in Isaiah 43, 44, and Malachi 3v7 but we won't, and His wrath will go on until He comes in His day and a New Covenant will be in Jeremiah 31v31-40 read it. But now his flocks are being mislead in Jeremiah 23v1, Eze.20, and Malachi 2, by these rabbis priest popes and pastors is also why for they could be telling us the truth but they won't your Father YHWH is a jealous Father you never leave Him and we have.

  561. Lorraine Voss says:

    Xossaa, YHWH does nothing without His prophets or servants in Amos 3v7, He has no secrets from us. Malachi is the last prophet that was prophesied from YHWH in the book of life so called OT the Book of Remebrance in Malachi 3v16 for us to R E M E B E R YHWH is what YHWH left for us. Then to confirm it YHWH says He changes not so therefore the sons of Jacob are not consumed in Malachi 3v6, and for us to return to Him in Malachi 3v7, this was our last request from YHWH through Malachi. This Word is for all. You said John is the baptist but it says the gospel according to John and it does not say that he was prophesied from YHWH. Then it says in John 1v17 it says"the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by jesus; Well, in Exodus 32 Moses did have the law, that was given by YHWH, and also in Exodus 33v16 Moses had the grace, and in Exodus 33v17 the Creator YHWH gave grace to Moses not jc.So, as I said it won't matter for do as you will YHWHs Plan is to Magnify Himself from these lies in the day that the earth will terribly shake in Isaiah 2v19-22 many will know then.

  562. Lorraine Voss says:

    truth your Father and Creator has a name and it is not God it is YHWH not yahweh not Lord but YHWH and in His day He will let us all know it, and sanctify His name in Ezekiel 36v22,23, in the day of YHWH, and it is nearing. Zakariya and many of you won't have to care, for this is your Father YHWHs Plan to MAGNIFY HIMSELF with so keep doing as you will for this is just what He wants. It all goes together these false religions Islam Christianity Judaism and the others as prophesied for the 4th kingdom 'now' in Daniel 11v36-39, and 11v42,43, and the Creator YHWH to glorify YHWH off of them in the end for all the nations to see. Praise YHWH.

  563. Lorraine Voss says:

    Frankie Lee, continued……Remember YHWH changes not in Malachi 3v6. And anything this important as was in the book of Daniel where Gabriel was there for this prophecy in Daniel it is about today the 4th kingdom and we are in the 4th kingdom it warn us of what is to come. You asked what scripture is better than paul, hes right there needs to be a breakaway but it needs to be from ALL RELGIONS, Islam Christianity Judaism etc., if he were truthful as YHWH says that He does not condone any of them YHWH made Life and all things He don't need them to tell us His Word. But many have left the only Creator YHWH and as He knew we would so as I said in His day He will MAGNIFY HIMSELF and let us know in the day the earth is terribly shaken in Isaiah 2v18, then one will see who is to be praised and this is the only Plan for a breakaway it will be from the Almighty YHWH. No man is to change His Word.

  564. Lorraine Voss says:

    Frankie Lee, one should be honest in mathew it does not say that Gabriel visited mary it just says the angel of the Lord mimicking the OT, and we all know that Lord is not the Father's name for they who wrote this nt took His true name out 6800 times to keep us from knowing Him. When YHWH sends His angels their names are given or many people see them to witness the Word from YHWH especially something as big as the birth of the so called son of the Father YHWH in which if one reads in Exodus 4v22,23 YHWH said His son and firstborn is 'Israel' and there cannot be two firstborn sons Wake up,

  565. Lorraine Voss says:

    Frankie Lee, Who is Paul, was he prophesied by the Father YHWH not at all, these men prophesied themselves just as men who are lofty and haughty will do just as Muhammad and any other dictators. Paul cannot change the law of YHWH especially if YHWH told us He changes NOT in Malachi 3v6, but do as you will for in the last days this is how YHWH will MAGNIFY HIMSELF with the false religions this is all His Plan in the end.

  566. John K says:

    You follow the typical Muslim pattern of derogating people rather than bringing facts. If you want to challenge the Quran translation, you have to bring your analysis of the Arabic.

  567. John K says:

    I think you have to agree that most every religion in the world believes in doing what is right, so there is no reason to assume you have a monopoly on righteousness.

  568. John K says:

    Well, the thing is that you have to have some precision about what mentally ill means. The old words like crazy and insane are not very descriptive or helpful. Today psychiatry may not be an exact science like physics and chemistry, but it is nevertheless considerably more structured than it has ever been before. So you have to look at the criteria for each mental illness and evaluate their application to the subject in mind. You need to read Dr. Sina's book to see why and how Muhammad fits NPD, TLE and OCD among others. After you read Dr. Sina's book, you will see Muhammad more clearly than you have ever seen him before.

  569. Arya Anand says:

    Why should idolatry bother Yahweh if he is God and creator of this vast universe? Does it make sense for a rational god who is the creator of the vast universe of ours and any other trillions of universes like ours, to desperately want to be known and worshiped by humans, that too, humans only who are not even a drop in the ocean as compared to the vastness of the universe and not other creatures and be offended and insanely punish them if not worshiped or praised by them or if they worship idols in their ignorance or foolishness.

  570. Arya Anand says:

    I agree with you in that Jesus is not God. Jesus has nothing to do with Christian dogmas/doctrines and it is the so-called followers of Jesus who invented Christianity and not Jesus. Jesus either is a myth or was a man of noble character who really existed but overly exaggerated and deified by his so-called followers. Jesus is a respectable figure in human history if he really existed.

  571. Arya Anand says:

    Christianity is a man made religion like all other religions. Yahweh exhibits all human qualities like being jealous, angry, vindictive, vengeful, terrific, obsessive with glory and praise from his subjects, dictatorial,etc,etc. So Yahweh is too concerned with human affairs and hence seems to be a figment of imagination of humans,i.e Jews. Yahweh prefers Jews over all other humans. Is he God of humanity? Nay, he is a god invented by Jews for Jews.

  572. Arya Anand says:

    Why should Yahweh create us and then redeem us? Redeem us from what? What play is this?

  573. Truth says:

    I am totally disagree that Muhammad was a mentally sick man. He was a very clever guy and business mined he saw a big business opportunity in making a religion which came with mix of existing religion. By this he got money power woman. A mental sick man can never make a great plan. But the Muslim (God give brain upon them) are mostly with out brain they can not realized that there forth fathers where torchered and forcefully converted to Islam. but they believe in Mohammad business which he gave name Islam

  574. truth says:

    God bless you

  575. Lorraine Voss says:

    Remember to first read Job to understand his first family they were bad not lawful were whores sorry but Job unconditionally loved them but….YHWH well oh and YHWH gave them lots of chances(years) to do right. It may sound boring to some but we can all live better and together this way.

  576. Lorraine Voss says:

    John K. continued….Remember to first read Job to understand his first family they were bad not lawful were whores sorry but Job unconditionally loved them but….YHWH well; oh and YHWH gave them lots of chances(years) to do right. It may sound boring to some but we can all live better and together this way. There are good ways to have fun with one another right?

  577. Lorraine Voss says:

    John K. I trust in YHWH to do what is right, and He does want us to live righteously is all He says in His law and it is not a religion or belief it is our life to prolong it in Deut.32v45-7,and live well for ourselves and others is what I know I am doing. What is wrong with doing right? No lying or swearing or cheating or hating or greed and to eat the way we are suppose to eat clean, and be humble loving and giving and sharing to each other help the poor, not to covet another man's property or wife or wives, I mean all this and more towards one another no matter the skin or cultures. Is not this why the world is the way it is today that we won't do right by each other? What is so hard about doing right?, and all the Father YHWH ask from us is to rest on Sabbath, Exodus 20, and remember theday of leaving Egypt, and the lost ones of the passover once a year,for it was devastating. This is not asking much to have in return a full life as Job's was in the end right?

  578. Lorraine Voss says:

    Mr. Sina, what I am asking you is this since you are an expert on the Quran, and if you know the Torah has any of your research of what is man inserted into this book or what YHWH truly had the prophets in the Torah to write can please prove that YHWH did not say this, I know this is not YHWH this was done by these sick men it had to be. For the rest of His laws are so pure and good for us to live righteously then why would this be? I hate those hellenistic jews who translated the lies such as taking YHWHs name out, or saying ' born of a virgin' when it was truly 'almah' in the Hebrew book or replacing (gioy)nations with Gentiles in the wrong places tricks, but what can you do?. I pray that this scripture is also false or wrong somehow, in Leviticus 21v9.

  579. Lorraine Voss says:

    Ali Sina, I know that I have just blew up you site with being against Religions including Islam, but something close to heart had me to say this to you if you do not mind? I follow the law, and of course the Torah was tampered with and many transliterations are there in the book of life. For which I'm sure you know that YHWH calls this book the Book of Remembrance in Malachi 3v16. Many people think because I do the law that I'm a Jew, but I am Hebrew Israelite and I have been told of some miswritten words and phrases that were proven to be either used wrong in the book of life. To make my point I believe that one scripture in Levitucus that hurts me to my heart is in Leviticus 21v9 to burn the daughter of a priest if she is caught whoring, I read your writing on this and I did not believe it, and now this I pray that this is a misworded or phrased transliteration and I pray on this to YHWH in hopes that He gives me guidance or the truth about this scripture as being written wrong by His enemy to mislead people in my heart I truly believe this man put this here not YHWH.

  580. Lorraine Voss says:

    Xossaa, every scripture that I gave was from the so called bible the Old Testament, its true name from YHWH who you people call God,Lord which is not His name, but He named this book of life, and it is called the Book of Remembrance in Malachi 3v16, read it.The title tells you it was for us to R E M E B E R YHWH the Creator, and what He had said and taught to us, and what He wanted us to do. YHWHs name was removed by His enemy in Pslams 83, and in Exodus 17v14-16, from the book of life (bible) the OT, 6800 times so that we won't know Him. look it up for yourself. YHWH gave us free will to do right by not wrong but many do wrong so soon He will come in the last days and let us know Him again, and He will sanctify His name in Ezekiel 36v22,23, read it. These are not my words this is YHWH in the OT,or what they have in the book of life as his name Lord God but this is NOT HIS NAME!!! What do you want from me?

  581. Lorraine Voss says:

    Xossaa, the rock is called Kaaba from Mecca or in Mecca but this they believe came from the heavens from Adam and Eve.

  582. Lorraine Voss says:

    Xossaa, they bang their heads to a rock told to be made from the tabernacle of Abraham or Moses, or a temple I cannot recall but I know it is a piece of rock. And it is not what YHWH said for them to do. They were mislead by Muhammad the fool and abuser to control them and rule them and it worked. That's the devil the satan Muhammad. Poor people, but thanks to people like Ali Sina to help them wake up.

  583. Lorraine Voss says:

    nabussa YOU ARE TRULY SILLY. Obviously my post has not deterred ALI SINA FOCUS on his cause what is your problem I think you need meds to focus. Go ahead get the help we won't tell many need help these days especially from the abuse of Religions like ISLAM AND CHRISTIANTIY AND ALL OTHERS. And looks like you may need to consult your doctor.

  584. Lorraine Voss says:

    Xossaa, said who a mere man, or the Almighty YHWH El Shaddi? if not, I'm sorry for those who believes this, it is all IDOLATRY WAKE UP told to us in Daniel 11v37-39, but no you do not have to follow YHWH do as you will that's fine, for this is His plan what was prophesied for when many believe Religions so that YHWH can MAGNIFY HIMSELF from all of these lies and evil of Religion like ISLAM,CHRISTIANITY AND JUDAISM ALL, in the last days, and those of you who put another over Him will get to see in that day when He shakes terribly the earth in Isaiah 2v19, who the Creator is YHWH. And in Isaiah 44 YHWH does pour out His love for us to come back to Him, in Isa.44v21,22 and in Isa.44v24-27 He tells us all the nations not just His chosen Who He is to us.

