What is going on in the Other World?

The following question was asked by a friend. I generally reply to questions like this privately. However, I thought this one may be if interest to some.

Ali, since you have started believing in God, can i ask you one thing. Do all persons how much good or evil their deeds were in this world will be in peace after death? I mean will a person like Avjit Roy or Mahatma Gandhi or Mother Teresa and a person who killed Avjit Roy or Osama or Saddam, will all be in same peace after death?


Absolutely not! That would be utter injustice.

All I know is what I read and heard from near death experiencers. You can also search NDE stories and read them. There are thousands of them and even though each is different, each reveals something new.

People who die don’t go to the same place. Some go to horrible places and some go to a place filled with love.

Those who go to heaven are not in the same category and rank. If for example I don’t hurt others I will most likely go to heaven, but I can’t be of the same rank of one who sacrificed his own interest to help others.

I read these stories a lot and pray asking for understanding. There is a lot that I don’t understand. From the little I understand it appears that the purpose of us coming to this world is to choose doing good on our own, without force and coercion, without fear of hell or greed of heaven. Just do good to others, help anyone who crosses our way and is need of help, selflessly, and out of love.

We, including animals, are like God’s sensors in the world. God experiences this world through us. So if we feel happy, God feels that happiness and if we feel sad, angry or pained, God senses that. God is connected to us through our thoughts and feelings. What we do to others, we actually do it to God. When you feed someone, clothe him, make him happy, you do that to God and when you hurt someone you do that to God.

Before knowing this, when someone abused me, I felt I was justified to get even. I am very sorry for that. Everything I did to others, whether good or bad I did it to God. Revenge is not ours to take. Not only we should not hurt another person, or an animal, we should not hurt ourselves either. Our body does not belong to us. It is a loan. It belongs to God and it is our responsibility to take good care of it and love it. Be grateful for your life. This is our opportunity to evolve spiritually.

Some years ago I read on Internet that a young Chinese woman who grew up as an orphan and eventually enrolled in university and graduated, found a good job and decided to find her benefactor. Someone paid for her expenses and she never knew this person. When she found her she was shocked to see her benefactor was not a rich person but a cleaning lady. She saved her money and instead of expending it on herself she sponsored two girls. As her sponsored children grew and became independent she sponsored others. She was old, but worked two shifts to support two children she did not know. When I read that story and saw the picture of these two women hugging and the tears on the eyes of the young woman, I could not control my own tears. In fact this story moves me to tears every time I think of it. That cleaning woman has reached the highest level of goodness in this world.

When we leave this world, we often come back. We return many times, until we understand the purpose of life is to love. Once we achieve that, we don’t come back anymore. We go to higher levels of existence.

This is very much what Hindu religions teach. But I was surprise when I read a 2.5 year boy who had died, met someone who had accomplished this level of spiritual evolution. He was being sent to higher levels and everyone was proud of him. That soul beamed with joy and was very proud. It is very telling that the person who saw this was a toddler. His parents never spoke to him about God. They were atheist.

The other world is not a place to “rest in peace.” It is quite busy. However, that world is ruled by love, so only those who are evolved in love will be able to find a “job.” We get all the education we need in this word. Things we need to learn here are the same things taught by Jesus. We have to love others, forgive those who hurt us, trust in God, even in the darkest moments of our life, be compassionate to other humans and to animals and things like that. The reason we can learn these things only here is because here we face hardship, cruelty, injustice and evil. If we love our enemy and forgive those who do evil to us, we can grow spiritually. Otherwise everyone is good in comfort. Without injustice, there is nothing to forgive. You can’t learn and exercise forgiveness in heaven, because there is no injustice there. To learn forgiveness you must come to this world, face its evil and cruelty and forgive the ones who do evil to you.

