Why Can’t We Have World Peace

A few days ago I was invited to attend a conference on world peace. At first I thought I am being invited as a speaker. That was of course a wishful thinking. My kind inviter said that only presidents and vice presidents are invited for that. But I do have a plan for world peace and although no one invites me to speak about it, I can write about it.

Everybody say they want peace. Believe it or not, even Hitler promised peace on Earth. His idea of peace was to subdue the rest of the world. The ISIS and other Islamic supremacists are also after that kind of peace — peace through submission and subjugation of others. When the world is reduced into a giant prison and they become the prison guards there will be peace.

Most people don’t subscribe to Hitler and Islamist’s notion of peace, but they cling to another, no less dangerous doctrine, called political correctness. Political correctness means to advance lies when truth can hurt someone’s sensitivity and he may turn violent.

I know what people do and say in peace conferences. They sweep the dirt under the carpet. They ignore the injustice and the cause of conflicts, and pretend the problems that divide mankind will go away through the power of wishful thinking. And that all it takes to have peace is for everyone to join hands and sing We are the World and Kumbaya.

I am afraid despite the good intentions of the organizers of such events they are not conducive to peace. These kindergarten ideas of peace don’t work. We know they don’t work because we have been trying them for a century and we are in no way closer to peace today than we were at the beginning of the last two world wars.

Our ideas of peace are flawed. Humanity is ailing and the first thing we need to do is to diagnose the cause. You can hide the paleness of a dying patient with cosmetics and make her look lively. But cosmetics don’t cure. They only mask. The cause of the ailment of humanity is hatred advocated by false beliefs. But how can you talk about that in a world that values beliefs over lives?

The world is not ready for peace. Humanity has to suffer more. More lives will have to be sacrificed until we become ready for it. The Israelites were led to suffer 40 years wandering in the desert until they were ready for their promised land. We will be ready for peace when we value lives over beliefs and truth over political correctness. We will be ready when we can criticize all beliefs, whether true or false, without being labeled racist, hate monger or fear for our life. True beliefs don’t fear criticism and don’t require protection. It is the false ones that want to silence their critics by force.

Peace is attainable. I am not the president of any country, so I will not be invited to speak about it. But if presidents had the answer, why we don’t have peace? Are politicians the right crowd to tell us how to achieve peace?

Peace can’t be attained without justice. Most people know this. But what many refuse to see is that justice is impossible without truth and truth is unattainable without freedom of speech.  A world that banns truth and classifies it as hate will never have peace. You can take this promise to the bank, because heaven and earth will perish, but truth will not.

Here is my plan for peace. Scrap the UN. United Nations is neither united nor does it represent the nations that it purports to represent.

The following map shows that most countries that make up the UN are not democratic. It means that the delegates of these countries are representatives of a bunch of dictators and thugs that have usurped the power by force, oppress the people and maintain their grip with terror. They jail, torture and execute those who disagree with them. They violate the rights and lives of the people. We don’t give legitimacy to those who hijack banks or airplanes. Why should we give legitimacy to those who hijack a country? These criminals should not have a voice and a vote among free nations. Allowing them to speak on behalf of the people they tyrannize is an insult to their victims.



And the “united” in UN is a joke. The person who wrote the Fact Sheet of this organization must have been inspired. He misspelled “united,” and wrote “untied” instead. Here is the Fact Sheet of the UN on their official website. God must have a sense of humor.

united  nations

Source: http://www.un.org/wcm/webdav/site/visitors/shared/documents/pdfs/FS_UN%20Emblem-Flag.pdf

The UN is controlled by OIC, an organization of 57 Islamic countries, who, in matters of their common interest, which is often against the interest of the rest of the world, vote as a block. They basically control the UN. Their goal is to make the entire world adopt blasphemy law and punish anyone who criticizes Islam.

Once we get rid of this useless organization, then the democratic nations can form an alliance for military and economic cooperation while maintaining their sovereignty and independence. This would be an exclusive club of free nations and the only requirement for membership would be democracy. The member countries would be required to respect economic freedom, religious freedom, individual freedom, freedom of press and freedom of speech. No one should be treated as second class or denied freedom for his or her views. No member country would be allowed to negate its women equal rights in all social and political spheres. This means Muslim countries can’t join, unless they renounce their Islamic values and practices.

As for freedom to bear arms, what the Americans call Second Amendment, it would be entirely the decision of each member country. The alliance will have no jurisdiction on the internal affairs of any country. The alliance is not to be seen as a superpower and it cannot override the choices of any country.  It will however have the right to deny membership to any country that violates human rights and deviates from democratic values.

It would be the responsibility of this alliance to ensure that all elections in member countries are held with transparency and are not rigged. The alliance would also provide protection for its members against any foreign aggression. Would the most powerful country dare to invade the smallest country that enjoys the membership of this mighty alliance?

The military cooperation of the member nations will allow the creation of the most powerful army that no single country could afford to rival. At the same time the cost of maintaining such a force to member countries will be a fraction of what they spend today individually for their defense.

The savings on military expenditures plus the economic cooperation among the member countries will improve the standard of life of their citizens. This will encourage the nonmember nations to strive for democracy in order to qualify for the membership. The need to join the alliance will speed up the process of democratization (read de-Islamization) across the world. And once a country gains its freedom and joins the alliance, it will be protected from future coupes and tyrannical takeovers.

