Muhammad and Other Prophets

Attn Ali Sina,

Just read your views on your website and want to ask you the following questions hope you like them.

1. If you don’t believe in Muhammad’s mission then tell me who are Moses, Abraham, David, Jesus & others who came after Muhammad and said what Muhammad had said that God is One and that is Allah, they all believed in Allah

What I think about Moses, Abraham, Jesus, et al,  is irrelevant to the fact that Muhammad was an impostor.

You ask about others who came after Muhammad. What others? Either Muhammad was a liar or these others.  Muhammad claimed that no other prophet after him will come.   By arguing in defense of Muhammad you have automatically dismissed all those who came after him.

Take Muhammad out of the picture and you can still believe in all other religions.  With him in the picture, not only you have to deny the truth of all those who came after him, you have to also question the validity of all those who came before him since Muhammad’s teachings and actions were very different from those whom he claimed to follow.

Allah is not a proper name. It is a title like “the king” or “the president.” It is composed of the definitive article al and, ilah which means god. So Allah means “the god.”  It refered to the biggest god in Ka’ba, Habaal (Hubal), the moon god.

Allah is not a proper name. It is a title like “the king” or “the president.” It is composed of the definitive article al and, ilah which means god. So Allah means “the god.”  It refered to the biggest god in Ka’ba, Habaal (Hubal), the moon god.

Arabs called Habaal by its title, just as the British call Elizabeth II by her title, “the Queen.” However, Habaal is not the same as Yahweh.  It is composed of Ha and Baal. Ha in Hebrew is the definitive article and Baal in the Bible is rejected as a false god.  Habaal was the god of Moabites denounced in the Bible.

The fact that allah of Arabs was Habaal, the moon god is evidenced in the symbol of Islam, the crescent.

Arab speaking Christians and Jews also called their god allah, but they did not mean the same god of Arabs. They meant the god of Israel, Yahweh.  People in different kingdoms call their monarch “the king” but they are don’t intend the same monarchs. Likewise, allah of Israel and allah of Arabs were two different deities.

Do you see how your question is shrouded in layers of deception?  Probing Islam is like pealing an onion. As you remove one layer you find another one and there is nothing in the core.

Anyway, I don’t think God is a person and I don’t think it interferes in our affairs, answers our prayers or sends messengers or saviors. If God were a person, he could or should have saved us from the natural disasters and calamities.

2. What do you think –where you came from, according to you who is your God (if you believe in existence of God)

We are products of a billion years of evolution.

3. According to you who has created all living beings, such a complex thing that cannot happen naturally.

All the complex things can happen naturally. I have discussed with creationists who believe in the story of Noah’s ark. Faced with the question, how could Noah accommodate so many species in his ark they say minor evolutions and diversifications happened in species since Noah’s flood. For example, tigers and lions were then one species.  This is ludicrous. Noah’s flood allegedly happened 5000 years ago. This is a blink of an eye in the life of the Earth, it is impossible that in such a short time this much variation could happen.  They believe in this impossibility, but they scuff when we say humans evolved from bacteria in four billion years. Lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars and other felines are members of the same genus: Panthera. Their last common ancestor lived no less than five million years ago. The changes between them happened in at least five million years and not in five thousand years.

4. History of Islam is clear than any others religion which is man made

I agree that it is very clear. There are many false hadiths attributed to Muhammad, but it is very easy to separate them from the true one.  I have constructed the true history of Muhammad and have peered into his psychopathic mind thanks to the clarity of his biography.

5. Lastly, What do you think when you die where your soul will go.

Take some time out of your busy schedule of collecting donations and try to think on the matters i have put above.

Thanking you,

S. Watson



This, like your question 3, is a fallacy, known in logic as begging the question where the premises include the claim that the conclusion is true.

In question 3 you affirmed, “…such complex things that cannot happen naturally.”  That premise is false.  Complex thing do happen naturally. It is the question of time.  Billions of years is a long time.  Tiny changes add up and millions of tiny changes make a big change.

