Five Steps to Defeat Islamic Terrorism in One Year

Whilst France is under siege by Muslim terrorists, Emmanuel Macron, one of the country’s two leading candidates told the French people that terrorism in the country was an “imponderable” threat that “will be a fact of daily life in the coming years.”

This statement highlights the fact that Mr. Macron has no idea what causes Islamic terrorism and how to defeat it. Macron is not alone. Most western politicians have thrown in the towel, have given in to Islamic terrorism and have braced themselves for more.

The truth is that Islamic terrorism can be defeated and it can be done in not decades but in a few short years. If there is a will it can be done in less than a year. It however requires understanding of the phenomenon and a drastic change in attitude. With the present attitude, Islamic terrorism will not be defeated in decades or even in centuries. In fact before the end of this century the western civilization will fall and Islam will dominate the world.

To win any war, as the ancient Chinese sage Sun Zi said, we must first know the enemy. When it comes to Islamic terrorism, not only our politicians don’t know the enemy, they refuse to discuss it. Truth is so shocking, so politically incorrect that few dare to say it. But only truth can save us. Political correctness means lying when truth is offensive.

There are five steps to win the war against Islamic terrorism decisively and fast. There are no other ways. We either take these steps now or millions will die. These steps are:

1- Get rid of defeatist politicians who believe Islamic terrorism is a fact that we have to accept and live with. These are the very people that created this problem. They have no solution to remedy it. With them in power, Islamic terrorism will only grow and the terrorists will become emboldened. More people will be killed and western countries will fall into the hands of Muslims. As thing are, Muslims will become the majority in Europe, especially in France before the end of the century. But Europe will fall into the lap of Muslims before Muslims are the majority.

The enemy is not radical Islam. It is Islam. When you call it radical Islam you imply that there is a peaceful Islam, which is a lie. There are peaceful Muslims but there is no such thing as peaceful Islam. Muslims are peaceful when they are ignorant of their religion. They become radical as soon as they deepen their knowledge.  They are more likely to deepen their knowledge and go back to their roots when they immigrate to a non-Muslim country. That is when we call them “home grown radicals.”

It is important to know the enemy and to call it by its name. The enemy is Islam. All Muslims are soldiers of Islam, some more and some less. It all depends on their knowledge of their faith. And since it is not possible to keep Muslims ignorant of their religion, all Muslims are prone to become terrorist. You just can never know when. Their children pose a bigger threat because in a few years they become youths and once exposed to Islamic teachings it is very likely that they become terrorist.

2- Stop Muslim immigration. We must accept the politically incorrect and the ugly truth that Muslims are very different from us. They have a different value system that is incompatible with ours. We love life; Muslims love death, especially ours. We want coexistence; Muslims want domination. We believe in equality, Muslims believe in supremacy. Islam cannot change and hence Muslims cannot change. These values are intrinsic to Islamic psyche. Islamic thinking is incompatible with western thinking. Muslims cannot and will not integrate. They segregate themselves, form their own communities and will strive to subdue and dominate others. The more they grow in number, the more we lose our freedom until we are defeated and lose our country and our identity.

3- Ban the expansion and the practice of Islam. Islam claims to be a religion and demands religious status and privileges. However, Islam is also a state and a government. While Christ said give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and proclaimed that his Kingdom is not of this world, Muhammad said al Islamo deenun wa dawlah (Islam is religion and government). He devised his religion in such way that it is impossible to practice it without its political dimension.

Christ came to set mankind free of all religions so we can have a direct relationship with our heavenly Father without intermediaries. Muhammad created a religion to dominate all aspects of human life and to rule over mankind.  These are opposing goals and mutually exclusive.

While Muslims are a minority they are to remain peaceful, but as soon as their numbers grow they must strive to overtake the country where they live through terror or other means and establish the Sharia law. This makes Islam a hostile alien political force. As such it is incumbent on politicians who have been elected to defend our countries from our enemies to ban Islam and make it illegal to practice. As Recep Tayyip Erdogan has famously said, “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…” Therefore, we must elect politicians who are willing to take on the enemy and destroy their barracks, helmets and bayonets and expel his soldiers.

