Rabbi Says Ali Sina is Pathetic like a Wounded Animal

In all my writings I have made the case that Muhammad’s intolerance was the result of his narcissistic personality disorder and my book, Understanding Muhammad convinces everyone that the prophet of Islam suffered from malignant self-love.

A person with narcissistic personality disorder often reacts to criticism with rage, shame, or humiliation. He expects others to agree with him without him having to prove his claims and if contradicted, he will resort to threats. When we read the Sira (the life of Muhammad) and the Quran, this is exactly the picture we get from him.

But there was another element in shaping his character: The influence of Rabbis.

Judaism and Islam have a lot in common. They have basically the same eschatology and very similar teachings. For example few people know that stoning adulterers that is widely practiced in Islam originates from the Bible. Muhammad did practice stoning but he did not insert it in his Quran. But he said when a law is not clearly stated, Muslims should look into the Bible for guidance.

These are all secondary influences of Judaism on Islam. The main common feature between these two faiths is their intolerance. This intolerance in Judaic texts gave the narcissist Muhammad the power to do as he pleased. He could make his claim without needing to prove it and expect others to believe without questioning him. If they didn’t, he would threaten them with hellfire.

How could he get away with that? Why would people believed in his unproven and often irrational claims? The answer to this question is in Judaism. The Rabbis in Arabia had laid the psychological foundation for Islam among the tolerant pagans. For 2000 years they had preached that Yahweh, their god, is beyond reason, i.e. he is irrational, that his ways are different and they may appear unjust and even evil. But it is not up to humans to question God’s wisdom.

That kind of authority and power is a narcissist’s wet dream. By claiming to be the messenger of God, the same intolerant god of the Jews, Muhammad did not have to prove any of his claims. The reason Arabs fell into his trap was because of the groundwork laid by the Rabbis in Arabia.

I have  debated with many Muslim and also Christian scholars. The only debate I had with a Rabbi was about Obama and not about religion. He was very irrational, but it was politics.

Recently I joined  Twitter. I sent a tweet about a Palestinian cleric who called for the genocide of the Jews and a Rabbi tweeted back. Here is our exchanges.

AliSina_FFI 17 Jan  Palestinian Cleric Calls for the Genocide of the Jews bit.ly/xFTjan

Rabbi_Shaul 17 Jan  YHWH has always kept a remnant of Jews around no matter who tries to do HaSatans Dirty work. Yeah, some Jews will die, But…

AliSina_FFI When God can let 6 mil innocent people incinerate, we better rely on our own resources and stop HaSatan or HaMuhammad now.

Rabbi.Shaul You are looking at things from Man’s wisdom & not understanding how YHWH works. 2nd – How do you know they are not Saved.

Ali Sina  The only wisdom the alleged God gave me is man’s wisdom. By what shall I judge things then if not by it?

Rabbi.Shaul  He may have given you man’s wisdom, but Solomon Prayed for the Wisdom of Above & got it. You are offered Holy Spirit Wisdom too

Nothing is impossible for YHWH. Do you really think the 6 million or the 40 million under Stalin ALL died in vain? YHWH Knows

Ali Sina  Yes I really think they died in vain. None of that should have happened. It shows God is careless, or helpless, or ignorant.

Rabbi.Shaul They did not die in vain. G-d is anything but careless, helpless or ignorant – He created you. You need to seek G-d properly

Ali Sina God allows Hitler to kill mil.s to show people are free? It shows he’s cynical. What about the rights to life of the victims?

Rabbi.Shaul  I feel your pain, but until you decide to understand the Message of the Good News of Torah & Messiah, you will remain confused

We would love to help you find a True relationship with G-d. It would be wonderfully rewarding for you. Please do not hate G-d

Ali Sina Dear Rabbi, I don’t hate God bcuz he does not exist. But if He did he would be worthy of scorn and hate. Look at the suffering!

Rabbi.Shaul  Sorry to tell you that you are not correct. G-d truly exists. He just won’t reveal himself to you at this time because of you.

Do want to find out that G-d really exist? Are you willing & able to find out you are wrong?

Psa 14:1 The fool hath said in his heart, There is no G-d. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works…G-d Spoke this

Pro 10:8 The wise in heart will receive commandments: but a prating fool shall fall. Do you want to Prove G-d Right about you

Ali Sina  This is not proof of existence of God. It is ad hominem – a logical fallacy. I use reason and He, logical fallacies. Go figure!

Rabbi.Shaul I used them to see where your Head was at. I do not expect two verses to prove anything. ?? Would you like to live forever?

Ali Sina What I like and what is the reality R different. I’d love to be billionaire, wise n live 4ever, but I must submit to reality.

Rabbi.Shaul  Unfortunately, You are not local or I would tell you to spend one week with me & you would know G-d is real. I not even talk.

oops – what I meant is that I Would not talk, Not try & Convince you – All you would do is watch & see what G-d does.

Ali Sina If I spend time with you, prob.ly I’d be captivated by your charm, but that does not prove God. Can you prove God using reason?

Rabbi.Shaul  what reasoning do you want to use to prove G-d to you. We know that where Science, History & the Bible agree, you have Truth

Are you willing to reason using all Three sources at the same time? Remember Science, History & Scripture.

Well – my charm is a miracle all by itself. But I would not use my charm – I want G-d to use his so you will know. I am nothing

Ali Sina I will agree with science, history and reason (human reason). If I believed in Scriptures there would be no point debating.

Rabbi.Shaul  How about this. first we look at history in scripture. Then we see if Science & Human History can verify Scripture is true/lie.

Ali Sina U can quote scrip., but it’s no evidence to me. Will you accept Quran as evidence in a debate with a Muslim? No, why should you?

Rabbi.Shaul Interesting – to Islam the Quran is a Bible – but you want me to not use my bible when discussing G-d-so the conversation is.

..G-d vs Allah – not is G-d real cause it appears you believe Allah is real. Am I correct?

Ali Sina I believe Allah and God are both fairytale, one is like Dracula the other like Santa clause. Both are fiction, but different.

Rabbi.Shaul Okay – then you have rejected the “Creator of all, no matter what Name we use” let me know when you are ready, if ever. Oh Well

I hope you realize that my Prayer is one of YHWHs love & not one hate. Because you do not accept scripture, I will not quote

Ali Sina How can I reject something that does not exist? I am ready to debate and publish it on my site. Is email good?

Rabbi.Shaul Email is great, but my prayer will stand during the process, cause that is a way for YHWH to show you he is real & Love you

Ali Sina Sure, U can pray. It’s spreading good will. Nothing wrong in that. (Unless U pray Islamicly that foment hate). Wht’s Ur email?

Rabbi.Shaul I do not pray hatred, but my prayers do not always sound loving. [email protected] I am pleased you are willing.

After this initial exchanges I sent to Rabbi Shaul the following email. Please note that it was the Rabbi who invited me to debate and wanted to prove to me that God loves me. I told him I will publish the debate and he did not object.  Also please note that I was very respectful of my opponent both in my tweets and in my email, which follows.


Dear Rabbi Shaul,

Although I generally don’t debate on the subject of God, it would be an honor to have this discussion with you. I don’t debate about the existence of God because I am pragmatic and I see no evidence that atheism makes people better.  I also see no evidence that religion makes people better. As I get to know people more on a personal level, I start liking animals more.  Yes I have had the good fortune to meet many wonderful souls. Some of them were believers in God and some were not. But generally, I don’t have a very high esteem of our species.  If we are made in the image of God, God must be pretty much screwed up.

Anyway, that is beside the point. I just wanted to let you know that I am atheists only because I find it logical. I accept it intellectually and philosophically, but not religiously.  I am not an evangelist atheist. If Prof. Richard Dawkins can show me that atheism makes people more moral, more ethical and happier, I will join his crusade against religion and God. As long as that is not happening I’ll stay out of that debate.

The truth is that atheists have committed horrendous crimes in the name of atheism. No one disputes about the fact that communists are atheist and their crimes against people of faith are well documented. But some atheists claim Hitler was a believer in God. This is a lie. Hitler used religion and sometimes evoked God for his demagogic proposes but he believed in no other god except himself.  He despised Christianity for its teaching of universal love and pacifism that he interpreted as weakness. He had a great admiration for Muhammad and lamented that Islam did not conquer Germany. He thought Islamic mindless devotion to authority and its penchant for violence best suited the Germanic spirit.  However, he foolishly thought that given time, Germans, thanks to their “genetic superiority” over Arabs would have become the hiers of the Islamic empire.  That was of course another one of pipe dreams. We Persians are of the same genetic stock as Germans and we had a far superior civilization than Arabs. Yet when we succumbed to Islam we were reduced into a shell of what we were. Our country that issued the first charter of human rights is today one of the top violators of human rights. Had Islam conquered Germany, Germany would not have been better than Iran or any other Islamic country.

Atheists have blood on their hands. The only people who beat atheists in crimes against humanity are Muslims.  Atheists have butchered over 100 million people in the last century and Muslims have killed over 280 million people in the last 14 centuries. Of course if you count the sectarian war, where Muslims kill one another, this number can be easily doubled.

So much for atheism! The problem is that religions don’t promote love and amity either. It is clear that religion is the biggest instrument of discord and hate among people. Anyone who claims otherwise is engaging in the logical fallacy of biased sampling and is ignoring the evidence.  They argue that people who originally hated each other became united after embracing the same faith. What they ignore is that they have created another division in mankind and another pretext to hate and fight. As Sigmund Freud said, “It is always possible to bind together a considerable number of people in love, so long as there are other people left over to receive the manifestations of their aggression.”

I stay completely out of the debate about religion and God. Unlike Prof. Dawkins and the late Christopher Hitchens, I don’t see religion and the belief in God as the mother of all evil. I see intolerance and self-righteousness as the mother of all evil. Atheists can be just as intolerant and self-righteous as theists.

I will debate with you, purely for intellectual exercise. I don’t wish people to give up their faith in God if they are believers. I advocate doubt. I believe doubt is the greatest gift a person can give to another. Not everyone is capable of doubting. It’s an art – a skill that can be learned and honed with practice.  To be able to doubt everything is the first step to enlightenment and freedom. If my younger readers see the value of doubting, I have achieved my goal.

Belief is not the exclusive trait of theists.  I have met and debated with many atheists who are just as firm in their belief and sometimes as bigoted, as a fanatical religionist.

This is what I see as the source of the problem. The problem is not the belief in God or the disbelief in Him. The problem is the belief itself.  Once we fall into that dark pit, we can no longer see. We develop tunnel vision. My entire philosophy is based on doubt. Although your god says doubters are foolish, my view is that belief is another name for credulity. Doubters, far from being fools are the wise ones.  Truth is infinite. It is silly to say one has grasped it all and those who don’t believe are fools.

With this introduction, I leave the stage to you.  Since you want to prove the existence of God, the burden of proof is on you and here is your chance.

I will publish our debate on my websites faithfreedom.org and alisina.org so others can also comment.

Kind regards

Ali Sina


A day after I sent my email I received the following tweets from Rabbi Shaul.

Rabbi.Shaul  I am sorry to inform you that your Email has caused us to realize that you care nothing about learning truth as you agreed.

Therefore, you can watch our Video Response to you at youtu.be/pitKfhAPD0o – you are the Second email we respond to.

Beyond that – Read about Issac Newton – one of the top Scientists & Devout Atheists ever in history & see if you can relate.

Consider our offer to you Closed. You can now watch & see how YHWH deals with as we do not consider you worthy of our time.

Public Notice: I offered @AliSina_FFI to study History & Science to see where it proves Biblical History. He Agreed, then recanted by Email

Public Notice: We will no longer discuss anything with @AliSina_FFI as his email was not one desiring to learn truths from those who know.


Rabbi Shaul did not reply to my email personally. Instead he passed it to a superior of his, an elderly Rabbi who addressed my email in his Youtube broadcast.

I could not find the name of this Rabbi. This is their website http://torahabesorah.com/ If you know his name I will be grateful if you let me know.

IN this long video, the Rabbi’s response to me starts at 2:20 minutes and ends at 17:20. Here is the transcript of what he says.  My response to him is at the end.   The Rabbi’s response is very interesting.  I am sure you’ll enjoy it. Please read it or watch his video.


The second email is in regards to a tweet, that Rabbi Shaul … a man with integrity and character…. And a person had tweeted him and he responded.

You have to understand that first of all we don’t debate Scriptures. We’ll tell you what we perceive the scriptures are saying, we give you the historic background; we’ll even add in science, but to debate it, no.

There was an individual who tweeted him and he responded and this individual said yes he was willing to be shown how through both the scripture Father Yahweh, that scripture, history and science they ‘ll be all coming together, [like] three circles, and where they intersect is where all true set.  Now you can say where two of them intersect, that is true. In most cases that isw correct, but not in all cases.

This individual agreed to this and he sent me a very long email. I am not going to call your name. You know who you are if you watch this broadcast.

First of all let me say that I’m rather disappointed because the agreement and the covenant you made, you now have primarily broken, which in my way of looking at things is basically a lie. Now if you don’t like it I don’t care. I say I see it.

And you talk about your purposes and the way you do things and how you doubt. Well, I doubt your sincerity, I doubt your integrity and I doubt the way you conduct yourself.  What you’re looking for is a fight – a debate and contention. And you’re wanting an opportunity to put this on your website so you can show your superiority and your intellect.

Let me say that I don’t really care how smart you are.  In the world’s eyes if I wanted to look at it, most people consider me a pretty smart fellow too.  And you know what? It’s all foolishness compared to Yahweh.  He said, our birth is but filthy rags and he is referring to the rags used during the menstrual cycle of a woman.

So that’s our best. I take offence at how you describe first of all… God is a Teutonic name.  We don’t use that name at all. We use the Hebrew name of the creator who gave his name in Hebrew, who gave the pure language in Hebrew and who confused the languages at Tower of Babble. We’re talking about historical here.

You said you don’t have a very high esteem of our species.  If we are made in the image of God, God must be pretty much screwed up.

You said, “Anyway, that is beside the point. I just wanted to let you know that I am atheists only because I find it logical. I accept it intellectually and philosophically, but not religiously.

Then you say you’re not an evangelist atheist. I think you’re a liar. Else you wouldn’t caught to be provocative and provoke to try and arrange a discourse so that you can show this to whoever is following you so that you might prove your point. The point is mute.

You go one in tirades of how not only the religious theists, but also the atheists have destroyed in the name of God. First of all as I told you, God is a Teutonic name. It refers to no one in particular. We could be talking about the door and calling it god.

What I do find amazing is as you get down and you start referring to enlightenment and that how “My entire philosophy is based on doubt.”…”Once we fall into that dark pit, we can no longer see.”  If there is not hereafter, if there is not creator then guess what? There is no dark pit. It doesn’t exist. Your logic is [fought with a set of star trek?] is totally illogical. You can’t have a creation without a creator. You might not like that; you might not appreciate that; you might not even believe that and that’s okay with me. If you have no hope, that’s your decision. If you’re this miserable that you feel that the species is what it is then what you don’t rid the species of another cancer as you call it and remove yourself from society? If you have got to try to make yourself and everyone else so miserable by your diatribe and what you’re speaking and the way you bring it forward you advocate doubt.  If there is nothing out there for any of us and a hope, then what reason is there for these people to live in any other way that you say these people live? If there is no hope it doesn’t matter. It’s just like two dogs out there in the street knowing each other up and killing each other over a bone. It doesn’t matter.

You say that not everyone is capable of doubting; it’s an art. Yeah it’s an art alright! It’s an art of putting yourself, whoever you are, out of touch of the creator of this universe. And like I said, that’s fine. I’m not trying to convince you of anything.  My friend was not trying to convince you of anything. He was just trying to merely, trying to show you, through your own logic, the errors of your way.  You tried to put this in… this is the reason you’re going to debate and you’re going to publish it. Let me say there is nothing to be published because it won’t be debated.  I don’t have the intelligence, the wisdom and the understanding to even to begin to debate the Father. He can take care of the situation for Himself and I assure you He will.

If there is nothing out there, whoever you might be, then we have nothing to worry about because we’ll never see each other and we’ll never end up face to face. But if you’re wrong we will, and it stand his judgment against you. You need to take this into consideration.

Isaac Newton was an atheist – a strong atheist. And one day when he looked at the intellectual facts and aaaall that he had learned though many years of his studies, he realized in order to have this organization in the creation there had to be a creator.

