Trapped in Islam

The following email was sent to Pamela Geller who forwarded it to me.

Hi Pamela

I’m Halima from Sri Lanka. I’m 14 and I don’t want to live with my family. Please help me, Every time I go out of the house I’m supposed to cover my self which I don’t like doing. My mum hits me or she says she’s not going to take me out of the house if I don’t wear the shawl. My second elder Bro and my mum are sought of religious and It’s really annoying cause I can’t do what I want to. I sometimes feel that maybe I should go to the National child protection authority But then I’m scared that they may send me back home. 🙁 Please help me! i want to away from my house. I’m scared if I do , my mum might tell all my aunties and uncles and all the Muslims in Sri Lanka would get to know and I guess I’ll be in danger…… I want to remain Muslim (a moderate Muslim) Please tell me what I can do..PLEASE :'(

Thank you



Dear Halima,

The only consolation I can give you is that you are not alone.  Countless other young kids, mostly girls, suffer in Islamic countries.  When my sister was 14 she used to sew her cloths and used her creativity to make them look different. I am two years older and as a bigoted young boy I did not like the way she dressed. I instigated my father to stop her dressing those cloths. They were not revealing. They only attracted attention and that was not something this brainwashed follower of Allah could tolerate. I had to defend my bloody ghira.  We gave her so much hard time that she got a taxi and told the driver to take her to an institution where she can seek protection.  I don’t know if there was any such institution in Iran at that time. In any case she did not know it and neither the taxi driver. He took her to his home and his wife consoled her. For a day we did not know where she had gone. It was a real hell for us. Then the taxi driver came to our house and told that my sister is safe with his wife. When he made sure we are not going to honor kill her he brought her back.

Believe it or not we were moderate and not fanatical.  A few years after that all of us came out of Iran.  Religious stupidity left us and we became civilized, like normal people.  My sister went to university. She found a bright English man with whom she dated first and then got married. She now has three beautiful daughters all going to university and my father couldn’t be more pleased with her.

Decades have passed and when I think about it, I shake my head in disbelief. How could I act so stupid? What if something bad happened to her? Who but me and my parents would have been responsible? It was all because of religious brainwashing and the idiotic Islamic patriarcal culture where women are seen as sex objects that have to be hidden and not attract attention.

Your parents and your brothers are brainwashed. But don’t be saddened. Give time a chance.  When you are young time seems to go by very slowly and everything is more dramatic. But really a few years is nothing. You have your whole life in front of you.  Be patient and use these years to get a good degree and nurture your mind.  Learn the truth about Islam. Read Pamela’s blog and if you can access my blogs, and read them too.  Keep your thoughts to yourself. Don’t share them with others, not even with your best friends.  Focus on your studies. Education is your ticket to freedom.  If you can go to a western country for higher studies, you will have your freedom sooner. If your family can’t afford it, don’t worry. Continue your higher studies in Sri Lanka. Get the best education you can. This will allow you to find a good job and live your life independently. Don’t let your parents force you to marriage and don’t think a marriage is your way out of your parental home and freedom. This could turn to be an even worse nightmare.  Once you are educated and have a good job. Get out of your parental home and live independently.  Then find a good man whose brain is not damaged by religion and form your own loving family that is based on equality.

Your suffering is nothing when compared to the suffering of millions of other Muslim girls who are forced to marry often an old man, because their parents can’t afford feeding them or are sold by their own parents. They become complete slaves with no future in front of them.

Wearing the veil is oppressive, but it is not the end of the world. Get a good education. That will give you your freedom.  Hopefully your parents and your brothers will also come out of their ignorance and realize the silliness of their action.


Wish you the best

Ali Sina

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  1. And you are not gandis mother.

  2. Ali Sina says:

    Gandhi had no understanding of Islam. None of these people had any understanding of Islam.

  3. Waseem says:

    I agree that many women are today mistreated in many of the so-called Muslim countries but so are they in the other parts of the world even in the so called Western countries. Women are being exploited and victimized everywhere. But instead of religion we must blame man and culture for that. Men has been doing this despite religions, laws and despite Divine Reformers like Muhammad or others.
    If there many accidents on the roads its because of the car crashers not necessarily the cars or the laws or the driving teachers…

    Unfortunately a hate campaign has been launched against Islam since the last century as we do not see other religion-followers being associated with their respective religions as we see it when 'socalled' muslims commit wrongs/offences. There is an obvious duplicity on the part of the media in the reporting of both cases. I do not say that when a Christian/Bouddhist/Hindu/Jew commit a fault that it should related to his/her religion but rather I say you should not do it but still why do these people do such connections ONLY in the case of Islam and its followers?

  4. Waseem says:

    Part 2: Non Muslims on Muhammad, the Arabian prophet:
    Mohandas KaramchandGandhi (1869-1948) Indian thinker, statesman, and nationalist leader.

    q "….I became more than ever convinced that it was not the sword that won a place for Islam in those days in the scheme of life. It was the rigid simplicity, the utter self-effacement of the prophet, the scrupulous regard for his pledges, his intense devotion to his friends and followers, his intrepidity, his fearlessness, his absolute trust in God and in his own mission. These, and not the sword carried everything before them and surmounted every trouble." [Young India (periodical), 1928, Volume X]

    Edward Gibbon (1737-1794) Considered the greatest British historian of his time.

    q "The greatest success of Mohammad's life was effected by sheer moral force without the stroke of a sword."
    [History Of The Saracen Empire, London, 1870]

    John William Draper (1811-1882) American scientist, philosopher, and historian.

    q "Four years after the death of Justinian, A.D. 569, was born at Mecca, in Arabia the man who, of all men exercised the greatest influence upon the human race . . . Mohammed." [A History of the Intellectual Development of Europe, London, 1875, vol.1, pp. 329-330]

    David George Hogarth (1862-1927) English archaeologist, author, and keeper of the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.

    q Serious or trivial, his daily behaviour has instituted a canon which millions observe this day with conscious mimicry. No one regarded by any section of the human race as Perfect Man has been imitated so minutely. The conduct of the Founder of Christianity has not so governed the ordinary life of His followers. Moreover, no Founder of a religion has been left on so solitary an eminence as the Muslim Apostle. [Arabia, Oxford, 1922, p. 52]

    Washington Irving (1783-1859) Well-known as the first American man of letters".

    q He was sober and abstemious in his diet, and a rigorous observer of fasts. He indulged in no magnificence of apparel, the ostentation of a petty mind; neither was his simplicity in dress affected, but the result of a real disregard to distinction from so trivial a source … In his private dealings he was just. He treated friends and strangers, the rich and poor, the powerful and the weak, with equity, and was beloved by the common people for the affability with which he received them, and listened to their complaints … His military triumphs awakened no pride nor vain glory, as they would have done had they been effected for selfish purposes. In the time of his greatest power he maintained the same simplicity of manners and appearance as in the days of his adversity. So far from affecting regal state, he was displeased if, on entering a room, any unusual testimonial of respect were shown to him." [Life of Mahomet, London, 1889, pp. 192-3, 199]

    Annie Besant (1847-1933) British theosophist and nationalist leader in India. President of the Indian National Congress in 1917.

    q "It is impossible for anyone who studies the life and character of the great Prophet of Arabia, who knows how he taught and how he lived, to feel anything but reverence for that mighty Prophet, one of the great messengers of the Supreme. And although in what I put to you I shall say many things which may be familiar to many, yet I myself feel whenever I re-read them, a new way of admiration, a new sense of reverence for that mighty Arabian teacher." [The Life And Teachings Of Muhammad, Madras, 1932, p. 4]

    Edward Gibbon (1737-1794) Considered the greatest British historian of his time.

    q "His (i.e., Muhammad's) memory was capacious and retentive, his wit easy and social, his imagination sublime, his judgment clear, rapid and decisive. He possessed the courage of both thought and action."[History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, London, 1838, vol.5, p.335]

  5. Waseem says:

    To know Muhammad you cannot use shortcuts i.e you create copy pastes from persons with no unselfish interest. You need to do your own research.
    See those non muslims who studied him close had to say about him:
    Michael H. Hart (1932- ) Professor of astronomy, physics and the history of science.

    q "My choice of Muhammad to lead the list of the world's most influential persons may surprise some readers and may be questioned by others, but he was the only man in history who was supremely successful on both the religious and secular level." [The 100: A Ranking Of The Most Influential Persons In History, New York, 1978, p. 33]

    William Montgomery Watt (1909- ) Professor (Emeritus) of Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Edinburgh.

    q "His readiness to undergo persecutions for his beliefs, the high moral character of the men who believed in him and looked up to him as leader, and the greatness of his ultimate achievement – all argue his fundamental integrity. To suppose Muhammad an impostor raises more problems than it solves. Moreover, none of the great figures of history is so poorly appreciated in the West as Muhammad." [Mohammad At Mecca, Oxford, 1953, p. 52]

    Alphonse de Lamartine (1790-1869) French poet and statesman.

    q "Philosopher, orator, apostle, legislator, warrior, conqueror of ideas, restorer of rational dogmas, of a cult without images; the founder of twenty terrestrial empires and of one spiritual empire, that is Muhammad. As regards all standards by which human greatness may be measured, we may well ask, is there any man greater than he?"[Translated from Histoire De La Turquie, Paris, 1854, vol. II, pp. 276-277]

    Reverend Bosworth Smith (1794-1884) Late Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford.

    q "he was Caesar and Pope in one; but he was Pope without the Pope's pretensions, and Caesar without the legions of Caesar.Without a standing army, without a bodyguard, without a palace, without a fixed revenue, if ever any man had the right to say that he ruled by a right Divine, it was Mohammed; for he had all the power without its instruments and without its supports." Mohammed and Mohammedanism, London, 1874, p. 235]

  6. Waseem says:

    About Muhammad marrying Aisha at 6-9 years, it's false! She was around 18-20 years when their marriage was consummated. Why? How can I say so? All hadiths in Bukari/Muslim relating to Aisha's age from 6-9 is unreliable as all have been related by one person only namely Hisham ibn `urwah when he was in Iraq and over 70 years and his memory has been known to be defective then. [Meezaan al-Ai`tidaal (Vol. 4, pg. 301 – 302)]

    Tehzibu'l-tehzib:"narratives reported by Hisham are reliable except those that are reported through the people of Iraq". It further states that Malik ibn Anas (his famous student) objected on those narratives of Hisham which were reported through people of Iraq. (vol11, pg 48 – 51).

