What is truth

Mr Ali Sina,
Thank You

This is the word in my mind since last 3 months. I should have said it before but never gathered courage to say it. All I can give you is this word. You saved my life and me.

I was a pious Muslim from India ,always curios about religion and god since childhood right now I am 22 years old in engineering , I was very pious Muslim goes to prayer everyday hated Jews and Christians. People around me used to say they are our great enemies and I believed them without knowing who Jews are, but I knew Christians. They were America in my opinion. They would go to hell and we would go in heaven for certain.

When I grew up I went to another city for my studies. My r roommate was agnostic I used to curse him inside my mind. One day I debated him on some subjects. He questioned many things and all I could say was, please don’t say it or God will punish you. He used to read only some books written by Christopher Hitchens He told me to read some books of him and I did. That sow the seeds of doubt in my mind. Then I read Robert Spencer’s Book The Truth Of Muhammad (I highly recommend this book to all Muslim who want to know their prophet, after that I realized that Indian Muslims don’t know anything about their prophet expect what they read in Mukhtasar Bukhari (A shortened version of Bukhari)

Basically I never knew anything about the Sira. Then I read your book Understanding Muhammad and my eyes opened. I thought my religion was a religion of peace. I often ask my friends why doesn’t God help us if we are His chosen people? Why Muslims are in worst condition everywhere? They reply because Allah is testing us. What a joke! I consulted many Muslims about Muhammad. I once asked a friend, “what to do with a man who wants to leave Islam he replied, “Kill Him Without Any Delay” I was so shocked. Then I read Koran with translation and I found it very offensive book what a peaceful book , for suppose if other religious book tell us , “Kill the Muslims wherever you find them” I do not know how would Muslims react.
I was a Muslim and I can tell you in India most Muslims say kill Hindus; they are dogs, dirty. But I find Muslims dirtier. Hindu people are good and decent.

Now I am an atheist I can’t go to Christianity because I know earth is billions of years old and a person cannot be God’s son. Now I have seen the real face of Islam, the curse to mankind. It should be down as soon as possible I hate when people call me a Muslim. I want to remove this label please help. I live my life as a free bird I listen to Music and don’t waste my time In prayer.
I have another request. I the footnote of your book you often refer to Ibn ishaq when we know that Ibn Ishaq’s book is lost and what is left is ibn Hisham’s recession of it.



Congratulations for having the intelligence to see the fraud that Islam is and leaving it. If Muslims learn the truth about Muhammad, the majority of them will leave their faith of hate and violence. Most of them can see Islam is evil, but they think if they leave it they will go to hell. Once they realize this is just a lie Muhammad made up to entrap the minds of the gullible, like a sociopath frightening his juvenile victims so they don’t think of escaping, they will leave Islam en masse. I foresee this happening soon.

Non-Muslims are bewildered as to how to contain Islamic terrorism. I hear some so called experts predict the war against Islamic terrorism will last for at least fifty years. The truth is that as long as they don’t know the enemy and refuse to name him, this war can last forever and at the end we lose while Islam wins. But we know the enemy and know its weakness; we can actually win this war in two decades.

In regards to Christianity, I completely agree with you that most of the things in the Bible, if taken literally, make no sense. The Bible is written by Humans. Think of it as a gold mine. Most of it is dirt. If you know gold you can find plenty of it, otherwise, all you see is dirt.

The Earth is billions of years old. The story of genesis should not be taken literally. It is however, a good analogy of how man emerged from the paradise of ignorance by eating from the tree of knowledge and understanding the difference between good and evil. Animals can’t know the difference between right and wrong. They leave in a blissful paradise of ignorance. Our ape ancestors used to live in that paradise. But as our brain grew and we became homo sapience, we were kicked out of that natural paradise. We then discovered we are naked, not just in body but also helpless and vulnerable. We had to work with the sweat of our own brows and strive to survive on Earth.

