A Letter from a Muslim

Dear Ali Sina,

I have first encountered your blog in 2008 i suppose and i was pursuing my bachelors at that time. As a muslim i was naive to the obligations, practices and requirements to practice my religion as it was never imposed by my family on me. So out of inquisitiveness i used to gain knowledge in islam and also used to check on other religion too to know and feed my conscience with good things. At that time i found your website quite hurtful and offensive to me and my faith but i always never got convinced by your claims as without being a bigot which i could never be at such small age my heart never got agree on your information. i never hated you only got upset. I always used to think to contact you to ask as why you have taken the pain to reveal the atrocities in islam and why muslims can’t be as good as you want to be. I revisited your site 10 days back on the pretext of questioning the divine decision i have faced unexpectedly by GOD. I lost my father this January and i am totally broken and feel strange on this decision of Allah as i was on waiting list for many good things to come in my life during my father’s presence. My father was a true spiritual person who never hated anybody, forgave everyone by whom he had been harmed, was very patient, bearable, shy and god fearing kind of person, kind and harmless. But for him his god was Allah And his messengers he believed in Quran and its words and he returned with this faith to the creator. He was indeed influenced by his religion for who he was.

I personally feels and got to know your state of mind in experiencing yourself as a human being through many of your articles which was surely lacking at that old time like you learned purpose of life by NDE, you believe in love, kindness, justice, forgiveness which shows that your conscience is good warm and aware however i feel sad when you lack these features of yours to curse your pre identity i. e. you were muslim before. I believed that its you who have changed your conscience and not the religion which has brought all these changes in you. You are more aware knows the truth understand how things work in this world and what our eternal life holds but i promise you that your this enlightenment was possible as being a muslim also. You and I will return to same Almighty surely and will get the report on our lives.

What i want to say that like you and me, everyone looks up to God in its own way, in its own level of understanding and acts as he perceives just the difference is that some gets truly enlightened while some gets mislead but this has nothing to do with doctrines books and commandments. it is something inside of human by which he acts and behaves. Being in Islam does not render any person cruel or good its conscience and subconscious fear of the creator.

I feel immensely bad when you challenge muslims, excite the Islamic scholars to bring their truth which you will not accept as you feels you are clear by your side and they think maybe you really honestly want to refresh your faith. Dear Ali you know it all your intentions, maybe we muslims are also right just like you, egoistical tendency is a human nature one should not hurt you by their words or behavior but tell me aren’t you doing the same thing? you are practicing goodness and awareness in your mind but at the same time you are hurting others believe, infuriating them, abusing them, there are many who lives their life by following good side of Prophet Mohammad and all the good attributes of Allah as mentioned in Quran so why abuse them, why challenge them, what will be achieved by this?

So if your purpose of life is this then may be you are also not liberal as others. I think it has been more than 10 years you have been into this but what have you achieved from this part of life as far. Just know the truth, live you’re really well in a way you want to be and leave rest up to the creator for you are not even your own. You are his property and viceroy on earth

At the end i do say everything looks upside down when you question your existence. The meaning of it and relation with God must therefore be sought in most unbiased and unprejudiced way. I hope we pass this life with such wisdom

Will be very happy to have a say from you

be happy may God guides you and protect your humaneness



Dear Shehla,

It is my belief that good and evil people are born in equal proportions among all the nations. Yet, we cannot deny that beliefs play a crucial role in the way humans behave. Is this not the very premise behind religions? Don’t religions claim that they have a plan to make people better, more just, more honest, more caring and more ethical? What is the point of following a religion if not to become a better person?

Let us say someone has done you some wrong. He/she has violated your right, abused you and victimized you. You want justice. But that’s not happening. It’s natural for you to seek revenge. Someone should right this wrong, you say, and if no one will do it you want to take the matter in your own hands. That, in your opinion is equitable and just. If you believe in a religion that tell you to take an eye for an eye, there is nothing that would stop you. If you can take your revenge and avoid the law, you will have all the reason to make the person whom you believe has harmed you pay for his transgression. Your god approves it. So, why not?