You say to doubt everything is the first step to enlightenment. Why find enlightenment if there is nothing?  If this is all there is, if there is nothing more, what are you becoming enlightened about? So you can die and rot?

You’re pathetic and I feel extremely sorry for you. I pity you. You’re like a wounded animal that’s hurt. And I feel pity and I feel remorse for you. But this is a decision that you have made.

Now, you’ll have no more response from myself and we’re not going to get in to a knock down drag out. That’s not going to happen. I have made this clear in the past that debating and trying to have contention and scuff over these issues is a non-issue. Any fool can start a fight. When I was a young man, and I’m not young anymore – when I was a young man, I was really good at that. I know how to start a fight and I know how to finish it. But neither do I want to start one and I don’t want to finish it. But I’ll tell you this: Father will finish it. I’ve seen individuals like you; I’ve heard of individuals like you, and at the end Father rules the day. Yehueh Yahweh will make his presence known.

So, I won’t bother you. I’ve said you received my answer. You said, “With this introduction, I leave the stage to you.  Since you want to prove the existence of God, the burden of proof is on you and here is your chance?

Okay, I got the stage. You’re absolutely right. You gave me permission to take the stage and I just told you that I don’t have to prove anything to you. I have nothing to prove to you. I am not looking for people like you. I am looking for likeminded believers. I am looking for family. And I assume from what I read here that you aint it.  You might find out that you might end up with more than you bargained for. And when you do, it’s going to be too late.

You can say well I don’t believe that. It doesn’t matter. Time will tell. My wife has a saying. When you die you’re going to find out. So if you want to find out today, die! Or tomorrow, die! You’ll find out. And when you’re standing there trying to figure out what to say you remember these words that I’ve spoken. You had the opportunity to do something differently. And you chose not to. You chose the course and the destiny that you place your feet upon. It says the path is broad and the way is broad and the gate is wide that leadth to destruction and many there be that entereth that gate. I got a feeling that if I ever be able to see that gate that you’r probably will be strolled in there. I don’t think you going to like it. Now enough said, That all I am going to say addressing this issue. If you don’t like that, get a life.

Now I apologize to everyone else who might be watching who had witnessed that, but sometimes things need to be said straight. Ant it’s not a debate.



Although these two rabbis think I am worthless, I would still like to respond to them. I blieve you will enjoy reading it just as  I enjoyed writing it.

Dear Rabbis. It was Rabbi Shaul who invited me to debate and offered to show me that God exists and he loves me. I have no interest in this kind of debate. I consider it a futile discussion. But I agreed. So is it me that is breaking the covenant or is it you?

You said you want to use the Scriptures as evidence.  I told you that to prove God through Scriptures is circular reasoning. This is an elemental logical fallacy.  It does not behoove a scholar of your age and rank to propose such a fallacy as evidence. It just shows you have little understanding of logic. I have this discussion with Muslims all the time. I ask them, what is the proof that Allah is God? They say it says in the Quran. I ask why should I believe the Quran? They respond because it’s the word of God.  Do you see the circular reasoning?

Then you say that you doubt my sincerity, my integrity and the way I conduct myself.

That is fine. You can doubt my sincerity and integrity, but which part of my conduct is objectionable? Rabbi Shaul offered to show me that God exists. I agreed and I said in my tweets that I will publish it so everyone can benefit and he agreed. Nonetheless after revealing my thoughts about atheism, you insulted me and declared me unworthy. You said you pity me, that I am a miserable person and that when I die I will have to face YHWH and maybe go to hell because of that email. Is my conduct more objectionable or yours?

You took offence because I said I want to put this debate on my website. You say I want to do it so I can show my superiority and my intellect.  You seem to be paranoid even before we start? If you have the truth on your side what are you afraid of?  Let the world see the  great wisdom and superior intellect of your YHWH through you. I am giving you a chance to have a larger audience.  I see no one is watching your videos on youtube.  A lot of people read my sites. I am offering you a portal to reach to a larger audience. Shouldn’t you jump at this opportunity?  You seem to not be very convinced of your own beliefs, otherwise you’d not be so shy about them being challenged.  Doesn’t this tell something about your sincerity and integrity?

You say that you don’t care how smart I am and that you yourself are pretty smart but that our smartness is foolishness compared to the intelligence of Yahweh. And you quoted Him saying our birth [I think He said righteousness] is but filthy rags like rags women use during their menstruation.

These are not very nice words for the creator to say about his creatures. He is demeaing people, degrading and humiliating them. Incidentally, this is what narcissists do. Narcissists put others down. That is the only way they know to elevate themselves. Does the creator of the universe suffer from malignant self-love?

If I were a teacher, I would praise my students. I wouldn’t degrade them. I wouldn’t constantly remind them that I am smarter and compared to me they are ignorant and stupid.  I would overlook their shortcomings and highlight their achievements.  I would focus on their strengths and not on their inadequacies. I would do the same with my employees if I were a boss. This is how you bring out the best in others. It seems that the maker of humans is quite ignorant when it comes to human psychology.  This god of whom you talk is a freaking narcissist.

You call me a liar for saying I am not an evangelist atheist and accuse me of being provocative and to try to arrange a discourse so that I can show to people and prove my point.

I have been debating for fourteen years about Islam. My objective is to unveil the truth. Truth can spark when opposing ideas collide. Of course I believe that my views are true. That is normal. No one would believe in things that they believe to be false. But I am always open to alternative views and will change my views if someone can show me better way of looking at things. I have been doing this all my life and I have been changing my views as I learn new things.  I am not afraid of publishing my discussions for the world to see and letting others scrutinize them. If I am wrong I will admit it. No one expects me to know everything. I think my readers appreciate my sincerity and my earnest desire to find the truth when they see I acknowledge my errors when I stand corrected. This admission does not deminish me. It actually elevates me in the eyes of my reader. They see that I am willing to admit that I am fallible and have no pretense of infinite wisdom.

But you are afraid to make your debates public. Why? Is that because you doubt your own self? What other explanation can you give for this knee jerk reaction to my offer to publish our debate?

If you are right, the world can see it. If you are not, you can change your views. Isn’t this the logical thing to do? Or perhaps your attachment to your ego is much stronger than your commitment to truth and you fear I may find some flaws in your reasoning and embarrass you?

Let me tell you Rabbi that all of us were born ignorant. Whatever we know, we learned them from others. A Persian proverb says, seek knowledge from cradle to grave.  There is no shame in not knowing. Shame is in not wanting to know.  In the course of my life, I’ve learned a few things. The most valuable of all is the insight  that I am ignorant – profoundly ignorant. I cherish this insight more than all other learning.

You then talk about how Hebrew is a pure language and that all other languages were confusions that YHWH caused among people in the incident at the Tower of Babel and you added, “We’re talking about historical here.”

Really? Is that how languages have come to exist? But science has a different explanation. Linguists say languages branch off from each other and continue to evolve until they become independent languages. The story of the Tower of Babel is not history. It is fairytale. You don’t understand history Sir, and you don’t understand science. You know the Scriptures and you don’t understand them either. The Scriptures are the folklore of ancient people. If you want to cling to them, that’s fine with me, but don’t talk about science and history. Both science and history reject your Scriptures.

I said both theists and atheists have blood on their hand. You misread me.  I did not say atheists kill in the name of God. But they have killed in the name of ideology, be it communism or National Socialism or whatever damn ism of hate that they may come up with.

I said people do evil because of their conviction to be righteous and because of their inability to doubt that they may be wrong or that others may have a point too. It does not matter whether one believes in God or not, if one is blinded by his faith that person can become intolerant.  I inhale the stench of intolerance in you. You are prone to despise people who have views contrary to yours. I explained to you my views so you can see where I come from and make your argument more poignant. That was enough for you to scorn me, vilify me, pity me and call me a cancer, and exhorting me to rid the society from myself.

I wrote the problem is the belief itself.  Once we fall into that dark pit, i.e., the dark pit of faithfulness, we can no longer see. You paid little attention to what I wrote and assumed by dark pit I am talking about your hell.

No, that thing does not exist. Assuming God exists, he must be a sadist to run such a torture house.  The whole concept of hell is ridiculous. Debating with a Muslim charlatan that passes himself as scholar I made an example saying, what would people think of me if I torture my cat because he is ungrateful to me despite the fact that I raised him since he was a kitten and took great care of him? If I take offense from a cat wouldn’t it be evidence that I am insane? Of course it would be. It does not matter how ungrateful my cat may be, I could never punish him let alone torture him to death. Now the difference between humans and cats is infinitely smaller than the difference between the creator of the universe and humans. If we can’t do such thing to cats and we will forgive them no matter how misbehaved they are; if we can love them unconditionally, how could God be so unforgiving of humans and torture and burn us for eternity? This is attributing insanity to God.  If God exists, you people who come up with these stupid ideas and portray Him  as a sadist are blasphemers.

Then you say, “You can’t have a creation without a creator. You might not like that; you might not appreciate that; you might not even believe that and that’s okay with me. If you have no hope, that’s your decision.”

Is that your logical argument in defense of a creator? First you make a claim without bothering to prove it. “You can’t have a creation without a creator.”  Yes you can. Evolution takes place through principles, the laws that govern the universe. When you pour water from a high altitude a stream is formed. The stream may take different shapes depending on the topography of the land. It turns left or right. In one place it may run calmly and in another place it may be rough. In some places puddles are forms and in other places cascades are created. The stream has a shape but no designer or maker. It  comes to exist by itself because of the topography of the land and the law of gravity. In the same way mountains are formed, oceans are made, clouds are shaped. This entire planet and all other planets and stars are all subject to natural laws. Just as our hypothetical stream does not need a designer, the universe also does not need a designer. Natural laws explain everything.

Then you engage in more ad hominem and appeal to ridicule (the horse laugh) and appeal to spite and other logical fallacies as your evidence.

Instead of burying your head in that ancient book of fables why don’t you read a book on logical fallacies? You can learn them online. Read them so you don’t make obvious mistakes. Despite your claim I never said I am smart. But I learned about logical fallacies. Wining debates is not about being smart. Debating is an art like bike riding or playing violin. You can master it when you learn about logical fallacies and stay away from them.  Anyone can do it.

You said, “If you’re this miserable that you feel that the species is what it is then why you don’t rid the species of another cancer you call it and remove yourself from society.”

The fact is that I don’t think I am the cancer of the society.  I think cancers of the society are those who spread ignorance and hate. People who divide mankind between imaginary lines of race, class, caste, gender and religion are cancers of the society. However, my solution is not to remove them from the society but to cure them.  We don’t raise a sword against darkness; we light a candle.  Take a look at my Favicon. It is a candle that shines in the darkness carried on two wings. Candle represents truth and the wings symbolize freedom.  The image portrays the words of Jesus, “truth will set you free.” That is my motto.  I search the truth and I spread it through my writings.

But I could be wrong. That is why I am open to dialogue and allow people to comment and disagree with me because I learn only from those who disagree with me.  They force me to rethink.

You asked “If there is nothing out there for any of us and a hope, then what is the reason for these people to live in any other way that you say these people live?”

Who said there is no hope? There is hope for mankind.  Everything does not begin or end with us as individuals. I am here because I carry the genes and the wisdom of myriads of generations that preceded me and I pass on this torch to myriads of generations that succeed me. I contribute to the betterment of the world. I learned from those before me and I share that knowledge with the ones that come after me. I hope to add a drop to this vast sea of human knowledge. I hope that I can ease some pain and that the world will be a better place, even if in minute way, because I lived in it. So I will survive not in body or in spirit, but through my deeds. Both good and bad deeds reverberate in the world like ripples on a pond and will survive our death.

Alois Hitler was abusive to his son. Adolf grew up to become a psychopath mass murderer. Muhammad’s mother neglected him. He grew up to become a psychopath mass murderer. Annie Sullivan, a young blind woman, became the governess of Helen Keller who was not just blind but also deaf and mute. Through Annie’s love, Helen became a prolific writer, a political activist and the first deaf and blind to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. Thanks to Annie, Helen became an inspiration to millions. All these people left their traces in history. They are not dead. They live in the pain or in the joy that they left behind. I hope to leave behind ease, not pain; happiness, not sorrow. It does not matter whether we survives or not.  We will survive through our impact in the world.  So why not make that impact a positive one?  You on the other hand are concerned only about you and will cling to any lie that promises you eternal life.  What if all that is a lie?  We both die. And what if there is no heaven and no hell? What did you leave behind?  You leave ignorance, hate and disunity.  I leave understanding.  We both survive alright!  But there is a world of difference between what survives from you and what survives from me.

You want to survive in person and one day meet me and mock me and rejoice when I burn in hell. That is your level consciousness and spiritual maturity. That’s fine for you, but it is not good for me. I cannot have fun in Paradise when countless people are burning in hell. My heart is not the same as yours and I can’t silence my conscience by reminding myself that it was their fault for not believing in the absurd claims of the Bible or the Quran.

You hope for your personal survival. To me that is petty. My hope is for the survival of humanity. It’s a bigger hope and a much nobler one. While you strive for your individual salvation I endure for the salvation of our species, yes this very wretched and misguided species. I see there is evil in people but I also know there is potential for a lot of goodness. I hope to bring out that goodness.

You said, “I don’t have the intelligence, the wisdom and the understanding to even to begin to debate the Father. He can take care of the situation for Himself and I assure you He will.”

If god shows up and debates with me I will accept him. But he doesn’t do that. He sends his messages through men of questionable character and his messages are illogical. How can I know these guys were not lying? Muhammad said exactly the same thing that you say.  He said if we don’t believe in him, his Allah will burn us in hell. But you don’t believe in Muhammad. Why not? The message of the Quran is just as irrational as the message of the Bible. Muhammad also said that one should not question the wisdom of God which is very different from human wisdom.  So why don’t you believe in Muhammad?  What if he was right?

I reject your god for the same reason that I reject Muhammad’s god.  Why should I believe in one illogical god and not in another?  Tell me what makes YHWH different from Allah (or to be precise Hubaal, because allah, like god is also a title and does not refer to any particular god.)

You said, “ But if you’re wrong we will, and it stand his judgment against you. You need to take this into consideration. “

Yes I have taken that into consideration and I have prepared my speech already. Here is a gist of it. I will say, O God almighty and wise. I did not reject you.  I rejected what people said about you.  I refused to believe you are as insane and as evil as people of religion portrayed you. They said you cannot be understood through logic. I could not agree with them because

1-      I reasoned that you must be the maker of logic and hence you can’t be illogical. If the origin of light is the sun then the sun cannot be dark. But these men who spoke of you told me you are illogical. They said your logic is different from human logic. But that made no sense because logic is logic. The greater logic cannot contradict smaller logic. 2 + 2 is always 4 even in complex equations.  So I rejected their argument because it denigrated you.

2-      When they threatened me with hellfire and I thought maybe I should give up reason and believe blindly just in case, as Pascal had reasoned, I was left with the dilemma of which god to believe. Your creatures are promoting countless gods. They are all illogical and all fearsome and vengeful. How could I know which one  are you? I feared following an impostor god, which would have been worse and would have made you really angry. So thought it is safer to not follow any god counting on your understanding. Aren’t you happy that I did not follow your rivals? Don’t I deserve some credit for that? I just didn’t want to gamble. Since you left no reliable clues to find you I waited until I die.

3-      All those men who spoke of you as the god of love and mercy lived a despicable life of hate, crime, murder and deceit themselves. You picked wrong people as your messengers.  I compared myself to many of them and I saw I lead a more ethical and moral life than many of them.  I didn’t want to follow their bad examples. Why didn’t you send good people to guide us? They promoted hate and violence and I am a man of peace. And I looked at the mullahs, the priests and the rabbis and I saw they spew hate and are unenlightened people. That was enough for me to turn away from you.

4-      I loathe cruelty to animals and didn’t eat their flesh because I couldn’t endure the thought of taking an innocent life just to satisfy my taste buds. But your preachers presented you as a bloodthirsty god that demands blood and sacrifice. I thought those practices are satanic.  I thought since you are also the god of animals you must love them too and will never ask people to shed the blood of these lovely creatures. That was a big stumbling block in my belief in you. I just couldn’t envision you as a cruel god.

5-      Those who told me about you also depicted you as a sadist who owns a torture house and burns humans. I could not believe that you can be so crazy and refused to attribute insanity to you.  I knew if you exist you must be the god of reason and love and none of the things I read in the Torah or in the Quran gave me that impression.