Membership to this alliance would be both voluntary and a privilege.  It would be voluntary because if in a referendum, the majority of the citizens of a member country vote against the membership, they could easily get out. It would be a privilege because they must adhere to the highest standards of freedom and human rights in order to be accepted as members.  And they will lose the membership if they elect governments who violate the rights of religious or political minorities.

Once the Alliance of Democratic Nations is created, it may take two or three decade for all other countries to become democratic and join. Thus we can get rid of all wars, dictatorships, supremacist doctrines and divisive creeds.

This is not a plan to homogenize the world. Diversity is good. People should be able to believe and practice the religion of their choice and any polity they prefer. But religious and political systems that promote hate against religious minorities or a class will have no place in such system.

This plan is simple and it works. It can be applied when we are ready for peace.


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5 Responses

  1. mohammed says:

    You know what I don’t want to give a damn about it. My experience showed that a

  2. p says:

    Not sure where you read it, but no where does ali sina or faithfreedom.org do they claim that Islam teaches that it must make others join Islam by force. Even ISIS does not make others join Islam by force. Believing in Islam is something you have to accept voluntarily. However, Islam teaches that everyone, muslim or otherwise must submit to the rule of Islam, ie. Sharia law, Jizyah tax, etc. That’s the problem because Sharia law is inherently unfair and unjust.

  3. Travies says:

    Why are you doing all this Mr. Alisina? Is Islam really bad as you want people to see it? I am glad that You know what you’re doing. And you do it perfectly, Congrats!

    But take a look at this;

    It’s written somewhere in Quran, Laa Iqra’a fiy diyn – Means Do not force non-muslims to join the religion. (Let them see the truth and choose to follow it or not).

    We also learn from Surat kaffirun:

    Qul! yaa Ayyuha lKaafiruun – Say (God tells Muhammad)! to non-muslims (kaffirs)…

    Laa Aabudu Maa taa buduun – I dont believe what you believe

    Wala antum aaibiduuna ma a’abudu – And you too dont believe what I believe

    Walaa Anna a’aabiduu ma abadtum – And I will never believe what you do believe

    Lakum diynukum, Waliya diyn – You’ve got your Way, and I have got mine.


    So that’s purely the teachings of Islam. We dont learn to make others join in Islam by force.

    Don’t mislead the readers and the world as a whole. Spread the truth or remain silent. We live in a perishable world, We dont stay here forever. So you better stop doing what you’re doing, it’s no good for you.

    May be u have sold your soul to whoever sends you to do this, or either you dont know what your doing’s fate!

    I advise you to Repent when you only have the chance to do so. Your destruction is Massive!

    Will this comment pass the publication???

  4. Ricardo Hotatio says:

    Islam: 1Pet. 5:8 Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

  5. mary says:

    Mr Ali sina.
    I am a Christian by birth and became a Christian by faith around 14 to 15 yrs.my college education was in a city of india with significant Muslim population.,in fact a Muslim religious minority college through govt merit quota.by and large I never experienced a communal problem or any problem with the college for my ten years of stay there….but let me tell you something…even though I had very good Muslim classmates and i was friendly with them,they always tended to have their own groups who were all Muslim.I am not even saying they did it purposely but they somehow ended up in such groups.two of why Muslim classmates wanted me to read Quran,in fact they tried many times,but I refused to budge…because I rather take jesus who loves then islamic jihad(let me tell u i said islamic jihad not muhammed who killed many.i didnt know much about Islam then).even Indian Muslims are for the most part peace loving…here is where my real issue starts…..Muslims are not all bad.in fact 40 yes back the number of Muslim women wearing hijab was less.my mom had Muslim classmates for friends in her home town.but 20 years down an Islamic radicalisation has taken place in our country.now almost all the Muslims in my moms home town wear black burqa.they tend to restrict themselves to their groups….(an fanatic Islamic preacher is the one who brought about this change..currently is in jail for terrorism related activities).. A professors hands were cut when he talked about Muhammad to his students…coming to my city of education which is another state….I would like to give subtle example…two of Muslim girls i knew in my college started wearing burka and sticking to Muslim friends once entering the minority college……l cannot actually tell u what happened but I can tell u I really felt that something is missing when interacting with them…I don’t know whether its lack of friendship or lack of trust or lack of oneness.the same attitude though not exactly expressed came across in my interactions with my Muslim classmates.though I will not say that it was at all times in fact we had fun talks,teases because I do believe we humans have basic humanity which will come forth when we deal with a fellow human being.but there was a certain something as I said above..when I go through what you say I feel that certain something was their Islam which held them back from truly enjoying our company(non Muslim).when I read what actually the Quran says no wonder our muslim friends found it difficult.won’t it become a conflict .when u truly believe it to be the word of god won’t these moderate ones also change to achieve that paradise they claim.I am horrified by the damage this can do.will truly their humanity prevail..and that is where I want to say…about pious Islamic scholars or shall we say Islamic historians ,professors in prestigious universities to me seems to be doing.they speak eloquently about the good msgs of Quran(mind u nothing new there as the pope said recently) and even may discard the violent teachings.but when they accept it they are actually accepting the Quran which has some dangerously misused verses…I would say when moderate Muslims say look at the good things Islam teaches I am fine because they have humanity in them as they talk…but when they swear by Quran I tremble because i have realised that it has the power to destroy what remaining humanity they possess and that is why I am fearful of Islam.

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