In question  5 you assume that soul exists and will survive, and ask me where it goes.  Let us start from the beginning and ask whether there is such thing as soul and whether it will survive.  Once those questions are answered we will preoccupy ourselves with the question, where will it go.

Does soul exist independent of body? I don’t know!  I don’t deny that it could exist but there is no compelling evidence.  It is a matter of faith. I am not a man of faith.  You can believe that souls will survive and I have no problem with that. I can neither agree with you nor disagree. I remain skeptic.

Now, let us assume that soul will survive. What is certain is that Muhammad’s depiction of heaven and hell cannot be true.  He had no understanding of the spiritual world as most people understand it.  His concept of life after death was very physical and this worldly.  His paradise was filled with whores, drinks, foods and all sorts of debauchery and carnal delights. His hell was also a physical place of torment and torture.

Let us say I am a Muslim and my loved ones are not. Would I be able to enjoy screwing, drinking and eating merrily in Paradise when my loved ones who died as infidels burn in hell?  Of course not!  That is to me hell. I would rather be with them and share their pain and suffering.

But Muhammad could not see that far. The reason he could not see this is because he was a narcissist and bereft of empathy.  Because he did not feel the pains of others he assumed that others also don’t feel them.  Sadly, his followers who have been trapped in his bubble universe also have become narcissist and devoid of empathy.  When people die in natural calamities such as the recent tsunami in Japan or the hurricane and flood in New Orleans, Muslims cheer. They rejoice and praise Allah.  They think Allah has punished them for their disbelief. What kind of people could be so devoid of humanity?  Muslims have become colons of Muhammad.  That is why they see nothing wrong in his vision of heaven and hell. One must be truly stupid or evil at heart to worship a deity that burns people so sadistically for eternity for not believing in him.  Muslims have been reduced into zombies.  They have lost their conscience.

Anyway, each spiritual guru has to be studied on his/her own merit.  We cannot bundle together Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad and David Koresh and pass the same verdict on all of them. David Koresh and Muhammad were very evil sick individuals.


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  1. supriya says:

    Thousands of years ago , Indian sages announced that every life cycle has 4 phases: 1 Saty yug 2 Treta yug 3 Dwapar yug 4 Kali yug . It is denoted by Swastik. This Time phase is end of the Kali yug in which every soul is in search of the ultimate truth. But speed of journey of gaining knowledge is different according to their past Karmas . Yoga is the door to the ancient Indian wisdom of Enlightenment (Moksha). Eventually everybody will come to know their real self(Atma). Western people are interested to know about Indian spiritualism and scriptures such as Bhagwat geeta, Vedas, Upanishad ,Vedant etc. because they are gaining spiritual,mental and physical health from Yoga. Yoga is exclusively belong to Indian spirituality. Mohammad was born in Kali yug so he should not had spiritual knowiedge. He was fond of sensual happiness so he lived in pure materialistic life not in spiritual life. He should not be the messanger of God.

  2. Jewel says:

    You are completely crazy. Sorry , but this is no insult . I'm only saying the truth !

  3. allenharris says:

    and stupid what about multiplication,division etc…there is lot in math explain it…

  4. RAJU says:


  5. RAJU says:


  6. nabussa says:

    Also you have to know this that bism alah alrhman alrahim is not actually Arabic at all there is no bism is Arabic at all it must be written like this be-issm, the word be Ms is Aramaic too & means in the name of, also you have to know this the word rahman is Aramaic & means the loving, & the word raheem is also Aramaic & means beloved so putting the words together it is by the name whom he is high up loving & loved God and all in Aramaic. You have to know that the Aramaic were Christian.

  7. nabussa says:

    Alah is an Aramaic word which means the one whom he is high up, so the ancient Arabs did take this word and attached to their gods, so alah is not Arabic word at all

  8. Denny says:

    You are so ignorant Ichiro. Open your eyes.

  9. John K says:

    Why do you say I am far away from Jesus?

    Why do you think I am in Europe?