If God is reasonable he will agree with my reasoning and if he is not then he is an unpredictable god and there is no way yo can be sure what will he do.  He may even decide to send all the disbelievers to paradise and all the believers to hell. A crazy god is capable of anything. So why bother?

You said “Isaac Newton was an atheist and one day when he looked at the intellectual facts he realized there had to be a creator.”

There are two problems with this statement. One is that it is a logical fallacy known as argumentum ad verecundiam or appeal to authority.  Even smart people can be wrong. Einstein said God does not play dice. He was talking about Heisenberg uncertainty principle and the behavior of particles in quantum physics.  He was proven wrong. God plays dice all the time.  Aristotle believed wales are fish. He was wrong.  Newton also believed that planets’ motion around the sun is the work of angels. Later Einstein showed it is caused by the curvature in the space surrounding large masses.

The next mistake is that Newton was never an atheist. He was very much a believer all his life. In his time most people believed in God. Today few scientists believe in God.

You criticized me for saying, doubting everything is the first step to enlightenment. You asked, “Why find enlightenment if there is nothing? If this is all there is, if there is nothing more, what are you becoming enlightened about? So you can die and rot?”

I am not sure what your definition of enlightenment is. Enlightenment means to give intellectual (or spiritual) light to; instruct and impart knowledge to.  Why do you think enlightenment has anything to do with dying and afterlife?  Enlightenment is opposite to obscurantism AKA religious indoctrination and blind faith.

You then summed up your response by saying “You’re pathetic and I feel extremely sorry for you. I pity you. You’re like a wounded animal that’s hurt. And I feel pity and I feel remorse for you. But this is a decision that you have made.”

These are all logical fallacies. Appeal to scorn, appeal to ridicule, ad hominem, etc.  And you are the person who claims to be able to prove God? Your logic is flawed. There is no logic in anything you said. And I don’t blame you because there is no logic in God at all. You can’t prove something that does not exist. You have covered all the gamma of the logical fallacies but did not produce a single logical argument.

You said “I don’t have to prove anything to you. I have nothing to prove to you. I am not looking for people like you. I am looking for likeminded believers.”

Finally you said something that I agree. You have nothing to prove. All you can do is preach to the choir – people who already believe in the same things that you believe. You are unable to convince anyone because you have nothing to prove. Maybe you should tell this to Rabbi Shaul so he does not promise people that he can prove to them that God exists.

You said, “When you die you’re going to find out.”

Isn’t that silly? Would a sane god send a message to mankind that can’t be proven by any means except through their death when it is too late?  Imagine a teacher presents a dilemma to his students and does not solve it. The dilemma looks pretty much stupid and irrational. But he tells them this will be the main question in their final exam and only after the exam they will know whether they have guessed right or wrong. Isn’t that stupid? But it gets worse. He also tells them if they fail they will not only lose the year but he will beat them and torture them for years to come. I believe any sane person will see this teacher is crazy and will kick him out of the school. Well your god is no better. He’s damn crazy. You may think that it is okay for God to be crazy but I refuse to believe in a crazy god.

After listening to this rabbi, I somehow felt sympathy for Jesus. I can see now what kind of people he had to deal with.  What is funny is that this rabbi offered to show me the love of God. All he showed was intense hatred for unbelievers and anyone who is not “family.”

I think this article will help Muslims to see the absurdity of Islam. Often people can’t see their own flaws and find it easier to see the flaw of others. This is exactly the kind of arguments Muslims make.  That is because Muhammad copied his religion from what he learned from the Jews.  The similarity between Islamic thinking and Judaic thinking is not coincidence.  Rabbis like this person were the people who inspired Muhammad and taught him the fundamentals of his religion.  Let Muslims see how ridiculous they look when they argue in exact same fashion that this good old rabbi does.  The reasoning is identical.

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  1. world4kings says:

    you think muslim billion million men woman elderly children baby are evil hate stupid? you think you better than god or everyone? many famous science history author everyone will say you are mental illness shit life  

  2. world4kings says:

    did you know that ukraine got child porn picture video? did you know that priest pastor sex with children? did you know that serial killer is most no muslim than muslim in the world? i feel sorry for you 

  3. world4kings says:

    hey why you say nothing about russia stolen ukraine? russia is no muslim , shame you

  4. world4kings says:

    you are one of joke guy ever i see in my life, i dont know why you hate islam but you say ex muslim, if you ex  muslim then should happy life not play dirty anti islam, someday you will die never know, you think you will live 100 or 200 year ? huh, sorry my english is not great, i am deaf sign language muslim , i feel sorry for you got suffer mental illness brain 

  5. chuck says:

    I tend to agree with Omar. Whenever we talk about something being superior to another, we first need to define the parameters for such a measurement and then award marks for each such parameter. it is only on the basis of these metrics can we critically claim that one is superior otherwise it is a mere opinion. But is that at all possible when the objects in questions are cultures? On what measures can we compare cultures? How old they are, how many scientific discoveries attributed or how many literary masterpieces authored… can we even consolidate such a list of measures?

  6. Omar says:

    You're usually more objective than this. I'm only referring to the Persian culture superior to Arab culture comment. I do not know what the metrics of superiority you may be using are, but usually a comment declaring one's own background culture superior to that of another ethnic group in most academic discussions would be criticized as lacking objectivity to say the least. Not up to your usual standard to go there. I am not arguing the other direction either that Arab culture is superior they're both fairly inconsequential despite what your Persian pride or my Arab pride would make it satisfying to believe.

  7. Julia says:

    My reaction is also: "Ah…still the same. Once a haughty liar….." Very smart comment indeed of this taqiyya mohamedan Aminriadh. Kudos!
    But this IS the "logic" of your muslim brother :
    "You (and we till now!) don't know what the source of light is ….SO therefore there MUST BE is a GOD and then this god MUST BE ALLAH. " What else can he mean, do you think?
    By te way:Is this your "LOGIC" too ? Or do you gave a much "smarter" proof for the existance of a god (=your allah) ? I'm very curious !
    Please NO "Alif,Lam,Meem" reaction on this one! Something like: "It means something but I don't no what" . That is silly of course; I'm sure you know that yourself too.
    I'm waiting for your proofs !
    ( PS. This is NO taqiyya trap of me this time ) 🙂
    Oh , er …. I know it is almost impossible for you to comprehend (being a SLAVE and all that) BUT we free people have no master. Bye !!

  8. aminriadh says:

    "hi ali sina born and bought up as Muslim he knows Islam in and out ,what a fool u r."

    Which is hardly a qualification for "knowing" about something. This is about someone who gets the definition of Zakah wrong.

  9. aminriadh says:

    Ah . . . still the same. Once a troll . . .

    he he – even your Master – Sina admits it!

    High praises!

  10. Sakat says:

    hey guy's ,I don't know the meaning (definition) of God ,lest "true god" any body can enlighten me in this regard,be careful I have "definition phobia" .

  11. Julia says:

    @ Muhammad (!) Raqib.
    Listen , Mohammedan slave of the non-existing god Allah ,
    You (and we till now!) don't know what the source of light is ….SO therefore there MUST BE is a GOD and then this god MUST BE ALLAH.
    Do you see how STUPID this "reasoning" is ? The ONY "conclusion" is : WE DON'T KNOW (YET, and perhaps never)!!
    Furthermore it is YOU MUSLIMS (and other "believers") who say that there is an ALMIGHTY ENTITY (=GOD). So the burden of proof is on YOU !!!

  12. Sakat says:

    hi ali sina born and bought up as Muslim he knows Islam in and out ,what a fool u r.

  13. Sanatan Dharma says:

    According to Swami Dayanad
    We should not stick to any book blindly which divides the people on name of religion, worship etc. It can not be book revealed by God. He was against the book which promotes hatred, violence. So, he written in Satyarhtparkas about Quran. According to him Quran is not the book given by Allah /God. Quran verses invoke the people to fight against Idol worshipers and non-believers. Idol worship or non-worship does not do any harm to anyone including Allah. Then for what Allah punishes Idol worshiper and non-worshiper eternally. If no victim exist.

  14. Sanatan Dharma says:

    @Muhammad Raqib
    Bro, I have not read any article where Ali Sina denies existence God. Ali Sina denies only existence of Allah. According to Ali Sina Allah has no existence but Allah was just an ego of Mohammed. According to Ali Sina true God will not ask people to worship him otherwise he will punish people severally/eternally. A true God will not make such huge fuss over worship and non-worship. Such things are found only in human world where a tyranny king like Hitler orders the people to believe in him otherwise he will kill them. (But God is not like that king).

  15. Muhammad Raqib says:

    what is it that you and your psychopath Sina call it the Truth I should mention one thing that Sina will never approve anything except his own poetic produced sentences. he tries to convince himself as enlightened figure but I think he might be in a deep darkness more than any other time because the more he continue this way the more he mislead. Mr. Sina if you ask us that do god exist and then u refuse existing of god so how would you explain that their is no god or god is not existed please provide authentic and rational reason also I am going to ask you that how the light is created, where it does come from and what is it created from, I
    would like to know where the source of light is? I will be waiting for ur reply at :[email protected]. thanks

  16. heapologia says:

    Ali Sina, you should debate your atheism/agnosticism with a decent Rabbi or Christian who knows what they're talking about, not this weirdo in the above video. Try reading this article by Moshe Averick and refuting it. http://www.aish.com/sp/ph/The_Design_Argument_Ans

    If you refuse to debate Islam with anyone who's not an authority on Islam, you should hold the same standard to Christians or Jews you debate over the existence of God. Pick someone with brains to debate.

  17. Naqeeb Jehan says:

    I scarcely find a shred of scholarship in these comments. Fischer's comments on Jews are darker than European Dark Ages. It is difficult to believe that we are living the so called enlightened times of 21st century. Religion is a very personal trust and no one has a right to violate another person's trust. Please remember that political Islam is the legacy of the cold war between the Western Block and former USSR, a legacy serving well to manage the new world order in the post cold war period.

  18. Ezra says:

    Dear Ali Sina

    You were debating with a fake – he is not a rabbi and not even a Jew! Many of the statements and beliefs of "Rabbi.Shaul" are contrary to Jewish teaching and come instead from a branch of Christianity.

    Please would you amend your article as it misrepresents Jewish beliefs.

    If you want to debate with or ask questions from real Jews and rabbis then one of the best websites to go to is http://www.aish.com

    Keep up the good work!


  19. Ezra says:

    Dear Ali Sina

    You were debating with a fake – he is not a rabbi and not even a Jew! Many of the statements and beliefs of "Rabbi.Shaul" are contrary to Jewish teaching and come instead from a branch of Christianity.

    Please would you amend your article.

    If you want to debate with or ask questions from real Jews and rabbis then one of the best websites to go to is http://www.aish.com

    Keep up the good work!


  20. Ezra says:

    Dear Ali Sina

    You were debating with a fake – he was no rabbi and isn't even a Jew!

    Please don't misrepresent Jews by puporting this as a debate with a rabbi. Many of his tstaments are contrary to Jewish teachnings.


  21. Ezra says:

    The "rabbi" you debated with is not a Jew!

  22. Vijay says:

    This makes me change my mind that Dr Sina may not be working for Zionist Mossad.

  23. Ali Sina says:

    I don’t understand what you mean by too much doubt. If something cannot be proven it is wise to be skeptic about it.
    I don’t have any system of belief; therefore I don’t think my system of belief is superior to others. Humanism is not a belief system. It is a philosophy.

  24. michael says:

    El Atheism is disbelief in a deity or deities. Not the moral high ground.
    In fact I can say with certainty that everyone is an atheist to some extent.

  25. Michael says:

    Well one thing i'm certain of, I doubt we are all going to agree…

  26. Michael says:

    Mr Sina while it is true you are open minded and have doubts. Belief being the moral compass for how we live life, Too much doubt , like too much belief will result in a weak sense of self making you wishy washy like an agnostic…Be honest, Do you think your system of beleifs is superior to other Beliefs? Or do you honestly think they are truely equal? I feel that Humanism is superior to Religon and different philosopies are not created equal. If you don't have a this level of confindence in what you believe then just be a true agnostic and doubt everything Why Light the candle in the first place???

  27. Yousaf says:

    Jews are as sick in the head as Muslims. This article proves it.

  28. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Anyway I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.

  29. Sister Neurotica says:

    You are totally correct. Just reading the original debate betwen Ali Sina and the first "Rabbi" it seemed to me that the "Rabbi" whole pattern of reasoning was grossly different from that of any Rabbi I have ever encountered, whether Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, or Reconstructionist. He seemed to be stating a world view and theology that was evangelical Christian (if anything). Looking up the website, http://torahabesorah.com/ proves it.

  30. sigmund derman says:

    Your "Rabbi" is scarcely a real Jewish Rabbi. http://torahabesorah.com/ is a website run by "messiance Jews" AKA "Jews for Jesus" AKA Christians claiming to be Jews. This is does not necessarily invalidate your arguments about the problems that can be caused by religion. But it is strange that you would use such a group as a representative of Jewish thought. Even before I looked up the link and discovered conclusively who these people really were it was obvious from your quotations of what this "Rabbi" said that he was not Jewish.

  31. Sigmund Derman says:

    One little problem with your statement is that this "Rabbi" is really a Christian. If you look up this "Jewish" group, they are messianic Jews, i.e. Jews who believe in the divinity of Jesus. Despite what they claim, their entire outlook is completely different from that of Judaism. They are not Jews. No Jew would even use the term "Yahweh" as this youtube "Rabbi" did.

  32. MinaJoon says:

    Hmm.What the HELL's got with the creater Of Universe to do?
    Rabbi is just like Mullah…but what about others?

    He call himself a Jew…But Jahwa's Message is very simple Message,you know!

    The second one:All those hunger,killing is from all YOU SUBHUMANS not damn GOD!

    She gave you brain to think
    She gave you Heart to feel
    She gave you damn conscience to choose
    All those she did loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time ago!
    She does NOT need anything to prove to anyone…YOU get to prove that you deserved all those gifts
    or not!
    If you choose rightnouse then everything will be fine..IF YOU DONT then this mean you get a very very
    bad teacher!
    A system of your life which was screwed from start but that system(wrong system) has nothing with
    My Creater Of Universe to do,pal!!!
    DONT kill eachother and DONT BLAME HER 4 THOSE EVIL DEEDS!!
    Your evil action, has nothing with HER to do!

  33. Mahesh Jain says:

    What was about a private – personal family affairs of early jewish patriarchs about their personal God 'YHWH' turned out to become the 'Holy Father' of christians & 'Allah' of muslims, two of the world's major proselytizing religions eager to embrace the humanity.. Irony is that, the opportunistic Jews were/are getting screwed brazenly even till today by their own off-shoot religions in the name of this same personal God, but in a different name ( thats called 'bad Karma' )…

    Better to handle the God-almighty with utmost honor & respect & not to attach any proprietorship on him/her/it….Because God is neutral.

  34. Really says:

    I really love this website! The info is priceless. Thank you for most of the articles and making my personal day. Best regards, Really

  35. Sebastian says:

    Dude, Sina, did you ever have Muslims gangbang troll you? That'd be awesome! :D:D:D
    I wish there was unity among Muslims so we could ALL gather together here on this website and just destroy it for you 🙂 I think you'd appreciate that a lot. Unfortunately you are not helping, towards the unity thing. Maybe you should switch side?

  36. Sebastian says:

    When John Sina was still a wrestler, he fought other wrestlers.
    When he became a Muslim, Ali Sina, he started fighting other Muslims.
    WEIRDO! Oh, I forgot, you are not Muslim xD

  37. Moor says:

    Read study and learn Judaism and Islam

    God says who goes to heaven or hell not a human.
    This is playing God many seem to forget this and think they automatically go to heaven and take God out of the picture

    What Ali Sina is saying is not only not good as it is spreading hatred encouraging persecution and violence to Muslims ect his ''truth'' is not based on facts.

    It is bizarre that ''good'' Christians (Not all ) Jews (Not all) and other faiths (Not all followers of these faiths) Claim Islam and Muslims are bad and evil savages yet act more like savages with the deeds you justify towards followers of Islam not hurting anyone at all

    Be like the true followers of these faiths and live your lives following your teaching and live in peace rather then beating the drums of wars and contradicting all of your sacred scripts

    You will become the savages if you go down this path


  38. Sebastian says:

    (Oh I'm so excited about writing this comment, a big hurray for me :D:D:D:D)
    Ok, so the biggest problem with this guy Ali Sina, about whom I hear for the first time today (congratulations Ali, you made it even to my ears, that's huge!), is that he is able to draw the attention of Muslims with his bullshit, confronting them with nonsense in order to make a display of the same phenomenon that we saw in Denmark etc., where you insult someone, wait until he reacts in a negative way, and then point the finger at that person for being violent, as in: "Look, I told you so, Muslims are terrorists, I mean, look at them beards, only terrorists have beards nowadays so there's your proof, aggressive Muslim terrorists who want to kill you all".