  585. Lorraine Voss says:

    nabussa, well if you care about this fact then you should want to know its origin and history and how it got to the people in the first place. And I trust that Mr. Ali Sina, is capable of following a simple conversation as such for again as I said; I have not only talked about jc what you people call jesus, I have also talked about Muhammad as being nothing but a fool, and that ISLAM IS IDOLATRY, ALL RELIGIONS ARE, and yes Muhammad was a sick individual, and so are many of these rulers of religions controlling the masses. I do not see how saying all religions are Idolatry is keeping Mr. Sina from the truth about ISLAM, IT IS A RELIGION ISN'T IT?, THEN flow with the conversation I do think if you do not mind that I am agreeing with Mr. Sina about Islam its evil; so what's your problem can't focus? Look up your history and you will see that how do you think Islam began through Judaism and Chritianity, according to the prophecy in Daniel 11v39 and 11v42,43 it is talking about both Islam and Christianity as wicked idolatries and jc was part of it weird dude.

  586. Lorraine Voss says:

    nabussa, I have not only talked about jc what you people call jesus, I have also talked about Muhammad as being nothing but a fool, and that ISLAM IS IDOLATRY, ALL RELIGIONS ARE, and yes Muhammad was a sick individual, and so are many of these rulers of religions controlling the masses. I do not see how saying all religions are Idolatry is keeping Mr. Sina from the truth about ISLAM, IT IS A RELIGION ISN'T IT?, THEN flow with the conversation I do think if you do not mind that I am agreeing with Mr. Sina about Islam its evil; so what's your problem can't focus? Look up your history and you will see that it relates, how do you think Islam began through Judaism and Christianity, according to the prophecy in Daniel 11v39 and 11v42,43 it is talking about both Islam and Christianity as wicked idolatry dude.

  587. Lorraine Voss says:

    Xossaa, I did not forget to ask you how did John get to be prophesied as a prophet?, for if it is not by the Word of the Father YHWH as said that He does nothing without His prophets in Amos 3v7, for YHWH has no secret from us. Many people may call someone a prophet but it has to be validated first by YHWH the Almighty. And most people today who are thought of as a prophet or messenger and or anointed, of YHWH who you people call GOD, those people are usually modest and humble about it, most of the time denying it or not commenting on it being modest, or they may say thank you but…..and give the praise to the higher One YHWH, and do not officially claim these titles for they have an anointed spirit that tells them to wait for the Word of the most High to call them to that title. Many do not boast such things for fear of the Creator YHWHs permission first. So, if John is calling himself this without any prophecy from YHWH then He has already met His maker for as said in Isaiah 2, many of the proud, and lofty, and haughty men, will be brought 'LOW.' by YHWH in the last days.

  588. Trey Songz says:

    Islam honours women.

  589. truth says:

    I am totally disagree that Muhammad was a mentally sick man. He was a very clever guy and business mined he saw a big business opportunity in making a religion which came with mix of existing religion. By this he got money power woman. A mental sick man can never make a great plan. But the Muslim (God give brain upon them) are mostly with out brain they can not realized that there forth fathers where torchered and forcefully converted to Islam. but they believe in Mohammad business which he gave name Islam

  590. truth says:

    I am totally disagree with you that Muhammad was a mentally sick man. He was a very clever guy and business mined he saw a big business opportunity in making a religion which came with mix of existing religion. By this he got money power woman. A mental sick man can never make a great plan. But the Muslim (God give brain upon them) are mostly with out brain they can not realized that there forth fathers where torchered and forcefully converted to Islam. but they believe in Mohammad business which he gave name Islam

  591. Hatespeech says:

    There is no problem with the qu'ran in arabic, but it can be translated by anyone i'm ok with this statement, but translation != qu'ran, see :
    First of all there is no verses who allow MARRIAGE to pre-pubescent girls, you talk about an english translation concerning divorce who might be ambiguous without context (I explained this shit about preg etc), nice logic bro.
    You are using a self modified verse (or modified by one of your fanatic friends idk) and answer with an article written by a fanatic?

    Really? I came here to debate, but all i see is a gigantic circle-jerk filled with huge zealotry.

  592. nabussa says:

    man I don't know who or what you are, but for sure you are a useful idiot, or a mozlim to ur teeth. I mean hear we are trying to get the necked truth from the expert (thanx to Ali Sina ), about a sick man whom he forced people to live & believe his delusions, & you are doing your best to divert the conversation away from the theme, look Mr or Miss or whom you are I don't care what whom or who was {jc} that you idiot claim you know about, all I care about is the fact..the fact is Muhammad was a sick man & the subject end here you fool

  593. John K says:

    I like that. It reminds me of Ria who said that Jesus' teachings are worthy of our adoration.

  594. Zakariya Razi says:

    Zakairya Razi is more inclined to become a person like Jesus than just becoming his follower (Christian). He is not a religious person, as like Jesus – who was also not a religious person. If Jesus were a religious person, he would have been a Jewish Rabbi, right? He would have not said that he is the Son of the God. Zakariya loves and believes in Jesus only because it gives him wisdom, teaches him to be a better human being. Zakariya Razi do not claim to be a good Christian. He is just in love with the teachings of Jesus (who was maybe a myth or maybe a real person – Zakariya do not care).

  595. John K says:

    While I generally support the concept of scholarly translations being sufficient in discussing Islam, it is cases like these where the original Arabic must be consulted to establish a position. Some translations are whitewashed either by a non-Muslim who is shocked by what the Arabic says and cannot believe a holy book would say such things, or by a Muslim who doesn't want these teachings revealed to the non-Muslim West.

    Similarly, it must be realized that not all Arabic Qurans are identical either. For further information, see the discussion and videos in this article:

    The Infallibility of the Quran

  596. John K says:

    Muhammad hoped that by including Christianity and Judaism in his new religion that he would get more converts. When that didn't happen, he stopped telling bible stories and talked more about them being condemned to hell, and later killed for unbelief.

  597. John K says:

    Last mortal biblical prophet was Peter, from whom the Catholics claimed to receive the priesthood authority. However, since John was promised to not taste of death, John would be the last biblical prophet if you accept that teaching, which would also be grounds to disavow Peter transferring his authority to someone other than a living apostle. So it would be John's decision not to perpetuate the apostleship during his time by calling and ordaining more apostles as they did in the book of Acts. This would be the church fleeing into the wilderness as spoken of in Revelation.

  598. John K says:

    Well, she's got her deities mixed up anyway. Jesus was accused of blasphemy for declaring he is that I AM, or Jehovah, our English rendering of YHWH. This is most often rendered as Lord or Lord God in the Old Testament. God the Father to whom Jesus prayed, Our Father which art in heaven, is Elohim, most often rendered in the Old Testament as God.

  599. John K says:

    Okay. I thought you were saying he does not redeem our sins.

  600. John K says:

    But to you everything is idolatry except your own belief.

  601. John K says:

    While I agree with you and disagree with Lorraine, let's please not call people's religions a cult when we disagree with them. Cults have specific professionally defined characteristics as defined in Dr. Sina's book.

    Yes, Islam is a cult according to those criteria.

  602. Zakariya Razi says:

    Thanks truth. Ali Sina is the prophet of an unseen world. A world which is unseen by real. He is the prophet of the INTERNET. Zakariya Razi thanks Ali Sina for his help (for which Ali Sina didn't ask for any submission or even money) to make him see the truth about Islam and in the fight of getting free from the shackles of falsehood and deception (i.e. Islam). Zakariya Razi is thankful to Jesus for saving his soul (Zakariya needs a God, he is not that brave to live a life without believing in God). However, Jesus was also free (Jesus didn't ask for anything from Zakariya also, not submission nor money). It proves the old saying… the best things in life are free.

  603. Lorraine Voss says:


  604. Lorraine Voss says:

    CONTINUED…..LORD is not His true name read in Ezekiel 36v22,23 YHWH will express to us His hurt for His name He knew this would be this is all to magnify HIMSELF so they the enemies were puppets they thought they were clever taking His name out of the book of life but they did just what YHWH needed them to. WAKE UP it time. I read and studied the book of life from Genesis – Malachi and learned that YHWH does not change in Malachi 3v6, and in the nt it changes His Word so here I am, no one else is with me I read the truth thats all. People forgot to read the front of the book and relied on these popes priest pastor rabbis elders who mislead them as Malach 2 and Ezekiel 20 tells us. YHWH Bless.

  605. Lorraine Voss says:

    Spirituality, is no cult its Love its all around you what YHWH gave to us thats beautiful the earth the trees the animals the flowers the mountains the oceans, and more…this is all of us, and we have lost that now, All I can say is go read, it look it up, YHWH tells us all through the book of life which is really what the OT is its called Book of Remembrance in Malachi 3v16 by YHWH, many are lost and this is why He left this book for us to R E M B E R, if you read all of the scriptures that have the seed of David,servant,elect, David and the Branch, the house of David, it does not tell you any name that it is going to be for the new ruler on earth except in Jeremiah 23v1-8 and it says, and he shall be called THE LORD (YHWH) OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS, now I put YHWH in the middle because His Hebrew true name was removed from the book of life the OT over 6800 times by His enemy Psalms 83,so that we will be lost and fooled by deceit and not know HIM YHWH.

  606. Lorraine Voss says:

    well don't respond. and this is not mine it is 'Jordan Maxwell's' sorry about the missing quotes; but the RELIGIONS ARE IDOLATRY IS MINE, AND FROM WHAT THIS SITE DOES IS TALK ABOUT HOW TERRIBLE the ISLAM RELIGION IS WELL, I TOTALLY AGREE ITS IDOLATRY.

  607. Lorraine Voss says:

    If the Father YHWH is the Creator of All living and earth,He made jesus then what say you?, and in Isaiah 40 YHWH will tells us whos teaching who, read it. He is teaching the new upcoming servant and ruler over the earth, and he the servant will rule for YHWH not the other way around. Why can't He take away sin He made it. Don't be mislead read, Isaiah 42v.5-10. YHWH Bless.

  608. Lorraine Voss says:

    John K. what do you mean what about it, YHWH says He has redeemed our sins and Has saved us in Isaiah 44v22 and In Isaiah 43v3,11,14, He specifically tells us so and all of Isaiah 44 YHWH pours His heart out to us all not just Israel to us all this is how they tripped people up the Gentiles, making them think that nothing is for them YHWH made them didn't He? Well, they too but yes scripture Jeremiah 16v16-21 say that the children of Israel will be the light unto the Gentiles, umm, this is what I'm trying to do here AWAKEN many to the truth all He wants for us is to Do The Law Exodus 20 and Sabbath Leviticus 23, passover Exodus 12 and eat right and live right by your loved ones, and do right by others,and love others regardless of skin and cultures etc., how hard can that be? unless you want to do wrong. Its all spiritual goodness. YHWH Bless.

  609. Lorraine Voss says:

    Yes we all will surely die so what of it is this not what happens everyday to people, we die. But, if we eat GMOs and unclean meats, and blood for they make chicken nuggets with the drained blood from the butchered chickens, and his beak and guts and dirty stuff, and just give it to our children and people they donot care its cheaper and makes them more money 'greed.' So to eat right and live righteously we can live a prolonged life here on this earth although there are other things in this world that are unbearable for sure to live with crime hate poverty in difference greed etc. and it is hard to try and live righteously in todays world but we must try, or do you suggest that we all just go and do whatever we please tif for tat? The Father Knows All and when we do the right thing believe me He knows us.So to live a fulfilled and happy healthy life and enjoy your loved ones for generations is more than money and things to me what say you?