    Why do you think I am a fascist and Nazi?

    Why do you call me a Catholic again?

    Why do you show your finger? Are you an uncivilized, vulgar barbarian?

  10. John K says:

    If it is not in the Bible, is it Christian?

    Why are you calling me a Catholic?

  11. inthenameoferia says:

    NO,My culture wont allow me,i have NO RESPECT for darkness and darkness worshipers in matter what you call yourself:

    izlam and it's followers,ONLY catholism and it's followers,which bytheway you are far a way from Jesus himself and fascists izlamistsleftists and nazists (in matter which party the chose but they most chosing socialdemocracy and liberals party to be left alone those are the perfect parties for nazists who wants to continue their dirty jobs).

    So,multiculturalism does work when you are outside of these above menched system and ideologi.

    The problem with you idiots in euro(TRASH) does not undrestand the differences between culture and culture-system.

    izlam is a culture-system.A system with it's own barbaric army,discusting sharialaw and their satan's messanger muhammada's own life and behave which is symbolic in all these countries which has izlam as a system,did you get it,you catholic idiot?

    You dont have the multiculturalism in eurobia,you have ONLY izlamic cultural and other religions and nationalities try to scape from your sick countries in eurotrash becouse the hunting of you sick catholics,izlamistsleftists(themost discusting fascists intheworld) nazists socialdemocrats SIDE BY SIDE by psychopaths and satanists muhammadans!!!

    So,the multicultural does not work,becouse the major of you people are fascists and nazists who have the devil's pact with satanists muhammadans.

    So show respect to them and you catholics is just is the same to show a big,damn finger:

    That's why as human i would never ever show respect to NONE-HUMANS who did not do anything but destruction of our planet!

    I wish you could see my finger,now!
    Respect to you darkness and darkness lovers is the last one all humans should do!

  12. Inthenameoferia says:

    Well,it does NOT have to be written in bible,smartist to killing Jews.YOU PPL THE CATHOLICS!
    Supporting izlam and muzlimz is in skellet and bone in your catholism,chasing and hunting just
    like fascists izlamistsleftists do to support the satanism of this satanism-sekt-system!

  13. John K says:

    Where are Christians killing Jews. All the news I read reports Muslims killing Jews.

    Where does Jesus say only false prophets will come after him?

    What good has your Rainbow multi-culturalism done? Thanks to multi-culturalism, Europe is on the verge of becoming a Muslim continent.

    Besides, you don't show the mutual respect required for multi-culturalism to work. Your attacks on other beliefs sound very Islamic.

  14. John K says:

    I can't understand modern, educated people reverting to belief in Eria, Wicca, and pagan witchcraft.

  15. Inthenameoferia says:

    The chosen ONE MUST BE A PERFECT ONE,not a screw one as the man from satan,muhamad….
    Jesus cliams the same:
    After me there is no one but a faked prophet,voila muhammad and muhammadans show up….

    That's the problem.according satanists muhammadans muhammad is the last one and izlam isthe
    perfect system one,no one else is accepted:

    My question here:
    How many Jews kill X-tians becouse they believe in Jesus not Moses,but alot of X-tians KILL THE JEWS BECOUSE THE JEWS DONT BELIEVE IN JESUS,add future Iran.obviously they will do just like
    SATANISTS MUHAMMADANS and then they cliam they follow the Jesus when all these evil deeds is
    satanic as muhammadans and have nothing with Jesus to do!

    Here we are:
    NOT all X-tians hate izlam,catholism is same as izlam together they hunting every one who say against them….ONLY SATANISTS MUHAMMADANS take muhammad's words very seriously and kill
    every one who say against them,if they react as Jews or Protestants and Ortodox one,then it would be
    any problem at all…every one is with their own way of living and system and moon worshipers and stoneworshipers could worship their satan…

    Actually as a truly Mazdeyasni we want a "RAINBOW" world,every one worship what they want and they
    come with their own neckbands,clothes and withot be jumping on them so that's why as a truly
    Mazdeyasni must fight with this darkness and satanic-system which stop this process and dont allow
    people live the way they want to.