    Ali the accuser, that's a nice one. Ali ibn Iblis 😉

  39. Terrence says:

    mohammed, your point is well made. Sina is one of a long line of foul people who resort to lies and conjecture to riducule Islam and its Prophet. Unfortunately, for all the efforts of these people with empty heads and loud mouths Islam continues to spread. Even in the west where he probably lives now, there are Muslims everywhere – in the street, in the markets, in the shops, in the schools, universities and offices. No matter how much he tries he will never prevail.

  40. Dragoste7 says:

    Dear Dr Sina
    Do you know why Rabbi Shaul's superiors ran away from this debate?
    They no longer can prove God's existence outside the scriptures.

    If this debate occurred 2500 years ago, they would be able to show you the presence of God among them. But today, if they use science or history or even dig deep in their scriptures all would lead them into proving that God is Jesus.

    – Jewish say Jesus was crucified but did not rise from the dead.
    – Islam say Jesus was not crucified.

    Both are proven wrong by scriptures/history, by nowadays miracles and by modern science investigating relics.

    If I'm asked to prove God's existence outside the scriptures I'll gladly point out evidence that can be observed and investigated today by science.
    Christians are the only ones who can prove the existence of God inside and outside the scriptures. it's not our objective to prove the existence of God but to teach and live his message of love. God is the one proving his existence and showing himself.

    Why can't all people see him?
    The problem is that people are looking in the wrong direction. They're looking at the skies expecting to see a showoff God when all they need to do is look at the person who is serving them and washing their feet, at the sick and the poor and they'll find him because it is there where he is performing his miracles.

    "and whoever wants to be first must be your slave" Matthew 20:27

    Why there is pain? Why doesn't God magically wash away pain? Well that is a long story (starting by why, how much and for how long does a human suffer?) and there is one way to understand it.
    Why the message of God started in middle east? another long story that can be understood once previous one is understood.

    Note: Dr Sina I'm not calling for a debate, I don't want to waste your precious time. I find your time is better spent helping Muslims than investigating the existence of God which is not a critical matter for salvation nor change the good you do today. But if you felt one day that you want to check out the evidence and had free time then the evidence will be all yours without debate (If I'm still alive by then) only you to judge what you have of information between your hands.

  41. Dragoste7 says:

    Dr Sina, If one day a priest or a Christian comes to you and tell you: "You must believe! We'll stand against you in judgment day or God will Judge you or you'll go to hell or….".

    Tell them a Christian girl told you this:

    Sina is doing good and helping others as an atheist more than he'll help them if he is under any religion. It's God's wisdom that he is keeping Sina an atheist. He is following his path even as an atheist and if a greater good will come from Sina's belief in God then God will reveal himself to Dr Sina.

    In Judgment day, Jesus comes to Sina and before Sina opens his mouth to give his prepared speech of 5 strong logical arguments, Jesus says "Sina my dear son come join your brothers and sisters in eternal heaven for you have loved me, you were there to listen to me when I needed someone to talk to, you gave me advice, you worked hard to bring peace, you fed me when I was hungry, gave me water when I was thirsty and clothes when I was naked"(matthew 25:31-46)
    Then the ones who judged you on earth will shout: "But Lord he never believed in you and he never met you how did he do all that to you?!"
    Jesus replies: " I tell you the truth, whatever he did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, he did for me. You called me Lord but it was he who understood my word and lived by it"

    That's it, you won't need to debate them. I guarantee that they'll feel ashamed and apologize.

  42. Dragoste7 says:

    It's been thousands of years and the Rabbis/Pharisees haven't changed.

    "So practice and obey whatever they tell you, but don't follow their example. For they don't practice what they teach. They tie up heavy loads and put them on men's shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to lift a finger to move them." Matthew 23:3-4

    This still applies on them as well as many religious leaders from all religions (including Christian priests)

    If we take Rabbi Shaul's point of view, he tries to prove God to people because he cares about their salvation and he thinks salvation comes from believing in the existence of God.
    Rabbi Shaul is probably a good person with good intentions, his debate started peacefully, he truly believe in God but when it came down to a debate and proving the existence of God why his superiors acted like that?

    They preached Love and peace but when it came down to reality they attacked and condemned Dr Sina with hell just like Mullahs do (with the exception that Mullahs don't preach love).

    “ But if you’re wrong we will, and it stand his judgment against you. You need to take this into consideration. “

    What kind of love or justice is that?

  43. Interesting says:

    Mein Kampf : I am convinced that I am acting as the agent of our Creator. By fighting off the Jews. I am doing the Lord's work.

    Hitler was truly christian.

  44. Ali Sina says:

    And how do you explain this

    Also watch this video

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=7Gzyeo1Z1I4#! youtube]

  45. Moor says:

    [youtube gXPlM9-y9Uo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXPlM9-y9Uo youtube]

    PurpleLotus videos repost

    All watch and educate yourself

  46. Moor says:

    Ali Sina said : ''Yes you Muslims are true followers of Hitler.''

    Pot calling the kettle black
    Ali Sina your hypocrite is showing

  47. Moor says:

    You are listing very bad examples of ''better Jews'' there actions say other wise and they and Zionist give Jews a bad name

    Study Judaism and Islam before perverting the truth about both faiths

  48. xander says:

    You haven't known then, dear mohammed, that people the world gives birth to more men than women. There is more baby boys born to this world rather than baby girls.

  49. Comment says:

    Qur;an could be written as


    يا بلدي الحبيب النبي محمد، عن طريق السماح لي، وقد لا تتمكن من رؤية السماء؟ وكيف يمكننا جعل جاذبية الأرض؟ وكيف نحصل عليها أن البريد MC؟ ألا يكفي ذلك يمكن أن الثقب الأسود لامتصاص الضوء في هذا المجال الجاذبية الخاصة؟ وكيف يمكننا تغيير عملية التطور؟ وكيف يمكننا تدريس داروين اسم القرود؟ وكيف تم خلق آدم على أنه البكتيريا؟، لا أنت لا محمد لا شيء، لقد جعلنا من قانون علمي عظيم أنت وقتلك، ولكن هل لا تعطي القروض للامم المتحدة المعروفة الله؟


    Oh my beloved prophet Muhammad,by my grace,have you not see the sky? and how we made the gravitational pull of earth? and how we derive that e-MC? is it not enough that black hole's can suck light in their own gravitational field? and how we changed evolution process? and how we taught Darwin the name of Apes? and how Adam was created as a BACTERIA?,no you no nothing Muhammad,we the great scientific law's made you and kill you,but do you not give credit to UN-known god?


  50. Moor says:

    Ishikozume was a ritual execution performed in ancient Japan by the Yamabushi – practitioners of Shugendō. The ritual is characterized by waist high burial in earth followed by lapidation (death by stoning).

  51. Moor says:

    Stoning predates Judaism it is an ancient form of capital punishment and execution from Ancient Greece

    ''Stoning is an ancient form of capital punishment. There are historical reports of stoning from Ancient Greece — Herodotus reports the case of Lycidas in his Histories, Book IX. Stoning is also mentioned in Ancient Greek mythology — Oedipus asks to be stoned to death when he learns that he killed his father''

    So like all of your ''truth'' in based on a lie or half truth

    ''The official teachings of Judaism approve the death penalty in principle but the standard of proof required for application of death penalty is extremely stringent, and in practice, it has been abolished by various Talmudic decisions, making the situations in which a death sentence could be passed effectively impossible and hypothetical. "Forty years before the destruction" of the Temple in Jerusalem in 70 CE, i.e. in 30 CE, the Sanhedrin effectively abolished capital punishment, making it a hypothetical upper limit on the severity of punishment, fitting in finality for God alone to use, not fallible humans.''

    ''While allowing for the death penalty in some hypothetical circumstances, scholars of Judaism are broadly opposed to the death penalty as practiced in the modern world. The Jewish understanding of Biblical law is not based on a literal reading of the Bible, but rather through the lens of Judaism's oral law. These oral laws were first recorded around 200 CE in the Mishnah and later around 600 CE in the Babylonian Talmud. The laws make it clear that the death penalty was used only rarely. The Mishnah states''

    ''A Sanhedrin that puts a man to death once in seven years is called destructive. Rabbi Eliezer ben Azariah says: a Sanhedrin that puts a man to death even once in seventy years. Rabbi Akiba and Rabbi Tarfon say: Had we been in the Sanhedrin none would ever have been put to death. Rabban Simeon ben Gamaliel says: they would have multiplied shedders of blood in Israel. (Mishnah, Makkot 1:10). ''

    This is another example of your bigotry I may disagree with what Israel is doing to Iran and Palestine but Israel does not speak for all Jewish people as there is a big difference between Jewish and Zionist.
    Jewish and Muslims are the closest of brothers

  52. enlightened25 says:

    Their is "near death experiences" and that is it their is no “ scientific evidence for survival of consciousness after death “ (although that depends on what is meant by "consciousness").

  53. enlightened25 says:

    "Clone should not be mentioned here." Why?

    "The bone of contention is whether spirit lives beyond death." Is this sprit the "I"?

    “scientific proof of life beyond death.” Their is no proof of life beyond death indeed this is impossible when the brain is dead "you" are gone.

  54. everin says:

    What I meant was  :  click “ scientific evidence for survival of consciousness after death “  by Dr. Ken Ring.

  55. everin says:

    OMG, now u have jumped to “cremation” n nex u ‘ll jump to holocaust .  Clone should not be mentioned here.  The bone of contention is whether spirit lives beyond death.  Skeptics like u. should  stay in haunted houses to learn the facts on the ground.    Otherwise, it is impossible to ENLIGHTEN A STUBBORN ARMCHAIR CRITIC LIKE U.  Click “ scientific proof of life beyond death.” N learn yourself .

  56. enlightened25 says:

    "TDE can happen irrespective of clinical death or brain death, coz it is a miracle by God." No it can`t a cremated body is not coming back.

    "We ARE NOT talking about clone here but afterlife n spirits, of which u know very little." In what way would a spirit be different from a clone?

    "I don’t see the kind of BS that memory could be preserved from the dead, but the spirit keeps its own memory for some time." It is conceivable with suitable technology that memory could be preserved and implanted in a clones mind. You also seem to be implying that this spirit is separate from the body, but this cannot be the case as it would not have any memory , it would not be able to have the senses or feel or think or experience anything at all. All of these things come from the body so when the body dies the spirit must die also. Unless the sprit is separate from the body in which case it cannot be "you" in which case speaking of personal survival after death is ridiculous.

  57. everin says:

    TDE can happen irrespective of clinical death or brain death, coz it is a miracle by God. We ARE NOT talking about clone here but afterlife n spirits, of which u know very little.  I don’t see the kind of BS that memory could be preserved from the dead, but the spirit keeps its own memory for some time. Go n read more books on afterlife, spirits n paranormal investigations before u post again. AN ARMCHAIR CRITIC WILL ALWAYS REMAINS IGNORANT.

  58. enlightened25 says:

    Those that have "TDE" suffer clinical death not brain death which are 2 different things. Yes if their is such thing as ghost it would be a copy of the person as "you" are dead and when you are dead you are not thinking anything. But it is theoretically possible memory could be preserved somehow and go into something or someone else. For example we may 1 day be able to make clones and implant memories in it but it would not be you. For several reasons 1)More than 1 clone could be made. 2)A clone could be made while you are still alive 3)You are not memory.

  59. everin says:

    When the brain-dead is not resurrected, it is not TDE.   Go n investigate what n who has caused this paranormal activities lah .    What is that ?  A kind of copy of the person with their memories ?  What nonsense is that ??? Any scientific facts on this ? How do u know it existed ???? Are u talking about spirits ?

  60. Joe says:

    I do not believe Islam believes in God.. If Islam believed in God then Islam would teach you to trust in God's justic not man's justice or Mohammad's justice.. Mohammad killed hundreds of people and also tortured people for their treasure.. and you call this a prophet of God? Seriously?

    Challange you to find just one teaching by Mohammad that teaches this level of trust in God

    Mathew 5 .. Jesus teaches

    38 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.’[h]
    39 But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also.
    40 And if anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, hand over your coat as well.
    41 If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles.
    42 Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you.
    Love for Enemies
    43 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor[i] and hate your enemy.’
    44 But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,
    45 that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.
    46 If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that?
    47 And if you greet only your own people, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that? 48 Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect

  61. enlightened25 says:

    It has every to do with TDE because they are not actually fully (brain) dead, in which case they are not actually temporally dead. No their "soul" (if by that you mean the self)has not just "left the body" but has ceased to exist. I am sorry I cannot see how staying in a "haunted house" would be evidence of a life after death, even if "paranormal activity" was going on. Life after death is simple impossible according to reason the fact is even if ghost’s do exist they are just a kind of copy of the person with their memories.

  62. everin says:

    Yr piece of info has nothing to with our discussion about TDE. It is simple story about brain-dead patient, whose soul had left the body. Now the challenge is for u to stay in a haunted house for 3 nights to prove yr point that there is no life after death.  DARE TO ACCEPT THIS CHALLENGE AND REPORT TO ME YR FINDING. DON”T BE A COWARD.  AND DON’T BE JUST ANOTHER ARMCHAIR CRITIC, LIKE JOHN K.

  63. Rojas says:


    "Isaac Newton was an atheist – a strong atheist."

    That' bullsh**! Isaac Newton had never been an atheist but has always believed in some kind of "creator".

    See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isaac_Newton's_

  64. enlightened25 says:

    Yes this is the doctors view not my personal "layman`s" view see http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/Brain-death/Pages/In… "Spiritualists" are not experts on anything indeed they are not even rational if they were they would not believe in life after death.

  65. everin says:

    As far as Death is concerned, doctors know much better than scientists. And u are no scientist nor a spiritualist ! U are using layman’s knowledge to discuss this subject.  

  66. enlightened25 says:

    "U are not qualified to talk about death as u have no medical qualifications nor the spiritual knowlegde to talk about afterlife." Ask any scientist and they will tell you what death is – or at least brain death. That`s what your consciousness is – electrical activity in your brain. When that has completly stopped and is impossible that is when you can say the person is fully dead. Also is this "spirtual knowledge" based on reason or is it a "feeling" or an emotion just like your "knowledge" of God`s existence?

  67. everin says:

    What about cases when Death certificates have been issued n the dead persons came back to life. ? U are not qualified to talk about death as u have no medical qualifications nor the spiritual knowlegde to talk about afterlife.

  68. enlightened25 says:

    Their is no such thing as "Temporary death", real death can only said to have happened when it is irreversible such as if you took the head of the corpse or had the body cremated then for sure they are not coming back. "Doctors had found body functions of these patients ceased for some time n their spirits floating in the ceilings saw the doctors frantically trying to revive their dead bodies. Coming back to life, they gave accurate descriptions of what the doctors had done.,If that is not logic ?" No there is nothing illogical about those reports – unless they claim this is evidence of an afterlife.

  69. everin says:

    NDE is the wrong description. As I have said it is Temporary Death Experiences is the correct definition. Doctors had found body functions of these patients ceased for some time n their spirits floating in the ceilings saw the doctors frantically trying to revive their dead bodies. Coming back to life, they gave accurate descriptions of what the doctors had done. Some others came back to life without any medical help. If that is not logic ? Then what is It. Go n read more TDE n not NDE, smart guy.

  70. enlightened25 says:

    The only way you can prove anything is by logic. Not through "spritual" (or in reality emotional)ways. None of those people came back from death that is why they are called "near death" experiences, they not after death experiences.

  71. Arya Anand says:

    One goal at a time. Let's first wipe out Islam from the face of the earth once for all and then think of eliminating religious delusion.

  72. everin says:

    No, u don't prove God's existence in this primitive way. God can be proven through spiritual ways. In Temporary Death Experience ( called Near Death Experience or NDE ), Some of those people who came back from death, reported seeing God in the form of Buddha, Jesus or other deities. God is the Supreme Spiritual Being, n u may be lucky to see Him when yr spirit leaves yr body in yr death bed.
    Click " Near Death Experience ".

