Paralysing Fear

Dear Mr. Sina,

I am so scared. I don’t know what to believe and I’m scared of the Islamic depiction of Hell. I don’t fear for myself so much as my family members. Most of them are Christians.What if my late grandfather is there? I also have many atheist, and some hindu friends. Please help me, I don’t know what to believe. I used to have such a peaceful opinion of death, but all of these “hells” scare me, and now I am afraid of death.




Dear O.H.T.

A little rational thinking will help. Let us assume that God exists.  Would he be an insane sadist god or a loving, wise and kind god?  Obviously God cannot be a psychopath.  How can a loving god send people to hell and torture them for any reason let alone disbelief?  Would you do such think if someone is ungrateful to you?  Would you burn someone even if he is rude to you and insult you? Of course not, because you are not insane. Now how can God act like that? Wouldn’t that be insanity?

Think about the size of the universe.  Our Milky Way galaxy is utterly insignificant in it. Then our solar system is an invisible speck inside this galaxy and then there is Earth.  What is our significance in this universe? Nothing!  Would the maker of such a vast universe be offended if we humans don’t worship him?  It is utterly foolish to say such thing. Please watch this video.




So what is the size of the universe? The Hubble Space Telescope has detected galaxies that are 46 billion light years away from each direction of the Earth. That is an expanse of 92 billion light years from one side of the observable universe to the other side. You may wonder how this is possible since the Big Bang happened only 13.7 billion years ago and mater can’t travel faster than light. The answer is that space is expanding. Right after the Big bang it suddenly expanded to astronomical proportions. But that is not all. The observable universe, which is 92 billion light years wide is not all the universe. The complete universe is much, much bigger. How much bigger? According to a new theory based on the discovery that energy constantly is welling up from the vacuum of space in the form of particles of opposite charge – matter and anti matter – back in the 1980s the physicist Allan Goof proposed that energy field embedded in the vacuum of space suddenly tipped into a higher energy state causing space and time to literally inflate, to go from atomic size to cosmological size within an infinitesimally short time. As the result, according to some calculation, the whole universe would have grown to some 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times the size of the observable universe. That is 10 followed by 24 zeros. Put in another way, the complete universe is to the observable universe, as the observable universe is to an atom.

Aren’t you getting dizzy? But I am not done yet. This incredibly vast universe may not be the only one. There could be infinite other parallel universes to our universe. Infinite! That is big.

Now, assume that all this is created by God. Would such god bother about torturing you for disbelieving him? Come on! Isn’t it time that we used our brain and stopped believing in the lies of a crazy ignoramus of the seventh century? Everything Muhammad said has been proven to be false. That man was a fool. When his knowledge of the visible world is proven to be false, why would you think his description of the unseen world is correct?


Muammad is watching people burning in hell. These are the people who slept in the morning instead of waking up and praying and one of them farted while praying and his prayer became null and Allah the merciful and the compassionate is burning him for eternity. The truth is all Muslims will go to hell. They are already living in it. Isn't ignorance and stupidity like hell? 1.5 billion sane people have given up their rational thinking to follow a psychopath. Is this not hell?

Let us say there is an ant colony in your backyard. They live and eat in your property. Do you care whether they thank you for it or not? If you do you are nuts.  The difference between you and ants is infinitely less than the difference between God and humans. So if you find it ludicrous to expect ants to thank you why do you think God is going to be offended if we don’t thank him?

Psychopath narcissists use fear to control people. Muhammad was a psychopath.  Fear was his instrument of control. Through fear he managed to fool the ignorant people of his time and manipulated them.  Smart and educated people laughed at him and said he was crazy and majnoon. But a bunch of low life ignorant youths and slaves believed in him. Thanks to his manipulations, his foolish followers waged wars, killed and looted innocent people and made him powerful. They even allowed him to have sex with their little girls.    Islam is blasphemy.  It is an insult to God.   If God exists and he is offended by what people believe and say, nothing will offend him more than Islam.


Unbelievers are forced to drink boiling water in hell even though they are not thirsty. .


Muhammad attributed insanity to God. He depicted the Creator as a lunatic narcissist — a vengeful, tyrannical, wanton god who is so needy for attention that he would burn people in hell for eternity if they don’t worship him.  What can be more insane than that?  What would you think of a king who expects his subjects to worship him day and night and if they fail to do so would punish them? Wouldn’t such a king be insane? Then why do you accept this insanity when attributed to God?


Muslim women burning in hell for disobaying their husband



These women refused to have sex with their husbands when he desired them and ended up in hell to burn for eternity. That is your reward as a Muslim woman. Muhammad said women are deficient in intelligence. Although this is not true in the case of all women, it is true in the case of Muslim women. Any woman who believes in a misogynist like Muhammad and thinks that psychopath was a prophet of God, must be deficient in intelligence. Finally there is one thing I agree with Muhammad.