    They involve in your life and tell you how,what to do,becouse izlam IS A SATANIC-SYSTEM so is fascists communists which do EXACTLY as izlam..2 brides and the third one(NAZISTS) must be destroy to our dream for a colorful WORLD comes true.

    NO ONE has to right to say to anyone or any damn NATION to chose satanism-system and every place they go spreading their satanism,just becouse the country are FULL OF FASCISTS AND NAZISTS,perfect brides of izlam…

  16. Inthenameoferia says:

    "Muhammad claimed that no other prophet after him will come"
    I think we all should be offend when the man from satan's sect-system and catholism will be compare with other truly religions,special NONE SEMETHIC ONE!

    NR1:There is no such a stupid thing as prophet,God did not need a mailman to put garbages in mailbox:
    The brain which she created.
    NR2:You dont need damn anyone or any system of living to please her,she is INSIDE OF YOU so every one who comes and says to know the answer how to find her?!!!!
    IS A FAKE PROPHET,and it does NOT matter which tribes or races he belongs to.

    She is inside of you and she does NOT need stupid ceromony to find her.Reach and look within then
    you find her!

    The person who said after me comes someone when their people are in darkness and disease in a
    poetry way were ONLY:Zarathushtra and Budha who had him as a rolemodel and Mazdak!!!

    When you have some one good as rolemodel,then you open a door for others to come after you!
    You are smart enough to know,the changing system of Nature,human's desires for life,then you never
    claim that "YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE"!!!

    Different races and different costumes from different tribes did NOT allow them to be one-simple- minded.

    Now back to semethics:
    Moses never actually said,in ancient time Jews had a very good connection with us,so there are plenty
    of prophets who they have and no Jews deny them,so this mean,only one of them(the last one) who said it:
    There is no other prophet after me,if it comes he is a fake one….well,Jesus shows up and claim that
    he is the messia? Maybe for his people but not for other tribes,i still dont get how they can not undrestand the differences of their own races and other one,then they claim,they are the chosen one.

  17. John K says:

    The crescent is a testimony to the moon-god worship roots of Islam and Allah.

  18. Sanada_10 says:

    In here, we are fighting Islam, the inhuman and intolerant religion. What do you expect when faced to barbaric system like Islam, a nice kiss? Just take the fact and ignore the rest.

  19. Ichiro Yoshida says:

    A lot of peoples' statements and opinions here are so acrid, devoid of compassion, full of hate. Is that what their religion or agnosticism has taught them? =p

  20. monalisa says:

    If "Allah" is only an Islamic deity, why do the Arab Christians use they word "Allah" in their
    worship ?
    I think that "Allah" is an Arabic word for "God" or the Almighty…etc..etc.
    Although I reject all religions (specially Islam), but I do not believe that the crescent refer
    to their God. The crescent is a symbol of months. Until now the crescent is used as a calander
    to identify the months and to know the time. The Islamic year is different than the year we are used to, even the months , their month are: Rajab, Sha'ban, Ramadan, Shawal…..etc. When the
    moon appears as a thin crescent that is hardly to be seen, a new month starts in their calander.

  21. Robert says:

    There is an interesting German book: "Der Koran und die Juden" ("The quran and the Jews") by Johan Bouman, – deceased – Scholar for religous studies who himself was a catholic. The ISBN of the book is 978-3534801237. In this book Bouman describes why the contemporary Jews of Muhammad were not willing to accept him as a prophet in the Jewish tradition. There were actually very Jews who were ready to accept Muhammad as a prophet and to convert to Islam. One of them was Abdullah Ibn Salam. Wehn he decided to convert to Islam, the other Jews said to him: "There is no prophecy among the Arabs, but your master is only a king." – They said this to him for two reasons: According to Jewish tradition, a prophet does not aspire to political power. And secondly according to Jewish traditon a prophet does not follow his carnal cravings the way Muhammad obviously did. This is remarkable even for non-Jews, even for atheists, isn't it?