    Now this may not be enough proof to disprove what he said about Aisha's age. Are there other narratives not from one but many companions that talks about Aisha's age? If yes, do they support or do they negate Hisham's testimony?

    See for yourself:

    According to almost all the historians Asma (ra), the elder sister of Ayesha (ra) was ten years older than Ayesha (ra). It is reported in Taqreeb al-Tehzeeb as well as Al-Bidaayah wa al-Nihayah that Asma (ra) died in 73 hijrah when she was 100 years old. Now, obviously if Asma (ra) was 100 years old in 73 hijrah she should have been 27 or 28 years old at the time of hijrah. If Asma (ra) was 27 or 28 years old at the time of hijrah, Ayesha (ra) should have been 17 or 18 years old at that time. Thus, Ayesha (ra), if she got married in 1 AH (after hijrah) or 2 AH, was between 18 to 20 years old at the time of her marriage.

    The relevant references required in this argument are provided below:

    For the Difference of Ayesha’s (ra) and Asma’s (ra) Age:

    According to Abd al-Rahman ibn abi zannaad:

    Asma (ra) was ten years older than Ayesha. (Siyar A`la’ma’l-nubala’, Al-Zahabi, Vol. 2, pg. 289, Arabic, Mu’assasatu’l-risala’h, Beirut, 1992)

    According to Ibn Kathir:

    She [i.e. Asma] was ten years elder to her sister [i.e. Ayesha]. (Al-Bidaayah wa al-Nihaayah, Ibn Kathir, Vol. 8, pg. 371, Arabic, Dar al-fikr al-`arabiy, Al-jizah, 1933)

    For Asma’s (ra) Age at Her Death in 73 AH

    According to Ibn Kathir:

    She [i.e. Asma] witnessed the killing of her son during that year [i.e. 73 AH], as we have already mentioned, five days later she herself died, according to other narratives her death was not five but ten or twenty or a few days over twenty or a hundred days later. The most well known narrative is that of hundred days later. At the time of her death, she was 100 years old. (Al-Bidaayah wa al-Nihaayah, Ibn Kathir, Vol. 8, pg. 372, Arabic, Dar al-fikr al-`arabiy, Al-jizah, 1933).

    According to Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalaaniy:

    She [i.e. Asma (ra)] lived a hundred years and died in 73 or 74 AH.” (Taqreeb al-Tehzeeb, Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalaaniy, Pg. 654, Arabic, Bab fi al-nisaa, al-Harf al-alif, Lucknow)

  7. Waseem says:

    When he declared himself a prophet, Muhammad was offered the most beautiful women of Mecca as wives if he desisted from his proclamations by the pagan Meccans -he refused this offer. Is this the character of a sexual pervert whose wife was now in her sixties?
    When her wife died, most of the wives that Muhammad married were old widows or widows, is this the character of a pervert who was a king and could have any number of untouched women he wanted? The accusations are not consistent with the character of this noble man. If you were to study the life of Muhammad in detail, you would see why he was 'forced into' these marriages and why he had 'honour these' and how he treated his old wives with unparalleled gallantry…if injustice was done it was not to these women but it was to this man…who put himself in such pains to service them day and night…

  8. Waseem says:

    The person called 'Truth' has posted a lot on the character of Muhammad as a sexual pervert. I'll refute all his so called calumnies against this pure person.
    1. Consistency of Character
    If someone tomorrow comes that so and so is a pervert (your mother, father, a friend of yours, a priest) while you know these persons to be pure, would you believe them? At first, no sane person would do so as there is something called 'consistency of character'.

    Let's look at Muhammad's life and environment: He lived in an environment where any man could take any number of wives they wanted, be it their own mothers, sisters etc when they received them as inheritance! The most honored among them was the one who was the most Don Juan. Muhammad contrary to all these practices never touch another woman even in his wildest youth when generally young persons libido is supposed to be at its highest! At 25, he married a widow who was 40 years old (who had married thrice before). He stayed with her for another 21 years and never took another wife all along…He was now 46 years old. Would you call this the character of a pervert. He dearly loved his wife and so did her wife.

  9. rianti says:

    pls habib omar debate to Alisina!!!!!!!!!!

  10. muhamed says:

    ISLAM is the best and you will all know one day the day of qiyamah

  11. rianti says:


  12. etoo says:

    oooo praise to allah for his vitality, fatality, brutallity, animality , babality …please include this character to new mortal kombat game…

  13. etoo says:

    semua kecap itu nomer satu bro 😀

  14. etoo says:

    is it going to be Ji-Hop (jihad hip-hop),Ji-Rap or Ji-metal music?
    4 sure this will be a new hit like hell in my country (indonesia)…

  15. etoo says:

    bwahahahaaaa…l love the way u corelate those names:D

  16. truth says:

    HAM one of Noah's son. He was evil. Is there a corelation to Mu HAM MAD? Since he loves oppression…HAM MAD.

  17. BillOpenthalt says:

    "in Islam a woman is allowed the same divorce rights as a man"

    Does she have the same rights, really? What about talaq (the wife cannot refuse the divorce) and khula (the husband has the right to refuse, and wife has to petition a qadi if he so does)? I know there are differences between Shia and Sunni muslims, and between the various schools of islamic jurisprudence, but at least for the majority of muslims, it is far easier for a husband to divorce his wife than vice-versa.

    How do you know he loved her? Is having sexual intercourse with a 9-year old a sign of love? Go by the actions, not the purported feelings. I am also not condemning Aisha, I am condemning a 50-year old who could not control his sexual urges. And if your hypothetical 14-year old was made pregnant by a 50-year old lecher, I would condemn the lecherous bastard.

    It has nothing to do with finding excuses to make islam look bad. It is you who is trying to make islam look good by defending the indefensible.

  18. Ali says:

    Of course it is a fake story. Coming from Sri Lanka, but speaking better English than the British and using slang from USA.

    Nice try though. Just like the other apostate stories.

    Talk about clutching at straws.

  19. shamilar says:

    I think you need to spend a bit more time reading, in Islam a woman is allowed the same divorce rights as a man, i agree with you that she was very young of age but if you read her biographies she loved him very very very much so much so that she competed with the other wives. He also really loved her and there are many many examples of this in her life. I really encourage you to read this. From your perspective i can understand, but if the woman or girl as you say was sooo happy how could you question anything? nowadays, u do get 14 year olds who do get pregnant and say their happy, it may be unusual but it does happen, are we in any position to condemn? Most things are only said to try and make the religion sound bad…..

  20. Kufar Dawg says:

    I had thought the holey prophet for profit had said that camel urine was a healthy drink for the faithful mujadeen?

  21. Kufar Dawg says:

    "Forced to be nuns". LOL. This is the most ridiculous lie I've ever heard. Do muslims even believe the lies they spew? Are they so arrogant in their superiority they think no one kufar would be smart enough to see through it. Just for the record I dated an ex-nun and while she gave up being a nun she didn't give up being Catholic. And just the record nuns are NOT required to wear habits any more.
    Your Al Taqiyya lies need a lot more work sweetheart.

  22. BillOpenthalt says:

    A couple of things. First, the menarche doesn't mean that the girl is suddenly a woman. In a number of cultures it triggers rites of passage, but that doesn't mean that the girl is able to bear children. The biologically optimal age for childbearing is from 20 to 35 years. Subjecting a girl of less than 16 to a pregnancy carries significant (physical and mental) health risks for both mother and child. Anyone caring for a girl or young woman would not want her to get pregnant before 20.

    Second, even if "married", the girl is still forced to have sex. She didn't choose the man, she didn't ask to be married, and the fact that he calls himself her "husband" doesn't mean she's not raped. Actually, it's worse, because the poor child has no recourse and the perpetrator will never be caught or punished, and is even considered to be a fine upstanding citizen. If she's going to be raped, at least let it be a crime.

    Your kind of rationalisation makes me puke.