You have made your life a hell because you believe in a lie.  Stop believing in that lie and you will be set free.  Truth will set you free.

Why Muhammad was so concerned about people worshipping God? It is because he claimed to be his last messenger.  You can’t worship God on your own. You have to accept Muhammad also. He is a partner to God.  People before him believed in God.  Many, like the Jews, the Christians and the Zoroastrians were monotheists.  That was not enough for Muhammad. He wanted them to believe in him.  He concocted a lie and those who were stupid enough to believe made him powerful.   Islam was invented by this mentally deranged liar so he could dominate people.   Stop believing in that liar and you will be set free.

God does not send people to hell for belief or disbelief and if he does, Muslims will be the first to go to hell for believing in a charlatan and for attributing insanity to God.

Please watch this excellent video

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  1. Demsci says:

    At the time Mohammed preached did he show respect for the belief of so many people around him?  No, he wanted to change them, because he thought he had some better belief. Well, now many kaffirs believe they have some better belief!

    So, there is competition between beliefs. And people who hope mankind chooses in majority for best beliefs, whichever they are, they allow both praise AND criticism, even contempt at times, of ALL religions, belief, in the media, under freedom of speech. 

    But as a typical Muslima, what is it YOU are trying to do? To make Islam the exception! All, and Muslims too, may criticize and despise all religions, but Islam, according to Muslims, should have a priviliged, protected status, and it alone must not be criticized and despised.

    Don't you see that as a weak position of Muslims? They should have the attitude; "let the best religion win" and when Islam wins under equal circumstances, only THEN it is worthy of the respect for the winner with fair play.

    Trying to make Islam the exception, which alone cannot be despised, is really about letting Islam win by foul play.

  2. ihateislam says:

    Do muhammadans have respect for the beliefs of others? If they did, why do they refer to non muhammadans as "kafirs", which is derogatory and kill them?

  3. Sara Muhammad says:

    i hope your own ignorance and disrespect towards the belief of some 1.5 billion people around the world will serve you well in the future.
    We should all learn to have mutual respect and understanding towards other people's religions. We share this world together,so let's try to be nice.
    I believe in Allah.I believe in Muhammad's teachings.I believe in Islam.And i respect my friends who are Hindu,Christian,Buddhist,etc.
    Allahuakbar; God is Great.

  4. denialisnoproof says:

    ali sina why did michael hart write good about islam?

  5. Ramesh says:

    V important article which should perhaps be on or on is this "PARADISE- A MIRAGE FOR MUSLIMS".

  6. wild lion says:

    hi i wish that god give all how look for his right path.The punishment of helIs it for those who deserve it.Is it rational to some one to kill 50 million people and die in peace? This is not fair.But God is just .Each one will be asked(life isn't a game)who did well will go to Paradise.who did bad will go to hell. The biggest mistake is the Contempt of God.denial of his grace. Love someone more than God.Worshiping something except god or with god all that is Clear in qoran and if we were so small why this Arrogance.God do what he wants and i love him .if he send me to hell i Deserve it but god do not send how belive in his last message to hell but just for purification of his Sins and he send him after to Paradise WE WELL SEE WHO IS WRIGHT

  7. John K says:

    I am revisiting this article after your recent comment reference and noticed this line:

    "I suppose I must love this tiny blue rock we call home, or maybe I am afraid of getting lost."

    That's a very real feeling while watching that video. Imagine this scenario:

    You have been abducted by an alien, but while en route to their galaxy, they die from germs picked up in the earth's atmosphere. You see the joystick controls and throttle and find you are able to maneuver the ship, but you cannot understand the navigation computers. What a feeling of despair over ever being able to find earth again!

    I also like your referring readers to an existing article. I think I am going to try more of that instead of trying to come up with an original thought for every comment I respond to.

  8. Rojas says:

    If we assume for a moment that Islam is the true religion and non-muslims will go to hell, who is an inmate of islamic hell right now for not being a muslim during lifetime? Mother Teresa? John Lennon? Thomas Paine? Mahatma Gandhi? Albert Einstein? Winston Churchill? Theodore Roosevelt? Benjamin Franklin? Ludwig van Beethoven? Pope John Paul II.? Julius Cesar? Buddha? Lao-Tse? Aristotle? Plato? Alexander the Great? Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? Galileo Galilei? Bertrand Russell? Charlie Chaplin?

    And who is in islamic Paradise right now? "Prophet" Muhammad? Ayatollah Khomeini? Muslim suicide-attackers? And all those countless, narrow-minded muslims?