  610. Claude says:

    The Qur’an and Hadiths say that Jesus is a word from Allah, a spirit from Him. He is born of the virgin Mary, the greatest women in this world and in the world to come. He spoke while he was still in his craddle, he created living doves from clay, made numerous miracles, healed the blinds and the lepers, raised the deads, chased the devils, did not sin, did not die and was elevated alive to the Heavens from where he will come back the day of the Judgement when all Jews will be eliminated by Muslims. (And Jesus himself is a Jew …but it matters not !)

    Wow !!! And in spite of that, Muhammad, whose father and mother burn in Hell (Muslim B.001, N.0398), the thief-prophet the

    murderer-prophet, the sinner, not sure of his own salvation, the liar, the man who married a six years old child, his stepdaughter and twelve other women, the man who traded slaves, the man Satan lead into error, the prophet who thought of suicide, was greater than Jesus.

    Can you figure that out ? For believers as for agnostics or atheists, all this is illogical, nonsensical, absurd, except for Muslims. “Allah set a seal on their hearts and on their earing, and on their eyes is a veil; great is the penalty they (incur)”. I think this is the only one divine verse of the Quran !

    Jesus was not a prophet of Islam. His nature, his teachings and his life are opposite to those of Muhammad. Muhammad deluded himself. Yes, he had a narcissist personnality. He was by no mean a “man of God”. There is no similitude, no continuity between the message of Jesus and the one of Muhammad. Muslims, in fact, reject Jesus and his teachings. They just pretend to believe Jesus is a great prophet but it’s not true. The Quran is full of contadictions and Muslims are as confused as their Quran.

  611. Claude says:


    All What you say does not interest me (us ?) at all.

  612. Hatespeech says:

    @John K : Ahaha, nice fraudulent quote of the qu'ran, here is the real verse :
    65:4 And for such of your women as despair of menstruation, if ye doubt, their period (of waiting) shall be three months, along with those who have it not. And for those with child, their period shall be till they bring forth their burden. And whosoever keepeth his duty to Allah, He maketh his course easy for him.

    Basically, you can't divorce from a woman from the moment she know she is pregnant till 3 month after the birth of the child.
    Also, menopause.
    Qu'ran don't allow marriage to pre-pubescent girls, if you don't think so please feel free to quote, and please no more fraudulent verses i can google it very easily.
    Is all of your rhetoric based on modified verses?

    @Verdi : Can you read?
    "Hey John K, let's talk about that "pedophilia" part. Maybe you don't know but there is a little problem : arabs at this time kept track of "birthdate" with a special reference, for aicha bukhari raported : "Aishah was born in the 4th year of the Prophethood" so she has no "real" numerous birthdate, but we know that she died at age of 67 in 672 and married in 625.
    Can you do the math?

    Also, fun fact, the muslim and bukhari source is the same : Hisham bin Urwah, that's not what I call "reliable". "
    In islam the only source is the qu'ran, but for me every religion is bullshit, islam is not more or less evil than christianity or judaism, i just hate people like you, like i hate israel gov, like i hate hamas, like i hate iran gov, like i hate mossad.

  613. Xossaa says:

    Father YHWH cannot take away your sins, only Jesus can.

  614. Xossaa says:

    Lorraine, you are from the CULT , you are telling not the truth about the Bible.

  615. Xossaa says:

    This is not jesus this is the seed of David of YHWH the Creator His servant His elect yes the seed of David who will be raised upon the throne in Jerusalem and Judah Israel……….

    You are from the cult, the same with islam with those lies.

  616. Xossaa says:

    Last but foremost, people we angered the Father YHWH when we went to these idolatries idols…..

    muslims bang their head to the ground, no idols and God in front of them, whom they are worshipping to? Satan or devils.

  617. Xossaa says:

    CONTINUED…not any born of a holyghost or holyspirit, YHWH is the Holy Spirit; and all we ….

    It is Jesus who send the Spirit of God to Christians only, not YHWH. John 14:16

  618. Xossaa says:

    In Isaiah 44, YHWH pours out His Heart to us???? oh when?? what are the benefits ???

    All power in heaven and earth is given to Jesus . Matthew 28:19

    Jesus sent the Spirit of God to Christians only , the Church is formed. John 14:16

    Only the Church can enter Kingdom of God. All prophets cannot enter Kingdom of God. Luke 7:28

    Malachi cannot enter the Kingdom of God, he is lower than the Church.

  619. Xossaa says:

    That man was processed by spirit of Satan.

  620. Xossaa says:

    I forgot to tell you , prophet John the Baptist is greater than prophet Malachi. Prophet John the Baptist is greatest among all prophets. Matthew 11:11. The Church is greater than prophet John the Baptist and angels.

  621. Xossaa says:

    In Deut.14, and Leviticus 11, it tells us of not to eat unclean for our health and why many people are with diseases this food has certain parisites that do not die they lie and deficate and eat inside you gradually……….

    One day you shall surely die.

  622. Xossaa says:

    The last prophet is Malachi until this day look it up……….

    Are you telling me prophet John the Baptist lived before Malachi. Where is the Bible verse, God said Malachi is the last prophet. You cannot be smart than the Church.

  623. Lorraine says:


  624. Lorraine says:

    Frankie Lee, jesus is not true. The Almighty Father YHWH loves us and wants the best for us to live righteously not like these religions have been doing this long nothing but financial 'gain' for themselves and lies. They our enemy Psalms 83 took YHWHs true name out of the book of life, what they have us call the bible over 6800 times to not let many of us to know who they truly are. YHWH who they call Lord this is NOT His name, has told them in the book of life that He will deal with them for misleading the flocks with lies in Jeremiah 23v1-8 and Ezekiel 20, and Malachi 2 you see how angry the Father is and in His day in Malachi 4v1 He will show them all how much they hurt Him in hurting His flocks.I know this is a shock but many are AWAKENING from the darkness and I hope that others can see the light soon for the time of the Father is nearing us. Look at Jeremiah 33v14-26 this is the one that will serve for YHWH forever for us. All of the scripture say David's seed or David and the Branch the Arm of YHWH nothing else no jesus.

  625. Lorraine says:

    Frankie Lee, continued…Next all I ask of anyone is that when you look at the beginning of the book of life Book of Remembrance in Malachi 3v16 that we forgot about the Creator YHWH tell me one thing since one knows how prophecy works look to see in the so called OT book of life if you can see at least one scripture that tells you of the story jesus,mary,the deciples, the resurrection lamb death of jesus the celebrating of his day of birth or his easter holiday you won't find it for this is not of our Father YHWH they took you from the truth of the front of the book and sent you to the back the NT(not true) where they twist and changed the Word of YHWH and our Creator and KING YHWH changes Not in Malachi 3v6. Then they filled many with lies now go ahead and look up 'The Good Ship Jesus' and see where it all began the lies. The only prophecy you will find of a servant of YHWH is the seed of David born out of the root of Jessie in I Samuel 16, and this David is in all of the scriptures as the one who will be on the throne to rule the flocks in Isaiah 40 read it, and learn truth; he is the Arm of YHWH and YHWH taught him everything.And sorry there is no jesus prophesied nowhere in the book of life so called OT and the NT(not true) should fulfill the OT.

  626. Lorraine says:

    Frankie Lee, for the past 2000 years many of these religions have done nothing but bring war and deceit to this world and they have not brought any peace and love and righteousness to this world none. No disrespect but they have not because they are IDOLATRY controlled by the masses. All I ask of anyone if and when you read a book do you start at the end of it ? NO, so start from Genesis – Malachi so called the OT but is truly named the book of life, Book of Remembrance from the Creator of Life YHWH where many prophesies have either come to pass or are to be in the future and are presently happening right now for instance the zionist jews all they are are the International Bankers who have robbed the US, the 'daughter of Babylon' blind in Isaiah 47 read it vs.14,13 talks about our jobs utilities all forsaken us and its going to get worst for leaving our true Creator YHWH.

  627. John K says:

    The Contact tab links here:

    If you cannot see that, it gives his contact email as: faithfreedom2(at) gmail.com

    Of course, reformat it to standard email @

    The FFI forum is here:

    It appears to be active with posts this week.

    The same forum is also at Freedom Bulwark, but there is no activity there due to lack of promotion:

    Head over there too if you want to try to get it going.

  628. John K says:

    This is one of his reasons for creating the Quran. Lust – Power – Greed. These are the motives that drove Muhammad. They also happen to be the 3 vices according to Dante's Divine Comedy. Note that Dante also sees Muhammad in one of the circles of hell. An astute observation.

  629. John K says:

    Go the Middle East. Where Islam rules, child marriage is halal.

    Quran 65:4 – If you have doubt about your wives who have ceased to menstruate, the prescribed waiting period is three months. This length of time is also prescribed for young girls (wives) who have not yet menstruated. As for women who are pregnant, they must wait until they have given birth. Allah will make His command easy for those who fear him.

  630. sahabat says:

    ALI SINA : Amazing Love Inevitably Shining and Inspiring Nations Around the world.

  631. Claude says:

    All Arabs ancestors were polytheists. If Abraham and Ismael had built Mecca, how come Arabs became polythéists. Muhammad’s father was polytheist and Muhammad himself in his youth, was.If this was true, it is the Arabs who would not have preserved the messages of the Prophets of Israël.

    And they have plenty of cheek to accuse Jews not to have preserved their religion !!! Muhammad learned from Jews all about Abraham, Moses etc.

    This story of Abraham and Ismaël is just a dirty trick to rob Jews of their religion.

    All Islam is lie, fraud, falsehood, robbery.

  632. Verdi says:

    Read the article ! '' These are all claims with no evidence. Muslims have circular reasoning. They confuse the claim with the proof. If you ask them for the proof they show you the Quran." LOLOLOL

  633. Verdi says:

    Quran makes it ''clear and easy to understand'' … It says follow the example of the ''prophet'' . He DID marry and had sex with a little girl… among other unholy deeds..
    I think it will be wiser for you to debate with your own islamic scholars who define the normative, practical islam. The rest of us are observers – we simply point.

  634. Azadikhah says:

    Hi , I tried but I could not activate the contac under about tab. 2- I am new here , when checking the forum I found out that it has not been upp dated since 2009. Or am I looking in the wrong place ? I enjoyed reading forum a lot and I would like to continue that. Is it possible to register in the forum too ?

  635. truth says:

    Ali sina is a real Prophet

  636. truth says:

    Why Mohammed married to so many woman, such a horny

  637. truth says:

    Ali sina your a real Prophet man keep teaching till Satan(Islam) vanish from this world

  638. truth says:

    Zakariya Razi i can not believe it that you realize the truth of Islam. Man god bless you. Ali sina your a real Prophet man

  639. Hatespeech says:

    Please, please feel free to quote.
    If you talk about the surah 65:4 that verse is about PREGNANT women who don't menstruate till they have the child, read the next sentence.
    Also, do you know about menopause? Qu'ran don't allow marriage to pre-pubescent girls, and this is not the standard Muslim practice, im waiting for my quote ty.


  640. John K says:

    Use the "Contact" link under the "About" tab on the menu. I alerted him to your request, but if you write him directly he will have your email instead of having to look it up in user registrations.

  641. John K says:

    The Quran supports child marriage because it contains the rules for divorce from pre-pubescent girls.

    You are not so important that your personal opinion overrides standard Muslim practice.

  642. John K says:

    You should follow the Existentialist Movement. To them the real question was whether to wait for death or just commit suicide now and get it over with.

    Which do you choose?

  643. Frankie Lee says:

    The Islamic koran has such a bad compilation of words and poems and sayings,bits and pieces here and there,very lousy manner,and confused doctrines,can it be God;s words?

