A Letter About Jesus

what is going on.

Some of them leave the operation room, go through walls and visit their relatives in the waiting rooms. They hear their conversations and upon their recovery report accurately what they did and said. They go out of the hospital and visit their loved ones, even when they live in other countries and again can report accurately what they were doing at that time.

Stories like these abound. There is no explanation for these other than the fact that these people actually have an out of body experience in spirit form. They say they were aware of having a body, with all the limbs intact, made of a light form substance, but more alert.

Many of these people say they met God in person and converse with Him. They often get emotional when remembering the moment and are overwhelmed with the love that they received. They are told that their lives is not meaningless and that everything happens for a reason. And that their work is not done. Some are given the choice to stay, which they don’t exercise because generally of the loved ones they don’t want to leave behind. Others are given no choice and are sent back kicking and screaming.

Many of these people see Jesus. Not just Christians, but also atheists, Muslims and people of other faiths. Sometimes Jesus comes to hell to save them. They report that Jesus has authority in heaven and in hell.

You asked what do i mean by son of God. Exactly what the word says. Your body, is 50% the son of your father and 50% the son of your mother. But your spirit is 100% from God. He is both the father and the mother of your spirit. You are your spirit. Your body is your material suit. You’ll eventually take it off when you leave this world. So while we keep changing our earthly parents we have only one heavenly father. And we are all His Children.

Each one of us has a large clan of relatives in heaven, people who have been our kin and loved ones in our previous lives. Some of them are with us now on earth. A stranger that you may find in the street or the enemy you want to kill in other countries may be your father, your brother or your son in your previous lives. We are all related to each other. We are all children of God, just like Jesus. The only difference is in size. God is our father and Jesus is our elder brother. In essence we are all the same, brothers and sisters, with one heavenly father. As children of God, we are all like him, made in His image.

You wonder whether the good feeling you had when you were a believer was just a placebo effect. Your feeling were real. When I was going through difficult times and asked my friends to pray for me, I felt a calm and peace descend on me even though my problems had not been resolved. I knew everything will be fine and despite the facts I should not worry. I felt the Holy Spirit. That peace was real.

Thanks to everything i learned through other people’s experiences of NDE I now know that the church does not represent God or Christ and the Bible is a mixed bag of truth and fiction. I don’t get bothered by the errors in the Bible. I read them and if they don’t make sense to me I ignore them. The Bible is the honest and sometimes exaggerated report of believing people who were inspired by their faith and the Holy Spirit, but fallible, just all of us. I see the Bible as a mine rich in precious metals and gems, which contains also plenty of dirt. Ignore the dirt and mine the gems. You will be enriched beyond your dreams.

The Church, particularly the Catholic church but also many new ones, have never been for Jesus. They were created to amass wealth and to control the masses. These churches are means of power. Jesus and God are useful excuses for them.

Jesus was irreligious. He did not start a religion. Men started it and they did it for their own power. Jesus wants us to have a relationship with God, a parent child relationship, based on love. If you love God and if you love others, God loves you, angels love you and Jesus loves you, even if you never set foot in a church.

Don’t give your money to the priests. Give it to real charities of your choice directly. These money grabbing preachers are often working for Satan, and use Jesus to enrich themselves. They are wolves in sheep clothing. Sometimes they were their sheep clothing so badly that their ferocious teeth become manifest to all and sundry.

A few days ago I wrote to someone who claimed he speaks with God and can heal people. When I need healing I go directly to God. I don’t need intermediaries. But I have questions that only God can answer. So I wrote to this guy for help. He did not even read my email to know the nature of my request and instead asked me to send him a donation. Immediately I realized I am dealing with a Nigerian scammer who uses religion to scam people. Here is his website. www.project.nsearch.com

Jesus never asked for money. He lived a humble life and had no place to rest his head. He healed without expectation. Because God’s blessing is free. Run away from those who ask for money in exchange for their services. I have a donation button in my site. But I never asked for donations. I spend hours ever day answering emails and do not even entertain the thought that I should be paid for my time. I do this out of love for my fellow being and not for money.

The money grabbing fake preachers don’t promote Jesus. They promote their own personal agenda. Of course they have to hide behind the name of Jesus to fool the masses. While most Catholics love God and are loved by God and most low ranking priests are devout men of God, Vatican is, as it has always been, the seat of Lucifer on earth. Pedophile satanist popes nominate only pedophile satanist bishops who in turn elect one of their own to become the next pope. Thus the control of the church remains in the hands of pedophile satanists in perpetuity.  You cannot rise in ranks in the Catholic church if you are not a pedophile satanist. And it has been so, maybe since the inception of the Church.

I heard by reliable witnesses, including children, that they even perform child sacrifice. While I can’t be sure of this, I won’t be shocked if it is proven. The protestant churches are also filled with the same kind of scum. Jimmy Sawaggart, Jim Baker, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Mike Murdock and all the so called prosperity preachers are thieves. They are charlatans con artists. They don’t work for God. They are Nigerian scammers who promise healing and salvation if you fill their pockets.

So kudos to you for turning your back to religion. But don’t throw the baby with the bath water. Don’t deprive yourself of the God’s blessings for what these satanists preachers do. They don’t speak for Jesus.

I suggest you read the stories of NDE as much as you can and watch their testimonies on YouTube. You’ll eventually come to see what I saw. You will fall in love with Jesus again. You will feel again His love as you did when you were young and you will feel new and reborn.

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