  73. everin says:

    Dr. Alisina knew it inside out n outside in, much better than u did ! He challenge any one to rebut him n prove his findings wrong. So far nobody could !

  74. everin says:

    Yes, Dr. Alisina had done that fully n thus, this website.

  75. everin says:

    Correct. correct ! This rabbi is the same ranking as Lorraine Voss who loves to spin Jhwh's mumbo jumbo tales without any good logic n direction. Alisina's explaination is a light that shines into their "dark" belief.

  76. everin says:

    Very true. the men are worse. That is why there are so many rapists n suicide bombers. !

  77. PurpleLotus says:

    Dear Ali Sina,

    It is true, neither the Rabbis nor anyone else can debate the issue
    of (God), or prove that he exists, because faith or believing in the
    existance of (God) is a feeling.
    It is like telling me: I have pain………then I tell you: prove it !
    Your only proof will be: oooouch ! would I take this as a proof?

  78. PurpleLotus says:

    Ali Sina,
    another interesting viedo for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXPlM9-y9Uo

  79. John K says:

    Both of us know Jews who are better than this. Our mutual friend, Pamela Geller is one example, and my friend Daniel Greenfield (DHFC) is another. I also have had various Jewish friends throughout my life who are not like this.

    You and I both know Islam well enough to know that when Muslims are not like this, it is because they are not good Muslims, but do we know Judaism well enough to say that this man is representative of Judaism? Daniel Greenfield says that the world tends to perceive Judaism as monolithic, but in fact, it is just as fragmented as Christianity.

    I can observe one thing, though. I see that the Rabbi you got is a Southerner. I served my mission for the Mormons in the South, and I can say that the bigotry and supremacism evident in this Rabbi is typical of the same attitude among some Christians in the South. So it is not clear to me how much of his bad attitude is due to his Southernness and how much is due to his sect of Judaism.

    One thing I can say, though, is that if anyone between the two of you looks pathetic, it is this Rabbi. At no point in your correspondence do I detect any promise on your part to engage him on the terms he claims. At best, it might have been a case of wishful thinking on his part and reading into your correspondence that which was not there. But what makes supremacists look bad whoever and wherever they are is when they claim to be in the right about something with a bad attitude when they should be ashamed of their mistakes. Then to add insult to injury, he elevates the so-called promise to a "covenant". Covenant is a part of the sacred vocabulary. The nearest he could possibly come to this is in the concepts of "gentleman's agreement" or "a man's word is his bond" or "a man who honors his word", none of which come anywhere near to the elevation of covenant which is an agreement between God and man. So essentially, this Rabbi projects himself and his expectations onto you, and then convicts you as a covenant breaker for not doing what you never said you would do, but rather only what he wanted you to do.

  80. Ali Sina says:

    You may be right, but I repeat, we are only responsible to accept what we understand. If there is something that goes contrary to our reason, it is because God wanted us to reject it and we should not betray what God has given us.

  81. No Dhimmi tool says:

    Blah, blah, blah. Gag, bleccchhh!

    You are brainwashed by a load of rot. You can free yourself from this demented cult – and that's why you've come to Dr. Sina's site. DROP ISLAM – GET FAR AWAY FROM IT! You will regain your soul.

    Good luck.

  82. No Dhimmi tool says:

    Sorry, but that rabbi sounds like a robotic idiot, while you sound like an intelligent individual who can think for himself.

    What a moron – thank GOD for these religious dolts who demonstrate so handily what blind belief does to your brain. The problem is that such simpletons have FAR too much power! That's because they've dumbed down the people to their level – people, wake up and get away from religious fanatics! Flee them, ostracize them, ban and bar them! They are a disgrace upon the face of humanity.

  83. mohammed says:

    mohammed(pbuh) did not constuct islam. you can easily know it if u read quran fully

  84. mohammed says:

    sorry my friend it is who have the wrong information. as all of us know prophet(pbuh) was an illiterate what is the point of educating him?. the truth is BAHIRA is a saint lived in shaam(syria) when prophet (pbuh) was twelve his guardian ABUDALIB brought the prophet(pbuh) with him to shaam for trade. at that timeonly baheera saw the prophet(pbuh) and told that he knew that the small boy will be a prophet. so go and study islam then tell me whether this is true or not

  85. ageo says:

    Mr. ali sina, not all that we can understand are true, and not all that we can’t understand were all false. God loves you Mr. alis sina and someday you will feel it

  86. PurpleLotus says:

    Sorry, but the information you have are wrong. Bahira was a priest who educated
    Mohammad when he was a child. Then when Mohammad was 25 years old he
    Married Khadija who was 40. Khadija had a cousin whose name was Waraqa
    Ibn Noufal, who was also a priest. It was him (Waraqa), who told Mohammad
    that the vision he saw indicates that he will be the coming prophet
    It is clear now that although Mohammad was illetirate, but he learned the Bible
    in his childhood, also, during the 15 years of marriage from Khadija, he learned
    a lot from her cousin Waraqa, plus he was in contact with the Jews all the time
    in his youth, because as you know he was a trader.

  87. PurpleLotus says:

    Sorry Sundried, this is the right link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbfbnKOgvyY

  88. PurpleLotus says:

    I think you will like this vide ohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbfbnKOgvyY
    When I asked Mr. Sina to watch it he thought I am a Muslim

  89. ST.astroid says:

    "But what about countless other wonderful Muslims who have been a light to
    If you want to see SundriedAtheist, look into the nearest mirror !

  90. ST.astroid says:

    "Our birth is but filthy rags like rags women use during their menstruation". YHWH
    This is not nice at all, but true…….and after all the creation resembles the creator !

  91. Ali Sina says:

    Yes you Muslims are true followers of Hitler.

  92. PurpleLotus says:

    Hey, Mr. Sina watch this, maybe it will heal your wounds http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbfbnKOgvyY

  93. Naruq says:

    Does power enamour you?

  94. enlightened25 says:

    "If one considers all that is perceived an illusion, that that thought in itself becomes as illusory as it's focus." No desire effects you and you effect everything else. If your desire or focus is strong enough it will become reality. Nietzsche calls this the will to power. Just look at Muhammed a nothing and a nobody in the arabia desert but through his will his dream became reality. This is a power in the universe and in every living being that can be tapped into.

  95. enlightened25 says:

    "I feel he carried this all the way to his grave an example of not giving a damn" Well what a weak fool such a person is, get up and deal with it be a man not some weakling who is affected by this for his whole life. These are excuses made for weak people "they came from a broken home" "social conditions made them that way" and all this other bullshit people come out with.

  96. enlightened25 says:

    "This to me sounds paranoid to prejudge everyone right off." No they have to prove it, prove you are worthy, prove your strong and brave and honourable. Prove it you must as the wages of sin is death. "We are all in this together in reality for what dirt one may throw down, its example travels to others, and what good is thrown down can go the same way." Is it really, what is good for one one is not good for another. If I enslave people and annihilate my enemies that will be good for me and my people but evil for them. A nuclear attack for example is bad for billions of people but may well be good for undersea creatures who suffer from our pollutants. Indeed we could compare mankind to a kind of virus on this planet, that spreads, killing other living things by its use of resources that it needs to use to survive. So we clearly are not all in this together its every man for himself.

  97. Naruq says:

    Such is the nature of mind that even if one considers change the natural order of things, it becomes fixed. If one considers all that is perceived an illusion, that that thought in itself becomes as illusory as it's focus.

    Anything forced is unnatural and out of balance.

    Let it come…do not force it.

    Keep the mind clear and clean.

  98. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, there is a price on everything with you, I bet you are loaded. Well, I can care about another person enough to still warrant my love for them giving a person the benefit of doubt, and not judge them before they have done anything. This to me sounds paranoid to prejudge everyone right off. Yes my love is deserved and is others to be deserved. We are all in this together in reality for what dirt one may throw down, its example travels to others, and what good is thrown down can go the same way. Once a man told me that a pope a father walked by him when he was a boy and he said to the father, 'hello father' and the father said angrily "I am not your god damn father!' the man was only seven then, and until his death it took a horrible effect on him in life no matter what he did even good. I feel he carried this all the way to his grave an example of not giving a damn, and is how he did live life, and died a very talented young man only 35.

  99. mohammed says:


  100. enlightened25 says:

    "But in a real world I know that we must get along and care and look out for one another at some point" No every man should bare his own burden. Others have to look after themselves ultimately and not be dependent on others. Whether one wants likes it or not or wants to admit it or not, nature responds to strength. If you want to live and survive you have to have strength and will, if you don’t you die. This is the brute fact of reality, nature is pitilessly indifferent. Now what about our love for our fellow creatures? Yes it is true that love is the most intense emotion we can feel. Even in animals they will die for their loved ones and many men have been killed while defending their woman and their children. So yes that is how strong love is, it can conquer even the dread of death. But to have love for all of humanity is taking it too far, love has be earned you have to deserve it. And of course many are worthy of hate. One of the most contemptible doctrines of the Christian religion is this idea of compulsory love. Been forced to love someone is very unnatural. If you try to love everyone you only lessen your feelings for those who deserve your love.

  101. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, The eternal flow or nature is understandable but until the day of the Creator YHWH comes again to bring about peace and righteousness in our world, whatever you are drinking or smoking should be marketed to null everyone from the reality of life as you seemed to comfortably live. Do not take this as an insult I somehow admire your cool demeanor of just maybe it is or maybe it is not. But in a real world I know that we must get along and care and look out for one another at some point or there is going to be mayhem which it is, and plenty of wars and riots for which it is happening everyday as well of in difference and dominance, hate and greed over others. This combination does not make a better world to live in or a descent enough life is all I'm implying here.

  102. Naruq says:

    Muhammad was a genius….just not a divinely inspired one.

    I am quite sure he would be spun-out to see his personality cult extends it.s sway of such a huge swathe of humanity…most of them trying to run away from this…and a few holding them into it in continual torture.

    Time that Islam, the personal comfort religion constructed by Mo…it's time to go.

    It's false…it's creator Mo was false….realise this and free yourself of the shackles of an insane mans insanity.

  103. Naruq says:

    Look within not without.
    Within within within the answer lies
    Do not look without.
    Realise what is truth and what is nowt

  104. Arya Anand says:

    This Rabbi like all other religionists could not answer Ali Sina's logical and valid points as regards belief in a personal god and he instead resorted to personal attack when cornered logically. It is a great argument by Ali as usual. Atleast now, the Muslim cretins cannot find an excuse to accuse Ali of being a Jewish or Christian agent.

  105. enlightened25 says:

    "regardless of the causes if its wrong one should not do it" Everything is the result of causes that includes your beliefs and morality. If for instance i was a muslim man who "honour killed" my Daughter that would have been caused by my Upbringing, which is one of the causes of my values and religious beliefs, which in turn would be some of the causes of my daughters murder. So no their is no free will EVERYTHING happens because its caused to happen.

  106. Lorraine says:

    This so called Rabbi shows a patteren of how he controls others just as they're doing with Islam and Christianity, I can see how easily someone might believe that this Rabbi knows what he's talking about for he portrays an arrogance and a selfserviant persona that can make others think he can prove what he is saying when in reality its all double talk. I find many of these religions doing this same thing of dominance for they use pieces and parts of the truth and mix it up with what they need people to believe and they take charge of others. So I have to agree with Thomas Paine and Mr. Sina about evil will win as narcissists will also win if good people just sit back and do nothing. There needs to be some 'doubt' here of questioning as we also learned from Mr. Sina.

  107. enlightened25 says:

    As I see it you (not just you, the believers in this new religion of science generally) are trying to make quantum Physics into a God which is something really special with its own rules a land of magic and miracles. And you seem to be attempting a mystification of science but thats just turning science into a religion.

  108. enlightened25 says:

    "They have nothing to do with quantum physics." First of all you don`t seem to understand what cause and effect is it is not a Scientific law but a logical one. A thing can only exist relative to another thing. For example `particle' exists only relative to `not particle', A thing cannot exist without that it is not. If all `things' can not exist without their opposites, then all `things' must have causes. And if all `things' have causes, nothing is separate. This a logical fact and this is what I talk about when I speak of cause and effect and no not even your special quantum particles are exempt from that. Second point you have still not explained how uncertanty in the quantum realm is different from uncertanty in the everyday world. Or what is "special" about the indeterminism of the quantum realm compared to indeterminism in the "everyday world"?

  109. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, I did say sometimes things happen by chance. regardless of the causes if its wrong one should not do it, and when a person makes a more healthier decision like not doing wrong to another it normally turns out for the best for that person who made a better choice to reframe from doing wrong. We all do not have to constantly walk around thinking that everyone's after us for what they can get, or we should be ready to get at them first, this is not always the case in life. I find plenty of people who are nice people in this world and do have a sense of humanity to help others to help themselves when they see fit.

  110. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, Yes this is what I meant, she's so lonely for with all of the fame and fortune she can't tell who really wants her sincerely, she's been used by a few so far but, when you channel your efforts towards caring about others in righteousness and the goodness of others, and let go of that greed and in difference then one can find something that is more meaningful and real from people a more genuine relationship instead of using her fame. There is nothing wrong with helping others to learn how to help themselves working together.

  111. Ali Sina says:

    “Yes it is called action and reaction or cause and effect.”

    Instead of arguing please read quantum theory. Actions and reactions are part of the law of thermodynamic. They have nothing to do with quantum physics. The four known forces of the universe do not apply in the quantum world. There is no point for me to explain the quantum physics because you can read it on your own.
    Take a look at this video

  112. enlightened25 says:

    "A dice can fall in only six ways." It does not matter as just like in the "quantum world" you can never know where the particle is going to be, you can never ever know what number you are going to throw. "When you disturb one the other reacts. This is a different world that follows different laws." Yes it is called action and reaction or cause and effect. It is not unique to the "quantum realm".

  113. Ali Sina says:

    I am sorry but your analogy is incorrect. A dice can fall in only six ways. But it followes the laws of the Newtonian world. The quanta world works in very differnet way. One particle can be in two diffrerent places at the same time. It can be in once place before reaching there. And there is something called entanglement that joins one particle in one side of the universe to another particle in the other side of the universe. When you disturb one the other reacts. This is a different world that follows different laws. The uncertainty does not mean we don’t know. It means we can’t know and we will never know.

  114. enlightened25 says:

    "and never deceive another no matter their circumstances." Well if you do that your going to be taken advantage of I am afraid. "With progress it can be universal if the order of doing and being righteous was a normal rule practiced in the functioning of our societies." Sorry but people are always going to want to better themselves thats natural you can`t ever destroy that. Take the so called Golden rule for example what do you do when you come across someone who doesn`t follow it? According to you, you should just submit to them which is in line with the "golden rule". And you believe their will be a day when their will be no criminals and of course no need for any one to enforce any law. This is a pure religious fantasy plain and simple.

  115. enlightened25 says:

    "Then she began degrading herself to using her body yep this is what dominance and power will get you despised, disrespect, and no love." Despised disrespected and unloved by who? The people who do that are puting their own "will to power" on others. The very things that you are saying are evil i.e greed, fortune etc is you puting your slave morality on others. Remember desire creates the world.

  116. enlightened25 says:

    "But things do happen by chance sometimes" No nothing happens by "chance" are you on this site right now by pure chance?Clearly not. "but it is a person's free will of choice in what they decide to do or not" Their is no freedom of choice whatever you chose to do or not do is determined by causes.

  117. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, for once I agree with this, no nothing can be certain is true. But things do happen by chance sometimes, and the free will of one's decision can be made, yet this does not mean that it will go the way one plans it all the time. The chance is the thing that may happen to the free will there is a chance it can go either as planned or not, but it is a person's free will of choice in what they decide to do or not, or for a better word is of one's prerogative.

  118. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, I realize that it is hard for one like yourself to grasp, but there are people who make it a point to do right by others and never deceive another no matter their circumstances. People can be honest,and no it does not happen often, but it happens. With progress it can be universal if the order of doing and being righteous was a normal rule practiced in the functioning of our societies.

  119. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, now we humans are compared to animals in groups, you know I'm beginning to see that you are inhuman and what you are describing here is evil and its one sided and very lonely. So this explains why Paris Hilton was out here looking for BFF she was so lonely with all of that fame and fortune, yet shame. Then she began degrading herself to using her body yep this is what dominance and power will get you despised, disrespect, and no love. Now many of You would probably say with all of that fortune who needs love.lol. This is truly our plight as human beings in reality the greed. We can most certainly be bought which is sad.