    Jesus is a prophet of God,as the term prophet also meant a messenger carrying God's words,but to add that Jesus was born from Virgin Birth,raised the dead,healed the sick and did miracles,and Gabriel visited Mary,and Jesus is divine,does it not send chill to the Koran book as second class and useless?

  644. Hatespeech says:

    Every religion is bullshit, ali siona is bullshit too.
    Human are stupid and they all deserve cancer, there is no god or satan and ali sina is a scam.
    Wake up or wait for your cancer.

  645. Frankie Lee says:

    Has Voss read the new testament?How on earth can an ignorant fellow found it to be a product of the enemy of God?Jesus came to heal,bless and save,and the sentiments of love Paul wrote to his converts,and the wonderful wisdom contained in the New Testament Voss had missed?

    The prowess and wisdom in the NT is so overwhelming,tell me which scripture is so powerful than the NT?

  646. Hatespeech says:

    Hey John K, let's talk about that "pedophilia" part. Maybe you don't know but there is a little problem : arabs at this time kept track of "birthdate" with a special reference, for aicha bukhari raported : "Aishah was born in the 4th year of the Prophethood" so she has no "real" numerous birthdate, but we know that she died at age of 67 in 672 and married in 625.
    Can you do the math?

    Also, fun fact, the muslim and bukhari source is the same : Hisham bin Urwah, that's not what I call "reliable".
    Feel free to quote the qu'ran a verse who said that u can marry a little girl. Jk, you can't.

  647. Frankie Lee says:

    Paul,the apostle said,Unless there is a great breakaway,the end will not come.Does the great apostasies belong to the Christendom,and why do people think our God is so weak to preserve His people,and is it not the the breakaway should be on the Islamic people?

    Two of us agree,and it shall be done,so let us agree that the breakaway is for the Islamic Faith,and Christians should look away from interpreting that verse to mean us,and not them.

  648. Frankie Lee says:

    For the past 2 thousands of years since the day Jesus rose from the
    dead, He occasionally found His new disciples faithful and good to be
    entrusted with a very strong message, so He led them to a tour in
    Hell. Was Jesus being hurt as He watch His enemies, those who reject
    His messages and love, and those who betrayed Him, sufferings under
    the torments of the raging fires, screaming and yelling with shrieking
    voices?You bet!

    When I go to a place seeing (hearing) the Screams and sorrows of the
    sick and the depressed souls, I was filled with compassion and I was
    hurt. I hope to avoid it, but all who is called to be His servants,
    dare you avoid such events of the miserable lost. I noticed that Jesus
    wept uncontrollably each time He led Christians there, and why should
    He subject Himself to the ordeal again and again?

    Why is it not over for Him, since He died on the cross, and His career
    on earth was done for good?

    All the departed saints now enjoy bliss and comfort,were kept from all
    woes again, but why Jesus still had to go through great pains and
    difficulties? He loves the souls of men, because there is still hope
    for the living, for their eternity, and to guide Christians again to
    share His gospel with great zeal, therefore Jesus considers it most
    important, it is all worth it. Jesus abide with hope, and love and
    concern for the living here, and new witnesses are very much needed to
    bring the messages of redemption again with great passion. So Jesus
    suffered again by visiting Hell umpteen times with them when He
    actually needs not to do that again.

    If only Christians would carry His messages with great tenacity and
    zeal, and understand the implication of the eternally lost souls, then
    He needs not have to suffer again.

    There is no individual, such as Jesus who has a passion and love for
    humanities, in such intense mode, surpassing all beings. No man has
    come close to equal His tasks and mission, ever seen in all of
    humankind Histories and events. There has been no one who expresses
    great love for humanity, who alone has such benevolence, ever found
    through the ages of time.

    Jesus value a human soul as greater worth than all riches and wealth
    of the entire world,and thinks you are all worth it for Him to
    save,and He hopes to get you to a place of bliss eternally,for no man
    had yet come out of a definition of a great worth of a mortal soul
    since all these thousand of years.

    No scholar had did an assessment of your worth,and no valuer had ever
    done it.
    No religion or books had such comprehensive cover for your insurance.

    If Jesus is not the greatest person then who is? It is true that not
    all people believe His words and sacrificial deeds, and some despise
    Him and mock Him all over again just like in those days on the Cross.

    But Jesus still perseveres, and His love increases in fervor and His
    love continues. If that acts is no grounds or sufficient evidence of
    Christ, or gained recognition by the world, then the dumb ones should
    be dumb for good. If the world continue to fail to recognize the
    benevolence, kindness, generosities of His children for the unsaved
    world, nor can they not appreciate the righteous lifestyles and love
    of His disciples, the teachings of purity and holiness, their acts of
    compassion, their integrity and truthfulness ,their disdain for sins
    and corruptions, then is it not all hell broke loose?

    Have you ever heard that someone cares for you, love you enough to
    died on your behalf, and promise you a mansion in Heaven but Jesus?

    Have you ever heard that someone had a solution for your Sins
    problems, your mental conditions, your sickness, your death impending,
    your eternal bliss issues, your happiness, and He had dealt it for you
    but Jesus? How Jesus did deal with sins problems of humanity and how
    others deal with it?

    Tell me who cares for your present survival issues, your eternal
    problems more than the Lord Jesus Christ? Who has expressed more for
    you most passionately, far greater than all your loved ones?
    If Jesus cannot win your hearts today, you are a goner, a goondoo.

    Pray: Lord Jesus,save me today.

  649. Azadikhah says:

    I love you too Ali Sina. By the way , my wife was looking for the book, underestanding Mohammed, but it was sold out in Amazon. She was supposed to give it to me as a christmas present. Christmas is over , but I still want to have the book. How can I get it ? Can somebody help me ?

  650. Sanada_10 says:

    In Islam it’s all about winning Allah’s religion. xD

  651. OMG says:

    Why is yr father, the Almighty YHWH, doing nothing to save mankind from the great polution of the earth, water n air. The human race is slowly poisoned to diseases, crippling n lingering death. And he is standing idly by. Is he a living god or just another human-created one ?. Just as Dr. Albert Eistein said, " All human-created gods are so confused and misinformed that they had made so many scientific errors in their holy books."
    He hate religions but could do nothing to save mankind from fighting over them. Is he just a figment of imagination of some by-gone prophet ?

  652. John K says:

    The social contract requires mutual respect for people of differing beliefs. Islam breaks that contract because of its teachings of violence and oppression. Just an example of Muhammad's character traits:

    a narcissist a misogynist a rapist
    a pedophile a lecher a torturer
    a mass murderer a cult leader an assassin
    a terrorist a madman a looter

    Click on each word for an introduction to the evidence on each trait. Such behavior is not acceptable and must be stopped:

  653. enlightened25 says:

    Of course we need to debate religion religion if it wins that will be the end of civilization. Not that i think religion can ever can be eradicated, if we have a famine, natural disasters, diseases and all rest of it people will start worshipping again. Because we are terrified of death, of the darkness thats why it survives. But we can tame it, put it on a lease (so to speak) religion must be taught it`s place in society.

  654. Lyan says:

    why do you need to debate about religion?is religion really about winning or loosing?

  655. Lyan says:

    dear shakila..christian also believe in heaven and hell,every religion believes it…those who do bad things without asking for forgiveness will g to hell,but it's up to you..and about praying,every christian knows that pray is the breath of those who believes in GOD..human need to breath,and it means that praying is as essential to our life as breathing…not only 5 times a day we pray,but everytime we need guidence or just need to talk to GOD,or even for little things just close your eyes n pray..and be greatful for everythy ups and downs on our life..

  656. Sanada_10 says:

    Er, begging the question is a fallacy so don't just quote what is obvious coz any religion can do the same, Hassan.

  657. Sanada_10 says:

    Actually, the marking did little to the point. I've been marked negative many times by muslim in indo site (with no reply of course) and didn't change anything. xD

  658. Lorraine Voss says:

    Arya A, also the founder of Islam they are all evil and are not any prophets of the Father YHWH the Strong One. They are selfish men who use their own desires to control the masses just like all RELIGIONS DO YHWH does not need religions He is the Almighty YHWH and all He wants is us to Do His Law that is made for our Life in Deut. 32v45-47. It helps us to prolong and take care our lives and live righteously for yourself and others no matter the skin, and He wants our praise and love and wants to love us no need for religions here just Real love.

  659. Lorraine says:

    The Father YHWH does have 'grace' for us because of Moses pleading for our lives to YHWH, in Exodus 33:v 13,16, but it was not to be misused as an escape goat for every time we do wrong. One cannot keep doing wrong and then expect blessings from the Almighty YHWH. This is what is misconstrued, changed, twisted, into the NT(not true), that we can keep doing wrong and just repent over and over misleading the flocks. This is a NO as a matter of fact in Jeremiah 15v6, YHWH is weary of our repenting. Read Genesis – Malachi, the Book of Remembrance, the so called OT, that was 'named' by our Father YHWH in Malachi 3v16; and know the truth about your 'life' and of our Father the Almighty YHWH.

  660. John K says:

    You would think so from Islam's divinely sanctioned conquests, but Judaism doesn't fit the pattern. The actually history isn't so simple though. Wikipedia has a good article on the Proto-Indo-European religion that was the predecessor of Brahmanism, Hinduism, the Greek/Roman gods and the Norse/Germanic gods. Judaism is thought to be separate, and Muhammad was the sole inventor of Islam, so the elements he got from Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Arab paganism, Judaism and Christianity were solely of his choosing rather than of historical evolution. The only thing that could be said to be evolutionary about Islam is that Muhammad was influenced by his grandfather's (Abdul Muttalib) proto-Islamic monotheism.

  661. John K says:

    And what about the Old Testament verses about the redeemer of Israel and sacrifice for sin?

  662. Lorraine says:

    Adjoa, ALL RELIGIONS ARE IDOLATRY NONE ARE OF YOUR ALMIGHTY FATHER YHWH HE HATES THEM ALL THEY ARE FALSE. If you go to Deuteronomy 4v16-19, it will tell you that we are not to make no image of Him or anything in the heavens and when your Father tells us something from His book of life and true name Book of Remembrance in Malachi 3v16, the so called OT He does not change it as He says in Malachi 3v6, but the NT(not true) His enemy in Psalms 83, changed what He said to us without Him prophesiding it this is false prophecy. If you want to know who the Father YHWHs son and firstborn truly is it is in Exodus 4:v22,23, its 'Israel' they lied to us for 'gain' and control over the masses and your Father YHWH is a SPIRITUAL loving and righteous Creator and He is our only Savior in Isaiah 43v3,11,14 and our only Redeemer in Isaiah 44v22 our sins have already been redeemed because the Almighty YHWH can do this and all He wants is for us to turn back to Him in Malachi 3v7 away from religions and Do the law and live righteously and love one another regardless of skin.

  663. Lorraine says:

    No one can die for anyone elses sins, as many believe that jesus has. This is a false belief and a change in the NT(not true), your Almighty Father YHWH changes not in Malachi 3v6 He did not prophesied this through His prophets never. But YHWH did prophesied with these prophets and remember He does not change never, He left us this scripture Malachi 3v6, to warn us to watch for lies and deceit: YHWH left this truth with the prophets; Jeremiah 31v30, Ezekiel 18, Deut.24:v15-16 and in Ezekiel 14v14 even Noah, Daniel and Job had to be responsible for delivering their own souls by their righteousness. Many have been mislead by these religions they only control the masses for 'gain' and are idolatry and they take us away from the true Father YHWH.

  664. Onlyme21 says:

    I think that the Jewish and Islamic god is
    derived from Mars, The Roman God of war.