Since I came to believe in God I also have gained a new understanding about Muhammad. Now I don’t think he was just a mentally insane man. I am beginning to believe he was directed by a demonic force. If he was only a liar, he should have been right at least sometimes. Even a broken clock is correct twice a day. Muhammad was wrong every time. The only way to make sense of this is that he was controlled by a very evil entity.

To see the positive side of even the worst things, this knowledge can help us find the truth. Since Muhammad was wrong always, all we need to do is read what he said and we will know that the opposite is true.

Muhammad said God does not have associates. (With the exception of him who claimed to be God’s sole adviser.) Well, from NDE stories I found out that God has many associates, even you and I can be His associates, i.e., if we do His work. We can also be Devil’s associates if we do Devil’s work. I know this concept of Devil sounds really ridiculous and I laughed at it myself, but people come back saying there is a devil and some even met him. So what do I know? I have been wrong so many times. I rather withhold judgment on things I know little about.

Anyway, God runs his affairs through souls he created. We can apply and work for God if we choose. To work for God we have to be like Him. We have to have divine qualities. If you want to work for an organization you have to share its core values.

Like in any organization, you start at the bottom and make your way up. God’s organization has many levels. This world is the lowest level and we humans are in the highest grade in this level. Animals are also with us in this level. This is where we get our hands dirty and do the manual work. Work is hard and problems abound.

We can stay in this world forever, keep coming back doing the same menial work, or be smart and climb the “corporate ladder” until we are hired for managerial work. What we need to do to be hired in a managerial position is to love. That is all. God loves everyone, including the sinners, if we want to be hired by Him we have to be like Him.

Love others, be compassionate to animals, see God in all living beings and send your love to them. Forgive other people’s sins and overlook their shortcomings, just as you would overlook the shortcomings of a baby. Those who do evil are only immature souls. They are hurting themselves. Once you do that you become a candidate for promotion. You won’t have to come back to this world again. Instead, you will be in charge of many souls still trapped in this world helping their spiritual growth. How can God hire us for such a task if we are selfish, prefer our own good over the good of others or even step over the heads of others to get ahead in this life?

The reason I love Jesus is because he said what we need to do to evolve spiritually. There is no philosophy involved and you don’t need to be a nuclear scientist to understand it. The lessons are simple.

• Love your neighbor, (everyone is our neighbor.)
• Throw stone if you are not a sinner.
• Don’t search for the speck in the eyes of others when there is a beam in your own eyes.
• It is preferable that you cut your hand and pluck your eye than to sin with them.
• Forgive other people’s sins as God forgives yours.
• Don’t think of sin for by thinking of it you have already committed it in your mind.

Once you master these simple lessons, you can graduate from this world. You will then be hired as God’s associate and maybe even be assigned to go to another planet as God’s ambassador, be crucified and return to be a vizier working directly under Jesus. To be promoted, we have to be willing to sacrifice.

The spiritual path is personal. Some people will come back to the material world ad infinitum and will never graduate. Others learn how to climb the “corporate ladder” and get constant promotion. As much as I have learned, the purpose of everything is love. Muhammad denied that God has associates, because he was not an associate of God. He was an associate of Satan. He only promoted hate. God has many associates, and you can apply too. No application form is needed and no resume is required. Just ask God to accept you. Your background is not looked at. The only qualification you need to be hired is love. If you do what Jesus said, you will be hired. God is always hiring and the pay is excellent. It does not come in the form of material benefit. If you are after that, join Satan’s organization. You can start working for God right here an now, the moment you decide. We are not slaves of God, as the benighted Muhammad said. We are God’s associates. Slaves are not free. God made us in His image. We are totally free.

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8 Responses

  1. alisina says:

    No, I don’t think Jesus was a prophet. He was what he said he was, the Messiah, the son of God. I wrote about this extensively. You can read my articles for expiation.

    No, people who die don’t see Muhammad, unless they go to hell.

    No, the claim that Arabs invented Muhammad to justify their rules is silly. It is nothing but a very bad conspiracy theory. I have shown the errors of these people in my upcoming book, the Life of Muhammad. The main facts about Muhammad’s life are as reported in his original biographies.