  23. Shamilar says:

    AND YES Aisha may have been 9 years of age when she was married to the prophet BUT who decides when you can have sexual relations? Legally In the UK it's 16 but in some countries its as little as 12! Scientifically a girl becomes a woman when her menstruation begins and if she is married at that age, and is under the protection a man then surely she is less susceptible to child pornography or rape which are widespread crimes prevalent in all societies!!!!!

  24. Shamilar says:

    After reading some of the comments i would like to say that in the countries which you are referring to maybe you are feeling 'oppressed' by the religion of Islam. However, i would strongly recommend that you open your eyes and actually think about the religion you are following. I was brought up in the UK, in a completely westernised country YET I have a love for the religion of Islam by my own free will. Look into the reasoning behind covering yourself up…. would you like people to judge you on the basis of your looks? Would you like to be a victim of rape or sexual abuse because guys see you on the street and think you look hot?

    As for those who have decided to mention such evil things against the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) YES he was married with lots of women at one time BUT he was married to them. In Islam when you are married to a woman she is your responsibility, you love her, respect her and give her her rights and YES it is legal for you to have relations with her. You DO NOT sleep with one woman for two days in a row, wave bye bye and move to another as though there sex toys at your own leisure!

  25. TipTop says:

    Muslim don't debate chow chow. Wash your dirty ass twice daily that's enough for you before criticizing anyone.

  26. TipTop says:

    Vedas are bu l l sh it . I wonder if anyone will spend time to criticize them . Ok go tear apart rip part set on fire those who criticize and serve humanity lol

  27. Truth Seeker says:

    @Tip Top
    Muslim have no right to debate.
    What is debate? Can Muslims debate?

    Debate is a process of exchanging thoughts between two or more ideologies in order to reach closer to the truth in friendly manner. A truth seeker remains always in a state of debate within. Debate is nothing but to challenge an old ideology with new thoughts and if found necessary, the old stand is modified in order to face new challenges/questions that will further lead to rectification of our thoughts. And this process goes on and on. This is the basis of science and philosophy. Prerequisite of debate is nothing but to accept that I will modify my stand if needed. In other words, it is to accept that my current belief may not be perfect and I am ready to refine it.

    But is this possible in Islam? No, because Islam is defined as the complete belief in Allah, Muhammad, heaven, hell, angels, judgment day, Quran etc. As soon as you question/disbelief/agree to accept that there may be imperfection in the concept of any of the above, you are no more a Muslim. 🙁

    And unfortunately, any Muslim, if labeled as Non Muslim, propagates his new belief, is to be put to death!So when it is proven that any Muslim (as per the definition of Quran) does not fulfill the prerequisite of debate, how can there be debate with him? Moreover, if someone ensures that he does not believe in killing of apostates, he automatically becomes apostate because of disbelief in Quran and Sunna duo. So in one case Jihadis can’t fulfill the condition for debate and in other case they no longer remain Muslims even before starting the debate.

  28. Truth Seeker says:

    I am follower of humanity.

  29. Truth Seeker says:

    Correct translation:-
    “Vrishch Pra Vrishch Sam Vrishch Daha Pradaha Sam Daha.”
    (Atharvaveda mantra 12/5/62)

    Meaning:- Oh! God , you (Vrishch) cut down the person who criticizes [against] Vedas i.e., those who are against the humanity. (Pra Vrishch) tear apart (Sam Vrishch) rip apart (Daha) burn (Pradaha) set on fire (Sam Daha) reduce to ashes.

  30. TipTop says:

    B i t ch you are down, you rejected verses of Vedas. You are no longer vedic follower

    Atharvaved 12:5:62 says,
    "Rend, rend to bits, rend through and through, scorch and consume and burn to dust, the one who rejects the Vedas."

    Take Ali Sina with you, you will have company in hell.

  31. Truth Seeker says:

    If someone translate the verses like this reject the translation and verses. No need to believe in such verses to be follower of Veda aka humanity. Just adopt the impartial approach in life like Ali Sina. Humanity is the best religion.
    Can one refuse to believe in God and still be follower of Vedic religion?


    – Vedic God is different from God of Bible, Quran or Purans. Most people when they refuse to believe in God are actually refusing to accept superstitions in name of God as propagated in name of religion. The anathema of West against God is only for the God of Bible. This is justifiable because God of Bible has many contradictory properties and at times acts like a mortal human being. But Vedic God is different. In fact God may not be the right word to denote the Vedic concept of Supreme.

    The Vedic concept is much more intuitive and natural – that there is a source of unchangeable laws of the world that govern this world and us. Physicists may simply call it Law of Nature. Now a smart Vedic follower adds a dash of positivity into this and says that this source of unchangeable laws is acting in a manner that we can enhance our happiness through right actions. We are neither left in lurch like orphans nor allowed to escape fruits of our action. So there is a well-founded optimism that the laws of nature ensure justice and support. We believe so because we see this very obvious in world around and in our innate tendencies.

    But someone intellectual who was nurtured in a society that had completely different notions of a Supreme entity – an anthropomorphic entity, or a moody emperor, or a magician etc – may find such a God hard to digest. And it would be difficult for him to dissociate word God from this meaning and give it a new meaning in perspective of Vedas. For example, Arya is a very noble word. But in Germany, people would somehow try to link it with some sort of racism because of the Hitler episode. These words trigger certain emotions due to their previous associations and hence difficult for many to appreciate any new meaning easily.

    Thus atheism is a natural and rightly-directed aversion of a truth-seeker from what his mind considers as unfounded notions. So in being atheist, he or she is STILL acting as a loyal follower of Vedic religion.

    In other words, a truth-seeking atheist or agnostic or even a superstitious believer in some other notion of God is STILL a Vedic person, if he or she believes in these notions honestly after whatever experience, expertise, intellect that they possess at a given moment in time.

  32. TipTop says:


    The Vedic gods are always depicted as being busy in war and destroying the enemies. Let us see god Indra
    "These, breathing loud in fury, two and two, who caused Indra to bring his bolt of thunder to the fray, The challengers, I struck with deadly weapon down: firm stand what words the God speaks to his worshippers. This One by stronger might I conquered singly; yea, also two: shall three prevail against me? Like many sheaves upon the floor I thrash them. How can my foes, the Indraless, revile me?" [Rigveda 10:48:6-7]

    Now see the extreme sadist mentality of Vedic followers, who fought wars to gain cows and wealth. Their are specific prayers in the Vedas about conquering the foes and gaining their wealth. The conquered people were later humiliated in the most abusive ways. For example, Rigveda 10:166 says,

    "1. MAKE me a bull among my peers, make me my rivals, conqueror: Make me the slayer of my foes, a sovran ruler, lord of kine
    2 I am my rivals' slayer, like Indra unwounded and unhurt, And all these enemies of mine are vanquished and beneath my feet.
    3 Here, verily, I bind you fast, as the two bow-ends with the string. Press down these men, O Lord of Speech, that they may humbly speak to me.
    4 Hither I came as conqueror with mighty all-effecting power, And I have mastered all your thought, your synod, and your holy work.
    5 May I be highest, having gained your strength in war, your skill in peace my feet have trodden on your heads. Speak to me from beneath my feet, as frogs from out the water croak, as frogs from out the water croak."

    Yajurveda Chapter 13; Mantra 12 says
    "O King, make progress in thy duty of administration, extend happiness to the religious. O terrible chastiser, burn down the irreligious foes. O splendid person, humiliate and consume utterly like dried up stubble, him, who encourages our foe."

    Yajurveda Chapter 15; Mantra 15 says

    "…Let injurious animals like Lions and others that eat fresh and grass be destroyed. Let murderous crowds of men that destroy others like a powerful weapon, be killed. Let virtuous rulers protect us from those animals, and make us comfortable. In the jaws of these animals we place the ferocious man whom we hate and who hates us."

    But there is still one thing unclear. Who are the enemies whose inhumane killing is being encouraged in the above mantras? Well, let the Vedas answer for themselves.

    Atharvaved 12:5:62 says,
    "Rend, rend to bits, rend through and through, scorch and consume and burn to dust, the one who rejects the Vedas."