  665. Adjoa says:

    I bought the correct translation of the koran from thestraightway.org and what has been revealed in the koran. It is nonsensical, and it is so sad that billions have been deceived. 2 Corinthians 3 . But even if our gospel is veiled , it is veiled to those who are perishing, whose mind the god of this age has blinded, who do not believe, lest the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine on them

  666. Lorraine says:

    Arya Anand, Judaism is pagan and IDOLATRY I am not promoting that I am talking about SPIRITUALITY, not religion and ALL RELIGIONS ARE IDOLATRY especially ISLAM AND CHRISTIANITY. What are you talking about? The Father YHWH is spiritual and loving and righteous. I cannot help it that many so called priest,pastors elders rabbis and popes misused the law and perversed it to their own desires this is why YHWH says to all of them in Malachi 2, Hosea 5, Ezekiel 20, Jeremiah 23v1,2 and Jeremiah 12v10, and more scriptures where YHWH warns all of them that their nakedness will be shown and that He will destroy them from misleading the flocks. My Father is a righteous One He is YHWH.

  667. John K says:

    It's more complex than that. Islam is a hodgepodge of various religious elements in Muhammad's environment including Hinduism, Arab-paganism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, and Christianity.

  668. Lorraine says:

    El Padrino, If this is not a christian book thats good for christianity is IDOLATRY and so are all religions Islam Judaism they are IDOLATRY and YHWH hates them all and did not make them,but it your book has historical relevance then why are you into that without the Word of the Father YHWH? This is what makes the truth of our History, the facts of the Creator YHWH. And look up YHWH it will tell you that He is the God of Israel, it should say The Strong One of Israel,but this is part of that change NT(not true) mess. Your life begain with your Creator YHWH and His Word in Genesis – Malachi TRUTH.

  669. Lorraine says:

    El Padrino, did not the jewish writers take the name of the Father YHWH out of the book of life,so called Bible 6800 times, why do you think they would do that? And this is exactly what they want one to believe that the chosen were jews, NO, they were Hebrew isralite who came out of Egypt at evening Exodus 12. Did it ever say that the jews came up out of Egypt NO, it says Hebrews in Genesis 3v18. And how can one denouce the OT it is from your Father and Creator YHWH of Life, the front of the book can't be forgotten or cut off that would make the back a lie its IDOLATRY. jews are Edom Israelite and they do not have the 'covenant' of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, look up the genology in I Chronicles 1v1-42, are of ADAM, Then in vs.43-54, are the decsendants of Esau, Edom. Next in I Chronicles chapter 2 are Israel, Hebrew Isralite, and who have the covenant with YHWH. Remember esau never repected or liked his birthright and gave it up for a bowl of meat for the birhtright had responsibilites in Genesis 27, and Jacob was given the birthright of being the one that the older will have to take care of at the twins birth in Genesis 25.

  670. Lorraine says:

    Redeemed, as I YHWH said He does not change in Malachi 3v6,so then in the Nt, they say that jc is the savior. Alright, then why would your Almighty Creator YHWH say that He is the onlly Savior the only Redeemer in Isaiah 44v22 and in Isaiah 43v3,11,14. A book is not suppose to be in a contraditing manner it should match. Many are brought up to believe that the OT is the old days. NO, these prophecies in the OT shows us the present,thepast, and future from the prophets that YHWH gave to us. And in Isaiah 43v13, YHWH says, "Yes before the day was I am He; and there is none that can deliver out of my hand: I will work, and who shall let it?" AWAKE People in Isaiah 53v1,(future).

  671. Lorraine says:

    Redeemed, the old testament is not supposed to be a separate occurrence of the newt they should coincide. The OT should be fulfilled by the NT and with no changes because as our Father YHWH tells us He changes not in Malachi 3v6 so that we won't be consumed by lies and deceit. YHWHs book of life called the Book of Remembrance in Malachi 3v16 is the so called Bible the OT, from Genesis – Malachi the truth. And if you are listening when YHWH says He does not change what does that say to you? If there are any differences in the NT, this is not YHWH is what it should say to you. Example in Deut.30v15-20 and Deut,32v45-47 Moses was told by YHWH that the law is our "LIFE' to live a prolonged and righteous life so choose 'life' but in the nt, it tells us what the Egyptians believed in and what got us in this wrath on earth in the first place in Jeremiah 25, about resurrection(mummies) same thing, and this is IDOLATRY. And remember YHWH does not change any of His law. We mus all AWAKEN to the TRUTH. The true WORD of YHWH.

  672. Hank says:

    My thoughts as well. Islam is just a christian heresy.

  673. Arya Anand says:

    You are promoting Judaism here. The purpose of this site is to expose fallacies and falsehood and evil nature of Islam and its founder.

  674. Lorraine says:

    Hank oh pardon moi CRITICIZE, but instead of worrying about a few mispelled words, I'm concerned about the ones who are being mislead by these churches and Islamic or Judaism and all religions to let people know the truth. Religions are Idolatry and have steered people astray and they have left their Creator YHWH and now they are living in a tulmult in this world a mess. Man cannot lead himself they need the Father YHWH the Strong One and only Savior and Redeemer in Isaiah 43v3,11,14 and in Isaiah 44v22. YHWH made us so who would know better about our life? People do the law Exodus 20 Deut.4,5 the Sabbath, the Passover in Leviticus 23, dietary Deut.14, and Leviticus 11 and praise your Father YHWH and live a righteous life regardless of skin have peace is what your Father and Creator is about and He is for you His love is non stop.

  675. Lorraine says:

    Hank, you should choose the Truth, and it is not in the NT(not true) but in the Book of Remembrance in Malachi 3v16, the true name of the so called Bible the OT. From Genesis – Malachi, the book of life that YHWH left us. You are obviously not acknowledging that there is not any prophecy of jc mary the deciples in the book of life not by any prophet, only the name David to be the 'SEED' that will be raised upon the throne of the Almighty YHWH. If you are speaking about a few mispelled words then you critize on that if it makes you feel like a big man, but you know that I know and you know that these Religions are lying all are not of YHWH none not Islam nor Christianity not Judaism nor Buddism it it is not our Father YHWH the Strong One, its IDOLATRY. This is the TRUTH.

  676. Lorraine says:


  677. Lorraine says:

    Many of you are delusional religions were made by the enemy to take you away from the truth and it worked so now its time for many of you to turn back to the Father YHWH in Malachi 3v7, and do His law He left you in EXODUS 20 before the day He comes in Malachi 4v1, the Father YHWH's anger for this change IN THE NT is in ISAIAH 24V5 AND A SWORD IS UPON US IN JEREMIAH 25. THERE WAS NO BIBLE IT THE BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE IN MALACHI 3V16, IT WAS STOLEN by the enemy when the Second Temple was stopped but even the enemy Knows for in MALACHI 1:VS.1-5 YHWH WARNS HIM and in MALACHI 1:VS.6-14 YHWH ASK US WHY DO (WE) SNUFF HIM FOR EVEN THE HEATHEN ENEMY DREADS HIM IN 1:VS.14.

  678. Lorraine says:


  679. Lorraine says:


  680. Lorraine says:

    Rahul, YHWH the Strong One, your Father loves us. He gave us the free will to choose our way, and this He did not have to do, He did it for His own sake from the love that He has to let us live. But many became lost and strayed away from YHWH the Father and from His truth believing lies and idols of deception such as Islam, Christianity, and ALL Religions they are false and not of YHWH. YHWH never condone them His law is love it is our 'LIFE' to keep us to have a prolong and righteous existence among one another but we many want to do whatever we want so we get mislead by these priest,pastors,elders popes rabbis and political leaders, all who are with the enemy of YHWH in Pslams 83 who have reached dominion on this earth using these religions to control the masses for 'GAIN' prophesied in Daniel 11v36-12:v10 of strange gods that will increase and rule over many.We all have to come back home to YHWH do the law Exodus 20, Deut.4 and 5 and the Sabbath the day of rest and the Passover Exodus 12 and Leviticus 23. He also left to us a dietary in Deut.14 and Leviticus 11. Know who you are a child of the most High and give it to your children and childrens children.

  681. johannes says:

    mr. sina.. isnt the christianity of islam.. not just nestorian christianity?? i find many similarities between the two!!!

  682. Hank says:

    Lorraine, stop the rant. I can read the bible in both Hebrew and Greek. And it's very clear to me. Your style of writing and everything you say are unclear. What should I choose? Clearness or illegibility?. You tell me.

  683. El Padrino says:

    My christian denomination does not include the OT or Book of Remembrance & yahweh (jewish god) in our canon.We call our deity the "Unknown God".And we strongly agree that Jews have the monopoly on the OT.It's not a christian book but has historical relevance.

  684. John K says:

    The truth about Muhammad and Islam is here. Muhammad was:

    a narcissist a misogynist a rapist
    a pedophile a lecher a torturer
    a mass murderer a cult leader an assassin
    a terrorist a madman a looter

    Click on each attribute for an introduction to the documentation. You have to ask Dr. Sina to send you a free copy of his book to get the "madman" information.

  685. fakeman says:

    you told that it is very dangerous to debate with muslims face to face, and you are absolutely right the best proofs are taslima nasreen who was physically attacked by the muslims in india, they were most from all political parties,and salman taseer who was killed by his body guard just slightly opposing blashphemy law , i was always astonishined why muslims are so violent and isolates, why they were so sensitive, after searching and comparing prophets with jesus ,buddha and others they were far better .
    this website is also a alarming for non-muslims who are ignorant of this religion

  686. FoT says:

    Always a plessure reading your articles, dr. Sina! You really understand how to make muhammadans and their founder look like pathetic fools. Keep up the good work!

  687. FoT says:

    Always a plessure reading your articles, dr. Sina! You really understand how to make muhammadans and their underground look like pathetic fools. Keep up the good work!

  688. Hassan says:

    really?,Ok,let me tell the truth,

    O people,Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah,he bring's the same message which were bought before,He is here to save you,and show you the true book of Allah' i.e the Qur'an,Muhammad has no worldly desires,repent to Allah before it's too late,surely Allah is the most merciful,Allah love's us more than a mother to her dearest child,just repeat with me,La Ilaha Ilallah,Muhammad Un Rasulullah,and there you are a muslim,you can also know more from the Qur'an,The bible got corrupted by the ignorent people,who thought that Jesus was the son of God,

    [Jesus] said, "Indeed, I am the servant of Allah . He has given me the Scripture and made me a prophet.[Qur'an 9:30]

    "…Jesus of Nazareth, which was a prophet mighty in deed and word before God and all the people:.." (Lk 24:19).

  689. John K says:

    You got it backwards. Start telling the truth about Islam and you can get marked up too.

  690. enlightened25 says:

    I will mark you down just for that comment.

  691. Lorraine says:

    EL P. and Hank, both of you are wrong the original writings of the book of life the OT was in Hebrew and those hellenistic jews tried to change or misconstrue the OT but they could not understand it too good and they did just what YHWH wanted them to for He doted them and it does not prophesied the name jesus yeshua no where in the OT book of life nowhere and YHWH does not even mention or prophesied jc nowhere it is a myth, and in Isa 53 this is the seed of David the servant the elect no jc in NT(not true) where the jews had to make up a book it says in mathew that this jc is of a holy ghost not a seed. Check all of the scriptures in the book of life, in Malachi 3v16 the OT you will see they only say David, the servant, the elect yes David the one on the throne his 'seed' his decendant.

  692. Lorraine says:

    This is not jesus this is the seed of David of YHWH the Creator His servant His elect yes the seed of David who will be raised upon the throne in Jerusalem and Judah Israel, when YHWH comes back to claim His holy land from the robbers that are there now as prophesied by YHWH in Daniel 11v14. Last time I check over in the NT(not true) mathew claim this jc was born of a holy ghost not a seed. jc is a myth it is not ever prophesied in the OT 'book of life' of the Father YHWH never not even the story of jc. So check all of the scriptures in the OT you will see that they all say David the seed of David, the servant or the elect. Why people want to remain delusional and blind is beyond me.you have been mislead the only Savior and Redeemer and none can be delivered out of His hand is the Father YHWH in Isa.43v3,11,14-44v22-43v13.