  22. samson olaoluwa (nigeria) says:

    is it mohammed or Jesus Christ?

    who is worth to follow? without any compromise, we can see them as great men but let analyse it together, from the creation of man, man fail God, due to the sin committed by adam, but God is caring and loving, it is from the beginning of the fall of man, God has know how to bring man back to him through a Saviour, that is why, He said to snake (devil), i will bring enmity between your seed and the woman seed, the woman seed will bruise the serpent head and the serpent will bruise his feet, but even from that time, men began to do more evil, till time of noah and God saves noah and his household by the ark but after a while, man begin to do more evil, until God find Abraham, who was called the friend of God and the father of Faith. God promises Abraham that by his seed, the whole world will be bless, that is, God is confirming it, that the seed, that will bruise the serpent ( devil) will come through Abraham, by which the whole world will be bless, but by that time, Abraham has no child, but after a while, he has two sons, ismael and isaac, moreso, abraham want the blessing of God, to come upon ismael being the first born but God says no, “My covenant is with isaac, which sarah give birth to” but i will bless ismael and make him great but my covenant is with isaac” so God physical blesing is on ismael seed but God convenant is on isaac seed

    1, Jesus Christ came from isaac seed and mohammed claim to come from ismael seed

    2 every prophet talks about the coming of Jesus Christ from jacob to malachi for some 1800 years, but no record of coming of any mohammed

    3, considered moses comment about coming savoir ” God will raise a Prophet among the brethen of isreal, means from isreal, any thing this Prophet said about Hiself, believe Him, if any one did not accept, God will require it, from such a person” moses talks about Jesus of nazareth, who came from the tribe of juda, in isreal, but mohammed is not from isreal

  23. YM says:

    * correction

    “It is your view, if you see the world with your eyes with lust and desires you will all black”.

    in this comment by typing mistake it was written all black in last but it must read “all blank “(ALL BLANK)

    sorry for inconvenience


  24. John K says:

    Lust is the core feature of Islam. Lust for blood. Lust for loot, and lust for sex. This is what your so-called holy books teach, so don't try to blame it on us.

  25. YMM says:

    It is your view, if you see the world with your eyes with lust and desires you will all black.

  26. John K says:

    You really upped your level of ignorance with this statement. Any credibility you may have had has just been shot to pieces.

    You have just shown how you know absolutely nothing at all about the paranormal exploitation industry. This slime is at the bottom of respectability, even below women's daytime soap operas.

    You have also expanded the demonstration of your ignorance by your blanket statement about Dr. Sina. Dr. Sina only talks about what your so-called holy books say. It's not his fault if you don't like the trash that is in your religion and if your ancestors got conned by the charlatan Muhammad.

  27. YMM says:

    The difference only is in degree on any university, if this is wrong then the whole world media is wrong because they do research on their level and publish all non sense according to their mind and this web site is biggest non sense because Ali Sina has no degree in Islamic knowledge and all his article basis of his own non sense desires.

  28. John K says:

    You don't know how to tell the difference between nonsense like this and authentic research accepted for publication in professional scientific journals.

  29. YMM says:

    this need research and many people doing research on it, it is not children books or movies like spider-man or superman, it is truth and from last 10 years i have faced in my life and search about it, but you people not believe then that is not a problem, but listen this who are doing research on this for long time in western countries

  30. everin says:

    YM, It was right only on 2 small parts of the big Bang theory but wrong on 99 % of the story on the comos. Surf Alisina on the islamic cosmos. Its story on the spirit worlds is all mambo jambo. What jins stacked one upon another to reach heaven ? Jins r spirits that have no physical bodies but can fly like the winds. When an entity has no physical body how to stack, hah ? Beyond logic lah !

  31. Arya Anand says:

    Arabia including Mecca was part of the kingdom of Vikramaditya and Ka'ba had Hindu inscriptions. The late Islamic Preacher Ahmad Deedat also accepted this fact. One thing is certain, that is, Ka'ba was not built by Abraham and Ismael as falsely claimed by Muhammad to suit his agenda.