  33. TipTop says:

    “O friendly countrymen, encourage the commander of the army, and begin the battle with him, who with his physical, mental and military strength, cleaves the enemies’ families, usurps their land, is armed with weapons, slay’s the foes, subdues the enemy in the battle, and conquers him.” – [Yajurveda, Chapter 17, verse 38, pg-182, Tr. Devi Chand]

    “May the commander of the army, who, with surpassing vigour pierces in the battles the families of the enemies, is pitiless, wild with anger, unconquerable by foes, conqueror of the enemy’s forces, unequalled in fight, and victor, protect our armies.”
    – [Yajurveda, Chapter 17, verse 39, pg-182, Tr. Devi Chand]

    “I thrust you man out of home, the rival who fights [us], with the oblation of ejectment ; Indra hath demolished him.”
    – [, Atharvaveda, 6.75.1]

    Chariots and horses, elephants, parasols, money, grain, cattle, women, all sorts of (marketable) goods and valueless metals belong to him who takes them (singly) conquering (the possessor).”
    – [Manu Smriti, Chapter 7, verse 96, pg 231]

    “With military weapons let us win the Earth, with them the battle, with cannon let us win the ease-loving army of our foes. War-like weapons destroy the ambitions of the foeman. Armed with the bow may we subdue all regions.”
    – [Yajurveda, Ch. 29, Verse 39, pg. 293, Tr. Devi Chand]

    “May food be before us, in the midst among us. May food eaten enhance our noble qualities. Yea, food hath made me rich in brave sons. As lord of food may I conquer all regions.”
    – [Yajurveda, Ch. 18, Verse 34, pg-197, Tr. Devi Chand]
    “O king, thou art the repository of knowledge like a sage. The learned subjects obey thee in all directions. May riches fit for men be secured by this intelligent devotee. Thou art lustrous like the beams of the sun. May all people on the earth and all beasts of the forest be under thy control.”
    – [Yajurveda, Ch. 6, verse 6, pg.63, Tr. Devi Chand]

  34. Truth Seeker says:

    Reject wrong translation of verses. This is old tactic of Muslim to defend Islam by putting wrong translation of non-believer scriptures and deviate the attention from the pedophilia and rapist prophet. You do not need to believe in Veda as book to be follower of Veda. Ali Sina do not believe in Veda he still will treated follower of Veda because he is preaching humanity without any bias.
    What is Vedic religion:-
    To accept truth through a continuous process of rejecting falsehood every moment to best of one’s abilities in the most sincere manner is Vedic religion’

    This is beautifully described in Yajurveda 1.5:

    “O Supreme Force governing the world! You function as per unchangeable laws which remain the same throughout without slightest of deviations. May I also seek inspiration from You to be unflinchingly principled in my life. Thus I resolve to seek truth constantly by eliminating the false from my life every moment to the best of my abilities, intentions and efforts. May I be successful in this noble decision of mine.”
    3. Yajurved 36.18
    – Humans should never hate any other living being and interact with each other with love and affection
    – Humans should consider all living beings as their friends and work for prosperity of everyone

  35. TipTop says:

    Incest in Rig Veda

    Rig Veda 6.55.4 Pushan is the lover of his sister Shurya

    Rig Veda 10.3.3 Agni is the lover of his own sister

    Rig Veda 1.116.19 The Ashvisns married Surya and Savitri who is their sister

    Rig Veda 1.91.7 Agni is the son of his father and his sister

    Rig Veda 10.61.5-7, 1.71.5,1.71.8, 1.164.33

    As his penis was stretched out in eagerness for the act of a man, the manly one pulled back. He drew back again from the maiden, his daughter, that tireless phallus which had been thrust in. As they were in the midst of the very act of union, when the father was satisfying his desire for the younger girl, the two of them left a little of the out-flowing seed shed upon the back of the earth in the womb of good deeds. When the father shed his seed in his own daughter, he split his seed on the earth as he united with her. The benevolent gods created sacred speech and fashioned Rudra Vastospati, the protector of sacred rites….. As Agni made the seed for the great father, heaven , he entered into the womb, having noticed that she was inclined to him. The hunter shot an arrow at him boldly. The god satisfied his lust in his own daughter….As the heat of passion came to the king for his enjoyment, heaven laid aside on the ground the seed that had been spilt. Agni caused to be born the blameless benevolent group of youth and made them great…. Heaven is my father, the engenderer, the navel here. My mother is this wide earth , my close kin , Between these two outstretched bowls is the womb (it is translated as womb literally Vagina-yoni ) in it the father placed his daughter’s embryo.

  36. TipTop says:

    "Ali Sina is a saintly person working for humanity"

    When he will stop talking against Islam you will be the first to kick his ass we know.

    Read more…

    According to Purusha Sukta (Rigveda 1.10. 90 – 12) Brahmana(highest caste) was the mouth, Kshatriyas(higher caste) were made of the arms, Vaishyas(lower caste) from thighs and Shudras(lowest caste) from the feet of Purusha.(human). This Mantra is misinterpreted and is thus supposed to degrade Shudras.

    The most efficient way of eating is in which food is placed in our mouth by someone (Brahmana Varna). A less efficient way is one in which we use our arms to reach the food (Kshatriya Varna). If we also bring our thighs forwards to reach the food it becomes still less efficient (Vaishya Varna). It is least efficient when we use our feet to reach for the food (Shudra Varna).

  37. Truth Seeker says:

    Ali Sina is a saintly person working for humanity and exposing the cruel and imaginative concept of God propagated by Pedophilia, rapist prophet of Islam. I salute the great Vedic follower like Ali Sina. Such a dictator like Allah who punish the people till infinity just for not worshiping him can't be God.
    Religion of Vedas
    Rigveda 10.161.2
    – walk together in the path of truth without bias, injustice and intolerance
    – talk to each other to enhance knowledge, wisdom and affection without malice and hatred
    – keep working together to enhance knowledge and bliss
    – follow the path of truth and selflessness as exemplified by noble people

    Rigveda 10.161.3
    – Your analysis of right and wrong should be unbiased and not specific to particular set of people
    – You should organize together to help everyone enhance their health, knowledge and prosperity
    – Your minds should be devoid of hatred and should see progress and happiness of all as one’s own progress and happiness and you should only act for enhancement of happiness of all based on truth
    – Work together to eradicate falsehood and discover truth
    – Never ever deviate from path of truth and unity

    Rigveda 10.161.4
    – Your efforts should be full of enthusiasm and for bliss of everyone
    – Your emotions should be for one and all and love everyone the way you love yourself
    – Your desire, resolve, analysis, faith, abstinence, patience, keenness, focus, comfort etc all should be towards truth and bliss for all, and away from falsehood.
    – Keep working in synergy to increase each others’ knowledge and bliss.

    2. Yajurved 19.77
    – All humans at all times should have passion only for adoption of truth and rejection of falsehood. This should be a continuous process and one should keep detaching faith from what one discovers to be false and keep attaching faith to what one discovers to be true based on analysis, logic, facts and evidence.

    3. Yajurved 36.18
    – Humans should never hate any other living being and interact with each other with love and affection
    – Humans should consider all living beings as their friends and work for prosperity of everyone

    4. Yajurved 1.5
    – All human beings should resolve to accept only truth and reject the falsehood. Even the prayer to Supreme should request only eradication of falsehood and embrace of truth alone.

    5. Yajurved 19.30
    – When one resolves to adhere to truth, she becomes eligible for bliss and truth. When she becomes eligible, she starts getting rewards in form of knowledge and satisfaction. Such rewards strengthen the resolve and enhance the faith towards pursuit of truth. As the faith enhances, so does the bliss and knowledge one gets. And eventually this leads to ultimate bliss or Salvation.

  38. TipTop says:

    Ali Sina is mightiest warrior fighting for humanity ? ? So Vedic religion have faceless, haters as warriors. Which god of Veda with 4-6 hands Ali Sina worship ?

    Play hide and seek kido !

  39. Truth Seeker says:


    1. What is debate? Can Muslims debate?

    Debate is a process of exchanging thoughts between two or more ideologies in order to reach closer to the truth in friendly manner. A truth seeker remains always in a state of debate within. Debate is nothing but to challenge an old ideology with new thoughts and if found necessary, the old stand is modified in order to face new challenges/questions that will further lead to rectification of our thoughts. And this process goes on and on. This is the basis of science and philosophy. Prerequisite of debate is nothing but to accept that I will modify my stand if needed. In other words, it is to accept that my current belief may not be perfect and I am ready to refine it.

    But is this possible in Islam? No, because Islam is defined as the complete belief in Allah, Muhammad, heaven, hell, angels, judgment day, Quran etc. As soon as you question/disbelief/agree to accept that there may be imperfection in the concept of any of the above, you are no more a Muslim. 🙁

    And unfortunately, any Muslim, if labeled as Non Muslim, propagates his new belief, is to be put to death! So when it is proven that any Muslim (as per the definition of Quran) does not fulfill the prerequisite of debate, how can there be debate with him? Moreover, if someone ensures that he does not believe in killing of apostates, he automatically becomes apostate because of disbelief in Quran and Sunna duo. So in one case Jihadis can’t fulfill the condition for debate and in other case they no longer remain Muslims even before starting the debate.

    There is no third case unluckily

  40. Truth Seeker says:

    @Tip Top
    All the warrior of humanity like (Ali Sina, Maharishi Dayanand, Budha, Shankracharya) are follower of Veda. In today context I see Ali Sina is mightiest warrior fighting for humanity a.k.a. Vedic religion.

  41. TipTop says:

    "God sending Prophets is the most silly concept to have."

    You are born without sperm and without your mom keeping you in her womb .This is intelligent thing happened to you. God is not silly he dropped you from clouds. its silly for all-Powerful to cause pregnancy.

    "He/She needs no third-party outsourcing agents to guide us"."All prophets are falsehoods and gravest insult to glory of Ishwar."

    Why your Ishwar is having picnic or on vacation where religion of prophets constitute 75 % of world population. You are born slave. Prophets never claimed to be God (Jesus included). God is omniscient omnipresent omnipotent Prophets are not.

    What kind of respect you have for God if you can't stop abusing prophets, people. There are big holes in vedas and hinduism . This is why muslims for over 1000 years and christians for 200 years banged hindus. Both muslims and christians are religion from prophets. Continue christians and muslims are converting hindus to their religion. Average 675 hindus leaving hinduism everyday 200-250 are converting to other faith and rest are blowing their asses being atheists.