As for Jesus being the son of God, it refers to his spirit. Our body is begotten from a father and a mother. But we are not just body. We are also spirit or consciousness, which is begotten 100% from God. God is literally our heavenly father and mother. We get 50% of our chromosomes from our father and 50% from our mother. But we get 100% of our consciousness from God. That is why the Bible says God made us in His image. This is true also in regards to animals, trees and bugs. It is the same spirit of God in different vessels of different shapes and sizes.

Even electrons are conscious. What makes electrons change their orbit constantly? According to Newtonian law they should remain in the same orbit indefinitely until an external force is exerted on them. But there is no such external force. The only explanation left is that electrons change their orbit at will. They are free. If free, they must be conscious. Could matter, at such an elemental level be conscious?

As matter becomes complex, its consciousness increase and correspondingly its freedom. Consciousness is not generated by the matter, but rather organized (organic) matter becomes the recipient of greater consciousness. The more evolved is the receiver, the stronger is the signal. What we see does not exist. What exists is pure consciousness. Everything is consciousness.

Materialists assert that matter begets consciousness without offering any evidence. The fact is that consciousness begets matter and there is plenty of evidence for that. By this I don’t mean that the moon is not there when you are not looking at it. It is not our individual consciousness that creates reality, but rather we are a drop of the universal sea of consciousness that gives birth to all things.

Let us clarify this with an example. Think of each human as a leaf on a giant tree called the Tree of Life. You and your family are on a small shoot. Next to you are other shoots, consisting of your aunts, uncles and cousins. You are all connected to a twig. A little further are other twigs bearing shoots of other families. The further you go you can see the members of your tribe, nation and race all connected through different branches to the same tree. You go even further you can see apes and other animals on different branches until you see all living beings as leaves in this giant tree.

If you can see the tree you can easily see how we are all connected with everyone else and all life forms. Now imagine that the tree itself is invisible and all you see are leaves. It appears that the leaves have no relation with each other.

The Tree of Life is spiritual in nature. As long as we live in this material world our vision is limited to this world. It is very much like playing a virtual game that requires you to wear a goggle. The goggle makes you immerse yourself in the game while blinds you from seeing the real world in which you are. Only then the virtual reality appears as real and you become fully immersed in it. That is I believe the reason why we can’t see the spiritual world, which is the real world while believing this material world to be real.

When we look at the leaves on this tree without being able to see the tree itself, we can’t see how we are all connected to each other. We can’t see that our wellbeing depends on the wellbeing of not just other humans but all living beings.

A leaf is connected to the tree through its stem. Humans, animals and all life forms are connected to the Tree of Life through their subconscious minds. We experience reality through our conscious mind but we create it through our subconscious mind. If you change your subconscious mind, you will be able to change your reality. But for the world to change, everyone must change their subconscious mind.

Michael Faraday revolutionized the world when he discovered electricity does not travel inside the wire but rather creates a field around it. Likewise, thought are not generated and contained inside our brain. They create a field of energy around us.

Thoughts are of two forms: One is the conscious thought and the other is the subconscious thought. Conscious thought are of little effect. The field is created by our subconscious mind. It is our subconscious mind, our core beliefs that define who we are. It is at this level that we create our reality. If you can change your core belief at the subconscious level, you can change your reality.

However, to change the world everyone must change their subconscious mind. When we believe in our oneness at a fundamental level, when we replace our thoughts of selfishness to thoughts of love at a subconscious level, our individual fields merge into a giant field of consciousness. This would represent the next phase of our evolution.

Jesus, being part of God’s creation, was no different from others. He was born of a human father and a human mother. His spirit is begotten by God like the rest of us. The only difference is that he had a much greater consciousness. If we are all children of God in spirit, Jesus is our elder brother. Now that I read his teaching, with this new understanding, I see all he taught was to help mankind evolve. He laid the plan. He showed us the way. With simple parables, he made us understand how to take the next step in our evolutionary process. With his sacrifice he taught us this world is only a virtual reality and the real world is spiritual in nature. We can evolve spiritually through love, forgiveness, compassion, and more importantly faith. Faith should not be seen as belief in absurdities. It is rather complete reliance on God. I refuse to accept anything that makes no sense and is irrational. Yet I have total faith in God. Make no mistake; faith is not license for credulity.