  32. John K says:

    Muhammad is a case study of jealousy in religion. His motivation was to do everything his peers did, but better.

  33. John K says:

    Muhammad very deliberately selected the name Allah for its ambiguity as the deity of Jews, Christians and pagan moon god worshipers in order to maximize his potential convert base.

  34. Rohit says:

    The Kaba temple which was misappropriated and captured by Muslims was originally an International Vedic Shrine. The ancient Vedic scripture Harihareswar Mahatmya mentions that Lord Vishnu’s footprints are consecrated in Mecca. An important clue to this fact is that Muslims call this holy precint Haram which is a deviation of the Sanskrit term Hariyam

    “Ekam Padam Gayayantu

    MAKKAYAANTU Dwitiyakam

    Tritiyam Sthapitam

    Divyam Muktyai Shuklasya Sannidhau”

    The allusion is to the Vamana incarnation of Lord Vishnu whose blessed feet were consecrated at three holy sites, namely Gaya, Mecca and Shukla Teertha. Worshipping such carved, holy foot impressions is a holy Vedic custom which convert Muslims are inadvertently perpetuating. But in doing this they delude themselves and mislead others that these foot-impressions which are on reverential display in several mosques and tombs around the world are in fact Muhammad’s own. There are several snags in this argument. Firstly worshipping a foot -impression amounts to idolatry and should therefore be taboo for a true Muslim. Secondly Muhhamad disclaimed having performed any miracles. Therefore there can be no foot-impression of his on stone. Thirdly foot-impressions must always be in pairs like shoes. Yet in most of these shrines, it is usually a single footprint which suggests that Muhammad walked on only one foot. Another question that crops up is whether the foot-impression is of the same size and foot in all the shrines. The fact appears to be that when the Vedic Kaba shrine in Mecca was invaded by Muhammad, the pairs of foot impressions of Vedic deities there were plundered and later traded to the gullible and devout as Muhammad’s own footprints for some favour, reward or personal gain by unscrupulous muslims. That is why they are single and not in pairs.

    The Black Stone which is the Shiv Emblem (also known as Sange Aswad which is a corrupted form of the Sanskrit word Sanghey Ashweta–meaning non-white stone) still survives in the Kaba as the central object of Islamic veneration. All other Vedic Idols could be found buried in the precincts or trampled underfoot in labyrinthine subterranean corridors if archaeological excavations are undertaken. The Black Stone has been badly mutilated, its carved base has disappeared and the stone itself is broken at seven places. It’s parts are now held together by a silver band studded with silver nails. It lies half buried in the South Eastern portion of the Kaba Wall. The term Kaba itself is a corruption of the Sanskrit word Gabha (Garbha + Graha) which means Sanctum.

    In addition, in the inscriptions from Hajja and its neighborhood was found a votive vessel dedicated by members of two tribes called Rama and Somia. Rama and Soma are Vedic deities, Rama is of the Solar dynasty and Soma is of the Lunar Dynasty. The moon god was called by various names in pre-Islamic times , one of them was Allah. Allah had 3 children, Al-Lat, Al-Uzza and Manat. Al-Lat and Al-Uzza were both feminine deities. Alla is another name for the Hindu goddess Durga. It is obvious that the goddess Al-Lat was Alla (Durga) and Al-Uzza was Oorja (energy or life force also known as Shakti). Manat was none other than Somnath which is another name for Lord Shiva. One significant point to note that Soma in Sanskrit means Moon and Nath means Lord. Thus the Kaba itself was dedicated to the Moon God Somnath alias Shiv and the word Somnath was corrupted to Manat. The famous Black Stone is none other than the ShivLing of Makkeshwar alias Mecca. Lord Shiva is always shown with a crescent Moon on his head and every Shiva temple is supposed to have a sacred water spring representing the Ganges. The Crescent Moon pinnacle of the Kaba and the Zamzam spring (actually Zamza from Ganga) are irrefutable testaments to the Vedic origins of the Kaba.