  42. Truth Seeker says:

    @Tip Top
    HInduism is corrupted branch of Vedic religion. Prophet concept totally wrong. The concept of Ishwar or God sending Prophets is the most silly concept to have. For example, Muslims consider that Allah is all-powerful yet believe in Prophets. Thus they imply that Allah is not capable enough to directly guide the living beings and hence has to use agents like Prophets and Angels to help Him out.

    And look at the defective ways of God when he acts through Prophets. Jesus is supposed to be a Prophet and he could not help document the Bible properly. Whatever he did goes in vain because original Bible does not exist. Similarly Muhammad is alleged to be a Prophet of Allah but could not properly document Quran during his lifetime. He did not even know that his book will be called Quran. The Quran was later compiled only 20 years after his death, in most controversial manner. The oldest Quran available today is 300 years after Muhammad’s death and is said to be copy of the Quran compiled 20 years after his death. Such are the ways of those superstitious cults who believe in Prophets.

    But Vedic Ishwar/God is truly all-Powerful and hence directly communicates with all souls instead of using agents. He revealed the Vedas at inception of humanity (refer Origin of Vedas ) and then continuously guides all living beings. He/She inspired us to secure Vedas – the oldest texts – in most rigorous manner. And what more, through His inner voice, He ensures that even if we do not have access to Vedas, we are still nurtured and guided by Him like a mother caring for her child.

    Vedic Ishwar/God is within us and outside us. So He/She needs no third-party outsourcing agents to guide us. So ONLY such an omniscient omnipresent all-powerful caring and just Ishwar/God should be worshipped by us. All prophets are falsehoods and gravest insult to glory of Ishwar. Hence they should be immediately rejected by those who have any respect for Ishwar/ Allah or God.

  43. TipTop says:

    Brahma is one of the three main gods-Trimurti-of the Hindu pantheon. He is the creator of the universe, Saraswati, who became the wife of her own father, was the daughter of Brahma. There are two stories about her genesis in the "Saraswati Purana".

    One is that Brahma created his beautiful daughter Saraswati direct from his "vital strength" or seminal fluid.

    The other is that Brahma used to collect his semen in a pot whenever he masturbated fixing his carnal eyes on the celestial beauty Urvasi. Brahma's semen in the pot gave birth to Saraswati. Thus, Saraswati had no mother.

    This daughter or grand-daughter of Brahma is the Hindu goddess of learning. When Brahma saw the beauty of Saraswati he became amorous. To escape from her father's passionate approach Saraswati ran to the lands in all four directions, but she could not escape from her father. She succumbed to Brahma's wish. Brahma and his daughter Saraswati lived as husband and wife indulging in incest for 100 years. They had a son Swayambhumaru. Swayambhumaru made love with his sister Satarpa. Through the incest of Brahma's son and daughter Brahma got two grandsons and two grand-daughters.

  44. Truth Seeker says:

    According Vedic Religion universe creation-preservation-dissolution by God is a eternal process having no starting point and ending point. It is followed like day and night. Three entities soul, matter and God eternal. Soul and God conscious entity while matter is inert. Soul is dependent on God. God laws unchangeable.
    After expiry of the time of final destruction, power of God acts in non-alive prakriti and the process of creation starts. There remains only alive, Almighty God , who does not need any matter to survive for example air, water, food etc. You see when man or woman were not there in the beginning of creation, then by the power of Almighty God only non-alive statues of all living beings are made. Then , by the power of Almighty God , in those statues , breathing system is provided, souls according to their deeds enter in respective statues like man-woman, animals, birds, insects etc. still statues do not work. Then, Almighty God enters the universe and function starts. The creation does not take birth from mother and father that is why it is called non-sexual creation. As per Atharvaveda mantra 7/2/1, the non-sexual creation is brought into existence in young age.

  45. @kaarigan says:

    You're still reeling under the impact of Islam.. Don't compare Islam with Christianity and their practices..No way they are close or similar. I can come out with some numbers like you've quoted to show that the truth is otherwise.

  46. @kaarigan says:

    It's disgusting to read your comments on Jesus and Mary.Where on earth you learned that secret revelation that Jesus was a Muslim? You must either be a jihadi or a Muslim in a Christian name. Ali Sina exposes that the religion you admire or worship is not humane. Don't talk about people who are not Christian in spirit. That way the whole Arab world is fanatic and bloodthirsty. Do you agree?

  47. @kaarigan says:

    Islam can't tolerate,can't evolve,can't grow.can't think,can't love and can,t let live… It can only kill and annihilate…A creed that breeds hatred…Those who seek proof.. look at those fanatic Muslims all around and the book they read.. You need more proof than this? It's much better to be an atheist than a Muslim.

  48. @kaarigan says:

    Islam in an embodiment of all evil that can be seen in the world. Those people calling themselves Muslims are surely, as the title suggests,"trapped"in it. The only way to find peace for them is to get out of it as fast as they can and when they can. Tomorrow could be too late as long as they remain stuck to that horror cult.

  49. Jens DK says:

    Richard Harri wrote: .Don't insult any religion. Very good., but then Richard do his best to insult 2 billion christians.
    He wrote: Jesus and Mary are not Christian. They are Muslims.
    No. Most likely they were both born as jews.
    Certainly they were not muslims.
    He wrote: In Christian families wife have sex with her boy friend in front of her husband.
    This must be the ultimate (muslim) wet dream.
    Tell me. Are you a very young muslim boy?

  50. rainbow says:

    To AKU………belajar dulu bahasa Inggris yang baik dan benar baru berkicau di forum ini…Saya rasa forum ini bukan levelmu untuk berdebat……..tapi forum ini bisa kau pakai untuk belajaar….!!!!

  51. Uga says:

    That is fake story…..

  52. misogynist says:

    yes, Isiam is the best religion. so far. but I'm a new prophet who offers 100 2 year-old virgins and no hell for every believer. Are you on board?

  53. DPhysicist says:

    I agree with Nipuna's advice… have patience Halima… just wait till you grow up 🙂

  54. how_it_is says:

    "this is ridiculous".

    Your comment is ridiculous. Islamic women would have to be one of the most bizarre women's movement ever. Have you not read what Mohammed did to the Jewish tribe of Khaiyba? Have you not read of the men he killed and then the women he captured? It's in Sahih Bukhari. How would you like to have your Muslim husband murdered and then you forced to marry a non-Muslim man that had just killed your husband?

    Your comment about 'men appreciate our mind'. This is almost insulting. So are you saying this is the why in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sudan and Pakistan, women's 'minds' are 'appreciated', and women have the choice of what to do in their lives? They have a choice of what man they will choose? They can choose what University they can go to? They can choose whether they want to be in a polygamous marriage? That is just a lie. We live in the 21st Century, people are human enough to understand people's minds without trying to apply some bizarre cultural belief from the 6th Century Arab Bedouin Culture. Are you also one of the Muslim girls that thinks its ok when a Muslim man rapes a non-Muslim woman, because that non-Muslim woman is 'irresponsible' and 'tempted the man'?

    Again, Islamic women would have to one of the strangest women's movements ever. How will history judge Islamic women? I have read posts by Islamic women that support Muslim male rape against non-Muslim women, because non-Muslim women come from cultures where it is the responsibility of the man to control his emotions and his desires.

  55. Interesting Ali says:

    All good knowing facts about modesty.

    Please ignore frustrated comments from haters. It is very much common to see old haters to behave like this.

  56. Ali Sina says:

    No one is forced to be nun. It is a vocation. On the other hand Muslims force their children to become Muslim.

    On the contrary, a Muslim woman does not have a mind. Muhammad said Muslim women go to hell because they are deficient in intelligence. You are being misled. When people see a Muslim woman clad in that bedsheet they see a stuid woman with no brian. Women in Islam are called awrah, which means genetil among other things. A Muslim woman considers her entire body to be genital. She is a walking talking vagina. That is why she has to cover her entire body.

  57. Layla says:

    this is ridiculous.

    I am a british Muslim, girl, and I'm 17 years old. I go to a public school and am covered. I know 2 of my catholic friends who will be forced to be nuns when they finish school. I am not forced 2 do anything like that.

    Islam makes us wear the veil because once we do we lose all our beauty, therefore men appreciate our mind and no longer look at us as pieces of meat. Thats why in the U.K over 20k christian women are abused by their husbands yearly and there are over 7k prostitutes running around in London alone.

  58. ThinkingGirl89 says:

    so then why has he got so much proof (mostly from muslims holy books), and you've come up with none.

  59. Sue says:

    How is it possible that Jesus and Mary are Muslims? Islam only happened 600 years after Christianity?

  60. ThinkingGirl89 says:

    can you prove anything you said then Interesting? can you prove the people you're accusing of these crimes are christian or even just that you haven't made it up?

  61. Interesting says:

    Learn how to make up bad things

  62. Interesting says:

    More Interesting I am making up bad things ! Did you saw me smiling If not you are sleeping. Wake up !

  63. ThinkGirl89 says:

    You know nothing about Christians and are simply making up bad things which you may rest assured aren't true. Why are you then trying to defend a criminal who lived thousands of years ago and is surely in hell now.

  64. Interesting says:

    I wonder your lame arguments. Its not fitting the bill.