  693. Hassan says:

    The person who say's truth about Islam he get's -1and , who abuse's Islam get's +1,who lustful,huh?

  694. Lorraine says:

    EL P., you got it wrong again originally the OT the book of life was written in Hebrew not jews they tried to misconstrue the scriptures but YHWH had them to do just what He needed them to. Now this is why they had to make that idolatry of the NT, (not true), for all that is in the OT book of life is prophesied by YHWH the Father, and has come to pass or will come. The J was not into existence until the 1700s. The real Israel and Hebrew Isralites and are those who fit the Deut.28v15-68 scripture and are Hebrews, and according to YHWH the robbers in Israel will be leaving soon as said in Malachi 1v1-5,They have to give the land back to the rightful owners the chosen people Israel of YHWH, and in Daniel 11v14 it say they the robbers their now will fall.

  695. Lorraine says:

    Hank, sorry this is not jesus for in the NT I call it the (not truth),mathew claims that jc is born of a holy ghost well this servant in Isaiah 53 is of the 'seed' of David, YHWHs servant, and this is not jc I do know what he was born of but it is not conception and this servant of the Father YHWH is of David so which is it? a holy ghost or what.? If you check closely you will see that all of the scriptures in the so called OT 'the book of life' they are speaking of the servant the elect raised of the 'SEED' of David to be on the throne and here is Isaiah 53,49,Jeremiah 23v1-8 etc… as well this man is of Israel of the covenant of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, and the seed of David not a freak or myth ghost.

  696. scrutator says:

    @ Ghulam-e-Hussain a.s.

    Did you get my email ?

  697. Rahul says:

    Would a true God have kept 80% humanity unaware of Islam, his "Only true Religion"? http://www.islaminindia.org/uncategorized/would-a

  698. John K says:

    Bring your debates here in public. You can also challenge any article in the comments section to that article.

  699. John K says:

    The procedure for a debate challenge is listed on these two pages:


  700. Ghulam-e-Hussain a.s says:

    [email protected],if you want debate just contact.

  701. Ghulam-e-Hussain a.s says:

    In The Name Of Allah.

    If anyone has doubt in Islam,so just mail me,and I am ready to debate with him/her,If you win you decide what u want to do,if I win you must declare it.Open Challenge to all.

  702. Redeemed says:

    As far as I can see, Zakariya Razi has nothing to apologize about. His understanding of the central message of Bible is far greater than Lorraine Voss's, though she is more proficient in quoting OT scriptures.

  703. Lorraine Voss says:

    Hank, again let me help you in all of those scriptures in the so called OT truly is the book of life by YHWH in Malachi 3v16 'Book of Remembrance' see the title T O R E M E M B E R,. The OT book of life scriptures all either say the servant, the elect, or David, or raised unto the 'seed' of David, some may say Son of man I think the only one is in Daniel 7v13, do not let 'the clouds of heaven' close your mind it only means either he,Son of man, the servant, the elect, the 'seed; of David, will fly by a plan to the holy land Jerusalem furnished by the Monarchs that YHWH will send prophesied in Isaiah 60, or it is the Spirt of YHWH but it never says jc not jc, in the scripture Jeremiah 23v1-8, you can see this clearly stated by the Father YHWH the Father changes NOT in Malachi 3v6. Are any of you truly reading this book?, or are you waiting to have your ears tickeled by priest,popes,pastors prophesied liars in Malachi 2?

  704. Lorraine Voss says:

    Hank, the Palestinians of today are Hebrew Israelite and they don't even know it YET, for Hebrews the true chosen children who came out of Egypt they and all were exiled and punished for their transgressions and iniquitiesof Idolatry from YHWH and scattered to the four corners of the earth to not know who they are and to be called bywords and proverbs and to serve strange nations is their punishment in Deut.4v23-31 and Deut.28v15-67,for vs.68 has already been fulfilled SLAVERY.So, Hebrews are the norhern tribes exiled and jesus is a jew started by the jewish writers to divide the land and 'gain' christianity was legalized by Constantine 311 later as in the Charlemagne who are all christians prophesied in Daniel 11v39, and in Daniel 11v43, this is Islam another lie until this day but none will prevail in Daniel 11v14, the robbers shall fall according to the Father YHWH.

  705. Lorraine Voss says:

    Hank, the Paschal Lamb is Catholic from Judaism and Christianity and is an offshoot from Judaism; ALL PAGAN AND IDOLATRY, and NO the so called OT truly called by the Father YHWH the Book of Remembrance, book of life in Malachi 3v16 was not by jews. It was in Hebrew, and it was originally written by Hebrew Isaralite not jews, Js were not in existence until the 1700s, and Hebrew Israelite were not talked about anymore after 161BCE because they were all in Captivity and slaved Daniel,his slave name was Beltelshazzar, Meshad Shadrach and Abednigo (slave names) and Ezra and Zerrubabel all captives read Ezra 1and 2, and then around 200BCE the Hellenistic jews start inputting or transliterating the book of life, so called OT, and according to the title of this post, Yes j,esus could be a prophet of Islam because Islam is also IDOLATRY and they too teach the same lie for the Father YHWH hates all RELIGIONS He never condone them not at all for they change they are contrary and our Father YHWH changes NOT in Malachi 3v6. YHWHs way is RIGHTEOUSNESS as will be in the day of YHWH Malachi 4v1 when He gets rid of the liars,and then the 'New Covenant' in Jeremiah 31v30-40 and Jeremiah 23v1-8 of the new kingdom will come.

  706. Hank says:

    Isaiah 53: Therefore will I divide him [a portion] with the great, and he shall divide the spoil with the strong; because he hath poured out his soul unto death: and he was numbered with the transgressors; and he bare the sin of many, and made intercession for the transgressors.

    Whatever His name is, everything in the OT points to this Jesus, whether you like it or not. Just look at the Pascal lamb, all the sacrifices in the temple, don't they point to a Messiah? An intercessor between God and man?

    Maybe you should start reading a great book by Isaac Ambrose called Looking unto Jesus. And pray to God that He might open your blind eyes. For naturally we are all blind to this Jesus. http://pbministries.org/puritans/Isaac-Ambrose/Lo



  707. El Padrino says:

    Yes Lorraine we get it.The OT was written by jews for jews.
    The NT was written by jewish heretics (christians) for jews & gentiles.

  708. Lorraine Voss says:

    continued…Oh yes, remember your Father YHWH does not CHANGE IN MALACHI 3V6, so that we are not consumed by lies and deceptions nor flatteries. He'd never go back on His Word or change it for no one for our sakes. Since He has the prophets prophsieding for everything else and from centuries to centuries Obadiah knew Ezra, Jeremiah knew Daniel even Gabriel mentioned Michael so why hasn't YHWH the Almighty who knows All, or His prophets or His angels Gabriel or Michael, ever mentioned this jc, but all else are mentioned, Isaiah even knew of Cyrus the Great the Persian in Isaiah 45 and it was a couple of centuries back so did you ask yourself where in the OT is jc, or why its not there? ok just walk around blind and in denial. I like to know from the Father He said, Obey my voice in Jeremiah 11v7. The NT is wrote by Hellenistic Jews and legalized by Constantine,look it up, this is not YHWH.

  709. Lorraine Voss says:

    continued… in Jeremiah 23v1-8 the name is YHWH(THE LORD) OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS, now I did mention in an earlier post that Isaiah prophesied this about 180-200 years before Jeremiah's time. Isaiah was in the 8th century, and Jeremiah was in the 6th. look it up. See how prophecies work they name and time things and give places because our Father YHWH has no secrets; so where is jc in the OT? If anyone can give the prophecy that says jc born of a virgin, died for our sins, raised (resurrected),and went to heaven and will come back then please provide this scripture from the OT now, for this is the beginning of the book of life and the end of it should coincide with the front of it right?, but, it don't, and this is a 'red flag' for IDOLATRY FALSE RELIGIONS WHICH ALL ARE AND YHWH HATES THEM ALL. This is why there is a sword upon the earth from YHWH in Jeremiah 25 from disobeying Him.

  710. Lorraine Voss says:

    continued…which is the servant of YHWH, as said in Amos 3v7, YHWH does nothing without His servants or His prophets and that YHWH has no secrets from us. All of the scriptures read servant, or seed of David or David on the throne, and the Branch as in the Levites, the high priest so come on even in Isaiah 62v 2, it says, And the Gentiles shall see thy righteousness, and all kings thy glory; and thou shall be called by a NEW NAME, WHICH THE MOUTH OF YHWH SHALL NAME" so here it shows that there is not a name given yet, but in Jeremiah the name is given and its not jc, and many of you just want to assume jc out of no where with no Voice or Word from the Father YHWH, where is His honor?in Malachi 1v6.

  711. Lorraine Voss says:

    continued….As a matter of fact where is the name jesus mentioned at all in the OT or his story or mary or the deciples or their names NO WHERE in the OT and the NT should fulfill the OT right? This scripture Isaiah 53 starts out in Isaiah 52v10, saying "YHWH have made bare His holy 'arm' in the eyes of all the nations; etc" then in Isaiah 52v13 says "Behold, my 'servant' etc." Nex in Isa.53 it says, "WHO' have believed our report? and to whom (plural) is the 'arm' of YHWH revealed? etc." If you go through most of the other ones as in Isaiah 49v1-3, it is still talking about the 'servant' of YHWH, then if you go back to Isaiah 9v3-7,vs.7 reads upon the throne of David etc. and in many scriptures YHWH tells us that He will raise unto the 'seed' of David the one that will be on the throne as in Jeremiah 23v1-8 and Jeremiah 33v14-26 Jeremiah 30v9 and in Isaiah 11v1. So David David David, the 'seed' of David is the only name mentioned not jc of these scriptures instead of assuming it is jc don't you want to know the truth?

  712. Lorraine Voss says:

    Hank, at what point does the scriptures in Isaiah 53, say the name jesus, just tell me where did you see jesus anywhere in this scripture. Exactly there is no name but as I have said, all other prophecies do name or tell who will be who or what will be what in the book of life Malachi 3v16, the so called OT. Names and places and times and people are given so why would now the name jesus is left out?

  713. Hank says:

    I meant: It might do you good

  714. John K says:

    You will get more insights about Islam and the Bible from Walid Shoebat or David Wood:

    Walid Shoebat-Islam Prophesied In The Bible 1 [of many – follow the playlist – 90 minutes] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxHnb9goGqg

    Walid Shoebat – Mark of the Beast

    David Wood

  715. Zakariya Razi says:

    Thank you Lorraine Voss for your insights. It will surely help me to gain more knowledge. I admit, I do not have much knowledge about Bible.

  716. Hank says:

    Maybe you could just stop the rant against Jesus. Just read very slowly Isaiah 53 and think about it. It might do you go in this life and in the life to come.

  717. Lorraine Voss says:

    Last but foremost, people we angered the Father YHWH when we went to these idolatries idols, and changed the ordinances of the Creator and Strong One YHWH in Isaiah 24v5, and now a 'sword' of the enemy has been allowed to be upon us on this earth for leaving YHWH in Jeremiah 25. He has been so merciful to us for thousands of years; but it has been over 2000 years that we have been using all of these idolatry religions Islam, christianity, buddism scientology, judaism they all anger YHWH and took us away from His law to help us to prolong the life He gave to us that is all, and to live righteously. We have tried everything and nothing we have done has worked life is worst on this earth we need to turn back to our Creator YHWH, and do the law in Malachi 4v4, Exodus 20, Deut.5, the Sabbath in Leviticus 23v3, the passover in Exodus 12, and Leviticus 23v5-9 for our life, do the law, and then soon the new temple is going to be built in Haggie 2, or it will get even worst being lead by mankind the 'sword'.