  2. Naima says:

    Hi MR Ali Sina
    Thank u for ur articles and all u do to explain ur visions. But i have some questions to u
    In Ur opinion was Jésus a prophète or not?
    Concerning thé NDE how can we know that They all Tell the truth or may be every body tells thé story which is inspired by their own spiritual life (moslems see mohamed, christians see jesus,etc…) like the dreams.? An australian woman had an nde for 45 mn but she did not seen any thing.
    Concernng mohamed I read that for certain historians, he never existed and all his life, his acts and hadiths etc..have been created since the 200 year of his supposed date of birth
    And according to them all the califs are created after by arabic people who were. Converted by Jewish people to judaisme as to help them to liberate. Their prmised land. This is why Islam and Judaism have very similar rules and. Coran is very inspired from thorah.
    In fact, arabic converted wanted to have their own prophet so they created the person of mohamec.
    Thank for reading and wish an answer from you

  3. heimdal says:

    I do understand, but you are jumping to conclusion as your fatcs are incomplete.

    Telling people to feel good about themselves when the nature teaches us, the weaks and the uncreative will perish is utterly sick perverted way to feel good about yourself. A celebrity among the lepers, instead telling them to be cured.

  4. alisina says:

    Dear Huzefa,
    No good or bad deed is forgotten. People who have had NDE say they had a life review of everything they did. Not only they were shown their life in detail they relived it and felt what they did to others from the perspective of them. A person who beat someone said he saw that incident in his life review from two vantage points. One from above, as if looking down from the balcony of the third floor into the street, watching himself beating this other person. At the same time he experienced the beating as if he were the person being receiving the blows. He felt all 32 punches on his face. He felt his teeth breaking and his mouth filling with blood. He felt the humiliation, the indignation and the sense of injustice that his victim felt.
    Nothing is lost. No good or evil deed goes unaccounted. But vengeance is not ours to take.
    This does not mean that we should forgive the criminals and murderers. Of course the society must be protected from dangerous people. Criminals must be apprehended and brought to justice. That is not because we are vengeful, but because we must protect the innocent.

  5. alisina says:

    You don’t understand a blip from science.There is nothing unscientific or irrational in what I write. But go a tell that to a bigot.

  6. heimdal says:

    Totally worthless advice, from a myth to another myth. Stay on course with science, the material world is full of fights, the best species wins.

    Whether you love or hate is irrelevant, Neandherthal vanished because of us. GOD decided so.

    The most important thing is to contribute to civilization, if you don’t or even a danger for civilization, then you don’t deserve to live.

  7. legent says:

    Great article Mr. Sina- Now as far as the devil is concerned I don’t see any reason why god would create an anti god in the fast place, the devil is mans way of trying to pin all the evil and suffering on something instead of himself.
    Each person experiences an NDE that is different and they get to see what they need to see which will be of help when they come back, some will see manifestations of the devil on the other side because it fits within what they need to see….just as a devout Hindu may see Krishna doesn’t make Krishna an existing entity, it’s just that “the operators” running the other side thought this said entity is best suited to deliver the message to the Hindu for his NDE to have better impact when he return to the physical realm.

  8. Huzefa says:

    Your quotes:

    “Forgive other people’s sins and overlook their shortcomings, just as you would overlook the shortcomings of a baby. Those who do evil are only immature souls.”

    “We have to love others, forgive those who hurt us”

    “Forgive other people’s sins and overlook their shortcomings, just as you would overlook the shortcomings of a baby. Those who do evil are only immature souls.”

    Your above quotes, I find it hard to digest them. I can forgive one who has done bad to me. But how can man like Mohammad be forgiven, the consequence of whose evil deeds, the world is bearing till date? How can those 3000 innocent people forgive Osama? How can a Women who was raped and killed brutally forgive his rapist?

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