  65. TeriMaaKiAankh says:

    No Prophet Ali Sina….. it's better to be gay than have a gf! And what you are talking about is ancient / ignorant cultures, which are still there. Yes, christianity jews and islam might not allow alot of things. But no one can do anything about it, unless the law of the state say so otherwise.

  66. Ali Sina says:

    Do good, live good? You mean rape a nine year old child? Kill our siters and daughters if they talk with a boy or wear tight jeens? Raid unarmed people, murder them and rape their wives and enslaves their children? Kill the non-Muslims, abuse them, destroy their cemetries, and burn their places of worship?

    No thank you. Keep that "good" for yourself. That kind of "good" befits your prophet and his brain dead followers.

    Christians don't do those things you describe. Stop watching porn sites. They do not represent the reality.

    I have explained in detail that Muslims are not full humans. They are sub-humans. Read my debate with the Shiite mullah.

  67. Richard Harri says:

    This is a site that diverts human life into animal life.In Christian families wife have sex with her boy friend in front of her husband.Did our Jesus do this?Christian women loiter in public with less dress or without any dress.Did our Mary do this?Jesus and Mary are not Christian.They are Muslims.Study the history and polish your stained brain.Don't attempt to destroy the world.Don't insult any religion.Do good,Live good.

  68. xyz says:

    You are still young and dependent on your parents. Therefore you should aim to get along with them. You should go along with them with regard to how you dress and behave. The most important thing for you is to continue your education and maximise your opportunities. You should also resist if your parents seek to marry you to someone you dont want. But you shouldn't try to be rebellious in everything. Then you will only scare your parents and make them more strict.
    Sri Lankan is not a Muslim country and many women there are highly educated. Even among the Muslims in Sri Lanka, there are educated women like doctors and lawyers, many of whom dress Islamically and some who dont. Therefore, you will not be alone if you want to get an education. Eventually your parents will accept you as you are. They may even look up to you and become dependent on you.

  69. Aku says:

    I have boring in this page , because there's many the enemies of ISLAM in this page .
    So , if you need me , please go to my facebook :

  70. Aku says:

    I'm sorry , the address above is fault .. The true address is here :

  71. Aku says:

    If you need The knowledge of ISLAM use the english , you also learn to Syaikh Hisyam Kabbani :

    Syaikh Hisyam Kabbani is a man who clever about the knowledge of ISLAM , So , the address above is explain about the truth of ISLAM (ISLAM is the Best religion in the world) .

    So , the opinion of ALI SINA about ISLAM is Bad that is FAULT .

  72. Aku says:

    If you need The knowledge of ISLAM use the englis , You also can learn to the brother of Habib Omar , his name is ; Syekh Hisyam Kabbani =

  73. Nipuna says:

    well im also from sri lanka but i was born as a buddhist but when i grew up i became an atheist on my choice. my parents or relatives never went against my decision and i was pretty much cool with that. in Halima's case firstly she was born muslim and even though the muslims in sri lanka are not as fanatic as those in the western europe i can assure one thing. if she leave islam publicly at 14 her parents would probably disown her. but i dont think there would by any honor killing since honor killings are not heard in sri lanka. (in sri lanka's population only a 8% are muslims). so as Mr.Sina has supposed the best advice can be given to her is having a good education & leave her family once she get older & finding a guy who is not whitewashed. (and i personally dont think it can be that much harder since sri lanka is not a muslim country at all.)

  74. Aku says:

    In my opinion , Habib Omar is can 3 languages ; Arabic , English , and Indonesian .

    So , You can use the english to ask about the knowledge of ISLAM To Habib Omar at the wall of Habib Omar page (write use the english) :

  75. Aku says:

    In my opinion , Habib Omar is can speak in 3 language ; Arabic , English , Indonesia ..
    So , if you want to ask about the knowledge of ISLAM To Habib Omar , You can use the english to write at wall of Habib Omar page ,,

  76. Eradicate Muslims says:

    you said that "The Prophet MUHAMMAD S.A.W. Is a man of the most kindhearted and a man of the most handsome"

    how could you know he is handsome?
    even you said he is kindhearted? yuck. get your brain examined.

  77. Eradicate Muslims says:

    this type of comment sounds like a non arab muslim who knows nothing about the truth inside Quran and Hadith, knows nothing about Arabic, knows nothing about the sexual raper mohammad, yet he / she believes what islamic imams told him that islam means peace. poor on you

  78. Wishtoknowislam says:

    Dear aku, please try to understand. I don't speak Arabic or urdu .. Why can't you help me to learn the knowledge Islam, the only true religion. So can you provide me a webpage which proves that? I visited which has many videos and I can't decide which one proves this..
    As you say, mashaalla, you may the one destined to win in this arguments..

  79. martin says:

    There is no religion as bad, lier and demonic possesed as Islam. actually, in that cave the poor mohammed was also claiming devil talking to him. it was Kedijia who changed the whole story conviencing him to claim as if the Angel Gebriel was talking to him. since then all the teachings and action of islam is evil. that is why, Islam is an empty religion without any spritual teaching and divine revelation. how many millions of innocent lives displaced (both internally and externally), suffered, killed, massacered, and many more hidden genocides.

    In short, Islam means Satan and works not for the kingdom of GOD but for the kingdom of Allah(the name of the satan on mohammod).

  80. Aku says:

    Please , Learn the knowledge of ISLAM To this mans :
    ~ Habib Omar :

    ~ Habib Ali Al Jifri :


  81. Wishtoknowislam says:

    I tried to find that proof in one of those website (with the help of google translation) .. But really couldn't find any..aku, can you provide a specific page ( don't just say all pages there) which proves your claim?

  82. Aku says:

    The Proof there is in HABIB OMAR And HABIB ALI ..
    So , open the address above and learn the knowledge of ISLAM to HABIB OMAR And HABIB ALI .

  83. Duratma_Gandhi says:

    Second you.

  84. Duratma_Gandhi says:

    Hi Aku Habib Ali,
    Can you tell me what you think of Hubaal – are there any material evidence that would prove beyond any reasonable, rational doubt that Hubal is NOT THE BEST of creators?
    Please refer Quran 37 125 – Surah As Saffat
    Now, this asks why do people love Hubaal instead of "best of creators". Note "best of creators". Let's say we're talking about film-directors – and we say James Cameroon is the "best of directors" – it automatically means there are 1000's of others among whom Cameroon is the best.
    Another example, let's say we're talking about Muslim disciples of your local masjid. And we read a statement "Habib Ali Aku" is the "best of disciples" in the masjid. It means there are 1000 other disciples among whom Habib is the best.
    So, the quranic surah & ayat clearly indicate that there are MILLIONS OF CREATORS – and it's asking people why they shower their love & respect to Hubal. This goes on to show that before Mohammed & his stupidity destroyed Arabs – they used to believe in Hubal & they loved & respected Hubal.
    Now, this also poses another question, Habib.
    Quran is not restricted to a particular time or a particular place – it is applicable to all humans at all times & at all locations/ places. Now, I was born in Tamil Nadu South India – and none of my ancestors had ever heard the word hubaal – and none of us OBVIOUSLY called upon Hubal. So, why did Allah SWT talk to us Tamils in South India about some unknown creature called Hubaal?
    How'd you look at me if I asked you why do you call up on Thiruvalluvar (assuming you don't know who or what Thiruvalluvar is). You'd be surprised & you might assume I'm an idiot – to accuse you of calling upon some thing you don't even know.
    Ergo, this one quranic verse is enough to prove that Allah SWT is an idiot that talked to Tamil people about some Hubal.
    Now, why do you bother about Allah SWT who is an idiot or about his murdering, thief-slave?

  85. Duratma_Gandhi says:

    Thank you Sudhakar.. It's so nice to see more & more Indians opening up to the truth of Islam. Any chance you're from Tamil Nadu?

  86. VRM says:

    Don’t repeat the same lines like a parrot. Come up with something to prove your claims. You better first read all articles written by Dr. Sina, may be by the time you end reading you will see the light.

  87. sudhakar says:

    Mr. Aku, Islam is not what you wish to believe. It is demonic & it is from the Demon Mohammad.
    Sorry to hurt your sentiments. Develop some intelligence to understand this clear fact. True intelligence comes when you understand the goldenlaw – " Do unto others what you want to be done to yourself & Do not do unto others what you do not want to be done to yourself ". Any religion or cult which violates this goldenlaw is surely from the Demon, Not from GOD.

  88. sudhakar says:

    MN7, I agree with your conclusions. Islam is an ocean of poison. so called moderate muslims are
    Jihadis in waiting. They are at best carriers of Mad Mohammd virus.

  89. Aku says:

    . ~ . * . ~ . * . ~ . * .~ .
    DON'T EVER HATE ISLAM ! ! ! ! !

    Because ; ISLAM is the only true religion in the world ! !

    ISLAM is the religion of the most beautiful , because ; The Prophet MUHAMMAD S.A.W. Is a man of the most kindhearted and a man of the most handsome ..

    . ~ . * . ~ . * . ~ . * . ~ .

  90. Aku says:

    Because ; ISLAM is the only true religion in the world !

    ISLAM is the religion of the most beautiful in the world .. And The Prophet MUHAMMAD SAW is a man of the most kindhearted and a man of the most handsome !!

    You Must Learn The knowledge of ISLAM To HABIB OMAR And HABIB ALI , you later will know that actually ISLAM IS THE BEST RELIGION IN THE WORLD !!