  718. Lorraine Voss says:

    CONTINUED…not any born of a holyghost or holyspirit, YHWH is the Holy Spirit; and all we need, and He does not put anyone in His glory in Isaiah 48v11,12,as He says He made us for His own sake not ours so don't get it confused, and for what reason would YHWH need someone to save us when only He is the Savior in Isaiah 45v21-25 and the redeemer in Isaiah 44v22, we all have been mislead by the enemy of the Father YHWH in Psalms 83, and 69v4,28. Now people, as said in Malachi 3v7, return to the Father YHWH, and in Malachi 3v18 for the times of the end is here, and the book of life the OT, truly named, The Book of Remembrance in Malachi 3v16, is again open as prophesied in Daniel by YHWH through His angel Gabriel to Daniel, in Daniel 9v21-23 of the vision, and in Daniel 12v4. We are in the end times people the 4th kingdom as prophesied in Daniel 2v40. Do you see how everything matches and coincides the truth? This is from YHWH. Praise the Father YHWH.

  719. Lorraine Voss says:

    People, I have read the NT, and the so called prophets there do not talk about the Father YHWH. When they intro themselves they start mainly with themselves and the others do not say that they got vision or Word or Voice from the Father YHWH. They just go into what they want you to 'believe' and when you 'believe' a thing it is subjective in the mind, but when it is subjective and objective it can be substantiated,'real.' I want the truth and I want to 'know' not 'believe' and these prophets YHWH warns us of in Jeremiah 23, YHWH is angry with these priest and He tells us in vs.1-8 who will be upon the throne not jc but raised unto David's 'seed' and a righteous Branch(others), now in the NT, don't they say jc was of a holyghost this is not of David this is not of any man no even Joseph so what is this? YHWH anoints son of man by birth through conseption to be His servant or prophet that He will raise as He did in Judges 13 of Samson and others Isaiah's sons was with his wife and they were signs in Isaiah 8 preferably vs.8-22.

  720. Lorraine Voss says:

    CONTINUED..This is what is happening again with jesus, it is a lie from the enemy of YHWH in Psalms 83, the descendants of esau, this is a spiritual war in Exodus17v7-16,and has been since people were all swayed to leave YHWH with these lies as of jc nowdays, from the enemy.Look for yourselves in the OT one won't find any word of jesus or the story of him its not true, if the Father YHWH does not prophesied a thing then its not from Him in Deut.18v14-22, a prophet has to prove it is said by YHWH not by man as they do in the NT, for even the heathen dreads(fears), YHWH. These priest, so called prophets,popes,elders and leaders today are all misleading the flocks from YHWH they are working some know some unknowingly,with the enemy for gain of jc&islam,prophesied in Daniel 11v36-12:10 of the end times.

  721. Lorraine Voss says:

    People, correction of last post the Father's name is YHWH,look it up, and jesus is a 'myth' it is not ever prophesied into the old testament, YHWHs,book of life in Malachi 3v16, there is no word of jc,mary, deciples,the sacrificial lamb death, the story of jc none, it is all a 'myth' stemming from the pagan Cannenites religion Ba'al in I Kings18, the people then also though ba'al was the son of YHWH and etc.. then the prophet Elijah,pronounced,(El- eeah), warned them to not anger YHWH, but they did not listen and all were killed by YHWH and so were the priest and prophets who mislead the flocks were killed.

  722. Lorraine Voss says:


  723. Lorraine Voss says:


  724. Lorraine Voss says:

    CONTINUED…These are the true prophets and there are many scriptures in which the Father warns us of these false idolatry religions as in Deut.32v17, was prophesied of this 'newly' raised religion, the NT, for this book does not fulfill the book of life so called OT, none the NT changes YHWH ordinances claiming to be our salvation knowing that YHWH says He is our only salvation in Isaiah 43v3,11,13, and He redeemed us in Isaiah 44v22, and asked us to return to Him from these pagan religions and in Malachi 3v7. Many try to use Isaiah 49 and 53 to say it is jc NO! this is the seed of David who will be raised or has been raised to be on the throne and prophesied in Jeremiah 23v1-8, and Jeremiah 33v14-26, there is no name jesus none it is the 'seed' of David one of YHWHs most dedicated servants, and YHWH say He does everything through them His prophets and servants in Amos 3v7, there are no secrets from us if something is new He will tell us in Isaiah 42v8,9. Know the truth, read Genesis – Malachi the book of life.

  725. Lorraine Voss says:

    Yes, Jesus is a 'myth' it is not found either written nor prophesied into the so called old testament truly called The Book of Remembrance by the Strong One YHWH our Creator of Life, in Malachi 3v16, the last prophet until this day. One cannot find jesus,yeshua,mary,the deciples or even the story of jc anywhere prophesied by any prophet from YHWH the Father none in the OT. There are many who are prophesied and the prophets visions and prophesies match each other, and are all named, and as in Isaiah prophesied the prophet Jeremiah 200 years before Jeremiah's time.

  726. Lorraine Voss says:

    Religions, are not condone by the Creator YHWH the Almighty Father, YHWH HATES RELIGIONS, He is a spiritual loving and merciful Father, and mankind, and His enemy what many of you call the antichrist in Psalms 83, changed the law for their own desires, and mislead the flocks. In the Torah which is called by YHWH The Book of Remembrance in Malachi 3v16, His book of life, He gives us the truth from Genesis – Malachi, and also the NT does not fulfill the so called OT, the real book of life it changes all that YHWH gave to us and YHWH never changes in Malachi 3v6, so that we won't be comsumed by lies. This is the plan to delude the masses with lies, and it worked many people have no idea of the real truth about our life that YHWH gave us. In Isaiah 44, YHWH pours out His Heart to us, and in Ezekiel 36v22-38. He tells us of His name to be sanctified because it has been profaned and His plans for us all in the future in the Day of YHWH.

  727. Lorraine Voss says:

    Xossaa, many have been mislead for the NT is supposed to fulfill the OT but it does not it doesn't coincide with the other. In the OT YHWH our Father and Creator says that in Malachi 3v6, He does not change but in the NT they changed the covenant to fit their desires of man as in Timothy 4v4, says all creatures are good to eat, but YHWH tells us in Deut. 14 the clean and unclean animals to eat, and that the clean ones will keep us from diseases, and will prolong our lives and is why we have such bad health today, and remember YHWH changes NOT, in Malachi 3v6, and if you can find any prophecy on jesus,mary, the deciples the resurrection in the OT please provide it because many others names along with their prophesies are there as in Amos 3v7, says that the Father YHWH does nothing unless it is through the prophets and there is no mentioning of any prophecy of John or jesus. But if you check the OT which is truly called The Book of Remembrance by YHWH in Malachi 3v16, the book of life, from Genesis – Malachi, everyone else is mentioned and prophesied can you explain that contradiction? The last prophet is Malachi until this day look it up.

  728. Lorraine Voss says:

    CONTINUED… It is strange that many are prophesied and named, Daniel, Ezra, Cyrus a Persian, even an ass was anointed, and prophesied in Numbers 22:vs.27-31, into the old testament many but where is the name jesus/yeshus/mary/the deciples in the OT to prophesied it to the NT it is not there. It is a made up story a 'myth' that stems from the old pagan Egyptian 'sun gods' to be raised from the dead (mummies) sorry. You don't have to listen to me look it up Amen Rah Amen Ray. And christians still use Amen.

  729. Lorraine Voss says:

    Zakariy Razi, I am so sorry that you have been mislead; the Almight Father and Creator YHWH, HATES ALL RELIGIONS, He never condone any of them NONE. YHWH is the spirituality of life He created the heavens, the waters, the earth and all the living, and He loves us so in Isaiah 44, where He pours His Heart out to us and begs us to return to Him not these religions. YHWH has already forgiven your sins and redeemed us, in Isaiah 44v22. Religions, and the New Testament were all constrewed by His enemy in Psalms 83, for which is in the so called Old Testament and was truly called by the Father YHWH The Book of Remembrance in Malachi 3v16, YHWH's truth, the book of life. From Genesis – Malachi is what YHWH left to those who thought upon Him and He YHWH is now calling on His jewels in Malachi 3v16 to wake up the mislead flocks by the pastors, priest, popes, all religions, and the rulers or leaders of our world for the Day of YHWH is nearing in Malachi 4v1.

  730. John K says:

    I don't see Arberry at Android Market, but there are several Qurans:

    There are various Hadiths as well:

  731. enlightened25 says:

    But none of these people are going to promote free thinking, doubt and skepticism. If they did no one would accept their bogus claims to be "special" with a "divine mission". In all the society`s these people appear their is irrational and religious beliefs, no society that follows the teachings of Spinoza,Paine,Einstein and Russell has fallen into totalitarian dictatorship.

  732. enlightened25 says:

    LOL why do you think you have to be dead to be threatened by delusional beings who think they are God? "1 question if u create a robot,dont u think u wud want the robot to serve u?" You seem to think some free will is involved that is baloney, if God in his perfection created humans to serve him they would, indeed they would have no choice in the matter, the fact however is humans do not serve Allah this means he is imperfect and his will and creation is imperfect and thus is not God.

  733. enlightened25 says:

    "If atheism would have made him more successful he would have promoted atheism." I very much doubt it as he would have to admit he is nothing but a human being with no special knowledge.

  734. Zakariya Razi says:

    Thank you for your comment dear hernameismelina.
    But, can you please inform me about where did Jesus anyone told to kill innocent people? Anywhere in the Bible? If there is then please give your proof. And, about many serial killers who claims that Jesus told them to kill are definitely lying. The words of Jesus are recorded in the Bible for public knowledge, and if anyone claiming that Jesus came to him/her personally or in dream and told them to kill are either hallucinating or lying. Although, Jesus is still there, he is living, he is present in this world, he is a living God and thus definitely he may visit any of his believer but it is absolutely nonsense that he will visit and tell his believer to kill innocent people which he never preached.

    Yes, Jesus did died for our sins. This is an act of God. Off course it is divine and beyond simple logic and thus normal people like us do not get this most of the time as why someone will die for my sin? Why someone will love me so so so much? Why? This love can only come from God. And, no Christians are free to commit sins of adultery, murder or incest because Jesus died for his sins because a real Christian will not be able to commit those crimes. A criminal if does, off course he will be punished by God or Karma whatever you say, and that punishment may erase his sins. Have you got any logic here, what you were looking for? I hope I have explained. Ultimately, you will see that we are all going to heaven (the place where we came from), the difference is that believing in Jesus and following him may make you enter directly and not believing him may need to spent some time in hell. Did Jesus asked anything from you in return? Like Muhammad, who asked submission. No right? Jesus died for our sins without asking anything from us. This is the proof that He is God. Please note here that I do not claim that I am a good follower of Jesus or a good Christian. I am a sinner. I just desire God's mercy on me.
    Thank you.

  735. Ali Sina says:

    Fear is the instrument of the psychopath. God does not torture people for disbelief, but he may torture liars and deceivers. So Muhammad could be in hell as we speak. Read this article on fear please. http://alisina.org/paralysing-fear/

    Whenever you are ready ask me to send you the earlier dedition of my book. Once you read it you too will start seeing the trick Muhammad played on you.