Don’t listen to Christians for many of them are so confused that they can easily confuse you. Jesus was not born of a virgin and he did not ascent to heaven in body. Heaven is of different dimension. You can’t take your perishable physical body to heaven and you won’t need it. These stories you read in the Bible are fairytale. That is why people are rejecting God. Atheists capitalize on these fallacies and successfully prove that God does not exist. Their victory is based on straw man fallacies. That straw man is sadly an invention of the believers.

I hear often Christians saying that Christianity is based on the belief in Resurrection of Jesus and if the Resurrection is false so is Christianity. It is no wonder that so many Christians leave their faith. If faith is based on a fallacy how can it survive? My faith in Jesus is not based on any dogma. It is based on reason. For I believe truth must be rational or it is absurdity.

After leaving Islam I became an agnostic and eventually an atheist, until I came to see the evidence that proves materialism is a baseless belief. Materialism makes sense as long as one ignores the evidence. If we ignore the evidence we can prove anything, including the claim that the earth is flat, evolution is false and Obama is an American citizen and a Christian. That is why smart people often hold very stupid beliefs. I consider myself to be relatively intelligent. Yet at one time I believed in Islam and in another time I was an atheist. It is not that I have become smarter. I just ignored the evidence. Since you said I saved your life, I write this so I may also save your soul. That would be a greater feat.

Prayer is not a waste of time. Islamic prayer is, because it is not prayer at all. It is mind numbing ritual to prevent the believer from thinking. Once you discover God, you will understand the meaning of prayer and how it works. Prayer is a powerful way to connect with our Source and to attain enlightenment. Prayer is not about asking God to give you this or that. It is about merging with God and attaining His consciousness.

Until a year and a half ago, when people said, they pray for me, I chuckled. I thought they waste their time. When my niece was about to undergo a life threatening surgery and my sister asked me to pray, I told her to whom? To me a chair was more real than an imaginary god. I’ve past that stage, because I have seen the evidence. The evidence is there for anyone who seeks it.

Reason alone is not enough. Reason must be supported by evidence or it is fanaticism. Observation overrides reason, science and all things that seem commonsense and true.

Many people who love to call themselves skeptic and rationalist are neither. Skeptic is one who doubts his own belief. Otherwise everyone is skeptic because everyone can doubt other people’s belief. Despite their adamant denial, materialists and atheist are hardcore believers. Materialism is as much based on skepticism and reason as the Religion of Peace is peaceful.

As for Ibn Ishaq’s book, even though what is left is only a fraction of the original, it is still Ibn Ishaq’s book. Ibn Hisham has his own sira, which is an entirely different book

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9 Responses

  1. Agniveerfan says:

    Jesus was talking about Non-duality when he said ” I and father are same.” He knew the TRUTH .

  2. Sakat says:

    Dear Sina
    I am really ecstatic seeing your reply ,that too with personally addressing me.I tender my sincere apology to you for so rude.Believe me it was not my intention.To confess ,i am really weak in English vocabulary and comprehension skills .May be i could have used proper word to my sentence ,i realized my mistake after posting it.
    Really i wanted to know from you was,whether ,’rational thinking or logical conclusions’ can bring us required knowledge to understand unknown spiritual treasures.
    I have read some spiritual texts of Hinduism like Vedas and Upanishads.It is not possible to understand them by mere reading them .You may get little help by applying rational thinking and logical conclusions ,but unless one enter the shoos of the author of a particular Sloka or mantra ,it is not possible to understand the real hidden truths involved there in the Sloka or mantra.
    One day some one asked me ,who has written Veda’s ,i said it is not written but are revelations in deep contemplations.Of course Love and Compassion are primary requisite to elevate oneself to higher level in spirituality ,but one shouldn’t restrict oneself to only love and compassion but maintain them on all the circumstances then a person’s elevation will befast in spiritual progress .A wise lady was once asked in an interview ; What is compassion? she replied you have to practice it ,i am practicing it so that let others follow (the lady was famous hugging saint Mata Amritanandmai Amma). Believe me i had never hurt any one in my life ,we were raised with moral stories from Ramayana and Mahabharata .I find it very much difficult to adjust with violence around,especially the recent violence in the middle-east (ISIS). The Christians also did the same in India,many of my forefathers were forcibly converted to Christianity by Portuguese missionaries .The culprit was great saint Xeviour .Who killed many Hindus and forced them to convert to Christianity .They used to give quinine water as Jesus holy water to cure malaria patients and thus converted people by deception .I am not blaming Jesus ,he is my childhood hero ,you have understood him to his heart ,but let me assure you none of his followers (especially Asian)are. I was just kidding you , so that you come up with more profound revelations of true Jesus preachings ,so that the pseudo -followers of Jesus may understand that “Jesus means the universal conscious” don’t try to distinguish him from any other evolved souls.Once again please forgive me if i had hurt you knowingly or unknowingly .I don’t want to hurt any one ,even a culprit lurking in my kitchen (mouse). Let god extend you a long healthy and happy life.