    Then I would surely agree with Mark Twain, who said: "Go to heaven for the climate, hell for the company."

  9. NotChristLike says:

    Christ was not sent to save the world, he was sent "For The Lost Sheep of Israel" to remind the Children of Israel about there Covenant with God, which they failed to keep. If you like I can show yopu all the passages that show the Biblical Jesus was not someone to be proud of, His Father was a Peadophile, maybe thats the reason.

  10. Fake Ass says:

    This is so fake!!!

  11. John K says:

    Mosiah 3:27
    And their torment is as a lake of fire and brimstone, whose flames are unquenchable, and whose smoke ascendeth up forever and ever. Thus hath the Lord commanded me. Amen.

    "as a lake of fire and brimstone", not "is a lake of fire and brimstone."

  12. John K says:

    As is bent the twig, so grows the tree.

    You get do-overs in this life. After that you get another chance in the spirit world. After that, that's it.

    Hell lasts until Judgement Day. After that, you get a degree of glory. "In my Father's house are many mansions". "Christ was sent to save the world, not to condemn the world."

  13. Agracean says:

    It doesn't matter whether you believe the fact that you live this life on planet earth only once or not because the truth is that we live only once on planet earth and when we die, our body will return to the ground and our spirit will return to the true living God Who created us and we are accountable unto him.

  14. Rojas says:

    You are born once and ONLY ONCE, then you live 90, maybe 100 years, you die, and after you have died you'll live on forever, ETERNALLY, either eternally in paradise or eternally in hell – only depending on what you have believed during lifetime?

    What a stupid concept.

  15. Agracean says:

    Hi Rojas, looks like you still have a long way to go before you arrived at the ultimate conclusion that our loving great Creator God is good.

  16. Agracean says:

    Hi monalisa, the truth is that hell is not a state of mind as per your claim. The truth is that hell is real but the good news is that it is not created for human beings and please be informed that there is certainly life after death because when we die, our physical body will return to the ground and our spirit man will return to the Light Who made us and that we are all accountable to Him Who created us in His image.

  17. Rojas says:

    It is blatant nonsense to believe in a God that sends you to hell not for what you did during your lifetime but ONLY for what you BELIEVED.

  18. rajesh says:

    OHT: The biggest problem with man is that, he thinks he is something great, so God is concerned with his actions and faith etc. If we think for a while we can simply realize we do not have any affairs with God in our daily life. We can’t see, touch , smell, taste, hear, experience or even understand God. Our affairs are directly with fellow human beings, animal, plants, rain, mountains, sun, moon, light, machines so on. We are created with some commonsense, now our thoughts should concentrate on our world and make it a better place to accomodate everything with all natural & man-made infrastructures available, in accordance with natural laws. That is all we can do. Our actions also fell in the natures law and will produce opposite reactions. So understand the reality that God is above all attributes, the creator of this gigantic universe will not bother for our deeds, rather he has already involved us in his laws of creation. Don’t fear any ideology. You can worship and pray to the god who is your creator without any ideal belief.

  19. John says:

    what if u were my son and i would have given you a book in which it was written , their is no hell no heaven , you all are paid for your sin here on earth ?
    How different is this form your case ?
    Now tell me if god is so wise and want his sons to follow what he say and if not doing the same he would let u go in hell, why dont have he made hell right in front of us and why dont he burn us in fire in front of all so that rest do not do , I swear i nor neither anyone would dare to disobey GOD(not any other else) howsoever Satan might try to seduce us.

    Why has he not done so, tell me any explanation for this ?

  20. monalisa says:

    If hell exist, it is a state of mind. When your mind is burdened with sorrow and sadness and worry
    and fear, then you are in hell.
    If hell exist, God is not the one who is going to throw you in it. Hell (if exist) is just a result.
    For example: obesity is a result of eating too much. So is hell, the mental torture for
    wrong doing and crimes and hurting others, but certainly not a result of disbelieving.
    It is said that if you do not pay the dues in your life, you have to pay for them after death, and that
    will be the mental and spiritual suffering.
    Until now, we do not know if this theory is right, because there is no proof whatsoever that
    there is life after death.

  21. Lonelyloner says:

    So you say heaven and hell are real.
    Evidence, show us the evidence. Without evidence, this bold claim is no more than BS.

  22. Rajesh says:

  23. Rajesh says:
    This article is excellent and a must read. This argument- that Muslims will go to Hell if at all God punishes those who follow false religions by throwing them into Hell is d best one. Its got to be made more popular. There should be some article titled like this "Muslims will go to Hell" or "Islam- a sure way to Hell" on and and which is easily accessible.