The problem is that often one is not a fair minded judge when it comes to their own case. People tend to give themselves rights that they do not actually have. They often feel victimized when the victimization is only imagined. So if you follow the eye for an eye law you will harm an innocent person based on your faulty judgement and false sense of victimhood. For example, you wrote my website is quite hurtful and offensive to you and to your faith. That is a fictitious sense of victimhood. All Muslims find my words and the words of anyone who criticizes Islam offensive. They feel hurt and when they can, as in the famous case of Charlie Hebdo, they murder to take their revenge, while at the same time, think of themselves as victims.

Why so many Muslims gravitate to violence and engage in acts of terrorism? In the last 17 years alone several millions of people, Muslim and non-Muslim, have been killed by Muslims in the name of Islam. The site thereligionofpeace.com keeps a tab on Islamic terrorism and have compiled over 32,550 deadly acts of terrorism by Muslims since 9/11 alone. This is only what is reported in the media. Most of the violence in Islamic countries is not reported because the victims fear going to authorities who are also Muslims.

Yesterday, I received an email from a lady in Pakistan. This person who wanted her email to remain confidential said that she and her husband left Islam a decade ago. The word got around and not only their family disowned them their neighbors have started a relentless campaign of persecution and molestation against them. They fear for their lives and the lives of their small children. They are no longer considered human beings. Their children fear going to school and being accosted by other students and even teachers. Their Muslim neighbors throw rubbish in front of their house. She says she contacted many NGOs. But in Islamic countries these organizations are staffed and run by Muslims who are sympathetic to their abusers and their cries have fallen on deaf ears. They live in constant state of fear. Sometimes stones are thrown at their door and windows. The children cannot play in the streets or ride bikes for the fear of being beaten by other kids. Their 13 years old daughter is mocked when she goes out, is taunted as kafir and Muslim boys tease her. This woman says she is at the verge of suicide and is contemplating to take her children with herself too.

Her desperation is palpable in her closing words: “Mr. Sina, are you waiting for us to be killed so you do something? I have not written back to her because I don’t know what to tell her. What can I do for them? I feel their pain in my soul. I weep at their plight. But none of that is of any avail to this family.

This is hurt. This is persecution. And you claim to be hurt by my words? Just words? Really? You are not bothered how Muslims persecute innocent people and if not they approve it, but feel offended by mere words? Muslims think one who offends their petal delicate religious sensitivity deserves to die, but are not offended by countless Islamic terrorism done in the name of their god and prophet. Muslims murder, Muslims blow up bodies, Muslims rape, Muslims plunder, Muslims persecute, Muslims abuse, Muslims discriminate, Muslims commit all sorts of atrocities and none of that is offensive. But they are deeply offended if someone reveals the ugly truth about their cherished faith and their pedophile prophet. If words are offensive, relief is one click away. No one is forcing Muslims to read words that they find offensive. They are offended because others may read them and may find the truth about Islam that they want to keep hidden. It is the truth that is offensive to Muslims. If my words offend you, don’t read them. If truth is hurtful keep your head deep in the sand. You have the option to stop your imaginary pain. But the above mentioned Pakistani woman and millions of non-Muslims living in Islamic lands don’t have that option. Their pain is real.

Not all Muslims are murderers and rapists. But all who follow Muhammad are murderers and rapists. Sadly, this is a big number. Those who throw garbage at our ex-Muslim family are ordinary Muslims. They are very much like you. “Peaceful Muslims!” This is the only way to become a true Muslim. A true Muslims takes part in Jihad, fights with his body and wealth, kills and gets killed and if he can’t fight in person he pays zakat so others can wage jihad in his name. Do you honestly believe that Islam has nothing to do with these killings?

Asma bint Marwan was a Jewish poet living in Yathrib. The city was founded by the Jews 2000 years before Islam. About 180 years before Muhammad arriving at that town a group of Arabs from Yemen, whose houses had been damaged by a big flood had come there as refugees. In less than two centuries, the refugees had outnumbered the locals. When Muhammad came he divided people and set his Arab followers against the Jews. He banished some and massacred others. Asma was one of his first victims. Her crime was to compose a poem lamenting the stupidity of her township for allowing a foreigner divide the people and make them hate one another. Muhammad asked “who will relieve me from her who has hurt Allah and his messenger.” An Arab who was familial with Asma volunteered. He entered her house in the middle of the night and drove his dagger in her chest while her five children, including a baby were sleeping next to her. Asma’s case is not the only assassination ordered by Muhammad. Several people were assassinated because Muhammad was offended by their words.