  736. darkfire316 says:

    Such a good Christian. That's exactly what Jesus would do 🙂

  737. Sanada_10 says:

    And yours is one? Hardly… xD

  738. Sanada_10 says:

    If you want to discuss about robot and god you should join me in marrying muslim man article. Now, are you prepared to discuss or just spewing subjective statement? o.0

  739. darkfire316 says:

    "The hindu responses makes me wonder if there are any major critics of hinduism in India.?Perhaps the indian version of Dawkins,Harris & Hitchens.I haven't come across any yet but I could be wrong."

    Poor El Padrino. You're wrong about almost everything. Here let me remind you.

    "The jews came to the iberian peninsula with the arab invaders,supporting & providing aid to the muslim conquerors.It's only right that they were kicked out."

    "North Korea is officially not even a communist state anymore but the regime is still atheistic & promotes atheism"

    And Now this one!

    "I say Zoroastrianism is the one that introduced plunder & genocide to the world."

    Oh El Padrino, your "criticism" knows no bounds 🙂

  740. John K says:

    Neither is yours…

  741. John K says:

    I'm sorry you will burn in hell for supporting a violent religion.

  742. Shrek says:

    Finally, El Padrino is caring about 'CRITICSM' more than 'Christian supremacism'. I am glad to know that.

  743. El Padrino says:

    The hindu responses makes me wonder if there are any major critics of hinduism in India.?Perhaps the indian version of Dawkins,Harris & Hitchens.I haven't come across any yet but I could be wrong.

  744. hernameismelina says:

    yeah that's why there are so many serial killers claiming that jesus told them to kill…so can i assume that jesus dies for mankind's sins and that all christians are free to commit sins such as adultery,murder,incest in the days after jesus?

    ooh…come on…purleasee….ur explanation is not logic.

  745. hernameismelina says:

    u r supposed to be scared of hell shakila.u r supposed to be scared of god that could actually put u in hell and through hell on earth anytime he wants.u r supposed to pray 5 times a day because that's how u show respect to god.even the christians,buddhists,hindus pray.so where does that put u dear girl? from the way u respond to most of the commends,it's very clear that u r totally blinded by ali sina and is a slave to his views.

    and btw 1 question if u create a robot,dont u think u wud want the robot to serve u?
    just something for u to ponder on.

  746. dharma marg noble says:

    El padrino ::: By your utter ignorance,lack of values and supremacism of christianity (absorbed by you ) , make you now a suitable candidate as the follower of JIHADISTS, ISLAMISTS and QQUURRAAN bigot . As a christian, you are no less evil than any ISLAMIST.
    You invert everything .

  747. Shakila says:

    That man was nothing but a f—ing liar.. If it had not been for Ali Sina, I would still be praying 5 times a day and thinking of hell and heaven 24 hours a day.. I literally lived in fear all my life but thanks to Ali, I have been liberated from this evil cult.. Mohammed was an a—- hole..

  748. Xossaa says:

    Deuternomy 18:18 – prophet Samuel , Acts 3:24

    Song of Solomon 5:16 – Jesus , Luke 23:28

    Isaiah 29:12 – hypocrites , Matthew 15:7-9

    John 14:16 – the Holy Spirit of God , John 14:26

    The Last prophet is John the Baptist lived before Jesus. Matthew 11:13

  749. new says:

    Hi. Any suggestions on good android app for so call authentic hadiths n eng Quran trans wt tafseer etc. I am looking for that arberry trans.

  750. darkfire316 says:

    Poor El Padrino. Really? Shrek is the big baby? Last time I checked Shrek didn't lie about the dictionary or other things.

    "Hindu/Pro-Atheist atrocities of Mahabharata wars 300 million"

    "Atheist/Communist atrocities 259 million"

    "According to Sam Harris,Bill Maher & Christopher Hitchens (btw all have jewish ancestory,pure coincidence) Islam & Christianity are equally dangerous.This is dishonest in my view.All these critics can safely criticize Christianity without fear of being assassinated.Unlike Islamic critics who need bodyguards or even pseudonyms over the internet. "

    "Please find me an atheist mass murderer who committed murder based on the non-belief system of atheism itself and who has no ties to the communist ideology. Oh wait you can’t…"

    1.How about the "atheist immortalist" Pekka-Eric Auvinen from Finland who gunned down 8 people.He stated too that he was digusted with religion.

    2.Jared Lee Loughner,an atheist that also went on a killing spree that left 6 dead & 14 injured.

    3.Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold,Columbine killers

    4.Matti Saari,atheist from Finland that also went on a killing spree

    5.Russell Williams,an atheist & convicted murderer & rapist. "

    Such a good Christian. Lying all the time. Spreading hate against his neighbor. Jesus would be proud.

  751. darkfire316 says:

    So let me get this straight. Christianity and Judaism turned out fine even though they were they were influenced by Zoroastrianism and supposedly Hinduism (according to you), but Islam turned out bad so those faiths must be bad. But wait Judaism and Christianity were influenced by them too. Doesn't make sense. Oh wait I forgot. It's EL PADRINO!! AMAZING LOGIC EL PADRINO!

    Just when I when I was disappointed not seeing you here anymore. But thanks for proving me wrong and proving how much liars like you never learn. I'll always be here to expose you. 🙂

  752. John K says:

    "It's either Hinduism or Zoroastrianism,one of these faiths introduced warfare,world domination,plunder & genocide as a religious & pious duty to the world."

    That's hardly fair. The sociopathy in Islam is the product of Muhammad's mental disorders. You need to read the analysis in Dr. Sina's book if you haven't read it yet. The reason for the nature of Islam and its source will be very clear to you then.

  753. Ali Sina says:

    No, making war to spread religion, i,e, jihad, is an invension of Muhammad. What is owed to Zoroastrianism is the eschatology of the semitic religions, the hell and heaven, the fight between good and evil.

  754. El Padrino says:

    Okay I made up my mind after much deliberation.I say Zoroastrianism is the one that introduced plunder & genocide to the world.Are you happy now,big baby?

  755. Shrek says:

    The eternal scumbag El padrino.

    Anti-all religions except christianity.

    "It's either Hinduism or Zoroastrianism,one of these faiths introduced warfare,world domination,plunder & genocide as a religious & pious duty to the world."

    At least give a specific statement. Nobody cares about your *EITHER" scumbag comments.

    Thanks to Christianity and Islam, the plunder, genocide is perpetuated.

  756. El Padrino says:

    Zoroastrianism influenced many religions,however some scholars say Hinduism influenced Zoroastrianism & vice versa.
    So we can no longer blame the jewish faith for the invention of Islam,since the jewish faith has an earlier origin.It's either Hinduism or Zoroastrianism,one of these faiths introduced warfare,world domination,plunder & genocide as a religious & pious duty to the world.

  757. Agracean says:

    Dear Atheist Dr Ali Sina, you said, :Furthermore, there is no proof that monotheism is true. There is no evidence of the existence of God. Many rational people are either deists, or pantheists or atheists."

    Don't you know the fact that no one is an Atheist after they die? So, my dearest super serious 'rational' Dr Ali Sina, based on the above absolute truth, do you still want to remain as stubborn as a castrated mule for the rest of your life on planet earth and enter into eternity like a fool? I've explained so many times here and through all my most sincere emails the proof that our loving Creator God exist and He is real and yet, you can't digest this absolute truth which I've presented to you. Surely, the man that I admire most in my life, must be smarter and more intelligent than me and not that dumb, am I right to say that, my dear Dr Ali Sina?


  758. Agracean says:

    Let me ask you a question to stir up a storm in your mind and also, knock some good commonsense in your big head. Has it ever come across your mind that Akenathen, Zoroaster and all the other historians in the world actually came from the same family tree and they practised their ancestral beliefs and teachings and pass down to their next generation and so forth, and that's the reason why there are so many similarities in all cultures? Now, the big question is: Who are their first ancestors? I hope that you will come to your senses now and know that my loving Creator God reigns. 🙂

  759. Agracean says:

    Dear Dr Ali Sina, you said, "Monotheism is an invention of Akhenathen or Zoroaster. Jews were influenced by these creeds and that is how Christianity and Islam became monotheistic."

    I think that this is merely your own presumptions which could be totally wrong. When will you attain true enlightenment of the ultimate truth? Are you very sure that monotheism is an invention of Akhenathen or Zoroaster and Jews and Christians were influenced by these creeds? Have you considered the olden Chinese people starting from the Emperor of the Shang dynasty also believe in Shangdi or the God in Heaven and they offer animals and other sacrifices which are similar to the Jewish leviticus practices to the supreme God in Heaven? Do you think that it's a pure conincidence that the Chinese were also influenced by Akenathen and Zoroaster?


  760. Noyanika says:

    Ali, Why don’t you have not been in facebook ? You are the best motivator and freethinker scholar known to me .

  761. knowTheEnemy says:

    It seems that an error went unnoticed during proof-reading. The second sentence in the last paragraph of the article says :

    "Once the truth about this false religion is revealed to the world this faith of hate and lies with me destroyed."

    I think Mr. Sina meant to say will be 😀

  762. John K says:

    Further information here:

    Text – Who Corrupted the Gospel?

    Video Update – Deceptive God, Incompetent Messiah: What Islam Really Teaches about Allah and Jesus

    Most cultures have a flood myth. Wikipedia is a good introduction: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Great_Flood

    In Comparative Literature we are concerned with the origin and transmission of ideas, and whether these are psychological archetypes or based in factual events.

    Some researchers feel that Gobekli Tepe is recorded evidence of a great flood due to the ark-like structures and insect and animal carvings.

    The History Channel

    Mark Rubin

  763. Rojas says:

    Quote Ali Sina:
    "Deeper understanding of Islam reveals that Muhammad was a mentally sick man. I have shown this in my book Understanding Muhammad. The evidence is overwhelming."

    And this makes Islam a "contagious mental disease" and Muhammad "patient zero" of that disease. Which is more eerie than just viewing Muhammad as a liar and impostor.

    But we have had this discussion before.

  764. Zakariya Razi says:

    Actually, Muhammad proved the truth about Jesus. He established the Anti-Christ (Muslims) and thus technically proved the authenticity of Christ's message about the false prophets and the emergence of the Anti-Christ (Muslims). Allah is the greatest deceiver, he is the Lucifer of the Bible. Jesus is the Son of God and Muhammad (ironically) also proved it by his deeds of fulfilling the prophecy of Jesus. It is a great thing to come to Christianity from Islam. It is a tremendous achievement to come to the truth from falsehood. I thank God that I was a Muslim, he made me see the truth. Now, I am free. I now know Jesus is the Lord, he taught love. Only the Son of God can say and show to "Love your enemies". It is beyond logic, it is divine. Jesus is divine. There is no need in accepting Jesus, he already died for our sins. The evil is in only rejecting Jesus, which only the followers of Muhammad are doing. Let us try our best to save those souls.

  765. truth says:

    Dear Ali sina, I really love you, because of you only i can reply to stupid muslim that how fool they are. One day slowly slowly every muslim come to know the realty of Islam and Mohammed. God bless you make this world free from Satans

  766. Ali Sina says:

    The causes that narcissists pick can be varried. For Hitler it was the suprior race, for Stalin, it was the proletariate; for Jim Jones, it was social justice; for Charles Manson, it was ATWA (air, trees, water and animals). They pick a cause that gets the attention of their followers. Muhammad picked only god, because this the debate about monotheism and politheism in Arabia was ripe at his time. The Christians had started promoting their faith giving credence to the Jews who were already known.

    At that time, god was the best tool for domination for him. It is the ultimate tool of domination, nothing comes as close as being a messenger of God,

  767. Ali Sina says:

    I was there twice. Once built 400 friends and the next time close to 700 and the facebook deleted my account with no warning. The second time I complained and they said I have to send them a scanned copy of my ID to know who I am. I decided not to have anygthing with those morons. I am on Twitter. Alisina_FFI

  768. Ali Sina says:


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