4- Deport Muslims. Not all Muslims are terrorist. But Islam promotes terrorism. Muhammad was a terrorist. He raided villages and towns of non Muslims at dawn taking the population by surprise, killed the unarmed men and took their wives and children as slaves and sex slaves. Even though the Quran is a confusing book, the only clear message in it is “kill the unbelievers.” All Muslims believe in every word of the Quran. All Muslims regard Muhammad as the best human to emulate. One does not have to know syllogism to put the two together and come to the conclusion that all Muslims believe in terrorism. Terrorism, or what they call Jihad, is an essential part of their faith. All Muslims are potential terrorists, but their children are more likely to become one. Muslims procreate at a much faster rate and even if we stop their immigration the ones already here will become our nightmare in a few short years.

Islam is a dangerous creed. But dangerous creeds don’t pose a threat to anyone unless some people believe in them and try to practice them. The Thuggee faith of India and the Aztec faith in Huitzilopochtli are also terrorist creeds. But they don’t pose any threat today because they don’t have followers. A dangerous creed should be feared only when some people believe in it. With 1.5 billion devout followers, Islam is the biggest threat to humanity that ever existed. You should not sleep when your neighbour or your co-worker believes his God has ordered him to kill you.

5- Speak the truth about Islam. Islam’s Achilles’ heel is its own  demonic book, the Quran, and the truth about its founder. The Quran is full of errors, absurdities, violence and hate. It is the ugliest book ever written. And the one who dictated it was a mass murderer, a pedophile, an assassin, a lecher, a despicable individual who committed horrendous crimes. The irony is that the only biographies of Muhammad available to us were reported and recorded by his own followers. And even then the image that they portray of him is that of a ruthless man. We need a frank discussion about Muhammad. We need to talk about Islam and we need to talk about Muslims. The fear of Islam and Muslims is not an irrational fear. How can we not fear a people who believe in a faith that tells them the fastest way to Heaven is by killing us? It is not bigotry to fear those who believe in a terrorist faith, it is foolish not to.

If we are serious about defeating Islamic terrorism these five steps are the only way. Let me recapitulate:

1- Do not elect clueless politicians who think Islamic terrorism is a fact of life. It is not. It can be defeated if there is a will.
2- Stop the immigration of Muslims. It is more likely for Muslims to radicalize when they immigrate, and especially their children pose a greater risk.
3- Shut down the mosques and ban the practice of Islam. How can we allow a subversive parallel government hostile to us to operate under our protection?
4- Unless Muslims denounce Islam, they must be deported. All Muslims believe in a terrorist creed and a terrorist prophet. All of them are potential terrorists, especially their children.
5- Speak the truth about Islam without the fear of being called Islamophobe,which is a fallacy devised to silence us. We must protect our lives, not the sensitivity of those who want to kill us.

These five steps are essential. If we take them, we will not only get rid of Islamic terrorism but Islam itself. Once the truth about Islam is out, millions of Muslims will leave Islam. Muslims believe in a different god. Even though they claim and think their god and our God are the same we can easily see they are not by comparing their attributes. Their god brags to be the best deceiver, the haughty one, the tyrant, the subduer, the abaser, the humiliator, the death giver, the avenger, and the afflicter of harms. These are satanic attributes. Muslims are Devil worshipers, but they are misguided children of the real God. Truth will set them free. We don’t hate Muslims as people. But we must hate their belief and we must stop it. If they are unwilling to debate and feel victimized by truth, send them back to where they or their parents came from. There is no place in any civilized society for those who believe by murdering others they will go to Heaven. And if they don’t believe that, why they call themselves Muslim. Let them prove their allegiance to the country that has sheltered them and to the people who have welcomed them by denouncing their faith of hate.

These five steps can not only get the word rid of Islamic terrorism, they can also set Muslims free from Islam. Once free they can rebuild their countries and become peaceful, prosperous and happy like the west was before the Islamic invasion under the guise of immigration. Thanks to Islam the Muslim world is hellish and with their immigration they are spreading its fire all over the world. You can stop it with your vote. Elect politicians that promise the above five steps or at least some of them. As long as you vote for the same kind of politicians, you will get the same kind of result. Next victim of Islam could be you or your loved one. And if you do nothing, your children will certainly have less freedom, just as you have less freedom than your parents. We can end this Islamic insanity when we gain our own sanity.

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