    Because ; HABIB OMAR And HABIB ALI Are Ahle-Bait (family of The Prophet MUHAMMAD SAW) .

    => HABIB OMAR :

    => HABIB ALI :


  91. Aku says:




    Because it, Learn The knowledge of ISLAM To HABIB OMAR , You will know that actually ISLAM IS THE BEST RELIGION IN THE WORLD And The Prophet MUHAMMAD Saw IS A KINDHEARTED MAN !!

    Because HABIB OMAR is Ahle-Bait (family of The Prophet MUHAMMAD Saw) .

    This is address of HABIB OMAR :

  92. Aku says:

    ALI SINA . .





  93. MN7 says:

    To Halima & Dr Sina,


    Sri Lanka is not too much unlike some parts of Tamil Nadu (India). Tamils in Lanka & Tamils in Tamil Nadu share more than just the language "Tamil".


    If my understanding is good, then Halima need not necessarily "wait a few years". Although I'm a Hindu by birth & a questioner by actions, the Churches would be able to help her. If she is able to sneak into the nearest church a few times and get in the good-books of the church elders, she will have not only a chance at good Catholic education but also at a relatively free life. This applies if she is a Tamil.


    If she were a Sinhala – then I'd request her to get to the nearest Buddhist temples. Sinhala buddhists are a very powerful force to deal with. If there's an entity that could take radical islamists head-on, it had to be Buddhists. Sinhala buddhists form a majority in Sri Lankan demography – and I don't think they'll shy away from helping a 14 yr old Sinhala girl.


    Unfortunately, Halima *wants* to be a muslim. She has delusions that there's some species called "Moderate Muslims". Whether uranium is enriched & used in a nuke-bomb or just lies around – it is always radio-active. Similarly, whether a muslim realizes his responsibility to commit violent bloodletting jihad now or 20 years later, the muslim remains a potential terrorist threat.


    Unless, you're able to find genuinely misguided souls like the one from the story below,

    http:// http://www.washingtonpost. com/national/on-faith/muslims-say-ron-paul-is-their-kind-of-republican/2012/01/17/gIQA9oqH6P_story.html [remove spaces]



  94. dharma marg noble says:

    this is a frivolous comment without taking into consideration of the historical perspective . at present in INDIA – there are women who live on their own – if they have education,job and self sufficiency.
    Nobody bothers.

  95. John K says:

    "few ignorant,arrogant christians who converted to ISLAM"

    Let's call them a few westerners who converted to Islam. The people you are thinking about were not Christians, and the West is increasingly secular with about 20% who do not consider themselves religious and even higher numbers who are not practicing Christians.

  96. Adil Sina says:

    Curse allah and his 3 daughters, curse rapist, terrorist mohamed and break all small, big black & vagina looking idols kept in mecca. destroy this terrorist cult!!

  97. dharma marg noble says:

    Aliah – whoever you are ( but I think you are a moslem ) . With your narrow mind and without your thinking,using your intelligence, you played mere words. DO you know tha basic tenets of ISLAM? DID you read QQUURRAAN? DID you read SIRA ? DID you read hadiths? Do you know the ISLAMIC history of 1450 yrs ?
    Did you live in a moslem country? Did you examine the Moslem culture ? Did you observe AFGAHNISTAN, PAKISATAN, SAUDI ARABIA – under TALIOBAN / AL QAEDA rule ? Do you know how Moslem countries are ruled ? their constitutions , based on ISLAM ?
    If you understand all this , please write an article here to support your thinking !!! prove it.

    Final proof that ISLAM is demonic is that few ignorant,arrogant christians who converted to ISLAM
    , became jihadists, terrorists,killers of ISLAM . What does this say? A good human being was turned into a monster and ISLAMIC killer.

  98. John K says:

    This is going to my head. Now my name is going down in immortal fame and glory with this ode to counter-jihad.

  99. John K says:

    Thanks Worldpeace.

  100. enlightened25 says:

    "Muslim's don't see their religion with proof,as u know all the religion don't have proof to prove what they believe,but Muslim's take their religion emotionally." All religious people not just muslims take their religion emotionally, if they didn`t they would not be religious.

  101. Worldpeace says:

    Wow, Comment, that is excellent. Follow all other posts with Radio Jihad.

  102. Comment says:

    I’m praying to my god.
    NO ONE is his name.
    Nobody believes in him.
    Despite of all her fame!(Jihad)

    I don’t mock the Muslim's.
    So what gives them the right?
    If they don’t stop this nonsence soon,
    I will put up a big fight! Oh,

  103. Comment says:


    Now one thing you must say,
    barbarian's are leader today,
    most of them are gay

    I want to give them an I-Pod
    why do you worship Muhammad like god

    Oh Yeah Oh Yeah Oh Yeah

    Terrorism is what you do!
    you Muhammad use to speak,woo woo(like a fox or whatever you like)

    But!, Sina is exposing Ur lie's
    don't run away from the debate like fly's
    The supporter is Mr.John
    don't cry and moan(when Muslim lose)
    I want to draw a picture of Muhammad,with horn

    Muhammad went to hell,
    for him….there id no bail
    this was just a trail
    watch the whole movie,you will bit Ur nail

    oh yes!,you can hide if you shell like a snail,lol

    oh,and don't forget to turn on Jihad TV.

  104. Worldpeace says:

    I share your opinion, John. Ali is wonderful.

  105. Comment says:

    The main problem of Muslim's is,that they trust Muhammad very much,they think Muhammad can't make any mistake as he said himself,even god as religion say's doesn't make mistake's,so that would mean,Muhammad is calling himself a god?

    Muslim's don't see their religion with proof,as u know all the religion don't have proof to prove what they believe,but Muslim's take their religion emotionally.

    The problem with Muhammad was that he made other's people emotional but himself was a cruel person,maybe Muslim's are hypnotized in their mosque,when I use to be a Muslim's,I use to love Muhammad very much,as if he become a god,but now I am free (Alhamdulillah),from these,again as i said,this site is quite good platform for Muslim lie's ,I don't care about Muslim' nor any Allah.

    If you want to do anything in Islam start with the name of allah AND MUHAMMAD, everywhere Muhammad is necessarily ,if you do a good deed for people,but u did not be a Muslim and worship Muhammad,your going to hell,so is this not in justice?,where is the justice of allah here?

  106. John K says:

    Hi Aliah. Welcome to the site. What you are saying about what kind of person you are is true, no matter what your religion is, or if you are not religious.

    The reason Islam is an evil religion is because of the teachings of its foundational texts, the Quran and Sunna, and the example of Muhammad who is considered to be a perfect example that every Muslim should emulate.

    The imams in Western countries hide this from even the lay member Muslims in order to provide the mask of a religion of peace.

    You can see the teachings that are being hidden in Dr. Sina's introduction here:

    You can get a good intel report on mosque secrecy from a Muslim who recently left Islam here:

    It's also covered in point 28 of "What Makes Islam So Successful?"

  107. Truth says:

    Islam is that tree which grown by evil seed, irrigated by blood.

  108. SONGADH LION says:

    aliah islam is evil to the core this is just in case u did not know

  109. Aliah says:

    I don't think that Islam is an evil religion, I believe The people who control it are evil and that's why it has come to this. Not being a Muslim doesn't make you a better human, nor being in another religion. It all depends of what type of person you are inside.

  110. enlightened25 says:

    You must have been taking lessons read these from Al-Maʿarri and Khayyám
    "Hanifs (Muslims) are stumbling, Christians all astray
    Jews wildered, Magians far on error's way.
    We mortals are composed of two great schools:
    Enlightened knaves or else religious fools….."

    “Drinking wine is my travail
    Till my body is dead and stale
    At my grave site all shall hail
    Odor of wine shall prevail.”

    Some muslim on wikipedia wrote (about Khayyam) "The verse: "Enjoy wine and women and don't be afraid, Allah has compassion," suggests that he was not an atheist." They are so stupid they don`t even know when they are been mocked.

  111. Truth says:

    Muhammad's sexual antics are an embarrassment to those Muslims who are aware of them. This is particularly so for their prophet's marriage to Aisha when she was 9-years-old. The thought of a 52-year-old man sleeping and bathing with a young girl is intensely unpleasant and it reflects the disgusting character of a sexual glutton rather than a holy man. Critics even allege that Muhammad was a pedophile.

    Some Muslims respond by denying the hadith itself, which is a mistake. The accounts of Muhammad sleeping with a 9-year-old are no less reliable than those on which the five pillars of Islam are based. They have been an accepted part of tradition and did not become controversial until social mores began to change with the modern age.

    The charge of pedophilia may or may not be true, depending on how it is defined. Technically, Muhammad did have a sexual relationship with a child, but Aisha was also the youngest of his twelve wives. Zaynab was in her 30's when she attracted the unquenchable lust of the prophet. We don't know the age of Muhammad's sex slaves. They may or may not have been as young as Aisha, but there is no point in speculating.

  112. Truth says:

    From the Hadith:

    Muslim (8:3309) – Muhammad consummated his marriage to Aisha when she was only nine. (See also Bukhari 58:234 and many other places). No where in the reliable Hadith or Sira is there any other age given.