    Muslims from all over the world pay homage to this shrine. This shrine is actually the pedestal of Brahma. Notice that the word, Ibrahim is actually a corruption of the word, Brahma. The octogonal grill which is a Vedic design, protects the holy footprints which represent the start of the creation nearly 2000 million years ago. Before it was captured by the Muslims it was an international shrine of the Vedic trinity.

    In fact the names of the holiest of Muslim cities Mecca and Medina come from the Sanskrit words Makha-Medini which means the land of Fire-Worship. Even the most ancient names of these 2 cities were Mahcorava- which came from Mahadeva (Lord Shiva) and Yathrabn – which came from Yatra-Sthan (place of pilgrimage).

    Islam came into being about 1372 years ago. It is well known that over 7500 years ago, at the time of the Mahabharat War, Kurus ruled the world. The scions of that family administered the different regions. Prophet Muhammed himself and his family were adherents of Vedic culture. The Encyclopedia Islamia admits as much when it says: “Muhammed’s grandfather and uncles were hereditary priests of the Kaba temple which housed 360 idols!”

    According to Arab traditions, Muhammad is a title. We do not know what name his parents had given him. We do however know that the central object of worship which survives at the Kaba today is a Shivling. That was allowed to remain there because that was the faceless family deity of Muhammad’s family. One of the original names of Lord Shiv is Mahadev (The Great God) therefore it is entirely possible Muhammad came from Mahadev. This appears fairly certain because the Arabs still have a Mahadevi sect. Moreover the title Mehdi of a Muslim chief is also a malpronounciation of the term Mahadeva. According to Sanskrit etymology the term Muhammad implies ‘a person of great inspiration’-‘Mahan Madah yasya assau Muhammadah’ In a hostile sense it also implies ‘a person of a proud and haughty temperament’.

    The Qurayshi tribe into which Mohammed was born was particularly devoted to Allah and and the three children of the Moon God. Therefore when Muhammad decided to create his own Divine religion, he took innumerable aspects of the daily Vedic culture that surrounded him and corrupted them to suit his needs. It was with the advent of the Prophet and Islam that the death-knell of the glorious Arab culture was sounded. With Islam came the flood of destruction, murder, plunder and crime that destroyed the great Vedic heritage of Arabs. The Prophet merely took some existing artefacts and terms and corrupted them so profoundly that no one would be able to discover their actual origins.

  35. Arya Anand says:

    It is noteworthy that Muhammad worshiped and taught his followers to worship facing the Ka'ba even when Ka'ba housed 300 plus idols until before he conquered Mecaa and occupied Ka'ba and claimed it for Islam. Muhammad and his cohorts prostrated facing the Ka'ba with idols and this act of worship by them constituted their worship of idols. Why did Allah not prohibit this SHIRK if he were sincerely against any form of Shirk?

  36. Duratma_Gandhi says:

    How do Muslims justify their SHIRK (like venerating, respecting & kissing a black stone) during Hajj – when Mo sanctioned those things to be carried on, some of his then-followers were sad. Here you have a man that destroyed 300+ idols & named it SHIRK to worship those idols. But the same person permits & advises kissing the black stone & doing other senseless activities (like the zam-zam thing, throwing stones, etc).

  37. Arya Anand says:

    Logical and rational answers from Mr.Ali Sina but I doubt if Muhammad meant moon god as his Allah though his Allah is a figment of his imagination. The symbol of crescent might have been borrowed by Muhammad or later generation of Muslims from their Arab ancestors just as Muhammad simply borrowed for his own religion the rituals of his Arab ancestors like Hajj, Animal Sacrifice in Ka'ba, etc and Qibla, Zakat(one tenth), war booty(though he twisted it to mean looting of properties after the raids), etc from Jews and Five days daily prayer, Ramadan fasting,etc from Zoroastrians.

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