  3. alisina says:

    Dear Sakat

    Since you were candid with me and called me hollow let me return the favor and call you a bigot. A bigot is a person who is intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion. You seem to be trapped in your dogmatic religious thinking and as such unable to discern the truth.

    You are so trapped in your naïve thinking that still believe there is a competition between Jesus and Krishna. The reason for this confusion is that you see the form. Whereas if you had any spiritual insight you would have realized they are both the same in substance.

    No you won’t go to hell for not saving the frog. But you may go to hell for hating the Christians. The secret of this world is to love. That is the essence of the message of Jesus and Krishna. If you regard yourself superior to others, by virtue of your beliefs, you are no better than Muslims. This leads to haughtiness, condescendence, arrogance and spite. None of these leads us to enlightenment.

    Beliefs are irrelevant. No one will give a damn what you believe. This question will never be asked the day you will have your life review. All that matters is how you lived and how much you loved. I don’t see that light in you, at least not from this comment.

    I don’t think love can be defined, any more than colors can be defined. If you have eyes you can see colors and if you are enlightened you know the meaning of love.

    ”I saw a crow hunting a little frog ,i could have a saved it provided ,i have followed Jesus”

    This alone is enough to make me see you don’t know anything about what Jesus taught.

  4. Sakat says:

    Dear Sina
    On another occasion,your reply to my comment disillusioned me about the hollowness of your logic and rational thinking brings in spiritual matters ,by you .Some times i feel that your thoughts are very much motivated by intellectual quest rather then with a real philosophy of morality.My peers are far more knowledgeable (of course in spiritual matters) when i find a chance to compare your thoughts with of theirs ,when involved in debate.
    You talk about love ,can you explain the definition of it ,nonetheless acceptable to humanity as a whole.”I saw a crow hunting a little frog “,i could have a saved it provided ,i have followed Jesus ,but i followed krishna (Bhagwadgita) so l allowed the crow to kill the frog and swallow it .Now tell me where will my destiny is fixed after my death .!!Hell or Heaven”,as per Jesus the savior.

  5. alisina says:

    I did not ban anyone. There is a problem with the comments in the blog that sends everything to the spam.

  6. alisina says:

    Anything is better than Islam, even following their whim and fancies. I am sure no one’s whims and fancies involve murdering others to go to paradise.

  7. Nor Ariffin Abdullah says:

    What do you suggest after Muslims leave Islam? Are you suggesting them to take up new religions i.e. Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism or Buddhism; or become atheists; or follow their whims and fancies as their life guidance?

  8. Grace Ali Harrel says:

    Ali, you’ve finally banned me from commenting!

  9. Grace Ali Harrel says:

    My beloved Ali Sina, I’m really curios to know which donkey told you that Jesus Christ was born of a human father and also, which monkey told you that Jesus Christ was not born of a virgin? Obviously, you know not the divine salvation plan of my loving Creator God. The absolute truth is that God cannot die for our sins because He is God. Only a sinless human being like my beloved Lord Jesus Christ is able to pay the price for our soul. Please note that if my beloved Lord Jesus Christ was born of a human father, then, humanity would have lost hope for eternity?

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