  24. Just Dan says:

    You’re right Allan Goof is not available. I even tried in on people search listings, found none. Check the spellings again.

  25. OHT says:

    I did look him up on google, and nothing came up 🙁

  26. Songadh Lion says:

    Sina Sir Your style of explaining is fanastic. You make it sound so simple and there is so much passion in the way you articulate your thoughts. Sir I have read so many of your articles and debates and i can never tire of reading what you write. its so simple so much to the point, so accurate. Sir carry on with this great task that you have decided to present to mankind. Sir hats off to your committment and zeal and dedication to what you do.. Yjou can never fail cos you speak the truth. The truth as it is plain and simple. I salute you and love you.

  27. Just Dan says:

    Errrrr…. OHT.
    I think they have Google if you wanna look for anything.
    Anyway, a decent inquiry. I like it.

  28. O.H.T. says:

    Oh and another thing, could I have a link on that physicist Allan Goof? He seems quite interesting.

  29. Ali Sina says:


    I am glad you got over your fear. Fears are caused by our ignorance, Why children fear darkness? It is because they can’t see what is there. If someone lit a light they will see there is nothing to fear. Islam keeps people ignorant because it can survive only by instilling fear in them. My job is to lit the light and dispel that ignorance. Once truth is exposed, Islam will be demolished.

  30. O.H.T says:

    Thank you so much for this article. I really appreciate all the time you took to type it. I worried and worried, all based off of a book written by a group of people 1000+ years ago. I hope that you help tons of others leave Islam.

  31. Agracean says:

    Mr sissy Charlee, your above name 'everin' is good enough to show that you are man with a pussy. LOL. Mr sissy Charlee, don't you know that my dear hero, Dr Ali Sina and his 'wife' and 'children' can't wait to love and kiss me? So, please stop behaving so rude and aggressive towards a good and kind lady like me, you silly fool!

  32. everin says:

    U haven’t try how u know I am pussy.  Dr. Ali Sina’s wife n children will tear u into pieces with AGGRESION, u silly fool !   

  33. Agracean says:

    Mr sissy Charlee, I'd rather go to bed with my dear rationalist and atheist hero, Dr Ali Sina, than with a pussy man like you! You can go to bed with that Mr sissy William and prove to him how super sissy you are! I believe that both of you will enjoy quarreling on the bed over who is the most sissy of all! LOL.

  34. everin says:

    This is School girls' querreling with aggression. Go to bed with me n I'll prove to u how sissy am I. U'll really enjoy it.

  35. William says:

    I'm saying to everin, Well Said!!! XD

  36. Willian says:

    Well Said!!! xD

  37. Laudo Bouttam says:


  38. Agracean says:

    Well, Mr sissy Charlee, it's time for you to stop hiding behind 'everin', a girl's name and behave like a real man! I've never come across a wussy like you in my entire life!

  39. everin says:

    Aggression,  Do u realize that u are the empty vessel that makes the loudest n irritating noises in this Alisina postings. U score less than 0 mark.  What a shame !

  40. Agracean says:

    Mr Charlee, so you finally confessed that U r an idiot because you don't know where is your tail! LOL. Like what I said so many times before, Johrei has misled you and turned you into an idiot who cannot think properly and logically. Why don't you humble yourself and go and study the Bible and then, you'll discover the truth why this earth is dying?

  41. everin says:

    U IDIOT !, I did not have a tail. U are a fool because all yr postings scored negative points. Can't u SEE ! Don't blame human beings on earthquaks, tsunami, floods, typhoons, etc.,etc. Another foolish talk of yrs. Go n study Johrei then u will know why we have such a voilent earth.
    " Thy WILL will be done on earth " Aaa-men.

  42. Agracean says:

    Mr Charlee, did I step on your small tail or what? Why associate me with fools like you? Why deny the fact that we, human beings are responsible for earth's current condition?

  43. everin says:

    God so hated the world that he gave us a voilent earth filled with many fools like Agracean, Pres. George Bush, Hilter, Osama bin Laden, the late Prime Minister of Japan, Tojo, etc., etc.

  44. Jonathan Harrell says:

    People close their eyes and then throw their bull**** on others

  45. Jonathan Harrell says:

    This ain't no Christian website:@

  46. Arya Anand says:

    Mr.Sina has articulately exposed Muhammad's lies about hell.

  47. Agracean says:

    John 3:16-17
    For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.

  48. Terr says:

    Excellent post. You have such a wonderful way of explaining the Muslim myth.

  49. Amazing Atheist says:

    This is so sad:$

    People allow themselves to be mind blinded and then go through this life of fear and hate

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