  120. enlightened25 says:

    "so now all of mankind are just illusions we do not exist." What I mean when i say we are an illusion is, is that is no such thing as inherent existence. The world of matter and solid objects that you think exists is nothing but if you will "being caught in the moment". Little children for instance are not always going to be little children that is another example of "being caught in the moment". Like I said before everything is always changing that is the eternal flow of nature.

  121. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, so now all of mankind are just illusions we do not exist. Well it seems that you have just given up here. Life can't be all that bad is it? I think you are just putting a cloud on everything, let it go. There are some very good things of Life. I tend to enjoy the innocence of little children its precious. And sometimes you can actually learn from the children how to live and let live.

  122. silvia says:

    Eliminate Judaism! 100% there with you; but when you talk about people, be it the Jews, the Arabs etc. you are that much further away from dealing with the real problem, and, in fact, compounding to it tenfolds.
    The process is slow, but rational thinking, applied in high and constant doses is the only answer.
    After all, religious delusion, like racism, sexism etc. is just another aspect of the willful ignorance that causes so much human cruelty and suffering.
    The problem can not be solved through more cruelty and suffering.

  123. enlightened25 says:

    Nothing is certian. I invite you to read about Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. Note that it is not a theory. It's called principle." Can you tell in what way is quantum indeterminism any different to every day indeterminism? When i throw a dice it is impossible for me to predict what number i will throw. Why because i don`t know all the causes that are operating on the dice when it is thrown. But i don`t see how that is any different to quantum indeterminism, indeterminism in the "every day world" is exactly the same as the indeterminism of the quantum realm, its just a limitation of what we can know. And no God does not play dice everything happens because it is caused to happen their is no "chance" or "free will" involved. Just because we can`t know what all the causes and conseques are, does not mean everything is uncaused.

  124. mohammed says:


    my friend yes prophet (pbuh) was an illterate. in general illterate means a man who dont know to read and write. it does not mean he was a fool. seek knowledge does not mean read and write. but it means search and get knowledge. even an illiterate can search knowledge. dont fool urself. dont be childish.

  125. Parviz says:

    Mr Mohammad

    Let me lay it out for you.Mohammad(pbuh) is messenger of Allah(swt).Jebreel is conduit between Mohammad and Allah(swt).Allah(swt) has a series of messages he wants to convey to ummah.Allah(swt) in jannah, gives massages to jebreel. The latter departs jannah bringing messages to Mo(pbuh) who then broadcasts them amongst unbelievers later to become Ummah.Let's now examine two of these massages sent to ummah from jannah:1- Otlob al elm min al mahd el al lahad (=seek knowledge from cradle to grave)..2- Mohammad(pbuh) (who is, we are told, illiterate) is the greatest example for ummah to emulate. The ummah has no choice but to pick one message and ignore the other message.BTW mr. mohammad; What a confused trio is this Islamic holly trinity!.

    Then comes Qeeyamah(=judgment day). Allah wants ummah to fess up. Allah demands to know: Oh Umaah why did you not follow my instructions?. Why did you ignore my message? Ummah 's retort : Oh Allah almighty! How does one seek knowledge and remain illiterate simultaneously?.
    Mr mohammad you must give an answer other than saying Allah knows best.
    What is the answer?.

  126. enlightened25 says:

    "god give same brain to both men and woman. but the women dont use it that is the reason." True but then again nor do the muslim men.

  127. enlightened25 says:

    "What is sick is, hatefulness and selfishness and the lack of care for anyone but self as many do now" No this is everything that is evil. It is the right of the strong to dominate the weak. Nietzsche called it the Will to power. Or what it is, is the Dominance hierarchy which occurs in most social animal species that normally live in groups which includes us humans. This is what is natural, this is why things like socialism have always ended in disater. "[Anything which] is a living and not a dying body… will have to be an incarnate will to power, it will strive to grow, spread, seize, become predominant – not from any morality or immorality but because it is living and because life simply is will to power… 'Exploitation'… belongs to the essence of what lives, as a basic organic function; it is a consequence of the will to power, which is after all the will to life." – Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil.

  128. mohammed says:

    god give same brain to both men and woman. but the women dont use it that is the reason.

    i already told u that if muslims clash with each other. it is not the fault of islam but muslims. islam told them to tightly catch the rope of integrity together. but muslims dont follow that. so islam cannot be responsible for this sectarian clashes

  129. enlightened25 says:

    Where do these "laws of righteousness" exist outside your mind? They don`t.

  130. Lorraine says:


  131. Lorraine says:

    Yes the jews fought with Rome over stuff, but they also made a deal with Constantine when he legalized Christianity in 311 they worked that together as the religion that rules over many. Then the religion of Islam same thing idolatry pagan and all this is prophesied in Daniel 11v36-45, all the so called kings should be (governors) of the south, north and east and so far Mubarak of Egypt, Gadaffi of Libya, and Saddam Hussien harrassing Ethiopia, either dead or brought down as prophesied that they would be in Daniel 11v43-45.

  132. Lorraine says:

    Everyone knows this now the Khazars now known as jews even have books bragging about it the wars and how they smashed germany's world after they had only helped them out when they were kicked out of Spain also ran out of Asia. Victor Marsden, and John Perkins- Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, William Steel-Money Masters and Ben Freedman.

  133. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, who are you calling jews certainly not the Hebrews who came out of Egypt at evening in Exodus 4v22,23 from bondage. jews is a made up word from the Khazars began or aberration from judea and they were not in slavery these Khazars have never been in any slavery are you kidding me? The chosen Israel have in Exodus 4v22,23 as the son and firstborn of YHWH the Creator, and until this day as said in Deut.28v15-67 for 68 has been done; captive on (slave ships) and scattered to the four corners of this earth and still in literal bondage. Khazars are jews and had never been on any slave ships, and are just what Mr. Fisher is stating as such they are non humanistic insane people, and this is their behavioral history as well,look it up. You seem to be real sold on the Holocaust lie and in denial. There were tragedies of the innocent, but not 6mill. and they were done by their own to establish a bigger lie its all been proven to instigate the wars of WWI and WWII.

  134. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, What is sick is, hatefulness and selfishness and the lack of care for anyone but self as many do now, its all about me or I and the hell with the rest, ok hold on to that, and this is why we have mayhem greed and power over others just because there is no reason but wickedness. Many do and work hard for themselves but plenty of odds pf being poor are imposed on them to continue to struggle or to never get any better. This needs to end its evil. And the laws of righteousness of YHWH is desperately deserved in this kind of world.

  135. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, No it isn't good when people are full of anger and hate or selfishness in differences, etc..worst than the animals, and I know I said that 'life' could be so much better if people did right by one another by doing the laws of righteousness.But all run from righteousness so no Life is not so good.

  136. enlightened25 says:

    By contrast, the Jews were par excellence that priestly people of ressentiment, who possessed an unparalleled genius for popular morality. Just compare people with related talents—say, the Chinese or the Germans —with the Jews, in order to understand what is ranked first and what is ranked fifth. Which of them has proved victorious for the time being, Rome or Judea? Surely there’s not the slightest doubt. Just think of who it is people bow down to today in Rome itself as the personification of all the highest values—and not only in Rome, but in almost half the earth, all the places where people have become merely tame or want to become tame—in front of three Jews, as we know, and one Jewess (in front of Jesus of Nazareth, the fisherman Peter, the carpet maker Paul, and the mother of the first-mentioned Jesus, named Mary). This is very remarkable: without doubt Rome has been conquered."

  137. enlightened25 says:

    By contrast, how did the Jews feel about Rome? We can guess that from a thousand signs, but it is sufficient to treat ourselves again to the Apocalypse of John, that wildest of all written outbursts which vengeance has on its conscience. (Incidentally, we must not underestimate the deep consistency of the Christian instinct, when it ascribed this very book of hate to the name of the disciple of love, the same man to whom it attributed that enthusiastic amorous gospel—: there is some truth to this, no matter how much literary counterfeiting may have been necessary for this purpose). The Romans were indeed strong and noble men, stronger and nobler than any people who had lived on earth up until then or even than any people who had ever been dreamed up. Everything they left as remains, every inscription, is delightful, provided that we can guess what is doing the writing there.

  138. enlightened25 says:

    The symbol of this battle, written in a script which has remained legible through all human history up to the present, is called “Rome Against Judea, Judea Against Rome.” To this point there has been no greater event than this war, this posing of a question, this contradiction between deadly enemies. Rome felt that the Jew was like something contrary to nature itself, its monstrous polar opposite, as it were. In Rome the Jew was considered “guilty of hatred against the entire human race.” And that view was correct, to the extent that we are right to link the health and the future of the human race to the unconditional rule of aristocratic values, the Roman values.

  139. enlightened25 says:

    What Nietzsche is talking about their is the psychology of the jews. To understand them you have to understand their history, jews have always been slaves. How does a slave survive? By appeasing his master, “Even if you think of us as enemies,” the Jews might say, “love us anyway. This is God’s command.” This quote from Nietzsche sums up his (and my) view of the jews. "Let’s bring this to a conclusion. The two opposing values “good and bad,” “good and evil” have fought a fearful battle on earth for thousands of years. And if it’s true that the second value has for a long time had the upper hand, even now there’s still no lack of places where the battle goes on without a final decision. We could even say that in the intervening time the battle has been constantly drawn to greater heights and in the process to constantly greater depths and has become constantly more spiritual, so that nowadays there is perhaps no more decisive mark of a “higher nature,” a more spiritual nature, than that it is split in that sense and is truly still a battleground for those opposites.

  140. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, I would have to agree with Mr. Fisher, and from your post it looks like you did too, but then contracted it to admiration of how the Jews operate. You say they were forced, I say that its 'their nature' as Mr. Fisher tells us nobody has to do anything to them. I hope that you know that they do not like anyone, not even you. No matter how pleaseantly commentary you are of them if you cannot be used by them then your exact analysis of them is your own fate indeed. I too see that they want a society of only themselves and are doing pretty good at this goal, and as you say about them not being decadent but 'only the strong survives here' at any cost even their own. Or themselves for that matter (INSANE) they may use 2 tons of atomic bomb if they can't get their way or take the 'high way.' if one can find it after then. This is what I have been pointing out in many of my post that they are the enemy of man and of YHWH, in Exodus 17v14-16 for generations. They're not the enemy of Islam,Christianity, judaism nor any religion for they know this is one of their greatest devices against humanity. NOT ALL JEWS ARE COMPLICIT TO THIS ROBBERY.

  141. enlightened25 says:

    No the metorite is not solid or objective, the way you see it is how your mind perceives it, it doesn`t have any objective existance. "Is this too an illusion?" Yes it is an illusion, even you are an illusion and the self is an illusion and we (or indeed anything else) never come into existance at all – except as an illusion.

  142. enlightened25 says:

    "One validation that we do have for sure is Life exists and to respect it and cherish it and do right by it and others is more than we know especially today." No the only place that exists is in your mind. No where is it written into the fabric of the universe "human life is good".

  143. enlightened25 says:

    "Solution tuff, and to me this is not either civil nor humane especially when it is enough to share or give." Yes it is tuff, if you want something you have to earn it, you have to fight for it. Why should i give to you for? You and your children are your Responsibility not mine. As they say charity starts at home. This belief is everything that is sick with the "judeo-christian" (i.e slave) morality.

  144. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, One validation that we do have for sure is Life exists and to respect it and cherish it and do right by it and others is more than we know especially today. It could spread a long way by doing righteously towards mankind to progress. To make a positive and big % in humanity. We give more attention more consideration and love to the technical things in this world than to each other which is quite unintelligent by far, but we say we are. This again doesn't take YHWH only humanist which there needs to be a class for. But YHWH would be much easier to try.

  145. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, I think I did give that sometimes things do not always work in our favor, and with millions and millions of people I look at the truth as an option that may lessen the mayhem in our world to a better percentage of and degree, that we have now which is either for the haves or the have nots. To know that there are medicines for cancer and other illnesses, and foods and housing, etc. but that we live in a society of if you can't afford it then that's tuff is not right among many other things we endure today. Solution tuff, and to me this is not either civil nor humane especially when it is enough to share or give. And mind you what does atheist have to do with it? Its just the right thing to do.

  146. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, finding a meteorite is this not a solid and still objective?, and it does come from the universe. Is this too an illusion?

  147. enlightened25 says:

    I reject it because it is impossible for a God to exist. Even if allah existed (as a finite being), so what? What does that tell you about reality? NOTHING. Also its beliefs such as resurrection are impossible as well, the body like everything else is always changing hense this ressurection of the body is impossible. Of course their is no logical problem with a new body being made but the problem with that is, that thing is not "you" it is just a replica, a copy. These are just a couple of reasons why i reject "Islamic theory".

  148. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ mohammed

    you're welcome brother.

  149. mohammed says:

    thanks my brother

  150. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ mohammed

    very good point.

  151. mohammed says:

    he did not tell that hell is full of women. yes it is easy for woman to go to the heaven but most of women dont follow the easy way but for the sake of the world they lose their paradise. quran is a lucid one. there is no controversy about the quran among the sects and no controversy about prophet(pbuh) and no controversy about the basics of islam.no one sect tells that we have separate quran.so difference is not much. the western media only shows like that.no muslim sect is fight between them for the difference between them but for the other purpose as leadership of arabia etc

  152. mohammed says:

    IF PROPHET(PBUH) knew about bible then he could made himself as a prophet or he could become their leader. but what is the reason for rejecting their faith? as he could bring idolaters to islam it might be very easy for him to bring christians under him.why he had to bear all the tortures of makkahns for thirteen years. what was the need to bear them. as u tell that he made his appearance according to bible(hypocrisy), he can easily become the leader of entire arabian land without islam. so dont be fool and dont try to fool others.

  153. SundriedAtheist says:

    We have to understand that most of the "sayings of the prophet" were said just for the sake of it. I mean, the hguy had just turned a prophet and been accepted by the people around. People are inquisitive and want to know as much as they can about this personality they have now been led to believe has a connection with God. And Muhamamd in order to satiate their desire to hear words of wisdom from his own mouth, said and did things which todfay we call mindless utterances and senseless rituals.

    I believe that more than half of the things that Muhammad ever said which got attributred to Islam were said plainly for the sake of saying something to his fans. The other half, he invented as the situation and circumstance of the time dictated. More often than not, for his own personal gain or benefit.

  154. Ali Sina says:

    If it is easy for women to go to paradise why Muhammad said the majority of women will go to hell and that he saw hell and it was full of women? Don't tell me that you never heard this before.

    Also sects is faul of Islam. The reason there are so many sects is because the Quran is not clear. So people interpret it in any way.

  155. Ali Sina says:

    The evidence that Muhammad's knowlege of the Bible was second hand is that he made many mistakes when talking about that book. Had he read the book himself he would not have made so many mistakes.

    Yes Arabs were converting to Christianity in large numbers. The whold city of Najran had become Christian. Waraqa, the cousin of Khadijah in Mecca had become a Christian monk. In Okaz every year Christian prists used to give talks and enrolled many people to Christianity. Had Muhammad not started his diabolic faith Christianity would have taken all Arabia and even Persia in one or two centuries. The discussion about religion was ripe and many people thought idiols cannot be God. All these changes were taking place and of course helped Muhammad to convert people.

    Abu Talib supported Muhammad because he was his uncle out of tribalism. He raised Muhammad and loved him like his son. He had pity for him because he was orphan and treated him better than his own children, But he never believed in Muhammad and when he died, Muhammad said he will go to hell. When he realized what he had said was terrible because of all that Abu Talib had done for him, he said that he would interced with Allah so Abu Talib will be in a shallow hell where fire will only reach his ankle.

    You should read my book, There is a lot of things you don't know. Once you read the book I bet you'll leave Islam.