    Bukhari (62:18) – Aisha's father, Abu Bakr, wasn't on board at first, but Muhammad explained how the rules of their religion made it possible. This is similar to the way that present-day cult leaders manipulate their followers into similar concessions.

    Muslim (8:3311) – The girl took her dolls with her to Muhammad's house (something to play with when the "prophet" was not having sex with her).

    Bukhari (6:298) – Muhammad would take a bath with the little girl and fondle her.

    Muslim (8:3460) – "Why didn't you marry a young girl so that you could sport with her and she sport with you, or you could amuse with her and she could amuse with you?" Muhammad posed this question to one of his followers who had married an "older woman" instead of opting to fondle a child.

    Bukhari (4:232) – Muhammad's wives would wash semen stains out of his clothes, which were still wet from the spot-cleaning even when he went to the mosque for prayers. Between copulation and prayer, it's a wonder he found the time to slay pagans.

    Bukhari (6:300) – Muhammad's wives had to be available for the prophet's fondling even when they were having their menstrual period.

    Bukhari (93:639) – The Prophet of Islam would recite the 'Holy Qur'an' with his head in Aisha's lap, when she was menstruating.

    Bukhari (62:6) – "The Prophet used to go round (have sexual relations with) all his wives in one night, and he had nine wives." Muhammad also said that it was impossible to treat all wives equally – and it isn't hard to guess why.

    Bukhari (5:268) – "The Prophet used to visit all his wives in a round, during the day and night and they were eleven in number." I asked Anas, 'Had the Prophet the strength for it?' Anas replied, 'We used to say that the Prophet was given the strength of thirty men.' "

    Bukhari (60:311) – "I feel that your Lord hastens in fulfilling your wishes and desires." These words were spoken by Aisha within the context of her husband having been given 'Allah's permission' to fulfill his sexual desires with a large number of women in whatever order he chooses. (It has been suggested that Aisha may have been speaking somewhat wryly).

    Muslim (8:3424) – One of several narrations in which a leering Muhammad orders a clearly startled woman to suckle a grown man with her breast so that he will become "unlawful" to her – meaning that they can live under the same roof together.

    Tabari IX:137 – "Allah granted Rayhana of the Qurayza to Muhammad as booty." Muhammad considered the women that he captured and enslaved to be God's gift to him.

    Tabari VIII:117 – "Dihyah had asked the Messenger for Safiyah when the Prophet chose her for himself… the Apostle traded for Safiyah by giving Dihyah her two cousins. The women of Khaybar were distributed among the Muslims." He sometimes pulled rank to reserve the most beautiful captured women for himself.

    Tabari IX:139 – "You are a self-respecting girl, but the prophet is a womanizer." Words spoken by the disappointed parents of a girl who had 'offered' herself to Muhammad (he accepted).

  113. Truth says:

    The Qur'an:

    Allah managed to hand down quite a few "revelations" that sanctioned Muhammad's personal pursuit of sex to the doubters around him. Interestingly they have become part of the the eternal, infallible word of the Qur'an, to be memorized by generations of Muslims for whom they have no possible relevance.

    Qur'an (33:37) – "But when Zaid had accomplished his want of her, We gave her to you as a wife, so that there should be no difficulty for the believers in respect of the wives of their adopted sons, when they have accomplished their want of them; and Allah's command shall be performed." No doubt millions of young Muslims, trying to outdo one another at memorizing the Qur'an, have wondered about what this verse means and why it is there. In fact, this is a "revelation" of convenience that Allah just happened to hand down at a time when Muhammad lusted after his daughter-in-law, Zaynab, – a state of affairs that disturbed local customs. The verse "commands" Muhammad to marry the woman (following her husband's gracious divorce). As for why this should be part of the eternal word of God…?

    Qur'an (33:50) – "O Prophet! surely We have made lawful to you your wives whom you have given their dowries, and those whom your right hand possesses out of those whom Allah has given to you as prisoners of war, and the daughters of your paternal uncles and the daughters of your paternal aunts, and the daughters of your maternal uncles and the daughters of your maternal aunts who fled with you; and a believing woman if she gave herself to the Prophet, if the Prophet desired to marry her– specially for you, not for the (rest of) believers; We know what We have ordained for them concerning their wives and those whom their right hands possess in order that no blame may attach to you; " This is another special command that Muhammad handed down to himself that allows virtually unlimited sex, divinely sanctioned by Allah. One assumes that this "revelation" was meant to assuage some sort of disgruntlement in the community over Muhammad's hedonism.

    Qur'an (33:51) – "You may put off whom you please of them, and you may take to you whom you please, and whom you desire of those whom you had separated provisionally; no blame attaches to you; this is most proper, so that their eyes may be cool and they may not grieve, and that they should be pleased" This is in reference to a situation in which Muhammad's wives were grumbling about his preference for sleeping with a slave girl (Mary the Copt) instead of them. Accordingly, Muhammad may sleep with whichever wife (or slave) he wishes without having to hear the others complain… as revealed in Allah's literal and perfect words to more than a billion Muslims.

    Qur'an (66:1-5) – "O Prophet! Why ban thou that which Allah hath made lawful for thee, seeking to please thy wives?…" Another remarkable verse of sexual convenience concerns an episode in which Muhammad's wives were jealous of the attention that he was giving to a Christian slave girl. But, as he pointed out to them, to neglect the sexual availability of his slaves was against Allah's will for him!

    Qur'an (4:24) – "And all married women (are forbidden unto you) save those (captives) whom your right hands possess." Allah even permitted Muhammad and his men to have sex with married slaves, such as those captured in battle.

  114. Truth says:

    Muhammad had sex with just about anyone he pleased, thanks to Allah's extraordinary interest in his personal sex life, as immortalized in the Qur'an.

    Although the Qur'an didn't appear to have enough space for topics like universal love and brotherhood (which Muslims sometimes insist are there, but aren't), the list of sexual partners that Muhammad was entitled to is detailed more than once, sometimes in categories and sometimes in reference to specific persons (Zaynab & Mary).

    Muhammad was married to thirteen women, including eleven at one time. He relegated them to either consecutive days or (according to some accounts) all in one night. He married a 9-year-old girl and even his adopted son's wife. On top of that, Muhammad had a multitude of slave girls and concubines with whom he had sex – sometimes on the very days in which they had watched their husbands and fathers die at the hands of his army.

    So, by any realistic measure, the creator of the world's most sexually restrictive religion was also one of the most sexually indulgent characters in history.

  115. Shrek says:

    I loved this man!!

  116. John K says:

    Oh, for your new hit song! It will be all the rage!

  117. John K says:

    Quick, where's my agent. Sign him up on Radio Jihad.

  118. Comment says:

    Oh Muslims you never pray
    your way's are always leading you astray
    your Muhammad was a womanizer and a gay
    he sold his religion on e-bay,
    there's one thing you need to pay,

    oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah


  119. Truth says:

    Muhammad was a poor man to start with, but his financial fortunes changed dramatically when the 40 years old, very successful Meccan merchant Khdijah bint Khweilid, proposed to and married Muhammad at age 25.

    Although he was allegedly illiterate, nonetheless, he was somehow able to trade, buying and selling, counting, bargaining, contracting, etc.

    Khadija's wealth must have been so substantial that Muhammad did not have to earn a living and hence was able to spend a lot of time alone presumably contemplating the universe.

  120. John K says:

    And that's the Truth!

  121. Truth says:

    Islam should go now, it is really pity to see that people cannot understand it that Mohammad started it for his own benefits, One bad man made so many Bad Men.

  122. Arya Anand says:

    Unlike in the west, it is very difficult to live alone separated from family in the South Asian culture.

  123. Ali Sina says:

    That is right Shrek. We are not here to deceive people. Islam is like urine in drinking water. Any amount of it is bad.

  124. John K says:

    And it leaves her in a dilemma of cognitive dissonance. If Islam was good, she wouldn't be seeking help.

  125. Shrek says:

    Halima: "I want to remain Muslim (a moderate Muslim)"

    This is one thing for which FFI cannot help you in any way even if they wanted to.

  126. John K says:

    Oops! Sorry about that. There's a Muslim here that goes by "truth" with a small T.

  127. Lorraine Voss says:

    Dear Ali Sina, the advice you gave the girl is the best to give her, and hopfully she can hold on just a bit more until she can liberate herself from her parents style of living. Telling her to get a good education is the best advantage to carry on to her own independence soon. Directing her to the supportive websites is another great addition to help her in this short venture to a life of her own.

  128. Truth says:

    I was Making fun on Mohammad

  129. John K says:

    Good advice, Dr. Sina. You always have such a good way with words for those who need you.

  130. John K says:

    Right. I'm sure each one of them felt that she was so special because her husband loved her and only her and had eyes for no other women but her.

  131. John K says:

    Ha! That's a good one. It's true what they say that Gaza is a giant concentration camp, but the Israeli's didn't make it, Islam did!

  132. truth says:

    I am so sorry for you, But Allah have sent the most greatest person of history Mr. Mohammad, who had a great respect for women that's why he married to thirteen women.

  133. Comment says:

    Muslims can also kill their relative's for the sake of Islam,someone had just played a joke of religion,and someone took it very seriously,

  134. Comment says:

    Islam is not a religion,its kind of Jail,

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