So, if you are offended by my words and probably think, if killed by a Muslim, I deserved it, it is because of the influence of your prophet on your ethical values. Muslims become terrorist by millions because of their belief in Muhammad. According to some estimates, since its inception, the petal sensitive perpetually offended Muslims have killed over 280 million people all over the world. This estimate does not take into account number of Muslims killed by other Muslims.

Beliefs matter. If you believe in a religion that says, forgive other people’s transgressions so yours are forgiven by your heavenly Father, as was stressed by Christ (Matthew 6:15, Mark 11:26), it is likely that you become a forgiving person. If you believe in a religion that tells you to murder those who disbelieve and be harsh with them (Quran 9:123) or do not make friends with unbelievers even if they are your father and brothers (Q. 3:28), it is likely that you become a hateful person, abusing innocent people like the above mentioned Pakistani family or millions of other victims of Islam.

As for your father’s fate it is my belief that God will not send people to hell only because they are born in the wrong society and wrong religion. I believe He judges people by their actions. My grandmother was born a Muslim but did not live like a Muslim. She did not hate anyone. Did not think the kafir are najis. Did not think non-Muslims should be killed. She chanted the Quran daily without understanding a word of it. I am sure she would have been aghast had she known the meaning of those verses. While calling herself a Muslim she lived a Christian life. If God is just He would not send my grandma to hell because she was born in a wrong part of the world. I’d say the same about your father or any Muslim. I don’t think God will send all Muslims to hell. That would be unjust and an unjust God is not worthy of worship. But if Muslims follow Muhammad and do what he did, they will go to hell. Anything else would be injustice.

An example can clarify my point. It is a fact that smoking contributes to lung cancer. Does it mean that all smokers will develop lung cancer, or that all non-smokers are immune to it? Of course not! However, it is undeniable that smokers have a higher chance of developing lung cancer. Likewise, not all Muslims will go to hell and not all Christians are saved from hell. But it is a fact that by following Muhammad, Muslims are more likely to end up in hell. You cannot go about murdering, mistreating and raping people and expect to go to heaven,. What is more likely? That God is a crazy psychopath or that Muhammad was a liar? You decide.

I hope your father did not follow Muhammad. But there is nothing we can do for the dead. Their fate is in the hands of God. We have to worry about the living and particularly about our own selves. Even though my words offend you, if you open your ears and mind and listen to what I say, they can save your soul. If you follow Muhammad and Allah, you will meet both in hell. You can pray for your father. But his chance to redeem himself is over. You need to worry about your own soul. We never know when our time comes. Don’t go in ignorance. You have read my articles and I made my book available for free. You can no longer plead Ignorance. If your father didn’t make it to heaven, he may have some chance if you make it. If you shun the truth and end up in hell, both of you lose your chances.

Truth is not difficult to find. See who preaches love and who preaches hate. The message of Muhammad is that of hate, of killing, of fighting, of murdering, of cursing. The message of Jesus is that of love, of forgiveness. This is an easy test. If you fail, don’t think your excuses will fool God. If you choose hate over love be prepared for the consequence. We are created to love and Muslims have chosen the opposite fooling themselves with some stupid claims that the Quran contains miracles, so silly that is laughable. But they will stop laughing in the moment of their death.

I read over a thousand stories of NDE. Those who went to heaven describe an infinite bliss. Those who went to hell say they felt unbounded fear. Watch this video of Ahmad Deedat in the moment of his death. Is he about to enter heaven or hell? Do you think you’d fare better? This man promoted Islam and mislead millions. Millions of Muslims turned to terrorism after he convinced them that Islam is from God. He is responsible for all those deaths. Zakir Naik will follow him and so most, if not all mullahs. All Muslims will not go to hell, but it is hard to follows the Devil and go to heaven. Very, very hard.



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