  156. mohammed says:

    tell me why u reject islamic theory. do u study it or analyze it in ur own perspective or are u blindly believe whoever tell about islam? reply me honestly

  157. mohammed says:

    how can u said that he had the second hand knowledge of bible? any historical proof? i cannot accept that arabs converting to christianity ? they were the idol worshippers at that time and no evidence for the conversion.ur imaginations are superb as there were no entertainments……. so prophet story……dont sell lies. how can one math his physical appearance to the clues of bible. how is it possible?another lie is that he met bahira at 25 age. he met him when he was twelve. if abudalib not believed in prophet (pbuh) then why he supported him. he believed but fear of honour prevented him .he feared that if he accept islam then the makkahns will not respect him. as he was the guardian of kaaba if he converted he may lose that previlage and he did not want to leave his ancestor religion for pride. this is the reason why abudalib not accept the islam.. as the quran is clear crystal evidence that prophet (pbuh) could not produce it on his own. so i believe in god

  158. mohammed says:

    he could not do miracles without the god. quran says that he is mere a man and he can do anything without the order of allah. we believe his miracles because of allah like the jesus did with the permission of allah

  159. mohammed says:

    mr. sina

    according to islam paradise is the target. for that man have to keep so many islamic duties to attain it . for a woman it is very very simple. in this perspective woman have easy work but man has to do many thing. this world according to islam is an examination centre. in this centre man has more restriction than woman . so islam gives omen more than men.

    about sects it is not the fault of islam. according to god there is only islam and muslims. no sect or cult in it.if u ask me who r u then i answer as i am a muslim not a shia or sunni. because god gives me the name in quran. so islam and the prophet (pbuh) cannot take the responsible for what muslims do. if there is no fraternity in islam why mohammed ali and molcom x converted to islam though they have more fame than the whites?

  160. Ali Sina says:

    You are one racist man. Everytime I read something new from you I shake my head as I see you have chosen the path of evil. You are racist, anti Semite, male chauvinist and mysogynist. Why you go after everything that is evil?

    Hitler and Ahmadinejad had/have Jewish ancestry. Do their views about Jews matter? Stupid and evil people exist among all nations and the Jews have their fair share too. But it is foolish to make hateful statements about the Jews for the idiocy of some of them. Yes it it easy to despise Jews after watching this rabbi's hateful talk. But what about countless other wornderful Jews who have been a light to mankind?

    You have chosen the path of evil. You promote hate. You are a man of hate. This is disapointing.

  161. Ali Sina says:

    Dear Mohammed,

    The Prophet did not have to read. In fact it is clear that his knowledge of the Bible was rudimental and second hand. He was keen in the subject of religion since his youth and participated in religious discussions. Like all Arabs he had some knowledge of the creed of the Jews and Christians. In his time Arabs were converting to Christianity in large numbers and the discussion of religion was ubiquitous. In those days there were no entertainments. Preachers and story teller amused their audience with stories about the prophets. Books about other subjects were scarce. Muhammad’s knowledge of the Bible is elemental. It is clear he did not read that book. But he heard those stories second hand.

    Listen to the speech of this rabbi. You get some idea about Judaism, their god and their intolerance and how YHWH will not answer anyone’s questions but will send them to hell if they do not accept him. You learn all this after 15 minutes listening to this rabbi. That is the extent of Muhammad’s knowledge about God. It is clear that Muhammad forged his god after the god of the Jews. When you listen to this rabbi it is like listening to a Muslim imam.

    Muhammad first learned that he had become a prophet at the age of 40. When this happened he thought he had become demon possessed. Why? Because he had no idea that he would become a prophet. But after that he made up false claims that no one could disprove. He said when he went to Syria at the age of 25 a monk named Bahira recognized him as a prophet of God. How did he do it? He matched his physical appearances with clues that he had read in the Bible. No one could find that Bahira to verify the story or for that matter Muisara the servant of Khadija who allegedly heard that story too. But we can verify this claim if we find any clue in the Bible that matches Muhammad. But these clues do not exist. So Bahira could not have known Muhammad is a prophet from the Bible and Muhammad must have lied.
    He also said that when he was 12 his uncle took him to Sham (Syria) and another monk recognized him and told his uncle Abu Talib to protect him against the Jews and Christians for if they find him they will kill him. Is this story true? Of course not! If it were true Abu Talib would have been the first to believe in him. But he died a disbeliever.
    It is not difficult to see Muhammad was lying and he made up these stories.

  162. Lorraine says:

    Bravo to Mr. Ali Sina!! for this person's comment.

  163. Lorraine says:

    Lolobrigider, good name by the way, but thanks for your input as I said it is so confusing today about who's who, although I do not do religions at all. I have the spirituality of life prolonged life for the righteousness to all mankind from YHWH. But thanks for this, its so much twisting, and turning from these religions going on today, and in my opinion they are all after gain the people's money.

  164. Lorraine says:

    lonelyloner, this is absolutely true, and I have expressed that many of these religions have mislead people the flocks with non truths and they are using these flocks for gain to line their pockets. I know you do not honor YHWH but I am of YHWH and I assure you that what you are saying is what YHWH is saying. These leaders have taken people away from the Spirituality of YHWH the truth, and He teaches us how to prolong our lives by doing and eating right and living right and respecting life and this is YHWH. They tell lies to tickle the ears of people to get their money. All YHWH wants from us is to eat right, do righteously and follow the 10 commandments they show righteousness towards your fellow man. There are rules and we must abide them to keep peace the law is simple it only ask us to give each other respect, and love and righteousness to make peace together. Don't lie don't kill, honor one's parents,don't gossip don't steal don't covet another man's anything, simple stuff what's wrong with this? As YHWH says in Malachi 2 they will meet their maker soon for these lies.

  165. enlightened25 says:

    "However, Since the chance that God may exist, in my view, is less than one in thousand, for all practical purposes I am an atheist." But God could exist and you could be 100% wrong no? Of course God cannot exist because things which exist are finite by definition, and God is almost universally defined as infinite (in the monotheistic religions), therefore God does not exist with 100% certainty.

    "The difference between you and I is that you are a man of certainties and I am of doubts. This is a world of difference." It is time to be direct. Is the doctrine "Everything is uncertain/Ultimate truth is unknowable" the ultimate truth or not? If it isn't, then the doctrine is meaningless. If, on the other hand, it is the ultimate truth then the contradiction involved makes it equally meaningless.

  166. enlightened25 says:

    What you regard as absolute truth is not absolute at all." Really? Logical truths are absolute truths that we can know with absolute certainty. Scientific truths on the other hand are not absolute truths, what is the thing that tells you the science is valid? That thing is not science but reason or philosophy. If you think science is truth or that it can override reason then you don’t have a clue what science is, and science is also your religion.

    "Nothing is certain. I invite you to read about Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. Note that it is not a theory. It's called principle." I don’t know how you can make such self-refuting statements and not notice it. Since you yourself hold to at least one certainty namely "Nothing is certain." Also is this uncertainty principle an absolute truth?

  167. Ali Sina says:

    How did Islam spread equality? Are women and men equal in Islam? Do they have the same rights? Are believers and unbelievers equal? How about the free men and slaves? There is no equality in Islam.

    The fraternity is only among Muslims, and only Muslims of the same sect. Is there fraternity among Shiite and Sunnis or any other sect?

    Feelings can be deceiving. Don't follow your feelings. Follow your reason. Many people follow false beliefs and are mislead by their feelings.

  168. Lorraine says:

    cont….This is what many call God, our Creator YHWH, and His spirituality of prolonged 'LIFE' preserving it, and cherishing it, and sharing it, and all that lives around us respecting it. And even if one does not believe in the scriptures its ok, but as the story of Job teaches us that he lived a long fulfilled life 'prolonged' by doing righteously, and he enoyed four generations of his family, now to me this is God, this is YHWH, this is Life. Even when we leave here unexpectedly, to everything there is a season, as said in Ecclesiastes 3, and YHWH blesses those who have the knowledge and the wisdom to stay living to keep going, and to let joy into your hearts to receive new blessings to live on for it is a gift from YHWH to enjoy ones rewards from his labors, and loved ones. This is God, this is YHWH your seeds (children) your loved ones your blessings(labors, rewards) live them to your full. Do right, and live right, for yourself, and others, this is God,YHWH. "For to him that is joined to all the living there is hope; a living dog, is better than a dead lion." Ecc.9v4.

  169. Lorraine says:

    Mr. Ali Sina, and enlightened25, leaving that door open is good, it gives us that zealous feeling of hope and future. Although I am with YHWH He taught us that we must do righteously, and the law of the 10 commandments, the sabbath the day of rest, and the passover to commemorate the freedom of bondage from evil and non-righteousness, and the dietary plan either to include clean meats or no meats but eat clean. For these are to help us in this life to prolong it, and what YHWH is to me is 'life' for our seeds, and our seeds seeds to pass on to generations to generations of good living, and righteousness.

  170. Ali Sina says:

    No not just because you express serious disbelief. In fact if you did that I would not have said this. You express serious denial of evidence. You are unwilling or unable to look in any other direction than your tunnel vision. You refuse to consider any evidence that may make you question your worldview. In that sense you are a man of faith and not of belief. I don’t believe in God, in afterlife, in spirits, in reincarnation, psychic power, telepathy, etc. Yet I always open a door. Afterall I might be wrong. I know that there is more to truth that I can ever know. There is some evidence in support of all these things. The evidence is not enough and the argument does not seem plausible or logical. So I don’t believe untill more evidence is found. At the same time I don’t reject blindly and categorically. The doubt always lingers.

    What you regard as absolute truth is not absolute at all. Nothing has been proven or disproven. Look at the quantom physics. It’s a science that puts Newtonian world, the world we are familiar with, on its head. Even Einstein could not beleive in it.

    The problem with the world is precisly this certaintly that you are talking about. Nothing is certian. I invite you to read about Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. Note that it is not a theory. It’s called principle.

    Yes probably I should not call myself totally atheist, because I entertain doubt about EVERYTHING, not just God but everything. I am a true and true skeptic. However, Since the chance that God may exist, in my view, is less than one in thousand, for all practical purposes I am an atheist.

    The difference between you and I is that you are a man of certainties and I am of doubts. This is a world of difference.

  171. enlightened25 says:

    "In my view he is just as dogmatic as a religionist can be." Your view? You rebutted nothing, just because I express serious disbelieve that I could be reborn as a fish say does not mean I am dogmatic. Or that i believe absolute truths are knowable, which of course will get you in serious trouble with the truth relativists crowd. "The Atheist exists in certainty. He knows exactly why there is no God, why Nature exists, and why there is no life after death. He knows the nature of self and of consciousness, he understands life and death and the nature of egotism. His understanding is complete and beyond doubt.

    So, please, if you entertain doubts about these issues, then do not call yourself an atheist. Be genuine, and say "I am currently an agnostic but my goal is atheism." In this way, you will not molest the highest."

  172. lonelyloner says:

    Judaism, Christianity, Islam, all of them have narcissistic quality about their teachings.
    Even buddhism too. Gah, perhaps all organized religions do. Hell, even atheism, as found in evangelical atheists.

    Anyway, I was sometimes told that Ali Sina and Faith Freedom sites are sponsored by Zionists pursuing Jewish interests. Well Ali Sina had just scored one against Jewish Faith now. So I think Dr.Sina is not a Jewish spy.
    Ah what am I thinking, Dr.Sina is Dr.Sina, his own man.

    Also, once again Dr.Sina had given voice to what I think too but had never been able to articulate: that to prove YHWH is God, the discussion HAS to involve the bible or Torah, and to prove Allah is God, the discussion HAS to involve Quran. Without such sources, like those Rabbis they suddenly realize they have nothing to work with.
    If we are to take source from science and history alone, then there's no YHWH and there's no Allah, nor god for that matter.
    Thus Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, are NOT universal, their small fictional world is defined by the fictional sources Torah, Bible, Quran, accepted as fact. A total mistake, but one they're so deep into they just can't see out. Tunnel vision, like Dr.Sina said.

    Fictional work accepted as fact, fictional entity (YHWH, Allah) accepted as fact, that's the source of all this religious stupidity.

  173. Parviz says:

    Mr. Mohammed

    So Mohammad(pbuh) was illiterate? So he was not able to read?
    But could he do miracles? Are Qur'anic stories such as Mi'raj, and Shaq'el qamar true? If so then why didn't he perform simplest most useful miracle of all:Quit being illiterate!. "Learn to read and write"? this quote is from a book written by Ali Dashti. The book's title is: "23 years. Prophetic career of Mohammad" . Borrow this book from your local library (in a non Islamic country) and read it.It prepares you to defend Mo (pbuh) much better then you are doing now.

  174. Rojas says:

    But there are also many DIFFERENCES between Jews and Muslims. The contemporary Jews whom Muhammad wanted to accept him as a prophet like the Jewish prophets before refused to do so, for according to Jewish standards Muhammad did not morally qualify as a prophet. For according to the Jewish tradition a prophet does not aspire for political power and does not follow his carnal desires like Muhammad did. So there were actually very few Jews who accepted Muhammad as a prophet. One of the most well-known converts from Judaism to Islam in Muhammad's lifetime was Abdullah Ibn Salam. The other Jews said to him: "There is no prophecy among the Arabs, but your master is only a king."

  175. enlightened25 says:

    if u accept islam then u can feel it" I don`t want to "feel it", I want to find the truth. Also this is what every lunatic from every religion has ever argued, it doesn`t matter whats true or not just so long as it makes you feel good.

  176. enlightened25 says:

    Atheism is the conscious rejection of theism (and supernaturalism generally). As to why i don`t believe in it, is because i care about whats true not what might make me feel good. Atheists can be accused of many things but the one thing they can`t be accused of is wishful thinking.

  177. mohammed says:

    as islam spread equality and fraternity u can accept islam as ur religion. if u accept islam then u can feel it mr.sina

  178. mohammed says:

    my friend please xplain me the concept of atheim? why dont u believe in a god?

  179. You know what, I owe my existance to Atheism. If that god create existed in reality, I would have long ago committed suicide. I cannot bear to live in a world controlled by a crazy maniacal god creature who demands that we love and fear him at the same time.

    I god existed for real, it is time we slayed this monster. Thankfully god does not exist, except in the mids of deluded and psychotic individuals.

  180. @Ali Sina “Anyway, that is beside the point. I just wanted to let you know that I am atheists only because I find it logical. I accept it intellectually and philosophically, but not religiously. I am not an evangelist atheist. If Prof. Richard Dawkins can show me that atheism makes people more moral, more ethical and happier, I will join his crusade against religion and God. As long as that is not happening I’ll stay out of that debate.”

    It is not Richard Dawkins whom you should approach to find out about the harm in the belief of religion and god. Sam Harris has eloquently had a talk about the moral virutes of atheism. I will be sending you the links to that youtube discussion by email.

    Also read, The Necessity of Atheism by PB Shelley. Shelley was a genius far ahead of his times.

  181. mohammed says:

    MR. SINA

    iam not read the entire article but the first section that prophet (pbuh) copied it from judauism . nothing is truth about it. as he was an illeterate he was not able to read. in history there is no proof for his connection with any jews. when the first wahi came he fell in fever. then he brought to a christian preacher called as bahira. he only said that mohammed was a prophet. and he only told the prophet(pbuh) would be driven out from makkah. and if u understand the quran correctly u will accept the point that it copied from judaism. but unfortunately for the sake of money u will not accept the truth about islam. u need a rational heart to accept but u have a hatred one

  182. enlightened25 says:

    The Jews are the very opposite of décadents: they have simply been forced into appearing in that guise, and with a degree of skill approaching the non plus ultra of histrionic genius they have managed to put themselves at the head of all décadent movements (—for example, the Christianity of Paul—), and so make of them something stronger than any party frankly saying Yes to life. To the sort of men who reach out for power under Judaism and Christianity,—that is to say, to the priestly class—décadence is no more than a means to an end. Men of this sort have a vital interest in making mankind sick, and in confusing the values of “good” and “bad,” “true” and “false” in a manner that is not only dangerous to life, but also slanders it." – Friedrich Nietzsche, The Antichrist.

  183. enlightened25 says:

    Psychologically, the Jews are a people gifted with the very strongest vitality, so much so that when they found themselves facing impossible conditions of life they chose voluntarily, and with a profound talent for self-preservation, the side of all those instincts which make for décadence—not as if mastered by them, but as if detecting in them a power by which “the world” could be defied.

  184. enlightened25 says:

    Hate to have to say it but i agree with you (to an extent). "In my “Genealogy of Morals” I give the first psychological explanation of the concepts underlying those two antithetical things, a noble morality and a ressentiment morality, the second of which is a mere product of the denial of the former. The Judaeo-Christian moral system belongs to the second division, and in every detail. In order to be able to say Nay to everything representing an ascending evolution of life—that is, to well-being, to power, to beauty, to self-approval—the instincts of ressentiment, here become downright genius, had to invent an other world in which the acceptance of life appeared as the most evil and abominable thing imaginable.

  185. May I take this opportunity to post here the views of an ex-Jew Atheist, the world’s greatest chess legend Bobby Fisher, about his former faith and those wretched souls who follow this nonsensical religion of hatred, barbarity and intolerance.

    What the world needs is more Bobby Fischers.

    * On JewsYeah, there are too many Jews in chess. They seem to have taken away the class of the game. They don’t seem to dress so nicely, you know. That’s what I don’t like.

    Interview with Ralph Ginzburg, 1961

    * What is going on is I am being persecuted night and day by the Jews, for telling it like it is. They want to put me in jail, they’re robbing me of everything I have, they’re continuously lying about me. I’ve had enough of this shit. The latest thing they’ve done is I had some stuff in storage back in Pasadena for 12 years, spent a fortune on storage fees, a fortune on safes… and these God-damn Jews in America have just gone and grabbed it all.

    Radio Interview, January 13 1999

    * They’re lying bastards. Jews were always lying bastards throughout their history. They’re a filthy, dirty, disgusting, vile, criminal people.

    Radio Interview, March 10 1999

    * My main interest right now is to expose the Jews. This is a lot bigger than me. They’re not just persecuting me. This is not just my struggle, I’m not just doing this for myself… This is life and death for the world. These God-damn Jews have to be stopped. They’re a menace to the whole world.

    Radio Interview, March 10 1999

    * Hopefully the Jews will get it in the neck soon. They have a lot of enemies all over the world. These biological weapons are getting very cheap and easy to deliver. I’m optimistic, I’m hoping that Washington DC will be wiped out.

    Radio Interview, October 16 1999

    *I think that the Jews would like to eat me… I think they’ve got eating Fischer on their minds. They hate my guts. Or maybe they love my guts.

    Radio Interview, June 30 2001

    * They are subhuman. They are the scum of the Earth. When you talk about Jews, you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel of humanity.

    Radio Interview, October 16 1999

    * I’m very concerned because I think the Jews want to drive the elephants to extinction because the trunk of an elephant reminds them of an uncircumcised penis. I’m absolutely serious about that… Jews are sick, they’re mental cases.

    Radio Interview, July 6 2001

    * Circumcision is a crime. The Jews say they know better than millions of years of evolution… The only road to sanity for the Jews is to admit that circumcision is a crime.

    Radio Interview, July 6 2001

    * The Jews are not fighters, they have miserable bodies. They’re cunning like rats.

    Radio Interview, July 6 2001

    * Jews are anti-social, destructive, intolerant, mean-spirited, deceitful, et cetera. They wish to destroy, rule and kill, rob whoever gets in their way. To facilitate them getting what they want, they have developed a perverted, unnatural, destructive, evil lifestyle. Even though they live off the non-Jews as parasites, they still hate them and wish to destroy them. Jews hate nature and the natural order, because it’s pure and beautiful, and also because it’s bigger and stronger than they are, and they feel that they can not fully control it. Nature’s beauty and harmony stands in stark contrast to their squalidness and ugliness, and that makes them hate it all the more. Jews are destroyers. They are anti-humans. The anti-human Jew hates and wants to destroy all non-Jews. He will also destroy even other Jews who are less destructive and evil than he is, if they get in his way. Apparently, the wickedness of the Jew is genetically based. Jews are destroyers. They are anti-humans. By the act of circumcision, the Jew shows his hatred towards nature and the natural order. By this bloody, cruel, senseless act, he shows his cruelty and sadism, and that he will stop at nothing to obtain his ends. Surely the Jews are also behind the Islamic circumcision, which serves as an ideal cover and distraction from their own wickedness in this regard. Jews are truly anti-human and anti-nature. Jews are intensely selfish, intolerant and anti-social, et cetera. They are full of hate, greed, malice, et cetera. Naturally, other people, i.e. the non-Jews, don’t like being bulldozed aside, robbed and murdered by the Jews, and will sooner or later resist. That is where the lies and deceit of the Jews come into place.

    Radio Interview, February 19 2005

    I don’t think there’ll be any (world) peace until these Jews are dealt with, Eugene. These people are animals, they’re just bastards, y’know. Absolute animals.

    Speaking to Eugene Torre, Radio Interview, February 19 2005

    Enough said about the so called peaceful, harmless Juice. They are every bit as filthy nasty, evil, cruel, barbaric and idiotic as the muslims, if not more.

    The world will not see peace until all the Jews are removed from this g-d damn planet.

  186. Worldpeace says:

    “I advocate doubt. I believe doubt is the greatest gift a person can give to another”. I can say, in all honesty, this stament and it what implies, is the greatest gift I have ever recieved in my whole life which I will pass on.

  187. Shrek says:

    I read a few lines from this long article and it seems that a jew is supporting muslims!

    Einstein's words should be true after all, universe can be finite but not human stupidity.

  188. enlightened25 says:

    The "sky" is not infinite because their are things which are not "sky". Things which exist are by definition finite. Their is no where or nothing you can point to and say "thats the infinite". Also their no such thing as objective existence, what you might think exists out their as a "solid object" is just an illusion created by your mind. Everything is in a constant flow of change that is the law of the universe, nothing is "still" or "solid".

  189. Lorraine says:

    enlightened25, I enjoyed the article but the universe is infinite and it exists, very much so vast and vast of space exists so why not have a creator or is it all just a bunch of hot air. Even then its infinite and exists. The sky is infinite and it exists. Although there are scientific explanations for them as you say 'cause and effect' both the universe and sky are a breathless wonder and they are infinite and they exists.

  190. Lorraine says:

    Schvach, Well I use the name for my spiritual Creator YHWH, yet I am not judaism for they do the star of david which is not of YHWH, and hanukkah, and this too is not of YHWH the Strong One. But once I met a messianic Jew and they were saying this as you say that they're waiting for the savior Jesus Christ of Christianity, and I do believe that those in Judaism Jews do not honor Jesus, or I maybe wrong its so confusing today. Look like everyone is either becoming Christians of Jesus Christ and the Islam are also incorporating Christianity into their beliefs. I personally do not do any religions YHWH has said that they are all idolatry in Deut.4, and are not of YHWH for He is spiritual. and many of these religions have taken the people from His Spirituality of Life and YHWH. The pastors rabbis, and priest who rewrote these scriptures have turned the truth from YHWH and have been misleading the flocks as in Malachi 2 explains. The scriptures have to really be discerned.

  191. John Rgood says:

    Well done, Dr. Sina. This was a presentation of rational meets irrational.

  192. Lolobrigider says:

    The torahabesorah.com website looks like that of "Jews for Jesus". Rabbis in general only worry about their own flock ie the Jewish people. Judaism is not a missionary religion bent on making converts from everyone. The evangelical strain is that of Christianity. The Rabbi in question though well versed on the Old Testament and New Testament, wont be accepted under the umbrella of Judaism because he accepts Jesus as Moshiach. Just giving my thoughts.

  193. Lorraine says:

    continued…In the scriptures YHWH tells us that these pastors priest, and popes rabbis, and elders have mislead the flocks, and have profaned His name. For many times I've always said that we have to discern the book of life the OT and the NT for men as the jewish roman writers in 200AD, began to rewrite these scriptures to turn us away from the truth of YHWH. For example Moses in the beginning did a lot to ask the Father YHWH for the people's lives, for they were very sinful, and disrespectful towards YHWH no matter how much He would do for them. Then in another scripture they tell how Moses encourages the stoning of a man for speaking against YHWH this does not make sense from a man who put his own life on the line for us, and literally begged for our lives, and now he would want to stone a man for just being confused. These scriptures have to be discerned it shows this from YHWH in Malachi 2, and Jeremiah 23v1-3, that the pastors popes and priest rabbis are misleading the flocks from YHWH.

  194. Lorraine says:

    I do think that all religions divide us, and control people from being real with one another, and themselves. I too tend to follow a more spiritual approach at life for all in life matters. What is all around us the trees the animals and waters and our earth this all matters, and mostly 'people' all truly matter in this life, and we should cherish these dearly. Although I am with the Creator YHWH, many have been mislead from his spirituality.

  195. Lorraine says:

    soovey, I too found this Rabbi to be very one tract minded. And to belittle someone only because they have different views on a thing, even if it is religion this is not christian like, or what we are taught that it should be being a religious person period. There should be some since of compassion, and consideration of the other person regardless of their views. You may give them room to learn more about your views but to absolutely turn another human down or bad mouth them this is not a good person, not at all. As Mr. Sina says this Rabbi has a narcissist behavior.

  196. Lorraine says:

    El Padrino, I would have to agree, once I read postings from an atheist, and I could tell that it seemed they wanted answers deep down inside, that it might be some glimpse of hope of there being a higher existence to watch over us other than what we see. We all want to think that we have some kind of security if at all possible, of well being in this world. Now wouldn't that be nice? My contribution to those who want it to be better is this, when one do their best at the things that they want in this life, this is how you get your validation by doing, and working hard for it, and to do what is right, this normally gets the best results for us, and the route of choice to find peace in this world.

  197. Schvach says:

    Oy vey! Your so called rabbi is probably a messianic evangelist or a messianic Jew. No real rabbi (nor any Jew with even a modicum of background in Judaism)would ever refer to G-d by the Latin-lettered tetragrammaton, nor would a real Jew refer to anyone as having been 'saved' (except for a possible swimming incident). Sorry, but your source is all wet. Please try again.

  198. Ali Sina says:

    Yes you are right. I take that back. What we believe has a lot of effect on how we behave. However it seems to be not the only factor, even though it might be the main factor. Other factors are also at place which explains why atheists can be also just set in their beliefs as religionists.

  199. soovey says:

    Ali Sina, why do you not make clear that the influence of Judaism on Mohammed was THEN, that Muslims, being stuck in the dark ages can only be true to Islam by imitation, but that the Jews no longer practise the abominable biblical punishments?

    I believe you to be a very clever man and admire the work you are doing to educate about the dangers we face from Islam, but this article, the fruit of an argument with an out and out lunatic who represents no-one but his own narrow sect and certainly not Jews like me, diminishes you.

    This Rabbi does not speak for me or any other Jews I know.

  200. fan of ali sina says:

    Great Article….

  201. enlightened25 says:

    "I came to the conclusion that what we belief has no relevance on how we conduct ourselves." Really, so if you believe that muhammed for example is a prophet of God that has no effect on you? Or while a jew for instance can mutilate his son`s genitals without a seconds thought.

    "Are we open to alternative views or have we developed tunnel vision and can't see anything good in beleifs other than ours?" If something is a lie how can it be good? If Jesus was not the son of god, then christians are spreading an horrific lie. If the Dalai Lama is not the reincarnation of the past dalai lama he is nothing but an old cult leader spreading religious lies. Futhermore its does not matter if something is "good" or not its the truth that matters. Truth must be spoken whether humans like it or not or whether its "good" or not.

  202. Ali Sina says:

    "I'm beginning to think atheists are indeed in search of the truth "

    Never generalize. You can find all sort of people among all groups. Not all atheists are in search of truth. Enlightened25 is an atheist but I don't see any effort on his part to search the truth. In my view he is just as dogmatic as a religionist can be. It is after debating with atheists like him that I came to the conclusion that what we belief has no relevance on how we conduct ourselves. I stopped looking in ideologies for answer and instead look on human character. As I said the problem is not the content of our belief but its nature. Are we open to alternative views or have we developed tunnel vision and can't see anything good in beleifs other than ours? This is the question.

  203. Rahul says:

    I am a FORMER ATHEIST turned agnostic…agnosticism in my opinion could be slightly better than atheism…

  204. @JpPaul88 says:

    Atheism doesn't permit anything.
    There's nothing about being a football player that is necessarily violent or peaceful, but if a football player goes around killing people, should I say it's because he's a football player – no!

  205. El Padrino says:

    After listening to this Rabbi, I somehow felt sympathy for Jesus. I can see now what kind of people he had to deal with."

    Ha ha ha..amen to that !!!

  206. El Padrino says:

    Ali Sina:If my younger readers see the value of doubting, I have achieved my goal."

    I can honestly say I did not see the value in doubt until I came across FFI

    @ Jpaul88:In summary, atheists don't have blood on their hands, because there's nothing in atheism that prescribes violence; people who do bad things have blood on their hands."

    True, but there's also nothing in atheism that prohibits atrocities.

  207. El Padrino says:

    Ali Sina:The problem is that religions don’t promote love and amity either. It is clear that religion is the biggest instrument of discord and hate among people."

    This is true when religion is used to "unite people" at the expense of non-adherents,instead of promoting spiritual growth.

  208. El Padrino says:

    Ali Sina:The truth is that atheists have committed horrendous crimes in the name of atheism. No one disputes about the fact that communists are atheist and their crimes against people of faith are well known. But some atheists claim Hitler was a believer in God. This is a lie. Hitler used religion and sometimes evoked God for his demagogic proposes but he believed in no other god except himself. He despised Christianity for its teaching of universal love and pacifism that he interpreted as weakness. He had a great admiration for Muhammad and lamented that Islam did not conquer Germany."

    FASCINATING,I have never come across an atheist who makes such statements.I'm beginning to think atheists are indeed in search of the truth & not just out to degrade & dehumanize religious folk.

  209. @JpPaul88 says:

    Dear Ali

    I must agree with enlightened25, in that "atheism is the rejection of theism", so how can atheism be the cause of violence (or even peace)?

    When Stalin was crushing the church and trying to stop religion, was there anything within atheistic principles that demand this of him? No, because atheism contains no principles of any kind. An atheist can just as easily be a humanist or a totalitarian mega-lo-maniac; but in either case, this cannot be attributed to atheism (a lack of theistic dogma may very well lead to open mindedness and humanism, but not by the rejection of theism itself).

    However, I can also argue the same thing for some religions; for example, if Buddhists blew up the twin towers, could I argue that it happened because of theism? Absolutely not, because nothing within Buddhism prescribes hate, destruction or violence.

    In summary, atheists don't have blood on their hands, because there's nothing in atheism that prescribes violence; people who do bad things have blood on their hands. They say that good people will do good things, bad people will do bad things; to get a good person to do something bad, that takes religion. I'll modify this by saying good people do bad things when they are forced into an acceptance (or love) through fear system, which religion has often (but not exclusively) employed.

  210. enlightened25 says:

    "The image portrays the words of Jesus, “truth will set you free.”" Truth alone has never set anyone free only doubt.

    "Natural laws explain everything." Actually scientific law are just superficial forms of cause and effect. But then you could ask if everything has a cause then where did cause and effect come from? Cause and effect is itself causeless because whatever is said to be the cause of it is itself part of cause and effect. Here is intresting read on it http://members.optushome.com.au/davidquinn000/Wis

    "If god shows up and debates with me I will accept him." If you think would be proof then you should be a theist. If Allah boomed out his voice making threats of hell fire you think that would be proof of God? Not at all. God cannot exist because God is said to be infinite and things which exist are finite.

  211. enlightened25 says:

    "He despised Christianity for its teaching of universal love and pacifism that he interpreted as weakness." Can you tell how you can love everyone? If you love everyone you end up being a very poor judge of character. Is pacifism good? "But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also." Is that not the most disgusting teaching ever uttered? See where that mad teaching got india with the fool gandi. Also imagine what the world the world would be like if everyone actually turned their cheek to Adolf Hitler, Muhammed, Saddam Hussain and Osama bin laden. You do not love your enemies (an impossible thing to do anyway and anyone who claims he loves his enemies is either a sadomasochist or a hypocrite liar) you hate them and seek to destroy them.

  212. enlightened25 says:

    "The truth is that atheists have committed horrendous crimes in the name of atheism." In the name of atheism? Atheism by itself is not a moral or political position of any knind. All Atheism is, is the rejection of theism. It is not not a specific ideology beyond its rejection of theism.

    "But some atheists claim Hitler was a believer in God. This is a lie." Really? respond to these arugments please http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8VFFW0sbF4

  213. Geo Ankerberg says:

    When I first read this article, I could not understand if this article should be on Dr. Sina’s website. It seemed off topic and a digress from the battle he’s been waging against the diabolical 7th century ideology of Islam. Now I get it.

    This is a classical debate about the dangers of Political Islam and people who do not see this danger and hope that their God will help them and that He has better plans for them. Dr. Sina conclusively proves it to God fearing people that God has given them power of reasoning and common sense to see how dangerous the ideology of Islam is. He, as an ex-Muslim, urges all the non-muslims to understand the Islamic threat and do something about it.

    Thomas Paine said – “Evil wins when good people do nothing.”

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